Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. CTTfaMth The 9tae to printed on ths fostest tram pre? la om south of Baltimore, Its edition I* to lnitre ns to require It to be pat to presa nt nn early boar: Airtrtutmtttft, therefore, should be eat In before 1* o'clock m ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Tss Busit CAfiu-Lira in Pabis.?As tbe Barney cane comes before tbe Orphans' Court again to-morrow, and la now drawing towards a close before tbat tribunal, to carry oot our pur pose heretofore expressed of making sn Intelli gible report of tbe proceedings, we to-dsv lay W Ik. UI*?m vui rr?un> camvcw iiuiii lur n?wi? v?vitu Id evidence by Lieut Barney and ruled oat by the Court, at these paper* stand on the same footing us those offered In evidence by the other aide and ruled out bv the Coart, from which we publlahed extracts at the commencement of our reports of the case. The first letter ia one from Lieut Barney's wife to Ms mother, dated Parle, July 41,1856, la which she aays: " Chsse and myself are making our srrange tnenta for the winter, and we hare almost conclu ded our plans to take an unfornls&ed apartment when our lease here ban expired ()5th October) and famish It ourselves. Had we pursued this plan when we first came here, we toould have oeen wonderfully sdvanosd In our financial ar rangements; and I must confess It was my trror that we did aot enter into auch an arrangement. aa ubue wu anxious w ao 10, ssa ai we bad friend* wbo would have assisted ua with tbelr ?cM?mical imformation" She then writes for aome smsll articles, which can be aent through the secretary of legation at Pari*?Mr. Wllbor?without paving duty, and aya: " Chaae at time* beoonM* tmpatient at the alow rrogrea* of hi* naval affair* Indeed, If 1 thought I could be of *ny avail I ihould pay a flying v?*lt home, although the expense and the uncomfort^ able voyage nre great drawback* We uaed to know Mr and Mr*. P , who are great frlenda of Bvcbsasn's, but be appears almost impregnable o influence from any source. I cannot tell you how comfortably and with bow little trouble we move along in P&rll. Here we have nothing but pli?axant and happy associ ations, whilst fn Washing*,n, W%en I tblnk of our past persecution*. I tsnnot make up my mind *ver Co live there with contentment. In my heart I desplae It, atr4 1 wish that the money we have wasted snd feoled sway In unprofitable show and veckleaanetft, we had in Europe to spend with profit Md gratification to ourselves. Chase tells me I am becoming quite a Paritirnm* * * * Tbe children attract a great deal of attention, wi mcir uuencv in r rencn ana tngusb aur prises the people nere. Little Clay juat begins te talk?a be la nweet and pretty aa can be; and far nlahea a wonderful contrast to Mlaa Hebe, who 1* ail spirit and impvdtnee The Maaons are apendlng the summer quietly at the Iale of Wight Kmma, mv little friend, ta In delicate bealth. and they are there principally a her account. You mult give n.v beat love to Mra. Rogers * * Chaae sends lore to all * * * and the children all send klsaea to their grandmother with many wishes for her health and happiness Believe me, my dear mother, verv affectlonate lyjroura, Mabt K Barji by The next, dated Paris, July W, 1858, U to Mrs. Rogera (Lieut. Barnev'a slater), In which Mrs Barney apeaka of their domestic arrangements. Intentions to rent unfurnished apartments, for economy, Ac., and contlnuea: " Our oaly regret in being bare ta the large com tniaslon we must necessarily pay for the manage ment of our afhlrs at home; but even this is not s -loasldsratlon to aacrlflne our pride and happineaa to make a home, where we have ao tew pleasant Associations. tf Chaae had some occupation here that woutd amuae him, we should be contented ; -otherwise we live without care or trouble. All me wot,a are preparing for tbe great naval fetes at Cherbourg The newspapers in Kngland are lied with tbe possibility of another attack against tbe whole royal party, and t^at may pre vent the attendance of some of tbe fussy old Dow agers of both nations. Chase would like to be present, bnt I am content to keep myself quiet We have not yet heard of Mri. U 's return, but I learn from the Masons that she is expected befarc fall. Her daughter has become engaged, aince she left the I'nlted States, to Mr. Wm Key Howard, of Baltimore ? a charming young widower without incumbrances The S s have returned to tbe United States, success hav ing rrovtufd tbelr excursion to Russia in pursuit of a large contract with the Government Mr. I N s tells me Madame Bodlsco Is certainly to marry Mr Crampton, who has just been accred ited Minister to 9t Petersburg. We h^ar noth ing of our friends the R s Indeed, except with her flirtations ib? lived in m?t the whole time of her stay here?not entering at 11 In society. The Muodi bare not yet returned from the Isle of Wight, and the Judge too la absent for a few day* on a visit to them, and to attend a dinner at Mr. Peobody's In London. Upon bis return we Intend to have him here to dine en famillt, aa he said a day or two before hia departure "if you had Invited me I ahould like to have dined with you a day or two ago-" All the feara about the Judge's recall appear to bave subsided, for It seems that no one but Mr. Slldeli has b?en named as his successor, and we hear from reliable sources that It la not poMible be at present can renounce his position in the Senate. * * * Chase is quite taken by surprise st my Industry at getting up every morning and taking the chil dren and mv bonne to the Bola de Boulogne. I wish 1 could send little Clay to you for a abort time; she la the dearest little pet you can Imagine, and amiable aa pretty She begina to talk a great deal, and speaka French with perfect abandon If ahe loves any one very murk she calls them "petit belle fllle," aa a mark of approbation. Chase feels at times discouraged at the long de lay of his naval affiira. Indeed of late they seem to engross littl* attention Mr Buchanan keeps hlsown counsel wondrrfully to htiuself Although It may be wise, it la terribly unsatisfactory to all concerned; bat thla appears to be bis policy. * P h ?- i#n<1a 0~11 ? -a _ ?? ?.v>i .?.? orncTc uit, iuy a ear Mrs. Rogers, yours affectionately, Mast E. Biimt On ber return to Parts, from a visit to the United States, to endeavor to bare ber husband restored to the navy, sbe writes to ber husband's mother, October 14, 1838: "Chase met me at Havre, having been sent bv the Legation, or rather by oar good friend Judge Mason, to bring tbe din patches to Paris. 1 had a pleasant, quick and comfortable voyage, but do not feel sorry to reach home, when 1 find the children *11 ictll and very much improved, and very glad to see me Chase his been a capital housekeeper, and i do not think my absence had been very much feit at home ?at any rate In this respect * My love to all " Four days afterwards (October 18, 1838) she wrote to Attorney General Black in relation to ber husband's restoration, and speaks of ber snxlety on bis aoceunt, as the time approached for a Anal decision in his case, of the persecutions snd jeal ousies to which he hss been s victim, snd says, "I shall count tbe days when I may expect the first good news which you to kindly and consid erately promised 1 should hear In my distant home " Tbe next letter is to ber husband's mother, October *7, 1848. In wbteh sbe nys: "At last we sre tranquil, and liegin to be more regular in our household * * 1 have fulfilled ray promise of writing to Judge Black, and 1 trust my letter will at least keeo hta ' ? allirs A> h?ppy and pleasant u my visit home was made by yoa all, 1 only wish we could have you In Psrts loatead of Washington. ? 1 am urc yoa would not wonder at my denationalisa tion, but wovld bo ?a much la lova with Parla aa we ar* Chaae is full of hope at the prospect of hit restoration, and with myaflblrs settled, I hope at least to be more comfortable and happy tban we have torn in oar loan yean of trial and per secution ' * You must sayto Mr . Toucry for me that 1 fulfil faithfully hit admonition to "b? af good cb?er,,: but If 1 was once morenoder his orders 1 should be of still better cheer " rthe writes to Mrs Rogers, Nov 29, 1856. ' As tbe meeting of Congress approaches Chaae end ayaelf are all hope and eagerness sbout naval sffblrs. We lmsgtne yon all st borne busily pre paring tar a gay winter, or aa mother would call It,' a tetmfr offolly ' 1 must ssy I do not envy any one tbe pities of Washington. 1 do not know what to tblgk of her (Mrs. O.'s) daughters engagement, for now she denies It posi tively. Ws Uve sjioe pieaaaatneighbors whose acquaintance we have made since my return. A Mr and Mia K. Mum at Nmt V w ?k- mt and nephew of Mr VVII bor. Secretary 01 Legation We have bad a round of little and on Wcdnsndiy we hare them all to dine with ua. I often wish yon were In Paria I do not know any one who would enjoy Parisian life In a quttt a *4 mi#t?/ teas more than youraelf; If you can only be persuaded that that good city of Wash ington Is not hslf *o charming as we all used to Imagine I have little news orany kind to detail. Report says the Kmperor has bestowed himself upon the Counteaa Wslewskl, charming and benutlfal little woman, whose husband, t jh at Court Is a son and perfect resemblance of the first Emperor Astonishing to say this person is a great friend of the Empress, who Is charmed that the Emperor at last confines himself to the ladies of Ute Court for his cktru amiss * The ft s are Using thla winter In grand style. Mr. ft ?Is quite fashionable, Parisian. and fast He has been getting timer If in a small fury with hla C , who tix a.on lbs ago called Mrs ft s virtue la question with a Mr 0 r of Boston After doe deliberation he considers It advisable to exhibit great Indignation, and so bow resolves la preeenee of the public that he will cut off bis ears If he ever catches him. Aather item of Parisian gossip Mr. 8 k, wan nviM mvm a, u>e younger, haa d? arrtod hi* witoand haa gone to America with a /at* frttmd Hev Tncker Bailed fioan Liverpool last Satur day I* the Ptnta He baa gone borne on a all DiooiOa leave to have bla aalary Incrt-aaed He and Hra racker ban both been oa n rlalt to the * n." The next letter Is to Lieut. Barney'* mother, dat?d Pari*. January 10, 1859. She write*: " We have at laat received the Joyful tidings of Chaae'a restoration to the Nary. My heart over flow* with gratitude at an event that restore* to us all pride ana happin"*i It Is a triumph of which we may well feel pr jnd, after ten years of perse cution, which 1 trust we have endured with pa tience In our good fortune we And no one who is more happy at our success than our good and kind friend Judge Mason and his family We received the news through several of our friends, who came to congratulate u* the evening of Ita ar rival, and Saturday we bad a little reunion and tonper to celebrate it over again. The next mall Chaae hopes to have It frona headquarter*, Mien I ball writ* again to our good rrlrnd j id^ mark, j to whose efforts I think we are solely Indebted for so happy an event. Indeed, I love Aim more than ever. To-morrow evening 1> to be the lint presenta tion to tbelr Imperial Majesties, and.* great ball at tbe Tulllerles? over seventy Americans are to be present, among whom are Mrs. Rlggs, Gov. Fish snd family, &e We do not go, as we have an engagement to dine; and will have several other opportunities more desirable In the season. Tbe gaiety has already begun, but we have not as yet accepted any Invitations. Latt Friday Mr? Spencer, tbe Consul, gavt- a grand entertainment, but I waa quite sick and could not accept the In vitation Our predilections for Parisian life are mcriaiing alarmingly. Chase goes to-night to tbe opera with a friend. # The boys im prove much with their school." She writes to Mrs Oldfield, January 26, 1859: Chase received thla morning bla commiaaion from tbe War Department, and much to my sat isfaction unaccompanied with any order, although we scarcely expected them. I cannot tell you how much pride and quiet gratification we enjov to think of tbe triumph gained in this whole affair. 1 really begin to think we are wicked enough to exult more In the annoyance caused some of our amiable friends at home, than we are rejoiced at tbe advantage be peraonallv derives from the vic tory. 1 have had a flourishing card plate ordered. It is quite European in style, and If people at borne could we 'it they would really exclaim with Wood bull, "Isn't It terrific." I bad thought It advisable to enclose some of these carda to Woodhull, Linton, DeKrafft, Ac., &c., but to pare them further agony we have determined not to officially notify them that Samuel Chase Harney really belongs to the navy of the L'lifted States Paris is unusually quiet thl* winter. There have been two balls at the Tullleriea. The ap proaching marriage of the Prince Napoleon and the Princess Clotllde, of Sardinia, will be the cause of great public festivities. To-day we bad ourielves registered for a ball at the Hotel de Ville, which will probably be unequalled in magnificence and splendor Aft thefte balls are only given on great public occasions by the city of Paria. no expense Is spared to render them in cencetraoiy aartaaome, anu invitations ire more In demand than for balls at the Tuillerlea The preatona and Jonoa'a arrived a few days ago In the Fulton at Havre. 1 have not aeen them, but hear all aorta of comment*?they have all been to the Legation, and produced quite a aensation by Handing in the Court and sending their cards In. 1 believe in the (too mlaaiona Major Havlland la the ois/y o*< of the party who pretenda to apeak French, hecalla hlmaelf Majeur de Havlland, ex-otflcler de la Cavalerie d'Amer ique, attachfe t la Legation del Etata Unla en Ea pagne. Gov. Jonei and family were to have left to-day for Vienna. The Prestona, however, remain a few weeks In Paris, while the aforesaid Majeur de Haviland precedes them to Madrid to atrew their path with roies * * * 1 imagine you amidst the gayeties and excitements of the wl nter. How much 1 should like to participate for a week or two, and tktn run back to Parij?but the more we live here the more crazy we are to stay, and I begin to think we shall never be happy anywhere else *. * * I omitted to mention that Chane, npon the receipt of the Intelligence of his confir matlon hv thp flpnat# wrnip immoHiauiu Department "offering bin s< rvlces In whatever ca pacity he could be useful, or else nking permls alon to remain with hla family In Europe, where they were at preaent residing for educational pur poaea ." Say to mother, Cbaae la happier than 1 ever aaw him, and when be brought In to me bla commlsaion this morning be announced hla com ing bv elnging '-Hall Columbia, bappy land " To Mrs. Rogers she writea from Par la, March 18, 1849: "Chase and myaelf look upon Parli with a? much attachment as we do our home, and I am Mure we hall leave it with infinite more regret. * * * Paris abounds In pleasant coterie* of young men, who come here with all manner of objects; never theless, they are all happy occasionally to spend a slow evening, and we are seldom without one or two visitor*. I wish you could take a peep In our household, and I think you would not won der that we are so quiet and contented. * * * Chase and myself were gratified at our presenta tion and ball at the Tulleries, although we were disappointed at the imposing appearance of their <viajesue? 'rue t,m press we found not near so handsome a* in her tasteful and bewitching little bonnet; and the Emperor, notwithstanding Lis tights, presented a moat >ho king specimen of im perial understandings Nevertheless, he was gracious and courteous, and his manner was one which betrayed co lness and self-composure, as he moved through the crowd the observed of all observers We wish very much to es tablish ourselves here morv permanently by fur nishing our own apartment, but we are so unde cided about g;>lag to Italy next winter that I scarcely think we shall do so until later. The boys go regularly to school and Improve much. Chaafy promises to be a specimen of \ oung Amer ica in good earnest Chase and Eddy, as usual, are tnseparable; but Cbasey and 1, with my femme dechambre, (Alexandrine,) ramble oil in all the corners of Paris to shop and to see. You will laugh when 1 tell you that Mr. Chasev is very foud of seeing belles dames." Hebe and Clay are well, but Hebe ?till preserves her dell catt appearance She speaks French perfectly; and dear little Clay would be lost if she was nut always addressed in that polite language * * * To her husband's mother she writes, Match 23, 1*59: m "l>r. 1-lndsey leaves Paris in a few days for his home, (Washington,; and although he will not arrive before the 1st of May, he will go directly to see you all, and tell you all the news about us. By him we will send to Mrs Rogers four bottles oi ttqueur, sue a a* abe mutt dispense with her usual grace to admiring friends, as choice speci mens not to be bad at home. The two bottles of Chartreus? s:< made by the monks of the Convent of La Grand Chartreuse, and is very celebrated, no recejpt ever having beeu f >und to solve the rmstery. The eau de vie de Dantzic is equally tstermed, and as you do not get it at home, ret Parisian* like to show in what golden dreams and drinks we luxuriate." Again, April 14, 1S5#, sbe writes: " We have aliu st completed our mt*age, and hope by Tues day next to be mstalltd in one of the prettiest apartment* you can conceive " Sbe describes her parior furniture, " which is to consist of nine pieces ot rosewood, covered with gild colored satin; a magnittcent clock and manUel ornaments for oue hundred dollars, and au itageri inlaid with gold, with center table and card tables to correspond, for &a mucn more. All this furniture we iutend to take home , for it Is handsomer than wc hu uuy lur more man aouoie IDe amount. 1 cauoot t?ii you bow happy and proud we aie to go 10 housekeeping. It appear* like beginning ine wot id over a^ain Cuase tell* uie th'.s la my reward for my jowruey borne, and Its result*, yet 1 require no aucb reward, for bia restoration 1* enough to gratify my pride and wishes * * l>o not fear we will commit folly or extravagan ce*. 1 assure you we bave bad too bitter a lesson for tueh a repetition " * * * Upon Mr?. Barney bearing from ber mother-in law that abe bad received intimation* of tbeir living extravagantly in farla, abe addressed ber a letter dated May IV, 18o'J. (witb an eacloaure from Judge Mason) She writes: Dear Mother. 1 (end tbe enclosed, wbicb I bope will relieve your anxiety about our affair* in Pari*. No oue can give you more reliable In formation man the Judge, and he baa written It at our request Your letter gave Chase much pain. 1 write la great baste, but we cannot permit you to be to anxious, or ourselves to be jo misrepre sented Love to all. Tbe lriier Irom Judge Mason la dated Legation of tbe United States, Paris. May 17tb, 1S5U. {Unopiaai J?My dear Madam: I received your letter dictated oy feelings of strong maternsl affec tion, asking me to be a friend to your aon, Lieut. Barney, it give* ine pleasure to receive your ac lri\A?rl*^ain**nt nf ratitmiu In* W 4 ? ?? a* __v ? ?- ?? ??. ?4uuurm wuiCD 11 has been in my power to show to hlon and bla family. They came to Perls with their four In teresting children embarrassed by debt, which seriously crippled tbelr resources, and with the ' moat rigid economy it waa not possible for the family iu aubaiat In Parla on the allowance which they nad received of &200 per month Lieut. Birney waa deprived ot all Income by hla rude separation from bla commission. It la indlapena- { able tbat tbev ahould occasionally have pecuniary relief Although my own means are far from ample. 1 aasiaird tbem from time to time, until 1 tbe Indebtedness was quite a sum 1 have (he satiafactlon of knowing ib it Mr. and Mrs Barney are grateful for my kindness, snd th?t every cent due to ine baa been bonoiably paid Lieut Barney bas been res o ed to the Naval service His sword bas been restored to him, and j he Is no longer left dependent on the Income of | his wife Tbe amount of arrears of pay has been most Important to him, and It will gratify you, 1 doubt not, Madam, to know he bas made a most 1 Judicious use of it. So far from belag extrava gant, be has dispensed It with zreat iudi/ment. ud with tn earnest desire to promote the com fort of bis family * * He Las taken aa unfurnished apartment, aod bought the furniture at very favoraole rates, aod whenever be leaves Paris 1 am quite aure that tbe furniture will b* worth more than be paid for It. He consults me err unreservedly on bis a ft is Tbe Judge enters into pecuniary details at some length, and concludes: ' ?o (bat I see no extravagance, and nothing but better pruapec a for tbe family In tbe future If Mr Marney should at any time require my advice, 1 It will be given with the beat Intentions to add to hla respectability and to tbe comfort and reapect aWlitv of his family, f bar? wrrtten you thus In detail becauae separated by long distance, I rap pose that It will be gratifying to yon. "1 am, very respectfully, your obedient servant, "J. Y. Mason " Thia last letter Was written May ID, 1859. even Weeks before the separation of Mr. and Mrs. fiarney, which took place July 6, 1059. Kino's National Ciactrs.?This establishment is a perfect success, and the people of Washing ton appreciate the enjoyments Mr. Tom King has so liberally prepared for them The performances taken in me aggregate are aoove idc uauai tiyie of circuses, whilst tome of the ac?a are worthy of special consideration. Mlaa Kloise, a child of about ten yeara. ride* with surprising ea?e and grace. Mr. H W. Penney Is a clever gymnast, hts feat on the " air cradle'' being a physical mira cle. Mr. Melville, with hla pupil, does some wonderful feata on horseback Mr. Klncade gets up a aeries of revolution*, and the festive Daniel Gardiner makes everybody laugh by Ms wit and qualntness. The audiences are orderly?there fore persons of refined tiste can visit the circus without being in the slightest degree annoyed. Fittikg Oct.?On Tuesday Charles Berlin fame, soldier ?f the Thirty-Brst Pennsylvania :eglment, was arrested by Patrolmen Pendleand Hannan, of the Fourth Ward, about three miles from the city, upon a charge of stealing an over coat. pair of pants, a vest, a necktie, a pocket handkerchief, a felt hat, and 915 in gold which was in the vest pocket The clothes were re covered, but the money was not found. The articles were the property of George M. Kantz. Berllngame's commanding officer l?ecame his security for his further hearing before Justice Barnaclo. Affairs in Alexandria ?The fourteenth reg ular meeting of the Unconditional Union men of Alexandria and vicinity wai held at the Lyceum Hall on Wednesday evening, 6th Inst , 8. Shinn (president) In the chair. The meetlrtg wi? ably addrened by J. C. Underwood. Esq , of Wash ington. urging the formation of a Home Guard, with some progress In the matter In the meeting The Judge Advocate administered the oath of loyalty to fourteen new members. The rolls now show 416 members. The Band of the 88th Penn sylvania (Col. McLean) entertained the meeting with some moat delightful music; the Union As sociation feel greatly Indebted to them. Vybuthal UDAiDHnuHR i/Aiii?[ neiore j nance Thompson, Justice Clark (whose week It It for duty at the guardhouse) being sick ]? Mary Kelly, drunk and disorderly; Worknouae 30 days Tim othy McCarthy, threatening the life of O Mock bee; sent to Jail In default of securtty for peace Edward Mitchell, drank; fined 11 94. Mary Ntltrell, disorderly; do. #2 94 Daniel Wares, (colored,) profanity; do. S3.94. John Smith, Solo red,) out after hours; do. ?194 Michael cErny, drunk: dismissed Louis Frederick, drunk and disorderly; fined 92.94. Levi Dulany, running a hack without a license; do. SI 5P TRbatx* ?To-night, Miss Denln appears in two of her best parts, as i: Mrs. Sternbold" In 'Still Waters Run Deep," and as "Sally Scraggs" In "Sketches In India" Mr Rogers also ap pear* In Doth. To-morrow night our charming and gifted Washington debutante, Mis* Joee nhlnp rhMtnPV will snrwar ai ^rnnifanrp" In "The Love Chase." There is a generally ex pressed desire to witness the debut of tbia voting lady, of whose brilliant qualities of mind and remarkable attraction! of person fame speaks so high, and the box sheet for the performances of to-morrow night is rapidly filling up. , LiiciiiT.?Last evening, Nancy Greer was ar rested by county officer Jas Allen, for the larceny of forty dollars in gold from Geo. T. Lindsley She was living in the same house with Mr L., and he had the money in his trunk She is charged with opening bis trunk during his ab sence, and taking the money. She imme4iately went a shopping and purcbas?d a lot of dresses and fancy articles These were recovered, and also about six dollars and forty cents In cash. Pcmps out of Order?Editor Star: Please call the attention of the Ward Commissioner to the condition of the pump on Mascacbusetta av enue, north side, between Sixth and Seventh *ta ; alio, to the pump on I street, north aide, between Sixth and Seventh. A large number of citizen* are greatly Inconvenienced Dy having their lupply of water cut off, and If the Commiaaloner will speedily make the needed repairs to said pumps he will receive the thanks of Nov. 6,1881. Many 5cffERKRs. Chargk or Hoh9E-?teali!<6.?Barney McGee and Bowman Rothway, who were arrested some weeks ago by Sergeant Hurlev, of the First Ward police, on charge of stealing horses, the property of Mr Dennis, (a contractor for furnishing Gov ernment horses,) had a hearing yesterday before Justice Drury They gave 8300 security each for court The horses (four) were found near Tenal lvtown by Sergeant Hurley and restored to their owner. Aw Inquest ?An Inquest was held this morn ing by Coroner Woodward, upon the body of William Callahan, an Irishman, about 39 years of age, who was found by one of the patrolmen j li'lnn In thp irntlor An f a+rswit TwAnhr. ?* * m'- *#* Li onvv? uvi??tvu a ?til i J" first and Twenty-second *treets. He bad appa rently just expired when found, and according to the indications bad fallen upon bii face in a fit and (mothered The jury brought in a verdict In accordance with the above facta. Polick?Before Justice Walter?On Monday Charles Snvder and B. F. Simon, arrested by Patrolman renwick for violating the licenae law, were lined $20.58 John Warner, (colored,) drunk and diaorderly, waa sent to the workhouae for ninety days. Several cases for violations of the license law were tried and dismissed, the evidence not sus taining the charges Bpdikp Recovbrkd ?At least eighteen dead bodies were taken from the river vesterdav, be tween the Chain Bridge and the Long Bridge. All were in uniform, and all are supposed to be n portion of the force drowned near Lersburg. Very few of the bodies have the marks of gun shot wounds upon them. mAnunit.?ai a nuiwu 01 uuiumuia Royal Arch Chapter, No. IS, held last night at Central Masonic Hall, corner of Ninth and Dits , the following officer* were elected for the ensuing year:?Win. M. Smith, M E. High Priest; J. F: Acker, E King; Wm H. Johnson, E. Scribe; Josiah EMex, Treas ; S. John Thomson, Sec. Thi Presskt ro* Col Bakes?A magnifi cent horse, valued at #6?0, which was to nave been presented to Col B*ker on the very dav on which he was killed, has been sold to the Duke de Cbartres, of Gen McClellan's staff. Cohrictioh ?The Alex. Douglas mentioned In yesterday's Star In the guardhouse cases Is not the Alex. Douglas In the employ of Mr. McClel land, machinist. To N'oHT,ltwlll be remembered. Prof. Barnes' exhibition and assembly comes off at Odd Fel lows' Hall, Navy Yard. Odd Fellows' Hall continues the center of attraction, and the programmes never foil to please the most fastidious. W? Assert it koLDLT, there are no other med icines so reliable, eiteotual, and oonvemei<t, a? Holloway's Ptlls and Otntmtnt?always ready for use I hoy are mvaiuabie 10 the ?o,dier exposed to wounds, lorm, f?T??, and bowel complaint*. They never fail. Only 25 centa per box or pot. no 4 lw India Rcbbkr Blankbts. Note it your Time to Buy, 5,000 Rubber Blankets,? feat long, 4 feet wide, at |jjn each, 8,000 Knbber Blankets, 6 feet long, 3 feat wide, at 91eaoh, 1,000 Robber Blankets and Ponoho oombined, for #4 each At the India Rubber Warthouu, 309 Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. no l-tf Persons deemnr pennies will always Bud them for exchange at the Star Offioe oounter. tf MARRIED. November fith. by Rev. Dr. Ryan. JOHN MoL. CAR 181 to Mill SUSAN NEaSLEY. [ Baltimore and Ohio papers oopy ] Tuesday evening, 5th instant, by the Rev. T. B. MoFalls, THOMAS ALEXANDER to Miss BELLE DOW. Un the tth in?t. Lieut. JULIUS JACKSON. U. 8. A., to Miss ZUI.KIMa BKLFF, daughter of J. Goldaborough Bruff * DIKD, Ob the morning of the 6th instant. in the S6th y*ar of her ace, after a lingering ana painful ill cess, bom* with ohristian fortitude and resigna tion. CATHERINE JANE, beloved wife of \Vm. Fletcher. Jr. Her friend* and those of the family are requested to attend her funeral, on 2nnday afternoon, the 10th inst, at I o'clock, trom the residenoe of her husband, on Twenty-fiftn st. west, between E and r eta. norm, without further notioe. * I Baltimore Son oopy.] On the 6th mat, ANN NASH, aged 56 yean, a native of Ballyann, Co Liatariok, Ireland, bat Tor ten ;mii a reaioent of thia oity. May aha reat in peaa.-. Her frianda acd aoquaintanoea are naeectfully invited to attend bar lunaral. on Prida* afternoon. H So'olook, from her late reaidenoe. on N atre?u, between 4th and *th.

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Sralrd Proposal* are alio united till the I5th day of November, 186 , at 1 o'cS 9. m., for sup ply >ng the Government 4 000 Head of Boel Cattle on the hoof. The Cattle to b? delivered at Ha n? barg, Pa., on the SOth of November 1861, or as soon thereafter as the Government may direct. The bids to be directed to Lieut. F. H BAKKOt L, A. C. 8 . U. 8. A ,223 t? street, Washington, D. C. and "Endorsed Proposal*." Ska led Proposals are invited till the 15th of November, I o'clock p. m., for supplying 4,uW) Head ol Beef Cattle to the Govermn-nt. The Cattle to be delivered on the Snth day of January, l8*-2, or as soon thereafter as the Government may direot, at either York. Chambersburg,or Harris burg, Pa as the Government may direot The bids to be directed to Maj. A. BKOK W -TH, C .8. I!. S. A.. "J 'i i K itrMt. WftJih i nr tun . TV I- . And "Endorsed Proposals." Government reserves to itself the right to pay tn Treasury note*, and to >eject any Did lor any came. >o bid will he entertained unlets the bidder is present to respond to his bid. fcaoh lot of Cattle delivered shall average at least 1,300 pounds cross weight; and ><o animal will be received whioh weighs less than pounds gross weight. hoem or Bio. 1, A B, do herebf propose to deliver to the Gov ernment good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight, The Cattle to be delivered at . according to I he terms of the en closed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the scales, and the weight so determined to be the purohase weight, i hereby agree to give a gooa and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the eontract.and to receive Treasury notes or other Government lands in payment for the Cattle, oc 26 trl M. I. FRANKLIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRE SI DENT AND MIL ITARY STAFFS. 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Niw Voaa These ud rival led su ball tales for loat limbs. kve atood the teat of or?r 27 tmti u?mi 1 " \oubhui Urotdvaj, ooU la nmve atood the teat or orer 87 yeva iW5?Fs3rassrwtS! ?T?nue, oo 3 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS < The War la Mlunri PKICE AJII> M'crLLoroH'8 tlHin rOItrtlTTEATIM AUD MABCBI50 oh PftUWriKLB ?rmsGri*LD, Mo , Not. 2 ?[Special to the St. Lonia Republican ]?Reliable information haa been received ber^. from different aourcea. that Gen Price w** at Caaavtlle on Tburaday. with vo ww men, ana wnuuough wn munion ?iae of that placr. with l(i,UK)m?re, with the intention of marching on Springfield, and offering us battle on the old Wilson's creek ground. McCullough was expecting ten thounnd addi tional troopa from Arkansas A large number of the realdenta of Green, Jasper and other adjoining counties, recently joined Price's army, and many of our officers think the retiel force now nearly 60,001) mfn. Fremont haa been up nearly the whole of the past nights making the mo?t perfect arrangementa for a battle, and the confidence of the army In him was never so great as at present. Adjutant-Generals Lane and Sturgis have ar rived, and Pope and McKtnstry sre hourly ex expected. a ;cit 1!?C *CS>K? ? A bATTLK KXPBCTBD I SPRisoriBLD, Not. 3 ?Yeaterday (mall bodies of (be enemy came within twelve mile* of us, | and newa w&a received of tbe approach of their . advance guard, 2 8(10 atrong. 1 Preparation* were being made to go out and at tack them, when Gen. Fremont received the on- ? conditional order from NVaihingten, relieving . him at once from tbe command of the Western Department. ' Simultaneously tbe newipapera arrived, an* nouncing the fact. The intelligence spread like wild Are through the campa and created inde scribable excitement and Indignation. A great number of the otficera aignifled their intention to resign at once, and nuuiy companies laid down their arma declaring that they would not fight under no one but Fremont The Gen eral spent must of tbe afternoon expoatuiatlng with tbe officers, and urging them, by their pa triotism and their personal regard for him. not to iiuaiiucn meir puiu nt aiao laauea uie ioiiow lng farewell address to the troop* : Headquarters of tit* Western Depirtwut, ) Hpringfield, Mo , Nov 2, l^il \ Soldier*of tbe Mississippi Army'?Agreeably to orders thl? day received, I take leave of you. Our army baa been of audden growth, and we have grown up together, and I nave become familiar with the brave and generous spirit* which von bring to tbe defense of your country, and which makes me anticipate for you a gallant career. Continue as you have begun, and give to my successor tbe same cordial and entbuaiaatlc sup put with which you have encouraged me. Kmu late the splendid example which yeu have already before you, and let me remain, as 1 am, proud of the noble army which 1 have that far labored to brine together. Soldiers, 1 regret to leave you, most sincerely. 1 thank you for the regard and confidence you have Invariably (hovrn to me. I deeply regret that I shall not have the honor to lead you to the victory which you are just about to win; but 1 shall claim to share with you In thfjoy of every \ triumph, and trust always to be fraternally re membered by my companions In a'ras JoHft C. Fkemomt, Major General USA The feeling was intensely high during the whole of last evening, and there were meetings held al most everywhere. The various bands serenaded , the General, and whenever be appeared be was , greeted witb cheers. Though notifying Gen. , Hunter, as bis orders directed, that he ha* no longer command over tbe troops, Uen Fremont , apent several hours in making a personal exam) nation of the ground about the city to be prepared for a battle, and in accordance with a written re quest of all the brigadier generals here, be re 1 mained in Springfield through tbe night, ready ' to lead the army in case of an attack. Alt tbe troopi slept on their arms, and many officers remained at their post all night, an attack being hourly expected; but nothing occurred \ 1 more than the tiring on our pickets on two differ ent roads The enemy are now encamped on the i old Wilson's Creek battle groiMid < Gen. Fremont is prepared to leave for St Louis, and will go as soon as Gen. Pope arrives,tbe latter having been sent forward to take command till Gen Hunter gets here A battle will undoubtedly occur ere long. The body guard, who could not be induced to remain, and wbo will now disband, as the terms of their enlistment permit, will accompany Gen. Fremont, as Well as bis entire staff. Including Gen. Asboth, commander of tbe first division Gen. Fremont will permit no demonstration from tbe troopa on btf departure. [The substance In brief of tbe above dispatch w?? published yesterday It la evidently fur nisbed by a sympathizing friend of Gen. Fre mont J DEPARTtTRl OF GK!? FRRMOJtT FOB ST. LOUIS Springfield, >o? 3 ?Gen. Fremont and staff left for St Louia this morning. He la accompa nied by hla body guard, and will reach St Louia on Wednesday. New Yark Electian? Heavy I niti Majarity. New York, Nov 6.?Tbe Feople'a Union tick et la elected by about one hundred tbouaand ma jority in the State, eac?ptlng Wright, democrat, who'la probably elected?there being two candi date agalnat bim for Judge of the Court of Ap pea la The Legialature la almost unanimous for the support of the Government Lynch, democrat, iaelect<d sheriff, A Oakley Hall diatrict attorney, and H VV Genet clerk for the city and county of New York. Tbe following conatitutes tbe aucceaaful Union State ticket, it being the same, with one exception, (that of Canal Commlasloner for the abort term,) as that voted for by tbe republicans: Jud_re of Appeals. VV. B Wright; Secretary of State, H. L> 1 M mA . r' I ...I... II .Llu i/auoiu; vuiii^tiviici < uuLiui nuuiiiiuii, rtr.orncy General, D S Dickinson; State Treasurer, W. B. ! Lewi*; State Kngineer, W. B Taylor; Cannl Commtisloner, F Alberger, (long term;) do F A Talmadge. (short term;) State Prison Inspector, A.P I'appan. In King's county the People's Union State ticket has 5.(Km majority, and the county ticket 3,0U0 majority. In New York city the Moxart Hall democrats ( are generally successful. Lynch, chosen sheriff, was run by them The llassachasetts Electisa. Bobto?,Nov fl ?The vo'.e at the Massachusetts election yesterday was remarkably small, being not much more than one-half of that of last year. The vote In Boston for Governor is as follows: John A Andrew (rep.) 5,917, Isaac Davis (dem ) 5,9*1. In Worcester, Andrew received 1,439 Davis 7.391. Lowell. Andrew i.iM (in Newburvport, Andrew6.C3*J, D?vis5,U31 The vote In tifty-two cltlea and towns foot* up i as follow*: For Andrew 18,381; for Davis 9,211 The returni from the other towns will probably continue this ratio of two to one against Davis CharleaG. Loring, of Boston, and ex-Governor Clifford, of New Bedford, are both elected to the State Senate on the republican ticket. Soathera News Locsvillb, Nov <5 ?The Richmond papers say that Gen Evans fought at Leesburg contrary to orders, and is to be court-martialed. The Knoxville (Tenn.) Register says the Con federates loss nt (be fluht at Wild Cat was only 1 Ave killed and twenty-three wounded. j Col. Whlchlin asks for reinforcements from Richmond, and fears that the Federals will cut ofl Pre?tenburg. Ky . from communication with Virginia. [General Nelson has already done this ] Beauregard's official report of the battle of Ma nassas says three hundred and ninety-nine Con federate* were killed, and twelve hundred wounded; that the Federal loaa was four thouaand Ave hundred killed, wounded and prisoners. He aays his entire force was twenty-eight thousand, ?ki.k #? ?- ? ui nuivu uunvuiiu uuiy wrrf rujjgea The ElectUa is New Jersey. Tr*!?to?, Nov. 5 ?Mercer county elects George W. Johnson, rep., to th? Assembly, from the 1st district; John G Stevens, union, from the 2d dis trict; Morgan F. Mount, rep , from the 3d dis trict, and Robert L Hutchinson, rep., sheriff Middlesex county elects Robin*, union dem.t to the State Senste, and three union democrats to the Assembly. Tbkntox, Not 8 ?The returns of the election In this Sute yesterday show that the State has certslnly gene for tbe democrats. They will have a majority In both branches of the Legisla ture. The War Is Keatscky. Locuvill*, Ky , Nov. 5 ?General Buckner haa retired towards Bowling Green, and General Stanton baa gone bark Into Tennessee. Tbe Fedtral troops In K<itucky, under Gen. Sherman, are thus divided: Uen. Sr.h**>nff is in command of the Eastern division, Gen McCook of the Central, and Gen. CrittcDden of the Wes tern. In the Western division, Col Burbridge baa advanced to WoDdbary. The troops of the Central dlrlsioe baa advanced to Bacon creek, and it Is thought that our troop* are able to assume the defensive with all security. Frsin Newfoundland?Mere Rioting. 8t. Johns, N P., Nov 6 ?Parties have again commenced cutting the telegraph line. It was cut on Sunday tweaty-flve miles, and again yes terday. There haa been more rioting at Harbor Graee. One Policeman was killed and others badly wounded. A man-of-war baa gone there, and a detachment of troops will follow. Sailing of the Africa Niw Yobk, Nov. 6 ?Tbe steamer Africa sailed hence to-day for Liverpool. Among bet passen gers, forty m number, are Archbishop Hughes and Thurlow Weed It la underatood that General fecU goea to fnrAM Km Ra?itf<lss?J? - ? ? Music!pal Eleclloa la Ullrtit. Dktkoit, Nov. 5 ?At tb? municipal ai*ct,oa " to-day. W??. C. Duncan, Ualon damocrat, wm \ electcd mayor. SECOND EDITION THKKE O'CLOa P. M OUR MILffARY BUDGET irroiiTfv ChM J. Powfi hu bm ipfMeted m Aatit int Adjutant Gfwnl ef wllfc tbe r*?k n vapmn, ana aaaignea m c it on ? ? ? 3r1gadler General Martlndale SI*' KAILBOAD A*lAWeI*?WT Cap*. R P. Morler. general aaaacw of Go* rnment railroad*. baa been compelled on acconnt >f 111 health, to aak leave of ahaeoce foe a trw lav*, during which tine Thee. H Caateld. Aa liatant Manager, will act aa General Manager Tbla Railroad Department baa baaa In negotla lon for aome time with the aeearal railroad caaa aanlea between tbla cltjr, New York. Boeton. and Buffalo, for a more expedl'looa arrangement of iralna, by wbleb communication with different sarta of the North will be mora freqoeataed aure. The arransementa are nearly camp let ad. await ng only tbe final action of contention to b* aolden at Philadelphia on Moodif ant. The Post OBce Department will he wpcaaraf 4 by Mr. MeClellaa, Aaalatant Pnlmnatoi ?en ral, and the War Department by Thoa W Can Held, Aaalatant Manager Government Railroad*. LATE LOCAL NEWS. P??fia*ti Antnt ?st Battebt or a Pa raoLMAR ?Last night, about 7 o'clock, aa Patrol man * T. Larcombe, of tbe Seventh Ward, waa jolng around hla beat, he waa requested by a woman to aaalat her In fretting another woman named Virginia Scott, who waa rerj drank, to ber home In Tin Pot Alter Tbe patrolman kindly her, and aa they were taking bet in tbe xaU- of the fird. two soldier*. Savage and William Mathews, of tbe L nltrd States eav. airy, attacked tba natrolman Savage knock ed blm down ana stamped upon him. se verely cutting and brulslny bis bead sad fsoe. Tbe blow wbicb felled tbe patrolman was lnfl Icted with either an old gst* hlnjje or t pop bottle, and though this morning there are no rears for tb? life of Mr. l,arcombe. It to uncertain what efWrt a cut near tbe eves mav have noon hla vision, when br recover* from the other wounds I pon the slatm belDf tlm, ptMaw Clar voe and Vernon went to tbe home of Jaaa Coolt ney and arretted tbe two aoldlers, and also all tb* female Inmates of tbe boose, and took them be fore Justice Stratton, wbo aent tbe soldiers to Jail a* principals In tbe asnult and battery, and held the female* as witnesses It Is supposed that tbe assault on Larcorabe waa made by mistaking htm for Patrolaiaa D*n?|ha. Tbe latter arrested Savage oa a former occasion, and turned him ow to tbe provoat guard Sav age tben threatened that be would '* kill tbe d?d ton of a b?h (meaning Devaugbn). If be waa shot, drowned, or bang for H j" and It waa la mistake for Devaugbn that tbe assault was made. Tht* morning. Larcombe was doing as well aa could be expected. Pkaths or Soldisbs ?Tbe following soldiers died yesterday: Leonard Heague, company D, First Mleblgaa cavalry, in camp ServVant Joseph McKean, company D, Sacoad New York volunteers, and private James Garagaa, company D. First regiment of tbe Escalator Bri gade, at tbe Union Hotel. Corporal RobertGraupn?rcompany K,Twenty flrat Pr-nniyivanla volunteers at Teanallytown. Fatal Accident at thk Raileoad ?Last nlgbt about nine o'clock, as tbe employees at tbe depot were engaged in moving oars to and from the main track and the Swampgodie sideling, a brakesman got In between tb'cars to coo pie Ih#?m iinH \arna nnvht h^tw^n (hm And lmUBllf crushed to death. Hla name la George Topp or Toup, formerly of Msrtlnsburg, Va , and he baa been but a few day* on this branch of the rail road His body has been sent to hla family, now residing In Maryland LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM niuoi'Ri GEN. FREMONT LEAVES THE ARMY. 9rBiK6riBLD, Mo , Not. 7 ? Gen. Fremont de layed hla departure until the arrival of Gn Boa. ter, and left on the 4th Instant, after laying all kin plana before him. An effort was made to Induce him t? remain, as a subordinate, but this be refuted. Several of the staff have taken positions under Gen Hunter. 4 Scouts announce the slow approach of Geaerala McCulloca and Price. A battle Is Immtaeat. The Federal army is all here with the eiccptloa of General Hunter's division. FROM FORTRESS MONROE Baltimoik, Not 7.?The Old Polat boat baa not arrived 8be la doubtless detained by the beavv gale from the northeast last night. [This dispatch was received at 11 this moralag.?Ear ] [second dispatch J The Old Point boat arrived at noo^ She ex perienced a heavy gale In the bay; b& some of her upper works damaged, and lost ber largo anchors No tidings have been received from the grand naval expedition. There have been no arrlvala from the southward. The steamer Spaulding baa not yet returned to Hatteraa Inlet. A RUMOR?AN IMPROBABLE EVENT. Sr. Louis, Nov. 7.?It la rumored here that the Government haa auapended th? order for the r^ moval of General Fremont, for the present. State PiUaaera Released Boston^Nov 6 ?After taking the oath of al> l^VMnrf, uipuin r"niria?, innnrriy va iuc tny. and Wm Gilrhmt. Win Eaakins and Peter Reilty, were released from Fort Warren to-day. Fria Sai Fraaclir* ?A!* F*A!icuco, Not. 4 ?Arrived tndsr.sblp Contest, from New York, and ship Catawba, from Boston The former thr*w overboard $35.000 worth of merchandise off Cape Horo. BFI6H AND CHEE8E. I.ANCHARI) A LKACd. W noieeala Dealers in Cbaeoe No 66 ?cath a*., balt'more, hava laat reoeived a large lot of Maokaral, Herrit.*. Codbsli, Hake-fish, Ac., Ao Alan, prune t.astern Cto??ae. All of vh:oti f'U be sold at the lowest marset i at?? of'A-iw* L PH E99 TRIMMING8 FRINGES. GIMPS*. COEUS aa? TASSELS. BL'TTl?!? m everr var i??t?, on kud and mads to r> dar by MKS LOWE. Frinje and Trinminc ? < uthmcs t*a an. bat wees K > ud IOth its. , _ . . . N. H.-I or reat.sfe'etoDedT oelsve Rowwood Piano, mod >rn it?I?. ?* (UTTER, OHEE8E,Jto. 13 ? k??a choio? OUSTER, 12*> hoxnCKKKSE, S,non I be. COOKISH. 2,1 no I be. HAKE P18H, Snu boxee froaied HkR RINGS, 50 barrel* New MAi KEREi 10 ba-rfU Nev 1CKl.ES. J net r?o.iv*d and for *a<e by _ oc 23-eoM MURRAY k. SEMMES. |TNION OYSTER UEPOT.-The uteii|H4 tJ reepeetfelly annonnoe to thttr friend* and the pub le that they ha?? k ttia on hand a irenh supply ? the t>eet 0?eter? the market oaa supply, tad eervel in ever? etyle. Faauli<*e &nd fcetlen applied, iW 'HE GOVERNMENT. Reiiw needing hoary BLANKET#. are p?ir? of 4*, 5H. *, ?o? 7H It*. ?>oil TWlltM whit* B ukMi. M reri tow yriiii,tottoM* ? ligament from th? importer PERRY k. BROTHER, ?,m _ LlREAT Uj lb51)To? ?4 by W Uid dMlrn IB Boon uC SfaOM.M IMaAi gKW YORK V. B-H/KSALE HKaNCRBHI HOUSE, MS ruuiTMM.<*t*rfn I mmj'i &bo? Stora. I " W? nuu:iciiN oar m Goods, m4 W M Vm? y?rfc prtMi, thereby utiu rnlQi . Having conwaat.T on kftM a lar*? StoM. w o*a ^on?-Mg Boot*. !*ui.ei i.hAiftUy de*lt with. A " ,ro" %'SifiSHSStt OHCEL*. OOT.|wMpA>W LR7 NOTICI. B Bag l?n to u?.t im tteatinn o< (HUM L^^m,erwcsrii nvwii! w mi Mtuin ii miuan :ioxJi and DoMtia Cimism. vkioh w If r?rr?at will r*M4? tta ??r. Ob m rrt Mat of 8 word., ^uhM, B?.U. 6hWm. Artf ^'iSsSttJrSSJ L^rLSr*i? iho*ifl*r *qc iniMi ttt a I 0*mi irttot ft, M ow oonivlrU.ukd v? ar? w*u t' *t M MfMt'oa will pror* attfffc-trry in ftr. HiNTtiN * 11.TL, Tuiori in 4?ii?rs.ay. BUFFALO W/E. -- JM t >*.??? 001U?

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