Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1861 Page 2
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T11 EJS) EKING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ? ATraOAY.^ MHlMIMNI, ~ -jr? - <**? tw ant* at ?bc nrlMH WIlKarr ca?p* and win confer a ft tot hy keeping aa poated * u 1% nxrrfiiimti ind nAln In tHf Tlclnlttd, ' irr to our Baltimore mdfti we would kav 11 ttiat tbe tr*t and fond edition of tbe Star cin 1 t* had In Baltimore of E. F Batelton, agent, I fio T< w?*t Baltimore ttreet, near Gay?the Bret 1 ditlon at haK pMI four and tbe aeeond at eight 1 ?"clock, on tbe arrival of tbe trains from w'aah- 1 inglon. f Wing all the lateat new* from the Beat of war op to the time of going to prat. ' Spirit of the Maralag Fren. The l%fU*e*nrir point* out how the dogma of ' 'State Rights," to whlrb It* founders yielded aneh profcaned homage, ha* been coatamned and ignored by the "Southern Confederacy " The Rfpnkhcit* advocate* placing in excite duty opon cotton. , OCR MaiTART BUDGET. Another Most Important tfaval Achievement. Mrioi and (Udell Taken. AU THEIR ATTENDANTS. MALE AND FEYIALE, TAKEN. THBY ARRIVE AT FORTRESS MONROE. PROBABLY BROUGHT TO WASHINGTON TO-DAY. At 11am InMiv. th? War and Nnv Dcoart tnenW received advices from Fortresn Monroe, of the arrival there, yesterday, of John Slidell and James M. Mason, and all tbelr attendants (suite), male and female, In cnitody of Captain or Lieut. Taylor, of the U 9. war ateamer San Jacinto, by which vessel they were made prisoners In the West Indie* Within a faw minutes after our first edition S??a to press to-day, Capt. (or Lieut.) Taylor will rsnch tht* city, and, it la believed at the Navy Department, will bring wl?h him all hla prisoner* We will doubtless able ere Issuing th<" second edition of to-day a Stir, to learn and get In rpe all the interesting particulars of this most I Important capture. TMimn. The most important news of the day ia, certainly. the suceaa of tba Unionists of East Tecnesnee in destroying the bridges upon the different railroads connecting Richmond and the Manassas nrirsv with Georgia and the State* bordering the Mississippi, lnrl :ding Kentucky So far (and on the same n'ght) they burned eight important bridges, on three different rail-oads, and fired a ninth, which failed to burn. In ao doing, one Union man only was killed, and three have been made prisoners, charged with being so eDgagtd At one point the Unionists seized all the guard of ene oL the bridges, and carried them off, no one laov^wrbitber. Tae scheme was doubtless pre arranged, through the Union secret associations that are now being rapidly organized throughout the Sooth. This achievement will be of Incalculable advantage to the I'oion cause; insomuch as It completely destroys the enemy's facilities of lnter-communicatlon. Nowhere have they any feeilitlea of transportation to speak of, except by railroad, and the loss of the latter must prove a terrible blow to them, es their newspapers already centos The Intense fear tbey manifest lest 7.olllooffkr's force may speedily come to disaster throogh the loas of its late means of communlca, twn with Ita base of operations. More than cne of the destroyed bridges were of rach extent a that, with their means of reconstructing them, there can be little hope of so doing for many precVoua months to come. DMM1MID CNOIK a M IS AT P a EH 105. Capt Gurdln Chapln, U. 8. A., who. while in New Mexico, some time since, was dismissed from the Armv, turns out to have been dismissed uadera misapprehension that be was a sympathiser with secession. He was born In Alexandria. Va , la 1931, and entered the Military Academy at the age of 18, in 1641; graduated with Cttdlt in 1931, and entered the 7th U. S. infantry u brevet second lieutenant in July same year; promoted to second lieutenant Aug 44, 1863; first Lea tenant March 3, 1955. and captain Wd April, KM- *u nmrUrmutrr nf Iflh Mtllrv Kt*h fortva ia 1-56, and adjutant 7th Infantry from B-ptember, 1859, to March, 1641 Capt Chapln waa, upon the breaking out of the rebellion, la command of the remote and important post of Fort Buchanan, and the resordaof the Department show thit thta duty wai exerciaed with energy and good faith. Having been ordered to reinforce Major Lvnde at Port Fillmore la July laat, and learning that Lynde had surrendered hla command to a force of Texas Veb*ls, and being aware that every effort waa mada to compel him to aurrender to a superior force, be fareed hia way to Port Craig?a diatance of 120 Miles?in three daya and three nlghta continuous marching, carrying with him upwarda of. g 10,1)00 worth of Government property, constating of six wagoea, with their teams, &c , and aafHy conducting through the enemy'a linea upwards of f.rty women and children, with an eacort of only twentf-fire men. He waa pursued by Capt. Copewood and one hundred men, whom he threw off hla track. Capt Chapia then: c?>nalructed the defmaee of Fort Craig, and while {terrorising this duty was appointed Adjutant General of the Department of New Mfiico, on Col. Caoby'a etad While performing tbla duty, he la notified that he has been dismleaed from the Army, for expreealng hia intention, laat spring, to resign?an intention which he never carried into effect. He immediately alerted fer Waahlngton, where hearrivtd a few daya since He haa nctlfied the Preetdwit that be proteata hla loyally, and that he had already how* it la the field. We learn that Captain C speaks i n terms of the higheat praise of Colonel Canby and hia energetic cforta to reclaim the Department from the doom lo which th? tr?!U>ra Fauntleruv and I.orincr bad wall-sigh contlgaed it, and thinka that under Ceaby'a admialatratloa aeceeelon will aoon b?* driven from New Mexico, and a triumphant colvu rf attack marching Into Northern Texaa. The volusteera were rapidly flocking to the Uaioa OUadirtf , twenty-flee hundred'tbercughly experienced and reliable frontiersmen hiring already watered the eervlce npon hla call. mtt yabb. The Cmur do Lion went down to the flotilla laat night, and retaraed at 1 o'clock thia moralng. She reperta affaire anchanged down the elver. A eeaetiag aloep ran tie blockade yeeterday, and although forty roanda were fired at her front tbe Confederate batterlee, not a shot atruck her. The teamen who have heretofore moaned Port Eilewortk aad the Naeal Battery, near Alex, aadrla?ebovt SflO la number?ore bow at the Yard Tbey were brought up on the ateemen King Philip, Pueey, aad Leslie, Hat Bight. They are ia good practice, aad will probably be taken at eoce to book point where they can be made MMmMI. number of thtae men found a barrel of whtakj oa board of the Kiag PhLllp while oa their way up and got druak and dlaordcrly. The fllcera had to exert their authority to keep tbe peace, and a teaaldrrabii number of thorn were pal t? double Ironaon reaching the yard. The Harriet Laae ha* her crew oa board, and fkie aioralag ?Urted dowa to jota the flotilla. a oaaMD atviiw. v ft baa been arranged that a review of at leeat 30.000 Ualoa troope ahall take placoo* Monday est, probably eooMWhere between Port Corcoran ad Mnnaan*a Hill We do not feel at liberty today tettate sore particularly coaceralag It. tub rtnr. * The beat from Fednw U on roe that art 1 ?od UIj faraaooo at Baltlmora. Uougtt ?m? more aowe at the flea Nothii* re<:yd U?n? point fromU *****J I I teat cotto*. Mitft 5i?r : Htv'ng mured it tteillfBt ontst la the South Carol I at coast for the thl patent t cotton, 1 trait there will at once be elgorout ! Mtomi Uken for aceompflehlng the deal r able ' >bject< and that no more namby-pamby will be 1 ndulged In about It. Let all the cotton bto at ?oee aelted by tbe military, aad Accumulated at out convenient point for putting It on ahlpboard. jet an accurate account be taken of theownera, iB far at can be had, particularly of such aa haa Men disposed of to the rebel government for the surpooe of providing It with the slneWs of War; ind then let the buatneaa of thlpp'.ng go en With?ut de'ay, and with at little " led tape'* aa possible The proceeda of ?al? can afterward* be accounted for to any toyal peraona entitled to them. Meanwhile let me beg that Beaufort may not prove another Ratteraa?left almoat to take care of Itaelf, with an Inadequate force. Of thla I have tome hope, aa there don't appear to be any political ofllrera connected with the expedition, who Will be mora anxloua to run home and make aelfglorification tpeecbea than to aecure the fruit of the tucce*a. bomb bibbl raaiiaa that wtaa r.itmwixto. Editor Star: After the heavy gale which followed the aalllng of the Union fleet and army for the focua of rebellion, plout aeceaalonltts in Alexandria were heard to say, ? It looks aa If it were providential;" and doubtless many prayera were offered up for the success of the atorm In destroytng our brave men and gallant ablpa. Now that Providence haa permitted the fleet to arrive In aafety at the 41 haven where they would be," and to land their paaaengera upon the aoll of South Carolina, it la hoped theae ploua traitors who rolled up their eve* like ducks in a thunder atorm when praying for destruction, will cheerfully eubmtt and give thankt that their prayera were not answered In the way of their Impious desire. LITEST FROM PORT ROYAL. Arrirtl it th? Steamer Ctaiztctilcii. By the arrival of the transport steamer Coatzacoalcoa at New York the Herald hai a letter from Port Royal, under date of Monday, the Uth lnat : Fort Walkir, Port Roynl Harbor, S C., > November 11, 1881. \ On Saturday noon last, In pursuance of the orders of Flag Officer Dupout, the gunboats Seneca, Lteuten ut Commanding David Ammen; Pembina, Lieutenant Commanding John Bankhead, ana the Curlew, Lieutenant NVortmongh, proceeded up the Beaufort river to reconnoitre, and to take possession of two llghtboats, which bad been removed there early in the summer. The boats proceed rapidly up the stream, clear for action, and ready for any emergency, but the bsakf ol the river were found desertrd. save by groups of negroes, who were observed to gaze upon the novel sight of three war vessels, bearing the Stars ar-d Stripes, on South Carolina waters, with curiosity, If not with lively fear No whites could be seen, and no defences of any kind could be descried, besides a battery near Beaufort, where the guns had been taken out and transferred to Bay Point. On arriving at a point about half a mile distant from Beaufort, anlte a number of persons were observed to leave tne village, and hastily take to the woods Soon thereafter, on approaching the village a little nearer, Capt. Ammen, of the Seneca, sent Lieutenant Sprotson in a boat to the shore, with a flag of truce, to communicate to the people and to assure them of perfect safety to tneir persons and property, and inviting them to return to thei: nomts On landing Lieut Sprotoon was met by a num ber of negroes, who < seined greatly rejoiced to tec blm, and who cheered lustily for tbeStara and Stripes Tbey Informed Lieut Sprotaon that there were but two whites left In the village, and took blm to one, who met the lieutenant at the door of bis atore waving a flag of truce, and exhibiting in hla manner every Indication of deep fear. This man, a Northerner by birth, reported that the negroes were peifectly wild, and were plundering stores and dwellings, wantonly destroying property of^very kind and carrying off everything of a portR>le character that tbey could lay their handa upon. Tbey had been worked up to pitch of frenzy by tbelr masters, who bad ahot several negroes who refused to accompany them Into the woods, and away from the village, to C event tbem from communicating with the nlted Staten forces; and that the negroes were retaliating in this manner, and that the lives of the remaining whites and their property were horribly insecure.. A perfect saturnalia had begun. The negroes reported that the rebel forre which lately occnpled the fortifications on St. Phillip's Island had, with the Beaufort Artllle.y. retired In a baatv manner to Port Roval Ferry, about ten m'.les distant, where there was a force of about 1,000 men Of theae facta being known toCapt. Ammen. be returned to ber and reported tbem t* Com Dupont.who Immediately ordered the Unadllla.Capt. Collins, the senior officer of the gunboats, to proceed to Beaufort and suppress any excesses that the negroea might commit in tbelr efforts to retaliate against tbelr mastera, and to take particular pal us to aasure the wbitc Inhabitants that we bad no Intention to disturb them In their rights or In the enjoyment of private property, and in the spirit of these Instructions, and, in accordance with theae principles, to use every effort to restore confidence, to bring the neople bark to their homes, when order should be re-established and peraonal Afety and the rights of private property secured to all We have not heard from the Unadilla as yet, but there will be no more excesses committed If Com Dupout and the forces under bis control can prevent it; and I am sure that Gen. therman la controlled by the same sense of duty. It was ascertained that both of the llghtboata for which the gunboat* ijrere burned by the rebels immediately afW they had recele^ed iatslligence of the capture of Fort Walker and Battery Beauregard, on Biy Point So one of the objects of the expedition was not attained Llgbboata will undoubtedly be sent down from Hatteras Inlet at an early day, so that one may be placed on Martin's Industry, and the other at another important point, Thesurveyingstesmer Vixen,with Captain Boutelle, Is now engaged In laying out buoys at the entrance of and In the harbor This work will soon be completed, and no difficulty will be experienced by masters of vessels in getting into Jhe harbor by aid of the chart, although there will be pilots to bring vessels in. The Ottawa, In command of Commander Htevons, is covering Scull Crtt-k. and thus the water co:nmunlcatlon oetween Savannah and Charleston is effectually cut off This will cause a great deal of trouble and annovance to the rebels, ss the rsllroad between the cities of Havannah and Charleston la miserable enough, and not capable of doing the business that will now De4enMI>ded of It. The squadron will not long remain Idle, but the brilliant success already gained will be followed up, and every advantage gained before the tremendous moral effects of the late victory die out This is but the opening of the winter rainand it la boptd that the auaplclous beginning but presagts the more gloriou end Tbe Sutquebauna frigate sailed yesterday for Charleston, where she goes on blockading service, until the tlm? comes fo r anew exhibition of her rowers. The bark Gem of the Seas hat Milod for North Kdisto, where she will er.forcc the blockade. \\ e have bad one or two little interview* with tbe rebels within a day or two past, in which there have been a few shots exchanged, but with no particlar results on either side Tbe enemy are wltbln Ave on teu miles of us, In small de tarbmenta. Tbey are doubtlees receiving reinforcements dally, and they may iii a short time combine and present a formidable front. YVc have no reaaou to fear that we shall be driven out of tbe positions we have acquired, but there doei not appear to be that active preparation for wha must surely come tnat the importance of tb< position would call for. Let us hope that thii will also be sttendcl to In good time There an a few things that are patent to all, and I trust tha I taay be excused for alludlrg to them as I hav< done. Commodore Dupont and General Sherman wen to have visited Beaufort to-day, but were prevent ed by the heavy fog which settled on the bay unti nearly aoou. Tbey will go tip to-morrow in i gunboat, accompanied by tbe Wabash's launches with tbe Dahlgren guns. 1 shall accompany tb< expedition, the result of which I cannot give un 1 til tbe next steamer?probably tbe Atlantic Tb< weather has Iren delightful at nee our arrival here i Tbe climate is delicious, and all tbe spleudors o i the Indian summer add a beauty to sky, tea, ant the green shores of tbe bay. Magnificent ora- g< grove* are found wltbln a abort distance of ou camp, aud tbe fruit, which i* quite abundant, i i of an excellent quality. There are tbouaaada o busbels of sweet potatoes within our lines, upoi , wblcb our troops are feasting. Cotton and suga cane fields, tbe former white with bursting boll i and tbe latter ripe and golden as malxe, are to b i found oa tbe Island. Indeed everything abou us seem* to Mis pleasant snd satisfactory ss on cou;d desire. There could be no more deairabl 1 spat tor winter quarter* for our troop* The will certainly auter but little from the cold, i that la tbe only dtacomfort in tbia latitude durlni tbe winter month*. May tbey long be able I bold It. t Coaaouaa ArremTMaar*?Tha follow lag *( . poiniaeat* of Ceneuls have been made: Gee. W Palmer, ofNew York, at Candia; Wm.S Speai of Kentucky, at Zaaxlbari H in ton lowtt Half er, at Buenos Ayre* TaaDK To BulfAtt ?Par tbe Information c i applicants to tbe OoTerntsat, too namerous to b I atsw?red Individually, w? are aatborixed to aa : tbat tbaa tor no dacttona baa been made la regan t? per mitt lag trade to Jfcaafort or Its vteUlty. < a .v 4 LATEtT NEWS tfcOM THE SOCTtt Iat?rntit| Detail* ! li?ik?ra N?*i. From the Norfolk Day Book of Thursday, and Richmond papeta of Wednaaday, We make op I tte following Interesting lutnmary of southern hew* t THE Btl?A01MB!?T AT BIArreiT. I Tbe Charleston Courier, of the 11th, si*** f?tU particulars of tbe engagement it Hilton Head and Bay Point. It says; , , The veaaela had all the ed*4n isge of fair weather and a amooth ke\ The light breeie blowlne on I IhO^e at ?oe\imew*s alio favorable to tbe fleet, lb* amftke from their cannon being driven directly In the face* of oar troop* In the battery at Fort Walker Tbe huge volumea cf smoke thua poured forth at timet completely concealed tbe whole of tbe approaching vss?la fr^m the view of tboae in the fort. Tbe maneuvering of the vessels waa admitted by aome nf . ur beat naval officers to have been grandly execute. At quickly as our batterlea obtained tbe range of the enemy's vesaels, ao aa to bear upon them effectively, they Immediately changed their positions, and again our artillerists were compelled to get their range only by practice Tbe flrlng upon Fort Walker wos particularly heavy, with one contlnuoua whirl of abot and sheila falling Into tbe fort and knocking down the men ineverv direction Some hare eatlma'ed aa many a* fifty sheila a minute bunting lnalda tbe fbrt at one time. Unfortunately, at an early period in the action the large ten-Inch columblad In Fort Walker, in consequence of |fre bad working of the eccentrics, Became altogether unmanageable, and could not again be uaed dnring the action. Tbe atorm of iron ball that came hissing through the air from tbe fleet after this accident was beyond all description It waa more like the noise of the winds roaring through tbe rigging of a vessel In tbe midst of a tempest. Providentially, however, up to 14 o'clock, although there bad been marveloualy hair-breadth eacapes, not a man bad been killed. At that hour, however, the enemy bad succeeaea in entirely enniaaingme Daiiery, wnn b1> fleet, and commenced a tremendous fire In a direct line against tbe fort, which proved very destructive and disaatrous There were eleven killed and fifteen wounded Inside the fort, ten of tne former and twelve of the latter being of the German Fattallon of Artillery of our city. The German Battalion occupied the Inalde position of the fort, against which the the Are of the enemy was principally directed. The men fought bravely and desperately. When the order to retreat wa? given the ir.en were very unwilling to leave, and endeavored to secure their amall arm*, manvof which had been burled In the sind or disabled during the action A positive order wa? given, however, to leave them behind Some sixty or aeventy, however, were brought away, the members of the German Artillery bringing away over thirty. There were '217 men in the fort, of whom 130 belonged to the German Artillery. The small Confederate flig that waa placed over the fort wa? completely torn In threads and burled In tbe sand?not a pl?ce could be found The Palmetto flag, which belonged to the Germans, was completely riddled. Gen. Lee and Capt. H&rtstene were at Pocatallgo on Sunday. The citizens of Beaufort have all deserUd the town?the men for the army and the rest for the interior MBS8AOK OF THE GOVERNOR OF SOUTH CAROLINA. On ttu'fith Instant Gov Pickens sent a meaaage to the South Carolina Legislature, on the occasion of l'a convention to appoint electors for President and Vice ^resident of the Confederate States He siys the State has now s little over 10,000 troops In th field, exclusive of 3 0U0 on a war footing In Charleston, and 21 companies of cavalry and mounted men In the parishes of Charleston, Beaufort, G?-orgetown, and Colleton, held ready for Immediate service. The Governor recommends that a new military organization be immediately organized throughout the State?that every man be enlisted for the war, instead of twelve months, as at present. The State has expended, on account of the war, Sl.&?9 371 in cash, of which S0&6.774 has been refunded by the Confederate government ' Fort Sumter," says tbe Governor, "has been put in complete order, with all the guns for the first time mounted: It entirely commands not only tbe harbor of Charleston and lta entrance, but Port | Moultrie, and therefore the poaseaalon of the latter : fortreu li Dot at all essential to tb? Confederate j Government " { Tbe Governor concludea his message with the asauran-e that there la not the allghteat danger of 1 tbe subjugation of the South by the North, where 1 they are defective In military *'If we fall, with | all our conaervatlve elementa to aave na, then, j Indeed, there will be no hope for an independent | and free republic on thla continent,and tbe public I mind will deapondingly turn to tbe atronger and more mixed forma of tbe Old V< orld " BXCITKMBNT AT SAVANNAH, OA. The Savannah Republican of tbe 9tn a* Our city waa in a atat? of Intense excitement throughout the whole of yeaterday The newa of the capture of tbe Walker battery on Hilton Head and tbe arrival of our retreating troops, among them many of tbe wounded, aroused thelntenaeat feeling. Everybody was In the atreet, and large crcwaa collected around th? news and telegraph oth< ea throughout the day and until late at night. Families commenced packing up, and Urge numbers of females and children were aent from the cltv by the night train to the up-country. Tbe efflux will probably continue, and upon tbe whole, we think that thla portion of our population should not be present to embarraaa our defenMve preparations COL ASHBT. Thla cavalry leader has been appointed by the Confederate government to the command of all the cavalry In the valley of Virginia. MISSOVKI SBCBDED A special dispatch to the Memphis (Tennessee) Avalmche, dated Little Rock, Nov 3, sava that the State Legislature of Missouri has passed the ordinance of aecesslon THI BATTLE AT FIKETON. BT. The D s patch publishes the Confederate veralon of the Pikeion battle The Confederate forces wereund' r command of Colonel, not Uen. Williams. The Confederates report their Ions at 8 killed and 12 wounded, while they atate that of the Federals at 300 On the aamt- day (Friday) there waa another combat on John'* creek, twelve mile* from Piketon. where the Confederates were ropuixed by overpowering number*, but lost only a very few men The Confederate* on Saturday retreated Into Wise county, Va., and the population of the adjacent county waa up In arma, obstructing the roada to prevent lnvaalon from tbe Federals Tbe latter were In possession of Piketon or Pikeville on Saturday. ANOTHER ARRIVAL AT SAVANNAH FROM KCROFE Richmond, Nov 13?Special diapatchea from Savannah announce the of ?ol. Anderson, with a new Confederate lron-dnd steamer from Europe, wish a large quantity of arms, ammunition, clothing, blanket*, chemicals, rifled cannon and everything else wblrh the southern aimy may need to prosecute the war. ADDRESS or the governor or trnnessie Nashville, Nov 1.?The Union and American publishes to-morrow an sddrens to the people cl Tennessee, by Gov. Harris, calling upon them tc furnish every double-barrel shot gun and rifle they have to arm the troops now offering their i service. He says the State must aid to the full extent of their resources. Her soil shall be protected He rails upon Tenncsseans to exhausl every resource of tbe State before the foot of the invader shall pollute the soil of Tennessee. RRFORTRD invasion or accom ac. Intelligence waa received In this city l*st night, i (says the Richmond Examiner.) and conveyed tc the War Department by Mr. Fisher, a member ol tbe convention, who arrived from Kastem V|r. glnla, that a large force of tbe enemy, about 4,OOC t s'rong. had Invaded tbe Eastern shore of tbe i State, crossing from Somerset county Into Acco' inac. We give the report without being able tc ascertalu any other circumstances of its authenticity than those Implied iu tbe statement of iti ! source. It Is stated that our available force foi ! the defence of the Eastern Shore, including Col i Smith's regiment stationed there, Is abaui 1 *01 i men. t MOItt ABOl'T Till BBIIXiK BUSHING. s The Richmond Dispatch ?ay? that but twc i bridge* were burnt on the East Tennessee rail s road, which will be soon repaired. There bad t been lighting in Kait Tenneaaee between tbe Con t federates and Umouiata, In which the latter bad been defeated The'.r headquarter* waa Eliza s bethtown, in the mountalna. and tbey were aidoc bv mountaineers from Watauga county, M. C. I which la adjacent It had been determined U i overrun these diatricta and place them under mar , tlal law. The ringleaders, a number of whon s bad been arrested, would be hung. BETKB\r ur CONFBUIRATRS f A correspondent of the Lyuchburg Vlrglnlai baa reliable advices from Kentucky, and says f "Our forces have fallen back to Pound Gap, am I n re pursued by a large number (7,U(J0) of Federals B We have a large quantity of baggage, munitions r artillery, &c Couriers arrived both at Wytbe s vllleand Abiugdoo, bringing this news." ' MISCELLANEOUS II The Virginia ftate convention met ou the 13t! r Instant. a Knoxvllls, Teun , has been placed under mai ' tlal law. 1 Forty-five prisoners, taken by Floyd's com e mand, have arrived at Richmond. A portion c 6 | them were captured while holding a recent elec V tion in tbe Northwest. 1 A letter from Mootgooaery. Ala., says that fa< K lories arc going up la every direction. A letter from Camp Bartow, near HuatersvllM to the Richmond Uliptiek, drscribes tbe locatio w as very bad, and the troop* are suffering aeveiel) " Bids roi svrruus lur Cattle to th ' ' GuvxmnME.iT?Tbe bids, about one hundred 1 j number, for supplying tbe Government with sli ' teen thousand beef rattle were opeaed yesterday I The lowest successful bids wen for the stork 1 be delivered la Wsshlaftoast V SB, aadthatl y be delivered st Harrlsburg st f3J6 per 100 on U (1 hoof. Than vm lower bids, bat the propose] x when their paroos wars called won abssat. / Pre* Gsb. Buk# Dlvlilia. [Correspondence of tike Associated Prees] Cin> Mcddt BliKCi. Not 14 ?Confederate { picket fine have been, visible for hthiI ntghta piat opposite the tract lylnt between tbs ?eorca and M nddy Branch, bat tbe Coafederatee ere Invisible during tbe daylight. tt la believed there are no atrong hcdie* pearer ibeh Lersbufg. ?Thf than alleged to have been mnrdertd at Sooleivllle. by Svlvester Holland, WM named bomaa O'Connor, an Irtabman. Tbe wife of 61 land testified tbat he waa ahot by her husband In self-defence, with a fowling-piece loaded with bucksbot, twelve of which are aald to have entered the body of the deceaaed. Holland and another man carried the body of tbe deceaaed acroea tbe road, and threw It over a fence Into a cornfield, where It was fonnd Tbe accomplice waa arrested the rooming aubsequ*nt to the murder on the road to Edward* Perry, and Holland wastiken by a detachment ot tbe Putnam Rangers, near the foot of Sugarloaf Mountain, on Tuesday night. Holland has been sent to the connty jail at Rockvllle. Aahton Garrett, a farmer of Montgomery connty, who waa arreeted at Rockvllle on the day of the State election, has been discharged from the custody of Provost Marshal. Meatfemery Cennty Affairs Rockvills, Md., Nov. id ?The Montgomery County Court have taken np the case of Holland for the murder of O'Conner, of Capt. Rlcketts' Battery. Tbe grand iury have found a true bill. The inhabitants of this section of Maryland are much elated at the well-founded report tbat a

northern company are negotiating with the charter party and stockholders of tbe Metropolitan Railroad from Washington to connect with the Pennsylvania Central Railroad A meeting has recently been held In Georgetown to purchase the A Union gathering or soiree was held last night at the houae of James S. Hmnlng. clerk of the county. Judge* Brewer and Bowie, Senator Klmmel, Major England and the principal Unionists, male and female, of the county, were preaent. All the leading Unionists have joined In memorializing the Governor to appoint Captain Elijah Thompson to fill the chair In the Orphans' Court, of thia county, vacated by the election of Judge Robert P. Dunlap to the Houae of Delegatea. B*5Kfit or Miss Chxstnkt.?To-night, our charming young townnwoman, Miss Josephine Chestney, takes her benefit, and we doubt not It will be a substantial one Our cl'ixensfeel a Just pride in her wonderful success as a novice in her arduous profession, and will be apt to testify their gratification by their presence tn-nigbt. The bill is an excellent one, affording an opportunity for Miss C. to appear in two characters? which her brilliant capabilities so well adapt her to personate?as " the Duchess" in " Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady," and " Marton" in " The Pride of the Market.'' ID"The Produce Market list in anotfier column, prepared by Messrs Clark A Blocker, will be found of Interest. Yy*NQTlCK.-A mas* meeting of the Printers Jof of Washington i? t?? be held TO NIGHT at 7,'? o'olook. in the Council Chamber of the City Hall. Employers are respectfully requested to atteud. It Y"5?A SPECIAL MEETING OF LEBANON Lk_5 Lodge, No. 7, wi I be he'd at entral M*?'>nio Hall erne' 9 h and D street, THIS EVENING. ?t 7 o'clock for the purpo<eof oonferring the M M. degre*. Punctual attecdanoe of the member is requested. A 1 Ma?'er Ma?ons in go^d standing, are fraternaily invited to attend. If Y^-SAINT ANDREW'S SOCIETY D. CTt in Society will m et at Tennpe-anoe Hall on MONDAY' EVKNtNG, 18tn instant, at 7 o'olook for the e eoMon of officers, and oth*r busii>ess V c- in arrears are requested to be pre?eut to settle t<i? ir quarterly ao?ounti. so as 10 enable the Soiiety to arry on its benevo ent labors. Bt order uf tne > resident: no i& 3t JNO. WEfeKlK, Seo. pro tem. ir m r u du u ci^nvuun.? i ne i nuivi ui ino 11_5 Fourth School District give notice that for the becefit of apprentice* ana othe-s, a Might fchool will be rp -ned in the pablio school house on the corner f tiixth street, h??*e?n D and K sts , Island, on MONDAY EVENING, Nov lath, and oontinue during the winter months. Tickets of admission will be^iven fr-e of oharge. on sp plioation to the Trustees of the District, no li St nrs?*OFFICE OF JOINT COMMISSION OF !l3 UNITED STATES AND NEW GRANADA. Washinston. Nov. 14,1*61 ?At the meeting ol the Board of Commtsnoners, held this day. it was Orttnrtd, That on the first Monday in December noxi the catling of the oalendar will be coa>ineuoed in its order, and oaree in whioh the oonusei for the claimants are not prepared will be plaeed at the loot of the oalendar, unless for good and sviiftctory reasons the Board ?t>all other?i?e o>d?r. CHARLES W. DAVI!?, no 15 at Secretary to Commission. rrylCE CREAM AND WATKR ICES, of L < the best quality, at S7X *?r auart. Hotels and boarding houses fumi-hed at low ratet. A large a?so-tm-'it of fine Cakei kept on hand at the Philadelphia Confectionery, oorner Twelfth and F sts. no 7 1m* 1Y%->THE UNION PRAYER MEETING 'JJ will beholden EVERY DAY this week in th? English Luthrran Chnroh, corner of H and 11th sts,, oommeno'ng at half-past 4 o'clock p. m . to be 00 n tinned one honr only. 00 7 8m rf^COMPANY "A," U. 8. ENGINEERS.? iJs H Fifty intelligent and able bodied men will be enlisted to fill thia Company to the max imam fixea by law?140 men. Inquire at No. 940 street Pay from ? to ?>? per month, besides food and olothing. ai 17 tf COMFORT, COMFORTS, COMPORTS ? '1'he ?nhn#Tib?r? have in st re 2,f> 0 Single and Double Bed Comforts. at low fitu ee. no 16 lw /*S. C. MoWUtRE A CO AATTKNTION. hUTi ERS! RMY O' OVE" ! ARMY 01 OVF8!! ARMY GLOVKS!!!?Just opened and f<>r aa'e,a 1 vaneties < ( Buokskin and Sheepskin Glove* a d ' f. b. hastings a co? no 16-tf *93 D at, Philharmonic Building. Nnewmillingry. OW Openmca oh io? a**? runert f Fall and Winter BONNETS,onmprisin. the newest^ffk sn^ m<;?t desiraole at> I ? of the season, at^Ky HUT "W1NSON A Ml NR'IN Fanoy Store.ZK 310 Penn. aveaue between 9th an) loth street*. w:><re the ladies will find Mt(i Thompson prep red to execute promptly all orders intrusted to her. no '6 6t YVALLOWER'S PRODUCF. STORE. " 4ftti Eitht itrrtt Hotel*, Boarding Houses. Restaurants,Sutler's, and private famii<*s. wi i he supplied at lowest ea?h prices, with Fresh Butter in one sound pnn's, a'd roll. Apples, Poultr-, Krcs. Dried Fruit, Buckwheat, M at, Po'at >es. Onion*. Oats.Ae.Ao J. WALLOWFR. JR., no 16 2w V REEL. Ant. 1* I.AW BOOK- FOR SALE HE Follo^'inc Law Boots in rood oondition, will he so'd at moderate pnoes: Halsted's I aw of * vidt noo, p Clutt?'? Black-tone Burrill'S L*w Dictionary, 8tnn'? Equity Pieadi?g?, Selwyn's Nisi Prius, S'eph'n on PUadinc, Phillip* on Eriden^e. A^drers 'R," St?r Offioe. It* PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PKNNftVI.VANll AVKNVK, Htitref n 19< A and ?nth tts The undersigned, harms located himself aa n "k, i?n >nn mom 1 "i nuormiui ute ciuiem of the First Ward that h<> has opened a first o a*i I'rovinon Store, conducted similar to those foi irhioh Philadelphia ia famona litre oan l>o (?uu at a. I times a large and fr??| supply of I OU TRY, GAME. EEK, Ml'T TOrt. An. FRUITS and VKGKTABLE^in sea ?OD. Particular attent-on is nailed to his stook an< prices of BUTTER, CHEESE. Ao. mlale'pbia Print Mutter ..... SSoenti Goahen and Weatern Reserve 16 and .Ooenti B?iog determined to give the strictest attentioi to the wants nf his onatomors, and to keep ever; article in bis line of the best tualit-. and sail atthi lowest market prices, ho hopes to merit a share o pnblio patronage. F?mil>es wili t>e waited upon daily for orders, i required. _loJC THOMAS R WILSON. " PRIVATE! PRIVATE! PHIVATF ! UONUKRHCHA CURED PBRMANENTLY In Thksk DAYS ! And no internal medioioes us-d?no interforeno with bu'ir.esf?no pain?no dieting medloinet?odorless, and will not stain. ALEET AND STRICTURES .nished under thi treatment, t AD RS With \V HITE??that dea?h to Vonth and Bsiutyne-d be t on bled no longer. SV PHILLIS In a 1 ita forma, whether recent or of'oaf tandini oared, and every vestige of disease removed from the system. Our charsea shall be the mos: reasonable an satmfaotory t?ail part es. Conau rations free a all tim< s. Medlclues put up wi h full direction l. for use. ani a ?!d to sutlers, travellers, at 1 i B ra>es M' dioine fnrti-h?d which is a oertain pr vnntive to any and all Venerial J*is?a^ea D n r- be sfrald of high prions. Come and see as. N ohsrgs for mveatig ationa M. LA BONTA, ,/ Piaot Done". ICTOlfice Waehingfen Bai dines, e m r Pi ave. and 7th street, Washington D. C.t Ro m Ni 8; no lt-8m h aim dozen i .UU , ? u A11Y BOCKB, Cheap for Cash, at n US? Pennsylvania av.. r- noU - opposite Wll'ards'. ? n" 'ilrlsD? p AK IvBnlJ, rb ? 1? ^ n eve y thing bel~xgin| to a satler's oa'ft T?71 A ail y at R. CR U IT'r stable, at the Bridg , [* 3?Ctf?owii toUtt' r* yyAOONS-WAUONU- WAGONS! a I have ?ow on hand ? lot of very strong-bvt * nsw Waeons, whioh w|iyg^l^ot^H M m jCC^R^na* of all kSffiroSpUy* at&aded \ AMUSEMENTS. (jRAND VOCAL AND 1 1AL v"VS8f n'SwrkT'" of $a'Ue?of#, Maaiit, fub the Poor, Under the auaploea of tie Snoietiea ol Bt Vincent de Pm1,m the FMITMOftl*N IniTITrTlOR. MONDAY EVENING, N?v*mkm 1 Uk, 1M1. PROGRAMME. HIT I. 1. Fell Oroheater. 8. Cborua?Gloria in Fxcelata?Itth Mm* Moaart 3. Trio?Lncretia Borgia PHlMttt 4 8oo?Pr" Peeoalta... Noeeini &> Solo and Cfco'na?o Cor Aaori< Lembi lotU 6. Som^rdf o Solo itn violin ob'lfto i Der tiimnel hablece Thrano gavetnt Keohen fA?T II. ? , 1. Anril Chorea, from Troeatore ...... Verdi 3. Solo end Chorea? L>aadate_ .Volger 3 ?,lo? v, Marry Bird Bembert 4. So o?Faotaaie Ballet?Viol n end Piano. B. S?.p-aro Solo?Ce'ebratod Shadow S?ec. Irrtm the Optra of Le Pardon de Plo ef-ml , w eyerbeer 6. O I'Oaedetjeeat Amma, l.imta. Donisetti 7 Pell Oroheater. The piano ua?d at the concert haa b*en gaeero Italy tender** by Mr. Ellin. TiokMa Fifty Cen'a. Doora open at 7, oonoert to oommenoe at o'oloek preeiaety. no X 11 CANTERBURY HAUL., (WUHMTOH kmklt Rooms,> . Louisiana avenue, near of Sixth at*., la ul rrtt of th? National and Rrovn'a Hotes. OP UN EVER Y NIGHT,. With the First Talent in America. FRANK BROWRR ! FRANK BROWRR ! ? The ohief impersonator of the Happy Darkey for the paat fifteen yeara The orttinator of the aty of delineation known aa the Philadelphia Nigger. Who haa cot ssen him Who doea aot remember him inoonneotion with the SeMaLichta Jem 8aaf ?rd. Eph Horn. Luke Weat, and othere? hia ovn name standing first in popular estimation? To aee Prank Brower, la to aee the aotaal nataral eocentrioitiea < f the N i*., and not to bear atale criticism and oonandrams of the wkut man blacktjt FRANK BROWER ai the Caaterbury. DICK PARKER (Funny Diek >at the Canterbury. HARRY FOX at the Canterbary. WILLIAM HARRISON.vho makes a aonc aboat toq ard ainga it to yoar faoe, at the Canterbary. Miaa Juu Hudson. the beautiful Songstrers; M'lle Frank La Folia, Mir* Emma Mi ea. Misses Willla, Verno i, Paker, Clifton, and numerous othera, at tha Canterbury. Armission? Parquet.K oenta; Parterre 15oent* Doors open at 7; oommenee at 7* o'oiook. nli tf REM KMBF.K THE HERO OF 8UMTKR The " embers of ANDERSON CLVB M uke *rca* pleasure in annonnoinf to their fnecds and the publio generally th*t they wtM fiv? their fir?t c?and COTILLON PARTYbflft at Fr&nklin Hall, oorner *th and Data., on MOXDAV. Not. 18th A cood onti'lon n%nd haa been engaged for the oooaaioti. Tieketa M oenta, adnuttinc a gentleman and ladies. f?oor Manner??H. Reeaide, P. Kelly, J. Braaheara no 1? St* Mlsn Chart otta Pattl. The Pablie are reapeotfully informed that MI88CHALOTTA PATTI, the oeleb'ated C^ntratnoe, whose treat success in the Aoademiea of Musio in Naw York. Philadelphia, and Boston haa plao d her in the front rank of living C >noert *ingera. will make har FIRST APPEARANCE in Waahington at the bni.ding formerly knows aa Thi Tknth Stibbt Baptist Cgfirn, Bttwm F. and F sti.. wtthm <m* timmtt of Pa ar On TUESDAY EVENING, November 19th, URAXD OPERATIC CONCERT. Miaa PA ITI will he a*aiated on this cooaaioa by M'me AMELIA Ri RAKOBCH, BIG. CENTIM ERI. The Fftmna* Ha'i tone, HENRY* SANDERSON, The Young Aro?riean Pianiet. Director and Conduotor__?Cabl SrHaainaa Admiaaion One Dollar; Reserved Seata tt oenta extra. Seata can he aeou'ed, oommeneinc on Patarday.9 a m , at the Muaio Store of Mr. Mat*erott. D >ore open 83% ; aerformanoe to oom?>enr.e ata. no Ul-tl ODD FELLOWS' HALL.! ABOTB DST. GREAT EXCITEMENT! ? _ GRAND V J FT C O N C B R T, CAWBELl! MINST" 'LB. EVERY NIGHT! KVFRV NIGHT! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY NlGHT! RICHARD II I-RICHARD J U RICHARD 111 RICHARD III TONIGHT! TO-NIGHT' TONIGHT! TONIGHT! ?3 PRESEN S GIVEN AWAY' JS PRESENTS tilYFN AWAY! TO NlGHT! Door* open at l; oominenein* at o'oloek. Admuaion 35 oenU. no IS ATIO NAL CJ^R C U 8! _ Tom King Leaaee aad Maaa?er C. >oott __A?*>oiate Maoa??r SECOND WEEK of the Scccaearvi. Ssasom. Re engagement of MR. JAMES MELVILLE. Firat appearanoe of JAMES WARD. M^D'LLR MARIE, MAD'LLE ELOISE. the Child Rider. F. A. JONE? WHITTAKEE< DAN GARDINER. MA* 1 KR PHTLO. WM. KINCADE. AcJ all the Troupe Ladies and fkmrt? parties will pleaae not forget the MATINKKS On WBDNESVAY. SATURDAY t MONDAY. ON MONDAY NEXT. Firat appearanoe m Waahmgton of tha famous Equestrienne, ELLA XOYARA. Fr^m *Vihlo'a Garden. N*w Vork.and the prinoio pa Theatera of the old World. no 15 r RAN D ASSEMBLY VI fitne M GOOD WILLCf UB. M At l*d a kiwi riu ij a i i a.l --j n .# A> rn/ii?ai #i? r'A' Ui cw. ?mi 4/ '?? TH aNK-OIVING fcVE,< WeJne*l?y. No-UflA ember *7 ) Tioketa 50 centa, Admitting ft gentlrmin ft'd lftdiaa By ord r of t> e Committee. n? 18 l*.H* WASHINGTON T U K A T K R. MONDAY, November lath, ftod Every Lv?nin?oftbe Week, THE GREAT ' RF.HTIIMGITATEUR. berkmann. A*aiated by ft GRAND ORCHESTRA. The mftn%cer reipeo fal v oal'i the ft ttertion of the pabtio ro Ih appearanoe in Wftehinfton of . r MONSIEUR UKKRMANN. who la nniveraally ecogniaed fta the grftftleet ) 1 vidc PRK8TIDiGITATEI:R, > and whoa* performance at the prinoipftl opera liona*- in Europe h?ve been pr<>no?ueed the at net wonderful in their peoul ar line. Tlieperformanoeaof HERRMANN ftreentire!j original and novel, the diatiaciiahiBK feftt?r? being the ' UN l IRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, AH th" effeoU being eotely proOuoeu by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. The pmc-ftxme will ooRijtriae TWELVE PIECES. IN TWO PARTS, including tne oelehrftted DOUBLE VI'K. By Mr. HERRMANN and hie brother ALEX AN DER. During the intervala of Hermann's Programme A GRAND CONCERT by th* FULL ORCHESTRA. 1 Private hoxea f 10; orobeat?r obftira fdreai i otroie $1; parterre 9U parquet Vc nta. i The >aie f aeata oon>m?ne*a on Sfttftrdfty morn r lng ftt the Box OAoe of the Tbeetor. no 11 5t* i VOCVL ANI) INSTRUMENTAL CONCER1 . f run THE PO'lR. The Sooietiee of St. Vineent de P?ul of tkia oil reepeotfully annouc.ce th&t their annual Conoert fo ] the Po?r will be civ- n at the Smithaoniftn Inatitu tionon MONDAY HVKN1NCL Nov IS: ftiM hftv n log aeoured the beat amateur rnuaioftl tftlent of tb Diatriotftnd HftJUmore, they will pr?wit to thai ] patron* the rioheet and moat varied programm r ever offered to a Waahington aodienoe. i Proie??or Gioiei W. Wall**, of Bftl imorv f will be the ConUuotor. and, with other orgftftist ol this city, wi 1 prende at the Piano r Madam* Cbtilia Yorwo. ol this oity, anc Mn Cublit, of Baltimore, hare kindly volaateoro tbeir aervioee for the ooeaeion. ICT" Tioketi 90 oenta, to be bad at the triaaipi Muaio and Book Ptoree, and at the door on u evening of the ooaeert. Be IS K ^BIKO GR\ND COTILLON PARTY of U 1 ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB will take e piae* at taajikli* Hall, oorner of Ninth ^9 and D ate ,on TUESDAY N16HT. Nevem JM ber 19th MM The Committee very reeptotfelly tolloit the f* trorace heretofore extended to theas by their mat frienda. Tioketa fifty oente, adm tttng a geaUeaaa ai " ladiee. Ommmittm. John Rainey. John Fiemnum, Ii George Donohue, John Crook. no iHt* d |?OI BALB?100,000 feet 6 4 and M W. PIN1 ,t r good, jast brought on by ear*. ? JOSEPH LIBBEY, w no 15 U* Georgetown, * Q UAITKKMA8TER g B N B1A L' 8 Ol ? _ WxtHinsTon, November 1*. Ml. PaoroatLe are larited for baildiag two Hoe* t*le?on* oa Jadieiarv Sceare, Waehingtoa, u . ot.i-r upon the tarn known ae the eetate of Wi , J. Stone, on FoarteonthetreetaMBoaadary etree * Dutriet of Colainbia. _ Pro>oea5? ehould etate the time within which tl bailding* wiU be completed and ready for aee, ai the oo?t, inoladinf all wetenale and work, ai hocId be aooompaaied by the aaaal gaaraatee tfc the bidder tU axaaate th? ooatract t/Twatdod i ? ?5& JtRat: C lot; Uu?>r.:!t?law oru. U.KM ? * nci-lm Coraar Blovwth rt. aid jCVvtSae I AUCTION SALfcaT gALK OF ISteWgtogg Errncri. Attaation ta^paetfaTirjaaiwi to tfaaaatia* tela ,o7 Faraiura and Fffaota of th? yue Hm, BOTH. ?ornbr of 1 ttraat tad New Jart*? fa. W? bum la part? L*'C? and (Iciut Miimi, Oaryta. Uri(?iutiij o? CirtiUM, Kion Fatad and Glaaawara, aapanor Ot?t Firuta a, ?att a?aaa. Bo 1 atari u4 PiUowa, efant PraoKa Glaaa, Aa.. Alao. about Pifty Cioiea Oil Paiatiafa, Martta Statuar* Bronaaa, IM Ml) otbar WwklM Art acd Tuto. ?oW-4 J C mo?UIRK A CO., Aaa?a Br i.C. McQUIRE A CO.. Aaot.onaara. Handsome furniture and bouir. old Erracra a* Peaiie 8* lb.-Ob FRIDAY MORNING, Nowa'ar IMk. at Wo'aloak. at the larca raeidrjjoe. o?ra?r of ? k and J atraata, we a hall aall a ka[)C?<.n?e aaaerUaant of Homimj ^nofriwnPiaaoForta, Stool ^ Corm. Sararal Pittaaof Roaawood Ccibiod Flaak wvarad Tarlor Famitara, _ ^ Salt* of Roaewood CriBBaoa Brojatalle oorarad Parlor Fornitara, _ ^ I pholata ad and Roah-afot Paaa? Marble-toe C*otk,*<? Bona a at TaNaa. Roeawood Mine BtnadaTwriilaf Cabinata, aad Wfrt 8tta4t, FHjl^ p.ata Mirror a, with Slake Handanii a Gilt Crania*. Braafcata. aad CaadaUValTit^Buaee B.and other Caryata, Ra?e, Malta of Klacant Roaawoofl C baa. bar J araitara, Haita of Ban"eon>e Carvad Chamber Faraitara, Superior W* nat aod Maioraar Wardrowa, Drep? r* Hi 'vui. and Wa*ketaade, Ex orient carled Ha.r Mattraaa-a. Bolatara.aad PtUowa, _ _ Baa'* Kn?lah Blaakata, Comfort, Beautiful Cryetal cut ana Bohemian Glaaawara, Rieh Hi ! Bounaat lablea. Vaa?>a, _ . ? Together with mar.y <>thar artialaa of la?Mi Furniture not neoaaear* to eaamerata. At two o'alrak in front of the Huaaa. A pair of large Har Hora*a. Set of Silver p at*i Baraaaa, Bakea. Hand to me Open Fami ? Carriafa. Terma oaab in current faadr. no IS d J. C. Mefil'fRK A CO.. Aaa'a. fETTH": AliOVK BAI.K 19 POSTPONED in oo~e*aaecoe of tha rain until TUESDAY MORNING. Not I9ih. aat?a hour. no /1? <1 J C. McBUIRE A CO.. Auot?. Br J. C. MfiSUlu K * CO., Aartmaeart. I VAN DF.R SCHOOT A ?ON'J< BULLOUS Roots at Arcrion.?Or. *?aTCkDaT af TEk NOON, Not*ibher K. at 4 o*tlool, liUt aastion room*, vtiM.iMi ? 3 OHM HiilKom Rno'i, from the 0?let>rated nnreery of M*??r? V*n I>er Scho?t A Pone. Ho'lant;. oonaiatirg of L oable Ml Hmgle Hyaciatfca, Narciettia, Taline. Jonssi le?. lm, Croots, to .a o.. in great variety. io5-tt J. C. Mrfll'HK A CO . A acta. By 0REP.N A WILLIAM?. AmIioimti. VaLUABLK BUILDING LOTH IN THE Citt or WAMrifteroft, Djintcr or Colcm 3ia,at Prauc Ar rion.-Ou MdNDAV, the lltb ay ol November. I ehal. eel .at sab ie aa"tioe, at the aaotlOB atore of (jreen A Wil Hams. No. ift? Seventh at reel weet, at hair past 4 o'e ?eh ?. m.. by rutneof two deeda of trmat 4?lf reoomed ta the land reoorda ol the ooaaty of Waafeingtoa, the ftrat bearing date Oot 15, lMn, and the other bearing date November 3d, in*, both deeds give* to secure the notea of Thomas A. Mitebell, Lot aambered &, n Muare numbered 99, ?ad part ix?t n?mbered 5, in square numbered 613. beiaf the 31 Met front from the eoaiheaet corner of eaia Lot. Terma: jialfoaah. the residue ia six and twelve montha. The purchaser or parehasers to give notes for the deferred payments, bearing interest from the day cf sale. A deed given and a deed of trnit taken. Ali oenveyaneinc at the eost of the purchaser. If the term* are not oomplied with la ftee davs. the trnetee reeerree the right to reeell the piopeito, at the riek and ooet of the brat pate' aser, by ao vertwng the uom three Umea in the National Intelligenoer. _ _ T. A. CURTIS, Truatee. no I -dta URREN A WILLIAMS, A acta. fET THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED antu SATURDAY, the 18th inatant, eame hoar and plaoe. By order of th? Tre?tee. bo U dta GRfcEN A WlLLlAMO.AaeU. \f ARSHA'.'S HALE?In virtue or a writ of .'1 fieri Is-ias i*sued from the Clerk's Oftoe ef the Ciroait Coart of the Diatnot of Columbia for the ooanty of Washington and to me directed, I wi.l expose to pubtie pale for oaeh. in front of the Court House door of aaid oonniy on FRIDAY, the 6th day of December next, 1M1 at Uo'eloek m.. the following property, to a it; All defendant's right, title, eialm and interest in and to Lot No. 1 3*. in fquare No ?1 ia the o:ty of Waehiagtoa. L> C.. together with a < at.d aicge'ar the impiovamenta tbereoa. >eised and levied apoa * the prop err* 01 jamee ? ^oomnt. ?nu win ow "!? ki h i?h Judioials No. M tj Jar vary term. lt0B, ib laeor John E Kendal. W SELDEN, no 14-U Late P. b. Marahal D C. Bt J C. McGUIRK A CO.. Aaeiaooeer*. TRUSTEE'S SALK OF FURNITURE AND " Boc-*holi) ErreoTa ? On 1LESD*\ MORNING, NoTMiher 19th, at If o'clock, at No, 4 Foar and a half street, between C atrt* ui Indian* a venae, by virteeofa deed ?>f trust do y executed and reooid'd in liber J A.B,No 171, folio* 61 at seq . onaof the land reetrdi lor a??fcmgton oou?t?. I shall Bail a lot of Faraitareaad Hosaeto d Effect*, oomprlaiag? W air,at Hair oloth oovered S?faa, Ktageres, Brooxtelle oovered Arm and Ka?y Chaira, Mahogt ny Parlor Chairs, Ro-kers, Marble top, Centre, and frofa Tawes, Velvet and Brussels Ca pets, < ilciota, Cana and Wood seat Chairs. Lounge*. Brooetalla and Damask Csrtaine.Window Shades. Gilt tram* Mantel Mirror, Oil Pambnga, Walnut Dining Tablaa, Diping Chaira, Hat Mack, Hall Chaira. Oi'oloth, China. Gla?a, and ?"rockery Ware, Walr.ut. Rosewood. Mahogany, and Palatal Cham be- Furniture, Reds, Mattresses, and B'lldinf. Radiator and other Stover, Kitchen Uten'ila, Ae. Terms oath LEWI?" CLEPHANE, Trustee, no 15 d J. C. McGUIRK A CO . Aunts Auction notice.-b* c. r. l. crown # c(*.- isriMs/fri.-Ws will commence oar Nig .t Auctiona THls* EVKNING. NoTWihsr U. at 7 o'elook. and have three aicfct sa es a week? r a?n*lywtVedneed?T JFriiiay and S?u r jay a;# h tsar*! wiIToontii tie throuth the winter until farther notice, as we have a eery large tt"ck of gooda tss numerous to mention- Be tiara and othera are ia~ vited to attend, as the {i?ods will he aold without re?eiv. C. R. 1,. CR?*VN A CO , Aactioneere of Oommisstoa Merchant*. No. SftT, corner Hixlh at and Pa. avanae, south aide. bo lt.lS.M* Br J. C. MoGUIRE A CO. A actio neers VERY HANDSOME FURNITURE AND ovskhold l-ffecta at Pab'ie AeeUoe.?Oa MONDAY MORNING. Noermher lath- at o'clock, at the residence of the late Hoa. 8 A. Douglas, corner of I street a ad New Jersey av?nue we shall sell a saleadld aaeor'm^nt ef? CABINET FURNITURE. CARPETs, mirRORS. cUKTAINB, And Houeetmd UTect# ?ee?rally. a fall b'd deaoriptive advertisement or whiob will appear pret vioos to the sale nov I J C. MrGUlRE. A CO . A acta. > ASSISTANT QUARTERMASTER'S OFA FiCK. cornfr af o a*4 TVeaiv s*(<md rlrwl', ?a*4miitom. D. C. No*. 13 1HI. GOVERNMENT SA^E^OF CONDEMNED A m of eovtR nMKNT BOSSES <oo*dennod m utfct (or Mb ie ^nrio*) will bo Bold ki j OrWFDNESDA* MORNING. Norowibor ?B. 1B61. At the Corral on F *tr*ot, botweon Twooty. lair J ftud Twenty-fourth, n?Ar tbo ObMrTAtory. , BaI? to oonmnet at 10 o'clock. Tcrrv" ouh in apooi*. j lASkSb. no 13 did Antiowwi . ruction BALES in philadelphia. wm. r. 8mlth7e?MMi i?diM?r, r "vfr^'^ltt.dav ' FiHlUkwVS5I?'c!u?5; lto>??v?. Ftnoy Good* Bomb. Ou. B'u*h0B, A A- k*. Foreif n And Dora**bo * in?* Aad Li*oor*. e 1,000 lot* *r*ry Th*r*dAy MorsiBt. ?* U-l? j^ewandimproved invention ARTIFICIAL CHEOFLASTIC BONE " TEETH. k Without Nnu Plats ob Clabpa. c dr. s. b big esmond. kl Sit IrMdiNy, JVw Yorb?%<ko fi**jylMa<a 4* i* MM, town* lit* MMl IStt HI , Ifullin-, 3'Is the aUt.uo L of Um poblio to th* toUovtag YAntAf M of kl* HBBTvm (TBtOm : i? 1. Th* Tooth of hi* MniiMtir* vilAHEf mtot oorod* oor o*ab(* oolor by my"*11 m Bold*, beit* thro* foBrtn* luhtor Uab am othor. k INo t**th or root* mm t* utrAtU, m tM % ArtilAiAl OMB ?M bB HBBrtBd oror thorn. k- S Tho root* will b* mod* incffoMir*. aM MVBr iy to bcM. A No toayonur tooth at* ooodod. a* >Bim?Bt id omb oah b* mad* laniBdiatBly, thereby pros?rriB? vnv BMvni u?r?MioD 01 vmm i*ce. vrmb iwm U>? oid (jitMi Is fr*?BMUr Mwn. . 6 This vork Us b**a fslljr tottsd ov?r It* tsvs by mbj of th? ftrst ohemists and ptij hc.sjh or tFis tssatn. ? Dr. P. has also mrsaUd a whits lodNtnsUT* f mstal fcijinf, with whtoti ths must ssinbTS tarth - oan baiilad without pain. and oan t>m Id i| iHr th?o *?baD^^ooUl OB *?y ssao roots, whisk will mi* _ jjRiebeetofretoreDcssjnvw?toDr V MekLDf. SLSiz&h 3-Ji imsaagsai M ^UU OLD fi%Wo*#|fMELA EYE 10 mS^** Mstffss SMS ?ad b* ** *- ?-Vul!?w Ml S^Vki?iai?hsa. _ U/K WOULD RE&PKCTfULLY INFO A* r^r^iSLr #

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