Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1861 Page 1
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/ ? I THE EVENING STAR ^ THE WEEKLY STAB. fv*u3^il^r00n- sxt' ( * c*/ jl W. D. WALLAOH. fl 0^ 1 i 8 1 1 1 | I | 3 /XM g .-..?Mr,? ' , . W ^ . |? |g S3 I I | I / ~w / n { J SB SI a* If copy, pwuiw A\ i* Papera arr*ed In {mckaaca hy oarrlen at ? s V /^Jr M W'vWV S&y Mi*.' * t?^2T 1 IT ye?r, or 37 centa pet loonlb. To mall aubaerlbwa ' ^*Xr ^3^ V ^ V ?S Tra cop^t.... .. **> the price 1. <3 60 ? t??x, t? ? for *1 Z?^W K^/ Twenty-ire crplea ?u on:h?, SI for three montte; and for lea. iku 11lavwUMyoooUln.the"WMagtM NW Ihrff month* at the rule of Kcenta a week. 81a- ltol *" ?*e ^ **** * ? * Sim circulate gle ooplet, ow* cikt; 1b wrapper*, two c*nTa. " " " ' ?' ~? *? Kraw y Uirou*bout ** eooatry. U f Advihiiiivinti thou Id be aent to the IZ7***lBRle coplea (In wrapper*) caa be pro*?.?? ",r"*"~" \"k. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 9. 1861. N--\ 2.722. ~??? . ? THE GREAT EXPEDtTtO*. ?fow that the destination of the great naval expedition is no longer a secret, the country will give immediate and earnest attention to tbe geographioal features and strategic advantages of the position selected for the base of operations and chief theater of the war in the cotton States. A eareful study of its topography, with the assistance of the distinct and excellent map which we publish this morning, cannot foil to give the impression that if all parts of this important movement have been planned with the same good judgment that has elected the place of landing, the country ha3 reason to anticipate suspicious results. The selection of a point on the Atlantic const in preference to one on the Gulf, shortens, by more than a thousand miles, tbo distance be tween our southern army and the sources of its supplies and reinforcements, besides avoiding the dangerous navigation through the Florida Keys wnich employs and enriches such a multitude of wreckers. There is no point on the Gulf coast which offer* advantages for the main purposes of the expedition; and if its destination bad been New Orleans, that populous eity, with its facilities for communication with tbe interior, would afford the rebels far greater resources for defense than we could bring to the arnault. Cut the Port Royal entrance is an easy sail from fortress Monroe, euabliug us to strengthen our army by rapij reinforcements; and the district about it Is so situated in regard to railroad and river communication o? to afford the rebels no advantages for a concentration of troops. Although the summer climate is such that the planters remove with their families to the uplands during tho hot eason, the winter air is balmy and delightful, and favorable to the health of our troops. Beaufort, wbich has the deepest and finest harbor on tbe southern coast, is a pleasant little village of about 1,000 inhabitants, situated sixteen miles inland, and distant fifty miles from Charleston, and thirty-five from Savannah. The landing of a large force in its vicinity is a menace to both these cities, which will compel the rebels to keep a large stationary force for tbe defense of each, besides con soon aiier ids disaster at Midihu. suggesting the qm of cipher in telegraphing, as well as iii writing on important topics connected with the war; and the adoption of one of the many modes of telegraphic oipher was soon after effeoted. These telegraphic cipher are so simple that persons in regular correspondence, oat of the army as well as in it. might well adopt one of them for security against treachery, while corresponding by telegraph on important subjects. We have feared, notwithstanding, that the rebels continued to profit by tapping the telegraph, like some of the speculators who often cut the wires and otherwise violated the lines ra former years whenever "steamers1 news'' were passing, or about to pass?an annoyanee probably not forgptten by the merchants and business men of this eity. And it seems that some rebels were actually caught in the act in Missouri. A well known detective, Julius Jenks, receiving information about some telegraph violators, took with him from St. Tiouia another person named George, and caught the rogues in the aot. The two rebel telegraphers were found in a secluded spot, where tney had made a secret oennection with the telegraph wires, and were reeaiving all the news as it passed over the wires. Capt. Jenks and George firad, and one of the rebels fell dead The other rebel showed fight, and nearly killed George, wbea the captain dispatched the scoond rogue like the first. The telegraphic apparatus was captured and brought to St. Louis. -.V. Y. World. rST Sen. continues to receive smart rape from thWSouthern papers. No one of I v.. w--- ? m. 1? iowis uu vwu uivi? uon??i/ ftlVACBCQ The contrast between bu ol4 position, where he *u honored and indulged, not to uj petted, and hi* new poet, where he ia constantly rebuked, must be anything bat a pleasant one to him. The Riohmond Examiner lately hits him ?hus: 9 " We look forward to the rescue of Western Virginia with great anxiety and an intense defire It galls as to the qaiok that the enemy should be able to maintain himself ther$ as ho has done. If elaborate proclamations, West Point science, and consummate engineering had boon the tactics for the Alleganies. doubtless Roeeerans, era this, would hive been a used an man. Bat while we were felling timber ana marching columns, with' great pomp, for no other purpose than to take a good look at the enemy * potions. Roseerans was using hi* legs, and striking a blow where, locording to all the rales of seienoe, we had no right to expect a victory." ICT A r>?wtty and talented Gfrmao artiitr has pot her*.if up to lottery There are to be 3u6 tickets, at fto thalers each, and the drawer of the winning nurab-r ia to have during twelve months, the exclusive n<ht to her professional aervlces. (IT Since the 1st of Annuel guna and muskets U tbr value of *'/*? ?<U? uave b-en imported into New Verk, and rlt?i to llw v&lne of *750,UQU ' \nr Sweet potatoes of a good quality nave been taised la Connecticut this season. fronting as with another at Beaufort. They cannot send detachment* from the latter to either of these important oities so quickly as we ?an dispatch a large force from Beaufort by sea, nor can the troops at one of them be rent to the defense of the other, without leaving it exposed to attack by a new armament which may pounce on it from Fort re#* Monroe. The rebel troops at Charleston and Savannah mi?? be sufficient, at each of these cities, to defend it from our whole southern force which can be wielded against either at will, nd which will require the rebels to stand ready with three times as many men to meet an attack as would be necessary if the point Of landing had been less skillfully selected. The country around Beaafort, for a great distance back, is as level as any of our western Erairies. which will prevent the rebels, in the attles likely to occur, from fighting with the advantages of ground which have been of such service to them in Virginia. They can make' do canning retreat, drawing us on until a strong position makes it safe to hazard a battle On those extensive fiats every battalion of our men will be at least an evon match for every battalion of theirs, and the Union army may count upon " an open field and fair fight," in which hitherto they have always been victorious. The important relations of this war to the negro question and the cotton supply contribute also to make Beaafort the most eligible position in all the South for a base of operations. We strike into the heart of the region that produces the most valuable of all the va rietiee of the staple, known in the market as th? Sea Island cotton The district (or oounty) of Beaufort alone produced, in 1350. 12,672 hales, besides more rice than any other county in the Southern States; the adjoining district of Colleton, on the northeast, 13,006 bales; and the other adjacent district of Barnwell, on the northwest, 10,138 bales. This is one of the most opulent regions in the whole South, the plantations being extensive and the slaves nuweroas in proportion to the white population. In Beaufort district there were, in 1859, 5,747 white inhabitants and 32.297 slaves; in Colleton, 7,403 whites and 31,771 slaves; a disproEortion to great as to touch southern appreensioos in their tenderest point, and ao bring the inhabitants, at once, face to face with tho terrible consequences invelved in a prompt final choiee between a re urn to loyalty and persistence in rebellion.?N. ?. World. Rebel Jledta ef Obtaining laferaaattea Maeh of the information concerning the national army movements which the rebels received. and which enabled them, for a time at least, to countervail the aetion of the Government, was probably obtained by tampering with the telegraph lines. Satisfied of this probability, * friend now beside us communicated his suspicions personally to a prominent army oficer at Washington about the close of July, IMPORTANT FROM THE KANAWHA VALLEY. PARTICULARS OP THE HECKST E30AGEXEXT AT GAL'LEY Kim-THK REBELS PIRK AT A BIO HOUSE ALL DAT WITHOUT HITTIXG IT OSCE. Capt. Golding. of Gen. Rosecrans' Staff, and Quartermaster John Mackabee, of the Eleventh Ohio Regiment, arrived in this ?ity yesterday afternoon from Gauley Bridge, which place they left Saturday morning. From these gentlemen we gather some interesting particulars of the engagement reported by telegraph to have taken place at that point Friday, and wjiich many persons were apprehensive had resulted disastrously to our can?e for the reason that nothing additional could be learned from the same source. For the benefit of those not familiar with the topography of the conntry in the vicinity of Gauley Bridge, it may be proper to state that at that point the Gauley and New rivers come together, forming the Great Kanawha, just as the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers unite in forming the Ohio. Gauley Bridge, or rather what was the bridge before Wise burned it in his precipitate retreat last July, spans Gauley river about 200 yards above its confluence with the New. The country is vary mountainous, the hills on all sides looming up fully 500 feet, and the water courses almost entirely covering the valleys, so that there is not room in many nlonoa f..m I r\ t ... pi?ubo ivi vtcu a TT agvu ruau. VUT IUICC3 lire encamped at the bridge, and at several points on the east bank of New river, extending up that stream 12 or 15 miles. This brief explanation may serve to make Capt. Holding's statement more intelligible. On Friday morning a detachment of scouts from the Second Kentucky P*egiment, under Capt. Wheeler, returned to Gen. Rosecrans' headquarters, and reported the rebels in considerable force on the west side of New river. This intelligence created no uneasiness, for the reason that the country there is an almost impassable wiidergfees, and the enemy had no means of crossing, if ?o disposed. Our skirmishers occasionally penetrate this benighted region, but we believe it has never been deemed necessary to throw out pickets in thatdirection. Shortly after Captain Wheeler's return, two batteries opened upon our troops in the vicinity of Gauley Bridge freci the hills on the opposite side cf tbe river- one direetly opposite the bridge, and the other two miles lower down the Kanawha, opposite a large brick house in which our commissary's supplies were stored. These batteries played away nearly all day?the commissary's quarters affording them a fine mark?but so bad was their flring they 'lid not strike the hvitdi+g i,nre ! In almost every instance their balls and shells fell short. The upper battery, after wasting a good deal of ammunition, succeeded in driving the Eleventh Ohio from their camp on the hill side opposite, and in sinking a fiatboat, which served ?ur army as a ferry. This was the extent of the damage done. Not a man was killed, and th* fiatboat was raised again the same evening, and made to do good service that night, as will be seen. It was not till tbe day had far advanced that our artillery could be brought to bear unon the ! rebel batteries Our rilled guns *ere all at the I various camps up New river, but when they were once placed in position, it was not long until both the rebel batteries were silenced. The loss of the insurgents is not known A train ?f wagons on its way from Gauley Bridge te our encampments above, was fired upon the same day. when five or six miles up the river, by rebel infantry, aDd two of our men were wounded. Three companies from Gen. Benham's camp, at Hawk's Nest, came to their relief, and drove the enemy back of tbe hills Friday nijjht Gen. Benham's brigade moved down the river to Gauley Bridge, and were fArri?H arrr?aa *1? *- ? * ....... ...wo .u? inci uu vats uaiooai wtilCD the rebels had previously sank. They moved along the base of the hill upon which the rebel batteries had been planted, intending to go down as far as Loop creek, three or four mile? below, where there is a sap in tho mountains, and a road leading to tlie rear of where the rebels are encamped. Another brigade, McCook's or Scbensk'a, would probably crosa above, and it is confidently believed our troops will be able to surround the insurgents on these mountains before they can make their escape. On his arrival at Charleston, Saturday evening, Capt. Golding learned by telegraph that the firing from the rebel batteries had not been renewed. Later?Since writing the above, the steamer Allen Collier has arrived from Camp Enyart, which place she left Sunday morning, but brings nothing additional of importance from Gauley Bridge. We learn, however, from the officers of the Collier that a battalion of Piatt's Zouaves bad left Winfield and gone to Mtid Bridge, on Guyandotte Creek, where they Saturday night captured twenty-five prisoners.?Cincinnati Gazette. Finding of thk CouaT or Inquiry in Col. Miles' Cask?The Washington correspondent of the New York Times writes: The Court of Inquiry In tbe of Colonel Miles has msde Its report About ttfty eight witnesses were examined, and tbelr evident* presents tbe miwt extraordinary conflict of testimony. Twenty eight swrar positively that they siw Col Miles on the day of tbe battle of Bull K in, and tbat be was drunk About twenty swear just as positively that they saw him within tbe hours alleged, and be wa* not drunk. After weighing the t?stlmony the court gave the following decision : "First?That Col. J. B Richardson wb? justified in applying the term drunkenness to Col D. 9 Miles condition about 7 o'clock p. m., on the 21 at of July laat. Second? t'hat the evidence la clear that Col. Miles bad been ill seveial days before July 21st laat; was 111 on that day; that the surgeon bad prescribed medicines for him on the day of the battle; had prescribed for him small quantities of brandy. The court, however, considers his Illness as a very alii; bt extenuation of the guilt attached to his condition about 7 p. in on July 21st laat "Opinion?The court Is of opinion that evidence cannot now be found sufficient to convict Col. Miles of drunkenness before a court-martial, and a court-martial cannot be convened for thla trial wttbout Inconvenience to the service, and recommends that no further preceedlngs be had." The proceedings was laid before the majorgeneral commanding and approved. Whkrk ts Ccxbiklakd Gap'?Cumberland Gap Is situated about ten miles from Cumberland Ford. In Tenneseee, and has been celebrated for a century aa a greet depression In the mountain rldge which traverse* tbe continent from New Hampshire to North Alabama Through this gap, very similar in appearance and characteristic to the South Pass In toe Rocky Mountains, formerly tbe emlg.'aat* from Vlrglnttand Nortb Carolina passed on tbelr way to the virgin wilds of the West. For bsif a century thousands upon thousands poured tbrojgh this natural gateway Into the Mississippi ValU-v from the Atlantic slopes Boone, Kenton ar.d tdeir pioneer ron/reret tint entered tbe land of "eane and turkey" over the pre-Adamite turuplke. It really forms to this hour the best and, in fact, tbe only practicable road for the transportation of troops and heavy munitions of war from East Tennessee Into Kentucky. (in Shiklds and No*th**n Mkxico?In pleasant rumors are revived of the disaffection of Mlior-Geoerai Shields Tb? New Vmir Tim?. reports, on reliable authority, that many t*oulhrrnera, residents of California, are availing ibeinstitfes of the line of steamers, recently establlfhed between 8an Francis :o and Gusymas and Mazitlan, to emlirra'e to that section of Mexico. No less than 1U0 Southern fsmllirs have left California for Sonora -tad 91aalo?, where they propose to locate, and /o?ter the Interest* of the Mouthers Confederacy It is also stated that Gea Shields Is actively at w rk ia Mazatlan as the agent of Jeff Davis, nnder the pretence of an Irish cmU Hration scheme. We doubt this statemnnt with re^srd to Gen Shields, but It may be true, and that the Confederate* are at work la bat quarter aud on the borders of Arizona there is abundant evidence. lE^The government basin service two reglmmU of lancers, two composed entirely of lumbermen, oi>e of miiwrs. one of railroad men, one of engineers aad bridge makers and oae of mechanics. Proposals fok beef cattle on THE HOOF. Skal*d Proposals for supplying to the Government 4,000 Beef Cattle on the Hoof, are ivited the 15th day of .November, 18KJ, at 12 o'flloak nv The Cattle to be at?!iv?red in Washington oity.oa the 20th day of November, 1861, of a- soon thereafter as the Government may iliiect. The bi^i to bs directod to Lieut. S C. GUEKN, A C.S., U. S. A , i)3t G -treet, WMhington oity, "Endorsed Proposals." Sialsd Proposals are also invited till the I5th day of November, 186!, at 1 o'clock d. m., for supplying the Government 4 ooo Head of Boet Cattle on the hoof, The Cattle to be delivered at Ha' nabur(t, Pa., on the 30th of November 1861, or as soon thereafter aa the Government may direct. The bids to be directed to Lieut. F. H BAKROLL, A. U. 8 , U. S. A . 223 tt street, Washington, D. C. and "Endorsed Propos&U." Sealed Proposals are invitod till the 15th of November. 1 o'clock p. m., for supplying 4.CU0 Head of Beef Cattle to the Governm nt. The C4ttle to be delivered on the Snth (fay o( January, 1*2, or as soon thereafW as the Government may direct, *t eithor York, Chambersburg.or Hamsburg, Pa as the Government mar direct Tne bids to be directed to Maj. A. BECK W TH, C.8. U. S. A., 22't G street, Washington, D. C , and "Endorsed Proposals." Government reserves to itself the right to pay in Trea-ary note', and to 'eject any Did for any cause. No bid will be entertained un ess the bidder is present to respond to his bid. fclaoh lot of Cattle delivered shall average at least 1.300 pounds gross weight; and ?.o animal wili he leoeived wh.oh weighs less than 1,000 pounds gross weight. , F?RM 0? JilD. 1, A K, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef CMt e on the hoof for per hundred Doundg ftohs w?i*ht. The little to be delivered at . according to I he terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the scales, and the weight so determined to be the puroliate weight. 1 hereby agree to give a gootfand sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the contract, and to receive Treasury notes or other Government lauds in payment for the Cattle. oo 26 t<1 SEALED PROPOSALS are invittd for FLOUR till the UHi day November, 1861 at 12 o'clock m. About 8,<*X> barrels wui be required, in separate lots of about 1,'W barrels each. The Flomr to be made of new wheat, and the delivery of th^whole lot to be made by the 26th November, 1861. The Flour required to be of the following brands, and to pass the inspection of a Board of Artftr Officers, or such other inspection as the Subsistence Department may direct. Arlington Extra, Congress do. S Pry do. Fairview do. Cedar Vale do. Glenwood do, Clagett do. J. IN ewoome do. M. Smith do. Roxbnry do. JoeCharies do. J. Davidson ft Co. do. Foundry do. Heck do, 1), L Morrison ft Co. do. Lyon's UntiP Flonr.dr?. ii.g Spring ioe Charles,do. Ede's Extra linker's, do. A few barrels of th?> s*me grade of Southern Flour will be taken, provided that it proves equal in grade to the brands above-named The bidders to statu the brand and the number of barrels of each kinfl they propose to furnish. The barrels containing the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and head-lined. The proposals to beaddreesed to Mai. A. BECK WITH.C S , U.S A.. Washington, D. C., and endorsed. "Proposals for Hour " oc 2fi ^ R MY CLOT H 3 . tyUA.KTKRMA*TKR GKNFUAI,'* OFFICE, { Wa^HINSTOJI, October 31, lb6l $ Proposal* are invited and will be received by the U S Quartermaster at Philadelphia, Peun., until 12 o'clock at o' oa o" trie 15t i daj ot Novrmber ne*t. lor furnishing CLOlHS FOR ARMY CLOTHING Each prutosal must be aocompamed by samples of the o oth which it isp-nposadto lurnwh The cloth shoulc be three quarters to six quarters yards wide. Light or daric blue will ba pielerred, and light grets will n->t be considered. Bidders mnst state the Lumber ol yards they will be prepared to furnish in each month, and fo' h<w many mon hs, at the clothing dt pots in New York or Phi adelphia. or both, and th- p ioe per >arU for each quality and width. Proposals and samples w<ll be plainly marked, and addressed to the U. fe. Quartermaster, Phi'* delphia, P*nn F.&c;; bid must be aoonmpanied by a proper guar ant??e,' setting forth that if the ooritraot is awarde I to the party named therein, he will at onoe execute the same, and sive in double th? amount of the oontraot for the laiihful perform*' ce thereof. M.C. MEIG*, Quarterma*ter General U. 3. Army, nov l-tl6thN ov M FISH AND CHEESE. LANCHARDA LKaCH, Wholesale Dealers in Cheese No. 56 Sohth at., Baltimore. have just received a large lot of Mackerel, Herring, Codfish, Hake-fish, tc.,4c. AIro, prime K&nfn Cheese. All of which will bg sftid at the lowest market rate*- oc 25-jw* / ROUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, &o. Vv TYI. MI'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF GUM ARABIC. This ple*sant and popular Cough Remedy has b?en so long knownand extensively used that most person* have aeoome f*m>liar with its extraordi t.ary efficacy. It can he had at all the pnnc pa! drug stores, at 25 acd SO cents & bottle. oc U d2rn&eo4m* /?. A \ SOMETHING NEW ! ( ajGkllll/iT DISCOVERY OFyVv) I aj At ii^l C street, opposite the Tkia'er. " OYSTERS STEAMED in the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a roact) iu two minutes, the fastest time on retard. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs hm friends in the Oistriot. and tisitors to the city, that he has refitted his old and wkll-snow* bstablishmbnt in a most thorough mauner. and ha*s made com piete arrangements to furnish OYSTER a i-i aoy tyle and in any quantity. 400 to son ga Ions shucked per day. 2W to 3 000 cans of Spiced ad F>e?h put up daily?cans hermetically staled Furnished in the shell by the bnshe or barrel. Parsons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Raltimore pnoes, without fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an article esiial to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioos just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, i/obsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, Ac. Ac., Ac. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, Xo. Also, Game and F>esh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, Ao. In fact, evcy thing for sale in the Norlht rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prices Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge n any part of tne District, in season, if the money is sent with the order. My estab;ishnnent is open from 6 a m. to 12 at night, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 close at 10 o'clock a. m. i _se27 T. M HARVKY. T CARRIAGES. U li! MnhiArihiir havins rv.*it? ft^iiitiikna tr% hi* factory, making it now oae ol the in the District, where his fitcviLie.-.Wyciwy. for manulaotur?nz CARRIAGES and " M LIGHT WAGONS of ail kiud* oanuot be uur passed, &ri?l from his lone experience in the business, he hopes to give general s&uslvninn. All kinds of Carries and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, an-i all orders promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, it l? tf oomer of FnurMwitli wd E sta. ?l billiards! I The lovers ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICU'S PINE HALL, Corur o Pennsylvania avenue and Uth street, (south side,) two of the most admirable tables in the United States, with every oomfort and oonvenienoe _au Itf for the players. New cloaks, new shawls, and new dress goods, Of modern designs and iabrios at our proverbially low Jrioes, with all other kinds of medium ana fioe Dry Goods iu all the departments of families and housekeepers wants. Also, our usual full stook of all the leahng Staples adaptsd to the wants of the million, whone tr*ae we sohoit. Carpets, Curtains, Oilolotbs, Rugs, Ac, upper floors. Oae prioe only, marked in plain figures, there An inspeotion of stock solicited; it implies no oblic&tion to porehase. Ml paroels lor til* interior properlj packed free

of oharce. fKRRY A BROTH Kit, Penn. are., and 9th street, no 2 tot'l **Perry Building." CiK*NO ADVANCE OF THE ARMY: but I SMITH bas not advanced the pnee of his Clothing whioh he hftsjnst received and is sellimr ofT at suoh remarkable low priees. Give me a oall and satisfy yourselves of the creat bargains that are now offered every day at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh ?t- f oal lm HOME-MADE BOOTS AND SHOES, Ladies^ L L A * FfcflRIXS' CELSBRATX0 Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by mS EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ml of a from a to Hf ? I Medical GeniUmtu% "ONLY GOOD M\ T.h"IZH SAUCE." ?t Worcester. andapplicable to fegg! .. fell L.-Vfirdvvdv ri*s that tlieir S a test *<vUKY ri't*1"-'" i? hiihiy esteemed a?- in Ir.Hi*. *nd 1*. in VARIETY ||j)y opinion, tha most hm,"* ?palat<b'e, as well a? OF DISH ?Sfc*?iiwth? most wholesome 1MSH. Mfijf~%?0Snuce that is made.' The above sauce 13 n-?t only the brst and most ro^ULAkco!iDiJi?NT Ituown, but the most teal, as a >w drops in Soup, (frnvy. or with ri*h. hot and ooid Joints, Fit? St*ak, (ram*,jte., impart an exquisite ?e?t, whico unprincipled Sauee man ?&etar?rs hav? is vain*e<Lea*xu.?dto tmttatj On the Breakfast, Lunckecm, Dinner. OT SVPnn Tuble, & oruot containing " I.EA & PERKINS WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensab!e. To appreciate the excellent fualittis of this delicious preparation it in on y necessary to purchase a ?m*il bott'e of the genuine, of a respe.tahle gro cer or'!ea er, as manv Hotel and lles.aurant pro prietors so'dom place the Pure Sauce r>e,fore tnair guests. tiut aubsiitntea senu'a* fictile filled with a /runout mixture. For saie by Gr-'cors and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHM DUNC*N fc SO 'S, Union SqKfirt- and Hth street, IS'rui Y'-r*. Sola Wh >l"?saie Agents for the United States. A ?*teck always in store?Also orders received for direct shipments from Engia-d. \\J~ Betoare ttf Counterfeits and Imitations. JJ} Sf-p S-lr.eo W NOTICE. E Beg leave to call the attention of Officer! of the Army to our verr^e assort ? ment of all classes of EQUI f MENTS. ^nc'NhK especially to an article of Military Bite Cloth and Doeskin Casrimerc, whioh we iff warrant will retain its color. Ou* assortm??nto,f Swords, Sasnes, Relts, Gauntlets. Army Caps (ind:go dye), tdperlor Flwnnet Shirts. Le<[eings, Sword Knots, Gold and I eattier Shoulder Straps, and devices of a I descriptor g, jg row comcifte, and we are well satisfied that an inspection will prove satisfactory in every part.or. hr. H1NTON A 1 EEL, 00 26-1 ro Merchant Tailors. No. 406 Pa. av. METALLIC AHMOR. OIIj, 101 C leaning. Polishing, and Preventing Rut. This is superior to all other oils in the world for the above purposes, as weii as for machinery and lubricating uses. It is equally applicable to sunlook* and sewing mscMnes. It >s in high favor at tne Government Navy Varus for ordnance and machinery. Printiyal Derotaml General Agency, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. aveuue, near Eleventh it. se 24 2m THE SUBSCRIBERS ben leave to inform their patrons and the public generally of be _ ^ iug amply supplied with a superiors ckoi^BS FALL and WINTER GOODS. ff* They also respectful y invite attention of Iff their Army and rVa- y customers, and thore 1 1 r'quirmt outfi's inthat ime. totheir superior aaalities <>f Swords, Lpaulots. Shoulder S'raes Heir-., t ha? e vi *, Hats, C*ps Sashes, and Gold Lar..a, constantly on hand, which are warranted a* 'e.?r" seated, WhiUt terdering thanks for the libera! patronage or joyed, they wii endeavor to merit a c<i.Uuuaijce. F. J. HEIBKRGER A; CO., (Successors t i II. F. I.oud m A. t.o ,) CITIZEN, MILITARY and NAVAL TAILOHS, 364 Pennsylvania Avenue, oc 16 ertfrn PB K R ONER'S H1LADKLPHIA LAGER BEER! S. STERN MERGER, SOLE A U K N T, No. 323 I) Strkkt, (Adj jiniry Star onioe.) A largt supply constantly on ha^d. . oc 15-lm / 1 SUTLERS WANTED. ^JREAT ADVANTAGES to b? found by 8utles. and dealere in Boots and Sh"es, at th??|bt NEW YORK WH iLESALE KKANCH Ml HOUSE, 34S PennsTW*aiaivenue,(o?er? HLl Jsnney's Shoe More.) We msnofactare our own G^ods, and sell at New York j>rie??, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand a lar** s?tock, we can suppl) at a moment s notice. An* quantity de?ir? d' A large assortment of 3 sole Hsgn-out Shoes, auu Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A call from ai: dealers solicited. WHITEHOUSE & UNCKI.ES. QQ 7-lwadp,A3?r* piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMl'ANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital "..**00,000. 'i*c? ?*mtr C strut *nd L?*l<<i%nn *., mir af Walking ton. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY At? AiNST LOSS BY F1KE. Directors. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Richard Jones, John D. Barclay, Jacob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefi, Thos. Parker, Riehard ?;arry, B. JJ. French, Dr. U. W. Davis. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President, albt. ft. Davis. Hocretary. an 9-eotin ATCHREPAIKINb ands1l.VER WARE MANUFACTORY. 1 have one o! the oest establishments, and iurnished with a oompieto set of tools for repairing every desoripnon of fine W atones, ami SSkl artloular attention give to the sam?, by a^Bl tiio <ughoompetentworkman.anda. vofk bed Also, evsry desorip ion of standard SILVER Wt RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured unuei my own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware old by dealers in gtueral and represented as their wn manufacture. H. 0. HOOD, wi p*.a?"B'!?. re*r*?h UNION OYSTER DEPOT.?The nudersign-d respeotfu'ly aunonnoe to their^^. /?\ friends and the pub ic that they have tyv\ f alwats on hand a iresh supply of the^vwvigy best O'sters the market cau supply, 'SeS* and servad at every style. tamilifs and butlers surplied. 8 WORD A CO , oc 5-lm* 49S, oorner ?>f 13th and K ate. NEW AND STYLISH THINGS, m low ->riocd, Medium at.d fine Embroidered Cambric and Mus in Collars. We also name great bargains in Drees Silks, many new things in the assortment. One pnoe ou,y, marked m plain fisures. Carpets, Curtuns, Oilolotns. Hhj", Ao . uppei lloois PERRY A BROTHER, oo 28 5td Pa. av., and 9th stieet WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larst assortment of G R E V* and BL U E F LA N N EL OVKR-SH1KTS, WHITE r-HlRTS. DRAWERS, CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSF, Arc., wluou we^invUo all cash purchasers to examm< wiu iiiaaiUK iiioir soiociiuuB. WALL, STEPBENS A CO., 3iiU Pa. a*., between 9th anJ 10th sta. m a (Intelligencer and Rwniblicao.i womkthing new-superior hullel corn ?th* snb'Oritter, having got the agencj to eup?ly Washington and Georgetown with thu delicate preparation of Corn, would respecttallj nit of hie friends, and the public at iar?e, to givt it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared WM bradly. Agent. Pa. avenue. between 18th cjiu 19th sts. N. BManulaoturer of Marble Manties, Monuments, Table Tops, Ao. A largo aasoruueuta wayi on hand. on 19 3m WALL.STEPHENt* 4. CO.. 398 Hjmn^tlvak;a AviNOi, military AND naval merchant tailors, AND NEAUY-MADE CLOTHIFR9, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. ? 6 lf (Intei. A Kepcb.) GIBBS' HAIR STORE, No. Pa. av.. bit. 12th a-to 12tm sts. perfumhry. ft BRA IDS. CURLS. WIGS. HALF W1US, PKlZETTES, Ao. A full stoci Always on haiid,or made to order at the shortest oodoe. HAir Wort repair*i or exchanged. N. B.?Ladies' fiair L??e?j lt> th? n??t Da'ura tir?r t? am OLANRE?"S, COMFORTS, SHbKHV^. L9 Towels, Napkins, Dt-ylies and other Dry 0.?>?1b for the watli of housekeepers and families One prioe only, marked in plain Scare* Carp-ts, Oilcloths, Curtains, Hues, A;n, upper floors. fKRHY ? BRO.. Pa. avenue and Ninth st., co ? M "Perry Buildlir " rpO MILU'ARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. batchklor s gknuink hair dye. The Beet in the World, 7\e Onl* Reliable and Harmlttt Hntr Dye R*eten. Sold by all Druggists; aleo, at BaiBiTon'e Patent Mtxiieiae More, t p. Patent Olboe.oor. F A Ttfa, G ibis's Uair Store, i??U*Penu'a avenue, where _ . 1-adies can hare It applied, if desired. F?c?of^?91 BarolA) it. (late 33J Broadway )N, Y, Hi>U JtMiA&TOX, ALTII1VRK LOCK UUiriTAL, // ? d\it**)r$d ikt n il Ctri?t?, Spt$d* mI| Ktm*df in Ui lr?rU, j FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE VTA RH ANTED. OR NO CHARGE, I jV FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Wa*kt,a?J r* tfi* BiCk. S:riei?r*a, Aficutna wf lb a Kidaaja ?nd BiadJ#.* !Huf isi*cna>(??, lnpot*acv. ( ral I)?m1iit, Nit.TonurtU, (IfiMfH, Lanraor, Confaaioa f Idea*, Law Spir. j, ?-;piUw <4 th* Kt?r? Timidity, Tramblinja, Diiuuiu ? or Giddm***, of th* id. Thro*!, Not* or Skin, Aftctioe* of th* LBfsr*, Stnir*cn nr B.'tili?tb*** T?mbl* Di*ord*r? ariaing frora Bohury H-. iu of Youth?th?*? Prradfsl *rd D**raeu?? Pr*euci? which rindir Mirntp jmpoMiU*, and dotroj botb Bo'.r >ud Mud. YOUNG MEN E*p*ri?l!j wh* ha?* b*eom? Oia victim* ?f Solitary Tic*, that dr*aJfai and dattructiv* habit which a.inaallj aw**pa I* ia lotiinil; (r><* thoauad* of Ya*r| M*aa( lb* ?! taittd ulant* *ad brilliant int*lt*ct. who might otbarwia* bara ?iitnnc?d Uataaaaf Statu* with th* tbaudtr* of 7?*r>e* or w'aked to *ca*.tcj lb* li?.r.f !rr?, may call witk fall cmiitatt. MARRIAGE. MiIIIID PMlons, or Vourf IK*o coctam pitting Mir ria/a, b*;Lfiwr.r* ofphTUcsl w*akn***t organi* dtbility, dCormtti**, Ac., *pa*any ctri3. H* who piac** hitriicn ei.tlcr the c*ra of Dr. J. iray r*Uriaa*ly confld* to hi* honor ti gentUman and aacldintly ft It span hi* ikill a* a phytician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. Itft hand aid* going from Baltimore etreat, a f*w doer* from tha corntr. Fail not to ob**r?e nam* and narnber. Letter* m?tt t( paid and contain a at&ir.p. DR JOHNSTON, Mambiraf tbe Royal Coliere of Scrjeoi a, London, (radial* from o-e ?< the ranet eminent ColWpti in the Culled tatee, and tli* ri?atfr p^rt of whoae life baa bain epent id the hcapitale of London, Pari*, Philadelphia and elsewhere, baa elected aoraa of tha n>oet aatotiiifciog carta that vara artr known; many troubled with ringtnrin tha head and | tara whan aeleep; jrraa: nariouan***, ceing alarmed at euuuCI eouod*, baabfulceea with frequent b!a*~ing, attended aoraeumei ?Ua <2*ra?g?mtnl of mind, war* cared immediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yoanf Men ant other* who have in tared tMr-releea by a artara practice indulged in when alone?a habit Utjttnilf learned from evil companion*, or at ecbocl, the efltcie t! which ere nightly fell e ten when a*!*ep, and if oot cured, render? mirrnii impoaeible, and deatroye both mind ana kfdy, ehoald *rriy imiwdiittlr. Ihete ar* >n(5? cf the ead and melancholy effect* produced b? early habiie of vmtb, ail s Weaknee* of tha Back and Limb*, Pair.* in the ne? J, P'r-meie of 8if bt, Lo?* of Mu*ca>ar Power, Palpitatioii of toe Huft, Dyayepay, Htmme irritability, Derangement of the Di??*<i?* rsieuow*, General Debility, Bymptum* of Conecciption, 4c Mentally.?The fearful effect* on the mind ara math to be dreaded?Lcee of Memory, Confueim of Idea*, Depreeaioo el S-^",e, Ejil Fortbodu ga, Aaereioo of Society, 9elf-Dietraat, Lo?e of Cc!!'?",e, Timidity, etc.^re eorne of tha e*ile prodaced. NlHrori DtllLITT.?Thonaandi ean new )adge what le the cacae of their declining health, loan.a tb<tr rigor, becoming weak, pile, oereou* and emaciated, baaing e raralti appearance about the eyti, cough or eyirpt me of coij/i*3ptian. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the muguided and imprudent eotary of pleaeare Cede be h?a imbifcrd the ??ed? of tbie paiijfal diee&ae, it too often hippene that an ill-umtti net* rf ehame or dread of diecoeery dettre him from apply nig to thoaa who, ttcH edoeatioo and reipect\bility, can alone befriend him Ha fa!:* into the band* of ignnrant and dettg-ning pretender*, who, inClpabl* af caring, filch hi* pecuniary *ubet?iic.e, beep him trifling month after month, 01 a* lccg a* tita email**; fa* can ba obtained, and in deejj^ir leave bim with ru.ned health to *:gb arer m* galling dTiapj -inaut; or by th* ua* of that deadly poieon ?Mercary?haeten tha cot.etitutional ermptome cf tbie terrible du**?*,'*eeh a* At action* of th* Heart, Throat, Head, kin, Ac., pro* reninr with frig" '1.1 rapidity, till death pat* a period to hi* dread!?I *uff* by**r:iir,g hunt a ihat ?adi*ea**r*d coantry 'rem wh??e bear- e na traaaler retame. nB rnwv.cnv.i F.KWnv FOK ORGANICl " WEAKyESSAXl* 1MPOTEXCY My ih'i fraat fjii iir-rar:-ot ratnadj *ukr.iii ?'thi irfim kit ?j)?? 1 c*rad aril fall rif*r raaiarad. Tbaaa?cda : tha tit i.arraaa end dta.'hu:?i!i ?* kad laat all blf), kill ???!, iaiatiwu!;rci;a?ad. All impadimaDi* la Marnrfa, Phy?l*?' ?r Manial DiaqaalUcaftaoa, Lou af rrssraaiivt Pavar. Iiriin Irritability, TraraaliRT Rtj< Waibnaai ar Ej>?uu<c #f Ul oiaat ftarfal caaaSi-y carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 HE PRESS. Tma Ki?i ThoisajcjS carad at tbia iu. .s:.*n withia tfea last atraulitu aaara, and tha i.amtraaa inpartaat Ss-?i al Or. Jabnetaa, wit data hatha rapanara a/ the p&para tiitl ra:ny ether Daracna, neicia af vhich huae rppaared cjam and agsto before tha rabiic, ba Idea bia atanding aa a [a-.tiaman af character ana Hilly. ta a adcun'. faarrntea ta tfca aSictad. m>,t 15-l.a NOTICE. fi$f?sa??!VM!as M ADAMS' KXPKEfc* COMPANY " This Comiany oilere to tha public *' Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe and Quick Hispstoh of Heavy Freights Packa?es, Valuables, Money, Ac. See., to all parts of the United State*. K*r>resfcea to and from the North and West depart from and arrive ir Washington twice daily. Ail Kxpruaa^B la charge of ixptriencexi and r:h~blt Mossengets. All F&ekages for The Soldier* c*rr?#d at "oir? half" our usual rates. Alt Ctoodt for tu3 *o-cai!od "Confederate StAtM*' and a 1 * Coutral>and of War" will b? Refund. Ou- Express?* leave New York at 1.8, and 6 P. M- ar'ivmr in Washington at 6 A. M and 5.30 P. M. Expresses loa^e Philadelphia at 6JB A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 6 90 P. M.and 6 A. M. Expresses loave Baltimore at 4 30 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arrwiug in Want, wig tun ai 3 A.M. and 630 Expro*ses fora',1 poiuls North and West leave VVaBiuuctoL. at 7.30 A. M. and iaii P M. daily. Special Contracts for arge auantiti*? of Freight can be made o. application to thia < ?&oe. Ali Goods called for and ue^vcr&d fru of Extra charges. E. W. PAllSONS, Sup*t Adam#' Express Company. Washington, August 23.1961. au 'A- if Ywood and coal. OU Will ?artl? get your m<>cey'? worth by sailing at the PIONEER MILLS, ee? ??r of .l/rflii* .<ir?t and Can&l, (GEO. PAGE, AreuL) They sell creaper and give '>att?r measure than any others in the 04s.y?cut, aplst, and delivered free of charge. Jf voa doe t t eiieve ?i ve the Pioneer Wins atr.a., and be satisfied _ T-lv-r j> UOTtf A*D SHOES TO 8*1* TfiJE D TiMES. We are bow ra*naf??tiiru,g all tcirds of BOOTS an* SilOEtt, and o?;atantiv lOAeivinc a?^ anjp.i of eastern made ru.i tf every de ?US orvirion, raa^ expressly to order, ana wiilw^Jj be eol?l at a c.aoii lower prioetlian hae beac* WL heretofore ohargod in tiua ait; for nuoh inferier trtiolea. Persons in want of Foots and Shoes of aaatern ex atty raaae wo't, wili alwayc tnd a iooU usor:znaa ta store and &? t?? :e?9st prioM. ?ive?raoill, C21FFIN <k URO., t*? ?1? VMcniniiit RMV SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 80cans SAUSAGE MEAT, 24ii cans FRKSR TOMATOES, 43-cans FRESH VEAL, 3"50 caus BEEF, a la modi, Sti-caca ROAST BEEF, W cans FRESH MUTTON, 1 840cans BEEKand GKAVY, 540 cans SOUP and BOLIlLI, 30 oases FRENCH DESSlCATED VEGE TABLES. For UuiatNow tforli Factory prices. KING * BUKCHELL, i ?e< Corner i *wi Hfleenth streeta. ' U _ NEW BOOKS'. *aimuxv ci tti? dialed ixetnerlinflg, t>y JoM ! L'it:irc ? Motiey , 2 vols.: fr?e 1>? mail. 9* TheRiaeof too Du;jh Uofcbiie, a biatory, by John LotLrop Mot.ey; 1 to a OiOtk; free by mail, ri'iiaa Marner, the Wearer Kareiol, by tbe author of "Adam ilede clot in Tljoenla ; ape; W ) oenu. r Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop i Sarceant; i Arler icebergs with a Painter.a Somraar Voyare ? to L&brador and Newfoundland* "by Rev bviuiL. Nob e : 9!.50. The Manufacture cf Photopenic or Hydro-Carbon One, by Thomae Ar tieeli, M. D.; #1 75. Any or the above Jiee by icail. i UtENCM A RICHSTK1N, ap lit JT*? Peima. avenue. WHOYX* CLOTHING. t Have reoeived within the iaat day or two a !ar?e aw >rrment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embraoiaf all e{7ies of low-priead, medium, and 5i.e sualiiien, wbieh we are aellinc a t vary low erieee for caah. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., S'Jil Pa. av., br:ween Mh and loth ?U. in ft ?Intelluxneer ano Retublioau.i / iAT THE OLD PAWN OF PICE, /fK 1W1 C StKirr, . 9 Btck ( the HftL v W Moat literal advauoea made on bold and silver 1 W atohe.. Di\iuun.a, Jewe tj. Silver ware.Clothinc, Piatnla, and ail kinds of Merchandise. Buaiueaa atnoty confidential. ISAAC HERZBKR8, Ml C atreet, aa i-lm Betw?n 4H aad lt> ata DUPONT'S GUNPOWDER, For aa<e at aanufacturera JOK-N J. BOGUE, GBoaaiTowa.b. C? >?i? iifvv for Ua DittrUt if CtlmmHa. A larae aapa.y, embracing every vanetj, a war a Ml hand, and delivered froe to aU parts of tha Diatnel. Ordera oaa a so be left at theoftoe of Adaaa^ Kaer? Wuli.itito?. D C fet-lawlv JJUCKWHEAT F^U%,HEAl CBRO "ifiWttWfcHKLL. oa 17 Cnraw Vwaaoat av. a*-' isth at. HA?BUROCHE?|Eki>OMCllBrali, , asr"' oo 12 Corner Vermont av. aj<l l?*b aC II ELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED Compound Fluid Extract Bac&c, A Font it* and Specific himtdp For Diwmm of tb? ULADDKK. KIDNtYt*. OR A VKL.aad DROP MCAL BWELLINQ8. Tiiia Vsdicine iixreaaea the pnv*r of Digeatioii, a- J ~xeit-** ths *>?okbist? into healthy mcUuL. br which th? watkry ?k r?Lr?mor? eepoai luna, and a I rjiJtATCKAL K!?L**omt i*i? are radioed, Mk veil la P41J1 A?b A.TIOS, |ld,ll fOO I l0r MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BVCHU For Weaknea?ea Ariainc ir^m Kio?mm, Habit* of DiacipaUoa. Karly I'diwKwa r>r A^uae. Attended vritk Ikr Foiioxctng Symptotnt : Indiep<>*it.;in to Kiert.on, Loea of Powar, of M naorr, Difficulty of Rreatkinf, Nenrea, TrraHKtag* Horror of Dianas?, Wakefulaau, Din>ieaa of Viatrtc. Paia in the Haak, L'nv>rta l.a* :tude of ttao M lacu'tar r?i?tam. . Hot Ha ida. _ _! luaUiaB or the 0>ly. Urynet ol tbe >k'n, K-upth-na on the tic*. PA< lid cor??t*!ia!?c*. T^ese lymitt. tn?, si a iowfd to ?o ?u. *hleh ttua medicine iuvari%t>lr rcinuv.??, aocn fo ,o?i IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. in one of tehich the Pnttent may Erpiro. Who can tt; t it* they are rot f<e??entlf followed by those "KiiftL diseases," INSANITY am)CON?UMPTION." Mark? are aware of the oauaeof their autferiuf, but mone will ? 0> f ..** THE RECOK US or THE INSANE A8YLCM8 Ami the Melnnckoly Death* by Consumption, BEAR AMTL1 WITHES* TO THI TIC TB 0? TBS iwum THE CONrrin'TION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid ot medioine to atreogthea and Invigorate the System Which I?I,MBOLD'.* EXTRACT KUCHU tnrartablf dtff a t*ial WILLCOSVlMri the most sceptical. FEMA LES? FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOT7NC, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Mm y Affectiont Peculiar to FtmaUt the t xtra.t Bu~riu ic uiiecua I d by any other remedy, as in Chlotoaia or Kctettum, Irr'gn amy, Pamfu ne*a.or Suppression ?< wuitomui t\aenaUocs. I'loerateu or Schirroua atate of the bierus. I euoorrhea or White*. Sterility. aj.d for all cnmpiai-.ta incident to the aex. whether arieia* from Indiscretion. Habita of Diaaifatioo, or is U? DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE! SEE STMPToJSS ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take mo more Balsam, Merrmrf, er L'?pi*ata%l MtdictAe for Vn/dearant and Dangerous Ditetuet. 1IELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV ccru SECRET UUEAIEI in all their Sum;**; At liUte bxfwif, Little or no chM-ce in Diet; No incwnveaiaooe; And no /ir*oi?'i. It causes % fre^vi a. cesue & ,u givee atrenttt to Urinat , the Abj Rem vine * batt uotioiia, Prevectmg aotl Cunug Siriotaree ol the Urethra, Ailay tng rain and inflammation, to fre^u Jut in the ei'vaa of du^a^ea. aid *-.Xfre.hng ait Pouonous, Dtseattd, and iron* eat Matter. THnruSD# CPOS THOrHXDI 1THO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who lave pai-i ktavyj*** to be oared ib a abort time, have fjuud thrj were deceived, anfl that the miaou" haf?f by the uae of'powir/ul anrtmt?m$t" been dried up in tiie ayatem, to break out m an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AtTER MARRIAGE. U?"? HELMBOLOU FXTRAOT lUCHf ftllaJect Ob* an i di?eaa a Jl the I HILARY OKOANI, whether ez ating in MALE OR FEMALE, {torn what ver o&nae or?.nat:n* and to matter of HOW LOXG ?TA*D15H3. Diaeaaee of thtee Organ* require hue aid of a Di VKKT1C. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Itf THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it 16 ce. tan, tu have the deeired e3??t in Diaeaaes for it ij ruomnundtd. TIDCNCB or TOK HOST ESSFOHSrVLB AMD KB* LIABLE HAEACTBR wil?aooompany the medio,noa. CKRTIFICATF8 OP OCKR*. Ktvml to 20 art' ataadlaf, With Nani<?? know to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE-NOTICE." W1 Mill < (> IBCAB*" or "ia?KBDlMrT?." HKl MbULU'8 EXTRACT tfUCHU i oompos^id ol Bueho.Ce'>et>e an* Jenifer HerriM. 6iect?cS with treat care by a oum^wui tlrarcial. PREPARED lit VACUO, OT H. T. HILMBOLD, Practical and Analytical Chemist. aU Bole Maa uiactarer of * HELMBOLD S GENUINE PREPARATIONS " AFFIDAVIT. Perennally apaseroo iwfore m>. an Awtari? o< tbe oity of Pfat:ade>p)ua, M. 1. Hiuikh' , wko t>ei"g duly wo n, ?loiu tay.hU preeiwatioua eontain no naroot mercery, Of uUior drug., but are veieUl>l%/ Svorr and eubeonbtd h? f>rO me, ikiaBd day of November, l*M WM/F. Ill B UKtLD, Aldxtnaa, Ninth anore ftaee, raila. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO * P. M. Price SI par fcettle, or ill tor K. Delivered to any addreaa, aoearely yaabed from obeorraatoa. Addreea letteia for lnfonnttooB ia oooidwM to H. T. HELMBOLO. Cktmtsi. Depot, 1?H Sooth Tenth at., belov Chef et, Pkll*. KEWAKE OF COUNTERFEIT* AND VNtMUNClFLED DMALMB.8 who endeevor to diepoee "of ?y?" "other' ertielc* oai tea ref?l?ttoa attauti ?r HtlmboUt Otnmn* Prtrmrtxmu, M ? Eztrmet But km, n *4 44 3#r , ? " Jotpr*w4 Km FaU. Sold by ?. B. Watts, Z. D. Silmaa, Jen* WiLav. tf. C. Pome, S B. tirwuru, B 6. Majob, Kidwbll ft Lituaci, 4. B. Majoa, WMhtaftoa aad Oeorretova, and 111 druggists ktibywherm. i ASK VOS HELMBOLD'8. i TAKE HO OTHXK. Cet MCtkt sdrei ttwneet end mi tor tt. AND AFOID IMPOSITION ltd fcXPOeOB* Dterihi Symjftoms n ml! C*OT?an?iemnr>* t Cam UMkruttW ! fk4w%m ertUa ! ?*-w ... ? A.