Newspaper of Evening Star, November 9, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 9, 1861 Page 4
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I ftp . ^ ^ the rvkmn<; star. *Ht BLIIDMt^l A^u THE ELErHAMI. A MIRSOC TABLK--U1 JOHN O Ull 1* wm gix m-n of I'.doi'an, T? learning much Inclined, ^ bo w*M to see Ihr elephant, (Tho'urb all of them were blind,) That each by oinmaHoa Mlgbt satisfy bta mind Tbe first approarhed tbe elephant. And kippenlw to tell Against bta broad and sturdy tide, At ORce began to bawl, * God Mcm trie!?but the tlrphatl la rerv like i wall "* t be Mend, fifllng of the tusk, '"tied. ' Ho'?wViat bare we here. *5" erry nurd and smooth and (harp " To rre 't'% in'ubtv rleer Th>' wo,id*r nf an elephant Is very like a spear Tne thi'd apprca<-bed the animal, And happening to take Tb? squirming trunk within bis hands, Thus np and boldly spake : * I ace." finoth Le, "the elephant ? wy like a snake!" Tb" f.-vnrth reached oat btseager hand, And felt about the knee; " W bat moat tbla wonderful beast is like, ! nilgfcty plain," quoth he-, " * rts cl**r enouzb flic elephant la wry like a tree'" The fiftb, wh# chanced to touch the car, 8?ld, "K'en 'be Vlodest roan Can tell what this resembles root'? Deny the fact who can, This marvel of ?n elephant fa very like a fan ?? ' The sixth no sooner had begun About the beast to grope, Than seizing on the swinging tail That fell within his scope. *4I see," quoth be,4 the elephant Is very like a rope And so these ni^n of Indoostan Dtspnted lond and long, E?< h In bis own opinion Exceeding si!Si and strong. Though each was partly In the rii;h', And all were In tbe wrong ! MORAL. So. oft in theologle wars, Tbe disputants, I ween, Rati on lit utter Ignorance Or what tbe others rot an, A~d prate about an elepbant Not one of tLemhisseen ' (A'. V. WORK IM THE G.MII'E*. Tbere is little to bo done now in the Garden beyond the preparation for winter. Take up ?nd store away roots of different sort*, r *cept PaTsnip and Salsify, v, hich arc better left in the ground. Take up and store Cabbage?, burying thein in trenches u;> to the leaves ?:.d jrcUvticg with necveriD^ a bia/u, j*,r;i ?t.i V?r straw, raised on fork? driven in the ground, bi?h enough to allow a circulation of air Neither should tb?y be expos d to the direct rays of tbe sud. Freezing does not hart them materially but alternate treeziug and thawing does Gretiis.?Srinage and other greens, if not clear of weeds, should be cleaned out and thinned to a distance of four or five inches apart, and should protected with brush laid on a frame-work of ligs Caliasre Ca fo llower and Lcttuc*p'antj ? If ycu have plnnts of these in frames, itive them plenty of air in all moderate weather. If they are in borders, proteet them with a pine or oedar brush laid on a frame work a foot in height. Anarmgw Bed* ?Clean off dead tops and weeds frsm Asparagus beds, and beds of plants pown last spring. iJive a dressing of salt sufficient to wkiten the ground pretty well, and then cover with two inches of well rotted manure. Rh't^2 rh and S*a K-tU.?See J t of these sgetate better if eown now than if postponed tiil sprisg. P&*q'ott.?Potatoes for early u*e may be planted before the ground froeies and covered up sufficiently with straw or coarse litter to prevent freesing. Under ordinary circumstances they ail! be fit to use a week earlier than if planted in spring. . T~-"tcAirtg and Digging.?This work should be done during tbe month, to give the newly dug soil the fall benefit of the winter's exposure HOT-HOt BE Few direction^ remain to be given for this department Observe tba herbaceous plants that they are set aside as soon as their foliage decays, in ca*e of being too liberally supplied with water. Give air freely; never cooling below fiftyfive degrees Let the housing now be attended to, an 1 all in before the 8th ofOotober. Take in the tallest first?oranges, lemons, and oleanders. Limes aught to be kept in the warmest part of the hou.*e. otherwise they will throw their fol'age. Let the waterings be done in morning: only.? Working Farmtr. 117" The New Orleans Crescent says ther* Is a lar^e demand for gold In monetary circles tbere. whti b la erst over Into Kentucky for the purchase of supplies for the South. rktCIDED BAK'.;\lNs> in Piaii Back ard .V Fancy Si ka, with otter kin.t of U? Goods,for tie' current wanta of faiaihei and honcekeepera. On? mm only, marked in p ain ftturea. Curtain*, Carpets, Oilcloths, Rurs. *e . npper Boor a. PKRRV 4. BRO , _ . , Ta. avecn* and Ninth at, _ 7 Vd |^Peri2_Biiildinj/^_ fj TOPU AM*8 on r K E M I V M TRUNK WSQ MAN VfACTQK Y. Srrsi*TH VV AamisaTaii, D. C. fcttTW Pt*^s' aw?r<Jed l>y Maryland Inst'tate Paitimore, Novemt*er 7, l;io. lie. Medal M<tmpolitac M xhanioe'Ioirtitit*. WaehicfU-a, D. C., ih57. 1 aar roc* m*kin?vand alwars hare ? kan4, of the beet raateriai, ev??y deer*T'?t?en of Ftr* 8o:e Leather. Iron F ris?, facte:' Dress. Weed Be>*, awl i a<ifcu>< 'lnr>ki, retl'.ase*, CatiwM.^H Cacvaa Travel ma Mas*. RchodaatoReTe,*en it !"S( > ? t'P! rreeaa^ ?r%ve"?re wi'l rieaee examine, my before pwrchaaioc elsewhere Tronfcf i^aiare n?-vte in other oiuo# Sufeitor l.eatber a^l Prr-es Trunk* msde to Tranks oereird acl r?/*i'ed at ehort oohe?, 6c-:Ji delivered free of oharae t- anrfpart of the itv ?wEf*own, and Al-uanJlna. * ' JAMK?? P.TOPBAMU PIANO.-*, i'lANOH P1ANOH.?New Pianos received ev^rj week. Coiue and look at the aasortnen* at W. G Mfc'IZEROTT*B Mnsio Depot. nrwr Pa ?? suit l-*'ev?ntK J TtSktia^'yj. SSfaK.-.VlS avenue and Eleventh aweet, haa freetlj ictroved reoertlr ar<1 now offeralJl^SJ Eieater !r<>!u?emeoto for too patrora?e <foit}i5ris apd straps era t.iaa anr oieer snt;,ie honsein tie ptj. hia prloee be.r* I?*a t hjui Uioee of any other hotel an l'enxu avenue, and his aooommodatioLS fw perrmaac* or tranmeuc t-*rO?r? acaxoeption b-e. she bar and reeta.araat arraugwinU of tbe psrnysaa Hoaei have aiready beooruo Terr popn5f; ?ba* eaa be deeim! by the mWef lii EWteua. The provr'.etor sledcee unremitted atteotion?H r-jBhnoeu liberal e*>endltnreeto c.veaat inksaoc. to a< , a*d tacv-eoswa his invitation '? a'' *o rive the Kero??an Hot?< *?r >1m 4 -M t' N BOA T 8 ! ' * > (me*, i _ ? H^asA?a*i.->t? C: 'v. July ,6, lSft.< Pt-A^s Aiin HracinraTiofla k?r nalis ol 6un Boats tot the Weetern nve.-s are on exhibition at M 2".?* ttuartanBs^ters at PiUeburf. Cj-.J.nnati. St Losis ar.d Altoo. Beats to he deliver^ at Cairo. Bida ahotiid be eentku l> n ar tor ro*<t?r General of the United States A" Wastunctoa. vj 1st Ai^uat, at noon. . _ a? _ Iff. C. MElGS, " Krif. Gen I Uaartoraaaater Gen'l. INtON PA^KR AND ! NVELOPK?.-Twen rtylea nf Mote aad Latter Paper. * ?^sliTn?^? Vb the Tor in of a Rose, and la Mook lorin , airo. *^i?arxts V ^ AMylJ ?-d ooustantly op m 3V J sC^oiWeV,r'##' ?? rWf,J,ed f?MTS from ail parts of tbe eountry. needle's Dime Npreia aad Boar Books. ^ Jfreeh supply of Dooks for a a truer r^adinj, A Is rfe aeeortn?eut of Juvsuile# Mayte Reld's e?>4a. Uooks. Abtott'a Uiatonea. to. K c WKuat ol 1? u> k< p'T o?flt. on ai! t??und Uooka I- R t.N?:H A Rlt' HSTEIN, ra> Nstuwsl Mookstor^ sy? dt I~ t ASM N<?nct. N Conae^uenee -?f oar uavib to pay oash far every erueleot goods we aarchaee, we are foroeci to refute our Nrair.eee '.o rash ex?tnstvetv, for rise g'Wv'ferD,ii,Siy^^fTsfsS i.,J" ???"? A so, hoaketMassofaU kinds. " Soldiers' Camp Dreesing Cease from mm to HI Slark Booka and Statioaery of ail kinds. pC papar aad Envelopes. ^ kWcs. Banners and Badges Views of WaahJncYv'aakC|*a?er * Mail nee, Daily ana ^VmKNCH * RICHSTEIN'8 NaOoti% Boosatore, ml i intsL A Repwb.) ?T8 Pa. avenue. HKNTISTRY. L'r. MIARLKS n ItOTELER, .UE'vTIST, Nc. 3 Ifi PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Betw??u Ninth at- Tenth Streets an 2fj-s<r2m ,\1 'J'KE'FH. WO -iiS. M. !?.. the jiito :fs;r and patentee ofU,e MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-l lends personvij at his ofloe iihni il|fj?IFT3 Mva/ persons nan wear these teeth cannot w w other*, and uo person oan wear others ho cannot wear those. Persons sailing at hit o&c?can be aooommoaated with any sfrieaud price of Teeth they roar desire: bat to tuoae wuoara particular and wiah the purest, eieanett, strongest, and most perfect denture that art cap produce, the MIX DUAL PLATE will bs aorefrlly warranted. Rooms ?n this city?No. 33* Pa. avenne.betweea Itt- and 10th ets. Also, 807 Aroh street. Pliladel oo 1* tf GAS FITTING, &cT A ? WM "* DOVE * CO. prepared to exaonta acy r4trs villi PLVkWS8. GAS 03R '^TKAM FITT1N* *> UoIiVhS'S. ILT" Flore en Hi. street, a few ('?ore north of Pa, FVfi* fostd a compete assortmecl ItJN YDER, ~~ " PLUMBER AND OAS FITTER. Kaa removed to tie oorner of Twelfth and i ats. Ue is prepare! to lutroduca Water and Was upon no JT?oat farorabie terms, and guaranties entire aatls<rction. H?hM on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, waich he will aell leas than ha Wish** to iei rid of them. pp ? \y GAS FIXTURES. J * L-?aT? mistore. and are dai.y reaeivinc, 9AS FIXTURES of entirely t\cw Patterns and Designs and finish, superior in stjie to paything heretoftra one? <1 in this market. ?Ve invitecitixens general y tc sail and examine our efook of Gas ai:d Ws.ter Fix ires, feoiirg oontidept that we hare the best ?i*?r?d sUvk in Wr-ahinrton. A ii I W crk in the afore> "me intrusted to ear oara will be promptly attended to. . M MYERS * MoiflAN. ?rt? ST* 1) street. 0,ri0E B"Lt* J>OT,CM ,S HtBFtFgWik'iWSX* ably t-i the provisions of the ordiuauoe of the Corporate aaproved May 1*. laa-.tte onderai?ned is now ?reparea, "whenever refhired in writing, and on pre payment ot the fro of fifty oer.ta. to inspecteranii'ie, test, prore, ard a?r*ertain the accnracy registration o? an r gas meter ir. nse in this oity." fc-?er? meter, n:ouad moorrect.wui be oonut<raned aaa another,sealed azd matted aa tme will be,.?^ p.ace. If pri/Te<i to L>e acearaie In its meMBie-neut of fas, :t will t>s sealea aooo-aiccly, ar.Mfa;-. a?t >s sr?>tiior for use. No- *10 Serenth sirert.. n-ar <kld Felcws l>pen from t a. nt , to t?. in. CH4CLLEa W. CUNNINGHAM. ;? i? ti iLssectorand Scaler of Gas Mete's. HEADQUARTERSTHE U.S. MARINE CORPS. WVAKTfcRHtsrEB'4 OFFICE. ( _ \% a^uinoioN, September 23. 1iW1.\ SliHD F&iir MAi.^.f r< a-hc assseparatr-ly.will beI rsoc vo.l at thii ofica until 12 o'clock n of ?V?fiaedday, '." t.i of Noveinl?er next, for furmthiiic HL-. Marine Corps, durine the year ? '""li<?liowD? supplies, to jtj delivered at tne 7 *he As isiant '^uaitermastet of tneooip^, ' Feuusylvama, free of eipoaseto Lhs Lnit d >'a es. ?n sjcb qua^utiesas may frtHn time to timo be ordered, viz . CUal Ntl 1. II ixv Tarda of Sky BIuo Kersey, all wool, free inched wide, to weifii 22 ouaceaUi the yr.r''.<in4i*u w?.ol-d?ed > fi.'fn fird* Jla k U Us Rersei. ill wnnl. free from ha;', 4 lrche? wide, to wei^h 22 ounces to tiie rar^, (ibfl'io wool dyed. yarJs L?iik HiueTwitled' loth, all wool, for un.lo hi ooau, i indico wool-dyed.) M inohea wide, to ueitb 22 ouuo-s tet -a-U. !5y .I'tJsiif ?oar!et Ciotn. ab. w??ol. (coohineal uyoi,* 54 icche* w;He. tr? weich ?? eatoes pet yard. Class Vo 2. ! is*' 5Rii!s of ft 4 i)^r* Bio?1 F'anuel. for ov?r sac a*, a I wool, I indinu w?kj! dye<i, M in lie* wide, w *?^hl3oju')^ p-r rvd. 16 imi y aids of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for shirts, ad wool, (lndiso wool-dyed,) 27 inches wide, to wei<h?4% ounces p?r yaid l.^s? Uia< itiankAtg, a!l wool, to weigh four round* each, with iett-rn-'i; s. M " in ltlack. t>ur Uiohee loog, in the oenler; lobe 7f??i ion* and 6 [?' * wide, and fr- e from s'ense. ?;.?*? palrB of Wo?IeM 8*>elrs, t?>ree sizes, prop or.* ma ie of go k1 llneoe wiNjl, willi dou'ile an<l twisted jam. to wai h three pounds per d^sen pairs, l?ee from grease fU'* No, 3. 6.0'*' yards White I inen for Pant?, 8*1 inches wi<1?, to ^eifh IS ounce* per yard. to fM> yards Whi'e < i< en tor Shirts, 80 mohes wiie to weir h 11 on noes per rard, 16 000 ya'ds canton Fia:.nel for Drawers. 27 inches wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard. Cl*s? No. 4. l.ero t niform Cars. oomp,ere<except Pompons.) 1 .<** Poir.pons, red worsted, iiall shaped, 4 inoiies in circiiinference. 3,u<iha ljtue C?p*,( wi'h oovors,} to be made of bin* cloth, i dlso woe! d?e?i. 2^*"0 Stocks. Class No. 9. ?"* r'oss^<-a? Un'tens.(Eatle.) 4e? uross Jscke' Hu'ton*. ( Eagio.) ?ross Ves' J{rtt<'iM ( Ks*iO ) !.' *? pairs Yel.ow Metal CreaoeHta ard bca!e Straps 23<? *c'a Epsilr tte Hi<ii>onfor Sergoa-tsand Corporis. 2 <*n set* Fpaii'e'te Hal.ion for Privates. 10 Red Worrted ^a^:he? 2-V*' ynrds of V '"of Finding. J^<iyuif?iif rtrd Ct>r?l. I'W Swords i?r ^er^r-anUS? r*words for Musici\rs. So Drums (tenor,> oompiete 50 l> nnt }?lin*fc. *.?*) Batter D um Rear a. so Snare Dm n Hcais. Id' Drum Cords !'*? f?t* of Drum Snares, loo Boxwood -B" Fifes. Ci.ass No. K 10,000 pairs Army Boots.(infantry pattern. . ? . Class No. T. l,2u> Cartridge B >xes I 1^00 Bayonet So&bbaida. l^f-o Percii?sion Cap Poiohee 1^0" Carrridce Box Belta. 1JVJ Hayonet Belta. Wai?t Belts. 1,8*0 Waist Plates. 1M) Breast Plates. '2?! Swurd Fiojs. Clas^ No. P. IJi1" Hnapr.'i"k?. W*j Hsverracks. W) Cant cent:. **> Misket Shnge. (ll ?? No. ft, I ?r making and tumminc fh" followni ai?i?ip? tii * 'y?.'0'' ?*r**^nts'.t'orpora1a'.Plu8ioians't and I rivates tniroiiu a d Fsii?ue Coat?, W<k0l?n and Lu;ea 1 ant%, Flannel and (.inen S?Uirt?, 1 V"r?- Flanne. Sa^k j, and Rrd and Blue Jack ets for Bujs. The sbive mentis *od artf'es in us* oonform >? ?''r??|Mri?. l.j toe sealed s?a d?r<i pvt"-* . in t?io olbt<? of i lie uartfrnia^t^r Marine turpi Marine Ba racks. Rnhin* on. D. C . Ars staut Ouarter master, ottioe Manne Corps, l,v/o Spruoe stroet, Puiiadelpnia, and at tiie .Marine Staiions, Brooklyn. New ? ?-rk. and Bvston.Maasa^Husett", where t^e? can be exami>i?<i. A mi whenever ibe aitiolus Darned a',0ve, o? ar,y portion < f them, shall be oont,ldered aanotf^M? < on form in* to samples, th^y will be rejected aid theoontra tor ?ili be bound to furnish other* of ther^uired kind at on,ie or the 'Juartermaster wrleupply the deficiency at theexp*n*e of the con frart i Pa?ment wi'l ?>e inane npon thea">oe?ted delivery o thJ wh-do au,*i t U, whici- nia? from tune to time t>e ordered withlio dma ten p?>r oem from the payment of aooonnt rendered under hrHt order, nnsil ?eooud order is fil ed.ani ten per oent Irian 6oo**aat n*ndered under ^e?r!id order until third ?.^*' ' ' ed, and a<) on.nuul contract is ooittfinW. Each projH.aal must be aoooinpsnied by the following guarantee : ho"n if (jtuirnmltf. hiTh* ^rautwd, ,,.fr lu llie State o| . and . m the Slate of hereby guarantee that in case tna forotoin* bi</ ?* . ~ tor, a* above deaonbed. l>? ^ oepteil, he ?ir they will, within ten dars after th? receipt or the contra-1 at tiie Po?t < iDtie uam? d, execute the oontraet |?>r the same witn good aud snnici-nt saonriiies, and in case the said fli lf&il io into oontrso'.. %i ftfurson i. wt guarantee U? ma be *<>od the difTeranoe between the offer of the aatd an.i that whieh may be&ooepted. \ B,(iuarantor. E F, Witneaa. C D. Guarantor. , 1861 I ber<?My certify that the aliove named are katown to me aa men of property, and able to nia?e good th'ir ^uara- te?. Q. {| (? be signeii by the United State* Distriot Judge, United htitea Diatriot Attorney or CoUeo tor No proposal will ! ? ootrsidered unless aocoin panie<i Us the atove (uaiai tce. Newape-pera authorisod to pnhliah the above will send the pap-r ooi.taimng the firat inaertion to thia omca for eaaounstioii. The bidder's p ao' of busi esa, or insnufactur lng establishmeut, must be apooifioaily slatei in the proposal. . The a?* ve list of artiolea la believed to be about the auantity of eaob art;oietliat will be reauired ^,lBrv.t.h17**Ii b1ul th* Quartermaster reierve* theruht of orderina^a greater or lees auantitr. shouid the interests of the aervioe reauire it mPropoaal. to M endor?ea c n the envelope, ?pro " for Suppliee for Marine rorps for and f*"*d to 4Mi?r tV M B. bLACK, Quartermaster M.C., Washington, D. C. safn lawiw H FRENCH A R1CHSTE1N ~ ^ V.K J"rtur^r,T*1? P?*h ?t Nnte Paper, Colored Border a, ruled and piain,w4u Fnfr ?y>. >?>*. > > ? Paper of'airainda, wgh and without Mottoes; Envelopes to match. Puraea and Pooket Books of every deaoription. A Urae aaaortment of Stationary. Ne# York Papers reoeivad daily; Papers from all parts of the oountir. FRENCH ft RICHSTKIN, ? N<Te Penn. assii** WEVV VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVBLR.?Th? A.che ml at, or tlw Hoaea of Claw; from the vELto* m,uAbW8s M? ?T8Paana, van a a, go riff lit to tlie*pol." IN8TA.N1 RELIEF IPT"T \OUH COPNH F'.'KIFY YOUR BHEATH 8TRENflTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD rotI CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, HOOD FfjR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, HOOD FOR SIXUBfiS, UOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. ?KNTI.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. I Tli?y reieve a Conch ir.*taiit!y. | They clour the Throat. They mve atreticth and volume to the voice. They impart a delioious aroma to the breath. They aredelif htful to the taate. They are made of simple herbs and oannot barm any one. 1 advise every one who haa a* Cough or a Hanky Voice,/)' a Ba<l Breath, or any difficnltv of the Throat, to fet a paokace of my Threat Confeo tions. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with mo that "the* co rirht to the spot.' You will find them very uaefui and pleasant while traveling or a teed in* publio rreefiasa, for stillinj your Couch or allaying your thuat. if you try one pvlrnto I am *afe in aayinc that you will ever af terwards consider them indiapenmble. You will find them at the Drugzists and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My aicnature ia on each package. All othera are counterfeit. A I'ackace will be aent by mail, prepaid, oa re oeipt of Thirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. bPALDINU, CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. CURE TO NervousHeadacht; ! /J CURfc jC ! ^IkirA Headache. B? the s-eof three Pllli the poriodto atta?t a e pr Sub If**d**k* niay be prevented, and I %?.rnn al tbe non nietioement of en #4taok immeC.atr relief frcir. jim ar.-l rlokneaa mi! btobtained, They seldom &il in removing the and Hit ltkrk* to wluib fe-naiea are so rabjaot. Thor act geLt!; ?pon the bowels,?removing Caat ? ?*? ,?a. For C?rr?ry Mt+, Eindmit, Delicate Fetaaies, and ali persona of tcitntury habits, tfiey are valuable *g a improving the opteMk, (tlvirj it-ai tad ?i*fr to ;) e digestive orjane, and ro atonas the natsral elasticity and strength of the r-hole aj at ."in. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of Ion* I investigation and oarefaiij conducted expef.mer.ta, j having been in use m?.y yeara, durinj which time they Hw prevented aa-1 relieved a vaet amount of pain and eu(7erinf rom Hoa-iao^e, whether originating in tflo ntrvtmt ay stem or from a deranged state of the itommck. They are entirely vegrnble in their composition, and u;aj be taken at all times with perfect safety itbout h.<i4u:c any chance of diet, mnd tk* *bt?MCa Qf ?? * ditfrtjtablt f?t* T*nd*r, it aeJV ? sur tkivi to t\ildrttt, BEWARE OF COUNTER FEITS ! The genuine havolive signature? of Henry C Spa.ding on etch Box. H??td by Draccifta and all other Dea.era in Me?i amec. A Bo* will be sent by mall prepaid on reooipto lk? r?ICE. CENTS. A> rriais aL-ia'd be a>idreaeed to HENRY C. SPA (.DIN*. Cioaa Otkbst, N?w Yoei. hem Ua Etmmtsur, JVer/eii, fa. Ceptaiio Piila aoooTifliah the obieot for whlak n*19' r1*' euro of hMdaoho la all ito (or ma. Pfm tk* JrsMa???r, If,r/ett, r?. Thoy have been tested In mare than a tkauaaa anses, wtth entire socoeai. tTMm tk, Dtmtrmt, St, Clmud. Bfrn*. *re,or havot^en tmnbled w !th the bmta send for a boi,( Pi'ls ,1 so that yai iray have them in oaae o? ai^atta^k. t*1 *"* ^?'e? H, R, l/ee 1114, Cktt'tt, IU. r,Ji7*IT-fT.rDi0'M h<? pari raiie-3 ly?Jp ;a.lo Pills, PrfWi '\4 Se*? lk*rm r??4 f\+4ie, 1*4* OrU^mi, I At, ?i5/? : f<"? tbat are afflicted. and>sar?ture that v?.iir '( tlinoc r ran he addeif tn the a'r^r C'irn?woii? list that h-ve received )>??iisli* that B* avaer mediciue ca-'i produne. IS<*m 14* Oawwipert. livo. uot kl? r-?e Willi an ?ftiwle he did not fotoi* b> possess reu' nvril ^ rr?wtou4, fc. J. AltV pi:'s *L'I> " <!*<? be a rae?arka? ? ^rrUIt' f >nr?il? ihebfs^sorie. ?rc ?na er ie? has ever l^n^Hs,^ed? '* oi. Lint flnuirai. p3IS Ul fVeaa iks fasswka Ym.U?, Sis,, (anavta, ra. mij. SffiramaK'Kvi'* ? ?Vm tU J dm tt 1 urn, rr?Umu, K. J, . r^tlr?_c,r,T ,n *?eir ftivor is tiosK.trom th* isust respeota>>|e <??arters. # w ^_ ,PVr*" ,k* D*ilv Iit*t. Nfrrt, h. jt Oepnaiio PlUs are tahlofjhe p>aoe of all kiMa. from ik* CemmmtUl B*U*tin, Bottom, Mots t aid to be very efflc&oioas for the lioadaohe. Prom, tk* CommteimJ. Cmettmati, Ok to. Huflerinc humanity oan now be relieved. (CT A smcle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten times its oost annually, UPALDING'S PREPARED OLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH Hy"A Stitch in Timi Saves Nins."_ni Aa aooidenu will happen, even in well remtsten famines, it ia very desirable to &ve wm/chew C&?*enr?4? rep*lrin? F"aiture.ToyY SPALDING S PREPARED GLUE n??1? J11 ^ooh Mnerienoiee, and no household oa afford to be without u. It is alwars ready, and to the sticking point ?? ?/. - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE.?lnBuTAAaS.M0?m'Mt -011 ?oUJ*- ?n* HENRY C, SPALD1N9, 1?. 4? Cedar street. New York. CAUTION. Se'I?i iSS"- r* 'woh^^Md *e lha PALDINCS PREPARED *ia? en aaasB-1"evass?* I / I a s #CVn C<nnk, PeU. ImAvmaa, mm* I'run to* tr Son ?.'! 0/ tkt TVMi, iil/ttWI tkt H*sMnt Cmi m Co?t??ir turn, Dttmckui*. At*?* , # Citmrrk, Citar nn4 fi?i flrMili to Ut roifi <?r rvBL iDcS|$?/:[jrtK E E P .Few Rre aware of tha importance of ohectm; a Conch or "Comiaoii Cold" in it* first sta<t; whiph in the hegirung woold yield to aim a rents It, If mlMCM, econattanks rite Lungs. ^Brnm'r Bronthtml zYcfAs*," containing demulcentigigrsrii anta, allay Pa.'/nonary and Bionohial Irritation. iiB/^nnu.a "That trouble in tny Throat, ifoi BROWN 8 which the "2VoeA?j" area apeoiho ''anpi mada a: often a mere win* TROCHES fSTN." S. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S "I raoommord their ase to P?bli? TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAJ'iN. _ ; "GreatservioeinauMqicc Hi)* via BROWN'S Wise." REV. DANJLL WISH. JROi'hkh "Ainost instant ro ief in U;e ait treeing labor of breathing peculiar BROW* to AsrnM*.."' c REV. A. C. EG&LESTON. YROCHE8 "Contain no Oytnm or anything injurious." 1)R. A. A HA^KS, BROWN'S Chimin, fio it on, vsnpuvtt " A simpleand pleasant Ooinbina RUOiibS tioc for CoDeH8. Jto." BROWN'S **' F' TROCHES - U J^'TKXNE. BROWN'S a I ha*o prosed tsea ezoelleot foi TROCHES Wbbcuji# Co*an," REV. H. W. WARREN, BROWN'S Betttm. "Beneficial *btii compelled t? TROCHES apeak, suffering from Coin." RKV. 8.3. P. ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. Limit. tnopntq " KrticTWA!. it remownr Hoarse ness ltd Irritation of the Th:oat. sc BROWN'S 0>'1';;'ou rlt- 8riAi??i and Sim TKOCRL5 *">"* K. STACT^OjMSOl^ enow trs TROCHKfl "Great benefit when taken before ao-J after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S Hoarreueea. ?roia their paat e.Tfot, I think they will be of permanent adTROCHES ran late to w?. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Anient Col.oge. Teun. TROCHES IT^SoLd by ail Drnegial* at TW KNI 7Y FIVE CENT3 A UOX..C1 4a 1?It DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE lined for the last iiaif century in the Hospitals of London and I'arts for the cure ?.f S'rrrt /iii?n.u.(. may uow i>9 had at LP HAM'S. No. 310 Chesnct street, sole a;ent for tlie United S'atea It contains no mercury or other minora a, and vi 1 not bs.rm ti>e moat dslictto constitution A ifttdv tttre guaranteed and no change of <M?t required. P ro *1.

Soiit by express 8??: ! in WathmsUm by 8. CALVERT FORD,corner 11th etrect and Pennsyivania avenue. MP^Wf IT H4J A M'f* H AIRDVE T-TO COLOR BLaCK I J nh IiROW v Only 3S o?nts a ho*. Throe boxei fur one dollar UraT, red or flaxen hair can be changed in a tow geo >i"1- to i j t biack ?>r brmrn, by noing Up'iam's Liquid Hair D?e, the t>est *i?d oceappst in the world, produoiuc. the mon ent it is wpnlied. a rich natural Hpp?aranc-*. Kacli Box of UPXIA M'S H A1R D Y E *8 w > rrai tcJ to o<>ntai n as miioh Aai? rive a* o!h<*rs i-eh f.>r onr dollar'. 'Slid by S O. U^H \,M, 31 ?> 'heanut atr?et, h la deiphia. ami S. OA??VfcRT FORD, corner 11th street and I'a. ave. sop ?-eoly "R DUPONJ"* KLOAR COATED KKMALE KEGL LAT1NG PlLL8are^? the very he*t in we Tiiey operate speedi y?6f?#' ai'tC rHeituall*, and bemi; ?nrar-c<>ate By / crea.e no nausea tip^n tlie mist de.ioau" t-1 I a?o aoh \ tnti or ti ese Pills -aril! prove th??U I oupenority over ali oihn a Hrloe Onr Dollar a . box So'irl only at LPHAM'S, 310 Chcenut ! street, rtent by m^il to ail part* ??f the country in a Healed ei.veiitpe, Scid la VVaihinRtoii \rr S. CALVERT FORD, coiner llth street and Pa. ?*e. sep S eoly 1>?. J. ii. ili'LLAfl:i? 8TBK3QTnE?T.KQ COHDIAL A?iy KJIOOD piaiFixu. THE IRhATMST KBllEVT *? ia? WORLP, tC*Li?iows Aj?a DELIfiHTFUL Jt '5TJI* TlXKtl ThS'' It ! ?;rl?Ur ? ??l- jfesL t Sv AW ?c* nun >?ii III W3 Tkt ?stli? saiiT* jr_ jl r?w?i]l*J pr<esipl? f !? U(r*d'tu .>* , T 11" J*""1 pa oj* wj. ^".r ta^*ns? ' m. liT BtU>l <1 ? I <<tul!ia(. ???<t**l'f dallslsii, ?i?i. ?pirH. a't Us lUfuiUlt t???dy Hr ia? 'it*?a?d lyitis, aa4 raatailaf ik? 1st, lafarisf, as4 tahlUlaiad Isralt4 i* ln'ft ia(! ?UtB?l>. liiLKATVS hTXKXGTFENING 9QRDIAJ. wtil ?r**i?<lly iii) Wor <^*f?pla1at, Pytprpata. J?lv 41st, Ckraala ttRimii rJln?>?i ?fi?? K14ai;?, t<4 all f|l>a>?(i ait?U( f'aat a d!???d??? J Utit at Titataa, ytptptla, Ctartkmra, lawud Pilaa, aaiCUr at ftltkssti W tVi S;aattk, Fs<la?a> tC Bi**1 la l>t Itaa, Bail Pais at vixniaf la tka Raid, Palpiiatira U OtBaatt, 7rlla??? I at Wtifkt >a t?* l.itiil, 3??* Krtauuoat, Oktkl.^ ii af Ma'!,[ rat.lar wkaa layiac dawa. Diyaati at T tl.'W- 1 ??> ?f tU IS'? >td kjia, PlflKitm, lawatd Pifiia. 1 rxia la Ua'taiaU ar Ua lu?. Gkati, at IUa. laddta 1 Pit'kK a? R?il, SapiaaiUa af Apir.u, rrl?ktr?i Dttiat, I kaagaat, Batytadtaay at act btittat dli?ui. at llatakai a* tat Hkia, aaa Patai kul (at Ck'.Ua aa4 MM Kf MS. A KJkAlOtf BOTTLES kata kata Mid d?il>? lk? la?i alt aaa^ika, tal la aa la- ' uaaa kaa It failad U (itlaf aailta Jttl. (tatiaa. FSi oia. ! will aaCti ft*M Wu'.atai at Cak'I'tr Wkaa 9T9LBB9THXIKC 0<m!?iAfa wll> nil yaa t Ba lu(U[a iu saatay aa asifttli Ida* af lit* 1 a(a aad *:?aat atirasslaaa akaa(t araiasad ky lak'.ag ihla Cardial la tkt Issued, dakllllatad, aad tkattatad aar-aaa tyataa, wkalkat ktaksa dawa ky txaait, waak ky aaista, St iwpa.*T4d ky alakaaaa, Ik* talasad aaJ Bviurug argvaU ! aallaa la u Ua prlaUaa kaalu aad rlgat MAEEIED fEESONE% St stksra, eaaaalasa af (utility frtoa wkaia?ai, *tU tad MakJUB'B BTEBBBTBBaiBB COXM11.U a Ua- . raagk ragaaataiataf Ua ayataa; aad all wka o>t kata la | tpad Uaaaaatvaiky Satprasai tads'^aaaaa will lad la Ula Catital a sarUls tfd t*a?dy tsaaady. Yf> THE LAV 1MB. MAVa ITil*KITlaBI<r OOaBiak la a aattf tig* aad cpi?d> t?r, ft? laaiiUat Caataaptla^, It 'alua, BUs.-??lad a* BtStai; MaaatnunaaJ a'aallaaaaa af Vrli* Sf tavalsaurt ?i?*ija??t \k-t*W, ralllaj af Ut *?nk, 11 Vats-, rdat?*g,.?.i all du*>a?? latldaat ta rut'ia THEAK IS HO MISTAKE ABU4T IT ?uS?? ar laagat. Till It aaartdlag ta (ll-atr.?. u V||| I ai', HfmfOiaa, aad i?? *ar?i? yaa aad nt>a (aa klaaw af kaaiu \? aa;sat y*at akaak tgtia. Btary aanla la wa/nat*d w gi?a aatiafnai ta enn cffii.itKKN, U yas' akl Mraa trt atakla. past ar Bistad, MskBABI ndftlali vtil aua tktaa kaaluit. fal. aaJ takati. Dalay at a M*naat; lay It, aad yaa will ka aaatUsad. Ii la dsOalaM lauia, A bt;o^, Bawtta a; 1i(||lrla at daaittt wka aaat uy ta pala r+ta ' yav aaaaa kliiat at (tiaapanlla itaaa, wklak Uay aaa kay akaap, a; aa ring It ta latl %a r?a4. Ataidasak ma. Aak i tar rdcVtlS a BTaaBBTBaBlMB COBDIAk, aod uks I a<ikl*( alia. It la Ua aialy rtuiady thai will aerify tSa Blaad tkt It agk 11 asd at Ua a<una t'.rnt alrapgtlian lha ayttam. 1 Oaa UMHtofci lakan arary iramlng faatiiig la a cartala prataatltt far 'Jkalara, Ck'i't cud Tatar, Yallaw Tavtr, at att aiaraiam dlaaaaa. it la pat aa In larga kaulai Frlia 1 aaly VI par k?*ll*, at % keiUat far f I. j. B Mi l/cak. an praprlaiar af Ula Cardial; alaa. KlUu'a Talaan.a ?M ; Malaiaat. Pr<?a!ptl Papat aa ika taraat af Tkiid aad Plat aliaau, Bt Uiii, Ma. MoLean's ??*lo%nio Oil Liiiment, (TMB im klBlMBBY IB VBB WOBkO.) Tkt aaly ia'a aad satula ?ar? far Caasart, Mat, Ta- , aaara, Bwti lfga a?(1 Brai<?klla at Caltra, Ta/t tai?, Masralglt, Waaki.attaf Ua Muslaa, i^raala ar lalammawty Bkaaraavli.-n, rit>r*>aa af Ut Ja?i.u, Cs>iti?atad Maaclta ar k'gantult, Xxraakt arTaatiaaaka, kralita, praina, Fiaak Cata, Itaaaca, Blaara, Ta tat Btrax. Cakad Brant, Sara , Mlayiaa, larna, Kaaldt, fear* Tkraat, at any intammailao aa LJk, aa dirti* aa haw atrara at iaar tha diaaua may ill a?.aiaU, MckBajfB CBkKBBATkO klMlMICNT la a a?i'?aln ttraadt. ! TtmuJi af kuaa kaugt aats kaaa tarad a Ufa af dla artpitsda aad Blaary ky Ut aat aftklt loTalaakla jpmady. 1 MrLEAN'S TOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT WUI raUava pain a.matt laauntaoacxiiy, aod It will Claaa, SSrlfy aad ktal Ua faalttt tarat is an iitrsd'kla than utat. FOR HOUSES AHD OTHER ANIMALS. MtkKA.M'BCKkeBKATKU LLKiMEMT it Ua anly aafa aad ralUkia raiaadt far tha iin af apatla, Rinrkaoa, Wiadgallt, ffHnta, Bnnalaii) kairpt, Badaa ar Iwtlliora. It aatar faliad ta asrt B.g Baad, Pallttll, Flatala, Old Raarluf Saraa, at twaaoy. If praparly aspliad. Tat praint, Braiaat, traicaaa, Craakad Btala, C haft a, Baddla ar Callar Balla. Cata, taraa, ar W iudi, It la aa tafalllkls ranady. Apply It at dlrattad aad a a at a la saruts U atarr taataasa. Tkan aa laagar with Ut aaaay watUlaaa kiatiaaau fasadja yaa (ikuia a taaply af Da. MckBABI CfckB RATBD klBIMBHT. Il will tatt yaa. i. B. MckRAB, Bala Praprlaui, I Caraat Tkird aad Piaa ru., Bt. kaala, Ma. CBABkBB BTOTT, ITI Pa. at , aaia agtat la Waaklag a a. a T Rinik.Si?rtit?> |I M-atBIt ^JUNBOATS BOR Till WESTERN RIVERS. Quartbrmastbr Bbniral'* Ofpics, I W**kintlon, June 17,1861. Proposals are invited for oonatmcting 6an boata upou tha Western rivers frpeciucationa will be immediately prepared and | mar be examined at the Quar?ernia*ter'a Oftoe at i Cincinnati. Pit aburgh. and at this office. Proposals from boat bull era and engina-bnlld i err alone will be considered. P ana aubmitted by biddera will be taken into ouaaideration M C. ME 168, le U Qnartermaater General United State I pRIB, CRADLE AND BKD BLANKETS ] V *' <1 COl NTKH PAN E^. ail *iaes aa%> aua i tiea, Bfd Comlorta.Sheetings. Pi'low Lioen and 1 Cottons. Toweia. Napkin*. Table Clotha, Tiokinga, Poylies, Ao. All at our p-orerbialiy low pricea, I marked in plain figurea. New t omera, strangers, aojournera aad citisena will inspect onr aiook at pleaaare PERRY * RRO, ** '^-^t Penn. avenae and *Hb at.. , VV? _ TRAVEL1N? TRUNRS. 1 ** E Offer for aale the larcaat aa>onm?Bt a TRAVELING TRUNKS to V foand if this oity, oompriaina boat Sola Lea(hei|HS , Ladiea' Draas aod Paakiag Tranka, Va-^BB 1 lloea. Car pea Bag a, ho., which we are now se'ling | ? tbtp UW pnoes ^ . r?? ~ all. nVAVSASSik \ TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. F dgt sf^oWS.Wj^spjssEr1 Laadin and snuarkm* pMwnert at I Queenstown. Ireland The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia I Steamship Company ln'.enU dispatehmc their fun I powered Ciyt! *-l-u111 iron Steamships u follows: GLASGOW..........Saturday, AntMFt 3d. 11 (STY OF BALTIMORE, - - I?th. KANGAROO. " M 13th. I And "very Satuidar, ?t noon, fro? Pier44, North I river. I. liiii or n?u?t. First Cabin #75 K to London W I . to Parle s5 Do. to Hamburg ? _ H Steerwe.?? #?> 1>>. to London M 11 Uo. to Si Do. to Hamburg..-......... SS Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rot- |< terdam, Antwerp, Ac , at redcoed through lares. I Person* wishing to brine oat thair friends oan I I bur ticlreta at low ra-es. 1i for further mformatioa apPiy at the Capta-ns I Oftae. JOHN e. DAL , Agent, I ' 1# Broadway. N. Y.. I 1 Or to Q. A. HER RING, A 'ams Expres* Balti- I more I ( JT? ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE LINE. mtmUBJrn EASTERN A\D WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. ( "KENT," Cipt. J H. Kirwan < "flOSKER," Capt. W. Norman. Will run their routes m *a, leavi' g Light I < ctreet, Ba.timore, foot of Camden, at 7 e'c.ock A. I j M: I KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* I on Chop tack rive-, every WEDN-ESDAY and I r*ATi ((DAY, returning every Thursday and I Monday. For Annapolis and Weet River, every TUES- | DAY and FRIDAY and returning sa re lays. PION EEtt?For St. M ichael's ant Eastun, via I t Mile'* River, every WEDNESDAY,aud return I the same day. I t For Annapoli?, West River, Cambridge, Oxford | l and Eaatoc Point, every THU RSDAY, returning | by as me route on Friday. I | For Annapolis, West River, St. Miehael'a and I ( Ea ton. via Mile's River Forrr, every SATllR- I j DA Y. returning every Monday by same route. Faro to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and l-aston I ] Point ~ Also h Fare to t?t. Miobael's and Nil*e' River,< round I j trip, f 1.) 1 ?t I | Fareto West River.tround tria, 911 1 *e || Faro to Aanapoii? (*oand trip 7j ocr'.u) 76 li Mh.ALS EXTRA. f irr Freight must be prepaid. V, narf and office, Litih f ST.. foot of Camden. I j Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. I,,- NORTHERN g??!jE^g'$ CENTRAL RAILWAY. 4 SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICER J Cai.vxrt f"TaTio."?? Hatimore. May 18,18bl. f On and after San<lay. Mar 19th, 1861. Trains on I ? the NORTHERN CENTRA^ KAlLWAf ar < rive ar.d depar l as follows, unm further notice. I , TRAMS NORTH. MAIL at 8 LS A. M, |< EXPRESS atS^?P. M. I HaRKISBL'RG ACCOMMODATION at P. M I The 815 A. M. train connects at Relay House I Willi trains on the Western Marjland Kauroad, |at Hano-er Jnnction with Hanover and Gettsbsrg I Railroad*, at York with York and Wngh'tevlile | J Fa.l'oad; at Ijarr sl>urg with Pennsy vania Rail- I" road for ail parts of the West, a n with Lebaniion I Valley Railroad in JY?t? York d\t4r:; iu Nortnum |i bensnd with L a; d B. w.Mljoad for Kingston and I < al< pans Wycoming Vaileyjind atPunbury with | ? the I'hiladr.lphia ard Erie Railroad tor all parts I 1 Northern Ponnsy!vania and New York. The 3 P. M tram mak*? a'l tne above oonnoo- ! } ticms except Hnnorer Raiirywl, Wrightaviile I " Ba.iroaJ and tbo Lebannon VaP- r Railroad Tl e8 P. M train malr?s eonneotions with Pecn- I J BT .vRiisa Railrtad for a1 parts of the West, and 1 I direct cai-neots I'or New York. I TRAINS ARRIVE. MaiiatS!OP M.; Expre s at 7 ?t A. M.i Barrisbnrg Aonuniino<la'i'>n at 2.43 P. M. I f For Tict^ts aiid informalion inquire at tb? Ticket Offioe, Caiveit elation. Baltimore. I o J. C CLARK. Sup'L I . | i rim LEAVE PHILADELPHIA . FOR NEW YORK. j The Camden and Ambcy and philadel?hi? and j Tiento* Kan road Companies'Litf from PHILA- I , l>Ki PHIA TO NEW YO?K AND A^i ( PLACI S.fmTT WALNUT ST1.EET WHARF s ANU KE^bU^G'i'ON DEPOT, will leave as fol | j low*: I a At 6 A. M , via Camden and Amboy, <C. and A. I ! Aooonnrs^dation.? 1 , At?A. M-. via Camden and Jeraej City,(N.J. I j Acootnmc-iatioa. 1 At 8 A. >i., Tlx Camdsn aad Jerasy City, (Morn- I i t Maii.) I < Atlli4 A. M . via Kecsington and Jersey City, | j (Wettem F.x?ree?-> I At US P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( Aooommo- I ? da??pn.) 1 i At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. I Exareea.) I , At u f M-, via Kensington and Jersey City, I . {Evening Exprosa) ! At P >1 , via Kensington and Jersey City, | , (Seoond Class T:oket.) , A?6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening I { Kan.) At Ilk P.M., via Camden and Jersey City, (South I . era Mail.) At k P. >1 , via Caindec and Amboy, (Aoooirunoda- I , tion, freight and passenger. First Class Tloket.) . Seo<ind Cla?e Ticket. I The 6 P. M Mail Train runs daily. The 1114 P- t M, Mail, Saturdays ejreept^u I < Foi Boividere, Er.stoii, LainbertvtUe, Fleming- I tor. to., at 7.10 A.M.; and 4H P. M., from Koa-I . li gton. ' l or Water Gap, i+trond?l>ar?,8or*n!<?n,Wilfcea- , barr?, Montrose, Great Bena, Ac., at 7.10 A. M- , from Kee<-<<)gton, via Delaware, l^okawaana and West-rn Ki'lrogd. I , For Maucb Chunk, Allentown and Brthlehem^t I . 7.1" A.M. and P. M. fr^w Kensir^'on depot; j . the7.10 A. M It n oonneots with the train leaving I Eaator at 3SS P. M. [. For Mount Hoi y at 4 and 8 A. M. and I and t% I P. M. For Freehold at 4A. M-and t P. M. |J For Briuto!, Trontoa,fcc. at 7.10 A. M., 444 and 1 5?^ I*. M freni Kensington, and U4 P. Mlron I J VV aiiiut street wharf. ! For Palmyra Riverton, Oelanoo, Beverly. Bur- I lm^ton, F1 Tetceco, Boraantown, Ao.,at U>4,1,1 ; S, a-:d 5 PM- | J ?teaiu%r Trenton for Bordont^wn, ao4 inter me- I / diate plaots, at P. M. from WafaMt street | ', wharf. (Ljr* F'or New Y<?rk and Way Lines, leaving j * Kensington Depot, take ths oars on Filth street, I aliove Wal iut, half an hour before departure I he I , oars run iiitj depot, and on arrival of train rcn I ' from the tie tot. I 1 i lfty ponnds of baggage only allowed toraoh I . passenger. Passengers are prohibited from taking I J anything a* baggage but their wearing appar?f I * All baggage over fifty pounds to be said fori . extra, rue company limit their responsibility { r I l>ag;age to one <*oi ar per pound, and will not be I liable l>r any amount beyond one Hundred doilara, I ^ exoept by epeoiai contract. WM H GATZMER. Agent, j J FOR THE WEST ANii SOl'TH II Wt BALTIMORE AND OHIO i RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, 1861, the traina will i;ua I ?s follows, via -Leave Camden Station, Ba ti- I 1 more.?Mai..(except Sumlay.i at i. 30 A M.; Ki- I press dat y at 3 4ft P. M Both Trains go directly I i through f t?R ALL PARTS OT THE W EST, ( SOFTHWEST AND NORTHV. EST. t TOR WAY PASSENGERS. 1 Between Baltimore ana fiedmont take the A. M. I " I rani; l>?tween Piedmont and Wheelina take Ao. I I coinr.KMlation Train, leaving PleUmont at 5.4" A. 11 M ,-end between UralYAn and Parkersburg, taks 1 the jji a M Train Irom Baltimore. . The FREDERICK T?AIN Iraves Baltimore N at 4 90 P. M. aod Frederick at 6jn A. M. 1 Th- ELLICOTT'8 MILLS I K MN leave Bal- I . timore a: 6 acd 9.15 A. M. arid 1 45 and 5.40 P. M., I and Kllicott's Mills at 7.40 and li-OOA. M .and 2.4* . and 7.fO P. M. j 1 For further information, Tiokets of every Itmd, I , An , apply to J. T. k.NGLA N D Agent, at Camden [ * Statiou, or at the Tioket office. |* W. P. SMITH. . Master of Transportion. | 1 L. M. CO I.E. Gen'l Ticket Agent A_ YOhK. HARLEM ANDI" MRi ALBANV RAILROAD. LEAVLNG NEW YORK. FOR ALBANY. TROV, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT I Commercing Monday, May 87th, 1MI. I 1 For Abany?ll^o a. m. fkst express train from j i "i^or^rrer Plains?4.-on p. m. stopping at Wkits J I Plains and stations north to Dover plains?from I Mth street station. _ _ . I | (This train will run to Mtllwton every Batarday ' eninxj For Croton Falls?fclSa. m. stopping at all sta- I lions north of Ford ham from 26th street station. For White Plains?fc#, 4:10 and &0u p. m.stop- | ) ping at all stations from 26tn strset station. | C For White Plains?6.-16 p. m. stopping at all sta- I * tions from W hite street station. For Williams Bridge?7.3', 11:16 a. m. and 130 p. c m. stopping at all stauons from 27th street station. I r Returning will leave? I Albany?wo a. m. tast express train. Dover Piains? 5:30 a. m. (This tram isaves Mn I I lerton every Monday asorning at 6 a m.) Croton Fails?6 p. m. I White Plains??:ie. 7^0 a m. 4:10 A 7K? p. a. Williams Bridge?Mn, >. m.A hoo p. sa. I , Sundar trains will lsave 4th Avenue oorner 28d I i tre?t,for Central Park, Yorkville. Hanem and High Bridge e\ery few minntes. from 9^0 a. m. to I Wjp m. JOHN BLRCH1LL. Asst yp't. J ^? 'YORK AND ERIE RAIL J ROAD L Passenger Trains leave via Pavo- c uia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambers | stmet. New York, as follows, ti*: ? 7jOO a. m . EX ^R ESS. for Donkirk, and Bufklo, I and principal interm? ia'e Stauons. 1 8(ma. m . MAIL,for Itunkirx. ana intermediate Stations?This Train remains ovei night at Flimira, | and prooeeus the next morning 9.nna m . MILK dail,, for OUsville, and inter I mediate Stations. ' 11 warn, ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jems, and p lnoipal Stations d 4 00 s. m , WA>, for Middletown, Newburgb. t and intermediate Stations. 6jQ0 p. m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, daily, for D?n- ? kirk, Buffalo, CanandaignaAod pnaoipal Stat.or.s t Ti-e Train of Satorday atop* at all Maii Train Stations, and runs onlj to Eimira. ( B0?' ACCOMMODATION,for Homeenlle, ted principal Stations CH 8. M1NOT. ?en'l Supt. NATHANIEL M^RSH. Rs#*irsr. JOMONS-ONIONS?ONIONS. 1 UST R*eeived on empiignmeai i^t? iBnobes j K<me Omoos. For sale low. KING A BCRCHELL, n<>rB?r'rift?mWi *w1 I ?t? S fkNB VERY MICE SECOND H AND PIANO a I / for ?W. AI so. a large tuck o( iares^^ c btaoun A Co.'s aad Htetuway A Son s havTfHlBfe -f?r 1 (7 Pianos for rsot oe a IP NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. fit Poitmwtw Genera h*?it4 ordered IM cuAil sarvioe :?in?| W^iuton.. _JT~? ^ Bkltaor* and Old Po4nl <FcfWBrf^V^ 9ooro?) to U> renamed, on asd a ondsy, thcSPtt. instant. the Bar at?aa.e? will leave Ba.tim^ra F.V KR\ DAY <ejoept * ?. lay I from their wharf. foot of lltm LK??A, at ?w o'oiook p. m., or after th? arrival n| the NS MhinftoB Train, whfob i ee vesW uh. n< W>a at SS o'clock p. m. m >rwtf M. N FALLS. Pr?1 -i , I,,,,- PHILADELPHIA, WIL M3fei8K .VINOToN AND BAL TIMOR*. kAlLRi AD. sfr;n? asd stmSDiR ashamfmist. eoud alter lUE^DAY May l?tn, r**~rtt~ Euns tor Pbu?<l?.pM* will leave President street pot daily <exoe?t Sundays >m follow*, *.* I rrein att 15 A.M.,Way Mm. Train** U A . M.. Lveni i.g Ma;, at 4 C o ok. On M N OAYSa* 4 45 P. M.otIr. AII correct with New York trams exorpt 4.46 r. M. tra n pa Satar ii?ye. . A Freight Train with peeeearer oar attacked eaves at 5 P. M . etoppinc at ai> Station* t<etwe*B Ba tiruoreabd Havre dt- rw>*. PMMnrera f<u lie aware ard the Eaitora ? hora ?f Variland will Bn?l the moit exroditioaa route by irarol W'luingtcn, ID-All Colored Pereota in net give boad before .?e?. WM CRAWFOIID.AlM1 i;hk.aT central ro? te fob MBEEthe w ksr, ? ? hvdsqs *IY. IhAll nOAH >FW TrthK rK^THAL KAll ROAp * New York o ty df-pota of Hndson River Rai r^ad iaily. Sundays exoorkwl, k>l*>wa: Prom Chambers (treat Frcm Siet st. statur. At 7.00 am At7 26am II 00 500 pm VSi " 4.25 p m 3-?? ? m . J?F > Montr;al and Buffalo Train with eleiping ear*. 9/5 ? m 1 *5 p m Connecting at Albany with the New WaCea trai Rauroad f-r :<c:ieneotady. Rocheate-. luoa Batana, Rome, and ataUona on Rome arid Water town Railr-a-i. Kufffc o, Syraonar, Niaga'a Fa. . Snaper ai~n Bridge, Aut>urr. Genera.Ta- anda<r*a Traini ir oonrection aave BaWoand lion via Lake **hore, Buffalo arxf eke Hn*on and Sreat We?verc Reilroao. *<>r Hai.i.'oa. Torr?t<>, Detroit, CLicaco, Toledo. % waukie, Fon Do Lac. La t'ro??e. Madnor. Prame I>n Cl ier, Gaena, Oonleith. Dobo^ne, Peor &. Rock J?land, Maeea3ne, Towa Oii?, Bu'inaton, Qoirc*. ^crinnteid, Mton, J*t. Loon. Cairo,Terre Hante, Inrf anato it. Loaieville. Cineir naf'. 1 a?t< r.. CoHniui, Ore and, and ai". poiLU Weat. Northweat and BoaUire"L NORTHERN ROUTE. Connactinc T ai; * at Iro?, with Troy A Boctoc and Rrr.n A ^I'ltoja Roads for Saratofa, Whitehall. Rat ntd, Bur 'n^ton. ??t. All>at>?, Room Point, Piftttsbarfh, Ojd*i.ahn-fh, Montreal, Aa? ko fiy Freuht Arrancemerts by thif route as kt<ovt w.ta. t chatm of Cars, Horn ti e ctpots m 'tiamhers and ? stal rt-?*at?. are at all times as 'avt?raMe a? msdehyo'h r Rsi'road Ccmpaei'*. The faoil'ties of this i reat N?w Vork R'-?t",?o li.s West eommeno it to the ooi fdecce of ma<ohants kn ' fh ppers tor proinp'reee and ditpa'eh Paseerser traice. with Smokin* and Sleeping 3ar? ran m oonnectton on the New York Cemra< K.<>ad. For partiou'ars aa to looe! tr*tns and freuht ar 'anxements, I nan ire at th^ depot, 6* Warren st. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. r.s c.ovkrnmknt link > TO FORT MO^hOF. A> D OLU poiyr compoht. Uaa?e? the lower end of l'Nl"N IK)CK,Baiti nore, weat side, I'AILY, (Hundars iroiuaad. i at Ho'ol-ct P M.taiioc paaaeijtera and feight and fnneotinc with the Railroad lines, to ard IVaslni r'on, D. C., Phi adelphia. New York, B'-a on, York, Harrisbar?, Pitubvrc, Pa, ani the kVest, immediate'j af>'' the a'rira; of tha Liprsaa Train from New Ymk and Philadelphia. The (ollowinc is the Seheda.e : 'rom New V'ork to Fort Monroe asd bask.. IM 'rom Phi ad^ipli a and nack> #> 'rom Baltimore and baok - .... 16. ITT PROCURE YOUR TICRETS^n In New York, at the New Jersey RaUroa<i oftoe 'oot "I Conrtlard street. In Phi a?l*'.phia, at the Company's o?oe, N. \Y. lorner of Six^h and Ch^etrut streets, or at the )epot. Broad and Prime strr eta In Raitiiore, on board the Steamers, foot of Jnion IK>ok. HUttH O'CONNER, Pae ?u*er Afn'. _?-=a- ^ FOR BOPTON VIA NEWPORT *? AND |CALL RIVER. Br the splendid and superior Uame's METROPOLIS, ErMPIRfc STATE. SAY STATE, STATE OF MA 1N E. of jreai lirenxtl. noid eac-ed, but particularly adapted to t>:e ^vnatiois cf Lons Island Soasd, runciEi in oor jection wiLh Use Fa ! R:ver a'Kl 0:d Colony Rai oad,distance of 81 TnilP? oMy to Borror Leave Pier No. t Nortk River near tne Pattery. The Ptaamar EMPIRE STATE,Capt Braytou, Mondays, Wednesday*, a..d Fmiars, at 4 o'o.ock ?. M touohiPi at N f-wjport each *ai. _ The Steamer MF.TROPOCiS, Capt. B'own. on ruesdays. Thurs^sys and SaruHars, at 4 o'cloek P. M., touohirj at Newj. ?rt eaeh way. These Steamers are fitted with oommodioas itate rooms, and e* :ry atrantement for the eeceri 7 and oomfort o! p^aeecgers. who are afforded by iiis route a nights' reat oa board, aud on arri*t< vt Fail River p-ocer*: per ^ Train.reaoh nc Boston eariy the follow.c.c moraine: or may n on boarJ ontil srartinc of the Aoootr moda Uon at I A. M., by wkioh thoy may resok Boston kbontS.45 A. M. , u ^ C. baccage master is attaohed to eaoh steamer, o reneives and tieketa the hacrafe, ana aooom>aiiie? the same to its <le?tination. A steamer rut>a tn oonneotion with this Line bo ween Fall Elver and Provide&oe daily, aaoapt p. Freight to Boston ta forwaeded through with rreat diepatoh by an Expreaa Tram, which leaves rail Hiver evert morales, Sandaya eaoepted, at Jtf o'clook f-.T Boston ai d New Bedford, arriving kt ita d?atination at about 11AM For freight or pataaca. app y oa board, or at the ifioeoti Pier No. S North River For state rooms in<i be tha app y on fc.>ard. or if desired to eeeare hem in ad\-anoe, to WM BoROEN.Ag't 70 and 71 W est streat, N Y. _rr-?? - THE REGULAR MAIL LINE EfTW^vlt OROToN, 8TONINGTON ^aiid PROVIDENCE, Fl'K BOS TON?inland Ronte?Tbe st. or test and moat di ect?Carry the Eaatern Mail. The ateamer PL\ McUTH ROCE, Capt. J. C. Jeer, and COMMONWEALTH. Capt J. W. IVilliama, in oonnection with the Stotinfton asd ',act! Boa-ou and Prondenoe Rai road a, eaviiig New York dai^y, Sundaya exoeatad, from *ier No 18 North R;ver, at 6 o'olook r. M? and Jrotcn at >J0 o'clooa P. M? or on the arrira. of he Mai; Train whioh ieavea Boston st 6 SO P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCE. from New Yorkttouday, Wedaeedar, and Friday. From Groon?Tu'ada*. Thursday,and Satarcay. .. The COMMON WEA1 TH, from New YorkTueeday Thursday, and Saturday. From firoton -Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Paaaengera from Groton proceed ISf railroad to Providenoe and Boeton, in the Expi^ea Mail Train, reaching said plaoe In advance of thoee by >ther rontea, and in ample time lor a'l the ear y ttonung Linaa oonactins North and Eaat. Paa lencera that prefer it, jamair .oa U>S'd the iteainer, enjoy a nights'reat indistarbod. breakaat il desired, and leave Groton in tha 7 15 A. M. Train, eoeneotma at Prondenoe with the 1 4? k M. Train for Boston. Fire froai Krov<denoe to Newport, Fifty oenta. A tmaster aooumpaniea the Steamer and Tram each way. _ , For Passage, Bertha, State Rooms, or Freight, ipely on board the steamer, or at the Freight moe. Pier 18 North River, or at the Oftoe of he Company, No. 115 Weat st eet,oorner of Cort and stieet., lt?. HUDS< N RIVER RAILROAD? For ALBANY AND TROV.GOTS NECT1NG with TRAINS NORTH And WES r, Trains leave: 7rom Chambers at. N.Y., From 5nh street express. 7 and 11 a. m.,|7^5.11J5 a. m . and and 3,*? and 5 p m. 6,25 p m. Troy and A.bai.y iwith 10.?Sp.m , 'Sandaya laaleepmg oar i 10,15 p. m oluded.) *OB(hke<ms<e trains, a Ijta. m.,asd 1^1 p. m, m . 1.16 p.m * 'eekaktU train, 4.<W p m 4.21 p m. Mug Mug tnun^ooa m ,,9JB a. m., asd 4jM and ud 4 30 and t JW p. bi 1 8,2a p.m. Oahkill train,6jo p. m.|5 56j?- m. A. F SMITH. Sn?ariBtendert. A?CHWERIN'I JDRlhlUtlM Powder la the^^^^^^ra^and Jt aeaiaaas se BCHWEEIN'SPILLS art eara dasth to tat* rMs*t??>reai2Mt*f'eirard oSiagv, Duiotora of t. I. Jail, W ashing ton, D. C.; and Charity Heap'tal. "BF/wFi'ft OF?SPCrf^OUS IMITATIONS |l fMywbit to aak for SeWevia'a Aaaikl NolsgenuineasieeaeignodM.Sccar**;* malAAmao KRENCH A4 RI 1EN?Wa^Obat racetvad a arte and oomplet* aaaortmeat or Mi llar* Boot a all kiada, whieh Uiey s#er Irom tsn to Ifty ier oe-it, below tSe rejuiar ratal, pr.eea iladinc : _ . Anew edition of Hardee'a Tnfantry asd R oe raetioa, coma.ate, fl ForSoa' Vorunt^ra' Manaal, 9 vola, #? Alia 'a C<'Mipenf"ism ol Hardee'a Taoiiea. **t iroaa'a M'.iitari Surgery. Iftc Mahas'a Fia;d Forufioauoii and Oatp< at, aseh^t Hardee a Taotiea. cheap edition. ?*c The t^iMisr'a Guide, a oSmpiet* mare^l and Iriil bo.>k for tne uae ol tha Vulnateer V ua a d he Rome Guard. 2ac The Hand Book for the U. I4, SoW;er. >e:a? iret bo >k of matraotion to Use U. S. 1 .Ian* ' ta. lOfla S5o Aleo. Military Masa> Map mt ttiS WW. " F .aga, Badgea asd Medsia ud even doecr,pt??a. Am or the a-ove sent l.y ma ' fre v FRENCH A HICHSTI.IN. ?iaPi w?w. a? ?a^ia a-?r> CM N E SHAEEE AND 1?TI?KR J Wu. T FLANNELS, with ait e'fcer kiadsof or Aatumr. and Wialor us One pnee od>, ma ked is plSia ftgar.e; ket^e. Btorui thereto . Anexsmioatioa stakes* *Mlise ao MJ is"" o purchase. KkKIY * ? I Ps a venae asd NisU ai - ? oc U At *Parry ait?'M

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