Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. , CTThough Tlx h? to printhd on tb? fhstest tenth prtlt In ttto ioath Of Belli thore, lta edition ts so lsrg* i* to fre^utto lite fce pot to pteM at an ??riy boar: idv?rt\uwumi?, therefore, should be rat la before IS o'clock otherwise they may may not appear an til the next day. Pbodvci Mabxst o? WiOIMM ?Reported for the Star by Mwrt Clark k Bloc her, Whole ale Prod ace CommMoa Merchants, No. 427 Seventh street, between 9 and H ? Applea, greeh, by tbo barrel.... S3 SO to t* 50 Apptee, dr?d, by the pound.... ? M 6v Beana, white, by the boabel.... 1 75 - * 9 25 Beano, mixed, bv the bushel.... 150 2 00 * Butter, choice. N Y.Ooahen, lb. SO " S2 Butter, prime Western. per lb.. 15 " 18 Batter, prime roll, per lb 16 " 18 Batter, prime table, at retail, lb. 2* ? 25 Beets, per boahel 50 " 00 Chestnuts, per baahel 3 SO " 4 00 Craoberrtea. per barrel 7 00 " 9 OO Chickens, live, per dozen....... 2 50 "3 25 Cora, per bushel 85 " ? Corameal, per baohel 90 "100 Cbeeee. strictly prime, per lb... 8 " 9 Cbeeee, prime, per lb..... 7 " 8 Cbeeee, Western, per lb. " 8 Ducks, per pair 65 " 80 EW"? (country,) per doe 23 ' 25 Kegs, Western,selected, perdrr. 28 " 23 F.gge. Western, stmarket, dox.. 18 " 20 Flour, choice branea, per barrel. 8 00 ' 8 50 Flour, Western, per barrel 6 00 "7 50 Flour, bockwheat S 25 " 2 30 Geeao. dreased 75 " 1 00 Hay 25 00 " 30 00 flame, near cured 10)4 " 12 Hams, plain 8 " 10 l.emons. per box 8 00 "8 50 Oata, per bushel 55 " 60 Onions, per buahel 9o " 1 00 Onions, white, per bushel 1 00 " 110 Potatoeo, pinkeyes, per bushel.. 80 " 90 Potatoes, white Mercer, bushel. 80 " 35 Potatoes, common reds, buahel. SO " 60 Potatoes, sweet, per barrel 3.00 " 3 25 3ualla. per dog 1 SO " 1 75 abblta, each 15 " 96 Bfeellbarks, per bushel 1 96 " 1 50 Turkeys, dressed, per lb 12 " 14 T^iratpa, by the barrel 100 "125 Walnuts, by the buahel 60 " 75 Cablotta Patti'b Concnr ? Thla event, which Is to take place on Tuesday night, is anticipated with Intense Interest by connolssleurs and nil who enjoy n taste for muale, a* on that occs? alon the latest (and certainly one of the mnt successful) musical celebrities of the age Is to make her first appearance in this city. Carlotta Psttt Is unhesitatingly pronounced, by some of the most reliable critics we have. to be the moat thorough artiste of a singularly-gifted musical family. She is poaaessed of a pure soprano voice of great compass and flexibility, reaching to F alto with eaae, elearneaa and precision. It wsa under her immediate supervision that Adelina prepared herself for her brilliant poaitlon upon the operatic stage? a sphere In which Carlotta herself might have U plred to the very highest rank, had not an accident la infancy resulted In a slight lameness, which incapacitated her for the assumption of characters In the lyric drama, while it militates In ao degree whatever against the effect of her efforta In the concert room ; but, on the contrary, at once secures the tender sympathy and consideration of the audience. _ Tb?'Concert will be given at the Tenth-street Baptist church, snd the programme will be found EPifo ^kj^slc*1 gems. introducing besides Miss Pattt, Madame Strakoech, Stgnor Centemeri S baritone of acknowledged reputation), and Mr. enry Sanderson, the young American pianist Carl Schreiner Is the muaical director and conductor Those who have never heard Madame Strakosch in her exqulaite renderings of popular ballads will be gratifled to learn that she will contribute " Kathleen Msvoureen " and Rataplan by Mallbraa to the delights of the occasion. We would advise all to secure their seats immediately, at Metzerott's music store IftTinisTiiia Scxsx at Jvsticb Do nil's ?Last night a young man, who gave his name as B. C Rice, called upon Justice Donn for a detective to go with him to recover S42. which be aald was stolen from him by s girl at Madam Dupre'a fancy eatabllshment In Marble alley No detective* being present, two patrolmen were aent with him to arrest the party. They did ao, and brought up Cora Miller,who be aald aat upon his knee, at the house, and was the only one who could have taken the money The witneasee were of the most reliable character, snd stood up " like soldiers'* (as moot of them happened to be, by the way,) in aefeoee of Cora's Innocence; and one, a lieutenant, acted as counsel for her, as well as witness, snd plead like a Philadelphia lawyer in her behalf Mia brazen effrontery, however, was not needed as the evidence fully cleared the girl, and she was dismissed. Pennsylvanlana who were present at the magiatrate'a office expressed mortlflcation at the manner In which the old Keystone State was misrepresented by the conduct of such officers. Heath* or Soldibbs ?The following Soldiers died yesterday: Mosea Call, company E, 1st Michigan Cavalry at the Eruptive Fever Hoapital. Private Bosh, company D, 40th Pennsylvania camp ' Joseph G. Stone, company A, 45th Pennsylvanls, at Camp Casey Patrick Flanagbn>, 'JOth regiment New York Bute Militia, at the Eruptive Fever Hospital Samuel Heath, com neny B,5thNew Hampshire Volunteers, at Camp Caaey. Peter Martlo, company B, 36th New York Volunteers, at Camp Brlghtwood Ellaha Joaes, company H, 1st Long Island Volantaeta, at Camp Palmer Private C L. Dearborn, company E. 2d New Hampahlre Volunteers, died to-day at Columbian College Hospital. K Cmteal Gr*iDHor?i Ca?b?-B'ftt Jmttict We#t' druBk disorderly; " * * It?for carrying a concealed weapon; 21 12_ Jaa Smith, drnnV and disorderly; workhouse 30 days W m Rodgers, do ; turned over to the military. Wm Flaming, do : fl 58. Patrick Howe, do ; 91 SO Peter Wilklnaon, do ; 30 JohB Williams, disorderly 5. 2! Samuel Forma q, drunk and disorderly; 158 Margaret Johnson, do; workhouse 30 J?h" peoftintty; do 30 daya G H Stevell drunk; SI M Richard Lawaon, do nod disorderly: ?l 06 Frederick Von Kruval, B. Vltxham, do ; S3 12 each. Wm. Cuthbert turned over to the military ?. PSihAOnrmtA P*?viaioji Stobb ? Mr. Thos R Wilson, whose advertisement will be found elsewhere, has opened a first-class provision store at 119 Pennsylvania avenue, between Nineteenth and Twentieth streets-an institution which must prove a great convenience to residents In that part of the city He will have on hand freah and conatant supplies of floe poultry, game, beef, mutton, Ac., with fruit and vegetables in season; and hia stock of butter and cheese probably cannot be surpassed in quality or cheapnem, as be has uauevni facilities for procuring theee articles from tfce heat dairies. Rxlxasrd on Sbccbitt?Yesterday, Cbrls'opher Bovle, wbose arreat by the Provost Guard we mentioned a day or two ago, waa turned over to Justice Donn for examination, and yesterday ^.7.* f?rtU1 *be Justice released hlmon ball lathe sum of SS00 to appear for farther hearlag before him en Thursday next, upon the charge ef tamper lag with scldlers, sad sff0-d:nZ them facllltlea for desertion. Mr. Reuben Collins became hia security. A Swimi?Yesterday, an old gentleman came to thia city to aoe hit son, and received from him 930 Meeting with a courteous stranger at the depot he made his aoqaaiataaoe, and the politeness of the latter ao won upon the old gentleman that he readily changed a S20 bill to accommodate hiaaew friend. On aeparating, however, the old maa found he had been diddled, aa the noSs he bad changed waa worthless?one of the notorious Columbia Bank Issue. RtLisiotra ? Rev. L W. Bates, President of the Marylaad Conference, has been, during a week I past, engaged la hia official visitation of the varloua atatloaa af the Methodist Protestant Church in the vicinity of the District. The church in Alexnadrla wilt be reopened for regular service by the pnetor, Rev J T Ward, who we had the pleaaure ef meeting la thla olty on Toeoday last, making arrangements to resume his charge. An Easy Svbjbct ron Tnixvns ?Yesterday afternoon Patrolmen Letch and Fenwlck picked np John Baker, of the 6th Malae Regiment in a lumber yard, where he was lying d'unk, Scattered around htm was his money, smountlog to 96; besides which he bad upon hia person a valuable watch He wm taken to the Central Guardhenae and turned over to the P rev oat Guard. He claimed to be an assistant surgeon. Kim's National Ctncns.?There will be two perforaaanees at the Circus?a asatint* at two o'clock, and a gas-light demonstration In the evening Theee matinees are popular, and are of great convenience to lad lee and children Mr. Mavllle, the Australian rider, will appear In hia grant obstacle act On Monday, the rsal Ella Zoyare, the aensatlon equeetrtenne, will aanke her dehnt In Waohlngton ? Fiivixa PoeTPenajsnnr ?The eaee of R H? Van Valkenberg, whoee arrest upon a serious charge (that of having la hia possesion n heme aid lis be stolon) some weeks ago, was set for trial yreterdar, before Justice Dean. Clrcnmstaaeca prevented n hearing of the caw, nad the trial wss postponed Oil Thursday next, whea all the periloo oee expected to be ready far trial T? CAimiHT Hall Eatertalament Budget aaouaced elsewhere, will attract attention Thla coey Maori, with 1* molUfnrlous attracUons, ban Yerocoa lmaMHSly popular deowvediy CntliT Cotrmt ?VftWrdiy, liter the Star Went to ptm, the jury wu etnpannrlled and the hearing of teetlmony vu commenced In the Avenue Hoti?eraa6 John C. Harknen* vu ptit upon the and and b?>;an bll teatlftiony rllatlve to the construction of the AVenue House, Its mesauremhnt, sc. To-day the examination of Mr. Harkneas wu resumed, and the croas-exs ml nation la In frogreas, Mr. Brent conducting It. Hoass Ovxkboakd?This mornlrg a horse, which for several day* has been straying about the market apace, was driven Into the canal by some mlscheivoua persons. The police were notified, and the animal reacued from his perilous poaitlon. Gaaud Laicmt.?'This morning, Chae McLaughlin was arrested by patrolman Sklppon for the laroeay of a gold watch from a sutler lit was taken before Justice Barnacle, who committed him to jail for court. The watch was found on his person. Odd Fxllows' Hall.?To-night, another large distribution of splendid gifts by the Csmpbell Minstrels, who thus generously add to the Interest of their capital entertainment* See their Inviting announcement elsewhete. Go and see " RIcbard Third," and get a gift! IliKKAKit, the renowned Prestldlgltateat?that Is the way the affhif .a spelt, we believe?opens bis budget of wonders on Monday night at the Theater Beaerved aeata can be obtained at the Box office. Sails To-dat ?Mr.William Blanchard, Consul to Melbourne, Australia, aalls to-day from New York for Liverpool, in the steamer City of New York, and thence to his destination. &xx advb*tisaxk3t of house, with four rooms, In Washington or Georgetown, wanted In another column. isdia RCBBRR BLAnKKTS. JVoio it yo*r Tim* to Buy. 5,oro Rubber Biankeu, 7 feet long, 4 feet vide, at UNMh. S.non Robber Blankets, 6 fast long, 3 feet wide, at #leaoH, 1,000 Rubber Blankets and Poneho combined, for 94 each At the India Rubber WarsJkouu, 308 Pa avenoe, between 9th and 10ih sts. no 1-tf Notice.?Beware of oounterreits and unprmoip>d dealers endeavoring to dispose of < heir own and other art o es on the reputation attained by HelmboUTs Extract Buchu. a positive and specific rem>*y for diseases of the B adder. Kidneys, Giavel. D-opsy ato , Ae., Ao. Ask for Help hold's. Take no other. Bee advertisement in another ool ninn sean V1AKRIKO On Tuesday, the 13th inatant, at th? parsonage of tve English Lutheran Churnh, by Rev. Mr. Butler, Mr. DAVID HKNDK.R3(I> ana Miss ROSANNA L. BR EGG EM AN, ell of this city On the 14th instant, by the Rev Mr. Coombs. Mr. ROBERT J. HmLEV to Miss ELlEA LADDON. both of this city. * In th!s oity, on the 14th instant, by the Rev Mr Finkle Mr. JAMES WaRDELL.oI Georgetown, 0 C., formerly of Bracford, Cfc, to Misa SARAH JANE COLLINS,of this oity. Also, at the tame time aad plaoe. and by Mr. Finkle, Mr ROBKRC TROLAND, of Puiladelphia, Pa., to Miss LOUISA COLLINS, of this oity " On Friday evening, November 15, 1861, by Rev Mr. Smith. SAMUEL HENDERSON to W1NNE1TA STARKE. On the 14th instant, at St Aloysius' Church, by the Rev. Father Macuire, JAMES T. BARNES, Ee? , to Misa LAURA A. PORTER, both of this oity. ? DIED, On the Mth Instant GEORGK W., son of Jaoob and Margaret M. Fink, ated 9 days. The fu"eral wil< take plaoe to morrow (Sunday) at 2 o'elock. from his parents'residenoe on24h street, between M ard N. On Sa*urd%y morning, 16th instant, at 9 o'clock, of oroup, MARGARET, only oh<id of Joanna and VVm. P O'Connor, aged II months and 3 days Her funeral will take place from th? resi ienoe of her parents, No. 61 A street north, to-morrow (wunday) afternoon at 3 o'olook. The friends of the famil* are respectfully invited to attend. * By MARSHALL A PAGE, Auctioneers, 402 7i A st., undtr Odd Fellows' Mall. JUST RECEIVED? 3on ii h Herkimer county Cheese, 100 kegs and firkins prime Butter, l1 hhds Eiig i'h Island Molasses, 30 ti rots fine Sugar Cured Hams, 500 bnxes Sootoh Herring, in oh ?u Oolong Tea, MO orums Figs, 100 whole boxes Riislrs, 2P0qua t?r " " loo boxaa prime Valenoia Ra sms, SO ^ags Sicily Almonds, 90 " fine English Walnuts, 1W oases imported Brandy Cherries, lao " superior Brandy Pvaonee, 50 boxes Prunes. Also, a large ana oomplete assortment of all kinds of Me<ta in sealed oans. Also, Sardines, jar an" (arrel PTok es. MARSHALL A PAGKiA* ts., iOi Seven** *tr*et. under bo 15 St (Int.) Odd Fallows' Hal!. JUST A RRIVED, di eet from an Eastern Auo ^.?S.".!?u,^La0 W*? oh<*f CAK PET. Also,300 bEUS 1 EaDS, whtoh were bought low for cash and will be sold at a small advance. Together with a large assortment of Housekeeping Artioles. ? , R. BUCIILV, Fnrnitnre Dealer. 4?9 Seventh st., oc M-lm* between B and H ?t?. pRIME GOSHEN 1 _ BUTTER! 1C0 kegs Prime Goshen Butter just received and forsaieby WALL A BARNARD. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, no 5 Cor, south side Pa. ay. and 9th st. f.2 NOT TO BE BEAT. vao So? the largesi assortment of Woolen and Worsted Good*.o- msrising Hoods,9ohtAgs,Coats, Cloaks. Sleeves, Hosiery. * c., Ao. Al?o, received a lot of oheap Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered Slippers, Lamp stands Ac. Our motto is but one and ;he lowest p-ioe. No. 414 7th st. between G and H. no 12-3W F. MUHLINGHAUS. C O L D 1 E R 8' PAY. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY wiU forward soldier's remittances to their families, at any plaoe on the lines of their Expres>, at aoharge oftwenty five eents 'or any sum not exoeeding fifty dohars; aid a proportionate additional charge to places r?.aeh?d by connecting Expresses. '1 Ee money, whether Gold or Treasury nosej. should be enolosed in an envelope and securely sealed .and havff the f il 'ddress (inoludinv town, Po?t Omoa, and State; and in eities, the street and number,) of the prrson to whom to be rent, and the Amount legiolf uift'k'd there n. Envelopes lor this p*rP' e may be had at our ofltoei. T.? faoil.gate sr..mpt de ivery, the oharge for re mittauee shou <1 be prepaidADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washiwotqi Nov 12 1861. noia-10uf SUTLERS WANTED. "IREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutle s, and dealers in B<M?ta and Shoes,at the^^n NEW YORK WH LESALE KKANCHBQI HOUSE. 34S Pennsylvania avenue, (cm erfH Janney's Shoe .-tore.) * ML We iiieoDfaoture oar own Goods, and sell at iVrie York writts. thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand aTarse Stock, we ean supply at a moment's otioe. anv quaititr desired. A large assortment of 3 sole High-out shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A oAi1 from all dealers solioited. aol lm* WHITE HOUSE A UNCKLE8. T NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. HE ADAMS fcXPRE-S COMPANY will make remuiancox for soidior* to their families at pl*oes reached ?>y their Kxpresa, a< aoharge of yi oen<? for any sum not exoeeding fif y dollars. The inoaey, whether gold or Treasury notes, aronld be en?.osed m an envelope, and securely sealed, with tlie full address ( noluuing town, post oflioe aod ."*tate ) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount lecibit marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the 35 oents oharge should be prepaid. When faoilltiee for enveloping and sealing the money in separate paroels are not at hand in, the several sums to be remitted, that may he ooiieoted by Chap atn< of Regiments, or other arsons volunteering to do this servioe for the sol diers de?iring to send home their pay. will be received in bulk at an? of the prinoipal offioes of the Company. These sums aoootnpamed with the full addrees, as above required, of the persons for whom intended, will be remitted to the respeotive oonaignees. at any plaoe in toe loyal SUtes, at the same rateof chargi*. thrreby saving to the sender the troabieof pattinc in separate packages. Suitable blanks for th? above purpose have been prepared, and will be furnished, with explanations, at any of the offioes of the Company. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Opr. 3D. law. oo 30-lm Medicine for the Army. fh.YB'8 VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVEKY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVERY SOL DIER. SHO ULD AL WA Y8 HA VE A BOTTl E_ON HAND. This preparation is an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, B uisee, Soree, Strains, Ringworms, Canker, Painters' Coiio. Dysentery, Liver Comelaiat, Piles. Dyspepsia, Chilblains, Kidaev Complaints, Teetha-be, Headaches, Colds, Coughs, Bruises, Pever and Ague, Cholera, *e. The PAIN CURER is entirely vegetable fa its onmpositioa. aid may be seed at all times with perfect safety. Fail direotiena aooompan? each MMtia. Manufacture! hy JOSEPH 8. FRYE. For sale by at' principal &wVg?ste. no4-1 m* 7 3-10 U. ? ?fifKA^?v NOTES, whioh will be susp ied at par to oar eastomera, free of charge. Demand Treasury Notes,aa heretofore, wid he r?eei?ed oa depwitas seeoie. SWEENY, RlTTENHOUftK, FANT A COH oe 13-1 m Kanker?. 3M Pa av^ near Brown's. To idu ?t!?B a.'arssira!4. Wmssis: M k I , WANTS. WANTED TO HIRE?A STORK on or intke . Jieinity of Pe^aylvania avenae. Aura, immediately,"* Y a " thia office. It* W A N TF. I>-?0 S H U C* ? R S wanted at H A R ill V?Y.;8 ?yater D?pot. aPl C it.. b-fVeen 10th and nth ata. do M-St OTORK WANTED. on or near r?nnirlmii CJ lv?DD> ani'ahle for a fi at claaarr oery atore. Ad'reaa"Van Vieok." Boa4 R om, P. O. Perart?"?n*. no 16-St* OV9E WANTF.D-Aimtlloomlo 'abl*riwelI A* Imt. with four r oms a: oat d ei?*-er in W aahIngton or Georgetown. >ddr-s? "R. W ."at Ku!mana'a Homo, 436 Pa avenue. no 16 3t* WANTED? Anexpetienoed GARDEN KR; one ' * who ean bmg satisfactory references can I "ne a JRiF 'nation; a certain pay guarantied. I with a<Mitionil a.vantaeea (dependent raon hi* own industry and akill.iby application at thisoffio\ no 16 3t I TO7 ANTED?Every peraon to know that I am in I * th* mark ft, ready to pay oaah for all artiolea I in the hruaefnrniahing tin*. Thoae leaving the oiT^?^.h^,''?^lin^Pln, Wl1! do well to oa". R. I BUCH LY. 438 Seventh st., between G and H ata., I (east aide,} Dealer in N?wand Second-hand turpi twre. no 16 \V?OD CHOPPERS WANTED -Wanted imI * ~ mediate* v, one thouaand Wood choppers, to I whom one dollar (in apeoie) per cord will he said for bhoppin-. Apply to BOTELER. CARTER ? CO . oorner of G a*d 18 h at?. or to JOHN F. I CA RTKR, pear Blidensburg, M<*. no IB 3t* WAI^TET> IMMEDIATELY-A half-crown I white GIRL, to take cbarr* of a ohi'd. Ap| ply. with reoommendationa, at 40T New York av., I ornerl4that lt? YV * NTED?To engage a GENTLEMAN h*rI * *, acquaintance and influeno" among the Catholioa of Washington and Georgetown. Apply, I W'th reference, at the ?t*r Offica. no l4-3t* I W ANTED IM M EOF *TELY?An energeiio MAN aa deliverer A ppl? to JOHNI FBY & CO.,Dodge Buildings, corner 7th aad F ata. no 14 3t? 1 Oflfl BREAD BOXES I JUjiY WANTED, at the National Soap and I Jwndl# Works, oorner Green atreet and the Canal, Georgetown, D. C. C. B. JEWEI L, I no 14->w Proprietor. I WANTED.-* MAN. of good appearance and I ., . addreae, wishes employment in any 'eapeotaI ble buaineaa, aa clerk or otherwise. Sa'ary modI ?T?.VVr .WCSI*".0** unexceptionable. CHARLES I EDWARDS, PoatOffice, Washington. I no 14 lw* A capable and Industrious man is I wan'-d to take the exclusive aale of thia oitv I of one uf the moat attractive anil rea'ly meritoI r,??" ?orioaitiea out?the Storm Indio^tor, or 25 I oent Baromete . It is entirely new, and ia Having I a aele nnpreo*danted. Thia offera a chanoe for I profitable investment se'dam equaled Hample by ???for 30 ?*nU- Addrnw HUBBARD BROS, I 60 Nassau atreet New York no M 3t ilTiiE'SSi, quarter master*, 1 commissaries, and merchantsA aituation Wanted M clerk, by a middle aged marI ried man, a good writer, an old reaident of the city, I familiar with hnain^aa generally?that of the DeI partmen's of the General Government; a knowl edeeofFenoh and Spaniah. Addreea "Clerk," Office of the Star. no 14-st* I W thousand Whiakyand Brandy ? BOT TLES, for which the high eat cash price T'Ji 'a,d- JAS S. Gl BBONS, So tier a' Depot, I Penn. avenue, oppoaite WiTarda'. no 12-1 w I ^ reapeotable GIRL, oolored or I .?? white, to do general honaework in a email J family. Apply at thia office, BO 11 I A NTED.?A lady of Ba'timore wiahea to pnr7* ohwe ladies' and gentlemen'a CAST OFF I AfrAREL All peraona having euoh goods to I disporeol will be called upon at their reaidonce I reoMve cash for the aame. Addresa "A G.," Star Offioe. for ten da'a. n>9 1w* A GOOD WATCHM AKER, having been in the I fi. Jjlfn?'" for six years, wishes to ret a SITUATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pa I avenue. no? \U ANTED? TAILORS, TAILORS -SO Tailora I r?wI?.pot?nJ.if\wor* ?n military gooda. Apply I G- KOLP. at Wall. Stephena tc Co.'a. se25 I T^O SJ'TLERS.?An energetic merchant, with I j anffioient oapital. desires to purchase the stock I S?? buaicess or a Regimental Sutler. Addresa I Businesa, at the offioe of thia paper, oo 3l-lm pUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STfcT^ PHF.NS A CO.'S. 3'i-i Pa avenue. ae 18 I WANTED.-W? are now buying SECOND^HANDFURNITURE.STflvAsaud BED DING, for which we are pajing the highest I S*^pric?** . ^W?'SS* houaekeepina, or I havihg A aurpiua of ftirtiiture, willfiud it to their I ad van late to give tia a oail. . BONT* k GRIFFITH. ^ JNo. 369 Tth st.. betw. I and K ata. LOST AND FoDNa t OST-MEMORANDUM BOOK, witl bills, I Li Ac., on the way f om V43 P?nn. aVenue to 6th I a'.soutti aide. ? inder it requested to deliver same a* <43 penn.tretiuev . ... It* I J OHT?Cn the 15th instant, betwo n F and l^th I And *** a metal 10 flexible I SURGICAL INSTRUMENT. The finder will be b' le??inc the aame at Dr. A. H. I LhE'B Offioe, New \ ork av. and I at. it* I tt1"RAY COWS.?Came to the farm of the eubI ?n the ridge road, about ore^ti^ft I mile Pom Georgetown,one red Heifler. on Va^^ I tn5 1st of ^epiember ; &I?o, o"fl brindle JStmJmtm I Uow <a*ed) matly faoe and white under the flank?. I Ownara of the above desoribed cows will oome I prove property, pay ohargea and take I them away, or they will be iofd to pa? exper aea. no'? ? JANE BAKER. CMVE DOLLARS R EWARD.-Ktrayed, on the I R afternoon of the 14th instant, a bl ioL^. I mare MULE, with switch tail,at>out I hands hifh, 5years old. The above reI ward will be paid on returning the ume^_&, I to No 4*9 Pennsylvania assnue. I no 15 8t? y I | On 14th inatant, a pair gold SPECI I-< TACLES. The fi der will be auiN^^^j^^ I ahly rewarded on leaving them at thia^- r' offioe. no 14 St* I ^ BK WARD?Strayed away from the anbaeriI ?JJber, on Sunday, the inth inatant,a?\_ I ?*rk r?n, HORSE, a part of hia tail rubbed I off. 1 will give the aoove reward for the-"32L aai I returning it to the owner,whoae residence iaion1 Eleventh atreet east, near the Eaatern I Branch bridge. _n?jlJt^ JOHN N GATES. UOR SALE ANDlftENT~ A eOOD -OPPORTUnTtY.?f^OR RENT/V Onejhalf of STORK-ROOM, 2? leet front by | si leet deep, with accommodation for atorage in baaement. Apply at 376 D atreet. between 8thand I ?*?; no 1? St? | C^OR RENT?A STORE on Pecnaylvania av. Imuirt of Mr MADKS, Reaiaurant ro'ner I of Third at and Pa. avenue. n?> 15 3t* POR RENT.?A three atorv B?ICK HOUSE, I 1 oon'aiumg twenty rooma, aitua'e<l on the oorI 5.'r of 11thand G at'eets, Island Apply to Wm R. I R'ley A B other, 36. ?>ntial Storea, or THO' W. RILEY. Riley'a Wharf, lith .t no 15 lw J I^DR RENT.?The third, fourth, and part of the u.T..,<I??r,d;,U,rjr'. of the lour atory BRICK BUILDING, fronting on the weat aide of7:hat.. I teoond house aouth of D street, and oneaquare I nor h of Pennaylvania avenue. Five rooms on the I third and fourth atoriea. and four on the aMonil; I door between each on the aame floor. Enquire or I ? BRADLEY, at Patriotic Back,oorner7thand I D- no 14 eoSt* POR RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE, eonH. t^iP,n8 .,0 rooma, with gaa thioughout?403 I Twelfth at . between I and K. no 18-3teo* I ITOR RENT?A new two atorv brick STABLE I I and the Lot on wh oh it by loo feet. aituated on L at, bft?e?n llth and !8th. Apply to I i W. NAIRN, Druggiat, oorner 9th at. and Pa. I avenue. no 12 lw' WO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, M on firat floor, at 406 D street, between 6th and I 7t*L no It lw I Ij^OR RENT?The PREMISES on the oorner I IT of 14U and C streets, lately oo?upied by R. W. I Batea A Co , wood and ooal oealera For terma, I Ao .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 i a. I avenue. noll-eotf I IT ARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for City I I Property, aituated in Sommervill county N. I Jeraey, containing as aorea in a high state ofoulI tivation, good dwelling-house, with all neoeaaary I ??tjbaildinga, good water power, fine orohard, and I ?i milea from Central Railroad, <6 daily trains.) Smilaafrom Plainfieid, and 30 miloa "Om Jeraey City. For further particulara inquire I of G. W. BRA*, Jeweler, 516 Seventh at, opI

poette Intelligencer Office. uc35 1m* E^URNISHED ROOMS-Well furniahed Roomi A for rant by day, week or month, in hoaaea Noa. I 4T5 and 47T Thirteenth at., three doora from Pa. I avenue aad midway between Willarda'and ttirkI wood a' Hotels. rp 1 ;w? UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM 8.I H Four handaomely Furniahed Rooms, supplied I with gaa and water, and convenient to the Patent DepartmenU, for rent. Apply at ?han<Tlth^ata^huaetu avenue, north aide, betwwn AS HI ON ABLE DANCING ACADEMY, at r BTOTT'a H?U, c?rair of Pa. ?? ami * 20fA st.?Profeaaor IAKNES, of New York, fit I willloommenoe a Dancing School on Wed im nesday afternoon and evening, November Hoare?S o'oloek for ladiea, miaaea and maoUna; I aad 7 o eioek for gentlemen. Terma, 910 per quarI ler of 94 lessons. Mr B will give a free exhibition of hla atvle of dancing br hia preaent 0 aaa, at the above named hall, on Monday evening, Nov. 18th. at7X o'oloek. Persons of reaf eolability only who desire to attend can prooare tioseta a?.d programmea a. ihe kaJ on Saturday and Monday previoua to the exI hlbltion. Pruf Baress"exkiwtioa_at Odd Fellowa' Hall, Navy Yar-t, will fa repeated, by requeat. on Taursday evening, Not. 14th. Ail are invited to attend. I NARD, Auotion ana Commission Mm- lirR ohante,oor. Ninth at. aad aouth aide Pa clu a venue. oo as Army and Navy Blaa Clotka aad Caatimeree at I <>ar low and uniform pnoe^ ' PKRRYABEOI ' ' 1 ? jj-'i 11 ' GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS. A Resolution in ftror of the Poor and Work House. Resolved by tkt Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown, Sbat the Clerk pay to the order of Mr. Thomas nofcles, Trustee of the Poof and Work House, the cum of sli hundred and aeTenty-one dollar* and seventy-one c?nts, to defray (he eipenses of the Poor and Work House fof tbe iecord qnartef of 1061T and that the said sum be, end It hereby, appropriated for that purpose. Approved October 26, 1881. A Resolution In favor of the Poor and Work House Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of the Corf oration of Georgetown, That the Clerk pay to tbe order of Mr. Thomas Knowlfs, Trustee of ?be Poor and Work Houae, the sum of three hundred and twenty-three dollara and eighty-two cents, to defray the expense of tbe Poor and Work House for the quarter ending 30th September, 18C1 Approved October 36, 1961. A Resolution In favor of Robert White. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmtn and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown, That the sum of twenty-seven dollars snd etohty five cents be paid by trie Clerk to Robert White or order, In full of his bill up to June 98, 1861. Approved October 26, 1861. A Resolution providing for a flag footway on High street. Resolved by the Board of Aldtrmen and Board of Common Council of tkt Corporation of Georgetown, That a flag footway be, and the aame la hereby authorized to be placed across High street on tbe south side of Eighth street, and for the expense thereof tbe sum of twenty flvs dollars is hereby appropriated. [Approved October 26,1861. A Resolution authorizing the building an addition to tbe watz-h-bouse. Resolved by the Board of Aldermtn and Board of Common Council qf tkt Corporation of Georgetown, That the committee on police be, and tbey are hereby authorized and instructed to have built an additional brick building in front of the present watch-bous<* toco stories high, and to have fitted up with cells and lodging rooms the second story of the present watch-house, and to make other necessary improvements; provided the cost of the same shall not exceed fifteen hundred dollars; and provided further, that bids for said work shall be Invited, and contracts made with tbe lowest responsible bidder. Approved November 9, 1861. GEORGETOWN ADVEJ&T'MTS MASSKY. COLLINS* A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just received & supply of the above Ale, which wo recommend to be or a very superior quality. Persons wishing to purchase, by making immediate appliaation, oan be furnished. ARNY A SHINN, no 7 Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? . ? _ 10 hlids. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS B bnls. Old Rye WHISKY, bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVLB, 10 bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, SO bags Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hhds.(low-priced) MOLASSES. Far sale hy JOHN J. BOG UK. se It EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON AN D GEORGETOWN FEMALF. SEMINARY, A Boarding and Dat School, No. 422 Fst, between 6th and 7t* tts., Washington ; and l*o. 151 West st , G?er*ffotri*. The duties of this Institution were resumed in September. Cironlars may i>e obtained at the bookstores, or hy addressing the Pnnoipal. se28 eotf M. J. HARROVER. OQQ JOHNSON A NAGLE, QWQ ?o?s No. US9 Pennsylvania Avenue, ?0*7 Between Ninth and Tenth sts . soutb side, OFF EE FOB SALB: CHAMPAGNES-G. H Mumm, Piper Heidsick, Moet A Chaudon. Builinger A Co, Cartier A Co, A.T, CLARE ?S?Pt. Julien, St. Estephe, Cantenao, Ao , hy the oask or dozen. HOCK WINES?Deidesneimer, Johannesberger, Liebfrauenmiich, Rudesheimsr, Ao. BRANDY, Whisky,Gin. Port, Sherry. Madeira, !n W-tod or i} LONDON PORTER, Brown Stoat, Edinburgh and Yorkshire Ales, of the best brands, in bottle" or stone jugs. CIGARS-Havana and Domestic, of the choicest btttnas. _ We call thesperAl attention of Sutlers,Restaurants and Famines to our large and well-sel?otod STOCK OK FINE GROCERIES, Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish, Soaps, Vegetables and Fruits in hermetically n.-a'ed cans. % PRESEK VES, Jellies, Ao , Almonds, Nuts, Raisins ard Kigs. CHEESE, (Eastern and Western Cutting); Ham, best Goshpn Butter,the beat Champagne Cider. WORCESTERSHIRE and Oyater Sauoe. PickLs of every description, Pepper Sauoe and Tomato Catsup, by the gal on or dosen. All of which we cfT*r at the lowest possible prices and on reasonable terms. _ _noji JOHNSON A NAGLE. Army suppliesPORTAB'E FORGER. TRAY'or CANAL BARROWS, WHEELBARROWS. TRUCKS, heavy and 'ight. HORSKor BaIL BUCKETS, MEASURES, GINDSTONES. complete, GRINDSTONES and FIXTURES. AXES. PICKS. HATCHETS, SAWS, AX HANDLES. PICK HANDLES, RATTAN or STABLE BROOMS, FORK8, SHOVELS, SPADES, LOG CHAINS, SIFTH CHAINS, ALTER CHAINS, TRACE CHAINS, SWINGLE TREES, SAME*, ORD8, CURRY COMBS, Fairbanks Platform and Counter and Hay ^ SCALES. BUTCHERS' SCALES, BUTCHfcRS' KNIVES, BASKETS. Ao., Ao , Ao. For sale at wholesale p-ioes by J. P. BARTHOLOW. Agricultural Warehouse, 54S Seventh St., 00 2s-lmeo t?etween Pa av aad Canal Ti TO OFFICERS. H E CAM PA1GN ? A Campaignirg Wagon on the Prussian prinoipla, arranged for sleep- C\ ingortoaot as an Ambu anoe in oaae ofjU^TI siokneas or wounds, with ample room for*?^*stores and provisions; lijcht, water-proof, and perfectly new, having been just *uilt to order by one of tbe first makers in New York, is offered for saie ai cost prioe. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Roth may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. 'rvine's Stables, Corcoran'* Lane, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H street* ae ? ^TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT-Tailoring 1 in all its bra ehes. by JOHN ?BUCHEN"ERG, No. 3?3. oorner Thir Hi teenth and H sts. Gentlemen's and Boys' Clothes out to order. Having made arrange- Wjf ments with a skillful Steam Scourer, I am 1 prepa-ed to execute all orders in this line, aa well as Mending, in the most satisfactory manner. oe 22-2W 'I HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT A at the SOLDIER8' SUPPLY STORK, 33 Louisiana Avenue, bet. 6 h and 7th sts. Best Goods. Lowest Prices, Sut.ers Supplied, no 6-lm Call and See. EBUTTI R HOUSE, STABLISHED for the aale rf New York. Pennsylvania and Western BU TTER. We are now in receipt of prime Dairies Gosnen. Glades, Ao., whioh are offerrd at wholesale as low as oan be pur eh ased in other oi ties. No 450 Eighth St., near Pa avenue. no 6 *w? D. E. DUTROW. I nnn LUS SOAP AND CANDLES for l?Jl/jUuU sale cheap for ca*n. Also, wanted?500,000 lbs. Army-Grea-e and Rough Tallow, for which the highest prioe will be Mid. at the National S>ap and Candle Works, oor. Green ?t. and Canal, Georgetown, li. C. no7 lm C. B. JEW ELL, Proprietor. CQ M. T. PARKER. tn *JLouisiana ai . bit 6>a and 1th sts , ?3%J North Side, Having completed his arraug?m*nta. is now ready to attend, even more visorously than ever, to HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, in all of its various oranohes Having seound the servioes ol a oorps of excellent workmen, i Am prepared to do Flags and Banners ic the best style ana on the moet reasonab'e terms. nofteolm [Repab.] / YRANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? V/ It is highly reeommendeJ by Physioiaus, Ship Masters and ftavelera. Insures a sweet, porn artiolefor any length ofume Never becomes cheesy, and guarantied o keep in an; oumate. Cr For aale at faotoryjpricea. KING A BURCHELL, oc 22 Corner Iftth wt and Ve'mont av. ExTENSI VE?aRsso^^t'ment ofLadies' and Chii oreus Ho. ds. Son'egs Cca'a, i loaks, Sleeves, Hosiery, Gloves, Ao. Ao. Aleo, a la-ge mvoioe of reautiful Worsted Embroidered Mippers, L>* mp stADus. Ao., will be aold o*.eap aad at one prioa at No SO Market Space. no U-3WS SCHLAICH A CO. S JOHN W.CLARKE, URGICAL AND MECHANICAL DENTIST, Seventh si., betwotm I and K 1 oag exparieno-, modeiate charges, and attention, recommend In# to those requiring his ?rvloe? iw? 11-iw* Use They will ears Ooaghs, Brfnch t e, Troop, Ae. Childrenory after U.eui auc eat tiif m as they do cand;. Only try them, and jam will be ennvtneed of tkelr eftca BO 5-fW 7 ' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS The Wsr la Keataeky. rat Battle at fieeton. Cincinnati. Not. 14 ?We are still without the fall particulars of Gen. Nelaon's victory at Piketon The following is all that la aa yet known respecting It: After occupying Preatonburg, Gen Nelaon proceeded toward Piketon and commenced aa engagement With the rebels about 4 o'clock on Friday afternoon The fight continued till night, and both armlet slept on their arms On the next mom! fig the battle was renewed and con tinned till lo o'clock a m , when the rebels unconditionally surrendered Paris, Kt , Nov. 14 ?The following letter Is just received by tbe postmaster at this place dated? " AfoMNt St*rli*g. Not. 13 ?From Piketon I learn that in the battle the rebels lost four hundred killed and between one and twotbouaand prisonera. Col. John 8 Williams was shot through the head* Gen Haw*s was captured (Signed) F. L Boswoeth, P. M." the lows or hatfield rcrned Caieo, 111., Not. 14.?Men from Kentucky reErt that the Federal troopa burned the town of airfield, and that heaTy cannonading waa heard in that direction for four hours la*t night The rebel loss at Belmont is stated as follows in the Memphis Appeal of the 9th " Our information leads us to believe that the loss of the Confederate forces in killed, wounded and missing will approximate a total of 900. The loss In Col Jappan's Arkansas regiment Is Of) or 80 killed and iKIU won tided Matsville, Ky., Not it.?Reports from head' quarters, dated 13tb, received this evening through a reliable gentleman who was at Piketon, siys our forces attacked the rebels. 1.000 strong, posted on a hill, killing 95 or 90, and taking 50 prisoners. The rest were scattered Col V\ Uiiamt was taken prisoner Six of Col. Marshall's men w?re killed and 15 wounded H Is horse waa shot under him. Fifteen of Col Fife's men were wounded and 9 killed. The above is said to be reliable. The Latest frsns nisisarl ^ PrEtucriELD. Not 11 ?The Federal troops sre leaving here for St Louis, and the town will be entirely evacuated in a few days Price and McCulloch'a rebel camps hsve broken up. Tbe former are retreating to the extreme corner of tbe State, and the latter going into winter quarter* In Arkansas All wishing to go borne have departed; those remaining intend lighting outside of Missouri. St. Louis, Nov 14 ?Generals Hunter, Pope, and Sturgls's divisions of tbe army left Springfield on Saturday last for tbe North, and Generala Slgel and Asboth's commands left for tbe South on Friday, with instructions to encamp two miles below Wilson's creek AEKEST or BEN M'EINSTET. St Loci*, Nov 14 ?Upon the arrival of Gen. McKlnstrv, late Quartermaster General under Fremont, In this city, last night, in conformity with orders received In Springfield on Friday last to repair to St. Louis and report to Waablngton by letter, he was met at the cars by several officers, arrested and conveyed to tbe arsensl, under instructions that he should hold no communication with anyone. Ills cashier, Mr Kabn, waa alao arretted Gen. Sturgls now commands Gen McKlostry'a division. faterestlafl Seathera Items. Louisville, Nov 14 ?The LoulBvllle Courier, tdated at Bowling Green,) of U>e *tb, contains lichmond correspondence saflng the Colonel (now brigadier general) Humphrey Marshall la to command 'he Eastern Division of the Confederate army In Kentucky, and Brig. Gen. John C Breckinridge returnato Southern Kentucky this week, to organize bis brigade, and put tbe provisional government of Kentucky In motion. Tbe same correspondent com plalna of tbe delay in getting the steamer Merrlmsc ready for sea, ana speaks of twenty-one rifled cannon which came on the steamer Bermuda, with twelve grooves, each throwing shells of one huudred snd twenty pounds a distance of five miles and a-balf. Tbe Fredericksburg Herald, of the 1st Inst., says the family residence of the late John A. Washington, two miles below Mathias Point, was bombarded and burned. Tbe steamer Bermuda, with 1,800 bales of cotton, ran the Savannah blockade on the night of tbe'2d Inst Charleston, S. C , Nov. 7.?Gen. Lee has arrived herC. Wm Porcher Mile# hns baeu elected to the Confederate Congress laterestlag frsm Calra CaiBo, 111., Nov 11.?The steamer Memphis, under a flag of trace, took down Col. Dougherty's wife The bodies of Col. Wentz, Capt. Mark ley and Lieut Shipley were sent tome yesterday for Interment. Col. Wentx's wife was Lefe Col. Dougherty, at last accounts, was doing well. Delano's cavalry lost 1 killed and !2 wounded Lieut. Carson, and several of the reporters who accompanied tbe Missouri expedition, returned here last night. No enemy was encountered Jeff. Thompson, with 2 000 men, was beyond Castor river, and retreated They left the expedition this side of Bloomfleld, on Its return, by way of Cape Glrardean. Prisoners make the huge statements that Tennessee has furnished 170 regiments for tbe war According to tbe offlcial report tbe Federal loss in killed at Belmont Is as follows: 7th Iowa, 26; '29d Illinois, :it; '27th Illinois, 10; 39tb Illinois, 9; 3lst Illinois, 10; Delano's cavalry, 1; gunboat Tyler, 1. A Skirmish in Laadsaa teaaty. Point or Rocks, Nov. 13.?A ikirmlsh took place In Loudoun county, opposite here, yesterday. Col. Geary having received Information of tbe intention of the rebels to erect fortifications In that neighborhood, crossed tbe river with Capt Chapman and 25 picked men of Twenty-eighth Pennsylvania Regiment, and reconnoltered tbe vicinity, when be found a small force of rebels, upon whom he quietly closed, surprised tbem with a volley, and after firing two or three volleys tbe rebels wers routed, leaving three men and one horse dead on the field. Released aa Parsle?>'Coafederate Skips Seized?Amy Supplies frsm Karepe. New York, Nov 15 ?Messrs Gwln, Benham and Brett, who arrived here to-day by tbe California steamer, in custody of Gen Sumner, have been released on their pirole not to leave tbe country without permission of tbe government Tbe ships Lydla and John Cottle were seized here to-day as Confederate property. The steamship Ediuburg brought a small quantity of arms for the Government, and ber manifest shows an Immense quantity of blankets and army clothE. Tbe Light Haaaes at Pert Reyal New Voee, Nov 15?A letter from Hilton Head of tbe 11th Instant, states that tbe entire Freanel lighting apparatus, formerly used In Hunting Island and Martin's Industry lghthouses, was discovered In excellent condition In tbe arsenal at Beaufort They were taken to tbe steamer Wabash, and will be pl^ed In their old poaltlons. Csnvlctlsu sf a Slave Trader. Boston. Nov 14 ?8. P Skinner was convicted to-dsy of fitting out tbe ship Margaret as a slaver. John M Whittemore, chief engineer of the Mohican, killed in the engagement near Beaufort, belonged to Carabridgeport, where he was married leu than a year ago. He was 26 years of age, and a son of tbe late Rev. Thomas whittemore. Natteaal Salates. Wilmington, Del , Ncv 14.?A national salute was fired here to-day In honor of Com. Dupontand bis victory st Port Royal. The Commodore is a citizen of Delaware. Trenton, N. J , Nov. 14 ?Thlrtv-f or guns were fired by Captain Smith's artillery, Home Guards, this forenoon, in honor of the succem of the fleet at Beaufort. The Blank Brltsn's Passengers Montreal, Nov. 14 ?Capt. Grange, of the wrecked steamer North Briton, haa arrived at Father Point, and rsports that tbe steamer Anglo Saxon took off tbe passengers and crew of the North Briton from Mlnagan lal&nd on Moaday at noon. Frem California. San Francisco, Nov. 12 ?Tbe rainy season baa commenced vigorously. Arrived, ships Forest Jjueen, from Hong Kong; Edith Rose, from New Vork, and Anne Mary, from Liverpool. Special Seasiea ef the Alaryiaad Legislature. Annapolis, Not. 15.?GoTernor Hicks ta-day issued bis proclamailon convening tbe Legislature In apeclal session, in this city, on Wednesday, the 27th Instant, for the transaction of Important and urgent business. Large Firs at Ceacord, R H. Boston, Nov 14 ?James & Hill's extenalTe harness manufactory, Coneord. N H., was de stroyed by fire this morning. Loss from 980,000 to #70,000. partly insured. Mr H1U was fulfilling a Government contract for haraaaB New York Caaal Tall. Alramy, Nov. 14?The canal tolls far tbe firs* week la November foot ap tl<6 90S; for the e ?re*ponding week In I860 they were SI IB,Ml. Tbe total tolls for 1801 U#3,441,153, for 1600 they ware 2 706,843. IS?????? White B aakats. at vsrr low prtaaa, to etc?aaoo.,.-.1 !,^. t BROTHER. St SECOND EDITION. " THREE O'CLOCK P. ?. OUR MTLfTART BUDGET. THE SEIZURE OP MESSRS MASON AND SLIDELL. THE PARTICULARS OF THEIR CAPTURE. THE PRISONERS TO GO DIRECT TO FORT WARREN. The United States steamer Sea Jaelsto, crslalng in tbe Bibimi channel on the ftfc Nofrnbar, la tbe forenoon, overhauled tbe English nail Meaner Trent, and placed her under her (the Jacinto's) gOM. Lieut Falrfki waa ordered on board tbe Trent to ascertain If Meeera Slidell, Maaoa, MeFarlacd and E'latla were on beard; with dtrnettsns, laeaaa be fonnd th-m there, to canoe tbaa. to be brongfet on board tbe Saa Jacinto. They were fonnd there, and dacllaod topaa board the U 8 ateamer unleaa farce waa oaed; whereupon Lieut. Fairfax placad hla baad oa Maaon'a shoulder, and with other aastatanoe, quietly took htm to tbe ? Trent's" gaagwsy. and from thence Into tbe San Jacinto's boat. Mr Slidell making a similar aeearttaa of hie purpose, was taken to tbe gangway aad carried on to the San Jacinto's boat la tbe aanae way. The rest of tbe party, lnclodlag tbe females, and all their baggage, were taken on board tbe bast, and thence on board the U. 8 war Manner Saa Jacinth, In tbe same way, also. Tbey were all well treated on Captain Wllkea* ship, which Immediately started for tbe United States with her Im ports nt prlaonera, reacting Hampton Roads yesterday?Friday?mora lag. Capt. Wilkes send* to tbe Navy Departnwa* ^luminous papers on tbe affair, Including written statements concerning their capture, from aU tbe male prlaonera named a bore It la presumed that tbey will be landed at New York, and from thence be transferred to Fort Warren, Bos on harbor, tbelr papers being for* warded to tbe Government here arroiT folly occvpiib. Tbe fallowing is an extraet from the letter of a distinguished oScer of tbe expedition to fries da in thla city: U. S. Steams* Wabash, Nor. It. Tbe Commodore is going up to Beaufort Tbe negroes bsd commenced destroying the property and Backing the town Tbe Commodore has taken posscaalon and stopped tbe devastation. tbs OBAKD ssrisw. The review of several division* of tbe Union army, mentioned In our first edition to dsy ae about to come off on Monday, bas been poetponed until Wedn?*day next Tbe number of dlvlsioae to partlcipste In It baa not yet been determined en. BSISaTATBO. Captain Gurdln Cbapin, U S A , dismissed under misapprehension as a sympathizer with secession, has been restored to bis former rank and poettion, and is ordered to New Mexloo for service. a LATB LOCAL NEITS. Cases llsross Justice Doss ? Last night, a young man named Geo Tsylor, was arrested at Coombs' Hall, Pennsylvania avenae. near Tenth street, by pstrolmen Donn and Handley. for having in hia possession a silver-mounted sword and scabbard, tbe property of Capt Jas A Stewart He waa committed to Jail for trial at tbeCrlmlnal Court. John Kenti, of the 4th artillery, waa arrested with a man named Tlcknor, by patrolmen Thompson and Walling, snd taken before J unties Donn. Tbe caee was stated as fohows by tbe witness** : Kents snd Tlcknor were seen coming out of Marble Alley together, Kenta In uniform, and Tlcknor took him to a clothing store kept by 8 Hellem and Moses Hlsch, wber- Rents was ringed out with a new suit of cltlsen'a clothing, from head to foot, and left bis uniform la tbe store. Hellem and Hlrach denied having tbe uniform, bat It was afterwsrda found la tbe s ore. Kentz and Tlcknor were seat to jail for further hearing, and tbe two storekeepers were held to ball for court upon the charge of eelllng tbe eletb!ng to Kentx LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. IMPORTANT NEWS r'KOM THE SOUTH, THROUGH CONFEDERATE SOURCES. THE MOVEMENT OF UNION TROOPS IN TENNE98EE. ALARM AT THE SOUTH. THE RAILROADCONNECTIONSTHREATENED. TERROR OF THE PEOPLE OF SAVANNAH. MILITARY FORCE INVOKED TO KEEP ABLE-ROD1ED CITIZENS FROM RUNNING AWAY. Baltimobb. Not. 16 ?Tbe boat from Fortreas Momoe bas arrived, snd brings tbe following Important intelligence: Petersburg papers of the Hth have been received here They contain little newa, and appear to be much In tbe dark with reference to tbe operationa of tbe fleet. At Lynchburg, Va , on November IStfc, the following dispatch wss received from Joneeberougb, Tenn , (same date,) via: Tbe Union men have a camp of from 1,000 to 1 3U0 strong at Ellasbetbtown, (Tenn ,i near tbe North Carolina line, and about 2U miles from Bristol. [Bristol Is tke most important railroad polst in tbe Stat?; being the juuctlon of railroads from some ha*, doian Statea ?Ed Star ) Tbey have another alao, of about TOO mea, st Strawberry Plaioa Their forcrs are increasing at both these camps, and threaten to take possession of tbe railroads and burn all tbe bridges It la alao reported, but sot confirmed, that tbey have taken poaaeaalon of Bristol. * Tbe panic in Savannah la ao great as that evi a men are moving away tbelr small-ware mere baad'ae. Tbe mercbanta are packing their goods to leaye, and bad been notified by tbe autborltlea that they would not be permitted to carry tbelr goods off. Tbe Savannah Rtpublitam la Indignant at tbelr cowardly deeertlon la Ume of dsnger, snd urges Gen. Lawton to laaue an order preventing say able-bodied man under sixty rears of ags from lesvlng Savannah. ARRIVAL OP THE. SAN JACINTO AT FORTRESS MONROE WITH MESSRS. MASON AND SLIDELL PRISONERS OF WAR. THEY ARE TAKEN IN THE BAEAMAS - CHANNEL. AFFAIRS AT NORPOLE. Fobtbbss Mossob, Nov 15 ?TbeU 8 ateamer San Jacinto has Jort arrived frsa tbe oeert af Africa via tbe West ladies, wbare afea baa bcea cruising aome six weeka Old Point wss electrified by tbe ttdlaga that she has oa beard Messrs Maaon aad Slidell,wbe weee going abroad as Mlalatora af tbe Soutuero Confederacy to Eaglaad aad Fraaes, bat ware taksa from tbe ebaaael of tbe Bahamas The *** Jaelsto will soos proceed b flaw York with her distinguished vtoltets ^ rvw. Walker reported tbe newa at hendaaartars in psraaa, and wUl forward bis itaM.ihas to Washington to-nlgbt TM Bet rider* having been repaired wlU leave for Pert Royal early to-marrow wirb malls, despatches, ate. A lag af tince from Norfialk has to-day breaght daws one baadred and fifty refugees Tbe rebels eaaams to make light sffe affair of Pert Royal, bat st tbe Sanaa tl me are eppreheneive of Its i Benito A resident af Nee#alk thinks tbsre are nenalj 1*0,000 Qu^dLerate traopa la and noar tbst, c>*T_ pfctod

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