Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING. STAR. V. A8UINGT0N CITY: ruiWY miwiM i?, IMI. FmiBDiHi a? tbr vwrloas military c?m(* and will fnnfot k hTM by krtplng ai potted M to moTpmnti u<d In their vicinities. \IT To our B*:tlmore readers we would wv that tbe first and second edition of the Star can be bad In Baltimore <f E. F. Haxelton, agent, { No "i \V?*t Baltimore street, near Gay?the flrat dtloo at Lalf p??t four and the second at eight o'clotk.on the arrival of the trains from Wastatrtgtoo, giving all the latest new? from the aeat of war up to the time of going to press. Spirit ?f the IH?rEl>| Preaa. The JnlfUigrmetr draw* fcopefnl conclusions roro the Mprisiog of the gallant Union men of Kssterr. Tennessee, aa shown by their cutting off he lines of communication of the Confederate by burning the brldgea and cutting the telexrsphlc Mr Ire* The Rif*hlicin Is occupied with news details. OTO MILITARY BUIHSFT. ix ?icnr?*T TorcsT. The Hon Isaac Toucev, ex^Secretsry of the Navy, la in Wsshlngton. and spent some time thia forenoon with Secretary Wellrs, at the Navy Department. Hie many friends here will be glad to learn thtt he la In fine health, apparently. GSKRIIAL SCBNS1D* This distinguished offleer la now here. He ia understood to be poshing tbe preparations for the embarkation of the large land force which be ia to command In an expedition similar to that of General Sherman and Commodore Dupont. The same transports and war vessels for be moat part will probably accompany Gen Bumsldes. caooiin natn it ths rosriDmrss By an arrival from the flotilla ws hear that tbe ashoooer Maryland was flrod at yesterday from tbe Virginia shore, while becalmed and anchored ott Pig's Point, and was set on Are. She was boarded however by part ef the First Massachusetts regiment of sickle's Brigade, who extinguished the flames, and saved her from the enemy. TBS XXVIXW yl8ti*t>*T. c**r FftAhKUXTos, (-th brigade, 26th regt,] Nov. 14 ?Editor Star : Gen. McClellan and stall reviewed Gen. Franklin's division of the ermy oi the Potomac to-day. The division consists foilowing brigades: Gen Newton's,consisting ol the lSth, 3?d and 3!st New York regiments, and th?Ooellne Zouaves of Philadelphia, Pa : Gen Kearny's, of the 1st, 2d, 3d and 1th New Jersey, General Slocum's, of the 15th, Wh and 27th New York, 5th Maine, two companies of cavalry, and four batteries of artillery. There were about 14,000 men In tbe line, consisting of some of tb< best troops on this side the river; snd the whol< affair passed off In fine style. The health of all the troops In this vicinity li remarkably good. Yours, Ac., R. Tax Gbsat Naval Vict?xy ?Our cotempo rarlea from all points come to us jubilant witt pralaes of tbe manner In which the great nave expedition wu planned and carried out Oddi] enough, some cf these papers are tbe same wblcl so lately abused the Navy Department In such un stinted terms, aa a 44 fossil"' affair, not up to thi demands of the times, and requiring a change o head But who ahall venture to say, now, tha the Navy has not accomplished, gloriously, it share towards a successful termination of thi war* Secretary Welles and his energetic assist ants of the Navy Department, who have patiently labored on under i/norant censure, quietly bidinf their time, have reason to feel a proud satlsfac tion at the successful achievement of their care fully-conceived plana. (fT Prom ShlUington, Odeon Building, wi have Godey's Lady's Book for December?a capi lal Bomber. gT A Urge amount of interesting matter 1 ctevdtd *at to-day. la consequence of the grea length of the letter list. I| SAINT ANDREW'S SOCIETY. D. C li W Tt is Society will m-et at Temperance Ha JmMONDAY EVENING, 18th instant, at o'elook for the e eotion of efllcers, and oth?r buai aeoe Mewbera in arrears sre requested to be pre* at to settle their qnarteriy aoooants. so as to SDa hie Ihtj gojiety to arry on its benevolent labors. Br order of tae Dres den!: no 15 St JNU. K EEKIF., Seo. fro tem. Ill' PUBMC 8CHOOLS?The Trusts ofth Foarth Sohooi DisW.ot cive notioe that fo th* benefit of apprentioei and others, a Nigh Sohooi will be opaned in the pabuo sohooi on the eorier -f Sixth street, between Dano I ats , Island, on MONDAY EVENING. Nov 18th and oochnue daring the winter months. Tioket of admission will he ;iven free of o'narge. on ay puostion to the Trustees of the Distrist. no 15 St II W OFFICE OK JOINT COMMISSION Ol LL5 UNITED STATES AND NEW GRA NADA. Wash!N6T05. Nov. 14, 1861 ?At the meol inc of the Board of Commissioners, teld this dai it was Ordrtd, That on the first Monday in Deoemlw next tea sailing of the calendar will bo comineuoe ia its order, aad oacee ia wtuoh the oonnsei for th eiaiataats are not prepared will be plaoed at th loot of the ealeodar, unleea for good and aa:it?a< tory reaaona the Board shall otherwise order. CHARLES W. DAVIS, ao 13 3t secretary to Commission. rvy ICE CREAM AND WATER ICES, < IkS? the beat quality, at 57X per quart. Hote aad boarding bo usee furnished at low rates. . Urge a*eo-tmeat of lae Cakes kept oa hand at tb PAttodWpAta Ctmjtciimtury, oorner Twelfth and eta. no 7 1 m * arm vufAiitm lao English Lstheran Chnroh. corner of H and lit eta., at half-peat 4 o'elock p. ra . to t eontrnued aao hoar oaly. oe 7 3m II W <^>MPANY "A," U. S. ENGINEERS. LL5. Fifty intelligent and able bodied mc will be snlisted to all thia Company to th>? mai imam fixoo by law?ISO men. lnaaire at N l^OS 8ALE?(Mt 4 4 <u?! 8-1 W. PIN] 1 good, last brought ob by ear*. JOSEPH LIBBEY, no 15 >t* Georgetown. rnndozen fUU , ARMYSOCKP. Chear for Caah at 239 Pencsylsania av., no 15 ?t? Oapoalte WlParda'. ?T*0 SUTL*- R* ?For sa e. a WAGON, pair 1 SoR*ES. HARNESS. TENT, and ev ve?y thtn< bei^aging to a satler'a on'fit TJ3 A pi y at R. CRUIT'b atable, at the Bridre.^O<aor?e own no 1* 2f AGONS- WAGONS- WAGONS! 1 have bow oa hand a lot of vary atrong-ba new Waaoas, whioh will bo s<<:d oneap. robt n graham. .. , ?. Coschmaker, Eighth st IET Miring of all kinds prompt!* attended 1 ao lb Br SUTLERS AND OTHERS IN WANT t Surrenders, WhitaCottoa doves, Bncksk Ciovee aiid Gaan'lou. Woolen Hose, Shirts a Drawers, hsaw White and Grey Blankets of Biada . heavy Cloths aad Cas?im?rs; k*avy W h aad Grey F'anneis, will find a great stock at WM. R. R LEY A BRO.'tt. No 3a Cen rai Stores, a*lt Wt _ oppo Cuter Market nPBB AMERICAN WATCn-A large aaao A meat, ia both Gold and Silver eases. Ai so,the ? ^ "ARMY WATCH." rename Timekeeper, in ativar oaaaa, gotten "T^WA^SlWrrHRONQMRTBR*, JE> KLR Y i Ae , earefu lr repaired M. GaLT A BRO. Jewallera, 35t Pa. avenae. ao 1A-At 4 doors west of Brow's Hote NIW CU>AK?V8T *BCRIVED. Large stoek of all klii?i> of Shawls. Vfm(MM, very eheat, 8'ik Roass. eleeiag oat at a great bargain, Ail ft iads of Dreee Goods, very oh?a?. WM R. RiLEY i BRO., No. 36 Centra! Stores, Betwe. n 7th aad Ith sts., so IS tw Oppoute Center Market *1 BIS IS TO GlVe. MoTlCB. That the si A seriber hath obtam<d Irotn the Orpiia Oaartof Wa,atIwiua Coaaty, ia the Diatriot Oalambia. Iette>s tes amentary on tae paraonaJ < (M* f Atn Nash, late of Waahmgtoa ooan dsesassa. All porsoas ha nag eiaims against i aid deoeaeed are horehy warned to exhibit I >a?e. with the voadben thereof, to the aabso ?er, oa or beiare the fourteenth day of Noveml w^^e^y aw^otherwwbr 1a* bo exoinded fri worn be? 1S61 A K l!*SV1 TH T ao >5 Uwtw* Bxeoatoi t/kJJ. WHITE. AND BLt'E, aijd 8rey Mu It PlyhNNELii. twilsd aad ptaia. for "An A*rya> aad Nary Biae clothe aad tiaeumaree * "** 'n**PKRBY t ?*<,_. Pa- avenae aad Ninth st, a v M it "Perry Baudiag. Latiit fren tit Malk. PITION The Charlestrn Mercury of Saturday, Nov Wh, publishes a leader with the followine headings fn large capitals "Navsl Attack on Port Royal; The Batteries Abandoned: The Enemy in Full Possession." I "We are In the midst of a mass of conflicting rumor*, which reached ua yesterday from Port Royal F.irly In the day It was generally belleTed that the abandonment of Fort Walker was owing to the supply of powder becoming exhausted Our latest dispatches are not only very different, but very mortifying Thev state that the fort was gallantly held bv its defenders until twentv-vevtn of Its battery of twenty nine guns bad be?u dismounted or rendered useless "From a passenger who reached here direct from the scene of action, ws learn that the Yankee transports were convoyed in by their large war steamers, two of which were in attendance as convoys. The transports were thus guarded and protected on either side, and in this order they Kssed our batteries, the steamers at the same ne pouring in their tremendous broadsides | rapidly and furloualy. I "When a number ?f the vessels had thus ret r Led the interior of the harbor they renewed their villainous attack with shot and shell upon Fort I Walker from three sides, viz: from the steamer I which led the attack from Hilton's Head, from the steamers Inside and from the steamers out I side. Notwithstanding the abandonment of the I batteries, we have no decided news thus far of I the enemy attempting a landing. "There Is'no doubt that the fleet will succeed I in the capture of an Immense amount of cotto i of I the best quality. We understand that our forces have placed formidable obstructions In the river, about four miles below Beaufort, Gen Lee is hard at work near Beaufort?, and Gen Ripley at I Boyd's Landing, for the defense of the Charleston and Tennessee railroad. Pocotalico, Nov.8 ?General Drayton retreated in the two steamers by Pope's Ferry.iu safety,and is now at Blufftown The number of casualties I he reports at from thirty to forty. "General Donovan retreated by way of Ladies' Island Beaufort to the Port Royal ferrv Beaufort | had not been burned, as vTss reported It contained an Immense deal of cotton; but It was well I known that BluStown would be burned In case I if was attacked. The railroad* at Pocotalico, I Charleston, and Savannah are in the greatest danger." SBIZURB OV COTTO?!. ! The Charleston Courier mentions a rumor that I information had been received from Beaufort thai I the Yankees had seized nearly OtK),W*> worth ' I of cotton, which would be confiscated. HANGING RBBELS. I Richmond, Nov. 11.?Col. Corcoran, three tap, I tains and eighteen lieutenants, all of whom were I captured in the action at Manassas and confiued 1 In the jails at Richmond, had been selected by I lots to be hung, in retaliation for the hanging ol i I Captain Baker and the crew of the southern pri' , | vateer ttavannab The Hon. Mr Ely, member oI I Congress from the State of New York, drew th? f I lots for Col. Corcoran, who Is now Imprisoned ir i I Charleston. In ease the court of New York con ^ I demned the crew of the Savannah to death, th( I Federal officers would be immediately hung. I A L'RBA L'PCL XCCIDXNT. I ColttmbcSj Ky , Nov. 12 ?A Dahlgren gun ex , J ploded here yesterday, killing two lieutenant) r I and six privates. Gen Polk narrowly escaped [ 1 A portion of his clothes were torn off. | I NO QfAlTBI TO BB SHOWN TO THK BNBM t . Augusta, Ga , Nov 11.?Ths report has beei > I current here for the past d^y or two that blacl j Hags have been hoisted at Savannah, Charleotoi laud other places on the coast, which Indicate I that "no quarter will be given to Invaders, am ' I no quarter will be asked " I F1RB AT MEMPHIS TBNN. I A destructive tire occurrcd at Memphis oi . I Thursday night week It occurrcd in what i I Brinkley Block, on Main street, sout] 1 I of the Park. Three large stores, four alory bulid 1 I logs, were consumed, and all other building f between Main street and the alley. At the nanx I time another fire occurred near the Commissary' Department, and consumed a two story boardlni * I house a I DXPBXDATIONS IN THE RAPPAHANNOCK f Port of Finking, Va., Nov. 10 ? A Federa t I steamer entered the Rappahannock river, am . ~rew ,40,bell? Into the little town of Urbans I Jh?effect *** d"t">v a church and a larg s I dwelling. During the engagement two Federal . I were killed and seversl wounded. * AUCTION SALES. - J By GREEN ft WILLIAM?. Anotionoers. |1/\*LIUBLK BUILDING LOTS IN THI I v Citt or Washinoto-i, District or Colum I Public Auciion.?On MONDAY, ths lit a I November, I shall sell,at publio auction, a U?e auotion store of Green it Williams. No. is I Seventh street vest, at half pan ? O'o ock p. m I *?'?f*of two desds of trust duly recorded i> I I reoorJs ol ths county of Washington, th 1 ??t ,5t I860, and ih? other bear I ing date November 3d. 1880. both deeds given t 1 f"?UVhe not'" of Thomas A. Mitchell, Lot mini I " #<>UAr? numbered ?*9, snd pari t,ot num _ I J?**? 1'In *u*r? nambered 612. being the 25 fe? - I ''J1' fro? tMsouUivt oortier of said Lot. - I *sj*s: Halfoaah, the residue in six aad twslv I months. The purchaser or purohasers to giv 7 I PoU*\?rin?deferred saym-nts, bearing interei 7 I from the day cfsale. A deed given ana a deed < - I trust tak?a. All csnveyanoing at the oostof th - | purchas-r. I . If the terms are not oomplied with in five dan I reserves the right to resell the property I * 'ne risk and cost of the first purohaser. by ad - I th? same three times in the Nation! , I Intelligencer. r , CURTIS, Trustee. ,t I no l-dts GREEN A WILL.1AMS,Auots. S Cir THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONE i. I P' SATURDAY, the leth instant, same hoi I and place. . I By order of the Trustee. I _ no U dti GREEN 4 WlLHAMS.Aucts. p I By WALL A BARNARD. Auotioreers. \ TKl'SrKK'SSMK OF A VERY VALU/ Ll * aLBlMprovKD Bssinkss Propirtt on Sxi BN7H St.?On MONDAY AFTERNOON, N< I vemoer the 2&tli. at 4 o'oiock, by virtus of I dm >r I 2-trn5i'.r<00*.d?d in L,b?r J A S.. No. 112, folic <1 I V\??h' ln,,,h?reoordsof Washingtoncunt*, I e I L'.T.V1,'n'ront ?f the premises, part of Lol I No. 5 and 6, in Square No. 45i, fr< ntmg 25 feet ? I inches on f ev-n h St west, between I and K st I porth, and running back 171 feet 6 mohes to an a I anii dwe'^ug0*"1 * gi"<Kl thr#e ,tor,r brlok t?l - I known on the day of the sal*. i>f I Deed of conveyance to be made at the expense i I, I thei purol aser. A I l/thetei^s of the rals are not complied wil I If 1" Pne wf?k thereafter, then the property wi p I be resold at the purobaser's e <tense, br the Tru ! tee giving three days notice by one pubLoation i - I the ' Evening Star " ? ... J? M. LAWRENCE.Trustee. ? HO 13 3t* WALL h lARNAkD.Au.ta, ? I 'GUIRE, fc CO.. Anotioneers. STEE'H SALE OE LARGE AND VAI ~ n.v^Vb-Vi-S\i.?^^'A,rTOL Hill.?On TI'Ki - I DAY aKTERNOON, December 3d,at 4o'o!nc in I on the premisas, bv virtue of a deed ol trust fro i j Justioe A. H*n, and dated Felxu^'y 16th, 1?J I r,0?rded in Liber J. A. S , No. 1?.7oii< I *s?t seq., and of the land reoo-ds for Washin I toneouDiT, D C., l sna I sell Lot numbered fit I "tL}n numbered six hundred and eight-ti I / "Dflnif 120 feet on Deiaware avenu*. I I ,noh? ?P north E street, and 1? feet 9 moh I on First st1 eet east Terms One-third cash, the ren ainder in six ai - I .7? months, wi.h interest, secured by deed < I trust on the pre-nl*.*. i 11 the terms of ?a^e are not complied with with I five days the esfter the tr trtes reserves tt.e right I res* 11 at the i lsk and expense of defaulting pu I chaser. Al! ooavyanors at the oost ofparonasi -I n .. W 8. HOLLIDAY. T us'ee. of I co? eoft<ls f. c. Mc?iUlHE ft rp .Accts k I po :1T1VL PUBLIC HALE OF VERY VAI ? I r*BLt I .ft Annapolis Jtn- tion, i I Washi>uton H. K ?The unde signed, as agei I T111 * " M Aoetion.on the promises,att I ?w SATURDAY, November leth, 181 I at 11 o o.ook, the followins Farms and Lots lit I . Lot No 1?Con aias ISO acres of p-iir.e land, I aores in Wood,improved by a new Cottage, oc I ^ ? f?x>mt t pumi of cood water near.and i . I O'Chard of 400 choioe Fruit Trees. lo. I a ^?Contains lio aores. lying at Sava I Switch, improved by a new Dve'Iing Store. Bar - I Stable, loe, Cora,Carnage and Poultry |Joust >F | also,a Lime Kilngana a ohoioe collection of Fn tin | Trees in beanrj I Contains I s?? acres of Good Lai all I ?!" hue ir pro?emenU of every description, a it? I two goo^ Orohards. 1 *nd ar Co*,,,n*4nmflrM in I * n' * *r* *?'*'lhie for Buildi ? I No. ??.Lies in a triangle, formed by the A 77 I "S*1 W?*hi gton Brauoh Railroad and t rt- I County Road leading to Anrapolis. Tnis Loi I well si mated for a ooantry Store. Thrrsts al I !L5*?J t*nd and Store Uouie on Lot No. *, be I being separated by the Pataxent. there would sp I no oorepetition. The property is worth the aft* I Uon of those desirous of a sure investment V- I securing a oheap ocuntr Kesidenoe or Farm, bei I *JI?i distant, between Annapolis. A'ashington s I Ba Uaors, either of whioh can be reached br r I Ticketsoan be proonred ] I W w,,, pn?hle the holder I travel dailr, (all Trains stop at this eoint. I Tsrw : (Jje-third oash. baianoe in one and t I rty* interest. ^'toh.or M. FITZIMMONS. Annapolis J. i I tjonHoUI. nofr-at L. I B? MARSHALL * ??AG?, Aaetioneers, k I ?0? 7(4 si., wUm Odd FtUowt' Mail. B'sl I'1ST RECEIVED?1 i"" > Herkimer county Cheese, a is.visiiss'jis'.r n- I l? ok sis Oo oog Tsa, >er I 'fonxu Figs. >s I 10? whels boxes Raisl-s, I SPOf ua tsr " lo. I 1M boxes prime Valsaoia Ra sios, I 2u 'tags Sicily Almonds. , I ? ' Ii?e English Walnuts, "T I }?' cases luiporied Brandy Cherries, d I lw? " scpertor Brandy Psacnss n? I Si boxes r ranee. .i I Alao.n large and ?o?flsU assortment of all kli *' I .. of Mr-is iu iealed oans, I Also, B vrdu>?s. Jar an bnriei Piekles. I M ARSHALLiPAGE, Att'U , " J Ml^M (Int.) ^d LIST OP LETTER* REMAINING IN THE POST OPP1CE, WASHINGTON CITY, Ncnabtr 13, 1*61 (Ordered f he tneert^d in the Evr!*i!*? Ptae. it being the newspaper having the largest circulation of any daily paper publish-xl in Washington.) IH^AII persons applying for letter* in the foilownc list* will please say they are adfbxtissd. LADIES' LIST. Amleraon HenneK* llotltu Mn II R Power* Mr, 8 A AUi'ia Mik Elltn H*tni??, Mri JL 1 P..uenoo M H 3 AildtrnXtdot't Hajuie ivliu M Pill*bury Mm K R Alluld Mn A E Romuii Mn Pomeroy Mr*' R R Benton Mu* M C Halbeit M il M Patten Mr* Jane Bmc; Mr* Julia A Henry Caroline Poore Mi** Mary Bcfttrl Mr* A A Hammond MmMEJPeck Mr* E Butntll Mu* V Heihtnian Mr* J Poliion Mi** M Baltimore Miu C Had nay Mi* 3 E Ryan (car* Mr*) Br?TOorl Mr*WirMH?nebry Mr* Mary R:ch?rd*on Mr* K Bmnl Mr* M Hay* Mr* Col ^ Richie Mr* O L Browu (car* Cha*) Hoot Mi** Mary E Kemey Mu* Julia (J Burke* Mr* John*on Mr, V Robert*on Mu* J Bright Ml** Mary John* Mi** MoItieRodger* Mr* John Brown Catharine E Kimball Anna S Rota Mu, K.te it Bell Mr* Mary J Lippitt Mr* M F Ray Mr* E M Bird Mr* Mary Libbey Mr* J P R-ert Mi, Harruon Bowel* Mr* Barah *' Mm Helen Reed Mr, L A Co?gro?e Mary E I.cwi* Mr* Lluab'b Stiple* Mu, 8 Collin, MU* P L Uiribie Mr* E L Niwb.ll Mi,* M J Crowley Miry Lyman Mr* Julia 8tewart Rebecca CampbeH Mr, M J Law reuce Mu, 8K SVi w Mi* Cant T D I .'op*land Mr, I' A '4La*k<* Mr, R R Spooner Mr*rl N Collin* Mu* M A Lafourcade Mr* I Sirupaou MraMDL i Cuming Mr* H Lemoioo Mm Sultiau Anna E Crippeu Mu*Nel?? lynch Mm Klu'h Spo fiord Mr* A Careney Mu, Jan* Lee Mr* C E Si*w*rt Miu J Chaucy Mr* C A Lord Mr* Siliran Mm H*tne Coonoginner Mia*R Link Mr* Mardal'a Scott Mim C G Canning Mr* H Ladd Mr* A R Shaw Mr* Samuel P Chata.n Mr* Lucy Line Mr* Ann H fckye, Mr, Geo Ca*ey Mm Be**te McClain Mr, Elita Smith Rachatl Ado Cos?hbright MmE McClellan MiuOWSnmh Mm Miry Call ill Mu* Marg't Migutre Mm AuuieSipe Mn, Mary E Colbnt Mu* Jaue Moore Mr* II J Stork* Mu, G Cole Mm S Morri* Mr* A Smith Mm M J Cooke Mia* Juli i T McBeug Mr* H Smith Mini* Car* Mu* Elitab'h Mia* J A 8m?ed Mr* C Cox Mr* S S Melville Mr* E Steele Mr* Fanuie Cooke Mr* C A Moae* Mr* S L> Smith Mu* A Co* Mr* Julia A Marten Mri E M Thompson Mr*G Dtocey Margaret Miller Mi a Sarah A Taylor Mr* Elita Ooherty Mary H Megrow Mi** M A Tucker Mr* Dad ey Mia, A Gt Mitchell Mia, M Tubott Mr* A E Pecoppet Mi,* L Martin Mr* Annie Torr<y Mr* Sarah Da?i* Martha A Malum Mr* E Tidlall Mr* Faunit D..|? AIim Lntie U Minn Mary Teaua Mr* J L Edward Mu* Roae Martin Mm Ellen Vitttly Mr, Mary Edward* Annie Martin Mi** C Vance Mu* Mary Kiln Mn H E Murphy Catharine \V illian Mr* M Edvon I)r Mu?8 Miua Mu* Walker Mr* John I Fry Mr* S,Hie Moore Mr* Elita*h Will,on John Flaherty Mary Moore Mm M.irg't WiUcn Mu* Ann R Poy Mr, 4arah J Moore Mu* Lucy EWooibnry Mr, L Grora Mu, M.irr N>rri< Mm M A Whitney Mr* Ben) Gannon Mr* B W Nichol, Mr* Wall Mri Cathariu Grebam Mr. Jno II Norru Mr> E T Wriglit Mu* P A Ga>* Mr, H J Na,li Mr, Andrew Wird Mra Mary I* t Gray Mije R A Oabero Mm Mary Wiai- Mr? Panrit Grim Mm Lucy tlwens M iss L I Wight AiUiJm'c Urajr Miss Emma Philips Miss KamueVouuf Mrs J Howard Mist M C I'dhoer Mi&t Vict'* GENTLEMEN'S LIST, j AddiaonWinP B own Henry CronnerJno-2 Airgood Win Hrown?'l H T Comstock l a , Armstrong .1 W Hilyj* Harneon Cheney Jr.o E r ?!??an,^..TM Baatian Henry Cu'hmgJaA ' Abb It rh'iB Br wtj H' ratio SChamberlatn J 6 Austin Hidne? LHeen Henry Coa 'y Jno r Allen Stephen D Brocks H? nry ?a''fi^ldIno j Atres K B B otli C M Ch'lton J&a , A, en Lt Robt-2 Kurkh -Id r H Cornell Capt JH Ajanaa Riohd Bradley Gen W Cop^lAnd J T ; Atrioh Peter \V Burg. mGCJ Collins Jm ' Adamr Malen Birgia Ueo Curtis Jno W Atky Miie* Hc*>'DtGM Chalfant ('apt J Axtfl! Luoien Bal ow Geo T Conno ly Jss S BtK-ker Geo C ow er Co'dJJ Aid n ^ M i Biay ft Bro Carter Ja? H 1 Adeimyer JnoH Bei.uett ? w Cook Hen D ' icoH 8.., Cbamplin Dr H Abell Jno B B->ndGro\V C 2 Aoker Jno F Buatwiok Geo H Casey Henry Addison Jas L i>*verGeo W Carter H N * Ander?oa Jno T Bul g G Ciar?c*ptHarrj t Anderson Jno BiroaGeuJ Carro l Henry i Alexander J H Butler Cap>>tl 2 Coin-took H J 1 *nlewi Jdo Braitur* Geo Cooke HenryD-5 j Allen Jos R Brnnton Col G O Carr H B ArderronJ A BndG:o\V 2 Ca kius HenryF Alton 'M?b Browning G V Carpenter H rt AukermanJ MP Burnsidr- Gen C'arke Hurh , AloordttevJ W "iBrynier F lt i Cole H Mgn g Allison Hon Jnooankhob^erF Coleman Henry h Anderson J W Bondmot Frank C'a k" H A Anaon Henry Bayer Fred C Chester H P Anderson H Bannar F B Cr. ft Geo W * elexand^sr H H Boyd Francis Colt Rev (i S 2 e AthertoaCptHB Ba?er Frank Clark G S s Adams Henry Bausenevein Col Cooper Geo \v I itfi Hi3 oF u Y^al r, Cumirtin?s GW Abbott H K Burns F rancis P Cr pps Geo W Atwell H 1/ Busnnrll Fre^AI Cnniinings Col Aueee Henry Beans EH G W il Andrew Geo L Bierer Capt E Conn G VV d Atwood Geo W Butler Bben Col! Geo W Adrean Geo W Baker E H Ca W Geo M e A ndsrson Gen Bragd?n Ed E E Cooper Geo W A1 bro Geo L Ba'imerJi Chainplin T H Armstrong Geo Bowie-K ijan ChampainFranl Austin t a Hne.gforelF CoDnor i.t K G - Ahem Lugene Buttt E W Conner Maj E { A,i^wiEuward'22on^,E^ u Chepman Ed R Aiwood t, S Buokly Enoch Clark EC Allen B P Burns fc B Charlee E C Arlin Ban K Bradley EH Cook Eban R Andrews C W Burban B M Clarke EStClaii Augur Capt O C Brosuan Laol A Campbell B H l Aba Jit Chas A Baker Baul B Cornelias Bavit h, ui,nre,VV.22 CammluwDavl Allison TS Bliss Br B H Cunningham B Brown \V m Baksr David G Casaidy Bavid > Brooks W F 6 Burnett Bin B Crooker B . {*rac*ett Bon J B. drll Capt B Co-ant A Co * Sr"dl R 2 ?oI? Wavid B.rdtall Capt A Kuraen Chas Campb e Chas V ? 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F'.lioger Eicanal Humphrey Wm Jordan J*s Emhree Wm HadleyKevWH Jenkins J&a A Edick Sheppvd Houston Thoa Johnson Jco W F'lbert Hon L H Hyrte Vai T W Johnso Jro J Etpership Thos Hefleld I hos Irwin ColJa?W K?lon Xl'2? J Hahm Thos Jones Jaa L Elho t R K Hitchman Thos H R Fade t R N Howe TO Jeff; ea <'aptH R Klbert L* R S Hamtou Thoa IngallsHubart F ohhot Peter Bintnr. THO Ingles Henry-2 Kme son N Herrick BrigSur Ja-n?son Hiram EaaterbrookCap L 1.-3 Johnson G L N Hyatt ueph-2 JsokGeoE Evans ^apt O P Bat >h 8 W |>es G 6 Kvam Morris Hollabouoh 8 j.maon^eoW KvansJohnA Howlett 8aml Jaqnett D'G oP E tring Mr Ho^er Sylves'er J0n** Fred K Kphraiin Morris Boffma" 8ainl Johnson E D Eekrl Lewis Hilt*afford Irwin Mai EM ] Mbert Lt L S Hugh-s RoM XV Johnson Enooli Bok Jos Hates RoM S 2 J. rdan E G Kdwar>!? I.t Jno Hol\e? 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W Hitohoook P W Krapp Nelson Knos Don C Hewitt O G Katie Walter Ellis Fran't W Heohtman O M Ktnr W G Kllis Enos HmdfuMB Ker.duokD WH E'wards Danl Hoffar N 8 Kinzoe W J Kdward^Bon HewitN Koothy Theo F.ngleChristian Hnw?i o!MI. 2 Wng S.'lrmou Eastman 'B Harirv IlonM Ho^imn EUiottCW2 Howard M Kerr Sam J EyEP Hayse Maj Kmc Lt K R Errery A H llitch"oc* L B Keijfer Ra en Evan Alex H Hall D B Ko-sh M r Fin Ay Wm Ilaslnp L P , Kalilor O Z Fin-gan Wm Hart Leonard Kane Q unlun-2 ^ pwfer \V aMt'r Hall L M Kana Pe'er Field Wm W Howard Luka Klrkoatriok NH Farrel.Wm Hawrs L P King Nm.ani Franklin M?) HartJioClun Kirhy M U _Gen Haynes Jno8 Kapper M Fields TnoeC 2 Heiok Jno KirkpatmkSerFrederick Tlios H^rdt J::oK s?aut 2 r Flood Thos H irdJno'i Kelly Mioh FnrrelAOw?ns2 Harts J B Ke-<edy M A-2 Karrel: Philip Hivitt ^on J L Kiel Levi H Helm Lt I A Ki>t)er LewisM Moid R 8 HartJsa Katon Jonas Frasi >n R chd Hayes Jno L Ki^owltonJulian FokySt pi Heis* j p Koch Pohann St Frenoh Jaa ' ?- 'no B Knight Lt R L * 'f'1?" vl9P'ien Wall ft Krisman Km? Jn? Kikely Mif h Hough Jno M Ka|!og? J H 3 J-urn-ssMr Ho i Jno Koch Ja? ?ordMich ILneiJ-o K^nt l apt J js8 Field J J Hotlge Justin H Kish J J l<oyjoun Herbert J K KintJnoN ?riok J a-jo a Harris I*aao Kuorr J f Fry Jno M Hushen Jno C Knap CaptJosM rraus Jno HaldemanJno K?lro?Jno Fr, Jaaper How Jaa KaltJnoGR F.une Jacob Fa rn Geo () Kimball Chenter Fr^vel Crimiah Haff ?ll Jno 8 Kerigan Co! J H Fomsworth >vc Huno an sen Jos Kenedy Jno Farris Dr J H Herbert J F Kelly V*'m h inkem Jas G Halleot Major Kimball Jaa B Fon ke Jos ( General 2 Keiraai: Jno E Fuller J W 2 Hewell Irvin Kelley Jno i Freeman J B Heohtman Jno Kmsler Jno Freeir^n lra Howard J Kisler Jno Fowler JeH Harr.lenJaoM 2 KilinsirHonJ vV FarrelJno Heate.i Jabob Kichiienjno r^reulitfi Jno VV H^ilprin I Kenafdr Jro C Foster Gen J G Harrirrton J A KennonMrJC W Foster fapt J G Harro'd Rev J A Killeen Gao r Fass'ttjnos Hanford Ja< T KeirrarJo^an Fleming JnoE 2 HaunJe'emiah SKilley Col H i f-rlckjaoob Hanton J *? Kline Hei ry FarleyCapt jas HirUe.j John King M?j H L Fancy Ja* W Hartmtn Jos Kos:er Hetiry R I airman Jas Hagert Jno King G .? fa roster J U tluater Jno Keisnor G Foster Hugh Haiinok J T Geo Foster Geo C Humpnrays Jon Kemb e ?<*o 8 2 Ftsner Henry G Han logto.-. Joj Kmgtod Geo B Filiey H. 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J B Kerrigan Dai i-: Foans A B Holla d Jaa 8 Kingsland A B f I iel; Cyrna XV H?ad,ey J F 2 Kan'a I.t A-2 FrisbieChaa Haro Jacob F Kali A run F oster Cum.ngs Houst, n Jro Keyet A 1i _ Frye Chas G Hut iiisonJno KrappC T i Fe wick BenJ-2Hadden H G 2 Kimmel A W Fits| A P Huddles n Lt H Knapp Auren Fuller Albert iiayiden H Kaoutz Lt A n Fiak Andw M Howlett H R Kmgabury A B ? F lochn Augu*t Hill H L JL.ewis \V m Foans A B Hike H nry Laugton Wm J Freeman Asa Honga B / Uia Wm i Foi Aara mnnd H LadanWm Wra R Hines Henry I. oaf man Wm Gilda Wm Ho d rid g-Henry Latimer Win T , Grant Wm S Hayder H F Lancaster m Gr?> Wm Horuisey tiro 1 ane Wa?h'n ?J!fTord Serg\VP Havward GeoWL'ighionDrN U Gub? Wm F Happ t>eo Lewis ?'on W l Gussman Wm Hooper Geo 17 Ljwu Walter Oieasou Win fl liony Geo ?? LoV'll W tl Grant Wm K Harbaugh G A Lazarus Wm Gamble W II H -srnng GeoCALeian Wm Gamble VV J Co LoceLt8B Graumi Wm H HedeGeo Lent 8 B Garrettaon W F Hawk J T Leewie Dr 9 R bra"din <*ol W Haywar.KeoWLoomis Dr a L Grean Thoa inn an G P-V Loind Thos Ga^ loid I'hoaJ 7 H rrovi./ GeoT Luther Wm G'test Thos-2 fowirifi W Lun apt llio. Gioan.tre V lotor Hat ltineD'G'*' Lnmpk-n Taos ?allagh?r fhos Ha woo l GooWLinde Thoa ? (tipson I'aik Hargins Geo A Lewis Roiit P +? 5?*lla r ? HaaklreonGW Litsiog r Cap * G llen Rer P K Hrme*Geo Lop-sr R F 2 G*ne R Haywood Lt F Lynoh Feier Gale Mar'ellon H- larn Fred Lower Peter Goodspeat M M Ho'chkiu F'red Laioniaiue Pel Gannon Mieh Hamiltoa Brig Lenk P ter Grusta Mr ?ur Larue Peter M Gruns Matthtn Hoiden 8ur F P Leutzt Mr Grooms Morris Henshav F'.dga'Longan u W G*lti ? Hun^erf ird E C Lortug L L Gathers *?teph Haff Edw p LouruthalHtLi [i,. ??ray i"\ml G Humxa K o man Giibutj. 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DarnyLiohtenthaler] Gargea Jno H Hawkins Chas HA G imn Jaoob W HiatunCorneliuaLippe H Z-2 M GarannrJn> Uiumon CO Lang H F n Gordon J N 2 Hilgera Chaa Lyman Henry (3r*nteer J B Hathaway Chaa Lenian Henry Gieil tJnp Howard Chas Linue I Henry tioodall Jno K Hewlett Cnas-2 Lourj Henry u ^ ... Hano< ckt'.hancy Lottig Geo Grimes Hon JWHoff.nan R vCFLogan Geo Glbaon Jaa r. Holland Chaa G Lanman Geo 1 Or*h*mDrJL HerraCtas T Lowe Geo W ' Gibsoa Jaoob Hsebner Chaa Leagae Geo tj h Gavin J no Howes Chaa A Lewu Geo W unm n Job Hiokox Chas-2 Leonard 6ilb? Gorman Edw Hisgiaa Barry Lynoh Geo E S1'1 Cha* , Lowry Capt F GillatEdw Banter Col Ladd Fred Genet EC HfzetoaGC Llloyd Edw C Gardner Edw Htndly Chaa Lithgon D W I J Ore, Da\id Hinman t haaWLeiand Klbrid Gordon i^vid Howard C E-8 Lawia ttdmd Geetr D A Hunt B B Lowell v.apt I 1 P*?1 Had?n Dr B V Lawrence 1) ? Giet D L Ha^d Bernard L/notiDB k Gutim&nn D Hammer Adam Lanchau Dan .. 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GW All nioh fcdw'rd vur#ch?rt i hoa Stf pheua ?eo W M^ c M Parfridre Hon TS avron M-S ^J K-an fcdwin Parker T USA 3 Soinmer Miehl M. rf y I'auiei P^ttia Hon S N Sweetser M mi?o!.e!i D Pr aa >amuei PhtanMichl m?stin I? R Pea i t? R S Sa? r?-o!e M Morgan d S Phipp? Rufua d Simpson G f MuilinDM, Pace r H t-wift Fr??k-2 m z David Partridge Rich smith f w Moor- Tanil Park* r H Me*art f R 3 Mot: u*key d H ferkiaa K W Hmith F c MeG egor Uaui ferkina pi*\ito Stevena f k Martin d r Pollard l.t p tshepaid Kitoh Mund-e CaptCh i'arker QA Schne d^r Fran* iMoroell c w Poe Col ?j m scho* nincer t Mogcra c l'erry Hon n s Simpat n fc f Morgan Chaa v& mer Nelao Sheph-rd e r Mo!.el and c t Pip r Nathaniel stai ffrr e McMeans c w Plum*r Lt m d * torer r*v ? M MarahC. aaF p?tera m sark-tt Kdao-p Maraeiliea Caaa p< mery Hon.MFSm th Edward MoGae Chrit paxk^ nrat l r Sheldon e m McK ever Capt Pratt j j Sanndera Ewd Cianoy Poor Hon j a s Suthard Ewd Mer nam ci. Peck Gen j J Shookley fc. j .Maddocka ChV\ Parke j m Sturgeon Fdaon Muni'itffOhHLPnor j n Simpaon e k MoAierner CLaa Partridge j R S shir n bee e *ierrick Chaa Portri 'o! laaiahS evenaon e MunoBT PattiaJohnC Stee: Dav d t^ttia HonJudge^utheriatid Danl Ml oheil Sam b PiiUng Jsmea sm'th David y w yhe Pwton Jaoob ShuW Danl MoMur*yRevR3Pa!mer John m iout Capt d A McMur-iy b Pip?rJnt Ki? Shrodt Chae-1 Moore b fc Lt j t SmnhCha?h m'fgittuan Ber- Phiilipa Jaa Sohimanaki f a * * perk na j g Seltman t k*a Mart ory BP Per.ney Jaa w Smitn t.haa W MoReynoldaCol j W Ppmoir C .,a'* ,,r . Par.onaJco w s.iaw c? rp ?nrrtjj,n?.a Pa-khill Jib ShoneCftna'r Moore w b ^ 3 Pettia Jos h Stone cynl Mache w?y Wm Potter j H fhipmanChaa Muiieu LiVVC 2 Putna ? A Siromom C K *! " wini h Porrr Jos Smitn Cha* j MoCaulloyWM Pillaburr j P Simpson Col Morria Col t Pomero* Jno A Santord Chaa Slack Tho? Pooler Aaat SnrSh pard c h b Jo ntyreThoa j h Smitn c Manen Lt Thoa p trick j n h ifhars Becj 2 mi tt t Lt z w-2PirkiL? 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Ra Price Lrwin E Snielhurat Phili| Miner H'ohd Person Eben Shannon O N Morgan Riobd Platter Daniel Scribner Oh*e ( MouteomeryKMPa ker Edward Swayue N H IVlooninf Pat lokPercuai David StandaatColNM Mashioe Pe'er Perkina Eugene Schrening Monl Morvil.e Peter Powers i t ChH Simmora Mr Mang Pet" r .Power Ohaa M Speer M H , Maiooer Patr okPamter B H Stewart M* ' M ..Laughlitj P*iPo:terObaaC fkinner L Milluai: p j Piatt Rev cn h Simpaon Lewia v clutei 1 atrick 'feita * haa 2 t kinner Lanan Mitchell BgGeu Pratt Chas b Soott Lt *.ic.lvt 2 d Pitcher Lnaa a Sturtevant l 2 McLuiggan p Pe-kina Chas Sneek lome i \ ?v i u "?> Pfteraon Beriel Smith l w 1 Mc.Nei! Maj y ;'ame Alb tW a Swett Hon l \ Phillips Alex srouhlc \r m ^ Paoly a Smith j Bryoa 'v^ r?dw"\l Ct'tJ sn'd#r jo* h *{ ? i r- Ai d -ew fcnaw Jaoob b ! 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W i lard OraoblWi ker Alex J *? h Td Joe Wilh?N?* WrW>?ft a Wed ?erd iw Wood M V ttestAlbetl) otu Jacob J Wagoner Nich tt'iluams A r oeler Jne W Weyacd N V. est Andrew ?UokerLtCo!JM Wsrd Va?k K ttai.iugAT hwfMhrr JBA'ia'iii'ld M tt'eloh a nsf.lea Tiffeny Jm K tt'acner Mich W tkeiui Hon Taokw Ju K Walker Mio* A I Tili*p\opn Capt Weiehordt Mr Wk UA C J M 2 Wott Jm tt'i.itoomb A 9 FhoTas Jam Ward J L . Wacthman A Towaiey Jm tt right Col J A Wa line A 8 TitMfdih 6m Wri(kt Jtooh tt ii?ard AI fret. 2 T*ylor I t Jm V mtt Jno C Weat Atonso Tboma* Joo H Walker Jno II Wart Cora A Tatior Jacob Wooleey Joa H Wiieoa Albert C Iannis J no M WidnerJao'-b tt'-laoa Andw anner J t* W illiams J no Wilson Sergt A T hom?i J Williams Jos C Weioh Abaer T Thecksra JnoW Wilkinson J H Wailter Aadw J Tyler Hugk 3 Wilton Jai Womiif A B Tjtrr Hecrr 'Wain JM A Wo'frAB T?rrj 6'o B Warren Taat JPWnjbt A 8 Taokar Henry Wakefield J w Wi! ngton H H T'lihrii H'sryW^itM Joo D Wai ker Henry Thomas Lt Col Windomaker JA Winters Henry O'i' Wilson Joo W?Hir*an Hiram Tracy Geo A 3 Wi IconC'aptJN Ww^atl H H Tloa 6a > L tt ?H>driif Hon J Wooiridje Geo Tarry H R Winoii Lt J W Wkitt* Hon A Truo Goodrich Worth Jno W Williame Hack T?reer F??Ui Waikar Jno Wharton Hp Tuiney F W-! Worley Jno H W Tattle C?pt E 0 Wnightman J M ?'aii.r??'t H 0 Turnay E B A'wnar Jno WaodrifOtft 'I koiaC IM Wodleiih tJr.y H D Tb-mprou C A Williams HhS Ward Jro To!l.a LtC W SWillington H H Woom Jm Tibein CbM Wrth?r?'! H B VN uibt Jno J T'jlar Dr W* I tori Gao F Wine J K Tineley 14 C tt I uhiiMmi H Wri|li( JuL 'lorfwttCol ? mdorerGeoBS VV..-th Jno W Tnckar ThM F 2Walter, g W Walsh Jacob T Trio C F Wmi (Im A WiN Jno W Tt nniPfH!) CW? -son O W Wo .i Jno Tose EscinoSe- ^ ilrmsGeo Wfhb Jn nor I) WorlGoo M W- ak ay Jm G Taulton A'fred Wi son Geo D tt'ooc worth Ji? Tn< rne A t>m C Wi lam-oc Revtt'ashingtoa Jm TavlorAheL Geo tt'ikrsa Col J Twu.ingSrjAB W ade Gao tt at! tea Joa W'fieht \Vm S Wa!kvHonG?2 W? dro Jm tt i8kli\m WT tt nf nor FraikLWr! laaae J P Wheeler tt m W?iriui|kt Lt tt i.iama Jacob Webbe W H TM tt eeoott JmK Woi!d( W 8 Wo Is E R tt'si 'man CaptJ Wi'liarrs W H W.lsoaGa- EC tt", ,taker Toe tt'ilbey Wm tt barton Edw tt'arras J K ?oodW8 We^t E VV S Y o-son Wm Wtegand D Wilson K K Yoak a Thos Wa nar Wm H Woodward Lt V?u?- Nv T Z " *kk W'm KP Vouirkar8 Wi'aon tt' \V Whitnay Fften 2V..*t Mr Jno S Wa'dron Wm Walker E J Von^t Jno R tt'slaer W P i Wa aon l)r E U Yonna J?c b ttaiw WmT tt'asmuth El- ' ouni MaJ F? WUl? WmA hard*. Yuim J F. Wood worth W We-eoat And'w V? urj I t F G Wi'Lants W W Wrist l?anl Voani C 8 Wa'lane tt'm Wnaalarl??vi4r z.ritt Aatoa tt'alkar Thos tt'ray 1'avid^ Z mra?K it Wi'ey Thoa T Wood B B % Z'jlick K Marar Whita Tbos M tt'anhrnrUm D Mwhtm Mabry W i Uon Capt T WalohCol Zall Olirar P MISCELLANEOUS.?T. C. 8j Hari^an A Co ; Physician ortha City Jail;H ; P a; ( ft >e; QsartarmMtar 32d Rfgt. Ohio Vol ; Editor* of t?- Matropo!i?; E. F. G ; Srcrwtary U. 8. Com?r to Worl^ Fair of libit Kamdin Exproas-2; F. G. J ; Star; Poat * ffioe A ist of drop not*a will be found on tha ballatla boa-^i at rha Poat Boa tI7*L?TTia? mvst in all casta as PaspaiB. Drop Lattars, in all oasas. mast ba pra-poid. Not 1? LEWIS CLEPHANE. P. M. AUCTION SALE8By WAI.L k BARNARD Anctionoara. C*r. 9tk ttrut arti totuk tid* Pa St. UOR8E8 AT AUCTION.?Ob SATURDAY Al MORNING Nov. 16th at la o'a.uf* wa wtU aa 1 at our Atolion R r"oms a ncmb*r of azM'laat Work and Sadrtia H'?raaa, bair.f tba property of persons bavin* no farther ase for theji. Saie p sitive. Trrmaouh. no 15 WALL A BAWNARO, A oats. By WALL A BARNAMD AucUot.aar*. FURNITURE and HOU'EHOLD EFFFCT8 r at Arcnon.?On 8ATURDAY MORNING. November 16 ocmmanoioff At 9 o'c.ook. wa will Mil, at oar aootion rooms, without reaerra, the effeota of a family decl;n;n* honaakaepinn, oom nsinc? Mahogany and Wainnt Sofas ud Parlor Cbaira. t-ajh -r Bads, Bolaters ard Pillows, > Hair and Shuck Siotie and Doable Mattreaees, Cottat", 'Va'nut, and Plain Doable and Single Bedsteada, Case aeat Dining, Emj, and P ain Cue seat Chairs a=d Rockers, Sideboards, So'm, l.oungas. Caraats. Store*. Gilt and MahofanyGl&ksns, WMnrtands, 1 Hat Kuks, Whatnots. Buroaas, Marble top Mahogany and v* s.tot Tablea, ^rJ*'na, Tatr'es, Bookcases. Retrigeratorx, With many other goods, not h?re mentioned,all #f which will be rold withost reeerve. * Terms cm h. ; P" 1& WALL A BARNARD, Aaef. By J. C. MoGUIKE-A CO., Aactioneera. ' VAN DER SCHOOT A SOJWS" BULHOUS ' T Roots at Auction.??>n SATl kDaY AF TF.wNUON, Noveml>er 16. at 4 o'o.ook, ta the au 'tion rooms, we shall eel:? 2om i Ku!l>ous Noo r, from the ce'ebrated nursery of Messrs V?n Oer Sohoot A Sons. Hoi and, oonsistirg of i ouble and Single Hyacinths, Naroistns, Tuiips. Jon^ai 1m, Ins, Croeaa, etc , e c.. in great ra; lety. Torn)* cut. ao 5-2t J. C. McGUIRE A CQ . Auota. ]\fAR8HAI.'S SALE.?In virtue of a writ of ivl fieri lasias i so^ from the Clerk's Office of the Ciroatt Court of the District of Columbia for the oounty cf tt'Mhirgton and to me directed. 1 ' wi l expoaa to p jbiio sale. fr>r each, in front of the Court House door of said ooan-y on FKIPAV, the 6th day of Deoember next. U)6t at lto'oloek m., th<9 followins property, to wit: All defeodant's right, tula, cJ?im and interert in and to Lot Nr. S8 in .-qumre No S>1 tn the oity of tt'Mhinfton. D. C.. together with a ' aid aingi'ar the improve roents thereon. -e:ied ai d levie<l upon M the property of James G. Coonba. ana will be eold to sa isfy Juaioials No. 56 tj January term. I860. In favor John E Retdall, W SE1.DEN, n^ H-ts Lau U.S. Marshal D C. By J C. MoGUIRE A COo Auntioneer* TRUSTER'S SALE OF PDRNITURF. AND ^Hob??hold ErrtcT*.?Ob TUESDAY MORNING, Novem(?er 19th, at If o'clock, at No. 4 Four and a half street, between C street and Indiana avenue, by virtue of a deed of trust daly K executed and reeoid'd in liber j A. 8, No 171, folios 51 et seq , one of the land reoords for tt> MbA ington county. I shall sell a lot of Furniture and 2 Hosseho d KITects, comprising? tt alrnt Hair oloth covered So(m, Ktaceres, Brooatelle oovered Arm and Easy Chairs, Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Ro<kers. >1 Matble top. Centre, and Pofc Tables. Velvet and Brussels Carpets, ( lic.oth. Cane and YVood-eeat Chaira. Loongea. T Brooatelle ai d Dan ask Curta.n*.W indow Shade*, Gilt frame Mattel Mirror, Oil Paintings, D Walnut Dining Tables, Diping Chairs, Hat KMk, UsT: Cnairt oilcloth, ft China, Glass, and ?"rockery Ware, Walnut, Rosewood, Ma ho gaiiy, and Painted S _ Furniture, Reds, Maltresa* s. and B'dding. Radiator and other Stoves, Kitchen Uteasila, Ac. Term* oa*h LEWIS CLEPHANE, Trustee. H wm J. C. McGl'IRE A to . Aaota Auction notice.-bpc r l. crown k c". Jlutttonttrt.?We will c simeaoe oar Nig t AuoOonaTHl!? EVENING,November II. at 7 o'clook, and have three eight aaesa weeknamsly: tt'edneeday, Fnday aed Saturday aighUand will oontii ue through the winter until farther r no?ioe, aa we have a very large stook of goods too numerous to mention. Sutlers and others are iati vited to attead, M the gor>ds will be sold withoat <; K- L CROWN k Co , Aacuonsers r of Commission Merchanta, No. JIT, corner Sixth S "L**?1 "* avenue, south sida bo 1*,15-W yA'v' Si *' Vjip iJoVjrrM Ho clock, at the residence of tfielate Hon. 8 A. DtWgtaa.oornerof I street and New Jersey are CA BTN ET 'FU KJtfrTldR>\*'<J ARPETS^ MIR M And Hoasel*^ KffiMU^enerailf.'a(alla-4 deso.-iptive advertisement of whieh will appear preB vions to the sale ov? J c. McGUIRE, A CO , Aaeu. ,D Aw^y?ifa-22ar-s; ITajAuigr<m. d. c, Nee. U 1861. Ob ?OV?*NMENT^A^E^Or CONDEMNED A lot of GOVERNMENT HOR8E8 (wdeaaaed m ucfit for pubjo aarnM) will be eoM at j taeC?*Tal ob F street, betweea TNrenty Tweg?ty-fomrUa. a**?r the Obeervatorj . Sale to ooiameooe at 10 o'clock. 1 e'mi oaah in specie. {- B,o.. bo IS dtf A ocuoaeera '* Q,UAETBRMA8T^frg^B NEKAL'8 OF^ D WAaamoroa, November RML l PaoroaAfc* are lavitM f,?r baiMing two Hosfit^le-oa" on Judieiart Square, Wuhington, u.? 1 i tjoy apon the farm known m the aetata of Wa. Ik. "Ji "J?"? etreeiaed Buaadary atreet, ' ? Distriot of C' lumbia ? Pr iiosais should state the time withia whieh the & buildings will be aomyleied aad ready for aee, aad t 't* WV1' .ail afoiHMs and. work, aad ahotU Hj aooompaaMd bv the aeaai guarMtae that the bidder wil axeente ta > ooatract lfawarded to 1 him ' I'ropo ai-will ba opened at the oAoeoriMQaar * terma-ter General, on the 39th November laamai. 5 DOOA._* H?ald be sealed, aad p^a:aiy ee dooeH-Prop^aaior Hoepitals." and addressee ' totKeQuartermsstar General o/Ue United B a**. Plan and apecibcaUoaa eaa he eeen at the oAee 1 ol ike Quart-rmMt r Geaerai. ( M C. MKIOS ao ?4 W ea* f rw?? aiet Ossara 2 Fo 8 U T L Ek" A~ND J R A DE S.-6iagar H Bread laogtd in barre,* or boia with oa t ?; dispatab b? J. FIRtW, the oa!y regalar OM* l?aaer id the bakery line. OMh mset aeoorrse j '1 -u?

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