Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Though Tbb Stab > printed on th? fastest tram ptm li dm south of Biltlmort, Its edition Is so lar;e * to require It to be pat to pre* at an early hoar: therefore, should be sent In before 14 o'clock M ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Dratbs of Soldirrs?The following soldiers have died since oar last report: John Myers, a private In Capt Degges' company, First District regiment, at the Colombian College. Abraham Rosenberger. company M,9d Pennsylvania cavalrv. at the Union Hotel James B Harrison, company A, and Matthew Valllan. company H, 6th Connecticut, at Csmp t'nion, Bladensb irg. Second Surgeon Hunter J. Scofleld, company D. ">th Pennsylvania Rmms, at Csmp Plerpont. Private Fitfield, Sth New Hsmpsblre regiment. iohn D Strickland, company I, 1st Michigan cavalry, at Columbian College. Abner A Wheeler, 7th Wisconsin volunteers, at the Hospital for Eruptive Fevers Corporal Wm. J. Knehman, company E, 12th Pennsylvania Reserves, In camp King Slbell, company 1, 6th Pennsylvania Reserves. at Camp Plerpont. W Kiiroley. company 1, 6th Wisconsin regiment, at Columbian College. Sergeant Thomas, company B, 1st Michigan cavalry. In camp south of the Cspltol. Henry Porter, company H, Sth Pennsylvania volunteers, at ramp Pierpont. Private Stewart Irwin, of company D, 1st regiment Sickles' brlgsde, at Colamolan Hospital. Editor Stab : Whilst many distinguished foreigners are patriotically coming from abroad to tender their services to our country to sld in suppressing the conspiracy to destroy the best and freest Government on the face of the earth; and while the Administration with commendable wisdom accepts the proffered aid, and our peep's applaud the disinterested patriotism of the noble nien who are thus coming to our shores to fight for our glorious Urflon w? should n"t forget''to award the meed of praise" to the patriotic women of America, native as well as foreign-born, who are doing so mn>-h to aid and comfort the gallant officers and soldiers who are engaged In fighting the battles of the Union. Among tfce noble women who are thus displaying so much generosity to oar brave soldiers, I take pleasure, as sn act of justice. In referring to the Countess Pourtalls, of this city, a lady of high character, Intelligence, and eminent liberality, who has, like a kind Florence Nightingale, not onlv visited and comforted many of the wounded and (Irk soldi en who came to defend our Capital, but also had many of tbem conveyea to her restdmce snd tendered end cared for them, giving them all the comforts of home She has also given levees snd concerts to our gallant officers to aid In removing the dull monotony of camp life. 1 ain sure the officers snd soldiers who hsve b*en the recipients of the munificent bounty of this amlsble lady will unite with me in tendering her our heartfelt thanks for her noble generosity. 1't Jcsticb. Crrtral GcjL*DHor?? Casks?Btfort Jvstire I Thnmptom?9undav, H. M Hlslop, disorderly conduct; fined 91 94 Henry Llpp, drunk and disorderly; do. 9194. Rlchrrd Turner, do; do. 51 04. Robert Tyler, drunk and profanity; do. 52 94 Patrick McCarthy, drunk and disorderly; do SI 91. Jno. Jones, do; do SI 94. Samuel Dorsev, (col..) disorderly; do S3.94 To ?James Evans, disorderly; fined 82 91 Frsnk Newbegln, drunk and disorderly; do. #194 P G Carrico, drunk; do SI 58. Jno H. Baker, do ; turned over to the military. G Harper, do; fined SI 94. Wm Sheffer, do; do. Isaac Hall, profane and disorderly; do. S3 91. Maria McMann, disorderly; do. Thos Seaver, col , out after hours; do. SI 58. D B Newson, col . do ; do Wm Morgsn, drunk and disorderly, do SI 94 Ellen Winters, do ; do. Catharine Smith, do ; do. Cornelius Fury, do.; do. SO 94 Lawrence Hinsley. out after hours; dismissed Patrick Ferry, drunk and disorderly; fined Si 94 Giobo>tow:? Corporation Affairs?3I?fropoittm R*\lroad.?We understand that at a meeting of the Georgetown City Councils, on Frldsy evening last, a resolution was paased authorizing the aale of the stork of the Metropolitan Railroad owned by the Corporation, to a New York company, which proposes to buy all the stock, and proceed at once to build the road They proposs4 It Is stated, to extend the road through Frederick city and Hageratown, Md , and to effect a junction with the Pennsylvania Central; also, to construct several branch road* for army purposes. The company Is purchasing all the shares held by iadlvidusls. It Is stated A resolution was also psssed directing the Surveyor to estimate the expense of grading and paving Aqueduct street, (at the western end of the new bridge scross Rock creek, the abutments of which structure are rapidly approaching completion ) To Camp ?Yesterday, the 56ih New York regiment (the Tenth Legion) moved from their late quarters st Woodward's, D street, between Tenth and Eleventh, to ramp it is a fine looking body of men, completely armed and equipped They uae the Enfield rifle with the saber bayonet. A squsdron of cavalry, and three regiments of New Jersey volunteers, msrebed through Pennsylvania avenae to their quarters The men were evidently much wearied with a long march over a Maryland road notoriously bad In autumn, but kept their positions In the ranks, movlug along easily at route step. SvrposKDToas Stolbm.?Saturday, a colored > m n, who goes by the name of "Squirrel," was arrested by roundsmsn Reed, who found In his possession the following articles supposed to be stolen : One shirt and three pairs glovex, marked "Hayeock;" two pairs of shoes, two pairs of socks, one necktie, two umbrellas, one parasol, one otflcer"s sword belt snd holster, and one silk vest, in the pocket of which was found a piper with the name of Lieut G B Haycock upon it. Squlrrel was taken before Justice Thompson, who ordered him to be caged la the county jail for a further hearing. Attbmpt at Anson?On Saturday night, the dwelling of Mr*. Gardner, corner of Fourth and 1 H streets north, waa entered by some person, but J as nothing was missed little notice was tsk?n of the affair by the family. Last night the boose was agsin entered, by the same parties, probably, who, after helping themselves to whatever was eaUble In the kitchen, attempted to burn the premises by kindling fir^s In two places on the kitchen floor Fortunately the fires went out without doing any serious damage to the property. Philadklphia Alb ?In spite of the Increased rates of freight, snd the difficulty of bringing goods here, Messrs Amy & Sbinn, corner of I Green snd Olive streeta, Georgetown, hsve their vsults stocked with Musey. Collins fc Co.'s unsurpassed ale; also, porter, cider, Ac , of the best auslities. Those making heir engagements with tbem for a supply of malt liquors or ctdsr. can rely upon getting it, no matter whether the Potomac Is blockaded or not, they keep their vaults full Ca.ididatis fob Toktooas ?Yesterday, seve ral soldiers of 'he volunteer artillery quartered eest of the Capitol, behaved in a very disorderly msnn?r, and exhibited a disposition to renin the authority of their superior officers. They were promptly pot under srreot, and last evening were conducted to the guardhouse and confined to await the examination of their esses They attracted much attention ss they were marched to prlsoa with their hands bound behind them. D*ow!?*b.?Tbe body of a soldier wss found floating la the Eastern Branch, on Friday after mm, and was taken to Camp Daneen, where it was sscertslnod thst decessed wss a member of the 54th New York Regiment, stationed near Hstreet bridge He wss spparently shout 40 years of sge, and as there orere no msrks of violence on the nody, It 1s presumed be was accidentally drowned. Miss Josrfbirb Cbrstrbt ?We are Informed that Manager Bland presented this young lady, oo Saturday, with a pair of costly oracelets, from Gslts' rtpseteirs, as s testimonial of his appreciation of her merits and the proud raak she has taken from the start la the profession. We sre promised sn engagement during the ensuing session of Congress, or perhsps sooner. Scpposbo to as Stolrn ?A colored boy was arrested on Ssturday by officer Reed, of the Metropolltaa police, having In his possession a large quaatlty of wearing apparel, supposed to hsve been stolen Among the srtlclt* Is s pair of gen tleotea's riding gloves, and an officer'a belt and pistol holster Tbe articles can be seen at Justice Th mpsoo's office on Eight street. Hbrt to Jail?Yesterday patrolmen Noonan made s descent upon a house la Goat Alley, between Sixth and Seventh, and M and N streets north, aad arrested Louies Brooks snd Marths Bu'ler for keeping n disorderly house. Tkey were sent to jail by Justice Doon in default of security for peace. Babbacks fob tii Troops ?Barracks have been erected on Meridian Hill, sboat one quarter *f s mile In a northwesterly direction from Columbian College, for the srcommodatlon of ths troops encamped la that vicinity. arr?!*tmsbt? or Chaflairs ?The President his appelated Rev. Dr. Smith, pastor of tho 1 Fourth Presbyterian Church, of this city, snd Rev W T Brown, ef Pennsy 1 vsnta, (PreabyUrtaa.O S .) chaplains In the hospitals of the District of Colombia Tib Pars.?The fhtr of tbe fair ladles of Trinity Chorch. Georgetown, will be kept up several nights yet nod ore tdvles all who have not y*t given them a call to do so It will be Unto snd mosey wall spest Tbe Isdies are charming aad ibe music (of tfce Holy dill Wad) delightful *f'l'T'4 Mustee.?According to order, the lit and 2d K^lmenn of the 1st Brigade of Militia fj District of Columbia mustered to-day at their respective places of parade, and, after conforming to the reqntrementa of the law. br the roll call, Ac . were dismissed ' 1 The first brigade is commanded by Brig Gen. P- F Bacon, and the 1st regiment by Col Jas V. Davis, the 3d by Col. Jas A. Tait. Col Davis being unwell, Lieut Col. English commanded the 1st, and Col Talt being on duty with the District volunteers In camp, the command of the 2d regiment devolved on Major McDonald After the parade was dismissed, company C of the National Guards, Capt Clark commanding, marchfd through the street* attracting much attention. Thsatee.?The public will very gladly welcome back that favorite actrcas, Miss Alice Placlde Mann, to the boards of the Washington theater She will appear to-night as "Juliet," and Miss Denin will undertake the part of " Romer" The performance will conclude with the rich farce of tb* Dark," In which Mr. Rogers will take part of "Mr Pettlbone." Oirr Coscnn at Odd Fellows' Hall?By the announcement elsewhere, It will be seen that tbe Campbell Mlnatrela, who are alwaya bringing out some new feature, will on tr-night commence * ot con<*rt*< in which the presents will be of the most valuable description. A new star or two will app?ar to-night. Rev Wi. Changing, whoso acceptance or the call of the Unitarian 8oclety In this city we hsve already noticed, made his appearance in the pulpit of the Unitarian church yesterday, and haa commenced his pastoral labors. Cticrs ?To-night, King's National Circus enters upon the second week of its prosperous career with a rearrangement of the old favorites and the first appearance of some brilliant new stars. The appointment tendered to Mr James A. Magruder, of Georgetown, was that of a Major of a New York inftntry, not that of Major of Engineers. Continuing ?W. W Burdette, No. 361 Seventh street, between I and K, has determined to continue business a little longer. Therefore you may find In his store a very large, fine, fresh, new and fashionable stoak of dry goods, just received and opened for inspection. One price. Terms cash. r3t* whit*hn?t, 431 Pa.av , Is furnishing likenesses of prominent men, lncludin?(iens. Scott, McClelland, (from recent sitting,) Butler, Banks, F'emont, Anderson, Wool and others Every description of likenesses, from miniature to lifesize See his card photographs for sending in letters. oc 31-eolm* India Rcebrr Blankets. _ ? Ncno ts your Time to B%ty, ^ber Blankets,7 feet long, 4 feet wide, at ! * 5^ 6&chi 3,noo Rubber Blankets, 6 foet long, 3 feet wide, at #i ?wh, 1,000 Kosher Blankets and Poncho oombined. for 94 each At the India Rubber Warekoutt, 30S Pa avenue, between 9th and 10th ats. no i-tf . Assekt it Voldlt, there are no other mod*" *' r???tnal, and convenient, aa i Holleway t Pills and Otntm'nt?a wars ready for use i hay are invaluable to the Soldier expoied Jf? ounua, eorea, frvera, and bowel compl&iuta. They never fail. Only 25 centa per box or pot. no 4 lw _ J . . hiNnii*. Persona deairm* pennies will aiwaya find them fnr #*oha?jf e at the Star Office counter. tf MARRIED " On the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Wiioon, of dv. i.eill,!<1"t Episcopal Church, SAMUEL K. PYl.fcS,JorMer> of I>a?v.lle, N- KLIZA I nmhfXZrY'0 1 ? Burke, lormerly of Northumberland county, Va. (Now J enter papers cop?.] DIKO. On Sunday, the loth m.tant, JOHN SHRF.VE after a long and painful illness, age<J 51 years and 2 mont ia. ?f,i?ade of the fami'y are r?apectfuily invited to attend his funeral, onTu-sday afternoon at 2 o olO"k, from his late residence, No. ?60 Seventh atre*t. On the ?th instant, of consumption, in happy res%ID n j ? wi" ?f God, I HKODOR*- , son o' his'a e 40 Maria Orme. in 'he 22d year of '*&one knew him but to love him; "one nam d him but to praise On the morning of the 9th instant, at his residence, rn Ninteenth st.. WM MECKLIN. in the T)th year of hu a-.e. T'>e funeral will take pis oe on Tueiday morning, at 10 o clock, to which h's f ienda an i ti o*e of the fvmi'y are invited, without furth;r notio*. BeverJTvf rln9? George's ooanty, Md.,cn thei 6th instant, Miss MARY ELIZ\ B. HAT T< >N. daughter ot Henry D. Htfion, Es*? in the 21st year of her a.'.e. fOR HIRE?A likely servant BOY, abont 17 * yeara old Ho is hocest, and capable of aotin as houae *erv >nt or portc in a store, or to drive a one hor>e earnage. For terms, Ac., apply at 104 Gay St.. Georcetown no 9-3t* I^ENTLEMEN, ~~ ~ V ~ ATTENTION! V** inducement# to purchasers of u)* ^^PTHIN6. 1 can furnish you Tilil1. ? ,/** j'ue Suits, Business Soits. t.oats. Pants. Venn. Ac , Ao. I am sellmc r-K.-f a 910, ?12, 914 and 916. 'heap Suits fr?m 94 51 to 9s. Call and you will *ee f at it ran be done, at no fi 1 w H KNNI NG'H. Seventh st, ^?<*nrl. f^ENTLEMEN'S SCARF PINS, LADIES' AND GENTLEMlirf'S RINGS' SLEEVE BUTTONS, STUDS, Ac. A larte assortmrnt of a 1 the newer styles of the abvve just reoeived. M. W. OALT A BRO , ? Jewellera, 35 4 Pa. avenue, D0 3-3t 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel, J'HESrKAMER JAMES JKROME is bow ditoharrirc her cargo at Luht st'fet whar|^ loot o? Camden street, Baltimore. The oonaigneea are heri-^BMHa by notified to oa'l and reoeive their freieht. no ?3t MORGAN A HHINKHART. ArU. A TaTc?NJiON, MILITAR Y BOOT AND A SHHK MAKtKS? Caj at 609 Twelfth st. D?^^'tr'!an" a,v" Island, and see the oheape?t lot of OlfioeM' and Sport,me-'s B..o Uppers. Also. a lot o Ladie- and Uents' Uppe'sof all kiuds. Alao.aloto} his and Camp Leggings. Cal soon, or you will lose a bargain. Dm't f..r?et the alsoe. no *3" S? M'f, Cl.ARK. W ASH1NGTON gymnasium. J,kl .... . iViat* tt , n?ir Cent-r Market ftbis estabt>shm*nt is now o;en fr m n a m to 9 p. m < me of th* off oars in attendance from 1 to 3 aao from 6 to 8 o'clock Perso?a leadine a aedeQ?JX.w wel1 t?j?ln immediate y. 91 a month. 9i SO three months. uo 8 it* (-jOV'T HOSPJTAI. F^R THE INSANE.? V* Kicped on theMth of Ootober. ftut not smoe h;ard Irom. CHARLES ST J I.APORTf, ? eivil patient from thx? Distriot. He it about Sleet a inch s h'gh, ai d has liiack eves, da-k brown hair and a round, smooth faoe He hal on ?he-t he lelt a oheoked summer coat, daik v*-st, blaok nbbe l pants, and slouched black hat. Notio? of wi er- he is, or his return .e the Hospital, will be suitably rewarded. no 8-3t LA D I E 8' .DRESS FURS*. nu ??$T\-,TttVv,a* '"PPTof LADIES' " Russia,1 Sable, Minx, r I'Ch, M artin*, an<, ou?r desiracie Fancy rurs lor Ladies. Misses ami Childrt n. / ?tntl?.nl?,J 7" har# MUFFLERS and GLOVEs*. ail of which will bo so d at the lowest New York prices, at J9, A w- MKYENBERG'S, Market spaoe. (Avenue Hcuse,) no 8-lw between 7th and 8U1 sU. NEW AND IMPROVED INVENTION or ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTIC BONE TEETH, Without Metal Plate oe Claspb. . DR. *. B SIGESMOND, 910 Brgafheay, Sew York?160 Pennsylvania Art enue. betyeen litkand l3fA sis , WaiMntton, tale the att-ntion of the pubiio to the luilowiDK adava?ta?M of hi* lntf. ved svstem : 1. The Teeth of his manniaoture wi! never eorode nor change ooior by mr^" acids, being three fourtr.. lighter than any other, 2. No teeth or r ot? need be extracted, as the artiRoial onea can be maerted over them. 3 The root* will be made inofTensive, and never to acne. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent onea nan b? made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the faoe. whioh under the old system is frequently dishgured | 5 This work has been fully te- t<?l over five ye?rs by many of the first oheraiits and phynoians of this I Ov-untry. Dr. S. has also invyitrd a white undestruotive metal fi lios, with whioh the moat a?n?itive teeth can oe filled withoot pain, and oan build up a per lejt, soand tooth on any tide roots, which will last through lifetime. The oeai of refereceee given?to Dr V Mott: Dr. Doremus Piof?ssor orChemiatry. N. V.; Hon. 'Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and th?uaa ds of others Call aid exsnnine for yourself. no 8 6m dkfi GILT OVAL 4Q? *00 . PICTURE FRAMES. 4oO A variety of eatterns and sisee of Oval Piotare { ramea, from the best maanfaotory in the oountry, P*s?* F^rtouU, Piotare Cord and Tassels, Nails ftiAia, 4e. 1 ^%Mstt.i.8sgrsf-s,*tGja,s om.,... u~.b~.~g~., _ No 489 8etai-tti st..l doors above no 2 eoTfjf Odd Fellows' HalL 486 ,NTfil11011 ADORNMENTS. J Q?J PAPERHANGINGSall Grades and Prioes Gi't Hand, Butf. Gre-n.and Blse Holland Window B nadee. All stsee, made to order. I A beau ti l? I variety ot Oval Picier* Frames, from the beat man0factory in the eoaatry. Paese Parteuta, Picture Cord and Taeeele, difCheae'Vorca^h 00'ar*' Nn,i, Ae. Orders for"Pape'^ngings or Window Bhadee panctnaily erecuted, and mo miareeieeentation made to effect sales. A os!i soiioited. . J NO. MARKRITBR. No m Seventh street. 8 doors above I mVTIsmT Odd Fellows' Hail. AMUSEMENTS. THEATER. s MONDAY EVENING, N*> h. Miii SUSAN DKNIN end Mia* A. P. MANN u Roteo and Juliet, Will be pr*aente<1 Shaksp *r*'? tragedy of romeo anu Juliet. With the fa-oe of a KISS IN THE DARK. Sslim Pet ibore Mr D. Rogers BO 11-lf #VDD FELLOWS' HALL! \J? S*v?nth. Abovk D ST. GREAT EXC1THM ENT! GRAND GIFT CONCERT, CAMPBELL M*NSTRELS, Evurt Niskt. Commencing MON HAY EVENING, Not. 11. Another New Star. FRANK RROWER. The Groat Ethiopian Comedian from Kunkel'a Opera Troupe. Look Oct for Richird III. Doora open at 7 ; ooramenoinc at < o'olook. Adminion 25 cents, no B TFREE CONCERT! HE Underaigned begs leave to announce that he haa encased and refitted in elecant style, the large and apaoiona room*, heretofore known a a Coomb'* Hall, aitnated at 289 Pennsylvania ave., (aouth aide) between 9th and Wth streets. to be hereafter named " Wa ihtntton Academy of Music " In the furnahing of Refreahmenta of *he choicest a ualitie*, he fe?la aaaored tha' hia place o'amnaementwill not only prove one of the moat attractive, but it alio confident in being abe to pease the mo?t fastidious. Having engaged aom" of the beat artiata of New York, h* i? prepared to treat the lovera >f mjsio with productions of the finest oompoaera. Gentlemen d'siroaa to paa* a ple?sant eveni-g, irill do well to give him a call. Officera oontinual y in attendance to preserve order. Concerta to oommecce daily a 4 p m. Admiaaion free. HENRY ROSENTHAL, no 7 Iw* Proprietor. "IN THE UNION THERE IS STRENGTH " 1 SECOND GRAND BALL M of the M UNION flk QUADRILLE ASSOCIATION OA To be g'ven at FRANKLIN HALL. Comer of Ninth and D streets. On MONDAY, Nov. 11. By order of no7, COM. OF ARRANGEMENTS. KING'S NAT ONAL CIRCU8-E Street, aite of Old Nation*! Theater, OPEN NIGHTLY And on Wrdnksdat and Saturday Aftrrn'n*. The fol'owing performers will appear: Phi!o Nathana, Tom King, Geo. Darin*, H. W. Penney, F. A Jones, John Franklin, C. Soott. R. P. Jon?a, Frank Whittaker, W. Gardner. Madame Camille, Madam? Whit'aker. Misa Virginia, and Mad'lle Eliza. Al*o, the following Stare : MR. JAMES MELVILLB. MAD'LLK F.LOISE. the Child Rid?r, MADAME AlARlE. The Intrepid H. W. PENNEY, W. KINCADE. the Kmperor of Someraatting, DAN GARDINER, the Clown Doora oten at 7 o'clock. Performancea will commence at a 4narter ot 8 o'olook. Wedneailays and >&;urtlays doora open at 1; performance at 2 o'clock Admiasion to Dreaa Cirole cents. Social Boxes... 25 cents. Orohe*ter Chairs 75 cents Colored Apartments. . ? 25 cants. not Iw SELLING OFF! GREAT BARGAINS! We are now aelling otT our remaining atock of DRY AND FANCY GOODS At and Lass Than Cost ! We have? DRESS GOODS, SHAWL*, I.ACE WINDOW CURTAINS, very cheap, TABLE CL'tTH. CAS1NETS and CA88IMERE8, CAMBHIC^and JACONETS, 3 YarJa Wide LINEN SH FETING at 75 ct* , HOSIERY and GLOVES. With a large stock of DRESS TRIMMINGS and FANCY GOODS. Alao, our remaining atock of CARPETING and KtGS, Which we close out very oheap. A Libtral Deduction rctll be made to Dealers. A Stook of ARTIFICIAL FLOWKRS AND MILLINER Y GOODS will only be aold at Wholeaale. S. A to. MEVENBERG, (Formerly of Alexandria,) 48 Market Space, betw. 7th and 8th ata , no 7 1 w Avenue House. OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS. ?5lGHT DRa t-TS aold on all parte of the United Statea, in auma to auit officers and aoldiera. Alao. Drafts on London, Ireland, Scotland, 'ales, ana Germany. Uncurrent nion*y bought at b?st rates. SWEENY, RITTENHOIISK. FANT A CO., oc 11-lm Banker*. *53 1'a. av., wear Brown's. SOLDIERS, SOMETHING FOR YOU! Pock't Comba W cents. Do. Looking 6lasaes..... 15 " Union Envelopes, per hundred 5> " Plain do. do. .25 " Ambrotypea of Scott, McCle!l%n,Ac., each 15 " Sent by mail to any ad4rest. ALFRED *. ROBINSON, of S-5w* Publisher, Bartford,Conn. F? JOB PRINTING iiVER Y Description of JOB PRINTING re quired by any body?citizen*, civil functionaries, arnir and navy offioera, sutler*, Ac.?execute<l at the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at low rataa for Cash. no 4-tf PRODUCE. FRUIT, SE6AR?, Ac. 100 bbla. Onions, in prime or<ler, 1,0*0 bushels Jack?on Whita Potatoes, St tuba tjo?hfn Better, 50 bozea Chees?, 10 boxea Frenoh Lemons, Segara. WM. H. HAMILTON A CO . no 4 1 w* 479 N nth at.. b?low E. TTHOMPSON'S MEDICINES. _ . . LIFE fRKSKFVBR AND CORDIAL, For aale, wholesale and retai'.by S. O FORD, Drnggiet, nol-lm Corner Eleventh st and Pa avenue. 50 U06SHEAD*BACON SHOULDERS. J ust received and lor sale by _ JOHN G. LYLE A CO, no 4 lw fRrp 1 Louisiana avenue. CQ M. T. PARKER, CO 7 Louisiana m , bet, 6'A and Ttk sts , ?JiJ North Side, Havi-g completed hia arrangements. is now ready to attend, even more naorously than ever, to HOUSK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, In all of its varioua Branches Having secnrfd the aervioea of a corpa of excellent workmen, 1 am prepared to do Flags and Bmnera ic the beat atyle ana on the moat rea?onab'e terma. no 9 eolm [ Kepub.] V ADI 1 i DRESS TRIMMINGS. FRINGES. GIMPS. CORD? and TASSELS. BUTTONS in evert variety, on hand and made to O'der by MRS. LOWE, Fringe and Tramming Manufacturer, 297 aouth aide pa ave., between 9t" and iOth ata. . _ N. H.?For rent, a fine toned 7 octave Rosewood Piano, modern atyie. oo 26 eojw 207 MILITARY TRIMMINGS. 297 Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery, Ritle, Navy and Stall' Button*, Gold Corda and Army Laoea, Silk and Worsted Saahea, Hilk and Worsted Cords, Bindings and Webbing Go'd, Embroidered Shoulder Mrapa, Bugles, Wreathe, and Flaga On hand and made to order, by MRS. LOW ft TRIMMING MANUFACTURER. Between 9th and loth and mth atreeta, aouth aide Pennay vania avenue. oc 26-e<.2w TH E GOVERNM ENT. HegimenU or Brigades needing heavy BLANKETS, are offered 1,714 pairs of4H, 5*, ard 7Yt Iba * out Twilled White B anketa. at ver? low pricea, to olosea con""m'M 'ffi'ifV ? BROTHER. i a. av., and 9;h street, no4 5td "Perry Bm'ding." T^O SUTLERS and RESTAURANT KEEPERS.?We offer a choice l^t of low priced Table Damaaka, of aeleot qualities, in widths adapted to their w&i ta. Also, all other kinda of Dry Gooda, adapted to the wants of persons in moderate oiroumsiauoea, whose trade we aolieiL One pnoe only, marked in plain fignrea. PKRRY ?l BM OTHER, Penn. ave., and 9th s reot. no t-5td "Perry Building." LOAKS! CLOAKS!!

CLOAKS!!! We have just reoeived from Philadelphia a beautiful aaaortmentof the very I?teat atj lea ^ INTER BLACK CLOTH CLOAKS, to whi h we Invite the apeoial attention of the l?die?. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, no 8-aotit Opposite Center Market. EE TO IT?Gent'a Fine DRESS BOOTS at 3 75 and daily expecting more to ar-^^% rive 1 have a large atock of Men'a Heavy J Boots, oheap. at prices exceadinglv bardr MLl to be beat. Boya'and v ou ha' Boota ana Shoea, at very low prioea. Thoae who will five me a call will not regret it. Ever* thing in the 8h"e line at no6-lw HENNING'S. Seventh at . Island. 7 3-10 U. 8. TREASURY NOTES, which will be aMplied at par to our ouatomera, free of oharge. Demand Treaaury Notea.aa hereto/ore, will be reoeived on deposit aa specie. SWEENY. R1TTENHOUSE, FANT A COw oo U-lni Bankers. 3ii P?. av? near Brown'a. TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN -A Campaigning Wagon cn the Prnaaian prinoiple, arranged lor Bleep- J5V__ Ing or to aot aa an Ambalanoe in oaaeofTU2B okneaa or wounda. with ample room for atorea and proviaiona; light, water-proof, and perfeotly new, having been just built to order by one of tke Brat makers in New York, m offered for eala ^Alao ;;,Cheandsome, a. rong, aound, dark-brown HORtiS, either for eaddle or harneea. Lane, behind the Cham Houae, between 1 and H atreeta. ?? EJORSES, HORSES, HORSES, of every dell aeription. for aale eonatantly. Loam HV? anaaveaue, between 9th aaa 10th, atreeta. near the Market noBtawtw* cj DR. LOCKWOuD , I All kinda of TmUi for aale. co 6-i?wlm* / # LOST AND FOUND. ?C REWARD-STOLEN.?On the Ifth fnst, tp*/ from 9th street, near Massachusetts ?\ ??rnne, a larte Bar HORSE, blind in theTiTJk rieht eye; ana lightwag?n withoutcover.^^Z-'Th" ab^ve reward will be raid for the return of raid Horse and Wa?onto J BOLL1B6E. o <mer 5th and P streets. north. noil 3.* I Ot*T?Felix Brnnner'* C*rt ficate of Diroharge ' ' (No. 255) from the U. S. sfc'p Co-s'eHation. \Va' l??*t thii forenoon in Winder'* Building. or vioi' i*y o' Seventeenth and F sts The finder will ronfer a great favor by retnrninr i? ncdrr address of Box 397, Washinston Put Offioe, or leaving * at W G. METZKROTT'S Musto Store, a<l" jninint the Star Office. lt_ ? I 0 ? A R D.?Ran away, some time in VP I v> last September. MARIA, a bright M ye low girl, about 9 years of age, large feeturea aod stoutly made. The above raward "Crfi wiM be paid to anr oae who will do'iver her <?iw np to J smog H. Shreve, Jr.. 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CASSVILLR?Hid A1XT WILL RSTRRAT OK SCATTRR IT rcr'ir ADTAHCII SpRiNariRLD, Mo , No* 5 ?The following la a special to the St. Lou It Democrat: "G-n Hunter baa not jet put loto effect any decided mean res for the conduct of the cam pat gn bat I am Informed he will adopt plana entirely different from those of Gen. Fremont. Colonel Merrill was sent oat on a reconnoiasance yesterday with 1,400 car airy and a section llerZ' and explored the country around Wilson's Creek, but discovered no enemv, their advance having left for the South on Sunday h?*1'0' the rebels la supposed to be still In the vicinity of Caasvllle. General Hunter has little faith at prenent in their having design of attacking ua. He will, however. In a few days have such reliable Information of their numbers and position, ftc., as to decide hi* future course. The traops are now as spparently enthusiastic aa ever, ana the more they learn of their new commander the better are tney satisled with him This fueling Is also strengthened by the high opinions entertained of Gen Hunter by all the old regulsr army officers. The reports that officer?, many companies and regiments threw down their srms upon the announcement of the removal of Gen Fremont, cannot be traced to any reliable sources Gen Hunter's position on the "contraband" question is underatood to be as follows : All negroes coming Into camp will be retained, and such of them as are proved the property of Lnion men will be appraised and receipted for, to be paid when and how Congresa may aee fit Gen Aahboth has concluded to remain In command of his division. Col. Albert, Acting Brigadier General, will also remain and seversl other foreign officers, who at first decided to leave, will remain Marcus J Parrott. of Kansss. has been appointed on General Hunter's staff The cannonading at Sarcoxle. some daya since, is said to have been a salute in honor of some act passed by the Rebel Legislature, assembled at that place. latkr. .PliHGtiiLD, Nov. 6 ?According to information received by Gen Hunter It Is now said that Oen Price bat no Intention of attacking ua, and If puraued atH! further by u? be will acatter bis army or retreat to Fort Smith, and await developments on the Potomac and in Kentuckv It Is very doubtful whether sny of our main army will be made, but further Intelligence of the number and position of the rebels may change this policy. Gen Siegel has been appointed commandant of this post Gen Hunter spent part of yesterday In visiting the various camps and examining into the general condition of the army, and to-day be baa gone on a reconnoiasance south with his bodyguard, 4110 infantry, a battery, and several companies of cavalry i.Br,K-Gen st"rg'? hM appointed chief of the staff and of the cavalry in Hunter's division. Arrival ef Steam Frigate Pewhataa and the N'fhtingale with the cargees f Prize Scheeaers Ntw York, Nov 9 _U S steam frigate Powhatan arrived to-day, from Key West, after a run of six days. The storeship Nightingale also arrived from the Southwest Pass, which she left ten days since The steamers Niayara and Huntsvl lie, and the storeshlps Pampero and J. C Kuhu were there when she left. The Nightingale has aa freight the cargoes of the following prizes of the steamer South Carolina J Alden. commanding the schooners George Bak?r, Falcon, Edward Bernard, kzilda. and Joaeph H Toone?tfce two last named being entirely loaded with munitions I ?lwar' 'ncludlr,K a large lot of powder, and ten thousand stand of arms intended for the reb l army. The Sickles "Cat-aCf" Patent Casa. Philadelphia, Nov. 9?In the United Staes | Circuit Court the patent case of Sickles '*cut off' against the Corliss Steam Engine Company of Providence has been decided for the plaintiffs The case was argued by E H Dickinson for the P.,.,?. ' and ex-Judg* Curtis, of Boston, snd William Stockton, of New York, for the defendant. New Ys-k Election. Alrant, Nov P ?The Evening Journal says that Wright, Democrat, is undoubtedly elected Canal Cnrnvnitaioner for tbe short term. The Atlas and Argus estimates the majority for tbe People's ticket, except as above, at 74,000 The Atlas and Argus' list of Assemblymen elected, makes 61 Democrats and Democratic People's nominees out of llK members. From General Hanks' Division Darnestown, Nov 8 ?Major Gould, of the Massachusetts 13th, who has been in charge for j two months of the guard force at Sandy Hook and Harper's Ferry, has been detached from that command and put on special duty. Nothing of importance hu transpired in camp for several days Many officers are on short furloughs Fatal Accideat. H-a Ft lands, PI. J., Nov 9?A man by the name | of George Brown, a resident of Peservllle. N J was killed yesterdsy by the caving in of a well which he was digging at that place The earth caved from tbe top and completely burled him about fifteen feet below the earth lie was removed about one hour after the accident, but was dead. Funeral af Cal. linker. j New ^ oki. Nov. 9 ?Col. Baker's funeral procession passed up Broadway at noon to-day, escorted by a company of tbe 71st regimsnt The remains will lay |n state till Monday, when they will be escorted by the 71st Regiment to the steamer Northern Light, for conveyance to California. The New Ysrk Herald's Report from the Fleet. New \ore, Nov. 10.?The special correspondent of tbe Herald, under date of Fortress Monroe, Nov 9th. says: "I have just learned from the flag of truce from Norfolk that our troops have tormed and captured two forts at Beaufort, S. C " Rrparted defeat af Jeff. Thsmpssn. Cairo, Nov 8 ?It Is reported that Jeff Tbompson has been defeated by Col. Oglevlea' exp?dttion, with a less of three hundred men Tbe Federal loss is reported ar fifty killed and wounded. Expected Arrival from the Fleet. Annapolis, Nov. ll, l a m?Up to this hour there is no arrival from the fleet, which is, however, hourly expected A sharp lookout is betrtg kept for her, and the earliest tidings of her advices will be forwarded to the press | ' VV L- I, goods. I v v reooivaj and are now offering for sale a large and weu assorted stock of I-orrion and j Dc'Mkstic Drt Goods, to whioh we wou.u respeotlu 1? ca t tno attention of purchasers generally, feeling confident tnit ?e can sell them at as ?<w p-ices as osn be had in this or either oi the Eastern or Nt;rth*rr M*rk?ta. DEVR1ES STEPHENS ft CO , w Wholesale Dry Goods D:slera, No 312 Baltimore st, bet. Howard and on 29 2w Liberty st.. (Marhie Front ) \\E would respectfully inform '' our former patrons, and citizens general^, ourfull supply of FALL andl\\ IN PER GOODS, and are prepared to furnish them at an early notice and in the best and most approved styles. HIN I ON ft TEEL. oc 36 im Merohant Tailors. No. 4 Oft Pa av. ^rtificial legs AND HANDS. Selpho's Patent Elastic Leg A Hand. No. 516 Broadwat. Nrw Yore These unrivalled substitutes far lost limbs, which have stood the test of over tf years experience, and hare n*ver been surpassed, oan be had only of W M. SELPHO, Patentee, 416 Broadway, New york. ool2Jm_ Horse, buggv and harness for SAL.Iv Apply to VV ivll ft BAH rv ixaRD, Auction and Commission M?r-*Li3k ooants, oor. Ninth st. and south side Pii-Ca oe? Prime goshen butter! ino kegs Prime Goshen Butter just received and for sale by WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. no 5 Cor, sonth side Pa. av. and 9th st ? cough-cough-cough! SE MOORE8 s^uiLL DROPS, They will cure Coughs, Bronch-tis, Croup, fto. Children ery after them acd eat them as they do oardy. Only try them, and you will be oonvinced of their efteacv. Pnee 26 and oents per box. At MOORE'S West End Great Medicine Depot. 113 Pa. a* no 5 2v IOOtIERCES 8. C. HAMS, Evans, Gains ft nol-lw [Rep.) No. S3 Louisiana av. JUST ARRIVED,di eot from an Eastern Auo ?f "onJB?R.e,? b*les cheap CARPET. Also,9m BED& rEADS, whioh were bought low for cash and will be sold at a unaii advanoe. Together with a large assortment of Housekeeping Artioies. Furniture Dealer.498 Sereath sL ?>eg-1n>? Wwaaa ? and H ?Ia. ?town, p i.., dotng a firat rate hasiaaas. ia sow offered for Mia. It is a stora well oa.oulatei for GeorfetowaTD. a oo?-eolv* [second edition. I THREE O'CLOCKT~.lT" Yet Further from the Fleet ? THE INTELLIGENCE COMES FRO* THREE DIFFERENT SOURCES THE FORTS AT PORT ROYAL CERTAIN. LY TAKEN AND BEAUFORT IN OUR HANDS I RAILROAD COMMUNICATION CUT OFF BETWEEN CHARLESTON, 8. C , AND SAVANNAH,GA I RAILROAD BRIDGES DESTROYED FOR TWENTY MILES [Special dispatch to Tbe Star J Old Poiht, Not. lo? [telegraphed from BalttI more thla (11th) forenoon )?Editor of tkt Stmt : I In the courae of to day we have account* from the I fleet and Sherroaa'a Invading arm? from three I sources From Hatteraa Inlet via deserters to oar I force there ; from Norfolk by tboee coming with I the day'a flag of truce; and alao through two do I serter* who came to our camp at Newport Newa. I They all agree upon aome Important points I Flrat, In aaylng that ths Union troops had effect- # led a landing Next, that tbe two fortaat Part I Royal had been taken by oar brave Navy's work. I Next, that Beaufort la In our hands Next again, I we have marched Into the Interior and broken op I the railroad communication between Charleston and Savannah And laat, that tbe moat I lntenae excitement exists in Georgia, North 1 and South Carolina and Virginia, over the bellaf I that Gen Sherman la hastening to Charleston? I but SO ml lea from Beaufort?by forced marc bra All but the laat story are, In all probability I true. It waa of Immense importance to the aac? ceae of the expedition to deatroy the aerlea of I four or Ave large railroad brldgea situated wlth'm I twenty miles of Beaufort, In different direct lone. I With thoae destroyed by daxbea, a gap of qvlte I twenty miles can be made In the railroad comI munlcation between Charleaton and Savannah?aa I tbe country for that twenty miles la pretty much I swamp. The Confeda will be terribly bothered I toaend troopa through It to attack the works Gen. I Sherman's main force la doubtleaa rapidly bulldI lng on Port Royal Island. My belief la that tbe enemy have mlataken tbe I marching of perhapa three detachmenta to bora I the brldgea and to fall back on Beaufbrt quickly, I for a general advance of Sherman* army la three I divisions on Charleaton. Tbe steamer la juat about to aUrt?nuit I cloae here FURTHER CONFIRMATION OF THK NEW* FKOM THE FLEET. BEAUFORTTAKEN. AND THESAVANNAH AND CHARLESTON RAILROAD SEIZED. IMMENSE SEIZURE OF STORES. THE TOWN OF HEAUFORT REPORTED TO BE WURNF.J. GREAT ALARM OF TH K OONFEDEH ATBS. [Tbe Aaaoclated I'rea* Account ] I Fobtbess Mortaox, Nov. 10th ?Tbe 8. R. | Spauldlng arrived from Hatteraa Inlet thia mornI lng with the 2lHh Indiana Regiment. A deaertar I who reached the Inlet In a small boat stated that I news bad been received on the main land of tbe I taking of two Confederate forta at Port Royal, I and tbe landing of a large Federal force. BeauI fort had also been taken by our troopa. No particulars have arrived, but the main t c| I correaponda with news received a few hours alt ce I from Norfolk by a flag of truoe. Great exciteI ment prevailed on arrival of tbe newa at Norfolk. I From the aame aource we have a rnmor that the I railroad above Beaufort has fallen into the poosession of our troopa, with an immense quantity I cf stores Five deserters who reached Newport Newa Uls I morning, state that the rebels up Jamea river are I in consternation, and also bring an Improbable I rumor that our troopa had advanced up the rail* I road aa far aa Charleaton. The French frigate Calabria was burnt to ths I water'a edge on Friday night, off Hatteraa. All I bands were saved. Just arrived from the blockade off Beaufort, N. I C, the following : Tbe Captain of tbe U. B GunI boat Albatroaa, reports that be dlacoverad the I Union ashore on tbe aixth Instant, aboot eight I mi lea to tbe eastward of Bogue inlet, but In conaequence of tbe heavy weather bad no communis I cation with tbe sbore until tbe following day, I when ahe landed with a flag of truce and learned I from the Captain of a Confederate company tl? J following particulara: The Union went ashore or rather waa run aahora In a sinking condition, on tbe 1st lnat., and sooa after broke In two in front of tbeaaaoke stack. The crew, 73 in number, and flfWn horses, were saved Tbe men are priaoneraat Fort Macon and I Raleigh, N. C. A large quantity of storea was | aeen piled upon tbe beach. I At the time of tbe diaaater the Wlnfleld Scott was In company with the Union, and the captain | of tbe latter exprewd ths opinion that bis consort I was lo?t?she having auddenly dlsappeart-d. Nothing la known cq^emlng tbe rumored loas | of the Ocean Express. j There ere rumora of three Federal veaaela having ] gone ashore. An oflUcer of tbe 20th Indiana regiment, who I came from Hatteraa Inlet, arrived here in tbe Old I Point boat He aars be had a long conversation j wl'h the party who brought newa to Hatteraa Inlet He waa not a deserter, but a private citlxen? and a man of ccuaide<able intelligence, who bad cro?sed tbe aound at the rl*k of hia life to bring newa t> tbe Federal troopa' ofilcera The report of tbe conversation correaponda preclaely with what baa already been aent Outside of thla statement there Is a report that la taklag Beaufort a Urge part of the town wasbarnt. wreck or oki op thb teanspobts op th* expedition. Commander Geo. A. Prentiss, of the A tbe t roes, under date of tbe 9tb, reports "that on tbe tth Inst , while on my way to examlae Bogue Inlet, I discovered a steamer on ah ore on Bogue Inland, about twenty ml lea weat of Beaufort. , Flags of truce were ralaed by people on shore, but the surf waa so heavy I found It Impossible to land I could see, however, she was aa lroa aids' wheel steamer, painted black, broken entirely la two. On the 7th, tbe sea being smooth. I sent a beat on shore, which wss met by a Captain and Lientenant of tbe Confederate army. They stated the vessel was either the "Star of the Ualea" or "Star of the South," ithey did not know which,) loaded with horses, provisions aad hay. That there were eighty mea oa board, who eecaped. were takea prisoners, and seat ta Beealort and Raleigh. That the veasal was laaklag badly, and was ran oa shore porpeaaly by tbe captain, oa the eight of the 1st November Tbe veasel waa a perfect wreekj bar boiler aad main shsft under water, aad tbe beaeh near her strewed with preased bay, barrels aad dead horses. wekck or tm? nisei sruan cstibet (not ths clbopatba.) Lieut. Lowtj, of the Underwriter, reports that late la the sfteraoon of tbe *h last , he dlacovered a large side-wheel steamer sshore oa tbe sooth breakers of Ocracake Inlet, oae mile from the beach at Portsmouth It proved la be the Freach war steamer Cattaet She weat aa share at 4 a. m. W baa discovered It was tea Late ta reader asslataace, aad tbe Underwriter stool "off aad aa" all alght, la hopes of beiag of service lathe Bsornlng.bat a gale came ap with vary heavy asa, and It waa found Impossible to commaatcabwith her, la tbe afternooa, at 3 o'clock, a terrlhr explselsa, with a vast column of smoke, was bes-d aad see*. and was suppoaed to be ^reaetoeed by the blowlag up of the steamer. - b b i 4 A : ?n t

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