Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1861 Page 2
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-* _ __ . . . THE F/ MAR.; VI ASI(INUTy> ClTY: **?DAY ^sYemb*r S, 1M1. <Mrm Ftitio? the varto*is rrllttir* rump* sn<1 P?st*loBe win confer a fSvcrby be??p1ne us posted * to ?'.>veii?etjta sn?l afffelrs in tfeelr vicinities. U f To our Balt mon- r"dm we would sav >teat tbe first and s.cond edition of tbe 5:?' can be bad In Baitlin&re of E. F Hsulton, aj?? nt, N* *1 ^ f?' B?lUn *rt itrwt, near City?tbe fl"St edition at balf put four and the second at eight e'clock, on ffce arrival of the trains from Washington. giving all ?hr news from the iert of war up to tbe time of going to ptrM. Spirit ef the Mtralrg Press. L nder the head of "suggestive facta" tbe inflhfnrrr point* out that there new before wa? orb a mighty civil war waged with so little Interrupt! on to til tbe j;reat branches of human pursuit which engape tbe Mtivlty of men In various ""*nk* of social and business life, or one with so 'lttl* detriment to the public credit. Tbe R'pnbli'tn trnat* upon "cotton" and upon ' Jeha Cochrane upon tbe negro question." OrR MILITARY BrDGET. GOOD raws FROM THE GREAT EXPEDITION! A Landing Effected at Beaufort, S C. A Bombardment Commenced! The Rebels Commandrd by the Traitor Jafnall! ? [Special DispaU h to the S*ar.j Baltimore, Not S ?The boat is just in from Old Point, and reporta that the expedition had entered Port Royal Bay, landed troopa at Beaufort, and that a bombardment had commenced. The Rebel forces are under Commodore Tattnall, ' 5*e of the l". f* Navv, but now tbe Reb?l Navy. * MOV (JUST or THK Z5KMT. We have Information, on which we rely, that vesterday there were unmistakeable indications hat the rebcla pasted on the lower Potomac Were making preparations to tend a corslierabis por'!on of their force then there ?c tbe South. The Gevernmeat, we sppret^ii, ttust have received the same information. 1 he failure of the recent terrific storm to dsetroy the omblued I'nlon naval and miliU'ry expedition, la holding tbem Intensely ua'asy. A xniL CAMF *tr*sBt [Special Telegraphic Dispatch] Cuntixt, Ohio, Nor. 7 ?The expedition that left Ca!rc last night arr!ved at Belmont, Mli ourl, this morning, drove the rebels acrota the river to Columbus, Kcnturky. and burned their e*n?p. Our troops were without transportation, nd had to leave four gutia that tbe n-bels In their harry had^o leave behind them [Net*.?We take It for granted that our friends disabled the four guns ?o as to render tbem hereafter uK-ins | . ,rT '* 'i* ro*r w*i?r5. The pious author of the Jbllowiag budget rf Infamon. falsehoods was evidently essaying to aJdseme scheme of robbery through stockjobbing, In penning tbe,u. That bo , mendacious epeculatorVd nothing else, Is evident, Ilecare* not bow mu'b he may damage the Inlon cause T lyl?g? and should at once be placed in Fort Warrsri without th- privilege of pen. Ink and P*P^r? ontll the conclusion of the war. -rA 2LXI? Rkfokt - The New York Irndtpwdent f yesterday contains the following remarkable ^sTuo Kurope* "HP** to Mr Tburlow Weed s ^Just aa we are going to press we reret?e a most Important piece of information from a reliable sou ce Itr Is nothing l*n than the tzprttied eoartcttcn of Mr Keyjcard that (As Gorernm'nt e*T?0t !?4^d *" tAil ?*sr; '*?' Conf'dtracy st?<? procably be rteegnit'd the European jtowtrt, mmd that Ptatt teill be He retu't tm tixty rfsjr? In view of tb!s. Mr Thurlow Weed has S^m En2Iand- >'?! ^ l>e shall And the wtlah Ministry determined to recognize the CnnJwaeracv, the Administration here will prepare J* ?.n.c* P??cp- It was to pave the way for this last the discouraging- report of Adjuta:.t-General Thomas was allowed to be published We have ?? st thla late hour to remark on this information, except to asy, that If entirely co-rect J* positively aaatired). It willbrsak down tfle Aaiolnistrat.on and destro) the country " COM GCSTAVC8 H BfOTT, f the teani?r Keystone 8ta e, which returned to Ihs L nlted States from the pursuit of the privateer 8 jmtcr without orders, Is now on trial before a Naval Court of Inquiry In this city. Mr. West >n la Judge Advocate, and Mr. Christopher Ingle, of this city, 1? counsel for Com. Scott. It will be remembered that that officer returned to the I nlted States with a valuable prize which he h?d captured ; alleging that he was sdvfsed to do so by army and navy otBcera, aa Key West waa strongly secesaloti. and he did not like to take hia price la there ALO?9 TBI LIMB. We besr from Langly's (beyond the Chain Bridge) that all Is quiet up to thia morning along the right ef the line. The dl?p!ay of signal lights the erenov is of nightly occurrence. BAVV YABD. The steamer Yankee came up to the yard laM night about 11 o'clsck, and went down to the flotilla again at 2 o'clock this morning. The Beliance came up about midnight, and left again a few minutes afterward. It ia reported that the Confederate ateamer Page tewed their prize achooner Fairfax out of (Juanttce Creek yeaterday evening, but wbere they are beund or what It means we are not Informed. Tbe Mount Washington took tfen. Sickles down to Indian Head to join hia brigade laat B'ght, and from appraraures his division?the left wing of the army?Is to take a p^altlou at Budd'a Fetrv. nearer the river than they have heretofore occupied An order has bet-n prepared officially lnformino tbe army of the retiracy of Lieut. Gen Hcott, and embodying his letter, in which he states Lis reasons for this voluntary act. The Indication* are that Gen Buel will be assigned to the command of the department of tbe Cumberland, to relief? Geo. Shermant who will probably return to tbe army of the Potomac Gea Baileek has not as vet been assigned to a position. It is believed he wiil remain here to Become thoroughly acquainted with the general plans of the commander in chief, whose policy appears to be while scttng with a view to the H government and efficiency of the army, to k'* sppolntment, cbangeaand transfer* enWrely agreeable to those directly coocorned in wein. OeB Mitchell, who recently tendered bis resliraatloa, has arrived in Waahlngtoa rao* tbb vrraa fotomac A letter received laat night from Daraesto^n ays: "The latest reliable Information from the "tde o'apper Potomac Induces the belief that tbe rebels are utrongly reinforcing their r'ts and fortlfl^atlonsatand around Winchester wsli ss OB the frontltr, fearing a slmulUneous dvssce of Gea K^lley from the direction ef *o?aaey. sad Col. Geary from Saady Hook "Some perauns estimate the aumber of rebels at Winchester aa high as IS UOU. while It Is known their forces at the river posts are being increaaed ally; recently they have resumed firing on our p: k'U, but this mode of warfare haa not yet proved very sanguinary nor sueceaasul to tbe asBallaats." # The letter further says: "During yesterday the J*es*i?ae river rnaeso high a? to compel our plck* .'* *'*>? ^e tow-path of the c?aal. so at predanger of either of tbeconte.Ki;nK amies crossla* lo fores.>? rao* TBI MCTB SIM OB THE POTOMAC . ??ws havs been received tide ?< ???e Potomac for auuie ?ys Profeasor Lowe baa completed Lis ooo fT| im ' b*Uac*' 10 ^ f*r observatory ^ PVtTfrom Gen. Smith's divtsioo oa Wedoesday wh*n a ear Vl^naa. arreao.l HuBtsr, a Vlrgin.'aa, in therabei army u?rUI W brought to Washington * U< i.y The steamboat Jleary FUzhu^h, belonyti?K e a jstlsaaa of that aaae la Vlrglaia, has r^en ror.flaeatad u4 sold at Ciacinnati ' 1 Tiutu -To-night, oar glfifd townswoman f Mlsa Josephine Cbestney makes her theatrical debut, In tbe part of u Constance," in "Tbe Love Cbase " Tbo report of those who have known her tn private circles In this city, as to tbe remarkable sprlgbtllness, wit, *lf-po?se??ion, jrrace, beauty, quality of voice, and all other reqntiltn for pre-eminence in tbe dramatic walk tbn pramn, baa caaaed a more general desire in this community to witness tbe performance* of to night than ever before waa exhibited in thla cltv on the occasion of a " llrat appearance " From present indication, not an eligible secured seat will be procn'able by nightfall; and it la quite evident, from the namea on tbe box lilt, that the aUrmtlage will be made up of tbe very eftte of tbe city. Th? New Swedish Ambassador ?Count Piper, tbe new mlnlater resident from Sweden and Norway, bad hie Irat audience of the Secretary of State yesterday, at the Department. It ia officially communicated to government that tbe selection of this distinguished statesman, a lineal descendant of Coant Piper, identified with tbe glorious history of hia country In the period of Cbarlea XII , of Sweden, la dsaigned aa a apecial mark of respect and good will on the part of Sweden towards the United States A Prr?E!itatio*.?To-day, Count Piper wai presented to the President by Mr. Secretary Sew. ard, to whom he duly presented his credentials aa Envov Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary from hia Majesty tbe King of Sweden tod Norway. Affoiktrd.?William Mown, of Philadelphia, has been appointed consul at Bayonne, France. Thv Rksclt ?The comolete details of tbe election in this State on Wednesday are not ytt received, but the result la unmistakably evident. Tbe Union candidates for Governor and State Comptroller are elected by an unprecedented majority The counties have done nolily, and without the vote of Baltimore Meaara Bradford and Maffit will have from ten to fifteen thousand maj'jlty. Tbe House of Delegates will be at leas' three-fourths Union. To tbe Senate we may count, we think with certainty, upon having eiected elybt member*, making, with three holding over, eleven Unionists. A triumph In Calvert county 1s neccssary to give us tbe requisite majority, under the Constitution, for tb?control of that body.?Bait American. Archibishop Hcohks' visit to Europe.?The Catholic Mirror for thla week saya: We understand that this distinguished p'elate sailed from New York, for ^urop\3 on VVednctday last A letter Was revived from him in this city, in which It is said he stated tbat bis errand was neither One of health, plcaaure. private or ecclesiastical basinets Tbe only inference lest ia tbat his mission la of a political character. i?7"General Scott poattlvely declines any military or other escort on the occasion of his embarkation for Europe on Saturday. Tbe condition of bis health Is such, tbat he desires to depart with as little ceremony as possible. Thi Cass of Col KerfigaS.?The Government has obtained trustwortbv evidence abundantly sufficient to cashier Col Kerrigan, and moral evidence sufficient to convict him of tre^aon? jv. v. Timis. IT/" They call Humphrey Marshall "deep " Certainly he isn't bottomless ?Prenttte. XW SABBATH SCHOOL EXHIBITION, at U ^ Fletoher < h *pel, oorner of New York av?. and Fourth St., on TiMY EVENING, November 14th at 7S o'o'ook. Tiokets23 ots , chi!dr n IQ ot?. t-j ha had a't'ie door. to * !3,H* II y NATIONAL GUABU BaTT.. COMPA 'I ? NY A.?IVutI''!.-4n a1jourr,ed ir.aetin: of tbsoorp* wih be held a Potomac Hail corner of Eleventh at and Marylani a'.. lO MORROW (Friday) EVKNING at 'h o'o'o'i. B? ?"dero< the Lieut. Commanding. no7-2t SPIRITUAL RE'i REAT. - The exeroiaea jj of a Spiritual RttreV. will eminence in St AkTtsiub' Charoh on NEXT SUNDAY, at II o'eloek a. m , and continue for eight day*. The Rev. Father McElroy. S. J., will oonduot the Re treat, astiated by other Fathers of the same Sooi ety. On SuntlaT three Discourse* will be given ? at II o'clock in the f >reaoon, an<| at 4 and 7H in the afle. n<u>n. During the e -S the principal exeroiaea will he he d f.t hi* and >uHr a. m and at 4 and 7H p. in. O T 31* _ S^IOE CRKAM AND WATER ICES, of the ^est euaiity. at ?7X p*<r quart. Hotels and b aiding honse* furri hea at low rate). A lareea-?o-rm*?t of line ^'ake? kept on hard at the t^ladiiphxa Co* ft'tiwy. oorner Twelf'h and F sU. i'u 7 1m* Yy-MAVOR'U OFFICE, November 6, '881.? Ti e members of the Hoard of Trna eon of the Public Sehooia will ni?et in the Chamber of the Boa d ?>f Aldermen on FRIDAY AFTtKNUON next, the 8th mat., at 4 o'oloek RICHARD WAI LACH, Mavor. no h |Intel. a Repub ] j^p RE61MEi\TAL ORDKRS, No 3. | Heaiv"abt*R? 4th RKGIME.TT M D.C. I Washington, Nov. 5,1?8I ( The commissioned oflioers of the Fifth Regiment 1 M D C. wili m eta* Temperance Hall on KKIDAY ? VENiNG, the", h )nst.,at7}* o'clock Byord'rof Col PHILIP. W. W Wirt. Adjutant. no 6 3t* YIP*DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN POLICE- The Board of Police Commtaaionera havicg tak^n t! 9 house A16 Eleventh at., ail buamees connect *! with tbe Pulioe of the oity wiil t>*> 'ranaae'ed at that p ace. A genera complaint bool will be opeued. and oitisena are re?u?9t*d to oali and enter anr ompiainta they n ?.y l ave to malre ol auy matter reia int to the polioe or health of the oity a?27 W B. WEBB.Superintendent HORSKS, HOUSES, HO?SKS, of ?very description, for aale coaatantlv. Louiai gy anaave ae, between 9th and lo.h near the Market no8 i?w)w' -I^HE STEaMER JAMES JEROME ia now I diaoharcing her oa^go at Light Jf*". st'eet wharf, loot of t'ainden s'reet,^^^2SB^^C Baitimore. The oor?uneea are hera-^^*-^*^* br notified t> ca I andreoeive their freieht. r.o 8 3- 'R'iAN * w H | N h H A RT. Arts. 4 FTENTION. MILITARY BOOT AND A SHOK. MAKERS -Cal1 at60?Tw?lf h at. near Marylsnd * v.. laiacd, and aee the oheepa-t lot of Offio'rs' and Sportame'.'s Boo Uppera. Also, a lot o' Ladie-' and Gents' Uppers of all kinds Alto.a lot ot whi? and Camp Leggicgit Call voon. or you wi'l lose a bargain. D i?'t forget the plaoe, no 8 a * aaM'f, Ci.aRK. W ASHINGTON GYM MAHUM, jVinth , near Cmt- r Market This estabiishm'nt :s ntrw o^en fr m'a m to 9 p. m One of th? offioers in at enhance froin 1 to 3 ani from 6 to 8 o'ol^ck Perao> s leadinr a aedentary life wonid do well to join immediate y. *i a month. 91 AO threejnonthj. LoSSt* Cloaks: ~ " cloaks :f fLOAKS.'!! We have Jo?t received Ir on Philadelphia a beantifol aasortmentof the ver* I tect styles WINTER BLACK CLOTH ULoaK4* 'o whi h we Invite the apeoia! attention of the ladies. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, no a wit Opposite Center Market. Devon cows for sale.-! wiii offer for aale. at the Martet Yard, on THURSDAY MORNING, the 14th iust ,(if fair?if not, the next fair > arket day,) a lew veiy auperior Mil^h Cowa, ai of pure Devon blood. Alao a pair of superior Working Cow* and fine Milkers. Alao, a fine pair of 4 'ear old Devon Oxen, perfectly br he. no8 it' LEWIS BAILEY f'OVT HOSPITAt. F. R THE INSANE.? vJ Eloped on the Mth nf Oct <ber anl "<>t aiuce h?ard Irom, CHARLES ST. J I APORTP, a eivil patient from thia Dtatriat. He i? a'-ont 6 le?t 5 in<-h high, ai d has biaok ?yea. da-k brown hair and a rand, smooth faoe He had on ?he.i he left a checked summer coat, dtik vest. Mack ribbed patita, and slouched biaok hat. Notion of wi-er he is, or his return to the Hospital, wilt be suitably rewarded. no 8-St LA D 1 E S' DRESS FUR l?. We are reoeivmg a larce supp.y of LADIES' DRESS FURS, suoh as Kosaian Sable, Minx, Fitch, Martins, and other desirable Faooy Furs for Ladies. Misses and Chrdrm. For Gentlemen we nave MUFFLERS and GLOVE*. a>i of which Will be so d at the lowe*t New York prioe*. at 8. fc W. ME YEN BERG'S, 4S Market ?>raoe (Avenue House.) so S-lw bs'WMn 7th and Brh ata. J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTIC BONE T K E T H, Without Metal Plate or Clasfs. DR. 8. B 8iGESMOND. 910 Brtmdway, Ntw Ywrk?ltO Ptnnrylvini* Ae enut, btiteten ittk sad istk ttt , fFajaiagioit, Ca la tke attention of tho publio to the following advantages of his improved system: ). The Teeth of his mannlaotare viI.mBB never oorode nor change eo or by sny^** * ^ acida. being three fouitn* lighter than anr other. t. No teeth or r ots need be extraotea, aa the artileial once oaa be inserted over them. S The roots will he made inoffensive, and never to ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent > nan b* insds immediately, theret.y preserving the nataral extreeeiou of the faoe. whwh under the old system is frr^eentl* disfigured ft This work has beea fmlly te.ted over five years by May of the first ehemi.u and phyaieians of this Ovnntry. Dr. S. has also invenUd a wh'te nndestruetive total iiltait. with wkws the moat intiuve teeth .aabee'led witnoatpaia,ardoaabaild ap a ear ! >t. ?o iid tooth oa any ?de route, whioh will last thro. In, time. t?-e ( le.of rele*eroee ejvsc?u? Dr v Molt; Dr. d riofrssov of Chemistry, n. y 4 Koa. jew.7\9ayn?. of 1 he Suereme ooart of Weehicgu . ajwt vauu.a da of othars Call aad examine tor yoarealt no i 8m | *$.'1 ATW' % LlfTnr LETTF.K* REMAINING I* THE POST OFFICE, WASHIXGTi)* CITY, Ntnaber 9. 1901 [Ordered to be insert**) in the Kvesiwa Stxk it Mag the newspaper having the largest cirou'.atioi of any daily paper published in Waehington.] fry All per ton i applying fcrlitwri in the foliowng lift, will plejuo tar the* are advertised. LADIES* T.T*T. Allbright Mr* Daa Garrie?n M'** ft. Oi'ey Mri M M tdtmi Mri Jm'i Ur'???D Mr* M O w e n e Mis* Lillie Aanpert Mr* tafah Qr.ihim Mr* J A O'Neil Miae R Anderttn Mitt M Gillehriel Mu E Peteraon Mr* A E Adam* Mr* Elaira Graree Mu* tmmi Petering Mi** L Berry Mi** Louis* Gilletl Mr* L M Ploi??r Mr* Buford Mr* John Giruo Mm I.uc* Pij! Mil* Minnie Pen ton Mr* Miry Gree e Mr* Eliz'h P.*s Mre Sarth Bailer Mr* Martba tiny Mr* A T Ryai, Mu* 8 Bradley Mini \ Orey Mn A It t Rieliy Mn Mtffie Beadley Mr* P H Ontet Mr* H K Robivon Mi** Jennie Birber Mu* Delia Gulro Mr* M Reedt Mrs Htrrieon Barrett Mrt Salle 8 Green* Mr* Jm'i Richardeoi Mr* M Burru* Mr* J?n* Oo?e Mr* J A Rourke Mm Julia Bartow Mre Anta H>m*oi, MnA Smith Mrt H M B'irnett Abigail H.rti* Mil* Lucy Brrtth Aire Mary K Bailey Mr* 7oe> H Halhue Mi** Huhran Mr* Batllctroler Mr*LJ Huroni Mi** M*ry Hhorter MmMarian Burnett* Mi** M Harb n Mm JaluA Serr.on Mix R Broune Mre A K Hunter Mre Spencer Miee M C Br yr* Mr* Honey Mre St John Miee C Bright Mm M A HowitAo Mr* M E ftabey Mm M*ry Browne Mi** Mary Hill Mre Minnie Nullivan Catharine Bean Mm Elita Hew Mix Mary K Sypherd Mr* T H , Bell Miee E M jamee Mre WHI Savage Mrk Brown Mre Ctpt L> Jouee Antr.e fctone Mite Lydia Carlm Mr* H M 4 Johnson Miee MollieStrong Mre Sarah , Cameron Mre Co! Jchntou Mre Sarah Taylor Mite L<<lie Con oily Mre Kirkland Mr* M A Thomp*?n Mm I* Coffe Bridget Keyee Mre Hannah Torpm Mite M J i Calliu Mary Ann Kmr Miee Annie E Turner Miee Mollie Chandler Mia* Bell Kirk Mre Lewie Thompson Mr*Geo Connolly M e* Ada Kinf Mrt Rebecca TaliUi# Mr* F*n?y Coffee Mm Kate L^ekwo?1 Miae M Thompson Mr* Ja* Cromwell Mies HA Loil* Mm Criate Taylor Miss M*ry I Conway Mrs F A Locke M a* H K Torry M'ss Clayton Mm M E Latimer Mrs A E Th'np Mra C N Courtney Miee J Lok'.lh Mrt R Tuck Mrt Ruth Canning Mr* II Leidy Mu* Emma Thorn Mrt C??Uth Mre E Laidlaw Mrt Wm Vntter Miee Ellen Clark Mite LoaitaPMcCutchen Mrt M Cngan Mrt J C Cooke Mitt Jnlia T Mc8w ne? Mrt M WaldechmtdtMiaeE Cole Mn Anna McCiain Mary A WiNon Mre Elica'h Clark Mri Mary A McKnifht Mrt S W'etmor* Miee 8 E Croes Mrs Luzie 2 McAulid Miee E Wi'tou Mias a E Cooke Mr* McCrf.hei-MreWjnWillianie Mre Eliza Clark MrtK tnnyft McMmue Mre Wtntere Miee Ellen Clarke Mue AliceR Aioulden Mrt M E Wiley Mite Ida Carter Mre R M MirkhmiMitl Wi!tle^rMn!l Clemaou Miae F E Martin Miry C ^eber Mitt EJiSA Hairit Mitt I' K Mathewe Mitt AnnaWarner Mi.ta M Driver Mre M A Morton Mm Lottie Weber Mrt Elita'h Puaenherr MreC Moi<;roa? Mm M Wade Mr*8?r.'h IV*lj Mitt Annie M?;er Mri Cnpl Welch Mrs Dtoiei | poLut M:?s Marii 42 Mitter Mri M I Webb M:u fumma Devoe Mrt Julia A Millik'n Mr. E Wood Mitt Taney Duncnmb* Metz Mm LouUa Wyun Miai Mary Erniy Mra Elirxb'h Mlriu Mita E iza J \Vebl> Mrt Emma H Elliott Mre H 51 Moore Mite MaggieW-iltsr Mre A J f rleby Mm Jai:e Vorrnan Mitt M Vouor Mat Fan'iy Fawcatl Miae E 2 Nichcili Mm M J GENTLEMEN'S LIST. AkkeeA'ex Peman Rarsom Collin* Wm L Arrold Jas Hlt nnt Riley CoroiH V P Alexander W Ba k By Robt Chnney T R AJchiaon ftm Buchenbend rR Coflev Thos Abbott WttL U isiut Kiohd Conu T.l?s P A! er> Weal ? Harlow R R Cisrk T J Apper z llerWH ReamCoIR M CoukTA A.- n Wm L Wrojrr e l>r R K Covle Thos Amrut Th'.s 1'urk Pat Conway Thos i Aiwood T W Hums Pat Coiennan P Aiite sunT S Brown JL)r T B Uoohrar. Thos E Armstrong T-J Haner Pan! P??!bySB^ Allison lanaiiu^ Bjlton Tit Conrad Sam J Atoher^on Ri-bt B^yle }'eter Cavort Saml Addis<n Pa a Hotert P^ter CurtiaSamS Axtell K"v N G BVder Poter Cain Sam E D Axtell Luo'en Burke Fat II Cooler, Smith A jnd'iruxJro Bradv Hat C? Adams Julian BiiniiardOS CnrtisSS ArmstroiieJasA Babcoow Lt OE Chinlt Pan Anderson .'as Bocjaimn A Carter Riohd W Anderson JnoH liraiy N R Co bu n R C Alexander Tos Hitch t'orplN L^Trors R A Ao*iey las K Her n^tt HoiiNatCoatlor Rich ^daiiibJo.r H*tli Nioh A CopeaudCapRM Arnold .tno A B onrlpan Mr ^ reeil H Aiiamk Jos B^rkliardtM Crandai1 Robt A ohabo d Jas Br#?wcr M a Chapin Lt R H A Jr-n Harvey BJj ? M H Cowd^Co! Rout Alun Henry t Harker Lucius (iur,?r Rirhd Atkinson Henry Hn a-d L?>r?nsoCicnke Lt Roht Austin <i9i Babbitt I L i're'.?r< Ja* A limuri (jen Hlochni?rLvitis Coller J Atih-n I'ra'.k Hu?|pr L 7 Chandler J W Arnold Kdw D ?II l>r L t>' Counei Franoii Ai rtersf>n F B'owm J no J Conner Jas Austin Onas SV Bonos Jas Campbell |,? J B Angell Hon H f Burt Jaa p Co.llns J M 2 Bailey Lap: J t ;<urmJno Chngstal B J Beriand Jno BrlnflJa.O Chapman J H HrooksbT Jno M. ontJno Carter, James A HennettOaptJ He 1 A Wood Co Barb? Job BmrdJM Canfieid John 3 Su'fT 1a^ i U'uoks J D * ampbril Jas Ba ber J ^ BrandCaptJ Cbustejae Bennaa Jas F Brule J H Coyle H?toivJ llronangh R KC Curtis Lt Jas-2 Buxton Jas II Hr?an Jno Cunfor Jacob Bueey i \V H<>k in Jno Wr.iOla/ton Jos P Br, piy Jni F B sgden J W r?n?nt J 9 Blliiug' <>r J S Hreclt I" C Clark Theo J Bonta Jas \V Ha ley R J E Caeton Jas Hartlettjno Wottniaun J no Canner J R Hroeturs Jao Biawner J C Cat-oaron Jno ? I.acker Jno-2 iturinyne J,.o C"li?onJas BuifordJna Butler Jno L a:,i<i? J J B odsett JP Bre'nncu Jas CsnnSa John Babfou Jm> \\ J no R Cur'in Jas K V Butler Lt J H i Been ki Conat J Co belt John HiddleJa; H L)e Cliu el. BoyntonJC Harth Jio H ClouteJR Hrotliers J :io tu'lor Jut Conant J L8 Ban ton Rev J P Cc-llin Pi.ilio Cavity J t J 8 g ??U M Crean I'a'riok Cnoglio Joseph Boiiso Ca?tH-3 Carney Patriok Cranly Jno I) Wearfe H A Oo Clark >i aB . CayineJos e l Henry Car:tou Taewel <'r> nin John Byle Henry < a>roil Neil Conway Jaa Uiuiae Henrp C-siiip Maj >r Cerr ghvJos u'Ay, ,ia<MLrJr^ Couuier. M A C Lt J 8 a boa 1 H fc Co C&'awer Miolil Ciouser J K Bfrohers Henry Clearmans I. LSCtouae lonabod Bodley III J ChamboriinCapl,' orbett J -hn Baor.e Lt? ol H Cra t Lawrer.oe Cnrtin J K V baker E H Cusliman L H CanitfeJno ^sroer H C^omw^ll i ,.? * C'irnell Coot JH2 Brown Huam CrickerHonLB 2 Car n.e J / Biueon Meury-3Cle i.on< L A Co i^an Ja* Bradford II < utl ? Lt Jas Champion Chas tfutf^rworth II Cha aJJ-.s CoburnJohn Burton U VV ilubhjnol^ Co p^r B H'*KA}?W Cox Jas Chamberlain Jos But e Lt (Jeo L Carpenter J K Clail Jer S BraduurjOeuW Cuvj Ji.o W Can Rich! A beo Cimti ntJnoB tVonj lien R Bohrer G A Crutotiett Jas Ca std* Pauick Suli?r J . n a, Caite.te- J W Co vert Pat*-U Bradiord I f) H Lorniss John H Campse I Katk Bayardt aptf?L? 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O'trander K L So ott i.uoien Weil Mher P tisbortie Wa ter Shenan Cnrpl L Wadd Pat Qsrerleck W inith LT W11 lard O R Parker . t FH 2 S ke. Ja. Walber Ni?k Perkins Israel Smyth Jaa W yaal Nie Proe or Jno C SohraieitJoa We- tworth J'H PeiinypaekerJot*naw John H Walk r J W W BeieyJa<L Bmith Jm WiaderJroM Eeter oi Jno Smith Joe L Wiaaull J W areona Jno Smith Jno B Wn.n H arao Jas ftoott Ja<s A Wood Hiram Illipa J C Strubl- Jno WuamanuOT PeUttJoe Smith Jao R Walker Geo H Puoa?? Joo B Sims Jaa Wolr Go Peaoh ?*. *d R?r j W Wal*aCaatUH PndamRC Steel J A Co WoodraffLlGA Pat ei?oa Dr * S?sbary Pi Ward 0 H K^r?.Tw wliiskitir. *; ' * ',w ' " i~ 5iS^iw*B.j' ^ . - ?~h. j?. $;$?(;? swjir> i fnst dt** s?i4sra?' w^'s,",. ? wi&^r^ira.'r- "-^aesr. I W .IWl.,M|.IWjnWl i W W.llfr^T? RSia*1 ssasittsRK#s? WifMCF J H F VI , k?r HiL? Ji|n?fCB MiliinJuM Wesu.CMt nvmjH Wa??jj"? WWt'f Wi.IseyisptJGHa r?r *-?_ Wr, tor Chas Wor'et J no W Wilson Chas Walker Jao Wtik^^k W#?eert /)f 8 W uh M W 8 " i Iim kli wSSa ifr' BW%?lrWt,rU' Dr ' '?* wsriV is^reu. ? 2 franklin Winoh AdUB Wellg H 2?igl*r Hurt Whit* Addison Wia( Jio A iat of/r j notM trill be fcuad on Uts baUetta board at ths Post?iftoe iltLamas ?it in ui cun n Palais. L Drt? LitUrt, latll omn, mi>( N? pre paid. NorO LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. AUCTION 8ALK8. ByJ.C MrGUIRE. A CO., Auotl ne?r? ON SATURDAY MORNING, No?tBih#f tth. V *5, a?** lo front (/the A action ftoowt, w? sha.l sail for acoocct of whom it may aonoernMJ? Mire Laee Boots. Co> cross Gaiters Ven's Calf Brogans and Kip Boots. Ter??* eaeu. nor l It i.C. MrGUIRE A Co . A acta. Br J.C. McGl'lRE* CO., Asctioaeers. Ht??#?!5,ar.AM,,kvCARRIAGES HAR ??*?.?; a'^ Pair of Ray Horw? at A notion .3 on 8A t URDA V VOR> ING. NorwntirrRk, v 10o o rok. in front of the Auction rooms, we shall sell, without reserve? 1 Uiidioui' Open Family Car lege ' ' U.' n?"f,.or*e,' anl,,]7 Carnage, nearly new , ' '^,fe ?*T Carriage Horses Sms.s and Don hie Harness Robes. Headers. Ae. Terms (ash. _5?3L? 1 C. McGl'lRE A CO .Awe-. * BARNARD Auctioneers (*>r, 9tk ttrttt a*d $OMtk tiAt Pa cr I ARtiK PKKtMPToKY SALK OF* MIS i CKLLARIOVS STOCI OF A DULII D ST LI Rifle M<?BNiMi<aaL -o? ihu*sday -m I' *?>v?,n *r1> otromfnoin/tatiso^olk, we will *?|, without reserve. on the fret toor o/ onr Auction Room, a large stook. ooni uiuGo.d and Sjr?' Hunt>nc and Ores faoe Watches. Gold, board. Poh and V>?t Chains. Silver-plated Coffee Pots.Cr??m Jess,* 8l?ceble ba-rei Gun?, CeCs a d other lievelveva auiond Rings. Phtrt and Rise*? Buttons. p^ra Gia*?es ViHi" s. Hut?, Trombone*. r'oUl kr>^ Tabtji Spoons and Fork a Hold Ric?s Cameo P-ns Ear Rings, 4^*kru?JVwP.#^"'*? ??oa?Hi Sea's, Trunks. Glsaiers Diamond*, Cast >> Tog ?the r with a largs >aney ofothrr artic1** W Alft r" ar? to enumerate All of wbioh will be sos'ttrelj so d vithoat re gard to ptiee, and to which as rnvitr the attention of pu<-oha?*:s. no ? WALLA ^BARNARD, A sol. C7" THE ABOVE SAl.K WILL BK CON tinu d SATCR DAY MORNING, She 3th .wt, .i , lOooiock and a porUon of the m?t ra uaV> e goods remain to he s >M. _Ji wall* barnarp. Auets. BAILIFP'SSALKOF HOUSEHOLD FURmtcbb. FumiEi VMijiu??, Gaara*. iro.i at Arcrion.?On MONDAY MOkMffti, November llth, comm?noirg at 40 o'oiork, shall erll at the the resldenos, ana ins*aars71S a't^emie '-c ion o' l> tawa'e avenue aad K rt ' all the Hou eho d EfTeoU, and the Florers. V?*etaolra. Graphs. Ao . ?a the rremisas. Tha Rosm and Mover' are in blaom. We nam* to part? Bedstead*, Mattresses and Bedding, W a h??an>is Toilet S U and S(ov?s. Carpets. Matting, Chairs. A?., Ao A Ls^O Wagon, Caru, Honas a'nd Saddles, Lot or Lumber. acdGa doner's Tools, Together with ail the Grapes aod the growing For further partiou ars, enqair* of 0 _, A. E. L-KEESK. po *-** Bailiff. "f J- C. MoGUIR E A CO Aeotioneers V'ERV HANDSOME FURNITURE AND _ HOCSIIfOLP b |T*CrJi at Public Auction ?On MORNING. Novmoer 1Ath? at Pjo e otk. at the residenoe of the late Hon. b A. Douglas, corner of I st'eet aad >ew Jersey arenue, we shali sell a ss*?ndld as?ortmant of? cabinet fuwniturk. carpets, mir . . u CURTAINS, ' ALd Hous^hold p ffeots generally, a fell a 4 deseriptive advertisement cf wuioq si;! assear erevioas to the sale ??* i C McGl lRE, A CO .Aaeta. J.C.McGUlREA CO., Aeet oneera. SUPERIOR PIANO FoRTE. ELEGANT sillst Furnitur?, Rtok Cst G asisars. snd heautifullT D oorat?d f^reuoh China tiiver sla^d are, Carpsts,* u-t* n?, aad Hoo*eholn raraitur^ ?*":r*1|y--On FRIDAY MORNING No0 ?!ock/ *tb* <?rn#r of i?th aad L ,h?". .*ii large and ei?ga"t aveo't mmt of Househo d Furnitere, China Glaas. aad :ro I ^ are. Carpet*. Mirror*. Ac .?on srun g iimid??90!* *?r' handsomely fsrniehed estshJ*_*ieelers in a fu'ur? sd?ertis?ir.ei.t C&Ulo?Be< wil t-e 1**11-don Monday rest, 1 us House is for Rent, luenireof theAuet'rs. hot?-d J.C. M<8UIBEA CO..AucU By THOMAS DOW LING, AucUoneer. WI srg Its?. irFRY HANDSOME FURNITURE AND vr.tTOT* AccTiow-On WKDNESDAV MORNING next, the isti in*t. at 1? o'e oek, at the auofion rooms, I stall sell without reserve the I L -2 . ' >? ?* bonsekeeping. ci nsistmg of: Rich Parlor Suit in roe?wooa and ,-ITiY ' vi Arm aad Parlor r*ll rl0^ P^'or Set in hsiro oth, e egant Chamber ^et, with marble tops; do. Paint*d and i-.M.,,l.f,5*5.uOCn"l,'t*- Chairs; Bmseels, Ingrain and Threw plv t.a'peu ana Rugs; bost?y. hair and husk Mattresses; Mahogany Bureaus; t Iten,lon ''ab|-s; Ohlra Tea Sets: Crookery and ' Knves snd Fo ks; Bedsteads; Wardrobes; Toilet !?ets: Kitohta Furni'uie; psrior, J ??-.wlr/ *' ^ otber St >ver; Kel ige-a or. ie.s Ae. ' The furniture is ne?rly new and of ti e best mai aiaoture. ana ti?o attention ol lacies and gectleme 11> rnishing is respectfully oalied thereto. Tana* cash. I no?-<l THOS. DOWLIN6. Auctioneer. HB? GR?KN* WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. " OUbEHOLD AND KITCrihN Ft'RNlTtraa, HoLtsaD Gia, Bcttsa. Ac., at AtreT'ow?On SATURDAY, the 9 h instant, we sitail ell. in front of the premises, at 10 o'oloek a. m . a large assortment of Furniture, two Casks Hcllaad G'n, 6 Kegs Butte;, one Borne, Wagon and bear, wi h many other articles which wvdeem aaaeces sary to enumerate. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaets. P. ^ Will tie added, $ new Navy Revo vers, N av? Sue. aot * i Bey.) C. A W. By J. C. McGLI*< E A CO , Auctioneers. n^TCH BULBOUS RO0T8 AT AUCTION. U On FMIBAY AFTERNOON, November th, at 4k o'oloos, at the A notion Rooms, wn shall sell in lots to salt? Two Cares Superior Dutch Bulbous Roots, from the celebrated N ureet j of Van Dar Hofcoote A S. n, Harlem, aad oomprising Doubta aad Singe Hyaointas, Tulips, Croeas, Naraiseaa, Irtn, A o., Ao. Tc^ ? oivrm noS-q [R p | J. C. MeGriRR A CO.. Aaote By J.C MoGUIR E A CO. AueUone-ra. T'^O EXCELLEN T HORSES AT PUBLIC 1 Sali-Oii SA ll'RDAV MORNING. Nov. 8th, at II u olook, in front of the Auotiou Room*. we shall nellA beautiiu grey Arabian Mare. 7 years old, par , feotly sound, kind and fan tie. Also, a fine hobtMl Bay Tratttng Horse. Terms oa?h no 5 < Rep.) J C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AuoU. By J. C. MoGUIRE * CO.. Aaetin? rs. N??TA?1TA IKVngMSZ<IS-Sii of ths Auction Rooms, we shall eat I, witbast eeI exoellent Bsldnsors bu'lt covered Ktsrsni Wagons. 40 doinn Tenant's India Ale, 900 doaec Eggs, Small lot of Oats. W carpet Aat Camp Stoola. 40 baskeu < lk doaen eaot ) B-aady, 60,00? Sacars of vartoas Uraads. sagas ef tkaa of high ooet, sj^vrriaJL*"Terms oash in ?urreat funds, ao6-d J-C. MoGUIlE A CO.. AaaU. Bv OR KEN A WILLIAMS. Aaettoaaare EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD AND KITCBTi as Framrvsa. Pja?o Foara. a?., at Arc TKR -On MON Ua\ , the Uth mstaat. wa shall sell at the residenoe of a gaatiewaa iss'lpi g housekeeving, No. SC4 Tenth, beiwe? L aad M >teeu. at u> o ?l.?ck a. m., an *i nil sat >Minlm?al of Furniture, n?? 1 Piano Fo'tc, woo1 aad Cover, Msrb top aiMi other . aM?s, Mahogany Sofa. Chars Whatoot, >*rsssing and other Bureaus, Mtirvrs. C <tta<e and other Bediieadc. Ca e Rsak Chair*. Featner Pii'oos, and Bolsters, pair aod 8hu"? Mattresses, lario . Chaipb^r. and Stair Ca jets, aad Red a, Oi oioih Toilet SaU, ccoking ana otn^r ,-tov??( Lhiua. tiUss and Crookery Ware, * itj a arte Uk of K t<b<-i h esui?itee, aad ssaar o< her arti? an a htoA we deea uaMSMTT to eiaear t* Temna h in specie. n 6 Q P.EN a WILLIAMS, Aaeta By J. 0. Mml fftfc k Co . AaeOoaeer*. pONTENIS OF A CONFICTIONRR* \/ Stosi at awiio*.-Oa WON DAY MORNING, Nov. It,a mtaaaotr g at Mo oiock. we sSm| se.l.att .eo. Lteotiowery it. reef J Aid*, soatt si a Pa a* ?to' betwe?a 1 th an? lSta sta., his oafir s'- i*Lx ur. s.? ??'rtmg, 'p part of? Candisa, Cakse. hssu?il Frait*. Nats, As . Tt^rtasM; With more Fiitaraa, smhraaiig Sfctto* o?d J.C. M.^URP 4 CO^ Aaett

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