Newspaper of Evening Star, November 7, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 7, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING 8TAR C7* Ont-tilth r,f the railways of SwltterlaiM re under ground. An underground railroad1 In tbat region, howevtr, simply means that ther are forty nine tunnels through which the track paw Negroes hav* nothing to do with It. Tb longest tunnel is at Lx>ges tn tbe Jura, being 3.35 irie?res In length next corr?es that of Hauenxtein 9 Ltmwtni Iti>? ?h*t nt \liuit Mian* In Ik* Jnn 1 304 metres Mr Tbe* B DeW alden?tbe well know dramatic author?haTing resigned bla poattloa a chaplain in the army, (mark to tbe grief of ou reverend b-otber Lv?estlckB>. baa been appoints to an tmpo? ant position in tbe office of "tbe i*ar !Mrr I'oniai iilon " Washington. upon the dull* ?f wbioti he h a entered with characteristic de*c lien and zetl Thtrtr-nine Itcimiiid ?eeen hundred an y eltiht horses have been purchased by tb l-o?ernment in Cincinnati tlnce 'be breaking ou ?>f tbe rebellion tip to Oct. 1st Tbe trmy "rec? Jj'lon" bor*e la fifteen to sixteen hands btgt V>!we?n lour and nine rears oid. perfectly sound F.juare irouer. ana color bay, brown. blark o wrel. H7" The Boeion Commercial Bulletin'! l!?t< Huaineaa change* In tbe foiled Mate* Rlvea tw fill urea and aialtapmeata In Boaton, six iu Net Wrk, tbree la Philadelphia, two In Clnclnnat! ?nd nineteen hi otb?r ptic??a total of tblrty-tw fur tbc past week UI7" A return recently made from the Metn p-jfttan Police office. In Loudon, atates tha' wltbl a radlua of aiz mtlea from GhsHnz-croa* tbvre ai V <W mtlea 6f a'reeta *?1nc? 1*49 tbe number t* baa tncreaaed by upwardaof 8u,ow>, and tl jiumber of atreeta by nearly 900. Il~T Kll Wkltoey of New Haven, aon of the li venter of tbe cottm gin. baa been appointed h tbe Prreideot aa on?* ??f tbe enmmiaiiruera to tfa World'a Fair to London. In ll^K ,Mr. Whltne 1* now making titled muaketa for tb I'mtcd Statea navy. When the re^imenta now b??lng ralaed ai full. Iowa, will have ! ?*/> men more tban b? which la 17 5?> Iowa la ahead of Wli conaln at tbia time. Tola force include for Tegmenta of <-avalry and four batteries of artl lery. 1 r~^ Rrnirna/Mi i #??r t f |}a<>?*-naAn '? O . ..?> ays, that In the seventeen year* of h!s Cathol career be has lr>s! more than seventeen tLousan dollars, through the failure of agents and othei to pay their subscription*. {' r Peaceful clMisn, (exauiiuiug a rifled iuu "k' t >?That it rather a Hue weapon. i? It not, ir friend? Brave volu?t??er ?Wonderful Yon ail t a man two mil*-* off, you cannot even see bin it don't matter, lire, the bail will And him out. U7" The river Nil* la reported to have rla? t.ii usually high last s?-aaou. One account stat the rise to fcave been 213 fe*>t, doubtless 91 fee This would be eight feet higher than usual. tp- The Pittsburg Chronicle savs that mo than 1C 1*0 gai'ooa of wine have been made tta year In Allsrghany conr.*y; Pa., exclusive of tfc nude from grapes in private gardens llJ~ Three hundred men, 1-0 herpes, 2S mul end I wajots, belonging to the tlrst regiment Nebraska cavalry, arrived In St. Louis on tl 3Pth Ult [?/- The Canton Repository says that there great crop of Ltckorv nuts In Starke county tb foil, and the market is well supplied with the at 5oe. a bush*-! UZ7* The King cf Hanover bu just been rfceivi In <b?t corporation of Berlin cobble'*, the w< ancient in the kingdom HI* ion ha? also be> lecelved l?7"A London ra^ p'~k" recently fo.ind S3 In tbe linlnt cf an old garment which he nlat o ernl ia the sine! jmsii/ refu?e. JO" The Governor 01 .\t-w J?raey baa recoi ??:eudfd lhat Tbu-?',:.v. the *<Stb inst , be obaervi as a day of thanksgiving, prayer and praise !?7""I he ? are^loU** tailor* and leamstrefci en.ployed ia Cincinnati In making noilita clothing ifJ~ Lord Mouak has awjmed the dntlei of t pla? e as Governor G-n?*ra) of Canada He had brilliart reception at Quebec last week. rrr A brother of the 1st? General Havelock i xlvrd In the stumer Arigo, at New York. He ^oiag to Canada. VEW CLO?>K8, NKW HHAWL8, AN -Nfc>W MLfi GOO 1)3. Vt modern a-utne an<i labroa at car provetMai jow J?Hea, will an o'ner kinda of mrd -jiu ai ft e Dry Go<-:a in a.: the depaitinf nta of famili ftcQ hoaseteeperi vnnU. Aito, our aaua' fail a took of tbe Im^ii Biaf :e# alap'eu to ti>?> wacta of the mi iion. who tr?<!e we ?oi cit. Caxpeta, Curtain*. Oiloiotba, Ru<?, 4o . upp flo>re. U40 pr or,'*, marked in p'&tn figures, ther f.jfe no pnrchaisr n deo 1 vM. An ms^eotiou i f at >ok solicited; ^ tmpaea n ruination t<- auroh^ae. AH Is for *; ?? interior pre per It packed fr r*f charge. PtRRV at BROTHFK. Penn s 7e.. and 9tn street, no <-ivta "Perry Bui'dirg.' PIANOS, PIANO?, PIANOS.?New Plan received every week fuiM Mid look at the 1 awtmeoj at vv. tt Uh'l ZKROTTO Maaio i>?p< onroor Pa a? %n?I K Mirontn at ??t rrtilK fcLKOr^AN HUftL, HEtt BY 1 KMBfCIJ. at t,V oorner of Penn.A. ? a*enne avl Rlerenth street, hu 'mqkV greatly irr?i.'T*J r^csoUf uJ tow offer* ittflV greater io.Isce ..ents for toe patrcnage ot oitise and strangeae man tzj other public house in t eiti, his prices being less than those 01 as; otfa pete: oc Fe it. avecce, ax.d his aoeomniodatio for perroacTt or transient hoarders nnexoeptio aMe. TTne *u and restaurant arrangement* of t *,aropa*u Hot#. have already beoorue rery top lar.*??t>?g gj; that oan be <iesi-ed hy the most ti tidiova. Tne proanstor a edgea unremitted att? tiocand o?n.'iLuad iberai expeoditares to gireu UfvsUcn toall.and thasjrei.awa lua invitation all W> r'?? th? Pnro??an Hnt? a ?*!!. rt# 4-t *k 1 Ul A *8CCT?M CLOTHS."f Water pn /a. Repai'ant Cljfha.' fur Ladle* and Geo Aitumu \t<i W uter Wrappiaga. various sha>t< ?>r tr.? b?st |a?iitj, With ail otner kinds of Dry Goods for curri daily ?ranfs. One piiseoiity. marked id p ain figures. AU pa rv.a fur the interior properly packed, fi of eharge. PERRY Jt BRO., a Pa. avenae and N inth at, j*s Q M 'Perry Beading.' BluLIARDS! BILLIARIW:: CHiir Paicws S'x l~r evid M*rble B*i Ikito. We :nf in oit i"i anJ atrangera ti stili coalinud at oar redaoed pnoes, Vhich one t&ir.' less than tlie usnal oitr prices, vi B n? ! rflmA lO nts ?si? *a m?*a A 1 """ "'"miClEB'I'simfson. Atheasum Bii.iard Saloon, 430 Ps. av oo7 eottt* I) O A T 8 'J%? frmastt Hm*??4't OP>'*, i Wm*kmjn>m Cit%. Jul* JH6M Fi ?!t? s?ri?.)rirATio?" flbv hull# of boats lor >L? Wt'trn rirera are cm exhshiticn th!? office, and ?t "?c*e of Quartermasters Putsburg. Oocinnftti, 8*. Lome an<! Alton. lioau t?? he delivered at ''airo Bids should *ct to (Jnarterni%st?r Gwral of the United 8?*1 Arrr?,ai Wa*tuu<nn>, oy 1st Aaiunt. at rood. U C. MEfGS, Jt H Uri?. Gra'l and UBt'Mrmimtfr fi?1 LI N ION KAftllAND KNVKLOPES.?Tw? ' ty tiiF*eaf ?ty'e? <A Note and Let'^r PaK Wt th'cjtn U Views of Wwfciagttm ntfceform'*! a Rcee.a in Book f.irip . a!s->, tepara'e A J *)>e U&t'.w a:?t Week:* Pap*'* non*tatit!y Hera J, Iin??e,ao-1 TnS?i?e reoei?#?l e?i ucht at 6 o'oiock. raf"Ti freia all ?*r?? <?ftie ?o?i>!tr?. BOMie's Dime Novais and Sf n? Bo<>tn. A fr?ah tuppij of Book' for s<iiDine- reartir A 'tree assortment of Javeaila*- Mayne Hei< Books. Hollo Hook* < bbotfs Hintonee, Jte. A aieoorntnf tfl ? .. Mr mi ? ?ii k??~i _ _ IV Rnnkitnr*. 97* ?** 1^_ CAJtH notice. N 9obm^ti?do? of our naving to pay oath I wri arbo.a of rood* w* parqhaao, we vi ] >'? 10 ratiaoe oar bMin?M to Cma ?xo)ieiT?lr. i?r ( bojr ?nr. wh)oa are Mill ox uimoeh Unrer n tfeaa ?m V WALL. 8TBPBEN8 ft CO WS K. Mtmi Mi and 10U) at. ( ' RmkK ? Maps of the beat of war.-a mi?& Mwof th? r*sat of War for onry oaata. Uiaak Booki tad Ptartunerr of all tiods, f Pin- aad fc,*vel#?M. f*af?, Bwwra wTBad(M. Vim of Waatiii ton, AMMauiod Fore!in M*;aaiB?a, Daily W *"*" ,>M^FRENCH ft RIOHSTSXN'8 Narioaai BooT??Hre. * I il|W. ft ll*t" '.> 8T> P>. ?wnn W~EOFFE k to MILITARY MEN a la, a?aortm?atotfdKfct and BLUEFLANNI ov kk eMiK it*, v. Hi re ^HJRTS, DRA^ ICR*. CAMP H fc.Tt*. half MOBK.4 wt.>ou vp :tv:to a:: iu nnhawtitouam before wui.u toai' = ?ii?etnae. W aLL. STEPRENB ft co., 3. J Pa. a*.. l*tTr*?r. 9th and i?th eu t ti < 1 Tt?^trK?-r?r K?TBtr*T?.T ?* ~ poE I tfcl.D s' ?.?* i\?V. -h?+*$ ?far a r U_t-wa M.*rd u.aateta. taat ?at?kfronc I jom'fap+r fair,a very "are* a/tic.1 Ale?, *.? ?<*!, Crih, ami Cradle B'ajiktU, utM. Ik'ia M.l Ml.***.... A.-*"}. * *v )?k ?<1? ?/ Dt* Goods foi tit* ?< WS.- ftlld MUMI ?MUo| 1 MUiliM. Cft'??M, CarUoi*,Ouoiotiu, Ru?., Ao.. m?j four* 'T "* Ttfi'f rtttBiu.. Pk ftv*ti?? ftbd M:uth it, U/E if7l.L ruNTIhliVTBK fAVt; * ?? tM *T??t b?r.sin? jn fUV ul *2 ^ .. Mftjiy cSwoe tlure* s? N? ? Merinoit, irufc <*< 1< ? M i, w?r*' M DENTISTRY. 1 Dr. CHARLES R BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. f. IMvmb Ninth and Teeth Street* 9 M 3R-?o2m M TEETH. LOO>11 a, M. D., the ig yen tor ud HtmU if the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, teuda personally at hit offloe .n thia olty AJBM Many peraona nan wear these teeth wDo^*' aanot wear other*, and bo person can wear othei who oannot wear these. Persons ealliac at my o?oe oaa be aoootnmoaaU with any style and price oi Teeth they may deair but to those w?o a re particular an?l wish the purea eleaneet, atrunroBt, ar.d most perfect denture thi art can rtxiuM. tbe MINERAL PLATE will t more hj It warranted. Roomj in thia oiIt?No. .UP Pa.ay?nii?. hetWM d e tth a.'Kl lutia tin. Alio, 907 Arch street, Phi ade fhia. oo U-tz t l i, GAS FITTING, Ac. It r i# 4 Will. DOVRACO. ARE Nov prepared to ex<?oate any erden wil wriion they may be favored in the PLUMBING, 8A3 OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS* O* 8tor? oo Hh street, * few doors north of P ?feu a a, There ma; be fuonu * ccrnjuete assortme i CHANDEUFIiJ!and other AS, STEAM ai WATER FIXT. RK8 1a*f-1v 0 W u o > n >! e | SNYDER. I. PL CMBER AXD OAS FITTER Hm removed to the oorner of Twelitb ana F it He is ,rep%red to introdnoe Water and Gas a?c the most favorable terms, and guarantiee enti sati motion. He ha* on hand a lot of COOKING and otb 9TOVKS, whioh he will sell leu than oost, as 1 W8 A 8 FIXTURES. E Have in M?re, and are dai j reoaincr, 9A WIlTURKSofentirely Mew Patterns and Deaifi and Finish. superior in style to anything heretofo offer ?i in this market, we invite oifcaena cenera ijr tc tall and examine our stock of 6aa ana Wat Fix tree, feeling oonUdect that we have the be elected stock in Washington. Ml Work m the above line mtrmated to ear oa will be promptly attended to. MYfiRB * Me?HAN. mar I tf 3T6 p atieel /^fFICE OF INSPECTOR AND 8KALE U OF ?A8 METERS. WiiniNToit, J air it, lm ItUTlCB IS HKRBBY &IYKN, That,agre ably to the proTiiions of the ord i nanoe of the Co porauon asprovea .na* u, imp, the undersigned now prepared, "whenever reciiired in writing, ai on pre- payment of the fee of fifty oents, to inspe< xamlne. test, prove, turf ascertain the accuracy registration of any cm meter in see in thia oity Kvery natter, if found incorrect, will beocndemne and another, sealed and marked a* true, will set in t'* piaoe. If proved to be aoearaie in i meaaaiement of gas, it will be sealea aoco~dmgl acc again ?at in position for in. Oftoe No. lO Seventh street,(near Odd Ft ?ws' Haiiv) Open from t a. in., to a. m. CHAKL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy ll tf Inspector and Sealer of Cu Meters UEADUUARTER!*OF THE U.S. MARIN II CORPS. <.JU4RTtRM**TE*'S OVFIC*. 1 Washington, September 28, 1861.% Skalil- Proposals, f r> acho'ass separately,w be rece ved at this office until 12 o'oiock >n. W- dnesday, 2 th of November next, for furnishi to the United Stat-*i Marine Corps, during the y? 1R?2. the following supp'ies, to be delivered at t offl*auf the As m'ant Qua* termaster of theoorj Kliiia^elphiv Pennsy tvtnia, free of expense to t Unit d - *a in suoh quantities as mar from ti to tune be orde.ed, vix : Cla.?s Ne 1. 14 w vards of Sky Blue Kereey, all wool fi from hai', 54 inohes wide, to weigh ii ounces to I yar'.'inuKo wool-dyed ) fi.OOOysriTs Da k U u? Kersey ill wo:>l. free fr< ha.r, 4 ir.ohe- wide, tc weigh 22 ounces to theya iik'mcu wi'oi ayu.' 8,1*10 T&rds Dark Blno Twilled ( loth, all wool. I onifo m coats. (indigo wool-dyed,> 54 inches wi< to weish fiounc ? ter & d. 150 yards <>f Soarlot C ntn. all wool, (ooohim dred,) 54 li-ohes wide, to weuh 16 oacoea per ya Clui No 2. 8 noo ?ard? of 6 4 D*rc Blue Flau'i*1, /or ovi sack*, aU wool, (iuduo wool dyed,' >4 in iies wi< to we ?h 13 oaiiopii p r yard. 16 mw yards of 3 4 Dark B'ne Flannel for shir ail w.?oi, /ino!(o vooi-dted,> 27 inches wide, w?i? h 8H ouuoe i p?r yard 1 Gra* Blankets, all wool to weigh pound oaoh, with iettsM "U S. M " in b aok, k luchJn :onr. tn the center; to be i feet long and net wide, and fr e from grease. 3,<yfl nairs of \Vo<>!en 8ocks, three sizes, pre er.T ma 'eof go d fleece wool, with douMe a twisted yam. to w<*i h three pnnn<l? per d?r frM frnm ffoaia No. 3. $. **> yard* Wait* f inen for Pant*. *0 Inet Vide, to welch 1.1 ounce* per yard. yard- Whue I h,en lor Shirt*, 0" inoli wi^e to we'ah 11 ounoea ter yard. ldooo ya-ili canton Flannel for Dr&wera, it .iios wirie, to weigh T ounoea par yard. Clam No. 4. l.rtO Un.form Cats, ooinplet* (except Pompoo 1 v*> Pompons, red worsted, >>a!l-shaped, 4in?l tn otrroinfarwuo*. *#W l a i|iir Cap*,< wi'h oov?r#,)to be made blu* oirth. i digo wool-dyed. ?jm Stock*. Cl*? No. fl. g-cM^oat Button*, i Ea?le.? 4"0 groB? J aoket Mutton*. (E**!e. t 100 grn*? Ve*? Bi'ttona.(Euie ) 1. 00 pair* Yel.ow Me'ai Cretoeats and So Strap* K50 f?f* Epaulette Bo!i.onfor Sergea ttand C pora's. 2 WO set* Epaule'te Bullion fwr Privates. 10 Red \Vor*ted Sai;h**. 2.5>?'yarda of Yellow Binding. 2,500 > ir<lg of Red Cord. HO Sword* for Herff anta 30 -'word* ior Maaiciara. 5" Drums tteuor.i complete. 50 D um Slitita. ioo Batter H um Heafa, So Snare Dmm Hr&ds. ion Drum f'irds |i? s?t" .?f Drum Snares. 100 BuXT'Jod "B" Fife*. Claps No. ? 10.W0 pair? Army Boot*,(infantry pattern. Claps No. 7. I,2fl0 Cartridge B <xes | l,2no Kajonet Scabbads. 12*> P*rou??ion :ap P chet 1>>' Cartridge Box B?iu, Bayonet Beit*. }&*) Want Belts. l^noWant Plates. l,3tf> Brea?t Plate*. 23" Sword Froo. Class No, %. l?ino K napnaeks. (j"" Hiverraoli*. &*< > 'anteeue. ? > Maskot 31ingo. Clam No. 9. F?r making and trimming the following artiol iat Watob Coat* Serg-anta' forporaV Mnaioiai and Psivatea' Uniform and F*tnue Coat*; Wo len and Linen Pants, Flannel and Iunen ?hi O awerj. Flannel hack*; and Red and Blue J* eU for Bo? . Tho above mentioned artK'es must conform a!' rttuftt. to trie sea'ed its da c pa>t*'a* ID ofcoe of the'Juartprmaster Mann# ? orps Mar Ha rack* t\< on, P. O ; Am st&nt '^uart mutfr, office Manne Corp?, >piuoe str< Fai e^elpi ia; aud at the Aiarine Stations. Bro >yn, New Y< rk, and Boston.Massachusetts, vh tre? can M examined. Au<i whenever the artielse named al-ove, or I portion of them, shall tie <\orieidered as not ft < onfornuug to sa.i pie?, the? will be rejected.i th? oontra tor ?ili be board to fnruuh otheri th? r quired kirid st on<?e or the 0>i\Knrma? wi 1 etipply rhe defioieucy at theexpeuee of ttoo traot r. Payment will be maoe upon thea<3o*pt?d deliv o' the whole suart.t;, wh'oh may irom time time be ordered withWdiQK ten per orut from pa?roett of account rendered under first or' un'il seooud order is fil ed, aui ten per cent fr aeoonnt rendered nnder *eoond order until U order is fil ad, and so on, nutil oontraot is o< pleted. Keol. proposal must be aooomp&uied by Uie i lowing guarantee Form of OvarMlu, TUe undersigned, , of ??, in Stats ol . and , in the State of? hereby guarantee that in aase the foregoing of lor supplies, as above desortbed. aooepted-. h? or they wit], within teii days a the rooeipt or the oontraot at the Tost (iflise nail execute the act lor ihe same with good i suftoi?nt oarihee;and tn oaae the said shaii fjail to enter luto ooutrac' %s aforesaid, guarantee to make good the ditferenoe betw ths crfer of the saj<l ? ?.nrl th?t whml, beaoocpted. A B.Guaraitc C f), Guarantc E F.Witneee. I ber>b? oertify that the above named are known to me aeinen of property, an?l ahl uia.e good th?ir guara te*. G. I To be ugtvrH by the United t*tatea Diet Judge. I'niuxl *tat*e Dietriot Attorney or Col *% proposal will he oonatdered solace MO panieu b? the above guarantee. Newspaper* anthorised to euHiah the ab win aeon the pap^r oo> tuning the firat lneertioi this o#> oe for examination. Tne bidder** pae > of bu?tne??, or manuffco icg e?tefc!i?fin>out, niuat be apeciftoaJly stated the prupoi&l. The a> ve liet nf artioiea ta believed to beat thefuartity of eaoh a. tie'e that will be re*a durlug the z**ri b?t the Quartermaster reeei the right of ordering a greater or lest quant should tne interest* of the serviue require It Propria to M endorsed on the eLTeloae, " 1 oa&ia for tbippllee for Marine ?'orp? for 1*3," add reared t? Major VV M if. Sl.ACtf, CJ uartermaeter >1. C? Warning ton, D. taw4w U FKK.NCH 4 R1CH8TKIN IliVK Jnat r?c?tT?4 ftfrem anppi* of Not* er.Coh*** b >rd?r?, ntl*d ftiid jlftin. witL ?eiup*a to nft.'oh Alao, Klftf Fftsor or ftll kt ?ib> ftod with??t Mottoes; EnTeiofM to sift to t irm ft ad Poafcrt Booka of *r?ry daacript WISffSHdSsTLm Pft^ftra I HI of pjimcB A KICH8TKIN, * __ _ 3T* Pnw ft?M?n? VOL0MB BALZAC'S NOVBLS. Ak tinrirt, or tbo Home of ClftM; iron. IHiisSSilSJ --I,-. They (o rlfht to the Sp*t.? INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR OO00H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN.YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S t ii d n 4 t rnuppfTiniuu i u ii u a i v vii i u v i i u ii u , A. ft I GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAEERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. SKNTJ.KMKN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAD1K8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough in?tantly. They olear the Throat. They give atreugth an?l volume to the voio*. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They aredelightfal to the taate. They are made of aimple herb# and cannot harm any one. I advia* every one who haa a"Couch or a Hneky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confec tions. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon wili agree with me that^thev gorirht to the spot.' You wili End them very uaefnl and pleasant while traveling or attending pnhlic meetings, for atiiling vour Couth or allavinr rour thirat. Ifvon trvon* package 1 am ?af? in aayiBK that yon will ever af tervards oocsider them indispensible. You will find them at the Druggiata and Dealers is Medi cines. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr eignature is on eaob package. All othera are oonnterfeit. A Package will t* sent by mall, prepaid, on re oelpt or 1 hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. II "t NervousHeadach? "t a r he ??. ne :Ae "Ufa.* Headache. By tha ih ef theee Pilla the renodto attack o lftr*MU rr Sttk Ht*d*ck* may b? prevented; and 1 taken at the ocnmenoemeirt of as attack imme diate relief from ra>c and iokneea will be obtained. They addoni fail in remonni the Pfmtum and Ht+d+ek* to whiob female* are eo nbjeot. They aot gently **?n the boweia,?mnonm 0?i For Littrty Mm, Shtdmtt. Delicate Females, And All >er#oL8 of itdmtary kmbitt, ther are tol lable ae a Lazeiivtt Improving the ( ,Ying i0tu and fif jf to the digestive organ*, ar/d re torlnt the nataral elaetioity and strength of the whole ayst*m. The CEPHALIC PILL.8 are the remit of long investigation and oa re fully oondaotod experiments, having been in nee many yean, during which time Ihey have prevented and relieved a vast amount of yam and suffering rem Headaohe, whether rui nating in the *rto*j system or from a deranged state of the itammek. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaition. and may be taken at all timee with perfect safety without making any ohange of diet, mnd tkt mb ItiKI Qf any duatrnablt laid raUjri ?< dmtmitttr turn to eAtIdrtm. bkwark of counterfeits! The gonmne have fi*e aignstarM of Henry c. Bpfcldiox on eftoh Box. Sold by Dri((iiU and All other Detiere In Mt4i lilM. A Box will be sent by m&ll prettld en rmiM fee PRICK, a* CENTS. AD order* akotid b? addressed to henry C. spald1ns. P Cidak Strut. N?w You, Prom Ik* Eu*m*mtr, Norfolk, T?. Cephalio Fills aooomjlish U>e object for whlek I bey vnemui, tui Cir? oi headache in all 1U forms. f*?n tkt Fa. They ha*e bNo teated In mere than % Uims4 mmi, with entire auooeee. from tAt DtMNrcl, St. Cl?md, M4mm. if yon are, or have been tronbled w Ith the fcead iohe.BOod for ? boa, (Oejhajo Pille .leothat yo?. may have them id om< ol *n>ttack. Am Ui ITolera JL K. easatu, Oinr*, 22?, nXUaSI&ffKE^; '**"" -1 " u J*mr ik* 8emtk*n Vtk fitw Oil?>, {,?, Try th?m 70a that ire ftffllotad, and'we arc aare tbftt yonr teeOmonT car be ?l'ieu te the ilntfj nnmeroaa list that haa received h* Delta that ne otiier medloine oan yrodeoe. from tki Vaaafta, DmitmfirU iMML Mr, Pealdinj would not mimm hia Ml Vtth an artlole ha did not tmom to poaeeea real and f*rem tk* AdmmMtv, Prtmiim m X. L TheCeahalio Piilaore Mid to boa retwfcftkiy ?0?otiTe iotomt lor the h^wdiohe, u,a oat* of the tot* Keft fo' that very frv??*nt aonj^iUrt keh hM erer boon die"0*ered. Km tk? Bu Lmit Dwmtrmt. fb? imrnnaaodemud for tko arUole .'Gotk&lie PiMa) (a rsfMlf iitcreooioc. t\*m 141 Kmowu FoUav St or, Kmmmkm, Tm. W* *r? bothftt poraona aaforiac ontk tke brU - oho, who try their, wiU rt'ok to t&eaa. Km tkt Admmrtisar, fraillaiii, 1 I. The toetimorr in thetr flaror la atreoc. from U? cat ,ea>eoUble ? a&rtors. **oo? lia JUoily jVatoa. UrnHurt, R. J, Oof hoiio l'llla are Ukiai the olaoo of aJl ki mda. /VMM IK* CommrreiMl BulUttn. Boston, Ml I 1*4 id to b? very eftonoions for tbe bMdnohe. #Vmi tkt Ctmwwetai. Cincvmmaii, Ok\o, Bnfterinc homanit? o&n now b? relieved. C7* A ungie bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will Hve ten time* lU ooat annully. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH 1ET-A Btitch m Tim 8avia Nu??."-Et1 Aa MotdMto will happen, even in well regulntea ftaulies, it la very detfrable to bnveaoine cne&a nnti:o<'?Teni?nt way tor rejurinc Furniture, Toys C rookery, ko. I SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUE moeta til oh raterganeiM. ud no honaohold oa afford to bo without it. It u ready. urf to th? attokinc point * USEFUL IN KVSRY HOUBK.** N. B ?A Bnuh mdimubIm ??k BottU. Pna II oesU, Amtw HBNftY a BPALMNC, No. 4t Codar atrort, Nrv York. CAUTION. ... !3 mrniM boJbro >iro*JUla?, and'aoo KT U? f? 4 MM. f ALDINt'B rftSTAftU) UlS^l u ? lhmw>h? TTMfn ?u nw BRONCH'Al v s: *' * r u * < ttrtntik to tk* ??ui BLIO 8PKAK BR( ajtd 81NSKR8. Few aro aware of the Cfmh or "Common r vhioh to the bog tnmg dr, if DAf looted, soon attack* the Lbds BronckUU TVocAu." oontaini-Cf cleina nta, allay Fmlmonary and Hionohu 10 imitortaooo of ohooKint a Cold" in iU firat >tace; that 1 wonid yield to a mild tfnte i the L a nt?. " Brown't )inaiceQt iAfradi iial Irritation. BROWN'8 TROCHES BtOWN'8 TROCHE? BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHKB "That trouble in my Throat, (foi which the %rT*ock*t" area epeoifio) havicc made me often a mere whia pwer * N. P. WILLIS. MI recommend their ue to Pviue SrmAina." REV. E. H. CRAPIN. "Great aerrioe In raMn'.nf Bo?i?i W*aa." REV. DANIEL WISE. "Aiinwpt iMtatit relief in the dia treating libor of breathing peouliai to AstHMa." REV. A. C. E66LESTON. " Contain no Opium or anything injurtona." DR.A. A HAVES, Cktmitt, Aottm, "Aaimpleand plearant eombitia tion for Cov?h?. ?o." DR. 6. P. BIT SLOW, Bttm, But m * 1 have proved them ueellent for WARREN, MMh '* Beneficial when compelled te *- n? ^ ? I BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES D D nVD lUtQ fi *? OUUUI1U4 tiV1U REV. B??. P. ANDERSON. St. Limit. " Evtbctval in removinc Hoarae neaa acU Irritation of the Throat, m oomraon 'with Sruini and Siwa

SBS." Prot M. STACY JOHNSON, La (rTMCI, b*. Teaoh?r of Muaio, Soothers Female College. "6real benefit when taken before tadtfter jreachinj.aa they prevent UAa*a*nau IKai* ?* u a TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHE? < 1-1* ?4V?l IJVUOMi I i uui uicu f??i ounui| I ttuak they will be of permanent ad vantage to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. President of Athens Colleje, Teen. the liar A' DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last haif ceotur? ii> the Hospitals of l<ondt?n and Haris for the cur* < f Stent i LHseasei. may now be had at UPHAM'Sj No. 310 Ohesnut street, sole agent for the United States It ooatains no mer oury or other mineral, and wi 1 not hs.rm the most dehoite constitution A tpetdy curt guar anteed andnothangs of <*iet required. Pa~e 81. Sent by express So'd in Washington by 8. CAL VERT FORD, oorner 11th street and Pennsylva nia avenue. * sep 5 eoly UP HAM'S HAIR DVE '.-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW.y! .'?Only 3S cants a box. Three boxen for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair oan be o.iauged in a few seconds to a j t black or brown, by using's L'tuid Hair Dye, the best and oheapest in the world. producing, the mon ent it is applied, a rich natural app^&rano*. Kach Box of UPH AM'S HA'K DVfc.s warranted to contain as much knir Jyt as o'ners sell for out, dollar'. *old by S C. Ut'HAM, 310 ?"^h?snut street, h la delphia. and S CALVERT FORD, corner 11th trt et and Fa. ave. tep ?-?oly IIV DUPONT'S "1JGAR COATED FE U MALE KEGUf f-. LAT1NG PILLS are, the very ben in use They operate speedi y( an?i eneotually, and being ?u*ar-coftte f ere* e no uautea up. n the most rfeicatt' a'orr aoh A tri%1 of ttese Pills will prove their superiority over ait others Prioa One Dollar a box. Soid only at UPHA.M'S, 310 Chescut street. Sent by mail to ?il part- of the country in a sealed envelope, Sold in Washington by S. CALVERT KOKD, oorner 11th street and Pa. a??. sep a eoly I>R J. U. McLJSAN'S : 8T5LK5COTHE3riJrO CORDIAL AHi> BLOOD FUKIFiJSK. THE fiRBATEST REMEDY m lis WORLD, and the most Dkliciowi i!? DELIS HTFUL COftDUL MfMM. TAKEN. It l* ilrtttly a lal ai'la ui tiftu k|a Cavpaaad, mw9 aarad fey tka diaulla Uta af mil, -irti, tad katka. Taliav ??<i, B'.Ml Marl. Elaak t?n?n rllla, TTild Ckarry Vatk, ia- ???1?!!?a aaiaia lata Its a?a fM'i-aa. Tka aiilii aatlaa raaallal ;rlaalp>?i I aa?k lafrarilantu . ? . ky atTiav Baikal ai - J* dtattlllag. ??aO?altf a dallatau, ?iai:>railaf aprti, ajad tka Mat tafiltlkia taaad* (at raaariiiaf tka dUaaaad ajataa, u4 raatarlag Ua alM, am* artaf, aad dakuiutad laTalla w katla aad itniitk. MtLKArrS STRBIfBTHFWUfH 90RDIAJL Will af attaaliy tut kl'tr Caaplalat, Dyaaapata, Java dlta. CVrtkit > liifiu Daifcillt*. Dliatiai mi Rl^nti. tad til dUttttt trlilaf tnm t dltardtttd klrtr > tiiuil, . Byiatytlt, Bttilkara, Iaward rim, Acidity it aitkatti *1 U* Btaattk, ralltCK af Blaad ta Ui Mttd, Da,; Ttta rr VuBBitf la tkt Ittd, Ftlyltatlaa tl tkt Inn, 7tila?M ? Wtlfkt ta tkt Iwauk, l?B Braiutlaai, Cktklaf ? tafaatUaf Fttllaf wkta ltrtaa dawa, Prjaua ar TalltW. ! ,,u *f Ut ttli ud I;h, IlAt Ivimi, lawtrd Finn, Jala la tk* *41 af tkt Bttk, Cktat, ? aid*. Baddaa . Plutai ?f Btat, Bayratalaa af Bytrua, Prlf ktfal Brttm, kufMf, Baiyeadaaty at toy ninm dlataaa. Imii n Blattkta m ia* ikla, aad fun tad A?a* < ' CMUt aai 9TBM A Million BOTTJ.MB kavt kaaa tald darlaf tk* Itat Hi tiki, tad la aa la iUbm kt* It ftlltd la fl*1af tatlra attltfttliaa. Vkt tk*a, will taff*> fta:a T7?tkaaaa > DlktHly wkaa McLliB I miR?ncii.<>? coboiau win *a>* i a ItafTtf* tta aaaTty ta taa^aatt ld?t af ik* lataitdl tt* tad tlaiMt tktaf prtdatad ky itklaf tkla Oidltl la tk* dltttit J, dtkllluttd, tad tktUtftd aaraaaa Mia, wkttktf ktakta dawa ky mm, watk ky attaia, >M Uaaairtd ky tltkaata, tk* rtltxtd tad aattnaf arftal aatlaa It rtatarad ta lu yrlnlat kttitk tad *1(m HAMMED TMRSON81 a? Hkm, aaaatiasa ?f latUllty !i? wkuixi uui, wltj iad HtUill BTBBBBTBBBIBB UUUItk a tka faayk rtf tatrttai a( tkt ayataa: tad til wka u; fcart la farad tktmatlvat ky layiaytr tadil|iatta will tad la Ula Caidltl a lirtola tad ayttay rtntdj. TO THE LAD 1MB. UlUAIl BYBBWBT1 SBUffl UOtllik ! a tavkf tlfa ud ?y??rty UN fat latlylaat Caaaaaaytlaa. fk:tli, aatratttd ar [ tall MmihuiIh.1 auattaaaia af ln>> t liTtluiui ?Uahajfa tkariaf, IPalliaf a/ U* Wink, tddlaaaa, r*!*a?f, ua ail diaauaa laaldtat U f THSRB IS NO M.IBTAJL.B ABO VT IT hfiT m taafti Tata U MMfdiaf ta dlrtatlaaa. It vtU tlaaiata. uiiafikia, ud Itrtpnu tm aad tiara tka klaaa af baa-.ta it iaa?at yr*? uitk tftia. ' rj haul* I* fimiM I* ftra tatlahaUaa. fOK CHILD&jM, IM4I aillrta ax* ilak'y, pmxj ar (Slattd, M?I>BA tfl GO I #1 Ah arlll a?*k? tkaa kaattky. fat, tad rakiai Dilay aot a aniat) try it, ?aa yaa vtil aa *?a*!?a?d. It ti da Ualaar t<t u? i. a mofr, I?*in ( dn|(UU N dnitn *ka bii try la pala aaaa f?? ailiar ariaraaptrUa traah, waitk Uay at a aa? aktta, ky una] It U |a?t a? gar J. Arrld nth ram. Ait far Mcl/SAMI KTKCH?TKKPI1IIC COBLl'.Ab. and taka aatklar alaa. It U tk? aaly rtraady taat will pacify th? Blaad tkaraafkiv tad at thaaama Uta* iMaflfcaa th? lyttan. Oa* taaapaaural kakaa aaary intra in f faaticf i? a ciruia prtTttlirt far Ckalara, Chill* tad Ft?tr, Taliaw Ttttt, at ay aravrlaat J'.taaaa. Ulrpataa ta laraa kttlltt. PrU* afy 91 par Ikaulti far ft. JT . McLEAB, M* ikit iiIm. kllLaia'a V?)?ani? OJ kiaSaiil Pnailpal UtjtK aa tli mill ?T Tkiii u4 nil itr??t?, Si. fcMto, McLean's Voloanio Oil Liniment, rriKiBarfcimiiMY ibtbb wotkn.) Tbi atly aifi ud airtia aari tor Oaairi, Pilii, T*. M?r?, vllltaf* ia<J Eraakkliiei CailM, PuiItim, III rilffU, Waaknuaaf liiMuiln, Orwli h liiiammaiary Unniiilin, liiftm af iki C*oira.?tid Mucin ar inn, L.uti iiImiUUi. litiMi, Barilui, Fink Cau, WamjiU, lltirt, r*T?> Itm, Caktd Bruit, l*i< llNln, latdi, Sari ThrMI, ar lay iulammatiaa ar Mia, a* diffanoaa fcav iitim at 1m( ipt dnidi air (in ittitid. McUCAVacKLEEEATED UMUCKXT to t eirtala iinilt. rkMuidi af ?* ?? kiufi iki kite air id a lift af dto anyuadi aad Blur; by ika hi af Uii lavakukU rimidy. MtLEAWS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will iiIUti p?to ilmait laiia&taoiacaly, tod it vtll clita, yarify aad kill tki faalut larai la an Inartdibli ikart tla?. FOH HOUSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MabKAlCt CELEBRATED LINIMENT n tbi ?l; Mh aad rilUkl* iiitiJi far tk* tari af Sparta, burkiai, WUdffalli, Bpliau, Bimaiaral Lim^i, Radii at valltajr*. It al*ir failed la ?ar? tig liad, Pallirll, Ftaiaia, Old Eaaalnf ar Barney, tf prapirty layIIid. Far Spraini, Iranii, Bcriunaa, Cmtad mi, (Jhafu, Saddla ar C?ll?r Salla, Cau, tarn, ar Waaada, ittoaa lafalltkla raaidy. Apply It u dlnatad aad a am to limia la ararp taataan. Tkia in 11 aa laajir with tki taiay imUiu kla'.iaiaU find M yn Oktaia a aiyyl? af Da. MckEAJTB CtU SEATED kJEIMEIfT It will ?u? TML t. . MckJCAM, Ma Prapriiwr. Orair Third aad Plaa iwM Be bill, Ha. CliUH STOTT, 171 Pa. a*., mii ifiai la Vullar mm (,l.f niHlli.ti?rnnri M-UVIt UN BOATS foe thi WESTERN RIVERS. QUA*T?*Mi..TW I I * ft < */ itm 171 lUbii % PaorosAi.s are invited for oonstruotint Gun boats upon the Western rivers Specification# will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster* Ot&oe at Cinoicnati, Pit'sbuf * h. and at tbia office Proposals irom boat-bail'era and siif ine-build er? aione will be considered. plana submitted by biadera will be taken into consideration M C. MEiGM, Je it Qnartermaater General United State r*RlB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKETS V/ and COl'NTERPANKS. ail slsee anc. ?uali tiee, Bed Comforta. Shootings, Pillow Linen* and Cottons. TowMs.Napkms, Table Cloths, Tickings, Doylies, Ao. All at our proverbially low prioos, marked in plain figures. * Nswoomers, strangers, sojourners aad eituoos wU, ft BRO.. ? ft-* Petri, avenue and >na st.. MEHflflb&i TRAVELLERS' DIRECTOR? LftMing and etnbarkiDf pMMt[in i HiMutoTii, Irduxl. The Liverpool. New York and Philadelpkl Heamthif Company intend dispatehint their fa MtetN Clyd^-httiit iroaSteaaekipe ae follow* t CLASOOW.......LVffntydftT, Aunt M. City OF BALtlMOftS. ? ltth. KAITOAKOO. ^ ^ And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier*4, Noti river. UTU Of PA.StA.6K. Flr?t Cabin.....?.. r. ~ -wt* Do. to Lot doB . ... ....... ao Do. to 5b1? ? M Do. to Hkmburg K fso Do. to Lrondun 34 po. to t-i'ii .. 3* Do. to II urn berg 96 Pui?D(era forwarded to Havre. Brnoer. Bo terdam. Antwerp, Ao , at redooed through in-ee. Peraooe wishing to bring out f&eir (riMtda -i bar tioketa at low rate*. Kor farther icformatt Oftoe. Or toO. A. nfcRRIN'G, Ad ami KxinMi Mt Bort. I.NDIVIDUA^ .ENTERPRISE "loo tU taptaii JOHf.e. 1>A Lk , A cent, lft Broadway. N. Y., "KENT,' EASTERS AXD WESTERN SgORE STEAMERS. Capt. J. fl. Kirwan "flONEEH," Capt. W. Norman, jeir route! aa follow*, learii ? Lig treet, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olook 4 *\iENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Laodiw on unoptank river, every WEDNESDAY ai SATURDAY, returning every Thursday ai ModiIsj, For Ani __ DAY and FRIDAY and returning e?T>e daya. For Annapolisand West River,every TUE1 PIONEER?For St. Miohael's an<1 KMtoc, v Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, tod ratal the ume day. For Annapolis, Weat River, Cambridge, Ozfoi and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, return u by nme route on Friday For Aunapotis. W?st River, St. MichAel's ai Ea-ton, via Mile's River Ferry, evfcry 8ATUI DA Y, returning every Monday by same rout# Kara to Cambridga, Denton, Oxford and Kast< Point. . tl ? FareSt Miohaei'sand Miles' River^round tnp. ^I ) * 11 i?.. - ? ? ? >.vb. i . 1 on FXre to We6t River, (round tria, ?11 1? Faro to Annapoli* (round trip7Soedta)__ 7i ? MEALS EXTRA. IT^Freight must be prepaid. wharf and Oftoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camde Baltimore. C. fc. CANNON NORTHERN PVNf O A I D A 1 I 1X7 A %? ai%au nmi SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvirt Station, BMimore. May 18,1961. f On and after Sunday. May 19th, 1861. Trains < the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIL WA Y a rire and ile^ar t as fellows, until farther ootioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 15 A. M. EXPRESS at J*) P. M. HARRISBLRG ACCOMMODATION at M. The 8 15 A.M. train oonneoU at Relav Hoi with trains on the Western Maryland Raiiroa at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Getuba Railroads; at York with York and WniHtavtl Kailroad; at Harrtsbur* ?ith Pennsylvania Rai road for ail parts of the West, also with Lebanw Valiey Kailroad to Yorkdtrtct; at Northui bwrland with L and B. ?aiiroad for Kingston ai all parts of Wyenming Valley .and at Wanbnrr wi the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all par Northern Pennsylvania and New York. Trie 3 SO P. M train makee all the above oonne tiona exoept Hanover Railroad, WrifhUvil Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Tne 8 P. M train make* connection! witn Pen ylvani* Railroad for all parte of the West,aj direct ocnnecta for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mai! at 610 P MKxpre at 7 it A. M.; Harri bar* Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tiokets and information inquire at tl Ticket Office, Calvert Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLA RM,Bep*t LEAVE PHILADELPHJ FOR NEW YOR* The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia a Tren?ou Railroad Compaiuee' Line from JP HIL. DEI.PHI A TO NEW YO?K AJNfi %Vi PLAChf.from WALNUT STREET WHA| ^.ND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as f At 6 AM , via Camden and Am boy, (C. and AooommodatioB.) At 6 A. M., ria Camden and Jersey City,(N. A ccommodation.) At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(Mot ict Mail.) At MX A. M , Tta Kensington and Jersey Ci (Western Ezimu.) At 13X P. M., na Camden and Amt>oy,( Aeoomn daticn.) At 3 F M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and Exaren.) At 4* P M , Tia Kensington and Jersey CI (Evening Express.' At 4H P. M , ria Kensington and Jersey Ci (Seooad Class Ticket.) At 6 P. M., TiaCamuen and Jersey Clty,(KTeni Mat!.) At llif P. M., na Camden and Jersey City,(8on ern Mail.) At6 P. M , via Camden and Amboy, (Aooommcx tion. freight and passenger. First Claee Tiok< Beoond Class Ticket. The 6 v M Mail Train runs daily. The 11JK M, Mail, Saturdays excepted For Belridere, EiwtoD, LarrbertTtlle, F.enui ton, Ac , at 7.10 A. M., ano p. M., from K< King too. For Water Sap. Stroudsbarg, Soranton.Wilk' D&rre, iMontross, threat bend, A.o., at 7.10 A. J from Kenainrton, via Delaware, i^aokawanna a WeaWn Railroad. For Msuoh Chunk, A. lee town acid Bethlehem 7.1o a. M. and 5H P. M. from Kenaincton dep the 7.10 A. M. li e oonneota witli the train leavi 1-, Mtc c at 3 P. M. For Mount Holly at and I A. M. and I and p m For Freehold at A. M. and I P. M. For Bnatol, Tren'oa, ?c. at 7.10 A. M., 43< a fcH P. >1 from Kenainfton, and ttt P M fr W alout atroet wharf. For Palmyra Kiverton, Delanoo, Bererly. B liueton. Fl>recneoo, Bordentown, Ac., at ttfc 2, <>4 and 6 1' M Steam?r Trenton for Bordentown, and Intern diate plaoea, at 8K P. M. from Walnit itn i wharf. i (ET For New York and Way Line*, leavi Kenaincton bopot, take the oara on Fifth atr? above Wal int, half an hoar before departure 'I I oara ran int j the depot, and on arrival of train i I from, the de tot. I Kifty pounda of baccace only allowed toM paaaencor. Paaaencera are prohibited from tak auything aa baccace but their wearing appai All baccace over fifty pounda to be paid 1 extra. The oompany limit their reaponaieility baccace to one <ioi ar per poind, and will not ! liable for an? amount bevonfl nna hnnrirawi <ln!l? except by speoial oontr&ot. WM H BATZMKR.Aim FOR THE S?T AND SOUTH lMORE AND OHIC WEST AND BALTUt"r~ RAILROAD. On and after Mar 16tn, IW, the trains will i as follows, rii:?Leare Camden Station, Ba more.?Mail,*exo*pt Sunday.) atiSA.M.;l rreat dany at 3. 46 P. M. Both Trains go direc hroiifh ' 'OR AI.L PARTS OF THE WEI UTHWKST AND NORTHWEST? SOU FOR WAY PA&8ENGERS. Betweeii Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take j oominodation Train, leaving Piedmont at 6.40 M ;and between Grafton and Parkersbarg, ti i theSS' A M Train lrom Baltimore. i Tae FRKDKRIOK l?AlN Uavee BaJtim at 4 90 P. M. and Frederick at 6J0 A. M. Thr ELLICOTT'S MILLS I R AIN tear* ? timore at 6 2n ana 9.V6 A. M. and 1 46 and 6.40 P. ] and Llhoott's Mills at 7.40 and 11.60 A. M .and: and P. M. For further information. Tickets of eyei^ ki fto , apply to J. T. ENG LAN D Agent, at Cam* Station, or at the Ticket oftce. W. P. SMITH. Master of Tran?p< .rtion. L. M.CQl.E.Gen'l Ticket A gen ,NEW YOKK. HARLEM A] . ? A^B A_N J. A_1 L.Rp A_D. _ L,fcAVlI>? NfcW YUKfc r< ALBANY, TROY, NORTH AND WKBT. 80MMKK ARKANttKME^T Commencing Monday, May *Tth, 1M. For Abuy-11:00 a. m. lut eifrau tmt fi FoHDaver Plalna?4H? p. m. topping at W) Plain* and stations north to Dover plains?ft Mth street station. _ (This train will ran to Millartoa avert Batar *?or^6roton Falls??:l?a. m. stop pin* at all i tions north of Pordham from SSth street station For W hite Plains?fc30, 4:10 and fcOO p. m. st pine at all stations from 36th street station. For White Plains??ci6 p. m. stopping at all i tions from W bite street station. For Williams Bridge?1.?, 11:18 a. m. and M m. stopping at all stations from STth street stat Retununi will leave? Albany?fcOO a. m. last express train. Dover Plains?MO a. m. (This train leave* 1 lerton even Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Grot on Fails?5 p. m. White Plains?&10,W? a. m. 4:10 A 7:00 p. in. Wiiliams Bridge >:?, ?. n.k boo p. m Sunday trains will leave 4th Avenue, oqrner street, for Central Park, Yorkville, Hanem i Hif h Bridge everj (??w_minut*elfro? ?:00 a. n > p in. JUiim HUKUHlLb. AMI t*Hf NEW YORK ANR ERIK RA ROAD PuMiftr Tniu .aere n? Pi nia Ferry and Long book, from foot of Cham ?tr?y>t, New foliowe, tj* : 1M a. ra . KXTRKS^for Dunkirk, and Buff and principal Uiterme'ia'e station*. '?a. ra , MAIL, for Dnnkirx. and interme?l Station*?This Train remains over night at Kii and prooeedi the next morn in*. ?.w a m . MILK dai),, for Ouiyille, and ti mediate Station*. 11 00 a. m . ACCOMMODATION. daily, for I Jervia, and principal Stations to himira. DATlONJor Horner. NATHANIEL lCntAfytSSTiT*111,1 J list fi^N^!1222i2?10N8-'?i prime Onione. For eaie ltrw. Tl\5 A RURCHfiLL Mr PillMfitti tail I ? 8Nfc VEST NICK SKCtiMO H^DPU f?r fill. AIW,?.VM DT* riMM f?r rtnv ? r , Tr* JQTicjg y ^ N o'olock ?. m.,?rixn.?diMfly after U? arrival <J tb* waahiafton Train, which ittm Wiailft^^ attHo'c.ocl >. m. *1mi M. N FlUA frim'X ? M 11 P^ILA Hfcl.r H 1 A, WIL OHME MINQTON AND BAL *** TIMOR K RAILROAD. BPRINO AND SVflMk* ABM.ANGKMMNT. On and a(t?r Tl'KHDAY m*y UU, 7ra.cs lor PhiiaJ?.?hi? will laavj Praaidaat atraal D*f>ot daUfjfO' OWt, }nm: hifwuTrtir, at 114 Ajf.. Wm Mail Traiaal MS _/?,M.; Et*muj Mail at 4.45 oWek Oa ftnT Hi KAYPM ? 45 f. M.on ?. All traine ? York truae exoept 4 a P. M. trlis .>a 8*tar ~L F?i()4 T<iia wita putnif oar ittuM Wmit! P. M . etoppim ?t all st?ti<>M m*m Baltimore *nd Harre de-6r*o?. Ptinm>ri for Delaware ard the Fjutern Mtore of Maryland wilt find the moet nipedtUoB* roate by wty of W'imiDttoB. llF Ail Colored PereoM meet (ire bond before entente theoare. WM. CKAWFOKP. A>?t ,GRKAT CENTRAI. ROCTK Wj| iTBE WRKT.m HI'nsnN mlt WTTtfA KAlLhOAU mn4 HSW YOt CKVTHAL RAILROAD. Fxpraaa TrUMlM Sew York o'ty depot* of Badaoa River Raiiro daily. Bandar* exoeptad. aa loltowa : From Chambara at real. From Slat at ataUon, At 7 no a m 11 00 M 600 p m Sjn pro Montrtal and Brffalo Train with alerpini fa, 9/6 a At 7 16 a I H.S5 - 6.36 f m s J6 p m eaia. 9.'6 an 1 *l> p m Connaotin* at Albany with the New York CM tral Railroad for Bchenaetad7.k0chartar.ruea Ha-.av-a. Rome, and rtationa on Rove lad w?W town Railr>a<i. Hnffaio. t*Tr*Qaee. Ntaf&ra Fii'a, Suapenu-n Bridie, Ant.u: c. Uanera.Cat a: fla*ca Tritina in ooncectiuL leave aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and ? ake H nroc and g^t Weftam Railroad, for Hamilton. Tor<?to, oit, Chioaco. Toledo, Milwaakia. Fon Da Lm, Tronae, Madie?n frame l>a Chien, ?a ena, leith. I>ahe*ne, Peoria, Rook laland, Maeca tine, Iowa Oitv. Barrtacton, Qaine?. Srun?fce?d, Aiton. ?t Loaia. Cairo,Tarre Haute, ithi aLaaoiia, toaiaTille. Cifioinnat<. I atton. Colunba*. Ed.aodal'. poicta Weet, Northweet and Beatk NORTHERN ROUTE. Connectmc #rth Traua at 1 ro*. with Troy A Boaton and _H *na. ? Saratoga Voaat for Baratoct, WLit?:,? .. Knt and, Hur fton. r-t A Ilqqee Point, Plattaburgh, Ofdenabtttch, Montreal. 4<? fc?.. fTT Freight Arrangements by thi* rout* a* above, without chance of Cars, Iron the HffoU in Chamber* And < anal ?t reef a. are at all tinea ae favorable at made bjr o?h r Rauroa^ ()om^ari*a. The laoilitiea of thia treat Nev Vork K'wte,?? the Weat oimtnend it to the 001 fidenoe of n.e< chant* an ah ppera for promptnea* and diapatoh Paaaengrr trama. with Smoking and Sleeping Cara ran m oonnection on the New York Central Road. For partionlara aa to looal trama and freight ar rangementa, inquire at tfce depot, <?* Warrec at. A. F. SMITH. SaperinteDdent. U. 8 WVKRNMKNT LINE TV FORT May HOE 4>C OLD POINT COMFORT. Lmtm the lower eud ?{ I'NloN DOCK, Baltl more, VMt tide, DAILY, C*unda?? nioiuaed, I at 4X o'clock P M. takinr pui?u|?r? and /eight, tod oonneotinc with tf:? Railroad linn, to ard fro? WMhircfon, D. C., Fhi.ade ehia. New York, Bos ton, York, Harnaburg, Pituburr. Pa , ard the Weet, immediate |j after the arrival of the Expraat Trim from New York and Pniiadelphia. The following la the Sehedu.e : From New York 10 Fort Monroe uJ lack. 1 From Philaaeljh a and t*ck.~. From Baltimore and hack .. | IETPROCURE YOUR TICKET? In New York, at the New Jereey Railroad Ol foot of Conrtlard street. In Fhi adeiphia, at the Company's office, N W. sorrier of Sixth and Ch?etnot etreeta.or at the D^pot. Broad and Prime etrrola. In Baltimore, on board the Steamer*, foot of Union Dock. HUGH O'CONNER. |14 mw Agent. FOR BOSTON VIA NKW PORT BAY^lTAT^nd STATE OP MAlftE. orgreai strength and tee^d, bat particularly adapted to the navigation of Long 1? and Sonnd, running :u con nection with the rail River a-?d Old Colon; Rail road, diitaoce of SB mi lea only to Boetnn ^ve Pier No. North River near the Battery. Steamer EMPIRE STATE,Oapt. Bray ton. Mondays, Wadiieedaye, and Fridayr, at ? o'oioak P. Mm at Neweort each way. The Steamer METROPOLIS, Capt Brown, oa Tilted aye. Thnredays and Satnrdaye, at io'oiock P. M? toQoaicg at Newport eaoh way. Theae> r?teaniera arc attaa witt oou.modiotia tat: r<v>Bts, an<1 er^ry ar^aagement for the aacari tj atu comfort ot paaaengara who are afforded by t'it route a ni[tiU' rest oc board and on arrival at Fall I' irer prooaad per Steamboat Train.reaoh inc Boalon early the following morning : or may reman. oo board until atartjng of the Awsfnm^a Ooe at 8 A. M., by wkMh tbay may reacn Boaton about 8.46 A. M. A baggage mac tar ia attached to aaah ataamer, who receives and tiok'ta the baggage. and aooom paniea the same to its deatination. A ataamer ru^a in connection with thia Lina be tween Fall River aud Providenoe daily, exoept 8u:. :ayi Freight to Boaton ia forwarded through with croat diapatoh by an Kiprea? Train, whieb eavea Fall River ever? momir.g, Sur.daya excepted, at o'clock for Boaton arid New Bedford, arriving at its deaunation at about 11 A M For fraicht or pa?aag*. apply on board, or at tha oAoeon Pier No.S North River Forata'e rootu and be-tha apply on board, or if dneired to aaaara them m &dvanoe, to HM DOKDtN.Ai't 70 and TI Waat street. N Y. THK RtSLLAR MAIL LINE VIA SROTpN^ ?T0NINGT05 ami PKO VIDr.NCIS, FOR BOS TON?Inland Ronte?The eborteet and moat di root?Carry the bul*rc Mail. Th? steamer PL\ MOUTH ROCK, Capt. J. C. Seer, andCOMMONWKALTH, Capt J. W, Williams, Id oonnection with the stoungtoii auc ProTidenoe,and Bos on and Providenoe Railroad a, leaner New York daily, Sunday* exoeated, from Pier No U North R.ver, at $ o'olock P^B., and 6 rotoo at S.SU o'eloo* P. M., or on the arrival oi *? Mali Train which leaves Boston at 6 ? P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from N*w York Monday, Wedaeeda*. and Friday. From Gro ton?Ta?ada?, rhurertay,and Saturday. TheoOMMONWEAl TH, from New York Tuesday , Thursday. and Saturday. From firoton ?Monday, Wedneeday, aad Frida*. Paaaeueers from Groton proceed Mr railroad to Providenoe and Boston, in the Expr?ea Mail Train, reaohmc said pluoe in advanoe ofthore by otner route*, and in am ale time lor all the early Morning Lines ooneetinc North and Kaat. Pas senders that prefer it, remain on hoard the a* earner, enjoy a nighte'rest undisturbed hreak faat if desired, and leave Groton in the 11? A. M. Train, oonaeotint at Providence with lite 1 ?n A M Train for Boatou. Pare from Hrovtdenoe ? A baccate master aooompani Train each way Pare from Providenoe to Newport, Fifty oenta, aniea the Steamer and rain each way. For Paeaace. Bertha, State Rooms, or Freight. apply on board the st?e.mer, or at the Freiaht Office, Pier 18 North River, or at the Oftoe of the C' mpany, No. 1U W ?*t at'eet.onruer of Cort iiow 1 Vlft, r CD. iO, iCXH HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD For ALBANY AND TROY.CON NLCT1NU with TRAINS NORTH And WES ?, Train* ie&ye: E>m Champa at. N.Y. F rom 3 th atreet preaa, 7 tod 11 and Ut and 5pm. Troy and Albany <witb aleeping oar) 10.15 p. m Poughk??Mte train 6, a m . 1." Peakaki Sin* Hi pf&V, 5fi?U ,1. p m ,#.00 a m ??JP- f smi n< Sib| train,* .00am.. ajoo i train* J a. m , and S.55 7,25.11.25 5,25 p ni. p. m , (Bnodaya oladad.) a. m., and 1.40 p. m. i.Sf p 9J6 a. n., and 4J6 and !*a pannleri riant. SCHWERIN'I mlbllatinf I rao?>i?ed oarti&oatM &m the PreeiMnt of Sirvd Col < %* Directors of OBM of Refllfe, Pennsylvania Hotl'.tk, and other Prominent lnitHnOocj of Pn; U. $. Jail. Waehinfton, 1). C-jand Charity Hospital. Nov Orlea&?, La The orifina! cert:6oate>t ou be seen at the Who.e? ?tadRftv D?int 1*4 Norti Seoood street, P:,. ade.phia, ano for sale in tbif elty ly n. 9. CLAftf, ooraor Pa. even we ud ?K eta., ia4 by , Drue fist* and 6 ' ooe re, Rf.WARK OF SFl RioU8 IMITATION^. IT" Remember to uk for Bohwerin's Anaihi lam iPowdec. ID * None tannine aniees signed M. Perwma. FRENCH k R ICHst)K^llare*, ust reoe.ved ft larje and oom^lef assortment of Military Boost o? all kind*, which they offer trom ten to fifty per oont. below the regalar retail jrjees,?ia eladiDff: new edition of Hardee's l&hntry ud Rite Tactic*, ooauiete, 91J5 PnrK^I VV7?l?l?i< Uuul ?!. M VI -WW V VI IIMtVVI ??l \a TVi*| V* Ally's ComMMitn of Hardee's Tmiim, toe Gross's Military Surrerj. 76c Iahan'i Field Fortjf oatj??u aod Oat^ost, ear k* a.rdl?**s Tactios. chwp wdition. *Sc be f*oidier's 6aids. a ootn plats n,ar,ra! ?rd 1 book for tl?e in oi U? Voiaoteor Mil >e m.4 lif Horns Sitrd. Mo The Hano Book lor the U.S. Soldier, ?im ftrst book or instruction to the U.S. Isfabirj iao of In* Scot of ffu. F i*??v Badfes ud Medals of ?rsr? deeeriptioa. pa^Mgv^gaaf^sfT. Iof Aatama auJ Wlater ae*. Osm* juli, ma ked la ptaio Agar**, boree. ao pare Laser is ?bc?iv<?<i AJ barlfg aad Mri ire t?*r?? t~v '?d ced J-' ,K? cas* staooani, oar wHoie * !? of t lett if ?' *" * oratorio than la. Aa tiiaiiittoi ?UMt m-aoes a., M to rurouaae. t'KMH V * ?* P%. aveaae aud BUtok?*. MlfK "firry Julcl*.'

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