Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ICTTm 8t^? publishes the List of L?ttm ir-mainlnK ? Washington CltV Port 0?ce mxlft the provisions of t^C law directing them to be printed la th% newspaper baring the largest circulation within the delivery of the oflce. I to total daily etrcalation la more than doable that of any other Daily printed la the Dtetrlct of Colombia^ Tbi Baaaar Cast bbfobi the Obphans' Coaat, Jvtwt Pticm ? At the meeting of the oeart renter day Mr Blount appeared aa additional oonnael for the petitioner. fudge Purcellsald he had received a letter from Mra Rothwell, In which th*t ledy atatea that *he aometime aince relinquished all her rights at the aesrest relative of Mr* Barney, deceaaed, in favor of Lieut Barney.httt the now renounces that act. f*be names Mrs Dixon (wife of the Collector) in (he same connection. (Mra Rothwell is the step aunt and Mrs. Dixon the cousin of the deceaaed Mra Barney, and Mr. De Kratft is the nearest male relative In this ^"tae petitions of Mr. De Krafft In this case?the trst offered.fid October, isflu. and the second 7th September, 1961?and Lieut Bsrnev's response to eald petitions?the first tiled November 1st, I860, and the second Septeeaher 11th, 1961?were read by coonael Mr Fendalt lab's opening address said that It was now mere than a vear since Mr De Krafft applied to tb? court to have a gnaidian appointed for the children of Mra. Barnev, deeming the father (Lieut Barney) an Improper person to have the custody of them The case had been fraught with incidents disagreeable to some of those con n?cted with it. He said Mr De Krifftdoes not ask the guardianship of the chlidrea for himself?be only asks that a proper peraon he appointed by the Court Mr Fendall then toek up the Iowa decree of divorce, and said that Mrs. Barney, in her petition to the court which granted that divorce, prayed the court to Interfere for her children! The court granted her prayer, and by that decree gave h*r the custody of the children and took them from Mr. Barney by reaaon of his acta. It did not depend on her death?the children were taken from his direction and control. Mr. F. admitted that subsequent chsnges may be made by the court when circumstances make It expedient, but until such changes are made Mr. Barney stands on the same footing as sny stranger. His rights as a natural guardian have been taken away. In regard to what had been aald of no notice of tbe suit for divorce In Iowa having been served on Mr. Barney, Mr. Pend^.ll argued that by the law of Iowa personal notice is not alwaya necessary. Stotices may be personal or conatructive? by publication or sending a notice to the party's last place of residence?and there is no proof here that Mr Barney was net notified. The courtthere hss said be did have notice, and has said Mrs. Barney did reside there a proper time, by granting the dlvorc-. That divorce was binding In other Ptates. as by ths Constitution the laws of one Btate have full force and credH in the several States If the decree of a court is to be called In question, there would be no end to litigation. > ou have no right to go behind the record, or to inquire if things were done properly, or the provisions of the law complied with. Mr. Fendall then spoke of the appeal pending in Iowa, and said the law required an appeal to be taken arithin one year, and notice given to the party or their attorney. No such notice had been given in this case, by publication or otherwise. He then argued that the Court of Chancery has the right to set aside a natural guardian,when the conduct of such guardiaa renders such a course necessary The Court desired counsel to read from the laws of Maryland, as to whether jurl*d ctlon is given to the Orphans' Court or the Court of Chancery in cases like the present. Mr. Davldgesaid he did not think there had ever been a case In Maryland like this attempt to set aside a parent. The Coiift haa no discretion as to the absolute legal right of a parent to be the guardian of hla children?the law confirms the decree of nature The Court said the parent might be an Improper person. Mr Davldge said he would conterd, at the proper time, that no court except a Court of Chancere haa a right to Interfere between father and children. Mr. Fendall said this Court bad juriadlction, as the case so far as Mr. Barney was concerned wa? adjudicated and determined (by the Iowa court). The Court of Chancery can bar the parent from the custody of his chlidrea, if bis conduct Is hurtful to their morals or prejudicial to their interests The laws of Maryland give this (the Orphans') Court power to appoint guardians. Mr. Fendall then proceeded to review the evidence?taking up, first, Mr. Linton's, who knew Mr. Barney from the time of hla marriage: then Mr. Bradley's, and then Chasey's.'Dr E Tucker Biake only knew Mr. Barney three months in Parte, and at that time be wn on his good behavior, trying to get restored to the Navy. Mr. Davldge aald Dr. Vlske'a acquaintance with Mr Barney waa the year before the action of the retiring board Mr Fendall said that the witnesses who testified to the temperate habits of the contestant were mere casual acquaintances Dr Johnson says we all know what his habits were previous to bis deCrture for Psrls, but In the last 18 months they ve changed; and yet Mr. Winder would not even sm$ptet him of being Intemperate While this suit Is pending before your honor for a year or more past, he reforms his habita to get the custody of these children. It has been proved here J that he acta in an Immoral, outrageoua and brutal manner towards them when he ia Intoxicated. Imputation" were thrown on Mr. Linton and Mr. Bradley that, knowing these things, they'did not appeal to the law; but when Mr De Krafft, with all these facts before him, Interferes for the children, it is stigmatised, both in court and out of court, as the officious interference of strangers He then passed to the evidence of Alexandrine, I and said It was 50 years since Prince Bonaparte (Jerome) waa here, and since that time Mrs. Barney acknowledge* *he haa spoken but little French?may sue not have misunderstood Alexandrine, who does not go there voluntarily ; they send for her, to try to find out about tMs Immoral A conduct which she testifies to here, directly snd Pointedly, saying she did see It. An act so base, he (Mr. F ) hardly knew how to find worda to | stigmatise It He didn't know how any human being could descend so low. If parents were false to their position and false to their daty, the custody of their children should be taVen from them Mr Ramsay testifies that Mr. Laruey was Intoxicated since his return from Paris: and yet Mr Winder seems to consider It perfectly outrageous to suggest such a thing. All the witnesses except Mr B's Immediate family testify to his habits of Intoxication, and Dr Jonnson said his appearance before he went to Paris showed his hsblte of dissipation The counsel la this case say to Chasey, when he Is examined here at the Instance of the Court about the chastisement, f he does not volunteer to testify;) the counsel tell nlm he his not learnt hla part well, and say they want nothing more of him. There w<ts not one person who hss tiken any Interest In the ca?e, In opposition to the positions taken by the other side, who hsa not been attacked and vllllfied In the court or outside of it. Mr Davldge asked who villifled him (Mr F ) Mr Fendall aald It had been done, it was not necessary to say by who. It waa not by the gentleman He theu said he understood that Eddy was to have been examined by the other side If | there waa any witness who could eligbten the court as to his father's conduct it was ibis boy. Why did they not examine him? Mr Davldge asked why the other side did not examlnd him Mr Feadall said It was because be w? under the Infiuence of the contestant. It was in evidence here that Mr Barney left Paris and did not take the children with hlak{ he leaves them there at boarding school, aad don't go near them; keeps away; but whea whoever gets the children gets the contra! of the property, he takes a new and deep Interest la them. This too after leaving them there a year and objecting to money being seat for their support. Mr Feadall then briefly reviewed the evldeace of Mr. Magnire aad Mr. Barney's mother aad slaters He tfcea went on to sey, that when evidence L was offered, at the beginning of the case, ef Mr. Barney's bad eaaduct towards bis wife, It waa rated oat; aad sow. after the evidence bad been cloeed, the contestant, for some reasons, came here ' offering to explain his bad coodnet in Paris by defaming hla dead wife, and bringing In matters whleh ware ruled out at hla own instance The perpetuating this slander?far it la a slander on the dead lady?was enough to stamp any man. Doesn't that show the character of tbe man?this attempt to blaal her reputation * The petitioner at the beginning of the case offered to stamp it as a slander?aa It deserved to be stamped?snd they now endeavor to get it before tbe public, by offering it here, knowing that matters relating to Mrs B. had been ruled out. The whole coarse of this respondent was most remarkable, in defaming his wife?the mother of his children -when instead of disseminating a slander, bis duty wss to bueb it Bf; nod he ought to have been the last man la the world to give it publicity. The petttloaer was reedy to stamp It ss a slander, and to prove that Mr Barney himself confessed that the charges agalast Mra Baraey were false, and he knew them to be false After the conclusion of Mr. Fend all's remarks the eoart adjourned ualll Saturday, at 10 o'clock. The Barney ca-e will not come up again until i Monday, however, as Mr. Davldge has a rase before the Circuit Court to-day^nd on Bsturday the , ! usual baalnes* of the court will be proceeded , ^ Wit a Al t ?l>ur fellow citlsens. tbe Meaars Toll- i neau. are manufacturing aa article of bottled ale > eqnal to aay imported from Brottaad They sell i It, too, at little atore toaa half the price of Sroteh ale* For winter no? In tents or private families, l< hmo irpssacd Colo -We had the heavleot front of the seaeoo te* Bight, aad loo formed la exposed situations | A DtriL TcbssCooi To *ck*t rile ustt map w>? *?i frstem'The Alexandria Sentinel office Hss b??n transmogrified Into an eating honw ' It Will be recollected that when the Federal troops walked Into one end of Alexandria on tbs231 day of May last, the " Sentinel" mad ran out at the other end. and made the best time reeordwl In ancient or modern history; fhr which due credit was giVen him in the Slit at the time. Tne printer's devil of the establishment, who was black as a devil ought to be, was left behind, and his occupation being gone, be has bivg a shingle at ne corner of the Sentinel office inscribed "eating house," and In the smctiim, where the editor used to fulminate his thunder to fright Intruders from the sacred soil, his devil?a grinning darkey?now dispenses " vlttlea" to live Ysnkees at so much per head_ Focbth Wabd Police.?The met'opolltan police in the Fourth Ward have been efficiently active during the month of October. Tbe arrests made number 660. Turned over to the military authorities, 190 prisoners. Total amount of flnest s?)7 40; of which 9444 51 was returned In cash, and $392 96 was superseded. a Gbiat Capital Fiest Class unappeoachable bill at Odd Fellows' Hall to-night; and long may the Campbells continue to wave there! India Rubbes Blankets. Note it four Tim* to Buy. 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Misa Virginia, and Mad'lle I i I Elisa. Also.the following Stara: |i MR. JAMES MELVILLE, MAD'LLE ELOISK. the Child kidfr, I " MADAME MA RTF., J The Intrepid H. W. PENNEY, ' W. KlNCADE. the Km per or of Somersstting, I ' DAN GARDINER, the Clown. ' Doora o?en at 7 o'clock Performances will oom- I' I menoe at a quarter ot 8 o'clock. I . Wednesdays and Saturdays doora open at 1; p?r- I . tortnaro"? at 2 o'clock Admiaa'.onto Dries Circle ,, An I j Sooial Boxes.. _ 25oenta. Orchester <" hairs 75 cents I , I - Colored Apartments...25oscts. I > I DO lw I j /\DD FELLOWS' HALL! < I _ Sbvinth, Abovx D St. I . Continued Success of I , This Favorite Troupe |> TWELFTH WEEK of the I ' CAMPBELL MINSTRELS. f 1 * STAR I PERFORMERS. Immense Sucoeas of 11 I , FRANK SWANN, I The Great Basso, from the Cooper op?ra Troupe. I New Soigs A!?b Aftkrfibcb* ! L. ? <#por'$tFiiHA-would-be a 8on F. Wyand I I Admission 25 oenta. Oo 26 | J WANTS, " J ANTED? A BOY for the paint shop at I 7* ROB'T H. 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B-." 320 Pa avenue. no 5 I Uf ANTKD?A GIRI.of about 12 rears of age, I * (orphan preferred,) to acoompany a farnilr to I ? California. Apply to A. JTf. PHELAN, No. ! 4<*T st no?-lw* I ^ W\'!VZDrTw? or.thr<j? KO'XI COAT MA- f ? ,r P^JJS, for which I Will pay the oity prices I d B VAND'iME. M?rch?nt Tailor, No. 45? Sev- I ? enth at, between F and G sta., oppoa te Patent I ^ Office no 1 lw* I R rw^o SHTLERS.-An energe'ic merchant, with j t< V. tficient capita!, desires to pnrchase the stock I s and business of a Regimental Sntlpr. A<1dreea n Bu?ine?a. a? the office of this paper. oo31-lm I ti WANTED?lO.rwjb i old HORSE SHOES and ? 8- RAP IR??N in small or large quantities, I m for whiou one oent per pound will be paid. <?? ? JOHN B. Ei.VANS, oo29~2w (Republican 1 309 Pa. avenue. I , WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the I C I Washington Brewery having oommenoed I [ brewing for the winter season, they can get Fresh I Grains every day at 4 o'clock, at 10 cents per bush- I ? el. Call, one and all. C. COLINEAU, |C oo 10- im* Cor K and Twenty-seventh sts. \U ANTEi-TJILOAS. TAILORS -80 Tailors ( v v competent to work on military goods. Apply I G. Wall. Stephens A Co/s. se25 I F fiUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE- , >> PHENS A CO.'S. 3'2'2 Pa avenue. se 18 E WANTED.?We are now buying SECOND*- I HAND FURNITURE,STOVESand BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest | ? oash prices. Families declining housekeeping, or I f having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their I advantage to give us a ?all. . BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, M je 13-tf No. 369 7th st.. betw. 1 anc K sts. j Wanted, for the cash-ah kinds ot second-hand furniture and HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leav- I ing the oity or having a surplus will ao well to oall I immediately. R. BUCHI-Y, C Je 3 49* Seventh, between G and H sta. j BOARDING, BOARDING.?A g?ntl?man and wife, or a gen P tleman and his wife of the Army or Navy, or a member of Congress and family, can he acoommo- ~ [ dated in a private family, within 20 minutes' walk I of the city. A oonveyanoe furnished free of charge. I Board upon moderate terms, but they must he permanent for the winter. Add ess "J. G. B.," Air, Moore's Drug Store, West End Pa av. no 8-3t? S.??J>EZICE*S SOLDIERS. IGHT DR A TS sold on all parts of the United I ( I Slates, in sums to suit offioers and soldiers. Also, Drafts on London, Ireland, Sootland, 1 ales, and g Germany. Uncurrent mon*y bought at best rates. SWEBNV, RITTENHOUSE. FA NT ft Co! oo 12-1 m Bankers. Pa. av.. near Brown's. ( CJOLDIERS. ? O ^ ^ t SOMETHING FOR YOU! ?

Pocket Combs. in oents. Do. Looking Glasses ? 15 Union Envelopes, per hundred . .30 M Plain do. do. 85 " Amhrotypes of Scott, MpCl?llan,fto., each 15 " Sent by mail to any ad ress. A ALFRED 8. ROBINSON, 5-5w* Ijsher, Hartford,Conn. I^ISSOLUTION OF , _ COPARTNERSHIP. J The firm of John B. Ward ft Bro was thia day I I diaaolved by mutual cona*nt, U. B. Ward with- I drawing from the firm. The tmamess will be o >n- r tinned by J. B Ward, who is authorised to settle I the ad airs of the late firm. It is earnestly requested that all perssons in any I wa- indebted to ihe firm will make payment! speedily, and save the neoesstty of a resort to suit I as its affairs must be olosed. Ir JOHN B. WARD, w .. _ ^ . ULYSSES B. WARD. 1 Washington, Nov. 1st., 1861. no 6-3 * | i Ejob printing. t VERY Desoriptiofi of JOB PRINTING re- i quired br any body?oitiseas, oivtl functionaries, arm* and navy offioers, sutlers, fte.?executed at the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at low I rates for Cash. noi-tf PRODUCE. FRUI f, SEGARS. fcc 180 bbls. Onins. In prime order. 1/V0boshels Jaokson white Potatoes, I 30 tabs bo hen Butter, I I B0 hexes Cheese, I i 10 boxes French Lemons, 9UMW Segars. I : WM. H. HAMILTON ft CO, I! BO 4 1W 479 N nth St.. b?l.>w k. J THOMPSON'S MEDICINES, ' I co'DI"" . S. (J/FORD, Dtuggist, 1 ao 1-1? Corner Eleventh st and Pm avenue, I | en hogsheads 11 OU BACON BHOULDER4. Jast reeeived aad for sale by li .?JOPN eiLYLK* co, I H0 4 1W llUfO UmiMM av^sas. 4 IjOST AND FOUND. LOST?An iron grey HORSE, 11 yeara oW. The finder will reoeive a reward of five dol ev a'a on returning him to J No. H. JONES'jL? Hiiis H"iH,f?otof 11th st ,li!and, ^ ^ TO ?-8t? CMC TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S STA BLS, on the 6th instant, a large bet HUK^E, gV vith sore on the off f,.re foot. The owner In" an !i*?e him by Ailing at W. H Hunt A ^v/ v o corner E and Tenth eta. ft-d f'*?ir?eru5rr<, ro I S H OSTilRLOt'T r OS t'?On th? Sth ins?S;it. ei'her in Fra-klin I J are or notwoen that ami Fourth st.. CON UD rHOMA'S DISCHAROEJrom the U. 8. Krmv. Tiie finder will be suitably rewarded on eturnmg it to the ftdvertiaer. at 62fl K strAef, h? ween 4th and 5th, cr to A. Kaiser, lit Sergeant ot Company G, 3d U. S. Infantry, Franklin * quare r.o 8-2t* rfcNE I'KNT RF.W RI) -Kan awa? from sobLJ scriber, an apprentice boy, JOHN SMITH. Ill person* are cautioned against kirboring h>m. no7 3t* J. KLHN PAMK TO MY RESIDENCE. on High itre-t, Lv Neorfetow 1) C.? a sn-a(| RMlf.JU W SOW And CALf". wi'h ear mark*,on orK ibiut the first of November. The ownerH^Tl ? requested to oome forward, prove roper y. pay charges, and take them away. n> 7 31* 8 D LINN. REWARD.?Strayed away, on the 2d mat., f'ommj premisei, a medium tii'djagtaM ed COW, with fnil horna, hind flanks ipotted white, and large navel. The above JUbh eward will be paid for her return. JOHN MORlARTY, oo 3d atno 7 3t* between Maryland av. and C st RKWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 4th ?? ? innt., a spot'el (fearly white) f'-- mrflM 1am CoW. about 9 years old. verv fat.Wuf* nth short horns, turned inward, and largeJ^MAfeM >ag with short hind teata. The above reward will je paid for her return to me, O' $5 for information >f her whereabouts. UAVID ROACH. no 7 3t* L ?t north bet 1st and 3d sta. weet Jj?C RE WARD.?Stolen from the Stable of pO PATRICK DONNELLY, 451 Pennsylvania ftver.ue. Waahinston, D. '' , H ?Tf* b Bay HOKSE,thi#eyeAr?o!d, wrh white^CZ^. *g* and whim ftce?the letter "B" marked on hia ight front foot. The above reward will b3 given or the return of said Horse, or lor conviction of he theif. no 6 3t* FOR SALE AND KENT. DOR RENT?Two large 5Tt'*KH"OM?, and I other small Rooms suitable for storage. Aieoj } good Ce ar, ucder the Assembly Rooms, suitable or a restaurant. Apply at the Phoenix Camege md Wagon Works, corner 6th and C sts. no8 3t* DOR RKNT-A STORE ROOM, or part of a I Store Room, on one of the principal avenues, ui table for the sal* of produce or sutlers' suppler. ^pply at the St\r Office. no 6 3t* Ej'OR ?ENT-A four story FURNISHED F HOUSE, No. '24, situated on Louisiana *v., >etween *h and 6th ate., near the City Hail. Inluireon the premise*. no6-lw FOR RENT?Two very large, pleasant FURNISHED ROOMS with gas, to clubs of two ir four gentlemen, with attendance and use of paror, piano ar.d lib>ary, in a genteel private family? nquire soon at this office no 6-3t* FURNISHED ROOMS-Well furnished Rooms for rent br day, week or month, in houses Noa. 175 and 477 Thirteenth at., three doors from Ha. avenue an<l midway between Willards' and Kirkroods' Hotel*. ?o 1 2w* PARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for Citv Property, situated in Sommervill- oountv. N. lersey, containing *2 acres in a high s'ate of culivation, good dwol'ing house, with all necessary >ut buildings, good water power, fine orchard, and *e!l-fepoed,2X miles from Central Railroad. (6 laily trains,) 3 miles from Plainfield, and 20 miles rom Jersey C ty. For further particulars inquire >f G W. B R A V, Jeweler. 516 Seventh st , op. iosit? Intel igenoer Offi-e, oc 25 lm* Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Furniahed Rooms, supplied ritn gas and water, and convenient to the Patent md Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 110k Massachusetts avenue, noith aide, between Ith and 5th sta. ma23 GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS f-g?THE LADIES OF TRINITY (Catholia) L5 Church, Georgetown, are now holding a 'AIR, for the benefit of the Church, at the 8"h"Ol louae oorner of First and Fayette sts. Admitance 10 cents ; children half-pric? no 3-eoat' GO TO THE LADIES' FAIR, at trinity LJ< School House, corner Fir t and Fayette sta., Georgetown, and see the Phenakistioope on exhitition there. no >-eo3t* VIASSKV COLL'NS A CO.'S 1 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALF. We have just received a supply oi the above Are, rhicb we recommend to be or a very superior quaity. Persons vi*hing to purchase, by making lmnediate appiiaation, can be furnished. ARNY A SHINN, no 7 Georgetown. IU8T RECEIVED? r 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS 1*1 bbls.Oid Rye WHISK V, ?o bbla. HERRING and ALEWIVES, W bills. Crusned and Refined SUGARS. *0 bag<j Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low-prioed) MOLASSE8. Forsalehy JOHN J. BOGUE. ae 1* F NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. HE ADAMS EXPRK-8 COMPANY will aake remittances for so.diers to their families, at lioes reached itv iheir Kxpress, at aoharge of 25 ents for any sum rot exoet-ding fif y dollars. The money, whether gold or Treasury notes, hould b* enclosed in an envelope, and securely eated. with the full address ( ncluding town, post ffice and State.) of the person to whom to be sent, nd the amount lecibl? marked thereon. To insure proirpt delivery, the S5 cents oharge hould be prepaid. When facilities for enveloping and sealing the loney in separate parce s are not at hand in amps, the soveral sums to be remitted, that may e collected by Chaplin* of Regiment*, or other ersons volunteering to do thu service for the sol iers de*innc to send home their pay, will be reeived in bulk at any of the principal offices of the lompany. The?e sums.accompanied with the full address, s above required, of tho persona for whom insrided, will he remitted to th" respective cotignees, at any plaoe in tne loyal States, at the same Me of charg , th. reby saving to the sender the rouble of putting in separate packages Suitable hlankx for th* above purpose have been repared, and will be furnished, wita explanationa, t any of the offices of t^e Company. ADAMS KXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Ooi. SO, 1861. ocdo-im >QQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, OuQ No. 2P9 Hmmstlvanu Avisci, ?o*7 Between Ninth and Tenth its., south side, OTVKK FOR SA.LX: 1HAMPAGNES?G. H Mumm, Piper Heidsick, Moet A Chandon. Bullinger A Co , Cartier A Co , Ac. 3 LA RETS??t. Juhen, St. Estephe, Cantenao, Ao , b? the casK or di ??n. IOCK WINES?Deide?neimer, Johannesberger, Liebfrauenmi'oh, Rudesheimer, Ao. ? (RANDY. Whisky, Gin. Port, Sherry, Madeira, in wood or glass. .ONDON PORTER, Brown Stout. Edinburgh and Yorkshire Ales, of the beat brands, in bottles or atone jugs. IIGAR8?Havana and Domeatio, of the ohoioeat brands. Ve call the speoial attention of Sutlers, Restau rants and Families to our large and well-seUoLui ITOCK OF FINE GROCERIES, FresltjBeat. Poultry, Fish, Soaps, Vegetables and Frffte id hermetically sealed cana. 'RESERVES, Jellies, Ao .Almonds, Nuts, Raiaina ard Figs. CHEESE, (Eastern and Western Cutting); Ham, best Gosh?n Butter, the be?t Champagne <'ider. VORCEST K K SHI K E and Oyster Sauoe. Pickl-a of every desorifition, Pepper Sauoe and Tomato Catsup, br the gal on or dosen. All of which we offer at the lowest possible rioes and on re&aonable terms no2 JOHNSON A NAGLE. Al. I. FRANKLIN, )PTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT ASD MILITARY STAFFS. >44 Penn'aav.,<noith side,) bet. mh and 13th sts. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook Crystal or Perisoopio Lenses, mounted in gold, liver or steel, and suited witn utmost oare for ivory age ana eyesight. FIRST ri "1 CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, (ioroaoopes. Compasses, and Mathematical In strumenta, at the lowest Eastern pnoea. 00 2d-tr A KM V BLUE I'LOI HS. CA* IM ERS, AND V BEAVER CLOTH8, medium and beat ;ra<les,at ow prioes. Withal kinds of Clo'hs, Vestings,and Caaai tiers, for citizens' appar* 1 The whole at our proverbially low ricaa. PERRY A BROTHER, Penn. ave.. and 9th street, no 2 5td "Perry Building." VO SUTLERS' and RESTAURANT KEKP1 ERS.?We offer a ch< ice 1 >t of low prioed rahle Damasks, of select qualities, in vidths idaated to their wa ta. Al*o, all other kinds ot Dry Goods, adapted to he wants of peraoua in moderate oiroumatanoes, rhoae trade we solioit. One prioe only, marked in plain fit urea. PFRRY A B.rOTHER, Penn. av*. .and 9th * reet. no ?-5tl -P rry Baildirg." rAlLORING ESTABLISHMENT -Tailoring m all its bra ehe?. by JOHN r, JUCHEN <EKG, No. 398, corner Thir t>e >in and H sts. 6eutiemen's and Boy*' la 3 othes out to order Having made arrange- WW nenta with ft skillful Steam Sooarer, | am*^ irepa-ed to exeeute all orders in this line, aa well vt Mending, in the moat satisfactory manner. oo U1we ^FE TO IT-Gent's Fine DRESS BOOTS at ^ ?3 75 and daily expectant mora to ar-^^ l ve i have a large a (oak olMea'a Heavy HI i*o u, cheap. U pncee axoaerimgly bMlfW O r>f ;?at Boya'and ?oa W BooU Ud' Bb $hoea, at very low priors. Thoee wko will give ne a call wil not rrgfag itZW"" UUad. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS The War la Mlasearl thiaKt in ?oop spirit*?no raosrirT or a liTTLI at riniRT St Lottis, Not 7.?A letter from an officer at high rank In Springfield, dated on the 6th, rn affair* there are quiet; that the arm? it In r< od - spirits, and that no enemy Is nee r. General Ranter b*d no expectation of a battle at prevent .4 dispatch from Fremont, dated (gainer. Not #th, ssy* be will be In St T/ouls on Friday, accompanied by four hundred men. Kaxmi CtTT, Not 7.?A party of IW Federalists baTe been made prisoners at Little Sinta I te. Mo., by fire hundred rebels Pr?jkofi*Lt>, Mo , Not 5.?Gen. Hunter Resumed coinmand of the army yesterday, and lasued an order stating that Gen Fremont had relinquished the command of the department which had been assumed by him, and directing the otficera commanding divisions and brigade* to report to headquarters Immediately. Siathera Items LorisriLLi, Nov 7 ? Late Southern paper* say that the steamer Theodora bad arrived at Savannah With a valuable cargo of coffee, ammunition, saltpetre, anlphur and amall arms The Theodora Drought aspassenger* Mr Meade, ei-mlolster to Brazil, Capt S J Short, of the British naTy, who had tendered his servlcea to the rebel government Col Tilgbman baa been appointed by the rebela Brigadier General, and supercedes Gen Alam In command at Hopklnsvllle Ex-Senator Benjamin haa been formally appointed Secretary of War. The vote for President and Vice-President of the rebel States, on the 6th lnat., It was expected, would be amall It was thought that I)avia and Stephens would encounter little opposition General Hardee has been promoted to a Major Genertlshlp. He and (General Johnaon were at Bowling Green on the 4th Inst Zolllcoffer has fallen back to Cumberland Gap, and aent to Knoxvllle for reinforcements t eanterfeit Natea. Philadelphia, Nov. 7.?Fairly executed counterfeits on the "Farmers and Mechanics' Bank'' of Philadelphia, in the way of note* were detected to-day Thia is the moat dangerous counterfeit issued for some time, and la believed to be in extensive circulation throughout the country Partiea have been arretted here while attempting to pasp them. The only difference of the counterfeit from the genuine is'that tbe letters In the name of the bank a>e less regular, and the Sgurea on the side are shaded too deeply, the vignette la perfect. " * Effect *f the sutn en tbe hakes . BtrpALo. Nov 4?During the heavy ndrtbeaat gale of Friday the following vessels are reported ashore up to four o'clock P. M , tbla day: ? Schooners Mall, aahore at Hamilton. Lake Ontario; R Campbell, aabore at Hamilton, Lake Ontario J Lively, Fontetape, reported sunk ; J. W. Sargent, on Cleveland pier, loaded with coal and full of water) Oriole, aahore near Point au Pelle, Lake Erie; North Star, ashore near Point au Pelle; White Squall, o.' Detroit, ashore on Point au Pelle. The Latest frsm Gen Rsietraai. Cincinnati, Nov. 7.?The ComnWeial has advicia from General Roaecrans' army up tp Tuesday mo nlng Nothing definite badoccured Gen Benham's brigade was below, and supposed to have crossed the river on the previous nigbt on a steamboat used there for transportation. Tbe rebels had possession of Cotton Hill, opposite Gauley River, which is 8 higher elevation than that of the position of th? Federal troops Ibe Naval Expeditlea. New York, Nov 7?The Post says that a gentleman of this city has received a private letter from Fortress Monroe, of tbe 5th, saying, -we have just received a second dispatcn from the great expedition. The 'Great Republic' has grounded, and lest tome hors?>* Everything else is right. They were off Bull's Bay." Thia statement is doubtful Expedition Against tbe Rebels at Cslsmbss, Ky.?An Engagement la Pregreaa. Cairo, Nov. 7 ?The expedition which left here last evening, destination supposed to be Columbus, la having a warm time down the river. Heavy cannonading bnj been heard here for tbe last four hours and we are expecting soon to hear of tbe capture of Columbus Wtscensia State Electlaa. Milwaohi, Nov. 6 ?The State elecrion yesterday was very quiet This city and county gives three thousand five hundred democratic majority The returns from the State so far indicate the election of Harvey, republican, for Governor, and the whole republican ticket by a large maGen Waal's < eateiuplated R esignatlsn. Nkw York, Nov 7?Governor Morgan and Senator Harris have aent a dispatch to Gen. Wool, asking blm to delay his contemplated resignation and continue in hla present position. Prairie Fire Lkavrnworth, Nov. 7 ?A devastating prairie fire is sweeping over parts of Bavl* and Dickenson counties, and some loss of life Is reported. Tbe Massachmetts Election Boston, Nov 0 ?The republican State ticket has 32,000 majority. Both branches of the Legislature are largely republican. YV goods. * * E Ha?e reoeivej and are now offering for aaie a large and wo'l assorted stoek of Forrisn and Domkstic Drt Goods, to which we wou.d respectful); ca i attention of purchasers generally, fee in* confident tnst ne oan sell them at as ow prices as oan be had in this or < ither of the Eastern or Northern Market^. DLVK1ES STEPHENS A CO , Wholesale l)ry Goods D alera. No 312 Baltimore st, bet Howard and oc 29 Vw Liberty st., (Mar^i*- Front ) WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM our former patrons, and citixens geneia'ly, that we rave row re e v- d our full suppy of FALL ?td WINTER Gi'OD^. and are prepared to furnish them at an early notice and iu the best and most approved styles. HINtONATEEL, oo*6 I in Merohant Tailors. No. 4ftft Pa av. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg & Hand. No. 316 Broadway. Nkw York These unrivalled substitutes for lost limbs, which have stood the test of over 37 years experience, and have n-ver been surpassed, can be had onlv of WM. SE WHO, Patentee, 516 Broadway, New York. oo 12 1m Horse, buggy and harness for SALE Apply to WALL A BAR rv NaRD, Auction and Commissi) n chants, oor. Ninth st. and south side Pa^^^-1 avenue. op a PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER! 100 kecs Prime Goshen Butter just received and for sale by WALL 4 BARNARD. Auctioneers and Commissi <n Merchants, no 5 Cor. south side Pa av. and 9th st. U COUGH-COUGH?COUGHT" SE MOORE S -?JUlLL DROPS. They will cure Coughs, Hronchitir, Croup, Ao. Children cry after them and eat them as they do candv. Only tr* them, and you will be oonviuced of their efto* cy. Price 25 ai.d & ' oents per box. At MOORE'S Weit End Great Medicine Depot, 113 Pa. av. no5-2v inn hams. lUU TIERCES 8. C. HAM A, Evans. Gains A Co , best brands, just received and for sale by JOHN G LYLE A CO , no4-lw [Rep.] No- 33 Louisiana av. JU8T ARRlVEP.di eot from an Eastern Auo tion House, 50 bales cheap CAK PE'f. Also,200 BKDSTEA DS, which were bought low for cash and will be sold at a small advance. Together with a large assortment of Houseteeping Artioies. Re BUCH L I f F urniture Dealer. 4Seventh st., oo 22-1 m* between ft and H ?ta. ORANGE COUNTV CONDENSED MILK.? It is highly recommended by Physioians, Snip Masters and Travelers. Insures a sweet, pare article for any length of time Never beoomes cheesy, and guarantied o keep in any o.imate, \n~ For aale at facto y prioea. KING A BURCHELL, oe 22 Corner 15?h st. and Vermont av. Medicine for tbe Army. FriYB'B VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EYERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HATE A BOTT. E ON HAND. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rkeumatiam, Neuralgia, Bruisea, Soree, banuns, Ringworms, Canker, Painters' Coiio, Dysentery, Liver Complaint. Pile*. Dyspepsia. Chilblains, Kidney Cumplainia,* Teeiha he, Headact.ea, Colds, Coagka, Braiaea, Fever and Ague, Cholera, Ac. The PAIN CURER U entirely vegetable fa iU composition, and may be aaad at all Uieee with perfect safety. Fail directions aooompany aaoh bottle. Manufactured by JOSEPH 8- FRYE, Sal km. Mass. For aale by all priaaipal Draggista. ao4-lw* Tto officers. HE CAMPAIGN -A Campaicaiag Wagoaoa the Prussian priaoipls, arranged for sleeping or U act as an Amhalanoe ia eaae of>dBl roxness or wounda. with ample room for ^ stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and peras coat prioe. u&tte SttBU8?iKA *Z'.\ Lane, behind the Chain Hoaee^ betweea 1 and H street? > > C?p1V?&fil!NS%.,J?WIS?S,or fVtm SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLtKI r. M. OUR MILITARY BUDQBT LATXST AVI) IMPOIt*?T MO* ??W? T?? ?! *?. A* lb* HCOld (dltlol Of lfc? JW to-day, w* bin Information INi tht ** " tomac tkat bu Just resc bed here by tk* newly constructed telegraph liar, thattb?snemy^retrograde movement of yenterdsv nftemeon vat continued all last night and this forenoon, They *re dently withdrawing the great bulk of Ifcelr considerable army at Aqnla Creek and -round tkrlf line of batteries to acme at peeoebt (t? us) uaknswu point or points. Contrabands ani others from among them rtts that the removing trocpa are destined for am* where acu'b of Virginia. If the news from the great expedition, which they are endeavoring to ha?b np or coneenl, bed. been favorable to them, we quoAon much whether this retrogade movement of their forces on the lower Potomac would have take* ptaoe _ TH* H*W? FftOM TH* ORBAT IXPIDIfttf. If the news from the greet Union expedition had been good for them, the rebel authorities at Norfolk wsuld have taken palna to hlaton 1% throughout the United State* by those who came last evening to Old Point with the flsg at troee. Oa the contrary, It was of auch n character so that they seek to conceal the Informtlon from na. TH* LOST T*A*SrO*TS. We hear at the War Department that the Union and the (other) transport, with store*, loat oat of the grand expedition by wrecking upon the o?as? ot North Carolina, were small and comparatively unimportant vessels The fact that there *#rs but 73 men en board both of them, how*v?rf proves that fact. A GtlHIl BALL I* TH* WASHISOTOW POOS-BOSS* Last evening, on due InvtUtlon. a large eoonpeny of the most fashionable people In the Federal Metropolis at ten d-d a grand entertainment given ill the Washington poor-bouee by the officers of Col. Emory's Sixth Cavalry, stationed near that point. The dancing did not mm until near daylight The attendance of general officers and officers of other corps of the army of the Potomic, end of beautiful ladles, was very Urge. Dr. W. H Ruisell, of the London Tims*, was one of the Hons present. TH* **vi*w. At ti a m to-dsy, General McCUsllan, accompanied bf his staff, his osusl escort of cavalry the Prince de Jolnvllle. and a few other civilians left his headquarters at a full gallop, to review the line division of (ienernl Buell, encamped a few miles beyond our city's boundaries A crowd of some hundreds of cltlxens collected upon the neighboring sidewalks to wltnrta the mounting and departure. MA.'OB OBBKBAL ***MO?t. It seems to be understood here that Major Geo Fremont, who at latest advices from him per telegraph, was on his way from Springfield to St. I jOuls. attended by an eecort four hundred strong, Including his body guard, will shortly leave that city for the Federal Metropolis. HO!* . L. X>. CAMPBBLL. We learn from a gentleman who has arrived here from Ohio, that the Hon. L. D Campbell, who formerly represented the Dayton dldrlcl. has raised a regiment for the war. THB COMMAND OF THB WESTEBH BBFABTMHHT. We have no idea that any other than General Hunter will command In the department of Mlaaouri, shortly. ieto> LATE LOCAL NEW8. Accidsht to a Tbambt**.?About eight o'clock laet night as s number of Government wagons were peWing along Pennsylvania Avenue, one of the teamstefs, Nelson Callahan, fell Mfl before he could be aided or extricate himself, the wheels of his own wagon and tboae of the wagon following passed over bis thighs, Injuring him painfully, though It wss thought by the Surgeons who went to his; relief that the bones were uninjured He was taken In charge by Patrolman Walling who cot a coach and carried him IrH to the E street Inflrmsry, where he could not be accommodated in the remaining wing, and from there to the guard house; but he could not be received there, and he wai conveyed totbe Wagon Camp, north of the city. Some places should be designated for the reception of such csae* Ahotus* Dkad Boby Fophd.?A dead body was fsund floating In the river oppoalte Port Washington on the 4th Inst.; one of the victims of Ball's Bluff, the ietrers R S. on his left arm, * testament, small round looking glsas and lock of hair, In his pocket; no appearance of any wound. His pants ware dark gr?-y with artillery stripe. He was burled at the fort. LA TEST NEWS BY TELBORA PH. News from the Great Expedition! TWO u. 8 TRANSPORS WRECKED UPON THE COAST OF NORTH CAROLINA !! THEIR CREWS ? SEVENTY-THREE IN I'M BE R?PRISONERS AT RALEIGH 1 PORT ROYAL BOMBARDED BY THB FLEET. THE REBELS RETURN THE FIRE. FOREWARNED OF THE DESTINATION OF THE FLEET. HATTERAS INLET NOT TO BE ABANDONED GENERAL WOOL NOT RESIGNED Fobt Moh*o*. Va , Nov 7.?The steeaner Spauldlng left for Hafteras Inlet last evealag with a cargo of commissary stores. It Is more than probuble thst some of the troops will return In her It Is understood at Old Point that Ratteras Inlet Is s place of too much imports nee to be abandoned. Should the Twentieth Indiana regl. merit return to Old Point, its place will be Immediately supplied by s larger force By a flag of truce just from Norfolk, we have news of the flee?, but provoklngly meager, aa the only person who came down was bound by parole to reveal no particular*. The steamer Union (loaded with n cargo e horses and stores) and snot her transport (whoes nsme Is not given) were loot during the gule? one st Kill Devil Shoal, the other on Rogue's Beach, on the coast of North Carolina The crew* of both vesaels, 73 In number, are now prisons** st Raleigh. N. C. It Is not known whether aay lives were loot. Only fifteen horses were saved The executive officer of the Minnesota states upon Information received by the tag officer that the fleet was bombarding Port Royal, and meeting with a warm reception, the rebels having for sometime been preparing for than The abovs reached Norfolk to-day by telegraph The reported resignation of Gen. Wool la new* nt Old Point. The U. 8 gun boat Montlcelle will leave fsr the blockade off Wilmington In the course of several daya. Gen. Phel pa states that the rebels are bolder and more numerous than ever neer New poet N ews TH* EneaflKMCNT AT ffiftXMOltT, MISSOURI Caibo, III , Nov 7.-Tbe expedition of Generals Grant and McClernard landed nt Raiment, Missouri, thres miles above Columbus, *? dgtt o'clock thla morning Their troops wees ttirty gve hundred la o'clockThe buttle oeottnoed till saa&evs. moots, nerass the river, with grant lav. Their waa burned, and their alien, with all tbeu prisoners, were taken. The Federal troops the* retired, tba asfcrl* having received reisRurnmaoti Colonel Dougherty, of HU?et*. wsS wounded and i?kn prisoner. Tba rebel lose Is not but that at U4 Fedora* Is ** throe Ui~kufl|rBd I s* " . * C i

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