Newspaper of Evening Star, November 16, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 16, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVEiStiX*; SPAK. . Tfct Ristag la bit TtaawM. Ic the genera! retotoiaga arm the >ooo?aa of <mr trxvp? at Port Koyal, a blow equally dlsMtroot io the insurgents is likely to be overlooked. TV e burning of eertain bridged on the lioe ef the Virginia and Ea*t Tennessee RaJroed. which was announced by teleftrapb on Tueeday evening, ia one of the most important wventaof the war. Theee Lridgee were marked *>J Union men at tbe commencement of the I 1 w?r, and it was proposed to destroy tbem nome three months ago. Several eminent East Tenwww eameon to Washington at that time and laid their plana befere General* Soott and NcCleilaa After consultation, it vu determined that the bridge* should be untouched until the army in Kentucky, then just gathering secretely, under ordere of General Anderson, should be prepared for offensive movements; in order that the march into Eaatern Tennessee mi/ht beg'n at the same time that the enemy's railroad communication with that region were suddenly out off. To have broken the bridges before would have only had the effect of putting the insurgenta on their guard and giving them time for repaira If tha rOlder will examine a map of the southern states he will perceive thai the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad ia tha great through line, conneoting the South Southwest with Virginia. Its eaatern terminus is Lynchburg. from which point railread? radiate to Richmond. Fairfax, Manassas. &?. From its Western terminus other road* connect with Memphis, with 5ew Orleans, with Atlanta, Georgia, and Montgomery, Alabama. f,v*r thia line one hundred thousand insurgent soldiers have been brought into Virginia, and by thia way nearly all their suppliea have reached tbcm frrm the Southwest. To cut it off was to cut off the m-jst vital communications of the iD-u.geuu; and that this has been thoroughly done we have the beat reason to know. Nearly three months ago ?ne of the feeding Unionist* of Last Tenne.-aso described to u< the bridges to be destroyed. The moat important of these is of great length, and would require at least six months for even temporary reeonstruc lion; two other* -are of lens extent, but al?o of difficult constriction, and t" destroy all tbr*e, as has been doire. is to cut off the insurgent* from their line of retreat, and to gain a width of about one bundied miles of country for the operations of our armies Within this ?pace tbe population ! mainly loyal, and ready to join our arm* whonever we can supply them with powder, of which the insurgents carefully robbed them three months ago. We trust to cee Gen. Baell at onoe follow up tbe victory whi.h the gallant Kelson gained, and rush his army past to Cumberland Gap Into Eastern Tennessee and Northern Georgia. ?A* Y. rost. 91. I. rKAMKXIJ*, OrTlClA> TO THK PhESIDKNTAXD MILITARY staffs, 44 Peoa'a at., go iu ei<l?. > bet. lath and 13th sts SFKCTACLE8. provided with geuu<oe Rook C^iVaJ or Pen?eo io i.erses, mounts 1 >n <old, a?lT*r o*- steel s iit ?ui:e>l witb ut.noet care for every a?s ami eje-uht. first tceilia*e8bji MILITARY riBLlt-ULASSBS. Mieroeoo*#*. ContpMsas, and Mathematical la at'nmente, at tbe lowest fcastern ?noes, oe^tr mar NiiTirm. Tf B Be?l?aveto oa i t?ie attention of Ofltoera of toe Array to o?r v?r? e*t*>eive aeaort a? o>?ct of ail o.a*?e? or Eyl'] M E "iTH, aod^U especially to aju artiole . t Miiitarr Blue CK>U? aula Doeefein Cassnner*. whioh we \[W warrai^ wi'I retain its color. Og a*?ortmeat of Swords, Saahee, He'ta, UauntJcte. Artnr G*p?<i&di?odyei, tnperlor Flannel Shuts. L?tciaaB. Sword Knot*. Gold and l.eatner Uuiim, SOuajfer Strap*, aw. devicee of a I (ie?criptio. n. is -tow o"in?l< te, and we are wt*U satisfied that an ln*p?ct on will prove s*ti<fact"ry in eveTyparttevBr. HlNTON A 1 EEL, 008ft-1 m Merohai* Tailors. No 4Q6 P*. av. PERSONS IN ni^ACK Will C^t oar preeent at^ck of Moarruua lii"*!-*, in a'.I fiUrlaa. very :?.*? an.! ocir.jKeb9f.-fvc, and v oar provf>rbui;lj tow prioec, mar<frl in plain li*ar??. iiototna, Car#<rta, Curtains. Rut*. Ao , upper Mnn. Strangers, new oomera and resident! will in?p*ot Sr atjok at their pleaaurej It impUea no oblicantopnretaie. PERRY A BRO., Peon. avena* and 9tn ttre+t, QQ a-*t "Perry Bmldinc " THE SUBS K13ERSbo? leave to inform their patroca and tne paUio gooer?i!y of l>e- _aa ioc amply supplied with a superior *t ok of*"#? F AL.L and WINTER GOODS. r WK Trier a. so respectful j invite attention of ff ttNr Arni* and Na^y oosUxner*, and tbo'e -m re??ir n? ottit* in th*t Iiim*. n ibcir superior ?uaiitiae i f SworiTa, fc paataU. Show der Street Ueits, cfca?e*??. Hata, Caps Saehsa. and ?>o J L%>es, eonatact.? ou hatd, whioh are warranted u repre ^bi'tt terd>r;a* tnanks for the liberal patror.ace enjoyed, toer wii endeavor to merit aoonunaanoe. v. I. HEIUERGER ft CO . (8rsco*?aor? t-> H. F. A. Co ,? CTTIZSy. H'LITARY mJ NAVAL TAILOHS, 30*i reur.iTi vatia Arena*. oe 16 > Sui ntT\LLIC ARMOR OIXj, lot tlMibf. F*llikin?, * <! Pr?TnUi( Rmi. Tfcia ia ?u^???or to eul other oi'.a in U>? world for tto aiove purpose*. m wml * for m&oainery ?nd iuiXTtcAUnc it >? nn&iiT tppltoab * to aanloo* s i d ?ewiri* it vor.lcrt. It i? in high favor it the B?Teruwat N?vy V&fJ? for orUoAao? ?r.d MMfciaary. trr?*ip*: I'tntrtU A frnmry, PHILHARMONIC HALL. Pwbus, *venae, kettr Kleveutfc at. ? U 7m PB BIG NEB'8 HILADELPHIA LASER BEER! 8.8TERNBERQER, SOLS A O E S T, No. s3* i) Rnjer. (AdJ inn f 8u- office > A aapplj o c'Untlj ?jm *>?nd. oa IWm JjMRRMPN'B INSURANCE COMPANY WA*HIN9TON AND GEORGETOWN. Cubital. 000. Qfto irair C ttrwt mm* Lcm*simmm mm., B*mU tf R?iin(i?k mmtB Dmrrau. ftao. ?^<x?ra?k?r, f5o-l'?rr BMcuel Crop 9*, Wuuv! Wtlaoo, F. chi'J Joeee, loan D. B?r;!av, J%Oob Apqr*wRr~ w . Tiro*. Parker, ktahara Barrj. B. ?. Krfaehj Vt. 0. w. Dana. No cr*rt? lor Pr' JAMES ADAMS. Pre??***>i A>W.<i. Da v*j. Secretin. m ? ?<* >? S OFFICERS AjVD SOLDLRXS '.GUI 1)K ?- f8 aoM on a.: ?ar a of the United EMM*a, La rem* *o ?eit omocrs aac o.aiera. At*o. OfliU oc LoB'Jos. tioi&ad. Kcuttand, * tiea. *ud Qmmh. Vnourr^Tjl njon-r boaght At b??t r?t^?, SWrtMV, Rl rTfc.N HOUSE. KaNT tt CO., oe ;nro Banter*. t'a. ay . a^ar Brpwn'a. Tliwrag'Jrtft tvata* *ft.f (Si?r?nM? atraet. bai bMaK?^ pwtlj tanfrcT**" raoanti* io4 now ofcai rl*3a 1 rraatw . .o*u.*i'-j lor U?e rtcoLi|? of o>tii?ni fcxf UTtusm* 4%^ ?fy ot.iar aabLlo fc.?qae in th? eJtr.T i tr>oMTaaa trjic Uioaa of to; otbai i<~t? or Ffc^s. itmm, aod ki* a/vy>miiiodarou fcv a-? j?n?t OTtr*nai?t)* rw%M?r? ar^xoept:on brs. Tia bar ud mIMiat arnmae.-n^rui of Uu Il?w? yofrt ttf* already baeoma rary aoji STMtic jl lhaf <*n ba das.r^i t>y th? aoirffaa falttoa. Tw wwerwlnr akdgeeeemelllwl ettactieaaad Qpsqim?a ibaraj upecHittaraalo giraafttlaneUoa to ail, u>l thaa ranava tua invitation ? tl'toi?wtti*Kirna?tr Hot*' ?* >(. tin *-*1 luff wW^H^jjtiKw^MlSSi i?'i ubu1.?w?ti attar MUt atiortaal ncvS?nanca->f.,ag5?-tt~. b vuti of hqaaafcMfara and feouliaa Qaafr.MMii, u.i?*adiB ?lua liim * sa.w >v<j "* | flA?Uat)VKE. , *N Cons**uat.aa of mi Iiatim to Ml mib foi earttola oi goo4a wt t-irs Eaaa, wa va forcM*. aaa oar 'mmnaea to t un aulcairafr. fnr tti? at. Wa k*<ra n ?u>ra \wrj aril aaaortmarn ttH a-aa/y. V ALL. STKFliilNSfc CO.. aa-i K. n var-ia. HarwaM Hfc *?4 Mk jo* <tat*l. k ? P08?gm*S2 K.. i',S'?!Tiu;T^r"6f; ****? fHANOg. PIANOS, PlA.SOS.-Naw naaaa umqi&T&Y, 1 Jl; " sv&isic s&flB Kof vw Olkwf and no fereon ou v?r others rho Mnnoi wMWf thou feraona oai:'.tcat my ofltaeeubt ecoommooated rith any atyie and price yf Teeth th<7 m?j deal re; iat tothoie whoarcpartioalaru4 ?iib thepirtil. 3re rally wv^nt^d* ooma 10 thia oitr?No. {SB Pi. and loth ata. Aiao, 907 Arck atreot, PhLad? hi*. wUP 6 GAS FITTING, &c. AWtt *. DOVE * OO. RE Nov prepared to axeoate any erdera *1tt TVmWi.?F^pTBAJ? FITTin* CT More on Kh atreet, mt door* north of Pa, 1,8NYD*Vta**** L?*4?Tr?R, Bw r?moTedto the oorner of Twelfth aad F aw. Ho la pi peated to ictrodno* water aod 6m u?od JV^et farorabte farms, aad f aaranUea ecure *He has "on Land a lot of COOK1NO and other STOvLS. wtloo he trill ?eli]eea than ooet, aa ha Tubw to ?et rid of them. no 11 WO A 8 FIXTURES. K Have in store, ac t aredai y reoeiYinx, Vifl flXTVRSS of entirely New Pattern* and Deaic na an 1 Pitman, auperio' :n style to >uythjn? heretofore etfei in this market. We inTiteoinaeca cenerai y tr tail and examine our stook of 6m mi Water Ftx iree, fe-iinc confident that we have the beat ae eofod atogx :n WMVti'on. All Work in the abore Tine mtraated to air eara Will be r*?La*fcy attended to. MYERS * MoBHAN. arl-tf STS D atreeC 0IFICE OFuma/Eg|OR|iAND SHALE* ] If OTICS 18 HEREBrHGliE%.JTtot['wv+ ! *bly t% the provisiona 01 tiw> ordiranoe of liie Corporation approved May IX, \:S\ the undesigned :a now prepared,"whsnerer rocuired in writing, *nd 1 on pre payment of the fee of ifty oentt, to inspect, . exabilne, ioct, prove, tu.d aaoertain the accuracy of 3 registration of any [U meter in nee in ttua oily." Every meter, if found inoorrect, will be condemned 1 and another, sealed and marked a* true, will be \ aetin:?a p ace. If proved to be acoi~*,e in its sasuiemsi.: of gas, it wLl beaetlea acco-uiagly, ' and again put in position for use. OAce Nc. HQ Se?onth atreet, (near Odd Fel - wa' Mall J Oaen from I a. m.. to >p. ra. CHARLES W. CUNNINGHAM, ? fy H-ti Inapeetorand Sealer of Baa Meters. I^EADQL'ARTER^O^JHE U.S. MARINE Qr?Rii!?MMrn'? 0?*in, I WasHlSoton, September M, 1861.{ >*BAL?r PufiFuaALA.f r<acho!?wa separately,will be rece ved at thu offio# nntil 12 o'otock at. of W dneeday,2 th of November n^xt, for furnishing to the t ctt^d States Marine Corpa, during the year 1W2. the following supplies, to be del vered at the o?*eof the As is'ant Qua termaater of tHeoorpa, . iiila^-lphiv Pennavlv^nta, free of expanse ?o the Unit d Mate*, in suon quantities as may from time to time be ordered, vis s Cutj No. 1. 14 00^ Tarda of Sky Blue Hereby, all wool, free fr >m hJUr,M inches wide, to weigh & ounoeato the yard, (indigo w?ol-d?ed ) 0?y*rdi Da k B ue Jw*rsey. vl! wonl,free from hvr, 4 inohe? wide, to weigh 22 onnoee to the yard, (sialico w??oi dy?d. ?/**> yarda Dark Blue Twilled Moth, all wool, for on /o m ooars. i fhdigo woni-dyed,)M inohes wide, U> weigh 22 ouDo-a per ja-d. 130 yards of Scarlet Cloth, all wool, (ooohine&l dyed,) M iLohee wide, to weigh 16 oaLoes per y&rd. Cum n0 a. < <W0 yarda of 6 4 psrit Blue Flannel, for oversack*, a<l wool,(indigo wool dyed,'M in heawide, to ?e>8hiaoanoaa p?r yard. 18 ono yarda of d 4 IHrk B'uelHannel for shirts, all w?ol, (incigo wool-dyed,) 87 inches wide, to wei* h 6H onnoe? p?r yard 1 >)0 0<ar Biackota. all wool, to weigh fbnr pound' escn, ?nn ien?rd - u r>. m id D'auE. lour tDchea ionc. iu the center; to b? 7 feet long and 5 feet wide, arid tr e fmra i reaae. 6,UT> furi of Woolen Soolca, three ansa, prop ?t:t ma^e of go >d tleeoe wool, with donMe and tviated yarn, to wei b three pound a per doaen pair*, free from gresae CLASS No. 3. 6,0yarda White ( Inen for Panta, so tnobea vide, to weigh 13 onnoea per yard. !?.?*> yard* W hire I li.eo tor Shlrta, 80 inches Vide to ve'gh 11 onnoeaaer yard, 16 000 ya'da canton Flannel for Dravera. 87 In idea vide, to weigh 7 ouaoea per yard. Claa* No. 4. Uniform Cape, oomp'eu?( except Pompona.) 1 j?<0 Pompona, red wo rated, ball ahaped, iioooes in otrcnmferenw*. Viw l-a'igue Cap*, (vi'h oover??) to be made of blue clvtb. rdrgo vruoi-J/evl. stookk. 'lam No. ft. on* I'cii <'eat Button*, (Eagle. > 4|?> groaa Jacket Kcttona I t>&i)e.) 100 groae Ve?r tirttoui, ( hu e. > l,w pvira Yel.ov Metal Sreaoeata and tto*!e Btrapa. 250 *eta Kpau.etie Balboa for Sergeataaod Corpora'a. 2 '?? aeta Epaule'te Bullion for Pnvatea. f0 Red Wortted 5*anhei. 2JinTtnla of Yellow Binding. 2jno y \rda of Red (lord. inn Sworda for J*er|?jinta rworila for Mueioiara. V* Drama <t<*nort)oomplete. D'Qiti Plinga. Batter D urn Hear a SO Snare Drum Heada. . 100 Drum Curda. 100 a?t< of Drum Snarce. l<w> Boxwood "B" Fife*. Clk*S No. 6 10,00* pair* Array Boot*. (infantry pattern. Clas* NO. T. 1#*.* Cartridge Boxes | 1,200 Bayonet Scabbard*. I,3?? Peron'iion cap Poiohe* l.ano Car'ridce Box Ba>U~ lJ0m Havon<?t Helta. i :&<> Waist Beit*. ljt??Waiet Plate*. l^no tlrea?t Plate a, JSu Sword Kroga. Clam No. 9. 1JM Knapauska. SO"' H%rer>aok3. flun ?'anteeaa. ?w MmkH iaci?. Olas* No. 9. For m&kiiic and trimming the foltowinc articles, VVatoh CoaU Ser*?ai.ta Corporals'. %1 nmoiane'. acJ Private*' Uniform and P??ifo? Coata; Woolen and Linen Tuiu: Flacoel and Linen ^hirta; D awwf.F'snce Barks;and Red and Btoe Jaok et? for Bore. The above mentiosod artir'e* mart ?"nform t? a,'i re*r*cf. u> the waied *ta>a%ra pattern is the owe of >ne QivwrmMfr Marine t'orps Marine Pa rack*, w ??hin| on,!). C , Aaa atant Quarter Waaler, office Marine Corp* 1.23P npruoe street, P^ilkje!p"ia; and at the Marine StaUoua, Brookn. New V< rk and Boator .M^aaaobnaett*. where t e? oao N* examined. Am* whenever the artioiae named above, or a"? r?>r?wc of thera.ahali t>e oonaldered *a not fall* uonformli.c to uunniea, they will be rrteof<* and 1 tye contra tor ?i'l be bound to Airman ether* of tn? repaired kind at oooe or the Onartermaeter sii. aappif the defiaieaoy at the expeneo of the ooo Pa* meat wi! 1 be made upon the aooeyted dsM very o'the whole ftiacr tr, wnirh may' from time tc time be ordered, ?itnho tin* ten pet o?-nt from the payment of aocoupt /ancered under flri? order, until aeoond order la ql:ed, an1 tea eer o?8t from aoonant rendered under eeonnd orcer nctil th'rd cider u fii ed, ai?i ao ou,uoUi ooo tract ia oom leted. a fit proposal muxt be aoootnpanied by the folnt f uarancoe: 1 Form if (runr+*l'4. The iiDder*i?ne>l( ,of-? ? in the WMe of . and ? . in the State of , hereby guarantee that in case the f- r?fotut bid i of tor sappliea, m above described. be aoceptod. ha or they will. -within top dare after the receipt or the contract at the Pott Office oamr<1 , execute the oootraot lor the auna with food ana su^So; -nt eeourifiee; and ir oaee tbee&id ahanfojl to enter into' >ve aforeeaid.we ? luarairtae to ui4ke food the diffe-enoe between the offer of the aaj<l and that whteh may ba aooepted. A U, Guarantor. C D. Guarantor. E P. Witn^ee. [ ? , ??aj1 I beretii <*rti^ that the a hove named ? 1 are kuovn 'o ma a# man ?>1 property, and able to mace aoud their cuara.. to*. U. H. to r-e airn?fl by the UnltM Btatea U'.atrlot ie, Inlted f>'ai?e District Attorney or Collao% propoaai will ba oor.aldered uuiaaa aaooovpa niau bt the above guarantee. Neampepera authorised to euMiah the above V" t!>d Wt 001 tainloc ua hrat insertion to thia o#ee f tr cxanuuabou. Tub bijd-r'e plae- of bneiieea. or aanafaotor Uf eetabiitl^?n?ut, mn>t be epeotfioa^iy eta tad ia iwt of artieiee ta behaved to be about the *oau'.;ty o( each a tola that will be repaired di'lng the jea'i tn' the Qaa.ter waster reeervee therlcht of orderln* a greater or lee* auanttty, raouM tna interest* of the aervioe require It Proy^aaia to be eod"re?d cn the en relate, "Pro ' poaais for Btippilea for Marine Oorpe tor W8," aud ?3re ?ed to Mat or WM if. h LAr if, Quartsmaater M.C? WaatuigtoB, D. C. r ae so law4w H FRENCH 4 R1CH8TTKIN AVE J est reaeived a freah supply of Note Paper, Colored Borders, rafad and plain, with EnI Ferea^aM^00ke<J^B0ka ol every deaoription. New YVrkPape'e r^cuM Ja>iy; Papers from ali parts o* * RICHCTEIN, ma I <ra ??dii. aaa?a i *19 ? V* ?*?* *. >mia Sastst| Ba^w rv* ?1 f a^^^ " ' "Tfeejr |? rlfht to llM ?p#U" tBTANT RELIEF STOP \OUR OOVH I - TtTRIFT YODE BKEATH STRENGTHEN YODE VOICE . SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, i . AM I >OOD FOR CLERGYMEN, , GOOD FOR LECTURERS, (/OOZ) FOfl PUBLIC BP BALERS, GOOD FOR tyNGERS, GOOD FOR CON8UMPTIYEB. 1 GENTT.PMKN CAEEV J SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES AEE DELIGHTED WITH I SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. ' CHILDREN CEY FOE SPALDrNO'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. . a. P????K inah&ht!*. ["hey oiear the Throat. ["hey fire strength and volome to the voioe. rhey impart a delioious aroma to the breath. rhey are delightful to the taste, rhey are made of simple herbs and oacnot harm any one. I advise every one who has a' Cough or a Husky iToiee, or a Bad Breath, or any diffioslty of the rhroat, to get a paoksge of my Threat Confeoiocs. They will relieve you instantly, and you rill agree with me t bat "thev go rirht to the spot' k'ou wiil find them very useful an#fl?w?>ant while traveling >r attending pulilio treeMngs, for stilling rour Cough or allay ins your thirst. If you try one paokage I am ?afe in saying that you will ever af lerwards consider them indiepensible. You will *nd them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medijioes PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each paokage. All others are soubterfmt A Paokage will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cents. Addroes, HENRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 CKDAR 8TREET, NEW YORK. CURE NervousHeadache Headache. By the use o! these Pills (he peri*410 attacks o .VsrvMti er Sifh H?dmtkt may be prevented; and 1 taken at the nommenoement ot an attaok i time <la*e relief from pain and si a knees will be obtained. They seldom fhil in removing the Kmutm and Htmdti* to whi?h females are so rrubjeot. They aet gently ?p?i the bo we!*,?removing Ott Por Littrmry 3S*n, StoUmtt, Delieate Females, and all persons of ttitntwry kmbiti, they are valuable ts a Leaeri**, Improving the mrrttix*, giving i*m and ?t?ier to the digestive organs, and re storing the natural ela*tiorty and at.-ssrth of the whole trst^a. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the result of long icvottigation and oarefully contacted experiments, having been in use raary years, during whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suTering rora Headache, whether originating in the system er from a deranged state of the fiomeiA They are entirely vegetable m their composition and may be taken at all times with ?*r/Mt u<?t. without making any ohange of diet, omd tho mb ?" of My diftrfbU uuu rmUmt it Miy u dmxnitfr tkom to tkildrm, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS ! Tl?e genuine have fare umtirM of Henri C Bf*!d1nc on eaoh Box. 8??d by UnggliU uii ail other Dealer* in Modi tinea. A Bos will bo gent by mall pro?aid oa roooipto the PRICK, ? CENTS. Alt ordars eboald bo addreeoed to HENRY C. 9PALD1N*. dS Can** Svsbbt. N?w Yoai. htm Uu ?tMWW, Norfolk, T*. Coybatio FlLLa aocomfluh the objeot for wkleh they were made, vis: Care of hoaaaohe la all lU fonas. From tko Xmmminor. Norfolk, ra. They hi ye been tested In mare than a Utuu< eaoeo, with entire eaoceu. Prom* tko Domoermt, at. Cloud, fftaa IT yoa are. or have been trout-led w Ith the Wead ?nhe, eend for a box. rOepha lo Pilla ,) eo tkat yoa may bare them Id oam nt aoCattaok. From tk* Wottom ML. R, #amotto, dim*, IU. We bearWIy endorse Mr. tttaldin*. aad kU is rivalled Oeyhaln Ptlla. Try thorn ! too that are afflioteri, aad'va are art taat rovrteeUmocj can be added I* <bfi alrak4r oumeroui llet thai hae received hanetta till a? oUier mMifliaeoao jrodano. Ft cm tk* (furtU, Dmmmt), I<m Mr. Spalding would not ennoaot kla unl wttt %a article ae aid not /m*m to mu? r?*i Merit Yrowk ?JU R. L Tfcf Ceehatte Pills are said t? lie a ntvlAtli efl-jetirr i enedy for th* hoadaaha, ?jq ana aft}* rtry Mat for that *?ry f^o?*fnt *airelAtct w?i?h hat T?e? been flmwwi '>< thi 8u D&mmmt "tkf imtaenee demand ftw Ue artJele (OaakaMa PiiT?> is raaidly lixreaain/. W~wm tkti Kmmmwh* FaUey ffMr, Imaf Fa. We am mi re that ??reone cuffartnc with U? head Mhe, wt.o try then., will etioa to taw. #Vm? lU Jdvtrfin*. frwtfwn, ft, J. The taetiraory in their frwr ta fraa tki aowt ree?eotaM* e?arte*a. I?m tki Daily JVmn, INaurt, It. /. Oet halio ruiaai* takJna the Haaeof all kinds. i4? rowewreMU P*lUt*%, Bast*a, M?il Sa>d to ha Tory eAoaoiona for the headaoh*. rJU OawnriW, (WtwuH, OA?e. Suffering hamanitv oan now be relieved. U7 A aungie bottle of Spalding* Prepared Glue art;i tare tan time* ite ooet annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUBf SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! HP ALBINO'S PREPARED OLUE! rtAVfc THK F1KCEB! MOO HOMY! DISPATCH irr^A Stitch in TunSim Nisb." V3i A*aooKietU will hM?*n,?T?a In votl retalAUe fenuliM, it la very de?Ir?blo to have noire cmi S&T*"tw' 'or r*V*^ioc Furniture, Tom SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE m**a all meh erneri ?n?iN. ud no household ca M.t<1 to bo wiUoit it. It is*lways roady.aut to Ibe atiokiDf joint - L'BKFVL IN KVERY HOU8K." N. B-A tfnuk aooompanioamet 0*ttlo. Prt# tf oenta. Addroaa HBNftY a BPALDIN?, Ho. 48 Cedar atroot, Nov York. CAUTION. AO MUU1 anjnnoiflod aereona aro attomptio* U wMrafefess jgyatp MiHWino bafor* #irohfiamx,and m tba PAU>lN?'Br?KrAABU r.sjihtfp*4* ** / Cmtk, Odd, Mmtnmii, h+ ' \ Few are inre of the importaaoe of oheeKinc t I Jooih or "Connoi Cold" ia its first atur, tut rniehla the be* mi at would yield to a mild rem? It, if aegleoted. soon attacks the Longs. BromcAuU Trodus" oontaio;nc denvvoentiniredl Kits, allay Palmooary and Uioaohiai Irritation. 1 rmooiBs JK.**"-* "Th-'^s." BROWN'S M' reoommend their mse to Ptius Sruiiu." PROCHES *KV. K. H. CHAPIN. "Sreat servioein enbdoint Hoixii BIOWNT Kii. " REV. DANIEL WISE. , IBOprkh " Almost instant relief is the dis tressmc labor of breathing jeoaltai I BROWN'S U A#^fv. A. O. E69LESTON. < f ROCHES " Contain no Qsinm or anjtbiai tnjarioasA D*. A. A HA* F,S, BROWN'S CVwmi, x'ows*. ! IBOCHE8 -?""M BROWN'S DR.i.F.BIBKL^ C VBOCBES " ^JESTWTBTnB. BROWN'S ?, . . ,, .T I nave proved them axeellent for TROCHES WEOonjepovsH/; I%C3 T | Ui ?? ?? BROWN'8 ! "Benefcia! when oompolled U TROCHES speak, iuO'lne trcm Cold.^ REV. 8. Y P. ANDERSON, BROWN 8 Si, Limit. VinrilR* " ErncTtiL in removing Hoarse whuubs^ Mii tn<1 lrrit?tton ol Throat, se BROWN'S ori,?ot wltn Br&utne and 8me TROCHES "">?* M. BTAOY^OHNBO^ BROWN'8 T^hF^?cSlSe0tW TROCHES " Great benefit wnan takes before and after preaching. as they prevent BROWN'S Hoaraeneaa. From their past effect. t thi&k they will be of permanent adTROCHE8 vantage to ma. iREV. E. ROWLEY. A. ft. BROWN'S Preaideat of Athene College, Teen. TftOCHKS R"?f^SS'i,S^2iSN4a

1-1? DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE need for th? last haTf oentnry in the Hoepitala of London and haria for the onreof Secrtt Lbma.iti. map now be had at UrHAM'S.Q^S^. No. 310 Oheer.nt street, sole agent for the United States it ooatains no mercury or other minerals, and wi 1 not harm the most delicate oonatitutioo A ?p"dy one gnaranteed and no chance of < iet required. P'i e II. Sent bv express So!d in Warhincton by 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th atreetand Pennsylvania avenne. sep 5- eoly UPHAM'W HAIR DVE!-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW* . /?Only 3S cents ab^x. Three boxes for one dollar Gray, red or flaxen hair ean be o.>angod in a few aeoonda to a It black or brown, by namg'a Liquid Hair Dye, the best and oheapeat in the world, produolng, the mon ent it is applied a rioh natural appearano*. Each Box of UPHAM'8 HAIR DYE ta w?rra> ted to oontain aa much hair dv* a* others selt fur <mt dollar'. sold byS C. LVHAM, 310 >:*ie?nut atreet, h ladel phia. and 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner Uth atreet and Ha. ave. sep S-eoly DR DUPONTS SUGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS are^^ the rtry btst in w*? They operate speed) jftf' at* effectually, and being ?ui:ar-ooate m/r ; orea'e no nausea up< n the most de.icat?~ r s'o raoh A trial of these Pills will prove their superiority over ail others. Prioe On* Dollar a box. So'd only at UPHAM'8. 310 Chesnnt j street. Sent by mail to ail part* of th? oonntry in ; a sealed envelope, 8old in Washington by S. CALVERT FOKD, oorner Uth street and Pa. | a*e eep 6 eoly gpass topham'8 9B2a premium TRUNK WlO MANUFACTORY, 499 8mm BTIBST, WtiHIMTW, D. C, Stiver Medal awarded by Maryland Inatitita ?kit!more, November 7, IhCO. b? Metropolitan Meohauios' IcstitiU, Washington, D. Cm 1857. 1 am oocataatlv making, and a) way a have en hut*. of the best matenal. every deeoriptiou t: Fins Solo Leather, Wood Box, and Pftokmc Trunk*, PwUbot. Carpet, airt CuTuTrkveliiif Sara, School Baton ela. At l?w fries*. Member* of Coniroej and traveler* will riNH axacune my atook before pnroh2nir.x ebewhere Trunk* that are made id other oiUes Superior Leather and Ureas Trunk* made to ?rder. Trunk* oovered and repaired at *hort notioe. Good* delivered tree of obarce to any{part of Uia ait* "lrgetowu. and Alexandria 'V JAT.1EK f.TOPH A M. THK BARGAIN^ OF THE SKAHON IN SILK KOHKd. Rioh Velvet Fiuunced Bilk Kobe#, v*l ue 980, present pr>oe $4". Rioh Far.oy and Black 9Uk Robe*, valve $40, pretent prioe $20. Ri h Panoy and B'aok Silk Rnbee, vaJue <36. present Dri 518. I?weed by a .Northern Importer, who arnda them to ua with lQ'truo'ioaa to eell at the above hravy diaoount lor the oaah We a!*o nam* decided l*r?a>na in otl>er Silk*, medio m and low-priced Dreca Oood*. with Cloak*. Bnawla, to. ?>ne pnoe only marked in plain figure*. Carpeta, Curtaina, #iiloiott ?, Ruii, Ao., up*er floor*. PERRY ft HR".. s. Pa. avean* and Ninth at., no 11-6* "Pe-TT Bnildinr.'* WATCH REPAIRING A;?H?:*ILVEK WAR* MANUFACTORY: I hare one of the beat eetabfiahmenU, and r oral a bed with a complete aet of tools for repair- jK i&t every deaonption of hne W a to lie*, and flU pamottlar attention five to the aame, by a?HC tboi ?ch competent worfcmanand a work auaf&n i.eJ Also, ovary deeonp ion of ataadard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured nnder my dts anperviaios, Trhicb >0* ouaiomora will find fcr superior to quality and ttnah to northern ware aoid by dealera in general and recreaented v tiioir awn nannfaotura. H. O. HOOD, ua ^ta Pt,av*iin? nu-tik rj u w b O"TT "B Qu*rtirm*tttr UtturaTt CI Wuthinrtom C\ty. JulyTb, 1KM Pl*i?? and HrtciwicfTiowe for holla of Sic Snau lor the Weatern river* are on exhibition at iia office, and at office of Uoartermaatera at Pittabsrr. Cincinnati, St. Lona ard Alton. Boata to he delivered si Cairo. Bida ahoaid be ect to t^uarteiiuuter G-nieral of the United Ma tea Army, &i vvuuoiion, or iai Auguai, ai coon. M* 0* MKIOBi Jt II Brig. genl ud Qnarternmator 6snH. 'pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCUSLOITS G KHUiyg HAIR DYB, The Beetle the W?r'd, Th* Reiiablt and HarmUss Hair Dv* Knmm. SoM all Dm|guts; aleo, at Riuitok'i Patent Medicine Store, t p. Patent Offioe.oor F A 7th, awl at Gross's H?ir Store, 94*4 Penn'a avenne. where Ladiee oau have it applied, if deaired. Faotorv? SI Bar day at. < late 933 tlrotdvtr) N. Y. *>o S ly I fN10N~'APER AND ENVELOPEa.-TweiT U ty difforent atyles of Note ana Letter Paper, with Envelope to matob. Views of Washington in the form of a Roae, and in Hook form; also, aeparmte All the Ifeiir aul WeeklyPapera constantly on oand. Her&Jd, Truea, and Tribune received every mckt at 6 o'clock. P*pen from all parte of the oountrr. Beetle's Dime Novell and Bong Booka. A fresh aupply or Booka for cummer reading, cheap A large assortment of Juvenilis? Marne Reid'a Booka, Rollo Booka, Abbott's Hiatpnee- Ac. A dieoount oi 10 to to per oent. on el; bound bookl FRENCH A R10HSTE1N, man National Rookitflr*. OTti Pa. av. NEW e^8i?6Kv?^1A Of modern deaigua and iabrioa at oar proverbially low prions, with all other kinda of medium ana fine Dry Qooda in til the departrocnta of raxniljoi and houaekeepera wants. Also, oar naaal lull atock of all the lea-ling Hiadim visp'ed to the wanta of the million, whoe? tr*de we 'oliolt. Carpeta, Curtains, OiJoiotha, Ruga, Ac , nppei floors. Ou* prioe only, marked in plain if area, there fore no purohaeer la deortved. An inapeotion or at^ok eouoited; it implies no obligation to Duroh&se. All paroei* tor tit* interior pro per lj pioked ftm of o barge. PERRY t, BROTHER, Peon. ave..aad 9tn street, no>-10Cd **Perry Building." UN BOATS tok TBI WESTERN RIVERS PmopoRALf are Invitedfor oonstruotin* 6uboats upon the Weetern rivers fepecifioatioos will be immediately prepared u< mar be exanuced at the Qaar*ermaeMr'a Ofioe a Ci tiomaau. Pit'shu^h, and at this oAce. Propoaiv from boat-tail''en and engiao-balld ' er? alone will becousidared. Plans submitted by bidders will be takea mt< oo mi deration. M. C. ME1GH, je it Qaartermaster general UnitedBtate tie*. Bed Comforts, 8heetin?s, Pillow Li?*as aot Cottons. Towels. Napk ins,Table Cloths, Tieking* i?0Thee1*0. All at oar p-orarbialiy low prioee marked in plain n?sr?s. New oomera, strangers, eojoarnors and eiuaeai ! WSggs Ueee'rOMetB^^IIw&kweareaow ee'ttai tduiUi:U fiwl >? IT66 rBAVKLLEKS' DIRECTORY. d? 8(5^oTf?VL^5K8Er Leading ud embarking pMWt|?i K Ire.acd The Liverpool. New York aod rhfladelfhia Steamship Company intend dispatohing: their rail Mvtffd Ciyd*- bm! t iron SteamsBBiM follow*: aK??"?rns And srerj Saturday, at noon, troa Pier *4, North river. I ATS* OF rillUB. First Cabin...,? f* Do. lo London . W Do. to Path X Do. to H&.T, furj __ _ 85 Steera?e?? -- f*? Do. to London M l>o. to ^?'ia ...... 91 Do. to Hamburg. .. at PuMueri forwarded to Havr*. Breit*n. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at red seed throne h (are*. Person* wi*bmg to bring out their mend* oan bay tioketa at low rates. For farther information aptly at the Captain* Or to Q. A. HERRING, Auama Express Baitimore. t*^r>,ND,VlDUAfclNB2TE,lP,l,8B *C; tA8S6SM$EWlV" KSyT' skH,^C^ii. W. Norman. Will ran their routes a* follow*, leevii L;gnt tree*, Baltimore, loot of Camden, at 1 o'moci A. M; KENT?For Cambndce, Denton and Landing* on Chost&nk rive', every WEDNESDAY and SATrRDAY, returning every Tharaday aad Monday. For Anuapolisand West River,every TUES DAY aud FRIDAY and retaining sate day a. PIONEER?For St. Michael's aiH Easton. via Mile'* Kiver,every WEDNESDAY,and return the same day. For Aon&polis, West River, Cambudga, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Anii\polis1 Wes? River, St. MichaeTs and gaion, via Mile's Rirtf Kerry, every BATUR DA Y, returuiat eve*y Monday by nmt rout*. Faro to Ctmbridit, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point ?1 to Fire to ft Mich&oi'sand Miles' River/roand trip-fl.) l eo tare to West River, (round trie, (1) 1 M Faro to Annapoli?(-ound tri?75oeiita)__ 75 " MkALS EXTRA. frr Freijrbt must be prepaid. Wharf and Ofioe, LI6HT st? foot of Camdaa. Baltimore. C. fc. CANNON. NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY, SUPERINTENDENT'S OFPICE.i Caxvwrt Station, Uatimore. May H, 1861. ( On and after Sunday. Ma* 19th, 1961, Trains on the NOR i HKRN CENTftAL RAIi.WaY ar rive and depart as follows, until further notice, TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at a 15 A. Mr EXPRESS at3 90F. M. UARR1UBUR6 ACCOMMODATION at F. MThe 8.15 A. M. train aonneota at Relay House with trains on Uie Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Jurotion with Hanover and Qe'Uba'C Rai'.ro*d?; at York with Y*rk and WnicKUvllle Railroad; at Harr>shnrr ?ith Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebar.coc V*.le? Kail road to Nnt Yom dtrtrt; at Northum berland wirh L and B. ? ai road for Kincston and ail parts of Wyooming Vail errand at ?unt>ury with the Philadelphia and Erie Ra.i'oad lor all parte Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. M train makes all the above ooaaeations exoept Hanover Raiircad, Wntbtsvi. e Railroad and the Lebannon Van*-? Rv.road Tries P. M train matesoonr.'ctioui Pecn r!v?nn Railroad for all parts of the West,and direct oonnects for New York. TRAINS ARRIYg. Maii at 610P M.; Express at 7 3 A. M.; Ham*bure Accommodation at 3.43 P. M. For Tickets and information inquire at tha Ticket Ofioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. ,i LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FUK N _ Y"R*The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Companies'Line Irom P HlLADEIPHIA TO NEW YOj?E AND WAY PLAChS.from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leave as foi At 6 A. M , via Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aooomr: olation.) Ate A. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (PC. J. A ooomincdation.) At < A. M.., via Camden and Jeraey City,(Moraine Mail.) At HX A. M,, via Kreainc ton and Jeraey City, (Weetem Express.) At P. M., via Camden and Amboy, (Accommodation.) At 8 P M.,via Camden aad Amboy, (C. and A. kTdrMl \ At ?Jl~>~"M., ria Kensington and J stmt City, ^Evenuic ^ Jersey City, fSecond Class Ticket.) At6 P. hi., via Camden and Jersey City, (Kvec:nt Wat I.) AtDM P M ., via Camden and Jerwy C1ty,(Bo*thI err Mail > i At ft P. M , via Camden acd A mix) 7, (Aeoommodauou. freignt and pasaenier, Pirn Cass Tloket.; , tteoon-1 Ciaes Tioket. The 6 P. M Mail Train rasa daily. The LLV P. M, Mai!, Saturdays excepted. ' For Belvidere, Ka?ton, LambertrT'la, Flemingten, Ac., at 7.10 A. and Of P- M., from KeaIt&fiOfli For Water Gap, t*t'o.idsL>arf,8oranten,WUXeebano, Montrobe, Croat Benfl, Ac., M7J0A. Mfrom Ke&tlncton, via Delaware, Lackawanna and 1 Western Railroad. For march Oh act, A lien town and Bethlehem .al A. M. aad i'A P. M. from Kensington depot the 7.1C A. M. U e oonaeou with the tram leaving E as te n a: 3 54 P. M. For Mount Holly at and I A. M. and I and ' p si For Freehold at A. M. and S P. M. . For Bristol, Trentoi. Ac., at 7.10 A. M., 4H anr hH P. M from Kensington, and S)f P. M fron Walnut street wharf. For Palmyra Riverton, Delanoo, Beverly. BarI hncton, F. >renneoo, Bordentowt, Ao., at Ujtf.l S,&and*P. K. Steam;r Trenton for Borden town, and Intermediate places, at IK P. M. from Wa.nutsUee whart ID* For New York and Way Unea. leavini Kensington Depot, take the care on Filth street above, half an hoar before deaa'ture Th? oare ran let i the depot, and on arrival of train rai from the d# Kit. Mfty pounds of baggage only allowed toeael passenger. Passeagers are prohibited from takin| anything as baggage bet their wearing appar*. All baagage over fifty pound* to be paid fo extra, f he oompany limit their responsibility f<> bagiage to one rfol ar per ?onnd,and will not b iiahie fjr any amoant beyond one hundred do.lari exeept t?y speoiai eontraet. W M. H. HAT'ZM Kl. A cent. RAILROAD. Od and after Mu Uta, IM1, the t'vm will rai as tollows, v;a?Leare Camden Station. Ba'ti more.? Mail, ?exo*pt Sunday.) at A 3D A.M.; Ex areas daHj at_3.45 P. M- Both Trains go direct! throne t> FOR ALL PARTS OF THKWB8T SOUTHWEfcT AND NORTHWEST: FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Biitiinore an: r.Minouttake the A. M Train; b^tw^n Piedmont aad W ii*e ing take Ac aoinmodation Train. leading Pi*: reoctat A ?0 A M.;and between Grafton aad Parkersburg, tak tee 6 9u A M Train from Bain mora. The FREDERICK T R AIN lui* BalUaor at 4? P. M. and .Frederick at MO A. M To ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leave Bai timore at 6 ?> and 9.15 A. M. and 1 45 and A40 P,M i and Eilico't's Milia, at740aad 11.80 A. Mi.aod A4 fcl;d 7JW P. M. For further information, Tickets of reeri kin<! Ao.. apply to J. T RN9LAND Agent, at Carode Ssauon, or at the Twill off e. , W. P SMITH. Master of Trwuportion. ' L. M. CQI E. Gen'1 Tiekat Agert. ^^^NEW ^?NV HARLEM AN] Commecoing Motdaj, Mar fth, 1ML ' For Abany?Uw a. m. nUt express train fr? I ForftorW Plaint?4--or? p. m. stopping at Whl1 ! Plains and stations north to Dover plains?froi 1 | (ThU trnirfwill'rnn to MUlerton every Satards ' : For c'rotoa Falls?t-!>a a. stopping at all sti i Cons north of pordaam from MU street station. | For V\ hits Plains?fcao, UP and fe? p. m. sto| ' ' ping at all stations froas ?th street station. For White Pisaiis?4k<S m. m. itoiMnt at ail sti I toons from W hit* itrMt station. For Williams Brid?*~7 jr., Hit* kauUMI m. stopunc at a: I station* from W> atowt atetto RsUrain* will kea?eAibany?fcflo a. m. last uprM^ train. Dover Plains?fc30 n. m, (Tlui tnun leaves Mi lerton mrt Monday morning at 5 a. a.) Crotoc Fa: > ?3e. m. W Liu Plates?ft 10,?:00 a. m. ?;! * ? p. m. WilliaiTip HndgV ht), ftOO*. n,& hoc p. a. SundaT trams will tear* 4th Avenue eorcer a ) streecTor Central park, Yorknlle. Harlem aa Huh Bridge ever* f-w minutes, from a. m. i wi p m. John bprchill. As*t Esp't. lOBK^hDUlKIUl] Pa* mux or Trains i*ar? na P?T nia Ferry and Lod* L?<>ck, from foot of ChemKe boai and principal 1 uterine 5*' Station*. .00a. m . MAlLJor Dmnkirs. and intermedia 1 H'atioce?Tbi* Train remain* over night at klmir I and proceed* the next morning. Me a m. MIl.K dailj, for OU*Yills. Mi tnt* mediate Stations* U ? a. m . ACCOMMODATION,daily, for ft ? Jerri*, and eiinoieei StAtione. iddietown, Newbert s ? ; NATBAMIKL 'A'A.'ViaSgJ-" j onjffl^asssssww prime Onions. Feresie low. !SSpi ^ ETTtMMfcrnM. 9 , Slm"7, r NOTICE TO TRAMUERS. Moaroeito b^iwwrt.w't^ftP^MWfc ^:K^^9tereSE aS^iro^is^aiBS at IH o'eioei f. wl. ' ?-</ M. N FALLS. Praa1 I PHILADELPHIA. W1L9fsm\ifASib: 'J&TSA&mKf iif&iru.?55 Trtini for Ptiiade ?Ua wit teave Praaideat atraat Depot 4iA.lI J<e*eept ?.nd?n) a. follow,* I'xprea* Train at 6 15 A. Si Way Mai. Trainat %Ab A ST; Evening Mulmtf oWik Oa Bl*NPAV9U44SP. ITvnlr. All Mlu tOBMtl witk N?w York (nui (U?pt441 T. M.tnu m Bmv diii. A Freight Train with >wimh oar iWartid leave* at 5 P. M . atopping at all Btaboaa b?>im Baltimore and Havre d'-6r*?'. Paaeangera for Delaware and the Kaatei Pfcore af Maryland wtli tad U?bm(expeditioaa roate fey wayof W'luunftoo. All Colored Paraoaa aiit |tn bo?4 Mot* theoara. _ _ WM CRAWFORD.A?aaC _^^^_,0?EAT CKNTBALROITBFOR f MHBtse WMT.M tfupsQi* fir HAILHOA U mmd NEW TO tit CE*THAL HAlLkOAp.hxpreap Trajae leave Now York oity drpoU of Hadeoa River Rail read daily. Bandera exoepted, aa ioi.owai From Cbambara atreet From Stwt at atatknu At 7 Mam At 1 * am H 00 ft OP y m I'JR * U(|m i?rn Uf>B Montr.a! and Brffalo Tram with ale<ping 8ir?, 9/5 | m 1 46 p Wk onneotmg at Albany with tha New York C?a Bl Railroad for tvobeneetady. Roafceeta*, I'ttaa aria. Roma, and ataUooa oa Romaaad W?i? town Railr?a<i. Hiliio. Byraoaea, Niagara Fall, aapaaai' n Bridie, Aabarc. Genera.Cat?ndaifi?. Traina in oonnaotion leave Baflfclo aad Baapeaaioc Tia Lake Shore, Buffalo anC ? ake Baron aad Great Weetern Railroad for Rami ton. Toroato, Detrpit, Chicago, Toledo, Milwaakia. For I>a Lac, La Croaae, Madie< a Prairie Da CMea, Ga ena, Danleith. Daba^ee, Peoria, Roeft liland, Maeraboe, Iowa City, BarltBgton, Qairov, BariacAaM. Alton, ??t Lonia. Cairo.Terra Haate. li,d anapc ta. I, u p ville.Cinoirnat'. I at ton, Colaa.baa, Cl?*a(and^aad ai'. pointa Waat, Northweat aid Boath W NORTHERN ROUTE. Conneetim with Tana at 'Irov, with Troy ft Breton and R ena A Saratoga V oada for jftaralegB. Whiteha I. Rntiaitd, Bur.mcton, ?t. Albaaa, Roaea Point, PlatUt ukh, Ogdenalui gh, Montreal, Ae., A a IE^ Freight A rrani emartta by thif roato aa above, withoi t ohaiue o( Can, from the l*peta ia I'ha'nberi and ? anal etraeu. are at all timee aa ravora'de aa made t>y o'li r Railroad Uommmk*. The aoil'tiea of thi? great New York K-?ite, ?o thh WfitfommOTd it to the 001 fidsror of msiohaats an ah ppera lor prompt"*** and diepatch P??MD|*r (runs, with Smoking ud Sleeping Cars ron in ooanoetion os the New York Ccatral For partieu ara as to local t ruins and freight ar rmngements, inquire at the depot, ?8 Warren at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. - ^Cx J ? Leave* the lower and'?! DOcV Baltt } m- re, west side, OA1LY, (Sundays mol'dsd.)at lHu'el< ek P M. takin? passergrra and feight uil <v>nr.-ctinc with the Railroad lines to and f'o* Washington,f). C., Philadelphia. New York, Boa ton, York, HarrisU'g, Pi he bare. Fa . at d the West, immediai' lr af*ar the arriva of the Expraaa Trainjr' ra New To k and Philadelphia. The following in the x?h<sla.e : Erom New York to Port Monro* and baok. tH rom Phiad?lph a and hack-.. l'? rom Ra tiraoreand back H GTPROCURE YOUR TICKET*XH In New the Nsw Jersey Railroad Oftst fo.'t of Court ?> d street. In Puariephia, at the Company's oAoa/TH. W. Qorner of Sixth and Chestnut streets. or at Iks Depot. Broad and Prime streets. In Baltimore, on board the Steam era foot of Union Dook. HU6H Q'CONNEK, P assent or A. teat. jr? . FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. SSSamamjm strength and speed, bat particularly adapted to the nan rati on of Lock lsand Sound, running n oon Motion with the Pail R iror n'?d Old Colony Railroad , distance of M milss only to Boston Leava Pier No 8 Ncti River near tke Battery T^e Hieamcr KM ''IRK STATE, Capt Brnyton, Monday*. Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'clock P. M., at Newport each war. Tfce Steamer METROPOLIS,Capt. Brown, on iTf .:ays. T l: r?.;ays aod Sate day s, at 4 o'eioak P. M.. toaoh: ng at Newport each way. These Steamers are fitted with oommodioas state rooms, and every arrangement for the security and oomfort ot passengers, who are afl"oro??d by Uiia routea nights' rest on board, and oa arrival at Fail Rlvsr prpoee-l per Steamboat Train.rsash ing Boston early the follow ng morning : or aiay remam on board until start:ng or the Accommodation at 8 A. M.. by which they may reaoh Boston about L46 A.M. A baggage master is attached to saeh steamer, ; who raoetves and tickets the baggage, aad acoui 1 pames the saino to its dsstinataoa. A steamer runs in oonneotion with this Liaa botwee n Fall River and Provutaaoe daily, exaopt Indlfla ' Freight to Boston la forwarded through with Katdiapatoh by an Express Tram, whioh eaves 1 Hirer ever? morniug, Sundays excepted, at Tfc o'clook for Boston and New Bedford, arriving f at its destination at aboat 11AM ' For li eight or par sage, apply on board, or at the . oAce on Pier No. S North River F or state rooms and berths apply oa hoard, or if desired to seoara > them inadvauoe, to WM BORDKN.Art T) an * 71 W eat street, N Y. JP?k THE REGULAR MAIL LINE r^Ts? N " (JROTuN, STON1N6TON i ^ and PROVIDENCE, FOR BO* , TON?inland Konte?uortm ana moat di root?Carry tbe Km tern Mail. . Tha aU<amer PLYMOUTH ROCI, Cwt. J. C, Se^r. and COMMONW KALTH. Ca?t J. W. ' Wilfiaiaa, In oonnaetiou with the &tonicctoD%ad . ProTlll^Jo^>,aIl(, Boston and Proridanoe RailroMie, lesvin* New yc*k daily, j* tine at* excepted, f^om Pier No 18 North TLtw, at t o'oiook P.M., awl Sroton at 8jd o'eloc* p. M., or od the arrival of he Mail Train which Iotbi Boiioc at 6.JB p. M. The plymouth mock, from New VorkMoudsW Wa<i?eeaa?, and F' day. Prom 6r?> ton?Ta?aiia?, Thursday,aoo Saturday. Tha cOMnUNWKAl TH. from Nrw Y?rkTaetday Ttmreday. and Saturday. Froir. Grotrn ?Monday. Wadueaday, aad Friday. raHW(Ni from Groton proofed Mr rai.road to Prcvideooe and Bnum, m the Kxpfaa Mail Train, reaching aaid pl&o<> In advanoe t f thoae 1? other ronte?, and io am ale time tor a 1 the aarly Morning Linaa oonooting North and Kaat. Paeaencerc that prefer it, renaam ea N*rd the - ?>eaoier, enjoy a nif bta* reat andiatarbad break At ft 1/ daaired, and ieare Groton in theT.UA, M. Train, connecting at Proridaaoa with tba !" A M T'&ic fcr Boiton. Fare trow Provide* oe to Newport, Fifty oenta. a A bacta/te master aoocmpaciaa the S teaser ana Tram aac ti way For Paaaaca, Bertha, State Roonia, or Pr*i|kL r apply on board the ateamer, or at tha Prat* at , 0%ne, Pier li North Bivar, or at tha OAm of the C^HnyiNo. H# Wat et'eat, corner ai Cortland atrael. New York, F>h a.m. [ HVD?<>N RIVER RAILROAD? ; HP?? ,nkctl^Nwith 92a1n8 NOlPAl ad WK8' ,TnU?.? aavai From ChambeiaaL n7Y. Free rth atrsat. * Kxprnaa, T and 11 a. m., IJSjll Jl a m., aad IM l and Moand 8 p ? m>r a i Troy fad Albany iwlth 10.46 p. m , 'Boadaya is? aiaoMug ear) 16.15 a. at e! a dad. I Pouthk^epsie traia6, a Ma. m.,aad \j* p. m. PaakikJ lVraln.4^?p m 4JS p. m. wm;*3?vs - - D acHWEAfn iMlhllRttBf Powder la tha only know* aad b M arbaie ?a tt KT Bad B?*t. mw ^ mmWBB IN?8 PI LL8 mn MrwlwuT*?|bjto y. faiMkoe. M iSccwpmc use received eemSe?ee gn Uw^Mjffiii Collw.ftridorij i otber Prominecf lMt.tol*oa/off LnsdelskiB p. 8. JU!. v> uniDftoi, D. OcTmmI Charity Boeyitil. !" | M CLAKKVcora^r Ptad 4H alk, tad by JP!@g2b SStaftawsh. a (D ' Hon* naate* niew d|Md M. Bermm to B? * ? n ? FBKNCM *V*^ATK^U^?J?Mreeei^? Iww ud ttomf et* Meortneiit of Military Bomb ?- v mi >im>, vaiu is>T peer inw mi h mny ra ft otiL below the rotnlnj- refeil pri?, ac.adlagi o. Amw ?4ttm of Bnrdee'a lilMyui KM* U p5r2Si'?V? ?, Alier ComfouJiina of UatiIm'i TmUm, IN brwi'i Militarr Wnrjerr. We * Miiiu'iKiild PortilfooUonandOntpoet.?Mk* Hnrd?#,?Tactict. chenp ed t;oB.*te Wt The SoMmt** 6?>4c, n mnm3o*> Mini w< Orii: t>ook for the im ? the Voiutoer MiliMM k. Ue Hometkro ** The Kind Book for Ik* D.l BoMmt, *ta? ?- ftrat bookof iutraoUoa to U? U.BriMMlqr to*S %?$3X2,?~PIhi. bJiw >id Mitoli^ ??n <inri?>w wH ? ???? for Altapi Md Winter One pnoe out^ai ked lapiaftn k|im; kmt?, N 3SFte' [ U-? ** """'rMffrMtei>

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