Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. ff^Tbmifcb T?* *Ta* ta printed on th* fi??art tire in pn? In P?a aontb of Baltimore, |t? edition In ao Urge a? to rcqnira It to be pnt to preai at aa early boar: Advrttnm*?t<t therefor*, should be wat la before 1? o'clock w ; otb?rw1?e th*y may may not appear nnUl the next day. PaociiDtftaa or thi Citt Covhcil*.?Board %f Aldtrmtn. Monday, November 18tb, 1961 ? A ccmtnuniMtion from tbe Mayor nominating J.C. Wllaon for Truateeof tbe Public School* for tbe Flrat Diatrlct In place of R B Ironaldea. declined. (It will be recollected that Mr IronaldM waa rejected by the Board of Aldermen two weeaa alnce bv a Tote of avo? q ? .. a kl..L ? 1 0 - ?j %- , <ty UiAUA I ? Id) A communication from the Mayor calling attention to the useless condition of many of the flag footways in the city, from the increased travel over the streets, and recommending that they be Improved, was referred. A joint resolution authorizing the Water Registrar to sell for cost to the United States certain 4 inch water pipes for the use of the Government printing offi e, was passed. A resolution requesting the Mayor to furnish to the Board a statement of the entire floating debt of the corporation on the 26th day of August, 18?1, I wt< passed The nominations of Thos A Robinson for Su- ' perlnterdent of Sweeps In the First Ward, \Vm Smith for Scavenger of the Sixth Ward, aud lieorgs Fasnauabt for Scavenger of the 2d District of the Third Ward, were confirmed Mr Lloyd asked why the Committee on Police (Which reported favorablv on th? ? -? ? - -/ ? uvni ina* lions) did not make a report *n other Domination! submitted to them two or three weeks since. Mr Bavly (Chairman of the Police Committee) said that the nominations laving over were those of Clerk cf the Center Market, and other officers of the markets Tbey are important nominations, and the committee thought it best to inquire of those having and selling la the markets as to the fitness of the nominations, and went on to say that no better Clerk of the Center Market could 1 be nominated than the pseseut one, Mr. John Waters Mr Bohrer, as a member of the committee, I Mid the fitness of candidates ought to be inquired Into before a report is made. Mr. Lloyd contended in reference to what Mr. I Bayly had *&id that the committee had uo right to Keep back the nominations because they disapproved of them. Let them report?favorably or ' unfavorably?and let the Board act on the nominations His remarks, he wanted it understood, I applied to the other committee* holding back ' nominations Mr Moore (Chairman of tbe Improvement* Committee) aaid It wts necessary to inquire into the fitness of tbe candidates nominated before re- j porting on thrm Mr. Lloyd thought in three or four weeks the committee might ascertain the character of gen- ; tlenien nominated. Mr Moore said tbe Dominations referred to by J the gentleman had only been in the hands of tbe , committee three weeks. Communications of tbe Mayor nominating Jonas B. Kills as Trustee of tbe Public Schools ' for tbe 4th District, in place of Peter M Pearson, , resigned, Jacob Kleiber as Messenger to the , Ms yor and Register, In place of ffm ({ Locke, I . B. W. Ferguaon aa Police Magistrate for the tfth District, in plsce of Patrick McKenna, Woodford Stone for Canal Commlasioner, jn place of Wil- . 11am Wiae, G. W. N Newman for Commissioner of tbe Aavlum, In place of James 8. Holland, and Jno. McDevitt. in place of Georze Mstttncriv Were appropiately referred. t A communication w?i received from Samuel 4 E Douglas, Register of the Corporation, In an- t vrer to the resolution adopted ov the Board of Aldermen at the last meeting Inquiring whether any license- hav? been issued by this corporation 1 within the last six years without the money ther< - < fcr having been previously deposited, and if any, ] When and by whose authority they were issued i The Register says he has no information, nor has | there been any information in his office that any 1 llceniea have been granted without the necessary amount having been deposited, as required by law. 1 He then state* that he has no doubt many y persons have been doing business in therltv witL. 1 us licenses, and says that in consequence of the considerable increase of business here, great vigilance will be necessary on tbe part of the Police to prevent violations ot the law The report of the Intend&ntof the Asylum was referred back from tbe Committee and placed on the flies. Common Council ?Mr Callan introduced a bill making an appropriation of ?1W>, to procure photographic likenesses of tbe ex-Miyors of tbe City, to be preserved in the Mayors Office : referred to tbe Ways and Means Committee. Mr. Lewis introduced a bill for tbe erection of Ayres Are plugs at certain points, which was referred Tbe petition of Frank Whaleu for remission of flne, was referred. Mr Murtagh Introduced a bill to am?nd an act for the mow etflcieut orgaalziiion of the Public School*, referred to the School Committee Mr. Lewi*, from the Improvements Committee, reported a bill for making a general footwalk on Virginia Avenue, between South Capitol Street and 3d street, was paa*?d. A bill fir taking up and relaying a gutter on south aide of C, between loth and litb Street*, with an amendment bv the Alderman, waa agreed to, and passed. A bill tojabate a nuisance on North H Street, between 6th and 7cb, passed The Commtttee was discharged from the consideration of the petition of U. Ward and others relative to arching 2d Street near the junction, with the avenue, and it was referred to the Committeo before Congresi; also from the bill for repairs of certain gutters In the 5th W'vrd, which was referred to the ward delegation Mr. Shepherd, from the drainage Cdinmiit- - reported a bill for the relief of Cunning bam and A Boylan, passed. Also the Aldermen's . Mil, making appropriation to pay Wm M. { Ellia and Bro for certain Castings, waa passed. Mr MeGra'.h. from the Fire Department, re- . ported a bill authorizing the purchase of two thousand feet cf hose for the use of the Corporation, passed. p Ths Mayors Mes<age transmitting^ comsuni- t cation of the Commissioners or ttie Northern r Market relative to improvements in progress, a was referred to the improvements Committee. v Btlli /rem the Aldermt*. A bill authorizing v the erection of a Mone v\all on the square west b of square 623, and a bill for the Improvement of i Nortn CapsW Sereet, were referred. A joint re- 1 solution authorizing the Water Registrar to sell a a quantity of four inch water pipe for 'he use of S tke Gover meat Printing otfic*. and a concurrent b resolution setting Taur*day, tn? 28th lnst. as a y day of thanksgiving and prayer, were pa?sed- v Mr. Mniloy, from tbe Conference Committw on tl the Police Bill reported, recommending the ti hvw? w tvucui ia tur Aldermen i amendment, g making tLe?aiary of the police *4SJ per annum, ai lnatead of $JUO and ten per cent on money col- a leeted The recomminditlon w?? not approved, yeaa V, navs 10; on motion of Mr. Morgan another Committee wu appointed, consisting of 1 Mcaars. Moran, Wilson and McGratn. The spe- ^ ctal order, the report cf the election* Committee od the case of Grafton Powell, contestant for the v eat occupied;by G.T Kaub, member from the a Meond ward, was taken op The Committee recommended that Geo T. Kaub, who received t majority of the leg*1 vote* at the election in Jane last, be dec la red duly elected. .Mr 9hep- ' herd called for the reading of the report aud ac- * eompanying papers, after which the reports was r adopted by yeas 15, uay* 4, and the board ad Journed. ' CimtraL GraaDHocsi Casks ?Btftt'. Justtct 8 Ifs/Kr-VVm. Cu?ick, drank, dismissed; Mi- s ehael McHogh. drunk, Hue 11 58; \Ym Wood- f toy, (colored; bound over to Justice Doun; Geo * Cook, drank, flue 5?: John Maloney, drank c tad disorderly, tine S3 01, Arthur F Henrie, v drank. fln? 81 58; Alexander Hints, (colored) i, suspicion of larceny, dismissed; Jno. Donnelly, j drunk, floe i?4, Geo. Bell, dru.ik and disorer- u If, fae SI 01; Juo Koen, drunk and disorderly, fc 1m SI 04; KuL?t H Norman, out after hours, j like SI 58; Jno. Smith, oat after hours, line SI 5ft; Peter Doyle, diunk, floe SI 5e; Henry Wise, d sorderly conduct. fl>ie S5 04, Philip Hampton, dls- t orderly conduct, Sne S5 04; John Wilrtoo, dtsor- f, deriy conduct, line S5 04. Waiter Stewart, dlsor- c ly conduct, 85 i>4; John F Davis, drunk, fine SI; v Cha* Akdcs, d aorderly. workhouse OU dt vs; Fe- r llx Snyder, disorderly, flne SI; Jaa Snyder, disorderly, dismissed, Oliver Stewart, drunk, line * 1 5ft; Ed. Harrington, disorderly, t u rot d over to Um military. Four lodgers were accommodated. ^ Attention Is celled to the notice in another a column of a horse and busrirv stolen from the S street In front of tbe Treasury on Saturday evening Dmobderly Sold.ib? ?Citizen* of the First Want complain of the bad conduct of certain member a of a cavalry regiment (tattooed near Kalorama, wbo ride their horses through the streets at break-neck peed, firing platols and abo?<ting at ttu* top of tbetr voices To the terror of women and children. l)i?f atom ?The gre*t advantages arising from tke new arrangement of the time tables of the I ' Railroads connecting this city with tbe North are already being appreciated by onr people they being able to receive mail matter here at an early boar of tbe day dispatched from Philadelphia and New York toe same morning Aprtpet ?Our thanks ure due our enterprising frirnd G S. Becker, corner of r*f*th street and Pennsylvania avenue, fcr tbe PhiladeJphla Press ef to dav, delivered to us as early as ten o'clock thla morning I Til Ctiu.-Thf reports of dumgt to the canal fc>r the late frdbri in ibe Potomac bare Was moct exaggerated, and It is stated that tbe Mm baa can be fully repaired previous to the 1st / Derember?probably la tbe early put of I Pfgtireek. ^ < i Dkath? or SoLDiraa.?Tbc following aoldiera ' have died aliwe our laat report:? >1 Wm T Tyerell, company K, Second U . S. u cavalry, at the Circle Hoapltal < Frederick Schmidt, company O, ?h'rty fifth J Pennsylvania volnnteera ?t the iv-mlnary Hoa- ' pltal. Moaea Call, company 8, Flrat Michigan cavalry, at the Braptlva Fever Hospital. ! Rami McCheanev, company C., Tauth Fennayl- i vanla Reaervta, In camp. i Daniel Carpenter, company F, Fiftieth New York volunteer*, at Camp Lealey. C 8. Dearborn, company fi. Second New < Hampshire volunteers, si Columbian College A Leonard, company C, Flr*t Pennsylvania j artillery, at the Union Hotel. , James Q Baggett, company B, Seventh Maine , volunteers, at the Eruptive Fever Hoapltal. John Kelly, company 1, Ninth Majsachuaetta volunteers, Id camp. c Henry Albright, a musician of the Fifty-third i Pennsylvania volunteers, at the Insane Asylum Hospital; also another musician, of the same regiment, at the same place. I J. \V. Werth, company I, Harris cavalry, at J Columbian College ' Andrew Sandou, company C, Fifth regiment Excelsior Brigade, at the Seminary Hospital. G Klelnart, musician of the Fifth regiment Excelsior Brigade, at the Seminary Hospital. Comoral C.' \Vllis0v- pomiunv B. First Mtekl* pin cavalry, at Columbian College. 5 Prentice Gavlt, company A, Fiftv-second Pennsylvania volunteer*, at the Circle ftospltal. 9 Wm Blevin, company E, second U. S. artll- j lery, at Camp Duncan. Levi Davla, compauv D, Forty fifth Pennsylvania volunteers, at the E street Infirmary. b Peter Lynch, company D, Thirteenth Pennsylvania volunteers, at Camp Tennally. Thos. Dixon, company K, Forty-fifth Pennsyl- i vania volunteers, at Camp Casey. r J Groti, company D. Fortieth Pennsylvania t volunteers, in camp. s A private, name unknown, of company I, First -j Michigan cavalry, In camp south of the Capitol. ? Wm. Stonide, company B, Twelfth Pennsylva- , nia reserves, at Camp Pierpont. t John Kuenzle, company I, Thirty-fifth Penn- ? sylvania volunteers, at the Seminary. Reuben Wetzel, company G, Forty-seventh Pennsylvania volunteers, at the Union Hotel. J ft David Tanner, company H, 36th New York i voiunteers, at uoiumDia uouege. r E. VVillsey, Corporal, company B, 1st Mlchi- v gan Cavalry, at Columbia College. Junes H. Wilde, company IT, 45th Pennsyl vanla Volunteers, at Union Bospltal, George- town. Lieut George W. Snyder, United States Engineer Corps, at the Birch Hospital. The funeral t of the latter was attended by a company and the band of the 3rd Infantry United States Army. ^ Prisoners to bk Discharged ? Yesterday, by * ilrectlon of the Department, J ustlce Donn visited J tbe prison at the old Capitol and administered v it" oath not to bear arms against the Government luring the war to the following prisonersJ. VV Brant, J B Buckley, Randolph T. Grav, T. a A. Hamner, Jas Kershaw, A T Holmes, W C. Hayphers, of Ga ; Wm Davis, N. C ; Jas Silks, ? 3. C ; J S Burk, J. W Davis, J H. Howard, J J O Perkins, Wm A Prince, Robt. Paulding, I S Walker, of Ala ; Thos Hait, M. T. O'Keefe . 3f La ; Richard T. Poole, J B Driscoli, C H. y Knott, Saml. E Vaden, A C l.andstreet, Edgar H VI. Haycock, Wm. Mallon, Jno T. Moss, A G. r ryler, ofVa. and Geo Howard, of Md The r >tner prisoner signified his desire to take the oath it allegiance, which will be administered In due time. Domatioks for thk Army.?Capt. Daniel G , Ph.Mft O. 11 U V 1' C A V.' iivuiua, m .?- ii , v . c. aiujj, uwtrr? iu uiaic ;he following acknowledgment?from Mri. A. / 3. Hall, Washington. 2 Blankets; from Pitt*- own, Luzerne ?V Co , Pa., 7 Comfort*. y Prmkntatiojc ?Mr. Joi Kennedy, son of ?u- ^ j rintendent Kennedy, of the Census', wbo has rc- t sent'y received a conimisjiouas Captain In a company of New York Lancera, was last ev#ning pre- ' ented with a sword and sash by his friends Tte 3 presentation w*s made at biafatber'a realdenceby Mr John VV. Clampltt, of this city. \ As F.ffictkst Offickr.?One day last week a ' lumber of the New York Fifteenth Regiment. 2 *rbo are putting up winter quarter* near the y Navy Yard, volunteered to save the expense of a umber wagon, and carrv the lumber thems?lve? ~ n order, It is supposed, to get a chance to take a J lrink at John Smith's, on L street south, near f, Eighth street east At any rate a number plied fj heir boards In front of Smith's shop and went e nto a general row Roundsman Clark however tl juelled the disturbance and arrested one of the * nrty whom he took to Lieutenant Colonel Colejate and complained of the character of the I g louse The Colonel immediately detailed a file >f men who proceeded th the shop and emptied \ he liquor in the street, after which they tr.arch>d Smith to the camp where he was worked in k wheelbarrow for a couple of days The Colo- ^ >el on the following dav notified all the dealers n that section if he heard of any one telling or ? Civing liquor to his men he would serve them in V he same manner. u ? ? ^ caisisu 1.16HTH.-un lue evening of the 1?th ? nst . Mr* Virginia Kills made application to ^ Instice McKenna for warrants for Henry W. . '. lgtit, Eliza C. Light, Matilda Light, Hranson ( ..lght, Ann C. Light, Elizabeth McManua and p >ophia K reach. charging them with keeping a a lisorderiy house Juatice McKenna iHued the warrants and placed them in the handa of Ser- | reant Edward Wayaon, of the 9th Precinct, who n rith officera Pumphrey, Arnold. Fun, Luahy ei md Shelton, of the Metropolitan Police, pro- d] *eded to that section of the city, known aa Ha- 7 eltown where the Light family reatde The ofll- | era after a careful examination came to the con- a; lusion. that there were two many Light* in that f) lelghborhood and auccefded In taking the above ? lamed peraoua to the Eaatern Lock-up, where i hey were provided with Quarters for the night, hi ioratloR. Marvman their landlord went their fj ecurlty before Juatice Cull In the sum of S?2 60 . or their appearance on the following morning. | >n theae ronditiona they were relenacd and Ua- u eltown not .deprived of ita uaual number of ~ I rtkla 55 Caklotta Patti'? Cosickbt ?Tbe first ap- A earance In thia city of Carlotta Patti, which will ?k? place to-Digbt at tbe Tenth street Baptiit | hurcD,can scarcely fail to draw out all the mu- I leal connoisseurs of Washington, ea the Interest i? vblcb tbe axsoclatlons connected with her name m rould naturally excite, Is materially augmented A iy tbe high position accorded to her as au artiste * n thone cities in which she has already appeared. "he programme offered to night la one of great w ttractire power, Introducing, beside* Miss rattl, 01 ladame Strakosb, Signor Contimerl, tbe bari- ?ne, and Mr. Henry Sanderson, tbe talented I oung pianist. Tbe selections are of a highly . aried cnaracter, affording ample opportunltv for K- /---~??-l~ J1--1 * - - 1,1 i4" miw* i<iTUiauin uiopiay uj IDC pOWtTl or the y 'o'ipe Thills the only concert which will be (t iven by them and no time should be lost in ni ecurlng seats at Mr. Metzerott's Music store, as . great rash i* anticipated \ ??? ^ Kino's National Circus ?The performances fc o-night are of peculiarly attractive character? 4 "he original Ella Zoyara, of whom so many C pec-ilstive arguments have been advanced, and fho made sc. brilliant a deout last night will , pp<ar again to-night. She la young, gay and c leautifm, and executes her performances with G iste, power and chastneas. Those who claim to now insist that she it the most accomplished ? qtiestrienne the world has ever producea. We " xpect to see the Circus crowded" and Mr King bl eap a haivest worthy of bl* liberality in securing ei uch an artiste aa the fair and gentle Ella E loyara. _ Thiatir ?Herman, the great Prestidlgi'ateur, \ aslsted by a grand Orchestra, makes his second fa ppearanee at the Theater tonight Tbit celebrated erfurmer wboae feaU bareaafonithed the nobility I nd crowned heads of Europe, at well s a our own A Hi lent, entirely eschews ail mechanical contri- a ancea and in the absence of ai>y apparatus as'on- ihe* and bewlldera bis audience with bis le^er- * len>ain, not lu a darkened room, but with the G ight shining bright and full upon him, a.t with is bands alone and with apparent esse be pro- H ,uces effect unequalled by others with machinery w.i# . . r ?j * uu uttu a. o^uic ui tuiiituriain. u The Theater was crowded last night with a rilliunt aad faihlonable audience, and hia per- \ ormances certainly astonished perhapa the meat . rltlcal assemblage ever gathered within the t rails of tuat building. The appUuse was vehe- ^ neat aad continuous. * To-nigbt Mr Herman opens a new budget of ronders 9blliso Li^coa to Soldi i*a ?Saturday even- \ ng the Provost (Jaurd arrested James Spauldlng ^ >nd Patjlck Sullivan for selling liquor to soldiers. & Ipauldlag paid his line, 920, and Hullivan was teld to bail for trial at the next term of the Criminal Court. Cibcpit Cockt ?Judge Merrick took hla sest ! n Court agala yesterday morning, making a full (j >enrh R ? n* case 01 joiipi sgi. vrrmou, i< suu in pro- p tress and the cross*examluatlon of .Mr Harknes* l? lid not been concluded at noon yesterday. y UnrALLSD rot Packaoss ?Citizen* and sol- Ci ilers wilt And it to thalr Interest to read the ltat C laewhere of uncalled for packages at Adams a: Express efflre. aa It Includes avast number ad- ' lreaard to both residents and sojourners here. t ? Pardom id ?James Loony, who was convicted ?f arson In September, 185#, l.i the Criminal ft 2ourt, and sentenced to throe years Imprisonment a n the Penitentiary, baa been pardoned by the ? President ; ? BjwT IPhtt.ADiLrKia tPTta*, 25 oents j] fmw iv- z t> oaken and Glad* Butter,30 oon'a Mr lb. ? Best Karoaine or Com Oil, 66 mdU p <r gallon. * At Stiwait'i Grocery and Market Htoro, ? bo U 91* Corner of TwoLfth and H ata. jj bit ADviKtiaiMiNT of houae, with fonr roorna, Washington or 6aorgatown, wanted In anrtber co'.nmn Don't forget that Wednesdey, the 10th instant. Is Dr. 9chenck'a day to be In this city. He will be found at bis agent'a 8 B. Walte's Drag Store, corner of Seuenth street and Lv avenue. It Attsntioh la called to the reward offerrd elsewhere for the recovery of a horse. Th? t*t?d <?a.a*n roUlllon jwirtir of th* Hand ioclsl Club comes off to-night at Franklin Hnil. \ good time insy be expected Caktkbburt Hall continues lt? enterMlnnents with increaalne attractiona nightly This evening a new bill, original and rsey. Don't Fail to attend the Cr.inpbell's at Odd Fellow*' Hall If a grand entertainment with a iplendid gift la desired. A novel programme fought with an unsurpassed aaaortment of gifla. See notice etaewhere of omnibusses to leave ;orner of Pennsylvania avenue and 7th street, tonorrow morning, for the review. Whitkhckst, 434 Pa. av., la furnishing like- I tesaes of prominent men. Including (iena. Scott, HcClelland, (from recent alttlng,) Butler, Banks, j "remont, Anderson. Wool and others Every Leacrlptlon of likenesses, from miniature to life- | l?e. See his card photographs for sending In etters oc3l-eolm# India Rcbber Blanket*. i\'w if your Tim* to Buy. JHn Rubber Blankets,? feet long, 4 faet wide, at each, ,000 Rubber Blankets, 6 feet lonf, 3 fe-it wide, at 1 each, NnDnkUr *> L. 1 - ?vw ..ucw-1 uiauKOH auu I UUUUU UU1IIU1UDJ f IUI 94 eaoh. At the India Rubber Warthousi, 30? Pa avenue, etween 9th and 10th sts. no 1-tf Cowsh*.?The sadden changer of onr olirnate are on roes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and A'thmatic [fictions. Experience having proved that aimple emodiea often aot speedily and certainly when aken in the early states of the digeace.rooouru hoiild at onoe be had to '* Broum's Bronchia} froches," or Lozengea, let the Cold, Cough, or lritation of the Throat be ever so alight, as by tliia reeaaticn a more serious attaok mar be etTectuall* rarded off. Public Speaker t and Singers will find hem effectual for clearing and strengthen in: the 'oJc See atvertiaement. de l-ly None*.?Beware of oounterf?;ta au<) nnprmoiiled dealers endeavoring to dispose of ibeir own .ltd other articles on the reputation attained by felmboUTs Extract, a positive and speoific emedy for diseases of the Bladder. Kidneys, tirael. Dropsy, Ac., Ac., Ac. Ask for Helirbold's, Take no other. See advertisement in another col inn. ? DIKD, On the worning of the 19th instant, of eotsnrapton, JOHN C. B A RRKTT. aged ?? years His funeral wiii falce place from the residence of is cousin Theo. Sheokels, on 8tli ?treet. bnween 1 e."d N st* . on Wednesday, the 80'h, at 2 o'cVck, nd then proceed to Rook Creek Church, 3 railra orth of the city, for int?rment. The friend* snd >c(|uairitaiic*s of the family are regpeotiuiiy iuitcd tj attend, without farther notion. * lintel. & Repab ] \nrmh?r 10?l. M? CDiMOia r nioQt>? - a??uf *ui> rivaiiuio uiOCDiij jed 34 years. His Itinera will take place to mcrrow afternoon 13 o'olock, from th? residence of hi* father, Mr. "boma* <*isae<, on Peiirtv.vama avenue. tofwe?n Uh ?t J 25th sts On the 19 h wrtant WALTF.R WEBSTER, ountest son of Wrr B. ami C. Downing The relatives a?;d friends of the family are rop??tfully rmted to attrud the fnreral to morov at 2 o'olook. without further notic, from the esiaence. No. 54 3 L street, between 7th and 8th ts. * wlm LI' ANTKI>? A r*apectaMe O'RL to do h"u?eT> work generally. Gcoi referero?> required. lppiy a' 33 Bridge tt.. Georgetown. 1t* 4 HEM/THY AND RESPECTABLE WOa. man war.tH a SITUATION aa wrt nurfe ; her a^y is 12 da?? oM. Jnanire at the same place for ciiai'ibermaid New York, No 4,'io, h-? aroan nm rm.i lain sis no l!*-"!t* l|7ANTRD-Aa aoti?o coi red ROVi <8 or 1.1 " jeai s of ago. A poly ?o THO HAVKNNKR, 47 C st . hctweeu 4>? and 6th. r>t? 19 31* -JUANTKD TO KKNT-A DW'ELI.ING" HOUSK, containing f. om 5 to M room-, hewecn 9ih and 15tii ? reels. Fa. avenua and M st, itner furnished or unfurnished. If the advertiser nds a house to suit, would take it lor a term of ears. Address, stat rg location, terms. *c.. Tenant," ^tar Office, for one week no 19 3t* >'?ARI) WANTF.1).-An officer of the army, 3 connected with the pay department, desires a rst class Room and Hoard for the winter, in a imiljroi lugli re^pectahilit* Satisfactorj rtf rnoe< given and required. _The primary object of r?e party is to find the c.arr "ort* and r? t.f hoine\with??nt the usual annoyances of & hoardiK heme Loo'.tion preferred between Pa av?nue nii K *treet aud 11th and 16th. Address 7.1'jo tar Office. no 19-3t* \AI ANTKD-?ut"ers and others to know the? can ? find Storaga Koom oy calling at Sixth t , south of Pa avenue. 13 3t" lVANTKD-A SITUATION. in a privat'fam ?? lbr, as waiter Keferenca given. Address !ox 3 S?ar Office. It* RANTED-A good CAMP CANVASSER ?o " ie'l Patten's Approved Military Works iheap edition ) The<e works are cordially aproved e?f b* Maj. Gen Heorae B. McCI-Mlao, ommsnder id rhiefof the United States Army, lor if use of the Vo unteers. Officers a d Privates, nd is a ?ure passport to all the oa>ups. An enereuc man can make from $Wto ?1* ter day Aply to M E. WILSON, Who esaie and R?*nil ittnf Q5 1 a atramiA \\7 >1. 1 ** tvutf ? ? i i* i?? vuuC| ft noii.UKii'iJi II" 30ARD WANTED FOR THE WINTER by & young man , wife, and lug with one Fur-, tshed Room. Private family preferred. Looat:on Mt of Tenth st. and rorth of Pena. avenue. Adregg "T. W C.." City Po*t Office. nov 18 St* BURNISHED HOUSE WANTED, bv a legpongib'e party, in the neighborhood of Pennrlvania av^rue and Twelfth st Address. with articular*. 'K. C 8.." Star Office. nov 18 2t* Jl'ANTED?A first-c!ag? BOARD1NU HOUSE I? for a gentleman and hia wife, where they can avethe comforts of a home. Willing to pay a iir pri??. Addregg J. P., Star Office. no 18 2t* \7aNTED?ao SHUCKER* wanted at HAR VEY'S Oygter Depot, 2?1 C gt., between ith and 11th gta. no lft-8t 2TORE WANTED, on or rear Pennsylvania ? avenue, suitable fur a fi^t olas* rr..cory gtoro. d 'ress "Van Vleok," Bond Room, P. O. Departen'. no 16-jt* IOUSE W ANTED?A nntl! oomfortable dwelling with four rooms siuatrd ei??-er in W ashigton or Georgetown. ^dilr?m "R. W at Kull,an Houdf. 436 Pa avenue. no 16 3t? VT ANTED?Anexpeu?noed GARDENER; one i? who can bring satisfactory reference* cai: ne a good situation; a certain pay guarantied, ith additional a-iTantares, (dependent upon Ins rn industry and skill,) by application at thisoffioe, no 16 3t IkJ ANTED?Every person to know that I am in ' * th? market, ready to pay owh for all articles i the houaefurnishmc iin?. Those leaving tne ty. or having ?rflu?, will do well to ca'U R. OCHIiY, Seventh ?t.,between Garni H ?t?., a?t sida,) Dfaler in Near and Second-hand Furtare. no 16 VOOD CHOPPERS WANTED-Wanted ira mediate y, one thousand Wood ohoppars, to hom one dollar * in specie) p<?r oord will be paid ir oiioppinr. Apply to BOTKl,KR, CARTKH CO , oorner of G and I8ih str. or to JOHN F. A R T E R, near Bladenshurc, Mrf. no 16 3t* nnn empty pilot bread boxe* jUUU the National Soap and' andle Work?,oorncr Green street and the Canal, eortet >wn. D. C. C. B. JEWELL, no 14-2 ir Proprietor. A/ANTED.?A MAN, of good appearance and ' address, wishes einrl^T^ent in any refpectale business, as clerk or otherwise. Saiar* mm?. rate. Hefere"oes unexceptionable. CHARLES DW A [IDS, Post Office, Washington. no 14 Iw* .S7ANTED-A respeotable GIRL, colored cr * * white, to do general housework in a small iiTTily. Apply at this offioe. ao 11 VGOOD WATCHMAKER, having been inthe business for aix ye*rs. wishes to eat a SITUTlON. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 316 Pa venne. no 5 ANTED-TAILORS, TAILOR8-6D Tailors iv competent to work on military goods. Apply t. KOLP. at Wall. Stephens St Co/s, se25 I^O SUTLERS.?An energetic merohant, with sufficient capita., desires to purchase the stock ttd business of a Regimental Sutler. Address Husinpss." at the oflioe of this paper, oc Jl-liu JU aNTED.-We are now buyiue SECONDFV HAND FL'RNITlIkE. 8T41V Cm *-.rl H'.n INO, for winch we are pa?.ug the higbeat Mb price*. Families declining housekeeping, or aving a surplus of furniture. Will find it to their drantage to give ua a call, BONTZ k GRIFFITH, Je 13-tT No. 3f?9 7th St.. betw. 1 ana K sis. J|7 ANTKD?San Franusoo io 6-7 Bonds. Alan, '? ataw Crawfordsville and Wabash Mai'roan londs California State and City Coupons, cashed iid collected. J D. BARROW, 47? S*v*nth fctrpet, ao 18-31* oppo. General Post Otfiaa. ?OARl> WANTED.?A geutleman and lady 3 would like to procure a Furnished Room and loard with some private family. Would pr*!*' ib room iu uj appueu wun |U, lire and water. ef?retoea riven if required. Pha?e addrera Box in. 1 Star office, statu.* terms and particulars in ill. no 18 3t* i%7 ANTKD IMMKD1ATEDY?A person who r" thoroughly understands making matuessea &n secure permanent employment by applying to t. A. WOOL) ft CO., 210 r' atreet, between 14 h nd 15th ata. nov 18 lw* ^ O L D 1 K R 8' PAY. "THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY wiU >rward aokier'a remit'anoes U> their familiea, at ny place on the lines of their Express, at aoharge f twenty five centa tor any aum not exceeding fly dollar*:aid a eroeortlonata uliiitinna.1 nh?rf? 3 place* rcEohed b* ooDDAotiDg F.xpreaa?e. the icney, whether Gold or Trtatmry notti. g boo la be Doloeedda an envelope and aeoureiy sealed .and ave the fall ?dJreea (inelnomc tow a, Po*t OGioe, nd State; and in oitiea, the atreet and number,)

fthe peraon to whom to be tent, and the amount ?giblj marked thereon. Envelope* lor thia puroae may be bad at our office*. To foot I itate prompt deli very, the oharge for re uttanoe aHou a be prepaidAUAMs EXPRESS COMPANY. WAfBniATOR, No?. IS, 1HI. ^ no I II aiOEOKTOWlf CORPOyiTfOW LAWS ! A R??nLVTTOif relating V> Aqn?d?*t Steffi Httote'i bftkt Bomd *f 4Jb-*rt'n nnd Bonr<i ? Common Count*I *f tlnCorpgra^omof Gtcrgtle ^ That the Surveyor ?f the ^rn be, -Mid b" i? hr? i br fated to aacert?in and re|*>rt to thi? <<m t- ration the probable co?t of th? rradin? an< p*virijf neceamry *o n??ke the approach to Aqu? duct [fridge No. eut; ?nd ?l?o what tt will ro? to dr^In Montgomery atreet wh^re it i*crowd b Aqueduct street. . Approved Nov #, 1*61. ; A Rrcolumou providing for the payment of r? I rw?lr? of PlllTID Water ExDmmni and r?n* ir? of Paper Mill Bridge, Ac. K ?<?.>id bf t\t Board of Aldtrmtn nnd Board o Common Council of the Corporation of Georgttow* That tbe Clerk pay to the order of the person hereinafter named?to Wm Whelan twenty dol lara and M centa for bla bllla, repairs of two lroi pumps on High street, to Aug 10. 1HJI; to Johi G. \\ oils sixty-two dollars and 25 cents for re pairs of pumpa to Sept 2d, 1881; to W U. Sblr ley. to be charged to the Water Fund, aeventy Ave dollars for h!a services In diatrlbntlng wate through the town; to U B. Walker aev??n dollar and 75 cents for repair* of l'$r>er Mill Bridge one-Lalf to be charged to City Court; to Galea & Sea ton four dollara and 50 cents for their bill o May 8, IgSI; and to U. Reaver thirty-two dollar Bnd 1Q ronta fnr Kf? Hlll? tn /*** 1CC1 Approved Nov. 9, IPfil. A Resolctiox in favor of Wm. Whtlau. Resolved by the Board of Aldrrmtn and Board Oj Common Council of tke Corporation of Gtcrgitoicn That the Clerk pay to the order of W. Whelai one hundred ana eighty-nine dollars and 73 rent for his bill* for keeping la repairs the hydran and water mains for the months of July, Angus and Septentber; and charge the same to the Watei Fund. Approved Nov. 9, l?6l. A Rksolt-tiox In relation to the Collection ol Fines. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board o) Common Council of the. Corporation of Georgetown That the Committee on Police be, and they ari hereby ln*trueted to have enforced all llnet thai are now due or may hereafter become due thii Corporation, aa in their judgment the intereata ol this Corporation require Approved Nov. 9,1861. A R??olutioji authorizing the Mayor to transfei the stock of thia CornArttlAn U ? J ?.VH M *MV mtMV poll tan Rail Road Company. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board oj Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetown That the Mayor be, and he is hereby authorized and requested to sign the paper for the relinquishment of the shares of this Corporation in the stock of (he Metropolitan Rail Road Company, upon the condition therein set forth, that is to say, pro. vidinK that the said road sball be commenced within sixty days, and the work rapidly prosecuted to completion; and that there shall be no fur tlu'r claim upon the said Corporation for any Instalment due. or to become due on the shares and subscription. Resolved further. That the paper authorized tc be signed by the Mayor is signea by Ambrose M Thompson, and a copv thereof attached hereto. Approved Nov. 9, 1S61. run bALliS KENT. FjHJR RRNT-A neatly fjranhed PARLOR and DKDROOM, comniunic*.'mr, "with ra? in a ROD'eel privat? family App.y at No Twenty first nt_, near 1'a. avjnue. no 19 8t* [pi'RNISHFD HOITSK FOR RKNT.-Foi I rent, in a most e'lfjib'e ) ra' t?, within a s<irar< of fhe Aveane, a -? (I furnished Hon e. onntv i-* 18 roo-ns. Rent SU5 per m >nth. Addse^g "7. V / " Star Offioe. no 9 if FOR RENT-PA a I.OK and CHAMBER or tli.? first Hocr. new'y furnished, at No. 4i>'J Sixteen)h st, north o! LafayeUe Square. no 19 3:* _ WOOD LAND FOR ?*iLE ?The un>rsi*n'd 18 authorized b? tiia heirs of the la4? John C Prathor to sell at sale a tract of Land, oontair irg 11 acres, iyine ?n the dividing line between Prince Geo-ge's and Montgomery counties, and a'jomirf the lands nt George B. hcargs, Mrs. Mario w, Abralom Be J, and Thomas Bell. The iand a Mounds with fine timber and oord wood of different kinds. The'and is about three miles from BeHsville. and about the same distance to a switch near Ifaac Scraggs'. and two miles to the Tirnpike road, and half a mile to a public iota tn I?..kl ;? 1 - * 41 1 * ? .. nuu.(wt>. i u?n? i u?u? iruin i ae lanu u> li.e Railroai and '1 u'npike Sals to take plan* at Beltuvil'e. Pr'no? G^orre's county, on THURSDAY, the 23th November, 1831, at 10 o'clock. The tsnns of aalc are : One-third of thfc purohate money to he paid on the day of fa!* ; the balance in two equal ins almenis of one and two ?ears, with bonds Warier inters.t from the day of 6aie, to be approved by the und*r*icned. WILLIAM McKNEW. *rT- Mr. George B. Scaygs will ahow the land wher ca'led on lot <8 1 w* LHRNISHFD HOUSE FOR KKNT?The r House >o 34 9 Nineteenth i>t . near I. Apply on ti"-premiss, or to JOHN G.CLARKE, Tfller, oflicB of Rugs Jc Co. nov 18 1 w* AGOOU OPPORTUNITY.?FOR HEXTOne half of STORK-ROOM, 20 feet fiont by 80 feet deep, with accommodation for storage in basement. Apply at 376 li street, between 8th and ath. bo 16 St* l^OR RENT.?A three story BHICK HOUSR, JF oontaining twenty rooms, situaed on th? oorner of 11th and G streets. Island Apply to Wm R. Rile* 4. B'other, 36, <-antral Stores, or IHOS. W. RILEY, Riley's Wharf, 11th at. no 15 lw w?? t u M n/?n o * i *-* ? *? * " * * aniu r un caljk, ur rjionsa{0 lor UllT P Property, situated in Sommervill- county. N. Jersey, containing ?2 sores in a iugn state of cultivation, rood dweltinc-house, with al necessary out buildings, goodwaf?r power, fine orchard, and wpll-fenoeo,aX mres from Central Railroad, (6 daily trains.) 3 miles from Piamfield, and 20 miles from Jersey City. For further particulars inquire of G. W. BRA V, Jeweler, 516 Seventh st , opposite intei igenoer Office. oo 25 lm* Handsomely furnished kuoms.Four !:a.LiUoraely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Otfioe Departments, for rent. Apply at Massachusetts avenue, north siue, between 4th and Stb sts. ma 23 HOKSE. BUGGY AND HARNESS FOR SAI.K AnnU ?/? W i f 1 A, UAU rr" ?? ? u> *-???1% NARD, Auction and Commission >i?r- "J^r? oii&cta, oor. Ninth at. and aouth tide avenue. oc 28 LOST AND FOUND. STRAYED OR STOLEN-On Sunday, Nov. 17th, from the corner of 14th and P etc., r\ a ch?stnut MARK about 15)6 hands high ;"livV* had on a MoClellin taddle, and brass bit,?^*^with doubie rein*, ?-oanded about half war. A libera! reward will be paid for irformat ion oone?rninc her whereabouts, if lelt at tiiis office. no lS-3t* Brought to the staples of the ubi*cribere, a aonel HORSE, about r\ 15)? hand* hit h. which the owner oan intva 1 by provin? property, pajin* charges, Ac. no 19-?t* ROB'T KARL A SON. pAME TO A1Y FARM. Giaboro', on or about ' the loth in?tant, a light t>aj MARE.gv her right ear cropped, apparently ol<l. Atj^JI the tame time, a Dl^od bay HORSE, with^^ZX email t tar in hie f orehead. Both of medium size and in very bad condition. The owner or owner* are requested to come forward, pay charges, and take them away. no 19 8f 6, W. YOUNG. TAKEN TP ASTR A Y-On Sunday. 17th ipat, a chtatnut sorrel MARE, about 15cv hauls high, with bridle and saddle on. The jL-TW owner is requested to call at the Railroad Wagon Park, prove property, pay charges, and taso ner away. no 19 St? OH AS. T. PORSETT. 1 r REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Mmday I '9 evening, ihd 17tli instant. a iar?e, rv trimmed built bay MORSE, 16 hands liigli; l is branded'*17. fe" oi left stoulder; has^EZX scratches or. hi* left hind lee He was raddled w th a bra**-bouid cavalry saddle, and trimmed with other cavalry accoutrements. Any infoiiuauon leading to the recovary ol tue above property will be received and rewarded, by calling at ifoa>e No, 31)3 Ninth st, comer of 1. ao 19-3t* OST?On Ba timore and Ohio Railroad, on L-i Mijrdlay list, a vsl ow HA>Ii? ?'H nfav marked "M. Miller, Piti&burgh, Fa" a" llbe'al reward will be paid on delivery at National Hotel. lt? Stolen HOR3K AND tlUOGY.-Takenfrom K? tbe street in front of the Treasury De- arv partmcnt. on Saturdar evening, at aboui 7 _f" -f* o'olock, a dark sorrel tobtati Horse, and a^* "* Ben Buggy with a chai?e tup, neatly new. The horse is a tojd trav?llar, a large neck, about 15 hands high, and icoes a iitile sprang The harness is pretty well worn, had a piateu top saddle, and new hand-pieces to the reins. Wh M?ver will retu'n said Uorte and bucry to Milltr'a t table*, corner Sixth and C streets, WuLington city, shall bo suitably rewarded. uor 18 3t hEO. MAR8TON 0>Cn KKWARD.-U>?. od Saturday laat, a large Black Newfoundland DOG,<*^_Jj aiuwera to the u&rae of '"Major." Thc-JaiJ' a'jovr reward will be paid lor hla retun " to roomNoll, Washington Biuidinga, Pa. ave., near Brown a Hotel. DO )? 3f J. BLACKBURN. LOST MULE?Strayed from the omnibna stable ot Wilia d.' Hotel, on Snnday morn-*^ leg, a ama'.l ught-oolored MULE, withV^te^ letter D. on right shoulder, h%a long tail and mane. A reward 01 witl he given lor her retorn to no 18 3.* (Rep) SVKES. CHADWH'K k. CO. CAME TO THE 8L' BSCKIBEK'S STABLE, on Saturday night, a bay HORSE. c\ with saddle and bridle. Tha owner oan X-^Tt tave him by proving property and pajiiia-^^"obargoa. B 8. K1NSKV. Agent, nov 18 3t* 4X atreet, r.ear Maryland av. r% ? ar * I>t a tr rsn/.a* - ? Kai-% avvai r?um i a ei BUBStK IlihR, near Bladens^u f, BOV ANTHONY, ooinm >ulr oa.Jea Toiler. ue U 5 feet 5 inobea mm u?sa, vetj Liaofc, abort hair. grum counte- sk d%uc? wtaeo itpokeu o, irith a email tear Jk over one oihia ejej. W*nt away with tiaek.CL. jacket (Unitou States bultona o? it), oaaiuet Sun. yelljw taunt et glove.. 1 will give #100 to aojoue that wi] bring hiin home to me OTlsiv* FibLDfcJt MA6RUDEX. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS f Four Day* Later from Europe. THE CITY OF MANCHESTER OFF CAPE r- RACE CarF Bars Not 17 ?The t^arrsb'p City of Manchester from Liverpool, the 6th Inst , via rjaernstowi the 7th. paaaed th> jpotnt at balf' pest fire o'clock yesterday eventng. t*he was bearded by tL* news yacht cf the Associated IVb? (and lb* newa dispatch obtained. M>*fhad w sto tuv iid northerly winds She has s lull cargo snd 146 steer ge and 21 r abtn passengers The coart ntion between France. England and f Spain, for intervention in Mexico, wip signed In ' London on^the 3l?t of October. Active preparag tions were making. and a l*tv?r bad been recrWod " saying that three decked men-of-war will be sent " to|M*xlco There was a aurmlse of ulterior deB monstrations The London Times editorially condemns Secretary Seward* dispitch to Lord l.yon*. and m&intaina the right of foreign governments to * call altentloiuloia conatitutlonal proTtalon. It also ridicule* Mr Seward's mantfeato to the Gov" ernora of the States relative to forttflcaMona, &c ? In another column the London Times exposes Lord Lyons' bad grammar. It aays the English sidefwns argued exceedingly ill, but the only re1 suit is to entirely csnviuce It that in their own showing tbe acta of the American government have been illegil aa regards American citizens, and violations of tbe righttjof nations as regarda foreigners. Tue Loudon Herald says that Lord Lvons baa > exposed Kni;land to w>hnff wiih?nt rirr>.? i? .. . ? . IfL U* -V *1T1 sent It, and com pelle<^ier to listen to a proclamaJ tton wblchjmakes a dTVerence to England The Herald then attacks Earl'Ruaaell for imp*rtl1 nence in lecturlug on the.Amerlcan constitution, r and qaietiy enduring robbery and outrage, and sava be,will find be baa drifted on to war The Lotidon l'oat says that Secretary Seward hat wantonly added another to the many differf ences which be witbea to perpetuate between the two countries The London Daily Newa thinks the course pursued by the government premature, indiscreet, and inconsiderate. It was report* d that the American bankers were 1 holding out liberaljcommlssions to English flnan' ciers to place a portlon.of the federal loan in London. Financial writers in the London journala point out th?* danger of touching it, and think the chancea of succ ess- very remote The remains of T?rnmr? u ? ? . w..??vv iriU4<10UUa? brought from America, were honored with t public|funeral. The demonstration by the French troop# had at| traded considerable attention. Switzerland had 1 protested and demanded evacuation, and Fianct | nad proposed a ncgotla'loa. : A belief had gained ground that a large loan 1 was urgently rexulred by the French government It was reported that some negro children had ^ been publicly said as alaves in tue French establishment* it (jaboow. The sffdlrs of Hungary and Poland were ua| chingcd. 1 Count Lambert, Governor of Poland, had been replaced by (ieLeral Ludais, on account of 111 ' health. A treaty had b en concluded between Prussia ana lama. Troops Embarking. Bo?tox. Nov. 18.?The steamer Constitution, after embarking troops here, proceed! to Portland on Wednesday afternotm were she will take . aboard tae Maine 12th regiment, Col Shipley.? ? Ttie regiments embarking here will loci tide the Massacbu??tU Stitb. Col. Sones, (the old tith regiment which marched through Baltimore on the memorable lMh of April.) ? From Western Virginia* I Pom PleasaKt. Vi? Now 11'. ?a ??? i dent occurred at Camp Piett, twelve railee above ( Cbarleaton thia morning, Captain Cell, of Comjfcny K, Forty-fourtb Ohio Regiment, and eleven of bit men. wbile crowing tne Kauawba in a I akitf, ran nndtr tbe steamer Commodore Perry. The captain and aeven of hia mea were drowned, and tbe remainder aeved i The Mate Prisoner*, Midell and Maktn, Sefct to Boston. New You. Nov. 16 ? f be frigate San Jscln> to, after coming inside Sandy left for Boc| ton wifb tbe state priaonera, Meiara Mboa' and Slidell, under ordera received from Washington, i No communication will be allowed between tbe San Jacinto and tbe cbore till her pmoneia i are landed at Fort Warren. ! Luteal from Kentucky. ma ncoaii ut.v jun.isf'J.i BKfORTBi) TO bk ADvancina with a large fomce Cincinnati,Nov. 16 ?On Wedneaday af:er?oon Bri^sdle. General Thoman ordered General Sheaf to fall back by forced marchea from Camp |Ual vert, near London, Kentucky, to Danville, where the Union forcea will concentrate to oppoae Oen era! Sidney A. Johnston, who ia reported to badvancing and threatening Cincinnati, Louiaville or Lexington with 40,000 men. The Fourteenth. Seventeenth and Thirty-eighth Ohio and Thirty-third Indiana regimenta immediately t?ok up the march, but a'majority of the Tennetaee brigade refused to turn their lacea backward, and It waa deemed expedient to order them, with the Third Kentucky Regiment, to return to thelt old camp. Zolllcoffer use united hla forces with thoae of Johnaton, leaving only a few hundred men at Cumberland Gap. The ford ia entirely deaerted. Our troopa were at Crab Orchard bprlnga on Saturday morning. From Kentucky. Louuvillx, Nov. 17 ?A alight anow fell this morning, being the lirat of the seaaon. TK? -- **t t_? _ ? - - a. uc rauuut cicntu^ *> 111^ OSS B T^pOTl irOITI TLomu Turner, one of General Nelson's Aids, relative to the late engagement of Gen Nelson, at Plketon. He says that at Prestonburg the Federal army divided lnto4two columns, outrun der Colonel Gill, who inarched by tbe way of John'* Creek, and tbe other met tne enemy by another|route<aloug Ivy Creek. The latter had a sharp engagement for one hour and twenty mluutes, routine the rebels aud wounding twenty-nine and tcillinz six The rebel* reported to the Unionists that they lust from a2uu to 3U0 of whom 40.were killed and about 60 wounded Another kccount says that the Federal loss was 6 killed and 17 wounded. Bank Robberies In kanoai. Kansas Citt, Nov. 16 ?The Bank of Northup & Co., and the Union Bank at this place were rnlihpd to-dsv he * onncr t\f - w-'-? ? J ~w ? ft ? s, w* ?'?CU?J uir U ueiouglng to Cleveland's baud of Jaybawkera. Fortunately, both banks, anticipating being robbed, bad forwarded the greater portion of their mone> to a place of security. The loss of Nortbrup A Co Is about $3,000, and that of the Union Back about 8??0. This will not prevent the banks parrying ou business as usual. New York Bank Statement. New Yoke, Nov 18?The weekly statement of the N V. city Banks shows the following totalsSp^ie, lncreaae, ?'247,000; lo<ins, decrease. 83,319 000; circulation, decrease, $149,000 ; deposits, decrease, 93,211,000. Mayor Wood's Police. New Yoke, Nov. 18 ?The Supreme Court bas ..,1 lU.t u*17 ?-a n-fi? ??' m ivivu ?uai iuvjvi ft VUU rVUCV fiTC CHUliPQ to be restored to office and pay under the Metropolitan police lawr. Seized (or Violating the Blockade. Niw You. Not. 18 ?The British brig Win. R Kibby has been seized for running the blockade, and the captain comn.itted to Fort l.ifayettr. Return of the New York Sixty-ninth Regiment to the War. Niw York, Not. 18?The old Sixty-nlnth Irish Regiment left here thia afternoon on their return to the seat of war. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. GONORRHOEA CORED PERMANENTLY IN Thkkk DAY*! And bo internal inedioinoa u?nl?no interl aranoe with bu?in?M?n<> pain?no dietiux KMicinst?odorleaa, and will not stain. GLKKT AND STRICTURES Bamahed under thu treatment. LAD1JB8 With W HITE??that death to Youth and Bwntyne d be t onbled no longer. SYPHILLIS In all ita for ran, whelaer reoent or ot 'oag ttaudicg, cured. aud everr veetige of diaeaae reraov.d fro? the ayatem. Our charge* ahall be the most reasonable and Mtufaotory to ali part ea. Conan tattoos free at all tinea. Mediciut^pot up wi'h full direoboua lor iMitsi a 10 aflbers, travel ers, 4fco., at I jw rates. Med'eine fernuhea whiob ia a oertaiu prs entive to anr and all Venenal Lua<>a*ee Djnt be afraid of nifh prices. Come and aee na. No obarte fur investifationa. M. LA BONTA, Pi&ot tiou<ipn^Offioe Waahinaton Bui cinra. oorn?r Pa. are., and 7th street, Waahiniton D. C., Ho m no. 8. no lt-Sm JJO, FOR THE GRAND RKVifcW: Off ui base* will leave wi? < o-ner of Pennsylvania a venae and 7tti itreet TO-MOKKOVV t \\ ed es day) MUK.M.Sti, at 9y>'o oj*.lor the Grand Re view at B' i ey'a Crois Roads. No passes required. bo 19-it* NKW Cl.OAbS AND >KW bBA A i> opened to day. _ I rbK" 1 4t liKUl Hf K. BO 19 5.4 Pft. ?T? t<M Ml MTMt, * . ? - SECOND KDfTTON. HHKK O'CLOCK T M. IMPORTAKT NEWS EXPECTED It ta at tb* Na*y l>?j?'taMat U baar to-morrow from the Gulf It ta probable (bat tbe expected arrival will brine nrwi of th* taking of Penaaccla and lta nary yard by Cal Hirm Browa. LATEST NtWS BY TMLEOKAM INTERESTING FROM THE EXPEDI. TION TO ACCOMAC. THE VIRGINIA TROOPS LAY DOWN THEIR ARMS AND CLAIM U. 8 PROTECTION. A FLAG OP TRCCE ARRIVES THE 9TAR8 AND STRIPES PLOATINO IN wise's district : Baltimore, No*. 19 ?The I a tall!K*nc? jnct b?eo received SuisBriT.Md ,Not 19 ?AU the tmpt, ??oep< the Purnell Legion and the &aooi>d Dete wart Regimen:, lef ^ewtowa yirtrrdir (or nDUlt M A meMenger with a tag of toac* had arrival la Newtown and communicated to Gen Loekwoad aw-a *l ?? * mil IUOM in arou in Accomac county kil laid them down, and claimed hla protection Capt. Richard*1* cavalrr. with Capt. Merrill aa gaida, had advanced a* far aa Drum mood town aad left there on Sunday morning for Northamptoa la learn the!r determination. A me*aenger from Newtown, aa tha boat M* tain berry, informa our correapoadeat that Capt* Merrill had retnrned, and that tha Cavalry did not go below Drummondtowa; bat the Htara and Strlpei *re floating over the place LATE LOCAL NtiWS. Rksigmd ?This morning tbe old of Sergeant of the Metropolitan police, of the Fourth Ward; wa? Taceted by Mr A R Allen, who i%sum<s his former position as independent Dolaot(Tf officer Tbe law, as it la, does not allow the Police Commissioners to offer Mr. Alloa what be claims sufficient inducement for him to renala la that position CHAieiOF Highway Kobiut.-Last nleht LM.etlve Officer A R Allen arrested John m ? - jsmrt, wdo rand* ' ba-|?ert with tbe robbery of Mr Hunt, i boatman, of *3d5 about a week iro, near tUe Centre Market He wu aeat to jell by Juttice l>onn t?k?it ro Jail ?Wm. Woodier and William Grant, hotb colored, were arretted by tbe police of the4tb ward, m parties to tbe robber* of the tore of Perry A Bro . and otber robberies, and were both aeut to jail far a hearing by Justice Donn ? uscillid roa Packaob* ?Citizen* and soldiers will find It to their Interest to read tbe list elsewhere of uncalled for packages st Adams' Kiprest office, v It Includes a vast number sddremed to both residents and sojourners here. CTKAY COWI PmwI? the farm of Uo Safeco so'iber, i>D tue rtdge road. about oeo^^mga ii. 1 i <ie< getowc. r>ns red H \ I'lWr a I ? * ' - i.n in 01 :*epeii o?r; ai?o, o brladle JU^ | Cow (R<tU ) matly f*?e and ? hite under theflaotZ Owners cf the above dewriMd oowi will ?>itw forward, provp property, pay charges and tuo them ?w*y, or they will be sold to pat exp*< eea. notes: JANE BAKKR. This IS TO GIVK NOTICE. That the eelttcnbcr hath obtained from the Orphan's go:. rt of Wa?hin*trm County, in the Dietriot ol o'.utnb a, )etter? testamentary^ on tee persona. ee tate r.f Abu Nash, .at* of Washington oounty, d? l. All persons having claims against tU said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the sax e. with the vou"hfrs th reof, to the subscriber. on or More the fourteenth day of November nest; they inav othei who by law be exotuded from all benefit cf the said estate. Given nr.der my hand tine fourteenth day of November. 1 Ml MICHAEL GRlFnTH. no 15 l\wiV Executor. QRPHAN8' COURT.Novxmbxb 1#. 1S61. Diftritt if CiluwUia, Wankmttom Comity, Toteit lr. the oaee of Charlee H Cragin, adoumetrator of JoIid L. Crown,deaeaeed, the administrator aforesaid has. with the approbation ot tke Or ptiau"' Court of Wa>iuncton ooattr aforesaid, appointed r?^T( R OA V, the seventh day of Deoemb-r i ext for the hi a! e*?tl*aent ai.d distribution of tii - personal estate of sa:d deceased, of the a?eet* n urn- a. ? ' in m inr anir.e nav? oeen e.:jeotee and Urneu int > money; when and where all the credit or? and heirs of mi! oeoeaaed are notified u<u pear,(in tiieOrphata'Court of WathiB|(oa oour.ty ttvj'et-atd.t W'th their olaiira erope-ly vouoiec.or they may otherwise by law be exotaded from all benefit in said d?c***ed'? eatate. provided a oopy of thia order be published one# a week for three weeks in the F>e^ing fetar previous to the aaid 7th da* of December next. True oopy?Teat: MOSES KELLY. ro 13 law3w Kegiater of W Uia J P CARTER ft CO. U Pa. act. Waikmtton. Pkodccb DxALxaa are Commission MaacHaitra. Merchandise and Product received on oooaitament and etcraye bo 1* eotm* J I fT H ECFIVKD? 200 BbW. t x:ra Family Flour, 10?> Bbla. Super Floor, Sacks New Buckwheat. lOBhla Ho i Batter. For bale low by J. P.CARTER ft CO.. no 18-y2w* 2d afreet. P* iw. INTERIOR ADORNMENTS, P.\PERHAN?!NCSall Gr^ti acd PriM*. Gi'i Baud, Buff. Gr??n, and Bioe Holland Window Shade* all ai**a, mid* to order. A beaut:(nl variety of Oval Putnre Frank**, from the t>e*t manufactory in the ooantrr. Pa*-.e Part>.tit*. Picture Cord and Taeee.a, different aixea and coiora, Piotura Klnxa, Nat.a, Ae Cheap for oa?h. Ordera for Paperhanginfa or WinCow Shadee punctually executed, and BO m i a rep reee citation made to effect aaiea. A oall aouoited. JNO. MAKKRITER, No 486 SeveLth a treet. s floor* above no a-Tteoif* Odd Fellow* Hail. T>HE VERMONT H*KK OVENS. ARMV IENT sTOVES. BAY and cTRAW CUTTERS, MEAT CUrTEJUL FAIR BANK'S HAY, PLATFORM and COUNTER SCALhS, WAGON and CARRIAGE JACKS, BUCKETS, Ac., Ac., Ac. For aale by J P. RARTHOLOW, Agricultural Ware Donee, JJ* *eveata at., oc 2< e? lm between Pa. ar. and Cana!. C~ UTTER WANTED. Ca? at WALL. STKPHENS A OO.'S. 3U% Pa avonae. ae la LOST? By a laiy on ti.a 18th ioatant, bet wees th*SnuOiaonian Inatitntion and tue oorner of Tentu and E at <? a arr.a'l god WATCH, with a.J Vlllrd an>1 ?n'H hn?ki* a??a*k?^ 1* - ??* ?1 * ? .. ? - ??iiwm paru' i.kTij *?bp<I as the (ift of a ceo ?**?<] relative- The find-r vill be liberally rewarded by leaving it with Mrs. HANDY, corner of Tenth and K at*., or a tin* oflioe. * no '? M* pSNBIONHuimCK, Jitjib ?. 1??1. TO ALL WHOMlT MAY CONCERN. Application hiring boon made under t?eaot of 23d June, 188o. for tbe rtiwu of th? Laui W?rrante desoribed herein, which are & ?{?d to have b*en lost or destroyed,notioe is hereby fiven, that at the date foilowicf the description oTeaoh War rant, a new CerUfeoato, of like tenor, will be issued. if no valid objection shall thee appear No 41 939. tor 160 aoree. issued under tbe aot of M?'rh,!&u6. in the name of James Pray, aud rrai.'ed on toe 21st day of March, 1861 ? No % ember 2s, lSkl. No 25 3*'. for 160 aero*, leeued SDder the aot ot Maroh 1866, in the ram? o' Wiiiam M, Julius C. a.,anu John D. t?.,minor children of lrwm Ba?t?t, deceased, aud *r*nted on tbeMth day af May. .&% ?November 23.361. No lor 8? auree, iccuei under the pet of March, 1855 ia the euvina of (ietty, widow of Thomas BIwoiKl.and granted the 1Mb day of January, 1*97.?November 23,1861 No. 75 t " ? or 160 acres, issued under the aot of March, 1655, in t e naens of Alexander Met aUou|h, a d granted on the 8th day of Jaaaary, )?6t.?Naveiiioer 23.1851. No. 8,ot8. for 16n acres, '.saued under the act of March, 1856, in tbe neme cl Alexander M obtain, aud granted on tbe ttth day ot October, 186* ?Novomtxr an 1861. No. p,7?, tor 120 issued under the aot of March. 18S6, tc the name of Daniel Wen aau granted on tbe Utb day of J uly, 1856.- Daomaber y. I?VI> No. for 160 um, ta*nrd under Uio act of March, B56, lb the rur,a of Baonah, wico? ? JMN \v MIL avi gra*-?od on Um S-ch day of Fa*, raarr. 1857 ? Pi n?61 ??. iau No. W,3oA, for ia# air*?, i?*a?d tator U? apt oi March. 1855. in too nam# cf Martha, a iiav air Aa d b* Mauoc.and (ranted oa Um lAih day of April. 1856 ? bacon bar 21,1CSI. . No. Sjns.for ? ? aoroa. laoaa4 ?acor Mm aat at March.'356. in tbo nam* of Samaai R^/aai va; and cractrd on the Is: day of Ai>c**t. 1M. No. s X*, for Mb aoroa, uaaod ando; tba aot of March, 1866 in tho name of William H Turwo., and grantaa on tao 19U day of Jaly, UC6Doooru bor *1,1*1. . , _ No. 14.946, for ? a-roa. taoaad aador tka aot of Misstu'Biiisme ^ Tr-'~ ,,Ni^.^Steawawcae mk. 11M ? lMooaabor i>. IMt No 7* 384 for m aoroa, mw4 aodpr tka aot of Maroh. 185) ta Um nama ul Thoaaa 7ohaaaa, a*i (ranted oa tao 9U day of R*pt?rei^ar, >m.?Jan ua'Ti, 1882. ao. 42,216, for ? aor*a. uaaod andor tba aot of March, 1865, in Um i.arno of Folly. widow orJohn ?| a |.M'N CD t?? *M aaj or MfMBwr, ICS ?J Miutri 4, IKS. No. *3 U. ft 160 aorw. Iff B?d asdw tlM Ml of Ma ck. 1856. ) tfe? p*m? of WUIimd 8ouM. *ad tu >rac.ted ob tfa* lit day of May, IM.?iMMn It, yy ' *

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