Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1861 Page 2
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g-'- "J" ' " > " THE K* STAR. J WASniVf^TON CITY: J MORItJir, ^OVMBER If, IW. 0 ?? d On fiiiiix at n? t?r1oo? military camp* and PMttHma will confer a fa tot by keeping na poated aa to momnm'j and ?1f>1r* In their vlclnltlea. ,i, i |?j? Tf wer nnltlmore readera we would aav ? that tte flrat and arcocd edition of tbe Star can i he Md In Baltimore of E. F Haxelton. agent, j No ?i W?l Baltimore at^rt, nr?r Gay?the Srit < *dltlcxi at half put four and tbe aecond at eight } o'clock, on the arrival of tbe tratnaftom Waah- ( Ington, giving all tbe latest newt from the aeat of war up to the lime of going to pre**. Spirit ( the Maralai Preaa. Tbe r*/?titg?i?r?rcoromentlng upon tbe rapture efMeaara Maaon and Slldell saya that the proceeding of Opt Wllkea la "fnlly jut'fled by tbe rule* of jnt^rnational law. na tbe*e rul??* have been expounded by the moat Illustrious brltiah jariats *od compiled by tbe moat approved wrlteraou tbe Law* of Nations. fur from bavin? trans< ended the powerawtth wbleb he wa* clothed by I that rode. Capt. V\"1*r* did not exbauat the full measure of b!a author'ty. for he not only bid an undoubted rlchtto hrrt?t theae "Arriiihtt'dors" of tbe Confe^er*** Government on tlieir paa?ae'* u? Europe, but might havejiiatlr capt. rnd the v-aael on Wblch they were found, and brought t*r IbU> port to hoeoudrrbned u a 1-wful prize " The Jmttlligfnr*r cites from Wbeaton. riillliniore. and other writer* upon international law fully establishing theae point*. The Republican says that the rebel leadera will emancipate their slaves before tbey will snbmit to defeat In tbelr present enterprise. OUR MILITARY BlUtiET. NAVY TAKD. The ateamer K. B. Hal* arrived at tbe yard wight before last. For a week or two paat she baa been stationed at Plump Neck to watch the Confederate ateamer Page, but tbe opening cf tbe new rebel battery at Cockpit Point forced her to morr from that etpotted atallon. and she now lie* at Deep Point when on the lookout. Her officers a re anxious to engage the Psge, aa they have a ataunch little ateaiutr and a tine battery aboard The Dawn raa the blockade Saturday night week, the li^.xel on laat Tuesday night, and six schooner* on Thursday ulght last, all boond down. Ptnce then none tyit small vessels have pasted elthsr w?y, up or down. All the schooners which have left Washington or Georgetown have paaaed through safely, and none are now at Indian Head. The Confederate are rgain actively at work on Pree?to?e Point, and it ia supposed are construction strong wk for a battery there The Master^ Mate of the Hale Is Henry F. Cleverly, *"bo four years ago belonged to the tojig Marine, acd for his humane and successful efforts in saving the lives of the unfortunates cast adrift upon the ocean by the foundering of the steamer Central America in 1S57, wes presented with a splendid silver medal by the Central American Fund Committee THE 9RAXD KEV1IW. The grand review of several divisions of the army of the Potomac to take place on Wednesday next, is to come off at Bailey's Cross Roads at 11 A M We are requested to say that no passes to cross snd recruss the Long Bridge will be required of the public on that occasion. So all may attend who will. IS THI COL KB SAC. It baa been ascertained that the greater portion of the rebel troops that fled out of Accomac county, Va., on the recent approach of four thousand of Qen Dix's command, via Worcester county, Md , made tracks for Northampton county, (Va.,) the lower end of tit Kastern Shore peninsula. As it is highly probable that thty are wholly without suitable craft in which to escape across the bay, it ia very likely they will be caught and bagged by the Union troops before the close of the week. military appointments The following military appointments were Bade to-day, viz: A***?tant Adjutant G'nerals ef Volunteers? Cspt. Leonard Scott for Genl. Fames' Brl^ede Capt. John Pound for Oenl. Price's Brigade. Capt Geo. A. Hicka for Gsnl Bums' Brigade Capt Andrew C Kemper for Genl. Wade'a Brigade Capt. VVm Von Dohn for Genl. Duryea's Brigade. Capt. Cbaa. A. Reynolds to be an assistant Q M In the regular serrice Aids de lamp?Wm Sh* tiler to be an aid to Maj Gen. Banks. Tboops toa Kkxtpch.?Ttse Louisville Journal, of Thursday, says: Got Morton stated on Monday in a conver*awtth some gentl.-men in thia city that there would be readv this week, in On!o and Indiana, ld OUJ men, and that they would at onoe be orderad into &tu:k/. irroimo. Allen Francis, of Springfield, Illinois, has beru appointed Consul to Victoria, Vancouver's Is. land. Anson Stager .'.of Ohio. has received thl military appomiea 01 ueuerai super: nwnaent or tbe cj?venmfnt Telegraph. msTiBmo. Commodore Kearney, and Lieut. Col Jaiue* Edelln, of tli? Marine corps, have been placed upon the naval retiring liat. yriGK ffo?K. On Friday. Major J. Ladd, Paymaster of the Massachusetts 7th Regiment.[consisting of 1030 men.) paid of the regiment in the short space of three hoars and a quarter Pretty g<x>d time. THE STAR AXD THE TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY. The proceeding o{ a meeeting if journeymen printer*, held ob Saturday night last, (reported in to-day's Star,) make it incumbent on us to explain why we decline to pay the same price for eight boon work, that up to this time we have paid for ten. We hare, therefore, to say that the public troubles hare so affected the business of all Printing Offices and Newspapers, ours included, as to warn us against assenting to any new arrangement that may eventuate in increasing tbe coet^of carrying on the Star. I'p to thia time, we hare cheerfully paid the journeymen printers of the Star Office the highest prices paid in the world, except in San Francisco and New Orleans; forty per centum higher than the prices charged by the mem b?rf of the Typographical Society in Baltimere We hare made ne motion whatever to the end of reducing the compensation of the Star Office printer*, being determined to continue to pay them aa much when, u at precoat, the advertising of all newspapers haa decreased, perhaps forty per centum, aa while th? businees was good here and eiaewhere. Thia ia the ehief reaaon why wa declined ac ding to the propoa?d change of hour*. It ia alleged in a reeolution passed at the BMtiag alluded to above, that the printers employed ia th* Star office propoaed hereafter to g?t oat the paper in eight hour* per diem. Or, ia oth?r worda, to do aa maeh work in aight boon, aa before in t*n; and that in the pact week they have done so That, if true, (and having paid no attention to tfc? hour* they worked, we are not prepared to geinaay it) prove* that while they were ' regularly paid for ton hours work per diem, they (imply accompliahed aa much aa they aowld accomplish aa well in aight hoar*. It ia true that soeh a proposition waa made to ?a. Wa hesitated to accept it, because wa bad no reason to anticipate that ia a wwk or moath h?aM the arrangeaMBt might not b? broken ap by aa order to that effect from th? Typographical Society; th? proposition baring Waa aoeoapaaied by a stipulation, that whensnr the Star Office joa-neymen priateri she ess to braak U, they ooald do so on giviag odes. Wa kMV that th# Typographical Society frad raqairad th? |snds ia U>? Star Oftaa to emaa (1 their proposed reduction of boon j i gainst at the "ill of the latter, and that ] hough disapproving the proposed change they | elt compelled to insist on it in the 8tar011oe, r, if it were declined, to five notice (as they lid.) that they would not oontinue in ItNevertheless, ao loth were wa to permit our Id hand* to leave the Star Oflce, aa that we rere anxious to accept that proposition; until, ubsequently, we received from the society a lotice demanding a literal acquiescence in the )rnpo*ed change of houri, in the shape of an jficial copy of its resolution, stating that we were "ret/fiirtM to comply' with It from toiay Not realising that any combination individuals having no connection whatever with the Star Office, have a lawful right to fix the hours of labor in it, or in any manner to interfere between ourtelf and its employees, and viewiag that notice as proof that any side arrangement between the Star Office printers and ourself, would be subject to the future dictation of those parties, we deemed it necessary to accept the notice previously given, that our hands would not hereafter work ten hours per diem, ax up to this time, for $14 per week, and V> obtain others, which we did Thus we cheerfully continue to pay, as before, the highest wekly prices paid cast of California, 40 per centum higher than the so ciety demands in Baltimore, for ten hours work per day. We may add that nowhere in the United States is a day's work in a printing offije lees than ten hours. We respectfully submit theee tacts to business raea in all positions, whether employed or employers, a* briefly embracing the grounds why. for the highest weekly wages known to the trade, we continue in these hardest times ever known to th<? printing and publishing business, to ask of the hands in the Star Office, that they will continue to work as many hours daily as are worked by the trade everywhere else for? taking the whole country through?an average vi pvi uap iVI vj poi vcuium iooo wagw. To those who have for eo many years found steady and remunerative employment in the Star Office, we refer ail who may desire information upon any such point, for evidence that no printer ever waited an hour for his weekly wages due by us; and that there is no printing office in the United States wherein the employees have been more kindly and considerately treated, or were better satisfied with their positions, than in ours. The Change ?f Car Haurs According# the new schedule for railroad time that goes into effect to-day, the hours for the departure of the cars from thris city will be, hereafter: 6.10 A. M , Now York, Philadelphia and Baltimore. 7.49 A. M., Baltimore only. 11 A. M , New York. Philadelphia and Baltimora. 3.05 P. M., Philedelphia and Baltimore. ti Ail D Vf v.* V U T?Lr 1 - J _ 1- _ - T, . ?.i>v m. . in., new xuin. x uimacifDia sua iiaiBaltimore. Affairs la Alexandria Alexandria, Nov. 16, 1861. Editor Star:?We are having a few arrivals of wood sue oysters, that pass;tbe batteries In the I night, by keeping close in on tbe Maryland bide ! of tbe river; everything Is pretty quiet In tbe military way here Just now. The seamen that have been stationed id the fort on Sbuter's Hill (Fort | Ellsworth) passed down through the city yesterday afternoon on their way to Washington, and It 1s supposed to go on board soma of the new gunboats that are being fitted out. As Beauregard will not come this way, they will go South to look for hioi, or King Cotton. The approaching election appears to have disturbed tne secession gentiemeh here very much; : one weuld suppose, from their looks, that tbey sufcs sled on acids Tbey seem dUpoaed to die hard 1 am sorry for them, but it C4nnot be helped The Mayor and Aldermen have sought relief from Itarned rounnel, but It will not avail tbem anything, though ?b?wn out considerable length In vesterdav's" Local News;" it will bard-' ly effect any one except those who may have had to pay for it. I notice that the New York Chamber of Commerce have taken action on tbe decision of Judge t'rlese in civil cases; and will urge upon the Government to give full power* In all such cases. It Is the only way in which Northern creditors will ever get a dollar from many of tbem, for it is well known here that a member of a certain house here boasted in May last that they owed thiity thousand dollar*1 worth, aud would net pay a dollar of it Those parties moved nearly all their goods lo the country, and would no doubt have taken the balance, but Uncle Sam came down rather early ote morning, when "thore was such a getting up the country as you never did see." Union. PERSONAL ?George Jordan Is not doing utu> h In Fug laud He is still followed by the ghost of tbe "Cocktail Guard " A short time since he met and had a tight with Harry Watkins, (the busband of Mr*. Charles Howard.) who twitted biin on the subject of his secession proclivities ?The "presx Theiitr/ile'" of Paris denies the rumor that Adellna Haiti will rest her voice for | a year, and assorts with an air of authority that sbr* will sing at Vienna during the next carnival, and alter that, perhaps, at Berlin. ?Father Kemp, who engineered Jthe ''Old Folk Concerts-' throughout the country so sucr evsfiilly, is In the boot and shoe business In Kxston. r i?w,u I II K SU L 1 II Further fram Psrt Rsyal?The Slave Popu iBtt# Thetr? Burning ( Csttsn? BridgeHurnirs and Scsatlug in East 'UnfMee? Army Mtrratgli Id WeiUri Virginia. We make np the following aummarr of the latest Southern r.evri from tbv Petersburg and Richmond papers of Thursday, and the Norfolk ! Diy Book of Friday THK INVASION or ?OT"TH CAROLINA. Tlu re are no tidlntrs of special interest, says the .Norfolk Day Book of Friday, from the Invader* at Po t Royal They seem to be strengthening themselves for a permanent occupation of the ialanda skirting the harbor of Port Royal, but have as yet made no advance In force towarda I the main taud. Our forces are vigorously at work establishing a line of defences across the low countrv. so as to confine the operations Of the enemy to aa narrow a compass as practicable. The headquarters of Generals Lee and Ripley are at Coostwatchle. These accomplished officers are now busily engaged In locating and building batteries at various point*, so as to protect the railroad communication between Charleston and Savannah. Troops are also rapidly concentrating to support the batteries, and our military line along the coast Is slready one of exceeding strength The Rutledge Mounted Riflemen were sent on Sunday to Beaufort, which is now quite deserted, excepting negroes This line corps Is charged with the preservation of order In the unfortunate town, and will, besides, perform scouting duty. (jeu. Robert K Les left Richmond as early as the T(h lust . for Beaufort, 8 O , and will hereafter have full command In that section. A LBTTSK Flos BKACVOBT?TH( *?GIOES. The Charleston Courier of Tuesday baa the following letter from Beaufort, written on Sunday, the loth I nst : 1 rrtAf tA Rranfnrt vMionliv T?a c* i 1 ? ?- ?? - 7?- a wv rrunai gunboats were aground near Fort Littleton, (some two miles below Beaufort,) and one wu lying at anchor a abort distance below The negroes were flocking in and out of toe tows, laden with prog Those whom I spoke to answered me with civility I am convince d that they have besn led by tbe deal re of attaining, without cost, those ardclea commonly so dear to them. A young man, whoaa perceptions of truth were not blunted bv fear, as b? turned and rode back with me, told me that the Arst boat came ashore with a white fln?. and tbe nagroea ran to tbe wharf to aee the Yankee* come up to tba town I saw negroes who had bean entrusted with saving their master's property while the Utter moved their families, faithfully executing their commiaalous?under tbe circumstances, 1 do not consider the s'-ato of things so bad What can one expect when plaatera have left rntlrely to themselves a people who have saver been accustomed to perform the smallest task without a direction' The Yankees, 1 aaapact, are only foaling their way op the streams, and will not land at say place except at tbe point where thev Intend to entrench themselves, cperhspa Colleton Neck.) where then frigatea would kind a safS roadstead. THE aiPOSTKO I1UIM OF COTTON. The Charleston Courier says: We deetu it due to lator and more accurate Info nr-ailca to correct the r*{'oits which ttr:t reached the ulty coucc-rntng tbe amonnt of cotton ope?e4|Atbe lavaden reports revived from planar* ?nd residents acquainted with the beta of the cite state that very little, If any cotton, will b* found in bale* and ilorrtnuw Some of the eropa In the field will be destroyed, and eome we know have been destroyed. TBI BLACK TLkO We have Information, Bays the Richmond Dlapatch, that the anthorltlea of South Carolina have eommanicated with the government upon the subject of hoisting the black flat;, to which alia Ion has been made, since th? attack upon the coast of that State. It Is believed that Gen. Lee haa received crdera from the War Department u-glng that th?se :ap?ured must be regarded aa prFsorera of war. wnich will be disregarded t>y the anthorltlea of Sooth Carolina, and that lhe tame course will be pursued which Uoveanor Wise adopted *? the time of the John Brown raid upon Harf er's Perrv. '-When *rc are. done with he invader" the Confederate government may have them. BKPoRT FEoM BAST TKSSBMEB-PABiBG APVg^TURK 0? A 8COCT1SG FA*TT The minors 'n ega'-d to 'he btirniflg ofbtldges en the watt r* r.f the Uolston, in l-'.ast Tennessee, ?a\s the Richmond Dispatch, have subsided into the authenticated fact tint the only ones successfully tired this side of Knoivllle are the Union Stition Brldg?, ten m'les from Bristol. and another at I.lck Cretk. further on. Some two hundred feet of the bridge first named were destroyed, and it will require but a short time to restore it sufficiently for the running of trains There are report* of the burning of two'bridgea on the Georgia and Tennessee Railroad, and some farts hive been communicated to us relative t? an attempt to bnm the Long Bridge at Strawberry I*lain, near Knoxville. The man whowesstatloned there tognard It saw fifteen men approach, aiul used his pistol and double-barrel shot gun with such eflV-ct as to k?ep them at bny until ats stance arrived; but he wn? verv badly wounded h'mself. Two or three ar;ests hav? oeen made of suspected parties in the neighborhood We have received the particulars of tne skirmish near Carter's Stition, last Suudav night. I n /????/?/, nonna a# nrltnfji 4 ntel MrrOnTa uoH at Bristol of the doing* of the I'nlon men in r.sst Tennessee. Captain .Miller picked tip a party of twenty-two young men, accompanied by Mr. .1 R Howard a? a volunteer, and started from Bristol by the railroad on Sunday evening at 6 o'clock. Thev sent lanterns ahead of the train, and found the track torn up between Wautauga and the Union Station bridge, but the damage was soon repaired, and they pasaed over safely Arriving at Carter'* station, thev stopped and threw out pickets, and about midnight tbe little conting party under Captain Miller started to explore the cotin'ry. They had proceeded some three and a haif miles through Carter county. Tennessee, when they were met by a pretty heavy fire from rlfies and shot guns, which was promptly returned, *rd the ?kirmish was kept Up with spirit for half an hour. The Lincoliiites were some three hundred strong, and constituted the advance of a body of eight hundred, stationed in Klizabethtown, the mountain stronghold of the traitors. We may state here that these men (as has been since ascertained from prisoners) expected a reinforcement of 500 men from Wautauga county, North Carolina, a disaffected region adjoining Johnson county, Tennt.ssee In the fight the enemy were driven out of the woods, nine killed and five taken prisoners The remainder retreated, and ou- scouts returned towards their camp Captain Miller received a charge of buckshot through his coat, and tvttkof his men were slightly wouudrdin the feet The prisoners were takeu to the cavalry camp at Carter's Statioii. TASSBD THROUGH. Col. Stoval's battalion, numbering'about six hundred men, passed through Lynchburg on Tuesday, from Richmond, to engage in an important work In Kast Tennessee THE ENEMY ADVANCING TOWARDS SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA. We have reliable intelligence, in a letter of recent date from a citizen of Southwestern Virginia, that tbe enemy has advanced with nine regiments upon Prestonburg, Floyd county, Ky., and that Col. John S. Williams, the commander of the small Confederate force at that place, has retreated, probably to Pound Gap, on tne boundary of Wise county, Va. 1'restonburg Is only 130 miles from Abingdon, and the design is ap parently to get powsssion of the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad Col XV illiams had neither the number* nor the arm? to cope with a superior force, and his retreat was consequently a prudential movement.?Richmond Dispatch. S~ TOLEN "BOR8K ANDUUGG Y^Taken from the strict in front ol the 1 reasury l)e- r\ partmeut.? n Saturday rvening, at about 7 V.n o'olock, a dark sorrtl t obtail Horse, ami a*?*? H-ij, Bncg? with a ehauo top, neatly Lew. The horse is a t'ojd traveller, a la-?e neck, a out Id hands high, end ?ie>ia lit.le sprang The harness is piett* wed worr, had a piattd top saddle, and new hand-p;eoe? to the rein*. Whoever wili re U'n said I one and burey to Miller's stable*, corner Sixth and C atreets, \V astiington oitv, shall be auital !y rewarded. nuv 18 3t K<>. 5UK8TON C; *n RKWARD.?Lost, on Satan ay last, a large iilack N-Jwf >rndian<1 D"?i.c? ajtwars to the name ot "Major " Tne?^ above roward wiii be paid lor h.s rotur< ?* to runmNo 11, Washington BuidlLge, P?. ave , nf ar Brown'* Hotel. no 11 ?? J. BLACK BL'RN. LOST MULF.?Strijed from the omnibus stable of Wiliaida' Hotel, on Sunday niorn-*^^ iig.a una I iight-ooiored MU1.K, with letter D. on right shoulder. lias Jong tail and mane A reward oi ?20 wi.l he given^^^JCL for her return to no 18 2* (Rep) SVKE3.CHADW1 K A CO k>0(k JOHNSON Sc. NaGLE, QUQ *Oi/ No. HkNNSTLVASIA AV1SUI. ?t(jJ Between Ninth and Tenth sts . south side, offer for ?alk: CHAMPAGNES?G. H Murnm, Piper Heideick, Moet !t Chandon. Bullinger 4 Co, Cartier 4 Co , ^c, _ CLAREiS?St. Juhen, St. Eslepho, Cantenao, Ac , by the cask or <i< x*n HOCK \V INES?Deidesiieimer, John r.neeberger, Liebiraueniriiioh, Rudesheimer, Ac. BRANDY. Wusky, Gin. Port, Sherry, Madeira, in wood or gUss. LONDON POUTER, Brown Stout. Edinburgh and Yorkshire Ales, of the best brands, in bottles or stone jugs ClOAR^?Havana and Doruesuo, of the ohoioCEt brands. W e oail the speoia! a' tention of Sutler n. Restaurants and F?niuie* to our large and well-*eleoted STOCK OK FINE GROCERIES, Fresh Meat, Poultry, Fish, Soaps, Vegetables and Fruits in hermetically s< a'ed cans. PRESEK VES, Jellies, Ao , A niondu, Nuts, Raisins ard t-igs. CHEESE,(Easternand Western Cutting); Ham, best Goshan Butter,the b> st Champagne rider. WORCFSTEBSHIKE and Oyster Sauoe. Pickles oi every ae?oription, Pepper r?auoe aua tomato Cat:.up, t>? tho gv no or doieti All if which we offsr at the| loweat poaatbie prioea and on reaaonable terms, no 2 JOHNSON A NAQLK. LMiR 8ALK-l?>,noo(eet6 4 and 8-i W. PINK, a good,just brought on by cars. JOSEPH LIIIBEY, no 15 8t* Georgetown. QUARTERM A8TEK 0 ENE R A L' S~OF^ FICK. Washington. November 13. lfAl. Proposals are luvitou fur Unildmg two Hospitals?one on Judioiarv Square. Washington. the otnrr upon the farm known a? the estate of Win. J. Sto:ie, on Fourteenth street and B jundary street, District of Columbia. Proposals should state the time within whioh the bmldinga will be completed and ready for use, at,a the on?t, including all mnteriaia and work, and should beaoooinpamed by the usual guarantee that tae bidder will execute the eontraut if awarded to him Proposal* will beopoued at the offioe of the Quartermaster General, <m the Stth November instant, at noon They ahould be scaled, and plainly endorte^) "Propota a tor Hospitals " and addressed to the Quarterm*ater General of the United S a*es. Plan* and apecihoatiora oan be seen at the olfice of the Quarterinaater General. M C. M FIGS, no M Quarter,meter General. T7r8E8, HHR8KS*. HOxftfeS. of every description, for sale constantly. Louiai cv ana ave. ue, between 9tn and 'nth streets. nesr the Market. _ uo^l2aw2w * ^^ ^ We would rksrkctpullyInform our former patrona, and citizens generally, that we have row ie ? ved our full supply of PA L.l and WIN rfcll And art* prec\red to furtush them at an early uOtio- and id th? l>e*t and innst approved styles. HIN I ON ft TEEL. 00I6 lm Meroh^nt Tai'ors. Mo. Kin Ha av. SDK. LOCKWO-D ~~ ETS TEETH on KuMer, and perform# al! DENTAL OPERATIONS, in the Wa?h _ ? _ mgto- liuildins, comer of Seventh ?t Pa avenae. Chloroform uvea, if deeir'-d.H<''t" All kinds of Teeth for sale. no 6-/aw 1 m* T~ HOMPSON'W MEDICINES, LIKE HRESf KVKK AND OORDIAL For sale, wholesale and retai , b1 8. O FORD, Druggist. ro 1-1 m Corner Eleventh st. tnd Pa awnne. Buffalo ROBES VVK SAL W. Whaiesaio ?uu Retail, at EM1LE DUfREfl, jicSMtt Sao Pn. avenue. JP CARTER A TO. M ?t? Pa. av*. Waikington. Producs Dxalhs ahd Commission Merchants Merohandisc and Produce received on or.tignment and storat?. no 1? eoim* JUST RECEIVED? Son Bbls. Ex ra Family Floor, l'to Hb!?. Super Fiour. 2?t Sacks New Bnokwhaat, MBbla ho i Batter. For sale low by J. P CARTER A CO.. no U-Of 2w* 2d street. Pa ave. nrs* FESTIVA L-Th- Ladies Mite gooT^ty o -Y*5, Rylaud Chapel, will oontinue their Feeti val dnnnc the praaent weak, at Potomac Hall oorner of Maryland avenae and 11th street, luai d An exoellent supper will be served up eaoh ev*n ing, lor 57 oeuta. lo 18 R pAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S STABLE V> on Satardtv nlgM, a bay HORSE, cv with saddle and bridle. The owner n?w*lrn have aim by provinx property aud payitiK^C2\ oharges B 8.K1N8EY. Agent, _uov H ?' street, near Maryland av. FSRSJ^WISBSJPS. JL?5!T;? / ^ . Y"C" MASONIC.?A atated mntim of Potom*? ' " Lcxige, Nj. 4- Gejrit-town, will be held THI* (M .c;!??) bVKM.<e, At 6* oVIook. Brethren in K'od kUiiRi! f are oo:diAl!y innted to I attend. I>* AL ADLKR. fro. VT5??TBE KE8ULAK M'NTHLY MEET),j to* of the Meu'a Cl'irattva A*tociation. will be hHd i?t their rooma oppoaite Mrt.waa' Hotel, Til'- (MonUyt EV?*N;NG,at -Xo'olro* BAHl'bL MoGLAEK, Jr, ay 19 1 Keo. yeo V^-SAINT ANDHKW9 SOCILTY. D. CJsJf TMi^oictf *-.i m ?tat rodipe-anoe Hilt on MONDAY EVrN'iNG, 18tn cnatant, at 7 o'clock for tha e'eoti<>n of olficera, and ntb?*r buaineaa Moir bers in arrears are re?ju*?ted to be ?re-entto aettle thfir quarterly Account*. ?o a* to enable the So j!et* to i Arry On i'a benevo.ent labors. B r order of the *- rea den; i no ?5 3t_ ^JNt>. ? EfcKIE, g C. ?ro tern. Ys=-PUi?L:C St HOOLJi.-Tlio Trn-teea oj .be tkJJ Foarth School Diatrictaive notice Uiit tot the benefit of appreotioea and othera, * Night School wiil be ct reri in the aiblio ecbool houae on the oor:ior f yiitJ: ftr>?t, h*/we6n D and E sts , la'ar.v, on MONDAY EVENING, Not lfth, and continue di.rin* the wintrr montha. Tiokots of admission win be jiven fr*e of charge on piioation to the Trnetee? of the Diatrict. nol'St Y?*OFFICE t.F JOINT COMMISSION OF JJ? UNITED STATES AND NEW GRANADA. Wasmisotow. Noy. 1?. iPfli ?At the mec? the U"?rd oi Commiseionor*, l.e'd tbia day. It waa Ordf-t.4, Th%t on the Stst Monday In I>o?emt>?r next tr e cailine of the ealei dar wi!i Le cotr rrtc ced 11 ita or'er, ar-tl ca^ea u wiuoh ti e oonn*e' for the oiaim?nt* are not prepared a ill be planed at the loot of the calendar, unlet** fbr food ana s*ti?f*etory reasons t!;e Board ?h*Ii ?>her?-Ue o dar. CHARLES VY. DAVISI no T5 3t. r*e:-retary to Comn-.iaaior. rr?!.^ CREAM AND WATER ICES, of K;f the t,est?uairty. at S7X ?or quart. Hotels and boarding houses furm-hed at low rates. A large a'so*ttn*T>t of fine Caitoj kept on hard at the I'kiladtlpltia Confectionery, corner Twe!fth.ard F te. no 1 Iin* ree-TRK UNION PRAYER MEETING JjS will be holden EVERY DAY this week in the Emlish Lutheran Church, oornerof H and Uth sts., commencing at ha!f-pa?t 4 o'olook p. m , to be continued one h6'ir ok!t. oo 7 3m COMPANY "A," U. S. ENGINEERS.1 < Fifty intelligent and able bodied men wilT be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum fixeo by law?150 men. Inquire at No. 8 street Pay from $13 to 834 per month, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf private. r? n i v a t e.

p n i v a t b. UOXOKRH(EA CURED /'vUMAXKNTL '( IN Tuhkk DATS ! And no internal mmiiciu?*s uard?no interference with* I u pain?no dieting medicine*? xlorles*, And wi 1 not stain. GLEET AND STRICTURES baiiuaea uuder thi^ treatment. I AD' ES With WHITE??that death to Youth and Beauty? ne*d be t<oubleil no longer. SVPIIILLIS Iu a 1 it* fo-ins. whether recent or of'on* etandinp, cured, and ever* veet'ee of disease re moved from the system. Our chargesehaU be the most reasonable and satisfactory t a]1 part es. Con*u tations iro? at all time*. Medicines put tip wrh fuli directions for us?. an ! S'Vd to sutlers, travelers, A .,at>"W rates M-d'eine furnished whish is a certain preventive to any *nd sit Venerial Dicaes D n't he afraid of high prie?s. Come and see us. No oh?rge for investigations M. LA BONTA, Piaot t!cn??, ICT Office Wa*hinrtrn Bui dines, o->rn r Pa. eve., ana 7ch street. Washington D. C . Ro m ?o. 8. no 18-3m Vy> NIGHT SCHOOf.-The Trustees of f rst L-f So ho I District 'giro rotice that a Nig't School win he opened in tho ^o> ool House corner of G and Fourteenth sts, on Tuesoay evening. November lath. and continue during the wir.ter mouths. ' lokois of admission will be furnished frte cf char ft, upon npjlicatioa to either of the Trustees of the District. n? v 18 3t BUTTER HOUSE, 3TABLISMED for the sale f New York, Penniylva-.ia and Western BUTTER. We are now in receipt of [rime Dairies Gcsiien. Gades, Ao., whioh are offered at whole*e>? *s low as can tie pu o: a?ed in otner cities. No 4o0 Eighth st, rear Pa avenue. no6 2w* D. E. DUTROW. I (UWl SOAP AND CANDLLS for Ii>Uj1HIW sale oheap tor ca*h. Also, wanted?MD,i?0 lr?s. Army Create and Rough Tallow, for whioh the hjgnest prioe will be paid, at th< National Soap and Cauttle Works, oor. }i r?*l> ml LM.l o, l? O no 7 Ii.i (\ M j*E'A E?.L. Pr<?sn?*tr>r. ORANOK COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It ia hi;h!y rwjumineiideJ by Physioiana, Snip Maateraanil liavelers. lusnre-a p r-artiole for any l?ng'.h of time Never b -.oomoa cheesy, an>l icuarautied o keep in anj oumate. 07" For sale at facto y mies, KING k BUPCHELL, oo22 Corn?'' ISMi ?r ai d V?'m nt a*. I~? WORSTED GOODS. Extensive Aasortm^ntof lsh??'and chiiorm a Ho da. Son'ars Ci>a'? ioak*, S o?vr?, Hosiery, Gloves, <kc. Ac. Alio, a la invoice of Neautiful WorttJd Embroidered Slippers. L nip Staniia. ftn., will be sold o:eap and at oue price at No :i0 Market Space. no li-3w* fCHLAlf'H ? CO. SJOHN W. CLARKE. L'RGICAL AND MECHANICAL PKNTI8T, 3t>4 Sev*ntk at., biti***n I and K I one experience, m?o eiate ^harces. arid prompt attention. reooimneud him to thosa requiring his aervl.y* no 11-fw* T~f COUGH?COUGff-COUGH ' J8K MOORE'S vnuil.L DROPS, They will oum Coughs, Mronohitii", r*n,up, jfco. Children ery after th?*in ?r,d eat th? m as they do oaodr. Ocly try them, and vm will beoonvinoed of their eifioacy Prioe as and & cents per box At MOORE'S West End Great Medioice Depot, 113 Pa.av. no 5-2w T CAKES-CAKES! O 8UT L KKS AND i KADER S.??injer Bread packad in barrels or boxes wit*: care and digpstcti by J. FIR l'H, the ocly regular Cake Mafc?-r 10 tho bakery line. Caah inu?t aooomp&r.y all orders. JOSEPH FIRTH. No. 135 A roh street, no 14 2w Philadelphia. Pa. RED, WHITE. AND IILl'E, and Grey Mixed Fi aNnELS. twilled and plaiu, for "Army eai." Army and Navr Bine Cloths and CaaMmeres at oar iow and unif >rm prioen. PKRKVi HRO, Pa. avenu* miu Nintu *t., noU St "Kerry B"lldinn." INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, P A PF.R H A NGING8 ai'. Grades and pno.>? ' Gilt Hand, BufT. Gre?n, anU Bluo Hollaed Window Shades all aixee, m^de to order. A beautiful variety of Oval Pi fre P;amoi, from the best manufactory in the oountrr. Pa?se Partouts. Picture Cord and Tassels, different sizes and colors. Picture Rings, Nat a, Ac Chesp for oash OTd?rs for Paperhanginjts or Window Shades punctually e?ecnted, and no misrepresentation made to effeot galas. A call aolioited. J NO. MAKKKITFK . No 486 Seventh stre-t 8 doorsa^ove no 2-7teoif* Odd Fellowi.' Hall. COMFORT. COMFORTS, COMFVRT8-'I he subscribers have in st re 2,00 Single and Double Had Comfort*, at low fi<u es. no 16 Iw J AS. C. MaGU'RK k CO A ATTENTION >UT KK8! R MY G i OVE? ! ARMY BLOVK8HARMY GLOV " K!!!?Just opened and for *a e, a 1 varieties of Buckskin and Sheepskin G ovo- a'd Gauntlets, by f. u. Hastings a co., no 16-tf ty.1 D St., Philharmonic Building. NIiewmillineryT OW Opening a oh >io- r tr?'t rf Fall and Winter BONNETS, oompnsin, the newest^stft nnd most desirattl* ?t?l of tlie season. xt^K^J HUTCHINSON A MI NRO'S Fanoy .-tore.5^ 310 Penn. avenue between 9th aul 1< 'h streets, where the ladies will find Mi^sThomp'on prepared to execute promptly all orders intrusted to her. no '6 6t avtallower'h produce store. If 4Ail kitht >tr**t Hota's, Boardiuc Houses. Restaurants, Sutler'a, ai.d private famii'-s. wi i ne supplied at lowest raeli prices, with Fresh Butter in one sound pries, sr.d roll, Apples, poultr*, Erics. Dried Fruit, Uuokwheat, M al. Potatoes, Onions, oata.&c.fco 1 J. WALLOWKR, JR., no 16 ?w* A. REEL. Agt. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, iis pvmnrtlvihli a vwkftb Between 19?A and 2"'k sis I Tb? underxsued, havir? located him?elf M &b ?, take* this meth -d of irfoi mini the oit.xenn of the First Ward that h* na? opened & fi'st o ass Provision Store, coTiuuted similar to thoae for whioh Philadelphia is famous . H*re oau be loan at *.1 times % large and fre?h foipply of ? OU- TRY, GAME EEP, MUT ro.\. *0. FKU1 r8and VEGETABLES in beaton. l'artioula* attsnton is relied to his stock and prices of BIJTTEK, CHEESE. Ac. Pnilaielphia Print utter 25 oent? Goshen ana Western R serve 16 and ?o oentc B-ing daterinined to rive the strictest attention to the wsnts of his customers, and to keep every artiole in his line of the b*s' qua it-, and sell atth? lowest market prioes, he hopes to merit a ihars ol publio pa'ronaga F* nui ,(*s will be waited upon daily for orders, U required. noM TIHiMAH R WILSON. C fin DOZEN SIIU ARKI Y BOCK 8. Ch'&p for Cash, at 8*9 Pennsylvania av? no 15^t* Opposite Wlllardu'. TO BUTLERS?For a& e.i WAGON, pair a 1 H"R9E8. HAKNESS. TENT, aidci , eve'7 thing bel"-ging to a sn'ier's outfit T .f t Apfi y at R. ORUIT'o stable, at the Bridge, fieogte own bo 1> ft* ! yy AGONS?WAGON*-WAGON8! I ha vs now on band a lot of vary strong-bail mw Wagons, whioh will be sold eheap. ROB'T H GRAHAM, Collimator, Eighto at. 1 ID" R "pairing of all kinds prumi<ly attended to liQ u at* TAKEN uP?Ob tbe 1 th instate, a ?maJl sorrel HORSE, very po,.r The owner is l quested to some I or ward, prove propeityAJBB r pay charges,and t&V-him awa>. .... THEODORE WARNER, - aol*-9t* ?^o.?S Bridge st. Georgetown, AMUSEMENTS. # Ml AND VOCAL \ND IN9TRUMKNTAL L* C '? N C F R T ! Ucd'r the <Veo?lon and ma^tfeiatEt of PROF. GKO W. WAi-TKR. of B?ltimor?. P'aniet, Fi>R THE POOR, Under the auapioe* of the pootetia* of St Vinoent de ?? !, at the . f MITH80XIA** IlMT!TVTIOH. OH MONDAY EVENING. N?rtmb?r 1*A,1*1. PRO O R A M M E. PUT I. 1. Full Oreheeter. ? 2. Chorus?fJloria in Kxae'eia?13th Mm* Moiart 3. T io? (ncretia Ror?ia?_ ?.. Don'ietti 4 Solo-Pr-1 Hecoa'ia ...Mowbi 5. Wo jml Cbo-aa?O Cor Aniori' LinW letti 6. Soirpra* oSoi aveo vi.i'la ob i*?to? i)er Hiinnid hibiace Thraco grwemt Knohen TABT II 1. Anvil Choroe. from Tro?at3ra_^. . Verdi 2 r'oio and Chcro*?baadate Valuer s g"lo?v# M?'Ty Hi d Lambert 4. So o?Fantaaie B\l'et? Vio! n and Piano. 5 l?<.p ano Solo?Ce ebralad shad >w S?n*. from thj Opera of La Pardon de Pio erxtl Weyerbaer i>. O I one de Qu<-at A urea. Linda. DoiiiactU ? Dull Xho riftco a?ed at the oouoert haabMo |tfiercaa!y t^ier"1 by M'. Eilia. 'ftoketa Fifty C^nta Doora open at 7, oonoe-t to otmimeaoe at o'oiock f reoiaely. no:? 21 /CANTERBURY HALL. < Wraa?iJWToi? AaV/ ?KNBLT ROOM*.) Luni'-iarK avena*. ii"*- <w<"-er of Sixth ate., In the rvar of th? Nvion^l and Hro ?a'i Hfian. . OPSN ETBUY NIGHT Kntirs ('h*xg? or t'locliaxt! With the First Tr lent 11 America. ? RANK RROVRR f FRANK BKltWRR! The ohief impe-so ator of th? Happy Ptrkey for the past fifteen years The oruioator of the atria rf dt> (neation known aa t^e Philadelphia N utr, W ho baa not geen him? W ho doe# not remember him in 0'>nn?M)tion with the KaM? Lichta Jem Sanfjrd. Eph Horn. Luke Weat. and othera? hia own came standing fir <t in popn'ar ea'imatlon r To aae Franlt B-owar, la to aee the aotaal nataral eooentrioitiaa < f the N u., and dot to hear atale criticism and ccuundrumi of the wAtie tna* blac**d To-neht I)\MON AND PYTHIAS' HE WOULD BE * R.RiGNOLI! H AIRMAN ! FRA^K BROWERai the Caotertflrf. DICK PARKER (Fannr Diakiat the Canterbury. HARRY FOX at the Canterbury. WILLIAM HARK ISO N .w (jo makea a q^nc about ?oh a-d sing* it to your face, a? the Canterbury. Mis* Jcli* Hri>eON t'e beautiful ?ongatre>s: Vile Frank ua Felle, Mi*? Emma Mist. Miasea Willis, Vet no , Pa k?r, C.iftoo.and ca-r eroos othe^a, at n e Oanterba y. Ai Mt?*:o*?rar<uet,V5oente: Parterre 16 cent* Dome opeu at 7; c'm)n?f>o? at7H o'ol?ok. ni* tf ODD FELLOWS' HALL: , ?FV*KT1. AsoraDST. IMMENSE SUCCESS of the G FT?9'FT?SIFT CONCERTS'?CONCEKTS?CONCERTS ' br the COfBK! rjl|V?TRHR so PRESFVT&brrEV AWAY: EVERY NIGHT ( EVERY N 6HT! CKante r/ Programme Stghtly ' Look out for HE CANT-D GE"T A TATER ' WEDNESDAY F.VE%ING. No* BE^EFITOFCHAKLKS DUPONT! Wedneaday Kvetiug, N? t 25'h, New Attractioaa. D< o-s'<per at 7: o<>mm-ncing at 8 o'olock. Admitaion 36 cent?. no 18-4t RATIONAL CIRCUS:. Tom King Lessee aad Manager C. s-cott Associate Manager THIRD WEEK of 'he Ppccas^rri. Season. First Appearance ol the Great ELLA ZOYARA, TOM KING, And ai. the ?Ura. Ladies and family pa-tie* will pleaee not forcetthe ?M*TiytE? ^ ?. A<mrtm mr vn MUIVVAl, W t.UPl noL/A i on I \J KKMSO. a . SPECIAL NOTICE. The Rati El. LA ZOYARA. who created such & furore in the United Statas alter her de^ut at NiUo's Garden*. ia encaged but for a limited nan^er of night* Fur ties, therefore, | had b tter secure plaoes in advanae. . novll yy A H U 1 N G T O N TH EATER. MONDAY* November'nh, and Ever? Evening of th* Week, THE GREAT ? R E-TID'GITATEI'H, HERRMANN. Assisted by a GRAND OKOHKSTRA. The <"aniger respec to I * ca! a th? a ttention of the publio to ih appearance 1 Washington of MONSIEUR HKKBM^NN, who 11 univers?lly ecognixed a* the grea'est hvmg PHE8TID1GITATFUR. aid whose performances at the principal opera haute- m huropf> have been renounoed the most wonderful in their peon! ar line. Tt ? performances of HER K MA'VN areentirely original and novel, the distinguishing feature IKK ABSENCE OK ANY APPARATUS, All the effeots b-ing so ely produoe^ by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. The pr- g-aT ine will oompr ? TWELVE *!EOE8. IN TWO PARTS, including the celebrated DOUBLE V V K. By Mr. HERRMANN and his brother ALEXANDER. During the intervals of Hermann's Programme, A GRAMD CONCERT BY THE FULL ORCHESTRA. Private hoxeg ?W; oronesW ohaira 9' JO; d'e*s oircle 91; parterre 9U parquet Mounts. uov 18 Remember the hero of sumtew iThe . embers of AIxDERBON CLUB take era p'eesnr? in announcing to th*ir Jn f ierds and the pub'iu generally th't they wiH^B giv thetr fjj-t t and COTIL.I.ON PAHTYmS a Franklin Hall,oorn*r *th an<t Data., on MO">I>A^', Nov. '9th A ?ood ooti Ion bani has been eigar-d fo* the ooo?a:on. Tickets 50 oents, admitti'-e agentl inan a- r* a<Jie?. Floor Mnnanert?H. Seaside, P. Xelly, J. Brashear* no lS-3t* Miss Charlotta Pattl. ThePuMio are r~speo'fuily informed that MISSTHALOTTA PATTI, th? oeieb-atel C ntratnoe, whoee great Buoeaea in tt ? Academies of Mueic in New York. Phi'adei Ma. and Kixton nat n aed her in the front rank of !?viag Concert *in?er?, will make ' ?r FIHST APPEAR AfiiCE in Washinr'on at ?he Imildmr formerly known aa THK TKtTH ?T*EKT BAPTIST HC1CH, Bttwn F. aw I F sti.. ieitkm one square of P-i. ?<' Oa TL'EsDAV EVENING, November 19th, GRAKD np7*Ir CONCERT. Mi?a PA ITI w:lT be a?eu'*d o?. ttn? oooasion by M'me AMKI.l \ 9 RAKOSCH, SIG OKNTiMKRI. The Kaiijon" Baritone. HKNRV SANDvRSON, The Young American Pianiat. Director and Oonduotor?? Cakl Adraitaion One Dollar; Kenerved Seata St* oecf? extra. Seats tan V aejured, oommeroir<c on ?-'aturd\r. 9 a in , at the Mnaio Store of V r. Metierott D -or* open as. ; performance to oom.uenoe at 8 no l?tl C'RAND ASSEMBLY f ?f tne g% good willct re. Si At FRANK' iy VAIL, rot it kiwi D tt $.rti TH \NK-GIVING K VK, (\\ <? ne-cay, Nu-wiB vfmber tl > Tioketa SO ttinj a gentl'man a d larp* Byo'l-r of t' e ? om,nitt'?e. no 13* VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT FuK THE POOR. The Sooietiea of St. Vinoent de Fan' of thia city re-peotfuily annuunoe that their annual Cosoert foi the P?? r v It be jtiv- n at the Smitheonian InatifutiononMONDAY kVEM^G, Nov II: aud bav ii. aeoured th? b?at amateur moaieal talent of th? Diatiiotand ba.tunore, they will preaect to theii patron* the rioHeat an I moat varied programme ever off?r*d to a Washington aadienoe. Proie??or Gboksb W. Wallii, of Ba lroor* will be the Conductor, and, wi-b other ortaniati of thia ony, wi 1 preside at the Piano Macame Cscilia. \ ohm. ol this city, anc Mrs Ccrl>4. of Baltimore, have kindly voluateerwi their ?fervioea for the ooeaeio". IU~ Tickets an oenta, to be h*?l at the |M|a Musio and Book stores, and at the door on th< evening of the oonoert. no IS (! T| H HIKO BRAND COT1J.LON PARTY of th< 181 AND ROC'AL CLUB will take a* piao* at (ravelin Hall, oorner of Ninth JH and D ate ,ou TUESDAY NIGHT. Novem /A i ber 19th UB The Committee Terr reeprotfklly eoiioit the pa tror&ce heretofore extended to them by their man: friend*. Tioketa fifty oenta, adm tting a gentleman an ladies. Committ?. John Rain?y. John Flamming, George Donohue, John Crook. no li-Tt* | J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHXO PLASTIC BONK 1 TEETH, Without Mitu Pun om Claim. DR. B. B BIG ESMOND, 010 Broadwai, Nru> Vorh?*60 Ptu*ryl*mmi* A? *?w. I*tv4m lt?A and I St* tit, Woja i a* torn. Call the attMrion of the public to the loliowta advantage* of hi* ima'ovad lyatoin : i. The Teeth of hie manufaotare wiImBK| never eorode nor ehang* ooioc by aay^?L" acida. being three fouith* lighter than an* other, < 2. No teeth or r oU Bead be extraaW, ai th artificial one* oan be iraerted over thaia. 3 The root* will be made lnoffenaiv*. and nevt 1 to ache 4. No tomporarv tooth are needed, ai perm an m . one* naa tx? made immediately, thereoj pneerrin the nataral expresaion of the faoe. whioh and< theoldeyiiom la fr *?evtl* di*?ga"d country. Dr.rfhaaaleo invented a white aadeetraetii metal fi l'nj with whim the r?o t aenuttve teet > through lifetime. I The oeat of re'ereeee* jnw-|# Dr . Mott: D ' IX^JKSRfSSSfeKag ton, aad thoaaaada of otWa., Call and examine for yoaraalf, ao Im ?= I AUCTION 8ALKS. > Br OKRKN ft Wll LI AM4. A a*t>*arara7~ CALK Of HOUSKHOT D FT* MT?R *. AT ^ Acctiow-Cb TUF^OAV MORNING, u* 19th irataat. W# ?kal a>II. ?t oar ??cUo* rcvwa. % e*>aair ara*i>t of Parana re. Ac ?: St Cott*f* Badatrad* doable aod stag]*, C Walmt J?nnr I irwJ Matli, 8" <*oal l? an<l untie M atlr' >i p\ua lOUsd 114 B!*a?eta, Can* and W ot>d aea? Cnaira. Aai mary ot'ior artiota*. which w daam aaaa a aary to aaomerate iT^T?"u * GRKKW A WILLIAM*. Aaa>? I By J.C. McGLIRF. A CO.. A act oiaa, HAMWMK FrRNITlRK AND HOUM Hoi.d Errirri at Pcanr 8n.?.-Oi ral. PAY MOKMNO. N??au? l?H. at t?o *!<*?. at the iar<? reftdmea. corner of l? h *ad I atreau, we ??:: eel' a fcaudaome aaaoibaent of Boa?aho>d KlTact*. eo?jMttn?? ?n?erior Koi?r>' d Kiaaa Porta, dtoolAad C*jy+i, Ararat it?a of Roeewood Crimaoa rlaah ear aratf Tarlor Par?-itar?, Saite of Koaevcod cnmaoa Bro alalia oorarad Par.or Furn tare, ' I'ahoista fd anJ Ruah aeat ^ancr Chair*. Ma bi* top Centra. J*ofa, ard Bouquet Tabtaa, Ro ewood Mneto J*tanda, Wriiiaf Cabinet*. a?4 k Work Maod?. Tear fci'c&n Frar.oh p.ate Mirrora, with Plate i acd Gilt Tab ea. ^ ? . . I Han a >ua Gilt Cornioa, Brack eta, and CanAaka I braa. I Ye*r*t. Buff a,and othr Carpeta. Rata. I UjiU {ft Klejtaait Rcaawo<Mt_Cl<aa lia?_f araUara. | nita <* ji?n aome uarveo ( MiMr r crnirur*. 8ay*nT W*'??t and M?h0jn? Wararobea, Preaainc ^??>r*auB, and Wa*h*taDdr. ExoAllrnt CnrlMt ' MaUreee**. Boi?tnra, and Fillevi, ? ^ Heavy kng.iah Bianbeta. Copfortn, Beautiful ? 'rT*i*i out and 6j*nn, Ricn Gilt Bouquet let Ire. \ .Hi*- , ? ... Together with mn; other artio*o? of Honnaketd Fnrsitvre iot n* oeeea** u> pbu "uejr?ta. Ai two o'okok in front of th? Ho??*. A M:r of large H*? HorM, 8*t of Silver pnt?-<1 Hiimoas. Robee, Bacd onf Om Faml'* Carnage. Term* oaah it earrrnt find-. DO 12 d J. c. MoOL fRK * CO., Ann*. U^TH" AdOVE SALE 18 POSTPONED in oo-a-*n?EO? of the rain until TUESDAY MORNING, Nov l.?tb. utf hou-. nOr M> d J I. McOUIRE A CO., AaoU. \I ARSHA,!.'# SAI.E ? In virtue of t writ of i?l fieri faoiaa i*an?d from the 1 lerk'a Vtko* of the Circs!t Court of t' ? Diatriot of Columbia for the oounty cf Waahirgton and to me directed. I wi I eipoee to public ave foraaah. in f-"Bt of the Coart Houee door of aaid conn'y on FWIDAY, the Mb da* of Df cmn^er next. 1861 at tfo'olock au, th- following froper'*, to wit: A.J defendant'* rich', title. o)*im ann interest in and to LaA no. *?, in Square No 8 1 in the city of Waabtncton. I? C.. together w th i and aingu'ar the imirm meet* thereon, -ei'd and levied upon a? the propertr of J&me* U. Coombe. nod wll be aold to an left Judi. tali N<> 9* lj January term. 18^, <n t?rw John K Kerdnll. W SELPPN. n ?14-t? I ?t? I), fr. Marehal D C. TR J C. VoGt'IRK A OOu Aurtioceera JTEEV ^A^K OF FURNITURE AND HofjiKoLli Er??CTa ?On TUESDAY M?'RN1N*?, Novfnr>er JWh, at IP o'clock, at No. 4 Kom and a hall ?treet. between C atreet aqd Indiana avenne, by virtue of a deed of traatduj* i exeouted and reootd'd U) liber J A. 8 . No m. foiici 61 et aeq , one of the 'and raonrda tor waahinf ton coast*. I afcall eell a lot of Fnraitnre and Hoi-aeto <1 Effects. oomprlaing? Walnnt Hur OloUi covered Pofaa, K'jueree, B ooatelie covered *ran and Ea*y Chaira, Maliogtny Farlor Chair*. Ro kera. Marble ton. Centre, and folk Tablee, Velvet and Bmaaela Ca-j eta, < 'ilcloth, Cane and Wood eeat Chaira. Loung ee. Rrooatel.e and Damaak Curtair*. W indew Sl.adea. Gilt frame Ma> tei Mirror, Oil Paintings, Walnnt Pining Tabiea, Pining Chaira, Hat Kaei, Hall Chair*. Oilcloth, China,Gla*e. and ?'rockery Ware, Walnnt, R?>eewood, Mahogany, aad Paiatad Furr itnre, Keda, Mattreee- e. and B'dding. Radiator and other Store/, Kitchen l'ten*ila, Aa Term* o&an. LEWIS CI.PPHANB.Trnataa. no U d J. C. MoGUIRE A CO . A?oto By MARSHALL A *AGK. AuctioneoiB. ?oa 7r* vnief Odd Ft Unci' MtUL Jt'BT RECEIVED? aoo fi-h Herkimer o<ucty Ofceeae, 100 keg and firkin* prime Hotter, 1" hba? Eb?u>ii W acd Moiaaaea. 20 U'ro*? fine Sugar Cured Hams, 500 b"XM Scotch H?rnag, l? oh-st* Oo'osg Tea, rm i mrni Figs. loo whole boxes R ist* a, jnoiil ter M " 100 boxen prime Valenoia Rt hm, 30 >>ag? Sicl!* Almonds, 9w" fine English Watoats, 100 oun imported Brandy Cberriea, l'O " superior Brandy PMohM< 5n boxes Fianea. ? ? " Alto, & large ana oomplete assortment of ail kind* of Me^ta in eea.ed cans. Also, jar an-1 tarral Pioklaa. MARSHA oL * PAGE, An ta. ioa Seven'h ?treet. aod?r do 15 3i i let.) Odd Fcllowa' Ha . T HIS 'S TO GIVK NOTICE. That the mb' soriber hath obraiivd Iron <he Orphan Conrtof \N a-i inrton County, in the Dittrtat t) Columbia, letters tecamen'arj on the aaraoaaJ ee Ute cf Ate Nash, aU of Waali nrton ooaaty, df-ceaeei All persons havmi claims ageiest the aaid deoeased are hereby warned to exhibit the aawe. with the vou"h>rs thereof, to the sabeori ber, on or before the fonrteeath day of November next; they may otherwise by lav be exoJadad bom a'.l benefit of the aaid eitaU. Gi?en under my hand tb;a fourteenth day of Noreocbor 1*1. MICHAEL GRIFFITH, no 1< 1aw3w* KnyoUir. B-J C. McOL IK E. A CO.. ^uoOobws. TPL STEE'S SALE OP l-ARGb AND VAL [ c*bl? Lo* os Capitol Hill.?Ob TUESDAY ArTERNi.ON. December Jd,at 4 o'clock. on the premises, by virtue ol a deej ol trust from Justice A. Holla, ani dated Februa'T 16th. IM. a-d duly reoorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 1?. folio? 43. et ?eq., and of the land reoo da for HmUm J tonoounty, D C , I ana I sell Lot numbered I (5). in ?? jare numbered aix hundred aad eight-two (683). fronting 180 feet on Delaware arena*. 1C f*et ? inches on north E street,aad U fret inahee I on Fi rat at eet east | A oi iub ; unr-imra (wa.ine rpnMDQvrin *um i twe re month*, wi b iutereat, aecured by daed of I truat cn th? pre<rta?? \ It tbe terma of i a'e are not oomplied with wttkla ) five day* the esfter the tr irtee rea?r vei the rif ht to f r***U at the nak and of defaulting pur- V ohaaer. All oosv-yanc?* at the ooat of iii?uni. W 8 HOLL1DAY. Treatee. ao9 wijili J. C Mcbl'lKK t CO .Aula Bt J C. MoGUIRE k. CO., Auotionoera. TRUSTEE'S HALE OK HOI SE AND LOT on North K stilift i>iwii<i Focbtb ai?t> Fifth stem,a win ?On Ti SL>A\ AF JER NuO.N. M-vfiui er *tb, at half rut 4 n'olor k. on the premiaea. by virtue of a deed rf iru?t to tha ?ubscrit>er, da ed J'eoember l?t, lW, at d duly reoordod in Liber J A. No. 23S. folio* 5P. at aeq , one of the land reeorda for Wuucrtta oomn ty, >. C . I ahau 11 part of Lot rufiltered oi?, (l.) in Sauare numbered five hu"'red and i (taaa. bef u.ning for the rsme at f-e touthweat ooraar of Mid Lot i\o 1 a d running th?noe eaat ?txt*ea feet, theaoe north ?event?-one f-et eleven laohea, ther>oe weat -izteer. fee:, thence aou'-h aeventy ot,? feet eleven inoLs* t - the place of bef inning; to (ether with the impr rem r.ta. coaaiatiBf of a three-a'or? briok dw ilmc-hnaae Trrtna: $5-^ eaah;the remainder in aiz and twelve mortha. wi'h iuterea . aeourod by a deed ol traat on tbe prenuato. All oocveiabooa at the ooat of the pyobaaar. J TtiO. J FIKHEK. Iruatee. I oog-lawAde J C. MeGL'lKK k CO.,A acta. f ^RPHANS' COURT. Noviaiu 18.1861. District <tf Ciiwnbui W&rkm'ton County, 7Vtnf.*?In h"oA?e of Chailea M Cragm. ad.nunia- I trator of John L. Crown,deo<"aed,th?a"mm?a ratnr afor *?aij haa ?ith the approbation of the Or pt<an*' Court of Wa?hinrtnn eonnt* ajore-aid, ap Pinted 8^TI' R DAY, the aeventh day of Dooemr r.axt for tbe fiial a?'t'*ment and <*iatr>b?tion of th* peraonal eatateof eaidjteoeaaed.of thea?aeta m ha d . ao far aa the a&nria hSv* been ?o looted and ' tnrB*>'i :nt > ar.oney; when and th?r# all Uw oradit ore anl heir* of a*d 'eoeaeed are notifted to appear. < n tH?Orphai ??Court? f V\ aahiuf<oa oonoty * alore*aid.) w th their elaiwa aropely r the? may otherwiae by lav be extended from ell benefit in Mid deoe?eed'e ea'ate prondeC a copy of thia order pnbli*h*d ft wrt for three weeks In the E~eninc Star prencea to the taid 7th 1 da? of D*ember next t...w-t?1 m08ks kklly. 1 nolSlawSw Iterator of Wilia. 1 T'HE VERMONT BAKE OVENS, ? 1 ARMY l ENT"TQVKB. Bay uo "traw cutters, KAT CU rTKKl I FAI* B\NK'S> HAY, PLATFORM tad COUNTER SCALES. WAGON and CARRIAGE JACKS, BUCKETS, Ao.,Ao., Ac. I For?lebf J P. BARTHOLOW, Afrionltaral WarenoBae. 43S Seventh at., r oo tt-eolm between Pa. av. aad Caaa1 486 PICffc KE FRAMES. 486 A variety of natters * and aisee of Oval Pioteie Kmm??, from tea beat ma- ufactory in the ooaatry. Paste Pa-toutr, Picture Cord aad Taeeeia, NaiU. Ring a, Ac. r Hue Gold. Imitation 6a d Band. Buff. Greeaaad Blue HOl LAND r?H all ataea. mate to order, is the beet nanre'. cheaa for oaah. at JOBN MARKRITER'S. No 4SA Seventh eL.ido^raab*?va so % eort* jf Odd Fellowe* HaU, ^ fCLOAKS! CLOAKSK CLOAKS Hi Wa have jaat received from Philadelphia a N?a?' tifnl aaeortment of the verr I teat at| lea WINTER BLACK CLOTH CLOAKS ? whi h wa Is'tte C the special atiaalion of the lad ea. | TAYLOR A HIT. HI SON. f no?-eoM Opponta Ceaia M\rke' _ T'HIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. fNrt i* 1. 'Bbeonber hath obtain'd fr?? tt>? Orphai a Coartof Waetinj /in Coup y, io the DiatrMt ? * Coambia, lette-a cf a>lmiDi>tration o- the pera"*} ? eatateoi ?*ariha(ataa Pat at) H jtohin*. lat* "f it Waahinatoo eoartj, 4eorased. Al. pereoaa {**" ( X olaima acaitat the raid <wo?"A,e<f are here** w warned to exhitnt the nae, with the raa hera tneieof, to the anient) r, aa art rfrw tt\? eaaoad [ day of Nov- iuh#r next t??"v rna? . Iheraiee ay iaa l? b? exo Bdad from a fba .efcl ? the M'd a la 8 Given usda/ my aasd thi- -< ord 4?' bw.wr bRo W.IIARR, ?*S act tavta* _Admintatre^fc. t rXCKLIlHI HOTEL. Ed No S?Al?ET*>yU *T r. 3?**m / aa4 K s. Beat aaoouiBM) at.ona for ira? if ad ? ? ' * I- The l artier aad Bar arw??a eaptum *"?" * I'^^TJUnKv-xsL. rwr?M.

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