Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1861 Page 1
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? f 9 J XVIII. WASHINGTON, it C. TII^^Y. NOVEMBER 19. Ifc61. N". 2.730. . _ ? THE EVENING STAR ib fUBLMUBD EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY KXCKPTED.) AT TMK STAR B(JILD1*<*S, fcrar ?f ptnmtylvm*** WW Elimtk h. T W. t>- WALl.ACH. rmpen la by carrier* it 94 t 11 ml or :l? rcntl u*-r month T? mall Um price to S3 50 * vear, m *4c??ti; 9? for all onHii; SI for three months; and for Im tha* tfcree montba at tte rt> of IS cento a week. Slagla oo plea, osa caur; In wrap pen, two cam. fTT AovaaTitava^ra ahoatd be eent to the oAee before 12 o'clock m.; etberwiae they may aot appear an til the next day. Paying a Pkfi;cUa to Gtraaar It u a reasonable thing when one is ill to hare a phyaician ; and particularly in a for- j ign country, it aeems only wise to have the beat, even where ail are men of learning as they undoubtedly are here. The most famous physician of Stuttgart is, of course, the Court physician, and we asked our first German visitor for information in rezard to him. ' The Court Doctor, Dr. Von Cudwig. why. he u rj rich!" "Is that *11?" "Oh no, T?rj skilful and scientific. lie dines at the Marqaerdt, the first hotel in the plaee: he has a table to himself, of course, and when he is dooe eating, be puts in his pocket whatever he has left, that his dog would like, beef, veal, or any thing of the ki#nd" > ine dirty man.'' "Ym, he" is very dirty. lie look? quit? greasy, and sometimes even ragged. Hois entirely without ceremony. One day, not long ego, be met one of bis patients, a lady, in the street, end she stopped him to tell him about an annoying toothache, which she thought proceeded from the generally di?ordered state of her stomach. 'Let me see your tooth,' said the Doctor. The lady opened her mouth. 'Mow, shut your eyes!' The lady shut her eyes, and the Doctor decamped. It u not to be presumed that a court lady, or ??? lftdv. it oil 1.1 a'find Innar in th* a t rAot oith her month open and her eye? shut, and the lady soon discovered her ridiculous position, bnt she is said to have been considerably discomposed. Another lady, having sent for him tu her room, put her hand on her side, and said, 'Dootor, I have such a pain whenever I put my hand here.' 'Then, said the Doetor, shortly, 'don't put your hand there ay more Adieu.' And while the surprised lady sat with her hand on her side, probably unconscious of whatever pain there might be t the moment under her fingers, the laconic physician departed "We don't want Dr. Ludwig, with his greasy pocket*, and eccentric ways. Who else is there?" At last we fix upon a Dr. Reis. for two reason!: he is quick, and he gives little medicine. D*. Reis forthwith makes his appearance. He has flaxen hair and black eyes, a heavy form and a lively countenance, a mixture, he seemed to be, of the slow Swabian and the sprightly Prank lie is a good natured, talkative man, nd in ?r>rr? ?hiin hii*iiil< ' ? ?? ' 2*ow, bear uur closing conversation: "Doctor, will you please tell me what I owe jou?" "Owe me ! you don't owe me anything." 'For your visits, I mean, and prescriptions?" "Oh, let that alone until next year. 'Then you will be obliged to send your bill to America." "I make no bills Physicians never keep accounts " We remember now that the distinguished oeoulist in Berlin, Von Gra?i'e, never makes any ehartre. his serviced to tha mnr h?in<r gratia, and compensated by the free gifts of tha rich. We remember, too, that Von Gruefe is said to eomplain of the stinginess of Americana. But wd make no allusion to Von Graefe. Wa simply ask: "la it not the custom in Germany to pay physicians ?" "It ii net the custom to ask them for their bill, as if they were ehoemakers. The physician's services are those of a friend, and he is treated accoringly." Somewhat abasbed, we lay down our purse, bat unwilling to give up the matter, we reBark: "We pay doctors in our oountry We don't ask them as Boon as we recover, for their bills, it is true; but when they want money, or at regular periods, they send their bills to i." -- x assure you. uerman physicians, keep no eeountJ. They receive an acknowledgement of their services, if it is sent them, bat if it is oot sent, they say nothing." The doctor departs, and we ponder on the question, tiow much do we owe him ? We ask young German gantlemen who calls. *' Oh, give him just what you choose ?'* W e ask our landlady. 44 Aet exactly acoording to your own pleaaure, rather too much, however, than too little " 41 Don't we feel informed ? Pray, tell us What is too much and what too little." "The law requires that fur every visit of a physician he shall receive no less than seventeen cents. This is the lowest amount that is Ttr Blilt rH thia i* r?r? uUnm J J -I ? ? ? * J WVIUVUi V.UJLI vcu I I know families in oo n^ortiMe circuuas:ances who never pay anything for medical services, which they frequently receive. The physician | prefer* being defrauded of hi* dues to the obloquy a law process brings upon him. It is an inconvenient custom both for patient and doctor. The patient, no matter how ill, muat keep an account of the number of visits, yet, with the utmost desire to be juat, feels embarrassed when the acknowledgement is made. Now," continued our landlady, '*1 have been ill, as you know, eight months, confined to my bad six months of tie time, and my physician haa shown every possible kindness and attention. I certainly am greatly indebted to him, bat I do not know what to pay him." We made no remark, but we could not avoid thinking- If you Herman people could just get the word comfort iota your language, and the idea into your heads, you would know what to pay your aoctors, and would rid yourselves of a thousand disagreeable things.?CongrtgaIke Parli?|Wa at liilltap The Indomitable Ike was spending vacation at Miiivop, ire in wcence ae wroie at ioiiows to me Boston Courtev. "Bully (or vacation. I'm having the tip-toptime you ever see Uncle Nathe, wa? *s glad to see uic aa be could be, for he's a cross old curmudgeon, and rr.akt * the boys toe the mark, 1 tell tou He said be hrped i d be good, and I Mid I abouldn't be anything else. He whiipered something to Annt Hetty, and looked at ine, but I didn't aeem to tuiud it. He'sgota new horse that It very old, and pretends he can't go along unless vou push him with a whip It is all ham, for 1 stuck a brad into a stick and touched him with it, and be went like smoke. He kicked hi* hind beeis through the dasber, borke the wagon and landed me and Bill into the ditch Uncle Nathe said he could't see what had got la to the beast, but 1 guess It was the brad, though 1 thought it vui't best to matloi It. We had a flag raising here yesterday. It w&a blgfun.yoa'd better believe We hadn't any flag; to I got ooe of Aunt Hetty's sheets, ana painted a blue square In tbe corner with ber Indigo bag and chalked out some stars; then I got Uaele Natbe's pot of red paint that be mark* his abeep with and made some elegant stripes, and tbe lag was done. We took a bran new cod line e# I'oele Natbe's for halyards, then col down a nice little maple for a pole, and nailed It up on tbe barn One of tbe neighbors went down and told Uncle Nathe what we were doing, and be eaane up from tbe meadows as mad as a top. I aee bv the wav be acted that he was a aecesbloner. He took down tbe flag tbat we had consecrated, and 1 couldn't sund II, so I made blm a speech, and told him that the flag he had pulled ?iAwn was Ik* emblem of onr riirht to do as we pleated and he bad better be c*re7ul how he txl3-4 with the apirit of liberty I'd better not aald It, becauae all the bovv bad to go to bed with oat ar (tipper that light, and Aant Hetty, g?w oa great talking to about the aheet. What a fuaa folki nuke about trlflea. Bat we bad aome toe fun next day with Uncle Nat be He'a got a big whl to rooster, that he aetti verything by. ?o we caught him and colored M of hla wing* blue, the other red, and be looked aa tne aa anything vou ever saw. The hena didn't know wnat to make of him. and they ail aereded When Uncle Nathe ranrte home the Int thine be aaw waa hla rrower who got op on the woodpile and veiled Yankee Doodle do,' aa lor.i aa be coald bawl Uncle .Vatbe didn't know What to tblnk of It at flrat. but when he saw the fan ot the thing he didn't laught any. ' To Rn-OrcscD ?Etnrlcb'a European Hotel, corner of Peonoylvanla avenue and 11th street, la about tn be i?-opened with now coovnteecee. WawIaa * m mm aal aan I t.vm aeaaral A 9^m ?- * ? a ,, . l?ptvv?ai?ut< aiul raptlr. I 0 HOTS FOR FARMERS.* rnriT garden and orchard. Plantine.?AH the sorts of hardy fruit may now b? advantageously planted, if the soil be dry. The ground should have been put iD thorough order by ploughing and manuring. In this case veiv little manure is wanted about the trees when planted. Neither should deep holes be made, which in stiff land* become receptacles for water. Some of the thriftiest and finest trees we hare ever seen were planted by setting the younjr trees on the very eurfaoa of the ground and throwing soil enough upon the roots to give them ample covering If this be oonsidercd an extreme plan, we do not doubt it is a much safer one than that of burying the root* very deeply in holes. Apples, Pears, Quinces, Plums, Cherries, Walnuts, may be ?i- s_ ?t-- * -?' T>? |ii?uw<i u<?uw(jv?ijci; 111 ma tan. reiH/Dei. Aprioau, Nectarines, may be better deferred till early pring. Raspberries. Currants and Gooseberries may be planted The two Utter grow very readily from cuttings, which may be put down now. Every family should have a few fig trees planted on a Southern exposure gainst a wall. They bear well in this latitude without protection, but a few might be sufficiently protected to ensure a crop. Pruning.?Apple, Pear, and other hardy fruit trees may be pruned this month it convenient. Strawberry Bed?If the old Strawberry bed has not yet Been attended to, have it thoroughly cleaned of weeds, grass, Ao., and well dressed with good manure. tfraye l tues.?These may be planted now, or may be got from the nursery and well protected in trenches till February. Staling.?All newly planted trees should hare well driven stakes and be bound to tbeui with wisp< of straw. FALL MANAGEMENT OF GRAPE VINES. The month of November, after the leaves have fallen ofi, is the beat time to prune vine*. There is no difference of opinion at all on this point with experienced grape grower*, and it must be done in the fall to succeed well in grapa culture. The principle should be fully understood. ?v~ r.~:> -?? * ? ' luo nuiv ut UMI Jfcnr IS lO grow ITOIil CB&69 01 this season's growth. Not one person in four who ha? grape vines on his premises seems to understand this important fact. They have read about it in tho Agricultural papers, but they paid little attention to it, and seldom or never acted upon it in pruning their vines. Select the best canes of tViis year for the next fruiting season, and cut out all the old wood, provided you have new wood enough that grows out near the base of the vino. If the new wood consists of laterals, (that is, the side canes or shoots of old wood.) you saould simply leave enough of these laterals to bear a fair crop next year, and cut back all the rest to one tye. The true system is to cut back everv other shoot, in th?t (!>? ??> ? year may be produced from the eyes left vpon the cane i thus cut back. This is the rtntwal system, wLioh is practiced as well upon the ids spars and can -a as on thofe that grow from the base of the vine. It matters not how you train your vines, whether to trellises, stakes or otherwise, this renewal system must be adopted in pruning, because no cane, shoot or tpur ever bears fruit but one season. The month of November is also the time to gather cuttings tu set in the following spring Let them be of well maured wood of tt is year's growth (but older wood will grow,) and cut them from twelve to eighteen inches long, with from two to four eyes, according to the length of the joints; and if you have but a few, tbey may be kept safely in the cellar, paeked in a Kn* in 1 (JVflM rcitK aorwl /> 1 1 * 7... vi n?iuru uio'.'i spre^'i among them compactly, so a* to exclude air The sand or the mold should ^contain just enough moisture to prevent the cuttings from drying. Sand is recommended by horticulturists, out I find that the soil of my garden does just as well aa sand; and I simply lay my cuttings upon the surface of the soil in layers, and cover them with earth (having too many to put into my cellar,) and they are preserved in excellent condition.?Genesee Farmer. TO PRKSKRVX SMOKED MEAT. How often are we disappointed in our hopes of having sweet hams during the summer, after carefully curiDg and smoking, and then sewIn'* thAm nn in Imm - ? 7 9 ? f - ? ""U nmvvnniuiug I Li C1X1 Noir this can be avoided by packing them in pulverized charooal. No matter hiw hot the weather, nor how thick the flies, hams will keep as sweet as when packed, for years.?Hx DRYING KdlBARB. Rhubarb drys very well, and when well prepared will keep good for an indefinite period. The stalks should be broke:, off wuile they are crisp and tender, and cut into picabout two inches long. These pieces should then be strung on a thin twine, and hung up to dry. Rhubarb shrinks very much in drying?more so than any plant I am acquainted with, and iucu r?9ciiidi? pieces or son wood. VY fteu wanted for use, it should be soaked in water over night, and the next day simmered over a slow fire. None of its properties appear to be lost in drying, and it is equally us good in winter as any dried fruit. Very few varieties of rhubarb are tuiUble for drying, as most of them contain too much woody fibre. The best kind for any purpose is the Victoria, when grown in a suitable situation. The Mammoth is worthless, owing to its fibrous nature, as are also some other kinds. TO rBEPARE MUTTON RAMS. The following is trom the -'London Field" : One quarter of a pound of saltpetre to half a pound oi raw brown sugar; make them very but nnd rab into leg* Jt mutton over night. Next morning salt them with common salt. Let the mutton lie about a week, move it over and rub in fresh salt, and let it remain another week in pickle. Then hang it up to dry. When dry, keep it in canvass bags to prevent it being fly-caten. N 15. Do not let the mutton lie in the wet brine, but place something under to rinse them from the dripp.'ng that will fall from them. TOMATIES FOR CHILDREN. There is no better remedy for derangement of the bowel* in children while teething than stewed tomatoes fed to them plentifully; care being taken to keep the child's extremities warm. Be careful to cover ita neck and arms, eapeeially of an evening; give it crushed ice to assuage thirst if possible, rather than give it water, avoid cordials, as tLey only produce fever The tomatoe* ought to be ripe and fresh, though the vegetable preserved in cans baa been used with great success. THE SHOE PINCHES. The Confederates seem to attribute all their i sorrows to the speculators, and piteh into thtm in the most vindiotive style. The Xorfoht Day Bool of November 15, says : Every disastrous circumstance, or any circumstanee that may possibly be construed into disaster te us as a people, ia greedily seised upon by them (the speculators) and at once offered as an exouse for the advance in the firice of an artiele which is no more affected by t than is the rising and setting of the sun.? As an iustanoe. we will relate that here in this eity, sugar, of which there is the greatest abundance, suddenly took a rise of four cents M A. J.. W.r 4 J-? 1 I VM M<? ? / wwiurv /QSIQIU T UWiOg, u it was asserted, to the burning of the bridges ia Tennessee. This is a specimen of the flimsy prete*u which art Mixed upon as apologies for aooarae of oondoot of whieh those guilty of it, may wall be ashamed Bat the poople are waking up, and are beginning to loot at the matter in its true light. Thar are not willing to continue tamely the vie Urns of a heartless olass who are ready to stoop to any and every means, however grovelling to grind them to the duat. Signs of u cloud already appear, whieh may yet break with horrible fury on the heads of theee grind* log, grasping Monopolists. Let it come! Thote who in snoh times m these can extortion on breadstuff and other necessaries of life, deserve any and every punishment which may be inflicted upon them, and the sooner it is inflictod the better it will be lor society at large. They deserve the scorn of every community, and should be spurned with a loathing such as we bestow upon any other slimy, creeping thing of the dirt beneath us. The Petersburg Express thus concludes a long tirade against the speculators : "Wo suppose that in the order of crcation every race of animated beings has, along with the noblest, the ignublest specimens of their respoctive productions. The hyena, the vulture, the shark, the scorpion and the human extortioner severally illustrate the worst side of our supposition, and we have about as much respect for one of these characters aa the other. "We are glad to see that the Tennessee and Georgia Legislatures are taking the monopolists in hind- Thej arc entitled to no favor themselves, as they show none to others, and if the offence of which they are guilty was made a penitentiary one, it would be all the better." All this proves that the people of the South have to pay ten prices for every article of consumption, and the onus is thrown upon tho monopolists. Arrival of Military EXTENSIVE MOVEMENTS. Yesterday was remarkable in tho city for the numerous military movements which took place, and the streets were lined and animated with crowds of soldiers passing to and fro. At an early hour there arrived the Ninetyseventh Infantry of Pennsylvania, under the command of Colonel Guess, and mustering 9il) muskets. They reached here by the Northern | Central Railway, and were forwarded to Anuapolis in a special train of cars. The next arrival consisted of 400 United States Artillery and Infantry, by the way of Philadelphia,Wilmington aud Baltimore Kailroad, and direet from California. The command arrived in the Pacific mail steamship California at New York. In pursuance of an order issued by the Adminstration the barracks recently vacated by thi' regiment are occupied by the State militia, who are, iu fact, the guardians of California soil The unusual sight of such a number of United States Rcgui.._? _:.u . r..ii i i ?.?t-:? ?i v - lais, nuu a lun unuu, uaiuuiug luruuj^a 106 city was a sight expected by very few persons. Notwithstanding its last service in California, and the fatigue of the journey, all seemed in good health and spirits. The following contains a list of the commissioned officers: Lieutenant Colonel C. ?>. Merchant, ThirU Artillery, commanding; Lieutenant Kipp, ?4jutaut; Lieutenant K. Warner, Quartermaster; Assistant Surgeonc John Milhan and Henden. Artillery?Company L ?Captain Judd, Lientenant Sinclair; Company II?Captain tituart; Company M?First Lieutenant W. A. Winder, and Lieutanant Williston; Comvany C?Captain Livingstone; First Lieutenant Ilalden; be?ond Lieutenant Jcmes Gillis; Company G?Lieutenant G. B. uandy. intantry?company K?Captain ilendrickson; C mpany G?Captain Bootes; Company E?First Lieutenant llpham. The third arrival was the New York SixtySixth intantry, Coionel Pininey. They alio arrived by the Philadelphia Railroad, and inarched to the Camden Station. They musU*r 7ul musket?, are accompanied hy a fine band, anc' all well equipped, They are a fine, soldierly-looking boJy of men, and highly disciplined There also reaohed hero in the course of the morning the Fifty-first Kogitnent of infantry of Pennsylvania. They muster 94i) musket", and arrived from Harrisburg by the Northern Central Kailroad, and are ordered to proceed to Annapolis. A special train was ordered, and last evening they were about getting under weigh. About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon a de4...u ? c..- i J iwuiusui ui uvv uuuurca sailors, Doiongiiig to the Ellsworth and Naval Batteries, arrived here at the Camden Station from Washington, and were to leave for C^iro, 111., by the Northern Central Railway. They were under the command of Colonel Wainwright.?Baltimore Amrricati. Affairs in W>?tffn Virginia. From Wayne ano Cabell Cocxties.?By passengers who arrived yesterday on the steamer Liberty, we learn ihat the report ttiat fjur thousand rebels wero marching on Ceredo ii false. It is ascertained that no such force ui liiinuirjr una uueii .uen in mai vicinity Only some low straggling squads of cavalry Lave been discovered by our scouts. Colonel Zie^ler, of (he 5th Virginia regiment, kept his position at Ceredo, and did cot fall buck on CatleLUburg, Ky., as reported. At one time after the burning of Guyandotte, Colonel Z. collected ai 111 Any us iiftoen hundred men at Ceredo, consisting of the llome Guards of Grayson, Ashland. Ironton and other paints alon^ the Ohio. He is now holding Ceredo vim aooat 4<>u men, ana is inrowing up some temporary fortifications. The most intense excitement prevailed along the border in consequence of the Guyandotte affair, and the rumors which filled the air immediately afterwards. It is the general opinion now that the gecesh will not attempt another raid on the border, knowing as they do that the Union men are fully aroused to a sense of their danger. A gentleman from Larbouraville, which is about fifteen miles from Guyandotte, saw the rebel calvary pass through that town on their return from the attack.?They had forty-two of Whaley's men tied upoii the horses, and were moving along at a rather rapid rate. GEORGETOWN ADVKRT'MTS MASSKY. COLLINS 4 CO.'S wr. LAPEk?.HJ 4 4 FJ? HTalk. if c iioto jaofc i run ?ou tt Hlippiy Ul LliO BDUV0 AiB, wbioit we recommend to be of & very superior quality. Persons wishing to purohase. by making immediate apphoation, o&u be furnished. ARN\ * SHINN, no 7 Georgetown, JUST RECEIVED10 hhas. prime i'orko Rioo SUGARS W !:bis. Uidlis WHISKY, t*< bbls. HERRING and ALEWIVES, to bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, su bags Rio and Java COFFEK. 10 hlids.(!ow-prioed) MOLASSES. For sale by JOHN J. BOGUE. Mil COMFORT. COMFORTS, COMFORTS.? The subsoribfirs have in st^re 2,nio Single and Doable Bed Comforts, at low beams. n<? 16 1 w JAS. C. MoGUlRE A CO. A ATTENTION. SUTLERS! RMY GI.OVES! ARMY GLOVES!! ARMY GLOVES!!!?Just opsned and fur sa e, aU varietiAa a< (Itirtlrsilr i n an/1 *ikaA??Wi ? C ?-J r? ? * "va ^ WH WliVU^O?iU UIUVUB ?'1U V* *UUllat*'l7 , J- B- HASTINGS k, CO., no 16-tf ^23 I) St., .Philharmonic Building. N? , ? ^EW MILLINERY. OW Opemnis. ohoion a??ortment *f Fall and Winter KONNLTH,oouaprisin, the ne*Mt^(\ an 1 must desirable ?t>! -s of th* season. at^O HUTCHINSON & Ml'NRO'S Fancy Store.5^ 310 Fenn. avenue between 9th an* loih streets, where the ladles wili find Mi?s Thompson preps red to execute promptly ail orders intrusted to her. no 16 fit wallower's produce store. .7 ? , n **2 Eight strft. Hotel#, Board tic Houaee, Restaurants, Sutler*!, and private families, wn bs supplied at lowsat rash prioen, with Freeh Butter in oae^un4 2"nt anil roll, Applee, Ponitrr, Ekk?, Dried Fruit Buokwheat, M?al, Potatoes, Omoni, Oati.&' _ j. wallowerTjr. no 16 frr* A.. REEL. AtL 1CASH NOTICE. N t onM^aence of our Having to say cash for prerv artiole of food* ire pp roh&se. ws are foroed

to reduce oar business to <2a*h exclusively, for the %Otl D* * >!* Ti mA ? fi --- ? ?. ??u ?uu i?nn n., )<1 Mwt*l. h R?e>iK.) rnn i> o z k n ~~ ~~ , ARMY SOCIS, Cheap for Jv9 PMmaylvftniAftv., no 15 St* Optoilt) Wilitrdi', F THE DOIXAK 8TA1S INDUCEMENTS TO CLUliS' tfOW is THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullrit and Most Reliable ?(fw? (rein the Seat of Governmout! Heading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The present year 1* undoubtedly the mo?t eventful in the political history of this country, and the recsed of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis Is natarailv oi striking and remarkable interest The public desire to receive prompt, and reliable accounts of aH that here i| most, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wiah of tbe public the paoer has beq^?hanged from a quarto to the more oonrenlent folio shape, and now appears a handsome shett of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prej*ar<-d Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It ia our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the lar^st and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be The Be^t Family Wxekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and goesip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whate%*er may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, atid rt.e U. S. Agrir.ultural Snri^tv fxarrlf*nini/ And H*vrtlr?nltiir*? also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also. Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new Inventions issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling; variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Nkws and tiofc$iP our sptciahty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be l<etter to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers SI .00 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cent*. Addritis W. D. Wajlach, Publish* r of the S>t?vK, Washington, d. c., witli subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded frit's. i^uusiUij, colds, hoarsenk-s, jto. Vv TYLEIi'S com m ufid s yt< dp of c u?i a r a Fir. This r e??an? am) popular C -ugh Ramody haa bseii *o loEg known and extensively mod that most peraona have beoomo fua< liar n ith its extraordinary effioaoy. It can be ha>l at all tho principal drug a tores, at 2.5 and 50 cc-nte a bottle. oo JKtv SOMETHING NEW ! yu/gawii t ducovxkt At 'J81 C street, oppoiite^^Qj^j trie r. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell aud Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a ro&At) in twomtmu'tt, tkt tasttit time on rtcurd. Ca . Mid see, Tho undersigned re?pootfj.Iy infertile his friends ia tUe i>istriot, aud v.Eitors l<> (lie citf, that be har rehited hie old and wki.l-ucown kbtabi ishmknt Hi * ruosi tnorouKh inn.;.err. and has ir.&do cuinplete arrauROTT.or.ta t" furiitBh OYSTERS ia any stylo and in any quantity, cwi to .W ga Ions shuokod per day. 2 ow to S.l?? can* ol' 5*pic<w and h resh put up ''ally??an? hermetically s^jtleu. Furnished m the elieh l?y ihi ~u.i6ae or l.arrol. Persons viehitig to have Oysters furniekad rejularl* tlirou-h the xrintpr. at Baltimore prices, without fear of failure, should call and mi&e arrv A #;.?? iaui -in a? w.. o. 4 I 'lftn. nine, rtiiu muru'j caved by iiurchas'.n: of nie. a? I funnel. an article ' ^u&! to the celebrated Baltimore establishmanu, at pricoB just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Carned Meats, Lobsters, ^ardines, Clams, btraw berries, Tomatoes, Fl**' F'*et, Tnpo, Ac. Ao., Ao. Alto, Ptokioa, C&ttfup, Saaoos. ilrandy Peaches, Ao. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lfibst-rs. Cod. Halibut, Ac. In fact, eve> y tlane for sale in the Northern markets always on hit Ml, at reasonable prices. Hoteli and families supplied with Oystors, delivered wiihout ob&r<e any *ari of the District, in teasob. it the mossy is sent with the order. My estab ishmeutis open from 6 a. m. to 12 at night, overy cay, tioept Sunday, when 1 close at iu o'clock a. m. se27 T. M. HARVEY. TCARR1A6E8. Hli Subscriber having made additions to hit laoiory, u aovr one 01 me largest,. jwa fci in the District, where hi* faciiitieswgpKSr for manufacturing CARRIAGES and "P %+- > LIGHT WaGONS of sit kinds cannot bo snr pas*>i,and from his ions experience in the business, he hopes to give general sanslartion. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kept on hand. All REPAIRS dons, and aJ order* prompt.y attended to. Secci.d hand Carriage taken iu exohtace for D?vcd^. ANDREW J. JOYCE, i\ 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and K sts. BILLIARDS! nU Ll The lovers ' ' * of the GAME OP BILLIARDS will find is L'MDiniltU its t > umuivn o r IIICj IUkiiLi| Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street, (south tide,) tiro of the most admirable TABLES in the United States, with every oomfort and convenience an >-tf tor the players. SOMETBIN9 KEW-SUPERIOR HVLLKD CORN.?The subscriber, having cot tae&genoy to supply Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully asi of hi* friends, and the public at large, to sit* it a trial. Alio, Popped Corn, plain ai d sugared. WM. DRADLY.Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer ol Marble Mantles, Monuments. Tahlo Tr??? *i?.? ? I ?.i * "-V4 A wiuMiuiuuouiii wiyi on hand. ^ l9 ^ M"MKRAc5AVN-f?ii1i!^yAL AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, ^S*B?NTLEIVEW CLOAKS &.*->? jsawBsa?L>r,9*? very cheap, AH out ?* * *r**t b?r???n, AU kinds of Dr.-G.~j,. gyjgl^ ^ No. 36 Centra! Stores, - Between 7th andtthau.. no 15 2w , Opposite Center Market SHAKER, WELSH, ana a.l other kind* of Owhite and ooiored Wooi Flanco .* wL^h^\^tT\'S99TPf>tion FJanne'?. of Army Weight," bleacued and nnb:eaohed We are daily opening ae eet Dry Good* in all the department# of oerrent want*. oair, marked in plain fifaree. yu^utM, uar?eu. Uurf?tn?, *o., floor*. tiixr0'0"* mmra^hr u I -?w ^^skks&-. i J> ' 1 M t , ^ OH K LOCK II V9 HIT A L( H*t 4ittftr*d tit mtori (Vmw. Sp* ,dt *nd Eftetual Kfitig m lit World, FOP ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET HO EALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OK SO CHARGE, IN t'ROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. W*ekc*u ?? E*s*. SirtctcrM, ilteiiwa th? Kid an ?o j Buaui: ... t :u:. >:? lji*ci.arf ?a, Ii:.po;tbCT. Uaaar?t Dability, N?r.?pu?r.??t, D?aPapar, L&rroor, ConfMine af ld?-ia, Low SflTJ, ? ptfeuou of tha H*?rt, Tiiuimiy, Traiablii (a, ihiuitu ?' 8if3tur Giddmaaa, D**aaaa of tha Iliad, Tiiroi'., or Star, ifictnmof tha Lnp, Stotnua or B ?ih?t? T*rru n DurJf r? >n?>f Iroa Solitary Hal. ta of Ycc-h?-^??? : ? Mt *i;d Dt?'ruc:i?a Praeticaa wi.tch rtt. Jar Marnaja in;:'?.. , , and dat.rov b?lh Bad* and Kiud. TO UNO MEN whahaaa lecona -Jit ?ic*.rna af 8c.i;arf Tlca, that dra: dfai and daatrncuaa habit vnich a.jneii.y avaapa ta ?o cmmil!; frm r ta-aia of You: g Man of tba neat aialtad talanfa and britiiuu imallret. who might aOiarwua bi*i autraacad Uatao-uf 8an?iaa with tha thaodara of a.?csacca or w*kad ta aca-acy tha living iyra, may call w>ta fall cantdanca. MARKIAUE. MlfcftlKD P?rs?**, or YoBt.f Man caoiamp'.iuof Mar nas?, ciinj r.strt ? pi rai-a! veaineta, rfinie CeaiutT, deform tie*. Ac., apeedj* curtd. K? who places hitn**if co.ler the ?f Dr. J. way relifi ?i.y eorfade in his honor a* a fSbtleiain and csatdaaiiy n!) Bpon hu skill u a physician OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. left hand side going from Baltimore street, * fsw doort from th# corner. ri 1 not to ot.ser?e i.aiaa tod mabir. Letters matt be paid and Cor.tain a eiatnp. DR. JnHySTO.V, Member ef ths Royal College rf Scrgeene, London, rradaat* from ooa of the nioat eminent Collegia 10 the I'nmd State*, and th* rreater part of whuee lif* has t een epei.t in th* noej>ii-l? of Louden, P.ria, Philadelphia and elsewhere, ha* edecte4 *cte of the most ieumishu*g rare* that v*r* *T*r kr.nwo; many troubled with ringing in :hs head and nri when ?rr r, r?.->.nansti al..1 _. eaddeu mui4i, jiehfCli eae with fre^aent auer.ded eotnetunee won emtot of mind, were ccred uiiica<UUl}. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE V?Wu(r Mm ?na othen ? t:ii h\?i n tared tfceirae'.aee ky a eeriaiti prae'joa i?4'j!geJ la shea aiui.e?a habit frencencly learued It'H> aril coiup imona, or at aciwol, Uia ?1I? J of vbicn are iiiybtiy felt ??e;i when aeleep, and if Dot Curat, rendera marriage iri,po?.ibl*, anl deatroye both nuud aid hody, ahoUd apply iiiimedi.itelT. Three are aoma of the ea<l and melancholy effecte (reduced by early halite of aoatit.Tii: Weakneea of the B*ck and, Paina iu the Head, Diioneea of Might, Loaa of Powar, P Jjiution of ira Haart, Dyapapff, N'arroaa irritabilitf, Dara.gcmaat of iht i>ir?o?a Fttocuona, uiuril Oct iuljr, Syrjiftoir ? of Cor.iBniDtion, 4c Th? f?arfal il?tu on tht mind er? niich t< ka omdcd?Loti of Mtniorj, Coufanou of I Jaia, Dcrraaaion ?' bpirita, K?l! Ki>r?l??l:i ? Anrilot of 8ociet?, flalf-Dia unit, Ik ?? of SoiiiBdt, Tixoi' aomt of th? a?ii? proiBCtd. Nmtui'1 Dmilitt.?Thpfc?iu<? ctn :>aw )adfa what ia tha caaaa of th?ir dtclimng aaiih, loau.r imir ?ifor, 1 acorali g weak, j i!t, .?r?oua ?;.d aiaaeia'.aa, ha?ti.j a aiogalai apfuaruca abosi iha ayta, coagb or aymptoma of ccitan.pDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin tha nii?{Bid?d *tid lmfradcct Totaryof plaaaara lad* r? rik* in -nil 1 aaeaa of tb>a p>inti. dnt -?t, it >o of . a a hap p?aa that an ill-tiv.tJ ?>;?? f ?h*i ? i r 'ir?.id of d:aco?ary dotara him frcra applj ifg to tboaa ?iw, frvm adacalion and raapacubility, con aiooa bafrttnd Lu.i. ha fa..? into tha bu.oi of i r.nt &n<? dnigci: g prt'.endara, vbo, ic-.ap<tbi* of caruir, filrh bia pacmuary aabot&nca. katp bin tnting moct!i an?r c.oujh.or u U-nr aa t. ara&llaat fat can ba oltamad, at>d in daapmr laa?a ntm with rt mid haalta to a rt ar ma faUuif dia'.ppcianaan:; or by tha a** cf that d??/ f poiaon?Slarcnry?J.\at?n t!?a Co atiiat <: il iynirtonn of th:i tarrilla diaaaaa, acch -a A Jactioua of -J.* H?a.t,Tbr?ei, Haad, km. Ac., profraaauif * r-b frightful rapidity, ull daath pa.a a pariad to hia ar*a.df?f aaflarinfa by aacdiif bi:at e th*t an* ciKoTarad coaotXT 'iki whoa* bain:a no ratarna. DR. JOHNSON'S KSMEDY FOti ORGANIC WEAKNESS A\D IK POTENCY. By tbia fru: and iicportaat rtmady vaik^taa / tba organ* art *paad:ly ctr*< anc fall Tif?r raa.*rtd. Tooiu-nia of it* ioai uoTTa'aa t abiiiuilid, ?to tad lot', all hop*, hav? ?tao t&mt'lclaly r*!it?td. All lmpa'liictou to Msrriag*, ftyatcil o* P'aaUl Du aaal:te-.var? Lata or F?traaUfa Pavai laiTaaa !mi?kiin? Ttaabiuif aa< Waa.fcuauar KlliUMiif ik? km f?tr:.i kta? icitauy cutd. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS TBI Mini TxocsA^Di zuiti tt U>ia iniii;a:i*n wit'im U* iut MTtcittn Jf r?, and th? uaracaai impartaat iarj ?*1 aprrauai.i par'annad by Or. J?v iuri, wijhm?S t; u? rap ?rta*a W th? pipara ana rontiy e;aa? ririo i, r.? jc?? ( Mtil?b hara - Jpauaii Ifnir vaa ? js.-n Lc 'art tfca J"*i. itt :daa <ua liAr.diug u i (?l jtu?; et: ractar and r?*} ?l?ih'li'y. It t ntc iL: jxarti la tha .Sictad. mar li l? NOTICE. ? AUAALft' KXP&tlftS CW.HPASY." Th.j Company o3ere ta tna eublio" Unequalled Aavantares'' for the Sale aac Quck iJ.apatoh of Heavy ! :eights Packages, Vaiuablei, Money, Jto. &'i., to all part^ of the United Htato*. ) spreteF"? 1 1 {.-on. rhe >'o!th and West Popart ""irr? and amv? tt Washington twioe daily. Ail Kip ear** are la chart* of txr^rumttd and. Aii Packages for The SoHiera earner tvt "oils halt" oil? ueuai rates. All fio; il# for '.! ? ro-cal ad "Cor. federate Siat?*" a? i v' Art:; !p> ' C u'-a'-ai; i of War ' tt: l>e Kefsskp. Uu Exp-?esf? ,f*v* N w ^ ..rti V. 1, 5, an' C P. Vi., arriving m \\ a*:?;.-*tou at 6 A. M. aito *>.M P. At. KiP'Mtw .*are P(iUa-leip;.iaat s.fn A. !. ana 11 P. M., an* '15 ii. Wa^Minton at ISO P. M.aii-' 6 A.M. F OK ^ ' >*> Hnirire ai. 4 2T> A. M. aud 3 P. Vi. r r VII, \V<i. . at 6 A. M. a&ii !> 3' t'. V.. :Ufrie?riore \<>rt] anl vv t ?ave Wahi.mcti.u at ".j \. M. an: ?..:*> I'. M. da.::* Special Contract* : ' ar<* ^uai ti'Ma of trcifht can t>9 mvii ?u at p caiiou u? this < All <Joo?s can 9 J lor u..' vie .wr< ! ft of Lxtra ohargoa. K. \V, :iu?'t At'M..r' J-.xj>ibMi Cc.ripsny. _WaMhiartor. Au;:i6t ?2, IfeCl. aa w-U Vt WOOD AND COAL.. OU W'!i ' Crs!t nt jcr. w.ukj'i *r.-rth t.j calling at *ho PiONKKK KtLLSttnttMH if Ktr <tf&tvtnt% ttriu a?4 OtMi, <01-0. CUflk. I Ace.ii.i it.ct bp'' ot'k&por ani eivo utor Measure tUin r.t:i.>ra ia tus wty?cut. i ; ; a:.4 uai.*srwd ireeof atiBrje. Ij idb dot t . ,i?e IJje Pioneer Miiia a tu?., ar4 be **u?fie>d. lltr fJOUfi A.KD TfO rai* VU ? e r-rr Tr.-r. j'? i: L'l'OTJ 1X4 eK! ?!',?, -'.a > ..: :* ;oaei> i.i f ft * ti^'i o! r<**..:. v? i 'X -? ?rery ^ !*f?gu i. ei-i .m .'; 1 j oiJ?r, &nd vtiiv fgL f be 40.ii ti & .. .3.1 luwt.- v.iO?i^u i.4a w?.:* wV ke.oto're oh&ts?d iu iiua aiCj fer i~soh Uiferi.i trpcrs</.i* in ir^rl n! bt*c-s r?..a S! ..: puiem ?-r alty voi t, *i . r . -:4 a cood asrorfliaa ta cvore&rti at t? lovsal j-ve*?. 6; re aa ? <aU. 21FP1N * uliO., 1 ?? ? * ? ? ?* AMY bUPPMl^fc " J USTn ECKIVKn ?sncat>? SAlJSA?l, MK AT. ?40caaa FRBM4 TOMATOES, 48io&m FRESH VEAL, sa> BEEF, l* vk<u% 240 cans ROAST BKiiF, >60 cwm F11ESU ;-i pTTON, i MO cMis BEKFarJ (;R AVY, HD w,i fe.j'JFfcad BOU1LLI, Keuei FRENCH DE831CATED VECIi TAHLESi F?i sale at New i'or< Faotory trine*. KINO A BL KC1II.LL, ?e % Corner I and j-iftaeati: htreeu. HNEW BOOKS. I8TORY of tho Ur.iifd Netherlands, by Joha Lothrojp Motley; 2 vols.; froe b? toail, It. The Rice cj the Dutch Republic, & hiatory. by John Ltctkrop Motley; I roj cioth; free by mail, Silas Marner, the Weaver of Rarelol, by Ute author of "Adam Bede cloth ?Hc?uu ; paper fD Life and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Sarieant; After ioeberna with a Painter.a Summer Yoyare to Labrador and Kewioundiand, by He* Loaia L. Nobe: flJ^ The Mauufhetare of Photoremo or Hydro-Carbon Oils. by Thomas A&tisell, M. D.; 11.7*. Any of the above free by mail. FRENCH tt RICHSTEIN, a? a* 87H Penna. avenne. W HOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within the last day or two ft larce assortment of BOYS' 8PR1MG CLOTH 1NG. embraoinc all styles of low-pricod, medium, and fine ?ualities, which we are sell.n* atTary low arices for oasfi. WALL. STEPHENS & CO.. _ 393 Pa av.. between sJth and lftth ?t? ren nnu?!ht?no?r and Remblican.) WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a larce aaeortmentof6REYand BLUE PLANNKl OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRT** DRAWERS. CAMP BILLNKETS. HAL F - H08 K7ko~, jri).oh we'invite all caafc Mronaaera to examine before m&kibg their aeieobon*. wall. Stephens * co., _ ... ,, S33 Pa. a*., between * h and lath ?u. in t2 flnteilnenoer and Ra?nhu?*n < r|UPONT'S GUNPOWDER, a. DUCK WHEAT PLVURT CLKO "^CrWHEAT FLOUR. oc it r CR^S^J1l/^fceELL. 00 " Cormt V trmoat >*. mna im, ?t. UAMBUEO CHEESE! ^.k-o 1 Hamburg chelsl? BOO lbs.Huibarf Che??? two y ar? o <L ?-d KIN? A BUKCHM.i,. op It CtBt V trooal at. %_<1 U?_u it, THE WEEKLY STAR nn nitlM rtmuy u4 Nawt Ja?Ml eafeliiac vwWy ?r f??n tmi la* thu eu be fonad la m Hk> U fiWMH n Friday aorntac TUJU?Ct*4, ttvarMdir, I* Umw, Bia^le cc;y, per ui am -H ? FtTC #apUi ( 7* lea t ? ^w^aty*Sve roplfi. ! ? ??? li ii II lawUbly cnalalua tt? " Waablaftaa N?wa1 kta? kaa m*de Tkt ifiif Star itlNllll H> genet iliy ibrougbcut ifce coat try. C"Pl?* ' ?~ '? orivd at coartrr, tmmolliWy ?f*rr the of tfc- paper Price?THR RE CENTS. llbLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIGHLY CONCENTRATED" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Puittrt m?d Syirijb Rrmtdf For Dimmm of tfco B1.A.DDER. on a vpt ? SlCALgvV KLLINGS. """ Told Ico'Nim tb? ^)T*r of Di(MOM , ? d *vo;t <? the *i?oi??ht? into t?fttk} ftetioa. by wk:c tiPW*niT(i? c*LTKmocn 4*poMtKaf, a id ft 1 1-5n411ral KMLaEfilM ?ht* ftr? ndirM. ft* W-il U PAIS AND INFLAMMATION, ftftd U |lM ?r MEN, WOMEN. OK CHILDREN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCHU ... . . ,For >>e<U>n?a*#a Amine bom Ex*rarea, Htbita of DiMtp&tiok. fc-wiy I?ditorAtio? or AHm*. j Attend'd uri'Ktke J-oUowimg Symptomi: India portion to fciertion, Lom of Powr. tesrt&sr- u,s<*"",'TB-7:r-3Hi rwruf Di?rtn, WUtfiiiiMt! DimrHHiapf Vicion. Pumn tba Bact' L*"*0" of th? Maifuiir >>jat?in/^ SSAVirik.?... ?!ivSK HStet PALLII> CornTKHftNCC. l hose sy mpti'uj*, it a towed to go on, whick Una me?:o;ne inv&n*biy removM, aoon foiowa impotkncy. fatuity, kpilkptic ppi*. 1? one of wktrA tkt Panent may F<rpir? Who did ray ts?? t br* are not Motif followed bj th089 ,,DlRK?tL I1IIAMI," " INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION.** Miai are aware of tbe niw of their ufT?rm?, BI T !IONl WILL < OMF???. THKKECOtllWor THK INSANE ASYLUMS And tk< M<i*mehely ltftkt by Ceenmwtea, BX*K AXfLl WITJI*** TO THK TkVTB Ol TVS iMunoa. THK CONSTITUTION ONOK AFKECTBO WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Reqnirss th? aid of meUioine to ctreofthra ud Irruorate the Sf*t*K which HELMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU %n p#fiA6iy dots A TtlAX WILL COXVIKCB THt MOAT ?*.*PTICAU FEMA LE8- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Ajftritont Peculiar to FtmmUs the Kxtract Bucbo > bdm ua led by any other r??cdy, at in Chlorous or KetokUi n, lrr*gui*nty, P?.n fu ties*, or ^cppreaaion of Customary trwUM.OLf Ulcorateo or i*oJnrroBe atate of the I'terua. Leuoorrhea or Wtutee, Sterility. awl for all oomplauita incident to the aes, whether arteiag from luuiaoreuoii, Hauit* of DiaaijattOB, or ia the DECLINE OU CHANGS OF LIFE*. SI BTMPT.lHe ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Takt no mart Balaam, Merevf, or Unpltatmmt Modtctue fat L'n pleasant and DmmgirauM . Di statu. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCUV ctin SECRET DISEASES Ins. their Stages; At little Kxf*n**( or no oh&age in Diet; No uMonveniMio?i And no r, Xfosure. It o&u?oe a frequ at deaire &Ld pr* strength to Uriu&te, thereby R*-m .ring Obitr uotioc*, Freventing nod Curing etneturee of the I'rethm, AllSfinc r&in&bd lntl*n.uiiuo?, no fr s*uent in tue eiui ot d mk1 txpellU* Po**<mout, Diseased, and worm out llmtiar. TU.lCSANI? VPOH THCtSAJID* WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, fc.i l irt o are pft.. ; Ktavy/?i to lieoure4 in aabort Ur.;e, u?vi Ijucd thty vera dtotivM, ud thfct the ' poi*or?" bu, by the tee of'powtr/h.: ajtrtmttmn b& a Cri'ii up in the cyatem, to breM cut in M Msr,.Tilted form, uud PERHAPS AtTKR MARRIAOM. V*f HLLMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU &!. &tfeebon* and diseaa ? of the URINARY ORGANS, whether exietirj in MALE OR FCMAlt, from vrauft- r cvuse orif wAt'.ag uo?a no 'i'"*' of llOVT LONG STANDING D;s:-?uea of those Orc&Qa re* .ire U.e ud of i D>HELMBQLD'S LXTKACT BUCHU t .J it 1* oerti.n to bave the deairad affect in i>ist ;^ek/or ve\u* it i-> rtcomtniHard. TISSMCK OF THE MObT RXSPOHSIBLS AUD * LIABLE CHARACTER wiW accompany the mad 1 emeu. CERTIFICATES OF CIKK8, From 8 to 30 jcar* *tar.dis(, W th Nam?B knew* to SCIENCE AND FAME. uPHYSICIANS" PLXASK" NOTICE." YTB KAJCB "HO SBCKBY" OF "WOHEDIBWTi.' HELM BOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU ib ccmpoMKl of Bvehn. Caboba and Janiper Barnaa. aieotad witn treat oara by a oompetent druuitt. PRKPAKKn ik VAntrn ? ? ?- - ? MV BY K. T. UELnBOLD, Practical aud Analytical Cbenuat. and Sola Manufacturer of HELKBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. Is AFFIDAVIT. Personally ajpeared oefore ma, an Aidaraai ot the oity of Pmiade.phia, 11. T. Uilx?oi.i>. who bemg duly awcrn, doln *ay. hi* preparation* ooataia no mercury, or otner mjurioaa drugs, but are purely vegetable. H. T. HKLMBOLD. Swore and aabaonbed before me, this ?** November. 1854. WJI, f. HI BBKkD. Alderman, Nlatt el.. aaove Kaoe, Pliia. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M TO 8 P. M. Price SI par battle, ar alx tor |A, Delivered to any addreaa, aaoarely paeked froa. BHMWIOa. Add re** letters for Infonn&tioe ia oonftdeaoe to H. T. HELMBOLD, CUmist, Depot, 1M Soetk TetU ?L, below Cheataet, f kite. BEWARE OP COUNTERFEIT* AND UNPRINCIPLED DEAL MM* who endaoTor to diraoee **of tt?r etre** u4 "utuer ' ertiolM on Ue rf nteuon Mtttoetf tn HumboldU Gtnuin* friy?r?w?l, " ** Eztrtt Bmckm, " " " 8m$mpmriUm, " lmfrtmtd JUm (Tut. Sold br s. B. Wajtb. Z. D. zutAji, Joui Wilm. 8. C. Fobs, 8. B. Eittwistlb, B. C, MAJOR, Kxswsll k. L^vunrm. 4. R. lLiti Wuiunstoa tad Gwirjitm, AND ALL DRVQQ18TB XTSMYWMBMK. ASK FOR HKLMBOLO'8 TAKE 50 orm&. Omt MtltiM HW?II Mt mm tar h. A.ND AVOID IMpOS.riO.t MMt KXPOSVftM DmttHh Symptoms in mil Ctmwmmm ft?m. Cam SaanatMj t 44?*c? Ur%o%; H|rf . T* 4 - -- ' + *

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