Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1861 Page 1
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r ????? -??-i ? ggg? ? THE EVENING STAR THE WEEKLY STAR. rUBLlBHBD J * ? *?> P?ll? ??4 1*?wi l?ml11"' rv <V SiL T WV W. D. WALLACH. It I I |7 I I I I I I I S9 I >| I SZZtSSZZZ. Piper. la p??lLL bfmfrm at ?4t f tV| * v yrm r ^rww^w + iZSZizz: JZ r |J*^ ADVIITIIIXI^TI ibouki 1)6 MBt 10 thl , C/ COpifl (1a WftpptW) Oil kl |WI? " T V"~- XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 13. 1861. IN-. 2.725. LATEST NEWS FROM THE SOLTH. We find in the Cinoinnati papers the subjoined interesting extracts from Southern papers t CAM At* SKHNKS IS the following evidently has reference to Capt. Semmes. of the privateer Sumter, whose mysterious arrival in England hM already been mentioned: A Richmond correspondent of the Savannah News says a certain noted captain, well known in Savannah and Charleston, will soon turn up in England, and subsequently on the high sea*, as a master of a Urge and powerful privateer, carrying the flag of the Confederate States. It is not necessary to state in what manner and by what means the Yankee blockade has been thai contemptuously violated. A gentleman of distinguish*! fawilj.well known in Georgia, accompanied the oaptain referred to, and will, no doubt, worthily represent his State on the deck of a privateer.?Nashville Courier. THR CABIMRT?BRECKISRIHGE HOT TO 00 15. Tbe Richmond Whig says:?We have reason to believe that the rumor which has found its way into some of the city press, that Mr. Breckinridge has received tbe appointment of Secretary of President Davis' Cabiaet, is without foundation. The presumption is. instead, that he will be given a command in Kentucky. Unless we are misinformed, the gentleman who has, since the retirement of Secretary Walker, o satisfactorily and ably discharged the oneroas duties of the War Department, will be retained at that post. We have heard no conjecture indulged as to who is likely to be called to the Department of Justice. TBI EXPECTED BATTLE 05 THE POTOMAC. The Charleston Mercury says: The Richmond papers still speak in confidence of a battle soon to take place between the main bodiea of the two great armies on the Potemac. Bach a battle must be terrible in its slain, and ml eritical in its consequences. But there is hardly, we presume, a man in the Confederate army, or the Confederate States, who will not gUdly nerve himself to know the certainty of sueh an event. Even as a matter of life, the hazards of a battle with the enemy are preferable to the disease and destruction which must await tbe army in the unprepared and desperate winter quarters near Cenireville and Manassas. The Confederate troops have eonquered in every battle whioh has been fought upon the Potomac. Whether their superiority consists in superior oourage and enthusiasm, or a superior use of arms, or in both of these onuses, the f?ct is unquestionable, they are superior to the United St?ie? troops in battle. Gen. Beauregard's report, just submitted, of the battle ef Manassas, stales that, at that battle, there were 23 000 men ia the Confederate army. Our readers will remember now the correct statements of oar published correspondence in this f>artioular, and with what incredulity these ew figures were received shortly before the battle. It was mistakenly believed we bad under Gen. Beauregard, from 40.000 to 60.000. Of these 28,000, there were bat 7,000 immediately engaged. What a vast disparity of number* did our troop* vanquish on that eventful daj ? And what a feartul risk was run by the previous rejection of twelve months' volunteers ! Our escape seems providential. ? * We verily believe, however, that in one day, oa a fair field, our noble army can settle forever the destinies of the South, and make us at onee a great, independent and triumphant people, while, therefore, we look with confidence to future achievements of this army, if permitted to fight, weeannot but turn with regret at its past inactivity. We are floating along relying on possibilities. details op tbi exqaobmbkt jirar rommev? c0l05kl x'dosald 8cpposbd to bb taken PRISONER [Correspondence of the Richmond Enquirer.] Winchester, Va., Oct. 27.?An engagement took place yesterday (Saturday) between Col Angus McDonald's cavalry, about 300 in num ber, and about 200 militia, under Col. Monroe aad a body of Yankee troops, variously esti mated at from 3,000 to 5,000. Our little forci was obliged to retreat befere superior num bers. The fight commenced three or four mile from Romney, whither our troops had gene U meet the enemy. After fighting sometime, it was found tha they oould not keep baek the Federals, and i retreat towards Romney followed?the enem; pursuing. Our army wagons blocked up tb< road, and the artillery could not pass, and i waa consequently oaptured.with wagons, t?nU baggage, Ac; and we regret to add that Col McDonald, it ia believed, fell into the hands a the panaera. When last seen he waa on horse back, with the enemy bat a abort distance ii the rear. Some of his friends fear he has beat killed, as the Federala, it has been stated, ex hibited no disposition to take prisoners, bu rode up to teamsters and killed them with thei sabers. Major 0. R. Fansten escaped. He wa thrown from a hone, but was carried off in carriage, and reached this place in a bruise oenditioD Some 20 or 30 of the cavalry hav reached Winchester, frem whom we obtai these particulars. Although directly from the scene of the er gagemeot, they bring reports containing dii crepancies to details. I aim to give what believe to be the most reliable. It is believe we had about twenty killed, and a numb? wounded A large number of the enemy wei killed, the artillery making road* throu/ them. The enemy are. so doubt, once more in Ron oey, and some of our eitixens fear they ma extend their visit to Winchester?forty-tw miles being the distance?but I have no sue fears A militia force left here this morning in tt direction of Romney, to check them if th< should have the temerity to advance in th direction. The oars have gone to Charleston to bring some troops from that place to go al towards Ronftiey. Of course, oar people regr that the enemy nave for onoe " stolen a marc on oar men,' mod given the invaders son caoM to "erow." an. BBAuaseARD'g retort on bdllbum. The Riofcmond papers oontain Gen. Beaur m m w/i ' Aftaial i\t f Ka Kftftla r\t P n 11 P n qmt Mumm, oa t&e 21ft of July last, ai although considerably behind the time* ia tl fut age, we fire the following ajnopiii of I publiahed ia the Diip?t?h : Gen. Beauregard opens with a statement hia poeition antecedent to the battle, and tfce plan proposed by hiai to the gOTcrnme ef the junetion of the armies of the Shena doah and Pototeao, with a view to the reli of Maryland and the eaptare of the city Washington, which plan waa rejected by t President Gen. B. states that he telegraph to the War Department on the 13th of Jul the contemplated attack by Gen. McDowe urgently asking a junction of Gen. Johnsoi force# with hia own, aad continued to ma urgent request for the tame until the 17th JaJy, whea the Praeident consented to ord Gen J oh neon to his assistance. Gen. Besui gard goes on to state that his plan of bati aeeigaed to Gen. Johnson an attack on the I at or near Centrerille, while he bimaelf wn command In froat, but the condition of t roads prevented this. It wee than decided to receive the attack the enemy at Ball Ron. After the enga| ment at Blaakbura'a Ford, on the IStk, Qt beeuregard waa ? nrinoed that Gen. McDo all's pnaeipal demonstration would be ma oa oar left wing, and ha than formed tha id of throwing forward a suffle ent force by oc verging reads to ettack the eoemy's reehrre Ceotrerille, so soon as the main body of t latter besoms inextricably engaged oa the le Lata in the day, tadiag that Gea. Swell, w was posted as the extreme right of oar Ui had not awvad forward ia aoeerdanee with t programme and the speaial order which h been sent to him, Gea B dispatched a ooar; to Gea. Bwail to inquire the reason why t Muar had Mia* t? a^raaps) gad received iff! I 1* reply from Gen. Ewell saying that he had not received any such order. The enemy'a atUck having then become too trong on the left to warrant carrying out the original plan, at it would take three nours for (General Swell's brigade to rfcieh Centrtvi'le, it became necessary to alter this plan, change front on the left, and bringup oar reserves to that part of the field. This movement was superintended in person by General Johnson, General Beauregard remaining to direct the movements in front. At the time when Gen. Kirby Smith and Gen. Early came up with their divisions and appeared on the right of the enemy, our forces on the left occupied the cord of the arc of a circle, of which the aro itself was ocoupied by the enemy?the extremes of their lines flunking ours. The appears nee of Smith 's and Early's brigades, and their chare* on the enemy'a right, broke the lines of the latter and threw them into confusion, when shortly afterwards the rout became complete. Gen. Beauregard acknowledges the great generosity of Gen. Johnson, in fully according to him (Gen. B.) the right to carry out the plans he had formed with relation to this campaign. in yielding the command of the field after examining and cordially approving the pl*n of battle, and in the effective co-operation which Gen. Johnson so chivalrously extended to him on that eventful day. Be remarks that the retreat of our forces from Fairfax immediately previous to the engagement of the 18th, is the first instance on record of volunteers retiring before an engagement, and with the object of giving battle in another position. The number under his command on the 18th July are set down at 17.000 effective men. and on tho 21st te 27,000, which includes 6,2(00 of Johnson's army, and 1.700 brought up by Gen. Holmes, from Fredericksburg. Th? killed on our side in this ever memorable battle, is stated in the reports to have been in number 393, and the wounded 1.200. The enemy's killed, wounded and prisoners, are estimated by Gen. Beauregard at 4,500. which does not include the missing. [Gen. McDowell's report, published some time ago, contradicts this statement.] THE WILDCAT frlflHT. The editor of the Nashville Patriot gives some account of the repulse of Zollicoffer by the Federals at Camp Wildcat, Ky. We quote from a letter dated Camp Buckner. Oct. 2tfth : We arrived last nijjht from our battle at and retreat from Camp Wildcat, 50 miles beyond this. We went forward with 6,0<>0 men, arrived there last Saturday night, worn out, wet and hungry, attacked the enemy, 7,000 strong, intrenebed and fortified to resist an attack of 15,000 safely, drove them from one of their intreochments. and were preparing to drive thettt from another, when We received news that they were being reinforced, and thought it was about time to retreat. This was don# in good order, and as if we were 20,000 strong. We lost in killed, 11; wounded, 42. We took 20 prisoners and killed a good. many of the enemy, though we do not know the number. Every man was a hero on our side, and men who were at Cerro Gordo say that no botter charges were made there than those made by the commands of Cols. Rains and Newman. SICKXES8 I2? CAMP. TKa r\ f #Ka Plinfnn Pitfi'ftf ?Ka V\ n ? just visited Camp Moore, Tennessee, says there at quite a number of cases of measles in the camp. The yellow fever is also prevailing at East Baton Rouge. THE COAST DEFENSE OF GEORGIA. The Attakapas Register sajs that four gunboats for the protection of the ooast of Saint Mary and adjaaent parishes against the foraye of the Federals, are nearly ready for service. BEAl'REOARD A*D tlcCLELLAND COMP iREU. 1 Dr. Russell, in one of his late letters to th< London Times, writes: When I had the pleasure of conversing with ' Gen. McClellan for the first time, he a^ked me several questions, with evident interest and 6 friendly curiosity?not unusual on the part of generals in reference to their antagonists?re8 specting Gen. Beauregard. In his case there 3 was all the more reason for suoh inquiries, in the fact that they were old fellow students and 1 class-mates. To my mind there is something 1 of resemblance between the men. Both arc y below the middle height. They are botb e squarely bailt, and famed for muscular powei 1 since their college days. Beauregard, indeed '* is lean and thin-ribbed; McClellan is full and ' round, with a Napoleonic tendency to emboli ' paint, subdued by incessant exercise. Beauh regard sleeps little; McClelland'a tempera 11 ment requires a mil snare ot rest; botn arc D spare and Spartan in diet, studious, quiet Beauregard ;s rather saturnine, and, if no ' melancholic, is of a grim gayety; McClellan it r genial even in his reserve. The density of th< 8 hair, the squareness of the jaw, the firmnes * and regularity of the teeth, and the outlines o d the features are points of similarity in both * which would be more striking if Beauregari n was not of the true Louisiana Creole tint, whil McClellan is fair-complexioned. Beauregar ' has a dark, dull student's eye, the dullness c which arises, however, from its formation, fo I it is full of fire, and its glances are quick an d searchiog. McClellan has a deep, clear ey< ,r into which yna can look far and deep, whil ' you feel it searches far and deep into you ;h Beauregard has something of pretension in h manner?not hauteur, but a folding armec > meditative sort of air, which seems to sa; y "Don't disturb me; I'm thinking of militar, 'o movements." McClellan seems to be always i h leisure; bat you feel at the same time you ougl not to intrude too much on him, even when yo '* seek in vain for the grounds of that impreasit >7 in anything that he is doing or saying. Beai w regard is more subtle, crafty and astute; M Clellan is more comprehensive, more learne* so more impressionable Beauregard is a tho t ough soldier; McClellan may prove be is >h great general. The former only looks to mi itary consequences, and disregards populi manifestations; the latter respects the opini< of the outer world, and-sees political as well e- military results in what he orders. They ai n, both the creatures of accident, so far as the ad present positions are conoerned. It remaii lis to be seen if either can control the current It, events and If in either the artilleryman or tl cavalry offiser of the old United States Arn of there is the stuff around which history of moulded, suoh as that of whioh the artiller nt m*Q of Brienne or the leader of the Ironsid n- was made. let - ? - ? of Amkkicax Actors Abroad ?Edwin Boo he is at the Haymarket, London, John Bron?ha ed nod George Jordan are at the Princess' The y, ter. At tha latter theater, Pocahontas h 11, been prepared, Miu Rom Leclerq aa the her ?'a in*. Mrs. Bowers is at the Lyceum. Di< ke Bourcicault and wife areat the Adelpbi. of The eritio' of the London press differ wide ler as to the merits of young Edwin Booth ai re- tragudian. The London Timea (jivee perha tie the fairest estimate of his abilities. It aa eft that11 He doea not awaken the sort of admit ild tion which approximates to surprise; hot as he jadioioos actor, gifted with an excellent voic whieh he tarns to good acooant, he fairly m? of ited the applause that he received." re- Mr. Forrest now plaja fonr nights a week in. the Boston Theater, inatead of tore*, w- Mr. Wheatlay revived the "Tempest" da tha Continental, Philadelphia, laat week. J ea produce* " The Syrea of Paris" on Monday, in- Mr. Wood ia about opening hia theatre at Cincinnati, with hia taleatad wife (nn EH he Logan) aa the leading lady. ft. Mrs. Robert Bruugh, widow of the lament ho poet and dramatist,has renamed the stage, v ia, der her maiden name of Romer. be Mr. and Mrs Charles Kean war* at Por ad mouth, England, and were annoaaoed to i ier pear in "Othello," for the first time in tb ha teen years They would proceed theooe ia Birmingham and Brighton. > ia THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! 4 The Ftillett and >lott Reliable News from the Seat ?t Goverrtltfent! i Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! Tbepresent year is undoubtedly the most eventful lo the political history of this country, and the record of occurrence? transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturally ol striking and rfmarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that passe* here la most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and Improvements In the weekly Issue of the Washington Stsr to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paier has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty'tiro columns, filled with choice J and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of t^e " Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price Ot the paper upon which it Is printed. It Is our deterrhination to make the Wekklt Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that It shall absolutely be Tn. n... P.UIT. Wmni V Nvwivipii iw tub World!!! 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MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 364 Pennsylvania Avenne. oc 16 ec3m ' PBKRONKR'8 ? HILADELFH1A LAGER BEER! i 9. STERNBERGKK, BOLE AGENT, , No. 323 D Strkkt, (Adjoining Star offloe.) A largt supply oonstantly on hand. oa 15-1 in piREMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital TT... 800,000. i 0#l?? ttmtr O itrwt mnd L<mw\mn* ?., hit Bnnk af . INSURE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Dulbctoks. Geo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barclay, . Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Both well, Thos. Parker. Rithard Blrrf, B. B. Frenoh, Dr.C. W. Davis. No oharje for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President J ABM. O. Davis. 8eor?tary. au 9 eofcm WATCH REPAIRING AN U SILVER WARI MANUFACTORY; J I hare one of the boat establishment*, and furJ alshed with a oomslete set of tools for repair3 inj every description of &ne Watches, and articular attention (ire to the same, oy ' ihoi -urhoompetent workman .and a. work (Jiflp-an '? tied Also, every desonp ion of standard Sil.V EM Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufaoturea unoe: T my own supervision, which ray oastomers will fine 8 fkr superior in aualify and finish to northern wan > sold by dealers in (?neral and represented as theil wn manufacture. H. O. HOOD, Nl SS8 Pa. a?*nin?. nmr S?b ' rj U N ~B OATS 7 Qumrtirmastir Gtntrnl't QJitt, I s Washington City. July li,\0Ei.\ Z Plans and SrccincATioNs for hulls of Out Boats for the Western rivers are on exhibition a this offioe, and at offioes of Quartermasters a , Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Louis ana Alton. * Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bida should b< kt sent to Ouartermaster Geueral of the United State ., Army, at Washington, by 1st Au gust, at noon. In. C. ftlE1GS, Jr 19 Bri<. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen't. ~ I INION PAPER AND ENVELOPES.?Twen i, U tyidifferent styles of Note and Letter Paper, , with Envelopes to matoh. y Views of Washington in the form ol a Koee, an * in Hook form, also, separate W Ail the Uail/ and Weekly Papers constantly 01 I hand. HeraM,Times,and Tribune rooeivedever eight at 6 o'clock. Papers from ail parts of the country. ' Beadle's Dime Novels and Song Books. .. A fresh supply of Books for summer reading oheap A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Keid' Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories, Ao. A discount ol 10 to So per oent. on all bound book - FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, mil National Books U>r?. MTW Pa. av. SOMETHING NEW?SUPERIOR HULLE CURN.?Tbe subjoriber, having got the agenc to supply Washington ami Georgetown with th delioate preparation of Corn, would respeotfull ask of his friends, and the pubi c at large, to gn it a trial. Also, Popped Torn, elatn ard sugared WM BRADLY,Agent. '? Pa. avenue, between 18rh and 19th sts. N. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Mom ments, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a w?] on hand. oc 19 8m WALL. STEPHENS & 0O~ 383 Pbhimtlvaiiia Avinvs. MILITARY AN DNAV A L ? merchant tailors, ll> AND KEADY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN 6ENTLI ''I MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, eg ? (Intel. A Repub.) I 'IDOO n/kiXL Biuii&t ?r ilwars on bind,or made to order at the short* notice. H?.r Wort reared or exchanged, e N? B.?Ladles' Hur Dred in thr uoit u'lf ? m? 10 OLANKEiS, COHLFORTS. SHhK 1 l.NUI M O Towels, Napkins, Doylies. tad other Di Goods for the wants of bossekeepers and fami he One pnoe only, narked m plnta hen res OtGU.. ? Pa. arenas and Ninth at, ?it oe? 6t MPerry Beildiny" o' rpo MILITARY OPPICKKJB AND UTHttft: S BATCHMLOVSQBHAIR DYE. f? TK* Only Reft*}l? mmd Harris* lF?tr Dv* Xa?w 80M by ail Droffiats; also, at Bfcurron's Pate Melieins stora, i p. Patent Oim,?u;. F & 7th, Boa JuunsTo*, AltinoRi LOCI HOSPITAL, iitt?trtd lit HUft Orimtm, 8p*tdf mmd mtf Efftttual Rtwudf M Ik* world, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. let NO FALSE DELICACY pretext. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. #<<# * ?f '->* tt:l,**, Af *ctioe* tH U* 114 ?;* aod ?'.:"*** r .:L*r1*an ."h*cn?rgt?, lnpot*nct, Central n*bili(7, Jj*f. !* ?#*?, iS?p?p*r, Lanewor, Co?fm*i?? ] *r ld*u, Low Spifv.a, w lb* H*?n, Timidity, Trambling*, Pimn*** ef Bigm or 0tdttntm, l)h*iM if til P*ad, Throat, No** or Skin, Af*ctm>* of It* Lun, l:mtcf> c~ Bo#*"t*?t*>??* T?mbl* Diaord*r* aruiif from S?ti- . ury HaUti ef Tcsih?ik*>* Prtadfal and D**u~vcut* Pratuc** which rtiidtf f*??r?4j* i?upo**ill*, and d**u*y k?(k Bad* and Miod. YOUNU ft Elf EapaciUly whi ha?a b*can* tii* nctis* a* SwVwary TUa, that draadfal and daair?CU?* habit which anrrM^f rwaap* U an iint'milf frav* thoaaand* at Vw|M*uo( (ft* mvmt flatted talent* and brilliant intellect, who might etherw If fc??* 4r*raae*d ketemnf B*na'.?* with th* thandtr* of !?qaand ? w?Md t? ttmitj th* Imuf lyr*, may call with rail ceofdtnif. Marriage. Mauri id PBftfO!?t,or \ote f #!?n eoowmpUUo^ Ms# n?(?, beinf ttin Of pn;ilCII Vliuna, n(?i, mm ?y I deformtuee, Ac., epeedil* cared. Ho who pl*c*a him**tf under the ear* of Dr. i. nay <?Kg?eealy cotiflde id bii honor ae f ontleman tod tectdealif rely ?pon hi* (kill u a pbyeician. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDS RICK ST. left hand eidajoinf fron Baltimore etroot, a few dear* frea tilt corcer. rail not (o obaerre naire aod ouht. Lena re meat it paid and contain a etamp. DR. JOHNSTON, Membdraf the Rrjal Collere M Sarceone, London, fradaata from one of lb* modt eirment Collefee is tha United taut, and the rteater part of whoa* hfe baa been epent ta thl bejpliaia of London, Paria, Philadelphia and ea? where, hat enettld wrS* ef th* moat aatoniebtof ear** that vara erer known; many troubled with rinfinr in tJba haad and aara #han aalatp; gttat ner?o?*ne*?, beiec alarmed at aaddan sound*, bathfalnaaa WllA freqaein blaabinf, attandad apma'jmat with derangement of mlrtfl, wafa ctred noa*' TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taanf Man a*"l otbero who have injarad themeelvee by atrtain practic* inwqgt# "> whao a loo a?a habit frequently learned from ami companion^, **r at tehool, tha alatu af whicn ara nightly felt eren whan ati<(p(andif not cared, rendtra marnife impoeaihie, and deatrora b<X& reind and bodr, ahoold apply iwinediatelr. Three are come of the ead and melancholy affecte produced t4 f'ti* hahita of routh, ?it: Weakneee of tha B>tk and Limit, Fain* frttbe Head, Dimnete of 8ipbt, Loei of Ma*ca<*r Power, Palpitation ?.? toe Hejrt, Dyepepey, Nerroae irritability, Derangement of tod ?7t???ti?t Function*, General Dehi.ity, Symptome of Coneamptino, it. VlNTtLLT.?Th* fearful effect* on th* micd * much I* b* dreaded?L?et of Memory, Confueion of ideae, OeitiHin af Spirit*, E?il Foreboding!, Arereioo of Society, 8elf-0ietraet. Love of Solitude, Tin-idity, etc., are *ora* of th* *'il* I pfjductd. fHTOt'i PMILITY.?'Thoa*ande can naw (edge wbat te th* cnua4 of thtir declining health, loeing t+i*ir rigor, be Cora in f weak, pa-l, r*r?iue and emaciated, hanng a eiagalar appearance about :ae eye#, c-*;fc cr eyrcptome of cooeanptian. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin th* mieguided and impru ient rotary of pieatare tad* h* ha* imbibed tn* **<d* of thl* pamfal dieeaee, it toaaf'ta happen! that an il1-tim*d eenee of ehama or dread of dieco**ry <?*t*n Mm from applying ta thoa* who, froa adacation and f?e^?ctibi!it?, can ?ione ?friend him He Talla iota tha ha.,4* of i| ,L]*af;t and denf ning pretandera, wbo, incapable ef curing, f'?h fit! pic6t."isry euhetance, keep him trifmg month after monifl, " at lohg at tni tratlleet fee can ba obtained, and in deepair leaH him with rttirNd Lealth to eirb e?er cie galling dieappoiaimeot; of yf ? < ** *f (hat deadly pa 1*00?5]ereury?ha*i*o th* eoiiatUB'iotiai *f nrntone af thie ttrribl* diaeaee, each ae Afec,ianeof the Heart, Tbraat, Head, Mt1~, An., nrorreMinf with frif htfal rapidity, till d*- pat* a panea t* SV if'tidfal aaftrinf* by *?ndiof hint a that acd<*e*r*r*d caKU? what* baarn* oa traraUr r*tarn* DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTEfiGV y thi* rr*at and Important r*m*dy w*akn*?* ti t?< *f|**i tie ep**duy car*d and fall eigei raatar*d. Tbaaaa&d* af IS* a*t narraa* and debilitated, wha had laat all bapa, ?er* b**a imm*diat*ly r*li***d. Ail impedimani* t* Marna(?, PhyalaaJ a* M*ntal Dtaqaalllwuaoi, baa* af Pnwiujm rawer, l*r>?<* IrrttabiliiT. Trtmklina and W**ko*** ar Cxhawuao af U* ma*t f*trfa! klad apttuLf i?r*d. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HE PRESS. wiaa M a w t Taoriinoi cirid at th I* loattiauan withla Ut lut aaraoiaao Tikn, and cha iuiihi impafUV. ??rgi- I Ml pvrmUMi parfarrrart ty Dr. Jahuaian, wiuiaaaad by IB* I rapanara ! uia papa ra ana du; Klin Miwni, ? which have appaarad again and again bwri lha rablic, haa'.daa bta (landing a ganilarnan af cbaraetar and raapanaiMH*?. U-a,tsjjj?iant pafan^i ta ib? aBictad. mar lb-1 j itOTIC E. This Company offers to the public ** Unequalled Advantages'' for the Safe and Quick IHspatoh of tie&vy Freights Packages, Valuables, Money, io. Jc? *" ail parts of the United States. Expresses in Ati4 from the North and West dePVt from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in oharge 01 tzp9ri*nt?d and rtliablt Messengers. AU Packages for The Soldiera carried at "oifl UALT" oar usual rates. All Goods idf tJie eo-oalled "Confederate State*" and all Artiolea * Coulrata?4 of War" will ba Rsrvajp. Our Expresses leave New York at t.?, acd 9 P, M ..^arriving in Washington at 6A. M and iJtO Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8JB A. M. and 11 P. >1., arriving in Washington at 6 So P. M, and 8 A. M. Expresses leave 8a.timore at 4 an A. M. and 3 P. M..arriving in WasLietton at 6 A.M. and 530 P M. | Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2jn p. M. daily. Special Contraots tor large quantities of Freight can be made on application to this < >ffioe. All Goods sailed for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. \V. PARSONS, Uia A Ha ma' fc'rnras PAITI WS.F1 T Washington. Xugust M, 1S61, ' an 2?-tf YWOOD AND COAL. UU Will surely set your rru>aey's worth by oalling at the PIONEER MILLS, fwiiwitl tor ' ?ir of tyvtntk ttrtiI and Cnntil, (GEO. PAGE, Agent.) Thoy mil nheaper and give better measure than any others in the &Ity-e?t. split, and delivI ered freo of charge. If you doc 11 eiisre . t w the Pioneer Mil's a tna., and be satisfied ? t-lT-r | JJOO*8 AMD BHOBSg Bf llr VU Wears now manmft.3turing"all kinds of BOOTS J aid SHOES, and oor.stantiT receiving a^fta ' suyylj of eastern made work of every de HHH sanction, made expressly to order, and willw ] be sold at a much lower srioe than has been* Wm+ heretofore charged in this sily for EBtoa tafenet artioea. Persons in want of Boots and Shoes of eastern ei city made work, will always find a cood aasorimea i la store and at the 'owest ynoes. Cits is a call. R1FF1N * BRO., t A RMV SUPPLIES. 8 A JUST RECEIVED? ? 490 cans SAUSAGE MEAT, 2?0oans FRESH TOMATOES, 48 can. FRESH VEAL, 990 cans BEEF Li la imu, 240 cans ROAST BEEF, WOoans t-RESH MUTTON, MO cans BEEFand GRAVY, d 34" cans SOUP and BOUILLI, a SO eases FR ENCH DE3SICATED VESE TABLK8 5 Fer sale at New York Factory srioee. 7 KING A BURCHELL, se I Corner I and Fifteenth itreets. nbWbooks. 1 STORY of the United Netherlands, by Johl Lothroj Motley ; 8 vols.; free h* mail, S4. The Rise of the Dutch Republic, a history, b] t Jonn Lothroy Motley; i to s. :oiotn; free by mail Silas Marner, the Wearer of Rareiol, by tbi _ author of "Adam Bede cloth ?Boents ; ytyer u eents. .. Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wwtroi li Sarseant; S1JA i. After Icebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voyaf ri to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rer Louis L Nob e; #1.50. The Maaui&ctare of Photogeme or Hydro-Car ton Oils, by Thomao Antisell, M. D., fl.TO. .. Any of the abore free by mail. . FRENCH A R1CHSTE1N, ay It 9TE Poena. arenue. - W BOYS' CLOTHING. "" E Hare reoeired within the last day or two I arte assortment of HOYV SPRING CLOTH INu. embracing all stiles of low-prioed, merlisn and fins qualities, which we are selling a t rer ivw vriooa iwt u??n. r WALL, BTKPHKNB * CO., 399 Pa. IT., between Hii and Mb ma. g B (Intellmwwr md ~ \\K OFFER TO MILITARY MKN a Ian i t whioe we invite ail cuu wwm? to mm before makinc Ueir eejeebogs. I WALL, 0TCPH?N8 * CO., S99 Pa. av., between Mb and lou mm. ? m Tt f Intel lie eneer and R*?ubUeaD.) 3. 11 rj raupQN'rs ?UNPOWDER, u ?toTvmrs&^-T?c, "MarariSi BUC?WHBAT FI^VWBEAT FLOCR. CKftO ? ^iSSSteiBv HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENT*ATMD? Compound Fluid Extract Bmchu, A ftMhri and BpottJU hrwudjr For Dimum of t*.e BLADDER, KIDNEYS. ORAVEL.iai DROP* MCAL SWELLIN?B. Thte M-dieme inoreaaee tbe mtk of JHtwOon, a-d excitee the ABaoBBKNTe into hMltaj Mtiot, by whioh the wtTUT 01 c?i.cBBore depaemoae, bad 1 1 VSJATCBAL B!tL 101M *nTt are m veil u nix a>d iirLA**ATioB, and u |o*i MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Wrtknerti Ariainc from Exr*eeee, Habtta of Diootytto?, Early lidieor?t?on or A' ?ee. Attended *<tk Ik* Following Sympfmt: Indufioeiticn to Exertion, LoeaofPevor, t.oea ofM'mnn. Difiouity of Rr?athin?, Weak NerjreC, ?.Tr?*btUi, Horror of D eraie, ^ nknfv 1 oeae, Dimneee of Vitioo. . Pn? In the Book, UniTerra1 Laaaitade of tbB Maecnlar l^atem. Mot Handa. P7?fc>n? of the B<~Ay, Dry ne*a ofthe ?*kin, E?a?tl?>ne oa the Faae, PAiLID CorHTt!?*VCf. . . . Theee aympt< m?. 11 a owrd to go >?. whioh thie medicine invariably rrranvH, aoon fo .'*F? IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of trkick tkt Patient may Erptrt. Who oan tay t^a' they are not freooetly followed by thoee "Diasrri. d:?ea?b?." M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are ** a-? of the eanee of tholr atfTerinf, BUT HORB WILL CONfree THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLl'MB And tke Melancholy Drmiks hy Conrmmpf?ea. SKA* AMP LB W1TMB?S TO THB TBTTH OB TBI aaaaBTiod. ,??i..?mai /tainv AOPVn*V*n THIS II I K'.* u.xvr. nrr oviav WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid of medioine to strergtbea u4 iDTiionta the fritM whiob HELMBOLD'9 EXTRACT BUCHU tnvariably dm* A T1UL WILLCOIITIitCl Tllfc MOST MBFTICAU FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Matty AgttKont Peculiar ( Ft mcU*t I the Extract Buoflu is uneemLl d by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or ket^cUua, Irr'gu an'*, J Painfulnees. or Suppression o< CnsiotnarT t. ?o| NsUons. Uiofrateo or Schirrous state of the Uterus, Leuoorrbea or Whites, SterilBy. ?bd foj ail | oomplamu incident to the srx, whether arising | from lodieoreuon. Habits of Diaalpatioa, or la U*e DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE ! BKK SYMPTOMS A BO V *. 910 FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT IT. TaJf no more Baltam, M*rn$rf, er Vnphioimml M*dtci*? /er Unplta*a*t and Dangtrowt DlttatU 11 ELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU cvua SECRET DISEASES In all their Stages} At little Eifeaeot Little or no onabge in Diet; No lDOOBTeaieneei And no szpMsn. It causes a fre*u nt desire ajd tires strength Bo l"rmat?. the-ebj Rem ring ww ioUud*. Preventing and Caring Smetares of the Urethra. Allaying rainaod In flair a??.ti<>r. k> frunMt in th? kliu of diseases, aoo i TrsJIIng nil p?\tonoui, bistAKd, and *tom out Matltr. TRoCiiNM rros THor?i>n? WHO HATS BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have pad Aeavpj*t> to beeurod uiiliort time, have f.miH th? r ?eie deosived, a Mi taai Um *'Pouon" baa, by the uae aiinainUf'' been dried up id tbe ? j ?le m, U> break vat to aa aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARJL1AOE. Ui" HKLMUULDt EXTRACT BUCBU ail affection* an 4 di?e4e*a ul tbe C&1RABT ORttASI, whether exieUnt in male or feu alb, from whatever oaui* oruinatiag and i-o matte* af HOW LONG STAND1NO. Diaeaeee of tbeee Organa repair* tae aid af a IhfUTIC. HELMbOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCBU 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it te oeitaia to have tbe deeirad efleot la Dieeaoea/er *e*?ca il u rtetmmendad. BTIDBHCB OP TIB HOST BB8P0RI1BLB ABB BW LIABLI CBABACTBB will>o?ompany the medioinee. CERTIFICATES OP CURBS. From 8 to 30 ycart' etaadlBg, with Name* known to SCIENCE AND FAME. -PHYSICIANS" PLKASS "NOTICE* wn KAKB "BO UCIBT" OB 'IFOBBDIBBTa r HEUMBOLI>'B KXTIiCT BVCUV ia oompoeed of Maeba, Ca*ebe and i iup?r Btrntk aelaotod with t rMt oare by a ooayatm Aracgiat. PREPARED IN TACU&, BT U. T. UILHIOLD, Practical and Analytical CbotniaU and Sola Maauiaotarer of HILMBOLD'8 G&NULNE PREPARATIONS affidavit. PeraonaUr upetrM nt-lora ma. an Aidaneee ?f tbe city or Philadelphia, U. T. Hblmbolb, w^o being daiy awe a, doth cay. bia preparation* memi tain no uaroot o, no aaeroar j, or oUiar lajnnoaa d,ul tatw tatU ieuuolb. Swor" and aabaanbed beA?re ma, Ui*|Hb a+1 ' November, 1164 WM. P. HlBBnpl , Aidxuiaa, Nlatb at. ajorekaM. rail*. > PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE , FROM 8 A. M. TO t F. M. a.u? ai kaaaftA. mr aix ^ M. Dobvorod to My ftddrwa, eeeerely pMtoi tnm ob?itMio*. Add r?M itmia for ufametwe La iriHmt to H. T. HKLMBOLD, CktmiM, I Dopot, 1M Soatk Tntl aU, tokrv CfcMtaat, PfcUk ? SKWA1I OF OOCNTftftFftlTft .. AMD UNtAJNCltLRD DMAl.glM 1 JMotM*c OiMiM fliynn, L ?? Jj??< Joita, ? ? Jmrnmd MHHHUU BoM by B. B. Wajtb, X. D. tajui, j?a - Woji. B. C. P?Ub & ? Birmnn S (X Muo|? KjywvUi * lawn. J. ft. Hani. WMkuvfo* AMt> ALL DM0Q91ST8 MTMMTWBXAM. m tf ASK YOft HKLMBOLD *8. tiaiooxm. C?< OVCQM UmtiMMtt M4 M?< lor M. AND avoid i*rciin<?N wmt rxrtmW** Dmeritt Sfmpttmt At mil Ci?aMi'nf??u ?*~iy? ^4 l" # i

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