Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1861 Page 1
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_ / the evening star ^ _ "" the weekly star. PUBLISHED BVUBT AFTERNOON, S*^ J Tk* P-ul, ~?ssr-. O^hfirrttrr. ^iar sss ' va *vi * i'm <3^ wit s=i: ootba; ?1 for three moo'hi; and for lift thaa lUavarlably ?ontalaa ;be "Waabtagt?aNc?i' ttrf* m on tin it the rate of 19 cen? a week Si*- ** *? ~de ^ Omtf >.?.** s?~ etreoUte fie ooptea, oki cbut; la wrapper*, two cwti. 1 ' ' ' 1 ' '' ! .-. . * k-nrraliy throughout the country CET AcvaaTiffhbwts should be ?ent to the Single copies (la wrapper*) caa be p**ssfflssira/"b" v*-- xvm. washington, d. c . monday. November is. igy. n*. 2.729. ^s5*7?l?.7s?3tis;** PARTICULARS OF TUB CAPTURE OF BEACFURT. A aorrespondent of the New York Evening Poet write! from Hilton Head, S. C-, on the 11th inatant, aa follows : The ateam gunboats Uoadilla, Pembina and Curlew went an the river yeetarday to Beanfort. ander orders from Commodore Dapont. from the anchorage of the fleet m far aa the month of the Beaufort river, not a human being wii seen; the plantationa on either bank Were deserted. ana the entire country bore a mournful aspect, strangely contraating with the beanty of the acenery and the glorious sunshine At the confluence of the Beaufort and Broad ( rivers, there wu a alight change; the plantationa which now began to dot the ahore. gave evidence of a somewhat numerous colored population, nearly all male, but not a aingle white man showed bis face. Approaching the city, the negroea were seen paddling their "dugouts" cloee in ahore laden with common household furniture, such aa they would be likely to me in their own quarters, but they avoided the gunboats as much aa possible. Our object being to reach Beaufort as quickly as possible, we did not attempt to take up these fugitivea The city of Beaufort, one of the most beauti ful ia southern latitudes, is situated on the right bank of the river, whioh here makes an extensive sweep, giving the water the appear-, ance of a broad lake. The town has a frontage on the stream of six or eight furlongs, and the buildings show unmistakably the wealth of their late occupants. The sailors were not permitted to, laad, the reconnoiteriDg party neing composed of the principal officers of the exnedition. onlv four in number. Somn ?!nr? of the best houses were visited?amongst ethers, those of Colonel E. Rbett, Dr. Elliott, and Colonel Bramwell?and every building showed evidences of the panic which had seized the inhabitants after oar victory of last Thursday, and the saturnalia of the negroes after their departure. A few aged slaves afforded as some information in regard to the events which had occurred. When it was known in Beanfort that the rebels were in flight fr?m their batteries on Hilton Head and Bay Point, the whites in Beaufort immediately commenced leaving in hot haete. some fur Charleston and others for m point towards the shore of St. Helena Sound. (The latter inlet is to the nerth of Port Royal, with which there is internal water eommunication ) We learned that every article of property which was valuable and portable was carried off, the beds and mattresses having been cat up in order to provide wrapping material for the numerous packages, and the feathers thrown from the window. Pianofortes stood oat on the sidewalks, guitars and other instruonents lay indifferent staves of dilapidation upen the pavement*, and the entire place seemed the very picture ef rain and desolation. The houses outside were as beautiful as ever, and the flower gardens were uninjured; but the interiors were in an awful state, little better than a chaos of broken furniture, torn books and engravings, old letters, Ac. The egroes assured us this was all effected by the ^country people." astheyoalled them, (mean* fng the field hands.) and that they themselves bad done all they could to prevent the destruction, but without avail. Qcxhy Bass.?The ivqairy is often made of late, "What is a gunny bag?" The London Mechanics' Magacioe tells us all about it. It is a bag made from the coarse spun fibres of a plant which grows in India, of which there are minv vffrintioa On *)? PciMmeAAea? *W5? plant is called Goni, and "gunny" is a corruption of this name. The cultivation of the chuti, jute, or ' gunny," has been carried on for centuries in Bengal, and gives employment to tens of thousands of inhabitants. "Men, women, and children," says Dr. Henly, "find occupation there. Boatmen, in their spare momenta, palankeen carriers, and domestic servants?everybody, being Hindoos, for Musselmen apin oetton only?pass their leisure moments, distaff in hand, spinning gunnj twist." The patient and despised Hindoo widow earns her bread in this way. It is said that 300 000 tons of jute are grown in India, oi which 100.000 tons are exported as gunny bags, besides 100 000 tons in raw state. A Londoc company has established a manufactory in Calcutta at an expense of ?300.000. The gunny bag is used for a great variety o! purposes. Sugar, coffee, spices, cotton, drugs ; indeed almost every yrticle which we pack in dry casks and in boxes is, in the East, packed In gunny bags. It is also made into mats, carI eta, ropes, paper, and various other artioles t ia related that the old gunnv bags whicl contained sugar are sold to the beer makers who sweeten their beer by boiling the sugai out of the bags and then selling them to th< mat mskers. Some 6,000 000 to 10,000.000 o gunnies are exported to this country from In dia. mostly to Nerth America, besides som< 4,000 to 5,000 tons of the rope and raw jute There are no manufactories of jate cloth ii this country ; though it is here made into be< eords. etc. When used for purposes of de fense, the bags are filled with sand. They an no better than hemp or flux bags of the sam strength, but much cheaper. Pbsxticeiasa.?The men of the Souther Confederacy know that if England doesn' break the blockade, (he blockade will brea] them. The Charleston Mercury calls President Lie coin a "snake." Well, a snake has an im mense amount of backbone. It may be easy to die, but in these times it i very bard to live. The Mobile Register says that the Confedei ates will fight tlus war to the bitter end. Pot sibly they may find the bitter end a great dei bitterer than they think. It seems very difficult to decide in regar to whether they are secessionist with Union proclivities or Unionists with s< ceemon proclivities. The Richmond Whig says that Qen. Wis* in his public letters and speechee, seems to fa "always panting for slaughter." We presum A fftilt tkat k* isieawa WW ? ????? VV1V(? VU public without bia pants A Tennessee paper charres that we of th Journal are not brave. We ahall be satisfie if we eao arqpse tbe brarerj of other*. Rase trope are not sharp, but they can sharpen. Gen. Buckner is always trying to disguii his intentions and never (ucceoding. It fnvi risbly happens either that the quantity of mei is too amall or the oat too large. Took Him at His ^onn ? Aoertain countr quire had a friend to visit him on business and was very much annoyed when his wil came to ask what he wanted for dinner UG away! It uj alone!" impatiently said tfa squire. Business detained his friend ti dinner time, and the squire urged him to r< main. To the surprise of both, tbey sa nothing but a huge bowl of salsd, which th good wife began quietly to serve up. "M aetr," said the squire, 'where are the moats!' "You didn't order any," ooolly answered ti housewife. I asked what you would have, ae Sa said. 'LMtuc* aloneHere it is." Th end burst into a laugh, and the squire, aft' looking lurid for a moment, joined bin "Wife I give it up. Here is the money yo wanted for that carpet which I denied yoi Now let's have peaee and seme dinner." Ti good woman poeketed the money, rang tl bell, and a sumptuous repast was brought i Tbe Squire never joked with her again aboi dinner Pvitsta Advancb or tub Expedition ? KAu letter freto a master's mate of tbe guobo Mm, ?w?e of tbe squadron which captor* H*1 too Heed, makes thte statement: ' ia b short time we will have much untrm work, ae we have to take two batteries further t Me river, where they are planted on the bank which thev mjr are twenty fret high." TOP DRESSING GRASS LANDS. Now is the time to commence the preparation of materials for this important wurk. Some persons doabt whether the application of manare to the surface of grass land it the best mode of using it. This depends upon two or three circumstances, vii: X Upon the nature of the soil. 2. t'pon the time of applicatien. 3. Upon the condition of the pressing. Top dressing will continue to bring a crop longer on a moist soil than on a dry one, first because such land is the best adapted to grass, and secondly, because the manure, bj being kept moist, is brought into a state of decom- | position, and becomes prepared as food for the , plants, instead of dryiag up. Top dressings, therefore, for high lands, should be applied in the spring, as early as March or the first part of April, so as to receive the early rains, and get thoroughly leached, and the coarser particles washed down among the roots of the grass, before the hot and dry weather comes on. Or, it may be applied?and perhaps with better effect?late in November, when it will receive the later rains and be leached by them, or be covered with snow to be melted upon the dressing. and thus carry its fertilising properties gradaally to the grass roots during the winter and spring. It il unpopular?we are fully aware?to recommend top dreeing for high and dry grass lands; still we believe it to be a profitable way of fertilizing, when it is done judiciously. The orror consists in cropping the land for many years, Without inanaring until hot only the fertilising agents are exhausted, but the roots of the grass th-ms*lvis have either died for the want of food or hare been driven out by plants more hardy and persistent than themselves. When a field is in this condition, it is folly to top dress it. There is no basis upon which to act. The dressingdkas deferred too long? there is no recuperative power left. The rem edy for such land is through the plough, manure, cultivation, and plenty of seed, er all these, excepting the cultivation, which may be omitted by turning over the sod and laying down in August, or early in September. In a wet season something may be done on high land by spreading fine compost manure liberally, scattering on grass seed and harrowing. Clover, sown early in April in this way, will sometimes succeed well. .If the farmer would be watchful, manure his fields in season, occasionally scattering a little seed over them, while producing liberal crops, he might save considerable expense in ploughing and feseeding All this. however, snouia not prevent a judicious rotation of crops, and, in turn, bringing the grass fields into cultivated ones, which is undoubtedly the course that will secure the most certain profits. The time when top dressing should be applied, is a question upon which our best farmers do not agree. What is needed, is a copious rain immediately after the dressing is spread; but as we cannot command this, we must exercise a sound judgment in the matter and be oontent with the result If the compost cart could follow that which carries away the hay and a liberal shower follow, perhaps mere wouia do do oeuer time to apply tne dressing; and in a moderately moist season, this course would succeed well. March and April are g x>d seasons, but then the objection exists of cutting up the fields b; the feet and wheels of the team. In the autumn there is little danger of this, unless the season be very wet, the more pressing work of the warm season it out of the way, and upon the whole, perhaps this is the best for this operation. The third point requiring care, is the condition of the dressing wben it is used. If it should be rich, that is, m<:de of good materials, and fermentation not carried so far as to set free Its gaseous properties, and then it should be fine; if as fine as sand so much the better. This will allow of its being spread evenly, tfnd prosent such a surface to the rains and dews as to 1 have every pirt of it quiokly penetrated aDd its fertilising properties carried to the roots ' below.?N. E. Farmer. Bones as Manure. f Bones make one of the best fertilisers for the , farmer and fruit-grower. One difficulty in t using them is the want of mills in some place* i for grinding them. The best method for reduoiBg bones at home ' is that first introduced to the agricultural public by Prof. Pusey of England, and since rec, ommended by Prof. Johnson of New Haven. | The process, in brief, is to put the bones into a pile, filling the interstices with sand, ashes, loam, muck, or any fine material, and t* satui rate the pile with stale urine.or dung heap ( liquor. About one-third of the weight of bones is composed of cartillage and animal matter, ? which heats in the heap and breaks down the f whole structure of the bones, making it a fine . mass. It is better that the bones should be 3 crushed with a sledge hammer, as the finer . they are made, the mare completely they will i be reduced by the fermenting process. In i forming a heap, a layer of muck, or good loam . a foot thick, should be put at the bottom, e Then soatter on a layer of bones a few inches e in thickness, and put on just enough of the ashes, sawdust or other fine matter to fill all the interstices. The object is to bring the bones as closely together as possible, and to 1 make the pile compact. When this is done, I* wet the whole with urine or barn-yard liquor, and cover a foot thick with muck or loam, to absorb the ammonia that will escape from the >- fermenting mass. In warm weather the feri mentation goes on rapidly, and the bones will be decomposed ia from two to six weeks. Such is fragments of bone upon the outside as are not reduced by the first operation, may be put up .. in a second heap. The bones in the centre of the heap will be most perfeotly decomposed, and the larger the heap the more complete the disintegration. The process of fermentation . may be ascertained by thrusting a bar into the heap. If the ammonia esoapes, which will , be indicated "by the smell, add more muck. Feeding Swine. ie Mr. Taggart, of Wayne county, at the annual a meeting of the Ohio State Board, said he wai e not in favor of feeding hogs long, to make then: weigh large weight. He Kept his in the olovei field till the beginning of September; then ? when the corn begins to harden, outs it up '* both ear and stalk, and feeds it to them. "Oni bushel or oorn id September will fatten then more than one and a half in December." Mr K T. recommended killing bj the 13th of Novem i- ber as being the moat profitable time, for tber *1 there has been little expenditure of oarbon foi the production ot heat, when, if left for anothei montb, the oold, wintry storms made this ne 7 cessary?Vailty Farmtr. . e Dkpaitvxi or T*o,.m rom Saliasuby ?Tb< dema >ds which have bten made for tone tlm< 19 paat upon the War Department st Washington fo 11 a military force upon the Eastern Shore of Marv ) land teem *o have received the meat favorabli w consideration, and on or before to-morrow at lees ie three thousand well dlactpllned men will been . camped at Sallabury, the remotest point of Soroer Bet county, and not more than eight miles fron Aceomac. county, Va , the residence of Henry A Wise Yesterday afternoon, at ha If-past fou o'clock, seven companies of the 17th Maaaachu ie set's regiment, which, for some time past hav< sr been stationed oo the grounds of the late Genera I. 8truart, West Baltimore street, left for Salisbury IB in the steamer Georgeana, and expected to read tiiere about noon to-day. They will meet then ' the full batUry of Major Nimma, of Massachusetts 19 o^neut'ng of a x-pound braaa firld pieces, tw ' howitzers and nearly twenty companies of Infant a* ry, of which nine companies are attached to tb it Maryland Legion of Col. Purnell.?Bait. Amtri cms. A Inn Loss at Belmont ?A dispatch to th at Meopnls Appeal makes the following atatemen ;d la regard V> the rebel lorn at the battle of Belmont ? Oar Information leads us to believe that th a lose of the Confederate forces in killed, woundei ip ad mlsalng will approximate a total of 800 Th is, loas tn Coi. Jappaa's Arkansaa regiment is 150 o 00 killed, and wounded " THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 19 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest add Moat Reliable fl?wi from the Seat of Gavtraasent! Heading Matter for_the Fireside Circle! The preoent year la undoubtedly the moat eventful In the political hiatory of this country, and th? record of occurrencea tranapirlng at the Fedaral Matropolla la naturally oi striking and remarkable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, f*-H and reliable accounts of all that passes here la most intern*, and we have conaequently made alterationa and improvements in the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paoer haa been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio abape, and now appeara a handsome sheet of thirty-two tolvmns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the " Waihington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DbLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than tiie price ot the paper upon which it la printed. It is our determination to make the Wbkkly Star hot only tbe largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it ahall absolutely be Thk Bkst Familt Wmilt Nkwspapxr is thk World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at tbe Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of tbe week; interesting correspondence irom an pans or me world; capital stories-, humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star baa aa a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the L* S Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Ntwi and Gossip our spiciality, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low pries than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers $ 1.00 per year. To Clubs of Five 35 cents. To Clubs of Ten 00 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 15 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-five &0 cents. rouiUDB oi ruiy 10 ctun. Address W. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. Him A. H. LKE AS Femoved h.? offioe to No. 367 New York avenue, between lOrh and 11th s's . where he oan be consulted as nsu<l. Olhoe hours?7to9, I to 3. 1 to 9, . no 12 2weo* LADIES', MISSES' AND CHILDREN'S CIRCULAR Cl.OAKS. SLEEVED Ct.OAKS, 8ACQUES, COATS, *o , *0. A fail assortment just opened, and new supplies rsoeived almost da ly, at MAXWELL'S Oloak an-i Fancy Store. no M >teo.if Pa. av+f.jf. t 'OUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS, ko. L/ TYLER'S COMPOUND SYhUP OF QVM ARABIC. This ple?sant aud popular Cougn Rwmedr hai been to long known and ext-nsively used that mon persons have Deoome familiar with its extra?rdi nary elfioacy. It oan be had at all the prino pa drug stores, at 25 and 50 oeuU a bottle. oo 14 d2m&eo4m* SOMETHING NEW! JCCj f XXATX8T DISCOVKBT 281 C street, opposite the Theater. OYSTERS ^TEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superio to a roat.0 in lini mtrntu, the fastest tim* on record. Call and see. The undersigned respeotfuily informs his friendi in the lhstriot, and visitors to the city, that he ha refitted his old and wkll-irows xstablishmiv in a most thorough manner, and has made oom plete arrangements to furnish OYSTERs in an style and in any quantity. 400 to ?*) ga lona shuoke per day. 2 OW) to 3 OOo oana of Spioed and h>e? ?iut up daUy?oans hermetically staled Furnishe* n the shell by the bushe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regu tarlv through the winter, at Baltimore prioei withnnt fM.r nf f?.iliirA rhnnlH Aft!) unrl mulrA ir rang 'mants at once Freignt. time, and mono saved by purchasing of me, as I furnuh an artiol Maal to the oelebrated Baltimore establishment! at prices just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meat*, Lobsters, Sardines. Clami Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, &o to.,4o. Alao, Piokles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brand Peaohes, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tui ties. Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, Ai In faot, every thinc for sale in the Northern mai kets always on hand, at reasonable prices Hotels and families supplied with Oyatorg, da livered without o barge any part of the Dlstric i in season, ll the money is seut with the order, i My establishment is o^en from 5 a m. to 12 ? I night, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oloae i lo o'olook a. m. se27 T. M. HARVEY. rr\ CARRIAGES. Jl HE Subeoriber having made addltiTES to h: i factory, making it now one of the largest 1 in the Distnot, where his facilitiesUCRmxj for manufacturing CARRIAGES acd*-=* LIGHT WaGONS of all kinds cannot be su passed, and from his long experience in the bus n*ss,he hopes to give general satisfaction. of Carriage* and Light Wag una ke All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orde promptly attended to. d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and E sia. tfSfik BILLIARDS! HTm The lovera ' ' ** of the GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, s Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and Uth atreei (south aide,) two of the moat admirable TABLES In the Urn tad States, with every ooufort and - *? >-tf tor the players. : LJOMKTHIN9 NEW-SUPERIOR HULLS 9 CORN.?The sub*oriber, having cot tie agen to sapply Washington and GeorreCown with til r delioate preparation of Corn, vonid respectful - ask of his friends, and the publio at large, to gi s it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared I WM BR ADLY, Agent, v Pa. arenne. between lat.h ana iSth its . N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Mob 1 menu. Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a wa e on hand. oo 19 Sit o WALL, STEPHEN* A CO.. , TT 3M PiRMTiviRu Amn, "1 HIIEaCHAN# TRJ&?* A L AND BEADY MADE CLOTHliiKS, |JOMK-MADE~HOOT8 AND SHOES M -? f* ?*? bet, tth aod Hh rta LEA * f KRRINk' CILCBRATBt) Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by S EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?1 of a Letter from a u, I] MjL at Madras "ONLY GOOD ToHisSrotk4r SAUCE." MS? ?t Woroeeter. and applicable to .. M, RYfrT*every IIS MiW'SflHi SSss'sS' in India, and ?s, in VARIETY my opinion, the most il palatable, as well as OP man ISit?m2S9 be moat wholesome Uh DlBHi (^?gjpsatifet*atrsma<te." The above SAUCE la n..t only the best and popular condiment known, but the moil Economical, as a !*w drops in Soup. Gravy, or witn hot and oo'd Joints, B*ef Stiak, (Jam*,Jtc impart an exquisite ar*t# whion unprincipled sance man

ufacturers har<* fti vain endeavored to imitate On the Breikfast, Luncheon, (ft ? orosi uin.suum lic,r? ?*. "' ? VVORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable To appreciate th? eteellut *ualitut of this <*?/?eio?? preparation it is on y neeessary to purchase a ?m'il bottle of the gen trim, of a respectable gro cer or-'ea or, da many Hotel and K*t aurant ?ro prietor* se dom place the Pure Sauoe oet?Te their guests. hat substitute a genuine Bottle filled With ft rpunous mixture. For sale by Grocers and Fruiterers everywhere. J (1H V DUNC * N 4 SO -8, Union Square and lU.t strut. New York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States. A Stock Always in store?Also orders received for direct shipments from Engta d. , __ inrStwnr* af Counterfeits and lmitat\?ni.*?Jl ?"P5-ly.e6 pENSION OFFlfcP, iffy* *TH, 1861. TO ALL WHOM 7t MAY CofTtEHIf. , Application having been made under t/ie fr* of 23d June, I860, for the reissne of the I.and Warrants described herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destfot?d?notioe is hereby given, that at the date following tnt fl?B?*iptlon of each War rant, a new Certifioata, of like tcZ?f, *01 b? i? ued, if no valid objection shall then appeaf . No 41 939, tor 160 aorea. issued under the act of Maroh,18&. in the name of James Pray, and granted on the 21st day of March, 1861 ?November 23,1861. No. 28 9*', for 160 acre?, issued under the aotof Maroh 18.S5, in the name of William M , Julias C. A., and J>>hn D. 8., mli or ohidren of Irwin Bagget, deceased, and gr ntad on the 24th day ol May. 1856? NovembertS, Ml. No 44,818. for 8u acres, issued under the act rf Mamh, 18S5, in the name of (ietty, #idow. ef Thomas Elwood,and granted the 19th day or Jantrary, 1037.?November a, 1861 No. 75 3*0 for 160 acres, issued under the aotof Maroh, 1855, in t^e name of Alexander Mo^ullough, aid granted on the 8th day of January, 1856.?November 23.1861. No. 8,068, for 160 acres, issued under the act of Marohi 185*. in the name of Alexander MeQuain, and granted on the 12th day of October, 1855.?Novomi>er 30 1861. No. 9,769. for 120 acres, issaed under t}ie act of Marc**. 1855, in the name of ]>aniel west, and granted on the 14th day of July, 1855.?Deoember 7. 1861. No. for 160 aores, is?ued under the aotcf M&reh. 1855, in the name of Hannah, vidow of James Wuson, and granted on the Juth Say of February. 1857 ?December 30,1861 No.64.35),for 120 acres, issued under the aotof M%rch. 1855. in the name of Martha, widow of And rew MmiIoc, and granted ok the 15th day of April, 1856?December 21, ?S8l. No. 3,302. for 160 acres, issued under the act of March, 1855. in the name of Samuel R. J ac^way and granted on the 1st day of August. 1855. No. 3 \'4. (or 160 acres, issued under the aot of. Maroh, 1855, in the name of William H Tarranoe, and granted on tne 13ta day of July, 1855 ?Decern bur 21,1.461. No. 14.945, for 80 aires, issued under the aot ol Soptember- '850. in the name of Levi Treadwell, ana granted Sopunber 29th, 1851. No. 31,'08, for 40 &er*a. issued under the iime aot, in the name of Abel Piatt*, and granted November *8th. 18il?December 28.18G1No 72 524 for 16*? acres, issued under the act oi Maroh. 185i, in the nameo! Thomas Johnson and granted on tne 9th day of Septamber, '857.?Jtnuary 4,1882. >o. 42,2)6, for 80 acre*, issued under the aot ol Maroh, 1855, in tiie name of Polly, widow of John Ca-np, ai d craned on the 23<1 day of September, 1854.?Janoa / 4,18o2. , .No. 23 426, lor 16' acror, is?u?d under the set o; March. 1855, in the name of William Scott, arsd wai granted on the 1st day of May, 1856.?January 1! Tan JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e lt-law Commissioner. (~i NOT TO BE BEAT TO Pee the larges: assortment of Woolen an Worsted Good?,o mprising Hoods,Son:a*s,Coats Cloaks. Sleeves, Hosiery. *o., &c. Al>o, receive* a lot of oheap Cotton hosiery and W'oreted Em broidered Slippers, Lamp ftands 4 c. Our motU ia but one ana he lowest p ioe. No. 414 7th st.. between G and H. no 12-3w* F. MlJHLiNGHAIJS. PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER! 100 kegs Prime Goshen Butter juat received am for sale by WALL A BARNARD, Auotioneere and Communon Merchants, no 5 Cor, sonth aide Pa. av And 9th st. 'I* NOTICE TO SOLDIERS i I HE ADAMS tXPRE^S COMPANY wi! t make remittances for so>diers to their families a plicea reached oy thoir J- xpr?as, at a charge of 2 1 cents for any sum not exoe^dicg hf y dollars The money, whether gold or Treasury rotei srouiu i>*< cuoiuaexi iu mn cnveiupc, siiu nouurci - aeaied, with the full address ( noluding town, pui . offio* and State ) of the person to whoin t? b? sent I and the amount le*ibl ma. ked thereon. To insure proupt delivery, the 25 centa cha.-j should be prepaid. When faoilities for enveloping and sealing th monej in separate parce's are net at hand i r camps, the several sums to be remitted, that n a b- collec ted by Chap ami of Regiments, or ofh* persons volunteering to do this service for the so! diers desirinc to send home thtnr par. will be r< a ceived in bulk at any of the principal offioes of tb r Company. These sums, accompanied with the full addresi 5 as above required, of the persons for whom ii tended, will he remitted to the respective 001 h aignees. at any plaoe in tne loyal States, at the satr d rate of chargo, ih reby saving to the sender U trouble of putting in separate packages, i- Suitable blanks for th" above purpose have bee i, prepared, and will be far* ished, with explanation - at any of the offices of the Company. y ADAMS KXPRESS COMPANY, e Washington. Oat. 30.1861. oo 3ft-lm TUST ARRIVED,di eot from an Eastern Au< J uon House, 50 biUes oheap CAK PET. Also, 2 BEDSTEADS, which were bought low for evi ? and will be sold at a 6ma! advanoe. Together wn _ a large assortment of Houaexeeping Articles. 7 R. BL'CHLY, Furniture Dealer. 4'JS Seventh st., oo 22-1 m* between H and H *t?. 7 3~10 u. 8. TKEaSUrV NOTES, whu t. will be supp led at par to onr customers, free obarge. Demand Treasury Notes, as heretoioi it will oe reoeived on riepotit as specie, kt SWEENY, BITTEN HOUSE, KANT A Ct oc 12-1 ni Banker*. HSU Pa ar.. pear Brown's. - DLA1N SILKS IN MOST CHOICE SHADt A at the old prioes. is With all ether kinds o| Silks, Woolen Dre ?. Goods. Cloaks, Shawls, Mantles. Ao. J Also, ouj usutl full stock of all t> leading st - pie Dry Goods for general family wants. r One prioe on y. marked in plain figures. 1- Carpets, Curtains, Oiioloths. Rugs, Ac.. upp< floors. PERRY A, pl Pa. av., and 9*h street. no IS-fttil "Perry Bwldint.' 17 JOB PRINTING. or Hi VERY Description of JOB PRINTING i quired by any body?citueniu civil functionaru artBT and navy ofiuors, sutlft-i, Ao.?executed - the STAR OFFICE, m satisfactory style,at lo rates for Cash. lo 4-t CUTLERS AND OTBERS IN WANT 1 ?-5 Suspenders, Whit* Cotton Gloves, tiujktl Gloves and Gauntlets Woolen Hose, Shirts a Drawers, heavv White and Grey Blankets of kinds * liMrv rinthi knit P.&r ill ni Art*! h.Avv W Ii and Grey Flannel*, will find a great stock at . WlA. ft R LEV A BRO.'S. No 3? Coii ral Stores, 15 lot oppo C?n'er Market 1'HE AMERICAN WATCH-A large a wo ment, in both Gold and Silver cases. A tso, tljo "ARMY WATCH." a reliable Timekeeper, in silver oases, gotten ? espy iaily for armr use D fcr WATCHE8.0HRONOMETER8, JE> or ELRY, Ac., oarefullj repaired ill M. W GA LT A BRO . ly Jewellers, 334 Pa. avenue, ve no 15-3t i doors west of Brown's Hote New cloaks just received, Large stqok of all kinds of Shawls, .. Drees h.lks, very ohe*p, , Silk Robes. olosins oat at a frreat bargain, ? All kinds of Jjreis U< od*, votj ohk?p WM r. KiLEY A BRO., No 36 C?nt:at Morea, Betwe n 7th ana tti> sts., co 15 ?w Oppo its Center Market UHAKU, WELSH, ard all other kinds l- 0 winteand eoiored Wool Flannels. 40 s euM extra a*per Cotton F.snuels, of "An Weight," bleacneU and mnbleaehed ? we s>re daily opeumg se eot i>ry Goods in all I departments of eerrent wants. i ?ne prioe ont*, marked w slam firn-ee. Oilol th*, carpets Curtatn*, Ao., upper floor* Am inspection of stock incurs ao obligation pu ona?t>. FKRRV k BROTHER, Huh Johnston, altimokk loch hospital, ffw d$H0*?rtd tkt m+*t Certain, Svttdt mm4 tmly Mftetnml Rcmtif in tkt World, kok all diseases of imprudence. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTE D. OR HO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. wltluilh af '^1 ft:t, striciara*, aftcuoc* af the kidii;i and bladdar diacharft*. impotoacv, 6*aarai dabtluy, n*r.toaac***, dyit?p*?, u?i?r, g?af?>ian if id***, low spir.-j. ?_ pitauon af the hurt, timidity, trembtiaf ?. dimiu o? sij^i or giddmea*. dmim af tk* ad, throat, f?^** ? skin, af*cuaae of tk* lanr*, ?to? an ar bowel*?<kaa? tambl* diaordar* ariauig from Bolturf p'-blt* af yowtb?ihee? praadfal and deetrvcuve practical which raadar mtrrtua i^paaaikla, and deotrwy both sad* and mind. YOUNG MEN eepectauy wha ha?e bacon* the 'ictiaa af mitary tie*, tu'. dreadfal and deetracuve habit whtcb annaalty *w**p* la an un*.4"??ly fr??* thooaand* of yoatf manof tba boat *ialt*d ulaowod brilliant lm*ll*ct, who auffct oth*rwia* ha** entranced u*t*n*n( banaiea with tha thandar* af alaomnci or wakad to actufy the lmn{ lyre, may call wilt rail coofdtnea. MARRIAGE. * mtlllld pbm?i,*r t(?( mai mamfmiii harrier*, bunf a vara of phytic*! wtakn***, dtbuity, darermin**, 4c., apaadil* cared. h* who placee himaatf and*r tka ear* af dr. i. may r*li#v aaaly conftd* in hi* honor a* a f?n;l?man aad aanldaatly rely apon l?a ekill aa a phyeiclao. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. itf: hand aid* going from baltimore etreet, a few daara from tb* oorotr. fail not ta ob*?r?* aaaae aad aimbar. keuera nail be paid and contain a ?urrrp. DR. JOHNSTON, mcmbar af the royal collaf * af sirjeone, leaden, radaate from or* of (ha moat eminent cotufaa in tka untied lata*, aad the rteater part of whoee 1 if* kat veen ap*nt la th* noaptimla of london, pari*, philadelphia and *i??*s*r?, ba* *(ect*d coma of th* mo*t a*umi* ear** that *<rl *?*r knowa; many troabicd with nafiur ta tka b*ad aad taf* vhta a*l?rp; rr*at nartoaant**, alarmed at aaddta eoande, baehfclaee* with fr*qa*nt uk|, attandad *oro*:im*t with dtranfemeat af auad, wara cartd kamammt. TAEE PARTICULAR NOTICE trtnf m*o and other* who haee lrijarad themeelvee by a rtain prac'jo* m<*rlf*d in whae alone?a babit freqaenuy taarnad from a?u cmnpaaleoa, or at aebool, tka electa af vtiica art niftuly felt irir tm intip.umi onim.u, rend era nnmifi lmpoaeible, and deeuoye t*th mad ana bodr, ehosld apply inimediatal?. arc eome of the ead and melancholy efecte predated by earij fckWta of youth, rii: Weak nee* of lb* Back and Limbe, Pains in the Head, Dimacaa of Sif hi, Loaa of Power. Palpitation of ink Heart, Dyepepey, Nerroae irritability, Derangement of ill Ui|im'i Functions, Ganaral Debility, Symptom) of Cotieumption, It M?!*TALLT.?1The faarlul as acta omtt roiad era msch la ba dreided ?Loaa of Memory, t^nfuaiWof Idkak, IUpreeaton f Spirit*, E?il Foreboding*, Artrkion of Society, l*elf-r>i*ir??', Lo*e of Solusda, Timidity, ate., ark urn of tba erile prodaced. PIRVOC* P8BI LIT T ?Thoaaanie tu Dt* )adf a wbn ta tha caoa* of tbkir declining health, ioamf their *ig or. baeoC* Ixif wlik, pa'e, oarToui and emaciated, baring a emgaiar appearance aooal tie eyee, coagh or aymptome of caoearnpDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan tha muguided and imprudent votary ef pieaesr* tod* ha baa imbtbad tie eeedt of thu painfsl dieeaee, << wa often hrppene that an iH-tiroed acuee of ehanie or draad af di*cotery datera him from applying to tboaa wbo, frrm education an I reefaetability, can alone befriend him Ha (alia iota tba bande of ignorant and deeigmcg pre'.endara, who, incapable af earing, Slab hia pecuniary eaoatance, keep him triling marts after mcatfi, or at loaf aa ue emailee: fee eaa ba at. tamed, aod la deeparr leave aim with rained health ta eirb a?er at* falling datappatatreaat; or by tee aae of that deadly poiaon ?Mercury?haataa tba aouatkatiooel eyirpuxae af thu terrible dieeaea, each aa Affeetiaee of tba Heart, Threat, Haad, lit*. *e . profraaeinr with fngfctfal rapidity, till death pata a Sen ad ta hi* area tfal eaffennge by eeodinf hunt a thai aniacarered caar.-y f>am whaee baarna oa tra?al*r ratarna. . DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTBNCY. y tbia great and important remedy tithenaf tba era at a ar# epaadriy eared ana fell rifer raatarad. fteaaitdi ar the Met carrava aod dabthtatad, wha had last all b#f?, Sara baas immediate!} relieved. All impedimenta ta Marriage, Phyattal aa Mental DiaqaalUcr.tiana, La*, af Piwcrastirj Paver. Nertaae Irritability, Trrihbliur and Weakaeae ar KlCalaktaa af Uk Baal fear's I kind epeedi'y cared. ENDORSEMENT OF J HE PRZBK. '"fttniifni rmrmA ml tbii imtitltifto f !l^i? Ik* laat aa?aeuan ; ???, uid lb? inntrni impartuit Sara i* Mt aaarauaoa par/*rmai 1/ nr. J?ht aian, viininad by it a I rap?r;ar* W lb* ptfitn aad miu/ *th*r Mrwn*, nwcii af bich hsT* app*u?d agam aod if-ato U.* labile, ba *.4aa hi* atacding a< a gaotlaraao af cV.raettr if* ?*?r*'5*ibllit*. i* * *aCci*ot fa*r*ot?? ta th* *>ict*d. marlf-ly I NOTICE. 1 ? ADAMS' EXPRESS CoMPAJIY " ' This Company oilers to the pnN'io" Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe an* Quick 1'ispatoh ol Heavy Flights Packates, Valuables, Money, Ao. &o., to ail parte of the United States. Expresses to and from the North and WestdeI part from arrive in Wasiiingtoh twioe daiiy. All Expresses are in oharge of $rnrunctd an4 I rtliabU Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers oarnea at "ori j half" our usual rates. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate Statee" ami all Articles " Contraband of War'' will be RsrcsxD. Ou^ Expresses leave New York at 1, 6, and 6 P, M.^arriving in Washington at < A. M. and bJX II Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A.M. and 11 P. M.t arriving in Washington at iW P. M.aml 6 A. M. Expresses leave Ha'timore at 4430 A. M. and S F M.. arriving in Wasi ington at 6 A. M. aod 6 5 i P. fcl. , Expresses for all points Nor*h and v\ est leav? i Wasfucgton at 7J0 A. M and t.? P. M. dvlr. Special Contracts for arge quantifies of Froigh , oan be made o, application to this ?'(hoe. J All Oooda ?al;ed fcr and uehverwd Jru of Extrs ,T, oiiarjes. E. W. PiKBOHB, Bu?t Adam*' Express Company. ' _WMhintton, Aumst a. 1861. sa a-tf ? v WOOD AND COAL. , 1 OU Will eurely ret your nnxey'a worth b] n calling at the PIONEER MILLS, xouikwtsi if mtr of Stvtnik strut and Canal, (GEO PA6E ' Ajent.) The; aell cea^er acJ tire [>?tter meat or i anan any others in Uie <wty?cut. ssiit. aud deiir l ered tree of oiierfe. If too doo t * elieve , i tlie Pioneer Milts a tria..aad be satisfied. e vitj I^OOTU AND *0 8VIY TBJ 'I Wear* now manifaounn*'all kind*of BOOTI and SHOES, and ooi.sUstir leoeiTinc a ,?i>? tpply of eutvrn made wort of erery de-BftQK aor* t'.oc. made expressly to order, and willy HI . be sold at a micli lower jriee than haa been" IS * heretofore charted in ttua city for miah lnfens artioes. Persons in want ot Boots and Snoea of eastern ? eity made work, will always &_d a tood aaaoi anei ) la stcraard at'.ks :*?e?t arises. d'veniaoail. no RiFFIN * BR?? ill ??? * ^ A RMY SUPPLIE8. A JUST RKCEIYED? 4?> oans SAlSAGK MEAT, 940 cans FRESH TOMATOES, _ 4*'cam FRESH VEAL. 360 cans BEEF, a la mods, jh 240 cans ROA8T F.EEF, of W> sans 1KESH MUTTON, e. *40 cans BEEP and GRAVY, t4fl cans SOUP and BOUILLI, )? Koases FRENCH DES81CATKD VE?I * TABLES. ? Far sale at Naw York Factory jriooa. :S KINtj A Bl RCHELL, ae I Corner I and Hfteenth meets. " # NEW BOOK*. ?_ JIAlSlUni OI ILO uC.MHl I\e, JiiUi, UJ JUi Lothrcs Motley ; 3 Tola.; free b? mail. It. The Rise 01 the Dutch Refublie, a history. I er John Lothroy Motley; J to OiOth; free by mai ft. Silas Marner, the Weaver o4 Raveiol. by t) ? author of "Adam Bede cloth 7floenis ; paper ? eents. Lifo and Career of Major Andre, by \\'intr< re- gareeant; ?1>^. M, After lceb?rf with a Painter.a Rammer Vc*ei at to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lome] w Nob e: #1.50. __ f The Maiufaotareof Photoienie or Hydro-Ca 7:; boa Oiia, oy Thomas Antieeil, M. D.; #1.15. !.? A" ?f0" ""^Tn'^Whstfcn. ??j ay V> 97* Peuna. avenue ite %V BOYS' CLOTHING. * t E Hare reoeived fiihm the iast day or two taree assortment of BOVS' BP RING CLOTJ INtj.embraeing all strles of low-priced. mediaj t. and fine 40a .ties, wtuoh ve are sWltn* a t ve ~ low prices for caah. rt- ^ WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. 394 Pa. av., between 9th and 10th sta m ti (Tat9llit?nc?r a?.d Repebhean.) hi WK OFFKR TO MILITARY MEN alar tt assortment of GREYand ULLCFLANNj V- OVER-SHlRTS. W HI f E SHIRT'S, DRAV KRS. CAMP BLANRET8. H ALF H08ErV whion ve invite all oa* . p j'cnasers to exam before their eeiecii.?as. U WALL, STEPHEN# * CO., ? 399 Pa. av., between 9th and lOCfe eta ib tS (latellnenoer anq Re?ubioan.> nUPONTS GUNPOWDER, l* For i\ t it mai?*faet*iwHi yrieea, by JOHN J. BOG UK, GaoaerrowiTp. C_ SoU Attnty for Us District ?f (WmmM ^sisa-ss t l^iereee ?V>mWa?hirr??B. D. kWlsvl * B00"WH,"T "fiuclWSBAT FLOUR. ? - C?tW??CH?LL. oe \J Coraf Tenwont av ? Mtn ?t - ii'?. i-'m-,-?, . s^iameaw; HKLM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. *' HIGHLY COXCKNTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract BuohtL, A Poiitir* and Sptctflt Krmtdf For Dimum of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS, OR A VF.I., and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS Thr? Madioir.a Inomin Ui? aawor of Diraatioa , ard exoitr* ths imdiiiiti Into beaitky action, by which tbe watkkt ok cucuor* depoaiunna, and al crnaiueal edlikoim am are rati need, a* veil aa pain a*d mr lakh axiom, and ia good MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHJ For WeakD?a?ea Anting Iron hxe*aa*a. Habit* of DlaaipaUcn, Early ! dtoor^tjoa or A'uae. Attend'd with tkt Follitnng Symptom,i ; In4i*poaition to Exartioa, Powr, J.oea of MfBiorr. Diftoalty cf Rraatkiag, Weak Nerrca, Trajibiiai. Horror of D*m?aa, ViMUiim, DimnMi of Vioion. # ? Paia in tha Haok, Un.v?r?a' Laaaitcdaof the Moacnlar Pvttem. Hot Band*. Fiaakiag of tfea B>yiy, Dryoa. a of the Sk'n, E aptioaa on tie Faoe, PALLID COCKTMABCE. 1 nrse rympi' iti-. ii m uvm w" ? -a. w Htvu ,, medicine invariably remorse, ?>"?pn fo lows 1MP0TENCY,FATUITY. EPILEPTIC riTS, In one of ttktck the Patient auy fffyi'i. Who oan til' they are^ot f'esa<Hitiy followed by thoee"maim. siiuhi," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the caaee of their safferiac, but *051 will cob v res. THE RECOMD8or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk* Melancholy Dentkt by Contempt \on. BEAB AXFLE WITUFSS TO THfeTBBTB OB TMB ASSBBTIOM^F T? Require* the aid of medioiae to streafthae aa< I LTigoraM the Syetaaa whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU onvnrmblt dooo a tiul will cowtiucb THi ko*x surncau FEMA LES- FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD WMkBMVXBiie- ?? In Mnnf AJTettxont Periluir tc Fimnlet the Extract Buoau is nneeua i d by any other r?medy, & in Chloroeie or Reteatioa, Irr ju amy, Painfui[j?m, or Suppression o? Customary KnouatioE . Uloerated or SchirToaa state of the Utoras, Louoorrhea or Whites, Sterility, ai d for all complains incident to the a?x. whether d.hii from Indiscretion, Habit* of Diuipaboa, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! in symptoms above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Take no more Balsam, M( rrwey, or VnpltntmmI Medicine fot Vnj>Ua.tanl and Dangtrom Msaaas. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CT BBS SECRET 1)I?UIU In all their Stages; At little l if e*. LitUe or no chMjge la Diet; No laocavoiueaoa; And no nzforn** It causes a frrqu at desire au (ivee strength to Uriuate, thereby Rem viiij t bet: uotsote, Preventins and Strietarca wt toe Urethra, Allaying ? aia ai.d inflan..a&t^oa. eo fru u.'Lt in the claas of du?a ea. aui- fx pel lire ali r Poisonom, L/tt-ised, an * '* oui Motter. TROFSAMCS CPUS THOCSAWI)* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACES, . am who f.nvK pai 1 ktaryjee* to be cared lb a short ' time, have f >uni tn- y weie deoeiv*a, and that the 4TOUO!?" has, by Uln uas of ytne.rjul a*lrtaf onto" 1 beea ur :?d up in the system, to breac oat in as at , f rarateo MB, ana , FERHiFS AFTER MARRIAGE. I 1 Use HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU all affection* art aiitUN ui tie i CK1NARY OHGANI, , whether exietim in MALE OR FKMALK, 1 from whatever oaoee orir<natinc and no maftf of k UOVT LORfl STANDI no Diseases of tiieso Organs rot aire tb* ^ ?? Di" VltTICi - HELM HOLD* 8 EXTRACT BUCHD r II? THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it la oeitain to have the desired effect in Diseases/or ?e*M4 tl it reermmendtd. ' BT1BBMCB OF TBI MOST BBSFOBtlBLB ABB KB* LIABLt CBARACTia will.aooompany the medio in**. B CERTlFICATKS OF CURE*, From t to 90 years' tlaadiBf, B v th Names mow: to SCIENCE AND FAME. i T I ? "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE " NOTICE." wi uu "so cebt" or "??bb?i Birrs." H?LMBOLl>'8 EXTRACT BUCHU is oompoaad of Bachn, Cn^ba t>4 Juniper BrnM, aalaotad with ireat oin by a oomfttwit Umriiat. PREPARED 111 VACUO, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, Practical aod Analytical ChMiit. and Bolt Macootartr of KELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS IAFFIDAVIT. Peraoaally appaaraa oafora me an f irfw? of _ the 01 ty or PbiiadeipBia, H. T. Hilmiou, who being daly awcra, doth tay.hia preparations aonlB tain no naroot a, no aaraary.or otaar i?|an?u drat a, bat are partly Tofoubla. t M Aidariuaa, Nlatta aC. aoora Kaaa, Pula. ? ?? PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM * A. M. TO * P. M. ^ Pries 91 par Wwla, wbUIhII. DaUrorad to acy addraoa, saaaraiy paafcsd Na obaarTataoa. Address lsttms for lnfor?tona ta aoaMsass ta - B. T. HELM BOLD, CUaii?, ^ Dapot, 1M Boatk Tsatk at., Maw Cboocaat, PfcUa. BEWARE OF COU!fT*RF*IT? AND UNPRINCIPLED DIALERS ?5>g?s&r?r j,, HdwtMfi ffaaaiM fiipaanwi, V. ~~ _ - ? * *4 m gmiqfm (III. M mm JUM fM. Mi kr 1 > Waits. Z. A. fuui. Ma __ Wiut. ft. a PMK ft ft. Kmrmu, ft Q. u AirJ> au. dmv&hibtb xrurwuit. c ASK VOft HKLMBOLD'6 TiO 90 OTHXK * AND AVOID IVPOMTION %u6 KX DtertU mptmmt m i ijsss '

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