Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1861 Page 2
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1 HE F> r/NIJNK STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THrmftAV., 14, 1W. <>tt* r*r*nr>? nt ib? vnrlona mlllta rr*~8?pe ?nd wrr ;or>ftr a ft w by keeping oa ported m to iHrrrBfti'i grxl atHIr* in their vicinities IET T? <Tiif n?H a.orr resderi we would uv I that tbe flr*t ?rvd second edition of tbe Stir can be bad in Baltimore of E. F Hazelton, agent. No '4 VPeat Baltimore afreet, near Gay?the Ant edition a* half psat four and the aecond at eight e'elwk. on the arrival of the trains from Waah ington, giving all the latest new* from tbe seat of win op to tbe time of ^olng to prea. Spirit sf the Warning Preaa. The lnttlligtnt'T quote* tbe bold avowal of the Charleston Af?re*rjr that though South Carolina tad taken tbe initiative in precipitating hostni?1ee. the eondnetr raof that journal have advocated tbe policy of an active and a|frr*?stve campaign on the line oI the Potomac/er t\* purpose of pro(>'( *< South Cirnlma from tnrasio*. Tbe Intt'bftncr thlnlra thia admiaoion deservtatobe plaeed on record aa a part of the hlatory of the ttinea. for the especial Instruction of tbe people of Virginia. OCR MILITARY BUDGET. BKTTKK STILL " The War Department bave a dlapatch from ?en. >ciaon's ?rmy. announcing that tbe whole number of prisoners that have fallen Into our hands aa 'he mult if Ll? rectnt brilliant victory wear Prestonburg. Ky , is 2,012, rather than 1.000. ws stated Immediately on the close of the action. Among them are 'he d1*unlonGenerals NVllllams (commanding) and Howe. The enemy' killed, wboae b xlies have been actually aeen by our troops, number quite four hundred. THE DISC5IO* FLAWS. The flag* secured at the capture of the forts taken by the gallant Dupont's fleet, are already tn use, as eurtaina, In the Navy Department One, a Confederate flag, baa a blue ground for the white stars, like the 1? 8. flag; the stars numbering eleven The reat of the flag consists of three broad stripea?the "titer one* red, the oenter one white The other, a South Carolina State flag we presume Is typical indred of the Insolence and presumption of that State. On the portion which la fllled with stars In the U.S. flag there are two Palmetto tires with ?. new moon rising between *b?ir tofs The ground there la blue, and the trees and rnocn white. Also fifteen white stars forming an arch over the trees and moon. The balai>c? of the flag is In white and blue bars, ranged op and down?not horizontally, as In the glorious old stars and stripea Between these two emblems of treachery is the f?. 9 flag Jrst hoisted on the soil of South Carolina, alnco the b?'i(? of Fort Sumter; on the occasion ?f hauling down the disunion flags described ll?i tHU EAtTK&S ?HuR? Wi recently published an extract from tue Baltimore Patriot^ Having that certain Union troop* bad boen dlspit/rfced by General Dix to tLe Eastern 8 bore of Maryland. They were tent there, evidently, to look after a disunion regiment or two tbat bad then been In Acoomac and Northampton counties, Va , for some weeks We are atlafied that within the last week the rebel force there baa been increased about 1 500, and take It for granted that their case la being duly attended to. We expect stirring news from tbat quarter, frst long hence a CO!iTCHPLATED REBEL MOT**?ST. Within the put week, we have every reason to believe, Johnson feaa concentrated at Winchester ?tx thousand of the Confederate army and about flee tbouoaud Virginia militia. This has been done clearly for the pnrpose of a sudden assault upon the position occupied by General Kelly at Romm. We can have no fear of the result, a* General R has industriously strengthened himself In the works from which be not loog since drove eot the enemy. From our knowledge of "the eftrjattou'' there, we entertain no fears of the mult _ iu"Usixii4L oim The Department announces to the Navy and to the Country Its h'gb gratification at the brilliant ucoeo^of the combined navy and army forces, respectively comir anded by Flag OScer 8. F Dupont and Brigadier General T. W. Sherman, In thecanture of Forts Walker and Beauretrard. com man ding *te entrar.< e to Poit Royal harbor, 9outh Carolina To commemorate thia signal victory, ft Is ordorcd that a national salute be fired from each navy yard, at meridian, on the day after the receipt of this order. Gideon Wiilh. November 13. 1*61. THB JEW OC>B0AT?. When Secretary Welles contracted for the new K'jnboaia. a hoe and cry rang through the country disparaging them, and predicting their failure. ]t aroso from the dlsappo ntments of partlca seek log contracts to construct something else lu their stead given of tbein have been fairly tested to Commodole Dopont's late brilliant action They hare proved the most valuable far the particulai service required on the southern coast now afloat 0o valuable as that orders have doubtless beer sent out to buten the construction of the rest ol the twenty five as fast as possible. tax BmaTToks. Tbo father of General Drayton (commanding tbe Rebels In toe Port Royl action) and Com manner Drayton, L 8 N , (who commanded on< of the Cnion gunboats in the s^me action) repre sentr d tbe Charieaton district in Centres* m 183*2 and became so obnoxious, through his unionism to tbe extreme nullifiers of that city, as that thei ao kept bis life la danger as to induce htm U abandon tbe State He removed to Phlladelpbls where ba subsequently resided until bis death XiaiTABY ArfOISTMXMi. Tbe following appointments were made yester day, after we went to press, by the War Depart ment Oeorge H. Burns, of Philadelphia, fortnerl ccaneete^ with the American Telegraph Comp* ay la this olty, Edward D Wait#, William b Barney, and Jjbn K Yard, aa ??cond Lieu ten aats la the regular army. Alexander' B Dyer, appointed Brevet Majoi aad Col. flenrv Van Renaaalaer inaixvtnr Rrt ml. TO U UIITitlTLI BBlkroBl BD wt hi aetUtted tost quite flftoeen tbouun mot* troop? wlU be on board ship by ftaturda night, destined to reinforce General 8berman command to Pouth Carolina. As we hold the for ha that quarter, the transports carrying them ir.a aaU singly and land them at will. We baveevei reason to believe that two rrgtmeots hare alread gone lo sea to that eod. or? asajs Cemmsader ft teed man, 0. S. Nthe beam i fe< I in ports at despatches from Commodore ? Post, published In yesterdsy's Star, has sirra?l st Nt on hts return to his command In Po Royal harbor He reaches New York UmIs mod leaves there on a rteamer, we apprehend, t Borrow MAJOR 6B5EBAL DtX. This dietleguiabed oflcer came hither Is evealag, and re'hrsed to his headquarters (Ball mere) oa the Irst train this morning. He was consultation with General McCtelJaii and tl cietl heads of the Government until a late ho< last nlrfbt a aaviVw to-dat. Maj Gen McCiel. ind. accompanied by a pc Uoa of his sua and two platoons of cavalry, fa ?I ssoort, went over the river to-day to re vis fee toe division commanded by <iee. Fran kit esmsWhsrs near the Episcopal Seminary bull lag eotoiai reas eoraiui on tn was. Ooi John Cochrane delivered an address to h regiment yesterday to the pr~**or# of SecrKa Cameron sad other distinguished gentiemei The most Important point In his arKnanent was I relation to the treatment of sieves during t] present r on lit Re satd we shenid nee evei foeeae In our power to subdue the rebelilei < We sksoM uke their cotton and sell it or bar If, ss might be beat; and seise their arms aj munition* of war Conllacate their property, and when necessary take their live*. Ana as- their ilaves were used at an element of atrength against us, we should not hesitate to take them, and If aeceaaary, to place srras In their handa that they might realat In establishing the righta of a com noon humanity " Tbli aentlment was cheered by the soldiers with unbounded enthuaiaaiD At the clo>e of the address the regiment called for Secretary Cameron, who atepped forward and made a brief speech, which waa received with shouts of applause. rioM THE errEE POTOMAC. [Special Correspondence of The Star ] PoolersLLS, Nov. 14.? Dear Star : The lsst time I wrote things were progressing swimmingly, and I fondly hoped my next letter would be from our old home In Culpepper, Va. But I find I marl attll exercise a little patience, and trust to the (Jod of Battles for the bright realization of this happy anticipation Everything is quiet in military affairs, and Imagination or conjecture are left without a starting point as to future operations. t^nlte a tragical scene Vas enacted in this village last night, resultingln the death of a private attached to Capt Pickett's battery. It appears that aald soldier was in the house of one Sylvester Holaod a native of Ireland, and keeping a grocery on the principal street of this piare In a discussion with the ?' Irish gentleman'1 (who occasionally would deal oat a little of the "red-rye," against the explicit orders of tien. Stone,) relative to the present onha ppy difficulties existing In our eountry, a quarrel or misapprehension ensued, and Holand resorted to a shotgun loaded with slugs as an arbiter, and deposited the contents In the head of the unfortunate soldier His body was found some hours since, cold and dead, near the dwelling of his murderer Sylvester Holand, bade rather an unceremonious adieu to bis wife and two children, and started afoot in th? direction of the Sugar Loaf mountain, and doubtless would have been pedestrlsnlxing still, had not the facts of the case become known, and the Putnam Ringers been placed open his track Sergeant D K. Yoder, with a small detachment, having been sent for the apprehension of the murderer, succeeded in overtaking him this morning, three miles north of the mouth of the Monocacy. The weather has been exceedingly cold, rainy, and dissgreeable I visit the ferries every diy? nothing transpiring of interest. The secessionists are throw-1 ing up entrenchments and plant . guns of the u i si nin|^ii lunir ni lur iiiuuiu uj lur iuuiiutav/jf. Will write fiom the "o'**r ??<!?" soon. Bsnwood. Cahlotta Patti's Uhand Concert.?The accomplished sister of Adellna Pattl will make her ft-st appearance la Washington on Tuesday, November 19, at the building formerly known a? lenth street Baptist Church. The Boston Courier says of her: "Miss Pattl Is certainly one of the most extraordinary singers of this age. prolific In eenius of this kind In her vocalization, so pure, sweet, and b.rd-like, she Is on a par with those miracles of song, Jenny Ltnd and Sontag. She has been tbc principal attracttou of the two concerts already given, and each of her son^s has elicited a hearty encore " The sale of seats for this concert will commence on Saturday, 9 a. in . at the music store of W. 6. Metrerott. Misa Josephine Cmestnkt. ? This talented young comedienue may now be held as firmly seated in the popular regard, having won a yet higher triumph on last night than on the occasion of her brilliant debut. Studyand experience are all now needed to enable her to take the very first rank in her walk of the drama. On Saturday night ?he takes her benefit, It will be remembered Pebm>xal ?tien Murry .McConnell, ex Fifth Auditor U. S. Treasury, received the Union nomination for Congress In the sixth district of 111! nois, as successor to lien Johu A McClernand, but withdrew his namw, there being no official announcement of the sea', being vacant. The flection in that State took place on the jth Inst. Retcimd-John U. Nicolav, the President's private secretary, returned-to Washington last evening from bla recent trip to Illinois. We are glad to perceive that his Le<tltb baa been completely restored. sk>lp:*k Shot?Corporal Jones, of Pblladel5bla, belonging to company A, Pennsylvania J:b regiment, was abot at Nottingham, In this county, on tLe day of election by tbe Orderly Sergeant. He disobeyed orders Tbe ball entered near the eye, and death Immediately ensued.? Marlboro' Uatttfe. Indictments for Treason is Kkhtokt ? Tbe Louisville Journalreporta that at the Federal Court, recently in scaaion at Frankfort, the grand jury returned Indictments for treason against tbirtv-three persons Among tbe most prominent names indlcU-d are JobnC. Breckinridge, Humphrey Marshall, and Robt J Breckinridge, Jr. nrg??PUBLlC SCHOOLS -The Trustees of the (L3 Seoond School District give notice that foi the betieht of apprentices and others, a Nigh) School will be "p ne<i in the pu'nlio school house oo the corner "1 Fifth street ?nd New York avenue, on WKD.>E8D\V KVKNING, Nov 13th and ooutinue during the winter months. TiokeU of srtmiMion will be jiren free of oharge.on ap pjjoatinn lo the Trustee* of the District. no!2-St ' 7^s?hav?no been authorized by iLS the War Department to raise and organise a Regiment of Infantry to serve in the District ol Columbia as a Home Guard, persons wishing tc raise-ai d command ooinpanies in this Berimed wt'lrepor to th* General Keoruiting Offioer at im headquarters, Ko?in No 10 Washington Build inc, oorner Pa. avenue and Seventh st.. 3<1 ?tory IS \ AC A. PKCK. Washington. D. C., Nov. 11,1961. no 13 3t* llfTHh MEMBERS OF THE I'RES? 15 dent's Mounted Guard wn meet at tn< F a^klin Engine Hou-e.on D ne*r li*h street, oi THL'IOD VY, tne 1th instaat It >s important foi ' a I members t > he preseuu r do LS 2t* THE COM VITTE K. . y^flCE CREAM AND WATER ICES, o , the tes? quality, at 37H ?er quart. Hoten and boarding h-juses farm i.ea at low r&tei. A f :arg? a*so-tni*Qt of fine Jakes kept on ha'd at th< Fk\lad*lpk%n Confedton*^. corner Twelfth and I stB. iiO 7 lin* IB UNION PRAYER MEET1NI j .1^3 wi" b? holden EVER V DAY tbi* week ! the English Lutheran Church, corror oi II aud lit] sts., oommenoiug at half put 4 o'olook p. m , to b< > Ooti tinned onohonj opIt. 00 7 3m " is y COMPANY -A," U. b. ENGIN ?"'ERIS.UJf Fitty intelligent and able tiodied mei TIT be enlisted to fill th>? Company to tbe max imam fixea by law?ISO men. Inquire at No f 34-4 8 street Pay from 913 to 934 per montb } beside* food and olottung. an 1? tf ' 1 (UinKMPTY PILOT BREAD BOXEI J ,UUU WANTED, at tbe National S<>ap ar. < andle \Vorlr?,oorn?r Green st.eet and the t. ana 6e'iri??wn, D C. C. B. JEWEI L, no U-iiwr Proprietor. - I? X C K L H I OR HOTEL, MlJ no 3as sbvknth st . Butiotn I <i*<t K y Beot aooomnx atior.s !or tra.fln and ho?r<W i- The Larq-r aud B*r always supplied with th , oh>>io#st V acdsand I. qu"rs ' no 14-In.eo*^ JOHN HAYZEL, Proprietor^ RED, WHITE. AND BLUE, andGrcT Mill PtANNELS. twi led and p am, lor"Arni r, W ear.'' Army and Nay* Bine Cloth* and Castiraeres 1 our low and uniform prices. PERRY A BRO., Pa. aven..3 and Ninth st., _noJ4_5t "Perry Building." r*> CAKES-CAKES! lO BUTLERS AND 1RADEH?.-Gini< ' Bread packed in barrels or boxes with care ai dispatch by J. FIRTH, the only regular Cat 14 Baker in the bakery line. Cash most aooompai iv all orders. JOSEPH FIRTH, ,v No, 135 Aroh street, > no II tw rWMMMjg, Fa, 7 yCAVENUKR'8 NOTICE-Ths undertime H having been appointed Scavenger of the 8e on! Precinct, First \Var<1. re?pect/ully informs tl oittx )M tuat order* may be let* at l*rao Pererrer1 M Pa. avenue sua fid it . and at John W ?n mn'i Wood Olfioe, on Pa. avenue, between 17 and '8tft it?. All orders will b? punctually a 'T tended to. rt noU at' AUGUSTUS LUCAS j, C*H * KER, WH8B. ad all other kind* _ C5 white and colored Wool Flannel* 4'seo extra so per Cotton Flannel*, of "A rn Weight,'' bleaolied and unbifaohed w 0 arc deny openn* re ect Dry Good* in all t department* of correct want*. i*t ?ine price onli, marceo in plain figure*, tj. Oilelotiu, Carpet* Certain*. Ac., upper floor* . An i aspect ion of stock tuosr* no obligation ' pu chase. PKRRl A BKOTtiKK, a# Pa.avenue and Ninth at-, * bo 14-*d "Perry Building ' Quartermaster general's o fi)k. Wabhinston, November IS, l-tit if. PnoroeAL* are Invited for building two Hos| t*le?one on J?dioiarv t^rare, Washington,? is ctj.f opou tbe farm knows as the rstate of W W J. Sto-is, on Fourteenth street and Boundary strs _ Districtwt Columbia a> Proposals should state the time within whioh t d- bsildiogs will be completed snd ready for use, a the qo t, inoiedmg all metsriais and work, a sbo Id be aaoonpaaisd by the ussal guarantee tl tas bidder wil exeeats ths contract if awa<ded * Proposal* will be opened at the o?os of tbpQsi T tsraa.ter Oeosral. on theSKn. November instai ? at noon They ehosld be sealed, aaa plainly i la 4ons<< "Profwea e K>r Hospitals." and addreai a* to the Q lartemasUr 0 weral of the u nitsd a at rw _ M C. MK1G8, , no ?4 Qaarum**tsr Geasral ADDITIONAL fROM PORT ROYAL. ADDRESS TO THE CAROLINIANS After landing and taking posaesslon of tbe forU General Sherman Issued the following proclamation : To the Ptoplt ofSouth Carolina. In obedience to tbe orders of the President of "tbe*? United State* of America" I have landed on your ahores with a small force of national troops. Tbe dictates of a doty which, under tbeae circumstances, 1 owe to a great sovereign State, and to a proud and boapltable people, among whom I have passed some of tbe pteasastest days of my life, prompt me to proclaim that we Js^fe come amon yon with no feelings of personal anl- I moslty?no desire to harm your citizens, destroy vour property, or Interfere with any of your lawful rivhta or your social and local Institutions, beyond what tbe cau*es herein briefly alluded to may render unavoidable. Citizens cf South Carolina: Tbe civilized world stands appalled at the courae you are pursuing; appallrd at tbe crime you are committing against your own mother?the best, tbemostenllghtened, and heretofore the most prosperous of nations. You are In a state of active rebellion 'he laws of your country. You have lawlessly seized upon the forts, arsenals and other property be Ionizing to our ccinmon country and within your borders. With this property you are In arms and waging a ruthlesa war against your constltutlonsl Government, and thus threatening the existence ?f a Government which you are bound by the terms of a solemn compact to live und?r and faithfully support. In doing this you are not only undermlnlng and preparing the way for totally Ignoring your own political and social existence, but you are tnreatening the clvlllz?d world with tbe odious sentiment that self-government is Imposs'ble with civilized man. Fellow citizens, I Implore you to pause and reflect upon the tenor and consequences of your acta. If the awful sacrifices made by the devastation of our property, the shedding of fraternal blood In battte, the mourning ana walling of widows and orphans throughout our land, are in* sufficient to dct? r vou from further nnranlncr thla unholy war, tben ponder, 1 beseech you, upon the ultimate but not less certain result which Its further progress must necessarily and naturally entail upon your once happy and prosperous State. Indeed, can you pursue thia fraticidal war, and continue to Imbrue your handa in the loval blond of your countrymen, your frlenda, your kinsmen, for no stlier object than to dlarupt the Confederacy of a great people?a Confederacy established by your own hanas?In order to set up, were it possible, an independent Government, under which you can never live In peace, prosperity, or quietness' Carolinians ! we have come among you an loyal ir? n, fully Impressed with our constitutional obligation* to the citizens of your State. Those obligations shall be performed as far as in our power. But be not deceived. The obligation of suppressing armed combinations against the constitutional authorities is paramount to all others If, in the performance of this duty, other minor but important obligations should ne In any way neglected, it must be attriuuted to the necessities of the case because rigbtsdependent on the laws of the S ate muit be necessarily subordinate to military exigencies created by Insurrection and re beilion. T. W. Sherman, Brigadier General Commanding. Headquarters O. C., Port Royal, S C. November 1861. PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. We have tbe satisfaction of communicating to our readers the following private letter from a gallant offl -er of tbe Navy, who, It will be seen, was most immediately and honorably engaged in tbe attack '' S. Sttamtr bienrille, Fort Royal Harbor, J Off Fort Walker, Nov. 7, 1%1. } We took tb 1& fort, mounting twenty-one guns, after a tour hours' tight. It was nobly done. The Wabash, wblch led, was carried along the shore by tbe soundings at close as possible. The soundings were given regularly, as upon an ordinary occasion: signals were made continually without a single mistake, while the rain of Are from this ship (the Wabasb) fell upon tbe fort with all the coUl precision of target practice During the action I looked carefully at the fort with a powerful spy-glass Shell fell in It, not twenty eight in a minute, but as fast as a horse's feet beat the ground In a gallop The reslstaure was heroic; 5ut what could flesh and blood do against such a tire * I watched two men particularly, in red shirts; I saw them seated at the inuzrle of a gun, apparently waiting exhausted for more ammunition They were so still that ( ' doubted whether they were men This terrible fire fell around them. I saw them move, and 1 knew they were men. They loaded the gun; a shell burnt near them, and they disappeared; doubtless blown Into atoms The Wabash was a destroying angel?bugging the shore; calling the sounaings with cold indifference ; slowing the engine, so as only to give steerage-way i signalling to the vessels their various evolution* ; and at the same time raining shells, as with target practice, too fast to count. Commodore Du Font had kindly made me his aid 1 stood by htm, and I did little things which 1 suppose gained me credit, So when a boat was sent on shore to ask whether they had surrendered. 1 was sent I carried the stars and stripes I found the ramparts utterly desolate, and 1 planted the Ameilcan flag upon those ram1 parts with myown ha: <ls?first to take possession, in the majesty of the United States, of the rebel soil of South Carolina. i The Confederate forces were In utter panic; they deserted everything Anns, tents, personal ! property were abandoned, as by men Intent only t upon safety and spurred by overwhelming fear > 1 was for an hour with only a boat's crew in the camp. I found a sword, mounted in solid silver, > hilt and scabbard, which proved to lie a blade 1 with two golden lines of Arabic writing, doubtless a Damascus blade and a helr-lotm I pre sented it to Commodare Dui'ont as bis right, for he had taken it. la the same tent I found a new ' soldier's scarf, still in Its box of pasteboard. [ This I beg you to accept In Fort Keauregard 1 [ found another scarf; tbls Is for It is a i trophy, and, as such, worth as mucti as yours, though it is neither so large nor so new 1 found trunks enough to furnish a sbnp, most of them twenty-live dollar trunks, locked; and I collected them for the wounded or the prisoners, of whom ] took only five; all thereat bad gone I captiirM ? a negro, but having given him permits*' n to deck > himself in new clotbea 1 lost him He atald toe r long for me to wait Gen. Sherman said that he bad no Idea of sucl magnificent fighting, for the gun* were eleven f ten, nine, and eight inch guns, not horse artillery 1 The Wabaah waa awfully sublime In her destroy j lng energy, and >et moat coldly prrclse and mag' r nlflcently fearlesa. The panic waa wild, abject terror on the par ; of the Soutbror s " Not a aoldlerhad been land ' ed, because It not been possible for them t( , get on shore, except at the batteries, and of coura< 9 not until the batterlea were taken. Yet met atrewed the mad for mile* with muskets, blanket 2 and knapsacks. One company, of about sixt] y horsemen, abandoned their burses and fled fo life, while no one pursued So say tue contra i. bands. i, 1 do not think the importance of our acqulaltioi can be exaggerated The channel la fair for an - wind southing in it, the only dangerous ones 1 3 admits the largest class of vessels; it Is essiiy de d fended, it is in the heart of South Carolina, it I ' twenty nnlee from Savannah and thirty frot Charleston; it has room enough for the navlea c - the world; it is a Fortress Monroe in South Care Una. Negroes are pourinuin; they believe their cond tlon Is to be bettered. The white men have a g fled. Vessels go up to Beaufort to-day. This will be carried by Capt. Steadman, of tb Bienville, who followed the Wabash into tb ~ thickest of the fight, and behaved very gallantl) [z Beaufort has been taken by the gun-boats, tb 7 town having been abandoned by the white it The negroes were pillaging the town. They sal the whites were shooting them right and left, 1 order to drive them back in the Interior A bo which came oft' to the Seneca said one man, g! _ lug his name, shot six of the negroes i oure, anecuonaieiy. j The following is an extract from a private If [? ter from one of the officer* engaged In tbe bon '' bardinent: " I ain sure our success will rejoice your heai It baa been complete and terror runs over tl J whole country- The negroes are wild and plu d| drrlng their master*' houses The whites ha [jj been driving tbe negroes away by force ar >at shooting them down But they still come dow il- to the gun-boats. The moment tien. Drayti th took to his horse in tbe panic of the 7th, his tv .t- hundred servants went directly to the Wabaa This 1* worthy of notice as putting down t nonsense that tbe slaves were ready to fight 1 of their masters They surrounded Ckpt. Amm in crowds at Beaufort, one of them calling out "7 tbe fullneM of his joy: ' I didn't think you cou jjp do it, ma?sa ! ' " Iji WORSTED GOODS. jXTENHIVE Assortment of Lands'and Ch itreu a Hods. r?r>n'ags Coau, < Jo?ks, S!eev< Hosiery, Ulov??, fco. /to. Also, a !a>ge invoi of r>eautiful Worsted Embroidered clippers, L> i ? St&nJs. *o , will be wild oieap and at one pnoe K- No 30 Market Spaoe. no 13-3W* 8CHLAICH k, CO * W JOHN W.CLARKE, OUHOICAL AND MECHANICAL DKNTI8 SM urtntk st., btiwm?I and K I out expeneuoe, moderate oliargre. aud pron B,? attention, recommend him to thoa* requiring I lie orvio*'' no ll-lw id 7 8-10 u. 8 THKAttUttY NOTES, whi tat will be supp led at par to onr oustomers, free to oha*ce. Dema-d Treasury Notes, as heretolo wi-1 He received on d*?otit ae speoie. u SWEENY. KITTEN HOUSE. KANT * C< Bt. os Ul> HsBtew,lMPa st? near Brown's 12d WE WOULD RE&PKCTKULLY 1NFOB H. ou{ former patrons. and oituens genera; that we have dov ie?e.veo oar fall eapply of FAJ I. and WINTER GOODS, and are prMared to fi f ? , SICK AND WOUNDED SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. Pnbhrkod ?? eonformitf v<i4 tkt rutkliM / tkt Stnatt of July 16, 1861. j At Sitninary Hospital, Ooorgsinnt, Nov 8. 'id U.8 Infantry 3 4td Penn.Volunteers. l f l?t do Artillery.... 1 1st do Artillery... 5 1 2d Maine Volunteer*., l 1st do Rifle* 2 i 6th do do 1 'id do Cavalry.... *2 2d Vermont Volunteer* I 3d do do 2 3d do do.... 3 4th do do 1 5th do do....13 1st do Reeerve.... 1 9th Masaachuaeta Vol.. 1 3d do do 3 13th New York Vol... 3 4th do do 1 14th do do.... 2 11th do' do I 15th do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 Slut do do.(a) 1 lit Michigan Vol 1 22d do do ... 4|3d do do 3 24th do do.... Ij4th do do...(b) 6 '29th do do.... 1! 6th do do 1 33d do do.... 1 id Wlaconaln Vol .(c) 9 44th do do.... 115th do do.... 1 45th do do.... 2 6th do do.... 9 54th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 2 79th do do.... 1 Moaart Regiment l lit NewYork Artillery 1 Tammany Regiment. 2 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Excelsior Brigade.... 17 3d do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 9th Penn. Volunteers. 2 Harrison's Cavalry ... 1 26th do do 1 Teamster, Q. M D ... 1 27th do do 1 Engineer 1 33d do do 1 35th do do 7 Total 136 36th do do...... 2 (?) One officer (6) Twoofflcer*. (e)Oneofflcer At General Hospital, Unity* Hottl, eomer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetmen, .Yor 8. 1st Long Island Vol... 1 i3d NewHampsblreVol 2 9th NewYorkVol 1 2d Vermont volunteer* 4 13th do do 1 3d do do.... 5 14th do do 4 Sth do do.... 5 17th do do...... 8 4th Rhode Island Vol. 3 18th do do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 19th do do 4 1st Michigan Vol 2 22d do do 1 2d do do 18 21th do do 1 3d do do 2 %f h An An 1 itti An r!r? 9

27th do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 1 2l)th do do 1 6th do do 1 33d do do 2 lit Minnesota do 2 34th do do lilst California do 7 35th do do ?2d do do 2 43d do do 7 45th do do 1 2d do do... 1 5<>th do do 3 3d do do.... 12 54th do do...... 1 lit Maryland Vol 2 79th do do 4 2d Penn. Cavalry 4 4th P?nn. Volunteers . 1 3d do do ...... 4 6th do do 2 6th do do 1 7th do do 1 l?t New Jersey Cavalry 1 fcth do do 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 11th do do 11 l?t Indiana Cavalry... 2 12th do do...... 4 OneldaCountyCavalry 1 23d do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 4 26th do do I 5th U. S Artillery.... 2 27th do do 2 5th Rhode Island Art. 1 Jtrth do do I 1st New York Artillery 1 45th do do 1 1st Indiana Rifles 1 46th do do 2| Mott's Battery 1 47th do do 1 De Kail) Regiment... 2 2d Maine Volunteers. 2 Officer*1 servants 2 6th do do 1 7th do do 1 Total IK! 2d NewHampsbireVol 2| At at Columbian Collect, Washington, iVor. 8. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 8th New Jersey Vol... 1 5th do do I 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 7th do do...... 1 3d do Cavalry 1 9th do do 1 Harlan's Penn.Cavalry 1 2d NewHampshlreVol 4 Chroman's RilW 4 3d do do.. 1 1st Penn Volunteers.. 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 3d do do 2 lid do do.... 1 4th do do...... 5 6th do do.... 1 8th do do 9 loth Massachusetts Vol w loth do do...... 5 Hth do do. 2 12th do do 4 19th do do. 1 13th do d > 1 1th Rhode Island Vol. 4[27th do do 2 1st Long Island Vol .. 1 31st d? do 3 IstNewYorkCavalry . 1 33d do do 9 2Jd do Vol 3 35th do do 1 ?> M Ar\ Ar\ O iniK A? A n ?l 1 I 'JUh do do 2 1st Michigan (Cavalry. 8 i 25th do do...... 5 l*t do Vol 4 :toth do do 2 2d do do 1 37th do do...... 5 4th do du...... 2 43d do do...... 1 7th do do...... 1 41th do do 3 "th do do 10 49th do do 1 Stockton *Mich Vol.. 4 1st Kxr.elilor brigade. 7|5th Wliconaln Vol... 1 2d do do.... 2:6th do do.... 4 De Kalh N Y. Vol ... 4[7th do do.... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 31 lit Minnesota Vol 1 Berdan'uSharpihooter* 1 *th Illlnoli Cavalry... 1 Oneldi N Y Cavalry. 3 19th Indiana Vol 7 McClellan'i Dragoona 1 lit D C. Volunteer! .. 2 litNewJerieyCavnlryll lit California Vol I 2d do Vol.... 1 5th do do.... 3 Total 196 7th do do.... 1 At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Nov 8. Officer! 2 lstli. 8 Infantry 2 2d U. 8. Cavalry 6 2d do do 5 4th do do.... ... 2 3d do do........ 3 5th do do 2 8th do do 1 lit do Artillery.... 2 24th New York Vol... 2 2d do do 4 2d Penn Cavalry 2 3d do do 3 Quartermaiter'i Dep't 1 4th do do 1 ? 5th do do 3 Total 41 Sick rstnaininf in the Hospital for Eruptive Diteatet at Kalorama, Nov 8 3d U 8. Infantry 2 46th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 6th do Cavalry 5 McKnlght'i Penn Vol 1 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 2 UtNewJereey Cavalry 4 7th do do II lit Michigan Cavalry . 12 3Ut New York Vol... 1 5th do Vol I 3Itti do do.... 1 5*.h Wlwoniln Vol.... 1 44th N.Y (P E R )Vol 4|7th do do....13 46th New York Vol... 111st Minnesota Vol 1 20thN.Y(S.M )Vol. 1; 19tfc Indiana Vol 11 1st New t ork Artillery 10'lat do Cavalry.. 1 ; 'id Excelsior Unmade. '2 Quartermaater's Dep't 'i Harris Light Cavalry. 1 ? ' lat Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Total 91 | 6th do do.. 1 ' At Fifth District School House Hospital, Branch of Utntral Hospital on E street, Nov. 8 > Cameron Dragoons ... 1 50th PennaylvanlaVol. I lat Keutucky Cavalry. 1 46th do do.. 1 " 2d L S. Cavalry 1 23d do do.. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 I2:h do do.. 1 2P".h New V ork Vol... 1 8th Michigan Vol 1 I loth Massachusetts Vol I 2d Vermont Volunteers ] lat Kxcelalor Brigade. I 5th Rhode Ialand Vol. 1 , 15th PennsylvanlaVol. 1 ? 8 4th do do.. I Total II i At St Elitahetk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Nov 8 i r 1st Excelsior Brigade. 5 4th Excelalor Brigade. 1 2d do do 151 it At General Hospital, Alexandria, Nov .8. t id U S Artillery .... 1 |3d Michigan Vol 15th New York Vol... 3 5th do do. ..(6)' ( Iftth do do....26 3d Maine Volunteers.! a 17th do do. ...II 1th do do ,f 18th do do.... 4 5th do do 1 2-Vih do do.... 611st New Jersey Vol... 26th do do.... 5 5th do do.... I. 27th do do....12 lat Rhode Ialand Art.. II 31at do do 8 lat Maasachuaetta Art. 33d do do.... 11 Cameron Rifles e 37th do do.... 2 2d Fire Zouaves e 38th do do....-5 2d Vermont Volunteers r. 4l)th do do.... 6| lat Minnesota Vol ie 79th do do.... 1 Harlan Cavalry t 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 5 Teamsters d 32d do Volunteers. 4 Civilian n 61st do do 2 ? at do do 5 Total It v. 2d Michigan Vol..(a) 11 (a) One omcer. (6) One ofllcer. ITT Washington papers please copy and sen '?* bllla to the War Department. nov 14?3t ii- - - . nuiivi,:: nunuiv:::-1 na\ for J116 t.,n ?tronf work MULEX. Ar ae one wianing to purohMe auch will do well to in a- "> *?*?; . ? J AS. H. SHRKVE re do 13 3t 7th atreet, between H md | aU id f ADIE8' FURsT ~~ 'n Vi . LADIES' FURS! an rNow re^"T aaaortinent of Ladiea* Fan< vo F""-'n 1 tn??r variety. ra,a> h A epeoiai Kur Room fitted up. Pun ? turough the store. ? B- H- 8TINFMETZ 236 Pa.av.. or no *3 31 Near corner Thirteenth at, 5! F?;i?.S',L.Kri8j^ Mos' o"^ Id dMssits: ?L*A????a ? f*11 of ?'l t* leading at ? pie Dry Goods for general family wanta. One pnoe omy, marked in plain ficsrea. i|. Carpets, Cartaine, Oilolotha. Ruga,*o.. u?< Si> floora. PERRV * BRoTMEk, oe , Fa. ar.,and Hh atreet, up _"Q 13-Md "Perry Building.* *l 11Q J'Hl' ADKLfHi* PhUlr AND 11 iiQ p PROVISION STORE. 11 ? -i*1? '? *?*** 19'* *<* aw* in. ?. Pm. ?n5'i? *n f* Ju,t ?##n*d a first rl? T' twinwi^?sit^ui1wL|,:,h!wTi*ki is sA^virKW^y't; ?f ,-oult? .h fflWMBM" b' I* ntJfUKLS0"*7 Md Weetarn Reeerre Cheei wtaj. * ** ' ezperienee in the ho rt tkFiKi&l oono?7> ?'l the laxariM M ,i~,. .h. D.?j?oyoA.,7{w, A BUFFALO yO?*. nd Wholesale aJul ifatul. w AUCTION SALES. \|AR8HAI.'S S A IK. 1= TirtM of ft viit at L"l fieri ia;iaa i-aned fr???i the Clerk'a O?oo of the Circuit Coart of tfee Diatriot of Colenbta for the oonnty of Waehingtcn and to m? directed. I rt'l eipoif to Babiio ive for ouk. in f.?nt of the Hour' Houee door of Mid ornn'y on FN I DA the Mb day of Deoeanber next. 1M1 at lto'elook nu, the foilowinc pr<,periy, to ?tt: Ail def?udan> rith', till*, olym and intere?t in and to Lx>t No. 38, in Square No ?1 in the oity of Waehinfton, I). C.. tocetber with a i and aincn'ar the imnoveroeata thereov. ?e'?ed and iened npon a? the propart* of Jamee 6. Coon be. and will t>e eold to ea left Jndiciala No. 96 t j January term. 1890, <n favor John E Kendall. W SELDE*. n > U-U Late U. h. Marai.a. D 0. By J C. MoGUIRK A. CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE** SALE OF FURNITURE AND Hou-iholp E*hct?.?On TUESDAY MORNING, November 19th. at 10 o'olock. at No. 4 Four and a half ttreet, between C etreet an J Indiana avenue, by virtae of a deed of tia*tdolT exeouted and reootd?d in liber J A. 8. No 171, folioaSl et eeq , one of the land reoorda for Waahington count*. I a hall aell a lot of Furnitn.-e and Honaebo'd Effect*. comprising? W alnut H*ir oloth covered Anfaa, F.Taferea, R'rvMit?ll? nnverod Arm ked Kam c. :.*,i r?. Mahigtny Parlor Chairs, Ro"keri. Mft'bla top. Centre, and Sofa Table#, Velvet ar,4?Bres?e!s Carpets, IMloloth, Cane and Wood seat Chair#. Lounges. Brooatelle and Damask Curtatn?,W indow Shades. Gilt trame Mantel Mirror, Oil Painting*, Walnut Dining Tables, Diping Chairs, Hat Rack. Hall Chairs. Oiloloth, ?liiiia,Glass, and Crockery Ware, falnut, Rosewood, Mahogary, and Painted Chamhe' Furniture, Reds, Mattresses, and Bedding. Radiator and other Stover, Kitchen l't*n*ila, 4ko. Terms oath. LEWIS CLEPHANE. Trustee. no 13-d J. C. MoGUlRE 4 CO . Anota. RUCTION SALES IN PHILADELPHIA. WM. R. 8MITH7G??? f Atutxontr, 303 Cheinut St.. above 5th. Regular Sales TUESDAY and SATURDAY Mornings at 10 a m. /'ine Table and Pocket Cutlery. Hardware, aney Goods Soaps. Oils, Bruchee, Ao . Ac. Foreign and Domestic ** ines and Liquor*. 1,000 lots every Thursday Morning. oo li-lm* HDR A. H. LEE AS Removed his offioe to No. 36T New York avenue, between 10 b and 11th *t* . where he oan be consulted as usuW. Offioe hours?7to9, i to 3. 7 to 9 no 12 ?w?u* /J NOT TO BE BEAT. Vs O Se? the largest assortment of Woolen an** Worsted Good*, c meriting Hoods,Sontag#,Coat#. Cloaks. S'eeves, Hoeierv, * c., Ae. Al?o, reoeived a lot of oheap Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered Clippers, Lamp stands Ac. Our motto is but one ana 'he lowest p-ioe No. 414 7th st. between fi and H. no 12-3w* F. ML'HUNG HA USLAUIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S CIRCULAR CLOCKS. SLEEVED r.i OAKS, SACQUES, COATS. Ac , Ao. A full assortment just opened, and new supplies reoeived almost da ly,at MAXWELL'S Cloak and Fanoy Store, no 12 3teo.if Pa. avenue. M SERVANTS' WEAR ANY Most rhcioeand select fa rios not to be had elsewhere, made to order, lor servants' wear of both sexes. The a' ove, with all other kinds of Dry Goods, at prioes adapted to the owners of sinall purses. An inspection of stock inours no obligation to purchase. PERRY A BRO., Pa. avenue and Ninth st, U*12 .St **P?rr* Rmlding." N -BALMORAL SKIRTS" KW And stylish pattene of the proper Widths, at lo'y and medium pn es, opened to day. With a full stook of all nnd<? of Dry Goods for fami len and housekeepers Curtains, Carpets, Oiloloths, Rugs, Ac., upper floors. One price only, marked in plain figures PERRY A BROTHER, Pa. avenue and Ninth *t., no 12 5t "Perrv Building." nl'DQIIVU IV Dl krw Will c n., ., w nu'/i' vj i?* i? urt*. n ?? tit uuu v?i y i ? ? X stock of Mourning Goods, in al fabrios, very large and oompreheusive, and at oar proverbially low prioes, marked in plain Scares. (Uloloihs, Carpets, Curtains. Rugs, Ao., upper floors. strangers, new oomers and residents will inspect our stock at their pleasure; it imp'iee no obligation to purohase. PKRR\ & BRO., Penn. avenu? and 9th str?et, no 18-5t "Perry Huil-linc " U O L D I K R 8' PAY. THE ADAMS EXPRK8S COMPANY will forward solrier's remittances t-> their famiims, at any place on the lines of their Express, at a charge "f twenty five cents for any sum not exceeding fifty dollars;aad a proportionate additional oharge to places rtached t>y oonue'tine Expresses. The money, whether Gold or Treasury notti. should he enclosed in an e nvelope and s.-curely eea.ed, and have tlie fall *<ldres* (inclu^inr tcwa, Po?t Office. a"d State; atid 111 cities, the street and number,) of the person to whoui to be tent, and the amount legibly marked there n. Envelopes ior this p?rp<? e may be had at our &ffioes. To facilitate pr impt de'ivery, the oharge for re mittanoe shou d be prepaidADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washiwqtqx. Nov 12,1361. ro 18-1" if C*LOAKS! CLOAKS!! / CLOAKS!!' We lave just received from Philadelphia a beautiful assortment of the verv I>test sty les W1NTKR BLACK CLOTH CLOAKS, to wnioh we invite the speoial rttention of the ladies. TAYLOR * HUTCHISON, no 8 eoHt Opposite Center Market. TV SUTLERS WANTED. IJ RE AT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutle s. and deslers in Boots and Shoes, at the^^b^ NEW YORK WH -LESALE BKANCHBB] HOUSE, 34S Pennsyl*aBiaavenue,(o*erw ! Jemey's Shoe store.) Mb We manufacture our own G^ods, and eel. at JVete Yr-rk price*, thereby savins freight. Having constantly on hand alarse Stock, we oan supply at a moment's rotioe. am quantity desired. A large Mcortment of 3 sole High-oat Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. ; A oal from al: dealers solicited. noT lnT WH1TEHOUSE A UNCKLES. JUST ARRiVED.di eot from an Eastern Auo tion House, 50 Nsle" oheap C A K P fc.T. Also, arm HKDSTEADS, which were bought low for oash and will be sold at a small advanoe. Together with ' a large assortment of Hou?cg?e^ir.g A^uc^t. Furniture Dealer, 44S Seventh s'u, oc 22-1 m* between G and H ?ts. LA D I E 8' DRESS FURb. \V* urA r#f>*ivint n. krr? ininlfnf f,AD!KS I PKK83 Fl R8. such ?i Rueftian Stbl'. Minx I Fitch, M&rttr.s. au<i other dosirab'e Fancy Furi foi I Ladios. Mukpi and Childrm. For Gentlemen we have MUFFLERS an( GLOVK". ail of which will be so d at the lowest New York pnee?, at 8. k. W. V KYENBER6 S, 4<* Market 8paoe. (Avecue House,) o 8-lw between Tth ano 8'h sts. " J^EW AN1) iMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CH BO PLASTIC BOXE TEETH, I Without Metal Pliti or Cn*rs. DR. 8. B 9IGE8MOND. 910 Broadway, >'etp York-i60 Pennsylvania Ar erne, bttveen \'Zth and !3f* *11 , WaiKmflon, Ca Is ihe att-n iou of the publio to the lollowin, advantages of hi? imt>'< ve.1 system : 1. The Teeth of his nanufactura wiImMM never oorode nor change ooior by acids, being three fourtus lighter than atr other. 2. N" teeth or r< ots nee<< be extracted, as tb artificial ones can be inserted over them. 3 The roots will be made inoffensive, and neve to ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permaneo ones nan be made immediately, thereby preservic the natural expression of the face, whioh unde the old system is frequently disfigured 6 This work has been fatly te-ted over five year by many of the first ohemuts and physioians of thi oountrv. Dr. 8. has also invented a white nndestructiv 'i metal filling, with whioh the most sensitive taet 1 can be filled without pain, and oan bnild ap % mi _ ieot, sound tooth on any aide roots, whioh will lai through lifetime. _ _ " The hest of referesoes given?to Dr. V. Mott: D Dor emu?, Professor of Chemistry, N. Y4 Hoi Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waakini ? ton, and thousar ds of others d Call and examine for yourself. no 6m rp NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. _ I HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY wi re make remiitanoes for soidiers to their families 1 '7 places reaohed by iheir Express, at aoharga of n cents for any sum not exoeedlng ify dollars. The mono;, wnetner gold or ireaaery not* at ould hi enoloeed id an envelop*, and iNurr ~ aealed. with the full addreaa ( nolading town, po oftoe and State.) of the pereon to whom to be md and the amount legibly marked thereon. 37 To inaure prompt delivery, the 2S oenta ohari . ahould be pr paid. 1 W hen faoilltiei for enveloping and sealing tl money in aeparate paroe a are not at hand oampa, the aoveral sums to be remitted, that mi 1? b? oolleoted by Chap:ain< of Regiments. or oth .B persona volunteering to do this eervioe for the eo iiera dentine to send home their par. will be r aa oeived in bulk at ant of the prinoipal offioea of ti Company. a- Those tuma. aooompanied with the fall addrei aa above repaired, of the peraoca for whom i ter.ued, will he remitted to the reapective oo ?r aigneea. at any place in toe loyal Statea, at the ear rata of oharge, threby aaving to the aeoder t troub'e of patting in e?parate paokagea. Suitable blanks for th* above parpoee hare be ~ prepared, and will be furmahed, with explanatioi vj at any of the ot&oea of the C?m?any. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY -g Washington. Oo . 30. Ig. oo jfr-im e T TO OFFICERS. ep A HE CAMPAIGN ?A Camps .going Wagon V i the Pruaaian principle, ar<acgea for eieep- ?\_ Ingortoaot aa an Amba anoe in oaee ofT?T etckneaaor wounda. with ample rojns T- jtorea aud erovieione; light, water-proof, and m irn feoily new, having been ju?t *> to ardor by o of the ftrat makera in New Tori, ia offered lor ai M. ai coet priee. handeome, ftrrag, eoand, daiktxwi of IlQRSfc, either for aaddHe or harneee. ?et BROWN, at Mr, Imn/i Stables. Cwrooraj Lane, behind tb# Chain Bocae, between 1 and etreeta ?a HORSE, BUGGY AND BARNEYS FC SALE Apply to WaLL * BAR fiv NAR1), Auction and Comrmaaion Mer-j?^ ahanta, oor. Ninth el aad eoath side ?*MM. Ml I AUCTION SALES. By J. C. MoGUlM E * CO.. A*etio**w?! HAND80MK FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD Bfrfrm at Ptblic *al? ?On FRIDAY MORNING. Mow?t?r 15th *t llo'il^i at tha |*rjaoornar of 19 k *ad I atr*?*?.' w* ah*ll Ml! * handsome rnorftnl of Boiittord J- ffN'tl, OOirp'l^lDfHi.periorJRo*awo?-d Pi*oo Fort*. 9tool?nd Corar. Sarar*1 Br itaa of Rouwtxvt Cri?aon Pl*ak orar*d r*rl<?r Par?itnr?, Sulfa of Rncrvood CrmiioB Bro:*t*lka *OT*rad Pftrlor Furniture, Upko'at* ad ud Roah a**t i-'kuf Ctairt, Bftrble-top Centra. ft' d Bonnet Tftb.a*. ? '?ooa Music 8t*ada, VVriiin* C*bi**U, ft*4 Work St*nda. Po*r E!*f*?t Fr?[.ck p.fttc Minor*, witk Sl*h? ftr.rf Gilt Tftti aa, Hftnda^a.e Gilt Coratoa, Brftoketa. **4 Q**4ai*M* Ve'vet, B-u?ae t, ftr.d other C* pa* a, Rata, Saita of Kiocant Rumvcoa Chamber ParmUure. Suite ot H*a,1?oire Cftrrad Ctftmbar Furmtare. Superior Wft-nnt and M*ho<*ay Wftrflroliea, Draaau g Burets*. ftnd Wa?h?tasd?. ExoaUent Curled Hft r M*ttr*aae?. Do.atara, **4 Pillows, Hmm fcne iak Bftoketi. Comfort*. Heftuuful rryat*! cot ftnd Bohemiftr. Glftaswtra, Rich Gilt Bouqoat 1 ftb>e, Vftaea, Ton-tr er with inmr j othar ftrtioiee of Houa*hal4 Farcitsra cot n?*oaa?ftr* to ensmartte. At two o'olcck is front of tha H?**. A Pftir of lftrfft Kft? Hcraaa, S*t ?>f Sflrar-p ftt*d Hftrneaa, Robe*, HftndeomaOpaa Fftni r CftrnftCTer-na Oftah in ourrent fond*. no'id J. C. MoGHRE A CO.. Auc a. By J.C. MrGUIRE k CO* Ai?t pnaers. SUPF.RIOK flANO F'?RTE. ELEGANT CABintT Furniture. R 10k Cat Glftwvtr*. and beftutifall* D-oorfttad Franck CMo* fcilw pkftwd Wara, Cftrpeta, Curta'B*. ftnd Hnueehold Furatture cen-rft])T.-On FRIDAY MORNING. Norembar 19th ftt Wo'clock. ftt the onroar of 19th ftnd I atraata. we ahftll aal> ft lftr*e ftnd alagftit ftaaol m?nt of Houaeno d Furniture, Chin* Gift**, ftnd Cro.kary Wire. Cft'peta. Mirror*. Ac . aot?.fri?i?t the rffecta of ft vary hftudaomeiy ruraishad aatftbliahma'-t P"tioulftra in* future d?ertia*mart LJ~CatsJorue? wil be inau <d on Monday rest, 'i he House la for Rent. Inquire of theAaet'ra. noT 8d J. C. McOUIR E A CO.. Auot-. Br J. C. McGUIRE k. CO. Anchor-ecu \rERY HANDSOME FURNITURE *ANO H"tJ?KllOl.B *t PnVlO Auettt*.?OB MONDAY MOHNIN6, Nowmber l?th at 1" o olot k. et the residence of the late Hon. S A. Douglas, oomtrof I ?t e?t end >ew Jereey krenue.we sha'i eell a ???Bdld a?*pr'm?nt of? CABINET FUBNlTURE. CARPETS. MIR RORS. ? t'HTAINs, And rioneet-old ffecta centrally, a fall a d de oriptive advertisement or whioa will appear previoaa to the aa!e nor 8 J C McGl lRE. A CO .Anote. By GRFF.N A WI I.L.I AM-, Auctioneer*. Vr M.IUBLK BI I LD< N<* Lt?T* >N TB t City or Washisotor, Duuirr or fot.cs* b; a. at Public Acme*.?On HON DAY, the UU day ol November, I shell sell,at pub ie auction, at the auction atore of Green A W iJiarat. >o. .viti Seventh street west, at l>a'fpatt 4 o'c cck p.m.. Of vutaeof two dev)a,.f trust dalr recorded in tne land record* ot the r<>u?-ty of Waamngtnn, the fir*t bearinc date Oct 15, lf*o, and ihe other bear tnc date November ad. Itwe. both d-ed? given to ajcore the not-a of Tnoma# A. Mitchell. Lot num bered 5, in square numbered ?:?3. ?nd p*rt (outnumbered $, in eq uare numbered M2. beinr the 2S feet fr- nt Irom the aoutheaat correr of aaid Lot. Terma: Half ciah. th* residue in aix and twelve month*. The purchaser or purchasers to five notes for the deferred Daymen's, beano* interest from the day if ?ale. A deed Riven and a deed of trust tak?n. All conveyancing at the oostofthe purchaser. If the term* a-e nit oompli'd with in C re da?a. the trnatee reserves the nub' to res*]' the property, at the risk and coat of the hrat purchaser, by ad ertt?iR( the same three times in the Natioaal Intelligencer. T. A. CURTIS, Trnaaee. doMU GREEN A WILLIAMS,Aaoia. ID* THE ABOTL SALE IS POSTPONED until SATURDAY,the l?th hoot and plaoe. By order of th* Trnstee. _no liMu GRhEN A WILLIAM?.Aaete. Assistant quartermaster's office. Ceraer ef O mm4 Timiy Strand ttnrtt, VTm n r* Vaai 19 Ififil GOVERNMENtfSALE OF CONDEMNED A lot of SOVEK.^ENT HORSES (oot demned as unfit for pub ic servioe) will be sold At AUCTION On WEDNESDAY MORNING. Noroml* 1861, at the Corral on F street, bttrtn Twenty tni'd aud, near the Observatory. Sale to commence at 10 o'clook. Te'in* OMh in specie. Bj ord-r J. J DANA, Capt A A Q M. WALL A BARNARD. no 13 dtd Auctioneers. Br WALL * BARNARD. Aec tio-eers. TRUSTEE'S 8A< E OF A VERY VALUA blkImpbovkd B?*mm* PioriBTT on Sbvimh St.?On MO \DAY AFTliRNO'MM. N"verar>er the 25th. at 4 o'clock, by virtue of ?d??d of trust, rfoooed in Liber J. A 8 , No. 112, 4l? to fin , m the records of Washington e< urt*. D. C.. I will sell, in 'mnt of the premises, part of Lota No. 5 and 6, in Square No. 4SJ. fronting 25 <eet 7 inches on ?evenh st west, between I and K sts. north, and running batk 171 f*et? inches to aa alley. and improved by a (cod three story brtok store ard dwelling. Terms made krown on the day of the aaif. Deed of conveyance to be made at tne expense of the parol aeer. Iftheterws of the sale are n?t complied with withi" one week thereafter, then the property will be re?o| i at the purchaser's eisense, f v the Trustee giving three days' notice by one puhi.oalion in the * Evening Star " D M. LAWREVrE.TrBtre. _no l3 !*t* WALL A MARNARD. Auots. Bt J. C- MrGt I RE. A CO..Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF LARGE AND VAL ciBi.i Lot o* capiToi UiLt..?On TUESDAY ACTEKNtON, Deoeint>er 3d,at 4 o'clock, on the premises, l>y virtue ot a deed o| trust fro u Justice A. Holla. and dated Fehtua-y l th, 1M>, a"d Cu!f recorded in Liher J. A. S .No. 16B. ? s 4?9. et se?| , and of the land reoo da for ^ ashingUiu county, D C , I sua I sell Lot numbered h e (51. in iare numbered six hundred aad eight-two (682). fronting 120 feet on Delaware avenue, l(C f, et 5 mohes on nrrth E street, and 1S3 feet 9 inches or. First *t'eet east Terms: One-third oath, the ren a:nder in six and twe ve months, wuh interett, secured by deed oi trust rn the premises. . If thf. tRrmi of ia o &r# no* n? m? ied with Within Credaya th? etfter thetr j?tee rea*.-rvei the right to ree-11 at the i nk and ?t*nM of drfMltini pur chaear. All otiKV<jMo>* at the ooet of purchaaar. W 8. HO I. I.I DAY, Trua'aa. do9 wtJ? 1. C. McUUlRK A TQ . Auo'a OO'ITIVE PUBLIC BALE OF VERY VAL|T uf blb I asi>, at AimaroLia Jcjictiom, ok WitBiMT?5 r. R?The unOe-aigne<t, a? agent, will >e:i at Public A notion. on the premiaea. at U? Juno ion, on SATURDAY .NoTeint'er 16th, Itfc . ' at 11 o'elcck, the following Farma atd Lota? , Lot No 1?Con ama li<* acrea of prune land, 2' r acre* in Wood, imaroTad by a new Cot'age, ?ontainiru 9 roona. a pair* of rood water rear, and aa I Ochad of #no ohoioe Fruit Treea. t L<t No *2?Contain* 15? aorea.lying at Savage Switch, improved by a new Dwelling Store, Bara, Mable, loe, Corn,Carriage ai.d Poultry H' ute*. alao.a Lime Kiln, anJ a otwi oolleotion of Fruit Treea in beanrg. / l?ot No. 3? Contain*. IV acraa of Good Ltad. with fine in pro'emecta of every daeoription,and two goo4 Oroharda. Lota Noa. 4 and Contain a 4" acre* each, lying at the Junotion, and are -very vaiaabla for building 8 tea. Lot No. ??Liea in a tnangie, lctr.nd by the A?naaoln and Waabi gton Branch Railroad aad the County Road leading to Annapolia. Tnie Lot ia well tuuatad for a country Store Tfctreia alao a good atand aud Store Houae on Lot No. S, both I being aeparateo by the Patuxent. there wou ? he I tio ooir> petition. Tue pro arty la worth tha attan I tion of thoaa deairoua of a aara inre?tmaat or ' aeon ring a cheap oounty Keaidmoe or Farai, being e*>u diatact, between Anuapo.ia WaaMhgton ar,d a bati mora, eithar of whioh aaa be reaabad by rail in 45 minutea. fear on 1 lahata oan be proaarad at r 945 par y ar, which w.l. aaabie tha holder to travel daily, (all Train* atop at thia point, i it Terma : oi.e-third caahr^alaaioa ia oaa aad two g yeara. with in tore* t. w fT7* For a fu ldeaonytion of thia property, a? plyto the age/.t, M BANNON.S98C Paalatraet, a Baltimore, or 'o thos 8HA1LER. Savage m hwitch. or M. FITZl.MMONS, Annapolia J a notion Hotel. no aw * **^ ??? rh IT COUGH?COUGH?COUGH! Use moore's sql ILL DROPS, Tbay will oar* Coagha, Mroaahiu*. Croup, A*. ChiMreaery . after them aad eat tk*ai aa they do eaadr. Oaly try thaan, and you will be onaviaaad of their wh> ,1 or Pnoe S5 aod V oaala par box. At MOOftJTS 1 wait End Great MadiauM Daaot. 113 Pa. av. no Mr " pROPOSALS FOR gEg* CATTLE ON 11 *uw PmorotA.Lt for supplying *? lfc* 9otmkt nxet BMf Ctttl* on tlN HM, krt i1 tiM tM 36 1Mb day of Norawtor, MR, at IX o'tiott m. TV CMttt to be dtlivrad u^Wlihiiftog ottr.oi the a. SOth da? of NotmIot, IM, or ? woi i^mmir I? M tU G^vernmeat MI direat. The bid* to be t diroted to Lieat. &.C GKEFN, A C. B..U.B. A . it, 6 itntt, WuliuftoB otij, KBioriN rrupoaala " r* Sulis PBomaau are aleo lavttad till the UUt day of .Novemoer, IK ,ii I o> ock a.m., lor eapM ply ng i he 6uvf> ? W Head ofBeat Cattle ia ok ibe hoof, The Cattle to bo delivered at Ha naiy burg, Pa., on the toth of Novembar Ml, oraa e~>n er thereafter aa the Government may dlreeL The >1 bid* to he direoted to Lient F. H BAKROi L, A. - C. 8 . U. 8. A , 833 6 ftreet, Washington, D. C. he and "Kndoreed Proposal , Seilbd raoponALs are iaritad till thelMfcof >?, November. 1V1, at I o'olook p. m, for aepp.yiag ?- 4 W? Heal ol Beef Cattle to the G<>vernm*al. The ?- Cat'lo to be delivered on the Snth day of Jaaaary. ne 1^2, or ae eoon ther?aft*r ae the OsTiruwot >! he diraot, at either \ork. Chamherabarg,or Harnebarg, Pa aa the Government mar direot Tu* on bid* u? be diraoted to Maj. a. BKCkw.TH.Ci?, U. 8. A., aai 6 trcet, v%MhiB(tou, D. C , and "Kodoraud Prup<>?? la." t> ovemmont rueervea to ltaalf tbe right to pay ia Trea ary n< te?, and to e)eot any tad tor aai canae >o bid will be octertaiood en eea the Node* ? ia preeaa' to reapoad to hie bid. on Eaah lot of Cattle doi varid ah*ll average at a ieMt ljto pound a grooa vreu: t, and . o anime* V irm be rooeived wh ah veigha we than pound* groea weigU. "7 Foam of Bib. ? M 1, A B, do horeb? proaoee t>> eeli ver lo the t?o* ernme .t good Beef cat te oo tbe hoof for P* baud red poind* groea w*l*bt. The Oat* la to he rB delivered at . acoortiing tothe tern* wtb* aa -w. oioeed a^v-rtia'm'ct. 1 he Cartle to b?w i?^ on the eca ee, and toe vetgat eo determined u fe J the aarohaee weir at 4 hereby a*roe to WJ** ,,H goodanu auAoteat bLnd for the lament o/jto - ?ontraot, and to rasa, re Treaaary aotaa ?r IR Go ver anient tenda ia Mim?Ct far the Cattle 5 ^^S?R3E5BB5ftw

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