Newspaper of Evening Star, November 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 8, 1861 Page 4
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PMM?? Ilia fir ? THE EVE.MNft STAR. DOMESTIC kCDA "liCUI! At th? Racd 'ph township Fair, was exhibitad a pas of premium orackers, far superior to anythiag or the kind aver won anywhere except at the Randolph Fair. Mr*. Gorby baa preeented u? with the rooipe from which them craeken are made, to b? published for the beaeflt of ho aa*> keeper# everywhere. Mrs Oorby baa surprised and delighted every one with crackers made from this recipe : Mrs. Qorby'i Z-tda Craek'.rt.?Take one quart of flour, one heaping tecspoonfull of er*?m of tirtar, and a piece of batter the site of * b*e's *?i rubbed in the flour, one even tea.apoonfuU of soda in half a pint of milk; roil then at hard as possible, whether it takee all the milk or not. Bake in a quick oven, set them around the atove and dry thoroughly.? Portage Co. Dem. TO ITIW A BREAST OF VEAL Cut it in pieoes, and put it into a pot with a bunch of awaet herbs, a srniil piece of baoon, a little maoe. and a lew black peppereorne. salt, and ene or two onioot, and as maoi< water aa will oover it; etew well over a slow fire ; boil aotae peas and leUuoe by themselves, and when the veal is staged enough, strain the liquor from it, and put it into a stewpan with part of tka liqao? the peas let*uoe and a piece of butter, and let them stew again ; thioken with the jw^ks of two or three eggs and a little flour. victoria penowo. Pound two oune*aof orange-peel with one of bittar almonds. Put it on the tiro in a.brass pan with an EngU?h pint of sneet milk; stir till It boils five minutes. Pour through a fine drainer, add half a pint of crcam, stir occasionally till ne&rlj cold. H ?ve a quarter of a pound of gToncd white wear boat up with six eggs. Mix all together. Butter and ornament a mould with rahins, pour in the pudding, steam two hours. Serve with a custard and sweetmeats round it. a.vow rcnniSG. Dissolve half of a email p >okago of gelatine In half a pint of water ; add a pound of ground white sugar, the juice of four lemons, and the white* of two eggs. Beat all up till very light and spongy, thou pour into a mould. When wanted, turn into a crystal dish, and serve with a custard round it male of the yolks of two egg*. SOUTH CABOLIXA JOHVNT CAKE. Half a pint of boiled rice or hominy, two eggs, one tablcspoonful of butter, a little salt, flour enough to mako a stiff batter , spread on an oaken board, and bake before a hot fire ; when nicely baked on one side, turn and bake be Atber , cut through the ceutre, and butter well. It pays for the trouble. FOR REMOVING MILDEW AND IRON-*CCLT>. When the clothes are washed and ready to boll, pin a few^ leaves of the common Jameetown weed on the moulded part, and boil as usual. If the artiole is badly mildewed, throw handful of leaves in the bottom of the kettle; lay the soiled part next to them. When rinsed, they will be clear from defect. TAKERS' TXABT. Boil two ounces of bops one hour in nine quarts of w*ter; take seven pounds of mashed potatoes, when the liquor 2s milk-warm, and add one pound of ^ugar, two ounoes of carboaate of soda, hfc'.f an ounce of spirits of wine, one pound of flour; Rod half a pint of brewers' yeast to work it. SODA BISCCIT. One pound of flour, half a pound of sugar, quarter of a pound of butter, a little carbonate of soda, one gill of new milk or two eggs. Mix well; then roll out until it ia about half aa inch thiek, and cut with a tin into finall oake* Bake in a quick oven. *?THOO or FIXING FRENCH PASTRT. This pastry is fixed by white of egg. A veil l? formed over the whole by white of eg^ and white sugar boiled briskly, stirred when it has beiled. and poured over while in a froth. ]VfEW CLOAKS. NEW SHAWLS*. AND kj NEW DRESS GOODS, Ol nsouera 1n./na an* fahriea at cur proverbial* !?w jPr'?je> wrtii other kinda of med um aiiii 0-e Dry Goov.a in a.'! thedep&mntnta of fanuliee and hoaaekeepers ?ut?. Also. oar n?ua! full atock of all the lea'inx ?tap;e? adap,a! to the wanta of the million. wnoee we Oiluiotha, Ruga, Ac, upper t>L* priee only, marked in plain figure*, there Pore no purchaser ia thw. ived. Aa inapecti<>n of atwk <oiteitedt it irapilea no ?biiaatioa to purchase. o^eha^geT" t0e inter?<ir properly pusked free PERRY A BROTHKR. k'vBA. ave.. and 8tn atreet. Terry BoiMief." piREAlENS INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital, ~.. ?'A00,000. QPes serwar C ?Jtm1 aadTanriaaa *e? eear B~U ?/ Vssitaiim. IWBGBfc HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY - AGAINST L088 BY F1RK, DlXIC TORS. Geo. Snt^maker. samnei Redfcra. fe^ael Crop lev. Willism Wilson. Rior.erd Jonee, Jofcn D. Barclay. Jaoob Gideru. A mirew RothwoD. Tiioa. Parker. RtihardBarry, H. It. Freaab. L?r. V. W. Dans, No charge for roliciaa. ? ^ JAMES ADAMS. Preetdent. A??t. G. Davis. Soeret*ry. ao_9-eo?tn TOPHAM13 tSTTCE r K E M I U M trunk QUfi UAyUFACTORY, 4?? 3rvx?TTH SrtiRr, WAaai.-wroii, D. C. Stiver Mete: awarded by M\ry.ani lostttat* Baltimore, November 7,1:41.. Ala*, Meda< bj Metroso-itaiiMecha&ioc'In/titRle. Waabinxtoc. O. CM 13S7. I Ms eoastoctlv makinc, and a1 wars have ei KaH. aa4 Caabas J rav?:,>:> Baas, . r ?-hoclSa^BH^AaMember; of Conxreeaacd travoiers will p eaae gamine. n.y atoex b?.fcre aurchiaict elsewhere VjunXi that ate made in other cities. yaper'.cr Leather and Dreea Tracks mad* to ard*r. Trunks ecvered and roya.'red at short node*, Goods -ielivered free of oh&rce toaaylpart of Ike itv ^orfetowa.anU Aleiaccna 5A.MKS H.TOPHAM. PIANOS, PIANOS*. PIANOS.?New Pianoe A reoeived evt^ry week. Totne a d look at the aa ortaaettat W.G Mfc. rZKROTT*S Mnaio Depot. anriKr Pa ?nd Ki?tr?n?h ?t MS Tx^tVjyjPAAN HOTKL, KEP# BY t% EnstrpR. at the oor\??r of Penr > . . A av*^ue and Eleventh aKe^H, Ma beer. wflMv r-furr .,-riroT?l recent* aiid now offeraAA^U Bor wiur.ero'n.U for tbo patronage of oitlaeua straoc*r? tnan any ot cor pun 10 houae in t: e *U?.his prioes bauig lees tnan Lr oee of any other boMtn* Pena. avenue, iuo his aooommodations tot per man eut or^aaaient boartere ncesoepuonahla. Taebaranc reetaarastarrangemectaofth* E^/opear Bote1 nave a'ready taoonte eery popslar. be< liga11 that ean be d ea 1 red by the moaffaa The proprietor piejgea uurenuttad attention aad oonunaed .^bera; ozpendltureeb; (xreaasUfaofioa to ail. and the* r*newa hia Invitation ** an to Vlv* the Raro*A*n Hot?l ft ? .!! d?s-ti I N BOA T B 'jmmttti wane GaaaraTr QRee. I Wmtktmgtom CKty. JuivXl, 1S0.< Pnain awb Seacrnr^yioNs for hails of Gan D'^ata tor the Weetera nvera are on exhibition at lata uftce, aad at offloee at Qoartermaaters at Pitta berg. Clncmcau, St. Loaia and Alton. VMh C. he delivered at Cairo. Bide ahoaid be ant to Uaa/termaater Genera, of the United Stataa Army, al Waehington, hp 1st Aacuat, at noon. ? ? ^ Sf! C MEIGS, Jt t* Bng. GaaT aad aa-tarmaator fien". UNION PA PER, AN D ENVELOPES.?Twea tjiJ afferent sty tee of Not* aad Letter Paper, With Bnve opea to E*tefcViews of wMb mg'oti ta the fovm of a Row, aad ia Book fbno, aleo, separate AlJ the Daily a .d Waefciv Papers oonatantly on Heraid. Ttmee, andTrlbane reoeived every night at* o'eiouk. fapera frotn aa parte of the ooaatry. Beadle's Dime Nyvala and S-c* Booka. ^A^freah sappip ot Books for aominer reading, A large aeeortmeat at Javeailae? Ma?as Raid's Books, Hollo Hook", Ab'ott's Hiatoriea, 4c. A dieaoant of le to V per aent. on all boaad hooks . v;.*1 ICAdH NOTICE. NCoaee^uenee of our na-.-nj to pa f *aeh for even artiole of gooda we pnrohaae, we are t^oeo te re?aoe oar t?.?iae?a to Caah exolualvely. for the .ts 3** Pa. aveeae. betwe?n Mh aad !*th et*. lea llaW. A Al ao, Poeket Mapa of ail klnda. 5o.<ti*r** Uaaaa |W-??in? t'aae* rww* faso to 9s Blaak Boots a^d Stauoaei f ufaU kiada, I ,e? Paper and EaveK p?e. Oaca, Batman acd Viewa of Waahi'-g Ivii. ifp^iar. anJToret^t ^agaainas, Dam aad V TA RICHrtTKlM. dentistry. Vt CHARLESR BOTELER, DHNTI8T, No. 3S6 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Between Ninth and Tenth Street* aw ?-ecSin 1\1? LOOMI8, .U. ^^^VrtDtor ud pttoatd ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-^-?^ tegis personally at hi* offloe .n this oity MM i Sta^r persona osc wear theee teeth who***1'f " oasnot wear others, and do per*on ou wear other* who cannot wear theae. Peraooa calling at my ofiqeoaa be aoeommooated with any style and pnoe of Teeth they may desire; bat to those wao are partioalar and tub the pvrect, eleaoeet,?troii*eet,aDd moet perfeot dontare thai artoaaerodoee. the MINERAL PLATE will be morefilly warranted. Room* in thia citr-No.338 Pa.aveaae.betweea Kh aod 10th ata. AJao, 907 Arch atreet, t>hi adai vbia. oe H-tf ?^ gas fitting, Ac. A??m WM *. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to exeoute any enter* with ?A8^K^rKAM FITTING ry Store on Kh street, a few doors north of Pa, 1BN YDEK, . PL CMBKit AND GA3 FITTER. Ha* removed to theoorner osTweifrh and F ata. Ee ta prepared to introduce Water and Gaanpon the moat favorable terms, and guarantiee enare satisfactionHe h?p on hand a lot of COOKIN* and other BTOVE8, wtuoh he will sell leaa th&L ooat, ae ha wishes to get rid of ttiem. no 1? W OAS FIXTURES. E 'E store, and are dai.? receiving, 9AS Wl^TVKSSoleti'irc'.y .Now Patterns and Designs and FiMah, auperior m style to anything heretolor* effei d in this market. We invite citiaena general ^ ***,mce our stock of Gas and Water fj* 'I*a, feeling con fed ant that we hare the best aOi-Nj'ed stock in Washington. orh 1 n .the abore.Tine intraated to ear ear* Will be promptly attended to. M VERS * MfiCHAN. JSLhM IT* P street. QIKICS SLALEK mo * is ably to the provisions 01 the ordinanoe of (he Corporation approved May 13. I860, the onderalgned i* bow prepared, "whenever rsfuired in writing, and on pre-payment of-the fee of fifty oer.t*, to inapeot, examine, test, prove, and aaoertaln the accuracy of ragntration ofany gas meter in nae in this oity." Every mater, if found inocrreot, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked aa tree, will be *et *n i** p.ace. If proved to be aooaraie in ita ?o**aiement of gaa, it will be scales aocmiicgiy, and againpat in poeiiion for aae. A ?e*?nth atreet,(near Odd Fel wa Hall.) Open from t a. m., to * p. m. CHARLES W. CUNNIN8 HAM, IT il-tf Inspeotor and Sealer of aa Mater*. Headquarterso*-the u.s. marine corps, QUARTKRMASTta'i OVFICK. 1 Washimston, September 29, 1381-1 Sialic PBoposALS.f rtacheass separately .will j*?a Y"*1 at th,Jl ?*0i? 12 o'olook n of of November cit, for furnishing tnthe Lnitea Statos Marine Corps, daring the yeer I062 the following supplies, to be delivered at the *{> As lo'afit Qna'termaatT of t><eoorps, it J i ''Phi*, Pennsylvania, free of expense to the Unit d -? in sue* quantities as may from time to time be ordered, via : Class No. J. 14 Wf?rd,of Sky Blae Kersey, all wool, free mohes wide, to weigh 22 ounoea to the yani.tinaigo wool-dted ) fJOOvanfr Da k B 11* Rersey ill wtv>l, free from nair, 4 inohe* wide, to wefgh 22 ounoee to t^e yard, (tb<4ivo wool dyed. a,iw yards Dark Blue Twilled r loth, all wool, for "nfomooata.i indigo wool-dyed,) M mohca wide, to weigh 22 ouno ? iar \ ard. lflit yards <-f Saarlet Cloth. al< wool, (ooohineal dyed,) H uches wide, to welsh 16 ouLoes per yard. Class No 8. 8n00yardsof 6 4 Dire Diue Flanne!, for overa\ck?, aU wool, <indiio wool dyed,' 54 (n hes wide, to weizhlSOiincs psr ya'd. '6 000 yarde of 3 4 Dark Bine Flannel for shirts, i. iT.'iV; Dnciigo wool-dyed,) rr inches wide, to weith 83* ounce - p'r yaid 1^"0 u<?" B aolcets, all wool, to weigh fonr fundi each, with letter* 'lT S M " in b alck, lour laoh^e lone, in the oenter; to be 7 feat long and 5 f?et wide, and fr e from grease. fl.OTO pairs of Woolen t*ooka. three e*E*s, ?rop er;yma:ei'f go d fleece woe!, with double and twisted yarn, to wel h three poauda per dosen pairs, free from grease Clah No. 3. $000 yardn White inen for Paste, 80 inches ?ide, to weigh 13 ouncea per yard. lo.'W yard? While 1 i.-en lor Shirts, 00 inches wi"e to wc zh 11 ounces aer yard. I6OUO ya'da canton Fia^nel for Dra*s*ers. 77 tncnes wide, to weigh 7 ounces par yard. _ , No. 4. I JJW UniforTn Caps, computet except Pompons.) l^oo Pompons, red worsted, ball-shaped, ?Io^hea id tnrromfercnce. Xfim ta-igueCap?.(wi?h e?vera.)to be ir.iuu of blae, J- digo wool-dyed. Stocks. Cum N?>. #. W0g-oMfV?at Buttons,'Eaele.) 400 gros? Jacket Kuttons.i Eagle.) 100 gross Vee; Brttons. (Eac>e.) 1.JW pairs Yet.ow Metal Creaoeat-i a*<d Soaie Straps aSJ uers Epaulette Bollion for Sergea- tsand Corpora'a. eet; Epaule'te Bullion for Privates. t0 Red Worsted Saisbes. 2,*)o yards of Yellow Binding. 2>K) y^rds of Rrd Cord. im Swords lor .*ergtauts M s?words for Mnsioiar.s. %Drbma (tenor,)00mpiete. M) D urn y-Hngs. *00 Batter D nm Heat'a SO t*nare Dru:r Heads, 100 Drum C? rds I"" tet' of Drum Hnare*. l'?> Boxwood "B"' Fifea. Clam No. a. 10.W0pair* Army B?>ots,(inftuitry pattern. Class No. 7. 1.200 Cartridge B'>x^e I l^iOO Hayonei Soat'bards. 1,?m? p?relusion ^j?p Po-ichea 1^0" Car' nd<e Box Belt*. 1JD0 Havonet Helta. i,2"0 W air t B?lts. 1 jfio Wai -t Plates. itrni't Plates. 2S? Sword Pioga. , _ ? _ CLAB4 NO, ?, W' Knap?aoks. flft' Htver>aeks. ann < anteecs. Musket &iings. ? ^ CLAa* No. ft, V1 . r an<' trimming the following articles, ri*f5toft 9?V.", SerK?ant*' Cprporala,.Mnsi5uai?e'. and Privates Ipifwm a d Kxticue Coat*; WoolHo and Linen PaNta; Flannel and Linen Shirts; D awers; Flannei baoks; and Rrd and Blue Jacket* lot Soya. The above inentioa^l artic'es most conform in ajJr?\p cts,tn the s.?*:ed ?ta da-a pa'tsras m the offljeof ueOuartPrmMt^r darir.e i orps Marine Ita racks \\ ashing on P. c.t Ass sUnt QuarUr master, ottce Mann* Corps l^o ^pruoe streetPSi acelpi.ia; and *t the jviarln-s HUtior.s, Brooklyn, New \< rk;and Bostoa.Maasaohuaetta; where tne? can b? examined. An?l whenever the articles named above, or a^v portion of tbein, shall be considered as not fullv onforitinig to saiLpiea, thev wul be rejected, and thi x.ntra tor ? ili be bound to fnrnish others of therf* kind at onoe or the Quarter master wi 1 supply deficiency at the expense of th* oobtra *t >r. Pa?uientwill beniaae uaon.theaooeptMl delivery 0 the whoie aaact tv, w;hiol) may from time to I time be oidered. ^lthho ding ten pereent from the r payiiiect of acoount rendered under first order, until seoon<i order is fij ed.and ten o?r cent from aocount rendered under second oraer nntilthira order is fil eo, and so on.onUl contract is oorapieted. Eact proposal moat tie accompanied by the fol-l lowing guarantee s Tbe undersigned, ,ot , (n the State ol . and . t? the State of , hereby guarantee that in oaae tne foregoing bid of?? lor anpplies, as afcove described, be a^oepted. he or they wfil, within ten days after the receiptor taecontract at the Poat oftce named. execute the ooutraot lor tiie same with good and ' sn?ci-nt secu'itiee; and in oaae the said sua., rajl to enter into oontrac' as aforesaid, we guarantee t-. mske g.?d tbe ditferenoe betweeu the offer of the aaid aod that whioh mar jeaooepted. A H.liuara-tor. e f. Witneas. lor. .taei I herebv oertify that tn* above named are known to me as men of property, aod able to mate good their guarantee. p. ?. . 1? *!T !**!"* b? .t1** United States Distriot Judge, United btates Distriot Attorney or Coll*otOTe No propoeal will be considered unless aooom- " panieo b? the above guarantee. Newasapera authorixed to publish the above jnll send the papor 00. tvmng the firat insertion to this oPce for exanunaUou. . Tae biddor'apiao? of business, yr manafactur th* prowB*g5m,,Cl' rau,t ^ stated m TheUive'Uat of articles i* believed to be about the gaactitrof each artiele that will be required JWear: bat Ue Quartermaster reserves tne r??ht of ordering a greater or leee auantitv. fhoald tae interacts oftheeervioere*aire it t Proposals to be endoreed?n the etv sloae, "Pro- , poaals for SappUaa for Marine < oras for &V," ami f addressed to Major W M B. KLACrf, ( se ^-UwVw Tm**Ur Wasnington, D. C. Vssmcb t.ijicaaxKiN. Fienehol Uocore de Baisac. Free by mail. ?l. 9 ?ts mtA " They go rlf lit to the Spot." INSTANT RELIEF 8TOP iOUR COUtfH TCRIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, til GOOD FOR CLBRGYMBN, v GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR 8IN0BRS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARH T SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR 8PALDINQS THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve * Cough Instantly. They olear the Throat They give atrength and volume to the voioa. They impart a delioiou* aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of aimple herb* and oaanot harm any one. I ad viae every one who hae a" Conch or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a paokage of my Threat Confeo tioae. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me lhat "the* go rirht to the apot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public treetinga, for stilling your Cough or allaYinc your thirat. If you try one paokage I am *afe in aaying that you will ever af torwarda consider them mdiapenaible. You will find them at the DruggiUa and Deaiera ia Medioinea PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on eaoh paokage. All others aro oounterfeit A Taokage will be aent by mail, prepaid, en re oeipt of i hirty Cent*. Addre**, HtNRY C SPALDING, ^No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. V^ic/>v CURE v9- CURE O. NervousHeadache & J Headache. By the ?*e of these Pill* the periodic attack* o S*r*out rr Sit* HfAaikt may be prevented; and taken at the nommenoement o! an attaok Inmv fat* relief from run and sickness will be obtained. Th#y seldom fill in removing the Nmmim astf Htmdmtkt to a hiah female* are *o **bj?ot They aot gently upon the bowel*,?removing 0*tKvMiai. For Litirmry Men, StnAmti, Delicate Female*, and all persons of hmbitn, they are ralaal '.e as a L*z?ti*f, improving the ?rp<*r?, giving ion* and ??ir to tt.e digestive organ*, and r* tortng the nstural elasticity and strength of the aholo ayttom. Tbn CEPHALIC PILLS are the Memltof long icvrrti gallon and carefully oonduoted experiment*, havirg been in use many year*, during whioh time they have provented and relieved a vast amount of pain and antTerfug rvm Headache, wither ongloaUngin lb* syatom or from a deranged itato of the itommch. They are entirely vegetable m their composition, and may be taken at all time* with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, and tk? a&^ '?? Aii*gr**ablt (ail* rtndtri it **? j# *dm%nut?r tktn to ciiUUtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signature* of Henry C Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Drag gist* and all ether Dealer* la Medicines. ?he Wl11 ** "*nl bT *n PRICE, S* CENTS. AH ar#a?s should be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDING, 48 Cxnaa Stxiit, Nrw Yoax. Prtm l*? Eummimw. Norfolk, fa, Oephaiio Pills aocomplish the ohjeotforwhieh fom. " via: Care of heaaaoue la ail It* Frtm IA* Eummint, Nvrfrtk, Pa. They have been tested In mare than a tksisaci ases, with entire suooess. ^ ai (A* Dtmmrmt, St. CUmd, Mim*. U rou are, or have been troubled w 1th the beadwjhe. eenJ for a box, (Opha.ic Pills ,?ee that yoa may have tn-sm In case of Frtm tit Hour* R. R. (Huttu, CkOai*, III, n5wcJKllS,?K5r^;-??ldll!'-"' ku *?* ?* 3e?lh*r* Pali Fimdtr. Mm OrUmu, LM. ^^rs&ss'm other medicine can produoe. ***** '* "?*?**, Jawspiw, i?u. ?** Pre*****, Jt, I. asusraa F**m tU nt, Lmsu Dtmmm. p3ft*Sf^teSi? ^ W1UI***** ?ai Kmmmmhm TmUtg SUf, g?nrAs. Vm persons ntffisrlBg with iks haa4 he, who try them, will st nk to tkmsn. fVsw O* AdmntUmr, rnrKwii E. /. " ?? " ? u. Htm tu Dmily Ami, Hrwrvn, R. /. Oefhaiio Pillaare taking the plate of all kinds. ^m 'ktCcmmtreUl B*U*tim, B;t?*, Jf?, Said to be very effloaoiou* for the headaohe. *?m tk* Owwmsret.*, Okie, hovnamt? oaa now t>? r%ii?re<t. 117" A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save tan times it* ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLXJB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ICT-A Stitch in Tim Bav*? Ni*?."^ii -As aooidenU will happen, even in well rwaiitu amine*, it l* very Teiinible to have offi ^k?r*r n'for ft? SPALDING'8 PREPARED GLUB H USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." ?ILfuTAAdS!i1^0",wu- *<** < m ?* 8pALDIN?, *o. 49 Cedar *tr*?. New York. ^A?o*ruu ^ ^rl C1A,UTI"lN. lreJS^5L2^2!? #M1^ >^laws~ ?? / ctmtk, fw, hmtimui, /?. >ru?t?3? at S?ff ??** hiiitv 11*4 ,&H$?3Sr Strtnglk to tki VMM V ,'U81;i?c8,SiM.K,*'! ?FtS ?ttar''T'^ ^ssa.*. TJtA...&?.??*'3woo,d lioltf to a miia rame ji?,22! ^R?ad; ,<>?.n Bttaoks to* Lungs. " Broun'i abZT^uI ^ i#,f ??n^?^ <J*fn*Tc*ctuur^! nU, 4.1 l4y i monarj ?nd JJronokiiai Irritation. BROWN'S "ocbkb iss*?" ~ n'tmi1 BIOWN'8 raoommond their dm to PaiLi* Snuni." TROCHES RKV. B. H. CHAP1N. MOWfCt ^'"KV.'KftillL'RVsU' I TROCHES ?_".Aln??*t instant relief in the dis tressmg .abor or breathing peeaiia: BROWN'H to Asthma. ' KEY.A.C. K09LE8TON. TROCHES *' Contain no Opium or %otthini HROWN'o Hjarloaa." DR.A.AHAVE8, BKOWN S Chimin, Bot ton. TROCHES uoASVow^L loT"' ?0n,biBa BROWN'S ' * Bl?ELOW, TROCHE* " BROWN'S Btfn TROCHES ??"??" ' BROWN'S EV ""KL nrapy "Beneficial when compelled te *?UUHB8 ape*x, eanenne from Cole." BROWN'S * * *''*P* ANDK^.SLiH;, TROCHES " Kl?*fTTal. In removing Hoar.# noesaodlrrlUtionof ;he Throat. m BROWN'S oomyp?B with Srxatug and S;weTROCHFS Prof. M. STACY JOHNSON, L* iirmnti, ii? BROWN'S Teaoher et Mur'o. Sootherr Female College. TROCHES "Great benefit whic taken brfore and after preaohing, as they prevent BROWN'S Hoareenesa. From their paat eU<?ot, i think they will ba of f*rm?aent a-JTROCHES

vantage to me. ? REV. E. ROWLEY, A M. BROWN'S Preeiue&t o! Athens College, Teen. TROC H ES jXT Sold b7 a! 1 Pruggi au at T W E N? TY FIVE CENTS A BOX SM ii 1-1* DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the fast half century in the Hospita'a of London and Tarn forth* enr* <>f S'trtt Dista.'ei. may now be had at l'PHAM'S.HK&. No. 310 Cbes'int atroet, sole agent lbr the United States It oontains no ro?ronry or other minerals, and wi I not hr-m the most d"}iCvte oouatitutioa A tpeedv cure guaranteed and r.o ? hacga c^ (-iet required. P-i e SI. :*ent. by exoreas ik- d in Washington by 8. CAl.VERT FORD, oorter 11th street and Pennsylvania fttenue teg 5 evly tTPHAM'S HAIR D V ET-TO COLOR BLACK ' OH BKOW ? :On>y 3* cei,t? a b^x. Three boxes for one doiiar Grav, i*d or flaxen hatr can be or.auged m a few i-PO'.nds to a J t blaok or brown, by u*irg Upiiam's Liquid Hair Dy?,the best and cheapest in the world, prodoelnc, the mon ent it is ?Bclie<i. a rich uatnrsl appearare". Each B< x of UP If AM'S HAR DYE s w rraii ted to oontam as uiuch Aiitr die as o?iifra celt for otu doUir'. ^O'd by S O. Ui'HA.U, 310 ''-h^snut street, h iadeiphia, and S. CAL.VC.RT FORD, corner 11th atr et and Ha. ave. cep >-ooly D~h. dupont*S ^CIOAR^COATED KFU MALE REGULATING PiLLs are^ptK the mry best in ute They operate ?p?>edi iK&' aLa en^otuaily, and being 'U.'ar-coate / orea ? no nausea up. n the most deioat.^^ s*o aoh A tri\i of tresc Puis will prove their superiority over all others Pnoe On* Voliti' a box. So'd only at Ul'HAM'S, 310 Ch. snut street. Ser.t bj mail to aii part? of th* country ia ^ 8.e^V'^?envt:0?"t Soldi-. Wa'hi'gton '-y S. CALVERT fOHD, oorner 11th street and Pa. sep 5 eoly DB. J. H. McjUKAN'S BTREJ^TREKIKG COSDIAL ARM I5LOW1) PcaiFica. THE GREATEST REMEDY tm lis WORLD, tDxT.:?:oTs /n? ifZ7IX TAKXN^L&t, It U iu:?Ut r i?I> f j?h t'xl ??t;, T ?j u f ?RRh lagf* *:?aVi "uir^-ter takiD^. tsUihur. >radR*l.| r d'lUilsu, lu.lulURf pirti t?l iti SMM tRfilllkli iMtdTlci TtRRVRtlag UI ifijRRKd nnt?, j ??d >?itari>x Ur ?!sk, ulirlit, u< <ik!UVRtta UtiU1 m ? ?.!* rr4 atT*i(t?. MtLEAWB LTBEKOTHEMING CORDIAL Will efMinlly an ki?#r C.a,uiRt, Dr.f .r..R, Jru V' ,r n.VT,V DfW??r,?U?R.?.Vus KidaRya, ad til RrlilRg In< r alserdsrsii U?tr ?r ii???R*. j?P*r*U, Esankw., liWRri ri-RR, A* CU. ? ?! Us tswsaa, falipsss sf y?*; t? Ur r?aj. Pail n* * }??? ?!?, rupuusssf,1, tTallRtii rRRlimf til, UtK( laTR.DrfRRRR ?f TliUW atRR ,! Us SllR rhJ Syss, Vt?.t iV.w uVjd Vrt.trI fRi. ta U.i-RJ .f a. n.jT nMkRi ?r ?RRt, ?R*rsctiM ?f i*wiu, rtightrii ?,R?.?, kRRgi*r, ?..?RfcrtR.ay Rf Riiy timu dUtui, ??TCR .. llMtkaa sa UiltU.uiri'siudipi (tr UalUs sag Vvvm4 9TMB A MIAhlO11 BVTTifM kSTS km a Rid dailas Ur Irri r1* Rstha, Raa tj ? l?R^RRR 3?i U fRllRd la (rlTlap aaltra Rai tfrRtlaa. Wka u?a, iflU ttfir fnm WRakaaaa ?r D*k!!liy wrrr Mcki/R'l TaHI!?T??inil?UOEBUkwl!ls?rtv,,i Mr lUfiiji RRa ?*?T?y RB UI^UIR tdi* Rf Us laatdl IS RRd Riawt alnititii Ikufi prsSasid ky uktag UU Jstdlii ha Ut ditSRMd, dRkllluitl, aad tkiuaraU rrhiu ysua, Tkiiliiitnktitm k; niui, ?au ky aaiwi, at iapwaa ky iltbiu, tki riiud uamjiRf atsaal. ullaa la iMlwid >a Its >>UUti kt-.:U aad ?l*a? MA&9.1BD PERSONS* I M sUsra, RM.'liu af laaWUIty frRia vkata-rar aaaaa. ?Hi ?*d mum mgair<?)([Rc U+ ??gk rtrR.R..tMRf tka ayttaaai aad al! *1. Utr u V?, lssp*e?sr laaalgaaasa wlil Cad ;a Uls Cerdltl a ssrUla sag tfttaj rsaadj. TO THE LADIES. ." UIB1 ITUMriiaill OOXSLLk U a RS'SS. ?!g? asd r?RRd/ SID Us laal?i?*i Cauvaauaa, Waitas. kaifsttao a? ?t?cait aiaaausiUMJ iwiu.i.ii *t' 0/!jis ? iRftmarr Kituuta usraaf, ralltaa t( Ur 9aak. 3lddlas>?, t'RUiuf, aad all dttsaaaa ta?ldsa? U FrurUr ' THEME IS NO MISTAKE tBOVT IT Bis# as is??aa. V^ts It RSMrdlag W iirmlni. It will ittMUaia RirakfURs, aad i**ifaj?ia r?a aad saass Iks aiana af ksauk u MSaet yr*i ?<RRk ifi a inn keuii la <rksisaus w gt?s uikW^a 7 " FOR CHILDREN, ? sBlstsd, MtkUII OPMU ft wl.l aaikR Uaaa ktaiiiiy, fai, rro irrul P?i?? t* a aikiitj u? h, ud yia wlfi ks aaaviassd. Ii la daJaiMS Mkaks. A VTION, *swmr af tngfikit a* liRalira vka aatr n? M uia awi raa ssaaa kiusr UaaisapafilJa laask, vk.ak l?a, ?\? Ur '."'Ii ^y saytsg li is list Ra ra?d. Avsxt aath msa Aik ut nufitriW aa cow?uil "^U .URa?ly raraady that will parify U? BlasdUSMSfU; aadatUl tuaa Uma aiiacgthan Ur ayataa. Oaa uaapaaa.ii'1 ukao srajy r-anilr g fa.ilnf is a earula pisrsaU'c fat Caalsra, CaiiU Rud rarSi, TsllU Trt.*, at a* i tsralsat (Lssaas. ?l ia pat ia la |ai-, k^u.^. pr.M ?aly VPS* kauia, at battlas fat & /TM. McLBAM. ala piapHaut Rf U4. Catdial, alM, Kakaaa'. T.i.rbIs 6l klalasac Prt?*tp?J ^R?ai aa Us ssraar Rf Third aad fiBR RtrtRlR. It. W<-R'a, Mr. KoLwn'i Voloanio Oil Linlmenti ( IllgIT kUnilSMT 1M TBI WCKkO.) Tka aaly RafR aad SRtUU sars fat Caaaata. Ptlaa T*. ,,<l BtaaskliR at Uatita, f ?j*.ti.i, Mas. nJfla, Waakoaat af Ua Blaaslia, Ck.tacJi r; b^uraiMr IlkRRaRURa, Bufaaaa af Us ialuu, Caottaciad Maaslaa at asTaaUaaka^Bralaaa, Baraioa, fV.U Cata. Waasda, Blaata, Tatar Bataa, Cakad BraaRu aarR Mlaplaa, Matna, BaaJda, Bars Tkraat, at any I ogam is rum at Mia, aa 4.fs>Ro*s haw astsrs st laog Ua (kaaaaa br? IrVr RtlRtRd. McULUTB C?KMUACD LOOM KMTi r sattRla tRBRdy. mrTW m Tkaaaaada af kaaaa ksUga kats kaaa aatsd a Ufa af dta stspltada aad alaaiy ky Ut ass af Uia UvaJaakls raasdy. _.*efJOLCA NIC OIL LINIMENT Will tslUTS pal<i alaaal Uiaiaaunaaaaly, and It will alaaa, patlfy aad kaai Us fsalast aatti la an luatsdlkla akart uaa *M2?8BS AND OTHER ANIMALS. " "^" B CBbCBRATED UM1MCMT ta Ua aoly aala aad talUkla tansdy far Ua a Bra af Baatle. Kinakana f VtlH, Cltl, NTH, II Wau6. it u an ififilllklA An*r u as dlraaiad aad a a.ta U satt^ L. .".^ Tkaa utla aa laagat snvk Us aut watUlaaa Ualasau iuSf&'uMLMutm? TOi fBSm:^ckJtA,r CJtv?JWTcSSSr^ ft~ " * "" ** ' Buiiai QUNBOAT8 vox tmb WESTERN RIVERS. Qvaxtbxmastjx exHttxt'a Officb, i Bpeoifioationa will be immediately sreaar^i r?h ^saj^a^sgfffssaci; oac? ** Sssrarass""1 nn?8!. J?? m ^ br bl<2d*r? wlU b? takes into S~rl?Pii5l?' ? -? ^^ ^SHa.VSk TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. gm m^oWm./.SB58Er Landing tod embarking pHMim at ^TlSf^LiTMTOol'*^*w York and Philadelphia Steamshis Contsany nt-nd dispatching their rail hvitm Clyd*-built iron wwil?y? m follows: eliKSOOW... .. .Mttrctf, Auguft ad. CITY OF BALtlMORE. M lott. kangaroo. - isu. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. 1 ate* or ruuti. First Cabin... _ 9* Do. to London? M Do. to Paris aft Do. to Hmhitj 88 Steerage t3L Do. to Loai a. M Do. to ? Do. to Hutnbarr S3 Passengers forwarded to Ha*r?. Brrmas. Rotterdam, Antwerp. Ao , at r?dnoed through tare*. Persons wishing to bring oat ?beir friei.<i? oan buy tickets at low rates. For farther information apply at tha Captains Office. JOHN fi. Da L' t Agent, _ IS Broadway. n.Y-? Or to Q, A. HERRING, Auains Express Ba.timoro. .J^'fc.'NDlVlDUA^.E^TERPRlBK " " EASTERv AXD WESTERS SHORESTEAMERS. 'KENTCapt. J. H. K rwen "A lOXkEti,-' Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their r?>utos a* follows, lsavl g Light street, Ua tiroore, foot of Camden. at 7 o'clock A. Mi KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* on Choptank nver. svery WEDNESDAY aud f ATl KltAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. _ For Annapolis and Weat River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sai s days. PIONEER?For Kt. M ct.aei'i an4 Easton, vie Mile'* Rsver. every WEDNESDAY, aad return the name day. For Annapolis. Weat River. Cambridge, Oxford and F.astoc Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Miohael'sand Ea.ton. via Mile'* River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning every Monday by aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, OiLford and Facton Point fl 00 Fare to M Miohaei'sand Miles' Rivera round trip. #1,) ?_ 100 Fare to West River, (round trie, 91) 1 so Fareto Aanapoii-(-oiin<l trisT<oe<Sts)_?. 76 . . MEALS E1T&A. IT^ Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and OAoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvsri Station, Batiroore. May 18,1061. * On anu after Sunday. M*t 19th. 1861, Trams on the NORTHFRN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar tin and depart as foliovs, until further nottoe. TRAINS IfORTH. MAIL at8 14 A. M. BXPRESS at 330 P. M. ARRISHURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. MTHe 8 15A.M.train oonneots at Relay House with trams ou the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover J u"otion with Hanover and Uettsbarg Kai!ro*d*;at York with York and WrigKtsvt/le Raii'r-ad;at Harrs! urg with Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parte of the We?t, also with Lebannon Valley Katlroad to JVsis York drrtet, at Northum I berland with L and B. Railroad for Kingston and I aii part* of Wycoming Valley .and at Sunbory with I Uie Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Nortnern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.90 P. M train makes all Uie st>ove oonneotoua except Hanover Railryui, Wrightsville I Railroad and the Lebannon Vaff'j Railroad. Tt.e 3 P. M train ma*?e oonnrctions with Penn- I s?!vani* Raiirrad for all parts of the West, and direct connects for N?w York. It.AINS ARRIVE. Mail at 610 P M.; Expre * at 7 46 A. M.; Harris- I burg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For T'osets and infor.nation inquire at the I Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore, . J. C. CLARK, Baft. I ,,,,, LEAVE PHILADELPHIA ftQ FOR NEW YORK. | The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and 1 Tren'on Railroad Companies' Line lroro P HI LA- I i?e"phia to new York and way PLACKS.from WALNUT STREET WHARP AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as fo. lows: At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. I Accommodation.) At 6 A. M., via Camden aad Jersey City, (N.J. | Acoommodation.) I At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jeraey Crty.tMornlag ffl'I.) , . ! AtliX A. M-, via Kensington and Jersey City, I (Western Express.) ; At UH P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aooommo- I dat'on.) At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. I Exaiora) ; >t 4$i P M., via Kensington and jersey City, I (Evening Exproea.) At P. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, | (Seeowl Class Ticket.) At 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening [ Mail./ At Hi* P. M., via Camden and Jersey City.(South- I ern Mail.) At 5 P. M , via Catnden and Amboy, (Acoorrmoda- I tion. froight and passenger, First Class TioxeLJ 1 Se-jond Class TiokeL Thee P M Mail Train rnns dally. The ILK P? I M. Mail, Saturdays excepted i For Belvidere, Laston, Lambertville, Fleming- I ton. Ac , at7.10 A. M.;acd4X p. M., (rem Isi-1 elcgtos. For Water Gap, ^troad?burg,Seranton,Wllftea- | bane, Movtrose, Great L'?na, A a., at 7.10 A.M.. | from R^nnn<t?.n, via Delavare, Lackawanna and Wr>et?rij Railroad. For Msuoh Chank, Allentown and Bethlehem At I 7.lo A. M. and Hi P. M.. from Kensington defot; I tha 7.19 A. M. li - e oonneots with the trcin leaving I Eaaton at 3 35 P. BT. Por Mcunt He 11 y at C and 8 A. M. and S and I p m i 1 For Freehold at? A. M- aad S P. M. j F*or Bristol, Trentos.Ao.. at 7.10 A. M., 4K and I P. M from Kensington, and ZK P. M from Walnnt street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Delanoo, Beverly. Bur- I hnkton.^FbM-enneoo, Bordentown, Ac., at UK, I, I BWmtr Trenton for Bordentown, and intense- I diate places, at 2M P. M. from Walnut street ! W hArf. _ IIFor New York and Way Lines, leaving I Kensington Depot, take the ears on Fifth street, I above Wal.iut, hail an bour before desarture The I oars run int > the depot, and on arrival of train rua I Com the de Kit. Fifty pound* of baggage only allowed to each | pa^seLger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything an liaggage bat their wearing apparsi. I All baggage over fifty pounds to be paid for I extra. I'ne oompany limit their responsibility f< r | bag.ate to one ool ar per pound, and will not be I liaLleT-.r any amouct beyond one hundrsd dollars, I exoept by spec a. oontract. WM. H. fi ATZMKW, Agest. W K ?T0 A N1!)1 SO ITH I BALTIMORE AND OHIO RMLROAD. I On and after May 16th, Utfl, the fains will ran as follows, via:?Leave Camden Station, Bun- I more.?Ma?i,<exoept Sunday.) at ft V A. M.;Ex- I fress dan? at ft. 46 P. M. Both Trains go direoCy I hrough 'OR ALL PARTS OP THJ5 WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST; POR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; between Piodmont and Wheeling take As- I commodation Train, leading Piedmont at ft. A. I i M.;and between Grafton and Parkersbarg, take I 1 the 6 3D A M TraiD trom Baltimore. Tne I R hDERICK TRAIN Waves Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. and Frederick at 6.3P A.M. Th- fc.LL.ICOTT*S Mll.LS I RAIN leave Bal1 timore at 6 an and 9.M A.M. and 1 45 and 6.40 F. M., and K'.hcott'* Mills at 7.40 and 11.60 a. M .and ft.? I j a-:d 7.on p. M. For further information, Tiokets of every kind, I I Ao.. apply to J. T.ENGLAND Agent, at Camden Station, or at the Tioket o#ce. W. P. SMITH. I Master of Trensportion. I L. M. CQI.E. Gen'l Ticket Agent n^^aNEW YORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW YdRK, POR ALBANY, TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT I Cr-niJiiencing Monday, May *7th, ls61. For Abany?llw a. m. fast express train from I J^orDover Plains?4.-00 p. m stopping at White I Plains and stations north to Dover plains?ftom I Wth street station. (This train will run to Millerton every Satarday I evemnxj PorCroton Falls?8:lia. m. stopping at all sta- I tion* north of Ford ham from 86'h street station. For w hite Plains?fc?, 4:1? and &00 p. m. stop- I ping at all stations from Sth street station. For White Plain*?& 6 p. m. stopping at all sta- I &ons from W hite *trset station. For Williams Bridge?17Jfl, 11:15 a. m. and fcSO p. I m. stopping at all stations from 27th strsst station. I Rsturaing will leave? Albany?Atoo a. m. last sxprsss train. ! Dover Plains?fcSO a. m. (This train lsavss Mu I lsrton even Monday morning at 6 a, mj Croton Falls?6 s. m. White Plains? :i?, 7:00 a. m. 4i10 A 7s0? p. a, Williams Bridge?faftft, i. m. A >410 p. m Sunday trains will leave 4th Avenue earner 2W street, for Central Park, Vorkville, Hart em aad I High Bridge every ^w minutes, from I 7^Vp m. JOHN BURCHILL, Asst SspX YORKROAD KR1K KA1L Passenger Trains lsavs via Pavo- I nia Ferry aad Long Dock, from foot of Chambers I street. New York, as follows, via : 7.00 %.m , EX^RKSifor Dsakirk.and Bufhlo, I and pnnoipai interme ia*e Stations. aoa. m, MAIL, for Dar.kira. and intermediate Stations?This Tnaa remains over night at Eimira, and proceeds the next morning. 9.i*i a m. MILK dailTT for Otasvills, and inter mediate Stations. 1100a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervis, And pi inoisal Stations Jd"!nt,'^d2LAgiio?.M ",d wA00 s. nu. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for Dan. kirk, Buffalo, Canandaigua^nd principal SUtieas The Train of Satarday stop* at ail Mail Train Stations, and runs onh to E mira. _ MQ p. m^ ACCOjd MOD ATI ON Jtor Hornesvtlls. J:^i'3liMiiS3iTw*'*'1 ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. UST Received on o ^.,Lii?eat 1JH >oDebe* | Onions. For sale low. KING A BURCHELL. ? * K?W?|iiltt SWl I ?h ONR VERY NlV'E SLCuno HvND PIANO for 3SU, Also, alstga buck "f Ra^ea Ba?on kOo'i and Steiuway A foe'* hav jUAt Mae received at Us Masio St? re of VTiTTl i crn? S.ML I 4lfir t^SrrlTl4^ 2'3f?tr/*i'' " "' -" ?*-tf W FALI J. Pf?t _r^_, PB|l.?!>KLrRIA. WIU a'ssfrvrfisifr 'jtw&'rvaffl ?ttetfags kk?r/,v fwfk{^s^?iv!ih?rsia? i2^kmrtl^botctik^ Ba tinorea^Havre 3e-eraa?. " UWB* BWW#* ^r.^'a'&a^vais^uttr ^l^AU^lo'ed hereon* mast give boad before entering the oare. WM CtAWFOID. Ag?t. jpn?sw^^w m New York o ty depote of Had at) b River Railroad dal ly. So nina exoepted, aa lotto ws > From ( htiDMra street Pro* Slat at atation. At T oo a k At 7 M a m 1<?- 6 08 p m HJ6 ' Ufa SJn p m 166 p M.-ctra^ tad Buffalo Tram with aletpiag oar*, 9."51 n 1 4? p v Coanecting at Albaay with the New York Caa teal Railroad for Schenectady. R< cheater. I'tiea Baca via, Ron*, and atabona on Rape aad Wat?r town RMinal. Haffclo. Svraoaee. Niaga*a Fa; a. Saepanar n Bridge. A abam. Gereva.Cai aoda^gki Traina la ooBneetioa leave Buffalo aad Baaiw aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i aka Hu roe acd Groat Wee tea Railroad, for Hamilroa. Torcato. Datroit. Ch.caffo, Toledo, Miiwaukie. Fob Da Lac, La Cmeee, Madie?n Prairie i>a Chien, 6a aaa, Daaloith. Duba*ae. Paorla. Rook Island. Maeratina.lowaUitv, Baruutoi, Quito, *prin?le;d, Alton, St. I/oaia. Cairo,Tarra tiaate. Indianapolis, Loaisville.CiEcinnar'. larton, Colan baa, Cl*veland^andal. poitu W'eet, North wee t aad BouthW" . NORTHERN ROUTE. Connectinr with I ran a at Tro*, with Troy * B"*u>c and Rene. It Saratoga Poada for Saratoga Whitehall, Rutland, Hurmgun. ?-t A!tiara. Roase Point, Plattabarch. Ogdeniburgh, MoctreiT *V, . tl/~ Freight Arrangement* by this roate aa above, without chance of Caia, troat the l?epota la rhambers and t anal ?treats. ara at all times aa favorable aa made by o?h-r R ailroad Coai^atiM. The iacil>tiee of thia g reat New V?rk Roate, 'o the Weet commend it to the confidence o^Dechanta an_ eh pjk -a lor promptness and dispa<H Passenger traina, with Smoking and Sleeping Cars run ib aonneouoa oa the Naw York Centra. Road. For partioaiars a> to local traina aad freight ar rangements, inquire at the depot, 6B Warren at. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent . -JT*? .. U- B QOVKRNMKNT LINK mtllto *onr awxftok and oll poiivtcompoht. Leaves the lower end of L"M??N DOCK, Baltimore, veat aide. DAILY. (Bandare id?I"dad.) at *H o ol ok F 11. takict paaaei.cera aad (eight, aad oonneotiBC vith Uie Railroad iioea, to ard f oia Waebirg'oo. D. C.. Phi adeiahia. New York, b > ton, York, Harnel.u'-g, Pitubnrc, Pa. at?? the Weat, immediately af*erthe arrirai of the Fgpr?a Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following ie the Bcheda.e : Froai New York to Fort Munroe and hack.. #14 Prom Phi'adrlpha and hack^.. (la From Ba tzmoreand back ?4. ITTPROCURK YOUR TICKKTt?-m In New York, at the Naw Jaraay Railroad Oice foot of Coartland atreet. In Phi adeiphia, at the Company'a cftoe. N. W. corner of Bizth and Chnatnut atraata, or at the D^pot, Broad and Priaie atr< eia. In B?itimora. on board the Btcaroera. foot cf Union Dook. HU6H Q'CONNER, Paaaecgar Ageat -g?. fifti BOSTON VIA WF.WPORT 1^ ? AND FALL RIVER. By W?a ap^D(}id and aaponor Bteamere METROP<?LjrS, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATli OF MaImE, ofgreai atrength acd va^l, but parucnlarfy adapted to tea navigation of Lorjt la'tactd Sound, rcnning in ao?neotion with the Fa!! River and Old Colony Rail road, dietauoe of ?8 uiiiea only to Boaton Leave Pier No. 8 North River near the Battary. The Steamer EMPIRE STATE. Capt. Brayton. Monday., Wadneadaya, and Fndaya, at 4 o'aioek P. M.,ti>uohincat Nawa.?rteach way. The 8t*%>r "r METROPOMts, Capt Browa. oa Tvaadaya. Tharadaya. and Saturday, at 4 o'clock P. M.. toooMtg at Newport acci. way. Tbeee j*ic&mrrf aie fitted with oomiaodioaa atate rooma, asd every arrangement for the aecarttr and oomfort ol paaaecgara. who are a^oraec hy thia roate a nighte' reet on board, and ob arrival at Fall River proc^yl par fte^rcboat Train.reach uig Boaton early t^e fo!lowmg morning * or may remain on board unUi atartioc of the AocommodaabosTk^S^A J?' which tXry xcay rraon Boatoa A baggage matter ia attaohad to each rteamer, Who reoeivea acd Uok?u the baggage, acd a?coiapamea the tame to ita deatination. A ateamer ruca in conneofaoc with thia Line be^reea Fail River and Providetoe daiiy. exoept sandaya. Freight to Borton ia forwarded through w>th Katdiapatah hy an Exprea* Tra n, whioh ??>>a 1 River ever? motnioc, Sundara excepted, M 7l< o'clock tor Boaton ai d N*w Bed'rrd, arriving at ita doati&ati.>n at about HAM For freicht or |>a?aagc. app yon board, or at the otoe oi: Pier No. f North River For atate rooir.t and be't2u apply on Woard or if desired to r?oa*e them in adv&noe, to WM Bt'UDKN. Ag't 70and 71 Weat atraat, N. Y. _ THE RK6ULAR MAIL LINE ^^??S?t?viA GROTON. S'' ONIN6 I (?N and providence, for bos TON?Inland Route?The ah or teat ar.u Loai ji reot?Carry the Eaatern Mail. Tho-ateamer PLYMOUTH ROCK. Capt. J. C. 9eert and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W. Williaina, in ceaneotion vnth th? Htonfnrtoa and Providcnoe.aod Boa'ouanti Provideooe Rai.r.tada, Vf^TIW Vork Sandaya exc ited, from Pier No la North R ;vcr, at S o'clock P. M., aad Grotoc at iJO o'oioca \r. M-, or ob the arrival of he Mail Train which ieavea Boaton ?t 6 ?' P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMonday, Wednesday, and Friday. From Groton?Tutada^. rburrday,and Saturday. The OOSIMONWKA.1 TH, from New YorkTuerday Taur^ Saturday. From Grotor ?Monday, W edneeday, aad Friday. (Paaaenf era from Grcton prooeed per railroe . to rovidenoe and Boatoa, ib the Expreaa Mail rain, rraching aa d plaoe in advance of thoee by other roate*, and ib amaie time lor a'l the early Morairg Linea oonocting North and Eaat Paa aecgera that prefer it, remain on board the ean?-r. enjoy amghta'reat undiaturbed break faat if deaired, and leave Groion in the7UA. M. Train, oonnecung at Providonoe with the 1# A M. Tnun for Boaton. Fare from ?-rov de? oe to Newport, Fifty cent*. A baggage master aooompaniea tne Steamer and Train each vay For Paaaage, Bertha. State Rooma, or Freight, apa<y on board the eteamer, or at the Freight Omoe, Pier U North River, or at the OAoe of the Company, No. 114 Weat at-eet,eorner of Cortland atreat New York, Feb.?. 188;. SUD^UN RIVER RAILROAD? with trzns .ni'hiu And Wfcg r, Traina leave: From Chambe;a at N.Y. Froan 9 th atreet Expreaa. 7 and 11 a. m , 7.28.11 js a. m., aad 3Aft ^co S?$) acd 5 p m. SJ5 p m Troy aad Albany <with It^pm, iSandaya ia Bleeping oar) 10,\5 p. m eladed.) Poughkeepaie train 6, a ?,3?a. a... and 1.48 p. m. m .1.14 p. m PeekakUl train, ?J?p m 4X> p m. Sing Siij train,? no a m . 9J8 a. m., and 4A0 and aad 4 wand g^r? p. m ?46 p. m. Fi ah kill train, Mn a.m. 546 p m 4- r SMI i m. r*iieenakar>4?H<t tchwkrin'l MRlhllRtiRf Powder Ib t^a^otu?_kaa^?^aa4 SCHWER1N1 PILLS ara aare death to Rate aiiC.M.ce M. j'-otwerm naa rooeived oamloatea gom^the^F^c^daat o^^irard Collage. IMrootora of other Promtne*l ^Jai^^WMmngtoiL, D. aad Charity Hoapita . Biraet, Pli.adeiphla, and for aale ib tAia ehy by F ti v-A K a, ooMig Pa. aveaae aari 4H ataM aa^ by rioub imitations 1 lati Yl vff B^hweria'a Atrial ^Nona gacaina anaaa algned M. Bra via: a f.knch zz. large aad oompiete aaeortateat <>f Miiitery Boota of all k;adi*, which thay offer from tea to IRy per oenL balow the rag alar retail prieaa.?ta eluding: Anew aditioa of Hardeo>a ' aiantry aad Rile j., Alla-'a ConipoBdiMm of Hardee'i Tactic*, f* the Home 6uard Stao . Tha Haad Book for the U.S. Soidiar. *iag ftrat boot of laatraotiuB to tae U. S. ry thecfiz.wzzer aiy;?aikr-5rt!,vi1vr ***?" i PRENCH i RICHBTfcFM. ^ft9 "IT* I*?rv?%r?H * 1 One price ,-alr, ma led in piaic a?ai ?, mm*. o parchaaer ia Ail baying Md ?l tag t-e'i* t^w ?4^>a8 easV atai.dard. oar wbo)? a of p ie?*a ?? ai? ai alona 'h?r*to An exaiaiBaUoe of stock :?upi.*? bm_h loparaaaaa. ^.,,1,, ot H-ft "firry

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