Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1861 Page 2
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\ THK K* EMw'sTAR. c . ?MSi?tMiTON0ITTs fXDnrsuw *a?ewber II, I9?l. ^l*aa Pi fn>o? the vmIom military campa aad ^ p*>?Wona *1)' , pr(?r n ftTnr by kirplng 01 pMMi M to m*i iD'b'i and affSlrs tn tWr [[T1 To our rw<l?i* wc would mv that tbe ti*t and a??-ond tdl'lon of tbe Star can b? h?d tn Baitlm*** of V. F Hitelton, agrnt, No "I W??t H?'Uo*>re t!n>et, near Gay?the Irit rdttloo a* half ra?t four *nJ tbe arcond at eight e'rlork. oi? errlvnl of tbe trains from Wash- ' !?gto?. all tbr lot*at newa from the teat of war rip Hi tbr time rrf j^>|nn to preaa Spirit ?( the Ntralag frtu. Tbe ImttUiffHt'r tbla morning treata upon King Com," and the fttfubiitan npoa Cotton." _ OCR niLITART BrDCIET. rLACBc mcma aaatgT. Oapt McKeevor, Oervtal Fremont'a chief Adjutant General, reached Washington vealerday oToaln*. and, wa hear, baa been placed under arrtat by ?*m. McClellan's ordere on some charge or rhargea Vought by Gen Cnrtla. growing out of Gea. Fremont'a ordera cenaurlng Gen. C. It eetna to be underatood tbat tbe chargea at length Malaat*C?pt McK. have not yet reached headquarVra here. GBMERALS MKLaOJt AHD WILLIAMS. General Nelaoa, who commanded the Union force at the batUt of Ptkeville, Ky., (an account of wtal-h wa publlah to-day,) la a Lieutenant In tbe U. 8. Nary, and a Kenturklan. Early In tbe froubloa there he drew bia sword In the cause of the Union, and aoon came tn command quite an amy of Rentackiaua he had gathered aronndhtm. He la an accomplShed as well aa a gallant and ofltrr The commander of the rebel force, so signally defeated by h'm?General W1'llama?was an offlcer of the Tennessee Volunteers in Mexico. He woo to much fame at tbr battle of Cerro Gordo, aa that, ever since he baa b*?n kno#n In tbe enica aa ' CfTVo Gordo Williams ' He has no uperior la '?fie disunion army TH* rMMO.Nt COSSriHArt Editor Star Tbe 'iermau branch of the Fremont conaptracy out vreat seems to have reached its culmination point The Chicago Staats /??tw.g brought a few dava ago the news that tho Eleventh Wisconsin regiment had refuaed to mvth from Madiaon to Missouri, becauae Frarjont had been superceded in command IR Maacatine, Iowa, a German meeting has >*an held, at whieh a resolution waa adopted I declaring that It would have been better to dts olve twenty cabinets than to supercede Fremont Secretaries Cameron and Reward are more eagerly attacked by Rfd-repnblican papers, such as the .ivsetgrr dts Wattm*, st St. l.oui*. (two abaeat editors of whifh are our Consuls In Bremen and Zurich;) the Staatt Zi'tuns, at Cbi^apn, (the owner of which is Consul in Kiatnore:) the New York Abtrd Zutung, (Xiir editor of which enjoys a lucrative position In the New York custom bouae,) tbe Dav> npor r;siK>s.', and one or two more papers?loan lias ever be?*n done by the fiercest democratic sheet* Tney opeuly talk treason and Incite the masaes to diaobedlence. That tbe whole ruo /eme .t is au artificial one appears from the fact that in Gen. Blenker'a division, composed of Germans of all political shades, nothing of tbat kind hu been visible. And I sui fi'miy conviuc.d tbat if the abovo-mention?-<l papers have bet!, reminded of tbelr culpability for preaching rebellion and disobedience to th? HofltihitiAn ar.d lh<* rftiintrw tha hnnmf Hit# deluded Germain of tte West will soon come to 1be*r sens,s How little Fremont deserve* the confidence of tbe Germans la evident from the f<?ct that be has tnated with shameless ingratitude tbe German topographical engineer who accompanted him on bis exped.tions, and to whom he owes bis sclentiflc reputation aud glory Fremont, tbe million* Ire! The widow acd the orphan children of tbe unfortunate Charles Preus< stillclaim of Fremont, the millionaire, the hard-earned salary fur (be last expedition A man wh? can thus treat his companion of many perils and sufferings, and to whom he Is ludebted for so much, is hardly fit to be the "idol" of our intelligent German citizens. Let them remember that man-worshipping will not do In a republican country, though it may be all right In Europe. They say tbey are all for tbe Union, bat tbey must not forget tbfct Inability aping of oriental court m<nners and splendor will certainly not save tbe Union, especially if tbe?e ? idol-like'' qualities are accompanied by most stupendous frauds and peculations. axti-Hcmbco. A COflfcoISSAKlE 15 PORCB ACROSS TUB POTOMAC 811 regiments of Infantry, and two batteries of artillery, and three companies of cavalry, under command of Gen He!atil?man, made a reconnotsaance yesterday &s far as Occoquan Creek, about twesty-flve miles Washington, or elgh'een miles from Alexandria. The entire force ffrat went ?o Poblck Cburcb, and there divided, portion taktpg the telegraph road to Rurk's Station on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad Tbe ether tbe road to a point on tbe Occoquan Creek, about three miles from the Potomac river The latter crossed Pohick and Accotink creeks, and reached Occoquan without meeting with any opposition. Captain Todd's company of Lincoln Cavalry, wblcb was with the party that went in Ibe direction of Burk s Station, were sent out to make a reconooi*>sance In advance of tho Infantry, and whea several miles from the other part of (he division they were suddenly surrounded bv a large number of rebels who baa l?een concealed in the woods. Thelr only hope of escape, therefore, was by cutting their way through, and a skirmish accordingly occurred, the cavalry effecting their purpose, but with a loss of three men killed, one wounded, and three taken prisoners, iuclud'ng, It Is supposed. In tbe last-named, Cspt Todd, who bad ventured at least a quarter of a mile In advance of L.ia command Tbe object of the revonnousante having been accomplished, Uen. Helmrleman ordered tbe troops to return to their encampments On Monday night 4t? rebel cavalry reached Pobira Church, but left before th? arrival of Uen HeiRUtemui's foree yesterday. raosritt op a* bzcrak'.b ??p fb!?osaa? General \\ ool has i>een instructed to communl' caw with tbe ' nriper Confederate autborltHs," nader fiig u< t-uce, In reference to facilities foi aopplying tne pr I toners In their custody wilt Clothing nod uther necessariea Tbe release of Lieut Albert K-iatt, on hi! parol* for a limited period, baa been reciprocated or? rnr part by the reie<ae of a Confederate p'iae nth Tbere la still a proapect of a general excbangt of ptUoaers, although tbera la it ret R"4? flnH< arrangement on tbeaubi?ct. Tat 4 trr ?5arw?<f Afptatanee ?f Mi*s Ck?*t ?Tunlgbt, M aa Cbeataey will reappear li tba character of ' Coaatance,'* In "Tbe l,ov Chase,** to giro those who were unable t gala adm'.aalon on tbe nlgbt of her debut a opportunity of aaelng bar In that part. Doubt lew those who were present on that occaalo Will avail themselves of tbe ebance to aee be again Bbe la nadoaMedlr tbe moat promlsln candidate for htstrlonlc fame that baa lately a; peered, baring that rare combination of persona ud maatal qualifleetlona req alalte for a Irat-clai rank In tbe wdaaot profession abe baa entere upon, to he will be sop ported by Mr. Blant whose ' tMr W? Foodlove" waa soexqulalV If gsed on last Friday; by Mrs. Matty, exceUei alto aa " The Widow Green;" by Mrs BliM wboea (afreet face and anaffecisd goodness of boa ntka her always welcome; and by Mr. ? i Brisk.* young actor of grant capabilities, wi eaa achieve sooeeea whenever be awrloualy unde Mkeeit The artrrp'eee will ba rniUlned by inch favo f*e p?f?ioen ae comic Mr. Bea Rogera, an chi'mlag Miss A Ilea Placide Mian Mm* Cahlotta Patti?The music lovers < the comrnnaatty will ba glad to tea by ti aaaoufte#-nt<?nt elaewhfe that Mlaa Carlotte Patl the celebrated aaautrlce, will give a grand coi eart la th^a ctty, asateled by Mma gtrahoecb, tl haooi bertone, 81 j. ^catrmerl, aad the yoa? Aasericia plentat, t$a&d?rson. ' lu consequence other rooina being ar cup lad, the coacart will tal place la the Tr?th street Baptist Church TisroiAiT Acsjtoe*.?Delano T. Bmith, a; palatad actlag Third Auditor of the Treasu darlag the attar nee of tha Auditor. A lea, Lavtd JWT Ma boa, aetlog First Audit' la the latter s temporary abaeoca. OTAbast flfty stodeeu from the four coUaa & e-ara ai O oar 11 a, ar aa*-fea/th af the whale d paroaaat, are aaw la the army. At fhaiw, there ?r? aawly ?,?? ttaa j with very little -fnfrana tLOBIOTJS NEWS FROM THE | GREAT EXPEDITION. Lrrival of tfce Bienville *t Fortress T Monroe. s "0IFIR9ATI0X OF THE SUCCESS OF J THE FLEET. I rHE REBELS SHELLED OUT FROM THEIR 11 FORTIFICATIONS WITH GREAT LOSS. J THEY RETREAT IN A PEKfECT ROUT. \ PANIC THROUGHOUT THE SURROUND- 1 INQ COUNTRY. ? + < BEAUFORT FOUND ENTIRELY DESERTED J PLANTATIONS DEsKRTfcD, EXCEPT BY , THE NEGROES. < CONTRABANDS COME IN DROVES TO 1 OUR LINES. GENER ALDRAYTON, or S. C., COMMANDS THE CONFEDERATE FORCES. Baltimore, Not. 13?The Old Point boat i bring* the following gratifying Intelligence from the fleet j Foktxbm Monboi, Va , Not. 12 ?The ateam- j ee Bienville haa iuat arrived at Old Point from the great expedition. She left Port Royal on Sunday, a. re .and brings cheering Intelligence. She proceeds at once to New York, where ehe will be due to-morrow evening. Capt. Steedman, however, left her at thla place, and proceeda direct to Washington with dispatches and trophies?two braaB cannon and secesaion flaps. He reporta the gale encountered by Xl fleet to have been veryaevere. The Union and Osceola went aahore and were lost, as previously reported. The Governor foundered at aea, but the laaac T. Smith succeeded In aavlng all her crew, with the exception of a few marines The fleet arrived at Port Royal on Monday, 4th inst. Tuesday, the amallar gunbiara sounded and buoyed out tbe chaanel under a lire from the forta, which did no damage. On Wednesday the weather prevented active operations, but on Thursday morning the ?th ln?tant, the men of war and the gunboata advanced to tbe attack. Tbe action commenced at 10 a. m , and waa hotly carried on, on both sides, and lasted about four houra; at the end of which time the Rebels were compelled, by tbe ahower nf to nhnnrion thalr wnrVi inrf h*>?t ft Knitv retreat. Oar low wu eight m?n and one officer (the chief engineer ot the Mohican) killed, and about twenty wounded. Rebel low not known. Fifty-two bodtea were found by our men, and buried. All their wounded, except two, wera carried off. Two forte were captured, Fort Walker on Hilton Head, mounting twenty-three (23) gnna, and Fort Beauregard on Bay Point, mounting nineteen pun* The guns were of heavy calibre. There were both new and aplendid earthwork*, of great strength. constructed In the highest style of military acience, and pronounced by our engineers aa Impregnable against any aawult by land forces The final retreat of the rebela was a perfect rout. Tbav left everything, arms, equipments of all kinds, even to th? officers' sworda and commissions All the letters and papers, both public and private, order books and documenta of all kinds, were left In their flight and fell Into our hands, affording our officers much valuable information Among the paper* waa a telegram from Jeff Davis to the commander of the poet, Informing him of the sailing of the fleet, and that they knew their deati nation to be Port Royal. [Query ?Wbo waa the traitor*] The whole surrounding country was seized with a perfect panic. The day after the flight, the Seneca and two other gunboat*, under the command of Lieut. A moo on, proceeded up the Beaufort river and found but one white man In the town, and he was drunk. All the plantations up ior rim wajpa iu w urwriea, ncepi uy loe negroes, who were teen In great numbers, and wbo, as the boat passed, came to the shore with bundles in their hands, as If expecting to be taken off They seized all the letters In the po*f office at Beaufort. After the rapture of the forts the whole army? about 15,bUU men?were safely landed and established on shore. The forts were but little Injured, but the rebels could net stand the explosion of eur big fthells. The fore* of the enemy, as ascertained from their papers, was from three to four thousand men, under Gen. Drayton, of 8 C. Our victory la complete, the enemy losing everything but tbelr Uvea, which they aaved by running. J. 8 Bradford, of the Coast Survey, bearer of dispatcher, aud R. H. Wyman, commanding the Pawnee, alao arrived in the Bienville, and take the boat to-night for Baltimore. The boats from the Wabaah were the first to land after the fi^ht, and Capt John Rogers was the first man on shore. The boats returned loided with valuable trophies of all kinds, one of our > officers finding an elegant cavalry sword with solid silver scabbard. Swords, pistols, Ac , Ac., were scattered about In every direction, and in [ any quantity. But four prisoners were found, two of them wounded All hands connected with the flaei ? are represented as acting In the moat gallant man ner The reporters wbo accompanied tbe expedltior j return to New York In the Bienville, with a ful hat of the killed. o (We pu'oilab In our second edition tonne ver; B Interacting detail* from* tbe offlelal dlapatebe Opt Steed man hu in -.barge ] 11 KAVT TilD 8 The Occur de Lion went down to MaUwem* again yesterday afternoon, carrying Profeeac Lowe (who came up yeaterday morning) aa pai M aeuger. The Profeaeor made two aacenalon I d hie reconnoitring balloon from tbe Marylan l? abore of tbe Potomac night before laat, and tfa a'moaptaere being clear, be dleeovered camp flr< ,l extending all along tbe rear of tbe rebel batterle ' and for ten or twelve ml lea In tbe direction < p Manaaaaa. Indicating tbat tbe enemy la atlll ] aomc force la tbat vicinity. 10 Tbe tag Murray, Capt Parka, cane ap froi r" Indian Head laat nlt'ht, and went down agal tbla morning. Tbere la no evidence of tbe ere f t'.on of a rebel battery at White Houae, aa 01 d pick eta extend a considerable dlatance la tb direction. ?f Fifteen or twenty aloamer* and aalllng veaae l# have paaeed the Confederate batteries In the la fortnight, night and day, and been fired at, an n' of utaee sot on haa been etrnck. u, The only veaaela remaining at the yard are tl ,o Mount Waahlngtou, Jacob Bell and Anacoetl 0f the two laat atlll In the haada of tbe workmen. |e Tbe Harriet Laae la atlll anchored off Geeeborc with the King Philip alongside. P- ITTThe following totter from n dlaconaola ry ffluinto baa been received by the edlcora of tl < Albany Evealag Joornal t ' Hiohlako, Wlaeoaata. ** "Sin?1 have loet track f a friend of mine aa learn that there ! aaaa of hla deerrtptlon ia A baay If >t la the right one. he a a widower as ta te Hivddie aeed, aadTha to a law yet by profpoeia * It la more than likely that be ealle fee bta toUet find eat *? fir 11 Mm* aad ietaaekao aighiu*,w*? rEI.ECSRAPHlC NEWS!TI - i Tfcr rr|> It Mliillrl * tr BE *ttfciiAtl>n; TO TM* iiumi th List?i-law* of o?!? raic? 1 fo Roll*. Not 11 ?All o*r *'cfc *D<\ wounded In ; hi prlngfield, able hs Tie tembved, W ere to fMVn t In &ere fen P*tuMihy n!gb? for St LoulV. and oraefrl pi ad bw-n glvrn to haVe the re*t ?.*. * at toon a) j {a bt-y ate able . I tr Gen Price* refct? army huLJallen back eltht ro ftUet fr?m Catovllle, neartbe i*tate line, and wat C tilt Moving touth It wat believed to be bit ! iilicy to lead our artnv on, not to fight, but j rc Imply to keep a larne force so a* to draw tbem | a nto the Mi**i**ippl vallev Tbe general belief fi n the rebel camp wat that St Loiilt would soon n >e In tbe hand* of the rebel* from Columbu*. Ky. p There had been a good desl of trouble about Ii lavet escaping, In Gen Lane'* and other Federal n :*mpa, andGen Hunter had given permission to he owner* to te&rch our campt, and reclai m them tl f they could find them e! Tbe ten mliting member* of Gen. Fremont1* e i>ody-gnard had returned to Springfield from j v [JaanvFlle They report Gen Price "t forr?t to be ; tl ibout 30.000 ttrong, with thirty plecet of artillery, j tl :welve piece* of which had recently been received f from Mem phi*, whence other lupplies were being j t received. e St Loci*. Nov. 12 ?Gen. Hunter hat Utoed i J tit order to the commander* of troopa to avoid ex- I tenitve movement* which offer battle or divide 8 tnd prolong our line*, until further concert of sc tlon be nrranged J Henry W. Clement*, chief clerk in the quarter- 1 master'* office under Gen McKlnitry, ha* been arretted and *ent to Jefferton Rnrracka, to await tbe lnvettlgstitn into Gen. McKlnttry'l admintitration of affalrt. Great Utl*t Victory 1b Kentucky. VOFR HCNDKtP REBEL* KILLED, AND ON K THOU- , SAND MADE PKISONKK8 ( Pari*. Ky., Nov 12?The rebelt under General , Williams at Plketville have been defeated after , two dayt' fighting, by Gen Nelton Four bun- ( dred rebelt were klUea and 1 000 made pritonen. Colonel L. Moore attacked the rebel* in tbe rear, . with 3 800 men Colonel Harris, of the 2<1 onto Regiment, made an attack In front,with 6"0 men . Harris fell back, and Col Moore pre*?*d forward until the enemv were brought into the midst of General Nelson's brlgade.when our forces pre*s-d the enemy on all aides, killing 400 and taking 1,000 prisoners The balance were scattered In all directions. The Federal loss was comparative! v small. Lexinston, Kv., Nov 12 ?A courier from Gen Nelson's brigade, With dispatches for (jen Tnomas, reports that the flgbt at Plkesvllle lasted two davs, and that the rebels lost 400 killed, and ).000 wounded. STILL LATER?THE VICTORY COMPLKTI?THE REBEL COMMANDERS TAKEN rRlSONBRS Cincinnati. Nov. 12 ?The battle at Plkesvllle, Ky.. lasted through Friday and Satu-day The victory of the national troops was complete Gen. Williams and Gen. Howe, the rebel commanders, are among the prisoners taken. THE DEFEAT OF THE REBELS IN KINTCCRY CONFIRX?D Locisville. Not. 12, Midnight.?Accounts received here by mall fully confirm the defeat of the rebels under Gens. Williams and Nelson, at Piketon, (not Pikesville',) the capital of Pike county, Ky A Desperate Fight with a Band ( Rebels n toe Prairies Kansas Citt, Nov 11?This morning at 10 o'clock Col Anthony, with one hundred and fifty mounied men, was attacked on the open prairie, about ten miles from this place, by six hur.dred rebels, und>-r Upton Hayes, and aft?>r a d< sperate struggle the rebels retreated, seeking shelter in the woods, from which they were again routed Colonel Anthony then fell back about six miles, to wait reinforcements, which will s^edily be forwarded This Is supposed to be the same bar.d of rebels that captured a part of Col Shields' company of Fremont Hussars, near Little Santa Fe It is stated that there are upwards of 1.000 armed rebels In this county. Later from the Kanawha?The Rebels Retreating Cincinnati. Nov 12 ?Later advices from the Kanawha Valley, Va , state that the rebels who had been shelling Camp Tompkins from Cotton Hill, retired upou the approach of the force under Col De Villlers. Nine of the enemy's picket* were killed, but there wss no loss on our side. Col De Villlers at last accounts bad taken up a position on the bill. Fran the Eastern ?h?re af Virginia?Three Rebel Vessels Baraed Philadelphia, Nov. 12 ?The Inquirer's special dispatches from Fortress Monroe say a prlvaj leer and two schooners in Swan Gut Inlet were barned on the night of the 4th Inst by bo its from the gunbost Tascsrors, stationed at Chincoteague, on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Released Prisaaers?Senatar Wilsen Boston, Nov 11 ?Ex-Mayor Bunker, of Mobile, and Win. Pierce,of New Orleans,have been discharged from Fort Warren. Senator Wilson has written a letter explicitly denying that be Is either directly or Indirectly concerned In any contract for furnishing army shoe*. Anather Bridge Bnrned Cixcisnati, Nov. 12 ?The bridge acro?s the Cumberland (Wer on the Louisville and Nashville railtoad and in the rear of the rebel General Buckner, has been burned bv the Union men of Teuiteaaee, causing great consternation among the rebel*. The departed tnptare af the Sanater Niw Yob*. Nov 12 ? Advlceafroin the United Statea frigate Niagara to the 24th ult. Bay nothing about the prisoner* from the privateer Sumter. Her reported capture la therefore probably untrue. Farther frem Enrepe. Fakthkr Point, Nov. 12.?The sUatmr Nova Scotia haa arrived witb five day* later advicea from Europe. Her political newi ia unimportant. She baa 979,000 In specie on board. 1 he liiaatter te the French Steamer Preny. Niw Yob a, Nov. 12 ?The French war ateamer Catinrt left h<-re at noon for the scene of the disaster to her consort, the Prony. rfif-SABBAlH SCHOOL EXHIBITION, at J_5 Fletoher Ch\pei, oorner of New York ave. and Fourth at., on THURSDAY EVENING, November M'.h. at7)? o'olook. Tioketa 25 ota , ohildrt n in ct? , to bo had af tne door. no A 12,13* Y^PUriLlC SCHOOLS.?The Trustees of tho tL3 Second School Instnot jive notice that for the bes.eht of apprentices and others, a Night r ouooi win D? op net id im public school hniso on the oorDC- <"t Fifth street mj'I New York avenue. on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nov 13th. and oontinue durinc the winter months. Tickets of -idmission will heaven free of oharge. ou *p pnontion to the Trustees of the District, no 1*-St 1 TTff-HAV'NG BEEN AUTHORIZED BY J H the War Dep?rtm<?nt to mis aud organis* a Regiment oi Infantry to serve in tbo Distriot ?f i Columbia as a Home Guard, parsons wishing to raise and command ooinp&nies in this Reyunent wi'l repor- to th* Gene a) Recruiting Offioer at his i headqu&rttrs. Room rto 10 Washington Bmldinc, corner Pa. avenue and Seventh st., 3?1 .torv t ISAAC A. PKOK. Washington. D. C., Nov II, 1861. no 12 3t' yj|=? REGIMENTAL ORDER, No. 4. HBA.DQrAKT?6 Ath Rt?lMKMT M. D- C.. I > Washington. Nov. li. 1861. \ The commissioned offioers of the 5 h M.D C wil. m-et at 1 emperanoe Hall on WED INEsDAY EVENING, the 13th instant, at 7* o'olook. By order of f Col. PHILIP. W. W. Wiet, Adjntant * N. B It is important that every oommiasione< offioer should attend. no 13 2t* r,V"THE MEMBER S OF THE PRES1 ILg dent's Mounted Guard will meet at tui F a- kliu Knctne House, on D n?ar 12*n atreet. oi n TH L Rt-DAY, tne 14 h instaat It la important fo a 1 menbera tj be present r no 13 at* THE COMMITTEE. U (Y^^MASONIC.?Thememb-raof Wa-hmgt< i n L3 Na?al Lodge, No. 4. F. anl A M . wit d meet at their hall, near the Na*y Yard, TO MOR KOW a FTERNO- N, a i o'o ock, 'o attend tn * faneralof Brother Aakon L. Trsas.late of Ovu is Lodge. No 101, Miobigan. Brethren of state . Lodges, and sojourning Masons, are respeotfuil ' invited to attend. By order or the W. Ma ter: >f _1T ' 8. A. H MoKIM, Sep. n ry-=?.li;i? CREAM AND WATER ICEB, ( _L3 the best quality, at 3TH ear quart Hotel and boarding houses fornirhed at low rates, i 31 largea?s<)>tniMil of fine 'lakes kept on har.d at th In Philadelphia 0?/e<i?cn?rv. oorner Twelf h and 1 c. sU. no 7-lm* Jr rr^THE UNION PRAYER MEETlNi , X3 wiH baholden EVERY DAY this week 1 al the English Lutheran Churoh, oorner of H and lit ate., oommenoing at haif-paet 4 o'olook p. ra , to b eontinued o?e hour only. 00 7 3m . !* UUrtfANV -A," V. ?. KNGlNKLKft. Bt LL5 Fifty intelli?aat and able bodied m? id will be enlieted lo till thia Company u> tb* max imam txea by law?150 men. Inaaire at N< 5I4U atreet Pay from 9)8 to |St per mon'.l ?e beetdae food and olothinf. au 17 tf |\JOTICE! NOTICB!! NOTICE!!!-! hai , il for aaie t*a food etronf wortMUuRl Ac * i one viahiif to paroaue *?cb will do well to ?n me a eall. Jas. H. SHRf.VB, do U at* 7th atrto', i.?tw??n H and I ate. * L*01"8' '""[LHOIIW PU?8! * Nov readr a fall assortment af La J Ma* Paw Fare, in a 1 Itau variety. (Dr a apeoial Kur kmo ft?ted ?p. Paeaaj 4 ^/^stUJEMBTZ ? Ji ao 1? * Tiear corner Thirteenth at. 1 SUROICALASC IKC^^/CA'LPKNTld J !IM fMNaU (U NNMb i?a4 f he Defeat ( the Federal Traaps it Gitatl>t e, MpV. 14 ?Tfee defeat of the t'nlon clops at Ouyandotte, Va , Was sccompllsfced bjr e trickery of the Inhabitant* conwlfing with n J rca of rebels, variously estimated at from five indred to one tbooiend nren, who concentrate^ ' tfeffeoilntrv back qf tbe town, fbeae trbops to oi-o*ed jrltb tbe assistance of tbe rebel inbabi- 0j nta of (juyandotte. to annihilate tbe Federal oopa stationed at tbe town, consisting of 25o ie:i?part of a Virginia regiment and a few of <<l Z-leler'a Virginia cavalry. U It was arranged between the rtbel cavalry and " tbel cltii?ns to missatre our troopa In cold blood ccordlngiy tb?se rebel citizens assumed a very c fondly manner to our troopa last Sunday eve- " ing, and invited them to their bouse* on various retexts, and all who were off duty accepted tbe . ivitaticn While being tbna entertaiued tbe fbel cavalry dabbed into tbe town flpnals were displayed from every hoaae where . he Federal soldiers were, and into these the n*bIs rushed, murdering tbe unarmed soldiers In L old blood. The rebel cltitena, both men and romen, rushed to arms and aided tbe cavalry in be slaughter. The stnail body of Federalist* in . be camp prepared as soon as possible for a de- ? ense, but tbey were overpowered, and had to ' ireak and retreat Very few were killed In the ? ngagement with the rebels, nearly all the killed *' >?lng murdered in tbe houses of tbe secessionist Jnder these circumstances, when Col. Zeigler rrlved there and learned the particular* of the ffair, be ordered the destruction of the town, vhen the buildings were immediately fired and be whole town reduced to ashes Fram the Enemy's i'aasp. [Mail correspondence of tbe Associated Press ] Darns*toWj?, Nov 9 ?An arrival from West- x rn Virginia brings dates from Manassas tn tbe s fith of October. At that date the central division * >f the Confederate army was at Centreville, and ? tn immense number of hands were engaged in srectint; new entrenchments in anticipation of an * ittack by Gen McClellan Johnston was at Cen- t :reville. Beauregard was stationed at Fairfax Depot, on tbe rltfht of Braddock's road, and was also busily preparing for tue anticipated attack The combined forces of Johnston and Beaurepard were estimated to not exceed lOtl.OUO fighting inen, but reinforcement* were expected from < Richmond Their artillery amounted to two hundred pieces, mostly indifferently manned, ] with horses of a very inferior quality ' The troops, with the exception of thos? from the ' Cotton States, were poorly clad, and many were ! aimosi owroou-a. i ne commissariat department , was deficient In tbe mean* of transportation. Tbe Virginia troops were much dispirited, and asserted, In many Instances, that, when their present term of srvlre expired, th?-y would not re-enllst under any consideration Eleven desertions cam*! witbln tbe Informant's knowledge on one nlgbt At Manassas tbe troops had coflee rations only sufficient for one month. 1 All remains perfectly quiet In Gen Bank's division There Is a perceptible diminution of typhoid cases among the troops

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DkPaitM?*t of Stiti, ) Wmtkimgtotk, pf?+rm**T IS, 1WU I Information has been rebelled at this Deparient, from the Vice Consul of the United t*tat?a Oporto, of the publication, on the 11th of Oeber, of a decree of the Portuguese Government, ' which the following la a translation : " Dspartmbxt or Ptiix Wo*i?, CoMMKacl AMD INDCSTKT " Making uae of the antborliatlou conceded to le Government by the bill of the llth of thla lonth, and having. In conformity with the aecnd Item of the aforesaid law. consulted the ivll Governors of the K ngdom and thedlfferit Councils of the districts and Council General f Commerce, Industry, and Agrtcnltore, I herey decree the following: '?1 The Importatloa of foreign grain? rheat, rye, barley, and oats. In grain or baked r?nd?Is permitted by the aea-porta and by land lto the Kingdom up to the end of next April, 'he grain so admitted will pay the same duty as ational grain when dispatched for conaumptlon "9 After the time marked In this decree shall M ft niih a A u e? i n m*tr Ka A rr\ I MR I ta k#_ v. a?>*swMK%ej I a i ti uiaj J v ?s** a?si wh i < ng proved before the Government that the said rain ws? shipped within a reasonable time beare lta expiration, and would ao have arrived nleaa the voyage had been unnaually prolonged 41 SlOftBD BT THK Kl5?." 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Mahog*ny Parlor Chairs, Ro ken, Ma b e top, Centre, and toft Tables, Velvet ana Brussels Ca-pet?, ( llcloth. Care and Wood te?t Chairs. l,oiin*?>e. Brocatelie and Damask Curtain*,Window Shades, fjilt trame Mattel Mirror, t?tl Paintings, Walnut Dining Tables, Dining Chairs, Hat Hack, Hall Chairs. Oilcloth, Chira,Gla?s, and Crockery Ware, Walnut. Rosewood. Mahogaiy, and Painted Chambe- Furniture, Reds, Mattress'*. and H'dding. Radiator and other Stover, Kitohen l'ten?il?, Ac. Terms oa?h LEWIS CLEPHANK, Trustee. no 13 d J. C. McQIMRE A CO . AucU. Assistant quartermaster's of FICE. Corner of O and Twenty Second strtttt, Washington. D C. Wov. 12 1K1 GOVERNMENT SALE OF CONDEMNED HORDES A l?t of GOVERNMENT HORSES (condemned as unfit for pub ic service> will be sold at AUCTION On WFDNESOAV MORNINK, November 3>\ 1%1 at the Corral rn F street, between Twentytjind a .d Twenty-fou th, near the Observatory. Sale to commenoe at 10 o'clook. l erm> c*eh in speoie. By ord-r J. J DANA.Capt A A. Q M. 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K?ven*h st. weet. between 1 and K at? north, ar.d running r-ack 171 feet 6 mohes to an alter. an J improved by a (cod three-story bnok atori ard dwelling. Terms mvie krown on the dar of the sale. Derd of conveyance to be made at tiie expense oi the pare aaer. . ,, . Iftheter"* of the rale are not oomplied witk withi" <>ne week thereafter, then the property ^il be reso) i at the pnrohaaer'i e>?en*e, by the Tru?tee giving three day*' notioe by one publication li the ' Evening Star " 1> M LAWRE<MrE.Tni.?ee. no 18 St* WALLA BARNARD Aa-ta. Bj 6RFF.N A WILLIAMS, Aaotioneere. VaLUABLR BULD1NG LOTS ?N THi City op W*?hisotos, Di***ict or '""otrm b:4,at ITblic Arctios.-On MONDAY, the llti d%y oi Nov*m^er, 1 shall public auction, a the auction store of Green A Williams. No. 32* Seventh street west, at half-past 4 o'o ock p. m. or vntueof two de?da of trust duly recorded u the land reoords oi the < ourty of Washington, thi fir*t bearing date Oct 15, i860, and <he other bear ing d*te November 3d. I960, both deeds given t< seo.ire the uotas of Ti.oma* A. M itotaell, Lot num b?red 5, in square numbered 499, ?nd part Utium b^red 5, in square numbered 518. being the 25 fee ir nt *rom the ?nuihe&> t corner of said Lot. Terms: Half cash, the residue in aix aad twsln months. The purchaser or purchasers to givi notes for the deferred ?arm*nra, bearing interes from the day of *ale. A deed given and a deed o trust tak"n. All o?nveyancing at the ooatofth purcha'rr. If the terms are not eomph'd with in fire davi the trustee reserves the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the fi'st pare aser, by ad vertising the same three times in the Nitioni Intelligencer. r. A. CURTIS, Trnatee, nol-dta GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auca. IET THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONE aiiiii SATURDAY, the 19th instant, same hoi and plao*. By order of the Trustee. no 12 dts GREEN A WILLlAMS.Auota. | A D I E S' Li DRESSFURK We are receiving a large supply of LAD1EI DKESS FURS, suoh as Russian Sable, Mia: Kitoh. Martins, an^ other desirable Fancy Furs f< l.adios. Misses and Children. For Gentlemen we have MUFFLERS ai GLOVE1*.all of which will be ao d at the love New York pnoes. at S. a. W. mkyenber8*s, 49 Market Space. (Avenue Houu,) ao 9-1 w between 7th MM ?'h nU j^kw and improved invention ARTIFICIAL CHROPLASTIC BONE T E K T H, Without Metal Plat* or Clasps. DR. ?. B HiGEfMOND. 910 BrtKidieay. JVnr York?'J6'( A tnue.betveen 12tkmnd ISU tit , Washington, ft : >he ait-n ioa of the publio to the lollowi: advapt&fp? of hi* improved system : 1. The Teeth of hie manniaoture willMmfBl i never oorode nor ohance oo.or by ?dt^" '* acid*, beinc three fourths lighter than any other 2. No teeth or roots need be extracted, a* t , artificial one* can be inserted over them. , s The root* will be made inoffensive, and nsv I to ache. 4. No temporarr teeth are seeded, as y*rmsa< > ones "an tw> msde Immediately, thereby prsaerrl i the natural expression or the faoe. whioh mad the old svsiem Is frequently disfigured 6 This work has been l|iily te<ted orer ftve yet by many of the first chemuu and physicians of tl has also in Ten ted a white undestrueti metal fi'list. with whinh the most sensitive tw - nan be filled witboat pain, and oan build up a i - feet, sound tooth on any aide roots, wkioh will! i through lifetime. The beat of reforeaoea civea?to Dr V. MotL! Kremut, Professor orChewutry. N. B Ice Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Wash! ton, and thousa: da of others Call acd examine for youreelt no 6< * qr? NOTICE TO SOLDIERS 1 BE ADAMS KXPttK^g COMPANY i i, make remiitanoee for eotdiers to their families - pl?oee leaoned by their Kxpreee, at a obarge 0| d oents for any sum not axoeedlnc if y dollars The mooey, whether toid or Treasury no* should b? enoiosed in an envelope, and sec si "" sealed, with the full address < noluding town, r , office and State.) of the person to whom to be w and the amount lecibl? marked thereon. I To insure pro ret delivery, the Si oeuts oba l should be>r> paid. ' When foot!itiei for envelopini and eealinc ? money in aeparate pareaie are not at hark F umiiMi wv ?uui? w n ramiUM. Utl ' be oolieoted by Cup ain> of K?(ia?nt* or ol c persona volantoering to do thia eervioe for the i Stars de?irin* to aaou koine tk?ir pay will ba u oeived In ktuh at aay of Ua principal oftoaa of Company. Tbasa iima. aoooapanled with tba fail addr aa above repaired, of tba poreone for whom _ taaund, -will bo remitted to tba raapootiva < pic Gaea. at aay piaoe in tae loyai States, at ike ai 11 rataof ei.argo. tb raby saving to ike aander . troabie of puttier in separate paoiages i! Suitable blanks for tk* abova pnraoee have 1 i' prepared, and will ba Urnabol, vita oxpianat* , <??*>-?> ?S8SBW,AN Washington. Oa.?. M6>. ae?Mi m TBE^MPaT^^^S^IUlfrtcfWarui ife UuPraaetan pr loot pie. arranged lutaloep-fv :h iai or to aot M aa aaoe in cue ct*L Aa? or wouada. vitk amnio room fcr**gsmfefe: i gSsSmBttSnS 8b m AUCTION SALES. to V.Kir~~~ ooram?DOiB( at Id o'oiook. ? will a?U, at oar A *6 tion Room*. witkoat r*aorr?.for aonoBtt of Wboia it mf ootioviB. * l?r(* coatigaawat of ?rooonsS, Lienor*. ?c.,sora*rutag? Ho cm Chooae. r? kiss. ftardiBOB. Ifcagsl. B<xes Herring B(DM<iatii| ? ilrd bvxe* H^ary Cloy Bad othsr BrBDd* Bftr Boarboan. CfoW * #o?, Pifcs's B?acf> _ Wiwtofi BjX*i K?no? m??r* ?? Cmm. BImIWi) Brandy. GiDWCWrr;, Aromfctio SohoiBs. BoimB audt. whitksy, Cheapiftt, IM t?r io*l iA,Ck*it Teu, ClitM, IVimjohna aod Bottle* old Boarboan Whiaksr. Oouivm and i'uki Brandy, Kega Paaa, Together with o her Goods in the Orooery Um, a'l ofwhiob will bo sola without reserve. Terms o*? b. bo II WALL k BARNARD, Aaots. By J. C. MrGUIRK * CO.. AmUmm. TR UPTEE'S RALE O* KLEGANT Feemch Piatb Mibbobs and Bboc* CVBTAl!". &cpsbiob CaBI.IET FrB*lTCBB.CaRpbts ke , at Praur Atcrion.?Ol THURSDAY MoRNlNG. November 1?U, at is o*oloek, at Us r Ib c? reaidenoe ooroor of Third Bod C ?treeta. by ?iitae of B deed of trsst. dsly exeoated aad reoonlod ths aabfor.ber will sell, etamblie Bootee. ail the Houaotoid FarnitBrea^ Eftots, oompris Sa'porior rosewood cbss sevenoctave Piaao Ports. Cnrea ^n*c!ooTCorsr Bad Pibbo Stool, I Saiteof sqaerior rosewood Parlor in omh*?d?rod Satin Covers. ooasieuag of two Jfreeeh Sofaa, two Ana Chairs and six 'erler Ci air-, Klec&ot roMvood Mirror t roni tvieferee an* Mnaic St?nd. Rote wood Secretary and Bookoaae, Marb'.e-top Center Table. Three tpifcrtid French plate Pier (i iwn, With Slab and Table. Two large and handeorte French-plate Oilt Frame Mi tel Mirror*. Sure if aix nch Crimaca Brooatelle Window Cur ami with Co'moe, t.aoe Curtains and Futn-r a eomp eta, mite of handsome Wi nat Parior Farmtare. toi aiat n< of two Sofa.*, two Aral Chaira. and foar Parlor Chaira, in figured brooatel e. Beautiful Freneh i hma Vaaea and Ornamenta, Superior Medallion, Ve,ret ana Bruaeet* Carpets and Rue*. HandaoTTie Oak Ma-b'e to* Sideboard*. Oak Extenaion Dining lableaand Chaira. French Cn na cold-band Dinner Ware, Glaaaware, and Crockery. Library Table*. vVrrior Deaka. Unite* of aa endid rear wood Chimber Farm tare. with Mirror Iront V\ ar robe* Suite of very hand** me oarvtd Mahogany Chamber nrmtnre. Sprint aid other MaHraaaee. Biackrta Comfort* and Spreada, Wn.dow Sradea, Touet Seta, Ac. Term* oaan. CHAS E SHERMAN, Trustee. no*9 d i. C. McGI 1HE A rQ . Autrta Bailiffs *ale of office fi'rni lcaa.Ac.-On friday morning. no , 15'h, 1861, commencing at in o'clock. I shall ae ai the woma of J. N. Molntire.on 7tk treat, between Eand F atreeta. ail tne ofcee Faraitare, ooaaictiDf in part of? Sjovea, Fire-prrof Safe, Tablra, Lounge, Chaira, M\ttin?, Witdow Shadea. Chandelier,etc..ate., seized and lered upon aa the property of J N. Mclntire, for oCoe rent due Z. C. Hobllna E?a. no H n* R. B. Hl_GBEB. Baillf. By J. C. MoGUlM E A CO.. Anctioneem. Handsome furniture and bousehold Eff?ct* at Pc?lic Sal?.?On FRIDAY MORNING. Norenrer 1 ino'eleek, at the large reeidenoe. ooroer of 19 h ?nc I atreeta. w* shall eeli a handsome aaao-tnent of Hoaaefcold FITeota, oompriamt ? Superior Roaewo^d Piano Forte, Stool and Ccrer, 1 fi. llM rtf ft nmvivid I'riKllOtl Pl?*h OOT ered 1'arlur Furmtar*, _ , ? Suite of Rotevood Crimeon Bro:a?*Ue oovarad Parlor Furniie*-e, I'pho ate rdku.i R .ish seat Fancy Chair*. Ma'ble-top Outre Pofa. i'd Bouquet Tables, Ro>*vood Mono Stands, Writ leg Cabinets, and Work Stand*. Four E'egan' Kre?oh p.ate Mirrors, with Slake and Gilt Tab ea. Hair:* >n e Gilt Cornioe, Bracket!, and Candelabra*, Ve ret. B'Dfiei.and other Ca ?eU. Bar*.* of Elegant Kohvom Chamber Furniture, vuit? ol H an~ some Carved Ct, a tuber F urniture, Superior Wanut and Mahogany Wardrobes, Dreestng Bureau*, aad \Va?h?ui)d?, Exoe lent Curled Ha r Mattress's. Bolsters, and Pillows, Heart Kc| i*h Blankets, Comforts, Beautiful Crystal out and Bohemian Giaeeware, Rioh Gilt Bouquet Tables, Vaees, Together with maty other arti?tea of HousehoM Furniture not n<oe*?a-t to enc rue-ate. At two o'olcok in froat of tne Hourf. A pair of large Kay dorett, i Sat of SUlver p ated Haraees, Robea, HaodtomeOMo Fair.i * Carriage. 1 Term* oash In ourrent fund*. nnigd J. C. MoGUlRE k CO.. Aac V I By J .C. McGUIRE k CO., Aact oneer*. SUPERIOR flANO F< R TE. ELEGANT cabihvt Furniture, Rich Cat Glassware, serf > bsautifull* D oorated French China fnver paud Ware, Carpets, Curt* n'. and Household rsraits r* ten-rally.?On FRIDAY MORNING Nof veinber 1Mb at lu o'clock, at tbe corner of 19th and I street*, we *hall sell a targe and e*egapt ar o*tt nomt of Househo'd Furniture, China Glass and Cro. kery Ware. Cs'set*. Mirror*. Ac . emi m'ipg the effects of a very h aiideumeiy larniehed eetabi li?hine-t P?'*iculara in a future advertisement Catalogue* wil be issued on Monday nest. 1 hrt Houte is for Rent, ineuireof theAuet'rs. nor g-d JC. MfGUIFEk CO.. Auot . P By J. C. MoGUIRE k C??. Auctioneers e very handsome furniture and f H"V?ihold HTso's at Pubhe Auetion.?On ' M ON DAY MORNING. Non n.ber l?th, at I l"??clo? the residence of the late Hon. 8 A. } Douglas, comer of I street and New Jersey are' Due. we shall eell a *e!en<t|d ae*onm"ct of? i CABINET FURNITURR. CARPETS, MIR8 RORS UWTAINS, A -A a. sr^*?e m. #a. 11 A A i*. 9 scriptivc advertiaement of whioa aiil appear pra' vioat to the aa<e t dot ? J C McfllUK.tCO.Apctt. PO-ITIVE PUBLIC SALE OF VEEY VALa JT V'?lm Laud, at AwnAfoLta JtHcnon, ow W??atj*0TO!i R. K ?The and# aignad.aa agent, t will Mil at Mobile Ano'ion. on tne pien i**e. at tM f Jiino-ion, on SATURDAY . NoT?mbfr 18th, 146', at II o'clook, the followmt Farm* and Lot*? Lot No 1?i 'on ataa isn aorae of pnn>e land, an >. aerea in Wood, improved by a new Cot tag', ooa(airing 9 room* a pair* of good vatar near.aad an I- Orchard of 4?u ohcioe Frail Tree*. u L<>t No 9?Contain* ISO aire*, lyiag at Pavaga Switoh. improved br a new Dwel ing store. Barm. Mable, loa, Corn, Carriage aid Poaltry Boutea, also,a Lime Kiln,ana a choioe ool lection of Fralt _ Treat in bearing. D Lot No. 3?Contain* 190 acre* of Good Laad. ir with fine in pro*ementa of every description, aad two good Orchard*. Lota Noa. 4 and ft?Coataiaa ?* aeraa each, lying at tha Junction, aad are vary valaable for Banding - s?te*. Lot No. *?Liea In a triangle, formed b? the Annaaoin and Wa*hi-gtoa Branoh Kaiir?ad aad the County Road leading to Aanapolia. Thia Lot la ? well *unatad for a ooaatry Store. Thtraia aleo 4 a good atand and Store tionae on Lot No. S.tx>tli jr baing reparated by the Pataxeat, there would be . no ooaipatition. The pro-arty la worth the attaa, tion of thoae deairoaa of a aare investment or ** Mounni a cheap ooanty Meaid< ic? or Fana, bemr eqm diatait, b*tw?-en Annapolia.* aahtngtoc and Ba timora, either of which can be reaohad by rail in 45 minataa. reason Tiekeu oan be procured at l_ #45 par yar, win oh tu1 enable the holder to travel daily,(all Train* ttoa at thia uoinL< Term* : Oe-third oaah. balanoe ia ooeaad two yeara. with mtaraaU KfT^Porafn ld*aenrtion of thia property, ap T> heageut.M BANNON.StiBt faairtraet, Itimore, or to THOS. >HA1LKR. range >witob,or M. FITZiMMUNS, Annapoia J a action Hotel. no6~?t* fctOLDIER.1T ag 9 SOMKTBIN9 FO* YOU! Pocket Comb*. Mi Mala. Hkn I ^mlrinv fi Ilia? _ _ U a U biod Envelopes, per hundred. .? P \.l do. do. . 4 lie Ambrotypee of Soott, MoClellBo.Ae., ooob LI ** " "Idm t. lOBmSON. obMW rebluher, Bartford.Ooeua. o*K THK LADIK8 WILL LOOK -1 M nUIU U ler & erie?-? that oefy oompotit oa I have Ladiee1 cootf fcool GAlTBa8?odBOOTSatil; ^r, T.adiee'Fine Coa<resa Baiter at ftlji, ii. Ladiee' Balmora from SIJ6 ?, N>mm' and Chillrea'e Be taoraJa at1S?M, a?4 ftl. r? All other Boots |U Mm ia ycoyoHloa- Yoa lit BO HT WWtt It) llaM. i>r. Proposals for cattle on ?5" fKAX.SC PBOfO?*.L? fct MrtlTUM tO ^l8?Wip n*" raenttjOM Bee/Cottle on the Hoof, are te?itod_tte lKh day of Novwriber^ 1ML at If o'olook bTim n Cattle to be de iT-r?*d ib wa*hiaftnn ottr, oa the anil day of >0Trab*r, >?l, or o- eooa IMtmAt ? M Uib G ' eminent mat airrajL TM bide to be "II directed to Lioatri.C^?KKICn7A (T?.. U. t*. A . at nil e etroot, Wm bine toe o*ty, ' Eade ret I Pro r ? poaaie." 3 baled Pmor<>eiLs are alao invited till ?ba 1MB fBB. day of Mow?b?f, IK ,Bt I o'o'ook e. *., ler eo" 'y piy nc the ?orernm?-nt 4 WO Head of Beel CatUO ?oet on the hoot. The Cattle to bo delivered Bt SB rio?nt, bar*, Pb., on the lutb of NoTeeiber MSI, otbb snpe thereafter Be the OoToreaoat ntj dueet. Too f* bide to bo ci rooted to Li Hit P. H BABRO' L,A the c ' 10 6BA.LKO raopoeALe BTO iaritad till tbo Uth 0f "By Nov<>mSer. 1*1, at I o'oloot p. m.. fw eeaplytac her 4 <?d Head of B<-of Cattle to the Govarnia at. The oi Cat |e to r>e delivered no the rtk dat ol Jaaaary l?2. or Be vooa tbor-aft r M Vbe Govwtuoejt BiT the rtireot. ot either > or* ChawbaaaTiBTg, w tmljp mm teoenrent raaervea to Hoetf t>e nobt to pay ib the TrOB ?rv aoto?, bac to Bieot Boy bid Ux aa* ooaao. -No bid will bo oaiortBtood bb eeB the hi44?f >oob U preoen to reeooad tehiWr o--e. KBoVlot r.fCatUe dot eofsd aBail aeeeaoe at r. StlpjX5E Si ATitf ! poaade groeo weifht. ifI

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