Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1861 Page 2
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THE E\ EM!N<; STAR. Washington oitt: TriSDAT 1?, ! ?!. f>n Ffi?iw *' tbe vartoas military cam pa sad naWuas will 'cvfer f? w by keeping na posted m to mcTrtimti and affhira In their vicinities ItT To our Baltimore reader* we would aav (1??l the Aral aid tecood edition of tbe Star can he ted In Baltimore ?( L. F Hazelton, agent. So ;l Wfl Baltimore street, near Gay?tbe flrat edittoa at h?lf past four and tbe second at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the trains from Waah 'ngtoo. giving aM the latest news from tbe seat of war np to tbe time of going to preaa Spirit of the Moralng Press. Tbe /attl,igtuctr treats upon " British Sentiment.'? Tbe Rtpmblit*a Is occupied with news matters today. To VistToas to thi EitCTTtn Massiok ? Tba President again beg* that visitors will not ?all upon him, except between 10 a. m. and 1? m. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. IMeoBTAST OBDBBS? lUlIAHaniKT of MILITARY DSPABT11BRTS. Hna4<fumrttr! ?ftki Army, Aiij't (itn*r*VlOJJlct, > Washington, Nov. 9, 1961. $ Gmeral frdtr), tfo 97. i Be touowing uepartroenw are iormea irora toe present Departments of the West, Cumberland, and Ohio: 1. The Department of New Mexico?to consist of the Territory of New Mexico? to be commanded by Colonel E. R 8 Canby, U. B. A. t. The Department of Kansas?to include the State of Kanaaa, the Indian Territory wr?t of Arkansaa, and the Terr it or lea of Nebraska, Colorado, and Dacotab?to be commanded by Major General Hunter; headquarters at Fort Leavenworth. 3. The Department of the Missouri?to Include the States of Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arkansas, aad that portion of Kentucky west of the Cumberland river?to be commanded by Major General H. W. Halleck, U. 3. A. 4 The Department of the Ohio?to consist of the States of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, that portion of Kentucky east of the Cumberland river, and the State of Tennessee?to be commanded by Brigadier Genera) D. C. Buell, headquarters at Louisville. T The Department of Western Virginia?to consist of that portion of Virginia included in the eld Department of the Ohio?to be commanded by Brigadier General W. 8. Roaccrsns, U 8. A. By order: Jclick r Garix hi, Aisistant Adjutant General. pulaski. A large circle here are grieved to learn thit Capt Blataskt. of Brigadier General McCIernand'a staff was killed by s cannon shot in the recent netlcn at Belmont. For eighteen or twenty years past he had been a principal draughtsman in the General Land Oflce In this city. In 1S33 or ?34, when we were s youth In a Bo*ton railroad offlce, Capt. Bielaskl came to this conntry a refagee from Poland, having letters of Introduction from General Lafayett-, and obtained employment at the same d-sk with us He tben knew not a word of our language, but his bearing and efllclency soon made all hla business companions his personal frlet.ds. He at that time bore mark* of terrible recent wound* received In the memorable fall of Warn*, In which, Gen. Laft ye tie wrote, he wu a hero among all the Pollah her*** of that occasion. We were his personal friend from that day to tt.r hour be recently left Washington (resigning hi* position In the General Land Office) to take his late post upon Gen. McClernand's staff. He leaves an estimable widow and a large family of small children, we regret to have to add. A MOVBMINT CPOK MATTHIAS P0I5T. The RtpvbUcan of this morning ?aj-? : ' We learn from a gentleman of intelligence end character,who left Point Thomas (three miles below Port Tobacco) at 8 o'clock yesterday morning. that at 8 o'clock on the previous evening? Sunday?Colonel Graham, of the-Stb (Excelsior) New York Reeinwnt (Sickles' Brigade), crot-ed over to Matthias Point, with 100 men. Nothing had been beard of the result of the movement when our informant left Point Thomas, but a conflagration on Matthias Point was visible. What waa burning was only a matter of conjecture." This expedition was doubtless designed simply te make a thorough examination of the lay of the lead on and about Mathias Point, and alao to burn not only the brush covering of the locality, but else certain houses upon it that might be occupied hereafter, as heretofore, to considerable advantage by the eoemv The conflagration seen and mentioned above, we have reason to believe, was that of the houses in question a fticoNRotasAxci is roues. Wcheer that before daybreak this morning Gea Heintzlemsn. at the head of hia division of teo or twelve thousand men, started out pon a recon no usance to force. Hl? movement was made la the direction of Accotlnck and Pohlck Church, where the enemy appeared yesterday also In some force. There la much forage tn that vicinity, which, we Imagine, lien H will be apt to bring back to hla camp, If arceah did not nab It yesterdsv. A law XOtMIC 11PLB BIOtMNT Jsmes B Swain, Esq , formerly Washington correspondent of the New York Txmtt, over the signature of "Leo/* has resigned that poeltlon and accepted a commlaalon to organize a regiment of mounted rllemen, to be recruited in the State of New York. A large number of men have already been enlisted, and It la probable the regi ment will be iu the field within the present oath Col. Grant, of 111., recently made a Brigadier General, graduated at West Point in 1613, received two brevets for gallant and efficient conduct In Mexico, ind resigned hla captaincy in the regiy lar Army in 1856. He la regarded as one of the most efficient soldiers now In the service. looking aptta tib cnios raoors Two regiments of Confederate Infantry came a Monday (yesterday) to Pohlck Church, and M er two companies of Confederate cavalry to Aceotlak. Hearing oar troop* were In that neigh* kerbsod occasionally, foraging, they thought they might catch them aappiag. Asoasss to tii soldi aas. Cel. Jaha Cochrane addrsssed his regiment yestenia? afternoon on the Issues ef the hour. Hs took strong ground la favor of the Government, vc wW, uu |uh( lumy u 11 nanaa in the way of tbe L'nlor The Midlers received the iddreee ?Hk/>(bMlM(lc cheers ?nntl mostoomimt. We regret to leara that General W. B Mont. |in?T, *b* military governor at Alexandria, haa keen quite atck, a! nee Sunday night, but wwiatl?r thin tooralng , laraaaaTixo veom uixasmu. d'l MM ?U MHy mgUtrt m*out re 64 tieeUd 1 Aera ?*? oaupaaaa of ikt Wtttlint gtrtrn* wml -iVi afectaeo tktt fn mtmbrrt #/ (*? Can* 'aderota ? fftw mtrekmmtt optnmg tmtMMM Uar? [Special Correepoadence of tke Mar.) Aiuianu, Not. 12 ?Under authority of a writ of election leaned bv Got Pterpoat, of Virginia, dated the 17tb of October, and idrr?ed to Meters Heary Maaateld, Stephen Shlnn, Lewla McKeaite. and Wi. Arnold, aa eleettoa will bo b?id la Alexandria county aad city, oa Wednesday, 4U?h laataat, far a?aglatratr?,ahorlff, attorney for tbo Commonwealth, aad all the county oft. cor*, taelodlac clerk of the county court; tin, Hr m? aibora of both braacbea of tbo city eouaella aad oftcers elected by tbo people, lncludlag aaayoe Thla oouraa baa been draw ad aeoetoary, la rk? of the poettloo of affhira bare, aad tbe poalloa wblebaaaoof tbaaaoftoaraoceupy?ar ing 1a oaar eaaea without tbo aligbtaat rayard to tbo Federal ant her Ittaa here, brlngla* about a conflict 0# authority ft la d?? to tbe orernaaent bete that It ahouid feo doa>, aad the only waader to many la that tbo i?o?aty Court ahoold have bean allearid to hold )ta aeaetoaa here, whl<-b waa tbo com on the Irat M odar of the mouth, without being required to * kaow lodge tbe aufborlie of tbo United states, aod if aot>li hare Wca 4ap?ri, aa wee do* to the dignity of lb* ^oraraacat ft U about tUM that wdm such energetic course ibould be marked oat If ibe Government expect to restore Its authority It la understood that some of the secessionists talked of holding an election for a Member of the Confederate Congress last Wednesday, bat I beIIerr they did not consider It prudent to rtsk It, for fesr of finding themselves en the way to Boston harbor shortly afterwards A good many new stores are opening here by citizens of New York and Baltimore toauppl/ the sutlers and soldiers it will not be long before we have a new set of merchants and traders here unless the war la speedIly closed Virginia bank notes are at 15 to 20 per cent discount, snd are comparatively valueless except to pay bank debts and curtalla Specie Is demsnded now and Government Treasury notes for all sales and purchases Several vessel* with oysters have arrived at Alexandria from below tbe blockade on Saturday and Sanday last, and some three or four more this morning, having passed the blockade. A Stk4H?b Stobt ?A "reliable (secesh) gentleman1* just escaped lnts Dixie from the Federal Metropolis, according to tbe Memphis Apr* and other equally "reliable" aesesh journals, la telling wonderful tales of the condition of things here. Among hla marvelous disclosures Is one saying that Mr. Secretary Seward, owing to the dreadful state of American public affairs, has become a notoriously common drunkard?keeping a fall head of stesm (whisky) on, night and day; and that hla example has hsd the effect of turning nearly all the employees of tbe State Department Into common drunkarda also; so that enter its portsls when one will, now, the stench of whiskybresths will be sure to stifle all visitors there; snd, further, thst In one of his late alleged drunken spells Secretary Seward so Insulted Lord i.yons, u mat mat aipiomai paciea up Dag ana baggage and left for New York to wait expected leave of hla Government to "cuaa and quit" the United States. Upon each atrocious lie* la tt. that popular credulity in Secessla must now be fed, to keep up the tecesh babble there. Apropos .?We visit the State Department, necessarily, in the work of gathering the newa, dally, now, aa for more than a decade put, and can conaclentlonaly aver that never before wa? as much bard work done by all lta employees aa at present Few of them spend leaa than twelve boura of the twenty-four at their desks. Never before did we know the rule* of courteay and reapectablllty In all things to be so rigidly adhered to by all belonging there. Nor did we ever before know lta general bualness to get on so smoothly and satisfactorily to all?the foreign legations accredited to thia Government, and the American public having business there, Included. It will be remembere<r that the Confederatea were aome time since circulating a similar falaehood about President Lincoln, for a similar purpose of bolstering ap the hopes of secesh. Railboad Convention?Ch a ngk of Pchkdcle ?A Railroad Convention assembled at Princeton, N. J , yesterday, and concluded their labor* "by agreeing upon a time table for the regulation of tralna between Washington and New York. The following time table was adopted, to take effect on Monday, the 18th Inst : The ran urlll l??IVuhli.^.. < o - ? a m and 5 p m . arriving In New York at 6 p. in., 10 p in and 4 a in. Leave New York, 7 a. m , 0 p m and 11 p m , and arrive 1 u Washington at <t p m , ?a m. and 9 30 a. m The train* leaving Washington at 5 p. m , go through direct to New York every day. In addition to the above-named there will be a local train from thla city to Baltimore at 3 lo p m Transmission or Monby to the Families of Soldkks?Soldier* will tlnd aomething worth their attention In the apeclal notice of Adama' Express Company In another column, In which they agree to aend to the famlliea of soldiers all moneya which they may dealre to aend to their frienda at home, at very low rates, and by the most speedy and certain routea. U7" We are indebted to Prof. Bache for a copy of the Coaat Survey Map of the Coast of South Carolina The value of the labors of the Coaat Survey la juat now moat palpably demonstrated by the existence of these accurate and Interesting map# Raka Avis in Thhra ?Major Thoa. Sparka, of Baltimore, has declined the Conaulship at St. Jokn, New Koundlaud, to which he waa recently appointed. The Capitrk or the Scmter Confirmed ? The iHtelligencer of this morning baa the following: We mentioned on Saturday last a report, coining from a Confederate source, and reaching us by way of Loufaiana, of the capture of the privateer Sumter. No particulars were given except that ahe was captured to the leeward of Barbadoes. To-dav we have a confirmation of the destruction of this maruder of the aeas, as contained in a family letter, with which we have been politely tnvnr+A Ant*A 0_;*K ? w * * , ? .?v ?v.u v* ut,M?oci, VII wara iae United Slates frigate Santee, cfl the port of GaivM'on This letter, wt regret to say, Is almost aa paring to regard to detail* as was the report from theS^mh?the writer of it seaming to suppose that the news would, as a matter of course, have reached this point In advance of his letter. It ap pears, however, to be sufficiently explicit as re peels the most acceptable facts bearing upon the occurrence, the only wonder being that they have not reached here through other channels. The writer says: " You probably have wen an account of the destruction of the rebel privateer ' Sumter ' She was caught In her own trap. It seems that she mistook one of the gun-boats for s merchant vessel, and made after ner When the gun-boat had drawn her out fur enough, she turned snd run her ashore Her officers and crew are prisoners on board the Niagara. They will probably have a trial at Fori Lafayette." )> V SABBATH SCHOOL EXHIBITION, at lL5 Fletcher Chnpei, oorner of New York ave. and Fourth St., on THURSDAY EVENING. November 14th, at 7K o'olock. Tickets 25 ots., children Wct? , to bo had at tne door. iio n 12,13* PUBLIC SCHOOLS.?The Trustees of the II s 8*oond School District give notice that for tne beLffit of apprentices and others, a Night Pohool will be cp*n??l in the pnblio school house on the ooroer nt Fifth street and New York avenue. on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nov 13th, and aontinue during the winter months. Tickets of *dmission will be <iven free of charge, on ap plication to the_Trnstees of the District. nol*-?t HAVING BEEN AUTHORIZED BY i? the War Department to raise and organii' a Regimen* 01 Infantry to serve in the Distriot <>f Colombia aa a Horn* Gusrd, persons wishing to raise and oomtnand oompamee in this Regiment wi 1 repor to the General Recruiting Offloer at his headquarters, Room No 10 Washington Building, oorner Pa. avenue and Seventh St.. 3d story ISAAC A. PECK. Washington. D. C., Nov. 11,1861. no 12 3t* _ REGIMENTAL ORDER, No. 4. HiAUjUAiTHs 5th rAimikt M. D. C.. ( Wastiington, Nov. II, 1861.\ The commissioned officers of the 5 h Regiment M, D C will m*et at Temperanoe Hall on vVED NKjDaY EVENING, the 13th instant, at 7K o'clook. By order of Col. PHILIP. W. W. Wiax, Adjutant. ! JL B It U important that every eommission?d I qui pot ?noaia enend. mU 2t* nfl^FE&TI VAL.?THE LADIES' 41ITE SOILS C1ETY ?f Rytend Cl?a?el ml! hold a Kectiv?r? Potomac Hali, corner of Eleventh at. aouth lod >ltr;labd &t , ooptmnnoini Mooiltr, the 11th oi NoTemoer, U6i. Mailt tiokeu 10 oonU : ohUdren helf-prioe Seaeon tiokete IS cent*. no9 3t* ,(T" thankful lor the hb?rei patronage t eetowed upon Mem, Wee lo enncunoe that they vill jive a aenee of Gift Cono -j ta, commencing Momfay Evenlot, November llth, when a number ot Va aab e Preeenta will bediatxibuted miooi the audience eaoh evening- [oo<St| C. DUPONT, Manager. rrr*10E CREAM and WATER ICES, of LL3 the beet quality, at 37* ear Quart- Hoteia aid hoarding hoeeea furnianetf at low rate*. A large aeeortm"nt of fine tJakei kept oa hand at the PktUdtlrki* Cm/utfntry. oorner Twelfth and F eta. >m no 7-lm* ir;i^LSij.o6ff^ra ??szln!I ta*Kaglieh Lntheraa Charah. eorner of R and llth eta^eoiaeeeeiBg at h*ir-?aet 4 o'elook p. in . to be eoBnaaei oae hoar eali. oe tub will be ennated to ill thie Company to the man imam ixea by lav?1*> men. Ineaire at No. ExTENB!VE?*aeorfa?i^t oPuS'ir ' aqdChU rtii Booda. Soalca C?.a ?. laaka, Seevea, Beatery. Glovee, Ac. Ac. Aleo, a large invoiee ofneaetiAit WoraUd E?ab?oider*d t>liM?ra.j, > iteada. 4e , w.I^be eo?d a-tea? and at oae yriee at lMTfW fl,,tT *CHJ^airH A oo. Wypton Brink Roaeee, aiteated on Third atre.t, ear tie city Hall I hp rale la ta take ylaee r Thareday iftertooa mo i * Aaetioaean. TT DR A. H. LEE XIAS Removed h.? of&o* to No. 36T New \ ork ] ivnint, between 10.k and 11 th - where be stn b* ; eonsalted a* ? ?!. Offioe hoars?'Tto&, I to M to 9 no 12 2w?.' f Al/IES\ MIWE8' L# AND CHILDREN S CIRCULAR CI.O%KS y SLEEVED C? OAKS, SACQHES, COATS, Ac .Ac. A f?H uaortnient jait "p?ned, and new supplies reoetted almrxt da it, at MAXWELL'S Cloak and Fancy Store. no 11 Steo.if 3<S Pa. avenue, NOT TO BE BEAT. , VlO Se* the largeet assortment of Woolen and Wo'iUdGood",o m arising Ho"ds,Montage, Coats. Cloaks. Sleev es, Hosier/, * c., Ao Al-o, 'eceived a lot of oheap Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered SHppera. Lairp htanda.Jkc. Onr motto ia but one and 'he lowest p-iee No. 414 7th at., between 6 and H. do H-aw" F. MUHLINOBAUSM SERVANTS* WEAR ANY Moat chrice and select fa^rios not to be bad elaawhere, made to order, tor ear-rants' wear of both sexes. The atave, with all other kinds of Dry Goods, at pnoee adapted to the ownera of amall parse*, An inapeotion of atook inoara no obligation to purchase; PERRY A BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth at, n** 13 R "P?rr? Hmlding." "BALMORAL 8KIKTS' KW And stviish patterns of the proper widths, at low and medium prices, opened to day. With a full atook of all kinds of Dry Goods for ffcmi iee and housekeepers Curtains, Carpets, Oilolotha, Ruga, Ao., upper floors. One prire only, marked in plain figures PERRY Jt BROTHER. Pa. arenue and Ninth st., no H ? "Henry Building." PERSONS IN BLAOK Will fizd onr presest atook of Mourning Goods, in all fabrioa, very (arte and comprehensive, and at our proverbially low prices, marked in plain figures. Oilcloths, Carpeta, Curtains, Ruga, Ao.. upper floors. Strangers, new oomers and residents will inspect our stock at their pleasure: it imp'ies no obligation to purohase. PERRY A BRO., Penn. avenue and 9th iti sH. no 18-St "Perry Building " A OAR I) -Wi Am ntfliimtAH trt invita tKa at. /V tention of our readers to the aale by Meaart. Green k Williams. of Minora, Parlor Ca'P'ts, and D'nlng room ?uite of Furniture, to take pl*o? tomorrow, < Wedneaday,) noon. In Minneaora row,(in the Breckinridge houae). The aale will begin preoiaeiy at the hour named, without retard t<> the weather. The Mirrora were imported from Paria in 1??, and are repreaented at, by far, the !Soat expensive and beautiful ever expoaed for aale ia thia oitr. Outaideof the Public Bu ldlngs there la not to be found in Washington ao large a lot of ooatly Mirrora. See advertiaement. Also, on* fine Miloh Cow, omitted in advertise ment. Intel A Rep.) lt_ g O L D I E R S' PAY. THE ADAMS EXPREBtt COMPANY will forward aolcier'a remit'ances t^ their familiea, at any plaoe on the lines of their Expresr, at a charge of twenty five cents lor any sum not exoeeding fifty dollars ;aad a proportionate additional chars* to placea rcaohed by connecting Expreaaea. The money, whether Qold or Trtasur^ should be enolosed in an envelope and aecurely sealed, and have the full ?ddrtss (including town, Po?t Oflloe, and State; and in citie*, the street and number,) ofthe p?rson to whom to be *ent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. Envelopes for this putpo?e may be had at our offioes, To facilitate prompt dehvery, the charge for re mittanoe should be prepaid ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Ws?h!Ngtqm Nov U. 1861. no 12-10 if SCHOOL DESKS.?Any one desirous of obtaining School r >om Furuiture will find a neU and handsome collection on m >de ate term*, by addressing "Teacher."' at this offioe. no 11 3t* JOHN W. CLARK K.~ ?3l'RGlCAL AND MECHANICAL DENTIST, 3H4 Hermth bttwm land K I one experienoe, moderate charges. acd prompt attention, recommend hi 11 to those requiring hie aervioes 110 11-1 w* HE CHILDREN'S SCHOOL Erected by Hie Hebrew Congregation of Waahington, (or teaohing English. German and Hebrew, has thia day oommenoed b? two competent teachers. Persons desiring to have ohildren taught in the abcva nranones win p.ease apr'y *<>' u to L. BAR, corner K and 7Hi st?. no 11 St* I^OR 8ALK.-.I RARB CHAXCE -CiWFECr ilONERY STORfc, Fixtures, Stock. Furniture, and boo'l Will, for sale, to one of the best business stand* in \\ a?hingt<>n. For particulars, address through Post Oraoe, "Uonfeotioner, Washington. no 1l-3t* _ FASHIONABLE^ DANCING ACADEMY, at Stott's Hall, Corner of Pa. av and % tt.?Professor BAKNKS. of New York, will oommenoe a Danoing School ou Wed JIB neiday afternoon and evening, November flours? 3 o'alock for ladies, misses and nantars ; and 7o'olook for gentlemen. Terms, 910 per quarter of 24 lessons. I Mr B wiil give a free exhibition of his stria of danoiDg by his present c ass, at the above named ball, on Monday evening, Nov. 18th, at 7X o'oiook. I Pers< iif of respeotabillty enly who desire to att*od can procure tioseta ai d programmes al the hall on Saturday and Monday previous to the exhibition Prof Names' exhinition at Odd Felfows' Hall, Navy Yar >, w II t* repeated, by rrqurst. on Tburi>day \*mng. Nov. 14th. All ate invited to attend, no list* THK HAKGAIN** OF THF. SKASON T? SULK ROBES. Rioh Velvet Flounced 8uk Robes, value 9?<i, present proe 9*o. Rioh Fancy and Black Silk Robes, value 940, preient price RKh Fancy and Bisok Silk Robes, value 936, present orr e 918. Owned by a iVorthern importer, who sends them t~>us with instructions to sell at the above heavy discount for the cash Wo a'so nam < decided bargains in other Silks, medium and low-prio?d Dress Goods. with Cloaks, Shawl*, to. tine price only marked in plain figures. Carpets, Curtains, uilolntna. Rugs, Ac., upser floors. PERRY A BRO.. Pa. avenue and Ninth at., no 11 V "Pe^r* Building." UCOI GH -COUGH-COUGH! SE MOORE S SQUILL DROPS, They will cure Coughs, bronchitis, Croup, Ao. Children ory after them and eat them as they do candy. Only try them, and you will be convinced of their effioaot. Prioe as and y oents per box At MOORE'S West End 6'eat Medioine Depot, 113 Pa.av. I no a-aw JUST ARRIVED,di ect from an (Eastern Auo tion House, Mbalea oheap CAK PET. Also,30" I BEDSTEADS, whioh were bought low for oash and will be sold at a small advanoe. Together with a large assortment of Housekeeping Articles. R. BUCHLY, Furniture Dealer,428 Seventh st., or. g-lm* be'wwwn B and H ?t?. f)U(] JOHNSON A NAGLE, Qu(i 6oIr No. Piknstlvania Avinn, mOJ Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. south side, orrjtx rox sal*.CHAMPAGNES-^STjH Muram, Piper Heidsick, Moet A Chaudon. Bullmger A Co , Cartier A Co CLARETS?Pt. Julien, St. Estephe, Cantenao, St i- .dt the oask or domen HOCK WINES?Deide?neimer, Jolianneeberger, Liehfranenmiloh, Rudeaheimer, 4o. BRANDY, Wbiaky, Gin. Port, Cherry, Madeira, id wood or alias. LONDON PORTER. Brown Stoat. Edinbur?h and Yorkshire Alee, of the beet branda, in bottle* or atone juga CIGARS?Havana and Domeatic, of the ohoioeat branda. Weeall theapeoifti attention of Sutlers,Reatauranta anil F?miliea U, our large and welI-?elooted STOCK OP PINE GROCERIES, Fresh Meat. Poultry, Fiah, Soapc, Vegetablee and Fruita in I hermetically ? a'ed oana. PRESERVES, Jellies, fto , Almonda, Nuta, Ratsins and Piga. CHEESE,(Eaaternand Weetern Cutting) i Haui, beat Goeh?n Butter, the heat Champagne cider. WORCESTERSHIRE and Oya'er Sauoe. Pickl- a of every description, Pepper Sauoe and Toma'o Catsup, Dt the gal on or dosen. ^11 of wbioh we offer at the loweat poaaible prioea and on reasonable terms no8 JOHNSON k. NAQI.E. , R M Y C L_0 T H 8 . Qcmnntam Gbnkbil's Office,( WAaHiXGTON, Ootob?r SI, 1861 \ PanroaaLB are invited asd will be reoeired by the U S Uuartermaater at Philadelshia, I'enn., until 13 o'clock at a?on o? the lMi day of November neat, for rarniahint CLOTHS FOR ARMY CLOTHING. taoti pro?oaal muat be aooompanied by samples of the o'oth whioh it ia p-?poe<*d to furniah The olo?h should be three quartera to eix quartera yard* wide. Light or dark blue will be preferred, and light greya will n"t be oonaidered. Bidder a muat atate the number of yardsJhey will be prepared to furniah in aaoi> mo-ith, and to- how many mon ha, at theolothing depots in New York or Philadelphia. or both, end th- p-ioe per yard for Moh quality and width. Propoaa a and aameiee will be plainly marked, and addroaaed to the U S. Quartermaster. Philadelphia. Perm. Kaoa bid muat be aooompanied by a proper guar an tee, setting forth lhat if ih9 0"ntraotiaawarde> lo the party n?m <d therein, he will at onoe execute the aaioe, and give bor.da in double the amount of the oontraot for the faithful per forma; oe thereof. M C. MKIG-. Quartermaster General U S. Army. ncv 1 - At hN rt* TNOTICKJW 80LD1BB8. HE ADAMS EXTRK-8 COMPANY will make remhtaaoe* for eoidiere to their lamiiia* at pltoee teaobed by Riprtu, at aoharg* of 26 ofBU for any autn cot exoeeding Ify dollar*. The money, whether gold or Treaeary notee etonld b* *11010)0(1 in an envelope, and seonrely eeaied, with the fall addreea ( noluding towu, poet ofto* and Mat*.) of tha pereon to wbom to be cent, and the amoant le?ibl? marked thereon. ^To ijiaare proxpt delivery, Uie 36 oenU oharge 'hW hen^aoilftie."for enveloping and eealing the Mosey in aeparata parcel* are not at hand in (taM, tee eeveral earns to be remitted, that may be eolieeted by Cha?*a*ii? of KecimenW or other Nnsai Tolanteerinf to do tM? eenrioe for the eol Thee* same. aoaompanied with the fall addreee, a* aU)T* repaired, oT the aareoaa fur wbom iataaded, will be remitted to tha reepeatova oaoatgnaee. at aay pifeeia toe loyal Btatee, at tha aame mee of oharge'thereby Mriag to tha aaatfar the troabie *f petti** ia aeparate package*. Suitabie liai.ic? forth* abore puriKJte have been w . A0&8 MPSS!S?<5ompanv. Waahiagtoa, Oefc|ft, Mil, oo9Hm f WANTS. WANTED?A rood COOK , mu preferred. Ap?'y at the Rrataorant No. 90S G it. he tween 18th a d H'h eta no 12-3t* t WANTKD?A good GIRL u oook, vuher and lr< ner. in a private family. A p?<r immednte It at 9S3 E et, between Uth a*d 15th eta. It* WA mTKD-A Journeyman SHOEMAKER, to make eoarae aad fine H o'aaad work in tkie hop JOHN MADIGAN, no <t 3t* 109 Fourth ?t, between R and H. A SEAMSTRESS who oan operat'on a eewmg machine, and thoroughly acquainted with eloak making, wiil find immfd ateiy employment by applying at No. 33** Pa av?nue. It* WANTED-A German or oolcr'd WOMAN.'o do general houaework. Apply a* No. 303 D t, between 12th and 13th. 2 door* from Pranklin Engine Home. it* WANTED?BOARD (meala onlfj with mm private family. Nmt be within a quarter of k mile from oorner 6 and Twelfth ate. Addreaa "Major," Star OBoe. no ?2 2t* \I7aNTED-Ten tboaiaad Whieky and Brandy vy BOT I LES, for whtoh the high0*1 ?*"h Prl06 will bepaid. J AS. 8. GIBBONS, Sotiera' Depot, 998 Penn. avenue, oppoaite WiHarda'. no 13-iw \)|/ANTED?An expenenoed SALESWOMAN in a firat-oiaaa tanoy a?ore on Pa. avenue A<Mreaa 'J. 8. M ." Box No. 843 City Poet Office. It WANTED-A SITUATION aa^^ook. waaher ar.d ironer for a email family , by a reapeota

ble woman. Good recommendations given Addreaa Box 19. 8Ur Offioe. It* V17ANTED? By a reapeotahle woman, a S1TUvv AT'ON aa ook. wa?he'and ironer in a private family. Apply at No. 109 Mth at., between L and M. It* HOUSE WANTED.?A pl'aaant Houae, conv*n ently aituated. ia wanted by a permanent terant. Rent to he from ftanto fan a mpnth. Addreaa "Citiaen," at the offioe of the Star. no 12-St* WANTED?A young man wanta a SITUATION aa porter or aaala'Ant in a atnre or aale-ro^m Good reference given. Inquire at Thoa MoGuire'a, Eighth at, between D and E ate. no 12-lt* WANTED?By a re?p#oUble young girl. II yeara of a?e, a SITUATION aa rha?rberwad or nurae H?a good referenoea, if rtquired. Adtree* "C. B.," Georgetown Poat Offioe. no12-2t* BOARD WANTED, by a gentleman and wife, inagentpel private fatiiW, till apring, or per m\ne?tjy. m the neighborhood of the Patent Office. t>oa? irioioi'vri givou. AUUiOEl ' l~?IlI?Pjriv?r man," at this offioe. no 12 3t* WANTED-A SITUATION, by ft respectable gir., to do oh^mberwork ar.d h?lp to waah and iron, or to do p'ain aewing and make herself generally u?efnl, in a private Jam U. AppW at No 6, in the All?y on H it, between 6th and 7th. It* U7ANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM, with or " without Board for the wirtsr, in a private fam'lr?where there are no other bo%rd??? preferred?in the neighborhool of Pa. avenue, be t?wn 18th and 2*1 a?s. Reference* "johanged. Addre?s, statins terms, "A. F. " this offioe n1* ?2 2t* WANTED-A reepeo'ahU GIRI., colored or white, to do general housework. Applv at thi? offioe no 11 WANTED-Six good, energetic COLON ED BOY", from 15 to 1? yea's of age, at T- M. HARVEY'S Oyst?r Depot, W*l C ?t., between loth and 1'th eta. ^ no 11-St WANTED-An experienced oolored WAITER (mar.), at 2*6 north F it. between 12th and ISt* et?. Also, a middle ased oolored Chambermaid no 11 3t* Wa\ted-a Furnished house, m Washington or Georcetown, for a private family. Address *8. M-, Box '248. Post Offioe, Washington no II 2t* A SOBER AND INDUSTRIOUS WOMAN wiehes a - ituation as chambermaid or laundress. Applj at 4*1, corner of D and Thirteenth at*. ro II 21.' WANTED-Two FURNISHED ROOMS, for a member of Congress Alao, lor 5 I'nfurnibbed Room*. for a fa-mi'y of6 adults, with Board, Addrea "O. W. M.." General P. no ll-2t* anted-a SITUATION, by a re pe^tabTe woman, as ohambermaid or aura* and to aaaiat in washing and lronicg Beat of referesoea can be giv?n. Address Box 11, Star Offio?. no ?l-2t* WANTED-A FURNISHED HOUSE, oon_ tamingt or '0 rooms, plainly larniah?d. *lao. ? Room ana uoftra i >r a gentlemsn :a<lj and ohi'd, in & plam, respectable family. Address Box 791, P. P., for three day*. no 11 St* WA NTED?By a lady of respeotability and refinement, the charge of a house for & gentleman or man of cenilenien. Good references g<ve . Address, througn Post Office. "Energy " n?9 3t* WA NTKD.?A lady of Ba timore wishes to purchase ladies' and gentlemen'a CA^T OFF APPAREL. All person* having such goods to dispose ot wui if called upon a' tb?ir rpsidenoe an i recive cash for the s&ine. AUdrses "A 0.," Star Offioe. for ten da s. n^ 9 1 w* VWOMAN W SHES A SITUATION as housekeeper, or to do plain eewmc. C?n gi*e the H??*. of referenoss. Apr'y No. 1*8 Fourth st. n<? 9 3' * tlMNTFD?Three DRESSMAKF.RS, at No " 331 Eighteenth it, between H and 1 sta. None but good hands need apply. Work the year round no 9 at* WANTF.D?A <ood MILLINER Also, agcod Pales ladr None but the best reed apply, at S HEI.LFR'S, No. 34 Market Spao9. between 7th ai.d 8th sta. no 8 &t* BOARD wanted.?The advertiser desires B"ard and a plea*ant Furnished Room, wi'h fire and gas Private faintly preferred. Would like bath in the house, and book"*ee and writing 'able in room References if required Addre?s, ?ta'inr te-i s and other partioulara in full. Boxft,f*tar Offiae. no 8 ?t* A GOOD WATCHMAKER, having been in the business for aix y**rs. wishes to eet a SITUATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 P* avenue. no & WANTED? TAILORS. TAILORS -SO Ta'lora oompetent to work on military goods. A pply G. Wall. Stephens A ?1o's. se25 TO SUTLERS.?An energe'io merobant, with sufficient capita!, desires to purohaae thsstook and business of a Rrgin-ent&l Sutler. Address Hu'inesi," at the offioe of this paper. oc31-lm WANTED. FUR TUb OASH-AU kinds ol SECOND-HAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Persons leading the oity or haring a surplus will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHI.Y, je > 499 Seventh, between 8 and H sta. L^OR HIRE?A likely servant BOY, about 17 t ? ears old. He is honest, and capable of aotinr as house servint or porter in a atore, or to driv? a nnA hnrin P^.s- * ~ AJ 6ay tt.. Georgetown. * ' no9-St* ("JENTLEMEN'S SCARF PINS, LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S R1NG9' SLEEVE BUTTONS, STl'DS, 4e. A large assortment of a l the newer styles of the above just reoeived. M. W. GALT * BRO , Jewellers, 35* Pa avenue, no 9-St 4 doors west of Brown's Hotel. A D I E 8' D R EB 8 F U R ?. niVr?aSreL-n'Sor''1*LI larfie "uPPly of LADIES' DREB8 FURS. saoh as Russian Sable. Minx, ritoh. Martins, and other dosirabta Fancy Furs for Ladies. Misses and Children. -f?r,r?2,ntI?,m?n h?ve MUFFLERS and GLOVE*. *|| of which will be so d at the lowest New \ ork pnoes. at W- MEYENBERG'S, 49 Market tfr*oe. (Avenue House,) ? ao ft-lw between Tth and 8th sis. J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTIC BONE TEETH, Without Mxtal Plats or Clasps. * DR. S. B SIGESMOND. 910 Broadurav, Ntu> York?}60 Penniylrania AV enuf, between 12i* and ISfA it! , Washington, Cals the attention of the publio to the following tdvanta<es of hi*improved it stem: 1. The Teeth or his manufacture wi flkJKBf never oorode nor ohance ootor by sny^*''m acids, beinr three fourtns lirhter than act nth?r 2. No teeth or ri>ota need be extraoted, u the artificial onea oan be faerted over them. 5 The root? will be made inoffensive, and never to ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent onea r>an b# made immediately, thereby preaerviog the natural expreeaion of the face, whioh under the old lyatem la fre*uentl* diafigored 6 This work haa been hilly te.-ted over fire year* by many of the firat ohemitta and phyaioiana of thia oountrr. Dr. tv has also invented a whte undestructive mete) fi lm* with whioii the moat eenaitive teeth can be filled without pain, and oan build up * per feot, sound tooth on any side route, vhioh willlest through lifetime. The oest of referenoee given?to Dr V Mott; Dr. Doremu-, Professor of Chemistry. N. v.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousa- da of othera Call at.d examine for youraelf. no 8 6m SUTLERS WANTED. REAT ADVANTAGE? fo be found by Suite's, and deeleram Moots and the^^fo NEW YORK WHOLESALE BKANCHBHM IIOUSE, 348 Pennsylvaniaavenue,(o*err Hjl amey'aShoe s?tore.) ' lib We meoufaoture oar own Gcode, and aeli at Af?t? York jrrtcei, thereby saving freight. Having constant! t on hand a large Stook. we oan supply at a momeLt's mtioe, a>,* quantity deeired. A targe assortment of 3 aole High-out Shoes, and Lone-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A o*l< from ali dealers solicited. no 7-Ire* WHITE HOUSE A UNCKLES. EBUTTrR HOUSE, STAULISHED for the sale f New York. Pennsylvania and Weetern BUTTER. We are now in reoeiat or a rime Dairies Goeifcn 6 ades, Ao . wkieh are offer-d at Wholesale as low as eaa be ps'o ased in other eibae. No 4*0 Eighth *t, near Pa avenue no* tw* D K. DUTBOW. N", , NEW MILLINERY OW Opening a very superior a-eortmer.t KAl.L and WINTER HON NETS at omr^k Fancy Store, no. *10 Pa. aveeee, batweenS 9th and :oth sts., whore Miss Thompsos i?T^a OK HUTOHINSON 4 MUNRO. AUCTION SALES. By 6REEN A WILLIAMS. Aeotioaaera. SPLENDID MIRRORS. CARP* TS a*p OAK 13 Dimw Suite at ArcTio*.?Oa WEDNESDAY .the 13th la tut, we aha I Ml I at preoiaaly 12 o'clock m , at No. 646 i *tiert. Minnaaot* Row, n?aj- New Jaraey (the Br??? lnndge Hc?m.i K Government M'tu tkkn the boaae, the fbl rlr ? mentioned toodi, m : Si* fin? French plate Ment.aacd Pier Mirror*, ma* arioc as followa : Two <% by & i no he*; one 49 by l>0 loehea. On' 26 b> IS** inobea; one AS by *> lnchea. And one of amiU*r ?iae. A.I of which have the mo*t modern #?othio frame*, and we wcnld reapec fa ly aay that they are rqca if not cuperiorto any gactaa of the tame aia* la Wpahington- b*mg withoat a blemnh. Aj?o,a*olid O k DiDing-room Sa ta. oom*il*ing 11 Chaira, cu?hio ed Eaten?ion Dicing Tah.e and Marble-top Sideboard, ail tn eonylata order and near y new. Alao, the Parlor and Library Carpeta The Pallor Carpeta are the fin eat t a poetry and never ftaed i the Library Car p?t la a beaatifal PernAr and bat little tiaed, and ft hand to me Browed 61aaa Chandelier. Perron* wiihinr to ydrobaaa ??rh artiolea are reapecttally invited to the aala, aft it ta well Wortky their at ention. Term* oaah. It OREEN A WILLIAMS, A acta. OAILIFF'S SALE OF OFFICE FURNIDiva*. Ac.-On FRIDAY MORNIN6, Nov. 15th, Ift6l, oommenoinc at 10 o'clock, I a hall eel I at the ooma of J. N. Mointire, on 7th ?treet, between Eaod F atreeta. all tne office Furniture, ooaaiatin( in part of? Storea, Fira-?rtof Safe. Tablea, Lounge, Chaira, Mattinc.Wii.dow Shadea, Chandelier, ate., ato.. seized and leved upon aa the property of J N. Molntire, for offioa rent due Z. C. Rohcina. Em. no H-2f R. B. HUSHES, Bailiff/ By J. C. McQUIK K A CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME FURNITURE AND HOUSEhold Erp?ot* at Pcblic Sal*.?On FRIDAY MORNING, November 15th. at 1*o'clock, at the lane reaidenje. oorner of 19ih mnd I itrMta. we shall sell a handsome assortment of Household Effect!, oompri?in?? Superior Roiiwo^d Piano Forte. Stool.and Cover, Several Sr ites of Rosewood Crimson Plaah oovered Parlor Furniture, Suite of Rosewood Crimson Brojatelle oovered Parlor Furniture, Upholste ed and Rush seat Fanof Chairs, Marble-top Centre. Sofa, ar>d Bouquet Tabiee, Rosewood Musio Standi, Writing Cabinet*, and Work Stand*, Foar Elegant Krecoh p.ate Mirrora, with Slab* and Gilt Tab es, Handsome Oilt Cornloe, Bracket*, and Candelabras, Ve'vet, Brusse *, and other Ca pet*. Rug*. S'Mte of Elegant Rosewood Chamber Furniture, Snite of Hwiowf Carved Chamber Furniture, Superior Walnut and Mabotany Wardrobe*, Dressing Bureaua, and Washstands, Excellent Curled Ha r Mattress**. Bolatera, and Pillows, Heav* English Blankets, Comforts, Beautiful Crystal out and Bohemian Glassware, Rich Gilt Bouquet Tables, Vases, Together with m*ry other artloles of HonMhold Furniture not neoessary to enumerate. At two o'clock in front of the House. A pair of large Hay Horses, S?t of Sil ver-pat'd Harness, Robes, Handiom* Open Fami'v C*rriag? Terms cash in ourrent fund*. no 13 d J. C. MoGUIRE k. CO.. Auc'eBy GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Valuable building lots in the Citt or Washington, Di?txict or CoLrM Public Arrrto*.?On MONDAY, the Utb day ot Novomt>er, I shall sell,at public auction, at the Muotion store of Green A Williams. No. j#6 Seventh afreet west, at half-past 4 o'o ock p. m.. t>y vutueof two de^ds of trust duly recorded in the land r'oord* ol the rour-ty of Washington, the fir>t beannc date <>ct 15, !H6?, and the other (tearing dite November 3d, into. both deeds given to secure the notes of Tromae A Mitchell, Lot uum h ired A, in square numbered 4W, ?nd p*rt L,ot numbsred 5. in equare numbered 512. *>emg the 25 feet fr nt from the southeast correr of said Lot. Terms: rialfoash. the residue in six and twelve months. The purchaser or purchasers to give rotes f >r the deferred payments, bearing interest from the d*y cf ?a!e. A deed given and a deed of trust tak?n. All cenveyancing at the oostof the ptiroha?er. If the terms are not oomplird with in ft ve davs. the trust* e reserves the righ* to resell the property, at the risk and cost of the first parohaser, by advertising the same three times in the National Intelligences r. A. CURTIS, Trustee, nol-dts GREEN k. WILLIAMS, A act*. ITT THE ABnVETALE IS postponed until SATURDAY, the 16th instant, same hour and plaoe. By order of th? Trn'tee. no 12 dts GREEN ft WILLI AM*. Aaota. JiOST AND FQUNP]~ Q 7) REWARD?Lost, on Friday last, a liver ? co'rred POINTteR DOti, allfour^^_^j feet ani breast white. , j J D. 6. RIDGKLY. ^ no i2-2t* 184 Penn avenue. ? IH REWARD?Lost, today, between the y I" War Department and Wizards' Hote1, a PO'.KHT BOOK containing six #S0 Treasury not** and one $10 gold *ieoe. The finder will have I the at ove reward a-d the thanks of the owner by I waving tne wine at thin ottioe. it* C; ? REWARD WiM be given for the return of a <& } sorrel HORSE, with four white feet, gy And a white slit down his fa<*e. strayed <>r 1-TTI stolen on 'he 7th instant. from near the^ owner's resi<1eno? fi \V WHITfe, No 35' B St., between let and New Jersey av , south of U. 8. Capitol bo 18 at* STRAYED OR STOLEN?On the ?h of Not., from the oorner of Pa avenue an** sr., Capitol Hill, a white Durham CoW,K7 dark re4 on her neolc and side of faoe,J^Mi^ white fa?e, small horns (turned in), slim neck, or 1 years old S3 reward wilt he paid or her re turn to Vanaciver & Cooper's stables.Nary Verd. _ no 12-at* JOHN R BtRTlS. ?r HEW A R D?STOLEN .?On the Kth Inst., from fth street near Massachusetts cv a>-enae,a large Hav HORSE, blind in thel^ai Uf V' *n" a 'isnt ??rn.withoutcover.^CZfV The above reward will be raid for th? return of ffwd Ho"?.m*1 Wa?on to J. HOLL1DGE. oorner ?th and P st eets. north. noil s!* CELLING OFF! ? (iREAT BARGAINS' We are now selling off our remaining stock of DRY AND FANCY GOODS At and Lbss Thah Cost! We have? DRES?* GOODS, 8H \ W LS. TA??gEcffWTW CUt+A.N8.T?,U?,. CASINETSand CASSIMERES, . ^ .... . . CAM BH ICS and JACONET8, 3 \ arda Wide LINEN SH ?E TING at ?5 ets , ..... . . _ HOSIERY and OLOV^S. With a large slock of DRESS TRIMMINGS and FANCY GOODS. Also, our remaininc st<>ok of CARPETING and RIGS, Whioh we oloee out very cheap. a i^uKum iriii 01 meat 10 IHfMfS* A Stock of ARTIFICIAL PLOWKRS ASD MILLINERYGOODS will only be sold at Wholesale. S. k. W. MEVENBERG, (Formerly of Alexandria,) 48 Market Spaoe. bet w. Tth ano 8th *ts, no 7 1 w A venae Hoaee. THE LADIES WILL LOOK-I am eeliinc at Dno?? that oefT^ompetit on I have Ladies' good heel GAITERS ami BOOTS at ft 1 ; T.adiee' Fine Congress 6alters at 91.J5, Ladies' Balm >ra -i from I1J5 up, M'ssee' and Children's Ba morals at 76. M. and ftl. All other Boot* aid Shoes in proporUon. Voi vill save money by oalliot on me. GEO. C HFNNING. no 6-lw Seventh st, Island. COVERINGS FOR THE HEAO-FIM V> DRESS HATS, at ftSSO. Fine S"FTM HATS, oolered and blaok. Several nev styles lust reoeived. Military and other atylee of#^ C APJ, for men and boy a Boys' Hata. Children's Fanoy and Plain Capa This is the plaoe to get roar monry baok. - GEO. C. HENNING. no 6 Iw Seventh ?t.. leiaad. CHKPHKRD9' PLAID SHAWLS, the mv to styles, in vartoa* si see and a nautiee. Aleo. a full and ch ioe assortment of Ladtae' Cloaks; with many new Drees Goods, opened to??<*,. jBf&M. no T-Md Pa. avecne and Mirth ei. NEW BOOKS. AND FANCY PARIS BOXES. FRENCH BOOKS Beautifully Illcsteatbd Witi Colored Plat**. FANCY TOBACCO BOXES. STEREOSCOPIC PICTURES. FANCY C16AR CASES. Sbhb a Stakt roa a Catalo?vb. WM. EVERETT, p?7 lw No. 40 Ann atreot. Naw Vorfc. f^ENTLEMEN, V - attention: ..\.*.lrUc!??ndno?meoU to parohavtra of uy_?*n ?l^P rHIN9. 1 Ota farniih yoi with Black Dr*?? Sa'ta, Bine Saita, Bunn???f S"iU, Coau. Pacta, Veata. Ao , kl I tia aellma Bjaatifal BuaiDAM xnit? at J1&, RU, fU Bad *\& ( Heap HuiU fr.m ?4 5 to it 9 Call, and you will in t' at It oan be dona, at no*\w HENNINCS, Savacth atTl^ad. OIDBR. DURE APPLE CIDER. Portal.* '."?m.udll?l? IglM ttMr4mm. riu('a?imot ftklfi woo4*? ^ _ no?-lw OOLDIERS, JL?c?-b. ??!!!? _!??. Umo? " ;jt hSWS^&S^?* c?. *W?iaBnhi ?fc? AUCTION BALK*. Br TIK>MAfl?K)WLm?. V VY HANIWoST'TrSFITLJi fc AND Jotor? Atsfar^r ih* ftnotioB roMM,! afc*i{ *HJ wiUcnrt i ? nt fffMU of 4*eliriB( kotNl??>i|. e<nai?tin* of: Rick Pmrlor ft?it la re*?w*M *M 1 dam%>k. oo,D.t-tirf 9f ftofa, Ara u4 Pftrtar Ctalr ; nak Pwlor M u kiue ?u, Mpal a '?L',s;vr 5J3*C33 ?^it?n?.on l^aM-a; ?'fci-a t?* P*t#, Croetarr m* (Jiaaavajai circa* ad F? k?; Wkr4roboa. TilW ?*?* ; EtVti. n Parana.*, park*. eo"kiBf ??d otk?r itoraa. M?f iftrf ot. ftr., A*. Th famitara la art* ww id of i?? M mi. ihotar*. M? tfco attMlioi of ladtaa Mtd |Ntl? man formatting la mp??lflll7 aaJiad Ikerotr l*?t*^th08 1k>wuw?. aiouobmt._ ?y W#Lt A BA*NA?D. Aaauoaaara. ft. ?f>. Ml M afratf. WiKk^J. A^22.' Imvci r>o c on uo vr u vruoc* ni^i/ uv a on North K tkiit. iitwim Fovmrm akd Fifth stiki>a wiit ?On TutSDAY aFi Eft NuON, N< vemoer 2fith, at h& f past 4 o'clock, oa the premiaea. by virtue of a deed of imtt to the aobecrit>er, daed December let, 1MB, ai d daly raoorded in Liber J A. S., No. aus, folio* 5M, at iM i on* of the land reoorda for Wa? hi -.ruin oonc t?, C-. a nan ell pa-t of Lot numbered ore. <1.) in Saaarenumbered hve hundred end ? fleer, beginning for the ume at i* e fonthweet oorner of aid Lot No l aid running th?nc? 'Ut ?ixt*en feet, theuoe north ?eventy-one feet eleven inohee. thenoe weat 'ixteen fee , thenoe aou'b aeventy-one feet eleven inctiea t> the plaoe of beg inning; together wi'h the impr vem nta. conaittiag of a tbree-a'or* briok dw -lling-hon?e. Trrma: $ V<; oaab.the remaiiidar in six and twelve Rinrth*. wi'h luterea'. aeenrad by a deed ol trait on the premiaea. All oonve/anoca at the coat of the curohaaer. TdO. J FISHhK. Traatae. oc M-law&d* J C Mofil IRK A CO . A acta. Bv J C. McGtl KE, k. CO.LAuctioneer*. TB I STEE'9 SALE of LARGE. AND VAL cabli Lot oh Capitol Hill.?Ob TU^SDAY AfTERNoON, December 3d,at ? o'clock, on the preuuaea, by virtue of a deed of traat fro u Jaatice A. Rolla. tod dated February 16th, IS*, B"d dulr recorded in Liber J. A. 8 .No. 1M. 'oim 48, et acq , and of the land reoo da for Waahiagtoil oounty. D C , I ana I aall Lot cantorrd five <5>. in tauare numbered aut kandrad aad eight-two (682), fronting 110 feet on Delaware avenue, IBS f-et 5 mchea on north E atreet, aad US feat I inahee on Firat at>eet eaat Terma: One-third each, the ran Binder in aix ard twe ve months, with icier eat. a ecu red by deal of traat en the premiaea. It the terma of tala are not complied with within ve daya the eaftar.the tr latee reacrvee the right to rea?ll at the risk and expanse of defaulting parohaaer. All ooavyaneea at the ooet of parchaaer. W B HOLMDAY. Traataa. no9eoAHa J C. Mr'il lKK t CO , Aacta TXWTIVE PUBLIC SALE OF VERY VAL mt c< blb La>d, at AmroLii Jchctiob, on W?aiiR6Toii R. R?The UB4e*eigb?d, aa ageirt. will aeli at Public ABcUon. on the premiaea. at the Juno ioc, on SATURDAY, November WU, 1M', at U o'clock, the following Farma and LolaLot No 1? Cob aiua 140 acrea of prune land, acres in W ood, improved by a new Cotiag*, coataicing 9 roomi a pump of good water near,aad aa O ohard of tno choioe Fruit Traaa. Lx-t No 2?Contain* 150 a^rea, lying at Savage Switch, improved by a new Dwailing Store. Barn, btable, loe,Corn,Carriage aid Poaltry Houiee. alao.a Lime Kiln, ana a choioe aollsatioa of Frnlt Treea m bearingLot No. Contains acrea of Good I aad. wit* fine improvements of every deeenptioa, aad two good Orohard*. Lota Noa. 4 and *?Coataina ?> aoras each, lying at the Junction, and are vary valaablafor Bl. c l* S tea. Lrot No. ?>?Liea in a trim*!*, formed br the Ac duoIK and Wutl' (too Branoh En.road Md the County Road leading, to Annapoaa. Till Lot u wall utaated for a ooaatry Store. There la aiao a good stand and Store Hoaae oa Lot No. >, both being aeparated by the Pat ax ant, there woe Id ba no ooapetitioa. Tha proterty >* worth tba attan tlon of thoaa daairons of a aura invaatmaat. or aaoariac a ohrap oonnty Itaaidanoe or Far*, betac eqm d.ttaLt, batareea as<! ^a Umore, aitbar of wfcucc oan ba raachac t>? ra. m V> minntea. paaaon Ticteta oan ba puiearad at ?A par T'ar. vhiefc will enable tha bolder to lave. da.i)j,(aU Train* stop at thi* aointt Teu?a i O?-third aaah. nalaaae in oaa aad tao yaara. with icter*?t. CT Kor a fa 1 daaarl ption of this pro party, aa fwiteh, or M. FITZIMMONB, AaaapoUa Jaaetlon Hotei. aoft-M* pROPOftALB FOR CATTLE ON ?bal*e PaofoaALi for aapely'iaf to the Government 4.0U) BeefCatueoa tha HooT araieTitedtbe 1Kb day of November,. 1M1, at tt o'aioak a. Tha Cattle to bade iv-red la w aahinr ton aity.on tha SMh day wf November. IM1, or a? aaoa thereafter aa tha C..rerrn ?nt mai direot. The biqa to ba direoted to Lieat. S-C. 6KKKN,A C &7C.R.A.. <9* SjtiMl, Waahiafton aity, ' Eadoreed Pro omII* Bbalxd Pao^oaaLa ara aiao invited Oil tha |Mh day of .November, IK .at 1 o'o.ock a.m., lor aaaply ng tha ?TO Baad of B?*l Catt.' on tha boot, Tba Cattle to ba delivered at Ba.riebare. Pa . on tba 9Dth of November 1K1, or aa aoon thereafter aa tha Government nay direet. Tba bida to ba diraotad to Lieat. FTB. BAB ROLL, A. tysjz&vz&s?- *c . Bum Paopo?al? ara iaritai till tha IMh of N ovembar. i o'o <>ek p. m., fcr aappirinf 4 Head o! Beaf Cattia to tba Government. Tha Cauke to ba delivered oa tha Snth day o! Jaaaary. W2, or aa soua thereafter aa tha Government but diraat, at e.ihc York. Chialtraaarf.or HuTjaGovernment reeervae to ttaKf tha right to pay ui EStff. ATJtJE Wtf^lSrlES KStt ts -iTW poaada groee weight. ?ioaao aeeer tieem^urrB Cattle teU oa the eealeB.aadthe veiaht eo ieiareaaed to ha Jvr?' obl&tu ooetraot.aAd to row va Trea??ry aeOea or e ha? Go ?iia-ai laada la payaaat lor the Oatt-a i f*H? 01 of at in o'tmii ? WW at onr Amhod Room, wi;nont rHMHjM ?k?? |t rot OOLOin. ? !?'? fOtlllUMll Of ttronenta, Wluikti, Box? Fum Li^?or?. IS Cmmm. Blackberry Bready.6i nier Cherry. Arenaati9 ?ohn?H, Bozea B aaii, Whiakey. CMMTIIW. aad Vermioel la, Cheat Tea*. Claret, ?11 t Demijohn* and BottlM old Bosriojl Whiakey. Oc;?vm and Caaka Br*nJy, Kega raaa, Together with o.nar Good* in the 0roaary baa. ail of which will ba aold without reaerr*. Term* oaah. no II WALL * BARNARD, Anata, By J.C. McGUIRK k CO.. Asetioneera. Trust re's sale op elegant Fbzrch Platb MikBoaa abb Bbocatbllb ccbtaims, 8cpbbiob CaBINZT f b If j tvb b. ',11 pbtb ao.atpcblic Atrrion-ob thl'rspay MORNING, November Mtk, at)* o'clock. at taa la> te rnaidenoe oorner or TBlnl aad c atrwtia, ay virtue of a deed of truat. dalr rzaeated aad raoordM the aabeonber will eell. at eablie aaetioa, all tha Honaehoid Farniturei^d Effeota. oomprtaing? Superior roaewood oaae seven octave Piano Porta, by Barmore CrimaoB Cloth Cover and Piano Stool, Suite of auaerior roaewood Parlor la emb'oice'ed Satm Cover*, oaaaiating of two Freneh 8a taa, two Arm Chair* and aiz * arlor Chair*, Eleract roaewood Minor Front Ktegerae aad Mueio 8t?nd. Roaewood Secretary ard Bookoaaa, Marble-toy Center Table, Three splendid Preaak plate Pier Giaaaaa, wttk Slab and Table. _ . . _ Two large and haodsone Preach-fiat* Gilt Frame Mai te! Mirrors, _ Bal'e <f aiz rich Criidaon Brooatelie Window Cur.ain* with Coruioe. Laoe Curtain* and Piztnrea oomp'ew, Suite of handnome Wa nut Parlor Fare its re,eon aiatng of two Sofa*, two Arm Chairs, and fonr Parlor Chair*, in figured brooatelie. Beautiful French u hi aa Vaaea and Ornament*. Superior Medallion. Velvet ana BnnMiCtrMtftad Rugs, Handsome Oak Marb e tos Sideboards. Oak Extension Dining Tables and Chairs. Frenoh Ch'na told baud Dinner War*. Glaasware, and Crockery, Library Table*. Writing Desks. Suites of sb enCid rosewood Chsmber Furniture, with Mirror Iront War rob*" Suite of very hand seme oarvtd Mahogany Chasaber furniture. Spring ai d other Mattrasaes. Blankets Comforts and Spreads, Window Shades. Touet Sets, ft e. Tern* oasn. CHAS E SHKKMAN. Trust-e. cor 9 d i. C. Mr-Gl |WE ft r*Q . Aaots. B* J. C. MoGUIRE ft CO. Auctioneer. \JERV HANDfOME FURNITURE AND household KT.?oU *t Public Aucunn.?On MONDAY MORNING. Novrmber l?tk. at 1? o olork. at the residenoe of the late Hon.S A. Douglas, oornrr of I street aod New Jersey avenue, we sLal! sell a splendid as-onm-nt of? CABINET FURNITURE. CARPETS, MIRRORS. ?UKTAIN?. And Household 1-fleets generally, a full a~d descriptive advertisement or wtuea will appear previous to the saie nov? J C. McGl'IRE.ft CO .Anota. By J.C. McGUIRE A CO. Auet oneers. UUPERIOK PIANO FORTE. ELEGANT C7c*B!Nst Furniture, Rioh Cut Glassware, and beautifullt D-oorated Frenoh China tiiver slatrd Ware, Carpets, <-urtains, and Household Furniture gen'rally.?On FRIDAY MORNING. November 19th at 10o'clock, at the ooiner of 19th aod 1 streets, we shall sell a large aod elegant assortment of Househod Furniture, China Glaaa, aad Croekary Ware, Carpets. Mirrors. Ac , oon pnung the effeota of a very n andsomely furnished esiab lishme^t Particulars in a fu?ure ad?ertis?ment JLr Catalogue* wil be issued on Monday nest. The House is for Rent, lusuireof theAuot'rs. nov 8-d J C. McGUIRE ft CO.. AuoU. By J C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auotioneers. m D i'UTL' C 'ai ti a I l- As/ Kiruiau s k. n i n*

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