Newspaper of Evening Star, November 12, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 12, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. 1TT peioee paid for sdTerming space In RnvUi-d are rMi>ark?ble. Tbr?w #>?k8 if 'b? British Crrom'esioners fcr toe Eitiklttnn of 1988 jerolv 4 tffm f?r the use of the wrappers of the t*o ihinite ettai^ton lb# wttctnitker, r?i a successful btdder fur the back F*e? of esob of the cafslogce wrspFers. having paid for the two the c m of one tbwieand guineas. Th? Accidental Drath Assurance Company oh'ain*d the last page bat one st the crice of ?6>?, and Mrim Cbapjrell k Co , of Bopd street, get a" pegs at b*ek of the title ia each catalogue, having aiao paid 4* 0 !E7" The pape i of Prestott. C W hare h*-t,n considerably exercised of late about a koclety which is said to exist tn Canada, kr.own to oat?1d*rs as tke " Dark Lantern 5?C>%ty," and to laaider* aa tbe ' Canadian Brotherb*od " The Messenger charges that there is a lodge in Pre?eetti that st leaat oc of the publishers of the Telegraph belong* *e ^ and that its objects are trea onab.e It* member* desiring sop ration from EngUrd ?rd tbe formatioa of an independent fOTfrv^t or annexation to the United states. (L/~ The excavations which art being made for Ui? canal (or the Isthmus of 9aex have led to tbe discovery at (ilteh of a religions edifice as vast as the Louvre, and which I* believed to have b?en t:ooa?ructed more than ttvethousand years ago. At Karnack, a temple, the circuit of which Is tated to be four kilometres (two and a half miles) hi hoen discovered, another <?t Edfou. containing Wr-ntr ?aloona. The walls of these latter edllices ere deeora<ed with sculptures, hieroglyphics, and paintings, stlli fresh. \U~ According to the last minutes of the Brltlab Wealeyan conference there are 32 districts of British MethodWm, containing 464 circuits, and L143 Itinerant Ministers, besides i77SuperDnaneraries The ramVr of H^me M sslonarles throughout tbe Kingdom Is 44, and the net Increase of member* throughout the whole connection last y^r exceeded 27,MJU. |p? 4 specimen of that remarkable tree, the Segnlola Gigantea (California pine,) ) now growth* In the *outh i/iand In the Bois de Boulogne 1 Whta planted In 185? i' was twelve Inches htgh; >t 1* n?w (September. 1S5I) nearly ten feet high The full s'le of this kind of tree ia 100 yards in belybt. and 3 or 4 yards In circumference. |C7~A letter from Kansas says the crops have rande a large yield?corn selling at 20 cents per feutbel; hay at M per ton; pctatoea are very plenty and cheap 9o Kansas this winter will be able to take rare of herself CTCkirlea Spragoe, the po^t, completed his aeventleth vear on the 20th ult. He hai been raabler of the Globe Bank f Boston for thlrty*?vea year*, and In that time has not uiisaed a ln*l- dividend. C7" A correspondent of the Louisville Democrat writing frop*. Columbia, Ky , says it wou.d We e-tsy to ra'se '>,000 in-n for the Government in thr^? w^ks time, chiefly from the Tennessee refugees gathered in that vicinity. |T>"The men of the Fifth Ohio, now in service is V r^tnia. have sent home ten thousand two bundrtd and twenty five dollars, to be distributed among their relations and friends. JpKNMON OFFICE, Jrjt* ?th, l*ttl. TV ALL WfTOM Tr MA Y CO.XCFKFI. Aipiioatvo Knai been ruaie cutler act of 23d jBM. ItWO,'lor the rciitue or t?ie Lau<l W*rract* deaor'.oed neroin, which are alleged to have been iMt or destroyed, notice is hereby Riven, at the dSte following the de eriptiou of eacii War rant,x new Certificate. of lite tenor. vn!l be iset^ .. if no v? id ot>j*jtiua ?uaT! then appear .?o 3ftl<?i,for lenit.*res. tinned uv)d ?r ths a/>t of M?rch ti??, in the uAqo ot Fo It. widow "f l>avid erad>nr?, and granted ?hj th? l^h utr o, 5eptem ir.iatO ? >ovenr-er W. 't*t. N 4.J :-4? fbf *n air^s isau'd ond'-r th" aot of March. 13A6 intttena.incof'*hf?'?tcp??erlJ<msh rt?, do lira led on tie 2;:h day of ?*.pUmber, l&X \ IXov^rr.Var 14 l?>t No *> 3.4 for 1W aores, issu <d under the aer of I JHartlj. I8&4, \u theaame<if buy * Al-Xft..dor,im nor oh id of John O Alexander. di':eai;d, and t?d Jilt J. 1H8< ? November >6. law 16a. for in# acres, is*" d under the aot of >?aroh iSSS tn ths naice ?? DonjMnm Rei:j.aui (moted ontSea th day of Jane, lio Mo ?j*J fur $0 a res. usut-d und*r the act of March in t^e name o'Kfn'fen WoodruU. and granted ok the 9 i> day of Mar l"55. irr k*> ac es, s?u?i tinker tt:? aat of M^?^n.l5W. ia the "araeof Barii-iel H Waterhonso, '?Bd rran'ed on tneSi day ot May, 1S55 No 'or ?n *vraa. ;ssae?i unoer the act of i, (n IPC Ti&'iic OI 1*11*1" UOWU?, K.DU JtMafl ^ Jay of Acgast, isw.?N ovemi>er 41 S3*, for Mn acres jesued uiider the act of M%-oti,>*S6 la Uta najneof Jane* Prsr.ard grai'ed uu Uj* iist Jay o> Marou, 1*1 omb?r XS, 1801. No ;?:**! l>r IfO core-, n*ued unde- Lie ao?. of Marort 1St5, lo th?* nama of vv i. ism M . Jnli"* 0. Jot a D. 8., Minor ahl riren of lnrin Basket .ilvrto& i. a-d it "t*doa tt.e *4th aay ol Mm, 435* ?No*ci>>?>f *s, ?a. No 44,8:3 fcr &' m e?, i>hm enter the not rf P,!<? tu she us.!.i? of Geit*. withiw of Th?'ir?*? t.ic<x>d,iUiJ grart?<l the ISta day of Ja&uar*. Is??? -N?T*iPb?r M. 1501 No. 73 S.0,lor M0 ncrou, !i?nrd under lb" eot of Msron l?? 12 te uan<e of Alexander .Mc uUiisgh, o ^theStta day <_ { Jsncary, l?63.? ,\oWicUrlS 1^1. No, ?,uHg, (or U? aores, issued under the act of Mar^h, i15#, m the name cf Alexander MrCJuaiu, fxl iraot d on the Uto uay of October, lf<5k? Nvro*n*-?r ?' 1861 No 9,7tj I >r !*< a^.es. issued under ?he aot of 1SV>. ;n the i>aine of Daniel West, and ^rauto4 on the liUi day oi' J my . 1*>? ? Docec.ter 7. No. *7^"* for IbO u*d or der the act rl March. Son. la t*e ^eme ol Hat ' ih widow of James Wiiivi, t ut ( ar.ted on LUn?A/t& day ol February. 1157 ?Deo.wjer 1KI . No. lor U1 aatot, under the net of M%irb foSS. .n t'<? t ame of Martt.a, i'ido? ol An0 ?? M-? i>t. a.ft * ranted ui tu? latte da; ot a p iS, 18H-11* tin.*; , l*;i No 3.J0V for i*" aires. i??aM ?nf*er the aot of Marah, H5S in tne caroe of t*atnnel K J?ok?ay 6D'i giant d >?n t ?e 1st .1 %? o Aim t. MS6. No. SI'4. 'or l?*' acres, t??uel ?.n4#s- tee aet of. Maroh, 185*. in the ran* of William H, an ) * rat. tea ou tte Utu day of Jniy, 1556 - Deo-in ber 31, 1*1. ho. 1? 9*&, for 80 * ' ? , iuued ander the act of t*??tember 850 in the name of l^evi Trealwell, aod <raut?d b p "inher atb, I 'M. No 31 fe in acres. ia*n^-i under the same act, 11 Umi dsius of Aiiti Piatts, ani granted Novea.her ?(h. 18-1 ? Deoenher 28 1X61 No -7i 544 lor 1?? soree. i??ned under th? aot of Ms.-ch. IM>, in the name <>{ Thoinan Johnrop and crasud on tae ?tli oay of September, tsr.?Jtuna?y 4. lny, ^ o. for 80 aores. ucued under the aot of Skrch, 1&>3, in the aaiue of Polly, widow of John ?ip. a d grau ed on the <&1 cay of oeptemher, 1898 ?Jauca J 4, 18C3. Nn./16ii for 18 acr-.a, l?'u-d under the aet of M* ch. U'A. :n iheneme of VVuliani boo't, a- d wet a'a^t^! on the tat div of May, 18^6 ?Jamary 11, Mi. Joseph h. barrett;, w ew- i*w t>ommiHiiuDfr. |\KC1DKI> BAROMNK id Plain Brk a-.d rMor Bi kt, wua otter kind of D? <?ocda,for taaourren" ? &uui of fonuii** and hmiaekeepera. Qu? p';oeouiy, marked in plain fit urea Curtaiaa, Carpet#, Oiioio ha, Knpn, *o. upper *<*>' PKKRY A BRO., Pa. aveno? and Ninth at, . 80? > d * Perry BnlJitu" Btoji TOPHAWB BESTS WU&3 P & E M I V M TRUNK QESO MAyO FACTORY. 4M PrraiTl 0TUIT, Wi?g;.<NT?i, D. 0. Btlvcr McW awardod by Maryland laatltate B? Jirour?, Norem'tar 7, if to. A!t?, M?da< hT >'??Topo'i*?'i Inafltmle, waatnayt/.B. D. C., lusr. I *e accrtasUy makiac, ao-l uiwara ha?? m Saa4, of Ike heat maUria*. e"rery deaonptioa ? fin*Sol? ! <*ther, iron Vr?s?. "^aaSLcfe. 41 Prtas. Bwliwi of Conjrre?aad travel or a will pieaae axar-jre my ato-Jl More purchaainc elaewher* rub that are n^ade ia ottow oitee. viyirior Leakier and l)re?s Tracks mace tc >rtw. Tranka eor?r*l e.nd reared at abort notice. Goods o-uvered fren or charge to acylyari of tfci it* '.rfetoarn, and Alexandria. a . . I A U LW <1 THDD A U PI ANOb. PIANOS.-Naw Piajaoi r*??('?d orerj nt(. Cume and look at tit" M urtOMQiM W.?. MfcTZEROTr'SMaajo Itejot, an'rukf p* *? *ful at ? UK tUEOPKA-N HOTEL, KBPV BY P, KM&lCa. it toe eoraar of r?ua.? . . A i"?M an*i fflarectii iwwt, h&a t?6iiw|i{ ft?By >iti?roT?d raoaatir and u?v offer* ImBa |i?|M ^deeewel* lar tue pttrocafa ofSTuJeTi ifyi ?rM4?n ttiu any ?tx mMm fcoa?? tn tut art*. kia ?r ?aa ban* mi tfeaa no? of uj <Aha< Mtti an F?ia. MW* kla aoociu do<1a&o?ii fcx Mr?ANM ortraujaut boasiara i;nejo?>uon at; . fba Cat aik. 'MtatiAU arraucamanta of tLi KOTMCM &Oj* T6T7 Ml ttr.Miscfci UwM?tbe .Ueinvl fry the moat faa tdiona^ Ta? Mopr.ator f.o-'fn uoranutioc attec tor and out now uooral a*pe..dit waa to (iva aai UftouoQ to ail. Umra&air? fc:? invitation ? ail inctT* tt?? p.a',????wi W<*1 a <ia?. 4a4-4> CA^H NOTICE. N I'ouMSMict ?<i our *arr o? io m,a'u f.>i C">n artioo o< goo<*a w? fnr?i\a?*. w*-ar?-luroe< rftooe ?ar baaiaaaa to Ustli asciaaivaly, Apr tb< fCaaaaa. Wa have rp tur? a wmj large aa?-'< Of R LAl?Y MAiW ?:4*#PU<S0 Tt !u?l act hoya" vw, vUtco arc u\i M amaofe ;or?r rw U*c lawir. WALL. t*TEPHK>K* OO.. K?a5sag,,a? lott- U?-jay. AiatK hi < aown, f r ebiidreo. ft! ottier kTnla of Ifc-i *sr? ertee am'r, w?0f*?4 la pam ataraa JUST* ""Vgkfrt it., P?. arana- a&d Nutii at, poT M "P?^y BuikiLg." II*LP YAlA'K-wj ru?h Velv-t Pio?aetKl ibi i tbar frulr *??*, ana* ?? ?? fr.un w.? i, r I *i k ??trac.i"D? to ?ali at ba f ib* ni??. Tat ol< *r f U?* a ad laJiatu 1 /tmta.i a a. >.....? **.?.. k?mu i'k. In.,mod Mh MmL DENTISTRY. Dr. CHARLKI B. BOTELER, DBB7TI8T, No. St# PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB. Ninth and Tenth Street! M ?-eq*iu [VI TKETB. ] aannot w?tt o?*are, nad no penon oan wear other* , ?ia ?* ??'. Wear theae. rert^na cn?lin( nt my oftoeoan be nooommoonted ith any atyle and prioe of Teetii Lh*y mar deaire; b?t to thoae wao are p&rtieaiar and wiah the parent, ! ! oleanMt, atrouf eat, and moat perfoot denture thai I; art oan aroduae. the MINER AX. PLATE will be : ore fully warranted. Rooma in thia oitr?No. 339 Pa. nvenne.betweea Mh aad loth ats. Aleo, 907 Aroh atreet. Phi ad el ahia. oc U-tf ; ~ QAS~FITTINQ, Ac. AWM T. DOVft * OD. RE Now ereperftd to "xeoate any erdera with i whio^i ther may be favored ia the >L?M6I&4, ?^d?I^Kf9TKAM P1TTINB fl^-Store on Ith atreet, a few door* north of Pa, nyenne, where may be foand a compete a*8ortn.?nt ?A- r I SNYDER. e PL OMBER AND OAS FITTER, Haa rem :>red to the corner of Twelfth and F eta. Heia prepared to mtrodnoe water and Gaa upon the most favorable terma, and guarantiee entire aatiafaotion. ffehae on hand a >ot of OOOK1NO and other OVKS, which tie will tell leeathas ooat.aa he wienee to get rid of them. no 17 W9A8 FIXTURES, E Hits id atore, s.nd are dl'.T reoeiviur, 9 J 3 fIX T ORES of entirely New Pattern* and li?a;ir>a atd r iniah. superior m atrie to anything heretofore ifei d in this market. We invite oitisens cecerai i It tc uul and examine oar atook of Qaa ana Water ' rU ires, feeling ootiident that we hare the beet ' touted atook in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrmated to air oar* will be promptly attended to. MYERB ft KESHAN. ' w?r >-tf ^ 376 D afreet | f|* FiCE Or INSPECTOR AND SEALER tl OF ?AS METERS, WaaHiMTCi*. Jmly II, IMt, NOTICE IB HERESY GIVEN, T tat, agree- j ablT to the provision* of the ordinanoe of the Corf->.?nor, approved May IS, 18ff>, the onderaicned ia now ,?repared, "whenever reft ire.1 in writing, and on pie-payment of the fre of fifty oenta, to inapeot, examine, teat. prore. ?xd aeoertain the accuracy of regictra. on c^any iu meter in eae in thia oity." Every areter.iffocnd moorreot, will be condemned I and auoiuer. eeaied and marled aa trae, will be j a?t in On place. If proved to be aooarat* in Ita meaei'.ementofcas.'twill beaealea aeco-di&gly, anc a?ain put in poaftio'i for nae. Oftoe No. #10 Seventh atreet,(rear Od4 Fal. wa'Hail.) <)?en from 8 a. m., to ??. m. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy U tf leasee tor and Sealer of Caa Meters. HEADQUARTERSOP THE U.S. MARINE CORPS* Qpartbhmastkr'* Ofvick. f Washington, September 23, 1861.f S k a lit) Proposal?, f rfaahc'ass separately,will be reoetved at this offioe untif 12 o'olook ?n of W'daeaday,9 th of November next, for furnishing to tli? ljnit?d States Marine Corps, during the year 1?H2. the following supp' tee, to be delivered at the J olfi^ of the As i*'aut Qua'termasW of t'ie corps, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, free of eipense to the Unit d -> a-ea in such quantities as may from time to time be ordered, viz : Cla-? No 1. 14 '*<" vardt of Sky Biu? Kera'y, all Wool, free fr-m h*ir, 54 inches wide, to weigh 22 oonoea to the yard, iindigo wool-died ? 6.00Py%r(fa Da k B ue Kersey ill wo-?l,free from basr, 4 inohe? wide, to weigh 2* ounces tothe yard, (ilHi?o w?*oi dyed. #, ?"? vards Hark fl!ue Twilled f loth, all wool, for vnr?w in 1 iiiui^u wwrutou,/ PI IDU1I"B wi'JO, to weigh 22 ouno * -er k d. 15*) yards of Scarlet Cloth. ai> wool, (ooohtneal dyed.) M l-.ches wide, to weigh 16 ouLees per yard. Clam No ii. 8 r*w yards of 6 4 L>%rc Blue Flanne'. for ovorMck?, aU wool.tiudigo wcoi dy?d,'M <n iies wide, to we'gtJ 13oono-s p-r yard. 16 tniO yards of 3 4 Dark B'ue F'anuel foe sh'.rts, all w?o', (inoigo wool-dyeti,) 27 itches wide, to weigh 6)k oncoei per yaid 1-Sfl G-?' B ank'tK, a!l woo! to weigh four pound* each, with letter? **U S. M " in b aok. four inches lout, in the center; to be 7 feoi long aud 5 feet wHw, and fr e fr<?m rreese. 6,(*w pair* of Woolen Sock*. tt-re? sizes. ?r?p ar:? ina'e <>f go J fleece wool, with dou >le and twiete-i yarn, to wci h three pounds per doxen pairs, free from grease Class No. 3. P Oft> yards W hit* i inen for Pant*, bo inehea wide, to weigh 13 ounces per yard. lO.OW) yard - Whi'e ii en tor Shirts, 8? inches wide to we ^h 11 our?o?s eer yard. lfliOO y.i de canton Fla-mel for Drawers. 27 ic.he* wide, to weigh 7 ounoas per yard. Class iVo. 4. 1 fiii> Untform Cars, oompe'e (?*cept PotnDons.) 1.50* Pompons, red worsted, t>ail-eii&i>ed, < innbea in ctntunfrraaoa. S.000 l a igne Cap?,(wi'h covers.) to be oiade of blue ciotii. i di^c wool-dyed. 2jts?j Stock a. Clih No. a. g'ossCoat Buttons, (bade.) I 400 gross Jacket Muttons < Kagle.) 1<i> gross Vrsf Brttoiis (EMie ) l.MK) pairs Vei.ow Meiai Cresoeata and ?oa!e Straps 250 ?e?s Epauiette Bolkon for Sergea ts and Corpora's. 2 ( <> set* K'p&u'e'te Mb.lion for Privates. It) Red Worrted Saiihe*.* 2-Sn" yards of Yellow Binding. tptf) y irdi of Red C-->rd. l'O Swords for sergeants AO rewords for Mueioiar.*. .V Drum# ttenor,)complete. " .Vi D am Klines. wo Batter D urn Hears. 50 Snare Drum Heads. l?o Drum Cordsion ?et' of D'urr Mnares. 100 Boxwood *'B" Fifee. Cum No. a. ! 14,000 pairs Army Boots. (tr.fantry pattern. Class no. t. 1.200 Cartridge Box<*s| l^uo Hayonei Scabbards. ljf!fl PeroB'sion csp Ponohea l,a? Cartridge Box Beits. 1.20"! Bayonet Belts. i,a? Want Belts. l^ir.i Waist Plates. IJOfl Breast Plates. too Swoni Frogs. Class No. **, K20C Knapsacks. 0W' Hvver>aots. 6n>i canteens. 1 6?o Mutkrt Slings. Class No, #. For making and trimming the following articles, VIZ: Watch Coats S?rg?a;its C-orpora'a' Musicians', and Privates' I'nifor ;i and Fsticue Coat*; Wsmlenand Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen Shirts; D' a?ers; Flaunei Hons; and Red and Blue Jackets for Boys. The altove mentioaed artir'es must or-nform is til r?>rt'ts, u> the sealed ?t?i.dara pattern i in the office of the Quartermaster Marine Corps Marine ba racks. YVaelung on, D C ; A?s staat Quarter \ master, office Marine Corps, 1.22P hpruoe street, Pailacielpttia; and at t-ie Marine Stations, Brook' lyn, New Y?rk; and Boston,Massachusetts; where t:,e? can be examined. And whenever the artiol?s named above, or any portion of them, shall he oonslderrd as not fully uonformingto samples, they will be reieoted. and the oontra tor vili be bound to tarnish others ol the rfqi.i ??' kind at onoe or the Uuartermaster wtl. supply the deficiency at ths expense of the contract >r. , Par ment will be made apon theaooeptad delivery whole quantity, whioh may from time In time be ordered, withholding ten peroeut from the payment of account rendered under first order, nnul sooond order is filled, and ten per cent from aooount rendered unuer scooud order until third ?(eted.>B ^ t,,aad ou, i^Ul oontraot is comP La-'h proposal must be aooompanied by the foli lowing guarantee: . Form af Gm , The undersigned, , of , in the State ol . and . in the State of , hereby gnaranxee that in case tne foregoing bid of tor supplies, as above desoribed. be a^oepted. he or they will, within ten days aftei i thH reoeipt or the contract at the Post l?t&oe named execute iho contract tor tne same with cooJ and po.-fioi-nt securities; and id case tha raid ?? hah fail to enter- into oontrao'. aa aforesaid, wi t guarantee Ui make good the difference betweer the offer of the said and that whioh maj , be accepted. A H, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. t F, Witness. i . ?i . I her-or certify that ihe above named r are known to me a* men of property, and able tt , mate good th?ir <uarai tea. G. H. i 10 be signed by the United States Dutric i Judge, Uniied states Distriot AUoroey or Colleo i tor. i No proposal will be oocsidered nnlees aooom pa nieu b? tha above guarantee. i Newspapers authorise to pnhltah the abov< wi l *>nd the pap?r oo-.taiaini the firet insertion tc this off ee for examine tion. Tne bidder's placs of business, or raanu&otur - ing establishment, mnet ba specifically atated u ' "wrjcsi- hat of artielM la beiievad to bcaboi: * thetuautity of eaoh artioje thai will be reqnir* dating the TM'j bat the Quarter master reeer?e< [ the right of ordarint a greater or leas quantity | aa<>ald toe interests of tha service require it . f rupneals to ba aodofsad on tha envelope. "Pro posals for Ssppliaa for Mariaa (-osps for &J," aw ? addr??adto Major W M fi. bLACK, 5 QuartarmMUr M.C., Washington, D. G. sa ?law4w * ^ - U FRENCH * R1CHSTKIN JT ^gfoc* Mrepsa. i isy^'iisi^iy^^AoatPof _ _ , _ , . . . . r. , BtCK AND WOrMDEB SOLDIERS I* HOSPITAL r. te conformity teitk tht rtioiuiim / 1 *4? SqnaU cf Juif 16, 1881. ! If &?n*TM1 Moipxtml m ? itfWt, toviM Fourth hnd Fifth struts, Trajhington, Act 1. I?t Escalator Brigade. 190 b Pennavlvanla Vol 1 ( 2d do do.... 1 7th New Jeney Vol... 3 * Jd do do.... 1 1st Michigan vol 4 < Stk Now York Vol... 1 3d do do 1 !>?h do do...? 7 8th del do 3 Bd do do.... 2 Stockton'* Michigan < Mth do do.... 3 Independent Vol... 9 27th do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol.... 8 1 29th do do,... 1 l?t Maryland Vol 3 Dfl'h do do.... 1 10th Indiana Vol 1 I 43d do do.... 3 19th do do 3 , tS'h dp do.... 1 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 1 Mth do do.... 2 MNewHampablreVol 2 | 1st Massachusetts Vol.. 1 3d do do 1 10th do do... 2 1th Maine Vol (a) 1 1 IStb do do... 1 7th do do 2 lflth do do... 1 l?t Rhode liland Vol. 1 1 2d Vermont Volunteer! 2 Sth do do.. 1 4th do do.... 3 lit Kentucky Cavalry. 1 lit Pennsylvania Vol.. 5 lit New work Cavalry. 3 | 3d do do.. 1 tit Penn'a Mounted 4th do do.. 2 Rlfloi 1 1 tub do do.. 1 lstN.JerseyCavalry<6) 1 , b'th do do.. 4 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 12th do do.. 12dU 8. Cavalry 1 < 23d do do.. 10th do do (c) 1 26th do do.. 1 Cborman'i Mounted 27th do do.. 2 Rangera (d) 1 45th do do.. 2 46th do do.. 6 Total 1U0 (a) One officer. (6) One officer, (c) One officer. (d) One officer. At Seminary Hospital, Oeor??fow?, Nov 1. 2d U. 8 Infantry 3 2fl'h Penn. Volunteer!. 1 2d Maine Volunteer* . 2 33d do do...... 6 2d Vermont Volunteers I 35th do do 2 34 do do.... & 42d do do...*.. 3 Uth MasaacbusetsVol.. 1 lit do Artillery... 5 19th do do.. 1 lot do Rifles ...... 3 14th New York Vol... 6j3d do Cavalry .... 3 13th do do.... 1 1th do do 2 Jl.t A,-. An ln\ 1 I 10th InHlnni Vnl fl 24th do do.... 2 lit Michigan Vol 4 29th do do.... 1 (3d do do...(A) 8 33d do do.... 3 4th do do...(e) ft 35th do do.... 1 tfth do do 2 3ftth do do.... 1 Stockton1* Michigan 41th do do.... 1 Independent Vol ... 1 79th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol .(d) 3 Mozart Reel men t 15th do do.... 4 Excelsior Brigade.... 5 8th do do.... 11 Andervon Zouave* ... 1 7th do do.... 2 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Teamster*, Q. M. D .. 2 3d I'enn. Volunteer*. 1 9th do do 5 Total 122 10th do do 1 (a)Oneofflcer (6)Twoofflcer*. (e)Two officers. (>l) One officer. At General Hotpital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets', Georgetown, Nov. 1. 1st Long Island Vol... 1 3d Vermont Vol nnteers 0 2d NewYorkVol 3 4th Rhode Island Vol. 7 13th do do I 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 14th do do 6 1st Michigan Vol .... 1 18th do do...... 1 2d do do 24 19th do do...... 5 3d do do 2 23d do do 1 4th do do 4 21th do do...... 1 -2d Wisconsin do 2 26th do do...... 1 6th do do 2 29th do do 1; 1st Minnesota do 1 33d do do 311st California do 10 31th do do...... l;2d do do 2 35th do do 211st Excelsior Brigade. 1 13d do do 2(2d do do ... 1 s 50th do do 213d do do.... 2 ~9tb do do 5 2d Fenn Cavalry .... 5 3d P?un. Volunteeis. 2 3d do do 5 | n b do do 4 ftth do do 1 i 7th do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 Mb do do 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 3 llth do do V 1st (Vnn Artillery.... 5 12'b do do 6 5th U S Artillery.... 2 I 27th do do 2 Oneida CountvCavalry 1 ! 35th do do 1 Stockton's Michigan ' ~ -i.. i i ~ a i ? tr?i 1 1MU UU UU ) IKUrpi UUCII* TU1,.. 1 1 M Maine Volunteers. 3 Wott's Bnttery 1 6h do do...... 2 Baxter's Fire Zouaves 1 , y h do do 1; fenirister 1 2d NewHnmpshireVol a j Officers' servants ? 3d do do.. 2 , 2d VermontVolunteers 5 j Total Hi? At Hospital at Columbian Voileg?, Washington, Nov 1. 2d MaineVolunteers.. 0: tat Penn. Artillery.... 1 1 5'h do do I jd do Cavalry 2 : 9th do do 2 1st do Ritt"! ...... 1 : 'id NewHainoJthireVol 3 ('aln's Penn. Rttles... 1 ; 2d Vermont Volunteers I 3d Penn Volnriteers.. 2 3d do do.... 1 4th do do...... 5 , 'i'h do do.... 1 ?tb d>> do 10 J 10th MauachusetuVol 9 loth do do 7 ! 14th do do. 3 t2th do do 4 1Kb do do. 1 13th do d > 1 Itb Rhode Island Vol. ft *J7th do dv 1 1st Long Island Vol .. I 31st d? do ft 1st New Y ork Cavalry . 1 33d do do 12 -JJd do Vol 3 35th do do 1 Aid do do...... 3 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 25th do do...... > 1st do Vol 2 35th do do 2 2d do do I 37th do do...... 5 4th do do 2 Wd do do...... l!7th do do...... 1 li'.h do do...... 5jSth do do......12 49th do do 11Stockton's Mich Vol.. 5 2d Excelsior Brigade. 215th Wisconsin Vol... 2 Tammany N. Y. Vol.. 1 flth do do.... 6 De Kaib do do .. 5 7th do do.... 1 Ikt U t* Chasseurs... 1 1st Minnesota Vol I Lincoln Cavalry...... 5 8th Illinois Cavalrv... 1 BerdHn'sSbarpahouters 1 Htur^is Illinois Ritles. I Oneida Cavalry 2,19th Indiana Vol 11 McClellan's Dragoons 1 27th do do 1 lstNew Jersey CavalrylB 1st D C. Volunteers.. 2 2d do Vol.... 1 1st California Vol 2 5th do do.... 3 ~ 7th do do.... 2 Total 219 At Gentrol Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Nov 1. 2d U.S. Cavalrv 9|lst U. S Infantry 2 4th do do..'..,... l|2d do do 2 5th do do... 4 3d do do........ 5 1 ?t do Artillery .... 4 -ih do do *2 2d do do f 79th .New York Vol... 1 3d do do 5 Quartermaster'a Dep't 3 4th do do I ? 5th do do... 6 Total.............S3 Sick remaining t* ?A? Hospital for Erupttre Diseases, at Kalorama, Oct 31. 7th Wisconsin Vol....10 \1cKnltfbfsPenn Vol 1 '5th do do.... 1 'id Wisconsin Vol.... 1 ! 31 ?t New York Vol... 1 44th New York Vol...11 ! 31th do do.... 1 7th Maine Volunteers . 7 I 1st Minnesota Vol 1 21st Pennsylvania Vol. 1 ?th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 46th do do.. 3 1st do do.. 1 27th Indiana Vol I 19th Indiana Vol ? lU5th PennsyivanlaVol 1 ! 34 Michigan Vol 1 Pennsylvania Reserve Ut New Jersey Cavalry 4 Artillery Corps 1 3d U. 8 Infantry 3 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Harris Liglit Cavalry. 1 7tn Michigan Cavalry. 3 i 4fith New York Vol... 1 7th Wisconsin Vol.... 4 l?t Michigan Infan'ry. 1 ? 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 Total ..84 Michigan Cavalry.... 9 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Nov. 1. id U. 8 Artillery .... '.I'M Michigan Vol. .(a) 11 ' 15th New York Vol... 4; 3d do do 1 , 16th do do....25; 5th do do 5 , 17th do do....ll|3d i 18th do do.... 5 4th do do 9 I iV.h do do.... 7|5th do do 1 26th do do.... it 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 27th do do....12 5th do do.... 1 31st do do.... 6 Lincoln Cavalry 2 32d do do.... 12 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 37th do do.... 2 Cameron Rifles. 2 , S-th do do.... 5 1st Minnesota Vol 1 f | 4oth do do.... 9 2d Fire Zouaves 1 i i 79th do do.... 1 Harlin Cavalry 1 r J 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 4 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 32d do Volunteers. 3 Teamster 1 I 61st do do 2 j Hth do do 5 Total 1H i (a) One oflicer. ITT Washington paper* please copy and send bills to the VV ar Department. nov 6?3t U N BO A T 8 (Jnarttrmaster (imertU's OJW. I t Waskimtton City. July 18, lMl.f Plans lvd Hpkcificatioj** for hups of ftan l?oets for tne Wentarx^rivers are on exhibition at tun uuiue, ?w:u ill uiiiobi ui yuuwriOlllMri II Pitlabarg. Cincinnati. St. !,ooia and Alton. Boats to b? delivered at Cairo. Bid* should b? > aentto (Juartermiater tieu*ra! of the United State? Anny, at Wellington, by lat August. at nooa. M. C. MEIGS, > Jt It ling, fion'l and <?uartermaater Ben'l. \ ! I f NJON PAPER AND KNV ELOPES.?Tiren U ty different aty'.ea of Note and Letter Paper, 1 i with Envelopes to matoh. ' Vtewa ol Washington in the form ol a Rose, and ta Hook term; also, separate i 1 All the Dai It aid Weekly Papera constantly on i hand. Herald, Time*,and Tribune received every i night at toYuiok. j Papers from all parta of the eouitry. ileauie*a Dime No vela and Song Boota. A fresh aappiy of Books for namr reading, - War,. assortment of Jirvenilee?Mayne Raid's Booka, R o Hooka. Abbott'* Histories, Ac. A disooaatoflO to 00 per oent. ?nal! bound booki FRENCH A !UCH*TBIN. ' ma 1 N?tinw?l Hontit'K. w. ? Rasa. Banner*andBadges. Views of Washing toa, A merman awl Foreign M viaainee, Daiiy ai?J I "** ' ^'"VrKNCH a RlCHBTKiN'S 1 * 1 liiM.ft EmN) 1^? 1 1 <*?? r?M*. rWM, WorMMH, / r yjUufiV Irrttmtim r S?r? ?? li? 7V?U, KiJimi :4? [NJIMTm Hatkmt Ctmik ? Ccxtm^i^ItlTlVIHilfjl ?to?, Bro%tkuu, 4i*?m, ( luyriMD # Catmrrk. Clmr ond itt< VSSKef $tronttk to lit *<ne< */ ( \M&7 FOBLIC SPEAKERh Aim SINGERS. t importacM of chooting a I Common Co d ' in ita first et*?e; taat 'htoji In (beibMiciBf weald rioid to a mild rome [j?ifn?glMted.?<?pnattack?!heLuna a. "Brom't BroncMl Tfotktt." oontainmt riarauiotnt mgredi ?u. Palmonary and biouofciai Irritation. 1 BROWN'S KOCBBS SSK*"-* m* ftwiLU..' IKOWN'8 "4 rooomraeod tbttr aa? to PvaLit Sraaitta."

FROCHES REV. K. H. CHAP1N. "Great aarvicain auMoiog Hoati BROWN'S Mas.-' REV. DANIEL WISE. , VROCHES "Aimoat inatact re.ief in tha dia treating labor of breathing paouiiai I BROWN'S ' Ahhih." REV. A. C. E6GLESTON. < I ROCHES " Contain bo Opium or %nythmg ??i?noaa." DR. A. A HA v ES, BROWN 8 Cktmiu, Btnon, J VROOB8S M'.VrTojVa'.UoT"" <Kmbi" BROWN'S fiR. 4. F. BIBELOW^ c froche? ??-??.5?i!^reiTNE. BROWN'S Bourn * I hareproTrd them eioollont for TROCHES WiMfim Qo??H." ' REV. B. W. WARHEN. BROWN'S Bettom. ! .RftCBEB " ' BROWN'S 4 K' " V * *N0fit?pN,f VRiirUK^ " K?T*er*Al in remoTina Hoaraew '"f"- neat \ECl Irritation ofthe Throat, ao I BROWN'S ftorcraoa with Srmni and Sine ??c?B BROW H'S TROCHES "t?rca? hen-fit whan taken before and aftsr preaching, as ther prevent BROWN'S Hoarseness. From their past etleot, 1 think they will be of permanent adTROCHES vantage to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens College, Tenn. VIOCB?S CTSold by all Dmegists at T W ENlY FIVE CENTS A BOX .?11 < 1-1 e DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the l?Bt half oentury in the Hospital* of London and fans for the oure i.f Secret Diseases may now be ha 1 at rPHAM*S,n5fi|^, No. 310 Chesrnt street, sole aeent for the United States It contains no mercury or other minerals, and wi.l not harm the roost d?liOite constitution A speedy e*r? guaranteed and no change of ?'i?t required. Pri*e *1. ?*nt by express Sold in Washington br S. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue. ?ep 5- eoly UPHAM'S HATK DVK l-TO COLOR BLACK Oh BHOW v Only 3S centra b*>x. Three boxes for one dolar or flaxen hair om be ciias.geo in a few seconds to a it blaok or brown, by using Upr ain's Liquid Hair Dye, the best and cheapest in the world, produoinr, the mon f n? it is applied a rich natural appearance. Each B ?x of L'PHAM'S HAiK DYE .s wt rranted to oortam as inuoh kiir a? others eeil for out dolinrl SvdbyS C. UPHAM, 310 t'/hesnut street, h iadelphia. and S. CALVbKT FORD, oorner ll'h street and Pa. ave. cepv-ooly DK " DUPONT'S SUGAR-COATED KFMALE REGULATING PILLS are^gi* the very *?.< ' in use Th?y operate speedi y|jfe/? an?I eff.Hitual'y, and bmng 'Usar-coate^ vp . crea e no uau*ea upon the most de icat<^ I-3 s-o'rach A fri 1 "f tfepe Puis will prove tneir superiority over ai! i>i!:e<s. Price Op* itnllar a box. So d oH> at UPHAM'S, 310 Chesnut ! street. Seat by mail to ai! part* of the country in a sealed envetopo. Sotd in Washington by S. CALVERT FOP.D, oomer Uth street and Pa. j a*e. Bt*p 3 ooij | Lb J. IT Mcl.KAN'B BTSESfGTEBHIITQ CORDIAL ; ArtU BLOOO PURIF1UK. THK GRKAT&CT liEIMED^ tn Ik* WORLD, j a'aia* Before te.t'^5, takiBj* '. Uiliaa. ?? <!* ! ( ? dliuirti. 4Uli?Uil> ifliN, 111! iV# ?i lafalllkla ay for MiavtUaff u> iuaaaad ijmiB, ud Ika j'.ak, llf tiltf, u< O^Kiaiad laTtM .a nd MtLMA?PS STSKUVTHEWIPCO tORm/X Will ataaiaaily ??n t'?ii Ca>y!ilal, Drsrtpt't, Ji*a4i??, ?r B inn ? .da?*a, aad i.l dliatrtt tr?m * aiaardarad Urti ar Cwiiit. Bftftfiit, JfairvSara, LmwmJ <*l.a?, Aaidtty ar Blikaaai af IA< I'fc-.ik, t ?!!-<? af ? aa-1 ia i?< H.aC. D? i P?:a n v1?a'af liU'lud, PaJp'tatiaa U iaa Main. ??iiaau u TTatrai ta tk? KitMU, *<mx tin Ckak'.ag afat?Uaf Faallaf ?? ? Urn> dan, Dryktaa ar T?IWWaaaa af taa BVla aa4 Sjaa, llljk; I livud fa??, Paia ta lk< all a; vka Bin, Ckaai, at S.Ja, Iaddaa riaakaa af Kan. Wtataatlaa af Bfi/i,., Prifktraf kufaai, Baisaadtttjt ar u; oarrata dtaaaia, Saraa at llaubaa aa Ua lala, aai Pa*ar ud Ar?a (ar 'JkJUa lad fiTtlJ rjr* i MiAAJojf Bomaa kaTi k??a aald der'a. tk? Ian lis nauiaa, aad taa aa telUata kn I* ftiltdla ji*iaf aaltra jfttl.aa. Wka, taaa, ?!U aafar fr??? Vkihh ar Dak'.tltr vkaa NcaijEt ITI.BH4T* * * 'JOlDUk *1!i a art pa 1 Uafatffc :u aa.riy aa aaa^uia l<laa af Ik* iaiaadla'a aad aiaaa?l iku;a praduaa.-l k> Ukiaf U!a Cardial ta ii tllatatad, dakliita'.ad, aad akaitirad airan TtiUirtiakik d?fa k; man, vaik ky antra, ar Uapaiiad k* rfakaaaa, tka rt'.aial ix1 cai'ia( argxal gaitaa la ra?t?r?d ta 'ta yrtatlaa kaalU aad rlfa* liAA&lKJj J'JTilSJWCi aa atkara, Maaaiava af taaktiil* fraa vkatarar aa?aa, ?UJ tad KaklAK"^ ?> ?'. *?MIB? (JUUUk 4 Ikf laagfc ra-aaaraiar af ika aad all wka ? km ia |?rad Uaaaaaivai kj 1% ytarrr ladilf-aaaaa vll) fad ta tkla Cardial a karuia aad tfaacr ri?aoj. TO THK LADJtS. ftffmLRI ar? di'.iiiiAi.u . In ud ?# li.lp'iat Cmcv^'.Ut, Vklf'.i, ??*.?I'.l"..' 11 A!i?? : Nlli"?iiM|li4Mj>?ii ?' 3r_-.? ar larcita f.rT ;:???it*? tatrtaf, riliiaf af tkl Viat, Slddlaata, filatim, aa? all iIImuii liililiitu r?eiltt. THEMS IS NO MIBTAKE AJ309T IT Itfar a? laafai. Tua It aaaatdiaf ta din at'?a. Xt will atlBMlna. fctrtt(ik*e, tal laTtfaral* ? ? lad nut tka kiata af k?ma ta a?a?at fMf lh?ak >Jiia. Bvaiy katUl U vutuu4 ta |t?a hUiImUm. J*>Jl CHILDREN, UJtnu UI Mm in aUkiy. )?** ar tllttal, MfhRiMI CtllL'S vfU aUa U?a>, uJ takaiw Dalay act a auitiii; Uy It, a*d yak Trill a? a*BTla??4. It It daMNIHUkh i WTIGK. ivwa af dj??f*rU at dailtrt arka >; try u pa. la r*a U?| at- it a; fir ila triak, vaiak vkay aia kay akaip, iTU'.a;ll ujuuaiifl. A raid aatk mac. A :i far ?cL*12T5 =TK l?S??Trtmi?B COKUlAk, and uka aatklaf alaa. It ii ika aaiy purtfiy that whl Tariff iba Blaad ua?t?ajkl? aad it tka aent Una atraafthau iba aetata. Oaa in*aa?u.?l ukan arary marnlff faaunf u a carta ( MaY??tt?a far Caalara, Ckiiia and Fmr, Tallav r?T?r, at lay rraralam dUaaia. It !a pat is la lirra kattlaa. Prlca aaij f I par kattla, ar i kau'?a far |L J. B. HckEAH, la praprictar af tkla Cardial) ilaa. Mibaia'i Yalii&ik 01 Utalaaaat. Pi4?tip?! Piyat a* tka tanar af Tkird ud flaa attaata, It. MU, Mo. MoLean'a Volc&nio Oil Liniment, (TKB BBBT U1WUT 111 T?B VOUD ) Tka aaly u'a icd taiu'i rara (w Ciaara. Mm, TaBkit, waUlift ml SidalLila at CeiU*, Pinlrau, Ha a. tilfla. Waakuatiaf tka Mualai, Ontltn lolammaiaiy jiaaiaitiain, 0t:ffaaaa af ft a ialcta, C-auUaatad Mmaelaa al lugiatacta, Baiuka m TaaiUtkt, Inltaa, linini, fraik Uali, Waauda, Diara, Taaar Baraa, Cakad Braiat, lata bplaa, Barua, Oaal&a, tail TLrait, at any intirnmuiao at Hta, aa aifaraoaa kaat aarara at iaa* tha Aiaaiaa bit aara atlatad, KckltAJIV CBkKBLATKD kIMIMKHT ta aattiiai taraadA TkaaaaaCa af kamia kauft aira kaaa aavad a lift af dto ttapuaJa ud aiaary ky tka ?a? af tki* lanlaakla rtaady, MtLEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will tailara p?lu ilmaat iuau>*ucaa?a!?, and it will clau, pmrtfr aad kail tka faklaat aataa la m Uicradikla akart Uaa, FOE BOUSES AND OTHER AKIMAL8. MakXAN'B CJCbKBiLATED U1K1MKHT ta tka aoiy aifc aad talUkla ratnaWy f?t tka tar# af Bpavta, Btn^kaaa, Wiadftlla, kllcta, Baoataral kampa. Nadaa MBwailiara. It aartt faiiad ta ma Bif Baid, Fail aril, FUtali, o.a LaMi?f Bat**, M Bw**o?, tf prated; aaplla*. rat arals*, Biti***, citu.Dw, Craakad B**U, (Jaafa*, S?.ddJ? t Oallaf Ball*, Cau, ?!??, ar Waaoda, lit* as taftlllkli natty. Apply II u dlxaaiad a?d a ??? ti mala la **?rj IHIUM. Till twi* a* i*a|?? VIM U* mt+r wanhlaa* klalaaau liHd i* im Ok lain a ttfft ?( DB. HckliRt CKkBIUTIB klBIMBBT. It will aw* ? *. J. B. MckEAfc, Sal* rraprtaiai. Onai T?ird aad Pi a* <1*-, Bl. killl, Ma. CI&UH tTOTT, ri Pa. *t., tai* a|*at la Waafclaf ninlli.*w>ri?n ^JUNBOATS FOB THB WESTERN RIVERS, UtiiTiMiKTii flnutL'i Office, I Waikmthm, Jnne 17,1MU.( PBorotAL* are invited for oonatraoting Unnbnata upon the Wnatern rivere fpeoibcutioLa will be immediately prepared Bsc may b? examined at the Q car'ermacter'a Ofioe bI Cincinnati. Fit ?bu'-(th, and Bt tbia otf.ce. Propoea'.a from boat bail era aad engine- baild er? Biune vill be conaidered. P ane ?ubmitted by biadera vill be taken inU oonaideration M C. ME1BS, la it Quartarmaater Seneral United State CRIB, CRADLE AND BED BLANKET* and COUNTER PAN Ed, all aixee an.. ?aai tiea, B?d Comforta. *heetnca. Pi'low Liuen ant Ootiona. Towela. Napkin*, Table Clotha, Ticking* i l?oy,ie*, Ae. All at oar foverbiaiiy low frieea marked in plain ficur?a. New tomera, atrautera, aojoBmera acd eitizeni I " "TaM Y * BEO , e tr-& Pen. avenae aad MB at., ^ie^7lirBMra?Srfle^K Trnnkef Va-H* ? we are Bow aelinj ?????? ???I??? rRAYELLERS* DIRECTORY. ' Mt STEAM WISELY BETWEEN I NEW VOKK AND LIVERPOOL, I Landing and embarking pasearger* M I iueenstown, Ireland i The Liverpool. New York and Philadelphia 4 Heamship Company ??t no U;ipe.tchin? their fsli o ow?rt(i C vd?-barit iron Steamships M follows i tl eUMOW .... .Setorcat, Angust 3d. s CITY OF BALtlMOft?. M - l?tt. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And ever j Saturda?, at soon, from Pier 44, North < 1t6t. j X ATI* OF flltiM. First Cabin .#15 t Do. to London ... w _ Do. tn Keria 85 1 Do. to Haniturg ... t6 S tee rate fan l>o. to Londoa.. 84 K. to "a'ls 3* to H u rn h u r g _ ..... 16 Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rotlerdam, Antwerp, *o , at rednoed through sares. , Person* wishing to bring ont their friends ou V 5uy tickets at low ratea. I Kor ftfrther information apply at the Captains Uffioe. JOHN <B. DaL? .Agent, ? 13 Uroadwav. Tf. Y , * Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore * ^ft?^individual enterprise mfc Vt C BASTBRyLA\p WESTERN S SHORE STEAMERS. \ "KENT" Capt. J H. K rwaii < "PIONEER,"Capt. W. Norman, * Will mn their routes a* follows, leavi * Light j itreet, Batimore, foot o( Camden, at 7 o'clock A. i n, KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and landings J on Cbootank river. every WEDNESDAY and SATl'K 1)A Y, returning every Thursday and ] Monday. For Annapolisar.d West RiTer,erery TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning sa re days. PIONEER?For St. Michael's anl Eastoc, via t Mlie's River, every WEDNESDAY, and return | the same day. I For Annapolis, West River. Cambridge, Oxford f P.lirf 4V?n THIRSlU V rshirnin* by um? route on F riday Fcr Annapolis. West River, St. Miohael'sand Eatton, via Mile'* River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returninc erery Monday by wu roate Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaston Point . ? ? f 1 60 Fare to St. Michael's and Miles' Rirer^ ronna trip. ^1 ) loo Fare to W eat River, (round trip. #1L. 1 ?o Fare to Annapoti?( ronnd tno7Soeiita)__ 74 MKALS EXTRA. Ji^Freifht mnat be prepaid. Wharf and OAoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltupnre. C. K. CANNON. I,. NORTHERN 55 CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,f Calvixt Static!*, Batiraore. May 18,1861. ( On and after Suoiaj, May 19th, 1861, Trams on the NORTHERN CENTRAL KAIlWaY arrive and depart an follows, until further netioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 16 A. M. EXPRESS at S.a> P.M. HARRISBURO ACCOMMODATION at ? P. M. The 9.15 A. M. train connects at Relay Honse with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction with Hanover and Gettsburg I'ailroadt ; ar York with York and WriicKta*lile Kailr?ad;at Harr cKurp ?ifh Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebanncn Valley Kailroad to Nn* York diriet; at Northsm beriand with L ar<<l B. Railroad for Kingston and ali parts of Wyoommg Valley^and at frunnurj with the Phi'adclphia and Eno Railroad tor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.S-1 P. M train m\kes ail the above connections except Hanover Railroad, Wrifhtaville Railroa-1 act the Lebannon Vat>r Railroad. The s P. M train makes connections with Penn avlvanit Railroad for alt parta of the West, and direct oocnecta for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 610 P M.; Expre s at 7 O A. M.; Harriabnr? Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and infor i.ation inquire at the Ticket < 'ffiae, Calvert Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK,8upt. LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORR. ra uu-p The Camden ard Am boy and Philadelphia and Trends Kai.road Uomsaniee' Line from PHILAV.Y[ PH?A TO NK^Jm AND *AY ri.AUr?, in it. v> a ui-" u x f ??v f AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,willleaveaaM At fa A M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Accommodation. > . . . ? . At 6 A. M., vi* Camden and Jersey City, (N. J. Aoconimodat'on.) . At 8 A. M., v*a Camden and Jersey City.tMornir ? Mu'.l . . . I At UK A. M , via Kensington and Jersey City, 1 (Werten EIIKM-I . At LIS P. Mm via Camden and Am tx> j,< Aooommodatton.) At s P *<f., via Camdon and Amboy, (C. and A. lixpre?a.) _ At t* P M , via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) . At Of P. M , via Remington and Jersey City, (S*c<>i>d Class Ticket.) AtP P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) ; At 11* P. M., via Camden and J ersey City, (8outh1 era Mall.) At 6 P. >1 , nn Camden atid Amboy, (Aeoomno?lati >n. freight and passenger. Fi**t Ciaaa TioceU) ! Second Cians Ticket. T .fti r. M Tram runs daily. Tnellif P. ft;. Mm!, Saturday* oxct)?U*d for Beiv.dere, F.aston, l awboitvilie, Flemingtor, *o.. at7.10 A. M.; ar,<? i',i p. M., from Kenl a'ustun. lx.r Water Oap, wtrocdebnrx, Scranton.Wilkesfc.vro, Mo?>tioao, ttreat Bend, Ac., at 7.10 A.M., f ora Ko.-.siugton. Via Delaware, Lackawanna and , wrat-rn Ra?iro?d. For Mscch Chunk, Alientown and Bethlehem .at 7.1?' A M. ?nd 5& P. M. from Kensington depots , ti;e /. 10 A. M. li e connects with the train leaving i fcaston at 3i? P. ri. For Mocl: Holly at and I A. M. and t and P. M. Fur Freehold at A. M. and t P. M. F<>r Bristol. Trrntoj, kc. at 7.10 A. M..4K and I* P. M from Kensington, and tH P. M from Walnut Btreet wharf. For Pamyra Ki vet ton, Delanoo, Beverly. Burlirrtoc, F irenneoo, UorUentown. Ac., at UK, 1, ' 3, ?S and 6 P M. Steainsr Trenton for Dordcntown. and intermediate pi&oea, at 2H P. M. from Walnut street wharf. I iI7" For New Y ork and Way Lines, leaving Kensington Depot, take the oar a on Fifth street, above WaJ iut, half an hour before departure 1 he cAra run int > tt-.e de;ot, and on arrival of train run i ftom thede,k>t. t-ifty pounds of baggage only allowed toea-oh pa?r-cf<-r Passengers are prohibited from taking anything ai baggage bet their weiring apparnf All taega?e over fifty pounds to be paid for ; extra, fne company limit their responsibility fur Iterate to one n?i ar per pound, and will not be liable Tor any amount beyond one hundred dollars, except by speo'.a contract. WM. H. RATgWKR. Agent. for the WEST A*D SOUTH at?**r?ra3?? Baltimore and ohio mil. RUALI. I On and after Mat l?tn, 1861, the trams will mi as follows, vi*;?Lea*# Camden Station, Ba.nmore.?Mail, texcept Sunday.) at 5. 30 A. M.; Express dan* at 5.46 P. M. Both Trains to directly ! throiijcb fOR ALL PARTS OP THE WK8T, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENOKR8. lief ween Kaltunnr* and Piedmont take the A. M. ; Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Aoj commodaticn Train, '.eating Piedmont at 6. #> A. hi ; and between Grafton and Parkersbnrg, take j the ft S' A M Train from Baltimore. ! Tr.? FREDERICK TWAIN leaves Baltimore at 4 an P M. and Frederick at 6JD A. M. ! TUc KLLICOTT'S MILLS I B AIN leave Bali tiinore at a 30 and 9.15 A. M. and 1 45 and 6.40 P. M and t.llioott's Muit at 7.40 and 11.60 A. M .and S.45 and 7.00 p. M. ! For further information. Tickets of er*ry kind, &o.f apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agett, at Carnden Station, or at the Ticket eft-e. W. P. SMITH. Master of Transportion. L. M.CO'K.Gen'l Ticket Agent L-wwimNEW YOKK, HARLEM AND LEAVEWIL^URlp FOR ALBANY, TROY, NORTH AND WEST. SUMMER ARMAN6KME>T Corerrracini Mor.daj, May 37th, 1861. For A)>anr?ll.-OO a. m. fast express train from Mth street. For Dover Plains?4.-0H p. m stopping at White Plains and stations north to Dovwr plains?from Sttii street station. (T!j s train trill run to Millerton every Baturoay vcnlnx.) ForCroton Falls?fcl6a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordham from 36th street station. For White Plains?&S>, 4:10 and 5:00 p. m. stopping at all stations from 2Bth street station. For White Plain*?*)5 p. m. stopping at all sta> Qons from W hite ctreet station. > For Williams Bridge?7J", 11:16 a. m. aad fc30 p. m. stocDicc at a:, ctations from 27th street stitiun. Returning will Imt?Aibany?fron a. m. lut expr*** train. Dover Plain*?6*90 a m. (Thi* traia Iwvn Mil lerlon ever? Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Falie??a. m. , White Plaint?? lit, TOO a m. 4:10 A 7.-00 p.m. William* Bridge? 6:3', ?:<? *. m. A hflO p. m. Sunday train* will leave 4th Avenue corner Sd treet, for Central Park, Yorknlle, Harlem and High Bridge every few minute*, from 9HK> a. m. to 7rttfp m. JOHN BURCHlLL. Aa*t Sup't. aMB.NEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL ' USSmfSB ROAD Paaeenxer Train* leave via Pavo ma Ferry and Long liock, from foot of Chamber* tre-t, New Yock.a* follow*, via : - 7.00 *.m. ?* RKS^.for Duukirk, aad Buffalo, and puneipai icterm<- ?a*e Station*. ona. m .MAIL,lor Dackua. and intermediate I S'atiore?Thi* Train remain* ovei night at Elmira. t and proomaa the next 9.<?> a m il ILK dail., for Oueville, and inter mediate Stations. 11 00 a m , ACCOMMODATION. daily, lor Port > Jervia, and pilnoipal Stanora * 1. ?>.. NI#RT BXPRKB8. dailr. for DmI |irk, Buffalo, Canandauaa.a'i'l principal Station* The Train of Saturday Hop- at all Mail Trail I stations, and mn* only to Ktraira ' and8" * aft'i ta^Btatf* *OU AT1? N >tof Hornowtlle CH- 9. MINOT. fien'l 8a?*t. . NATHANIEL MAEStl. RaoMvir ^ J??? ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. . . 'I'ST Received oa Mnfrigamant *nebo* prime Union a. For sale low. ~ [ VRRY NICE IMMIPUNO V/fw QM. \l*o. atwge toek <4 Ra m? 1 JuTTueaa reo? vefat tne JEL& st"re IWm 1 fD-P?fo,*-. ^????i ?nwm mmmm r?? NOTICE TO TEAVELEEfc. (altimore. Ktd "-liTTnliU iTrdnir |i f toaroe) to wrMgiMd, os m4 lcr.aay, Ir sWKb lutut. the Bu i.iM of st'amors 2^teT*Jj*,I,n?r*/-VEEV DAY ay> firo* u*ir wharf. foot of Cnios I*ek, at 4fc cloak p. m., or immediately Alter (fee arrlrai oJ fclA?^*lllC!Um *r%iE- an<ek NTM WMhllllOl **H n'ciocl ?. a. ?-* ?t. N FALL*. rrm% **? J 1-r A ?,; | r HIA. W1L fpKliirASib 'X'q,^WA't^f?ia rraice lor Phnad* snia wul i?rf Preesdent etraat )*r* 0?tjJ(?*o#H8"r'<i*r?>M fouows, rms KxpreesTraiaAtt 15 A.M.-Way Mm] Traisat .45 A. M^Emini o'oiook. On ft'lT >A Y9at 4 48 P. M. only. Ak trtui ci ntwtwiU <?? York traios exoept <Ab P. M/tHtia fia Catar tn. A Freisht Train with car MMtd saves at 5 P. M . iV>M'ni at all SUtiou between ia Umormrc Harre de-?rao?. PlHisitri for Delaware and tit* FAttort J- bore if Mary'iaci wil. had the most expeditioss roste by ray of W i lnuoitn. irr All Colored Persons nut (It* bond before ntariac the oars. WM. CEAWFOEP. Agaat. K* > aT CENTRA1. ROI TKFOE SHE THE WK8T.n? HUDSON * IT a*|? HAlLKOAl> aad Air TOHK "K.yTHAL kAJLKOAP t-apreee Traies leevs tfew York o'tT depots of Hudson Elver Eallroad laily. Sundays excepted, m loltows: 'rom chambers street. From 31st st. station. It 7.00 a ? At 7 3d s in 1100" 800 p m HJS " Mftpa 3-30 p R1 I 56 p m Montreal aod H.-ffalo Trsia with sleeping ears, I.<1 p m 1 46 p m Cor.'.re11l* at Albany with the New Yark Ces ral Railroad for Pcbeneotady. R che?te'.Ttioe Satavia, Rome, and stations on Rone and weter own r v ' ail. Hnffalo. Hrraosse. Niagara Fa! a, Suspension Bridge, Asbsrn. Geneva.Cat anda>|vaTrains in connection leave Huffs'o and ?s?p?r lion ria Lake ?hor*, Kuffslo and i ake Hs-on aad 5reat Western Railroad. for Hamiltoa. Toroato, Detroit, Chicago, Toledo, Milvankie. Fon Ps Lac, La Crosse. Madison- Prairie Ds CMen. tis ma. [Jucleltb. Dnbssne, peona, * ?* Istasd, Mescaline, lows Cuy. BnrUncton, Qamer, fsrinsfteid, Mton. 9t. Loais. Cairo,Terre Hast*. ln<Tanaeo is. Lonisville, Cincinnati, 1 avtoa, Colan.bas, Cl?veand.andai: points W est, Northweet aod lotU"r*"t NORTHERN EOt'TE. Conneotinr with Trains at 1r??, with Troy A Boston and Rens A Saratota Roads for Saratof s. Whitehall, Entland, Burlington, *t. Albans, Eoaee Point, Platteturgh, Ogdensburgh, Montreal, As., fl"^ Freirht Arrangements br this roste as kbove. without chance of Cars, fro an the l??poU to Chambers and i anal atreots. are at all times aa ravoraMe a? trade by oth? r Railroad Compam*?. rhe faoilitiea of this groat Saw York K"?U,totfc* WMt coirintiHl it to the eorfdot o> of roeiohaala in ah ppera lor proraptreea and di?patoh PaauetK^r trama, with Smoking and Keeping Eiri run in oonseotion on the Nov York Contra! oad. For particn'an a* to loaal tr*lna and freight ar rar.reicf liU, insure at the depot, t>? Warret at. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. jp?w U S GOVERNMENT LINE e^25*^ro fort mo.\roe a*d oil FOiyT COMFORT. Lmtbi tho lower end of UNM'N DOCK. Baltimore, weat aido, MAILT, (Sundara icoludod,)at tXo'ol< ek P M. takinc paaaerrtra and (fight, and oonneotinr v>tb th*' Railroad iinea. to ardjron Waahirg'on, IX C., Philadelphia. New York/boo ton, York, Harr-.abarg, Pittabcrc. Pa, and tho Weat, immediate j af'er tbe arrival of the Eipreea Train from New York and Philadelphia. Tho following u the t*<*he<!u.e : From New York to Fort Monroe and baek...RM roin Phi lade! ph a and t*ok ? II" From Baltimoreacd baok ......... ? #* UJ" PROCURE YOUR TICKETS .Q In New York, at the Now Jersey Railroad O?oe foot of Courtlard atreeC In Phi arta'phia, attbeCompany'a oftoo, N. oorner of Sixth and Cheatnnt atreeta, or at the Depot. Brood and Prim* atr>et?. In Baltimore, oa board t?e Steaipera.foot of Union Dook. HUGH O'CONNE*, Passenger Agent _*-? ^ FOR BOSTON VIA NKW PORT | TKM f AND FALL RIVER. By the &p!ordid and anponor Steamera METROP'?L*, ENTIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAIN E, of great strength and eaced, but particularly adapted to the navigation of Long Island Sound, rsnmng in ooanection with tho Fall River ar>d Old Colony Rai. ro*d, diatasce of M mile* only to Bo*t<>c Leave Pior No. ? No"th River near the Battery. The Steamer UMPIRE STATE, Capt. Braylou. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fndavs, at 4 o'elook P. M., tonoLin* at Newport each war. 1ti? Steamer MR l RCTUbif, vapt. Brow*, on Tuesdays. Thnreday s a:.d 8*tarda?s, tt 4 o'oiock P. Mm touching at Newport each way. These Steamers a>e fitted with commodious t&te rooms. and ev??ry arrangement for the eecartty and comfort ot p*ssengera who are afforded by tkis route a night?' reet on board ai.d on arrival at Fail Kuer prooend per Steamboat Train.reaohiag Boston eaMy tue following morning: or may remain on board until starting of the Aeoommoaa 1 tioa at 8 A. M.? by which they may reaoh Boston about 3.45 A. ft. A bat gigr master is attached to eaofc steamer, who receive* and ti-ik'ts the i?ggage. and accompanies the came to its destination. A stesmer m? is eouneoticn with this Line ha twees Fail River and Providence daily, exoept Sundays. Freight to Boston is forwarded through with great dispatch by an Express Train, whioh leaves Fall River ever? n.onnr, Sundays 7J< o'clock for Boston ai d New Bedford, arriving at its destination at aboat 11 A M For freicht or pa> sag* apply on board or at the office on Pier N??. S Ncrth River For state rooms and be th? apply on koard. or if desired to seonre them in advance, to V\ M BokDKN.Ag't TO and 71 W est street. N V. jr?k THK RKfil'I.AR MAIL LINE GROTuN, 8TONINCTON " ^^**and PROVIDENCE, FOR BOB TON?Inland Ronta-'The s' ortest and most di / rect?Carry the Eastern Mail. The steamer PLV MOUTH ROCK. Capt. J. C. Seer, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J. W. Williams, In connection with the Stonington and Providence .and Bos-on and Pro vide noe Railroad*, leaving New York daily, Sundays exoested, from Sier No 18 North River, at f o'clock P. M., aiiC roton at 8.S> o'clecx P. M., or on the arrival of be Mail Train which leaves Boston at 6 9" P. M, The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMonday, Wedaeedav, and Friday. From Gr?ton?Tu'cdft', Thursday ,acd Saturday. The OOsHUNWKAI TH, from New YorkTnetday Thursday, and Saturday. From Groton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Passengers from Groton prooeed per railroad to Providence aud Bo* ton. id the Express Mai. f Train, reaching said place in advanoe of those by * other ronte*, and in amsle time tor all the early Morning Lines oonectmg North and Eaat. Pas aengera that prefer it, remain on hoard the s-eamer, ecjoy a nights' rest cndistarbed breakfast if desired, and leave Groton in the 7 15 A. M. Train, connecting at Providrace with the 1 40 A M. Train for Boston. Fare from ^rovidcnce to Newport, Fifty oenta. A baggage master aooompamea th* steamer and Train each way. For Pasaage, Berths, State Rooms, or Freight, mAi. V.. m r si ? k- m w*wv i j uu in'su mo e i hiuvi ? vi at iur r ici|H< Oftoe, Pier 13 North Hiver. or at th? Offioe of the C- rnpftnj, No. 116 W?t st'eet, corner of Cort land street. New York. Feb. 28.1?<. HUDS?-N RIVER RAILR'*> AD? Kor ALBANY AND TROY,CON NECT1NG with TRAIN* NORTH And WES ', Tr?m? lea re: Brom Chamber at. N.Y. From 3 th street. xpress. 7 aud 11 a. in., 7,25,11,25 a. m , and SJ6 and SJ0 and 5 pm. Sjt p. m. Troy and Albany <with 10.451> m , 'Qnndaya inaleepicg oar) 10.15 p. m elided.) Poufhkeepsie train 6, a 6.25 a. m.,and l,? p. m. m . l.u p. m Peekskitl train, 4.<*?p nt 4.25 p m. Sim SiLi train ,8.00 a m.. M6 a. m., and 4,56 and and 4 SO and a/*< w. m 8,26 p. m. Piukill train,p. m.'656p m. R. F WMITH. yoeeriatewdont. ICUWIEIII'I Annihilating Powder la the only known and best artho f ? Ants. irfoths^FiieaT' Flaas. MmW orsM TiwBaca. b*. Jt iMistM m pnim. BCHW ERIN'S PILLS are euredeatu to RaU and Mice, M. Sehweria tea reor . ?d oert,ljo&>? from the Pr?*?dett of Guard Ci'lie*? Ihrectors of P. Jail. H waiMtoo, D and Oterity floepita.. frlSTCSt atroet, P;. .ade.?:, a. aadfcr aaiaia this city Ly L H. CLARK, ooraer Pa. areona and 4X sU? and by BJV^ARK OF SPtJfcoUS IMITATIONS E Remember to aak for Schwann's Analld tC ^^None ienaine an.eas s?fnedM. Sen warn* FRKNCH ^iuc^TiK^te^artrwaievd a I Uugaand oomplef assortment ..f Military Kooss I of all kinds, m hioti the? <>A*-r from t+n Ia fe!\? I Mr Mot. below the regular retai. irMN<-is oiadiof: Anew edition of HtrdM'a Ic&nti; ud Kit* Taetiea, oomaleto, fl JS VolantMra' Minti!. J roll, 01 CofHMIIR OfHtMN'l TKIW, Ml Groaa'a MiliWj *e Wst, twk U t ?ae Poldier'a Grior, a orrr.pleta meet*) ?ad drill book for the in ol tfce Votoftteer Mi.. :ia lU th? Hoiw ?Ja?r?1. ate The Htsd Hook for tbo U. P, BoMwt. #iu tTtl 2Se ?f ivtrvoti.-ta to tfael\t? laXiwH ry IMS 1 "?* Mom. Mi> of tbe Seox .if W?. Chart*, Guide*, Ac FI>|i,Bm1|Oi sjuI Mowalaof twn d*a?n*t?oe. Any oftM a-or? aeat to ?ui fro*. PfcliNt'P AUlCitffTtlN. +? y *11 **?r*OT - ? ! ? Nfutau tad Winter m Om prio* wall, >ot isn*i? aa?i ?. ac tarulMMr t? ? AV baylr* umS ?e]le'ru i^a <*?>. *} ?? ' ***>' oar wtw>!? a a. <>( p *crfl> ,i ?y*?c 14 o- nfc*o,?h?r to Ao ?xaiaia?ion ol >u< k hjaim ? <-< ?* ?poraaaaa. ~ *MUU *ft

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