Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1861 Page 2
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HIK I F\IN<; STAR.: V AS<HN<JH<N CITY: NOIDAY XtTfaVr 11, 1*?H. To ret F*>!:isor?- rradrrs we would mv that Ihf Dprt and seennd edition of the Slur ran be buil In Ba'tlmrff of K. F. Harelton, agent. No 71 \V>il Hnltlirore street, near Gay?the first ed'tlon at half part four and the seror.d at eight o'clock, on the rrrlva! of the trains from Wa?hington, elvlng all the l?te?t newt from the seat of I war up to tt?e time ?f golnc to prea?. *f the Mtrnlrj Press. The Intfltigtn'rr th'nbs It Is much more easy for the oppf.?er* of Ibe pending war to denonnce ita prevention th*n to ?how how ft might have been avoided by the National Government. The Rtpubliev?treata upon " Confiscation " orn mimtvry biih^et. Latent from the Grand Expedition! IT ISA COMPLETE SUCCESS SO FaR-IT TAKES TWO FORTS AT PORT ROYAI ALSO THE TOWN OF BEAUFORT?ALSO TAKES POSSKSSION OF THE RAILROAD BETWEEN CHARLESTON AND SAVANNAH?ALSO A LARGE QUANTITY OF STORES?A FRENCH FRIGATE BURNED OFF HATTERAS. The following dispatch from Baltimore reicbed the Navy Department this forenoon, immediately after the arrival of the Old Po'iit boat: Baltimore. Nov 10.?New* has been received at Hatteras Inlet, through dfaertera, of the taking t?f two Confederate forts at Port Royal a:id th? landing of a large Union force at Beaufort. From Norfolk \re have similar tiding*, with irrminta r.f inlon.a IKo.n TV,? ?fl road near Beaufort, with a large amount of store*, has fallen Into the bands of the Union forccs. Deserters coming into Newport News report that the Union troopa were believed to be advancing on Charlea'on, and that intense excitement prevails In the South on account of the operations, ao far, of the combined fleet and army. Only a single ve*sc' was wrecked on the North Carolina coast, the Union The W infleld Scott (of the expedition), la, however, supposed to be leet aiao. The Freuch frigate Cleopatra burned to the water's edge, cfl ilatteraa. but all on board of her were saved. TUBTHF.R StW* E.H K TID. The Navy Department is momently eiperting tbc arrival of a I'.camrr at Annapolis from Fort Jioya) with full accounts of the operations of the fmbined fleet aud land force in that quarter U ta thought there tLat the sttsmrr Rhodi Inland. a regular naval Fnpply ship, has been detained by Commodore Dupont oil" lhat entrance to perform thai service. She was on ber way up the cotat from further south. IAT*?T PK??* anilll RO?*CRA?tkS ARXT. Th- War Pcpartnmit received a dispatch evening froiu Gen. Ros* rana. of the day ?>eferc vrat-rd y, w herein he state* that hla position is a perfectly secure one, and that he courts an attack of any foree the enemy may have, upon it lie savs nothing whatever concerning bis late sieged tattle wi h the enemy, or of the tatter's movements. l*ro?T*1T COS! vicriul* The Secretary of the Interior, we underntand, has received offlrialadvfres from New York e.f the conviction there on Saturday of Nathaniel Gordon. charged with being engaged in the African lave trade Gordon \trnm cantiIn r.r 1 ? ? """K Erie," whlcb was captured In August !<->ton the coaat of Afrca by the U. 9 steamer Mohican, with WO Africans ou board, the survivors of whom (W7) were taken to Liberia and delivered over to the U. 9. agent for liberated Afrlcana The penalty of the off-nee of which Gordon baa been convicted la, by the act of Congress of ] *), death, and thla being tbe first conviction had under that atatute, among tbe numeroua prosecutions under it, fully a'Wta the energy of the offlcers of Government in charge of such matters, and especially the zeal and ability of the proseeating attorney, Mr. E. Delafleid Smith. U. 9. .District Attorney for the southern district of New Y?k. APPOI5T1D. Anxon Stager, of Ohio, baa been appointed a Brigade Quarter in a* ter of Volunteers. Mr 9 baa been aanlgned tbe auty of superintending tbe management of all the Government telegraph* In the country. Tbe Secretary of War ha* appointed Nelson Ttomasaon, Eaq , of Chicago, 111 , a member of I the Sturgla Rifles, to a second lieutenancy in the 15th infantry regiment, U.S. A. Tbe young lieutenant Is, we believe, the son of Hon. W. P. Thomassoo, ex-M. C. of Kentucky SIW BX!OADl?S. Among the recently appointed brigadier gen. rala are ?Morgan, of Ohio, Grant, of 111., and Col. Philip 9t. George Cook, who recently brought hither hia cavalry troops from Utah. He Is a native of and appointed from Virginia. KErLBSKU. Adjutant General Thomas bu returned (from IMew York to Washington.) ? HAVT YABD There have been no arrivals from the flotilla line our last report. The itrsm ferry boat George Washington Parke Custl*, which will be remembered by our read ers, has been transformed into a lighter for the use of Prof. Lowe The reconnolterlng balloon, with gas-generating apparatus, Ac., was put on board the lighter yesterday, and towed down to Indian Head by the steamer Ccaurde Lion, which took the Professor as psssenger. A hospital for the sick soldiers has been established in the eld Naval Hospital, corner of Tenth street and Pennsylvania avenue?the naval patients having been removed to the Ir.saue Asylum The new hospital Is te be?upport<d by the voluntary eontrlbntion* of the wurHinen in the Mavy Yard, and the Idea was first suggested by the East Washington Library Association. The men in the yard have nobly responded to !t A committee was appointed, with Mr Donald McCathran as chairman, to make the necessary arrangements, and the hospital was opened one week ago with six patient*, and now contains . twenty The establishment is under the general supervision of Dr. McKim. voluntary surgeon, hut the patients are attended to by the regimental sut% geons. The seamen In the Yard, tinder the direction of Drill-master McCathran, are making commendable progress In Infantry tactics, and at the battalion parade on Friday last scqultted themselves in an excellent manner. They arc also getting proficient In the management of the field howltxera. Mr James Drain, of the gunners' department of the Ysrd, died s day or two since, and bis funeral yasterdsy afternoon was attended by the Red Men anu DimiKTDova vi me i mon ; ilio, i detachmerit of teamen from tbe Yard. The teamen In charge of the naval batteries at Forta Ellsworth and Dahlgreen axe to be transferred immediately to aervlce on tbe southern ioast, and th^lr places in the forts will be sup* plied by the volunteer soldiery. The contagioua dUc<t*e ou tbe Harriet Lane having been completely checked and thft veasel thoroughly p'lritj- d, the will receive her crow on board at Oie?boro tw morrow probably, and go dkiwn at eucc to the flotilla Tbe llttxsll wont down l > Indian Head tbie Morning, and c-irriod as jusaeu^crs some telrfciaphi. ? p? ratore. ' \ t Sivitw or tl.llliL roiTIK'l Division ? Gli.XD XlLITiMI DISPLAY. The review of General Fitx Jonn Porter's divlsi< c rime off at one o'clock on Saturday. At btlf p..s twelve e ckk a droning rain eMMMfi wLl< ti increased to tt?e magnitude of a storm btfinr tbe arrival of (ieueral M^CWtan, who' n?? -e Lis af'iN-aiaitce yrtttuijlly at the boor api u(ed, accompanied lij In* luli staff, and by i (> :.( rale McDowell, barry Van Vleif, Frauklio, % * ^? ? fa.ith, Bleaker, Newton. Brooks, Ketrney and 8'ocum, each attended by the officers of bia staff The division waa drawn up In four lines, extending two miles In langth. When Gen. McClellan made bia appearance upon the fleld, be w?a prated with deafening cheers, repeated alo >g the whole line for several mlnntes The process of reviewing tbe troops tn line, and of miri-hing In review before tbe General, proceeded as usual, after which tbe cavalry and artillery marc hed out of tbe way. and tbe thrve brigade* were deployed Into line of battle by battalions. and afterwards into oblique hollow squares, the artillery being posted between tbe different regiments. The firing of blank cartridges by artillery and infantrv waa then commenced For half an hour an Incessant roar of cannon and musketry was kept up The brigades were deployed again Into line of battle by battalions. after which tbev were wheeled into marching column, and the review was closed. During all the three or four hours of this review, Gen McClellan remained on his horae. his bead uncovered, a portion of tbe time unmindful of tbe drenching rain, observing the proceedings with Intense interest and satisfaction. He remarked that he bad never reen In Europe troops whose good discipline and aoldlerly appearance excelled those before bim Much credit is due to General Porter and the brigadiers under him for the degree of efficiency which the division has reached TURKS REBEL VESSELS DESTROYED IN CH1NGOTEA'.l'K CREEK BY A BOAT RXPEDIT^pN An official dispatch from Chingotencrue Inlet, (on the Atlantic coas',) Eastern Shore Virginia, shows that the United States s'eamer Louisiana ha* >een actively at work. A pirty from that vessel, together with five volunteers from the island, went on an expedition, and proceeding up tbe creek a mile or more, they foun<rnnd destroyed by Ore one schooner aod two sloops The party lrft tbe Louisiana in three boats, at 10 o'clock, on the night of tbe 27th of October, and returned at 3 o'clock next morning. All well The whole affiir appears to have been conducted with so much system and discretion that the enemy, said to be 3U> strong in and amnnd Horntown, was unconscious of the presence of the expedition. I THR LATEST FROM MISSOrRI? ONR OF GE!? FREMOMl's OFFICER* A R RESTED WHILST ABSCONDING WITH GOVERNMENT FUNDS? THB KNGAGEMKNT AT BELMONT. novices irom una'i suite max Major r lnney, who left >pringlield with Gen Fremont, brought *way the che?t containing about ?300,000. having failed to pay off the troops. The money hag lwen wcured, and the major arrested and returned to Springfield under a strong guard Urd -r all the circum?tance?, the late action at Belmont is considered in a high degree creditable to all our troops concerned In it, and the credit of the brilliant movement is due to Gen. Scctt THE ? *** OP rovtMASMR TOOR The Court of Inquiry in the case of Commander Po?T, charged with negligence concertiing the escape ?f the privateer Sumter, fc?.v?-adjourned, and on their report the Navy Department has ordered a court martial to convene, composed of 'apt Bree?e. President, Captains Latimer, Levy, Jarvif and Chauncey, and Li^ut Wm G Temple. Jud^e advocate. The court will meet ?n the >9th Instant. FROM ACR(<*S TDK fOTOM AC General Wadsworth, accompanied by two privates of the N?w York '?!3d regiment, went to Hrush's house, three miles from Fall's Church, on the road lead ng to Fairfax Court-House, for the pmnoseof finding forage Wbll? at the bouse a squad of rebel cavalry was teen rapidly approaching. The Ireneralqulckly rrounted his horse and Kuccedcd in making bis escape, but the privates were taken prisoners WAOOJ* ROAD TO BALTIMORE. u? wovfrnmFru nas in contemplation idc placing of train* of wagons between Washington and Haiti more. f?r tbe transportation of freleht The taking possession of the turnpike and putting the road and bridge* In proper condition will probably become a public necessity. Messrs ?ilbbons k 'Jo. a Kxpreca report* the fall of the bridge at Beltsvllle, thirteen mibs from Washington. amino MirsiirrMEM. The Serretarv of the Navy has made a second extension of time for the nomination of acting midshipmen, to Mil thirty vacancies caused fcy failure heretofore to nominate, or otherwise Members of Congrrss will, therefotc, have until tbe thirtieth instant for th's purpose. Mrs* J^iriii.nn Che? was to be expected that tbe remarkable success as a debutante of our rharmlng and accomplished townawoman, Mis* Chestney, should he followed by a general demand by the hungry public, Oliver-like, for "more;" and we are glad to announce that Manager Bland has promptly acceded to this generally expressed wish, and'that on Wednesday night MissOhtstney will re-appear as "Constance" In "Tbe Love Chase," a part she so triumphantly made her own on Friday night last. On Frlday or Saturday night next she will take a ben* tit, and will then appear in two characters, r. t , as the jPnchrss In Kntnt Heart never won Fair Lady," and as the heroine of "The Pride of the Market^ Scjtrfssion or thk Africa* Slavs Trapf. ? The recent conviction of the American captain of an African slave-trader (stated elsewhere in today's Star) la the first in tbe history of all such trials under this Government. It is due to the energy, sagacity, and firmness of purpose on the part of the Administration here, determined as they are to break tip the traffic. Information from abroad, which It is not proper to publish at this time, we may add, satisfies all well informed persona here that this conviction breaks up tbe practice of fitting out slavers in American ports. All hoitor to President Lincoln and the Cabinet for this achievement. lO" The United States mall steamer Arago, Captain Lines, left New York on Sat irday afternoon for Southampton and Havre, with 140 passenger??among whom are Lieut. General Wlnfl?ld Scott and servant, Col Scott end family, Tburlow Weed, Esq , Miss H A Weed, and Mr. L. M. Tiffany, Mr*. L J. Tiffany, Mirs Tiffany,and O Horwitz and lady of Baltimore. The steamship Glasgow also nailed on Saturday for Liverpool Among her pass?rigers are Robert Peddle, D. F Salomon, and A F Kinmdy, of Baltimore. AproiiiTKO ?Charles Spencer, of Connecticut, haa been promoted to a third class clerkship, In the office of the Fourth Auditor of the Treasury. Robert Rlcketts, of this city, haa been appolntek to a second claa* clerkship in the same office, made vacant by the promotion of Mr. Spcncer. 1?7" 11 w<u reported at Chicago on Saturday that Jell Thompson haa been defeated In Southeastern Missouri, by Colonel Ogilvie's expedition, with a loss of SK) of hl> men. Federal loss la stated at 50 The Wsr la Western Virgtntn The Wheeling (V? ) Pr?ss savsthe following dispatch was received at a late hour on Friday night by tiov. Plerpont: 'M'HABLisToM, Va , Nov 8. 1HJ1 - Floyd and hi* force* are being surrounded at Cotton (litis, opposite Gatilev I'beyare probably flubting today This is official." The Cincinnati Gazette, referring to previous advices from Gauley. says: The statement mxle a day or two ago that General Benham's brigade had been thrown on the wtst side of the Kanawha and New rivers Friday night was nr?mature This brigade, it wilt be remembered w?s encamped at Hawk's Nest on New river, about tlx mii-s above Gatilev Br>?l:*e. After the cannonading Fruity, it mov)ri <1 >wn ?rii crnM'd the bridge on the cast hank of the Kanawha Sume scouts, however, were thrown across to the opposite side, and this gave rise to the belief that the whole brigade bad movt <1 over. Theae scouts or pickets were posted alon? the river from the falls, two mllea below th? to tbe mouth of Loup creek, tbe be*d of navigation, or or tig bt miles further down, wbere Gen Benhaui'a brigade temporarily pitched their tents The rebels are believed to be posted In atrong force at a point bick of tLe hilla about four milea below tiauley Bridge Their numbersare varioualy eatiniated at front ten to thirty thousand The former figure ia moat probably neareat the truth It la feared bv some. however, that thev have a large body of men back of the road or gap through which Ben ham will hive to march to attack Floyd In tbe rear; and that if ibis contemplated movement la made, General Benham himself will be attacked tn the rear, or, in other worda, fall into tbe very trap h? has set These fears are no doubt groundless Our leadera, of course, possess enough military sagacity to provide for any auch emergency A battery of ten l'<irrott guna lias been planted at what la called tbe Narrows, just below the faila This will prevent any rebel fortlttcations from being erected on tbe bills a<roaa the river within four or flv* miles. The rebel battery masked on Cotton Hill, nearly opposite tiauley bridge, which sank the ferry boat Friday, baa not b* en heard from aince. It ia not thought to be dtaabled. but la believed to be only awaiting a favorable opportunity to open again It caanot do much execution, however, aa our troopa have planted a battery of rifled guna nearly opposite it, 11.d one which will be abundantly able to give aa uood aa ia sent lie i w tkirnilablug was kept up all day Raturdtvaloey ,\-w river, With little ln|ury to our aid'-, out the flrlng baa been lea* frequent since. Tbe rebels ire probably Hying their ammunition. The Great Naval Expedition! REPORTED GOOD NEWS. THE TROOPS LANDED AND BEAUFORT CAPTURED. 1 m 1 Special Difpatck to th? Secretary of War. Baltimobk, Not. 10. 1961 ?rasseneers by the trniurr just arrived from Fortress Monroe state 1 tbat the Richmond Enquirer of Friday contain* a dUpatch from Charleston, dated Wednesday, announcing that the Federal tr?ops bad landed at two points, and were marching Inland. The dis- 1 patch does not nay at wtr&t point the landings 1 were made. Tbe officers of tbe boat from Norfolk to Fortress Monroe with tbe flag of truce refnaM to give any information, but tbe wheelman told a siilor that Beaufort was in pos?e?>i n of tbe Federal*, and tbe Union flag was flying from tbe court-house. From the Reporter of rA? Astoriated Prett. Baltimore. Nov 10.?Tbe steamer from Old Point has arrived, but reports tbat the flig of truce brought no news The wheelman of the Confederate steamer, however, said to one of the bands of tbe Federal steamer tbat Beaufort bad been taken by our forces. An arrival from the fleet i* hourly expected. The ferry boat Commodore Perry arrived yesiorti a \r mnmino frnm ?K? nroat <>Tn*HitiAii ak. .v. ?? ...w. ? .-p, ?- * v-* ' "t I lost tight of the fleet on Friday evening, th" 1st inst . about thirty miles ofl' Bull's Bay. The fleet | was bearing toward Tort Royal. The Captain of the Commodore Perry knows nothing abuut the reported loss of the Union and another transport His own boat became so dis| abled that he could proceed no further, and he ran toward the coast. The Mayflower was some distance behind the fleet with a signal of distress, and the captain ! thinks she could not have reached ber destination. The Commodore Perry lay several hours near Cape Fear, and Anally mide Hatteras Inlet. Since the above was prepared it has certainly | been ascertained that the flag of truce brought not a word of news from Norfolk concerning the expedition. Later ?Some few items have been obtained from passengers by the Old Point steamer, which are to the effect that the Richmond F.nqulrer of Friday contains dispatches from Charleston, dated Wedntsday, simply announcing that the Federal troops bad landed at two points and were march* lng Inland. The officers of the Confederate flag of truce refused to give any Information. The remark of the wheelman above referred to is repeaud by the passengers, with the addition that tbe Federal flag was flying from the court hotirse at Beaufort. The tSlth Indiana regiment will return to Old Point from Cape Hatter&s The Baltimore American of to-day, says: 'I'hc steamer Adelaide. Capt .fame* Cannon, got into port yesterday morning about 8 o'clock, having left Old Point late on the previous evening On Saturday flag officer linidsborough dispatched a small s,eau:cr bearing a flag of truce to a point near Crauey Island, for the purpose of sending Smith a bundle of letters and two passengers. one a Catholic priest, of the diocese of Louisiana, who has been waiting a long time for an opportunity to go South, and a young lady, who also resides in that State. Previously the steamers bearing flags of truce have not ventured much nearer Norfolk than Sewell's Point, but the last two or three days they have been permitted to approach Cranev Island Lieut Wren was in command ou Saturday, and ju*t before the boat stopi>ed a tremendous shell i sine whi??in<r through' the air and fell la tlic water not fifty yards distml from the boat. On Sa'urdav afternoon the learner Red Rover came Into Hampton R'adsfrom the South and anchored off tbe Forties. The captain report* having seen a part of the fl^et near the South Carolina coast, and state* that during the late gale which prevailed the large steamer Governor whs disabled to such an extent as to be obliged to transfer all her marines to the U S sailing frigate Sabine They Humbert d ahout TIKI, and were under the command of Msj Reynolds. Soon as thev were transfened the frigate started direct for 1'ort Koyal. Tbe Adelaide brought up a small number of passesgers, and part ef her freight consisted of nine large Coluinblads, each weighing about 10 0W) pounds, and all intended for the fortlcations of Potter's Hill. It stems that strict orders have been given to those on board both boats to hold no communication with each other, but It Is almost impo?lblc to carry them Into effect On Saturday the pilot, watching an opportunity, told a gentleman on board the Federal tug that news bad been received in Norfolk by telegraph to tbe effect that the Federal fleet bad succeeded In effecting a landing both at Beaufort and Port Royal Tbe Confederate tug bad a crew of about a dozen persons, all of whom, except tbe officer In command, prenented a very seedy appearance There was not, It Is said, a single newspaper on board. Tbe steamer Vanderbllt Is expected to arrive at Annapolis to-day. and she may have reached Old Point yesterday, direct from the fleet, with dispatches for Government, It having been arranged that she was to be dispatched so noon a* * landing bouid He effected Her arrival will be looked for with the deepest Interest by the whole country. THI SITUATION AT BEAUFORT. A correspondent of the Baltimore Sun (of apparent secesh sympathies, however,) ?oys: " Beaufort, South Carolina, is a villageof about eighty or a hundred hou*e*. It is tbe common resort of many rich families, and its Inhabitants are among the moat Intellectual anfl refined cltzens of the South, most of tbsm having been educated, and many having traveled In F.urope Your paper and others speak of important fortifications defending the village, whlcb must be encountered after the forts on the islands (''five 1*1auds!") sball have been reduced All this Is an entire mistake The writer of this communication was in Beaufort a few months since, and knows that there were then no sort of ramparts about the village. When he was there It w?s intended to throw up field works at "Port Royal entrance"?this being tbe estuary through which Broad river empties Itself into the sea. Tbia estuary is fiv? or six miles across. On one side is Hilton Head beach, on tbe o'her Hay Point beach But It is absurd to suppose that anv works bad been built on these sounds to resist such a force as has been sent there A single frigate ought in two hours to demolish any earth-works of which those level aud exposed beaches are capable W ben the writer wu South not an Inch of sand had yet been broken for the erertfon of lorU It it impossible that since then any serious work could have been achieved; so that if any fight hus been made, It must have been between three or four hundred men with six or eight common cannon, on two open beaches, with the frailest breastworks of dirt, and a navy armed with a most terrific battery of four hundred guns of the most destructive power. I ought to add, too, that any sand embankments at Port Royal would be almost as open to the sea as those on Hatteras, and must have suffered greatly from the late storin Mean fort river Is a branch of Broad river, nor can vessels of much draught ascend it farther than four miles The village is situated on the river, about thirteen miles from Port Royal harbor. It is, as I said, a summer resort, and is by this time quite deserted, the citizens repairing for the winter to their country seuts B (Our correspondent may be mistaken in the number of men engaged in the contest on the Confederate side, ns it is understood that a con 1 lerable force had been collected at several p.aces In Georgia and South Carolina, with a view of concentrating them at anv point of the coast at which the expedition may make a demonstration.?Eds fru. O. O. 1VGRAND LODGE.?The An nual Commumcat on of the R W Grand lodge ol the District of Columbia will he held at Odd Fallows' Hall, 1th St., on MONDAY EVENING, the nth lust , at 7 'clock. no3 Jt JOHN T. BANGS, G. Sec. Yb"! EST1VAL.?THE LADIES' MITE SOUJJ CIE'l Y i f Ryland Cliapel wil: ho d a t-estivalat Potomac Hall, ooru*r of E'eventh st. south and Maryland av , commencing Monday, the 11th ol November, 1MI. Mngle tickets 10 cents ; children half-price Season t-ckets 26 ceuts, no9 3t* ODD KELLOWB' HALL-EXTRA NO I W TICS.? The CAMPBELL MI*?TREi,S. thankful lor the liberal sa'rocage i estowed upon tuem. bee to annoanoe that they will sive a series i of Gift Cone its, commencing M<ndaj Evening, November llth, when a number ot Va uab e Presents will be distributed anion* the audience aoh evening. [r.oaStl C. DC PONT, Manager. Y^r??ICE CREAM AND WATKB Hi* f:?t *ual;ty, S7H p-r Quart. Hotel* and boaiding ltou?*? farm-ne<l at low rate*. A large a-?<?-tin-?nt <>f fine -"all?* kept on hand at the Philadelphia ("om.feeltcntry. oorner Twelfth and P la. __to7-lm* i r??THK. UNION PKAYKR MEETING A?5 will l>? holden EVERY DAY tin* week in th" Rnilist) Lutheran Churoh, oorner of H aad 11th at*., oommenoinc at half-past 4 o'olook p. m , to be oonUnued oae hoar only. oo 7 Sm TV*COMPANY * A." U. 8. KNGINKhKj.LL.Q Fifty intelligent ami a>?le bodied mechanics will be eniiatod to fill this Company to the mas | imum fixe-i by law?160 men. Inquire at No. 344 6 street Pay from f IS to ?M per month, \ besides food and oloUung. aa 17 tf C^HOOL DE8K8.?Anj one desirous of obtain | ^ inc Ucnooi r.?om Furciture will fin" a net aid hanlaori.e oolloot on on mode ate term*, by ad* dreaami "Teaober," at tfcia office. no 11 St* O JOHN W. CLAMKE. OUKGICAL ANU MKCHiMU Al, DKNTI8T, i tventh St., bttut** 2 and K Lone experience, mmeiate charges, aod prompt attention, raewmmeud huu to thoea repairing hie eerviex. ri?ll-fw* ] . HK CHILDREN'S Si HOwL Erected by .ha 1 1 Hebrew Oogtsgation of Washioftoa, for lHili>nikn|tiih,Gtriiuui and Hebrew, baa thia day aouin;?no?d b< tvu oompataat Maobera. Par- < una dMirmt to have ohildren taaght in he.ab< ve branohea will please apply w>op to l? BAR, comer E ?nd 7ui ate. AO U If* II I I * THE BATTLE AT BELMONT, MO Highly littrrtllii Detal a. THK KILLED, WorSBID AND MISMKO ? BELMONT A BiSBOMC BY THl COSFSDIEiTK We And In the Chicago Times the following iperiil dispatch, giving Interesting details of the battle at Belmont. Mo.,a brief aocoont of which we published on Saturday: C Aimo, 111 , Not. 7.?A desperate battle occurred at Belmont to-day Last night a atrorg force of Federals, comprising the 27th, SUtb. *J2d, and 31st Illinois, 7th Iowa, Taylor's Battery, Delano's Cavalry, and some other troops, which, amid the excitement. It la Impossible to ascertain, left here on the s'eamers Alex. Scott, Chancellor. Memphis. and Keystone State, the gunboats Tyler and Lexington accompanying the expedition The troops were landed on Luca* Bend, three milea above Columbus, formed in line of battle there, and marched upr>n the camp of the enemy. Gen. MrClernand was In command of the Cairo troopa, Col. Dougherty of those from Bird's Point, and Gen Grant of the entire force For two and a half miles, tip to the camp of the enemy, through the woods, the ground was hotly contested; but the enemy were driven bark Col. Btiford win asaigned the right. Fouke the centre and Logan the left. The disposition of the rebel forces I could not ascertain. Col. Buford's regiment carried the first United States flag Into the rebels' camp When Col. Fouke reached the open field, he found Col. Dougherty on hi* right Col. Dougherty's 431 regiment captured the enemy's battery of twelve guns, but Fouke's regiment suffered most from their Are The 2*2d and and 13th regiments were at right angles, leaving the 30ta nearly in front of the batteries, and the 22d to one side of them The 30th then charged into an ambuscade, encountering desperate resistance. Being reinforced by Logan's 31st, the enemy

were routed with great lo?a. and sixty prisoners taken. The enemy's camp was fired, and totally destroyed. The batteries on the Kentucky shore finding our troops in possession of their Missouri camp opened fire upon them, l ieutenant Hettman, with company F, of the 13th, which had been sent by Colonel Fouke as srouters, here reported that the enemy were crossing from Kentucky, miraieiunx uor rear The order was given to return to the boats, when our troops were confronted with several thousand men, who had been sent from Columbus. Another terrible engagement ensued The major portion of our troops reached the boats, but every regiment suffered fearfully. The following are all the losses 1 could obtain: nth regiment, Col. Fouke, 160 missing. Msjor McClerkcn. wounded, and captured while leading the center; Capt. Markley, killed while assisting Col Fouke to rally the men to return the tire In the retreat?he fell *t the foot of his column; Lieut Dallery, company K, killed?shot once before, but continued fighting ; Surireon liordon, captured?he declared that be would not leave the wounded if his life paid the forfeit for remaining Twenty regiment, Col. J A Logan; company A, Capt Keese, 71 men?20 estimated missing; company H, Capt. Cain, 6 killed and wounded?two brought in of wounded; company C, Cept Loonev, captain killed, 7 wounded and 4 or5 missing; company D,Capt Williams Skilled, 1 wounded and 5 missing; company E, Ca,'t Latoon, 2 killed, 2 wounded and 15 mis-ing; company F, ('apt. Rlgby, captain struck by spent y rape-shot, and thought to be captured. 10 killed, Orderly Lappia and private Lawrence among them. 6 wounded. 2 of them are Jesse Sotbertleld and F Hagers, and 10 missing; company O, Capt. Stickler, 5 mis ing and 2 wounded. Lt >trickler slightly; company H, Capt Grwenleaf, 20 missing, 2d Lt Roberts and Jos Uowles among them; company 1. Capt. MrCook, 30 missing and many wounded, Dr MrCook and Capt. Brorbu captured; company K, Capt Somervllle, corporal Van Heneng, private J C Cole a'.d one oth-r killed, captain shot in the hand early in the diy. ivmui oiiyruii ?> uuuau wai laien prisoner while attending to (he wounded Five balls pawed through the clothing of Lieut. Col White, none hurtlni; him. Col Dougherty, of the '2i 1 regiment, la reported captured. Chelfen la killed and four men of hli compxny loat. Lieut Smith was killed Taylor's battery lost one gun, and two gucs were captured AboHt 3<m of the enemy are thonghttobe killed, and the prisoners are variously estimated at from 150 to Km. Among tb>lr killed was John V. Wright. Col. of the I5?b Tennessee, an ex-M C , aud a Louis'ana Captain Gen. Grant had two horses killed under him, and Is mentioned by all the men as having conducted himself gallantly. General Mi-ciernand's horse was shot from under him, and the General Is universally praised for his bravery on the IMd. H? mounted the firs' cannon which was taken Capt Beilaskl, of his stall', was killed by a cannon ball. Capt. Dresser, also of his Matt, hed hUlorse shot from under him Major Broeman, Assistant Adjutant General, although everywhere in the thickest of the fight, was the only ons of the General's stiff officers who was not wounded or unhorsed Col. Lauman, of the 7th Iowa Regiment. Is reported dangerously wounded, and Brigade C^uar' tcrnoanier Hatch Is wounded In the leg Cairo, Nov 7?The battle commenced at II o'clock, lasting till sundown. Our boys drove the enemy from their entrenchments with great loss, burned their camp and stores, with all their baggage, took all their cannon, b ought home their horses and mules, two field pieces, near 100 prisoners, but were finally forced to retire to our boats, the rebels having received a reinforcement from Columbus Our fores was about 3,5?); the rebels numbered about 7,000. B?th Gen. Grant and Gen. McClernand (the latter a member of Congress) had their horses shot under them Gen McClernand had twice bis saddle-rigging and clothing riddiext with balls Capt Beilaskl, one of hl? aids waskilbd, and Capt Dresser, his other aid, bad his horse killed. His holsters each ought a ball, another grazed his head, and another penetrated his blanket He was first to mount one of the guns raptured, which is now In camp Gen Grant had his h< rse killed under him. Col. Dougherty was wounded and taken prisoner LATRK ACCOUNTS Cairo, Nov. 9 ?It is Impossible yet to obtain anything like an accurate report of the killed, wounded and missing In the engagement at Belmont on the 7th. It is estimated thst 25 of the 'J*Jd Illinois regiment are missing, and it ;s thought 350 are missing of the 7th Iowa Col. Lamans is wounded?nnt A*i i? "-1 ,,T ' " r,v>v?, unut wi. ?enaen killed; Major missing; Adjutant missing. and reported killed In Logan's regiment, :J5 killed and 47 wounded All but 44 of Col Foukc's regiment answered to the roll call yesterday afternoon L?as in Buford's regiment not ascertained, but it is supposed not heavy. In Taylor's "artillery. only thre? allgbtly wounded?134 prisoners were taken All accounta concur In placing tlie loss of the enemy much heavier than ours No reliable news has be<;n received from Col. Ogllvie's command It Is rumored that he had encountered Jeft Thompson's forces, killing 3<K> and losing 50 Belmont has been abandoned by the rebels. They have 1541 prisoners, and acknowledge 350 killed, but would not permit the Federal officers, who went to Columbus with a flag of truce yesterday, to visit the place to which they conveyed their dead thk battle at bbdmont, mo ? fits graft's iiPOUT St. Loris. Nov 0 ?Gen Grant telegraphs from Cairo to headquarters here that our victory at Belmont, Mo., was complete. Tb?y captured 130 prisoners, and all of the rebels nrtillery. but were obliged to leave the guns behind for the want of horses to haul them Some of the prisoners report that a large force was preparing to start to reinforce Price, but an attack will no doubt prevent It. The Federal loss was about 250, one-half of which were killed and mortally wojnded. FOR BALF.-4 RARB CHANCE -CON FKC i lONKR *' *ToKti, Fixtures. Stock, Furniture. and t?ood Will, for sate, in one of the best bunness stands in \N ashington. For particulars. ?<idreis through Post Office, "Coufeotioner,'' Wasluntton. no 11-St* Fashionable dancing academy, at ptott's Hall, Comrr of Pa. at and *\ 2<\tk *t.?Professoi bakne*. of New York, 9B will oommenoe a Dancing School on Wed Jim neiday afternoon and evening, November ao.UHl Hoars?3 o'clock for ladies, misses and masters; aud 7 o'clock for gentlemen. Terms, $10 per quarter of 34 lessons. Mr B will give a free exhibition of his style of dancing by his present c ass, at the above named hall, on Monday evening, Nov. 18th, at 7K o'olock. Pers< ni of respeot&biiity only who desire to attend can procure tiotets aid programmes a. the hail ou Saturday and Monday previous to the exhibition Pruf lUrMi' ? (UJ o-n- ? *?-?? ?? uuu rcuuw* n?U| Navy Yar), will be repeated, by request, on Thursday evening, Nov. 14th. All are invited to attend no 11 8t* Thk bargain- of the season in ttlLK ROBES. Rich Velvet Flouuoeu Silk Kobe*, value #90, present proe $?n. Rioh Kano* and Blaok Silk Robas, valne $40, pre?ent pno* $2u. ri h Fanoy and Blsok Bilk Robes, valne 936, present prre $18. owned by a Northern importer, who sends then It ns with instructions to sell at the above heavy disoount for the oaeh Wea'sonam d'oide<l bargains in other Silks, tnediu m and low-priced Dress booda. with Cloaks, one price onW marked in plain figures. Carpets, Curtains, (tilolotcs. Rugs, *o.f up?er floors. PERRY V BR??.. Pa. avaau* and n i nth St., noll-a* "Perrf Building.'* E_ BUTl*fc H HOUSE. VTA BUSHED for the sale f New York. Peouylva'iia and Western BUTTER. We are now in reneiet or prime Dames Goshen Gades, Ao .whieh are offer* d at wholesale as low aa oan t>e pu'otjkeed in other eiUaa. No 460 Eighth at, near Pa avenue. nog fw* D. E. DUTROW. OFFICIAL. Abeaham Lincoln, Pre ident of theUnited Statea of An?noA: To nil Whom tt SaMa'aetory evidence having been exhibited to me that Ft iditn KtRiK, of New > ork. hM been appointed Conan' of the Grand D?Ahy of t?axe Weinw, for the Stateaof New York, New Bair.pahira, Vermont, Maaaaohnaetta, Connecticut. and Rhode Island. 1 do hereby trcogciie him aa ?uoh, and declare him fr?e to exerciae and enjoy anoh fncatinna. ffl*#-a, and pnviletea. aa are allowed to the Conaota of the rr.oat favored na'iona, in the United Statea. In tcetimony whereof, I have oaoae] th?se Let lera to be made Patent, and tha S*ea! of th? United SUim to te hereunto affixed. Given ucdsr nr.* hand at the City of Washington. the 7?n day of November, A. O IMI. 11..* 1 amioftheindeperdenoeof the United SMatea of America, the ei?ht* x?h ? t ? ABRAHAM LINCOLN. Bt the Preaident: William H Bewaed. Secretar? of j?t*te. ????^??????? WANTS. WANTED-A rerpectable GIRL, oolored or white, to do general houeework. Apply at tn? cffice_ no II WANTED-A good COOK, WA8HKR and iRONER, at 4n5 New York avenu?, lwIcr 1?th and ISth pt* Referent** required. It' WANTSD-A good GIR (. a* oook, waaher and ironer, in a privatefami y. Apaly imn el ate ly at 2*3 E at, berween '4th and l.Mh at? It* VV^NTED-Pix good, energeio COLORED - BOY", from IS to 18 yea-aof u?, at T M. HARVEY'S Oyater Depot, SSI C at., between loth and 1'th ata. no 11 WAJXTKXI?An experienced oo'ored WAITER (man), at 2*6 nor'h F at, between lith and 19*h sta. Also, a middle axed oolored Chambermaid no It St' WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, -n Washington or Georgetown. for a private familv. Address *S. M., Box 24S. Post office, Washington no 11 2t* A SOBER AND INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN viahes * J- ittiaticn a? chambermaid or laundress. A pplv at 4*1, of D and Thirteenth sis. ro 11 2t* \\r ANTED?Br a respectable woman, a SITU* " ATli'N aa housekeeper or to do chamberwork. or waiter, fa I at 328 Fourth at., 5 doora above G at., near the Jail. It* WANTED-Two FURNISHED ROOM*, for w member of Congr>*n Mao. ? or 5 I'rfurnishfd Koom* for a f*m< y of6 adulta, wiih B<?a d. Af'dre-n "G, W. M General P ? no I1-Jt* Li AN I'ED?A neat, tidy (>IRL (Of womar) *o " wash for ?t;d k?*p rooms in order (or two gentl men Cal", tetween 8H and 10 or S and S. at ago Pa. avecne,overdrus store. It* W ANTED?A SITUATION, by a re-pectab'e woman, as chambermaid or ?ura " and to assist in washinc and ironirg Best of references ?mi be f i vcn. Addreaa Bex 11, Star Office. no II 21* \\'ANTED?B? a re*pe< able young woman, a " SITUATION as chambermaid and waiter, or a* r-nrse and to g^w. >n a private fami ly or ho'e Good refercnae can be given. Addreaa Box 10 ctar Office. If WANTKO-As a body servant in the Army, a YOUNG MAN, with good references, white p-ef rrr-J, hut not essen'ial Address "G. E. P ," at this office, before Tfcuradav, giving residence and terms. It* WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing H or 'n rooms, plainly lurmsh'd. ? lao, a Root and Board f >r a gentleman lad? and eM d, in a plain, resectable family. Address Box 791, P. o., for threedavt. no P St* WA NTED? By a lady of renpectability and refinement, the charge of a house for a gentle man or m?ss of gentlemen. Good references give . Adtlresa. through Post Office. " Energy " no9 3t* WA NTED.-A lady of Ba timore wishes to purchase ladies' and gentlemen's CA^T OFF apparel All person* having such (roods to disponent will he called upon at thfir r-sidenoe anfi receive rash for the tamo. Address "A G.," Star Offioe. for ten da* s. n > 9 1 w* V WOMAN w.hhes A SITUATION as housekeeper. or to ?o plain sewing. Can fire the best of references. Apply No. 1$B Fourth st. no 9 3 * VVANTFD?Three DRESSMAKERS, at No ?? 351 EirSteeuth st, between H ar.d I sts. Noue but good hands need apply. Work the year round _ no 9 3t* WANTED?A <pod MILLINER. Also.agood Sale* lad*. None bat the l>est reed apply, at s HELLER's, No. 34 Market Spaoe. between 7th ar.d 8Jh sts. no 8 ? WANTED-A "-omfortable unfurnished HOU8E containing 6 or 8 rooms. and within a convenient distance of the City Hall. Apply at No 36 I ouisiana av. no 8-3t* Board wanted?The advertiser desires R^ard ar.d a pl?a*ant Furnjshe?l Room. wi<h fire and gas Private family preferred. Would like bath in the houve, and bookcase and writing table in room References if required Addre-s. ?ta'in? te>- s aad other particulars in full. Box 9, Star Office. no* 4" A GOOD WATCfiM \KER. having been in the business for six ye?rs. wishe* to set a SITUATION Apply at M. WILLIAN'S. 316 Pa avenne. bo 6 To sutlers.? An energe'ic merchant, with sufficient capita', desires to pnrchase thestock and biiMre?s or a r-girrenta! Sutler. Address "Uunne?s," at the offic of this paper, oc 31-lin WAN rklwTft,?? ib^id HORSE SHOES and s RAP I rt >N in small or large quantities, for whioh one cent per pound wiil l>e paid JOHN R. K? VANS, oc g*-?w (Republican) 309 Pa. avenug. WANTED?All Dairymen to know that the Washington Brewer* having oommenoed brewing for the winter season, they can get Fresh Grams evert day at 4 o'clock, at '0 cents per bushel. Call, one and all. O. COLINEAL', oc 1? lm* ror. K and Twenty seventh sts. WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITIIRE,8TOVfi.H?nd BED DING, for whioh we are paying th? highest oash prices. Tami ies declining housekeeping, or having a aurplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a "all. BONT7 & GRIFFITH, je 13-if No. 369 'th st? betw. I and K at*. WANTED. FOR THE CASH-All kinds of SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leaving the oil? or havinr a surplus will do well to eall immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, je 3 4 8* nsventh. between 6 and H sta. BOARDING. BOARD? On? or two gentlemen oan obtain p Mount Hrxms, with Board, in a. private hons*. in a oentral part of th? oit*. hy addressing *'C N ." at this office. Reference required. no 9 8t* BOARDING.?A *?*itl?man and wife.or a *en tie man and hi* wife of the Army or Navy* or a member of C<>n;re?s and family, can tie acoommo<1 veil in a private faintly, within Sn mirutes' walk of tlie city. A oouveyanoe famished free of oharge. Board u??n moderate terms, but they must he permanent for the winter. Add e?s "J. G. B.," Mr. Moore's Drug: Store, Weet End Pa ay. no 8-3t* rT<HE LADIKS WII.L l.OOK -I am selling at 1 rriof s <.efy oompetit on I have Ladies' gocxf heel 6 A IT E1S BOOTS at f 1 ; l adies' Fine Congreas Gaite-s at $1.25, Ladies' Balitt<.ra * from ;Sl.ZSiip. M saea' aud Children's Ba morals at 75. and J1. All other Boots a'd Shoes in proportion. \ on will save money by calling on me. GEO. C HKNNING. no P-lw Seventh at, Island. /COVERINGS FOR THE H B A D^-Fioe DRESS HATS, at |}Si. Fine S'lFTB HATS, oolered and b'aok. Several new ttylea just received. Military and other styles ofMB C APJ, for men and bo>a. 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I &n (um LHS SOAP AND CANDLE* for 1DU?UUU sale cheap Tor owk. Also, wanted?dM^oo lbs Arm? Grra'C and Rongb Tallow, for wbioh the hi/beet jnoe will be paid, at th* National Soap and Candle Works, oor. Green ?t and Canal, Georgetown, p. C. no 7 Im C. B. JEW ELL, Proprietor. Puke old^So^o^nga^h el a eye Hotels. Dealers aad families sap* lad br the 8qo cVtd!?yw 331 ffialaa* St*Pni'aftffiiia FAll?B\NKV HAY, PLATFORM aad COUNTER 8CALKS. WACOM and CARRIAGE JAC*"?, BUCKETS, Ac., Ac , Ac. For sals br J p. BARTHOLOW, ArrioaitmraJ Wareaouis, iin caveats ?u. oo H-aoim twtwetn Pa. at, ami CabaL AUCTION SALES. Br WALL* BARNARD.AMtio-Mff, Cornrr />?*? av+nmt and A tnts rt. IfURNITURR AND HOUSEHOLD Krrnn OF A FaXU * DecLIKIMJ HOV?TK?SriKO AT ArcTiow.?On TP^DAY MORNING, M?,r u, ?o??rcin| Hiflo-olool.w. vii. Mil litir AmUob Rivmi Farnitara and Hoaaebpid f.fMtt, oonpn?:a?? Brfas, C: atra Rcckerr, Tat>>a Keda'ea la, 9bu-)k a*>d Hair Matt'eaees. Wt.intxrrl, Ruraaui, Wardrobe.. Ktaferaa. Giit and Mahogany Mirror*. Marb a i"p Tab a?, 8 <W bards Tortl Racks. C na. Rum, Parlor. ?a?y ar.d oth*r Chaira, i:h Ic's Cartage, Feat bar beds and Bed line. Lot Cook*. Sft e*. ?'nt a-*. Ac Together with otkar aniofaa cot here meationod. Terms cuh. it walla Barnard, a aou. Bj WALL* BARN AND. Aaationaars. Cvmr Pa. tr?. mrnd St A street tZROCWl* 8,L10y0R?.*c.JkT AUCTION, u On THuRsDaS |MokNI>0. Nov. UU, commaLOii * at 10 o'olooa. ? will sail, at oar Aaa lion Rooms, wnhoat r?ao?T?,K>r aoeunt of wkoai it mar eoiievn, a l?'?e cols gnment u| bruaartaa. Liquors, Ac., oompiaing? Huiaa Chaeaa, rvk.aa. tfardinaa. Baaoaa, B?xaa Herring. H< rmeiaal.j 8 al'd Vegetab aa, Hox?? Henry Clay and otkar Brands Sofara. Bar a B >arboan. Crow A Bob, Pika'a Baaora Whiskay, B xti Fancy Lienors. in Caaaa. Blackberry Br?ndf. Ginger Cherry, Aroaaatio Schnaaa, Boxes B and*,Whiskey, Cbampagre. and ver_ rri'Ofl jr. Chest Teas, Claret, Dfintj ihn* and Bottles oid B>urboan Whiskey, Ootares and ?'.a?ks Brand), Paaa, rogeiher with oher G^orta ta the Grooory liaa, all of which will ba sold without reaerve. Terms cas ft. no 11 WALL A D*BNARD, AbcU. By WA LI. A KAKNAND Auctioneers Cor. 9tA urt't and simik ttdr Pa ?r. \1 ILLINKR Y AND F\NCY ?OODP AT 1*1 ArcTioj*.?On TUESDAY MORNING. irh instant, at lAo'olook wn wii' aeJ, IB fraat of oar A notion Rooms, a atock of Fanoy Goods, aad Millinery, ccnsirtmg of? B nneta, Kla'a Heart Pre gaps, K ihSotia, Hosiery. Cloak*. TaWe Cloth", Comha, Hiops, Trim mires, Aa. no*9 WAI.L t BAHNARD, Auti. Br J.C. McGUIKK A CO .. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE Of KLEOANT Fbknch-Plair Misaoas and Rinctmn Criniin, srraatoa Cabinet FraNiTras.Campxts &o ? at I'riLic Acctiok.?On THURSDAY MORNING, N<-ven.ber l?th, at)? o'clock, at toe la ge residence corner of Third and C streets, by virtue of a deed of tract, del* executed and recorded the subscriber will te l. at aablie auction, all the Hoarehoid Furniture and hflocU. oompria ing? Superior rosewood oaae seven octave Piano Forte, by Barmore Crimson Clotb Cover and Piano Stool, Suite of tuperior r< ??wood Par or in embroidered I Sat.n Coveta, cmsiaMng of two F"r en oh Solas, two Arm Chairs aid aix arior Ci air?. Elegant rosewood Minor Front Etegerea and Masic St>nd. Rosewood Secretary ard Bookoaae, Marb'e-top Center Table. Three splendid French plate Pier G a?eee. with S;ab and Table. Two large and handaone French plate Gilt Frame Ma' tei Mirrora, Sat e if six rich Crimson Brooateile Window Cur am- with Cornice. Laoe Curtains and Fixtares cow. p ete. Suite of han<l8oine Wa net Parlor Famitnre. eonsiat ng of two Sofa*, two Arm Chaira. and foar Parlor Cnaira, in figured brocatel.e. Beautiful French ? hi- a Vss-s and Ornaments. Superior Me<1allion, Veivet anu Brussels Carpet-and Rug", Handsome Oak Ma-be top Sidebcarda, "nk Kxter.sion Dining Tables and Chaira, French Ch ra gold band D'nner Ware. G aaaware, and Crockery, Library Tables. Wri'iog Detka _ puif* or to en<Md nwwood t'h?mh?r Farm tare, with Mirror front War rob** Suite of verj handccrre cjrvid Mnk(|u;Cktabar I- uruiture. Sprint ? d other M**t?a**ea. Bla:k>ta Comfort* at>d Spread*. Window Shadea. Tonet Se a, Ao. Term* oaa*. CBAS e sherman.Truafa. roT^d l. C.Mcfil HKft ro.ituBU, By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO . Acotionaera VrERY handsome furniture and Hnrnmnip KT?o?t at Kiti'io Auotion.?On MONDAY MONNING. Novm ber lath. at l o clock, at the reaidenoe of the late Hob. 8 A. Douglaa. corner of I *t'eei and New Jeraey avenue, w? *hal tell a aplendld a*-ortm<>nt of? CABINET FUKNITURE. CARPETS. MIRRORS. Ufc TAINS. And rioua?^old Y fleet* generally, a fall a*d daccriptive advertisement or whion will appear previous to the aale nov 8 J C McGllRK.A CO .Aueta. By THOMAS BOWLING, Auctioneer. tfMTHMMI VERY HANDSOME FL'RNITL'RE AND F.pracTs at Auctioh ?On WEDNESDAY M ORNING next, the 13th iaat . at in o'c ?ok, at the auction room*, I * acll without reee've the ' ff>ot? of a gentleman declining houaeketamg, onnaiating of: Rich Parlor Salt in ro*-wood aod datna*k, oonai*tirg of Scfa, Arm and Parlor Chair ; rich Parlor Set in hairc.oth, e at ant Chamber J*at, with marble t pa; do. tainted and Wat Sets ormplete; Parlor Chaira; B uaaei*. Ingrain and Thrae ply <.'arpeta and Ruga; teat a?. hair and huak Mattre***?; Mahogany Hureaaa; k xtenaion T?i>Im, China Tea Seta; Crocker; and G aaaware; Kliv. *nd F>> ka; Bestead*; W?rdrob?a; Toilet s^ta; kitoh?n nrM'uie: parlor, co kmj a..d other Sore#; He/ igera or. Ac., Ac The furniture it nearly new and of tie baat manufacture. ai d tro attention of la<nea and gentlam?n ferniahing la raapcctfally oalled thereto. Term* oaah. no8-d _ _ TBOS. DOWLING. Auctioneer._ By J.C. McGl'IRE A CO., Auctioneer*. SUPERIOR PIANO PoRTE. ELEGANT C7c*BiifkT Furniture, Rich Cut Glaaaware. and hrautifuil* D corated French cMr.a Mirer ja!at<d Ware, Carpeia, ? u-t*'nr, an<t Hooaehoid Furniture ten?rally.?On FRIDAY MORNING. November i<?th at Iffo'elock, at the oorn*r of 19th and I ctreeta. we ?hall aeli a large and elegant aaeo-tmmt of Houceho'd Furni*are, China Glaaa. and i'ro k?-y ft are. CaraeU. Mirror*. Ac .co? prmng the (fleet* of a very handsomely furuiahed eatab liahrne t P? Tticu'ara in a fu'nr? advertia?ment [T^CataloKue* wil be issued on Monday neat. The Hou*e la for Rent, Inauireof theAaot'ra. nov 8 d J.C. McGUIREA CO., Auet*. PO'ITIVE PUBLIC SALE OF VERY VALV'BL* i.A Mi, AT Anrafolib jr*( T10S, ON W?*hi>oto* R. X ?The untie *igned,aa agent, will ea'.l at Public Auction, on the premise*, at the Jane ion, on SATURDAY. November 16th, W , at 11 o'clook, the following Farm* and Lot*? Lot No 1?1iJon am* ISO acrea of yima laad, 90 acre* in Wood, improved by a new Cottage, containing 9 room* a pum* of good water near, and aa O chard of too choioe F ruit Trace. Lot No a? Contain* IV) acrea. lying at Savage Switch, improved by a new Dwel ing Store. Barn, Stable, lee, Corn,Carriage and Poultry Ho*tea. also,a Lime Kiln, ana a choice ooliectioa of Frait Tree* in bearing. Lot No. 3?Contain* ISO acra* of Good Land, wit4! hne ii pro?ementa of every deacriptlon, and two good Orchard*. Lota No*. 4 and A?Contain* 40 aoraa each, lyin* at the Junction, and are aery valuable for Baildia? >4 Lot No. ft? Liea in a triangle, formed by the Ar naeoht and Wwhr (ton Branch Kailioad ar.d the County Road leading to Annapr>iia. Tnia Lo* la weti Mtuated for a eonntry Store. There ) aleo a gool ataod and Store Uottf on Lot No. t, both beir.f ae pa rated by the Pat men t, there would be no competition. Thepro-etty i? worth the artec tion of thoae deairoua of a aure investment or aeouring a cheap ocuutr Ke?>denoe or Parm, beinc eqhi diatatt, between Aonapoha. ?* aahington and Ha timore. either of whioh can be reached by rail in Ct minatea. reason *1 leketa oan b? p'ocu red at $45 per y-ar. wbioh will enable the holder to tiavel dailv.iail Traina^top at thia e< int.< Terms : O e-third cub, liaianoe in one and two ye%ra with interest. jr7" or a In I d*aort?t:on of thia property, a* pitT> 'he a*ei,t, M BANNON.SaSt Paeiatreet. Kaltimore, or to TH08. KHAILEft. favage J-witoh, or M. FITZIMMON8, AnnapoliaJanct'on Hotel. ?ot-*t* RUCTION BALMS IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R. SMITHT&MMrei Aactieaafr, OS Cheannt at., above 5th Regular Salee TUESDAY and SATURDAY > Morninga at 10 a m. Fine Table and pocket Cutlery, Hardware. F?ncy Gooda foape, <)..? B-tahea, Ae. Ae. Foreif* and DowiMtle ?a um Lie l.ene iota every Thn'e^ar Moraiag. ee 13-la* Medicine for the Army. .VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AT WELL AS ETERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HATE A BOTTLE ON HAND. Thia preparation la ar. Infallible External or Internal Kenedy for Rheumatism. Nearaliia, B< aiaea, ftoree, Saraina, Ringworm". Caspar, Paintera', Dysentery, Liver Comelamt, Pi lee. Dyapepata. CTilblaina. Kidney Coaaalainu, Teeiha-he, Headaches. C< Ida. Ccegha, Bruiaea, Fever and Ague, Choiera, Ao. The PAIN CURKK ia entirely vegetable in ita oompoaitiou, aid may be reed at all t<*>ea wn h erfret ?afety; K? 1 atreoti*na aeenaapeay each uviuo. NUBiKiarM ny JOSEPH 8. FRYE. _ . . m&m. For wtl? by Ell priB-ipEl NEW BOO*8. AND FANCY PARIS BOXES. FRENCH BOOKS ButntvuT Ii_LPrr*AT*r Wm Colo mm Plate*. FANCY TOBACCO BOXES. STEREOSCOPIC PICTl RES. FANCY CI6AR CASES Sam a Stamp foe a Catalocbs. WM. EVERETT. dot lw No. ?n aa-atrm'. N?v York. N .k millinery " ' Fedo? Stor*, No. *10 Pe. e**oe?, t?tvM>?CB' *h End .0u iU., vh*rc mm Thoemu.i cts? ?. Erc*vm.?' '*" ' u" HUTCHINSON A MUNRO

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