Newspaper of Evening Star, November 11, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 11, 1861 Page 4
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THK DVF.MINIi STAR. FLOWER e\Sl)f LA^.NS. ttREEK HOL8E, ETC. A? long h* the gmund 2s nnfruaen. transplanting Shrnb? and Vine* of every kind may t*e earned on. al?t> planting Bdgingi, making grass plats, Ac llr?M pint* should he 1 horoughly raked ar.<l dresxei with fine manure. On a Urge lawn the harrow may be. ui-fd and any manure snffieirntly broken ta #pr?d well. rtreen houee plants will al! be housed by this time, and should have plenty of air in fine weather and b?syringed occasionally When the weather becomes eald and damp a little fire will be nec?*i?ary. Vse water prudently now. If the green fly infest the plants' fumigate with tobaoc ?. f*A yxauihemnhif in Vol*?(Jive plenlyof water to, and take them in the house to flower. Rote.*.?l'ut all sender Koses in pots and remove to the house. VolyantJiHt. Auriculart and Daitif.?? i:epot and put in the house for spring flower*r8 Ptrtnmai*.?These of all kinds may be removed and increased by separation of the toot*. fthidioln.%; Tig'r y/otrm, T"brroin, Ac.?Tako up and put away in a dry place till apriog ?A merican Farmer. A WHumliiorao?TheNtw Itrdford whalera bave dln owtd a srwit whaling ground, where th?'jvea?t fairly swarms with the monitors, away up In high northern latitudes, wtoere iceberg* and white Wars abound The f I w named 1? 1.500 tnllee west of Cumberland Inlet, In lat #.? dfgreca?ofl to the west of Greenland, ai d w<-st of J>avla' Straits. It has never been visited by whalers before, either American or foreign No ahir has been there since the expedition ot Par aua Lyon, In 1S5K. 117* At the siege of Sebsatipol there were Co-),N'2 rounds of cannon ammunition expendtd There were one hundred mortars, from five and a half to thirteen lnchea calibre; one hundred and eighty guns, from nine to si.\?y-cig*'t plunders. Including le^fn Lancaster guns; ui.rt ri?;hty-*lx eight to ten-inch j;uns used; aiM of thf entire miaibcr only forty-one remained serviceable at thf end of the siege. Akothik A?ctic eireiiir u.n.?or Hay<?, in * l itch b?fore the Medical Society of Halifax. it: 4'It is my pnrpose to rene v the attempt nut year. If circumstances prr-ve favorable; and 1 am *t'!l of the opinion that with Mt-tim powr, a strong force of men and dogs, and a well organized system of advance depots, the North Pole can be rea. bed Sri?T?E* *t Wild Cat?Tb<* cold corpses of 7fc?IPcoffer'? men, slain in Che attack on Camp AY lid Cat, wore buried somewhat unceremoniously; and the correspondent of the Cincinnati Commercial, writing rf a visit to the lield. says : 'One of the sece^h hart not b*?en well buried a?jd cue band stuck out He it* reaching for hi* laud Wrtirant," a-jys one. Par?ok Bbowsliw ?Thi* celebrated "par en" hits suspended the publication of his paper In Tennrwee, He ass gnsni a resson fortbl* that ke has been inducted by the sirand jnry at Nashville, ?nd has been summoned to that city to stand bis trial for alleged ttcucn to the government of the Confederate .-'ta'es tf">" The works now in progress at the Brooklyn Navy Yard give employment to 3,?uu men? Including carpenter*, canlke s. painters, blacksmiths. sailmftk-rs. plumbers, general laborers, Ac. This is a greater number than has ever been employed previously at any yard in the United 91* tee. (I7~ Minister ^andford, our Paris residing Minister to Belgium,Is giving his leisure moments to the study of artillery, and bus just made a present to Connecticut of a twelve pound steel rlflfd cannon which he picked up somewhere during European philandering*. [E7~The Democrat says that John C Breckenridge, when be took to his hee's, ought to bave left Kentoeky a lock of h's h.iir. Yes. and a lo~k of the little nigger's hair that John hid behind in making his escape shonSl have been hoisted and Intertwined with it.?Prentice. C7" The t^ueen of i*pain recently placed the tick Princess Dona Concepclon in the bands of a bomeor-.tbic d-?ctor, wb?a the principal physician rt_ Her Majesty, Dr Corral, at onee resigned on < me?, and tbe second, I?r Drnment, left tbe palace. IC7"Four millionaire* have ibown their interest In the war by subscriptions to the 7 3 10 Treasury nn?es, tr follows Col. Colt, rf Hartford. s(50 000; Solomon J*tiirzi?<, of Chicago, SI00 UOU; Commodore Vanderollt, of New York, $100,(tf); Wm B. Astor, of New York, $50 100 I La" Tbe marriage of I he celebrated composer Lis Z, with the PriiictM Wittgenstein, is expected to take place &t Rome about the end of the p.-esent month tC7"The Bank of France U said to be in a verv tig t place?wants to increase the credit lately ??.. .lined on Rothschiid't and Baring's of London, fiom ?2,0<>0 000 to ?6,0U>;(*X> 1?7" Copper stolen from tbe Brooklyn, N Y., navy jard is used In Richmond to make rebel percussion caps. l?7"Gen. Sigel Is so accustomed to make rapid movements that he is called in the West the ^Flying Dutchman." C7"Cona!deable quantities of cotton and rice have arrived at .New York the preaent week, from .Liverpool \rf Oarlbaidi haa accepted tbe honrary presidency cf the Genoese Typographical Association. |T7"Tbe aprlnkilnsr of Broadway has been prohibited by the New York Aldermen. DECIDED BAHGAIN^ in Fmm Km ami 1 auo? mAs, with kiud of I') (ioixla.for tne current vai.ta of farr.ihe* %cil htuitekeepera. On? pric? only, m?rke<l m p am hi urea. Cuitaioa, <Jarp?H*, uilc!" ns. Kus*. <?c. uppor floors. I'f RR V & BRO , Ta. avern? and Ninth St., bo 7 5"tl "j'orry Building." |B? TOPMAUH MJ|| ?ETi P H F U I C M T R O X K MA MUFACTQR Y, 4?? Ssrs^TH ^Ti-asT, Wa?km<?t?w, D. C. BilTar M?da awarde?i by Jlarj and Insulate Ralam< i^.N?vrnib?r t.imi. l AIM. t,T "* .Meehapiee'lnatiUte, Ws.hicft.f>. C., 1847, 1 aa? ajw?*? har? *?r<, ol tfti I ??? mat*r J.U e*rr? ireertpiion of Fira 0>ie I eat!?*r, Iror t rana- ? I ' Or^a*. Wool Boj.afid fiCfcluj r-Trk?. IV Oiiim Tre*??"i* Pat*. 8"hool t?atcne!?, Jkr.. i? !.rm Friea*. M*r -if! Uf'*re?'*"i t'i.t-Vt* will pi?aa? JLUCin" n? etoci t-f ? \ , haniii e>ewh?ie t r'uA* thai a*a 11 <n other TSzftiuT L*<% - i i-uJ Viet* lrarka made it orior. Truat-' cover*-! a?d r???a.--o at notic?. Good* deliver. >: ??ot :-< (* toanyjptit of the Citw *<Jrt9lOWU. ILi AiMtaotlnil. __ ?. J * M y.i' 8.TOPHAM PIANOS, PIANOS, P)ANOS. Pian..? laceived evert -srr??k. C< rn??r<) !ook at tl?-* ??aortrren t at W . ti. iklh I 7. V HO IT'S Mo.ic i>K)t, MI'MK P* ?" UMl RUv*I ?. ?t ? 6 'I^Hk. LlHOPfcAN ii< TKL., HEP W i; > 1 KttBi at uw? e<-<u.-r of ;'?f u.A . ? A avena* ?'''l f ?t:e? t, )im be** yergSy gfaulf unyrr^: r*.-eat r ar"1 no*- offer* frea^r iw?o?i't?li for th? fitrotv' of ctt>s?. s ai-l atr**^?r* t ut other punro h? ??* in tu? a;t?. hi* jr;c*? V-rj >?? th.Mi thoee of ar? ^tuor Kot#l or Pe^p. Tern?. *c?! his aonommocaiioci fcr f?r?iAaeal or tr%Aa boardera unaiaepWonat> e. Tne bar And reafeuiiai t fcr-acjeo.enu of the uruftM Hotel ha?e airen/y hooome r?ry popa Mr. fcotng all tiiatoanba deeirod by the moat laa t*d.cia, Tfee aroauetor aiedje* urrem.ttod atteufcor wkI ottiDJfld !<b?r&j ex?e_ditnr?ato fireaatMiation to all,ud Uhm rao<rw? tin iLviutioa ?* Mi ??!? 'ha K?f?>??>?r Hn'?l a eail. ^ B O A T~a Qmmrtwwtmtfr tfaunri Cllki, I WatktMgum City. Jtw'v U, 1861.1 Pla.V 4N0 SPKiTtcaTions for halia of Son B >*ta for tb? H'eeteru rivara are on exhibition at taia ortoa, aad at o^m of Qaarternaatara at Pituburc. C;tc.caat?, !?t. Loan aod Alton. Boats to M deli??pad at Cairo. Bide ahoald be aantto Oaartermaater Vaueral of the United BUUa Arms, at Waabtaston, by let Augujt, at noon. f*I. tJ. NKI6i?, jt II B u. Gca'l and Uatntr?mUT Oen'l. INIOfl PAPKK AND KN VELOPK?*.?Tare?aJ rr?iiftti?nt "tyie? of Nuutad Letter Paper, with Fere ojkb to match. V iev* of wuh:titoi mthaform oi a Rom.umI hand. B#r*M. Tim*e,acdTnu?ne reoeived evert siaht at o'eJoek. . . Pa sera from ell >Art* of the country. e'e liimo Novell, and t^on* Bioki. A fresh Bufrp j of Books for aammer readinf, feea# A :?r?e assortment of JaveaitM? Maine Raid's Book*. Roilo Books,'e tf kstoriQa,.Ao. A fiiaeoiintol 1" to >'ve* c^nUofi a. l-oahd books PRKMCft A RH'll* ?KlN.?na 9? Mstums! Hiojut-y.yT* >'* ST. 1CA?U NOIUCK. i . # N Consequence ol oaf u.\v.m to M) path for ewr> atieie of (ooda snrcbaae. ?? are loroec torecaeeoar business to Caaft ez<shi*?ely.faa tke reofit. We have iu ato-e % very large aaAOitwsnt of tttAUY MAi>K CtrO l'HiNO forTEe? ?nd ? boya'wear, wk.oti ar?ae<;;r.r at aifmefe lowWfaie '< than aiwaJy. WALL, STKPUKNS A ?CU . 33d Pa avenue, wvvn Mh and intfi ?t?, lev iimw.t R??!) >.i r M^APS OP T?K SKAT OP WAR.-A splendid Maeof tte Saaf of War for ?alr I eenta. i A :*<>, Pocket Map* of all kiwia. ?*o.dieri' Csii.p l>rtw?;u( Ca??? from $2 ft' f<> ft Black tluoK and HtACibuery of all, I flj pa#*i and Ei.?eio?r? 7%*e Bani.eraai.1 Batt*evVi?' ?cr 1 Trepan ana F.-?rat*c >i*#*?!cee. baily an<J 1 1 '^'VnjiNCM A RICHSTEIN** I National Bookatore, i ?t 4lnlrt,ARe??t).> iTIMmu. __ DENTISTRY. Dr. rIIAHLEK R HOTRLER, . DENTIST, No. 33? PENNSYLVANIA AVRNUK, Between Ninth and Twith StTe?ta *0 V *r>?m i\l TEETH. IT I . L<?WUS, M. p.. tho larontpi and patentee of tin WIM'RAL PLATL TEETH, at-^ jgA tco<:a pertor.allj a: b:a oftce .n thta oJty AaMpf t Mai.y pc-raona own wear tntM te?th who^* *''" aannot wear other*, and no person can wear othera who munot wear these. Percoca oa.Minc at my oilceoan beaocomraoaaiad < ith any aiyle aod prioe of Twth they nay deaire; 'jn t to tho? wuo are partioalar and wiah the parest. aieanest, strongest, and m?at perfect dentare thai art oa-. rodn?e, the MINERAL. PLATS will be more folly warranted. Roonia is thia oity?No. 339 Pa.aTenae.betweea Ith and 10th ata. Alio, 907 Arch xtreat, Phi.adei ptia. 03 It tf "gIsTfITTINQ, Ac. AWM I. DOVE * CO. RE Nov pr*?*red to dxecuta any hltrs With which the? m&v l>a favored in tha PLVMBlNv, A^RK8?EAM VOTIM flT" 9t?re frfi fth atreat, a few doora north of Pa, yenae, where may b? found a oomalete Maortmenl af CHANDELJF.RS aud otker 9AS, STEAM ao4 WATER KIXJUR KH iafTW I SNYDER. PL UMBER. AND OAS FITTER. Haa remoTfii to the oorner of Twelfth ana F aU? He ia prepared to introduce Water and Gaa upon the moat favorable terma, and (aarantiea entire atiafaotion. He u*a on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will aell leea than ooat, a* ha wat>ea to get rid of them. no 17 W8A8 FIXTURES. E Have ia atore, ana are dai.y receivir.*, OAS FIXTURES of eutireiy New Patterns and Jleeifns ana Finish, superior in style to anything heretofore offer ?i in tni3 market. We invite oitisena tenenU It te tail and oxanute our itook of 9*s ana Water Fix ir?g, feeling oouliuent that wo have the bost selevt-xl stock ia Washington. A'! Work in th" v-ove line mtrevted to nr Mil Will ba promptly aUcr^ed to. MYERS * Mo?RAN. IB*' MJ 3T6 D itrwi j \r F1CE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER ' ' OF ?A9 METERS. Waisimtok. Jtly H.ittt. NOTICE IS HEREBY tiirEN, That, agreeably to the provisions of the ordinance of thecorporation tproTec May IS. ISfip, the undersigned ia now prepared, "whenever refriired in writing, ana on p.e >i?ai*nt of the f?e of airy oecta, to inapeot. exaaoine, ts*t, ?ru ?e, and ascertain the aocnraoy of r't'iiration of an* gag renter in use in thia city. Every uiotor. '.f/ound incorrect,will be condemned and another, sealed and marked a* true, will be ??t m :^ place. If proved to be Moi^aCe in ita msMaieinesi of cm, it will be sealed acoo~amgly, art %rain act :a position for uae. JSo-? .No. 410 Seventh afreet,(near Odd Fel ?' da'il.) Open from I* a. m., top a.m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, r *1 if Inspector and Sealer of 6aa Meters. HEADQUARTERS OP THE U.S. MARINE ll CORPS. UCiRTtKMAHTBR'a OFFICII, I Washington. September SM. 1861.1 Seai.kd Proposals, f t >aoh c'ass separately,will he received at this office until U o'clook m of Wrdnesday.S'th of November next, for furnishing to the Ut:t<*d States Marine Corps, during the year 1S62. the following supp'ies, to be delivered at the otS'sof the At istant Quartermaster of theoorpa, KUila^e.'phia, Pennay! vanta, free of expanse to fh? Unit d . 'tves. in auoh quantities aa may frumtime to time be ordered, viz : Claps No. 1. 14 <we? tards of Sky B'ue Kersey, all wool, free frtin r.Mi ,SJ u.ohea wide, to weigh 22 ounoes to the yaM,(in iigo w.>o|-dyed ) S/kjO yards Da k B u* Kersey- ill wool, free from ha:r, ? inche* wide, to weigh 22 ounoea totHeyard, (lii'iifo wool dyed.) yards Dark Blue Twilled Cloth, all wool, for umfo m coats, (indigo wool-dyed,)54 lnohae wide, to weish 22 uuno-g jer jard. Iy? yards of Scarlet Clotn. all wool, (cochineal dyed ,) 54 irohes wide, to weigh 16 oatoea per yard. Class No 2. 3 fwo yards of 6 4 D*r* Blue Flanne', for overB?ek*, a'l woo!, (indigo wool dyed,' 51 in -hes wide, to wench 13 o'jnc?s p?r yard. 16 i>uft yarda of 3 4 Dark Biue Flannel for shirta, all woo!, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 icohes wide, to wei^h6>4 oauce^ p?r yard IjfrW) Gra? Biankcta, all wool, to weigh four pounds each, with letters "U 8. IVt " in hlaok, four ir.ches ions, in tha oenter; to be 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, and fr e from cresae. 6,000 pairs of Woolen Sooka, three sixes, prop er ? mile of go'id fleeoe wool, with double and twisted yarn, to woith three pounds per doxen paira, free from grease Class No. 3. 6.0O0 yards White Linen for Panta, 80 inehea wide, to weigh 13 ounoea per yard. lo.i*>o yards White 1 iuen lor Shirts, 80 inohea Wide to we1 gh 11 ounces per yard. 16 f?)0 ya'ds canton Flannel for Drawers, 27 inches wide, to weigh 7 ounces per yard. Class Wo. A. l.nno Uniform Caps, complete (except Pompona.) lf&IO Pompous, red worsted, bail shaped, 4 inohea in otrcumferenoe. 3,ooo Hanue Csp?,( wi?h oovera,) to b? made of blue oluth, I'digo wool-dyed. ZjDOOStocka. Cuts No. 3. 6no groa* r-oa* Buttons, (Katie.) 400 groes Jacket. Muttons. ( Eagle.) loo gross Vest Brttons. (Eagle.) 1 roo pairs Yel ow Metal Cresoeats and Scale Straps 250 he'.s Epaulette Bullion for Sergea t? and Corporal*. 2 (*<> seta Epaulette Bullion for Private* 50 Red Worsted Par.he* 2.y?'yards of Yellow Binong. 2TW> y \ riid of Red Cord. lio Swords for Sergeants 5" Swords for Musioiars. 50 Dram* <tenor,loomplote. 5-"1 D nm Slings. iOi Batter D uni Hcacs. 5? Snare L)iU?n Heads. loo Drum Cords. ]'xi ?< 11 of Drnin Snares. 1<K) Boxwood "B" Fifes. Class No. ? in.(W pa rs Ariny Boots,iinfantry pattern. CLASS Mo. T. I.**) Cartridge Boxes I J,2oo Bayonet Scabbaids. l *o l'erou?s;on o.p Poiohei Cartridge Box Belts. l,2<>n Haroi.el Beits. !,*?> \V Wit Belts. Ijw Want I'lates. I.tim Breast Plates. ?i?> Sword Fio*s. Class Np, *. I,SP" Knapsack". *v Haverraoks. *?? Canteene. tW Musket Flings. C? ?s? N?s t. Co? makmz and tnmmtns the following articles, ti-. Watch Coats &ms*ant* Corporala' Murnans', | %iid Privates' Cnifor n and Psfcisue Coats, Wool,?>n and Linen Pants, Flannel and Linen Shirts, Defers. Piannei Hacks, and Rea and Bine Jackets for Bo>s. The above mentioned artir'es must conform t* i re>i?!tM. to the i?ea,ed ita'.dara pattern in the office ot the Quartermaster Marine t'orps Marine U? racks. \\ a?h>ns'on, I). C.; Ass stant Quarter maiUr, offi?e Marine Corps, i,2/n Spruoe street, Pbiiftcelynia; and at the Marine Stations. BrookI lya, New Votk. and Huston Maeeaohusetts. wheie t e? can be examined. And whenever the article* named abo^e, or a?y portion of them, shall t?e considered as not full? . ouformtng to samples, they w?ll bo rejected and thc-oontra t"r ^il! be bound U? furnish others of the r auired kind at once or the (Jnarter master wi. supply Ihe deficiency at the expense of the eon tract ?. r?? merit will be made iieno the accepted deliver* o'tha whole enant tr, which ma* from t'mo to M'io ?>e ordered, withho ding ten per oent fiom the pay meet of account rendered under first order, until second order is tilled, and ten per oent from acooaLt rendered under second order until third order is hied, and sj on, until contract is completed. Kaol. proposal must he aocompanied by the follow ing guarantee: form af (i'iuumiu, The undersigned, , of , in the State ol . and , in the State of , htreby guarantee that in case tue foregoing bid of lor siiBBlies. a? *>"'?? ^1?| L - _ rr J w vjvaui ?uo aooepted. he or they will, within tan day* after the receipt or the contract at the Post?ifftoe named, execute ihs ooctraot tor me same with good and pAoi-nt ?souritie?; and in oase the said tliailfail to enter into-oontrao' %a aforesaid, we guarantee to mske gr-od the difference between tke offer of the vaid and that whioh may be aooepted. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. E F, Witness. . 1861 I hereby certify that th* above named are known to ine an men oi property, and able to mate good their tuarai tee. 6. tiro t-e signed by the United States District Judge, United States DistrUit Attorney or Colleotor, No proposal will be considered unless aooompauieu b? the above gue ran tee. Newspapers authorized to publish the above will ?ena the pap^r oo< taming the first insertion to tins offee for examination. Tke bidder's piao? of busi ieis, or manufaotnr ing establishment, must be specifically stated in the proposal. The a?*< ve list of artiolas it believed to be about the quantity of eaoh artiste that will be required during the mr; out the Quartermaster reserves Uie right of ordering a greater or less quantity, should tne interests of the service require It , Proposals to be endorsed tu the envelope, "Pro p< sats lor Sspplies for Marine Coses for 1IWL" ?ud J aldreoedto Major W M B. J*LACff, ( Quartermaster M.C., Washington,!). C. seSO law4w r H FRENCH k. R1CHSTE1N AVE Just received a fresh supply of Nat* Pa- 1 per, Colored Borders, rnjed and plaia, wBh Envelopes to matoh. also, Plaf Paper of a;I kii.ds, with aad without Mottoes; Envelopes to match. . Purses aad Pocket Books oi every description. * ^ ^wsrfSBriujr. rvm m ? RICHSTSINi S Hewn aaawwa. (k:t.w VOI UME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?Tha l /. chemist, or the House of Ciaes, from the Z Frsocc of ffovna de Balsac. Free by mail. ftl. ,i Al a* War .er.the Weaver of KareUie; by Beo. U? TIP?M.|TNM, \l * 1L! JL ? Tbe} to rflfflit to lh? Kpot" NBTANT HP.LIEF STOP \OUR OOB9H PORIKT YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S rilRUAT CONFECTIONS, API iOOl) tVH CLERUYMEX, QUOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FUR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, HOOD FOR BTXOERS, GOOD FOR COXS UMPT1VUS. ?ENTIEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DBLI6HTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They reluivea Cough instantly. They olear the Throat, They give strength and volume to the voice. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. Titer are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advis* every One who has a' Congh or a Husky Votoe,or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confections. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "thev go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending puhlio ""eetings, for utilliug your Cough or allarinc yuur thirst. If you try one paokag?? 1 am eafe in saying that you Will ever af terwards consider them ^ndispensible. You will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines. PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My signature is on eaoh package. AH others are counterfeit. A Package will l>e cent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of I hirty Cents. Addresa, HKKiKY O. SPALDING, Nn.4* CKOAR 8TRKKT, NEW YORK. CORE 4 S} r&c#caf'-'V, If CURE ONervousHeadacne xf CURt <f ^ Jrinfe ? Headaelie. By the im o! thece Pills the penodio attack* o \irwrm3 ft Si:k H**4ark* may N? preyfntsd; and 1 ttksn at the oou-menonment ot at at'-aok immediate reiief from a?:n and atakneea will M obtained They aaidom ifcii in removinc IM JVmim am* to whi}*; fsratiei are ao aibjtoL They act jeot'y rpon thobow?!a,?rwnorun Cfi inauti. rwi i*m?r?ry ju?, minmii, lMHieate pfniftlM, and all persona r? j?Ur.t*ry habits, they are valaable aa a Lc.-ttit!. improving tha*;7?Ht?, -iTirg loim and ?t|?r to U a digestive orsxc?, Lud i? itorlnf the cansnl ciaaUcity aad k?en(l)i of t> whole sy?t*rn. Ths Ci;niAI,IC MLL3 are '.he rsaclt of long investigation andcarffj'.ly oondncift.1 exper rrierta having been in nse mu; year?, daring which time they have prevented aid ro'ieved a vast amount ot pain and suJTering rom Hea?i?eh?, whether ongi noting in the *?rro?s system or from a deranged tAte of the ftommtA. They are entirely vegetable in their composition and may be takon at ail times with perfect s&fet? without making any ohange of diet, mJ iAi mbnne$ Of <*WV rfu?ru.ihU rttdtrt il ??.<? I* *4?iwi>i?r tktm to cAtUlrtm. beware of counterfeits: The genuine have five signatures of Herry C Ppaiding on ?k?h Box. Soid by Draggim and all atxer Peaiera In Meai tine*. A Box will te ??nt by mall prepaid on reaeipt? the PRICE, 9* CKNT3. Ai: arders ahoa'd be addressed tc hknkv c. i*pald1n#, 4? ClIlAB bTRS ttT P?*W Voll, Pr*m lit EM*mimir, Nvfelk, * . repha'io Pilia accomplish the object for whist hey were made, via: Care of haadaclte la ail iU forms. fVeoa Iti Rxnm-mtr, Pivftik, r*. They have been tented in mar* than a tkaiaac. aasea, with entire sooow?s. f+rm th* Drmrcrmt. St. Cltud, Miss. If yon are, or have b~eti troubled w ith the neai ache, send for a bo*. ( Ptlia ,i ao that yo? may have them id oaee of auUttack. /Vne t4? Wf 14m K. S. tfaMttU, [il. We beartt'y endoise Mr, Spalding. &a? I'.a aa n?a".ed Cephalio 1*1 lie. P>rm tit Smttk** F*fk Pm4<e , t*?* Or? *? , L\ Try tham ' yon that are aflhoted, arifws *r? ??n in<M ronr testimony oac be added to tba fctrii?iy nnmnout 1'st that has reoelred beatlta Uat u. oilier medicine can produce. tram tkt iswa. Mr. tfpaldinr would Dot ootu>.*et kis un tr."i an article he Old not knot* to fosses* real t*?r"% F^om t*? i^vrriw. Frmrtdmus? P. L The Ceshalio Fills ar? mil to be t rer-a'hab ) efftectiye iera?dy for the headache, ?rd eueaftiM very >eslf?rthat vny Ge^eest ?*m?Uiat whei. has eytn been dlsoc*er?c. .*> f*t. r *&j ;j She immevpr d?roacri for the arHcl* <f^s,?k,*-'U is) is rapidly irereading. Frtm*144 AtuvM Tniin Ptor. ZeeewAe, fa. We ?r?? sure that p~:k ut *\far:a? with the keatf aehs, a ho try tlien . wil! to Ilea. Prem tkt A4**rtittr, Frmiidmli. M, 1. The testimonr in their favor ? stress, tram ttt most resfeotabie ? oartma. F><*m tkt Ptily Tftwi. Tftuptri, K. I, Cephalio 1'illa are takinc the ?li?e of all kistfi. Frtm tkt Cemmmtimi PnlUtin, Bate*, Mats Said to be very efficacious for the head&ohe. Ftom ik* ComrntreuU, Cincinnati, Okie. Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. ITT A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will save ten times its ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH CJ-A Stitch rw Tim 8avu Nin?."^I| As accidents will happon, even in well regulateo amilies, it m very desirable to have some cheap knd^convenient way for repairing Furutnre.Toys 2rookery, 4o. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE neeU all such efnerjenciee, aud no household ca jfoH to be witboat it. It is always ready, and 0 the stiokmg point. , - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." j N. B.?A Bruk Meonyuin eaoh Bottle. Prio 1 cents. Address Mmm7m HENRY C. SPAL01NS. No. 48 Cedar street, Nov York. CAUTION. Aa certain snprincipied persons aroattorn* tlKg to aim off on the uustisceoting pablie, unitaticus of . ij VRLPARLD 6LLE, rVcaldcastion a..?or- > on* t0 eiaaiu bofore pniotfising. aod see tha | He fa i name. { KAI.OINS'8 PREPARE!) fLIBXIl \ i*r??Hr, all otfcoregoow^MlUiie / ? J* Comgk, CoU, Hemr tt*4U, lm* k /mm*, mmy bfit* u>n or SortA <M'? of ikt TKro?t, Ktliom* lii n Hmthtmt Com*A ? f'ni,-???fLil tin*. Fronckiti*, Aiavia. SW # Catmrrk, Q?* *n<l fi?l ?F strtniik to thi *<n<t of r public speak krf aj*t> singers. Fewfcrt awar* of tha importance of oheotmc ? Coach or "Common Cold" in its first starf; t'rat which m the he* mm* won.'d ?J#id to amild r(m< nr, tf nejieoted. s?on attack* the Lane*. " Brown't oromtkuu i>ecA?j." oontaint-rg <3einuic*ntiDerf?di nta, t i?? Paimonary and Bronchia! Irritation. ud"That trouble to mj Throat. ;far okuWW b which the "ZVocAti'' area ?peai(<o havin?n??i? in? often ainefewLn TROCHES perer.* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " rsooiuiBoad their st*to r?*u? SrBAXiK?." TROCHES RKV. E. B. CHAPIN. "9r?atMrri^ic sabtluinc Hoia?? BROWN'S siss." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROOR^ "Almost icitart relief in the du " trassic* labor of breathing peouiiai BROWN'S to Asthma." * KEV. A. C. E96LESTON. TROCHES "Contain bo Opmm or an'thm* iajarioaa." DR. A. A HA ? KS, BROWN'S Ciomut, Boston. ,.u " A RiKijIeand ilcasact oombita TKOtflbS non for ConsH#, 4o." rrowm'M "R- ? *' B16ELOW, BROWN S Bottom. ?ROCHF? " Beneficial ii? Bbohchitis." ?Rui,nfc. Djp j F w LANE, BROWN'S Bottom " I hare proved them excellent 101 TROCHES VV??orii?? Cot?h." REV, H. W. W1RRKN, BROWN'S hot in. "Benellota'. when oompe'ied U fRUiHbS ?pe*k. sufferiEt from Ooi.p." ?.ftWN,M REV. S. J. P. ANDERSON. BROWN'S ?t, Ltttis.

DonRPu " ErracTf AL in rejnovinr Hoarar RUv n e~ uaa ^ l.-riUttoc of Jie Threat, ce BROWN'S c'jT',7on SriAkns mud 9K()PHr>' Prof. M. 8 JfACY JOHNSON. LmOfw.d*. Kri) v. Ta?ofe<^ of Maaie, SyatlieriS bRUH!XS Fema-s Coiiete. TROCHES " 6'.eat benefit when taken before tad after preachint. as they prevent BROWN'S Hoaraeceaa. Krcm their pastefioet, 1 think the? will be of permanent atiTROCHES rantajce tn me. ftEV. K. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Present of Athens College, Tenn. TROCHES fiySold by ali Dmjjufat TW ENTY FIVE CENTS A 30X ??]| ?> 1-1? DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE need for the !ast half oenturv in the Hospitals of London and J'aris forth" car* of Steret Dista.i's. iray now be had at t'PHAM'3.Bgff<&. No. 310 Chesnut street, sole aeent for 1 the United States it oor.tains ho mTcury or other minerals, and wi l not harm the raoet dehomtfl constitution A wedv ettrt sua'anfee?i of let required. P i ? SI Sent by express So!.'l in WaehirKtcn bv S. C/fLVERT FORD, oorner 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue. sepSeol? LTPHAM'S HAIR l)\K'.-TO COLOR BLACK ' OH UROWm On1* 3H cent* a tx-x. Thrbe ly>xe* for ono dollar or flax?n hair can be ohanced in a few sec >i:ds to a j t biaok or brown, by usin* Upkam's Liquid Hair D?e, the best and cheapest in the world. producms, the inon.ent it is applied, a rich natural appearand. Each Box of UP HAM'S IIAtR DYE s w rrai:ted to conf.ain as mnch hnir rlyt as others sell for rmt dollar'. Sold bj S C. UPHAM, 310 < '-h^snut street, h in delphia, and S. CAiiVKKT FORD, corner llth street and Pa. ave. srpa-eoly R DITONT'S Sl'GAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING PlLLS nre apt' the very beat in w<? They operate speedi ym^ an* effectually, and items fuzar-ooate Br ? crea e no nausea up>-u the most do.ioat'^r-^ s^OiTach A trial of tteee Pilis will prove their auDeriorit? over a!! othe-s. Prioe One Drllnr a Ifo'x. <1 only &t UI'HAM'S, 3IO t'honnut I Btrnot. Sonl 1>t ni&i 1 to fcil purt- of th* country in | & <se?t!??l envoicpa. Sold in \V**hinKton by S. i C A INVERT tOWl), oomer 11th streot *n<1 I'll. I *??. aep 5 -'vl X j t'R. J. il. MoLEAN'B STEBJaQTHEHIKQ COEDIAL A*l> Bl.OOli Pt'RIFIEH THE GREATEST REHEDT \% tk* WORLD, tn^ OatilUaf, pr?ilnii| t <Stil*t???, iu:iiitc<<, ?*i i?* ' milafaiuklt ristdy far r?*??iUi j n< -;? ?.;d ?yti-n, tad raatarlag tk* ! ?, *?f*riag, t?? diklll'*tt4 lara'.M ia , Mtlto ud amastk. MtLEAN'S STRENQTHEK1KQ 0ORJ)JAJk Will ?C?*;-?lly aara fclrtr '^a.ayUlat, Dyayapala, <! ?, Uk'aua a? Ktirtx Pliiilty, buitid c| i*t P.! ia*-*, tad all diota** ?.Tt?W j '" * * dl?-?4*nd Lir*i > SmiiI. ysaapaU, ?art<:tt, h.*ird *? Kiihii at Ik* S'.aanttj. ra'.ia'at *? t'izi .? :k* V-ail faia at viaalaf !a tka Btao, Tajfllauaa / Uiluii, ' at Walakt la ta? K**j Bia?u'.:*ia. Ckak'.aj 11 Fitiimg vkaa i?tj?? inr.rtijxi: n Tal'aWaaa> af tk* Ekla tad Bra*, "tic*t I ar.iu, lavard f ittn, ?ala la tka Small af tkt Baak, Ckaat, a? Bid*. tad-iaa riaakit af Cut, (ipiuilH af if?u, Fiifktfl! ??????, < Wtafaar, Btaaaartaeay ai uy Dunn ilittn Btiaa < ? ' Blvtak** aa U* Skla, lad V %?tr ?a4 i *aa (ar Ckl^a ul i fru 4 Million Born.ES kara kaaa Ml<i dailaf ia* la;; als ataatki, aaa la aa la taaaa k*> It fail?d la firt?f aailia aitia.'ttt'sa. TTaa, Uaa. Ill >llai flaw f? ?' aaai ai DaMilt* arkaa UcUtXf B ITUIIiriBli)l? COLDIAk wi.i tcrt y*i 1 alufttsc au laaiff tr. aii^atu Idu ll lk( iaaac*lat* ud a:?*at aet7**?l*ea ak*>i*a rradMad k> ukiaf tkla Cardial to <k? <ll?-aa?d, d*kjiiut*4, a.?4 akatta ad e?M*a* . arattaa, tk*U*i Inkaa >law> ky attaaa, vaak ky aaiua, at Htpalrtd ky altVaata, tka r?lai?d iai mina| ai|u, ??<? ia iiiuiid im its BVlttiMA haaiik a?d *!? ? aU.MM.IEU IMR80N? r Htm. tnuli>'i *4 laakllltr fraa vkttirtr um, Will > ? K?LBAK'? BTB?B?TBBmBa uoa?iAU > u? m() rifiimiMtf Ua ?* > ; aad ell ??? ?; Uti la |?f?j tkaaaalvaa ky la^iMW Wil^aaaaa vUl tad la vkU Cardial a uruli aad ap*?dj tO THE LADIES. I rrK?*?rr3Mi8? oo?.?iAbu ? **??r- i ttfm ?il apardr ?ar*fa* laatptwt IWfc'.nr, : t Baatriitad *i Btflaait Mia*irt>iiaa,i ??*avtaar*a af Prw* I ?? laralaatary IMaakarra iHmi. Fail lag af Ik a *e?ak, ' WdtUiu. r .1?U?C, laJ Ui jluuN Ii?MmI t? FimIh. THWAK IS liO MISTAKE APOBT IT Mill M |H|I| Via* II aatardiaf u dl?a*?taa? It vlll aUnt'aia, ?u??fik*a, kad ??? aad tk? alaaaa ( I* irnt I >ir *kr*fc ?r*'a till) aaul* It warraatac la (It* a.rlafM-iaa. FOB CHILVMKW, If ynt tW!Kw '??'.ikl?. p*a> u * ?i?4. K?klt*1 i C5BBBf*k "111 IMia *4aIlk , fit, *?< riVaat D:l?? ' aat a w??i?bij Uj ?! ??4 jat-wtii * ?*a<l***d. It la d?BlllUUU'il. CAWTJOW, lliri>4 ' 'iiyit'4 ?' d*ai*n aha si; try i? nla a??i y?a uit ar raraaptnlla mil, wklak ?kay aaa ** Ikiil. kjtaalafl! >? !*?l f?*'1 A ?*id *aak lata. Ail ' t*i MckKAB* OO&DUL, and uk* ! aarklaf all* It i< t?a au!y ramady that wll parity |h* Siaai tkaraagkia taJ HU* ante* dm* atrai.fthtn tla i)itia. < Ua* taupaann:! Uk?a arary learning faatir.g 1* a eamla j pr?T*atl** far Ckal*i?, iJklll* aud f??ir, Tallaar Par*r, rr <ar pr*T*l*at dia*aa*. It la pat ap la laraa kattlaa Pr'*a **'? #1 p*f kattl*. * I kat'Jai f>>? 9K J7 B MrkCAM, a!* praprlttar af tkti Or'ttal) ?laa, Mlktu'i Yalnai* Ol klalaaaL rr*aalpa! Dapat aa tka aaiaai at TfctrJ tad , flaa lUlltii It- k?!?i M? oLean'i Voloanio Oil LiniMtnt, (TIB BUTT k'BlMBOT IB T?? WORkO.) Tka aaly aaf* aad tarta'a ?i?a far OaaaiM, Pilaa, ft. J art, waliiaf* aad 3rat<tfc'J* ar Mui, FaralrrW, B?a- i ralfla, W?akn**a?f vk? Maaatir, Ckranta ar lnlan. ratiary 1 BkaaraaUaro, tufaaia af tka Jatnit Ca-nraaiad Matelaa at I Ufinmu, Sartakt arTaaJiaaki, Iriuu, liumi. fnu Cau. W?anc!?, Blaan, ri*ii ??, Gtka.l liiut, Car* 1 Blaylaa, Barci, Baaldi, lin THraxt, ar u>y lotammaiiao ar ! ala, aa dlff?r*n?* kav man ar laag 0i? 4i*aut mar bar* izirtad, MckBABI CBkBlBATXU kiBIMKBT la a aartala ranadv. Tkawaadi af kaaaa kaUfi kava kata ravad a lifa af dta rapttada aad m??rj ky tk? art af UU lavalaakla Mrnady. UtLEAN'S YOLCAyiC OIL LINIMENT WUi rallava pain a'.maat luitaaMoaMalj, and It will alaaa, pmrlfy aad kit) U* faaltat aarti in an luaradikla akart Um*. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. MekBANI CCkJEB&ATED UH1MBKT 1* th* aclt aafa aad raUakl* raa*d* far tfc* aar* af Sparta, Blcrkaa*, Vtadfalla, iallaw, Baaaitual kamaa, B*d*a ar Bvtllinfa. It aarat faliad la aar* Btf Baad, PallaTtl, rtatala, Old Baaainf Marta, ar vaaD*. if praatrly aaplird. Fa* praiat, Bralaaa, tcrawk**, Craitid B**la, Caafea, Baddla ar CaKar Baila, Cata, Baraa, ai Waudi, it la aa iafalltkla raaady. Apply It aa diraatad aad a aara 1* aartala la ar*rp laataaa*. Tkau trtla a* l*a*ar vttH tk* auj ?artkl*a* kialnaau farad f r?a. Okulo a aipalr af Ok. MrklABt CEkBaiivan Livtii*B* > ?<f> i?.FrayiUie*, UnilTUid tad Pin >?., Il Lull, ?, CIAlkll ?TOTT, rt f* ((tat la Vutlai ? t,a.*.o?n.timrmra> mh-uwi? QUNBOATS ?oa thiWESTERN RIVERS. QUAKTBKMAPTn Gunu'i Omci. I Wnrktngtun, J tine 17,1861. | Pkopobals are invited for oonatrnoting Gunboats u?on the Western rivere Speoinoationa will be linmedlately prepared and may be examined at the Qnarennaster'e Office at Ctneionati. Pit Fbn'itk, and at this <>ftoe. Propoaais !'nm boat t.nii era and engine-bolld err alone will be considered. Pans submitted by biddere will be taken into oonuderation M C. W KIB8, ie 8 Quartermaster General United State 1 CK1B, CRiDbfc AND BHD BLANKETS j and COIJNTERPANE4,ajl aiseaanc. <ua>i tiea, Bed Comforts, Sheettnca. Pillow Linen 1 and I Uottoun, Towe.a. Napkins, Table Clotha, Tickings, |;oyhee,Ao. All at oar p'overbiaJiy low pnoee, < narked in plain figures. New vomers, atrauf ere, sojourners and citizens viil inspeot our eook at pleaeara. PERRY A BRO., ee ti-M Pern, aveaae and Mk at., < W TRAVELING TRUMBR. 1 P. Off?r for sale the larcwt M<of meat TRAVELlNe TRUNKS to be fo?n4 iiMHM ;bia out, oompnsinc beet Sote L^the>HHB( 1 Ladies' Dree* and Packms Trunks, Va \ ieee. Carpet Baca, Ao., wiTlch fine duw se Unc I A eery low prioaa. WALL. ITEMKNB A CO., M I* *9? Penn. atnie. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. mniig f>PEAM WEEKLY BKTWKKN *.7lyA NkW YORK ANDLIVERPOOL. I aiding and sin barking pa?eerg?:rs at Queensiown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New > ork ?b<1 Philadelphia Steamship Oomoany intend dispatching their fall powered CL*d?-b?ilt iron S*ean>?hipr M follows : GLASGOW Patcrca*. August il. U1TY OF BALTIMORE. - loth. KANGAHOO. " " 13th. Aud ever? !*&lurda?, it noon, from Pier?4, North river. HATS* OF rA??A?t. First Cabin Do. to London M* R?. to Paris..... ?. hS >. to Hamburg H5 tHeerivce?. fan 1k?. to L>ondan 34 Do. hi > a u?? .. SS Do. to Hamburg............ 36 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rot terdain, Antwerp,&e , at reduoed thmarh fares. Person* wishing tr? bring oat ?heir friends oan bay tickets at low rates. Kor farther information apply at the Captains Office. JOHN W. Da l' , A cert, ? ? 12 Broadway. N. Y.. Or to Q, A. HERRING. A :ams Express Haltiroore. ^^INDIVIDUAL E?TERP-R7^T ? ' "T'1' EASTERN AMD WESTERX SHORE STEAMERS. "KEXT," Capt J H. K rwan 44flOSEERCapt. W. Norman, Will ran their r ates a? follows, leavi 'g Light street. Ha timore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M.KENT?For Cambridge. Denton and landings on Chop tank rive . every WEDN-ESDAY aud SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West Rire'.every TUF8 DAY ami FRIDAY and returniig ?vr edays. PIONEER?For St- Michael's an'i Eastoc, via Mile's River, every WEDNKSDA Y, aud retirn lhl? mTwrtilA* For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford ami K&etou Point. every THLR3DAY, returning bj siine route on Friday For AsiA^olu.WNt River, St. Michael's and Ka?ten, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATl'Rl)A Y, returning every Monday by same route. Faro to Cambridge, Dectun, Oxford and Faaton Point . . SI so Fare to tU. Mic&aei's and Miles' Rivera round trip.91.) 1 no Faro to Wett River, (ronod trip, #1) 1 an Far i to Annapoli' (.ouiid tria7s cetit?)? 71 Mk\i*S k'XT/lA. JT^Freifht mu-it be preovd. Wharf and Ofllae, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. 3aIM"-'ore. t C. K. CANNON. .in,.,,, NORTHERN ^jg^SaggE^ CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,i CaLv*iT Station, Datimore. May !?, 1861. \ On and after Sunday, .May 13th, 1361. Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaV ar rive and depart as follows, uotu farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at * 15 A. M. KXPRESS at 3 3D P. M. HAKRIiUJI'RU ACCOMMODATION at * P. M. The .15 A. M. train oonneots at Relay Hoise with trains on tie Western Maryland Rai.road, at Hanover Jtu ot:on with Hanover and tt?tt?b?rg Radrovl*; at York with York ami Wrifh'tavl.le Railroad; at Hamburg with Pennsy'vama Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with l.ebaunon Valley Kaslroad to Nttg York dirtrt; at Nortbnm berland with L and il. fail road for Kingston and aii parts of W yooimtig Valley And at *anbnry with tli* i'hiladeiphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The S.Si> P. M train mak-e all the above oonneotions ejinept Hanover Railrryul, Wrightsvi'ie Railroad aci the Lebannon VaH->y Railroad. Tn? i P. M train makes oonn.^otions with Pennsylvania Ra<!rt>ad for all pa.u of the West, and direct connect* for N?w York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 6 in P M.; Eipre-s at 7 ? A. M.; Harnsbort Accommodation at 2 *3 P. W For Ticket* and infnrt: ation inquire at the Ticket t iffiue, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. Cl.ARK.Sup't. ms-OTWT' LKAVK PHILADELPHIA ms kok 1 ho Cam-en and Am boy and Philadelphia and Tr?o*?>B Railroad Companies* litne troaa PHILADE'PH'A TO NEW YO?R AND WAY I-L.ACKS.from WALN'JT STRKKT WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa lot Eirat At 6 A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation.) . _ At 6 a. M., vi& Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Aoconuaodatiou.) At 8 A. M.. *ia Cfcmden and Jersey Ctty.iMoraI inc Ma4.) , . _ I At llX A. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Wsiten EXP r^se) At !SX P. M., ria Camden and Attboj,(AeoommoI da hp it.) At 2 P M., Tift Camden and Aiaboy, (C. and A. I Exarc?a) At ?? P M.. via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Expie?a.> A' 4?* 1* M., via Kensington and Jereey City, (Second Class Ticket) AtC P ? !.. viaCacadeu sad Jersey City,(Evening Mail.) At 11V; P. M., viaCaaidenand Jersey City, (South e:a Mail.) AtiP.M , via Camden and .^nboy, I Accommodation, freight and pa*sengern*?rst Class Ticket.) Second Cl*k? Ticket. The 6 P. M Mai. Train run* daily. The 113* P. | M. Mr:l, Saturdays excepted f or Belvidere, Kaston, Lambertville, Flemington, &o., at 7.10 A. M.: and ll< P- M., from Kean niton. For Water Hap, Stroadsbarr,8crantotVWilkeabarre. M-.?itro?e, Great Deno, Ao.. aC7JQA.M., tram Ke*F;n;t^s, via Delaware, Laokawanna and W?t*ra Railroad. For Mauch Ohupk, Allentown and Bethlehem .at 7,i:> A. i*I. and 6* P. M.. from Kensington depot; tue 7.!0 A. M. li e roruiaots with the train leaving Kaetou at 3 Jo P. M. For Mount iloLy at and( A. M. and! and 4* F. M. For Freehold at > A. M. and 2 P. M. F<?r Bristol, TrentoF, Ac.. at 7.10 A. M., azd bS P- M lrom Kensington, and SH P. M from \V ainnt ctreet wharf. For Pa'uiyra iliverton, Delanoo, Beverly. BuriiifEton, Fl^enneco, Bordeiitown, 4tc., at 12V, I, 9, ?H ar.d 6 1? MSteamer Trenton for Bordentown, and intermediate plaors, at P. M. fion Walnut street WliarL JET- For New York and Way Line*, leaving Kensington Depot, take tbe oars on Fifth street, a'*>ve, naif an hour before depature The cars run int> the depot, and on arrival of train run from thede.H?t. h ifty pounds of baggage only allowed to rueh pa*s?-nger. Passengers are prohibited from taking anything an b&csage but thetr wearing apparel. All bazcage over fifty pounds to be paid for extra The ooir.pany limit their responsibility for bagcare to one ??ol ar per pound, and will not be liable f >r any amount beyond one hundred dollars, except by epeoiai contract. 'VM. H.fiATZMKR, Agent. rOR THK tfllluSS?43? AV Rt;T AN D eOI'TH T t .,? BALTIMORE AND OHIO R AlLROAP. On and after Mar iftn, 1961. the trams will nin u follows, ns>?Leave Camden Station, Haiti more.?Mail, leseect Sun<2s?.) at A. *A. M.; Empress daily at 3. Vr P. M. Both Trains to directly through MiR ALL FARTS OF THE W EST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOH WAY PASSEN6ER8 Between Bvuraor" aad Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Ptedatonl and Wheeling take Acooinraudation Train. iea?mg Piedmont ?t ft. 40 A. M ; arid between Grafton and P&rkersburg, take ti'e&S'A M Train Iro-m Baltimore. Toe FRhDKRIOK TWAIN Icavee Baltimore at 4 39 F. M ami Fredenck at ftJC- A. M. Ti?- ELLICOTT'S MILL8 I R AIN leave BrJtunore a. 6 20 ar.d 6.15 A. ". and 1 45 and 6.40 P. M.., and fc'lioott's Mills at 7.?l' and 11.? A. M .and 3.41 aod 7.00 P. M. For farther information, Tickets of eve kind, Ac .apply to J.T. ENGLAND Agent, atCanrasn Station, or at the Ticket oft. o yv. P SMITH, Master of Transportion. L. M. CO: E. Gen'i Tioket Agent. t^MlN?W YOKK, HARLEM AND iBHMh ALBANY RAILROAD. LKAYimG NEW Y,,KA.FOR ALBANY, TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing Monday, May 27th, 1861. For Abanj? HsOO a. ?. fast express train from *th street. For Dover Plains?4:10 p. m. stopping at White Plains and stations north to Dover plains?from Mth street station (This train will ran to Mlllerton every Saturday * For^firoton Falls??:15a. m, stopping at all stations north of Fordkam from 96th street station. For White Plains??30, 4:10 and Si00 p. m. stop- > ping at all stations from 26th street station. j For White Pimns?&16 p. m. stopping at all stations from W bite street station. For Williams Bridie?7.3>, 11:15 a. m. and 130 p. I m. stopping at all stations from TTth street station. I Returning will leave? Albany?froo a. m. last axpreas tram. Dover Plains?530 a m. (This train leavee Mil I lerton every Monday morning at 5 a m.) L'-II~ r - - White ^Su^TlfcM a. ii. fc'O 4 7:00 f tn. William* Bridge?k*>, W# *. m.A >K*? p. nr., Sandar trains will leave ilh Avenae ourner 2Sd treet, for Central Park, Yorkrille, Hadera aad High Bridge ever* lew minute*, from 9*10 a. m. to iMp m. JOHN HCBCH1LL. A?it gay't. _,.N?W YORK ANR ERIK RAIL fififtfiflHl ROAD = *?5BR Pastenger Trains leave na Pito. , Bia Ferry and I.oog book, from foot of Chan**!! tre-t. New YorkjujMlow?jTim: , Tno am.fiXfKRS&for Dunkirk, aad Buffalo, and principal interior ? Station*. B.nO a. m, MAIL, for Dunkirt. and intermediate Station*-Thi*Train remain* over night at Klmira, WST!i'SEf?rK<?,i?.?i i.? mediate Htationa. 11 wi a. ia , ACCOM MODATION. daily, for Part Jervie, aad ?<lnoipal Station* i no ?. m.. WA^, for Middlatowa, Nawbargh, i ai>d intermediate Station*. 5.00 P. m.. NJ8HT KXPH ESS, daily, for Dan- | kirk, Buffalo, CanaodairnaAud pnaeipal Stations i The Train of Satnrdaj *u.p? at all MailTmia (ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. j (JBT Keoeived on co?ignnMat 1JM UMbM prune Onions. Por sale low. KING k BUROHfiLL. ?e ? rr. , Pity>erlft ? .<! I ?? 1 f|VE VFRY Nl(?E BKCONo HAM> PIANO < L? for #M. Aleo. a l&rge -took of Riren-?^^. < taooa ? Co. * and Steiuwaj A s?B nav. B u?l been reoeivad at the Mu*ie S:< r* id Ml 111 | _ W. G. MLTZfcROTT izr Piano, for real. oat 1 TriDTIOK TO TBAVhLM^ H+. Poafinaatar haaia* w??*?e?i the Mtleemoe twtwtM W aalnnfV>o, _ ? . Ml?Mt?.ia4 0l(l Point i 1' ^ ^ f MonrotlW he reajraed, on aao afte M?dftf,tW>Hk in?uat, Uif By Lire of wih l?a*e Baltimore KVfcRY DAY iwcflKxh d*T> front thair wharf; foot of Oaton IK-oi, M t\ .WOgk IB., or tmmadiatelj alter the arnra o{ tha Waafcurta? Tr?4?, which i?tn WuIiimu i It <S o'oiock p. m. m?-tf H. N KALI*. Pwt 3 PH|LA?t|.PHIA. WIL dPH AM) BAL -m~^ TIMORK. RAILK* 'AI> 8PKIHO AKD Sl'HMhh A A *4 A?Ffth AT. Hp and alter TlJKMiAY Utk, &M|?r Traina lor Phiiadeahi* will preaidmt atraet Depot U*iIt (e*pept Spndajijaa folk>wa. ri?: t'ICrHi rr*ir. M IS A M Wn Mini Trtil at &4S A. M.; Even*oc Mai! at ?? o'oluak. On J*L'N DAYPmtfP. M.?ol?. A11 train* corneal with Ntw York traina except 4.46 P. M. train eti Mtur. days. A Freight Train with paaaenaer oar attached leave* at S P. M . (toppinc at ali Ptattm.t between Baltimore and H;?r? de-6rao?. Paaeencera for Delaware ard the Kaatern r-hore of Maryland will fend the mo?t eipaditioaa route by way of WOminfton. |f^ All Colored Peraona must give bond before en'.ertcic the oara. WM CRAWFORD. A cart. ____GHKAT CKNTRA1. ROt'TE FOR SHBHETBK WEST.fH HVDSOli e/r KAILhOJtO mm* MEW YOhK rK?THAL hAJLHOAD. >'*preaa Traina jeava arw Y?rk o ty depots of Hudaon River Kai road jly. SusuJar* exoeptad, aa follow* Kri m Chambers street KromStet at station. At 7 oo a m At 7 i6 a m 11 on 6 00 t i* 11.2ft ft ? pn> 3.3" p m IHpa Montreal and Bpflal? i mil wim a.ctp 1.11 oar a. 9.'5 p m ] 45 p n Connecting at Albany with the New York Cm trai Kailroail for Schenectady.JR?obe?te-. Uttoa litur A. Rome, end aiationa on Rome and water tovo Railr-a-1. Kuffa'o. Kvraeaee. (Hiagara Fala, Suipetai' n Bndre. Auharn. G?C'vi,('i! ?rdt.|ii. Traina in connection leave Bufla'o and i*utp n ion via Lake Miore, Buffalo and ike Knoa aod Great Western Railroad, for Hamilton. Torc-eto, Detroit. Chicago. Toledo. Milwaukie. Fon Do I at. La rroaae, Madiaon. Prairie I>u CMen, 6ft ena, Ducleith. Dnbaqne, Peoria, H < ck lalar.d, Nmcibne, low* C|(*. Burimitnn, Q?nr>cvt Sarincfied, Alton, $t. Louie. Cairo,Te: re tiaut*. lr?fiar.ap<> ta, touiaville. Circir nat' J a* tin. Colon boa, CI't* nd.andal' poiuta W eat, Northwect and South NORTHKRN ROUTB. "Connectior with Trana at 7 roy, with Troy A B?>*tnn and Rene. k. Saratoga r oaoa for Saratog a. Whitehail, Rut and, Hurling ton. ft. Albaaa,R?a?e Point, Plattebargh, Ogdn.atuigh, Montreal, A*., Ao (L/~ Freight Arranrementa by thi* roate aa above, without chac?e of Care, from the l*pota ta Cbambera and <anal atreeta. are at all tiaea aa favorable aa made by o?h- r Railroad Ccmpar i*a. The faoil>t;ea of thia great New York H?at<, ?? the Weat commend it to the ootCdenee of merchanta an ah ppera lor protnptneaa ar.d diapatch Paaaenger rratca. with Smoking and Sleeping Cara ran in oonnectioa on the New York Central Road. For partioniara aa to local trslna and freight ar rangementa, inquire at the depot, aa arrer at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. L\ S HOVKRNMENT LINK Ca tWi I T" FOKT M OS HOE ASD OLU POINT COMPOHT. Leave* the lower end of I'NIoN I>OCK,Ba.ti more, weat aide, I'AILY, <Suod%ve inolbdM.iat 4* o'clock P. M. takmc pa?*c: gera and feight and oonneoting with the Ka road Jmea to ard ( on Waahing'on, D. C., Philadelphia, New York, Boa ton, York, Farrie'uirg, Pittabur*. Pa , and tha Weet, immediately aOer thearnval of ?he Kxpreaa Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following la the Sohedae : From New York to Fort Monroe and baok. f!4 rom Phi aJeiph a and '>ack.. - 1 la From l>a timoreacd baok?.... fh. ICTPROCI RK YOUR TICIETS^Ol In New York.a* the New Jeraey Railroad Oftoe foot of Court aid atreet. In Phi ade phia. at the Company'a cthee.N. W. corner of Sixth and Cheatnit atreeta.or at the i>epot. Broad and Prime atreeta. In Baltimore, on Itoard the Steamera. foot of Union Doofc. HUGH O'CONNER, Paaaenger Agent. j?wkFOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT ftfTk?^ AM) FALL RIVER. By the gpiendid and aoperior Steamera METR01'??L*. fcMPIRK STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MA I,N F.. of great trength and apred. bnt particularly adapted to tha navigation of I/ong I a laud Sound, running in connection with the Fall River a^d Old Colony Railroad, diatai.oe of 58 mliea oniy to Boaton Leave Pier No. 8 No'th River near the Battery. The Steamer KMPIRK PTaTI' r?_?f Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o eioek P. M., at Newport each wa?. The Strainer CapL Brm, oa Tuesdays. Thursdays. and Saturday s, at 4 o'eiook P.M.. totioiur j at Newport each way. These Steacisrs are fitted with commodious t&te rooms, and every armnjeneiit for ut security and comfort ot penw?tners. who are afforded ? this route a nights' rest on board, and onarn?r at Pali River prooeod r?' Steamboat Train.react; lot Boston early the folio win* mo rsinc ; or n.ny remain cn board ulIu starting of the Aooomirjoca tionatf A. M.t by which tbey may react Boet<>t about <.46 A. K. A baccate master is attached to eaoh steamer, who reoetvns and tiok?u the tie* race. and eooom panies the same to Its destination. A steamer runs in onncMtioo with this* be tween Fail R'ver and Pio-miecoe daily, exoepl Sundays. Froiebt to Boeton is forwasded throuxh with freat dispatch by an Exprea: Train, whioh leaves "al! River ever* isornu r, Hnndays 7JC o'eiook for Boston anrf New Bedford, arrmuc at its declination at about 11 A M For freiiht or parsac?, aw/y on board, or at the oSee on Pier No. S North River For state iooks and be-tile app.y on koa.d, or if deeireo to sees re ?A1 BUEDKN.Ai'i 10 and 71 V* est street. N V. ^ THE RK6ULAR !*AIL LINK BlTb f GROTON, PTONIN6TON ^ ^""aiid PROVIDLNCK, FOR BOB TON?Inland Roote?The shortest and most di reot? Carry the Eastern Mail. The steamer PL\ MOl'TH ROCK, Capt. J. C. fleer, and COMMONWEALTH, Gaitl. W. Williams, In connection with the Stonington afd En vi fcce.acd Bos'onand Providence Railroad', avinr New York daily, Sandavs exoepted. from Pier No 18 North River, at 6 o'clock P.M., and Sroton at o'eloea f. M? or on the arrival of he Man Train which leaves i>o?i<?nM 6 30 P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, fro mNew YorkMondav, Wednesday, and Friday. From 6roton?Tn^eda*. rhursday ,aad Saturday. The COMMON WEALTH, from New YorkTuesday Thursday, and Saturday. From Grotoa ?Monday, wedneeday, aad Fndaf. Passengers from Groton proceed per railroad to Providence and Bvstoa. in the Express Mali Tra: l. reaching said place in a4vanoe if those by other route*, and in amsle time for a'I the ear'y Morning Lines oonecting North and East. Pas eengers that prefer it, remain on board tfce s'eamer, enjoy a rushes' rest undisturbed break fast if doeired. acd leave Groton is the? u A. M. Train, oonneetinc at Pro*idcnM with ihe 1 40 A M. Train for Boston. troui ?-roTideT!oe to Newport, Flftr onli A bas*&se master Moonruir* the Steamer sod Train ea^T way. For Pa??a?e, Berths, State Rooms, or Freight, iitl; on board the steamer, or at the Freiifet Office, Pier 18 North River, or at the Oflioe ol the Crmraori No. lift We?t st-*?t. corner of Cortland street. New York, Feb. 2*. IKi. HUDtM'N RIVER RA1LR"ADiBBIHI for ALBANY AND TROY. CON NF.CTING with 1 RAINS NORTH And W KS ?, Trains lea re: From Chambers m. N.Y. Frem 3 th street Express.? and 11 a. in., 7.25,11,25 a. m. and 3.56 i and 3.3Pand 5 p m. 545 pro. Troy and Albany < with 10.45p m , 'Sandivs in sleeping oar) 15 p. ni olujec.) Fonfhkoepsie train 6, a 6,25 a. a:., and !,? < p. m. I m , 1.16 p. m Peeksk'.il train, 4.?*> p m 4JK p m. He* t?icf train.0 .on a m . fljl a m., and 4A6 sod anc4 8,25 p.m. Fiaakill tiam,p. m.l5j>6p m. A. r 8MI rft. f*B?enBW>rn1ei r ICHWIRIKI'I MBlhllatlDf Powder ! LM oalr kaowi au? wmmmm n ?OT'y-TlMBl|t,k4. It iisfiwi w yw*ta SCH WERIN'S PILLS are sire death to Rats |nd Mloe. M. Schwann has raoei?ed oartiSoates from ths PrestaMt of Olrard Coitecs. Directors of ggfgggiSSEs The orainaJ ssrtiiaatM oas be mm at. U? Wholesa.e and Retai. Depot T84 NortA Second itreet, Philadelphia, ano for sale in this alt; t y p. a U. CLARK, oorner Pa ?T?Dae and 4M sUM and by ' hi. prnccists and erooera. BKWlRE of spurious imitation? . Ren?embar to ask for Mb vena's Aci.:L> laUi i Powder. Uj None (Milae an:eae signed M.Scawsfcft ma U-toeo F.?Nr? MBUXJSR .. larcoaad oomptet* aooorU??Bt o? Miliary Boot* o' all kiadt. vtuek Uoy ?for twm tea to fcnr fx oent below the recalar retail frieea.-ia* aladiof: Anew edition of Htrdee'a Icfaatry and lit* Alio- * Oomgmtium oTimrrfoo'a Taouw. ** Mafcaa* K'? <1 f < u?^7ioa%?d Out*. *. ? **? Irill^jook (or tho uoolUo VwmU ji Mil rtio U.S. So 14tor. #ib? krstta?k of InrtraoOoi to tko V. ft. lutufn oS?fcl22 ft9* * * * * *~lof WM" 1 n&JM&i?ar.?s&i? " . ror Aatume and Wmt?r < O? prtoe i.ui). niA ?ou ta ataio trer.a; W*W b* yTcg*nt*t*nn? a*w redwood tsatfard.oarvlh^oQal-drrnoM * ? rtfcm themo. ,, . Aa Waiiaaoo of met ini?n? a?M* \ '***? iTiKSfi-V.1!;"-,. mMR -Pom *?*' ?

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