Newspaper of Evening Star, November 13, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 13, 1861 Page 4
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? j i . . i _m i THE EVEMNW STAR. TI?E1 AKD WW # S'ir : Allow me t? iwd row a touching HTailon of tno^ Southern mnK*, in honor of the vi?tt of ihe U P S?. Brooklyn, Capt Foment, to ttn harbor of Beanfort, ? C ,ln Feb'y, 1869 Th* poetry U considerable, the sentiment inore so. ft-rooi the Charleston Mercury ] Noble Brooklyn ! all ball to roar arrival, In the boaom of our beautiful bay; With a crew so gallant and convivial, Tbou art lovely as the brightest of day. Our girls are deeply in love With the beautiful hhip as she rldea, Like a vision come down from above? With gallants In whom to < ootid*'. W'fh her noble /?/ rkUf Who has fought for his country of yore, Recorded his name In the leaf Indelibly marked with his gore Bright banner: may your nUrt never fade, But shine thro' the tempest of war N<> fo?-s combined shall degrade. But hurled from her bulwarks afar Gallant ship! shall we see vou no more? Our bright waters ne'er again to embrace? Soft hearts may be touched to the core? Deep wound* are hard to efl'tte. O. La. B^ofort. Feb 19 Th* Scbvivor or thi uibbkt ?In the Memoir of Joseph Bnsbrid^e, published in London several years ego, Is the follow]ng strange incident: ''A surgeon In 'iough Square bad purchased for dlraection the body c.f a man who had been bung at Tyburn The nervantglrl, wishing to take a look at the defunt* previous to bis coming under the dissecting knife, stole up stairs to the room, where she expee'ed to find him extended. To ber surprise a <d horror she beheld him nitflng up on the beards and instantly facing about, she went down *taUa again In a moment. The surgeon, hearing of the resuscitation of his subject, buitnnelv concealed him In the house until he could get him conveyed to America, which be did shortly afterward, providing bin with a comfortable outfit at his own expense. The titan evinced, in his su'..s* f]uer>t conduct, a degree of todastry asd gratitude wbich chewed him well worthy of bin singular escape from de=?tu Bv the exer-lse of his Industry be amassed p. hinda imp fortune, and Lis zr>t: tude was exhibited bv leaving it all to bis deliverer and benefactor " Iros-clad9te*mfr* kou tk ?Mr Win H Webb, of New \ ork. bat just returned f om Lurope with a contract fo- b.iildinjr two lron-el'd screw frigates for The Italian yovernns? nt Tbe principal dime: siors of tar v?iir>i will he *<fco feet In length. 55 fe?t in extreme breadth. 31 feet In depth. witfe a capacity of nbont 5.000 tons Tbe mster'al of tbe hull will of th? best white oak and the superficial plating t \ Inches in thickness, ei'ber of rolled or bimmend Iron, &s may be hereafter determined on Tbe plates of each vessel will weigh about l.Otf tons. Tbe hall will b? pierced for fartv guns, which will be supplied from tbe Italian foundries rhcTurnisbiiig and decorations of tbe vewels will be neat and substantial Mr Webb will commence tbe construction of th? frliates immediately. and_ hope* td have one finisher* In two ^#ar?, and tile other In t wo years ond a h^lf. W OFtrCEHS AM SOLDIERS k?.GHT DK - - TS so!d on a 1 tar n .?! the United in sums to suit otftoert and so dier?. A so, [ Drafts on London. Ireland, Scotland, ai:d ) Germany L'nonrrect moo y bought at i?~st rates. 8WLENV, HI rTKNHOU&K. F >N'f A CO.. ooH-'in BanXers. Pa av . war li-own'g. pbNtJlON OFFICK, tiiu. l?bl. TO ALL WHOM IT MA Y COKCEII ,V, Application having besn ma >e under tue art of S3d June 136<i. for the reissu" o?" the Land Warrants desoritied herein, whicn are alleged to have been lost or destroyed, netio* is hereby given, that at the date following the de?oription of eaoli War rant, a new Certificate, of hi^s tenor, will be issued, if no va id objection shall thea appear No 95 100, for lHnacre#, ls^nol urdir the aot ot M*rch 18A6, in the name o 1 Ho 1;, widow ol 1'avid Bradbury, and granted on the l!?h ?,&y oi septein ber, 18tf> ? Novem'?er 16, lafel. No. for *50 aorcs iscumI under the aot of March !dS6- ia the name i?f'"iui<t<>pUer Dough-itr, aa<i gra ted on ifte 2/th day of September, 1^56. November 16 1861 No 99 8i4. for 160 aores, i?en'd urrt*r the aot of March, 1855. iu the name of buy 8. Ai-xvider, mi or ch.ld of John t: Alexander, deceased, and grafted July 2 lfl?K?Nov?"mlfr '6.' 1W>? ^io. 2 163, for 160 aoies, is?n ?1 under the act of March. IR55 in the name ?>' BenjMnin Ke.iy. and granted on the 2?th day of June J8W No 6c8 for 80 i'rei. issued on?W the act of )8?rch 13S5 in tSe name o' Reuben Woodruff, and gr?cte] on the ?:ji day of May. la>5. r?? ocf> i?t jt>' acres, >e*ueu un"*r t:.e act ol M&rch.IMS. IB tte "Mi? of Samuel H Waterhouse, and granted ol toe 231 clay ot May. 1953 No. S^WS \>r fl" acres, isaaao nnjet the act of $arah. 18M. in the name o4. Shrl* Downs, and (ranted ou the W day of Aagnit, 1?56.?November W.IK1 No 41 9GB, lor 16>t aorea-issued nnder the act of Maroh,1856 in the name of Jaxea Pray. ai.d (ranged orithe ilst dy of Maroh, 18SI ?No\ember 23,1881. No IS 3H>. for lfx> acre?, :huM under the act of March \W6, in tne name of vviliam M .J alius C. A., apri John D. 9., minor ehi dren of Irwin Bax??t, decetued. a-.<1 gr ated on the 3tth day o: May. iw? ? NoWmber 23, ar.l. No 44.8.8. tor 8o sores, is?uet under the act of Ma-jh, 1*6 in the name of Getty, wiiow of Thomas El wood, and granted the l!?th day of January, JgTT?Noveirber 23, 1861 No. 75 *<o, i or Iw acres, issued under the act of Maron. 1866,in t e name of Alexander Mo uUough, iM ir?;.t?l on the 3th day of January, 1858.?AoTfODW X3. 1361. No. 8,o88. for lfln acres, issued under the act of Maroh, 1866. in tfc# u*me cf Alexander McQuain, Hd grant si on the 12ta day of October, 1836.?NoWMifisr ah 1881 No. 9,7?, lor 130 ao;es. issued urder the act of Mamb. 1866, in the name of Daniel West, and granted on the Uth day of July, 1856.?December 7, No, for lGn acres, is'u*d under the aotrf March. '865. in the name of Hannah widow of J%?es Wiison. and grarted on the^rlh day of February. lavr ?Deoemtor 3?. 1*U No. 64-iV", for 12) aore*. i*?u?d under the act of March 1896. in the name of Ma-t'ia, widow of And-*w Meiloc.and gra 'tod oi the 15th day of A pill, 155B ?IM-nmber i. 1*1. . No. 3jni.for lfln acres, under tha aot of March. 1865, in the name of Samnel K. J ack way and gran'.'d ou tie 1st day o A . gu-t. 1865. No 3 l?4,for 160 acres, issued unde- the act ol. Marou, 18S6, in the name of William H Tarracoa, nu ?i?rnau uu uit isia aay 01 J u y, iiiss. - uec?m barH, 1?1. H-9i5, for w aires. i?aupd undar the act of S^?t?mhfr WO in the name of l.evi Trea'iwell, Hd granted p vinbor 29;h, MSI. No 91 031, io 40 *ore?. ia*ueu nndi?r the aanie net. In I be nam o of AW Plait*. aaJ gianted Novembor W9tJ?. lisl ? D*oember ?3 1?61No 72 SJ4 for 16" acre*. ia?urd under the act of Maroh. IM>. in the name of Thomas Jo!m??;n and iraatrd on tno 9th day of beptemi>?r, 867.?Jan nay ?. l?i o. ?JJti, for 9? acrea. leaned nndcr tha act-of Haroh, JfWS, in tne name of Polly, vwlow of John Ca'*a. ai d gtan ed on the .ii day of September, 1*8? ? Jaaaart?, l#?2. No. 8 M. for 16' acre?,ia-UHi ondarthaact of M* eh. !&M.m the rame of VViiiia'ii So<?t, ft' d was *ra ?jd on the 1st day of Mi), 19^? January 11, 1962. JOaEPH H. BARRETT, It-law Kommmioner. DECIDED .BAR^\I.NS in Pia'. B a^K a- d Fancy :*iikj, arirh other kind of Dy Gocda.for tti? current wants of fanulie* and homeiut pera. One pnea only, marked in plain fi -urra. Cartaina, Carpeta, Oilclo na. f?ua?. Ac. upper flwa. PKKRY ? BiiO.. Pa avaiiU" and Nintii at, *o 7 5'd *'Parry BiuMing.** Wjl TOPHA?V~ W PREMIUM TRUNK WSJBO MANUFACTORY, 499 i?ITEITH bTABKT. WitU.ilSTM, D, O. 8!'rat Medal awarded ?>y Maryland I net?tat# BaiOinora, Noveiub?'- 7, lt4?, laa, Maua. jt Metropolitan ?J?cfiardoa'laat'tvte, Waatnngton. L?. C., 1857. 1 MB toactaatly makuif. aad a! waja hare < * hand, oi taa beat material, every deacriatien of r?e Sol? LeaUer. u4 Ganvaa Trare m* Hut, flohool 8*toh?ia,M, At Lmm Pr%t4$. Knbm ?f CoMreae and trar?ier p will pleaaa uiflLci a#j atoaf bafor* perohaainc elaewhere Track* U?(in n*ade id oe*r oitiea. Bofwww L,ea?ner and Drees Tntkl made to Tranka ?o Tared and reaaired at short notioe. 4ooda 4a ) tctM free of cliarie to anylfart of the Ott* -oTfotowr.. and Alejandrta. ?V J A wyo H.TOPHAM niANOS. PLAiNOa, FlANOS.-Sew Fiaaoa A raaeovd every weak. <'on* aiid i<* k at U>s aawrtMOlm W. 0 M K fZKROT l*J< M uaio Ltf pot, onntor P* ?? %iw* l?i???r?V ? w( AiJkOfJkAft HOffcL,,. At.*-* HI 1, (reatiy rfx.?roT(H> reoantiy and now o's creator '*d aeon: otto for the >f:or ate of c.ui^li ipa rtranrara laaa an/ ot^??r aubiio nonaeinthe ftt7, kia fru^M N>isf thar ?.!:o?e of any other aotoi oa reau. irnu, and hta aoccmjaoaauo&a hr p<*rr if t or tranafoot boaruera pnexceytionaNe. The bar aud reetaira&t arr??c?raecU of the Earo^ean a>t?4 have already bMomt very aoea Ear- taai can be dee)red by tha moat (M SLoaaT^fhe fr?arv?%OT fle^taa a arfiti. ued attenbeaaa* neiliiieil liberal ?^.r^c<iturre to firs actleffcettoa to aW,auo uia rasa-re nia invitation " aH li? Wie FT of#' a *a" ~ W?*-H IN o^.^SJSSS'u ? ?.h Z ?wi artoe.a ot *oo?i* we aarcnaae. *a are furoo.: to -adaoo par tmanwee to CaaJi extUaiTeif, for the ttt Pa. aranoe, between4th and lctfc at*. )e * I llrts- A K a?n*? > 1* jfcjHTKD AF.KINOI S lor chi?df?. a?w ' t> Iff ~t t~ fl*r A a.>, t'.aid ' loUij, In brlaht o<uiora, ii i ehiidrao, aU other kind* of Dry ' e prtae ??!f, marina ' ?'*;a bturaa ? w., t.rmW iVd.?" ??W ' DKNT18TBY. M . LOOM 18. M.^.^e^iiventoraAd patentea I of the DUNKKAL PLATE TEETH, H ^ ftsada p*r?oa?ily at his oflo? .n this oity*e6|ef Hut Hrtou <ttn Wear theaa teetk Who^"?" oannot wear others, and no person can wear others who oannot wear there. persons calling at my offloe oan be aooomjnoaated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire bot to those who are parti on iar and wish the purest, eleaneet, strong eat. and most perfect dentare thai art can prodnee, the MINERAL PLATS will be 1 more rally warranted. Room* in this city?No. 339 Pa.avenae,betwe?a Mh and PHh sta. Also, tOT Aroa street, PhLadat phia. oo U-tf i GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM *. DOVE ft OO. RE Now prepared to axaoata any erders with they may be favored in the PLVMfiiNv, RA8 OR STEAM FITV1NR BUBlNfipSa (17 Store on Kh street, a few door* north of Pa, ayenae, where may be roand a complete aMortmecl I. 8NYIiB^(Lir*B*R AND GAS FITTER, Haa removed to the oorner ofTweifth and P sta. He is prepared to introdaoe Water and Gas upon the most favorable terms, and guarantiee entire eatlsnotlon. He has on hand a lot of COOR1NO and other STOVES, which he will sell leas than ha wishec to get rid of them. no 17 W8A8 FIXTURES. E Have in store, and are dai.y reoeiving, 9AS FIXTURES of entirely New Patferng and Designs and Finish, superior in style to (uiythmg heretofore elTei d in this market. We invite oitisens general ly U> tall and examine oar stock of Gas ana Water Fix ires, feeling oonhdect that we have the baat elected stock in Washington. All Work m the above intrusted to aar ears will be promptly attended to. MYERS ft Mc? H AN. aurl-tf 1T< D street. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF VA8 MITEU. Waihiiwto Wi J*Jy n. 1M*> NOTICE IS flEREBY OITSN, Tbat.agreaably to the provisions of the ordinanoe of the Corporation approved Mar IS. lttp, the undersigned la now prepared, "whenever refiiired in writing, and on pre-payment of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspect, examine, teat, prove, and aaeertain the aocaraoy of regiatration of any caa meter In nee in thia oify." Every meter, if fonid moorreot, trill be oondemned and another, ana led and marked a* trme, will be aet in i?* piaoo. If proved to be aoearaie in ita measai anient of gas, It wnl be aealea aooo-*mgly, ane again pat in position for aae. CMioe No. Ilu Seventh atreet,(near Odd Falwe' Hall.) Open from 8 a. m.. tot p. m. CflAItLES W. CUNNINGHAM. ir I? tf Inapeotor and Sealer of Vaa Meters. HEADQUARTERS OP THE U.S. MARINE 11 CORPS, QUARTXRMASTBlt'B Orrici. ( WABHi?9T0N, September 29. 1861.% Scaled Proposals, f r aoho'ass separately,will be received at thia offioe until 12 o'olook <n of Wednesday, 2nth of November next, for fnrniahing to the United Statea Marine Corpa. during the year 186i, the following auppHea, to be delivered at the office of the Aa istant Qua'termaater of theoorpa, Philadelphia. Pennsylvania, free of expenae to the Unit d stares- in suoh quantities aa may from time to time be ordered, vix : Class No I. . 14 twm varda of Sky Blue Kersey, all wool, free fr> m hair, M moliea wide, to weigh 22 oanees to the yar-1. (indigo wool-dfed ) 8,000 yr.rdB l)t k B ue Kersey. ill wo-*l,free from hair, 4 inohe* wide, to weigh 22 ounoea to the yard, (ii><!i(o wooi dre<l.< s*,ow yards Dark Bine Twilled Doth, all wool, for un-fo-m ooats,i indigo wool-dyed.)64 inohes wide, to weigh a ounori per ?a^j. 150 yards of Scarlet Cloth. all wool, (oochineal dyed >) 54 n.ohee wide, to weigh 16 ounces per jard, Cla<b No 2. R wo yards of 6 4 Dar* Blue Flannel, for overaack?, a'l wool,(indigo wool a/ed,>M m hes wide, to weigh 13 oanees p?r yard. 16 ooii yards of 3 4 Dark Blue Flannel for shirts, ail wool, (indigo wool-dyed,) 27 iuohea wide, to weigh 6H ounoei p?r yard 1.2"0 Gra* Mianketa, all wool, to weigh four pound' each, with letter* "U S. M " in black, lour inches long. In the center; to be 7 feet long and 9 feet wide, and fr e from greaae. 6,uoo pairs of Woolen Socks, three sizos. prop er:t made of good fleece wool, with dou >le and twisted yarn, to wel.h three pounda per doien pairs, free From grease. Class No. 3. e.ono yarda White l.inen for Pants, 80 inches wide, to weigh 13 ounoes per yard. lo.tfco yards White l u>en lor Shirts, 80 lnohes wide to we gh 11 ounoea ?er yard. 16 oijo ya'ds canton Flannel lor Drawers. T7 in.hea wide, to weigh 7 ounoea per yard. Class No. 4. 1.0TO Uniform Caps, oomplete (except Pompooa.) l.soo Pompons, red worsted, bill shaped, 4 incnes in circiimferenoe. 3,000 tatigne Caps,(wi?h covpra,?to be made of bine olotn, i*dtgt? wuci-dyed. 2.000 Stooka. VLA*B nv. ?. 9*1 g'oss Coat Buttons, (Eagle.) 4>>1 gross Jaoket Button*. (Eagle.) 100 gross Vest Brttcns.(Eagie.) pairs Yeliow Metal Cra?o?iti and Soale ^ 250*"et? Epaulette Bullion for Sergea-ts and Corporals. _ _ 2 ooo seta Epaulette Bullion for Privates. 40 Red Worsted Saj.nes 2,9*' yards of Yellow Binding. 2,500 yirds of Red Cord. It*) Swords for Sergeant*. SO Swords for Musioiar.s. 50 Drams (tenor,)oompiote. 50 Drum Siings. vno Batter D uin Hears. 50 Snare Drum Htads. loo Drum Cords. 100 set* of Drum Snare#. 100 Boxwood B" Fifes. Class No. ? 10,000 pairs Army Boots,(infantry pattern. Class No. T. 1 .Joo Cartridge Boxes | 1,200 Bayonet Scabbards. 1.2-0 Perou?sion Cap Po-iohe? 1,200 Cartridce Box Belts. 1.300 Bayonet Helta. I^io Waist Beln. 1,2<W) Waist Plawa. 1,200 Breast Plates. 2So Sword Frogs. Class No. 8. 1.200 Knapsacks. fl?o Haversaoks. eno Canteens. aoo Musket Slings. Cum No. 9. for making and trimming the following articles, Watch Coats Sergeants .Corpora's' Musicians', and Private*'Uniform and Paticue Oata; Woollen and Linen Pants; Flannel and Linen Shirtst D> a were; Flannel Saeks; and Red and Bine Jackets for Boys. The above mentioned articles most oonforni in all Tttrxis, to Uie seated standard pa'ttrai in the oAce o( tne (J narterinAoter M?nn? i nm M?nn? Us. rack*. \\ aahing'on, f>. C.; A as atauf Quarter matter, office Marine Corps, fepruoe atreet, PliilauelpMa. and at the Marine tttationa. Brooklyn, New Y' rk, an 1 Briton.Massachusetts, whoro t. e? can be examined And whenever ih?aiuol?a named above, or anv portion of them, ebalt be considered as not full* .lOLfornynr to samplee, they will be reJectod and theoontra tor will be bound to furnish othera of the re^oire<J kind at once or the Unartermaeter wii. aupply the deficiency at theexp*n*e of theotflitract r. Payment wvl bemarte upon theaoeeptwl dehveiv o'the whole Quantity, which may from time to time be ordered, withno.dmg tea per oent from the payment of aooount rendered under firat order, uniil aeoond order iafii:ad,and ten per oent from aooount rendered noder aeoond order until third order ia fil ed. and eo on, until contract ia oom pleted. Eaofc propoaal rauat be accompanied by the following g uarantee: form of (+unr?*J't, The undersigned, .of , in the Stata of . and , in the tttat* of . hereby guarantee that in oaee tno foregoinc btd of tor auppliea, aa %i>ove deaoribed. be aooepted. he or they will, within ten daya after the receiptor theeontract at the Post Ofioe named, execute the oontraot for tne aame with good and aufficfnt aecurftiea.aod in oaee the raid ? ahall fail to enter into o^ntrao* ?e aforeaaid, we guarantee to make good the diffe'enoe between the offer of the aaid and that which may be aooeptad. A B, Guarantor. C D, Guarantor. B P. WitoeM. . 1*1 I hereby oertify that the above named are knows to nte as men of property, and able to ma*e good their guara- te*. G. H. To be aigned by the United Btatea Diatriot Judge, United titatea Diatriot Attorney or Colleotor, No proposal will be oonaidered unleaa aooompanieu b? the above guarantee. Newspapers authorised to publish the above will send tha pap^r oo< taming tne firat inaeruoa to this off c? for examination. Tne bidder's pi vj < of business, or m&nuf&ctur log eetablishmsm, meat be apeoifioaily stated in the proposal. The ?V ? list of artiolea ia believed to beabout the quantity of eaoh a-Cloie that will be required an*ms me rear: r ui me 4ururiuut?r reMrvN tie ntht of orderinr a fr?at?r or lee* quantity, thoald tne irtere?t? of the senriee require it Fruyuli to be endorsed on the envelope, '.'ProassS Quartermaster M. C? Wasmntton, D. C. ?ap a^4w Hat. &5SSAI!S!S??r ,?. P.. f?r. Colored Border*. ruied %nd plain, with Enrelopea to ipatoh Also, I-la* PtMr of all kisdi, with and without Mottoes, Kntemfn t? match Pur see and Poeket Books of every desortptioc. A large assortment or Stationery. New Vork Payors reoeived daily; Papers from so parte * R1CH8TEIN, w? P*na. w?n?? MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NO VELA?The 1^ Alchemist, or tke Houae of Claeajfrom the Prenoh of Honore de Baiiac. Free by 3uaa Marker, the W*yer of Kaveiae: by Geo. nit *** egsa wwt AT HALF VALUE?very rich Velvet Flouoed and otLer Hfik Robee, sent to as from the north wi th instiaoUocs to sell at half the valua. A large lot or?err h ae and ntediaaa Caabrlo and """ 5o"*"' '""flWi'Boniu, to 7-M '-'s. av., and 9th street. % "Thej ( rlfbt to tb? Spot," INSTANT RBLIKP STOP \OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOIJR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIK8 ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. The? relieve a Cough instantly. They olear the Throat. They give strength and volnme to the voiee. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a' Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any diflioulty of the Throat, to ret & BfLclcuce of m? Threat Cnnfwi. tions. They will relieve you instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go ri*ht to the spot.' You will find them very usefui and plf?a?ant while traveling or attending pnhlio ireetings, for (tilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If you try one paokage I am r&fe in aaying that you will ever af terwards oonsider them mdispensible. You will find them at the Druggi?ta and Dealer* in Mediouiee PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature Is on eaoh package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of 1 hirty Cents. Address, HENRY C. APALDING, No-4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadache <#35,# Headache. By ths is# of these Pills the periodio attacks o Ntnoi m Sitk ? may be prevented; and I taken at the oommenoement ot an attaok immediate relief from pais and sioknsss will be obtained. They seldom fttil in removing the JYmim and H$*4*ck* to whi*h females are so nbJtct. They a?t gently ipcn the bowels,?removing Cm For LUtrty Mm, Srudmtt, Dehoate Females, and all persons of satauary Mill, they are valaable as a Improving the mtitt, giving I ?? MN Vi|*r Hi II S U1(BIUTB orius, MM n torlng the natural el?*tiotty and strength of tb? I whole The CEPHALIC PILLS we the rami! of lone tnveetigation md o*reft 11 y conducted experiments, having been Is nae mirj yean, during which time they have prevented end relieved a vwt amount of pein end angering rem Headache, whether originating In the syatern or from ft derftneed state of the ttowimck. They ftre entirely vegetable in their composition, ftnd may be taken ftt ftll times with perfect sftfety without mating any ohftnfe of diet, tmd Ik* etl*ntt any dtrmtrttabU fit* rtmdtri il Mi? It dmimitttr tkim to tAiltUtn. BKWARK OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Spalding on eaoh Box. Sold by Drag gifts and all ether Dealers 1b Medicines. A Bex will be sent by mall prepaid en rseaipt the PRICE, M CENTS. All sr4ers skosid be addressed to HENRY C. 9PALD1NS, 48 C?ab 8mit. N?w Yon, from lis Mmmmimtr, Itf/olh, Fa. Cephalie Pills aooomplish the jtyeot for whlek they were made, via: Care ef headache in all its forms. ik* Mmmmhur, JVer/ett, fa. They have been tested in mere than a thensan* saees, with entire saooeea. #Vem lis Jwwsrsi, St. Cltmd, M4mm. Kycm are, or have been troabled w 1th the haade, send for a box, ( Pule ,) se that yen may hare them In oase of aiCattaeh. Am Iks WuUr? it. R. tfaastts, Oki*+i*,ML We heartily endorse Mr. Spalding, and hn rivalled Cephalie Pills. Ami tk* Somik** PmIk Pindtr, J*i? OImsi, La. ^Try them J^you that are ftfflirtjylj ftrd'^e are sxje i.e.- juii. MAjtilUl'UT vtia IT ?>1UDU W >M airiKHJ 1 numeroaa Hat that nu reeeired bonatta that w otuer medieme oan produce. From Iko CiMftH, Jawa. Mr. Spalding would not cornea* kia aaate wltk an article ho did not fcwov to poaeeae 'Hi aarlt F-omtk? Advtrtiitr, Proeidmu*t ft. / Jrhe Ce?h?:io Pillaare Mid to he a remarkably ect)*6 i em?dr for the lmadaeHe, and aneertfca very teat for that very freaaent eemplaint whiah bu ever been dlacoyered. From (U ft, /.Mil Dmwril. The I mmenae demand for the arttale (CeeLfcae Filial la rapidly iDcmainf. Ah? Iwneto l^Uiar fii*, MtmamU, re. We are aarethat peraonanfferiuwitktkakeatfaehe, who try them, will ctiok to la era. IVm tjU i^Mrtuir, frnUMH, ft. J. The teatimorr in their far jr u atrcni, frea ikt Meat t eepectable % nartera. From tkt Ml* JVmn, Nowfwi, K. J. Cephalic Till* are taking the plaae of all ineda. Froma l*? Commurcitti BnUum, Bosum, Mm 8aid to be very efflo&oioaa for the headaohe. From tko Commtretai, Cianaaati, OKit, BuSerini humanity can now be relieved. (17 A einfle bottle of Spaldlng'i Prepared Glue will aave ten timea ita ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLVE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PISCES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH jet" a stitch hi timi situ wi?b."-/"t1 Aa aooideuta will happen, eyen in well refuiateo famuiee. it ia rary deeiraoia to hare aome cti*sp %n<l>.?Tecmnt way for repairlag F ar altar*, Toya Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE tneeta all an eh emergeaoiee, and so boaaehold ea afford to be withoat it. It la alvaya ready, aad to tie atioking point - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. b.?A Brnah aooompaaiee eaak Bottle. Prte h oenta. t rtrtreee HENRY c. 8PALD1N8, No. 48 Cedar street, Now York. CAUTION. m.- ?< eaainuM before ytrakuiii.ah eee ua tbr fu i uane. PALJMN*** PREPARED tLIK^B an taa enteido wrapper; all ethdnftr*ewtadliag eeaavwf? u. fi IMivt #Omri Omtk, AM, Htmrtmii?i, Im/hwu?, any Irritmtim #r Sert Wl or ?*4 TkromJ, JUiMM Ikl Hmdn*i Couth mi Cmimvtw?, Brotukxi\3, Athmm, # Cmtmrrh, CUmr *m4 rw ftrnwU (o 144 ? <? ?/ PUBLIC 8PKAIBK un> SINGERS. Few we ann of the tmaortanoe of oheorinc a Conch or "Common Cold'' in ita first ctace; that whiph in the begmine would yield to a mild reme dr, if negleoted, soon attack the Luags. " Brown't. BrmtAiml Trotits." contamwg demnTcentlngredi rata, allay Fnlmonarr and llionohial Irritation. "That tronWe in my Throat, (foi BROWN'S which the "IVeeA**" area specific TROCBKf* ~ t'p'ffi BKOWN'S M1 reoommand thair aae to Pvbli* Sritini." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great aerrioe in anbdaing Honu BROWN'S HIM." REV. DANIEL WISE. ?inrni,'? "Almost instant relief in the die treating labor of breathing peouliai rrnwn'r to Asthma." OKUWNe REV. A. C. EGGLESTON. TROCHES " Contain no Opium or anythini injanona." DR. A. A HA\ ES, BROWN'S Chmut, fittton. " A aimpie and pleasant oombina TROCHES bon for CbiaHs. lo." BROWN'S S* B,"LgS? RROCHKS " S.TW.'KiNK, BROWN'S Bostm " I have pro*M then excellent for BROCHKB WARREN. BROWN'S " Bene&oial when eomaelled te tnpnvai ?. ? ** ?*?* ? * iNtKiiuponiiK irum ^old. 8. J. P. ANDERSON. BROWN'S st. Lnii. tBOPHKH " E?f?CT?ai in remonnc Hotrte new and Irritation of the Throat, BROWN'S oommcn witn Sriiim and Sir*VROCHE9

""V"!- M STAnY^m^UN^ brown'S T""?Sjf;g;!i5;;,w TROCHES "iraat benefit wl.en taken before and after preaching, as the? prevent BROWN'S Hoarsonei*. From their past efl-*ot, i think they will be of permanent adf ROCHES ractiize to me. REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athene College, f enn. TROCHES ?? 1-1? iT~bODF REV'S ANTIDOTE used for the last half oeatui^ in the Hospit*l? of London and I'ar.g lor the oure of Sw( DU0a.1et.wnr nov be had at I'rilAM'S.lKML, No. 310 Oheanot etrcet, eoie agent for the United State* It contains no mercury or other minerals, and *1 1 not harm the most delioite constitution A tptedy curt guaranteed and no 1 hange of met required. Pa-'e #1. Sent by express So'd in Washington by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue. sep 5- eol* UPHAM'S HAIR DVE '-TOCOLOR BLACK OH BHOW ? Only 38 cents a b<>x. Three boxes for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair can be changed in a few seconds to it j t black or brown, by using Upbam's Liquid Hair Dye, the best and cheapest in the world, producing, the m^rr ent it is applied a rich nature! appearance. Lach Sox of L'PhaM'S H AlK DVKn wrranted to oor.fAin as much Aa?r rfv< a* others sell for on* dollnr'. Sild by S C. I7PHAM, 310 <Mi<?snut street, h ladelphia. and S. OALVtKT FORD, corner Uth street and Fa. ave. sep?-co1y K I)L'FONT'S UUAH COATED Fl? MALE RKUULATllSG PILLS are?*+ the very best in u~r They operate speed 1 y MCjTr anil effectually. and being Miear-coate Mr f crea'e no nausea upon the must de ioatc" tJ s'or; aoh A trial of Uese Pills will prove their superiority over a'l others Prioe (ht1 Dollar a box. So'd only at UPHAM'S, 310 Chesnut street. Sent by mail to ail part* of theoountryin a sealed envelope. Sold in Washington by S. CALVEKT FORD, corner 11th street and Fa. ??o. eop ,1 xrukj I l>a. J. H. McLJiAN'b BTSEUOTHKKIHO CORDIAL AMI> BLOOD PURIFIKK THE &RBATMST REMEDY tn tk? IVOKLV, tMTMB. TAKEN hkS' -fpjk _ ".uViV,^" dltUlllaf. aredialef a atllalaaa, txatlir&tiaf apiiK. aad U? att laftalkl* n?id; fti HMTiilif tk* 'iimtd ifli", tad rtitariaf tk* *<ak, nfirlii, ud dttllltaud Uvaiid ta kltltfc aad tutartk. MtLEANS STBENQTHEtflNe 90KDIAE Will aftataally aara ki'tr OaiafUlat, Pyaaaptla, Jaaail|?,Ckia?ltaiHii'iii IrtHlltj,Dlataaaa aftat Udatyt, tad ail dltaaatt uUkaf fraat a al??rdtrad Uvar ar ?tamaak. jaaaptla, aartatra, lavird rilaa, Atlditr ar f.tkatta M tka Btaauak, Pallaaaa af Blatd .a lit Itad, Dail Pua a> wl??laf la tka Baad, Ptipitauaa at tkt Mta.ii. Paltalta ar W * If St la tka tataaak, liu Bratuuaaa, Cktkta* at llfaaauaf fttilaf vkaa Urlaf Jt?a, Biyatta ar TtllaW. aatt at Byat, Btfkt Iviau, !aaud Pattrt, fala la Ika BaaaU af tka Ink. Ckatt, at tlda, Caddta Plaakat af Baat, Btprataiaa af iptrlu, fr'.fktfal Iniai, kaaftar, liitaadtat; at aay atrraat dlataat. Barn at Blataktt aa tk* ItUi aad Fmi aad AgM* (at CklUa tad rmij m JU'mvk j>vi<a?a ktTi km Mid dariar U? laat ilx aialfe*, ud ta latitat* kit It fallad la fiVlaf tailrt aaiiafitUaa. Wka. ikta, v111 aafaa fnm Viuiim ?r D*klUty wk*a HcUlll rrmiuiiTEKBiK* coa?iAk win iw? j??? laafmaf . miti; aa adaqaata tdaa af ik* laatdlili tad aiaaat almiliH Uup pradatal k; uklcf U!i Cardial ^a lk? dlxatad, dtkllltaltd, aad akaltarad aarraa* wkatkar krakaa (an ay aetata, walk ky aiwi, ar layaUtd ky tltkata*, Ika rtlaxtd aad aaalraaf arfaallallaa la itatartd m lu irUtlaa kaalth aad !( married fersonsj ? Mm. iNiiIni W laaklilty fraa wkatavar aaaa*. vUl tad ItallAM* vrKU?7IKKlH? CUESIAi. a tkartifk r*fta*raiar af U* ayataat aad all wka ail kara la h?r*d Iktaatl*** ky layraatr ladalf*at** will tad ta Ula Cardial a tinata aad r*a*dj. TO TUB LADIES. MakBAB** irB3B?TBK9]Bfl UOUItkH a uric Ira aad ayat<l? tart f*t lattyltat Caaitaaptlaa, Wklt'a, Baatntud at 'eaa't H(a>in<uaa,l ata?tlia?ti af *rl?t tr la*al?Biary Ktakrrrt tfcartaf, Pailiag af tk* Vaak, tddlaaaa, PalaiUf, aanall rtlttatti laaldaat ta faaalia. THERE IS no mistake abo9T IT Cat*! a* l**f*a. Tal? It aaaardlaf ta dlrtdiiaaa. It vlll atlamlait, ur?*fik?a, aaJ ia-ijartia ya? aad aaaaa tk* klaaaa af ktaua ia aaaaa: year ak*?k a ja'.a. Brtry katt:* I* warraattd ta fi?* itilafa?i'*a. FOR OHILDRKK l/jali tMlJraa art tltkly. |may ar tBlattd, Miklill Cllllik will aa'at tkaa kaallky. fat, aad rataii. Dalay at a aaaw*at| try ils aad yaa-wtii kt aaarlattd. It ta daUalaaa taiakt. a wtion, l*wa af dm(fUu ar daalara vka aay try ta pals aaa-a yaa im* Mltar at aamrattlli inak, aklik U*y ?aa air tkaar. ky aaytnf It U ;ut an aaad. A raid *aak mta. A>k fat MckKAXm m.jrn?TnilI|l? COBDIAk, and uka aa.klaf al*a. It la Ma aaly ramady that wall aarify ika Blaadlkaraaffcly aad at tk* aaiaa tla* alrtnflhta iba *yataia. Oai Uaa|??.nfrl takaa tvary marninf faaur.j i* a titu'.a fraraatira far QaaUra, Cktll* and P*?*r, Ytllaw Parar, ar aay aravala'.i d aaaaa. Itiayatva la iara* balii**. rnaa aaly VI far fcaat:*, aj kaiUia far 91 V. I. M. L1CA H, ala yrapmiar a! taia Cardial) alaa. VaLaaa'a Tataaal* CM klalatai. rrlsaiaal Difat aa tka aarati ar Tkird aad Plat *tra*U, h. Ua!a, Ha. MoXtdan'o Veloanio Oil Liniment, (Tt> <?rr kiwi* but iimvoiiiD.) Tk* ?*ly tafa t?1 dartata *ar* far Caatart, Pllat, T?mm, Bwtihaft aad Xrtfitkllt it Caiirt, ParalTtU, BitnMa, Waainaat at Ma Mualaa, Ckraalt ar lalaaamatary kaaaUaia, uSaaia aI U* Jaanu, G?utraai*4 Maael** ar UfaaHU, Ka;aaka ar VaaUatka, Irtlaaa, Ifrtlai, frtak Cala, wataada, Iittra, ritti tar**, Cak*d Braaat, Sara 5pl*a, Bar: a, Sdaida, tar* TVraal, ar any Intammatlaa aa i, aa dlt*r*ua* laav aarar* ar laor 'Jia dUaaaaa may t ailat.d, MckBAMt CBkltAAYKD klWMKKT fa a aanala raaatdy. Tkaaiaad* af aaaaa kalaft tiaa kata urad a lift af dla art^itadt aad ml**ry ky tk* aaa af tktt laraiaaklt rtmtdy. MtLBAITS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT VUl rtlltvt pain almatt luitantaataaaly, and U vtll data, yarlfy aad k*al tkt faalatt tar** la aa inaradiMa akart liaa. ro& HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. tkUUII UUUKATftU faUllBll.J?T la U? Mly MM aad nliiklt r<ft * t far Ua iui ai lytTli, hsfNil, WtadffilU, frliau, Inuiutl Lamp*. Hadat u Ivalllaffa. U Mf?r UlUd U tttt Biff Itad, railavll, riatala, Old hulcf at Iwimj, If pnitrl; appllad. fir liitKi, limn, Itnumi, Cratkad Ckafaa, Baddla at Callar aila, Gata, > , at Waaodt, it It ao iafaUlkla raaady. App !y It u dliattad ukd a ma la aanaia la a?aiy lailuu. Tkaa iflla aa . acat vita Ua aaaay wjartklaat kuloiaata find la yaa. OVulo a tapy); af D* McUAII CfckB EATES klllMUT. It win aara yaa. J. . McklAM, Ma Praprlatar. Caraar YkUd aad Piaa ?u., tv kaait, Ma. CIltkH rrOTT, r? Pa. a?., t?a affaat la Waaklaff M LI T ('laiKk. >rata?a ?M-MW|> QUNBOATS voa the WESTERN RIVERS. QUABTBEMABTBE SENBEAL'b <>FF1CB, ( WaxAtafffoft, Jwnt 17,1861.{ Peofobalb are invited for oonatrnoting 6uboata upon the Western rirera Opacification! will be immediately prepared and may be examined attheQuarterinaater's Ofioe at CiDOlDnaU, Pit'fkarffh.acdat tbiB?>ffioe. Propoaala from boat bail era and engine-build era alone vill be considered. P ana submitted by bidden will be taken into consideration M C. ME16S, ie in Quartermaster General United State CaiB. CRADF.E AND BFD BLANKETS and COUNTER PAN Ed. all eiaaeaat quali ties. Bad Confort*. Hbeetinca. Pulow Liuen< aad Cottnna, Towele. Napkins, Table Clothe, Ticking a, Doyliee, &e. All at oar a-overbiai<y tow pr>oae, marked in plain fin urea. New oomere, strangers, aojouraera aad oituens will in*pe^it our siook at pleasure. PERRY * BRO , aa fHt Penn. avenue ana >th at.. W., TRAVELINe TRUNKS. this city, comprising beat Scie I-father fiSt Lallee* Dress aad Paoking Trunks, Va-^"*? Heee, Carpet Baca, ko? which wa are now ee'ling Zl ,r'^ALL "WfrV<2?. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. ' <*at nvwu! Landing ud embarking paeeeogers It I ijueenstown, Ireland 1 The LireryooU Nev York and Philadelphia <J Steamship Company intend dispatohins their fell t powered Clyd*-bailt iron Steamship* u follow*: t SLASflOW ... ...Saturday, August ad. i CITY OF BALTIMORE, " loth. KANBAROO, " ** 13th. And every Saturday, at boob, from Pier U, North i riTer. J ? _ utn of ruuti. ... First Cabin. ..#16 I Do. t.i l.^ndnn lb Do. to l?iris?_ It ] Do. to H?.mhnrf to Bteerage fan Do. to London M ' Kto ^a'i?. . * to Hamberg v, Passengers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. Rot- c terdam, Antwerp, &o , at redaeed throuih (area. Person* wishing to bring oat their nieads oan > buy tickets at low rates. 1 hor further information apply at the Captains Offioe. JOHN ?. DAL1 . Agent, 1 1ft Broadway, N. Y., ' Or to Q. A. HERRING, A<lams Express Baltimore^ * ^IT? ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE ftl "iV EASTER* AXp WESTERN I SHORE STEAMERS. ' "ERST," Capt. J H. K rwai. ( " fioy EER,'' Capt. W. Norman, | Wii: run their routes as follows, leaving Light , street, Haiti more, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. ] KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landings on Chostank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATl'RDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolisand West River,every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning saiedays. PIONEER?For ft. Miohaei's an* Easton.via i Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, aid return , the same day. 1 For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford j &nd Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning ?j come ruuir ou rriuay I For Annapolis. West Hirer. St. Michael's and i Fa-ton. via Mile's River Ferry, every SATUR- ] DAY, returning every Monday by tame route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaiton Point si so i Faro to M- Miohaei's and M ilea' RiverJronau tnp, ?1 ) ? ? ino Fare to Wm: River,(roocd trie, 31)~. 1 #0 | Faro to Anuapoli-('ound trip 7S ceil ts)__ 74 MEALS EXTRA. IT^Freifht must be prepaid. Wharf aud Office, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I ! Calviut Station, Batimore. May 18, 1861. ( Or and niter bandar. May 19th, 1W1. Trains on I the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart aa follows, until further nctioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 815 A. M, EXPRESS atl3f)>, M. HARRISBL'RG ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hone with trains on the Western Maryland Rai.mad. at Hanover Jnnotion with Hanover and Gettsbarg Railroads; at York with York aud WrigKtsville Railroad; at Harrsburg with Penniy vania Rai rovl for ad part* of the West, also with l^ebannon Valley Railroad In N*%* Y7?rl dirtrt; at North did berlauu with L and B. w&ilroad for Kingston and aii parts of \\ joominc Valley jina at >nntiury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. M train njakes aii the above connection* exoept Hanover Railroad, Wrighteville Railroad and the Lebannon VaR?r Railroad Tne 8 P. M train makes connections with Pennsylvania Railroad for all parts of the West, and direct oonneote for New York. TRAINS ARRIVK. Mail at fi If p M.; Expre-s at 7 44 A. M.; Harnsburg Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and information in^nire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J^C. CLARK.Baft LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and Am boy and Philadelshiaand Tren'on Railroad Companies'Line Irons PHILADEl.PHlA TO N KW V0? K AND WAY PLACf S. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave aa fol love: At 6 AM ,Tia Camden and Am boy. (C. and A. Accommodation.) At ( A. M , via Camden and Jersey City, (N.J. Accommodation.) At 8 A. M., r.a Camden and Jersey City. iMorniac Mail.) _ _ . At UK A. M . via Kensington and Jersey City, (*Vr-rtcra Express.) At 12* P. M., via Camden and AmtK>y,( Aeoommodattpn.) At 2 P M., via Camden and Amboy, (C- and A. At 'vr?- M., via Kensington asd Jersey City, I (Evening Express.) At 4* P M , via Kensington asd Jersey City, (Second Class Tioket) Ate P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) * At lli P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(8onU>I ern Mail.) i A: i P. M , via Camden and Amboy, (AooommodaI tion, freight and passenger. First Class Ticket.) ; Second Clans Ticket. I The6 K. M Mail Train runs daily. ThelUf P. M. Mail. Saturdays excepted For Beividere, Easton, LambertvUla, Fienung, ton, &o., at 7.10 A. M.; and Of p. M., from In, sinitoD. ! For Water Gap. ?troadsburg.Bcraaton,Wilke?' barre, Montrose. Great Bena, Ac., at 7.IS A.M.. , from Kensington, via Do. a wars, Laokawanna and i Weat?rn Railroad. For Manoh Chunk, Allentown and Beth!ehem,at ' 7.10 A. M. and P. M.. from Kensington depot; the 7.10 A. M. li^e connects with the train leaving hasten at 3* P. M. For Mount Holiy at aad 8 A- M. asd I and Ot For Freehold at A. M and 3 P. M. For Bristol. Trentoi, Ac., at 7.10 A, *ff..4K asd M P. M from Kensington, and tW P. M from Wainut street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, pelanoo, Beverly. Bar i iiukvuu, rinii-uwui oviutawvii, so., tllU , I. S, 4>4 acd 6 I*. M. Steamer Trenton for B ordentown. and interme; diate p.aces, at SX P. M. from Walnut street | wharf. fH7" For Now York and Way Line*. leaving Kensington Depot. take the oara on Fifth street, . above Wal iut, half an hoar before departure The oara run int) the depot, and on amva! of train run from thede ?ot. Hfty pounds of baggage only allowed to ^aoh passenger Passengers are prohibited from taking anything an baggage bat their wearing appar*l Ah 'Mme over fifty pound* to be paid for i extra. The oompany limit their reeponstf ility fi.r b*gtage to one <*ol ar per pound, acd will not be liable for any amount beyond one hundred dollar*, exeept hy special oontrant. WM. H. 9ATZMKB, Agent. FOR THE ?jn^9BB WEST AND SOUTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May lltn, 1661, the trama will ran aa follows, vis:?Leave Camden Station. Baitimore.?Mail,.except Sunday.) at ft. ? A. M.; Express darty at a. 46 P. M. Both Trains to dlreeUy tnrourh <-OR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train; between Piedmont and Wheeling take Accommodation Train, leaving Piedmont at 6.40 A. 1 M; and between Oraflon and Parkeraburg,take t!iaS3>A ML Train from Baltimora. Tne FREDERICK TWAIN leaves Baltimore at 4 3Q P. M. and Frederick at MO A. M. j Thr ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leava Baltimore at 6 and 9.15 A. M. and 1 45and &.40 P. M.. ; and Kilioo't's Mills at 7.40and 11.8* A. M-.acda.4i . and 7.00 P. M. Fnrft>rth?r information, Tiokete of every kind, I Ao , apply to J. T. ENGLAND Agent, at Camaes Sutun, or at the Ticket offi. e. W. P. SMITH, Master of TransporOon. L. M.COLE. Gen'lTicnet Aged. [^^.NEW YOKE. HARLEM AND HS R& ALBANY RAILROAD LEAVD>8 NEW YORK POR ALDANV, TROY, NORTH AND WEST. 8CMMEK ARHANSRME^T Commencing M u nda*, May 27th, 1M1. Por Abany?11:30 a. m. last express train from Hth street. For Dorer Plain#?can p. m. stopping at Whit* Plains nnd stations north to Dover plains?from Hth street station. (This train will ran to Millertoa ever? Saturday venue,) For Oroton Falls?4:li a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordhara from SBUt street station. Por White Plains??30, 4:10 and &00 ?. m. stopping at all stations from 26th street station. For White Plains?&'S p. m. stopping at all stations from W hite street station. Por WUliamc Bridge?7Jo, 11:18 a. m. and Has p. m. stopping at all stations from TTth street station. Returning will leave? Albany?*00 a. m. fast express train. Dover Plains?&30 a m. (This train leaves Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Fa:>?5 ?. m. . Wjiite Plains?&lo, 7HI0 a. m. 4:10 A 7:00 f. m. Williams Bridge?fc3n, 9:00 i. m. A hoo p. m. Sunday trains will leave 4th Avenue ourner 23d street, for Central Park, Yorkville, Hart em and High Bridge ever; few minutes, from 9:00 a. m. to IMP p m. JOHN BURCH1LL. Asst Sup't. c^m-NEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL dSBI road Passeuger Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambers street. New follows, via : 7.00 a. m , EX ?*RE&fci,for Dunkirk, aad Buffalo, and prinoipa! in term* iaie Stations. 0(ia. m. MAIL, for Durkirs. and intermediate Stations?This Train remains over night at Elmira, and prooeeds the next morning. 9.(<o a m.. MILK daiij, for Otisvilie, and intar mediate Stations. 11 oo a. m , ACCOMMODATION,dally, for Port Jervis, and siinelsal Stations AOO a. m.. N18BT EXPRESS, daily. for Dunkirk, Buffalo, Canandaigaa.arid pnaoipal Stations Tos Train of Saturday stop- at all MaiiTraln Stations, and runs ocij to Eiuura. ? 00 P 1^. ACCOjdMTODATiON^w Horaervllls, M K **1 CH A 8, MI NOT. ttea'l Sa?H. NATHANIEL MAW 8 H, llee^var. jItM ONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. J UST Reoeived on oM?ignbsot IJKM >suehee prime Onions. For sale tow. NR VERY NIC8 8kCO.NI) HaND PIANO fur 940. Also, a large t?ck of Re C7" PiMM for mt. oot r PIOTIOB TO TRAVBLKR8. 1 H l aliMBMi having ordered t*e egg-. (oam)toM rMMdi on IM >'o)ock p mM W lmortdkMlyafter t&trrtvftj ?( he Wnehiufton Train. whieh iNtti Wukiattol A Hi o'oiooi ?. ?. M. N FALLH. h?A rnmsm mzm>K~ frame tor Phiiade ?hi? wil. .eave Preaideat Mmi )*?ot daily (UMft Sunday*) aa loiiowe, vim: I' i^rra Train atf 15 A. M Way M? frtiiu 146 A. M., Keeninc Mtil at fjt6 o'alook. Ob SL}?DAYS at 4 45 P. M. on!?; Antrum connect with Vew York traina except ?.4& P. M train on Set nr. km. A Freirht Train with paeeenxer ear attao'ed MTfia at & P. M . etcpFint at *11 Station* brtvMt liaitimoreaad Harre de-Grao*. Paeeencera for Delaware ar J the Pattern y bor# if Maryland wih find the moat expeditiona roate by rsyof W'! m i ntton, 1X7" All Colored Peraona muat glee hood before inter wif the oar*. WM CRAWFORD. Agent. raA*?BW m RAILHOAH ** yjw YOht ?K>THAL HAlLhOAD. > xpreaa Tralne ieare Mew York o'ty depota of Hedaoa River RaiiroM lai y. Sniuiryi excepted, a toltowa i Prom Chamber a at reet From Slat at. atatton. At 7 no a di At 7 85 a at 11 on 6 00 pm 1.36 6.2S p m 3 J" m JJ6 p m Mob trial and Beffalo Tram with alec ping eere, fc'S ? m 1 46 p n i/vnorauuii m amor wimi uil n?w lori UM tra. Railroad for Sch*neotady. Rochester i ttet Bat* via. Ron*, and statium on Rome and Watertown Railroad. Huia.lo. SirwuM. Niagara Falla. 3opperai<n Bridge, Auburn. Geneva.Cai ardaigwa. Trains in connection l*vt Buffalo and Purgation via Lake Shore, Buffalo and > ake H uron and Sreat Western Railroad, for Harriltoa. Tor<-?to, Detroit, Chicaco. Toledo. Milaauki*. Fon Du Lao, La Croaae, Madiaon. Prairie l>u Cliien, 6a eat, Dunleith, Dubuque, Peoria, Rook I?laud. Muscatine, Iowa Ciiy. Burlington. Quit ot. Paring held, Alton, ft. Louis.Cairo,Terre Haute, led atapo is, Louisville. Cincinnati, I avton, Colunbus, Cleveland, and all pointa \\ est, Northwest aad ttouUNORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trans at lroy, with Troy h Boston and Rens. ft Saratoga Boada for Saratoga, Whitehall. Rutland, Burlington.M. Albans. Ron** Point, Plattsburgh, Ogdeuai u- gh, Montreal, Aa., fco fCT Freight Arrangement* by thi* route aa above, without chance of Cara, Iron the Ifepota la Pbamnera and canal atreota. are at all timee aa favorable aa made by oth r Rai'road Comp?ii?a. The <acil'ties of thia groat New York Rr?t?, ?o th? West commend it to the confidence of n,e; ahant* an ' ah ppera tor promptnear and dispatch Paaaenger traina, with Smoking and Sleeping Cara run in oonnection on the New York Cei.iral Road. For partioulara aa to looa! traina and freight ar rangementa, inquire at the depot, ?S Warren at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. JT?,. U. 8 GOVERNMENT LINK " r#TfT^TO FORT MONROE A>U OLD POINT COMFORT. Leave* the lower end "I UNION DOCK.Ba.timore, vent aide. DAILY, (Sundais moli.aed.) at Itto'ol- ok P M. takint passengers and fright, and oonneotinc ?itii tbr Railroad lines to ard [om Waahtsg'on, D. C., Philade phia. New York, Boaton, York, Harriaburg, Pittsburg. Pa , acd tba Weet, jin mediately aOer the arrival of the Exptaa* Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following la the Schedu.e : From New V'ork to Fort Monroe aad back. ?14 From Phi'.adelph a and back... .. 1" From Baltimore and t>ack nyPROCURK YOUR TICKETH^n In New the New Jeraey Railroad Uflkoa foot of Courtla^d atreet. In Phi.adelphia, at the Company'* offioe. N W. o >rn*r of Sixth and Cheatnut streets, oi at th* Depot, Broad and Prime atr^e'a. In Baltimore, on board the Steamer*. foot of Union Dock. HUGH O CONNER. Paaaengar Agent. JT? ^ FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. By tli* ap.endid and aupanor St-amera METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAINE, ofgrwM strength and rpeed, but particularly adapted to th* navigation of Long Island Sound, rurnir.g in connection with the Fall River and Old Colony Railroad, distaLoe of SB miiea or..? to B<>*" r, Leave Pier No. North River near the Battery. The Steamer EMPIRE STaTE,Capt. Bray ton, Mondays. Wednesdays, and Friday*, at 4 o'olook P. M., touehinrat Newport each way. The SteamerMETROPOLiS, Capt. Bro*?. op fuesdays, Tharedays and Satnrdats, at 4 o'oloai . M.. touching at Newport each way. The** Steamer* are fitted with oommodioas tat? room*, and every arrangement for the secnrity and oomfort ot passengers who are afforded t>y this ronte a nights' rest on board, and on arrival at Fall River prooeed per Sio&mboat Train.reach in< Boston early the following morning : or may remain on board antil starting or the Accommodation at 8 A. M? by whioh they may reaoh Boetoa about 1.45 A.M. A baggage master is attached to each steamer, who reoeives and tiokets the baggage, and aooomvanies the *ame to its destination.* A steamer run* in oonneotion with this Lin* be Sireen Fall River and Providenoe daily, exoept nndays. Freight to Boston is forwarded through with Katdispatoh by an Express Train, whioh eavea 1 River evert moininc, Sundays excepted, at 7J( o'olook for Boston ana N*w Bedford, arriving at its destination at about 11AM For freight or par rag", app y on board, or at the ofioeon Pier No. 3 North River Tor state rooms and be'tht apply on board, or if deeireo to eeear* them in advanoe, to W M BORDEN. Ag't 70and 71 West street. N. Y. JT?k THE REGULAR MAIL LINK ^Tr?./?viA oroton. Stoningtun " ^ *?and PROVIDENCE. FOR BOfi TON?Inland Route?The shortest and most (U rect?Carry the Eastern Mail. The steamer PLY MOUTH ROCK. Capt, J. C. Geer, and COMMONWEALTH, Capt J W. Williams, in oonneotion with the Sionington and Providenoe.sod Boston and Providenoe Railroad*, iwvvmg New York daily, Sundavs excepted, from Pier No 18 North River, at 6 o'olook P. M., aud Groton at 8Jn o'oloos f. M.,or on the arrival of he Mail Train whioh leaves Boston st 6 3f P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New YorkMondar? Wednesday, and Friday. From Groton?^Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The COMMON WEAI TH, from New YorkTus?d4v ThnradKv.&nd ARlordAf. Prnn fimta* ?Monday, Wednesday, ud Friday. ( Paaaengers from Groton proceed nt railroad to Poridenoe and Boston, in the Ki pr??? Mail Train, reaching said pl&oe in advanoe of tho#e by other roate?, and la ample time for a'I the early Morning Lines ooneoting North aad Kaet. f*aeaengers that prefer it, remain on board the earner, enjoy a nights' reat nndiatarbed breakfast il deaired, and leave Groton in the 7 15 A. M. Train, connecting at Providenoe with (he 1 46 A M. Train for Boston. Fare from frrovtdocee to Newport, Fifty cents. A baggage master aooompaniea the Steamer sod Train each way. For Paasage, Berths, State Rooms, or Freight, apa: j on board the steamer, or at the Freight Offloe, Pier 18 North River, or at the Oftoe of the Company, No. 116 West at'eet.corner of Cortland atreeL New York. Feb. 38, IMi. rTverfaTlroadZ For ALBANY AND TROY.COjN NECTING with TRAINS NORTH And WKSr, Trains leave: From ChuLt-erast. N.Y. From 3 th straet Express, 7 and 11 a. m . 7,25,11 J5 a. m., and and sjn and S p m tit; m. Troy and Albany (with 10.48p.m . 'Snndtys insleeping oar) 10,16 p. m elided.) Poughkeepsie train 6, a 6,26 a. m.,aad 1,46 p.m. m , 1.15 p. m. Seeksknl train, O# p m 4.25 p. m. tog Sicf train,9.?i a ni .,9,26 a. m., aad 4,66 and and 4 rf and tWj. m ?J6 p. m. Fishkil: train, 6.y> p. m u y> p m. A. F SMfTH. SaaenBterwteet. ICHWERI!!*! AnalhllRtlBf Powder Is the oaiy knows aad ksd artMie le Anta, jrfotiis. p^ise?' I? i, L , . 9 F.*w. Ga-den Worug TIM Baca, fca. SCH W ERIN'S PILL8 are sure death to Rau ^^,]v?k,w.rfc kse S^TMie o'rigTnal oertiftcatee e>n be aeen at the Whoiaaa.e and Retai Depot 1*4 North BeoonJ eat, Philadelphia, and for eaie m tlua city by u. CLARK, oornsr Pa. avenae and 4fc st>., aad bt .gvmw! PuSftoUB IMITATION?. E1* Reraambor to ask for Baawariv's Aanihi laUr i Powder. fn * None genaine an.eas signed M.Scvwmn. ma 15-4meo F MILITARY BOOKS. RENCH A RICHST1KN haveiuat rmind a tarje and oonaplet* a*aortmMit of Military Book* of all kiada, which the* offer trom ton to Ifty per cent, below the reinlar retail pneee.-welidinf: new edition of Hardee'a Icfutr; and Rifle Taciica, ooiDBieu, fl.24 Kor,<oa' Volunteera" Manna:, 3 Tola, ?2 Alio- ' Compendia* of Hardee'a Taotiea, IN G roaa'a Military Harrery. Wo Mahaa'a Field Fortification and Oatpcet, eaeh * Hardee'* Taoties. ebeap edition, ate The Holdier'a Si'kie, a oomplete manual and dnl book for the aee ot the Vwiuateer Mil. u? and the Rome 6?ard. *So The Hand Hook for the U.S. Soldier, >ein? iret bonk of laatraofaoa to Ue U. B. lafemry taotioi. S6c Ch^rte MkH, Mm of the Seat of W?, KiMa'. lSidJe. aod Medaia of every deeenpti?a. A ay of the aeove aent by ma,: fro*. FRENCH A JI1CRSTEIN. tuf ?I*K SHARKS AND OTHK-R W tflTK FLANNbLf). vltktil other kiadaof U'co ai Aattrma and Winter Me. Om pnoe oily, ma led in plain hf art ? . r.eaee, - * oa- k ?rar dfcrd, oar vaole a.ia:* t>f p iewe ta ir?A? fa o' nlerm thereto. An examination vf etook itusue* i?o J to paretaaee. HtRRY ? UK .. fe. avtaaa and rf . ?v o? U-* -Pev Bi latn?."

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