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Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1861 Page 1
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N9. 2.728. ???? INCIDENTS or TH1 SOUTH CAROLINA INVASION. According to th? correspondent of tho New York Times, oar land force* would hare made rather a poor figure toward* the suooess of the expedition, bat for the aid of oar jeok tar*. He aaja: " The reconnoisanoe had demonstrated?to none more clearly than to General Sherman? that the military portion of the expedition, with the meana at it* command, was utterly powerless to effect a landing in the face of such preparations as the enemy had exhibited. We had foand two heavy batteries?not mere intreacbments, bat permanent works, indicating considerable engineering skill?planted apon the very points at which alone it was practicable to disembark. Adding to oar discomfiture was the fact of the disintegration of the fleet by the storm, and the non-appearance of several vessels, upon the safety of whioh in great measure seemed to depend the success of the expedition. Among these were the steamer Ertoseon, baring Hamilton's light battery on beard, and the Mrk Ocean Express, containing all the ordnance,without which no position ashore would be tenable. That the ordnance should hare been all shipped by one vessel wss a piece of short-sightedness on the part of CapL McNutt, USA, chief of the ordnance corps, who has since been relieved from duty. " Our ferry boats, without which the means of speedily disembarking the troops were inadequate, and the Belvidere, Osceola and Uni?n transports, with commissary stores and deck loads of beeves and horses were also missii>g and anxiety respecting the fate of these vessels wss not diminished by the full knowledge of the loss of the Governor and Peerless. Here, toe, was a frittering away of the finest weather for landing which ever oould be hoped for, and there were the rebels in fall sigh? improving our delay by strengthening their means of defence. All the military baoala ar?r? rfnnnnrf. ing. and after a consultation of the Generals on board the Wabash, it *u determined to gracefully yield the guidanoe of affairs to the nayy. Geo Sherman told Commodore Dapont?and Gens. Wright, Stevens and Viele ooncurred in the statement-?that the soldiers could not land nnless the sailors first silenoed the rebel batteries. Bine-jackets have a repstation for being equal to emergencies, and in this instance there was no shrinking from the reeponsibility." TUB LASDI50 The same writer says of the landing : The limited means for landing made the operation one of the slowest and most tedious I have ever witnessed. The surf and flat-boats Irst went alongvide the steamers containing Wright's brigade, and one regiment was pat on snore before any attempt to move another was made. I mast be permitted to remark, without intending to be offensive, that soldiers on shipboard are awkward enough, bat pack them cloeely in a small boat, and they seem to k>ee all oontrol over their limbs, so that nothing whatever can be done with them. This characteristic intractability was not lacking on this oocasion, and it seemed that each particular nan took ten minutes to get himself on board after the order to enter the boat was given, j Adding to the delay was the faot that the beach shelved so gradually that none of the loaded boats could approach it within fifty yards or more; and the soldiers, therefore, had to direst themselves of ?hees and stockings and flounder through water up to their kneee. Leaving these unfortunate creatures with my mind filled with misgivings as to the oonseqaences should the rebels rally to attack them m their unprepared condition, I sauntered into the fort and examined it. Meanwhile, as the troops landed, they scattered themselves about the encampment, apparently under no oontrol of their officers, but with the one idea of plundering the property which the rebels had left. This conduct was utterly inexcusable, u the victory bad been won without their slightest aid; bat, for a while, nothing bat pillaging went on. The soldiers were eclipsed, however, in their disgraceful deeds bj the crews and some of the officers of the transports. THE CONTRABANDS. The correspondent of the New York Post says: The negroes ran to greet oar boats as we landed to take possession of the Fort, and among those found on the shore by our marines, were several belonging to Gen. Drayton, eommander of the post, Whose planfttion on Hilton Uesd Island was well stocked with fellows of the genuine ebony cast. Two of them were taken on board ihe Wabash, and gave much interesting and reliable information in regard to ths situation of the affairs on the island. Ose of them asserted that his master had that morning assured bim that he might fall into other hands before night, and be seemed to have been sufficiently pleased with the prospect of a change of master* to get his handle ready to be taken off. As oar troops wsre at first too basy making gsod their position to attsnd to anything else, snd the quartermasters had already more upon their bands than they coald well attend to, tbe negroes who appeared were notencour*g?d to remain, bat were st once sent baok, and on one pretense and another to take care of them wives. Bat by ths morning of the second day iftv were already githered st hesdquarters, snd signs of s moon greater influx were abundant Those who remained were pat aader charge at Capt. Goodrich, the quartermaster of Gen. Wriirht'a brigade, who m> that th*ir ??nt? vera well attended to, giving op an old building to their accommodation. Oar troops were accompanied in their firtt reconooimanoe into the ialand by Dr. J. J. Craven, the efficient surgeon of the third brigade, who report* the negroes on the plantation* farther inland a* ali&oet wild with delight at tb? advent of oar troop* and the haatj fl ifftu of their master*, which they deeeribed with the utmost gusto. The poor, trusting oreature* never seemed to queeiien that a war which they had beard wi* all about them mutt mean their deliverance from a bondage with which they do not earn to have been sufficiently in leve to follow the fortune* ef their fleeing masters There seems to bo abundant work for them to do in picking ootton on Hilton Bead Ialaad, whiek our troop* kave oooupied, and it i* to be hoped that their lerrioee will be in aome waj turned to aoount for this purpoce. A ire*of it, already white for the harreat, were feuod within leas than a mile of Fori Walker, and will be loet unlet* speedily atlisiri to. Several buildings filled with unginned ootton were also found further baok toward Skall Creek, and on the ialand* beyond that a cream similar deposit* eould ho seen. A heavy amoks which was seen at a distance the necroee re ported 10 ?) ? irom a lot 01 ooiion anion dm be?a irtd by the retreating rebels. Par tome nuoB the negroes appeared at ir* i no lined to wait nntil they von oalled foj before making their appeoranoe, bat the fen who were dismiaeed on the first da y spread the report that the Yaukeea ware la deed at hand, aad the Beat morning a number oeme in fro it Ut main land, where their master* had retreated, making their eeeape at night in a eanoe. The reperte meet have spread op ai far aa Beaafort to an astonishingly short space ef time, for when oar beats went ap then the negroes were ready to greet them. By that lingaiar sort of treesasonry which eeams to be eetabiiahed amoag the negroes, th? report will speedily spread from one end of th< South to the other, and before th? snows oi Peeeaaber shall hare whitened the piaina d tha North, eten In distant Tex s the story oj oar a pp a a ranee will hare traveled distorted bj a theasaad exaggerations to eseita the eagei hopes af those who are watafcing and waiOna so pallsnHy for the delivfranee which is sc near'at hand cost ?r tu unu The K I. Tit bane eaya The Wsbaah fired r*i WTT w ?T . i daring the entire action, 900 shots, being ail 8, 9, 10 and 11-inch shells, with the exception of a few rifled cannon projectiles of a new pattern, and whioh were used simply as a matter of experiment. The Stuqaehanna fired 500 shots, the Bienville 185. and the average of the gunboats and the other smaller ships may probably be set down at 150 each. There were, in all, 16 vessels engaged on oar side, and probably from all of them were fired not far from 3,500 shot and shell at the two forts, Walker and Beauregard, the four-gun battery, and the three steamers. The average eost of each shot, reckoning shell, roand shot and rifled cannon projectiles of pecaliar make, and taking into account the value of the pewder ased to fire them, may be set down at about $8. Thus the burned powder and the broken shell iron of the battle of Port Royal may be set down as having cost the country not less than $28,000. Reckoning, then, a few items of this battle, beginning with the immense cost of this fleet, which has been preparing since August last, the pay of the soldiers, the value of their food, and the expense of the two lost vessels on a very moderate scale, it will be seen that battles are an expensive amusement, even for a '-great country." ONE CANDID FELLOW AMONG THE COJIFE t RATES [From the Nashville Patriot] My old friend Q. Washington Bricks, a fellow of infinite jest and most excellent fancy, mikes humorous mention of facts under which none but Mark Tapleys could come out so { strong. " things has r1z." Bachelor s Retreat, Oot. 21, 1861. To the Eiitors ot the Daily Patriot?Gentlemen : You are aware that with the Presidential contest of 18A1 my political hopes and aspiratious expired, and that I immediately retired to my babine farm on the Frogtown turnpike, some fifteen miles from the city, where I proposed to spend the remainder of my days in cultivating my few acres, and in endeavoring to marry some young lady of rich but respectable parents. Since that time I have visited the oity but twice?once last spring to get some Shaker seeds and fish hooks, and once last week to sell a few bushels of wheat and lay in my winter supplies. My wheat, the quantity of which was small, brought me, at John J. McCann's new mill, just *23.25; and as this was all the money I could command, or was likely soon to command. I had no other means or paying for the cart load of things I felt myself compelled to have to reader me comfortable for the winter : coffee, soap, sugar, hat, candles, boots, Ac. How many of these articles of prime necessity I bought for the money, you can easily determine by the simplest process of arithmetical calculation. Suffice it to say, I expended all but ten dollars of the amount, and bad get neither hat nor shoes, and deuced little of anything else?in short, not enough to fill one of my saddle bags. I went into a shop where they had a quantity of good-looking boots on exhibition in the show-window, intending to buy me a pair, and fully prepared by the experience of the day, to kitv Waal our exceueoi oia mend Squire Maxey, of Market street, would call a tnundoring prioe Tor them. I sat down on a obair with the bottom knocked out, and elevating my foot in front of the manufacturer, who was pulling a wax-end through the sole of a shoe, and pointing to my dilapidated boot, feelingly exclaimed, "Behold the sad ravages of time !" The manufacturer laid down his awl, thrust his finder into a bole in the side of the boot, and giving a sudden twist, made the hole fifty per cent, larger than it was before. 44 Halloo! hold!" I exclaimed, turning pale, for 1 had intended to make the boots last me for every day wear until cold weather sets in, and I was about to swear at the fellow longer and louder than a trooper, but I reflected that profanity would not repair the damage in times like these, and so 1 merely remarked that I wanted a new pair. I have long had a weakness for what they call stitch downs, but have never worn a pair, partly because they oost a oonfound sight of money, and partly because they are too heavy to go to see the girls in For the first named reason I have left unbought a number of things in my time that I was not a little anxious to have. The owner of the shop took down from a peg a pair of stitch-downs. 1 tried them on. I mast do them the justioe to say that they fitted me as handsomely as if my feet had been melted and poured into them. I determined to buy them, cost what they might 44 I'll take these," said I, stamping my right foot violently on the floor, and taking my ten dollar bill from my poeket. 44 Take your pay out of that," said L, handing him the costly shinplaster. , I reilly believe the individual who stood before me at that moment was the most thoroughly astonished bwt maker that I ever saw. He 1 o<ked first at the money and then at me, turning alternately pale and red, while his eye-balls protruded from their sockets as il they had been shoved ontward by some hydraulic pressure within. At last, just as I was about to cry '-fire," or run fer a doctor, oi something of the sort, he spoke: -4 You are from the country, ain't you?" I answered tk.i T p - ul.4 f - a wmm. auu iiuut OI > lOOg W?J in the country, too, ain't you?'" " Tolerably deep." I replied. "I thought so," said he; "them boo^is eighteen dollars." I didn't say another word. I sat down and palled off " them boots" more in sorrow thai in anger, drew on my own, and walked out ol the shop. The proprietor of the establishment must hare taken me for the Prinoe of Wales or the owner of the 8t*te Bank. Eighteen dollars for a pair of boots! I earnestly trust that posterity will not think me too particular abou trifles, but I can't pay suoh prices. I went to the store of my old friend, Joht Ramage, on College street, where I got a firtl rate pair of boots for seven dollars, and having invested the rest of my money in other necessaries, I threw my saddlebags across my hors< and started home, fully eenvinoed by the experience of the day that the small grocer ol whom I purchased four pounds of oandles al fifty cents per pound was correct when he remarked that " things has ris." When I was spending my last red, it did nol occur to me that three toll-gates obstructed th< turnpike between my bouse and the city However, they did not hinder me much. I go through the first ene I came to by telling th< keeper that he would have to ohange a $2< aouar dui, wdmd, oi oourse, tie could not do The other two I rode around. I shall make i all right the next time I go to town. I went to know, now, why they make u? pa] such unhallowed prices for saeh articles, foi ioatanoe, aa sugar, floor, <fco. The sugar oroj of Loniaiana wu never better than the preeen one, and Davidson county never dreamed of i heavier orop of wheat than the laat. To mak< as nay two or three prices for artiolee tha ongnt to he almost a drag in the market i downright robbery?it ia villainona?in ahor it ia damnable, and there ought to be a law U Kt a atop to it. If there ia already anch i ir, then that law ia a "partioeps criminia"? an aeoeeeery to the raaoality?and ought to b< dealt with aoeordingly. In great haato, your friend truly, Q. W. B. Tn*Yisiii Paisoxaas! RtruunoC-Th Charleston Mercury of the 10th has tha following " The Yanke* prlaenera In South Caroline an all anfaly In jnil There they will abide the tee* f toe disk of eur breve prtvuteeremen at tfe North. Bboetd one drop of 9oathcrn Mood b abed by the Northern courts for defending tb S*?ath on the seae. it will be paid with In tares* ii Charleston. Islt p ratectlan end the enfbreemss of the law* of nation* and of humanity alike re qolro, ta thla instance full mid ample retribution It ia a matter at high Stato policy, which rnuatb , earrtod sgt.t THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Most Reliable New* from the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle The present year la undoubtedly the moot eventful In tbe political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Fedoral Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remark&ble Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, f?'l and reliable accounts of all that passes here is mo6t intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want moot satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paoer has been changed from a quarto to the more oonvenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirly-ttco columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Waahington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEARll Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It Is our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States^ but that it shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; tbe news of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic ketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The a ollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and Ihe U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due atteution in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new Inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Wafhijotoh News and Gossip our *p?cialtty, in accordance with the view* set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers 81 0" per year. To Cluos of Five K> cents. To Clubs of Ten 90 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen..... M cents. To Clubs of Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of the Stab, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. > BFISH AND CHEESE. LANCHARD A LKACH. W holesale Dealers in Cheese. No. 86 Sooth st. Baltimore, have iust received a large lot of Maokerei, Herring, Codfish, Hake-fish, Ao.,&o Als<>. prime hasten Cheese. 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AND K5?.vsTu*fi|iHVNS ?W.KNTL,S" : a of at aaeh reoaartoble low pneee 61 ve me a oail g Seventh at. oel lw a |JOME-MADE BOOTS AND SHOES, mm -ee Pa. a*.'. St. itn aod ftli'iia IKK A5ID WOOKDLD SOLDIERS IN HOSPITAL. P*bhsk*d in eonformitf with tkt rtsoiutien / tk* Small of Julf 10, 1801. At Stminary Hospital, Qtorgetoirn, Sor 8. 2d U. 8. Infantry 3 42d Penn. Volunteers. 1 lit do Artillery.... 1 l*t do Artillery... 3 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 1st df Rifles ....'.. 2 6th do do 1 2d ah Cavalry .... 2 2d Vermont Volunteers I 3d do do 2 3d do do.... 3 4th do do 1 5th do do....13 1st do Reserve.... 1 9th Maas&chusets Vol.. 1 3d do do 3 13th New York V?l... 3 4th do do 1 14th do do.... 2 11th do do 1 15th do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 21st do do.(a) 1 lit Michigan Vol 1 22d do do ... 4|3d do do 3 24th do do.... 1 4th do do...(6) 6 29th do do.... 1 Sth do do 1 33d do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol .(c) 8 44 th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 4StJt do do.... 2 6th do do.... 9 dttn do do.... 1 7th do do.... 2 79th do do.... 1 Vowt RetjMBt 1 1st NewYork Artillery 1 Tammany Regiment. 2 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 Excelsior Brigade....17 3d do do.... 1 Cameron Dragoons ...2 &th Penn. Volunteers. 2 Harrison's Cavalry ... 1 '26th do do I (J. M D I '2?th do do 1 Engineer 1 33d do do 1 35th do do 7 Total 136 36th do do...... 2 (<*) One officer. (6) Two officers, (c) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and Washington street*, Georgetown, A'ov. 8. lit Long Island Vol... 1 3d New HampshireVol 2 9th NewYorkVol 1 2d VermontVolunteers 4 13th do do...... 1 3d do do.... 5 14th do do 4 5th do do.... 5 l?th do do 8 4th Rhode Inland Vol. 3 18th do do...... 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 19th do do 4 1st Michigan Vol 2 22d do do 1 2d do do......18 21th do do 1 3d do do 2 26th do do 1 4th do do...... 2 27th do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 1 29th do do...... 1 6th do do 1 33d do do 2 1st Minnesota do 2 34th do do 1 1st California do 7 35th do do 2 2d do do 2 43d do do 7 1st Excelsior Brigade. 11 45th do do.t<Mi 1 2d do do.... 1 50th do do 3.3d do do.... 12 54th do do 1 1st Maryland Vol 2 79th do do 4 2d Penn. Cavalry 4 4th Penn. Volunteers . 1 3d do do 4 6th do do 2 6th do do....... 1 7th do do 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 8th do do...... 1 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 11th do do 111st Indiana Cavalry... 2 12th do do 4 Oneida CountyCavalry 1 23d do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 4 26th do do 1 5th U. 8. Artillery.... 2 27th do do...... 2 5th Rhode Island Art. 1 30th do do 1 1st New York Artillery 1 45th do do 1 1st Indiana Rifles 1 46th do do 2 Mott's Battery 1 47th do do 1 De Kalb Regiment... 2 2d Maine Volunteers. 2 Officers' servants 2 6th do do...... l 7th do do 1 Total 182 2dNewHampshireVol 2 At Hospital at Columbian College, Washington, Not. 8. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 8th New Jersey Vol;.. 1 5th do do 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 7th do do 1 3d do Cavalry 1 9th do do 1 Harlan's Penn .Cavalry 1 2d New Hampshire Vol 4 Chroman's Rifles 4 3d Go do.. 1 1st Penn Volunteers.. 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 3d do do 2 3d do do.... 1 4th do do 5 6th do do.... 1 8th do do...... 9 10th Massachusetts Vol 8 10th do do 5 14th do do. 2 12th do do...... 4 19th do do. 1 nth do do..44.. l 4th Rhruto (aland V?1 1 *??h Hn An ... 9 1st Long island Vol .. 1 31st da do 3 1st NewYork Cavalry . 1 33d do do 9 JM do Vol 3 35th do do 1 23d do do 2 40th do do '2 24th do do 2 lit Michigan Cavalry. 6 35th do do...... 5 1st do Vol 4 35th do do 2 2d do do 1 37th do do 5 4th do do 2 43d do do 1 7th do do...... I 44th do do 3 *th do do 10 49th do do 1 Ptockton's Mtcb Vol.. 4 1st Exc?lslor Brigade. ?j5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 2d do do,... 2 0th do do.... 4 De Kalb N. Y Vol ... 4 7th do do.... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 3 1st Minnesota Vol 1 Berdan'sSbarpshooters 1 8tb Illinois Cavalry... 1 Oneida N Y Cavalry. 3 19th Indiana Vol 7 McClellan's Dragoons. 1 1st D C. Volunteers.. 2 litNew Jersey Cavalry 11 1st California Vol 1 2d do Vol.... I 5th do do.... 3 Total............195 7th do do.... 1 At Omoral Hospital, (Circlt,) Washington, Nov 8. Officers 2 1st U. 8 Infantry 2 2d U. S. Cavalry ..... 6 3d do do 5 4th do do 3 3d do do 3 5th do do 2 9th do do 1 1st do Artillery .... 2 24th New York Vol... 2 2d do do 4 2d Penn Cavalry 2 3d do do 3 Quartermaster's Dep't i 4th do do 1 ? 5th do do 3 Total 41 Sick rtmainiXg is the Hospital for Emptiv* Diseases, at Kalorama. Nov 8. 3d U 8. Infantry 2 46tb PennsylvanlaVol. 1 Ath do Cavalry 5 McKnlgbt'sPenn.Vol 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 1st New Jersey Civalry 4 7th do do 11 1st Michigan Cavalry .12 31st Nsw York Vol... 1 5th do Vol I 31th do do.... 1 5th Wisconsin Vol.... 1 44th N.Y.(P E R )Vol 4 7th do do....13 46th New York Vol... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 20th N. Y. (S.M ) Vol. 1 19th Indiana Vol 11 1st New fork ArtlllerylO 1st do Cavalry.. 1 2d Excelsior Brigade. 2 Quartermaster's Dep't 2 Harris Light Cavalry. 1 ? i.* uAnn...i?..(. \rAf i A" i? i cuiuji'uiw tw. i| 1 inu mmmiumoH 8th do do.. l| At Fifth Distriet School House Hospital, Branch of Mineral Hospital on E street, Nov. 8 Cameron Dragoons... 1 50th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 lat Kentucky Cavalry. 146th do do.. 1 2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 23d do do.. 1 3d Michigan Vol 1 12th do do.. 1 29th New Y ork Vol... 1 8th Michigan Vol 1 10th Massachusetts Vol 1 -id Vermont Volunteers 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 45th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 ? 4th do do.. 1 Total...., 16 At St . Elizabeth Hospital, Eastern Branch, Nov 8. 1st Kxcelslor Brigade. 5,4.h Excelsior Brigade. 14 id do do 151 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Nov.B. 2d U. 8. Artillery .... 1 3d Michigan Vol 4 15 th New York Vol... 3 5th do do.. .(b) 7 16th do do....86 3d Maine Volunteers. 10 17th do do....11 4th do do 7 18th do do.... 4 5th do do II 95th do do.... 0 1st New Jersey Vol... 1 96th do do.... 5 5th do do.... 1 27th do do IS 1st RhodeIslsnd Art.. 1 31st do do.... 8 1st Massachusetts Art. 2 33d do do 41 Cameron Rifles. 2 37th do do.... 2 2d Fire Zouaves 1 38th do do.... 5 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 40th du do.... 6 1st Minnesota Vol 1 79th do do.... 1 Harlan Cavalry 1 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 5 Teamatets 2 32d do Volunteers. 4 Civilian 1 61st do do 2 8hth do do 5 Total 182 1A UlKViln* 17nI l.lll (a) One officer. (6) One officer If? WuLlnuton paper* pleeae copy and tend Wi? to the Wu Department boy 14?3t \f SERVANTS' WEAR i"l A N Y Moat ebr ioe ?M ?eleot fabric* not to be had eleewhere, made to order, tor aerooU' wear of both >iioi. Tha tbore, vitk all otiiar kiaria of Dry ttooda, at pneea adapted to the ovaati of email paraea. An Inspection ofatook inoara uu obligation to purchase. PERKY ft pSLU., Pa uaue ana Ninth it, O U 5t **Perry BaHding." N~~~ 'BALMORAL SKIRTS ' EW And (Tilth patten* of tha proper ?id tha, bo is K M Parry buildi n< H0r johnitoh, altinori lock hospital, fid AimirH tkt ?mi Ctrt*m, ?Uy EJ;*etuai Kemtdf t* tkt World, foe all diseases of imprudence. let NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. apply immediately. A CURE WARRANTED, OR NO CHARGE, PROH ONE TO TWO DAYS. ViUnm if kncmru, Afactiaa* of lha bill;! ?nd Bladdtr " nil ir Diacnarf**, ImpatMcv, rai Debility, Nar.?cmacaii, IjMMpii, Ltann, Coofaaiaw f Idaat, Low Spr.u, ? . p?'.iUO? at the Ha?rt, Timidity, Tr*mbUn(*, Dimoaa* of (t(it or Qiddin***, DIhin of lit* ad, Throat, No** or 8kin, ifictini o( thi Lun, tornach or Bowala?thaa* Timbli Diaordar* iraug Iron Solitary Habit* of Yoaih?thai* Praadfal and D*uracilr* PractKii which rtnd*r Murriaf* impoaeiM*, an! d**tr*T balk Body and Mi Ml. YOVNO MEN apacKlly who ba?a become lha ricuma af oliury Tie*, that dr*adfal aod deetracu?e habit wbith aunaally awaapa la an anomaly yrav* thoaaande at Toarf Men *f the Boat eialted talanta and brilllaat intallaet, who mtfht ath*rwia* ha?a eatranced Uetamnf Btnataa with lha thcadara of ala. aaenc* or waked to eccucy th* llrinf lyr*, may tall with fail eooldaoca MARRIAGE. MillllO PulORl.oc Yoaof Man eaoiampUUbf Marria?a, baiof awara of phyeical weakneea, orfaoi* debility, derormiati, Ac., apetdily earad. Ha who p'.acaa hiraaaH aider lha ear* *f Dr. J. Bay relirlaaaly eoaflde in hi* honor aa a gentleman aod eaoldtauy raly apon hia skill a* a phyalcian. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. I*ft hand (id* roinf froai Baltimore itreei, a faw doar* fran tba corair. rail not to eoaarr* nana* and aambet. keuer* na*l b* paid acd contain a tump. DR. JOHNSTON, M*mbarof th* Royal Coll*jr* of Sarftao*, Laodac, f radaat* from oo* of th* raoat eminent Collefee ta th* Uaitad tat**, and th* ri*at*r part of who** hf* haa b**n *p*nt ia tha boapiula of London. Part*, Philadelphia and iKwmr*, haa effected *oma of th* mo*: aatomehiuf ear** that w*r* *T*r known; many troubled with nnfiiif ia th* haad aod ara whan a*leep; freai cer<oa*i.???, ceiaf alarmed at *add*n scondt, baehfalneee with freqacat blaehinf, *tt*ad*d miumt* with derangement of miad, w*r* carad tnimedlatil). _ TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Toanf Men ajid other* who bar* injured th*ro**l*e* by a eerum praetic* indulf ad in whan alx>n*? a habi' fr*qa*atly learned from *ti1 companion*, or at acbool, th* fleet* of wbien ara nightly fait a?a? whan aalaap, and if not earad, randara ournifa impoceibte. aod deitroy* both mind and 9'T, (QOGiQ appij ifnajctinviT. Thin ara 101111 of lb* aa J and malancboly afacta prodaead by arit babita of ronUi, ?it: Waakoaaa of tha B?efc and Lira r. a, Puna in (ha H??d, Ehmotaa of 8ifht, Lou of > Puwar, Palpitation of in* Haart, Dyapapay, Narroaa irruabiluy, Daraufaioant of tha Dtfaau** Fuituou, Gaaaral Dahinty, Symptom* of Coiianmptioa, Ac. kl I'TiLiT.-T*? fearful afacta on tha mind art coach la ka draadad?Loaa of Mamory, Confaaioo of Idata Dapraaaioc of flpirita, EtiI Forabodinga, Avaraion of Bociaty, alf-Diatruai, Lot? of Solitada, Timidity, ate., ara aoma of til* a?ila prodaead. NmtoC* PBIILITT.?Thoaaanda eaa now Judfa what la tha caaaa of thair daclminf health, looinf tiiair rigor, ha coml.n g waak, pal a, narauo* and amaciatad, ha?tn< a ainfslat appaaranca a boat tha ayaa, coafh or aymptoraa al cooaampDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tha raiarnidad and imprndent votary of plaaaara to da ba baa imbibad tha aaada of tbia painfaI diaaaaa, it too of tan bappana that anili-timad aanaa of abama or draad of diacoaary datara him from apply inf to iboaa who, from adncauon and raapactability, can auma bafriand him. Ha (alia into tha handa of ifiioraut aad daatf oiaf pratar dara, who, incapabi* of canur, filch hia pacar.iary, keap aim triling month aftar month, or aa lonf aa tna aaaallaat faa caa ba okUinad, and la daapair laa?a himwith reload haalth to airh oaar cia jrallinf diaappointnant; or by tha aaa of that daaaiy potaon ?Marcary?h&atan tha eouautsuonal aymptoma of tbia tarribla diactat, acch aa Afaction* of tha Haau.Tbroat, Haad, kin, 4c.. prorraaatnf with frifb-AM rapidity, till doath pata a panod to bia draadfal aafanofa wf aandiof bimt o ib?t aadtacoaarad tautri baa: whoaa koarna do traTalar rataroa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCY. By thia rrtat ar.d unittrunt rtmady waakoaaaof tha organ* ar* iptadlly carad ana fail ?tf?r raaurad. Tboaaandaa? tna aoat carraaa and dabiliutad, who had ioat all hapa, lata haan immadiataly rahavad. All tmpadiiranu i? Marriaf*, Pby*t?al ar Mantal DtoaaalUcatiana, Loaa of Pvocraauaa Pawar, Marvoaa Irritability, fraiablin* and Waakiiaaa or lutaauio of lha aaoat faarfal kted apaadlly carad. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Taa Mart Thou*and* carad at thia toatitauoo withta lha laat Mvtntaan ratra, and tha uamaroa* important Barfiaa! operation* parwrrcad br Dr. Johr.aton, wiuiaaaad by tha rat*r;ara of tha papara ana macy o'har raraoni, noucaa of Kiek hifi lnntipid imn uifl irim bmrl tha zmblte. bm 'c!ta hit tvaodiuf u a |ir.Uinu ?f charmcur *?4 nipiittHit 17. U a txflsitni fiirtr.tti u tfct a>?ctad. car 13-1 j NOTICE. SjBBMdMKMK " A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY.*? This Company offers to the public** Unequalled Advantage*" for the Safe ana Quick I'ispatoh of Heavy Freight* Packages, Valuables, Money, Ao Ac., to all parte of the United states. Expresnes to and from the No'th and Westden", from and arrive id Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in charge of trptntnctd and reltnblt Meeaengera. All Packages for The Soldiers earned at "onb hal*'- our usual rates. All Go-ids for the no-oalled "Confederate States" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rkvckkd. Ou Expresses leave New York at 1. S. and 6 P. M., arriving in Washington at A. M. ana 6JP Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at f ? P. M, and 6 A, M* EAp-senes leave Ra tiaiore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M., irriviag in WavLington at 6 A. M. and 59) P M. Expresses for all points North and WfM leave Washington at 73) A. M. and 2.30 p M. daily. S;<?oiaT Contracts lor arge quantities of Freight oar. be mads o . application to this ?-ffice. Al' Good* called for and delivered frssof Extra charges. E. W. PARSONS, Pn p't Adams' Express Company. Washi eg ton, August a, 1861. an ?-tf Ywood and coal. OU Will sorely get yoar money'a worth by oalling at the PIONEER MILL?, car sir of !%*r*nth ttrtit and Crnmi, |6EO. PA6E, Agent.) They frill oh>aParana give better lueaanr* than any otheis in tlie city?out. split. and uoiiv Bred free of oh&rfe. ff yoa con 11 eliere ? i rt the Pioneer Mills atria.,aDd beuiisfiM. viT.r gOOTS AND TO 8VIT 111 W e are now manafaeumnj all kinda of BOOTI u< SHOES, and oorjstantly raoevrinr . oj eaatorn made work of ererTda-BBB Etioc. m.vle ex>resi'y to order, and willy fmj id at a uiaoii lower arioetha: haa been* m tofore charted is una *ity far maok inferior artielea. Persons ic want of Boots and Shoes of eastern or aity made work, will always Cud a cood assortmsa ia store and at tae lowest arioea. wive at a oall. gfilFFlN 4k BRO., ul IW RwrnliiM ?* ??? KM V SUPPLIES. JUST KECEirEDMT) oana SAISA6E MEAT, 340 caug FiiEMJ TOMATOES, 4?'oaa? FRESH VEAL, sen cans BEEP, a la w%cd*t Ma oana ROAST BEEF. WOoara FRESH MUTTON, M9 oana BEEF and UKAVY, Uo oana SOUP and BOUILLI, ? oa*os french dedicated VE?E Tables, Far a&le at New York Factory prioea. king a ci rchfcll. se > Corner I apd Fifteenth streets. Hnew books. I9TORY of the United Netherlanda, by Joha Lotbroa Motley ; 2 vela.; free b? mail, 14. The Rise of the Duicn Repnbii*. a nutory, by John Lothrop Motley; 3 res eioth; free by mail, Silas Marnar, the Wearer of RaveJol, by the author of "Adam Beds oioth Ttleaau ; M Life and Career of Major Aadre, by Wmtrop Sarreact: 91 JO. Aflsr Iceberg* with a Painter, a Snrrmer Voyace to l^ahrador and Newfoundland; by Kit Loon L NoU+illM. The Manufacture of Photoceiuo or Hrdro-Cferboc Oils, by Thomas Antuali, M. D., Any of the above free by mall. FRENCH* EICH9TEIN, _iptt 9T* Penna. avenue. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hare reoeived within the laat day or two a larce asaortment of BOYH* SPRING CLOTHING, embracing al: styles of low-prioad, median, and fine qualities, which we are selling at vary low arioea for oaali. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 3US Pa. av., between 9th and 1Mb sta. m tf (lnte.'liseucer and Remblioan.) whieh we invito alt can ft purchasers to before making their elections WALL. MWftCNS It CO., 399 Pa. av? between Mb and 1Mb eta. ig (late qgenoer and Eeyabltaaa.) rbUPONTTS GUNPOWDER, Sale Am*mat far lirPmna a< CWimUw. gvciwmur FbOC. cito Mn_ w^nMsanKr HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIOHLY CONCMIfTRATMD" Compound Fluid Xxtract Euohu, A Potutrt mmd SptcxJU Riwmdf For Dimhm of U? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, u4 DROPSICAL 8 W ELLIN 68. Tht* Madioioo iDortttM tit* puwer of l>if Mtioa , ft.d o*citM th? abroxkk^ti i a to . afeMj Mtol, by which the watbbt ok r?Lr ciori dopotiut >a. * ad a I miiTCkAL inLttaiM ?mi? ir* r<*dsvM. ft' votl ft< PAIN ahd ISILaMMaTIOW, Ud > f(M f0r MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDRRN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU Arm at from E*o--hm, Hitu of i>iMip?Uel, JKwrty h dncr^t;<?n or A^bm, jg i (n?K a mil imr h)di*po?ition to Exertion, Lou of Powar* Lnoa of M'norr, Difficulty of Bw Uj nf. Weak N^rv~e, TrrtrK^, PHorror of D'?ta*c, Wakefuiaeae, imceaa of Viwno, Pw? is the HMk( niv>r?a Lassitude of the Mneealar J*??tem, riot Ha.d*. Fofhici of the B'Aj, Drynet a of the Pkin. Eruptione on the Fao*. PALLID rorXTKHAWC*. Trifte ?ympt- m*. 11 a owed to (o en. which thu medicine invariably remove, toon fo'lowa IMPOTENCY,FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, In one of wkick tkt Patient may Umftr*. Who oan ear |W they are not fro^amtlf followed bi ihoae "dihttl diiums," INSANITY* AND CONSUMPTION.* Maiy are aware of the eaaee of their nftriac, BCT HOWS WILL CORVta*. THE RECOHI Sor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tke Melanekoly D?atkt hi ftwptfca. BXAK 1XFL1 WITH I*? TO Til T1CTH Of Til UntTIOR. w Wm&fcViMBr1"* Re^uiree the aid of nedioiae to etrenrthea aad iLTigoraU the Syeten which HLLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU invnrtmhh <*W A T1IAL WILL C05VIHC1 TBI MOBT aKBTTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTKMPLATI.NO tfARRlAG^ In Many Affections PtreUxar te Pttnaies the Fxtract Boom la n nee nail d by any other rom dy, a* in Chloroaia or RetetUoD, Irr juianty. Painfalneee, or Sappreeeion o< Cneiomarr Evaluation. Uioerateo or Schirrona etate of the Utarus, Leuour^hea or Whitee, Sterility. ar.ri for all oomnfaiQta moident to the aex. whether an a tag from Iadiaoration, Habiu of Diaaipatioa. or m the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE t BIB 8THPTOIM ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, Merrmrf, or Unpleasant Median* for VnvUasant and Dangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU enn SECRET UtlEAIEI In all their Sta?e?; At little Exfenae; Litzie or no obajige in Diet; No moonveaieaoei A%d HO /t jpilMfl It cause* a freqa-at deaire aud ftvee strength to t riuiv, vuv puj *\.mi tid| \'ubi uuvk'l>i Prevantiug and CHiiu? Siriolures of the L ratiira. Ailajiui raiaar.d nitmnitbuk. m fre^aent in the oliM of disea>ea. and exi>*.iiat *ti Peuotums, iMttat*d, ?ad wr? mk Mvttr. TBotli.lDi OPOM TBOCiaHM IWHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QVACES, and who I ?th patu krary jttf to be cured in a short time, tiaT? foMCJ ttk i were daoaired, tuid that the has, try the nae?.f "row.r/ul ajiruMesua" beta aried op in the ajatera, to break oat in aa MI rarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIA9M. Ua* HibLMBULD'8 bXTRACT BUCHU all affect. out and diseaa-s of us CHIil&KY OE6AIVI, whether existing in MALI OR FEVALK, from whatever oauae originating and bo matter of HOW LOSG ITANPINO Diaeaaea of theee Organ* require tne aid ef a Divaxnc. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV IB THE GREAT DIURETIC. and it it oertain to have the affect ta Dieeaeea fmr iMtu i) u r*commm4a4. btibbbcb or tib bobt bbbpobbiblb abb b?liablb cbabactbb wilCaooompan; tae ?diotaaa. CERTIFICATES OP CURES. From 8 to 90 yrara' ataodlBf, with Names know to SCIENCE AND FAKE. MPHYSICIANS" PLEASE m NOTICE." WB HLAKl "BO ucur" or "IBCBBDlBBTf H ELM BO Li>U KXTKACT UUCHD la eoaapoeedof Uiekv, Catobeftad Jenifer Borneo. aeleoied witt (rat* oftre bf ft ooaipeteat drifgiaU PREPARED IN VACUO, BT H. T. UILNBULD, Fimetioftl ftud AanlrtMftl Choanal. ftnd Bole Mu uiftctnrer of eelmbolds genuine preparations. AFFIDAVIT. F?r*ouftUT o?fore m* fto Aidtrau e* the city of fhi ftuc.ptift, h. i. Uklmkold, vk i being dnly ewe n.dotn tay.hU prep?rmtic>ne eoe tftia bo nieroury.or otft&r lajftnaaa drugi, batftre pareiy vegetable. H T bELIIBOLD. . Sworn ftad eiibeenbed lyfure iM.uiialw of November, IIM. WM. P. tiIBBril). Aldn mftc, NlctU el., a ore Bftoe. PBlift. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P M. Price SI par kettle, er all tar M. Delivered to aay ftddreae, aooaroly peaked ftw obaanrafcaa. Add raai letteie for infonaaOoa 1b eoald? la H. T. HELM BOLD, Ck?mitt, Depot, m Boatk Taatk at, below Cbeetaai. PWJft. t BEWARE or COUNTftRmTi AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS MaMi'i Otmmmt Pr^aranaai, u m Extract B*ttbm, m a * SerieferiJk, m feHMaai Xaaa WeaA. Bold by S. B. Waits. X. 0. njua, iwma Wilm, S. C. ftu. a. B. bmniTLi, c. Mifot? Liwm * Lifi?i 1. K. Mam>. WukiatM Imirtiwi, AND ALL DRV?IBT9 tTMMYWMMAM. ? si 1* U - ? " ' itt VOft KRLKBOLD 8 TAXI BO OTHB. . ? >4 Jv' * : I Omt mtlths Kfv* buMtt ml U M. NO AVOID IV POM nom awl KX^Mfll Dttril* Sympfwu hi ? C|i?"irtrTI? 1 OHM flNnitMd ! I4rk* flWiHl ' flMw

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