Newspaper of Evening Star, November 15, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 15, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , "~fT7-Tb?u?b Tm* l? Pointed on ths ktteet 1 steam press In om south of Baltimore, it. edition e i? so lai^e u to require it to be put to prr?s at an c early hour: therefore, should be * sent In before 14 o'elock * ; otherwise they may ( nay bo* appear until the next day. a Tax Babhbt Caii iitoii tii Obphajis' I Jocar, Jtrnea Pubcbll?Mr Dae?rfr?'? 4rge wnt ? On Tuesday Mr Davidge resumed his t argument by a review of the evidence. He said t the testimony of all the witnesses for the petitioner showed no esse, as it failed to sustain the < allegations against the respondent. Alexandrine t Parfalt wa? the only witness who bad testiled to t lmpr?rer conduct of Mr Barney in pree?nce of ' hia children, and her antecedents were unknown, ? and her testimony not only contradict* ltvlf in * sevsral importsnt particulars, bat Is contradicted I by her own conduct and the conduct of Mrs. ' Barney Furthermore she la promptly snd flatly ' contradicted by two witnesses (Mrs. Barney and i Mrs Oldfleld) In two points. Those ladies say 1 sb? said to them she did not see these things, (the improper liberties with little Hebe;) her mother a tn'd her, and yet she testifies hers she ?sw them | Again tfcey testify that she said to them they must . talk to her In French, she could not understand j English, and she swears here that she did not tell { Sirs Barsey to speak to her In French She , alleges that Mr Barney sttempted to take lm- ; proper liberties with her. and yet she remained in | the bouse aTerwardr; stayed there with Mr Bar- , ney while his wife came to this country, and < Barney could reach her room if he choose to do ( so without passing through Mrs Barney's. Even , Jf she was to he believed there is nothing in her testimony to give the slightest color <o the in- j fernal charge brought against Mr Barney in relation to hi* daughter Hebe This horrid charge, from which human nature shrinks back appalled, * originated In her prurient imagination She | flatly, deliberately lied, and the other side dared | not put her on the stand to contradict Mrs Barney \ and Mm. Oldfleld t Mr. Barney did not live in a bole on a corner, t and why were not bis neighbors and associates > called to attain the charge of habitual drunkenness The evidence on the other side?now Alexandrine's was postrated, as it ought to be? 1 amounted to nothing against Mr. Barney, and he I j (Mr. Davidge) would have been willing to have I < rested bis defence on It alone. He however had < called Mr. Harney's relatives and neighbor*, who ( knew his habits, at the other side failed to do so. I 1 Mr. Linton, counsel on the other side, partook i of the slegant hospitality dispensed by the respondent; and he was Just the man to b'ing proper witnesses to prove Mr Barney's dissipation, if it I 1 could be proved Mr. Bradley, who dealt largely \ In adjectives, had seen nothing; but, from what I he had heard across the street, painted a picture I trora bis own imagination Mr Davidge briefly reviewed the other evidence, and expatiated on the sicrednes* rf the re- I lation of pi rent and child, which the courts of I chancery would n??t s^ver for immorality of the I ! psrent. If the children's morals were not affected, , even if the father kept a woman as his wife, and ' did not bring her in contact with bis children I Nobody would get married or have children, if I the Iron and despotic sway sought to be Instituted here was to prevail In the community Mr Divldge then spoke of Mr. Barney's un- I happy domestic relations in Paris, and said that I tn such cases both parties were generally in the wrong. Take Mr Barney's conduct for the last | two years, as presented In evidence here, and I | then consider the provocation h*?hajl before that I time?bis children left without a protector, and his own wife putting aside her name and coming I here under a fictitious one Mr. Fendall said that was not In evidence. Mr. Davidge said It was In evidence she csme to America, leaving her children tn Paris without a natural protector. To deprive Mr Barney of the custody of bis children, you must prove Improper I ooaduct now; snd for the last two years there is ] not a single shadow of reproach cast upon htm. Mr Davidge then spoke of the spirit of charity | which animabd Mr. Fendill ar.d prompted biin I to sscribe Mr. Barney's reform to a " dod</e" to J obtain the custody of hia children, and said such I charitable views would turn the world upside down. In view of Mr. Barney's conduct for the last I two years, let blm have bis children; and if the old Adam breaks out again, and be (Mr B.) does | not perform his duty as a guardian properly, the I court has the power to take them away again Its I arms are long enough to reach blm. la conclusion, Mr Davidge briefly recapltu- I la ted the main points of his defense, and nald the I caae was absolutely so ridiculous, that If It were I aot for the serious attempt to assail the right ol a I parent to the custody of his children, he would be | disposed to laugh the case out of court, and not argue it out. ? Affair* is Albxxxdbia ?The fifteenth reg- I ulsr meeting of the Unconditional Union men of I Alexandria and vicinity took place Wednesday I evening at Lyceum Hall, Stephen Sblnn, presldent, in the chair. Robt. Bell, chairman of the nominations com- I mlttee, made a report of persona nominated for I various efflce* to oe filled at the election to be I held on the 20th last , which report was adopted, I and the committee was continued with authority ] to complete thd list of nominations previous to | election The meeting was sbly addressed by Mr Sailor, f Indiana; also by J C Underwood Esq., of | Virginia, snd some progress mide in the forma- I tlon of an Eastern Virginia company to be mustered Into the service of the United States The I meeting was also sddressed by Rev. Mr. Adams. I of the 5th Maine regiment. ' 4 Thirty new membera joined the association,] snd the oath of loyalty to the Union administered j by Judge Freexe. the active and industrious Pro- I vost Judge of this city. The band of the 88tb regiment, (Pennsylvania) ol McLean, discoursed most delightful music. I This band never seems weary in well doing, and the Union association are greatly indebted to j them It is feared if they do not atop there will 1 be some "Coroner's" work soon, as our secession friends have a great dial Ike to the music of ti* | CTnien, and look very sour. Mcsdrbobs Assault ?Last night about 12 I o'clock, after the concerts at Coomb's building were over, a crowd of half a doxen fellow* be- I ha red in a very Improper manner towards two of I tha female sttendaats, and two of the company present (offlcers of volunteers) with one of the proprietors took the females under their prolec- I tion to carry them to their homes. They were followed by the rowdies, who were urging etch other to attack the officers Finally one or them j ran up behind on* of the lieutenant* and dealt him s very heavy blow wltb a slung shot or hilly I that laid him out. The rowdies ran I'he offl er I was dangerously if not fatally wounded, and his companions took him to a surgeon, who ordered his removal to a hospital. The wound wss on the back of the head, and the flow of blood from I It was very great. Efforts srenow being made to I arrest the parties, who ean be Identified. The Information was given to Justice Thompson, but the informant did not know the ol9cer*s name or tbe regiment be belongs to, he being a stranger In the city Dbath* or Soldibbs ?The following soldiers died yesierday: Enoch Webster, company G. Thirty-sixth New York regiment, at Brlghtwood K D Weston, company E, Forty-lftb Penn- I sylvanla volonteers, In camp William Van Bibber, teamster, at the Eruptive I Fsver Hospital Private Jacob Urban, Co. C. 23d Pa volunteers, of typhoid fever ; Private Edwsrd Blanchard, I Co H, Kid Nsw York volunteers, typhoid fever; I PnvatoD M Palmer, Co O,lot New York artillery, to-day, of typhoid fever?all at tbe Columbian College Hospital. VicToav at PoBT*otal ? Ths general order of Secretary Welles announcing tbe brilliant suec?ss of the combined aavy and army forces at Port Royal was oAcially read at tbe Washington Navy Yard yesterday afternoon, there being an I especial muster for that pnrpose. About 230 sailors were drawn up la a hollow square, and at tbe conclusion of tbe rasding testified their ap- I prerlatloo of the event by repeated and enthualbe cheers CbktKal GffABDBOtrsB Casbs?Btff* Jumee Tktmrton ?Jao. A Steele, drunk snd disorderly; lard |1N. Peter Grubh, do ; do $158 Henry Shehaa, drunk; do IIW Bridget Ragan, drunk aad disorderly; do ?l ? Wm Belt, disorderly at tst theater; dismissed. Norvell Freeburn, dmsk snd disorderly; fined SI SO Peter Monahaa, do ; tl M George C. Harsla, do ; SI W Ucics W oax ? A gentleman stopped at the stores near ths circus, between Thirteenth snd Fourteenth streets, yesterday, to make some purcasses leaving bis horse and buggy, with a box ef tobacco aad several smsller articles, on the street. In sbout ten minutes he returned. but his kafM buffirv and tobacco were gone No doubt driven off by a practical horse ' bief, or set at liberty by mischievous boys. Bab Ba*AVtoa~?Yesterday John A Steele, who claims to be a county constable, being a little toe druak to transact hia own business, went to the e?ce of Justice Doon sad InWruDtedtbe business there Patrolmen Feawlck, of the M Y , t>ok him to the Central Guardhouse, where b? was retained until Justice Thompson took him in and fined blm tl M for bis bad behavior TaxATxa ? To-algbt, Miss A.lloe P makes her last appearance, and takes her benefit. On this occaaloa she will plsy " Juliet" to Miss I Den la's " Romeo"?a performance which on M Mood ay night elicited so much applause 8ie also sppears la tbe new farce called "Sisterly Lore, taking the character of 44 Rosalie de V?lmoat " " At Rise's HAtiosAt Ciarrs to-aight. some r- w features will be pre?et.t?d, of the most Interesting character. With capital riders and a clown cf unlimited drollery, It is no wonder that the circus la crowded nightly ' 1 CtkcviT Covet ?Jontt eg r Dtrmott ?Vesterlay, the argument of legal point* Involved In this a* w? continued by Main Bradley and CarIsle for plaintiff, and Mr. Brent for defendant. The Conrt said the proceeding! here mnrt be In onformlty with the opinion of the Supreme <ourt, rthe main point of which opinion was menloned in our report of yeatrrday'a proceedings ) Counsel for plaintiff then argued that the plea nterad by counsel foe defendant wma a nullity, nd they would claim judgment by default The Court sustained thla view,and ordered Mr. *rent to plead (In proper form) thla morning, le expressed hla determination not to plead, and o take exceptions to the order of the Court on bat point. To-day.?The Dermot caae was again before the Jourt. Mr. Brent, for the executor, petitioned heCottrton the equity aide, In consequence of bte absence of a material witness. Mr. W L r'ancey,communication with whom la Interrupted Mr the existing war The petition was fully irgued by Mr. Brent for the petitioner,and Messrs. Bradley and Carlisle against the petition. The Jourt refused the injunction asked, and will proeed immediately to the trial of the case, for which purpose a jury waa ordered to be empanlelled. Canterbury Hall ?See elsewhere the Inviting innounctment of entertainments at Canterbury flail. The companv at the Canterbury comprises the great Ethiopian comedian Frank srower. Mil* Julia Hudson, Dick Parker, whose >ccaslonal visits to this city have rendered him a rreat favorite; Fox, Harrlaon. Sam Parker, Eranerson, and the Misses La Folie, Mtlea, Vernon, Parker, and numerous attache*. An excsllent >rcheatra. under the direction of Loula Winters llrectfrom the Holiday street Theater, Baltimore jnhancrs the entertainment It may be well to lay to strangers that the Canterbury ia located on Louisiana avenue, directly in the rear of the NaJonal Hotel, passflftg D street, op Sixth. Serious Charge ? Vesterday, Jas. Wash Taylor was arrested by Sergeant 01 ttlngs, and aken before Justice Donn, upon th&chargeof persuading and aiding s slave woman belonging ? P iM. Smith, Jr.. to run away. Accordingto he evidence of Mi Oittlngs.the accused admitted hat he went to Baltimore with the woman He ?ras sent to Jail for further hearing. The Campbell Minstrels, at Odd Fellows' flail, sre doing the handsome thing by their matrons, and rain or shine distribute the number )f KifU nightly they promise To-night, in adlltlon to the splend d entertainment, they will l.atribute no less than twenty-eight costly presents ncluding some beautiful dresses, and some luperb jewelry. Whitehcrst, 434 Pa. av., Is furnishing.likeiesses or prominent men, Including Gens. Scott, ucClelland, (from recent sitting,) Butler, Banks Fremont, Anderson, Wool snd others Every inscription of llken-sses, from miniature to llffeilze See his card photographs for sending In dters oc 3l-eolm* I pint a krbbee Blankets. .. ? ,. ?? your T.mi to tiny. R ubber Blankets, 7 feet long, 4 feet wide, at 9160 each, ?,0?> Rubber Blankets,6 feet long. 3 feat wide, at ^ I ilf !,?* RuUber Biankets and Poncho combined, for 3* ??voq At the ffius Rubber Wartkouii, 308 Pa avenue, between 9tn and 10:h sts. no 1 tf . As.eet it I'oldlt. there are no other medlcines s- reliable, etfeotue,!, and convenient, As HoUtrtcay .? Ptlis and ready for Uirt ltiar are invaiuable to the So dier expoied wounds. sores, fsvers, and bowel complaints. ^B.ev8r '**' ? oeuts per boa or sot. co 4 l w Cosshs.?The sudden ohanges of onr climate are sources of Putmc-nary, Bronchial ami A*tbm*i\c Aj rtto?s. Experience having proved that simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when stages of the disease, recourre should at once be had to " Froim't hrontHial T>0tAts,'\oi'Lozenges. let the Cold, Cough, or irritation of the Throat he ever so slight, as hr this 'p0meerioas attackmay beeffectnally and Sih,*ts will f nd them offectaalforo'earing and strengthening the voie* See advertisement. del-ly Beware of counterrsits and onprincip ed dealers end->avoring to dispose of their own ar.d other art'? es on the reputation attained by Hflmbours Ertract Buck*, a positive and specific remedy for diseases of the B adder. Kidneys, Gravel, D-opsy, to., 4o., Ao. Ask for Heboid's. I ake no other. See advertisement in another oolBl,in se 30 lARRICD M0\%r?,,ft,h.,^,nt' R?v- M*?on Nobe, MNTrVk -. 10 "Jus MARY m! LLNTON, both of this city. (Repub) At the residence of the bride's fath-r, in Fret)eric* oounty, Marjland, on the 14th in?tant, by ti e Rev. Mr. I lapi.eil. M . JOHN M KKAflN?,of his Miss Tr MPLEAN M. WINTER. T ^ M YR|ME>TT!?TO V BS? V 8' 8 EVFC UT T E RS.C U TT E Rs' FATEBrS'1m PLATFORM and COUNJACK^ t or sale by J p. BAHTHOLOW, Agricultural Warehouse, 458 Seventh st.. oo 84-eolm between Pa. av. and Canal. GILT OVAL jqc 4pn PICTURB FRAVIES. 4o() A variety o4 patterns and sixes of Oval Picture r ramee, rrom the best manufactory in t.fle oountrv. R?nis Ac1?01*' I,,ctar? Cord an<l Tar sols, Naiii, Kine' Goid Imitation Go d Band, Buff. Green and Bnie HOi LAND rtH^DES. all sizes, made to order, in the best manner, oheap for cash, at M , J/lH* MaRKRITKR'?, _ ^ i*?f> >o\e:itn nt . R doors abovo no? eort*,if Odd Fellows' Hall. 486 1 NTtSRl'JR ADORNMENTS. J Uf I PA PEKH ^ NG'.N'GS til G,a !es and Prioe? Gi'i Band, Buff. Gre-' Blae Holland Window Sh vies aii siz-is, m? ie to onldr. A beautiful variety or Oval Pi ? r? F.amst, from the b'iat inanufaotory in trie oonurr*. Pasre I'artouU. Picturo Cord and Tassels, difrrent sizes and colors, Picture Rings, Mai s, Ac Cheap for oa?h. Ord-rs for Paperhangings or Window Shades pnnc'.ual.y etecuted, and no misrepresentation made to effect sales. A call solicited. in JlNP- MARKRITER, Wo 486 Seventh street. 8 doors above no 2-7teoif? Odd Fellows' Hall, i I A DIES' FURS! " ! u L\DIES' FURS! Now readr a Aill assortment of Ladies'Fanoy Frrs, m a 1 their variety. ' .Jiy A special Fur Koom fi ted up. Passage through ths store. B. U. 8TINEMETZ ?36 Pa. av.. nn 3t frear corner Thirteenth st. Plain silks in must choice shadks at the old snces. \Vith all other kinds ol Silks. Woolen Dress ?<>ods. Cloaks, Shawls, Mantles, to. Also, ou-i usu">l full stook of all t? e leading sta- ' P1? Dry Goodn for general family wants. One price only, marked in plain figures. -Carpets, Curtains, Oilcloths. Rugs, Ac , upper floota. PERRY A BRofHEfe, ... Pa. av., acd 9th street, _DO_l3 Mil "Perry flu'ldim." JUST ARRIVED.di ect from an Eastern Auc ohe&f CA,<Also,at? uhUr* TEADS, whioh were bought low for cash and will be sold at a small ad vanoe. Together with a large assortment ot Houseseeping Artioies. _ , R. BUCHLV, _ . _ Furniture Dealer. 4-28 Seventh sL, oo 22-1 m* be'woen G and H ?t?. LA D 1 E 8' DRESS FUR h. We are reoeiving a larxe supply of LADIES' DRESS FURS, sooh ax Roman :Sable. Minx, Fitoh, Martins, and other doairable Fancy Furs for Ladies. Misses and Children. ^For Gentiemeu we have MUFFLERS and GLOVES, all of which wili be so d at the lowest New York prtoes, at 8. A W. ME YEN BERG'S, 48 Market Spaoe, (Avenue House,) ao ?-lw between 7th and 8th sts. DR. LOCKWO D K5ETS TEETH on Rubber, and performs all DENTAL 0PEHA.TIONS.inthe Wash ingto Kuildinr, oorner of Seventh st. sndfltflbBa? Pa avsnne. Chloroform given, if desired 1' r' All kinds of Teeth for sale. no 6-iawlm* PRIME GOSHEN I BUTTER! 100 ksrs Prime ^oshen Batter just received and for sale by WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, no 5 C,or. ?outh side Pa. av and 9th at. This is to give n o t i c e. -?tiat the ubsoriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the District of Co umbia, lette s of administration on the personal estate oi v?rtha (a ias Patset) Hutohins, late of Washington cosrtr. deoeaaed. Ail person* having claims against the taid uroea>ed are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with ths voncheis thereof, to the sn^crib- r, on or before the seoond day of Novmber next; they mar otherwise byiaw b? exc.nded from a 1 benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand this second dav of November. 118' GEO. W. HARK *?SS. no?-law3w* Administratrix. Excelsior hotel. No 338 Seventh St . E'twten 1 and K Struts. Beet aoccmiuo at.ons for travelers and boarders. The la/d-r and Bar always supplied with the e'? iaest Viand* and Lienors no 14-linso* JOHN HAYZKL, Proprietor. HLR A. U. LEE AS Removed his office to No. .167 New York avoaue, bet seen 10 h and 11th =ta . where he oan be eonsalted as usn*l. Office Honrs?7to*. I to S. 7 to 9 no it ?weo* I Ai 1ES'. Mi!*s*E?' kotLAH S^lS[ri811-D,KN'S SLEEVED Li OAKS, SACQUES, COATS, Ae , Ao. A fall assortment Just opened, and new supplies reoetvad almost da ly, at I MAXWELL'S Cloak and Fancy Store. no 13 ateo.if 396 Pa. arena*. /- LOAKS! CLOAKS'! t CLOAKS!!! We V ave tost received from Philadelphia a boaoUsl us<?iui?ntof ths verr i-test styles WLnTER BLACK CLOTH OLOAlfS >o whi h ws invite " "'-TiyiSV^'SLTcai.oN. BO MM OpposiU Center Market. a WANTS. T \lf ANTED? By a reepeetaMe woman, a 81TU- I1 * ? ATfON m chambermaid or o*ok. Good mnT- I erenee *?n Je given Apply at Patrick Sal'lvan'*. I corner Fir*tand C 'tn. no 14 8t* I YV*NTEn-Toee?ageaGKNTLF.MAN hav?; i"r aoqaaintanc* rfU-1 i ffuenc a ?or.g the | Catholic* of aah'Eitnn an-4 Georg t te. A?pl*. I with reference, at the ?tsr Off os. nol4^t? It/ANTFD IMM'tDKTKLY-An I 4N M d?hTfirer Apj! to J OH N- I SON. FRY i CO., Dodge Building*, coTr;?r 7th i ?edF?t?. no 14 3t? I 1 000 WJ32LJ?,LOT dread boxes I ?WV. WANTED, at the National Soap and I Candle Worlrs.onrner Green etreetand the Canal, I Georgetewn, D. C. C. B. JEWEf L, no H-3? Proprietor. I \\ANTED.?A M AN. of good aopearat.oe and I , ' addres*, wishes employment in an* recpecta- I ble business, aa clerk or otn^rwiae. Sa'ary mnd- I SnAK Befewe?an-xceptionaMe. CHARLES I EDWARDS, port Office, Washington. no 14 1w* BOARD WANTED, f >r a Itdy and oh.Id 8y?>ar* o d, as near Kain-aina Height* an pojaiHe. I Will rrqoire one gOod eitad, well fnrria',.ed roetn, I with full board. Address, stating fell par'icilars I a* to Uvatio-> and t?rms (which mn?t t.a moderate). I Capt J. J. WHEELER, offioeof Even ng Star! I no 14-2t* ACAPABLK AND IN DU9TRIOUH M ANIS I wauti d to tak?t?>e exclusive sale of thia frtj I or one o. the moat attractive and rea:iy merito- I nousonriositiea out?the Storm Indicator, or 25 I oent Baromete . Iti? ertirely new. and is having I a a?le un?rec?de?<ted. Thia offera a chanc? fir I profitable investment aa'dom equa'ed Sample by I mat' for 30 cents. Addreas HUBBARD BROS, I 6.> Na*?au street. New York. no M 3t TO SUTLERS. iQUARTERMASTFRS I COMMISSARIES. AND MERCHANTS.? A aitcation wanted a* clerk, bv a middle aged mar- I Tied man, a good writer an old resident of the city, I faml'iar with bn*in?s* general'^?that of the Da- | partmenta of the General Government; a know] rdr* of p.ench and SpAniah. Address "Clerk,'' Office of the Star. no 1443t* WANTED-Fire first-?la?s COAT HANDS. I *" Alio, five parti and five ve?t hand*. None I but the b-at hands need applr. \VM. TUCKKR, I fricptant Tailo-, 4 36 Py ave. no^l3 3t# 1 \\f ANTED?A small, well fnrnished^IOUSE. " of 6 or 7 rooma. between E and M eta. Rent I not to exceed S35 or f4n per month. Went paid I punctually. Addroaa "Henry," at Star Offioe. no 13 3t* I WANTED?To rent a DWELLING HOUSE. Stab e for two or more Hnraes, and Store or I feed room,together or detached, in thia Citv or I in Georgetown Address W. T., throughci'v Post I < '(Roe, stating location. ai?e. and teima. no 13-3'.* I WANTED?'Ten thousand Whisky and Brandy I BOT I LFS, for which the Ligheatcash price I will be paid. JAS. S. GIBBON'14, Sutiera' Depot, '2?3 Per.n. avenue, opposite Wizards'. no H-iw l^ANTED-A respectable GIRL, oolored or . T"lte? to do genera! housework. Apply at I this office ho 11 I ANTED.?A lady of Ba'timore wishes to j?ur- I chaae ladies' aDd gentlemen's CAST OFF I APPAREL All persons having such goods to I dispute ol will he called upon at their residence I and reo?ive ?ash for the same. Addrera "A G.," I Star Office,for ten da*a. ni9 lw* A GOOD WATCHMAKER, having been in the I business for aix y?ara. wishes to ret a SITU- I ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pa avenue. no 5 WANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS -flO Tatlora , oornpetent to work on militAry goods. Apply I G. KOI.P. at Wall. Stephens A Oo 'i. se25 I TO SJITLKRS.? An energetic merchant, with I sufficient capita!, desires to theatock I and business of a R?ginrental Sutler. Address I "Bn?inesa," at the office of this paper, oc 31-lm I fiOST AND FOUND. Cf Ti REWARD ?f.oat, resterday evening, on I Pa av.. be'woen l"th find 12th rt?? a gold WATCH, with gold dm I The above/Xj reward will he paid to ani person rsturnine^aifi it to the Star Office It* I REWARD.?Lost, on Wednesday night, I <3a gold hontinr o*se WATCH and JPjl I Cham Go'd Di* I supposed to have been lost I in the no'ghbo'ho >d of 13 h at. and Pa avfi(2 The above reward will be pa'd on the return of the I same to WELDON & CAMPBELL, No. 29*? E I atreet. it* CTOI.EN-From near Bumpy 0\k,Cwa'!ett co , I Md., on the 14th instant, a arge aorrel HORSE, with bias? fa<~e and white hind *12^I feet; had oo saddle and bridle A liberalI reward will be paid lor hia return to tiie above- I named place. Jt* PEMHROOK BRAWNER. | FIVE DOLLARS REWARD -Strayed, on\he afternoon of the 14tli instant, a bl tok^^ mare Mt'i.E. with awitoh tail, about hands high, 5years old. The above re- SflMim ward will be paid on returning the ? a A _ 7T. I to No. 4^9 PennsylvHaia avenue. no 15 3t? I IOsT-On 14th lnatan?, a pair of gold SPEC- I u T ACLES. The fi der will be auitably rewarded on leaving them at tiiie5t~^^!5l I office no 14 3t* I OST?On the 13th ins'ant, in going from the I L corner of and C street* ?o the corner of 4S I and Maryland ave -ne, a PuCKKT B??OK. con- I taining JS1 75 and a valuable paper of ho use to any I one b?t the o? nor. A libera! reward will be I t-?thefindsr. on retu nng the same to this office.! or to No. 459 Maryland av. no l4-2t* LOST?Yesterday, supposed between St. Aloy- I aius* and St Matthew's Church, a sma'l lady's I leather SATCHEL, wiih st^el ohain and cla-p, I containing a aet prater b*ais, thiinbie. oarringa, I and other articles of jewelry, A c. A ?uitab e re- I ward for the de ivery at the Star Office, or at No. | 353 H street, between 14t.ii and 15th. no 14 lw* ttTRAYED OR S'I'OLKN?On th? 13th inst, k- 7 from th"? General Post Office, a medium six d bay HORSE, with white h!nd lega, I blaxe face, rat tail, and marked "U S." A I libeial reward will be paid for his return to I ! THUS. COLTER, at the anove-naiued place, no 14 it* I Q> C REWAR 1) ?Straye-! away from the subncri- I t>er, on S-irUay, tte l'?tn 11 stant. f. KS. uark r. an HORSE, a part of hia tail rubbed o(f. I wili give the anove reward for the'-CZX aaid returning it to the owner,whoa* resi ' is on Eleventh btreet east, near the Easte n Branch bridge. no 14 3t? JOHN N GATES. HMAKEN UP?On the 1 th instant, a small aorrel * HORSK, verr poor The owner ia re- fry *ues**d to ?ome forward, prove propeity."LiTT* pay ohargea and tak him awa*. ^ THEODORE WARNER, no 13-3t* No. 93 Bridge st , Georgetown. | OST?A bright bay MARK, about 4 yearaold, *-* with darK lega, long tail, and enial! rv wi..t?? spi t in foreh?ad ; height bout 14 TZTfl hands ; branded "U. S.'' on left fore ahonl-^C2i. der; brand scarcely perceptible ; broke away fr^m a p >st on H st., Wveeu 4th and 5th sts., on Sunday night, October lot 1. Had on a back quilted aadd!>j and red atriped suroingle. A liberal reward will be pani for the reoover? of t e animal. Apply at PH1LP A SOLOMONS'Bookstore, Pa avenue, above 9th st. no 13 st FOB SAtifc AMD KEflT. FOK RENT?A STORE on Pernsylvsnia av. Inquire of Mr. MADK8, Res aurant o-ner of Third at and Pa. avenue. n > 15 3t* tJ?OR REN T.-A three atory B?ICK HOUSK, con'mning twenty rooma, situated on the oorn<Tofllihand G st-eets. Island Apply to Wm R. R'ley A B'other, 36, < entral Stores, or I HOS. W. RILEY, Riley'a Wharf, 11th st. no 15 lw FOR RENT?A new two story brick STABLE and tho Lot on wh oh it stands, ?0 by 100 feet, situated on L st, between llth and 12ti. Apply to J W. NAIRN, Druggist, corner 9th at. and Pa. avenue. no lit lw* TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, on first floor, at 406 D street, between 6th ana 7th. no 11 lw A RARE C H A N C K.~ HOVSR AND FURNITURE FOR RENT-A gent'eman intending to remove to the country VIii rent, for on* or more years, hia Houaeaud Furniture. 1 he houae ia oonveniently aituated ; con aina II rooma, baaidea kitchen and two servanta' rovtna ; pump m the yard The furniture ia of modern style and best quality, all in perfect order. Fjower garden 111 front of honae. Carriage-house and stable for 4 horses. Also, a lot of Coal and Wood to be so hi To a good and permanent tenant, that will not abuae the furniture, the rent will be moderate. There ia a lot containing SH acres of rich land, we I inc'o*ed, that will b? rented with the houae, if deaued. Apply to GEORGE MAT 1INGL.Y. Nof^fi aou h F atreet, between 4K and 6th atreets, before 9 am. acdafterSp. m no 9-1 w FARM FOR SALE, or Exohange lor City Property, situated in Sommervill- county. N. Jersey, containing A3 acres in a high state of cultivation, good dwelling house, with all neoessary out bnildings, good water power, fine orchard, and well-fenoed, 2% milea from Central Railroad, (6 daily trains,) 3 miles from Plain field, and 20 miles

from Jersey City. For further particular* inquire of Q. W. BHA V, Jeweler, 516 Seventh st , op poaite Intelligencer office. oc 36 lm* Fashionable dancing academy, at STOTT'a Hall, Comer of Pa. av and ?4 20?A 11 ?Profeaeor BAKNKh.of New Vork, will oommence a Danoing Sohooi on Wed nesday afternoon and evening, Novemlier Hoara?3 o*ol?ok for ladiea, miaaea and maaiera; and 7 o'clock for gentlemen. Terma, fin per quarter of 34 leaaona. Mr B will give a free extibition of hia atyle of daneing by hia preaent 0 aaa, at the above named hall, on Monday evening, Nov. ltth. at 7X o'clock. Perecn?of ree?eotabiiity only who d??ire to attend oan procure tioteta and programme* a. the hall on Saturday and Monday pr*vio?a to the exhibition. Pr t Bam**'exhibition at Odd Fellow*' Hall, Savy Yar will be repeatad, by reqneat. on Tnurs.y evening, Not. 14th. All are invited to attand. no ll?t* SCAVENGER'S NOTICE-The underaigned, ^5 having baen appointed Scavenger of the Second Pracinot, Firat Ward, respectfullr inform* tne oitis?n* uiat order* may be left at Isaac Deremer'*, oom*r Pa avenue a&d 23d st, and at Joan Wil.i.n1* Wood Ofioe, on Pa. avenue, between 17th and .am at*. All order* will be punotaaliv atto no 14 tt; AUGU8TU9 LUCAS. EJOB PRINTING. VERY Daacnpttoa of JOB PRINTING raqmreo b? aay body?oiUxeas, civil, aria* and navy otfoera, aatlers, Ac.?ex ecu led at the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory *tyle. at low ratae for Caek. no4-tf / AMUSEMENTS. [' H E A T E R. I : J. r RID AY EVENINB,Jfov ^5 Mim SUSAN PENIN Mis? A. P. MANX, u , Rorroc ard Juliet. I Porformanoe will onmmoace with Shakap^re'i | J Trag dy of ROMFO AND JIT 1ET. To <-on la e with I I piSTERLV *EKV CF. t _ Ro?ali? M;s?A.P Mai.n H* I t pANTERBURV HAL*.. (Washington An- < , skmblt Rooms,) | I Loeinanaaver.ue. r.ra corner of Sixth sts.. in the I 1 rear of th? Nation*! ao<t lt?o vn's Hotc.s. I r ? OPEN EVERY NIGHT, | W ith the First Tslsnt in America. I , FRANK BROWFR! i; FRANK BROWER! t The chief impertorator of the HaprT Parkoy for I i the past fifteen years The oneinator of the stye I of de ir,cation known as the Philadelphia Nigser, J | Who has not s?en him ! Who does not remember I . hire in oonneotion with t'?e Sal 1* Lichts Jem San- I , ford. Eph Horn. Luke Wr ?t. and others? hit own I f name standing fir?t In poputar estimation? I t To see Fran* Brower, is to see the actual natn- ) ral eopentrioities cf the Nig., and not to hear stale I 1 criticism and conundrums of the tckiii man I , blntkrd | PR ANK BROWER at the Canterbury DICK PARKER (Fanny DiekJat the Canterbury. I ' . HARRY FOX at the Canterbury. I t WILLIAM HARRTSON.whomakel Asofig about I voa and sings it to your faoe, at the Canterbury. I I Miss J CLta Hcdsow. t*<e beautiful Songatrera; I < M'lle Frank L* Folle, Mi?? Emma Mi es, I . Misses Willla, Vetno ., Pa'ker, Clifton, and I . nnmerons others, at the Canterbury. Almissiox?Parquet, 85 oenta; Parterre 15 cent". I 1 Doors open a* 7 ; oommenc* at7H o'olook. n!5 tf I ? Remember the hero of sumter .' The members of ANDERSON CLOB g% take erea' pleasure in announcing to their Igf f ierd* and the public generally th*t they wil! JBA I ? givs thoir first crand COTILLON PARTVUblfe t at Franklin Hall,oorner">th and Dsta., on MOv- I t DAV, Nov. 18th A sood cotillon band has been I engag?d for the occasion. Tioketa 50 cents, a'imit- I , tine a (fentlem%T ard ladies. I Floor Manattrs ? ll. Reeside, P. Kellv, J. Bra- I shears no 15-St* Miss Cliarlotta Pattl. , The Public are respectfully informed that | . MISS CHALOTTA PATTI, , th? oelebrated Ointratrioe, whose great anaceea ia | the Academies of Music in New York. Phi.adel I : phla.and Boston, has p acd her in the front rank I ' of living Concert Mincers, will make bar I 1 FIRST APPEARANCE in Washineton at the building formerly known as I Thk Tenth Strrrt Baptist Chcrch, Bttirem E and F sts.. within one tquare of Pa. at*. I i On TUESDAY EVENING, November 19th, j . GRAND OPERATIC CONCERT. Miss PA IT' will be assisted on this occasion by I t M me AM K 1.1A STRAKOSCH. ( 81G. CENT1MERI. The Famnos Baritone. HENRY SANDERSON, ' The Young American Pianist. Director and Conductor?_ Carl Schrbihrr I 1 Admission One Dollar ; Reserved Seats tf cents extra. Seats cAil be seci'Od, commencing on Sat- I urday, 9 a m , at the Musio Store or VJr. Metserott. I 1 Doora open ; performance to commence at 8. no 13 11 I ODD FELLOWS' HALL! Srvrhth, Abovk DSt. I( GREAT EXCITEMENT! i GRAND V I FT CONCERT, ' by the I I CAMPBELL MINSTRELS, EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! RICHARD III?RICHARD VII RICHARD 111 RICHARD III I1 TONIGHT! TO-NIGHT TONIGHT! TONIGHT! I; a? PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY' I 1 2^ PHESENTS GIVEN AWAY! ^ TONIGHT! Doora open at 7; commencing at 8 o'clock. Adrtission 25 cents. no 13 VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT FOR THE PO'iR The Societies of St. Vincent de Pau> of this city I re?peotfully annoucco that their annual Concert for | the Poor will be jrlv .h at the Staithsorian Inatitu- | tion on MONDAY EVENING. Nov 18: and hay- I ins secured th? best amatenr musical talent of the I District and liaitimore, they will present to thetr I patron* the richest and most varied programme I ever offsrel to a Washington audience. Prote?sor Grobok W. VVall*k. of Bal imore, I will be the Conduotor. and, wi*h other organists I of this city, wi l preride at the Piano Madame Ckcilia ou:sg, of tlua city, anc Mra. I CtiBLXT, of Baltimore, have kindly volunteered } their services for the occasion. Doors open st 7, couoert to commence at 8. ..iL-A Tickets S" oenta, 'o be had at the prinoipal I Musio and Book Storea, ar.d at the door on the | evening of the ooncert. no 13 5t ATIONA L CIRCUS! Tom King. ? Leasee aad Manager I C.fcoott..? Associate Manager I SECOND WEEK of the SCCCX88FUL SXASOIC. Re-ecgagement of MR. JAMES MMLVILLE, First apwaranoe of JAMES WARD, .. ^ . MiD'LLR MARIE, MAD LLE ELOISE, the Child Ridtr, F. A. JONES. dangaroiner, ^whittaker, MASTER PHIl-O. WM KINCAUE. And all th-s Troupe. Ladiea and fa.nil; parties will please not forget tha I MATIN f-'FS On WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY t MONDAY. ON MONDAY NEXT. First appearance in WasMngton of the famous I Equestrienne. ELLA ZOYARA, From Niblo's Garden. N?w York, and tha prinoi- | c pa Theaters of the old Worid. no 15 yy A 8 H I N G T O N THEATER. MONDAY, NovemberIPth, and liver* Evening of the Week, THE GREAT *'RE*TIDI6ITATEUR, HERRMANN. Assisted by a GRAND ORCHESTRA. The mansger respoc'fnl y cat's the a ttefition of | the public to th appearance ia Washington of monsi-lr Herrmann, who u universally ecoen'Z"d as the greatest I living PRESTID!G1 TATF.UR. aid whose performances at the principa1 opera I house- in Europe have been pronounced the most I wonderful in their pecul ar line. The performances of HERRMANN am entirely I original and novel, the distinguishing feature I Deing the EN ?IRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, AH the effects being eo'ely produoeii by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. I The pn.g'-ainme will comprise TWELVE PIECES, IN TWO PARTS, inoluding the oelebrsted DOl'KLE VUE. By Mr. HERRMANN and hie brother ALEX- I ANDER. During the intar\-ala of Herrirann'a Programme, I A GRAND CONCERT By TDK FULL ORCHESTRA. Private boxes 81"; orohestor chairs JO; dress I ciroie 31; parterre 9'; parquat y>cnts. The ?ain r.f seats oon menoea on Saturday morn- I ing at the Box Offioe of the Theater. n > H 5t* I^hlRO BRAND COTILLON PARTY cf ihe ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB will take ft* place at t*rankltn Hail, oorner of Ninth jS and D sla ,ou TUESDAY NIGHT. Novem #7M I 19th I The Committee very respectfully ao'icit the pa- I trorage heretofore extended to them by their many I friends. Tiokets fifty centa, adm tting a gentleman and I ladiea. Committer. John Rainey. John Flemming, George Dononue, John Crook. no is-7t* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS lYfASSKV. COLLINS A CO.'S iTl PHILADELPHIA DRAVGHT ALE. We hava just reoeived a supply of the above Aie, I whiob we recommend to be of a very auperior qual- | ity. Persona wishing to purchase, by making im- I mediate appiioation, can be furnished. ARNY A SH1NN, no 7 Georgetown. JUST RECE1VKIV- I 10 hhds. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS U0 bbla. Old kye WHISKY, too bbla. HERRING ani ALEWIVES. 4>J bbla. Cruahed and Refined SUGARS, 0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhds.(low-anoed) MOLASSES. Fereale bv JilfiN J. BOG?TK >?ll ?>UQ JOHNSON tc NAGLE, OwO ?OJ No. 'iS9 l*B!?!?STLVA!IIA Avbnui. J Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. south aide, orvkr for salr: CHAMPAGNES?G. H Mnnnn. Piper Heidnck, I Moet A Chaudon. Uullinger A Co , Cartier A I Co , Ac. CLARETS?St Jutien, St. Eatephe, Cantenac, I Ac , by the oaak or dugen HOCK WINES?Peide?heiwer, Johanneaberger, I Liebfrauenmiloli, R udeaheimar, Ac. BHaNDY. Whisky,Giu, Port, Sherry, Mtdeira, I in wood or gluts. LONDON PORTER, Brown Stout, Kdinbuigh and Yorkshire Ales, of the beat brands, in hot- I ties or atone juga CIGARS?Havana and Domeatie, of the choioeat I branaa. We call the a?eo a'attention of Sutlers.Restaurants and Psiniliea U. our larg^ and well-seUctod STOCK OP FINE GROCERIES, Freah Meat. Poultry, Fish, Soaps. VegetaUea and Fruita iu hermetically s-a'ed cans. PRESKKVES, J allies, Ac , Aiinonda, NuU, Raisins acd t-igs. CHEESE,(Easternand Weetern Catting); Ham, beat Goshen Butter, the best Champagne < :ider. I WORCESTERSHIRfe and Oyster Sauoe. Pickles of every deaonption, Pepper Sauoe and Tomato I Cataup, by the sal on or aoaen. All of which we oflsr at the loweat poaaible prioea and on reasonable terma. __ no2 JOHNSON A NAGLE. f|* TO OFFICERS. ' : & HE CAMPAIGN ?A campaigning Wagon on the Pruaaian principle, arranged for aleeeing or Uj act as an Arntu ance in oaee "'T-jy siokneaaor wounde. with ample room for tores and provisionii lifht, water-proof, and peffectiy new, haviug-beeo just hunt to order by one of the first makers ia New York, ia offered for aale at coet price. Ale?. hsndeome, strong, sound, dark-browa H? iRSE, either for saddle or haraaw. Hoth i.iay be seen oa application to JAMfiS BRovvn, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corooraa'a Lane, belaud the ChaiB Hocee, between 1 and H treeta. aeto TELEGRAPHIC NEWS U \ Farther tr?m Eorepe. Halifax. No* 14 ?The tlNtnfr NlMrara ar- I rtsed at Halifax at 4 o'clock this morning, with I Liverpool advices of the *d I nit. | fhe Paris correspondent of tke lndepend-nc* I Relge proffRMx to hare reliable Information that I he Mexican expedition baa ulterior object*, and I hat If the "Southern Confederacy holds Ita owi I .1 111 January. France and England will recognise ' t and bre-ik the blockade " Thle statement, 0 lowever, la pronounced In England to be utterly I intrue. ' I It la reiterated that Prance has opened negotlaIons with Austria for the cession of Venetia. and I " hat the Dukp Magenta hes been entrusted I ' virh the mission to Vienna. French troops haw occupied the valley of I )spp*n, and the Swiss government has sent com- I ntssloners to the spot, and resolved to protect and I ' lemand satisfaction for the violation of Swirs w errltory. I The frigate I.a Guerrienne had received final I ' Dstructlons to sail for Mexico on the 6th of No- I n rem b?r. Minister Fsy publishes a letter reviewing Lord I Iussell's speech on American sffalrs, complaining I generally of English sympathy with the rebels I" The Times has an editorial on the subject, and I t? avs thst '-peaceable separation" will accomplish I a< vervthing the northern anti-slavery party haa ad- I _ rocatod. The Times favora the establishment of | be Confederacy, because the political power of 1 he slave owners will be diminished Formerly I :very filibuster had the entire Union to back him, I n ind but for the disruption of the Union the ex- I ension of slavery over Mexico would have been I '' ertaln. The cause of justice and civilisation will I .V rain by the quarrels of these partners la guilt, ss I 9 he North will resist the future aggrandizement of I lie South. Private cotton circulars report a decline on the I week of V to * . The Plketes H ?ttle. OiHCUNayi, Nov 14 ?Meagre detalia of the | rr flketon victory hive come to hand. The fight I a nmmenced on Friday afternoon, and was re- I tl ximed next morning, when the rebels surren- I s lered unconditionally I benum'>erof prisoners 4 b aken is variously estimated at from two to four [ ? .housand, and the killed at4uu. I n Mr Yancey Gettiag Uigcssrsgad., Boston, Nov. 14 ?On the person of James o Brown, arretted here as a traitor, was founds I II letter from Wm L. Yancey, now in England, to 1 ii ttls ion In Alat>ama, speaking disc.ruraglnglv of p the prospects of a recognition of the "Southern I Confederacy" by the European powers. - - I IK t apture sf a Vessel with Csntrsbasd Gseds '' Boston, Nov 14 ?A vessel arrived at Holmes' ^ Hole, reports thst a large English steamer laden with war munitions, has been captured by a Fed- . eral frigate and taken into Key Went. j , ? . NOT TO BE MEAT. .,r ? "se the largest assortment of Woolen and I Worsted Goods, o-mpnsing Hoods,Son tag s,? oats. Ci?aks. Sleeves, Hosiery. *0., Ac. Alto, received | % lot of oheaji Cotton Hosiery and Worst'd Em- I Itroiderwi Slippers, Lamp Mauds Ac. Our motto I is but one and the lowest p'ioe, I j No. 414 7th st.. between G and H. P" ?2-*w* F. MUHUNGHAUS. gOLDIERS' PAV. |c THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will 1 forward soloer'g'ances t? their families, at I any place tyj the lines of their Expreer, st a chares I iJLtw,?l?ty nv8 cents for any sum not exceeding I * filly dollars:and a proportionate additional charge I to places reached by connerting Expresses. 1 he I money, whether Gold or Treasury notes, should be ! enclosed in an cvoiope and securcly sea'ed. and I ? have ?ho fall *ddress (includinr town, Po?t OfRoe, I and State; and in cities, the street and number,) I 01 the person to whom to ha rent, ar.d the amount I legibly marked there, n. Envelopes lor this pur- I t po*e may be had at our effioe*. I To facilitate prompt delivery, the oharge for re I mittauce ahou'd l"= prepaid. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. I. >V?sHIW?TP*. Nov. 12.1861. BO 13-IOMf I 1 C2?., ? sutlers wanted. 'RKAT ADVAN TAObS to be found by Sot- I lers. and dealers in Boots and Snoes, at th*?A? nevv vork wholesale bkanch?P1 HOUSE, 34S Pennsylvaniaavenue, < 01 erF Hi I 1 Janney's Shoe More.) We manufacture our own Gcods, and eeli at I Ajjs York prit?.?. thereby savins frelght. I ( Having constantly on nand a4a*re Stock, we can supply at a tRPmsi-t's retjee. a:,T quantity desired. I t A large assortment of 3 m>Io High-cut Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. I F Sutlers liberally dealt with. I < A oali from all dealers solioited, noT-lm* WH1TEHOLSE A UNCKLES. I 1 \EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION A' or I ARTIFICIAL CHEQPLASTIC BONE I1 TEETH, I l Wit^opt Mrtal Plate oa Clasps. J f ?>.tr-Jsi-jL* .enue, between I2tk and iStk sit, Wasninftam, I Ca is the att ention of the public to the tt^lowing I auvanfAjes of his imp'ovel system : I 1 1. The Teeth of his mannfacture wil.MMBMb nflver oo^ode nor change co.or by sny^"-*-"* I ' acids, beint three fouct- s lighter than any other, j , 2. No teeth or r; ot* ne^t be extracted, as the j artificial orei oan be inserted over them. I ? 3 The roots will be made mi'ffensiv?, and never I to ache. I ] 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanant ones oan b* made immediately, thereby preserving 1 tho natural exaresaion of the fa^e. which under tb?old sys:em is fre^uentlv disfigured 5 1'his work has been fully te*ted over five yoara by many of the first chernitts and physicians ofthia 0 untry. ( Dr. s. has also invented a wh te cndestruotive mctai filujg. with whien the most s?n?!tive teeth I can be fi'lod without pain, and can build up a per ?ot, sound tootn on any tide roots, whiou will laat " through lifetime. . The beat of references given?to Dr V. Mott; Dr. I>oremu , Pror?ssor of Cheinut-y. * \ .; Hon. 1 J ud*o \N ayae. of the Sn?r< me Court I Washington, and thoiisar ds of others Call ai d examine for yourself. no 8 6ra rT,? , NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. 1 HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will ' make rennitauces for so-diers to their families at p>aces 1 eache.1 by ineir I xpress, ataoaargn of 25 0<tS!" for an^ *um cot faoeeUing fif t dollars The money, whether go:d or Traasuiy notes, ' at ould b^ enclosed in aa envelope, and seoureiy sealed, with the full address ( ncluding town, post olhoe a:.d State, i of the pers in to whom to be sent, . and the amount le?ibl? marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the ii cents charge ahnald be prt^aaid. When faoilltie-for enveloping and sealing the money in aeparata paresis are not at hand in camps, the several sums to>? remitted, tnat may t?e ooliected by Chap ain? of Regiments, or other persons volunteering to do this service for the aol 1 diers de?inng to send home their pay, will be received in bulk at any of the principal offices of the 1 Coin p&iij. These sums, aooompanied with the full addreas. 1 Sf 5^?v? rMJiired, of tne persons for whom intended, will be remitted to the respective consignees. at any plaoe in toe loyat States, at the same rate of charge, th< reby saving to the sender the trouble of putting in separate packages Suitab e t lanks for ths above purpose have been prepared, and will be furnished, with explanations. at any ol the offices of tlie Compuny. . . ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Oc. 30.1861. oc 3[Klm ! J1Q PHU ADELPHIA FRUIT AND IIO 1,V.oo PROVISION STORE. 111) li9 Pa. at-eiM*. between 19th and 2(Uk $t$. F-J.,f.!!5c,?r"1<ued hV Ju,t opened a first elass All VEli t rABLEs in season fresh daily. T?D0,ax8 unri?alled Philadelphia Print BUT,b >e* V'"k He. kim?r county and Western Reserve Cheese. Having had many years' experience in the bnsift^; eoouomy, a I the luxuries of the Northern and Eastern Markets will be furniehed. Housekeepers will find this the oheapest and cLxamsT plaoe in tha Distriot to purchase no '3 T. R. W1L80N. Medicine for tlie Army, FFIYB'S VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, AS WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTi E ON HAND. i? Reparation i? an lnfkllible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Bmues.Sores, Sprains, Rl or worm?, Canker, t>fii rw ^Dysentery Liver Complaint, nnliifu ^ Chilblains, Kidney Complaints, c^td,? Coughs, Bruises, rever and Ague, Cholera, &o. The PAIN CURER is entirely vegetable Is its composition, ai.d may be assd at ail with Cut1 ^antu,factuUr^dbry#0U"" JOSEPH 8. FRYE. * . ? SaLXM. Mass. For aaie by all principal Drsggists. noi-laa* WORSTED GOODS. * AMortmentof Lacies'and Chil oress Hyds. Son?ags Ctata, cloaks. Sleeves, t'- ft9. also, a large iovoios of beautiful Worsted Embroidered Supers, L*mp "? 1^Sw' SCBLAICH A CO. Su*GTAL3^S*irii,T' I ong expeneass, modsrale charges, and aranst u? ours Coughs, Bronchitis, Crosp, As. Chiidisa sry ?-ravs4ftaa?LS?, BO O-Tw 7,3-10 U. a. ffE? NOTES, which I OS >FIX)ND EDITION" T riKEE O'CLOCK r n _ OUR MILITARY BUDGBTT tit) iriiroacimm We irr **t!?tcd that yesterday u4 t? 4*T mb< derable UiIm wtafcw? > em backed for en. Sherma^a South CirtUM t?n*x iTon. Gen Char P. BIom Ii 1b Waablagton to day, i consultation thl* forenoon with b?a McClelin, at the War Department liViimil. Such ia the nature of the f ountry that M forticationa can be constructed which aaay labHM '1th the progress of oar troopa from Part Royal > Savannah, tf that be the plan of Go* Sberian'? campaign. a TBI AL TBIP. Thl* forenoon the Prealdent. hi* Cabinet, ui few other distinguished gentlemen, weat daw* > Alexandria to be on the new war eteamer Paairola, on the occaalan of her dual trial trip, rhlch taken place to-day. EASDfOMB MBSBHT*. Thia forenoon there arrived by railroad, froaa iaclnnatl, three line horses, aald to be preeenta om peraonal frienda to General* McCloUaa, Larcy, and Burns, the laat named of General lone a column. LA TE LOCAL NE WS. Senior* Accii't>r ?fcVbout three o'cleek yea>rday afternoon, ? two wagon* were paselng pon the Four-and-n-half atreet bridge, two luunted aoldiera r<-de up at a eery rapid pace, nd tbe horae of one ab!?"d and leapMl Brat agalnat ae side of one wagon and then the oth#r. Tbe oldler waa thrown agatnat one of tbe wagona, nd waa taken up by hla companion and the rapon driver* In a lifeiee* conditio* apparently, le waa resrucltated and found to he very badly urt. His front teeth were knocked out, and on* f the driver* said a piece of hi* tongue wm r* IT and picked up on the foot-board or tbe wa<oa. t waa tbnu?bt hi* leg waa broken He waa put i one of tbe wagons and conveyed to the bcaltal. ' Asothkb Sold'bb Wopudbd ?Laat night, a oldler of tbe id Pennsylvania Cavalry waa found ring in tbe rear of Ryan'* reataurant. on First etween II and C atreeta. With a aevere wound Drouffh hi* body, from one aide to tbe other. Ha raa taken to quar'era near t*erand atreet. on ndiana avenue, to receive aurglcal aesUtaace. It 'a* aot known bow be wu wounded LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. ? FROM FORTRESS MORROE. JEWS FROM PORT ROYAL FRO* CONFEDERATE SOURCES iENERAL LEE PREPARING TO DEFEND BEAUFORT. IEAUFORT NOT OCCUPIED BY THE FEDERAL TROOPS. n'EGROES REMOVING COTTON AND PROPERTY FROM THE VILLAGE. IOUSES AND COTTON CROPS BURNT BY THEIR OWNERS. RIGHT AT SAVANNAH?FAMILIES LEA VING THE CITY. Baltixobe, Nov. 15 ?The Old Polat boat ha* irrived bringing the following new*: Tbe Cbarleoton paper* of the 14th rtate that Jen Lee I* making extensive preparation* to daend Beaufort?that tbe place ha* not been occalied by Gen. Sherman?that n eg roe* are engaged n removing cotton and other property. Two Yankee gun-boat* were aground aear tbe vtUaye. The Charleaton Courier *Ute* that there 1* bat lttle cotton *tored at or near Beaufort Mean. Pope and Bayard, wbo reside on Hilton Island, iet Are to every building orTtheir premises and heir crops, leaving a ma** of ruin* behind themThe gun* of the Lady Davl* and the Huntraas rave been placed In battery at Port Royal Ferry, jnifr command of Com. Donavant, where a itand will be made. A large number of famlllee lave left Savannah foe up country. On Saturday last, according to the Charleston paper*, there mt no *lgn of General Sherman' taking pomesilon o' B>aufort. The Rutledge Mounted Rllenen started for Beanfort Sunday mornlag; also a Iptacbment of mounted riflemen. Colonel Cllagnan'f North Carolina regiment was on tbe way. rhe Charleaton Mercury condemns the maanar n which the Confederates have neglected tc presare for the emergency. LATEST FROM PORT ROYAL. L'NION PICKETS FIRED UPON BY SOUTH CAROLINIANS, REINFORCEMENTS SENT FROM FORT WALKER. rHE FEDERAL TROOPS TO TAKE POSSESSION OF BEAUFORT YESTERDAY. Nbw Yobb, Nov 15 ?Port Royal dates of the 11th have been received It Is rumored tbat the Union pickets on tbe opposite side of tbe lalsi.d near Savannah Ferry, were attacked by rebel*, md that reinforceasents are being sent from Fart Wslker. The Federal troops were to take poapessloa of Beaufort on Thursday. ARRIVAL FROM CALIFORNIA. SENATOR GW1N AND OTHERS ARRESTED AT PANAMA BY GEN SUMNER. THEY DEMAND A RELEASE FROM TBE AUTHORITIES OF NEW GRANADA. Nbw Yobb, Nov. IS ?The steamer Champion has srrived, with Panams dates to the 5th The name of New Granada has been chv --d to that of the United States of Columbia. ^ The Uncle Sam brought down five bund ed troops and Urge amount of rifles, ate Gwin, Calhoun Beaham, and J. Breat, of fornla, were arrested as tbe Uncle Sam was ea *laf the Bay of Panama, by order of Gaa Sumner* by the troops under his command. Ev.denrt complicating them wss found 00 board . 0 win's friends at Panama applied to the Gov erner to annul tbe afreets, 00 the groaad tbr\ wet# made la New Graasdlaa waters, and that storsAgn government has no right to transport poUSeal prisoner* over thia Territory. General errar also u*~d hi* Influence to this effect. ThsOovernor Issued order* prohibiting tbe r conveyance acroM the isthmus, and a Urge force of ssAdiats waa sent to the station to release them The IJ. 8 Consul Interposed, and it was Anally a*< d-d that prisoners are not allowed as *ur t to c ross the Iithmua, and the qneatlon of future am* will be referred ta W ashlngton 'The Champion broaght S&75,0<t af nsaiTre Among her peseengers are Senator N?^ Sumner, Lieut Col. Mercbsnt, Cabalas ja?e. Bootee, Hendrlckaoa and J. Stewart WlaSets and Lieut* Gilbert, Dandy, Harden, and Bt clair, and 780 of the Third lafcatry. Ex-Senator Gwln la alao a pmrntrngm, wmm arrest. AFFAIRS III KENTUCKY. ZOLL1 COFFER ON THE RETREAT. Lovtsvuu, Nov. IS 0*w?al Bsall rived here A letter %a the Jearnat Roes Crab Orchard says" that General Zollcoffer retreated^. Wsdaeadaj, bleekadiag the road frean land fnrd to Gap. ?>a aeeeextraeaaar Cottea Fiisail* ef * Army Weight," Meacbed and anb*eaeb3~^ 4 _ . wiare daily opaaias ae not l?ry Goods ia all the

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