Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ETTboogh Tws Mil to printed on the fastest tram pnmTit see *ouUi of Baltimore, )ta edition 1a ?n larre ** require It to be pot to prfw at an early hear: Airmtutwuntt, therefore, should be aaat la before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. P^ocatnisas ot ma Cirr Cocscils.?Board / Aldtrwun, N?tr. 11,1861 ?Several communications from the Mayor, oae notifying the Board of his approval of certain acts; one transmitting a letter froea Mr.T. M Harvey, offering to improve C street between N lnth and Tenth atreeta, at hla own expenae, by covering the same with oyater shells; one nominating Harrlaon Taylor for Commlaaioner of the Northern Market, In place of Joa. M. Downer, reatgned; and oae nominating for Treasurer of the Board of School Trnateea, John Seaeford, Jr for acavenger of the second district ?f the Firat Ward, Aagttrtus Lucas; and for scavenger of the Seventh Ward, John R. Pierce, were evera 11 y read and referred; as alao waa a communication from the Intendant of the Asylum, transmitting hit monthly accounta for October. The re lea were suspended to take ap the bill for the appointment of Corporation conatablea, and the lower board having asked for a committee of conference, the Chair appointed Meaara. Valley, Moore and Clark aaid committee In behalf of this board. A petition of the President of the PereeVeranc* Fire Company, stating that they bad received 500 fe?t of new boae, and aaklng an appropriation of 900 for neceaaary re pa Ira to the Perseverance englne-houae, waa referred. The bill appropriating t3,500 for repair of the Council Chamber waa, after debate, recommitted %o the committee. A concurrent resolution in relation to the reduction of the rate* of toll on fuel transported over the Washington branch of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad, requesting the Mayor to open a noruapondence with the president of the road Immediately In relation to the matter, and report the fiWlt to these boards, was offered bv Mr. Dove, -wViu Mid ji?l pittK bad been awarded to the Baltimore'and Ohio Railroad Company through the preaa and otherwlae for providing meana of tranaportatlon to brine fuel nere, ana he argued at length that no praise waa due them Baltimore not being able to compete with the District cities for the coal trade, they reduced the rates on the main stem for the advantage of Baltimore, and at the aame time increased tbe rates on the Waahlagton branch. He (Mr. Dove) desired to test that company They were extending their roads through tbe streets here without asking anyqueationa or paying any taxea. If the company refuse to do what they can well afford to do?reduce the present exorbitant rates?and ahould hereafter apply for any privileges, the boards would know how to grant them. M r Sargent took tbe same view of the case, and aald the pasaenger rates on this branch road were anpreceaentedly high?higher than on any other railroad north of Maaon and Dixon'a line, and Aearly double what they are on some of the northera roads Mr. Clark gave some of his experience with tbe road lately, and aaid the dealers here had asked the company to build a little bridge to facilitate matters, which would have coat about 9100, and they refused to build it, although In bad weather, without such s bridge, it will be Impossible to haul fuel through the mud there (at Swam poodle ) They charge 11.60 per ton for coal from Baltimore to this city. Mr. Brown, too, knew something of the liberality and magnanimity of the company. In June last, the Gas Light Company of thla city, fearing the navigation of the Potomac might be obstructed, and the canal being broken at that time, made application, by the Secretary of War, to the directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company, to know the cost of tranaporting coal from tbe Bolton Depot to this city Tbe northern roads knowing It was a military necessity to get coal here this winter for gas and otb*>r purposes, agreed to bring tbe coal to the Bolton Depot in Baltimore for lit cents per ton per mile This Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company charged four cents per ton per mile, and stated at the same time toat they would tranaport kard coal, anthracite, from the Bolton Depot to this city for 00 cents per ton. Sixty cents per ton for hard coal, and SI 80 for soft This last rate was Intended at that time to be prohibitory, but they atand committed by offers of Mr Smith, the Master of transportation, to bring anthracite coal to thla city for 60 cents per too In spite of this they charge 81 60 per ton, and would charge S'2 60 if the charter al towed It. The resolution was passed. The nomination of Dr. R C. Croggan, for phy iclan, and Otho Bos well for apothecary to the poor in the Seventh Ward, were confirmed viva MM. A joint resolution of unqualified approval by the Board* of the act of the Mayor in promptly tendefine the use of the chambers of tbe Aldermen and Councllmen In the City Hall, for tbe patlenta who were removed from the E street hospital on the night that building waa destroyed by fire, waa ptaed. A bill remitting a fine Imposed on Thomson Shedd by Justice Barnaclo, was passed An act Inatructlng tbe Register to withhold licenses from all persons In arrears for licenses heretofore issued, until such arrears were paid, waa presented by Mr. Brown, who said be was Informed by tbe Mayor that great negligence had existed somewhere, and that parties had been doing business here for a year or two past without paying any licenses, and now refused to pay tbe arrears. Mr Dove doubted the power of the Corporation to pass a retroactive law Mr. Brown tbougbt that tbe sooner, then, the question was tested by tbe courts the better. Tbe Corporation Attorney did not take tbe same view as the gentleman, snd be drew up a rough pencil akelch of tbe bill presented here Mr Magruder said, any one depoalting a proper mount to tbe credit of tbe Corporation was entitled to a license He, when mayor, bad refused to retasue licenses to some houses, on account of tbelr disorderly character, or for other reasons ; and the Corporation Attorney said then the parties might go on and sell without a license, If they deposited the proper sum for it, and could not m>t It Mr. Magruder said It was the Inalienable right of aa American citizen to a trial by jury, and you caaaot delegate power to any one individual?the Register of the <*lty, for instance?to try these cases. If you choose to authorize the Mayor to open a court, you caa do so. if It can be proved that parties have done business without a license, even for three or four years back, they can be ttned, and vou can get the arrears in that way. lie (Mr M.) thought thia course was not fair,and no doubt the parties doing business without a license had furnished a pro quo, If not to the Corporation, to Its authorized agents Mr Brodbead asked what need for a trial. Did not the Corporation books show, if licenses bad been taken oat? Mr. Magruder said these books did not show that the parties were doing business here, or had violated any law. Mr Dove called attention to the phraseology of the act under consideration "in arrears for licenses heretofore Issued " Mr. Brown said that licenses might be and may have been issued without having been paid for; and the Corporation Attorney may have intended to apply to those cases Mr Magruder thought In that case proceedings ought *o be instituted against the late Mayor and Register for money not paid in Mr. Bayly thought It might to be investigated Mr Lloyd said that tire proper oAcers had Informed him that In his ward tnere were only 70 licensed traders, and that there were ISO or 175 persons engaged in trade there for years past without paylngJieense The bill was referred to the committee oa police. Mr. Bayly reported from the committee of conference on the bill for the appointment of corporation constables that the committee oa the part of the lower board recede from the amendments of that board A resolution to set apart Thursday, the 28th last., as a day of thaakagivlng and prayer, was *5PeMagn?d*r reported back the nomination of | rreaenea v wuan u scaooinm, ana uia the committee Ind his character *o good that they recommend his confirmation Mr Lloyd moved to auepend the rule requiring tb? ?ot? to be taken by ballot, and that toe vote b Ukffl t)9i V0C4. Mr Bohrer objected He was aatlsfled Injustice had been done, bat wanted the nomination to take the uaual coarse. Mr. Moore also objected There had been an effort from the beginning to take this nomination oat of the usual courseMr Mag ruder called tbe gentleman to order. He (Mr. Moore) didn't yet know what the board waa gotng to do. Tho vote on suspending the roles was ayes 7, boos ft?oot two-thi ds; so the rules were not suspended Mr Moore said he did not vote against the suspeasloa of the rale becaase he did not want his vote to be known It waa published a week ago how he latended to rote for reasons known to himself There had been a constant effort to take this nomination oat of its usual coarse Another gentleman vat rejected at the same time, but there waa ao noise, ao stir about his case. Tbe aetlea of the board last Monday waa contrary to hla (Mr Moore's) advloe, sad there was ao need to have made thia noise before the public. It was ast informal for members to meet here and dlseans theee matters, and say a word to each other without bringing the case before the public. He had reaaoas, aad would vote no. Mr dargeot knew nothing about tho other earn, hut lu this caae tho board had been deceived. There were strong eipreastooa In this community about this case, aad these were reasons why It didn't take tbe naual course Mr Magruder voted oa information he tup rased to be reliable That information rame from the aralor Alderman from the Fourth Ward (Mr Moore) and It has beea controverted. H? (Mr Magrudrri would therefor vote for the FMr. Meeee diist expect that to c me from the geutl?iaa from the First Ward Tho ftrat lntl nation be (Mr. Moore) got, came from the exMayor (Mr. Magruder ) He {Mr Moore) then went on to say that before tbe Major sent in these nomination*, an old cltlien of tbe Fourth Ward called on him (Mr M ) and gave him two name* which be (tbe cltlien) aatd would probably be s*nt In. and told htm (Mr Moore) to look to them He only canght the name of one whwi tbe nomlnatlona were read. Meeting the chairman of tbe School Com ml tee (Mr. Magruder) that gentleman badgered him (Mr. Moore) and rememberlng the Inquiry hie constituent suggested, be spoke to Mr Ma*ruder of one nominee at least. He (Mr. Moore) might have alluded to Mr Stuart, but did not remember doing ao. If he did. It was scarcely a word, as the gentleman knew Mr. Stnart aa well aa be (Mr Moore) did, and seven years ago declared his (Mr. Stuart's) character to blm (Mr Moore ) Mr. Magruder aaked what tbe gentleman meant by saying the first Intimation came from him Mr. Moore said the gentleman first spoke to him about Mr. Stuart. Mr. Magruder ?Did I say anything about hla unfitness to be School Trustee. Mr. Moore would not aay he did. Mr. Magruder aald tbe gentleman ipoke to him particularly about Mr. Stuart, and said he waa all tbe time In Kloman't* Mr. Moore (to Mr. Magruder) ?I have seen you there. Mr Magruder acknowledged he might haye aeen him there two or three time*. Mr. Moore went on to itate what he bad aaid to Various member* about Mr. Stuart, and what he had not laid, and stated that last Monday night, when the gentleman from the Seventh Ward (Mr. Lloyd) was defying any one to sustain the charge against Mr. Stuart, he (Mr. Moore) rose and aald he saw him go into Kloman's. He said so now, and could prove It. He (Mr. Moore) had objectlona against Mr. Stuart apart from that, and thought he waa unsuitable, and would vote against htm. He (Mr. Moore) did not recollect saying to the gentleman from the First Ward what that gentleman ?ays be said. The conversation was about a"otber person. Mr. Lloyd explained that what be said last Monday night was that be defied any gentleman to say aught against tbe character of Mr. Stuart, and ne said ao now. The gentleman (Mr Moore) confesses that be himself went into Kloman's Mr Moore aaid be did not Bay bo, though be wa? bo reported. He sent tbere for oyaters for bis family. Mr. Lloyd understood him to say be went tbere. He (Mr. L ) thought it no great matter for a gentleman to get a plate of oysters and a glass of ale Even if be approached sanct flcatlon a plate of Lvnnbaven oysters and a good glass of ale to wash It down would be ne great crime. Mr. Moore said some lunched there, others loafed there He drew the distinction He said the police officers were not allowed to enter a drinking houae, and be asked if a higher standard was required for police officers than school trustees Mr Lloyd was surprised the gentleman waa so rigid In this particular case, but voted viva voct for others who also take their oysters and ale. After further diacusslon the nomination was confirmed by a rote of 12 t? 1. Bills for relief of A. J. Joyce; for a wooden trunk on North Capitol street; allowing the erection of a stone wall by the owner of the square west of square No. 623, were passed A resolution waa paaBed requesting the Register to inform this board if any licenses have been issued in the last six years without the money therefor having been previously deposited, and if ao, when and by whom. Also, a resolution Instructing the committee before Congress to ask sn extension of the tunnel under Pennsylvania avenue at Second street west. Messrs Moore, Sargeant and Magruder wereappointed on the committee of conference on the test oath bill: and the board adjourn?d Common Council ?The monthly report of the (ntendantof the Asylum was referred to asylum committee The following petitions were appropriately referred: Of McDermott & Brother, relative to an account for repairs of the Columbia fire apparatus; of Christopher Boyle, for a w*ter main in C street north, In front of square 633; of U. Ward and others, relative to the improvement of Second street west, at the junction with the avenue Bill from the Aldermen, making appropriation to pay W. M Ellis A Brother for special caatlngs, was referred. The special business, being the report of the elections committee on the case of (i. T. Raub, liieuiuer irom me 5>fCona wsra, whose election is contested by Grafton Powell, wai made the special order for Monday next. Mr. Turton moved that the report be printed. Mr. Edmonston moved to amend, by adding the accompanying paper* Upon this some discussion enaued. Mr. Edmonston said he wanted to have the opinion of Mr. Carlisle upon the legality of certsln votes to be printed, and let it all go to the people Mr. Emerson spoke of an opinion given verbally by Mr Carlise to the committee, and the written one which be gave after, when called upon to gtveln writing, aa different Mr. Edmonston replied with a declaration that the case hsd not been fairly represented to Mr. Carlisle when he first decided upon it. i>lr. Shepherd here was about to reply, but Mr. monston declaring he would not be interrupted, the President called Mr Shepherd to order ] Mr Edmonston again Intimated that the ease was not fairly represented to Mr Carlisle at first, that "the committee skulked, sir! as they have done on several occasions before, sir! But when the case was represented fairly, he gave his written opinion in the face of that report." Mr E spoke of the report as ''garbled," and declared he wanted it printed with all the papers, no matter what it cost. Mr. Shepherd replied. He allowed no one to asperse him as a member of the committee, and any one who said the case was not fairly presented to Mr. Carlisle "stated what is false! It is false'" Mr Edmonston was rising to reply, when Mr. Shepherd, speaking in a very loud tone, said he would not be interrupted, and told Mr take his seat. Mr. E replied that be would not, and Mr. S. could not make him, nor (we understood him to say) "th? President either " The rapping of the President's hammer, his calls to order, and threats to call upon the officers, with the belligerent attitudes of the two gentlemen, who were talking at the same time and looking daggers at each other, made the scene rather lively, but order was finally restored without a collision, and Mr Shepherd concluded his remarks, defending every member of the committee from the charge of unfairness Mr W ilmn mnvaH tn l?w th? mMlAii ntUt the table; passed - yea* 14'nays 5; and the Board adjourned. Fvithkk Hmma ?Yesterday morning,Henry Johnson, alias Tompkins, alias Garnett, s colored man, who was arrested last Friday far the larceny of certain wines and otber liquors from M Wlllian, was brought out for a bearing before Justice Thompson. From the evidence of Mr Willlsn, corroborated by otber witnesses, it appeared that on Thursday night a young man in | nis employ ran to him and told him that the I prisoner, also an employee of his, had gone off | with a basket containing bottles of liquor, and gave the evidence, fragments of a bottle, which was broken in his hand by the prisoner, who tried to prevent her getting It. The next morning the prisoner returned, and brought a lot of empty bottles, and said the young woman wanted to make up a story upon him Mr. W11llan arrested him, and be was committed for further bearing by Justice Thompson. Subsequently the house of the prisoner was searched and the property recovered, with other property belonging to Mr. W. The prisoner was ordered to give ball for court. Akothek Assault o.i thi Policimin ?Last Saturday, patrolman Garrett, of Seventh Ward police, was attacked by a number of marines, while in the vicinity of Tin Pot allev. Notwithstanding the number against him. he succeeded In lighting his way through, and, with several patrolmen end good citizens who came to bis assistance, secured the arrest of the three principals, Isaac Harris, John Cuff, and Donaldson, and they were sent to Jail for court by Justice Stratton. Garrett was but slightly hurt, but Harris, the leader of the party, had his bead severely cut, and a flnger knocked off in the flght with Garrett, who used his staff like an old hand. Garrett la the partner of La r com be, the patrolman who was ?? seriously Injured by soldiers In the same locality last week Thbatxb -To-night the fkvorlte actress Miss Alice Placlde Mann as '-Starlight Bess" In the rorr.autic drama of ? Flowers of tke Forest." Miss Denin also appears. Mr Bland is catering for our ritlzens with a liberal hand, and presents a continued succession of attractions. To-morrow night the brilliant new atar, Miss Cbeetney, will appear. On Monday nlgbt next Hermann, the ''great t'restldigitateur." who beets Blitz, Anderson. Wvman.and tbe re?t of tbe msgiclans, all to sticks, will make his bow here; and following him. Mr Bland will present something brilliant In tbe operatic line. I O O F ?At tbe annual meeting of tbe Grand Lodge of tbe District of Columbia, beld last night, the following ofljcs were elected: R Ftn'ey Hunt, M W. 6 Master; John H Bartlett, R W. D O Master; Wm R McLean, R W.G. Warden; John T. Bangs, R W.G. Secretary; Martin Johnson, R W. G Tressurer Frederick D. Stuart was unanimously elected Representative to the Grand Lodge of the United States. Tn BiiHT Cask (iron tbk Okphans' Cocar, J coos Pcbcbll ? Mr. Davidge commen red his argument la this ease yesterday, and reviewed tbe Iowa decree at some length. Our notice of the points acade is crowded out to-day byetaer matter. Mr. Davidge will ceatlnoe hi* argument tblsmorning. Compawt 'A," National Guard Battalion, Capt Tbis K Lloyd, were out yesterday, fully armed a d equlp^xd, tu compliance with law, presentlng a <W<N>1 creditable appearance. Tbis company ware la tbe U. S aervios threw months, and la one of ?w oldest volunteer orgaaiiaUons. ] Tlfx McCLILLAII C*LtBKAT!OR.?The grand torch-light procession. display of fireworks, and serenade to Gen. McClellan, last night, in honor of his succession to the chief command of the armlet of the United States, was one of the most imposing displays ever witnessed In this city The compliment proceeded from the soldiers of Bunker's Brigade, but the procession was joined by a great number of otber volunteers and a large number of eltltens anxious to do honor to our General The procetsion numbered about '2 000 inhntry and two companies of cavalry, with a great number of clMxen*, each man holding a torch In his hand, while brilliant blue, red, and white lights were seen at intervals along the line. They started from the neighborhood of Seventh street, and marched up the avenue as far as the Prealdentlal Mansion, and entering the eastern gate, defiled past the msoslon and out of the western gste of the enclosure past the residence of the Secretary of W ar, towards the residence of Gen. McClellan, at the corner of Sixteenth and H streets. Fine bands accompanied the procession, and delightful music was performed at each place of halting. After the serenade to Gen. McClellan, loud calls were made for him* when he appeared for an Instant, bowed and retired. There were loud calls for a speech from him, but they did not have the effect to bring him out. Soeeches were made bv Secretaries Ssward and Cameron, and by Gen. Blenker, however, which wer? received with the wildest enthusiwm by the vast multitude present. Fireworks were displayed at the President's house and In front of the residence of the Secretary of War, which for brilliancy and rlchnesa were equal, if not superior, to any exhibition of the kind ever given in this city The rrckets particularly attracted great attention, displaying in bursting the national colors?red, white and blue. But the finest part of the pyrotechnic display was that In Lafayette Square, in front of Gen. McClellan's residence, and the magnificent piece representing the figure of " Justice," with the national coat of arms and eagle above, won general admiration. The effect of these brilliant lights above, and the waving sea of torches beneath, in contrast with the pale moonlight which silvered distant objects, made up a fairy scene which will linger in the memory of all fortunate enough to witness It. The fireworks were manufactured by Messrs. J G. & I. Edge, pyrotechnists at Jersey City, N. J , and reflected great credit on their skill and taste. After this display was over, the military portion of the assemblage marched to their quarters over the Long Bridge, still lighted by their torches. Polici Rkforts?The sergeant of the Third Ward returns: Thomas Haley, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 90 days. James Stewart, vagrancy: do. 30 days. John Daley, peddling without license; dismissed?all trlea by Justice Thompson Henry Rosenthal, charged with selling liquor tosoldiers; dismissed bv Justice Donn. The Sergeant of the Fourth Ward reports as follows: Soloman Dunmore, (col ,) threats; security for peace. Edward Crosby, of the Michigan Cavalry, was arrested by patrolmen Lynch and Walling, for stealing a pocket book containing #40 in Treasury notes, from J. R Brylor, of the 50th New York Regiment. The money was found in the leg of his pantaloons, and he confessed the act. Sent to jail for court. Jno Thomas and Wm Conner, two black boys, fighting; were reprimanded and dismissed E. B. Sines and A. Pense were arrested by detective A R Alien, of the Metropolitan police, and Roundsman Cronln, upon a charge of stealing certain horses ana mules, and were held to bail for further hearing. The above were tried by J ustlce Donn James Gould, gambling; held for a hearing. Thos Lonas, do ; do. Sarah Lonas, dismissed by Justice Barnaclo. Isaac Hall, gambling; held for a hearing. W. Willett and Oscar Seller, violating the license law; fined ?20 50 by Justice Thompson. J nlin K 11 fa a an 1/1 ! ii'sa turnaH avas Ia + Vi a military, and Wm Whitley wa? dismissed. Cintral Gcahdhousk Casks?Before Justice Thompson ?George Perrv, drunk; 81 M John M Krouter, do ; 81 58. Chas. Ellla, col'd.,do.; 8194 Eugene Stephenson, do.,do ; 81 58. W. H. Clark, John Marah, do ; 81 58. Jaa. Doney, turned over to the military. Bernard Cronin, larceny of crackera from the railroad depot; held for a hearing. Samuel Bryan, drunk and disorderly; 81 94 Jno. Grelge, do ; 81 58 William Montelth, aoldier, turned over to the military. Benj Franklin, col'd, disorderly; 8194 Abraham Smith, Ned Smith, out after houra; 81 58. Important Abeist ?Thla afternoon Detective Officer Allen, with Roundsman Cronin, went to the houae of Christopher Boyle, near the railroad depot, to make a search for sundry articles. In doing so they discovered a large amount of Government goods of various descriptions, trunks, valiaea, tec The circumstances were such that the officers deemed it best to turn their prisoner over to the Provost Marshal, whl'h they aid. and the trunks, boxes, goods at hla houae will be examined. Passinc Counterfeit Mo.ikt.?Jai Carlisle, a boy, was arrested by the Provost Guard for passing a counterfeit five dollar note on a aoldier. He wss taken before Justice Donn, who committed him for trial at the Criminal Court. That Festival ?If you want to eee bright farea and eat good oysters, and spend a little money in a good cause, just call any evening this week at Potomac Hall, corner of Eleventh atreet and Maryland avenue. See advertisement. The Gift Concerts.?Twenty-eight beautiful rr\4im \mtoro H lafvi hnfoi) imAnrr tK? an/4i on/> a atflHd Fellow*' Hall last night, and on to-night some yet finer ones will be given out, Including several rich drew patterns, gold watches, jewelry, Ac. Attention is called to the announcement elsewhere of the opening of night school In the Second District. Great crowds nightly at King's National Clrcus. This evening a superb bill of entertainment. See advertisement. Continuing.?W. W. Rurdette, No. 361 Seventh street, between I and K, b&s determined to continue business a little longer. Therefore you may find in his store a very large, fine, fresh, new and fashionable stock or dry goods, just received and opened for inspection. One price. Terms 6ash. 3tf India. Rubber Blankets. Now is your Time to Buy. Rubber Blankets,? feet long, 4 feet wide, at 82.each. 3,000 Rubber Blankets,6 feet long, 3 fe<it wide, at 1 each, 1,000 Rubber Blankets and Ponoho oombined, for 94 each., At the India Rubber Warehouse, 30$ Pa avenne, between 9th and 10th s!?. no 1-tf Wi Amshi it Koldlt, there are no other medioin*s so reliable, effectual, and convenient, as Hollcway's Pills and Ointment?always ready for use They are invaluable to the Soldier exposed to wounds, sores. Covers, and bowel complaints. They never fail. Only 26 oents per box or pot. no 4 lw Co??hs.?The sudden ohances of our climate arc son roes of Pulmonary. Bronchial and A?lAmatie Affections. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and oertainly when taken in the early stares of the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to '* Brown's Bronchial Troches," or Loxenges, let the Coldj Congh, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attaok may be effectually warded off. Public Speaker* and Sinters will find them effectual for oleanng and strengthening the voio* See advertisement. de 1-ly Finns. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exohanre at the Star Oflioe counter. 'f III CD, W At his restdenoa in this oi'y, on Tuetday. 12tn instant, at 2 o'clock a m., of consumption, MAR CUVH. HOOK, Senior, late of Baltimore. His remains will be removed to Baltimore on vv ouuuBua; iuuiuiu|, lutut On the 10th instant, GbORGK ALLEN DEVAUGHN, aged 16 ?ears ? months and ltdavs. Cause of death, kicked by a horse. * On the 9th instant, CHARLES SMALWOOD, aged 7 years. *

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N?w Vo?e Theee enritailed substitutes far loat limbs, wfeioh nave stood the teat of ov?r ? year* r span / gM?Mill 1 IIIII F AMUSEMENTS. X-?n8?HW(!Rri?rfi^/toS,&N. Will bsperform*! thednmaof the PLOWER OP THE FOREST. Mm Demo will sing " Wh*ck Row de Dow," with New Ve-s#?. To oonclude wiih THE TRUMPETER'S l?AU?HTKR. Phillipot. Mr. B. Rogers ao H-lt* TA CARD. HEATER.-MiM CRESTNEY wilj. ineonsequeioe of hundreds beiac unable to (tie admittance on Friday evening, repeat her performa?>oe of "Conatanoe." in the i ov? Chask, TO-MORROW (Werlneedaj) EVENING, November 13th. Plaoes oan be seeared at Metxerott's and at the B?>x OWio? of the Theater. It* yy ASHING TON THEATER. Mr. ioeeph Seasford, treasurer,takes great pleasare in informing his friends and the pablie that Mr. Bland has kicdly set apart THURSnAY EVE NING, Nov. 14th, 1851, for his benefit, on whioh oooasion Mi??S?san Denin and Miss Alioe P'aotde Mann will appear in the belutitnl drama of Green Baahes, with other entertainmenta. for whioh their afttronage ia re?pectWy solicited. Tickets oan be has at the prinoipal hotels and bookstore*, and at the Box Offloe. no H-8t* RATIONAL CIRCUS! Tom King Lessee and Manager C. Soott Assooiate Manager SECOND WEEK of the SuccxssruL SXA?OJ*. Re engagement of MR. JAMES MELVILLE, Firat appearanoe of JAMES WARD, MAI^LLE MARIE, MAD'LLE ELOISE, the Child Rider, F. A. JONES. F. WHITTAKER, DAN GARDINER, MASTER FHIL.U. WM. KINCADE. And all the Troupe. Ladies and fknil? parties will please not forget the MATISSE ON WEDNESDAY. Special Notic*.?The many parties who bring ladies to the Ciroua in the evening will oblige the n anagement and nave themselves inconvenience by securing places during the day. no 12 WASHINGTON THEATER. MONDAY, November l*th, and Every Evening of the Week, THE GREAT PRESTIDIGITATEUR, HERRMANN. Assisted br a GRAND ORCHESTRA. The manager resped'inl y calls the attention of the pubho to th' appearance in Washington of MONSIEUR HERRMANN. who is universally .enognized as the greatest living PRESTIDIGITATEUR, and whose performances at the prinoipal opera house* in Europe have been pronounoed the most wonderful in their peculiar line. The performances of HERRMANN are entirely original and novel, the distinguishing feature being the EN (IRK ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, All the effects being solely produces by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. The prng'amme will oompriee TWELVE PIECES. IN TWO PARTS, inoludinc the celebrated DOUBLE VUE. By Mr. HERRMANN and his brother ALEXANDER. During the intervals of Herrmann's Programme, A GRAND CONCERT ?y th* FULL ORCHESTRA. no lg-5t* ??ONCERT FOR THE POUR. The Societies of St. Vinoent de Paul intend riving their annual Concert for the Poor on the 18th instant, at the Smithsonian Institution. They have seoured th* best amateur musical t&lent of the District and Baltimore, and one of the best Military Bards now in the city. The former Coneerts "f tnese Sooietie* have been very potular, a* d the known oharaoter of those who have kindly volunteered to take parts in the ooming one, warrant* the expectation that it will rot be inferior to any of those heretofore given by them Prof. Geo. W. Walter, of Baltimore, is to he Leader and Musloal Conductor, and the oommendable objtot of the Conoeit. and the rioh and varied programme which they will present wi1! seoure for it the well merited success which h&a always amende* them, no 12 Third grand cotillon party of the ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB will take fit place at t-ra^kbin Hall, comer of Ninth and Dsti, on TUESDAY NIGHT. Novera il* ber 19th UMk The Committee very respectfully solicit the patrorage heretofore extended to them by their many friends. Tiolcets fifty cents, adm ttmg a gentleman and ladies. Commute*. John Rainey. John Flemming, George Dononue, John Crook. no is-7t* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! *iv?nth, Above DSt. GREAT EXCITHMENT! GRAND V J FT CONCERT, by the * CAMPBELL MINSTRfcLS, Evkrt Night. Commencing MONDAY Another New Star. FRANK HROWER. The Great Ethiopian Comedian from Knnkel'a Opera Tronpe. Look Oct for Richard III. Doors open *t 7 ; commencing at 8 o'olook. Admission 25 cents. no 9 rp FREE CONCERT! 1 HE Undersigned be** leave to announce that he has engaged and refitted in elecant style, the larcre a-d spacions rooms, heretofore known as Coomb'* Hall, sitnated at *2$9 Pennsylvania ave., (south side) between 9th and 10th streets, to be hereafter named " \Va*hinrton Areufemy of Music " In the furnishing of Refreshments of 'he choioest qu*litie>, he fe?ls assured tha' his place o'amusementwill not only prove one of the most attractive, but is also confident in being ab>e to please the rno't fastidious. Having engaged some of the best artists of New York, he is prepared to treat the lovers of mssio with productions of the finest oomposers. Gentlemen desirous to pass a pleasant eveni g, irill do well t<? gire him a call. Officers continual y in atten-'ano* to preserve order. Concerts to commenoe daily a 4 p m. Admission free. HENRY ROSENTHAL, no 7 lw* Prr prietor. FOB SALE AND RENT. |?OR RRNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, oon' tainipg 10 rooms, with gas throughout?403 Twelfth it., between 1 and K. no 18-3teo* li'UKnu^nbv nuusii in km i ?n tnree r story brick?44 4 N street, between 12th and 13th sts , a*>out half a mile from the War Department Rent Sfin per month It* FOR RENT?A new two storv briok STABLE and the Lot on wh oh it stanis, 90 by ion feat, situated on L ?t .between 11th and 12tS. Apply ?o J W. NAIRN, Druggist, oorner 9th st. and Pa. avenue. no 18 lw* TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, on first floor, at 406 D street, between 6th an a 7 th. no 11 lw Furnished brick house, with 8 room*. rat, Potomac and well water, one square from the Pate nt Offioe, No. 50 i H rtreet, between 7'h and 8th sts., for rent Inquire of JOHN W. CLARKE. 3*4 Seventh st.,above 1. no 11 St* A RARE f^HANCR.- HO USE AND FURNITURE FOR RENT-A gentleman intend inn to remove to the country wiU rent, for one or more years, hia Ht use and Furniture. The house ia conveniently situated ; conains II rooms, besides kitohen and two servants' rooms ; pomp in the yard The furniture is of modern style and best quali'y,a!l in perfect order. Power garden in front of house. Carriace-house and stable for 4 horses. Also, a lot of Coal and Wood to be sold To a good and permanent tenant, that will not abuse the furniture, the rent will be moderate. There is a lot oomaining 3X aores of rioh land, well ino!oied, that will be rented with the house, if desired. Apply to 8. "W. MARSH, Mr. Shannon's room, Treasury Department .no 9-1 w FOR K EN T-A four-story FURNISHED HOUSE, No. SI4. situated on Louisiana av., between 4K and 6th ata., near the City Hail. InSMW on the premises. no 6-1 w FURNISHED KOOMS-Well furnished Rooms for rent ht day, week or month, in hoaaes Noa. 475 and 477 Thirteenth at, three doora from Pa. avenue and midway between Willarda' and Kirkwoo^ls' Hotels. "o 1 2w? FARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for City Property, situated in Sommervill- oounty N. Jersey, containing *2 aores in a high state of cultivation, good dwelling house, wit n all neoessary out buildinga, good water power, fine orohard, and well-fenoed,2* miles from Central Railroad, (6 daily train*,) 3 miles from Plainfield. and 20 miles from Jersey C t;. For further particulars inquire of 0 W. BRAV. Jeweler. 516 Seventh at . o? posits Intelligence Uffi c. oc 25 Im* UANDSOMELY FURN18HED ROOMS.ll Four handsomely Furnished Koomi, supplied vith cu and water, and convenient to the Patent aa'i Poet Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 4?0X Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and 5th sts. ma33 ~ BOARDING. BOARD?One or two gentlemen oan obtain pleasant Rooms, with Board, in a private house, in a oentralpart of the oity, by addressing "C. N at this office, Referenoe repaired, no ? 3t* GEORGETOWN ADVJfiKT'MTH MA88KY COLLINS * CO.'B PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT *LK. We have Jast reoeived a supply of theabove Aie, whioh we reoomniend to be of a very superior (atlity. .Persons wishing to purchase. by making immediate application, oan be furnished. ARNY A fHINN, no 7 Georgetown. 'pIpS TELEGRAPHIC NEWS IMPORTANT SOUTH BR If NEWS! THE VCCKfl or TBI ItTlL BXPB1HTIOH FCLLT C03FIBM BD?C A PTC 11 OF TUB COBFBDBBATB FOB T? ? LA DDI Br, OF TBI FBBBBAA TBOOPB? BBACTOBT TAEBB?A FBDEBAL FLBBT AT TBB MOOTS OF TBB MISSISSIPPI. Caibo, 111 . Nov. 11 ?Memphis papers received here to-day contain dispatches from Savannah, fallr confirming the la:-,d:ag of the naval expedition at Beaufort, South Carolina, and the captor? of three rebel forta, at Port Royal, Hilton H<?d, and Bay Point The Federal troopa had lis* fall pniae?Ion of tl>e town of Beaufort. The rebel account* acknow '.edge their low te I be very large. The newspapers received here from the South also speak of an "immense fleet off Ship Island," oppoaite Mississippi city. Ths War la Missouri. amd rtvi h c.i ib be bbad of cattlb capttbbd St. Lovis, Nov. 11?The correspondence of the St Louis Democrat, dated Rolls, Nov (Kb, says. A portion of the expedition sent out under Col. Oresnell into Texas county to chastise the rebels who have for some time Infested rbat section, returned here ve?terday, bringing nine prisoners and 300 bead of cattle, and 90 bead of horses and mnles, the propertv of armed rebels. Among the prisoners are Spencer Mitcbel, qnartermaater. and Lieut. Col. Taylor, of Gen McBride'srebel brigade. Before leaving Houston, Col. Oreanell Issued the following prociamationTt the PiopU of the Town */ Houston and Connty if Ttras. Missouri: I have this day placed upon your beautiful court-house the dag of ?... VT.I*. tlT- 1 t * J ; vui uuiuu. nr irarr it in juurcBBr^c iiiu uiu* taction. If taken down by rebel bands I will return bere and pillage every house In tbe town owned by secessionists, or thoae wboM sympathies are witb tbe rebela. Any outrages hereafter committed upon Union men of tbelr families will be returned npon the secessionists twofold Property taken from Union men by tbe rebels, In or out of tbe county, must be returned Immediately. 1 nereby give tbe rebels a chance to make good all tbe the losses sustained by Union families In Texas county. If neglected, tbe consequence be on your beads. I shall soon rrturn to yoar country and see that this proclamation is complied wltb to the letter If you waU for me to execute It, I will do It with a vengeance J. Gitiiiiu. Colonel Commanding tbe Expedition. Frana Western Virginia, a small roars or pbdbbal tboopsVvbpbisbd and captcbid at qutandottb. Gallipolis, Onto, Nov. 11.?Guyandotte, Va , on the Oblo river, thirty-six miles below here, was attacked last night by a force of 000 rebels Only 150 Federal troops were stationed thera. of which only 50 escaped The rest were either killed or made prisoners Tbe rebel residents, both male and femal?, participated In tbe attack, firing from tbelr bouae* on our men Three steamers which passed down last night were compelled to put back, but these stumers went back to Guyandotte at 10 o'clock this morning with 400 Feaeral troops from Point Pleasant Nothing has been heard from tbem since Three steamers have passed up since the skirmish, but report that not a person was to be seen at the time. latbb?sutamdottb laid in ashes bt thb TBOora Gallipolis, Nov. 11? Tbe principal part of Guyandotte has been laid in ashes by tbe Federal troops sent down this morning Tbe rebels bad left before their arrival In last nlght'a attack eight of our men were killed and a considerable number taken prisoners The Dispatch Vessel tram the Fleet aat yet Arrived. Annapolis, Nov 12 ?Up to that hour we have | no tldmge or the expected steamer from toe fleet with dispatches to the government, ;?ow hourly expected. There is a large deputation of the representatives of the press nere awaiting intelligence. A sharp lo?kout ia kept for the earliest Indications of the approach of the steamers, and an express locomotive Is kept fired up ready to convey the dispatch to Washington A steam tug has arrived from Annapolis roads, but reports nothing In sight seaward Although the night is fine it is the general impression that should the steamer arrive she will not come In till daylight. Later fraai Santa Fe. Kansas Cut, Nov. 10 ? The Santa Fe and Carson City Express arrived here yesterday, bringing Santa Fe dates to the 26th alt., and S3,000 in gold dust. There were no through panseagers and no news of importance The malls from Washington were very irregular, and specie had become extremely scarce in the Territory, and none could be obtained Captain W V Lewis, of the Fifth Infantry, is appointed Provost Marshal of Santa Fe and its vicinity Snow bad fallen In Santa Fe, and the weather was very ccld Tatal'Lass af the Steamer .>*rth Brttaa. iMoKTKiAL, Nov. 11.?The third officer of the steamer North Briton has arrived at Father Point; and reports that the steamer struck on Paraqnet Island at one o'clock on the morning of the 5th It was blowing a gale and she was totally wrecked, but no lives were lost The passengers and crew were landed at PortMingan. One boat with seven of the crew has not been heard from since they left the hip The North Briton sailed on the 2d inst., with 31 cabin 38 steerage passengers for Liverpool. Charge af Defrauding the Gaverament Nkw York, Nov 11.?Fourteen cases of soldiers' clothing, valued at S1U.000, belonging to fcur c*rvriiijr-.>Aiiwu ir^iiucuv, tuuiiu \ui? luuriimg at the Erie railroad depot, destined for the West, were seized, and Quartermaster Ostraoder, of that regiment, and J M. Reynolds, sutler, were arrested on a charge of defrauding the government in the matter. Arrest ef a Ssraauh Mtrchiat Boston, Not. 10?Charles Greene, lste a merchant of Savannah, and his sister, Mrs. Lowe, have been arrested at Detroit and brought to this city Greene is charged with having purchased war munitions In England for the rebels. He was sent to Fort Warren. Mrs. Lowe was sent to Washington. Her husband was arrested in Cincinnati. Arrival st the St Oaerge. Quebec, Nov 10 ?The steamship 8t George, from Glasgow, passed Father Point yesterday morning. Her dates are anticipated. The Kteamship Anglo-Saxon sailed for Liverpool at 40 minutes past nine o*clock vesterday morning. She takes out thirty cabin and seventy steerage passengers. M*rder in New Yerk. Niw Yore, Nov. 11.?Thomas F. Coogan. a waiter at the St. Nicholas Hotel, was brutally murdered on the footwxlk In front of the hotel today, by a loafer named Thomas White, armed with a dirk. White was arrested. Buffalo robes FUR SALE, Wholesale agd Retail, at EMILE DUHRE'S, oc 30-141 3X0 Pa. avenue. A rmy SUPPLIESPOKTABil FORGES, TRAY or CANAL BARROWS, WHh'fcLB ARROWS. TRUCKS, heavy ud iijtit. HORSE or BAIL BUCKETS, MEASURES, GINDSTONfr S, complete, GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES. AXES, PICKS, HATchETS, jjt angles, pick handles, RATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVELS, spades', LOG CHAINS. FIFTH CHAINS, HALTER CHAINS. TRACK CHAINS, SWINGLE TREES, HAMKS, CORDS, CURRY COMBS, Fairbank'a Platform and Conntar and Bay SCALES. BUTCHERS' SCALES, BUTCHERS' KNIVFb, BASKETS. # ., Ao , Ao. For sale at who eaalo pnooe by J. P. BARTHOLOW, Agrionltnrai Ware bona*, M8 8nwU it, oo Vy 1 met? hotwoea Pa. av. aad Canal. WDRY GOODS. E Ha?e rooaivoa and are now offering tor eale a large and we'l aeeorted nook of Fouion aad Domwtic D*t Goom, to wtuoh we wonid r?paatlally call the attention of pirtkun generally, feeling oon&dent t*?t we oaa eell them at aa low nriaaa aa oaa be bad in tiua or elUar of tba Eastern or No Sit Ba?tuno?e ftt^HtwTSii oo?tw lJbortr nC, (Marbie Kaat) yyk w^ujld respectfully^initoiui 7 3-10 u. S NOT?. wMt will M en Wiled at par to ofr eaebnay. free of > c. ? 9$ u-im ifcrtiii hJffr* wm wm1* SECOND EDITIOY' THE1I >rCLOCK p, m. OUR MI LIT ART BUDQBT uoi nnti wiu This distinguished oArer leasee WnbiifM to Borrow, to Minn riooMi ot M* now department, to Kentockr tad Ohio. MilOI sswksal ItLlKt. Thl? new commander of tb* ml II for r departnent of Missouri do<% not Mart frwa bar* thW afternoon, for bis post, as la being ?" * ? sy Ivan la avenue. He will, however, aat oat If the end of the week, we apprehend ROT AfttlTM The dispatch vessel momentarily expected to arrive at Anna pott*, bearing Information direct from General Sherman aad Comsaodo* Dapaal, ?f tbe operation* of oar combined fteot aad srnay la South Carolina, bod not raar.bod her ex pooled, haven aa we go to preaa with tbe oacood edition, of to-day's Star DiiTi or col. unaaii. Tbe 18th New York reflate at passed down tho A too ue thla afternoon to funeral tnuaic aad with colon draped la crape, eecTtlng to tbe can tba body of tbelr la to commander, Col. Jscksoa, who died last night la tbla city. Dosplts Mr forced march from Fairfax Seminary, tbe (ailment looked In admirable coadlttoa aad attracted very general notice la tbia respect. ak intbkbst no occasion. Tbls forenoon fifteen leading merchants of Baltimore came hither to represent to tba Government tbe policy of according aa maeh employment a* poaalble to tbe naecbnnlca ?Mbeir city. TKdlr it liulttMl A la?t^>KU Aaa Nlaa. tenth* of the real working mechanic*? though not of the shysters and loafer* among them?ar* heartily for the Union cauee. They have Buffered moat In the bualneaa circumstances grewlng eat of the pre*ent anomalou* condition of that eity, and, Indeed, the whole State of Maryland There are a hundred article* necemary to the proper proeecutlon of the war that can be fabricated there on aa good terms to the Government aa anywhere elae in the country. Under theae circumstance*, It ta to be hoped that the President and the War and Nary Department* will promptly act upon the repreaentatlone tbeee gentlemen are undrrttood to have made to them to-day. kaw takd. Htrtr Newt?tkt Bltkadt. The Coar de Lion haa returned to the Yard from the flotilla, and report* affaire unchanged down the river The Confederate ateamer Page still harbor* in Quantlco Creek, and may be aeen from Btidd'a Ferry. Three schooner* ran the blockade by daylight, y eater day moruing. Four *tkrted up, and came abreast of the Confederate batteriea about 10 o'clock a m , when lire was opened upon them. One of them waa " afraid to face the nnsalc,"and turned back, but the other three sailed slowly up through the swash channel; and, although forty* three rounds were flred et them, not one wis struck Mo*t of the shell* Ired were apparently from rifled guns, and went whluihg over the veaaels to the Maryland abore- The brill whistling of the shells could be plainly beard on the C?ur de Lion, which waa at Matawooan Creek. Prof. Lowe returned in the Cceur de Lion, bat will probably go down again to-day. LATEST NEWTS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. FURTHER NEWS FROM THE FLEET, i CHARLESTON REPORTED TO BE TAKEN. DESPERATE STRUGGLE AT BEAUFORT. GREAT EXCITEMENT AT NORFOLK. Baltimore, Not. 12 ?The Old Point boat brlnga the following dispatch from Fortreas Monroe, dated yesterday: 41 No intelligence yet from the fleet " " The flag of truce brought down the crew of the French corvette Proney, which waa wracked laat Tuesday night near Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina. She bad no pilot, and went aahora during the heavy weather. The crew, ohe ban* dred In number, were all saved, and reached Norfolk by way of Charleaton, and aent to Old Point under a flag of truce. " They alao bring the report of the rebel batteries at Port Royal having been taken by ear troops, but nothing more "Four fishermen, who came In from across James river last (Sunday) night, alao give the same report as the flve deserters from York town and vicinity, that our troopa have taken Charleaton. " The Dawn arrived to-day. having succeaafully run the Poloinac rebel blockade, although thirty* two shots were 11 red at her." Another flag of trace sent up to Norfolk ycstsrday, brought down the re porta that after the capture of the batteries the rebels fell back to Beaufort, where a desperate struggle took place. There waa a terrible excltemeat at Norfolk, consequent upon this news. FROM THE SOUTH. NORFOLK CUSTOM-HOUSE BURNED. CARGO OF COFFEE IN HANDS OF THD REBEL8 Baltimobb, Not 12?It ia reported that tbe custom-house at Norfolk waa burned on Sunday night, with a large amount of atorea The bark Sempler, of Baltimore, with a cargo of coffee, waa wrecked at Cape Henry AH biada were eared. Tbe cargo fell Into tbe bands of tbe rebels. TAILORING ESTABLISHMKNT ?Tailoring 1 in all its bra ohua. by JOHN * BUCHENMEKG, No. 39ft. eorner Thir teentn aod H ata. Gent emen'a and Bora* la% C othea out to order Harm wade arrania- Wlr aaenta with a skillful Steam Soourer. I mi^"1 prepared to extent* a, ordera ia thia ana. as well as Mending, in the moat satiafaotory manner. oc ?-8w* I HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT 1 at the SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORK, ftft Louisiana Avsnae. bet. 6 h and 7th ata. Beat Goods, Lowest Prions, Satan Supplied, noft-lm Oail aad Baa. CKK TO IT.?Gent'a Fine 1>RE*S BuOTn at #3 75 and daily eipeetin?more to ar-^^hA rive 1 have a large stock of Men's Heavy 1 Boots, cheat, at prices exceedingly hardff Hj to be beat. Boys' aad > on be' Boots ana* Mb Shoes, at very low prioes. Thoae wbo will give me a call wil not regret It 4L. *k-, aw. Ij?rt J UUQK in hU? CU"V IIOTVk no >-lw HK.NWl.NG'S, Both tli t. Irtaad. 150,000 *" Alto. vaut*d?64e,M? lba Armr 6nm? wd Roach . for vbiob tb? bicbast iritt will be paid, at the Nation* tod CafidUWorks, ?or. OrMD ?L ud Canal, Ooorcotowa. it. C. no7 in C. B JEW ELL. Proprietor. S OFFICE AS AND SOLDI MAS. 10BT DE*>T8 toid on ail paru of Um U sited StaUa, ib lani to (Bit oAoots ud eoidiera. Also, Draft* ob LoadoB. Irc-iaad, ItooUaad, ?* alee. bad S^^N^RI^KN? 0?2! F AT* "cot oc 1Mb Ban bora, flllPa. bt- Boar Bnw'> Every deeinac?^JOB%ul?tjn? raMtr*l br bbT body?oibaeae, eiTtl fBaolfoeBrio., ?o l-l? Cocaer Ktoieett et aad Pa- areaae. 59 59 a*i?geoapieted>?' * > W0W ready jm?sws =ros?r^.m m<.r i%8. taall afito nrwuw iibii Ba>C? imm'I ?ypala "TiinV] **" TP MIC 80VEftNMK>T. MmimmBw BriiaoM fe&s^sfeaSg ~ ^aaas.. UOR8K, BUGttY AMD ha* NK FOR II s*l,K AMh ?e * ? '"R bv-_

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