Newspaper of Evening Star, November 14, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 14, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. CTTboutt> Tb* fTii la printed on the fastest itrim press To use south of Haiti mow, Its edition 1? to large a* to require It to be put to prees at an early hoar: therefore, should be eat In before 1* o'clock otherwise they may tay not appear until the next day. Th* Baisit Caii Bironi th* Oipha<i?' CoraT, Juno* Ptr*c*LL?Mr Davi Age's Argument ?On Monday, Mr Dsvldge commenced his argument for the respondent In thla caae, and aet out with the leading proposition that, by the law of thla District, the respondent la the natural guardian of hla Infant children, and as such entitled to the custody of their persons and estate, and the Orphans' Court haa no authority to appoint a guardian whilst respondent la willing to act and give the requisite security. In regard to what had been urged that this right ceased before the rendition of the Iowa decree, be contended that the decree of divorce Is a nullity, becauae the court which rendered It bad no jurisdiction of the parties No process was ever issued against respondent. and of course none served He bad no notice that the suit was pending, and no opportunity to defend It. He nt**r appeared In person or by attorney, but was wholly ignorsnt or the proceeding, and was absent in Europe when it was commenced, and did not return to tbla country until after the decree bad been rendered The only jurisdiction ahown by the record or pretended to eiiat. Is based upen publication of the obiect of the suit In an obscurs Iowa newspaper, and tbe sending of a notice to appear at tn? abode of respondent, and tbe calling htm three times " solemnly " In the courtroom, daring his absence abroad. Apart from the Constitution and act of Con5^* ' May iH, 1790, the decree, being the foundation of the present proceedings, would, upon principles of international law, be null and void, owing to the want of service of process. If this decree baa any efficacy, It flows frsm tbe Constitution snd tbe act of Congress ordering that judgments and decrees of one State sball have the same effect in the other States as where rendered But tbe Supreme Court hss repeatedly determined that no judgment or decree Is thus protected where there was not personal service of process, upon tbe ground that the design of the Constitution and act of Congr-.ia was to protect decrees and judgments which, by International law. were prima fat it evidence, and not to give effect t? them when, by such law, they were absolute nullities But for tbe provisions of the Constitution and the act a decree or judgment of a court In one State, having jurisdiction by actual service of process, would In another State be prima facie only, and the object waa to give Increased effect to such decree or judgment, but not to give validity to what waa a nullity by the rules of natural justice, as well as International law And to the same effect Is the ruling of every State court which has passed upon the question All refuse to give effect to decrees obtained as this was, as tbe authorities abundantly show Not only was the decree an u'ter nullity, owin? to want of jurisdiction over the defendant, but for the reason that the law of Iowa requ're 1 that no jurisdiction should attach In any dlvcrc; suit unless the petitioner had resided in the State ?ix months Mrs Barney left Paris in May, 1861 and on the *7th of July her petition was filed and the order was decreed on tbe 17th of September, 1801. Mr and Mrs Barney were citizens of this District, and not of Iowa. He then argued that the decree was obtained by ffsud The petition alleged thst Mrs Barney had resided six months in Iowa, and the evidence shows she had been there about two months No proof is shown to have been taken In support of the charges In the petition, but the decree was entered against the respoudent because he was technically "In default " Such a record does not show a "judicial proceeding" within the ' true mesning of the Cons.itution and act of Con- I gress Courts act upon evidence, not the statement of an interested party, though sworn to, and and the law of Iowa required tbe allegations of the petitioner to be proved He then asked, if the Iowa decree be held valid here, what Is its effect? It divorced Mr. and Mrs Barney, but not Mr Barney from his children In cutting asmder one domestic relation, that of husband and wife, it did not destroy another domestic relstlon, that of parent and child. The S revision giving Mrs B the custody of the cbilren suspended but did not extinguish Mr. B's right to the children as father. The mother is now dead, and the provision for personal benefit has ceased to operate, and the right of the father made to give way to sich provision, upon her death became as perfect as It ever was That the Iowa court preferred the mother to the father furnishes no reason why a stranger should now be preferred to him The authorities establish that the allotment of the children to the wife did not dissolve tbe relation of parent and child. The children were not emancipated at Mrs. B ? death and during her life the father was bound for their support The property of these children is by gift or purchase, and Mr B is " father1' according to the very term* of the act of Congress of 1846 He then said it was contended that the provision in the Iowa decree as to the custody of the children is an estoppel, but an estoppel binds parties snd privies as to the subject matter, and It is difficult to perceive who can claim under Mrs B , a benefit personal to her, and which expired at her death The children were not parties to the lo#a suit, nor was the petitioner, nor do they or be claim anything und. Mrs. B. There can be no estoppel as to matter Incidental and collected to tbe original suit and such the custody of the children plainly was Nor can there be an estoppel wh?re the decree was not tifel and conclusive, and the order as to the custody of the children was by the express law of Iowa liable to be changed or modtf ed at anytime The act of Congress gives the decree the ssme force here It had In Iowa, but it has no f'reater force. It was a mere provisional decree, ntended to be changed as often as circumstance* might require He then argued that this court has not the transcendent jurisdiction of the Court of Chancery over the relation of parent and child. The general terms of the act of '98 are controlled by the subject matter and tbe sanctity of the parental relation. It was never meant by that act to luvest this court with power to cite parents and confide tnetr children to other hands if a^cb parent*, In the opinion of this court, had been guilty of misconduct In regard to the persons or estate of the > children st sny time from their birth If such extrsordinary power exists in this court the Inquiry must be confined to the period since Mrs. B 's death; and assuming this power to exist, this ceurWri 11 be governed by the principle which, In similar cases, controls a Court of Chancery where the power Is never exercised, unle-s when owing to moral turpitude and degradation tbe parent Is utterly Incapable of discharging the duties which the lsw Imposes on him In relstlon to his children. He then said that applying this principle, the present application Is absurd. In conclusion he said he would take up the evidence to-morrow and show what lank performance bad followed the bloated assertions made at the openiog of the case by the other side. Dsaths or Soldi *as ?Tbe following soldiers died yesterday: John W Russell, comyany K, Seventh Pennsylvania cavalry, at the Circle Hospital. Z McLaughlin, company H, Third Pennsylvania cavalry. st tbe Hospital. Corporal Ell P Savre, company A, Seventh Wisconsin regiment, at the Eruptive Fever Hospital. D. H J add, company H, Forty-sixth Pennsylvania regiment, st the Infirmary William Breckhelt, company F, First regiment N Y., at Camp Cochrane Charles Rye, private, company F.Fourth Pennsylvania cavalry, died at Columbia Hospital, of typhoid fever. CrnusTo n an Boy lb, who Is a prisoner in charge ?f the Provost Guard, and held for tampering with soldiers, Is well known as the proprietor of restaurant near the depot Tbe search warrant of detective Allen requiring that " the b>dy" of tbe proprietor, as well as property found on the premises, should be returned before tbe magistrate Boyle was taken before Justice Donn. But In the meantime some one seat word to the Provost Guard relative to other property in the house, disclosed by tbe search, which belonged to soldiers, Boyle was tak*a Into their custody. His friends, last nlfcbt, were exceedingly anxious to have him released, and were making efforts to that end: but be Is still In custody of the guard Abbistxd ask Dismissed ?Yesterday, detec tlvs Allen arrested J. H Thomas and W Rollins who were charged with robbing Samuel Hunt in tbe street, tbe night before From the evidence J astlce Donn was satisfied thst the parties arrested were aot tbe offenders, snd the two, who are old residents, were released from custody Mr Hun Is tbe person menttoaed In yesterday's Star ai knocked down and robbed in the street, near th< Center Market His loss was about 9375, all li sold coin His name was then understood to l* Lynch, bat when able to appear before the magi* trate, he gave his proper name. On Mosdat kvbmiss next, tbe renowned Her mann, tbe wizard, who has startled New York Brooklyn and Philadelphia by bis fests of prestl dlgitation, will make bis bow to Washlngtonlam at the Theater. Unlike others who have professes to be devotees of the black art, Herma in does no surround himself with a dazzling paraphernalia r make use of a complicated apparatus; and If hi employs confederates it is impossible to detect tb collosion His various fsats are deftly and rap Idly performed, conveying sn impression of i power out of the ordinary course of nature. HI toirttt cannot Call to startle and amuse Oismi Ovaimovii Casks?Bifori Justu Thompson ?Hester Wise (colored,) was fool 1 si enough to get drunk and behave in s disorder!' 1 manner She got a cut bead and s black eye Is* I night, sad this morning a permit for 60 days boarding at tbe workhouse Babel Seymour (col )do . waslned S3?t Win G Reed, do do It to Joha Brown, drunk aad profane: d? Hit George Robinson, drunk, do I1M. Ch?i Williams ds : turned over. Eight lodgers wer CimcriT CotrtT ?The long-contested cue of Zephanlah Jones sgt Aon R Dermott was taken opto this court yesterday. In the spring of l<s5t Zephanlah Jones commenced, on the northwest corner of the Intersection of Seventh at. and Pa. avenue, the erection of the building now known aa tbe Avenue Houae, which he contracted to build for a specified anon, and to finl?h by tbe lat of October of that year The building waa flnlahed and delivered to Mlaa Dermott In the month of April following, when ahe refuaed to pay the Inatalment due Mr Jonea upon tbe lat of October If the houae bad been finished, on the ground that he bad not complied with hi* contract, and that ahe had thua auitalned damage by tbe losa of rent, Ac. At the ensuing term of the Circuit Cou^t, in the spring of 1852. Mr Jonea brought ault for the recovery of *20,380 under hla contract, and got Judgment for the balance due him under aaid contract. An appeal waa taken to the Supreme Court of the I nited State?, when, on a hearing of the case there, II waa contended by Mlaa Dermott'* counsel, that time waa the essence of the contract, and the contract having been violated waa thua Bet aaide. The Supreme Court remanded the caae nC* Circuit Court, with Instructions to allow Mr Jones payment for work done and materiala furntshed, deducting any^iamage proved to have been sustained by Mlas Dermott. Mr U"* wor* measured and valued, ard In hla amended declaration now sue* for over S99.000 The suit has now been in progress nearly ten years Miss Ann R Dermott died about a year ago, and her original counsel, (ien. Walter Jones, died a few week* sines. Mr. John P. Ingle, her executor, appears In court aa her representstlve, and Mr. Robert J. Brent, of Baltimore, a* counsel on that side. Mr Jos H Bradley, sr , appeared for Mr Jones Mr. Carliale la associated with him, but wa? not in court yesterday Varloua law points were argued yesterday, and the case was consequently not given to tbe jury. Retreat at St. Aloysius' Church ?The Mission announced in the papers of Saturday laat, and which waa opened by the veteran Chaplain of the Mexican war, the venerable octogenarian. Father McElroy, at St. Aloysius' Church, meets with great aurcess. Crowds of feople are streaming to the Church, from the early exercise at 6 o'clock, till o'clock P M , when the laat sermon of the day ia preached. Tbe morning exercises are conducted by Father McElroy himself The instructions of Father Sourln are given at 4 o'clock, and the discouraes of Father Maguire at 7* o'clock P. M. The children, following tbe example of their parenta, flock In great numbera to tbe church, and receive approp late instructions in the basement from Father* Sourln, McNerhany and Wiget. The large and magnificent sanctuary of tbe church la, during the exerclsea, tilled with youtba who, dressed In their sanctuary robes, are chanting hymns and psalms Their singing, sweet as It Is novel, is the result of their training by the generous amateur sinter, George French, Esq Tight Place.?This morning, Seventh street at market place was about as closely packed with pedestrians, equestrians, horse*, mules, ox-teams, wagons, carta, coaches, Sc.c , aa one could wish to see, and at times there was considerable difficulty in getting by on the avenue. A very large train laden with baled hay passed down Seventh street, and was met at the market by any empty train going to the depot for stores At the same time the omnibuses for Georgetown were trying to get by, and those for Seventh street were waiting to get into their road A host of country teams and butchers'and porters' wagons were trying to push along, making it a difficult matter for pedestrians to ran the gauntlet. Many ladles and gentlem-n were obliged to remain on the sidewalk opposite the market to avoid the danger of being knocked down by the teams. Thkater.?To-night has been set apart for the beneflt of that deserving gentleman, Sir Joseph Setsford, who has presided at the seat of customi at our theater Svi long and so acceptably. He Lai made hosts of friends while in that capacity, who will be only too glad to have an opportunity ol aiding to make his lestlmonial benefit a bumper The bill of fare for to-night Is temptingly good commencing with the exciting drama of -Green Bushes," with Ml** Alice Placlde Mann, Ml** Susan Denln, Mr. Brink, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Baker, Mr. France, Mrs Muxzy, and other members ol the company in leading parts The IrreslstibW farce of 'The Post of Honor" will conclude the performance, and In this Miss Denin will slinkier favorite Union song, with no end of new verses. Bogcs Phdlars.?Several persons have beet lately arrested In this city, for the most part b\ M Fenwlck, of the Metropolitan Police, charged with hawking and peddling or selling forelgr merchandise wrffeln our corporate limits wlthou license Of these, three of the latest conviction) were on Tuesday last before Justice Thompson who lined the offending parties Stt) each Thei gave in their names to the magistrate a* W Wil let, O. Siele and S. Gump, from tbe Emporiun City. After paying his tine, one of the party de clared he should depart forthwith from this city and shook the dust off his feet for a testimony against it, announcing at the aame time that ou cruel M P's should see his face no more?" n< not never." Honorably Discharged.?Mr E B. Slnas who was arrested for the larceny of several horsei and mules, was honorably discharged ycsterdai afternoon by Justice Donn Mr Slnas gave evl dence of bis having purchased the animals fron another party, and as seon as he discovered tha he had bought the property from a bogus owner and the real owner proved his right, he delivere. up all in his possession. and also obtained lha which he had disposed of Mr Sinas will nov direct his efforts to discover the parties by whon be was swindled. Presentation?The officers and private* be lon?1ng to company B 1st regiment United Statei Chasseurs, encamped near Glenwood Cemetery yesterday afternoon, presented a splendid Coif revolver to their late First Lieutenant W D. Mor ton, who has been promoted to the Stall of Gen Graham. By way or the Rtvkr.?This morning tb dealers In vegetables were selling sweet pota toes ?ud other produce, all in excellent condition which were said to have been received by way o tbe river. The light vessels, with skillful ant hold masters, passing the batteries without belni harmed. Flag Presentation ?Company G, Berdan' Sharpshooters, were on Monday presented with handsome flag, the gift of certain citizen* of A! any. New York It was received cn behalf o the company by Lieutenant Colonel Mears, In ai eloquent speech. Rev A. G. Carothrrs ?Hi* many friend will be pleased to learn that the Rev. A G Ca rother*. formerly the esteemed pastor of Assein bly's Church, of this city, and for the past yea Consul to Turk's Island, has returned to this clt much improved in health. The Orphans' Court wss yesterday engagei In granting letters of administration, proving >c counts, Ac. A star Frrvormance at King's greatNatloni Circus. I bis place of entertainment is in the fu] tide of success. See the inviting announcement of performar ces at Canterbury Hall! They are enough t tempt an anchorite. Inoia Rubber Blankets. jVete if your Time to Buy, 5,OPO Rubber B ankets, 7 feet long, 4 foet wide, a each. SJW? Rubber Blankets,6 feet Ion*, 3 feat wide, a 1 each, l.non Robber Blankets and Ponoho oombined, fu 94 each At the India Rubber Warehouse, 30S Pa avenm between 9th and 10th sts. no 1-tf We Assert it W'oldly, there are no other me<J leines s" reliable, etfeotual, and oonvenient, a Hoiloveay't Pxlit and Ointment?a!wars ready fu i use I h?y are invaluable to the Soldier expose to wounds, sores, fivers, and bowel oomplainti Tbe; sever fail. Only 26 oents per box or pot. not lw ... Pennies. Persons desiring pennies will always And thei t for exohangeaf the Star Office ooooter. it Coeens.?The sudden ohanges of oar ollinate ai sources of Pulmonary, Bronckxal and Asthmati Afection*. Expcrtenoe having proved that simpl remedies often aot speedily and oertaicly whe i taken in the early staces of the disease, reooun , should at onoe be had to " Brovm'* Bronchi! 1 7>oekes." or Lozenges, let the Coid, Cough, or li I ritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by thi . precaution a more serious attack may be etfeotiiail warded off. Put-lie Speaker* and Smrm will fir > etfoctna! for olearing and strengthening th ' v.?io See advertisement. de I-ly > Notice.?Beware of oouator 'eits and nnprino . pled dealers endeavoring to dispose of their ow atd otner artio'es on the reputation attained 1 HelmhoUV% Extract Buchxi, a positive and spaoif rein-?iy lor dnwvses of the B adder. Kidneys, Gri vel. D'opsy, Ac , Ac., fto. Ask for Helmbold' , Take uo other. See advertisement ic another co urnn. seS i r: OIK*. 1 J?n the 14th instant. ROGER ADAMSON,a<< #3 yars, a r.a?i*e of Lanoastershire, England, b p for tne laat $n years a well known and ester mi e res.dent < f this ei y. His frunds are re'P'otfsily invited to attend h t funeral, to morrow (Friday) at 3 o'clock, from h . _jt renUtnoe. on Fourteenth st, between 8 ai T ets. s C DR. LOCKWOuD t? C^ETS TEETH on Robber, and performs i , DENTAL OPERATIONS, mthe Wash lr.gto- Boildinr, oorner of seventh *t ancftaJS Pa avenae. Chloroform given, if desirfd/**?L*-c All kinds of Teeth for sal*. cofrzawlm* ORIME GOSHEN ' r BUTTER! 100 kegs Prime Goshen BotMr just received a " for sale by WALL * BARNARD, Aictioneers aad Coamission Merchants, M 9 Cor, eoatk side Pa, av, and ?th st WANTS. \VTANTED?A GIRL. to wtah and iron, and *" one to assist at choking. Alio, two rood oolnrfd Waiters. At 3*7 Pa. avenue. it* WANTED?A middls-ar'd WOMAN, to do general housework, No 395 L st . leiween 141k and 15th its. _ H* WANTED?By a respeetaMe woman, a SITUATION as chambermaid or oook Good reference ??n ?^e given Apply at Patrick Sal'ivan'a, oorner First and C 'tn. no 14 21* WANTED-A SITUATION' as chambrriMUd or cook, by a respectable voting woman Good relerenoea can be given. Address Bo* 13, Star Office. it* WANTED.?Ry a respectable ma?ned woman, with a child, a SITUATION as nhamberI maid, or to cook, wash and iron. Address box 14. Star Office. It* \Vr ANTED?To enrage a GFNTLEMAN hav' ? ing acquaintance and influence among the Catholics of Washiccton and Georgetown. Apply, with referenoe. at the Etar Office. no 14 3t* WANTED IMMEHI ATELY-An energetio I M business MAN as deliverer. Applr to JOHNI SON. FRY A CO., Dt-dge Building*, corner 7th I and F sts. no 14 St* I WANTE,,-A AN. of rood appearance and I * ? address, wishes employment in any 'espeotaI ble business, as olerk or otherwise. Sa'ary modI erate. References im?xceptionaMe. CHARLES I EDW ARDs, Po?t Office, Washington. I no 14 Mir | I WANTED, for a lady and ch Id 8 years I *"*" rear Kaiorama Heights as possible. I '!' J'fjaire one rood sized, well furnished room, I with fu:i board. Address, stating full par'ioulars I as tolo^atioi and terms (which mu?t be moderate' I Capt J. J. WHEELER, offijeof Evening Star. no 14-2t* A RESPECTABLE. WOMAN, who nnderI ra stands her business in all its branches, wishes I a Situation as professed meat oook. She is capable of disoharginr her dntv equal to any man cook | Satisfactory oity testimonials can be riven. Apilr I to or address "B. L ," at the Clarendon Hotel, where she oan be seen for a week, if not sooner I equated it* A CAPABLE AND INDUSTRIOUS MAN IS I /a. wanted to take the exclusive sale of this oity I of one of the most attraotivs and rea'ly meritoI nous curiosities out?the Storm Indictor, or 25 I oent Haromets . It i' entirely new. and is having I a s*le unprecedented. This offers a chanoe for I profitable investment ee'dom equa'ed. Sample by I mai! for SO cents. Address HUBBARD BROS, I 65 Nassau street. New York. no '4 3t 'T'O SUTLER'S, QUARTERMASTER'S, I COM MI9SAR1ES, AND MERCHANTS.? I A situation wanted as clerk, br a middle ared mar| ried man, a rood writer, an old resident of the city, I familiar with busin*ss generally?that of the DeI partments of the General Government; a know! I edre of F ench and Spanish. Address "Clerk," I Office of the Star. WANTED?Fiva first-class COAT HANDS. ** Also, five pants and five vest hand?. None I butthe b-st bands neod applv. WM. TUCKER I Merchant Tailo*. 436 Pa. ave. no 13 3t? WANTED -A small well furnished HOUSE of 6 or 7 rooms, between E and M its. Rent I not to exceed S35 or <40 per month. Rent paid I punotnal'v. Address "Henry," at Star Offioe. I no 13 St* ' WANTKD-To rent a DWELLING HOUSE | " Stable for two or more Horses, and Store oi I feed room, tor ether or detached, in this Cit* oi I in Georgetown Address W. T., throcgh oity pos I Offioe. stating location, sue, and terms, no 13-3t' I WANTED?A rood COOK , man preferred " Apoly at the Restaurant No. 80S G st. be. tween l?th a? d 19'h sts. no 12-3t* WAl>,T|::D-A Journeyman SHOEMAKER, t? make coarse and fine b-o's and work in th< hop- JOHN MADIGAN, no 12 3t* 30'J Fonrth ?t . between G and H. I VV' NTED?Ten thousand Whisky and Brands I " B'?T TLFS, for whic't the highest cash prici will be paid. JAS S. GIBBON'*, Sutlers' Depot ' >Je"" avenue, opposite Wizards', no 12-lw , UOUSE WANTED.?A pleasant House, conve 11 n ently situated, is wanted by a permanen I tenant. R ent to be from *2?to $3^ a month. Ad ' I dress "Citixen," at the office of the Star. ' do 12-3t* I |>0\RD WANTKD, by arentlem\n and wife I *' in a genteel private familT, till spring, or per I msnentiy m the neighborhood of the Patent Offio? i I Be?t of referensea given. Address "Penn?Tlva I at this office. no 12 31* I W7ANTKD-A re?pectable GIRT., colored o v? white, to do general housework. Apply a I this office no 11 r I W ANTED.?A lady of Ba'timore wishes to phi " chase ladies' and gentlemen's CAST OF] | APPAREL. All persons having suoh goods t |diepo?eof will be called upon at their residenc I I and reo*ive cash for the same. Addrars "A G., f I Star Office, for ten dat s. n>9lw* I A ?OOD WATOM M AKER. having been in th i I /a business for six yoars, wishes to ret a SITU t ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pi i I avenno. no 5 ' I W ANTED-TA7/.ORS. T4/LORS-60 Tailoi f\ " competent to work on military good*. Appl - | G. Wall. Stephens i l!o.'?. se25 1 I 'po SUTLERS.? An energe'ic merchant, wit I sufficient capital, desires to purchase the stoc i I and business of a Regimental Sutler. Addrei f I "Buaineea," at the office of this paper, oc 3l-lm 1 IiOST AND FOUND. , I f O^T?On 14th instant, a pair of gold SPEC i I I j TACLKS. The fi der will be suit-^ *? , I ably rewarded on leaving them at tlus*^ + vo I office no 14 3t* l I f OST?On the 13th instant, in going from tl t I L corner of 4>4 and C street* *o the corner of 4! I %nd Maryland ave-.u?, a POCKET 't(?OK- ooi j I taming 9S1 75 and a valuable p\per of ho use to ar * I one but the owner. A libera! reward will t.e pai 1 I to the finds' on retiming thesamj to this oftic ' I of tu No. 4.59 Maryland av. nol3-2t* I f OST?Yesterday, supposed between St. Aloi I I J sins' and ft. Matthew's Churoh, a sma'l lady I leather S \TOHKL, with st-el chain and c'a?| I containing a set praver b ads, thimble, earring I I and other articles of jewelry. Ac A suitah e r< , I ward "or the de ivor* at the Star Offioe, or at N * I 16? H >treet, betweon 14th aid I'th. no 14 lw' " CTRAVEDOR STOLEN-On th- 13th inst I r? from tne General Post Office, a mediuni ?"v I siz d b*y HORSE, with white hind lem, J bisge face, rat tail, anrl marked "U S." A e I liberal reward will be paid for h's return I - I TH'>*. (" the above-named plaoe. , I no 14 2T II ? R f"* WAR 1) ?Strayed away from the subscr I K?*' ber, on Sunday, the lftth instant, n. ?\_ J I dark r-ar HORSK,apart of install rnbb'djLilS I otf. I will give the anove reward for the^^^.1 sai I horse.b? returning it to the owner.whose res * I <*ence is on Fleventh street ea*t, near the Eastei a I Branch bridge. no 14 3t* JOHN N GATF.S. M rl^AKF.N UP?On the 1 th instant, a small aorr 1 I 1 HORSK, venr poor The owner is re- gy I quested to eome foiward. prove property. I pay charges, and tak- him awa*. s THEODORE WARNER, I no 13-3t* No. 93 Bridge st, Georgetown, i- tjTRAVKD OR STOLEN?On the evening < r C5 the llth inst., one BLACK HORSE cv y I with saddle and bridls. faid h ?rs^ is ?" I year old; about 15>a hands h gh; of heavy I bni d; two whits feet behind Any person re'nri d I ing said horse to the s'able of S. C. A E WROI I on G st.. between 17th a^d 18th its , will be libera ' I rewarded. no 13 2t* ill f OST-A bright bay MA RE, about 4 years ol< ,, I L* with dark legs, long tail, and small cv 11 I white tpot in forehead; height bout '* T_?Tl I hands ; branded "U. S." on left fore shonl-^C2; I der; brand scarcely peroeptible ; broke away fr". i- I a post on H st., between 4th and 5th sts , on Sundi 0 I mi ht, October lnta. Had on a black quilted sa< 1 die and red stripeo suroingle. A liberal reward w I be paid for the reooverr of t o animal. Apply PH1LP A SOLOMONS' BooksUire, Pa avci.u I *boya 3th st. no 13 3t >t I ^JTRAYKD OR STOLEN-On the 6th of Nov I from the oorner of Pa. avenue an t 3d t I at., Capitol Hill, a white Durham <X?W, j|tir I dark red on her neok and tide of face,JtaJh r I white faoe. small horns (turned in), slim neck, I or 7 years old $5 reward wili be paid 'or her r >> I turn to Vaueoiver A Cooper's stables. Navy Ysr no 13-3t* JllHN R BURTIS. - FOE SALE AND KENT. r I <1 I70R RENT.-The third, fourth, and part oft ' I r second-story, of the four story BRIC I BUILDING, lronting on the west side of7th s I second house south of D street, and onetqua I nor h of Pennsylvania avenue. Five rooms on t j. I third and fourth stories, and four on the seoor I door between eaoh on the same floor. Enquire I C. BRADLEY, at Patriotio Bank, corner7th ai 1 | D. no 14 eo3t" j? BURNISHED HOUSK TO RENT.-a" thre II story brick?444 N street, between 12th ai | 13th sts .aoout half a mile from the War Depai I ment. Rent ?f5n per month It* r- POR RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE, co it I I taining 10 rooms, with gas thioughout?4( ly I Twelfth St., between I and K. no la-Steo' e 14^?* RENT?A new two story briok STABI I r and the Lot on wh oh it slan Is. 20 by 1(? fei I situated on L st, batwe?n llth aud 12th. Apply i- I J W. NAIRN, Druggist, oorner 9th st. and F n I avenue. no 12 tw

? two furnished rooms for ren 1 on first floor, at 406 D street, between 6th a s. 7th- noli lw MA RAKE C.HANCE,- HOUSE AK A. FURNITURE FOH RENT-H gentlem ? I intending to remove to the ocuntiy will rout, I I on* or more years, hia lie use and Farniture. T I hoaso is oonvruiently situated ; cou ains II roou vl I besides kitchen and two servants' rooms ; pump ut I the yard The furnitu e is of modern style and b< ?d quali s.all in perfect order. F.owt-r garden in fro of house. Carriage-house and stable for 4 horsi is I Also, a lot of C?iaT and Wood to be so id To a go la I and perman- nt tenant, that will not sbuae the li id mture, the rent will be moderate. Ther* is a I I oomaimng 3H acres of rich land, weil ino o * ? that will be rented with the honse, if deai ed. A - (ly to GEORGE MAT IINGLY. No 166 aoi IF street, between 4H and 6th atreeta, before 9 a HI I aid after 3 p. m no ?-U d l?A?M FoR SALE, or fc-xohaugs lor C u I I Property, situated in Somir.emll oouhtr. I Jeraey, oonuining *2 aorea in a high state or o\ ? I tiration, good dwelling house, with all naoeaai I oat baildings, good water power, fine orchard, a I well-fenced, 2H miles from Central Railroad. ad ] daily,) 3 miles from Plainlieid, and an mi I froxi Jersey City. For farther particulars inqu I of 6. W. BRA/, Jeweler, 416 Seventh at, ? I poeite lntelligenoer OAoe. oc 86-lm ? AMOSEMBNTS. T H E TUVRsb^r KVENIyo, Ml* u. Mr. Jobeph 9. *b<??fobd's Bihfit. Mm SUSAN DENIN Mis* A. P MANN, ud B ROGERS will appear Will b* performed the drama of GK KEN BUSHES. To conclude with the la ce of tie Pot?T OF H ^N'tw 1T_ MISS Charlotta Pattl. The Publio are reapectfully informed that MISS CHALOTTA PATTI, the oe!ehrated Optrat-ioe, whoae great anice?a in the Academies ofMnaio in New York. Philadelphia, and Boaton. haa plao'd her in the front rank of living C jnoert Sincere, will make her FIRST APPEARANCE in Waahington at the building formerly known aa The Tk5th Stii*t Baptist Chcbcw, Btttee** E and F stf.vith >n on' fquart of Pa. nr. On TUESDAY EVENING, November 19th, GRAND OPERATIC CONCERT. Misa PATTI will be aaaisted on this occasion by M'me AMELIA ST RAKOSCH. SIG. CENTIMERI. The Famou? Ba'itone. HENRY SANDERSON, The Young American Pianiat. Director and Conductor . Cakl Schreijib* Adraiaaion One Dollar ; Reserved Seats 50 oenta extra. Seata can be aeoured, oommenoinc on Saturdays a m , at the Musie Store of Mr. Metierott. Doora open 8 V ; performance to oomanence at 8. no lS-tl ODD FELLOWS' HALL! S*v*t(th. Above DSt. GREAT EXCITEMENT! GRAND GIFT CONCERT, by the CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT ! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT ! RICHARD III-RICHARD HI RICHARD III RICHARD III TO NIGHT! TO-NIGHT' TO-NIGHT ! TO NIGHT ! as PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY! as PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY! _ TO NIGHT! Doora open at 7; commencing at 8 o'olock. Admission 25 oenta. no 13 VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT FOR THE POOR. The Societies of St Vincent de Pau' of tbia oity respectfully announce that their annual Conoert for the Poor w>ll be civ n at the Smithsonian InatitutiononMONDAY EVENING, Nov 18: and having aecured the b?st amateur muaical talent of the Diatriotand Baltimore, they will present to their patrons the richest and moat varied programme ever offered to a Waahington audienoe. Proie?sor George W. Waller. of Balimore, i will be the Conductor, and, wiih other organista of this city, wiil preside at the Piano Madame Cecilia Yocns, ol thia city, anc Mra. ' Curlit, of Baltimore, have kindly volunteered their aervioea for the occasion. Doors open at 7, conoert to commenoe at 8. fUT Tickets so oenta, to be had at the prinoipal 1 Music and Book Storea, and at the door on (lie evening of the concert. no IS 5k. YVASHINGTON THEATER. j Mr. Joaeph Sesaford,treasurer,takes great pleasure in informing hia fnenda and the eublio that Mr, Hlacd has kindly set apart THURSDAY EVE NING, Nov. 14th, 1861, for his benefit, on which , oocasion Miss Susan Denin and Miss Alice p ande r Mann will appear in the beautiful drama of Greer r Bushes, with other entertainments, for which then t patronage ia respectfully aolioited. Ticketa oar > he hac at the principal hotels and bookstores, and at the Box Ofltoe. no i2-3t* ' RATIONAL CIRCUS! " Tom King ..... Lessee aad Managei C. foott Associate Managei SECOND WEEK of the Successful Season. i Re-engagemect of b MR. JAMES MELVILLE, , First appearance of JAMES WARD, " ~ MAD'LLE MARIE, : MAD'LLE ELOISK, the Child Rider, 1 F. A. JONES, DAN (JAKIUNKK, * MASTER PHILO. WM. KINCADE, And all the Troupe. 'j Ladies and familr parties will please not forget thi MATINEE ON WEDNESDAY. Special Notice.?The many parties who brim J ladies to the Cirous in the evening will oblige th< >* n anagement and save themselves inoonvenienc _ by seoimng places during the day. no 12 p ^ A8HINGT OJ^ THEATER. 2 MONDAY, NovemberlPth, ? and Everv Lv?ning of the Week, THE GREAT PRE*TIDIGITATEUR, HERRMANN. e Assisted by a f. , GRAND ORCHESTRA, i Thetran*ger respec fol y calls the attentionc the public to th appearance in Washington of MONSIEUR HERRMANN. rs who ia universally ecocuiied as the groatet ly living PRESTIDIGITATEUR, aud whose performances at the principal open . house* in Europe have been sronouuoed the mot M wonderful in their pecul ar line. The performances of H KR R MANN are entire) original and novel, the diatinguiahing featur being the " EN f IRK ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS All the effects beinc so'ely producer by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. - The programme will compnso J. TWELVE PIECES, IN TWO PARTS, . including the oelebrated S I)OL RLE VUE. By Mr. HERRMANN and hia brother ALEX ANDKR. During the intervals <>f Herrmann's Programm* * A GRAND CONCERT bt the iy FULL ORCHESTRA. ld ao l2-5t* 6" rl1HIKl) GRAND COTILLON PARTY cftli I ISLAND SOCIAL CLlTB will take r- place at t- kanklin Half., corner of Ninth i and Dsta,on TUESDAY NMjliT. Novem /nM p> ber 19th Qg a. The Committee very respectfully so'ioit the pa w tronage heretofore extended to them by their man n. friends. Ticketa filly cents, adm tting a gentleman an ? ladies. Committft. John Rainey. John Flemming, J George Donohue, John Crook. no ls-7t* Lo - BOARDING. HOARD WANTED.?The advertiser desin Beard and a pleasant Furnished Room, wii fire and gas. Private family preferred. Would lit i- hath in the house, and book??se and writing tab. n in room. References if required. Address, sta?ir te'n.s and other particulara in full. Box 9, Sti Offioe. no 8 5t* J GEORGETOWN ADYERTrMTl IV^THE LADIES OF TRINITY (Catholii Church, Georgetown, are now holding ? FAIR, for the benefit of the Church, a' the S"ho< of House oorner of First and Payette ats. Admi tance 10 oentB ; children hal?-pnoe. no 3-eoSt* ,-rVGO TO THE LADIES' FAIR, at Trinil n- lij? School House, corner Fir t and Fayette sti h* Georgetown, and ae? the Phenakisticope on exh ,1- bition there. no 8-eo3t* _ \f ASSEY. COLLINS A CO.'S . IT I PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just received a supply ol theabove Ai iK whioh we reoommend to be or a very superior qua 5 ity. Persons wishing to purchase, by making m _ mediate applioation, oan be furnished. .? ARNY a siiinn, no 7 Georgetown. ill IUST RECEIVED? at J 10 hhda. prime Porto Rico SUGARS e, 110 bbls. Old Kye WHISKY, W bbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES, 10 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, ? 10 bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 9 lo bhds.(low priced) MOLASSF8. For sale by JOHN J. BOG UK. se IS *6 9QQ JOHNSON * NAGLK, Qui d. tdOiJ No. ass Pennstlvania Avenue, Between Ninth and Tenth sta . south side. off ee tor sale: CHAMPAGNES?G. H Muium, Piper Heidaic Moet A Chaudon. Bullinger A Co., Cartier Co, Ac. , CLARExS??t. Julien, St. Estephe, Cantena Ao , by the cask or doxen. 14 IIOCK WlN ES?Deidesheimer, Johannesberge Liebfrauenmilch, Rudesheimer, Ao. BRANDY. Wl.isky,Gin, Port, Sherry, Mtdeir in wood or glass. 'V LONDON PORTER, Brown Stont, Edinbnn M and V orkshire Ales, of the best brands, in bo ,nu ties or stone jugs _ CIGaRS? Havana and Domestic, of the choice 4 branus. "t- Weoallthessec a1 attention of Sutlers,Restauran and Fsmilies r.u- large and well-seUctod ? STOCK OF PINE GROCERIES, Fresh Met n- Poultry, Fish, Soap*, Vegetables and Fruits )3 hermetically sea'ed cans. PRESERVES, Jellies, Ac , Almonds, Nuts, Ra sins at d ?- igs. CHEESE,(Easternand Western Catting); Hai " ? best boahen Hutter. the i?e?t Champagne Cid< WOK C ESTEH SH1R fc and Oyster Sauce. Pickl ol every desoriptiou, Pepper Sauce and Toica Catsup, by the gal on or do?en. j- AH of which we offar at the loweat poaaib -J prices and on reaaonable terms . no 2 JOHNSON A NAGLE. d Medicine for the Army. ?' VEGETABLE ? PAIN CURER. 7d EVERY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVER ir- SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HATE A BOTTl EON HAND. ;Vr Thi* preparation ia an Infallible External or I > terpal Remedy for Rheumatism, Nearalgi B uiaes, Soree, Sprains, Rio/worm', Cankt L_ Painters' Colic, Dysentery, Liver Complau it* L1,a*- Dyspepsia. Ctilblaina, Kidney Compiaim Teetha-he, Headachea, Colda, Cougha, Brunt a). Fever and a gue, Cholera, Ao. ury The PAIN CURER ia entirely vegetable in i nd composition, and nay be sa*d at all timea wi fi Kite1 afej^STgr*14*-- ^on""T ire JOSEPH S. FRYE, *' For sale by all pHneiVLf DrVggieta. noi-lm' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Later from Bar?^?. Farthir Point, Nov. 12 ?The steamship Nova Scotia, from UwbmI on the flat ult., via Londonderry on the 1st I sat, passed here tonight bound to (Quebec. Her advices ire ire days later. oliat britain . Theodore Fay, isle American minister to Switzerland, writes a lengthy letter to the London Time* In defense of the North ^ The sensation trial In Dublin of the haekdrlrer, Cudram, charged with a wanton outrage ouMlaa Jolly, renal ted in a verdict of guilty. He was sentenced to two years penal servitude italy. A ministerial circular has been lamed to the clergy. In which the acta of the clerical appeal, tion against the laws of the nstlonal government were deplored, and a warning given that the government, while wishing to respect the liberty of the chnrches, will take severe measures If the clergy continue their attacks on the laws and Institutions of the country, and endeaver to disturb public order The brigands In the country between Cancel la and Nolla had made a proposition to surrender. turkiv. Accounts from Turaey state that the question of the cotton capacities of that country is being agitated again, and say also that the Investigations are favorable. MISCXLLAKKors. The Paris Patrle says that the convention relative to Mexico will be announced to the Amerlcan Government, with an Invitation to join in the expedition. The same journal says that one object of the expedition is to constitute a strong government for Mexico. It is asserted that France sends half a brigade to Mexico. Two first-class Britlah men-of-war are ordered to be ready forthwith. The American consulate at Messina reports the presence tnere of an American three-masted schooner, supposed, on good authority, to be a rebel privateer. The Duke of Argyle. in a speech, had token decided grounds against any interference whatever In American affairs. The English Board of Trade returns for September exhibit a continued decrease in exports Queen Victoria would ahortly visit the Duke of Newcastle at Clumber It was stated that a pamphlet had appeared In Paris calling on the American government to take military precautions against French invasion A Brussels telegram to Turin announces the recognition of the kingdom of Italy bv Belgium The Austrian government had resolved to estanlish a Hungarian administration which will carry out government intentions in every way. More serious university disturbance* were re; ported in St. Petersburg. The military had interfered, and many arresta were made. Ar rests continue to be made at Warsaw The Indian cotton crop was reported large and encouraging. A Deubtfal Story Boston, Nov 13.?The Transcript of thla ' evening has an abstract of a letter from Fortress Monroe, dated 11th instant, which states : ' This , morning news reached here that 3,000 rebel solI diers had mutinied at Norfolk, and that moat of the cltizcns were with the mutineers, who had determined only to flght for the Untom uudfr the old gridiron." r In confirmation of this, Capt Lorkwood, of r the tug-boat United States, savs that the stars aud stripes were flying gloriously from Pig Point, opposite Newport News, where the rebels have for a long time had a formidable battery. Fatal Accident ts an Officer. Frederick, Nov. 12 ?Lieut. Anncn.of Capt Horner's Cavalry, of the Home Brigade, was instantly killed this afternoon, at 5 o'clock, at the Barracks, by the accidental discharge of a car' bine in the hands cf a privatesoldier. They were conversing together, and the soldier was moving the gun hammer with hla fi>ot, (!) when it slipped, and the load entered the unfortunate officer's forehead ? From San Franclace a San Francisco. Nov. 9.?The markets are dull. e Candles and crushed sugar have declined Butter sells at 88 cents; cordage 9 cents ; best lard 13 " cents San Francisco, Nov 11 ?Arrived shipsGolden Fleece and Carrisr Dove, from New York. The Bssten Mayoralty. Boston, Nov 12?The cltlzena'and republican ward and city committees and the indepenif dent Union associations have nominated Mr. F.dward S. Tobey for mayor. The democratic ward and city committees II have nominated Mayor Wightman for re-elec? tion. ll Chartering Transport by the Government. y new York, Nov. 13 ?The government hat e chartered the new and elegant steamer Constltution, of the Pacific Mail Company, to carry the main body of Gen. Butler's troops from Boston to their destination. She will leave here on Saturday and reach Boston on Monday. Movements of Rtgn ar Troops. Fort Laramik, Nov ii.? Two companies of >- the Second cavalry left here this morning for the States under command of Captain John Green and ' Lieut J K Wessner The weather here Is cold and stormy. Four Inches of snow fell yesterday ~ Arrival of the Bienville at New York. Niw York. Nov 13?The steamer Bienvilli k arrived here to-night, with full and minute details of the expedition. She brought home the wounded in the engagej ment at Port Royal, and will leave in a few days Schooner Condemned Proviprncr, r 1, >ov 12?The Uritisk schooner Adelso, which brought a* cargo of naval stores out of Wilmington, N. C . and put intc .Newport In stress of weather, was cond?mned - to-day, together with her cargoby Judge Pitman Futml Railroad Accident. - Zanrovillr, Ohio, Nov 12 ?Butler D Ash,h bott, superintendent cf the Cincinnati, \Vilto mington and Zinesville railroad, was lnstantl; lo killed near Lancaster last night by striking i ir bridge. B Senator Baker's faccesssr. - San Francisco, Nov. 10 ?Benjamin Stark hai 3 been appointed L". S Senator from Oregon, ii _ Place of the late Col Baker. He is a native ol uj Connecticut, and in politics a peace democrat. dI Destruction of a Menagerie. t- Boston, Nov. 12?Geo. K. Goodwin's racna _ gerle was burned lsst evening, and all the an 1 ty mala were smothered to death?some seventy o u, eighty in number. _ The North Briton. Montrral. Nov 12 ?The brig Deehlerarrlvec at Quebec at half-past three this afternoon, hav lng on board seventeen hands and one paasenger J_ picked up from the North Brian's missing boa' Ordnance and Ordnance Stores for Per _ Royal New \ on, Nov 13.?Orders were received here to-day for the shipment of ordnance and ord nance stores to Port Royal, S. C. Troops Under Orders to March Boston, Nov. 13.?Three thousand of Gen Butler's division are under orders to leave nex - Wednesday. ============ ARMY cl?TH8. k Quartermaster General's Orrici.l V W ASHiNGTORi October SI, 1861 t * proposals are invited and will be reoeived bj ? the IJ S Quartermaster at Phi'adelehia.renn ?? until 12 o'clock at ?"on on the lMn day of govern )T> CLOTH'IN? 0 Bf CLOTHS FOR AKM\ Each proposal must be aooompanied br samp lei of the oioth whioh it is proposed to furnish Thi . cloth should be three quarters to six quirteri ft yards wide. Light or dark blue will be prelerred 1 and licht greys will not be considered. t Bidders must sUte the number of yards they wil be prepared to furnish in aac'i mouth, and fo hov man* mon; ha. at the clothing depots in New Yorl ta or L ^?'>hia.or both, ana ih* p.-ice per yard fo 18 each quality and width. li Proposals and samples will be plainly marked in addressed to the U. 8. Quartermaster, Phila ,u delj>hia. Penn. Eaou bid must be aooompanied by a proper guar an tee, settles forth > hat ii the oontract is awarder to the party nam ad therein, he will at onoe exeouf " the same, and give bonds in donbls tho amount o .' the oon tract for the laithfnl performance taereoL to ^ _ M. C. MklUN, , hi.^iu%rter master Genera 1 U. 8. Army. ,e nov l;t!6thNov FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, ai _ r stott's Hall, Cemsr ?f Pa. sr mmd m 2i'tA ?(.?Professor BARNKS. of New York, fit will commence a Dancint School on Wed A ne?day afternoon and evening, November tt.uiH Hours?d o'clock for ladies, missee and masters and 7o'clook for geutiei&en. Terms, 910parsnar U t of 24 I ma o?i. Mr B will five a free exhibition of hla atyie o dar.sir.g by his presont c om, at the above namei hail, on Monday evening, Nov. Itth, at 7X o'elook v Pera< n* of respectability only who deaire to at 1 t;nd can trocars tioteta and programmee al thi ha' i on Saturday and Monday previuas to the ex hibitionaProf Barnes' exhioition at Odd Fellowa' Hall avy Yard, will be repeated, by reqssst. oa Thare ty evemng. Nov. 14th. All are invited to attend Every D es^,^! on RoTGP?J NTJ N 9 re eaired br any body?oitiieas, civil functionaries ^jj rates for Cash. aoi-tf SCHOOL DESKS.?Any oaedeairoas of obtain ?3 ing Soaool room Furniture will And a ne>t a- < handsome oolieotion on moderaU terms, by a i dressing "Teaoher,"' at this oftoe, no U-M* ' 4 e SECOND EDITION. THRKK rCLOCK P. M BirwPlBtne.?It haa been oar let . oecaslennlhr, to reprove la 11? -oatured woy tti worn than achooi boy blunde-s of dally by w unlucky neighbor* of O* Rtpmbltcm* ; u< M U It not oorprising that tbey *>euld jump, with an lmiMoat chuckle of aatiafbcOa*, at tbo opportunity of getting ew?" with thf S*er Tbie opportunity tbey thought they bad fouad In na Item la tbc Star, eta ting that Col Cochran* dollverod. bla speech to bla regiment oa Monday; wbsrtas, the Republic*a aaya, tbe affair did ao< C w until Tueeday. Cnfortunately for tbo RtpuUirmm, tbe Item al. luded to ?aa gathered from a dtapatcb to tbo New York Enntng Pnt. tbe oocreepoodent of which paper having aecertalned from tbe apeaker tbo iti bat* nee matter of hi* addreaa J not previous to tbe eiported hoar for lta delivery, aent It off over tbe wlrae But tbe creOnkeat part of tbe joke ta that tbo Rtfublitnn elaewbere tn the aame laaue baa a ae'f-etultlfylng correction to maka of tbe moat humiliating deecrlption about thla aamo Cochrane business, and oddly enough, to-dey, It cap* tbe climax of lta blundering la that cooneetlon, by eating lta word* of veaterday. Unfortunate Rtynblir**! Affoistbd ?Richard C. Vaughn, of Mo., baa been appointed to a aecond-claaa v $1,400 par annum) clerkahlp In the Penaloo Bureau, e?ee Robert Rlcketta, reaigned. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. aatOADIBB GIMIiLK OF VOLVNTBBBB, BTC The following named Brigadier General* of Volunteer* have been appointed: Philip St. George Cook, George W.Callum, Schuyler Hamilton , George W. Morgan, Jeaaee L Keao, Cbaa. C Huger, and J. Stahl Alao, the following Aaalatant Inapectora General*: Captain* Nelaon H. Davia, Roger Jonea, James Totten, John Buford, and Abealom Balrd. James B McPber*en haa been appointed a Lieutenant Colonel, and A J. Halle k aa aid to Gen Halleck, and Wm Powell Mason aa aid to Gen McClellan, with tbe rank, reapectlvely, of captain. Lieut Cbaa H Tompklna haa been appointed an Assistant Quartermaster, with tbe rank of captain. KAVT TART). The C<rur de Lion haa come back to tbe Yard from tbe flotilla, ar.d report* tbe Bltuatloa onchanged down tbe river. Heavy flring waa heard, apparently la a westerly direction from the flotilla, yesterday, foe a bo it three houra. The reconnoiterlng balloon la at Geo. Slrklee'e headquartera. The gun* brought a* trophies from Port Royal have been placed In the ordnance building at tbe Yard. Tbey are old-faabloned, smooth-bore field howitzers, of brats, and are of tbe alze known aa six-pounder* Tbey have tbe date 1*<13 engraved on them, though from the crown eagraved la a conapicuoua place we infer tbey are old colonial guna. They are fitted with Hlddon locka?the kind now uaed by the Federal Government?bat those lock* were evidently fitted to them at a data comparatively recent. They have " South Carolina" engraved in bold Roman capitals around the rim at tbe baae. denoting that tbey are Stnta guna We have been thua particular In deacrlblag them because It la erroneoualy stated la soma of tbe morning papers that they are rifled guae of the newest and moat improved pattern. Tbe Whitworth gun purchased la Europe by patriotic Americana abroad, and preaented to tbe city of Philadelphia, la now at tbe yard, and la being teated by the ordnance officer* aa to range, accuracy, he. The line shots are capital indeed, but moat of the balls either fsll short of tbe target or orerahoot It. The gunnera aay tbey prefer the American guna In most respects A schooner ran down past tbe rebel batteries yesterday evening without receiving a shot. THB L AT K RBCORMOISAXCB CP0K MATTHIAS FOIRT?A BB1LLIART A FFAIB. [Special correspondence of tbe Star ) Camps or Sickle*' Bbisadb, Lotctr Nov 13.1661.? Waskimgto* Star: A detachment of tbe 5th regiment of tbe Excdaior (Gee Sickles) Brigade, (encamped near Port Tobacco,) about 4t*i strong, under command of Col. Graham, em barked on tbe gun-boata Island Belle and Dana and landed at Matthias Point. They aurprlaed the rebel pickets, two of whom they shot. Tbey made a thorough reconnoUance of tbe point to the dlatance of four miles inlnnd. One small masked battery and a few rifle pits were all the defencea of tbe place. The rebels were in force aome nine miles Inland but refuaed to offer battte to the reconnoiterlng party. Mr. George Dent, a prominent Maryland rebel was captured, and much forage for the rebel cavalry destroyed The party returned without , tbe loaa of a man. Subsequent to their return, 1 they discovered that at Boyd's Hole, but a few ? miles below, the rebels have a battery of six heavy gun*, which had tbey but known they coald easily have taken. LATEST NEWSBY TELEGRAPH. r FRU>I FORTRESS MONROE, i o FURTHER FROM THE EXPEDITION THROUGH SOUTHERN SOURCES. 1 THE BK1DGK BURNINGS IN EASTERN [ THglNESSEE. GREAT ALARM OF THE CONFEDERATES THEREAT. ZOLLICOFFER'S SAFET* FEARED FOR. r Baltimobb, Nov 14 ?The Old Point atenmef brings the following intelligence: Fort Moxbob, Nov. 13, (yla Baltimore, Nor. j It )?There is no news to-day from tbe great expedition, excepting the following from tbe Nor, folk Day Book of to-day, received by flag of trace: ' The French .nan of war Catiaet arrived tol day, in aearcb of the crew of tbe Proaey, who went north yesterday " 1 Tbe Norfolk Day Book of yesterday contains extracts from the Savannah papers of tbe Port Royal affair. It acknowledged tbe Federate have full poaaeaaion of tbe harbor Speaking of tbe troops st Fort Beauregard, it la mentioned that t Col Spauldlng'a regiment loet all tbelr baggage, blanket*, etc , but aaved tbelr arma; nod oao account aaya: "It is undertood the lee* oa oar aide la about twelve killed and forty wounded? among tbe latter Captain J A. Yatea, of C bar lea. ton, who waa serioualy injured by tbe botatlaf at \ a shell; Dr. Brulets, of Greeaarilla, 8. C , killed. We have not positive Information from Bay Point, further thaa it waa silenced about eleven o'clock We bear that it Buffered eertaoa loaa ; It la reported the garrison retired la eafety inward* Beaufort la Col. DeSauaaare's rag 1 meat, stationed at Fort Walker, toor were killed at r batteries and twenty wounded. Tbe killed ware t all covered with blaaketa and left there. The wounded were all plaoed aa board a r ismsi and will arrive at Savannah to-day Tbe abandoned batteries were occupied aa ear troope retired and tbe United Statee tag* hoisted " , NaahvUle dlapatcbea of the itth inetnat say that f gentlemen joBt froaa East Teaneasoe Spert great excitement in consequence of the burning of brldgea. It waa evidently a pranaearted plan. The Voaa la heavy, it will cauee great lataaveregarded aa ta a critical caaditiea. Mack aailety is felt for Zolllcoffer 5 The Charleston Mercurv, ae date given, q noted - by the Day Boek of yeeterday, la aa Jeaewa; f " We have net a word of sotheaUc news fresn 1 Beaufort report oaaae over the wirea yeeter: day that the place bad bean kimkaiflsd and a homed Lata la the day we heard Ihst the qw* " waa not horned, bat that it had bean occupied by , the enemy. We oaaae* vouch far either ?sta. - meat. The regular news diapafhsa from the by military aathecMy. On/ specTnl' eer Teapot i aaaot be oanteat to watch and wait " m?tmmmamummmmmmmmm??qp?M?? lfiROMPW>N? MI?l>lCl.\lfi*a ? **? jsstBKai&tr " lo i-ini Comer Blaveatk at. &Yrt bm I W" V . -t'

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