Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1861 Page 1
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/ ? I; * 5*?5i SqQB Kb *8 fin / H IK H| Hal HB Bh In \. ?J3 ?* m SF a9 PL- 13 g| |H Ik Eg wk 3B ii S / x^ ^ 18 V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. I). C. MONDAY. NOVEMBER 11. 1861. N'!. 2.728. THE EVENING STAR n PUBLISHED EVERY APTEKNOON, (SUNDAY KXCKPTKD.) AT THE STAR BlTILDlSGS, 9orn,r #/ inui ani SUrtmk ti. t w. L). WAIjIjACLI. P?p^r? wfed In package by carriers ?t 94 ?w, or 37 cento per month. To mall anbacrlben the price l? W JO I year, in mdvanct; 92 for aU months; SI for three month*, and for leas tK" tree months at the rate of M cents a week. 81agle copies, ona c?kt; In wrappers, two cbiits. (ZT AoraaTuavaxTs should be sent to the *ce before IS o'clock m ; otherwise they may ot appear until the next day. TALK ABOUT MARRIAGE. y t. s. arthur. Two maidens, in youthful bloom and beauty, sat earnestly talking. Their thoughts were reaching away into the future?their theme Was marriage. '* I like him well enough," said one of them, 'but?" 6ho paused, the obj?etion unspoken. 4i What is the impediment, Alioe ?" "His income is too small.'* ' What is it ?" ' Eight hundred dollars a year." " You might live on that." ' Lire! Bah! What kind of living?" "Not in princely style, I will admit." " Nor scarcely in plebeian, Fanny. Eight hundred dollars ! Why, father pays six hundred dollars rent, and I'm sure our style of living is plain enough. Eight hundred ! Oh. no. 1 like Harry better than any young man I have met I could love him, no doubt But be can't support a wife in any decent kind of style " " Did your father and mother begin their married life on a larger income than Harry Pleasants bow receives? Mine did not; as 1 have often heard them relate." 44 Father and^ mother ! Oh, according to their story. Job s famous turkey was scarcely poorer than they were in the beginning. Mother did all her own work, even to the washing and ironing, I believe. Father's inaome was not over three or four hundred dollars a year." "And they were happy together, I am sure." ' No doubt. In fact I ve heard mother say that the first hard struggling years of their life were among the happiest she has known. But that doesn't signify for me. That is no reason why her daughter should elect to go into the kitchen, and spend her years in washing ironing and cooking. If a man isn't able to support a wife genteelly, and in the style to which she has been accustomed, let him marry some Irish cook, sewing girl or washerwoman, who will manage his household with the needed economy. Y'oung men who can t earn more than eight hundred or a thousand dollars a year should not look into our circles for wives " 1 .don ',ik? h?*r you talk in this way. Alice, said her companion. ' We are not superior beings, but only the equals of the men." 1 44 Did I say we were,superior ?" 41 One might infer from your language that you thought so." 441 don't see how the iaference can fairly be drawn." 44 Our cirole for wives, you said just now." '' Yes.'' 44 What did you mean by it?" "A cirole of intelligence, refinement, taste, and cultivation," replied Alice. 44 You don't say wealth." "No. My father, though living in good style, is not nch. I have heard him say more than once, that we were living up to our income." " Then, we have our own sweet selves with which to endow our husbands. No houses or lands, no stocks from which to draw an income; nothing substantial on which to claim the nght of being supported in costly idleness. We must be rich, indeed, as to personal attractions." j are ?duc*tcd *?d accomplished, and? iDd? ' Alice was not a little bewildered in thought and did not finish the sentence. ' " Not better eduoated or accomplished as prls, than iw inoet of th? young men, who, is clerks, earn only from seven hundred to a thousand dollars a year. In this regard we are simply their equals. But. it strikes me, th*t, in another view of the case, we cannot claim even an equality. They are our superiors " Not by any means," replied Alice " We shall see. Here is Harry Pleasants for mstanoe. What is hisincome ? I think you mentioned the sum just now." 44 Eight hundred dollars a year." " That is the interest on?how much ??let me see?about twelve thousand dollars. To be equal as a matoh for Harry, then, you should be worth twelve thousand dollars." 41 How you talk, Fanny !" ' To the point, don't I ? If we are not superior to the young men who visit us, superior imply in virtue of oursex, then our only claim to be handsomely supported in idle self-indulfence must lie in the fact that we endow our us bands with sufiicieni worldly goods to warrant the condition." 44 You are ingenious." ' matter of fact. What have you to say against my position, Alice 7 Are we better than young men of equal intelligence and education ? 44 No, I cannot say that we are " "if "V"*' w* m '??* nP?n these for husbands. Rich man. as a general thing, select their wives from rich men's daughters. Our chaneesin that direction are not very eacouraging. Your father has no dowry for his child: nor has mine. Their families are large and expensive, and little or nothing of the year's income is left at the year's close The best they can do for us is to give us homes; and I feel that it is not much to our credit that we are oontent to lean an our fathers, already stooping under the burden of years, care and toil, instead of supporting ourselves. The thought has troubled me of late " A sober bue came over the face of Alice, as she sat looking Into the eyes of her friend She did not reply, and Fanny went on. ' There is wrong in this. On what ground ot reason are we to be-exempt from the common lot of useful work ? We expect to become wives and mothers. Is this our preparation 7 Can you bake a loaf of sweet, light bread ?" * no 44 Nor can I. Or roaat a sirloin 44 No." 44 Or broil a steak ? Juat think of it, Alice' We can manage a little useleas embroidery, or fancy knitting; can sing and play, dance and chatter-but as to the real and substantial things of life, we are ignorant and helpless. And with all this, foraooth, we cannot think of letting ourselves down to the level and condition of virtoona and intelligent youn* men who, in daily uaeful work, are earning*, fa?; independenee We are so superior that we musi have husbands able to support us in luxurious idleoess, or we will have none. We are willing to paas the man to whom lore would nita us in the finder eat bonds, because his inoome is small, and marry for position one from whom the soul turns with instinctive aversion. Can we wonder that so many are nnhappy ?"' 4 But eight hundred dollars, Fanny ! How is it possible for a married couple to live in any decent style, in this oity, on eight hundred dollars a year ?" S 44 They may live in a very oomfortable style, if the wife is willing to perform her part." 44 What do you mean by her part, Fanny ?" 44 Wa will take it for granted that she is no better than her husband; that, having brought him no fortune beyond her dear self, she cannot claim superior privileges." Well " 44 He has to work through all the day." Well ?" 41 Under what equitable role is she exempt?" " None. She must do her part, of course, if there is anything to do with She must keep his house, if he ean afford a house. But if we have only $800 a year. Why, rent alonb would consume half, or more than naif of that There would be no housekeeping in the cue. They must board " "And the wife sit ia idleneas all the day kag." 44 She would have nothing to do " 44 Could she not teaeb? or by aid of a sewing , machine earn a few dollars every weak? or *** 1* some other useful work that would I yield in inoome, and so do her part." 44 Yes, she might do something of the kind? but if carriage is to mske 'workies' of ua, it were better to remain single." " And lira in unwomanly dependanee on oar parents and relatives, No, Alice; there is a false sentiment prevailing on this subject, and as I think and talk I see it more and more clearly. Our parents have been weak in their love for us; and society, as constituted, has fiven us wrong estimates of things. We should ave been required to do useful work in the household, from the beginning; and should have been taught that idleness and self-indulI gence were discreditable. Our brothers are put I to trades and professions, and made to comprehend. from the beginning, that industry is honorable, and that tne way of useful work is the way by which the world's brightest places are to be reached. But we are raised daintily and uselessly, and so fitted for our duties as wives and mothers. Our |pride and self-esteem are fostered ; and we 'ome to think of ourselves as future queens, who are to be ministered to in all things, instead of being ministrant, in loving self-forgetfulness, to others. No wonder that an anti-marriage sentiment is beginning to prevail amongst young men of moderate incomes in all our large cities. The fault is in us, Alice. The sin lies at our door. We demand too much in this copartnership. We are not willing to do our share of work. Our husbands must bear all the burdens. Alice sighed heavily. Her friend continued : 'I have read somewhere that the delight of heaven is the delight of being useful. And it seems to me, as I dwell upon the thought, that the nearest approach to heavenly delight here must be that state into which a wife oomes when she stands by her husband's side, and, out of love for him, removes one burden and another from his shoulders, and so lightens his work that smiles take the place of weariness and the shadowinga of eare. If ho be ricb, she can hardly have so great a privilege ; but if they are alike poor, and know how to moderate their desires, their home may become an image of Paradise Eight hundred dollars!?Alice, if you were really fitted to become Harry's wife, you might live with him, d?ing jour part happier than a queen. "That is, I must take-in worn, and earn money, if we board ; or?but housekeeping is out ?f the question." ' No, it snould never be out of the question in marriage, I think." But house-rent alone would take half of our income." ' That does not follow " "It does not for any house I would consent to live in " "So pride is stronger than love. But pride has its wages as well as love, and tbo one is bitter while the other is sweet. It is this pride of appearances, this living for the eyes of other people who do not care a penny for us, that is marring the fair fabric of our social life. Fine houses, fine dresses, parties, shows, and costly luxuries of all kinds, are consuming domestio happiness, and burdening fathers and husbands in all grades of society, with embarrassment and wretchednoss. Alice, wc mutt be wiser in our generation." "That is, coop ourselves np in two or three mean little rooms, with eight hundred dollar a year husbands, and to do our own cooking and housework. Is that it, my pretty one ?" "Alice ! You do not deservo a good man. You are not worthy to wtd Harry Pleasants, and I trust you will paes him by, should he be weak enough to offer you bis hand. He can't afford to marry a girl of your expectations; he must content himself with one who, like himself, regards life as real, life in earnest : and the way of use and duty the way to true honor and the highest happiness." port koyal a*d its vicinity. [From tbe New York World.J Port Royal is fifteen miles northeast from the mouth of the Savannah river, and is in all respects the most eligible point along tbe southern coast for efie?ting a hostile landing. The entrance to the harbor is one of the best bel?w Norfolk ; asd the harbor itself is large enough to admit of the anchorage and movements of the whole fleet. The city ef Beaufort is situated on the east side of the harbor, on Port Royal Island, with a population of about one thousand. The harbor runs into and commands Beaufort county, which constitutes the southern j extremity of South Carolina. The population of the district in l&M) was 38,805, of which only 6,300 were free. The chief staples of the district are cotton, rice, Indian oorn, and sweet potatoes. Beaufort is one of tbe most populous districts in South Carolina. The surrounding oountry is a level plain, but little elevated above the sea ; and the soil is alluvial and sandy, well adapted, apparently, for quartering troops, and for the movements of an attacking army. Port Royal communicates almost directly, bv railroad, with both Charleston and Savannah A force moving up the river from Beaufort city would strike the Charleston and Savannah Railroad at a point about fifty miles from Charleston on the one hand and fifty miles from .Savannah on the other. The acquisition of that road will be one of the first movements of the expeditionary army, giving, as it would, the command of both cities, and easy access to them, besides cutting off the facilities of transit and transport from the rebels. The possession of this point will give Gen. Sherman access to the most important part of the southern coast, and enable nim to attack in the rear the fortifications of Charleston and Savannah. The possession of Beaufort, in fact, must result in the speedy possession of the whole of South Carolina and Georgia. This point of the o>sst is situated directly opposite the most southern extremity of Kentucky. A military line drawn from- Port Royal to tho Cumberland mountains would cut rebellion completely in twn and thereby annihilate the1 rebellion. The intention ef the War Department probably is rather to make this h base of operations for securing the whole Southern coast. So long as our troops may find it necessary to remainjin the district of Beaufort they aro sure of fine quarters It is the most fertile part of the State, and abounds in the necessaries of subsistence. Tbe probability is that they will capture no inconsiderable amount of valuable commodities. They will probably find a few thousand bales of the finest Sea Island Cotton, which, at the present price of that staple, would prove a most valuable prlie. The annual value of the crops raised in this district is $6,000,000, a very large proportion of which must now be accumulated there, if the property owner*should prove persistent in their disloyalty, the gaina of the government by confiscation must be considerable. The possession of this harbor will enable the North to open a new Cotton port, where the experiment may be tried as to how far the Cotton planters would avail themselves of an opportunity of selling their crops. Resignation or Gin Mitchkll ?In relation to the cause of tbe resignation of Brig Gen. Mitchell. the Cincinnati Commercial says: The cause of bis resignation U understood to be bis unsatisfactory relations with Gen Sherman. commanding In Kentucky It has been for some time evident that dlflerences prejudicial to the public interest existed between Geneiala Sherman and Mitchell In what manner, if at all. tae situation will be improved if G?oeral Mitchell has resigned we are not advised. Something evidently should be done to facilitate the transmission of troops and munitions of war Into Kentucky. Lticr Gib Scott's Ihcoxi ?Tbe current monthly pay, subsistence aad allowance of Lieut General Scott were, and by order of tbe President continue to be, while he la upon the retired list, as followa: _ Pay, per month WO Rations. p?r month 360 Allowance for eervanta, per month 90 allowance for horara, per month. *0 Total monthly pay..; S770 ?which makes an annual income of SB,410 \rjr A Utter from Leon, Mexico, eutee that a young American, who had never teen cotton cultivated, planted ten arrra with cotton last war, and tbe reeolt of hta crop was a product of 700a 800 pounds per acre of alean cotton. PROPOSALS FOR BEE* CATTLE ON Sralrd Proposals for suppiving to the Government ?,noo Baef Cattle on tkS koor. arei^,Ud*th. 1Mb day of November, 1861, at 12 o'oloak m Th* Cattle to he do.ivcre<l in Washington citv on th? ZVnzTa(Si?rmbr>,861' aa theG.,vernment mar direct. Tho bid* to to w" 9iP' GREKN, A C. S.. U%. a , posale'* Washington city, * Endorsed ProaS.W5d are ai,? incited til! the ISth day of .November, 136 , at 1 o'olock 9. m., for supplying the Government 4 000 Head of Heel Cattle on the hoof, The Cattle to be dohver^ at H* r,i t?1*' ft4 'on tho 91A'' of November 1861, or as soon thereafter m the Government may direct. The r? S 1 i a 1I?CtTAl,t<^Lleuu F H BAKROI L,A. ? c. f*i.rM ?a1 to th? nP. fh? il?if.1? b?dell.v?red 2n ,he s>th ?!*? of January, 13?2, or as goon thereaft r as the Government may direct, at either York, Chambersburg,or HarriskUJr* ,M the Government ma* direct The bids to be directed to Maj. A. BECKW TH, C.S. "Endor^ Pru^o'.iit/'' yV"hlu*ton' D' c ' ?.nd Government reserves t? itself the right to pay in JrM-arv notes and to -eject any \id for any cauae. No bid will be entertained un:ess the bidder is preseo; to respond to his hi J, , of Cattle delivered shall averare at least 1.300 pounds gross weight; and >.o animal will be reoeivod wh.oh weighs less than 1,000 pounds gross weight, 1 . , , *okm o? Bid. I, A B, do hereb* propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per ^iVdI^p<iunda *rog8 T'>i*ht- The Cattle to be 2f ^5r h "I ^coording toiho terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. I hereby agree to give a good and sufficient bond for the fulfillment of the oontract, and to receive Treasury notes or other Government lunds in payment for the Cattle. 00 A t<! SItMlVlS.1nMRHiP^wSAL8l,'troinTIt'>d for flOL'R 0 till the llrh day November, 1861 at 12 o'clock m. 1 About 8^X)0 barrels will be required, in separate lots of about 1,1100 barrels each. The Flour to he made of new wheat, and the delivery of the whole T'u' l51B,*d" the 26th November. 1861. The Flour required to be of the following brands, and to pans the inspeouon of a Board of Armi ofiSf?? "?nr *u.oh otlfr >n?peotion aa the Subsistence department may direct* Arlington Extra, Congress do. ?. P?"? do. hairview do. Cedar Vale do. Glen wood do. Ciagett do. J. rvewoome do. M. Smith do. Roxbury do, Joe Charlea do. J. Davidson A Co. do. foundry do. Heck do, D. L. Morrison A Co. do. Lyon's Union Flour, 1I0. Big Spring Joe Charles,do. Kilo's Extra Baker's, do. A few barrels of the mine grade of Southern I* lour will be taken, provided that it proves equnl in grade to the brands above-named The bidders to state the brand and the number of barrels of ?*?h kind they propose to furnish. _lP?*rreia containing the Flour to be strong, well-hooped and he^d-hned. \\.MXHr,^>0?l,f t0ube?ddr,^*e^t0 M&j A BECK JiJ 1 jO ?., L. S. A., Washington, D. (J., and cgdorsed, Proporals for 1 lour " oc 26 J^ R M Y CLOTHS. Qoa?trrmastkr Gbskral'* Officb,/ VV AKinsoro*, October 31 1061 < Proposals are invited and will be received by U-S Quartermaster at Philadelphia. Penn., until 12 o'oiock at von o the 15*t day of NovemCLOTHINOf0rni,hil,r CLO'1HS *OR ARMY Each proposal must lie aooompanied by samples of the c oth which it is p oposrd to furnish The clo.h shou d be tnree quarters to six quarters Light or dark blue will r>c preferred, and li*ht grey* will not be considcrud. Biddeis must state the of yards they will be prepared to furnish in each month, and for how many mon1 hs, at the olothing dopotM in New York SIJk "^elphia. or both, ar.d th? p.ioe per yard for eaoh quality and width. Proposals and sample* w !I be plainly marked, d&hla.lw S" t*c?rter,naeter, PhilaEaoi bid must be aooompanied by a proper rnar actee, setting forth that if ih^o^rttraot isawardel to ihe partr nimifl therein, he will at onoe execute the same, and give bo ds in double th? amount of the oontraot l*?r the faithful pnrformai oe tnereof. _ M.C. MK1G", , ... .Quartermaster General U. S. Army. nov 1-tfSthNov H. F18H AND CHEESE. LANCHARD A LKACH, Whoiesale Dealers in Cheese No. 36 Sootn s'.. Baltimore, have just received a large lot of Maokerei, Herring, Codfish, uaice-nsh, 1 A'**'/ prime i- aotern Cheese. All of which wll bo so d at the lowest market rates 00 ^6 2w* C'Ol'GHS, COLDS. HOAKSENESS, *0. > TYLER'S COMPOUXD SYKVP OF GUM ARABIC. This ple?sant aud popular Cough K?uiedy has been ?o long known and extensively used that most p?rsor>? have oeoome fam'liar with its extraordinary efficacy. It can be had at all the prino pal drug stores, at 26 and 50 oents a bottle. 00 14 d2nnAeo4m* / \ SOMETHING NKW ! S^S Dwo?.,, At a?l C street, opposite tkt Tkta et. . .w OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and lliormighly Cooked (far superior to a roaai m two minutes, tkt fastest timi on record Call and see. . The undersigned re?p-otfuily informs his friends m the I'lstrct. and visitors to the oity. that he ha* rehtiod his oi.Dar.d wkll-known hatablisumbst in a most thorouch mann-r, and ha? ma?le complete arrangements to furnish OYSTER^ 10 any style and iu any quantity. 400to50nga lonsshuoked per day. 2 WXI to 3 00n can* of Spiced and t resh put up <[ai!y?oans hermetioal!y s, aled Furnished in the shell hy the tiushe or barrel. . Persons wishing to havo Oystsrs furnisiied regularly through the winter, at Baltimore pnoea. without fear of failure, ehould call and make arrangements at on-je Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an article equal to the colebratod Baltimore establishments at prioes just as low. . TO BUTLERS. Canned Meats, lobsters, Sardinoa, Clarrs. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F-et, Tripe, 4o. &o.,Ac, Also, I ickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy P?aol>es, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. TurU.'s, ferrapms, Fresh L-'bsters. Cod, Halibut. Ao. In fa.ot, every thing for sale in the North' rn nsarkets al ways on hand, at reasonable pi ices Hotels an<t families supplied with Oy^tO's, delivered without cnarge t.-any parr of the District, in season, if the money is sent wi?h tht order. My establishment is open from 6 a m. to 12 at Kc^tre\_eryai*,'exoePtSanJlly??hen 1 closs at 10 o'clock a. m. *e27 T. M. HARVEY. TCA&RIAttES. HE Subscriber having made additions to hia faotc-ry, making it now one of the largestamb iu the Diat.-iot, where his facilities6SO6S' for manulaoturing CARRIAGES andW^fe LIGJl 1 WAGONS of all kinds cannot be sur Saased, and from his long experience in the busiess, he hopes to give general sa?isiaotton. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagona kept on hand. All REPAIRS noatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exohange for new ones. ANDjlEW J. JOYCE, d 18 " oorner of Fourteenth and E sta. fisftt Th.U,B,.i.LLIA,lDB! of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south aide,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United States, with every comfort and oonvenienoe *u for the players. [VIEW CLOAKS, NEW SHAWLS. AND IN ^ NEW I*RESS GOODS, ' Olmodern desirns and fabrics at our proverbially L?? &10?'. *'?h all other kinds of medium an^ Snd ln *" departments of familiea and houaekeepers wants. a. i?' *iur n,u*' fn" "took of all the lea 1 in* M we^f,,<Slt? th? WMU ?f nMll,0n' who,e CurUiM' Oilolotba, Ruga, Ao. upper fore^no'purehase'r ^,v^.PlalD thor# ob^igabotTto'puruhaee?0^ 8Ol,01tod:'* ??>? "?> of* hargef'* ,nt#rior ?roperly packed free PERRY A BROTHER, pot-ma G1uhm:IS%SSJ v A?ssv?'f \n and ?*tis<9 yourseives of the great bargwna tlfat are now offered every day at sMITH'S. No 460 aeventh at. ool 1lr |^OME-M ADK BOOTS AND SHOES, Lamm', *i?srV akd CsianRxiv's WrarAt Xauiiinib Low Pries*. At j,/5|^rraAL%

LEA Jc PERKINS' CKLKBRATKD Worcentemlilre Sauce. Pronounced L.y EJ EXTRACT CONNOI8SEURS Ml of a Letter from a to be the S I Medical Gentleman "ONLY GOOD /MM a To His ftrotker 8AUCE " " Woroe?ter. and apphoable to ^ , irvvD v ri*s thftt thfir tvfcK' !&?[?-?! 1 s highly esteemed ! VARIETY JtSlg?# my < pinion, the most I , fcjl|V'H"||p& atjh'e. as well as , OP DISH THi-aiii il>t"> m"?t whnlmnmn , l^30lrs??ie? that la made." 1 The above SAUCE is n"t on!? the bist and moat fopdlar CONCIMKNT known, but th* most. Economical, a* a lew drops :n Soup. Gravy, or with #Vj*. hot and oo!d Joints, B"f Steak, Game, tc., impart ail exquisite a??t, which unrrincipled Sauce maa , ufaoturers have in vain euJoavored to imitate Oa the Brink fart, Luncheon. Dinner, or Sunr/t TaMf, acruei oocta'iung " LE* Sc. PERR1NS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable. To appreciate the excellent qualities of this delicious preparation it is only necessary to puronate a sm?ll l>ott:e of the tcnuine. of a respectable gro ( cer or <'ea er, as many Hotel and lies.aurant pro prietors seldom place the Pure Sauee i>etore their guests. i>ut substitute a genuine bottle filled with a spurious mixture. I-or sale by Umoars and Fruiterers everywhere. _ . JOHN DUNCAN A SO <S. Unim Square and 14t* street, New Y<+k, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. AStockaiwars in store ?A lm orders received for direct shipments from I'ngla d. iLf Btware Qf Counterfeits and Imitations. s.p Vlf.eo W? ? . NOTICE. E Beg leave to call the attention of Officers 1 of the Army to our vers extei.sive assort a* ment of all olaeses of EQUI t'MKNTS, an.!"** especially to an article of Military Blue Cloth and Doeskin Caseimere, whioh wo Wr warrant wi'l retain its color. On- as-ort- 1 " ment of Swords, Sashes, Belts, Gauntlets. Army Caps (indigo dye), superior Flannel Shirts. gings. Sword Knots, Gold and I eath?nr Bugles, Shoulder Straps, and devices of a'l desenptiocs, is row oomplete, and we aro we!! satisfied that an inspection will prove satisfactory in every part.ovlar. HINTONATEEL, oc 26-1m Merchant Tai lors. !Mr? 4 06 Pa. a v. .METALLIC ahmor oizj, fob CletiBlDf, I'slUkinf, and Preventing Hast. This is superior to all other oils in the world for the al>ove purposes, as wcil as for machinery and lubricating uses. It is equally app'ioabie to gunlooks and sowing maohines. It is in high favor at the Government Nary Yards for ordnance and machinery. Principal Depot and General A jreney, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, uear Eleventh st. se 14 2m THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their patrons and the public generally of be-^?? ing ampiy supplied with a superior st ck of FALL and WINTER GOODS They also respeotful'y invite attention of Wlf their Army and Navy customers, and tno>=e " requiring outfits in that line, to their superior qualities of Swords, Epaulets. Shoulder Straps Belts, Chapeaus, Hats, Caps Sashes, and Gold Laies, constantly on hand, whioh are warranted as repre eented, Wh; st tendering thanks for *he liberal patronage enjoyed,they will endeavor to merit aoontinuanoe. F. J. HEIBERGER A co , (Suooessors to H. F. Louden A Co .) citizen, military and naval tailors, 362 Pennsylvania Avenue, 00 16 ecSm PB E RGNEK'S HILADELPH1A LAGER BEER! 1 S.STERNBERGER, 1 SOLE AGENT, No. 323 1) Stbbkt, { (Adjoining Star office.) A largt supply constantly on hand. oc 15-1m (*REAT A*L)7K v/agYY^ft^4"uulJ t>y 9ntle-s. and dealers in Boo's and Shoes,at theajb* NEW YORK WH LESALE UKANCHIB! HOUSE, 34*) pennsyWaaiaavenue,(o?ery Janney's Shoe Store.) Wo manufacture our own Goods, ard sell at Neie York pi ice*, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand a large Stock, we can ' supply at a moment's notioe, au? quar.tity desired. A large assortment of 3 sole High-cut Shoos, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A call from all dealers solicited. WHITEHOl'SE A UNCKLE8. oa 7^1w2d p, A3 w * P1REMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 8200,000. rlA*e timer C strut mnd Leu t'UMta ?., B*nk 1 of Wa*iin,'t<Tn. INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dibbctobs. . Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, Wuliam Wilson, , Richard Jones, John D. Barolay, Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwou, Tnos. Parker, Richard Harry. B. B. Fr?noh, Dr. C. W. Davis. No charge for Polioies. JAMBS ADAMS, President, 1 Am 6. Davis. Secretatr. au fJ-eoim i ATCH REPAlKlNb AN USILVER WARE , MANUFA(fTOR\. 1 have one of the beet establishments, and fur- , nished witti a complete set of tools for repairing every description of fine Watches, aud kSm articular attention give to the same, by ajHfc UiO! -uth oompetont workman .and a. work Rjianm t:?C Also, evsry deaorip ion of standard sfLVER Wl RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under my ?wn supervision, whioh my customers will hnd far superior in quality and finish to northers ware soid by dealers in ganeral and represented at thair ewn manufacture. H. O. HOOD( ?e t Ps. arennM. DearStb UNION OYSTER DEPOT.?The undersigned respeotf'illy announce to their,^^. /?\ friends and the pub 10 that they ha<eHToi f ' alwais on hand a iresh supply of the^^Ji^Br best <>*sters the market oan supply, aad serve?l wi every style. ? Families and Sutlers supplied, SWORD A CO , oc 5-lm* 49*, corner ol I2tn aud K sta. NEW AND STYLISH THINGS, in low nrio^d. Medium and fine Embroidered Cambric and Muslin Collars. We also name great bargains in Dress Silks, many new things in the assortment. One price oniy, marked in plain fuures. Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths. Rugs.Ao.. upper floors PhKKV A BROTHER, oc23 5td Pa av., ar.d tfth street WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN alarTe a*sortmentof G R K Y and BLUE FLANNEL, OVER SHIRTS. WHIIL SHIRTS, DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS. HALF HOSE, Ao.. whioh we invite all oash purchasers to examine oefore making their selections. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 322 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th su. m 73 (Intel luencer an-1 Rem hi ican.' SOMETHING NEW?SUPERIOR HULLED 1 ^ CO/CiY.?Tna subjoriber, having sot the agenoy to sjpily Washington and Georsetown with this I delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of his friends, and the publ o at large, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, slain and sugarM WM liRADLY, Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monuments, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortments ways on hand. oc 19 3m WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 322 PlMMTLVlMl* AVXNTB, MILITARY AND NAYAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, e6-if (Intel. A Repub.) f"UBBS' HAIR STORE, VI No. 24 2 Pa. av . bit. 13th a*t> IJth sts. PERFUMERY, tc. BRAIDS.CURLS WIGS. I HALF WIGS, FR1ZETTES, Ao. A full stocx always on hand, or made to order at the shortest aotioe. Hair Wort repaired or exchanged. 1 N. B.-Lftisi' HairO?*d i? the n?>st r.a'ura 1 sins? 9* Sta LANKEiS. t)OI*lFORTS, SHLKlLNHS. Towels, Napkins. Doylies and other Dry Goods for the wai.ts of housekeepers and families. One price only, marked in ptun figures Ca'pets, Oilofotbs, Curtain", Rugs, fte nppar floors. PERRY A BRO., Pa. avenae and Ninth st., 4 oe?8t . "Perry Building" j 'po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. ! BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR J>YE, The Bestln the World, 7V Only Rtliattle and Harmless Hair Dye Enow*. Sold by all Draciiats; also, at HaaasToii's Patent Meoisine store. 10. Patent Office, ?or F A 7th, and at | Grtas's Hair Stora, 242 Pena'a arcrne. where J uadies oan nava it arched, if desirvd. Faetort?Si Barolay at.(lata tSJ Broadway) N, Y. 1 o? t-Iy - - ?" if K JltilKkTun, IJiLTinOKK LOCK HOSPITAL, H*? ditrowind tkt mof* Ctrtaxn Spttdf Mi Ejftetuai Rtmidy m iAi Wot Id, FOR ALL DISKASKs* OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. ? ' A CURB WARRANTED. OR NO CHARtiE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakneeeof E?:k. Striciaree, Afeeuoeioof On Ki4aeye end Eledder ^ftniun diecaargea, Impotence, Oil r?l Debility, N?r.?minm, ???.p'pey. Luiraor, CmInim ] ?f Um, Low Spurj, of th# Hurt, Timidity, Wtrnbling#, OimniH ol Signt or Oiddm#ee, Okiut of th* eed, Throat, Noee or Skin, Affectum* of th* Lion, tornten or Bowel*?theee Ternbl* Dieordera ariamg from SonWf Hal ite of Youth?theee Preadfnl tnd Peetrncliee Pricueee which rindir Mtrritfi impoeeibl*, and d*atr*y both Body and Mind. YO UNO MEN F-epeeially who hart becorre the eictime of Solitary Tie*, that dreadfal and deatructiee habit which aimaaliy eweepe LO an anliraoly grare ihouea-ide of Yoarg Mi- of th# ibm| eialted ultou >od brilliant intellect, who might Khirwm bi?e entranced neiena.f Sonata* with th* thacdere of elo. qaence or waked to eceutcy th* bring lyra, may call with rail cei.Sdence. MARRIAQE. Markup Pimoi*?,or \ a> r Mar eonunplaunf Marnare, being awar* of ptiyeieal aiakcm, ergame debiluy, deforrr.iuee, Ac., epeediiv cored. Ha who r.lacee himeelf ander th* car* of Dr. J. may reliri- ' eaeiy confide in hi* honor ** a ((uilinua tad eecidenuy rely apon hi* akil! a* a phyeician. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I*ft hand aid* jromg from Baltinor* *tr**t, a faw doora froa Iba corner. Fail not to ob**rv* nam* and Dimb*f. Latter* i moat b* paid and eontau: a auir.p. DR. JOHNSTON, M*mb*raf th* Royal Collej* of Surgeon*, London, grada- | at* from o>i* of th* moot eminent College* iq th* Umt*d Slatee, and th* fianrr part of who#* lifa hi # b*?n epent ia tha hoapilala of London, Pine, Philadelphia and #l##wb#r#, ba* effected accr * of th# iEO#t caraa that wtr* , *?ar known; many troubled with ringing 10 th* h*ad and ear* when ae'eep; (T*at nereooeneee, fee lag alarm*d at ' adden, baahfuineea with frequent blaaTn.f."attended aorceumea with d*raug*ra*nt of mind, wer* cured mm*diately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE I Yoaag Men and other* who ba?* ictriJ U?ia**le*? by a eeruio practice indulged in when alot.e? a habit froqaently learred from eril eotupamoco, or at school, th* effeeu of which ar* nightly felt eeen when a*l**p, and if not eared, rendere marriage impoeeibl*, and d**trcy* both mind and 1 body, ahoGld apply iminediat*ly. Tnet* ar* *om* of th* ead and m*!anehoiy effect*jtrojaced by early habit* of rocth, ?u : Weakneea of th* Back and ] Limb*, Pain* in th* Head, Dunn*** of Big ht, Loa* of MMcaiar Power, Palpitation of tn* Heart, Dy#p#i?y, Nereoaa imta- , b.lity, Derangement of th* Digeetire Fancuooe, Gereral Debility, 8j:nptorne of Conaamption, Ac. MIhtallt.?The fearful *I*cu on th* mind ar* mart I* j b* dreaded?Loee of Memory, Confaeioo of ld*a*, Depreeeioo f Spirit*, EtiI Fore bod inge, Areraion of Socitty, Relf-Dietraat, Lore of Solitadt, Timidity, *tc., ar* com* of th* *eii* 1 produced. NlR rot'l DtaiLlTT.?Tboaaacl* cac now )ad(* what u I th# caua# of tbair declining health, loeinf their Tifor, becoming weak, pale, nereoae and *maciat*d, haeinf a *infala> appaaranc* aboat the eyee, coojh or aymptoea* of con*au.p* DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Wh*n th* rtiiafBidid and imprudent rotary of pleaear* Ir.d* te h=a iir.bUxd tue aeeda of thie painful diaeaee, it too oftao happeue that an ill-utied eeuee of #bam# or dried of diacaeery j detera him from applying to thoee who, from educatioo ead < reeptctability, can alone befriend him. He falle into the of ignorant and deeigning pretendere, who, incapable a1 curinr, filch hie pecuniary eubetante, keep b;m triling month after month, or a* long >e tn* iraalleet fee ecu b* tb- \ tamed, and in deepur leaee cim with rained health to eigr ( OT*r ma galling dieappoiatmant; or 'rj th* uat of thai deii^y poieori?5lercury?hr.#t*n th* eyrnptoine of thie , terrible dieeaae, euch aa Affectioraof the Heart,Throat, Head, Skin, Sc.. programing with frightful rapidity, till death pat* a Seriod to hi* ariadfaf aaferiuga by aendiiig biiat that ao- ! i*c*T*r*d coantry from whoa* bourn* na trtT*l*r retama. ' DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By tbt* great and important r*m*dy wiakoas* ef the organ* J ar* apeedily eared and fall vigor r*?t?r*d. Thouande #7 'b# mi norToaa and debilitated, who bad loot all bop*, bat* been imm*diat*ly r*li*T*d. All impediment* t* Marriage, Phyetaal oe MenUl DteqaalIJcatioc*, Lo#e of froeroaue# Power, lertite Irritability. Trtmbliag and Weiknaaa #i tiiaai ,.*c ef the meet fearfal ktad apeedJj cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. Thb Mart TaotiA^ct cared at thl* Inetitation withia lb* laet *<e*nt*an ?e?re, and th* namtroa* important Sargiea. oporauon* perfertaed by Dr. Johnctoa, wiuieaaed by tn* rapertere of the p?p*rt end many other pereone, notice* of which h&ee applied egalu and again bofor* th* pablic, b*l!d*a hi* (tending a* r. gaotlcman of character and reeponei- < blllty, te a eaSsieat gaarsjitee to the eflictod. oar lt-ly IS OTIC E. "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY." | This Contpany offers to the duMio " U1104nailed Advantages1' for tlie Safe ana yuiok Dispatch of Heavy Freights Paokr^ces, Valuables, Money, Ao. ko., to all parts of the United states. Expresses to and from the North and West depart fri.m acJ arrive in Washington twioe daily, 1 All Hzpreasos are in charge of txp$ritnc?d and t rthnble Messengers. ? All J'ackates for Tha Soldiers carried at moj*b t HAi.r" our ustsaJ rates. An fto?-ds for Lie so-oall?d "Confederate State*." *nd aii Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rm?m Ou' Lxpressrs leave New York at 1.5, and P, M.^arrivinj iu Washiagtua at 6 A. M and 6J0 Expresses leave Philadelphia at Hja A. M. and II P. M., arriving in Washibgtou at 5?> P. M, and 5 A. M. . Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 an A. M. and 3 P. M . arriviug in Washington at 6 A.M. and 6 30 a .'1. Expresses for all points North and West leave Waeh.nrton at7^H A. M. and 2.30 P M. daily Special Contracts for 'arge quantities cf Freight Mil be made ol application to this >flioe. Al: Goods aalled for and delivered fret of Extra Bharges. E. W. PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Expreca Company. WastiiEeton. Aj?ast a. 13C1. au a-tf Y..? ? WOOD AND COAL. OU Will eureiy get your in.mey's worth by sailing at the PIONI^R MILLS, .eowtAwe.o t*r *?r of Stwntk strut and CaMi, (6EO. PAtih, AgenL) They sell cueaperand givebe?ter msasurs tnan any others in the wry?out, split, ac j deliv- 1 Bred free of charge. If tub don t F eiiove ?1 vs the Pioneer Mills a tna., and be sMi****). 1 *Wr Boots amd shoes to hkit tax TIMES. W s are nov mar.afxctamig all kinds of BOOTI bat SHOEd, and oor.stanLT receiving ifHu apply of eastern uiaue vrc.rk of every a* t*i?y C'.-?Uon. made expresely tooMt-r,aad wiliy^B be sold st a rouoh lower trice an has been* keretc/ore oiiargsd in thtA ?ity for mseb mferier krLi 'as. Persons in want ot Boots and Shoes cf eastern sr ?ity made work. wi>l eiway* find a jood assc- in#? Isstorsand at the !?weat riioea. 4ive s? aoaU. i?KiFF1N A URU., %? I V%n|t Army supplies. , JUST RECEIVED? 1 <80 nans SAU3A6K MEAT, 240 oaiut F?K:?H TOMATOES, tfocans FRESH VEAL, 360 cans flEKF. la msdi, 241)cans ROAST BEEF, 1 ?60oan? hKKSH MUTTON, 24.1 cans BEEF and GRAY Y, , J4<!oaiij SOUP and BOUILLI, J eases FRENCH DE8S1CATED VE?E TABLK8e Far sale at New Vork Factory srioes. KINS A Bl RCHELL, se t * Corner ? and Hfteenth streets. t History of th^EiW#Netherlands , by Jsha I 5 Lotliroj# Motis; , 2 vols.; free b? mail, Ci. fl i'he Rise of the Dutch Rey ubti?, a history, by ^ohn Lothrop Motley; a vo a 010th; free by mfcil, , Silas Maraer, the Weaver of Ravelol, by the author of ''Adam Bede cloth 7?oents ; paper K> sents. Life and Career of Msjor Andre, by Wmtros Bargeant; 91 JO. After Icebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Mbrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lous L. Nob e ; 9 i .50. The Manufacture of Photogenio or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by Thomas Antiaeil, M. D.; #1.74. , Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTEIN. ap 23 ays Penna. avenue. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within the last day or two a J large assortment of BOYS' SPR1N6 CLOTHING, embracing all styles of low-prioed, rnedinm, ana fine qualities, which we are selling at very low prices for cash. ? WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. 3?a Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sea. ' mg (Inte'luenoer and Republican.' /f\AT THE OLD PAWN OFP1CE, /fK Iwl C Stkist, iWl w[, B*tk of th* Asrtoasl HottL O fl Most liberal advanoas made oa Gold and Mlver VVatones. Diamonds, Jewe rv.SUver ware,Clothing, Pistols, and all kinds of Merohandiee. Business strictly confidential. ISAAC HKRZBKRG, S?t C street, an 1-?m Between i* and th sts. 1 IAUPONTS GUNPOWDER, J Lf For sale at manafactnrers snoes, by j JOB* J. BO6UE, GiomitowTD CN SoU Attntv for tk* DUtritt tf MvaiMa A larse snpp.y, embracing every vanetr, a.ways ?n hand, and dshvsreu frm to aii parts of the Dieirict. Orders eanaiso beleftattheo?eeof Adae^ Kwsaa rWifnaanv. Waafciartoa. P. C. fc aiawtv WUCK WHEAT FLOUR. D WCKVHKAT FLOUR. mo CRtpf\IHbauj. . oc 17 Corner Vermont av. aao 1Mb sL * c??16Wavao cjw.' J CkBS? Mflc J-aUr* oc IS Coraer Vermont av. aad iiU> sS a THE WEEKLY HTAK. Thia *wtet ; amUy u4 f.w,.| oonfeialAf ram rsrlety ef lateral* read <* * fosad la My ether?u patched m Friday aaoralag Single oopy, per an a urn us Flis coplea ? 7? Twenty-lve oapla.MM,.M ? M IttavirlaMy whin ibf "WMUi(taa Newe' Uat haa made 1U DmUy E^anrng Bter elnaMl a? liberally tarou* boot fee country U7*t*ln|tLe copies <1, wrappere) ea* *e pee cared at tike counter. Immediately after tba iasjof tBe paper. PHoo?THREE CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIOHLY CONCENTRATEl>' Compound Fluid Extract Euchur A Potritro and Sptttju Rtmtay For Dii?iii of too BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, and DROPPICAL SWELLING*. Thia Madieu.e tsoreaeee the power of DigeetMG, trd ?xoit??a the iMoiaiim luto i eeltay woton. by whio- tbe watcrtok CtLruori da^oai .uu, Hid & CRRaTCEAL KRL* BGMI .Ms art" reduced. t^well t] fair aj?b ibplajucatiob, aad u gooJ MKN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU . . , For WeakBN(*? Ariamg from Exo?waee. Habita of Diaaipaboa. Early I discretion or AK?ee. Attended teltk the Following Symptom*: I ndi?position to Exertion, Lora of Power, l?**.i>U**n,orT' DUSoalty ofBreathij*, Weak Nerrea, TremVini. Horror of I? Krai?, WalrnfoliisS* Diinneae of Vision. Pais in the 8 no k. ^ ; -aa' Lassitude of the Moeouler fretem, Hot Hands, Flushing of th? /y, Dryneta of the Fktn, Eruptions on the FAILIB COCRTBRARCB. Them symptoms, 11 a owed to go on, which thin fnedioine invariably removaa. aoon fo lows [mpotency. fatuity, epileptic fits. In on* of tehidt tke Patient may Esrr*** Who can say that they are tot fluently followed by thoee "dibeful diseases," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.'* Many are ?*?r? of the oeae# of their suffering, or now* will conrraa. THE REOOH DBOF THE INSANE ABYLUM8 And tkt Melancholy Deaths by Connemption. bear am ri. b withim ro th? tecth or rim abseetiob. Re*niree the a'd of med'.oine to atrergthea and Invigorate the Pyetem rhich HELMBOLD'S LXTKACT buchu ?Mrwel? dm* A rtlAL WILL COWVIKCB TBI MOST SCEPTICAL FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CON^MPLATING BHARRIAOE, In Many Ajfettiant Peculiar t? Ft male t the Extract riuoru ,? u neeua!l*d by any other remw!y, as in Chioroeia or Xet^uUoa, Irrtgoanty. PaHiiu.ness, or t3apprcea>on of Customary Evacuation*. Ulo?*.teo or Pohtrrona atate of the Utorua, L- uaorrhee or Whitee, Sterility, aad for all Si*mp!ainta incident to the se?. whether [rom Indiscretion. Habits of Dieaipation, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! *11 BTXPTCiaa ABO VB SO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. TaJu no mart Bait am, Mercury, or Unpltatant Median* far UnyUatant and Danger an* Distant. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU coxae SECRET UllEAIEI n all their Stages; At little Expeneot Little or no chance in Di<*t; No inounTeniaoow, And ao h T?arun it causes a fre^u n: deeire and fives strenxU to Urinate, tha<eb; Removing i bet-notiwna, Pravanting and Curing S:rictnrea of the Urethra, Ailaying rain ai d mflsmm?<ieii.M [re^n:nt in the claaa of di??a-?e. auJ teUi&g Mi Pouenous, Diitated, and teem out Matter. TBooaaRDa epos thocsarps WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OP q UACKS, knd who tare paid heavy fete to be oured in a abort jine, have fonnd thf y were deooivKl, and that the potaoji" haa, by the uae .f "powerful o 'lnntontj" >een dried up ui the a; a tern, to break oat in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARJUAOB, Uae HELMBOLD'S LXTRACT BCCHC kli atfect-ocs and dia?aa?a of the UKINARY OKOAN*, vhether exiating in MALE OR FEHALE, rom whatever cause originating and no matter of how long arandine. )iaeaeea of theae Organs require the aid of a Dirmxric. HELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, iiul itiaceitaiii to have the deaired affvwt la Diaeaaea/or teAtct it it retommtndt IVIDX.NCE OF TBI MOST EMPORIUM iJID &aL1AELB CBABACTEH rilllaccompany the medioiBea. a CERTIFICATES OF CURFf5, t rom 8 to 20 y ars' staadtng, with Namea know, to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" PLEASE nNOTICEr WE MAX I "BO SECRET" OF " IRS BED I BR T 8 '' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU soompoaed o' bachu,Cu'?e6aand Jumper Berriaa. leieoted with great oare t?y a oompeteut Urn*giat. PREPARED IN VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLD, >raotioal and Analytical Chemiat. and Sole Man ulaabturer of iELMEOLD'S QKNUINK PREPARATIONS AFPIDA TIT. Personally appears t>atora me, an AJderman ef ,h? city of Phiiadeijpkia, h. T. Helkbolo, who teiog duly ewem, doth aay. his preparatfena eoaain no uarootie, no mercarr.or other lajarioaia Lr?.,b.l? ?T.I, ^ BELKBOLD. Bwor and anbaenbed heT>ra me, thi? MB day ef November, ItM. WM. P. filBUEkD. Aider maa, N inth at., above Raoa. PhUa. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 6 A. M. TO b P. M. Prlee SI per fcetUe, er six fer Si, Delivered to aay addreae, aeearely peeked ftoa ibeervaaon. Addreea letter a for informatooB ia oon&deaee to H. T. HELMBOLD. Ckamitt. Depot, 104 South Tenth aC, below Cheetaat, Pill*. BEWARE of counterfeits AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS vho endeavor to diapoee "at thatr ewa" aad "other7' artiolee oe tee reputation attained by HtlmboUTt (rtnutne Prepmratxomt, u * Extract Bucket, *t ?? 41 SareapertHa, ? " Imfrortod Rata Wat*. Sold by S. B. Waits, Z. D. ?il*ar, Jess (V1LBT, S. C. Foed, s. B. Lrtwibtle, B c. majoe, Eibwsll A Laeeekce. i. R. Majoe. Waahiaxton aad Georgetown. AND ALL DRVOOIhTS EVERYWHERE ASK VOft HKLMBOLD'S take 50 other. Cat esttthe Mn'iataw t ard aead for it. LND AVOID IMPOeiTlON sad k XPU*U?? Oaaeriba Symptom* m mil Co eisaawai tmtto><t Cmree Oaapaateed ! A^vape Oraktp

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