Newspaper of Evening Star, November 18, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 18, 1861 Page 4
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v ij THE EVKMNU SI'AK. MTUERT 1 would not think 'twn a sLsdb-*. I dare not mt It was more. Tor the mconi-gbt silvered the curtains And lay white upon tbe Intt? But something wm thar-. wlth'.a the glare, Between the table and door. X listened the bre;?tb of UK" sleeper? Tbe sick man just in th" room; ( And, raising my h<sad from my elbow. Stared wildly Into tfcr gloom, 1'ith ! not a breath He's aa atlll at death, And his bed locks Uke a i"n.b Tfee flickering light of tbe candle That stood by the sick man's bead Leaped op and died In thr socket, With a gleam tbtil wm ghastly red The nnon made a sbrond fr :is a midnight cloud, I And its glare and tbe pbav'-om (led To-day tber are making a coflo, And the sunshine Is fastened out; Tbe roee leave* are brushing the window, And move their shadow about? The mirror has turned Its f ire to tbe wall, And the pictures look dowu in doubt. Latsst ??o* thi Kaj?awma v uitv?KOtf cea?t? ?C Week?b'lnyit Probably B*trtatiuf? Gvt indetu, F<i . Ltid tn 4Mu ?Tbe list Int?Ulgenc? received oere was that ueneral Ben ham bad croseed tbe Kanawba river, bis forces having been ferried across by the Silver Lake, detailed *>r that purpose. We learn from the Heury Fltxhjgh. wulch arrived at the wharf yesterday, that on Sunday laat Ro?ecranshad engaged Flovd's fjteea, supposed to be about seven thousand trrng, and that tbj cannonading was h->ard distinctly at Caaneifoo, ten miles below Gauley Bridge, but the boat left before say particulars bad been obtained. Tbe Indications were, as tu as we could leirn. that Flovd contemplated a retreat, but this may have been a feint only. Tbe Henry l-'l'zhcgh neared Guyandotle toward midnlgbt night before last, but remained at th:it point onlv a few tn!nut-.-s Tbe town was all In flames, and tbe entire bxstnew portion was completely reduced to ash"* The residence of a prom nent seceastouist. named Stewart, si'uatrd immediately above the tow a, was also destroyed, together with Several ctber dwellings of seces slonWts In the outsk* rts of tbe town We have beard only one opinion expressed about tbls sff ir, and that U nite of tbe m ?at unqjaJlfld approval.?C ncinmaii Gamett*, Nov 13. As Explanation ?th* New y^rk Independent Is out witD an explanation of tbe crcumstances wbtcb luduc-d It to announce In Its !sst week's Issue, that Mr !*ewar3 had made up bis mind, in a oe ta'n event, to rewgnlxe the Southern Confederacy The respons'ble editor, it seems, had left the office on the night of publication. When a ?* ? ? ? nuv wa? au occasional contributor came !n. and bandod the foreman tbe atatement In qneaOon a? an Important "item of Bfw? " and aa aucb it waa forthwith pot In ty;<e and printed The editora expr?-s? regret that tbe paragraph waa printed, aid reiterate their confidence la the ablilt* and dtaire of the Governmeat to prtaecute the war until the Union la reat ort-d ??)^i????P?I???W?i?I W. I. FHAKUilM, OPTICIA * TO TH f? PKSRinKNTAND MILIT AH Y STAFFS, . 844 Peon's av., no th n'lr.i bet. Uth aui l?th at* SPRCTAOLES. tnmd?d with'cenuino Rock Crys'&t or Periacoj>So Lewies, m?ant?<1 in gold, liver or ataei and rur.eil witu utiu>?t cat a fot very age ant eyesight. FIK8T M? CLASS MILITAL Y FIELO-trl-ASSES, Mioroacost-a, Compasses, aud Mathematical In atrumente, at the lowest Las tern prions. oo2s-tr W NOTICE. E Be* 'eave to oa I ttie Attention of Offeer? of the Arm? to oar vwrr exte. ai/e assort a* merit of %ii clasaoa or LQUJ ment8. anJ^ftl eapeoiaUr to an art-ce of Mi.ita. y blue 1* Cloth and Poeaain Caaaimere, whioh we ff war runt wi 1 rrteiu ita col<>?-. Oa aa?ort- " mm m-?3? of S?ords, Cannes, Be te. Gauntlets. Arrry Qapa(indigodje), ?up?M.->r F'aenei Shut*. Lej- < iidu, Sworrt Kn^la, Goil anl > "atber Bofte*, BhoulJer Sfapa, device* ol a 1 o??criptio a, la I w>wo3in?I.U>.Mdwe ere well oa'iafi-d that an laaveoLon wili prove ati*f*< tory in eve-y ii in ton & yeeu ocSS-lm Merohqnt Tai:.r? No 4QWP%.av. Persons in b a^k wri s .j our pr**-ut took of Moarninf Ot>od?, in a i fabrics, very I Jarga and oompreb*!.! ir^, and at our proverbially low prioaa, marked in plain figure*. Mloic.ha, Carpets, Curtains, Fuj?, 4c., upper !'?'r*. Btr-?acers. new eomere and residents inrp^ot oar rtock at th^r r ?un r it -w' ? Qon *>purchase. ' PKRrV * BBoT ^ I Pecn. aventi" And 9th utrpet, w 13-5t "Parry ttnilriini-" j THE 81'BSi HIBKKtt be* leave to inform their patrons and ti?? puhuo renerally of n*ui?i? ?npp>i?l wiiit % ?u??rior *t. ok of^OB LL and WINTKR GOODS WK her also reaseotful y iiiTtto atteufou of ff their ArniT an-i Navy customers, and Uio>-e~'i,fc* repair n? outfits m that Uu?. *o their rnpenorauailtles rf Mwo-ds, Lp*aie?s. Sbou d<?r S?r*p? Belt*, Cba:?<i<i. hats. Cap* Hashes, aiii Gold Laces, conMattiy on uawl, vhioh are warranted a? repre MBtod* WhJst terd?nag thanta H'r the lii?era! patro-.iaie ecJoyed,tiij*T wil eu<!*avr>r to merit anuou&:.oe. ? F. J HLIUERfiER k. CO. <Saje*??or*V? H. F. l?Ourt'>n A Co ,? miTES. M< UPTARY*?d hAVAL TAILORS, 30fc f euasjl #Atua A venae. oq 16 ef3? METALW ARMOr . OIL, v o & (leaning. PtlUkinc, and rrtTiitlif Rati. True u superior to ail other oila in the world for the above parposes, as wHl a? for maotun?ry and iabrioaua* os^s It la etual.y applioat) e to gualootf and sewini machines. 1: is tn hun favor at tin Government Navy Yards tor ordranoe and Mkiatry. iN .-nfiwal />rrct nnd itenirnl A tvnry, PHILHARMONIC HALL. Petina, avenue, uear Eleve&tii at. se !< 2tr. 1 PIIERO.NKK'S , H > L A D E LP HI A LAGER HKRR! ] P. STKRNUERGKR. J ROLF A d E X T, No. 333 u St*b?t. <a?U inug-ta ?oe.) A 'argt sup?'* oor. tanily -a hmd. oo l> 1m j TURKMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY I F or | WASHINGTON AND UE'JKOETOWN. vayiou. .....vy^ViWV. OA** ??vwr 0 Mr**t mmd Lmwumi ?., HO /?MA ] q/ INCVRE HOUSES A^VDOTHFR FROPERTY J AttAlNST LjJBi BY FIRE. } DllRltflt. , ? o. 9noeir_s tei, Rad^re, . Sarauai CrOf'tf?, Wilson# . RjoiaH Joe-*, John I*. B?r lUf, JMucgn?-"!, A&*irew R?t i*?n, , Too*. Pa/kei. lii.hftit) B&rr;, " B. H. Prftj'r !, Dr. o. W. D?vi?. , No ciaii(i for PoilO.fc*. ' JAMKR ADAMS, PnwidorV 1 Ktv G. t)4Vi?. SaorrtA' T. an 3-oo?p SoyVlCMKS and SOl.DfEHS. lOHT OK Ti* ao'd on aa tar a of tha UiniM ? B, io turns to sail officer* and > diort. A au, t oq Ln ndon, Ir?!at*l, aeotliiid, a ?s arl c or I ncurrant bi n'? boot at at b-?a< rat ?. * WKSNV, K11'TKNHOr-r,. r'iNT* CO., ?, o? l>-iin Ban ten. <3i| Pa. av . n?ar HrowoV ? T>Hfc EUHUPikAM HOTEL.. KBP? BY f. ! 1 EMltlOH. tt tin oornar of Peaa.#. ? A ! INBM and Eiorentti afcraat, taa t gr?*tly recently iiui row of ?ru jL5jfkl* > OMiV tBUMMBti {? Um ?atro^a*R .f a?d a?r*u*fra tfca? any other mKki hoato it tfte r tr.bta prv?? Mtii? 1?m ta&n thoM ol a.4r oth?? tot^j on Fftca. arenae, and hfa aooomioodat ou tor parr lamt or trauleat '>oar<lora anoxoo?tion- . a&ia. Tie bar aad reaUtuaiit arrangement* ot the ? Eirofws Hofei hare &.raady t?ciM *ery anai Iff. being ill that w-n Ue desired by tlie moot fu Qdiooa. Tt>? *rop? e'?.r a'edgoa auremitted atten- ^ Uct\ *n?l eeannuod 1:; era. xvei.diturM to firenV imotion u> til. a&n ua rm?w his lcnutioo ? . sli t? i!t? ih? ? o?li r HAIR STOKE, J VI No. i!4? f 4. i?.< ?BT. 1?TH AWD UtI *T8. 41 ?KA?D3>CU*LS Wf6B. , SAL* FKlZKTrLH. Ao. A f?H stoog [' *?f? OB hand, or inade to order at the short**! l' actio* Hair Wot* re**ir*<i or Mcnacced. . N. B.-Lwiw' H?r i)??d tr tfa? o' tt ta'ara V _ -w ? *w d ULANKKrH. COWFOItTS. SH KKTINGs". D 1 own, Ntfliu, Doyli** *-nd other Dry Ooodsfer tho vaut* trf ho**eaeef?ra an4 Bailioa. ? One rrtOC onlr, markfel IB tiun 6?ure? a C<w??-U, Oilolot&s, Ci'UBi, Hui. k?, upper floors. PERRY V BltO.. Pt avenue nad Niatb ?t., r?r H "Perry Baijdmc" j 1CASH NOTICE. . , ' N ol oar nana* to ft; caah for \ tit artio e ol goods v? |rciiaso. w* are forced to r*c*oe o?r boein*** to Cash exoI*aiT?iy. for the praaspt W# Lire if afc>r0 ft I?rg* ft**ortn?*?l . of kBAi?Y MAUK OLOTUfN? l?r ?ea and " boys' waftr, wiaea as* eo?ii?< at a tr.a*h lowor rate . Uaawaaly, WALL/ BTEPHENai CO.. * 3'iU Pa aveure, IMweta Kh and.HHh st . |ST Molef. A R *!? ? . ? MB'T BT yTEH~~??UWfcM MRS AND HI>1IiNTBV B for efai.dreo. uew lota ?>iasd t?Tar A *o. i-Ja.-i Cloths. id Urtfht v *wor?, for ohiulreo. wth alt kinds or Dry ^ 2??*M*s oaly, mark*.' ?B >'a' n drores * jsjjarcmuu. zsyttrj- gg-6'** ?tw b'i" ? DKNTISTBY. W TEETH. ;>f the MINERAL PLAT. TKFTH, at-^w^ tejpts personally at hi* ol?oc .n .il oityHsR mf .Miny ;otku (Ac wwr tlifee laeth * ao^**?aanot wsci others. ar.d no person cat wear 0(1 *rs who cannot wear thesr ifr- :i lomcViiDf at my office can be Mtommoaiu t lth any itT.frd price _>f Teeta th*y way desire; hat to those wuc are partiouiar anApriah the pnreet, cleanest, strongei t, and inost penec* denture that art can srodu?e.*tiie MINERAL PLATE will be store foliy wanauteci. Rooms :n this city? Nr. 33* Pa.a*en?e,betweei Kh and 10th sts. Also, 9uT Arch streat, PhLadei hia. oo V-tf ~QA8 FITTING, fcc. AWM T. DOVK * CO, RE Now prepares to exeonte any erdere With whlufc they may be favored in the PtvMilNi. H^SAA* F1TTN. Store oo Mh street, a few doors north of Pa, br*bne, where ma; be found a eomaiete aseortmeel sf CH AN&ELIEKS and other CAB, STEAM and WATKk FimttK^ Hfflf I SNYDER, PL VMBKR ASD GAS FITTER, Has r?rooTM to (tie corner of Twelfth a&a F sts. Hois prep* ?, to intrudnoe Water and 6aa upon the most utrcralle terms, and caarantin entire tf.< vaotlen. Hehe? on hand a lot of COOKIN0 and other STOVES, which he will sen lees than oost. as he wishes ty gel rid of them. no ? W?? HAS FIXTURES, h Have in store, and are dat.y reoeiTtai, BA8 FIlTURESoftntiT+'T New Patterns and JJeeiscs sad Finish, superior in style to ^jjytbin* heretofore oi!ei d in this market, we innte oitiseas ceneral j tr sail and examine onr "took of Has ana Water Fix ir^s, f?earj oonhdeut that we have the Last ?eie?te4 stock in Washington. All Work in a)?A*a a- ? ? ? .. ... ...v v?v iiuo iHu wu iv mi omrv will be prompt] y attend ed to. MYERS * McOHAN. at' >tf 376 1> street. MfFICS OF INSPECTOR AND SKA US* > t OF #A8 METERS. Wash ute ton. July il, !?ili HOT ICR IS fl&flEBf rtlTKS, 'That, agree 61 y to the provisions ?.f the crdicanoe of iLe Corporation arp'oved Max it, lMi, ths undersigned if iof prepared, "when^er required in writing, and 9*i pie-payment of too '<e or nfty eenta, to inspect, examin*, test. ?T0Tf, and ascertain the accuracy of .rt:a?rat;on ofany gaa m*ter >n *ae in this oity." iZrei/ seter, iffoond moorreot, will be condemned aud another. aeajsd and r?ark??d u trae will be act in f* f '.ace If arorM to bo aeoa^ie in ita (neeanioinect of car. it wr!i be aealea acoonlingly, are aits n ait in portion for a*e. UScs No. ilo Seventh st-eet, rnear 044 Fel vs Malt.) Open from? a. m., tola. in. CHAflLfcl?} W. CUNNINGHAM. iy !? tf Inspector and 8*a.rr of Ctaa Malar*. Headquarter?*the u.s, marine corps, QUAKTfcKMABTKa'S OFFICI. i WashiKUTON, September 2"<, 1881.\ i?KALKr> Pary.>SALs, f r aiho'asaoeparately.will ba reoe veil at thia offio* until 13 o'oloek >n of W dneedar, t"th of November n?xt, for fvrniahing to tha < liW Stat-a Marine Corpa. daring 'he year IS&i the lollawing supp!i?s, t-> be delivered at the offi-eofthe Aa m'autQua term*at*r of theoorps, inilarieiphiv Pennsylvania, free of eipense ?o the Unit d'-fa es in such quantities as may from time to time ba ordered, viz : ^ Cuit No 1. 14 no* *ards of Sky Blue Kers?y, all wool, free fr m >iair, A4 inohsa wide, to weigh U ounces to the yar t. (indigo W'iol-dTO?i ) 8<moyard.s lit k B u* JO?rsey ill woil,free from ha^r, 4 inohet wirfe, to weigh Z2 ouncea totiie yard, (ladiro wool Wy*U.yards Dark Bine Twi'ied ( loth, all wool, for wnifo m ooata. (indigo wool-dyed,'54 inuhst wide, to wo!?h a in no a rer a' l. tSO y?'.!a ?>f Soar'ei Cioth. all wool, (oochineal dyed,1 54 iiichea wide, to weigh 19 oatoea per yard. Clam No 2. P W yarda of 6 4 D*r< Illuo Flannel, for ovaraaek?, all wool,(indi<o wool dyed,>64 in hea wide, to v:e'*li 13 oaro** p v yard. til AAA m.rnmAc a A IU.L ? ^ * * iff j i ubik u uo r .ar.n- i ior slurls, wool, (Indigo woo'-dyed.) 27 iuohes vide, to wei*h 6)4 onnoe p^r n d ljr? Gra- Biankets, a!! wool to weigh fbwr pound* oftoh, with ietter.% ,,U 8- M " in b auk. four incnes lonr, in tho center; 13 be 7 fea. kmi and 5 feet wide, ai.d fr e from g re* ee. fl/iflPpaireof \N oolen SooKs. throe sizes, prop eriy mvle -f go >d fleece wool, with double acl twisted yam. to wei>h three pounds per dozen p*ira, free from (jrease Class Nc. 3. fono yards White f men for Pants, ao inch** wide, to weigh 13 ounces per yard. ln.tfrjo yard* Wht'e I h.?o lor Shirts, 0o inohee wide to we ih 11 on aces per yard. MOW) yaras canton Flannel for Drawers, V inches wide, to weigh ^ ounces per yard. Clap* No. 4. l,ono L'niform Caps, complete<except Pompons.) 1..TO Pompons, red worsted, ball-shaped, 4 inches in Ciroumftreno*. i-aiisnt Oaps,{ wi'h covers,) te be made of !>lue olnth, l di(o wool-dyed. ajono Stocks. Class No. i. An cossCoat Bu'tons, (Kagle.) if*' gross Jankft' Huitoi.s. ( K&i a) l"0 gross Vest Brttons. (Kasie ) 1.w pairs Yeliow Mcta! Gresocats and Scale 9tikfs iSO nets Epaulette Bullion for 9erg?a*tsand C rpora'a. 3 l>si a?tn KmhI^U IlulUon for Privsto*. 6n Ked Worsted ?atih*s. 2,y*> yards of Yellow Binding. 2,500 y*r<1s of Bed Cv-rd. 1<? Swords for sergeants. So Pworde for Mamciars. 50 Drums (tor r,)ooiap:ete. M D' am Slings. sou Batter Drum Hears, 50 Snare Drum Heads. 100 Drum Cords. 100 set? of Drum Snares. 100 Boxwood "B" Fifes. Class No- * in i**l n? I TO Arm* ^? ,.r?, .? >uj uvui-o, \ i Liirwiwi j pawfro. Cla?* No. 7. 1.3?> Cartridge Boxes | l^oo Bayonet 8cabba?ds. 1,9-n Percureion otp Po-iohes !.2nn Carrrid?e Box Belt*. 1 v?> Bayonet Beit*. 1,9*) Waifct Belt*. . l^c Weu.i Plata*. 1,*? Breast Plata*. 25o Sword. Frogs. Cltii No. 8. 1 jnri Knapsack*. *?> Haver>aok*. ? *> CftGtMD*. WO Muskot 8iiu??. Cla*? No. 9, Pirr making aud trimiuiug th? foMowlag artin'e#. nx: Witch Coat* .Corpora'*' Mueioian*\ Mid Privates' I'nifoi a d Feticua Coat*; Wool n and Linen Pant*; Flannel and I.inon ^hlrtm D a?er?. F %'jic6: Ka<'k*. an'i Red and Bine Jack ?U for Boys. The above mentioaed artir'e* must <v>n^>rm i% ih T*:r*ctt, to toe seated sta-da-u p*nm? in the jffiae of rhe CJoart*rms*ter Mann* t "rp* Marina fca raoks. Washing <>n, f> C.j Am *tant <-|aarter paster, ^?oe Marine Corp*. 1,25* s^pruee street, F iila^-elpfja. and at the Marine Station*, B'OmV yu. New Y'-rk. and Boston,Massachusetts; where t- e? can b- examine*!. Am) whatever ike article* nameu a-'-ove, or any portion of them, nhali be considered ** not fall* onformirc to samples, they will be rrt'jcf*?. and heoontja tor ?i!i be V>m4 ti> frrm?h "tm?r* of j>??r'^BUe?J kir*d at oo?e or the 'Jn\rU>rnia?tef ri supply the 'Je&atenoy at tkeexponre of theoon xact r. paymentwill beii.Me nar.n theaarepaM deMsery >" th? whole euact tr, wrunh mar front time to 3'fb* be ordered withno din? ten per oent from the >?mt>it of aooonot ren?ie;H under first order. Uitii KKJond or tier i* hlietl, and ten per cent from kKxJttnl ronciered under ??*eond ord^r until third (;<:er is filed, and so oo, until contract is oom ifrtad. Kach prop-^sai nuat l>? aooompS'iied by the M C'/rtug guarantee t Hwm if The undersigned, , of , m the fcate of . and ??. ?n the State of- . ifreby guarantee that in nae? ttia for^goinr bid if lor supplies. a* a')OT3 described. b? ooepted. he or they will, within ten day* after he raoelpt lfT the contract at the Poet t Kfioe narne<t, x*oate (be oontraot for the UDie with mttntt mH Lino I r.t aeeurltiea: and lu oaaa the raid hail fail to eni^r into ooutm' %a aforeauld, we uk'MtM to in*k? f<>od thd diff??'?roe bttwMn be offer of the Mid and that which may >e aooepted. A u, Guarantor. 0 P. Guarantor. E F, Witnsaa. -?, iMl I hereby oartlfy that (he ahov* named rp known to m# Minto of property, and able to ia?? good tli?f' goara- to". Q. H. To be aignerf by the United Ptatae Untrtot udge, t olled stale* DiaUlot Attorney or Colloo?r, No propoaal will be ooraidered unleaa aooomapieo b? the above guarantee. New*eepera authorised to auMiah the above rill * -!<] the ps^ir oo- tain log the firat luaerUon to bia ofi>ee 1 jr ?xaroin*tioo. foe bu!d?r'a plac or bual ->eaa, or manufnotur ng e?tabli?hrneot, inuat '. ? specifically data-J m ba proeoaal. Th? aV *u hal of artiolea la believed to beaboet lieauartity of <*aoh a t.ol* thai will ba required qitag the rea'i urn tae Quartermaster reaervea tright of ordertnr a greater or lean quantity, uld tue mtereat# of the aervioe require it Propoaala to be end^raed on the envelope, "Projjj.toj 8.?uQuarter?iter M.C.. Washington, D. C. .1 FRENCH * B1CHSTE1N lAVK Juat reoeived a fraah supply of Note Pa- < er, Colored Hordera, nilad and plain, with En- , eiupae to nateh Alao, r lac Paper or all kinds, < '1th and witbont Mottoes;Envelopes to matoh. Pu-sea and Pocket Books of every daaoription. l large aaaortmeBt of Stationery. Naw York Papers received dniiy; Papera from ! I pa ts of the eonntiv. FRENCH * RICH8TEIN, 1 mm I >*?nr ?n?ni? tfKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The . * Aieheintat, or the Hoaae of Ciaee; Trooi the 1 ranch of Hoaore de Balnac. Proe by mail. #L Jllaa Marner, the Wearer of RaveioeTvr 6oo. ktSTmitr1 a a* *** ?*<?*> ????aa tT HALF VALUE very neh Velvet Floaneed J \ au! ether Stlk lobea, aent to aa froci the J >rtfe wi <h inatructiona to eel I at half the value. S A large w>? of very fine and Medium Cambria and uaim Coilara, ^^VbROTMEE. 1 bo r.M Pn. ? ., and ?tt itn^ " Tbojr go rflf ht to I he Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \OUR COV6H PURIFY TOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR V04CB SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, 1U GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, HOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GF.NT1 EMFN CARRY SPALDINGS THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDINQ'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOE BFALDING '8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough inatantly. They clear the Throat They give atrength and rolnme to tha voioe. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the t&?te. They are made of limpio herba and oanoot harm any one. I advia* every one who haava' Courh or a Huaky Voice, or & liad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get ? package of my Threat Confeo tiona. They will relievo you inatantly, and yon will agree with me ih&t "they go ri?ht to the ?pot.' You will find tliam vart utufu: alMcam wkiia traveling or a'tending pnMio ireetinga, for atilling your Cough or allaying your thirat. II yon try one paokage I ain rafs in aaymg that yon will ev?r af terwnrda oonaider them indiapenaiWe. Yon will find them at the Drnggiat* and Dealer* in Medi oioea. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr aignature ia on eaoh paokage. All othera are counterfeit. A Paokage will l>e aent by mail, prepaid, on re ceiptof thirty Centa. Address, HENRY C. SPALDING, No 4?? CHUAR STREET, NEW YORK, CURE Qi NervousHeadachi v3. CURE j* JfindS Headache. By the naeet th^ae Pilla penr :te attack a o !*tT9<rut t* fji'k Ht+d+-k4 ma 7 bi prevented; and I taken s.t t>>e oocmeaoftment ol as arts~i',c iTrm?diate relief f-ci > psur ardalotnfca will be obtained They aeld^m (an in removin* th ? Na??t*s and to wliii1* ft malea are eo w?bj??t. TW ? -ft *' *' uot ?c? gravy *pcn jui/ewii,?removing <T?i ntlmji. For trot* Mm, CtinUmti. Delicate PrmklN. ud All perBcu* of itdnifcry kt.bitf, they Are ?! ?*ble i.i a i.?*?improving the ayreW*, giving tnw and ?t?? to the digeetivo organ*. and ra torlnt the natiral t.i*Uo<ty M?d Bticngth of the vholc ryittm. The CEPHALIC PILLS are the reeilt of long invaeligationand oarofully oondncted experiments, having been in nse mnry ye?ir, durirg wkioh time they have prevented and relieved a vaat unount of pain and eu5erlng rem Headache, whether onglnatiug In the ntrr<mt uretera or from a deranged tate of the ncmtk. They are entirely vegetable in their oon>poelO:>n and m?y be te.knn at all time* with perfect rnfetj without making any change of diet, mnd tk* mbi*nti q/ any dixjtt*?? >/?? >atl? rtndtrt it eery to dmmuttr tkom to ekildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genome hare five aignatare* of Henry C Spalding on e?oh Box. Sold by Driggute and all other Dealers in Medi elnea. A Box vili b? ?ent by rcaii prepaid on receipt e Ue PRICE, 34 CUNTS. All erdore ?ho* c be aodreeted to HENRY C. 3PALDIN?, 48 Cxsab Stkikt. Nr*r Yqbk. From tkt ?**minor, Norfolk, fa. Cephalic Pilla aooopip'iih the object for wjiiek they were made, vis: Care of headache Is ail ita fo; nut. tlu Kmmmi+m, Norfolk, fa They have been teeted In mere than a Umiiui tun, with octira auooeea. r' vm ui umnrti, St. rM, M*mm. If yon ire. or l? troubled w Uh the haad?th?. nond for a I o*. (Oepba.ic P:ll? ,) to tut rai aimr have thorn id ca*e of an^ttaok. Ftmm tkt Wt.utrn Jl. H. Mimi./U. Wo u?arN!r endonw Mr. Spaldtai, aad kit aarivalled C?f afclio Pills. IVm lit Pmtk Jhmifr, Jfw OrUm11, U. Try tl>em ! tou that are afflla ta.1, and^oe art i?rs (bat ronrtwtiB.oDT oan be added t/? ui fair*jut onmerou*lint that 'u r**oeWwl banaats that ct otcer medloiue oao produce. Frtm thi Guntil. D%rtGjnru Mr. )?>aldioc vould net oomi'Sil kU tuu vtU an artlole It* eld uol to ???*" ? raal ??ru. frmm ik* Ad?mu?r. Pr<*j4d*nt*. R, L 7b<? Cer'ialto PiMa are nalri to Ns a r?*ark-ab>j fler^ire iefti?v1y for the hoadache, trd ene a, tfc? very h?*t for that *ery f^went e?ip?Jaiui wkitk has et?t t**u ditct/Y-rtvL PV?*a <44 r.t. La wit n??'U Vh0tTnTBop?a'1?T.u?>:.| fcr tkt arr.ela <0t?k* ta Pil'i) i* ratiJlr tccr?a?in*. ?? Li.- iZ*M*>ka T*IUry 5Uar. gwmnmka. Vm. W? arf? ?nr* tLat tenons tar vl?x Tith Mu ktad Mbe. vbo try their., wil' ttiok ?o tana. IVm >44 Ad+*rii*m. Tr?itme** *. ?. *be testunory id their favor w Hionj, fr*a tkfc uc?t if4?eoUb>ak*rU <t. UI P+Uv ritw, y^irywt, H. /, Of liaao 1'tlls are railo* ttie ?.?? > of all kin*s. fV?n tk* BmUtHm, Kntum, AJ*it Said to be very eUSo^oiont for tha headaohn. From tk4 Commtreiai, Cmctnnatt, Oki*, Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. ITT A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will Mil teu timoe its ooet annual ly. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAY J5 TV PIECEBf ECONOMY! DISPATCH CT^'A 8tiTcrf in Tim 8a?ii nma/'-rrf As ?oohImU will happen, even in veil regulateo ami Ilea, it it very desirable to have some ob?**p iad:ooB?eni?nt way for repairing Furniture, Toy? Crockery, Ac. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE iMti all eoeh emergenoiee, and no household oa iflord to be without it. It is always ready, aad ;o the sticking point. , - USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." ( N. B.-A Brash aocompaniee eaoh Bottle. Prie oents. Address HENRY C. SPALOiNe, Mo. 49 Cedar street, New York. CAUTION. ion* >o rumine before parebisla*. and mm tha kr I* i name. PA LOUIS'S PREPARED SLSE^B gyjgJUy, / ?Omt CnnktCcid, Hmtimui, InJvmart, tmy lrrtitt*ia? or Sm***{l of tki Tkroti, Rtli?1 144 Htktmf Couth m cmuvmp'V*. Bronckitif. t Cm-lark, Clmr mmd (i*i urmttk 1$ Iks *ew? V PUBLIC 8PKAIBit and SINGERS. SP** *7ar* of the Importance of oheonrt a Oouihor 'Common Cold" m its first staie, lioh in the bofininf would rield to a mild rem* " ?oon attacks the Lungs. "Bfown'i TrotJus." oont&tDHic demuicentinfredt nts, a. lay Pulmonary and ttronohial Irritation. tinnWM>s "lro,ai;ia }n Throat, (fo: BROWN g whioh the "7Vo<A*.t" area sfecifio ?? havinc made me often a m?rt vhii TROCHES jerer* N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S " 1 Sraaums." TROCHES RKV. E. H. CHAPIN. "6 mat service in subduing BROWN'S mss. REV. DANIEL WISE. YROCHKP " Almost instant relief in the di? treesing labor of breathing peouiiai BROWN'H toAsTHWA." unuwws REV. A. C. ESSLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opiam or anything injsriona" DR. A. A HAVES, BROWN'S Cktmist, fiorton, onpHva "A simple aiid fteaeact Oombina VHUieeB Uon for Cofeun. Ac." BROWN'S ?R* BleEL^#?i^ TROCHES " B#Mfi?lpRI5*^,^,.T2XNK, BROWN'S Bftiin * I h A V A BrilTRfl IK At* RVAAlUrl frtT TROCHE? W?*opy?? 0?L?H?." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S Bonn Beneficial when compelled t?

TROCHES a^eak-sufferlcr from Colb.'' REV. S.J. P.ANDERSON, BROWN'S? st. viopDva " ErracTVAL in removing Hotnr neas irritation of the Throat, a* BROWN'S oomrion witu B;umi and Sin* VROCHE3 " OTAOTi?5!!5?,J(. BBOWNU TROCHES "Sreat benefit when taken before and after preaching, aa they prevent BROWN'S Bo*r**>neM. From t*eir paat effect, 1 think they wit) be of permanent adf ROCHES raaiare to roe, AhV. E. ROWLEY. A. M. BROWN'S President of Atbeac Colleje, Tens. TROCHES Unsold by *M Druejiata at TW ENTV' FIVE CENTS A liOX 4? 1-1* DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the last naif oentur* in the Hospitals of ^ London and ?'ans forth- our - i f Stertt Dista.tfs.wtLf now be had at I'PH AM'S. {<o. 310 Chesnut str et, eo!e agent for he United States It ooi.tains no mercury or other minerals, and wi 1 not h;s.rm the rooet deliotte constitution A srtedv cure tna'anteed and no i hsngo of i?t required. P i e *1 Sent by express >o <1 ir. Washington by S. CALVERT FORD, oorner 11th street and Pennsylvania avetjuo. eep 5 eol? Ul'llA M'H HAIR DYE~rO COLOR BI.ACK OR BROW m .'.'?Only 39 oeritn a box. Three boxei for one dol'ar Gray, red or flaxen hair can be changed in a few tecunds to a j t black or brown, ii'y using Urham's Liquid Hair Dye, tn? best andcbtapcs! the world, producict, tho morrent it is Applied, n, rich natuial appearaiiof. Eauh Box of IJI'H A.M'S HAtK DYE is w rrai ted to contain aa much kmr dun e* others *eil for on , dollar'. ' o'd by S C. UPH AM, 310 o-h?snut strict, h lade'phia. and P CALVERT FORD, oorner llth str. et and i'a. ave. eep Veoly DR DUFONT'S *1 GAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS are the vfry best ?? it.?? They operate speedi r&U/ an*, eileotually, and beire ??tar coate-jjpf / crea'e uo nausea up. i. the most de icatr^ rI'on aoh A an~?1 of it e?-e Piils will prove their snperi<?rity over ah oihers. Price One Dollar a j box. So'd only at UPHAM'S. 310 Ch*snut ' street. Sentbt mail to ai! part" of tho oountry in j a sealed envelop", Sold in Washington by S. CALVERT FokD, corner lUh street and I'a. j ave. sep 5 eoly TOPHAMS 33ULj PREMIUM TRUNK MANUFACTORY, 499 S?7*KTH St'tbcbt, WA8H11?OTOII, D. C, SllTPr Mfld.%1 ^warded l>y Maryland Institute Baltimore, November 7, 1HQ Also, Jltdai y: Metropolis uMeobunrer Institute, Washington, D. C., l?S?. 1 an: constantly mak: j*. and alwavs h?re *r hrxd, of the best materia', ewery deaoripben ?f Fin? Sole Leather, lroc Frame. Ladiet' Press, Wcod IJox, and P?-kin? Tnifilrt. Feili?i?r. Carpet, a?4 CanTM T'-aveUni Hs?s, ' School 9e?ohels, fee., ! At LtPrirts. Members of Coner?ws and travelers will ?le^*e i examine my sU>oI before purohasuif elsewhere Tracts that are made in other citirs. Superior Leather and Drccs Truata made to order. Snicks covered and re?a:red at short notion. oods delivered fro* of oharse to aryJpart of the ait? "-ortetowc, and Alexandra __ JAMES M.TOHH A M THK BARGAIN** OF THE SEASON I I SILK ROUES. Rioh Velvet Fioanoed Silk Robes, value .980, present proe ?4>. Rioh Fancy aod Black Siik Robes, value 9*0, present prioe 920. Ri'h Fane; and Black Bilk Robes, value $3S, present ori'e 918. Owned by a .Northern importer, who sends them tons with invtruo>ions to sell at the above h<?avy disoount for the oaeh We a'to nHini decid*<i bargains in other Silks, mediu m an?l low-priced Dress tioods. with Cloaks. Shawls, Ac. On* price only m*rk?4 in plain figures. Carpets. Cuitams, Ui!o'"tt-s, Huea, *0., upser floors. PERRY & BR'V. Fa. arexu-> an<l Ninth st., no 11-5* "I'e-rT B'ii!ilii f WATCH REPAIRING AN I) SILVER WAKiC MANUFACTORY. 1 bare one of the best establishments, and furnished with a complete sot of toom for repair Jg. lug every d?eoripnon of fne Watc'ios, and HW articular attention five to the tame, by x^Gfll tho, <uth competent workman.r.nd a. work K.iara . tied Also, ovsry desonp ion of standard SILVER Wi RE. plain and ornamental, manufactured under ?t uwn supervision, winch my customers will find r superior in euaiity and finish to northern ware old by dealors in general and repr*seiite'i as their wn Biauuiactars. H. O. HOOD, ?l *31* K*. a??nn* n**r St Tjj" U N B OaTT' y*ari?rwi?mr (rtnwii't OJ^t, I Wat Am ki<m ('tlu, July 13, tfitil.f Flan* ard SrBcmcj.7ioN9 for halls of dun Boats fyr tna W osteru nvars are on exhibition at this office, and at ofCo ta of (Quartermasters at Pittsbur*. Cincinnati. St. !,ouie ai.d Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Hidssuoold bo sent to Uuarterinafcter General of the United 'Jtatss Ann; i at W&ei.iajton, it; lit August. at noon. JFC MEI68, ji g Gen'l au l Quartermastar Gen".. ^IM) MILITARY OPFIOERS AND OTHER& BATCHSLOR S UB.WUINE HAIR LYB, The Best in the VV?'r!d, Tk* Only R'lia&lt and /farmlttt Dyt Rnewn. Sold b? all D*negiata; H&rw BTon'a Patent Medtoine Store, t p. patent Offtoe, oor F A 7th, and at GtBBn's Hair Store, S4sJ Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan have t! ncp'ied, if desired. Factor*? Bl Barclay at. <iit.e *83 Broadway) N. V. on 3-1T U~NION PAPERAND EN VELOP KM,?TWMT ty tiifforect atylea of Note and Letter Paper, with Murelopes to match View* of waahington mi ti e form of a Rom, and in Bock form; alec, *eparate All tile i>ailT nurt VVenkiy Papers constantly on Land. Hernia, Tuuea, and Tribune teoeivod every oiiht at 6 o'clock. Papers from all carta of th? oountry. B?<a?ie'a Dune Novels a&d Song Books. A fresh supply of Books lor aummer reading heap A large aaaortraont of Juveniles? Mayne Reid'a Books, Rollo Hooka, Abbott's Histories. Ao. A disoountof In t%s> per cent, on all bound books FRENCH A RICHSTEJN, man National Knnkstnre. V)T* Ha. ht isw CLOAKS, NEW HHAWL8, AND NEW DRESS GOODS, Of modern dnaitns and tabr.oa at oar proverbially low P'ioa, with all otliei kinda of medium anil fi'.e pry Goodr in ail thedepartments of families and housekeepers wants. Also, our usual fnl) stock of all the laaling Staples ac.apted to the wants of the million. who?? tr?do we ?o''oit. Carpets, Curtains, Oitolotbs, Rugs, Ao , upper floors. Oue pnoe only, marked in plain figures, therefore no purchaser is deo^ivod. An inspection of st^ok solicited; it implies no oblieatioo to purohate. All raroels for the interior properly packed free VI uunrgo, PKRRY A BROTHER. Penu. avo.. and ?tii atreet, no ?-IQid "Pwrry Building." {^UNBUATB roa TBI WESTERN RIVER*. UUABTBBMAgTBB OB^BBAL'S OFTICB, I wm'k'.mtiim, Jxnt 17,1361.{ Pboposa.l? are invited for oonati noting Uunl>o?ts upon th? Western rivera Sp?oiUoation? will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the QnaMeriuaater'a Office at Cinolnnati, Pit abu'th, and at thia office. Propoaala from boat-bnil era and engine-baild er? alone will be oossidered. Plana submitted by bidders will be taken into oonaideration- M C M KI6S, ie 18 Quartermaster General United ^tata CK1B, CR&DLE AND BK1) BLANKETS and COUNTER PAN Ka, all ?i*ea aac. ?uaii tiee. Bed Comforts, t*heet;n?a. Pillow Lirem and Oottons, To wela, Napkina, Table Cloths, Tickings, Doylies, Ao. All at oar proverbially low prtoes, marked in plain figures. New comers, atramera, sojourners acd ei tineas rill inspect our a cook at pleasnre. PKRRY A BRO , ae 2T-at Pane, avenue and Hh A, w? TRAVELING TRUNKS. leas. Oar pet Base, Ae., wblch wa are now ee'Urvi TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. mVYf rnVHS^' Lasting aad em&arkio? imwhih M Queenstown, Ireland. ! The Liverpool. New York wad Philadelphia Steamship Company Intend diapatohibs their rail I powered C]jd*-built iron Bteamshipe m fotlowa: I GLASGOW Saturday August 3d. SiS)reSI&A.L*,<,SiiK : Si And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier*4, North n*er. ? utm or rmai. First Cabin ? ... ?75 Do. to London M Do. to Pari a If Do. to Ruibir|? ?8 8?mi? $90 Do. to Loud go. ?> _ M Do. to ^i'le 9* l)o, to Hurobnrr Paawngen fonrmrded to SuWefBreiD?u, Rotterdatn. Antwerp, to , at reduoed throe*h fUree. Persona wishing to briof oat their rnends ou buy tiokets It low ratae. For further information apply at the Captains Offloa. JOHN G. DaL1 , Agert, _ _ Is Broadway, N. Y.< Or to Q, A. HERRING, Adams Ezpreea Baltimore. ^^g^iNDIVlDUA^ ENTERPRISE ' fcS**s EASTER V AND VTKSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," Cant. J B.K rwan "PIONEER," Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their routes a* follows, leavi Light gtreet, ita timore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'oloot A. I^ENT? For Cambridge, Denton aad Landings on Chop tank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning avery Thursday tad Monday. For Annapoliaacd West River,every TIES 1>AV and FRIDAY and returning sa t e daya. PIONEER?For St. Micnael'a an-1 Eaaton, via Mile'* hiver. every WEDNESDAY. aud return the aame day. For Annapolis, Weat River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by aame route on Friday For Annapolia. Weat River, St. Miohaal'aand Ea ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATt'RDA Y, returning every Monday oy aame route Faro to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point __ ? A l tt) Faro to ?t Miohaet'a and Milee' River,* round trip, ?1,) .?- 106 Fare to Wett River, (round trie, 91) ISO Fare to Aonapoli?( ound trip75cefita? Ti MeALS EXTRA. IT^Freitht muat be pre said. Wharf and Ofioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C K. CANNON. cen^raiTIt a ilWa y. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,* Calvbet Htatioh, Batimore. May 18,1K1. ( On and after Sunday. Ma? 19th, 1861, on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY* ar rivo and depart as follows, cnul furtber notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at IU A.M. __ EX PR ESS at ?.?> P. M. HARRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at I P. M Tiia 8.1ft A. M. train oonncota at Relay House with trains on the Weaterr. Maryland Railroad; at Hanover J emotion with Hanover and (jettshnrg Railroads; at York vis^ York and WngKtavlile Railroad; Harr'ai-urr ?nth Pennsylvania Railroad for ail part* of the Weat. also with Lebannon Valley Kail road to N?w> York drrttt; at Northum beriand with L and B. Wail road for Rincatonand all parts of Wrooming Valley .and at fcuntmry with trie Philadelphia and Erie Railroad tor ail parta Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.3" P. M train makes all the above oocneet-oiih escept Hanover Railrea<i, Wrightaville Railroad and the Lebannon VaH'-v Railroad. . Ti e e P. M train makes connect.ona with Penn a*:vama Railroad for al< parta of the Weat, and direct oonncota for New York. JRAIJIS ARRIVE. :nan G' > i? r /tj.: Mprd itt 7 44 A. M.; Harnebu rc Accommodation at a.43 F. M. Fit Tickets and information mqcire at the Ticket l>(Poe, Calrert Stat'on, Baltimore. J. O. CLAKK, ftop't. , LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOK iNLW YURI. The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trfn'ns Kabroad Companies'Line irom PHILADELPHIA TO NKW YORK AND WAV FLACK e. from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENfclNttTON DEPO I. will leave aa fot lows: Ate A. M , Tia Camden and Amboy, (C. and A. Aocon>naodaUcD.) At6A. M., ria Camden and Jeraey City,(N.J. A ooomnodatioa.1 At 8 A. M., via Camden and Jeraey C'ty. iMorni<<5 Mai!.) At ii* A. M . na Kenainfton and Jereey City, (Wcntfni E*prose > At UK F. M.t na Camden and Amboy.t Acoommodation.) At 8 P M., Tia Camden and A a. boy. (C. and A. Exireaa.) At 4* F M.. Tia Reualnrton and Jeraey City, (Evening EzpreaaJ At 4X F. M , v a Keneinfton and Jereey City, fSeoond C!*v?s Tioket.) AtE F. M., via Camden and Jeraey City, (Evening Mail.) At 1'ijf F. MTia Camden and Jereey City/SoEtherr. ffiail.) Ati F. M., na Camden and Amboy,(Aooommcdation, freif ht atd passenger, First Class Ticket.) Seoond Class Tioift. The 8P. M. MailTrain rnne daily. Thelljtf P. M. Mail, Saturday* excepted lot Hotvidere, bMton. Larr.bertTille, Flenungtcn. 4.0 , &t 7.10 A. M, and 4H p. M? from Keaalnt'on. For Water Hap, tftroadaburg.Borantcn.Wilkeabarre. Montrose, Great Bond, Ac., at 7.10 A. Mi from Ken?<acton, Tia Delaware, Lackawanna and Weat?'n Railroad. Tor M&aoh Chnnk, Ahontown aad Bettletiemat 7.10 A. M. and bX F. M.. from Reaeinitoa depot; the7.10 A. M. li e oonneoU with the tram leaving fcaston at 3 Si r. M. For Moant Huliy at and t A. M. and I and 436 i-or i-reenoid it A. >1. and t P. M. For Bristol, Tren'-oa, ic.. at T.10 A. M..W and P. M from Ke&siugton, aad ttt P. MTfrom W aioat (trMt wharf. For PaiiuTra RiTcrton, Delanoo, Beverly. Burlmcton. Florerneoo, Bordentown, Ac., at 12*, 1, It'kMidSl' M. stosnur Trroton for Bordentown.and intermediate places, at XX P. M. from walnat streft whart _itr For N?* York and War Lines. leaner I Kensington Depot, take the oars on Filth street, at>ove Wal lut. half an hoar before departure The cam run nit i the depot, and on arrival of train ran from the de,>ot. 1 iftr pounds of baccace only allowed toraol. patenter PsB-en*ers are prohibited from taking auytaiEg an bagcace but their wearici apparel. Ail Laecate over fifty pounda to be paid for extra, flie oompany limit their responsibility for bas^ace to one *ol ar per pound. and anil not be iial>leT-r a..j amount beyond one hundred dollars, exoept hj special contract. WM. H.fiATZMKR, AiecC ? POR THE X3L3ggn? WEgT AND SOUTH ESHB BALTIMOKK AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, 1881. the trains will ran as ioiiwvs, vj*:?Leave Camden Station. Baltimore.?Mail, i export Sunday,) at 4 30 A. M.; tirresd dai-:y at 3.40 P. M. Bota Trains co directly urouru > uR ALL PARTS OP THE WEST, BOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST; FOR WAY PASSENGERS. Between Baltimore and Piedmont take the A. M. Train, between Piedmont and W take AoO'?mmodation Train. loa?int Piedmont at 6.40 A. M ; and between Orafton and Parkorsburg. take the f> a M Train Irom Baltimore. Ti?? PREDER1CK TRAIN Iraves Baltimore at 4 3f> P M. a:id_Fraier;ck at(S.*>A.M Th- tLLICUT'I'S M LLfi 1 RAIN leave Baltimore at HM and 9 J5 A . M. and 1 and> P. M and KUioott's Mills at 7.41 auu 11.60 A. M , and 3.44 and 7.?n P. M. For farther information, Tiokets of every kind, to , a;-pi j to J.T. ENGLAND A tent, at Camden Station, or at the Tioket office W- P SMITH. Master of Transportion. L. M. CO I E. Gen'l Ticket Agent. *"-w YOhK. HARLEM AND fSHgSS&i ALBANY RAILROAD LEAVING NEW YORK. FOR ALI4HV1 TB n v Mi IP Ttl iwn utkit SUMMER ARRANGEMENT _ Commencing Monday, M?y 27th, 1861. Ab*ay?11K? a. m. feat ex pros* train from For Dover Plain#?4--?n p. m. stopping at White Pains and stations north to Dover piains?from fcth street station. (This train will rua to Millarton every Saturday evenir.z,) For Croton Falls?8.16 a. m, stopping at ail stations north of Fordham from 36'h atre^t station. For V\ hite Flams?230, CIO and &00 p. m. stoppice at all stations from 28th street station. For White Plains??ci5 p. re. stopping at all stations from Wbits street station. For W llliams Bridge?7.3i, 11:15 a. m. and 830 p. m. stopping at all stations from J7th street station. Returning will leave? Albany?9K? a. re. fast express train. Dover Piains-MD a. m. (This train leaves Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Fali??6 a. m. White Plains?&i(i.?:00 ?. m. ?:io A 7*? p. re. Williams Bridge?Mn, 9:00 a. m. A hOO p. m. Bandar trains will leave 4th Avenue oornerSd street, for CJentra1 park, Yorkville, Hart em asd High Bridge every fev minutes, froin ?**> a. in. to T.-O0P re. JOtifr BUBCHILL, Asst Sap't. EMKNEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL MSJIKse road. ? ? .Passenger Trains leave via Pavo2J* ?nd Long l>ock, from foot of Chamber* street. New York, as follows, via : 7*0 a. m , EXHRfcSH. for Dunkirk, and Buffalo andanuoipai li.termfiate Stations. 8.00a. m , MAIL, for Dnnkirx. and intermediate Stations?1 his Train remains over night at K'rcira and proceeds th? next morning. ' 9.oo a m MILK diulj, forOtisvilie, and inter mediate Stations. f- m-. NISHT KXPRF.88. daily, for D?nStations, and runs onli to Elmira. NATHANIEL Just ?S!S prime Onions. For sale low. IS&teS&FSWa. tSKOONO HAND PIANO KrnmmtormA. | II ????mmtrnmmm B?Ko'o.oo(?.? " mfr-tf m. g fallr. pr?*t r5!Lftr>Ei rp'4* wlL mb* #aiKH.flSf!df ?2r#Ma?fA &>rasfts TrniBaJoi; Phaade ?hia ill leave Prae.deat atreet Depot daily < axee* !*endare)aa foiirwa.** I xprwaa Train at 15 A. M Way Ma*l True at U5 A. M.;Kmw*filM?? o'oloSTOn Sl ^ DA^? at 4 4ft f. NT. ob!t. A. titiDi ooacaatwiUi N?w York trains exoeyt 445 P. M. train ot Betar AFreiaht Trw with pmmiw oar leaves at 5 P. M , stoyyim at ail stations between Be timoreand H?*re de-Gree*. PHWiftra for Delaware ard the Eastero >bora *f Maryland will and the moat expeditiotaroate by ' way of W'lminiton, lf7* All Colored Pereocs maat ( ire bond before entom the oars. WM CRAWpo|ID AMat ^ M ??8A^&TNT^A//rK^vrVrB *^Wf< hAlLhOAb mmd >*w yoiir f? v THAL HA/LROAD Kxyreea Trnlris I??t? New York e ty depots of Bedeon River Railroad daily. Banday exoejted, aa ioi owa: From Chambers street From Slat at atattoe. At ? ooa m At190am lion** 6 00 p m 1' J8ft " US | a IJAyn >-56 f m Montrial and Htffa-lo Train with aiery nc oafs. 9/5 p in 1 46 p Wi Connecting at Albany with the Now York Can KKai road for Scbeneotndy. R'cr>ette> .Itioa a via. Rome, and atnUona on Rome and Wnw town Rnilr- art, Hafla.o Syracuse. Nmya-a FaJV s*opperi?i'-n Bridye. Aabern. Genera.c ai aodniy ra. Trains in oonnection leave Mm atxJ Haspet aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo an<l ake Baron aid Great Weetern Railroad for Hamilton 1 ororto, Detroit. Chiraco. Toledo. Milwaakie. Fob I>a La*. La Crosee, Medis<u Prairie Du Crier, Ga en a, Dnnleith. Dvbn*ue, Peoria. Root Island. Mescaline, Iowa ?'-uy. BarUncton, Quire*. f*priD*he d, Alton, St Loeis. Cairo,Terra haate. lrd acaao ia, Loaiaville. Ciremnat . I trtoc. Colen.bas, Ct^ve land, and Ml points >\ eat, Northweet and ftoath NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Tian.a at 1 ro?, with Troy ft Boiton and Kent k. Saratoga 9oada for Saratogt. Wfcitehal. Ruia&d, Burling'on.-t. Altau.a. R?b?? Point, PlatUluigb,, Montreal, Ac . 1LT Freight Arranrementa by this route aa above, withoi t cnan*e of i.'a i, from the I pot* 10 OhaiiVri and ? anal atresia, are at all timea aa favorable aa made by <?*!? r Kailr<-ad Ccmfan'a The :acil<ti*e of thia t reat New Vork K"?it?,*o tbfe Wnfommnid it to the cocfcdeuce of me:ehaata aa ah ppera tor proinptreaa *r.d dispatch PaaaeLger traira. with ?*mokirg and Sleeping Cara run in oouneotiou on the New York Ceairal Road. For particu'art aa to iocai trsina and freight ar ran cement*. inquire at the depot, ft* W arren at. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. JT? ^ U. f> OOVKRNMK>T LINK ra r T" FORT MOSROE AND OH> > POINT COMPORT. Leaves the lower end of t'NluN DOCK. Baltimore, weat aide. OAILY, (Sundava tooli.ded.tat 43{o'o!<cic P M. taking prm?eij*era and feight and oonneetioc ?ith the Railroad hnra. <> ardf.oin Wa*ning-on, D. C.. Philadelphia, New York, boa ton, York, Harneburg, Pittsburg, pa , ?r d t?ie Weat, iniuiediat?-l% afer lh< arrival o( '.he Express Train from New Yo'k and Philadelphia. The following la the Sohedu e : From New York *o Fort Monroe and haek..?14 From Pbi'ftd^lph a aid hack.. --- - lie * From Baltimore and back 96. fCTPROClRE VOUK TICKETS In New the New Jetae* Railroad Offioe fo-tof Courtland atgfeet. In Phi adephia. at tne Cumpar.?'a cftce N. W. Oorn?r ot Sixth and Chestnut streets, or at the Depot. Broa<i and Prime atrretn. In Baltimore, oa board tae Stesrr.e*a. foot of Union Dook. HUGH O CONNER, Pas center Af*nt. FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER Br the sc:endi4 and aapeni" Steairwa METROPOLIS. EM PIRF STATE, BAY STATE, and STATE OF MA I.N E. < f g 'at trengUi aad ?eeed, but particularly t apted to the navigation of Lorjt laland Sourd. mrmr g m c?nnaotioa with the Fall River a> d Old Colony Ra?: road, diatanoe of 58 milea only to Boston l^eare Pier No. 8 North River tea. Ur f*atte-y. The S'eamer EMPIRE STATE,Capt. Bray to a. Monday*, Wedneadaya, and Fridaya, at 4 o'cloak P. M., touching at Newport each wa?. The SteamrMETROFOl.tb, Capt. Brown. ot Tueedaya, Thnredaya ana Seturdata, at 4 o'eioek P.M., touching at Newport each way. Theee Steamera are fitted with ooaimodioaa tate rooms, and every arrangement for the eecuntv and comfort ot pa^aengera. who are aft roed by una route a nighta' rsa on board, and op arrival at Fall River proco?-l per Steamboat Train,reaching Boaton early the following morciag: or may remain oa board until starting of the Acoommoda tion at 8 A. M., by which they may reach Boe'.oa About 8.46 A. M. A baggage maetor ia attached to each ateamer, who reoeivea and tloketa the baggage, and acoompariM the aame to ita deet.cation. A steamer ru' a in oonneotion with thia Line be tween Fail River and Frovidenoe daily, exoept Sapdaya. Freight to Boaton ia forwarded through with fr^at diapatoh by an Expreea Tram, which ea*ea 'all River ever* morning, Sunday* 7H o'clock for Boaton ar d New Bedford, arnving at its deetination at about HAM For freight or pa*sage, app y on board, or at the ofioe on Pier No. S North River Foratate tooma I and bertha apply on ioard.or if desired to eecure them inadvanoe, to WM B'tRDKN.Ac't TO and 71 tt e?t atreet, N. Y. -IT? h. THE RK6LLAR MAIL LINE .^^^K^VIA OROTON. PTONINttl ON ***?and PROVIDENCE, FOR BOS TON?Inland Route?Tbe ?> orteat and moat di reot?*;arry cne LiJi'm wan. The itHMr PLYMOUTH ROCK. Ci?L J. C. Geer, and COMMONWEALTH. Capt J. W. Williamc, In oonneotion with tie iMocingten ?:d Prondenoe,and Doe'onaijd Prondeuw RM.nmlt, leaving New York daijy, Sondaj* exoeeted, from Pier No 1* North Rtver, at > o'clock P. M.,a:d Groton at 8J0 o'oloc* P. M., or on the arriv*. of M Mail Train whioh learea Beaton at 6 3r> P. M. The PLYMOUTH KOlI.fron New YorkMonday, Wedeeedaj, and Friday. From Groton?Tu *tia>. rhnrnday , and Saturday. Tii?oOMMO.NWSl TH, from New Yori? Tue?day Thore^ay, and Saturday. From Groton ?Monday, Wedn?eday, and F Jar. Paaaengera from Groton prooeaa per railroad to Providence and Barton, in the Expr?ta Mail Train, reaching ta d plaoe in advacoe of thoee by other route*, and in ample time lor all the early Morning Line* oonecting North and Kaat. Pea engor* that prefer it. remain on board the B'6am?r, enjoy a night*' reet nndiatarbed break faat if desired, and leare Groton m the 7 15 A. M. Train, onnn*cting at Providenoe with the 1 4* A M. Train foi lio*t?>n. F?re ?-rbvifle*?*e to Newport, Filty cent*. A hargace matter aocon.poniea the Steamer and Train earH way. For Pasaace, Bertha, State Room a, or Freight, MP>7 on L?*ru the ct?am?r, or at the Freigkt Offioe, Pier 12 North Rirer, or at the Ofloe of the C' mpany, No. 115 West atreet.corner of Cortland atreet. New York, Feb. 3B. lKt. " HUDSON RIVER HAILRITaDBgWCTBrf For ALBANY and TROY, CON 91^^^ NECTING with TRAINS NORTH 1 And WKS r# Train* leave: Erom Chambe'* at. N.Y. F rom 3"th atreet. xpreac.7 and 11 a. m . 7.35,11.25 a. m., and 3M UtlpaMip ni. 5,14 p. m Troy and y (With 10.46 p. m , 'Snndaya m leepmg oar) l<i,15 p. m olutfed.) Poughkeepaie train 6. a 6 25 a. in., and 1,40 p.m. m.i.!'p-M reekiKiu train, 4.'?' p m 4.25 p m. Shx f train,?.? a is .19.28 a ro., and 4.56 and and 4 an and 8 J*' p. m M& p. m. Fiankiil tiain, ?,?> p.m.!6.?j? m. A V SMI I H. H?l?*rt1lt*n<t**i?. scHweaiii'i . JK$.1 Powder k|B la the oni; kam u4 *T)fe|^HH^K b**1 *rt,*'# U %U, irfoth*, Flie*?' r1--! !! rv^r^M BCHWKRINTJPILLSart .Vr* deaLT and Mice, M. Sokvarii has reared oerufccate* from th*Pr*ai elect of Chrard Coile?a. Uirwtori of i Honee of Rwtfe, PtQDiy.rauia Hocpitai, aiii J oti." Pron-.Lf Ei IcatitoOoce o! P:...ade?h? ; (;, 8. J Ml, Wa?hin*u>n, D. aad Charity Hopyitai. Nev Oriea&a, Lath* original certitoatee aas a* aerr ?t the { Whoieeaie ar.d Ketai. !><?? t 134 North I?*ool4 rwt, Philadelphia, ?xd fur eaie in U?i? r'?y l-y ]>. CLARK , oor ner Pa irnei aad *H iu., aad r>? ali Druxtiata and Orooere. BJ^WAKE OP SPURioU? IMITATION?. . fr** RemeroL>*r to atk for Soli weren't Ann nilatu I Pcvdar. CC None caaala* *nlt>?? eif neo M.fctwmx, FRKNCH A R 1 cV^t)EN?hLvtjusi rweir*) a Itrgaaod coinplet- assortment of MiliU'j JJoeks o< all kiarit, which U?) ofier irom t?*r, to tri P+r o*ut. beiow tUa regular r*Uil *ricoa.?iaoiadini: A new edition of Hard**'** ai>l K>il? Tactics, cumulate, fl<6 Vott*' Volunteer*' Man an!, 8 vols, fS Aila i'a i>ofn??nutiiafi of flardaa'a T&e'ioa, ft O rots'. Mil' tar J fcaiwer*. Wo M abac's Held Fortifcoatiou and 0 Jt*? at.aaati* He.; de?'s Tactio*. ohs*.p editioa. iAc Tba foidiara <jaid?, a* nan*. *i>d drill book for tlia im of las Volant.t-r Mi. aaa:d Ut H ome ? aard. iSo Tha Hand Book for the U.B. Bonier. MM ftrst bo^kof matraotioa to the I'. *. Uetios. Kc Aiao, Military Ala*a, Map *t O* ttaftt of *> ar. Chart*, 6 a Idas, 4c F ia?s. Badi*s and Medals tmi daacrtfCioa. a; of the aM>re aant by mail frs? FKF.NCiliElCP^TMN, ?*?a > HY? >?>miw ?%..?>? ~??e Ei*K ?HAKK? AND OTHKK WBIT* I FkAnNKLi. with aii other twostf Wi??l Aatmar ud Winter ass Oae prioe or!*, HU had ia plaiu f?orrs; haa.*. .. a. aa+k BUr dard, oh vac is aaai* of p?*tee to m*m i? acafona thereto. Aa axMnioaOua of rtsat immk*? mm a?:?a

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