Newspaper of Evening Star, November 19, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 19, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. INTERESTING NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. ?rom Tate Southern paper* we glean the following Interesting budget: IN DANGER. The Courier expresses the opinion that Clarksrille, Nashville, and Memphis are in greater danger than the people of Ienneasee jrenerally apprehend, and exhort* the authorises to at once prepare the means of defenoe. OBTTIXa DOWN ON THE SHIS PLASTERS. The Confederate liraod Jury, on tbe 1st, at Richmond, found true bills a/ainst tbe city of Riahmoild, several Savings' Banks, and priTate individuals, for issuing ahinpluters pioi minus. Tbe following special despatches are from the Memphis Avalanche of last Monday : Lxttl* Koel, Nor. 9.?Hoes. R. W. Johnson sad C. B Mitcbell have been elected Senators from this State. The choioe was made on the first ballot in joint convention. Ncukvtllty Nov W.?Gen. Breckinridge arriTed here to-day from Richmond. He is assigned to the command of a brigade at Bowling Graen Two bridge* were barned last night on tbe nJ r, f?~ :ii ? J ui*ic rvau, auuui uuocu Liiucn uc^uuu Chattanooga It is not known whether if wu don* by an incendiary or was accidental.? There will be no delay. They will be repaired in a few days. Return.* nbow that the Union men of Tensaisee did not vote at the recent election, for the rea?.)n, it is understood, that they do not acknowledge the Confederate Government. The Cowling Oreen correspondent of the Union ar.d American says 110 Lineolnitea were Mnt to ?r?odenburg, Meade county, last week. The Southern men killed six and drove the reft from the country. We glean the following news items from the ame copy of the Avalanche : The Mansion House at Natchex was destroyed by fire on Monday night, 4th inat. The fire is supposed to have originated in a defective flue The Odtveaton Civilian says, that at last accounts G?n. Houston was slowly recovering. mua w?? [itemed oui 01 danger . The city jail is not so full as it has been ? Yacterd.iy wo found only 30 Stato prisoners, 12 on tbo chain gang, and 5 runaways confined there. A FAILtTRK. The CentreTille. Virginia, correspondent o! the Mercury uf October 30, eavs of the fatnou: shot-proof iron-sides at Norfolk : "I regret to learn that the iron sheathing for the Merrimae has proved, under trials made recently at Jamestown Island with oo lumbiads, to be almost worthless." PH1LAOV ITTHTA PROVii^io^ToRE^ 119 _ _ andW'k sis ine unufT'ieuevJ, nmr; ocat?vi hiir?e'f at aV>*e. takes ?his m-th d of h.formiag the oitizsm _ of the First War J that fc- naa opened a fimt o a*i Pro?>?ioa *lore, emdooted ? to those fo which Philadelphia is famous Here eau bo l >?n it a.1 iim'i a ia-ic* and f>? l sappy of POU-TRY, GAME. . KES Ml'T TOim, *0. **UIl-8aad VEGETABLES iu t?a son. Particular &tt?*?t'on ic called to hia stock ant noeeof HU TTEK, CHEESE, Ao. PnilaJe phsa ?>rint utter . .25 cert Goehen ard Western Rjserv? 16 and -Ocent Being deter mi red to give the atrioteat attent'ni to the wants 'f his customers, and to keep even article in his line ofthe beec ana it-, and sell atthi lowest market prioea, he hopea to merit a share o public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders, i required. no 16 THOMAS R WILSON. |^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLASTIC BOyE TEETH, Without Mktal Plats ok Clasps. DR. ?. B BtGEPMOND. 910 firoa>i<MK, iV?tr York?'}(>** Prnntylrnni* .dr enw. b*t\r*m iitk and <3tk ft* , Wa**T*Mton, Cftila the a t BMonof the public to t?e iofl.>wm( ftdvaot%cee of hi* lmp-.ved lyatem : 1. The TeetJ o;" rut iranufaotare wilJflgflBS sev*r aoroce nor cnanfe oo or by any^'1" Mid*, beinc three fourtria tif bter than an* other, 2. No teeth orr oti need be extracted, & th< artificial ooea can be Kaerted over them. 9 The rood will be made inotfenalve, and cevei to ache I No tenrporarv teeth are needed, aa' <mea can b' m*de immediately, tberesy prenerviri Se natural expresaion of the face, vhioh nndei old ia frequentlv diaLcarrd 6. 'I"hia Tt ha? been fully te-ted over live veari hr TaDr of tfce &rst obetcista atd phyafcian* of tin i ? haa aiao irvet,fd a irh'te vDdeatrvctiri A'''*'? th? n>*'*t s?i?iti\? teet) j*" t<? n!ed wi Hon* pain, and can build cp a per foot, afcund f"otb nt any aide roota, whioi: ?il!laai throaiL hfn..n*. Tie oee'of r?-e-eroe? 1? Or V .Mott; Dr Jfc'esro', P'0f*??'ir of ( i;< '>ktrj V v.; Ho?n d<e W*yT)?. of to*Saar*.ira Court f Waahirg U er>d tn< um: d? of oth-^s Ca?. and ?*nuiii* f >? yowreelf. iv>*6tn OflQ JOH.N ON A > AWL.K, ?>ttC T|0 fJ'T"-'. Yv.fTA AVYXT":*. A*<J? 3anr?soa Nmfh *-ud Tenth st? . ?ouih side, OVFS* FOB j-ALK: CHAMPAGNES?xj.H >iaR>tn, Piper Hriisiok Moct A Crai.Uos. Buliisger & u, Caruer <5 Co i fce. , ? CLAKi?I>?JfU'R, c?t. .".iwpho, Canten&o te , h? i!>e j z<? HOCK WINEK?i?ei Jot>ai;neeberjer I.)?"birtWi?"n?'i en, K iisniitfirr^r, &e. ilJlANUY, W isky, oia, fo.t, *heir;. M*d*ira in wooa o' LONiJU.N i*<>K?KK, Hr?>Trn Frost, Cdirbaril ar.i Yorkshire Aies, of the t>#?t Lrftnde, in tot tie* or ton?iu<4 CIGARS? Haxua, aod Domjitij, ol tiie choice* taut*. Weoail the???^ a &-tentiu.. ^J8ut!?r?.Ka?tanraiiti and F?bu1u-? u. ca inr*t? *snl veil- elected STOCK or f|Vf; <JROJr.R>KS, Fr^th Meat Pouitrf, K:sb.50i^?. Vegetable* au'l Fraita 11 Lermeti -.vly s 4 -acMi. FRKKHVKS, Jellies, Ac . A'.inonJa. NuU, Rai 10* a~d K i*".. CHKKSK,(E? t TTt jt.nd \Ve*te-n Cutting); ilan; beat Goati-n i.utte'. ;he '< ? at CtaimpMue ' td?r W(?RCRtfT>.Kt?HtRE and Oya'ergaooe. Pickln ol hwrw a. joription. P?p?er Sauce ai.d Toiaa'.i C?uup'. b* Ilia gat on or dosea A i of viiich v- t ffrr at th?C lowest poasibii pnry* and on reasonable ternac rBOi JOHNSON A NAGLK. ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED is buhlr rec JinmendeJ by Physio lice, Sbij Matter* and Travele-*. Insures a ivm', pore arbole for anj length oiUme Never baoomsa cheeay Md f aaraaued o keep in any eiinate. yr> For sal* at lacio y prtces. w KING A WL'HCHELL, at a f^orner lAth at and Vermont atr. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENSM VF. a aaortment of Laoiea' ud Chil dree a Ha da. Son?a*a Cia's, Cloaks, Sleeve* Bosiftry, Gloves, &c. &o. Also, a !?rce lnvonx of heaatifnl Worsted Embroidered Clippers, 1#? in| Stand*, Ao, trill be aoid o-.e&p and at one price & So 30 Market a pace. no 1%-tw' PCRLA1CH A CO. SJOHN W. CLARKE. UKOICAL AND M KOHANIi'Al, DKNTI3T 364 Cerent A it., I and K Look experienae, moderate charges, and promp attention, reooinmecd him to those repairing hn mrrloo* no 11-fw* U COUGH?COUGH?COUGH ' 8E MOOR E S KtfUllX DROPS', They wii cm re Congas. hronoHiti<>, ^roup, to. Children crj after th?m and eat th?m as they do candy. Oclj try them, and ?oo will he rvmv.naed of iheir e&ov 07 P'les 23 and & c<*n!s par box. At MOORtt*? west End G'eat M<>d;eine Depot. 113 Pa.av. no 5-gw T CAKES-CAKES! OSUTI. EKrf and J RaDER?.?Ginger Bread peeked io barrels or boxes mth eare anri dL)Matok h? J F1H ? H, the only re*unr Cake Bw?r ia tn? t?k?rr hu. Cuh nin?t acoorneany lu^rdin. JOSEPH FIRTH, No. 135 Arch itrwL BO 14-frw Phi adelphia. Fa. OED.~W*H!TE. AND BLUE, Hid Grey Mum |t FLANNELS. twi.led ami piain, for "Armj W An&V and Navr B!na CIoth? an i Castimeree 41 Oar io% and uniform prioe*. PERRY A RRO., Pa. avenae and Nintn at., loMM "Perry B?iidmc." 17 BUr*** HOl'SE, CiSTABLI^HKD f?? th* Mle f N?w York, rwneylva^ i* anl Weate?",> Bli TTER. We are S<rw io re- ej t o' ;rjia? IHiiJ** Goeben Glades, Ad , wfclch ar* off <r d at wuo i?a?le ae low aa oan Im narrt AJ0ib Afkae nihaj V/v Afl Wi?l.?K * W W v?4?w* VIMVVt 41V *?.) iMf Pa a'ence no ? ?w* P K. DrfKQW. 1?A (\fUl LBS SOAP AND CANDLES for l*lv,UvU Mi? ooeap for cut. A>o, vsi,t-d??*?.>'Xi it*. Armr Grca-e ar.<i Bocf. r%iio?./or wiiioh th* bigUMt yrtoe will t>e Mil at th i Nation*! Soap and CanJie Work*, cor. Green ?t. and Caul, Georgetown. II. C. o7 1m <*. H JF.VV Bi.L. Proprietor. WE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFORM oe/ forma- patrons. ai.<i citia?n? ir?n?rail>, that V?>*ve row ie e *rd <?ar full >appj of FA LL ?M WTNTKR GoOU4. aniars prepared to furma* tb?in &> an nctiae and in th* beat and aoatappr .,v?d itfl#:. H N !"ON A TEEJLu oc M ' in Mwr**-n* f ni <" ?. \'/>. I ft" >'? ar. 4B_. MIL LOCK WO D gBTi* TKI.rif i-c ItuVbar. &nrf performa ail DSN I'ALO^K. >. I it the Wa*h _ m , incto , 'iriiir .jl Seventii ?t ar.< lifrTjT K ?ve .?.?. rufi-ini given, if U3mr d ^ *1 r 11 jP >iM< of Tm^? vwl <. m 6-.awlai* THOMP*' ?r- UKOICINES. 1 I IVV 'TV?<. Kl'k'i? i vn nna rti * < ?r &!?, rW *#v? rctM hy P.* POkB, Drenut, CO 1-1? Corn*T p> >M|||?. BUFFALO K o B H ? F >H SAl E. , W >?1 *.?* at J M1LK l.'Umb'S, P9&-1U <i4Sf i'4. avtou#, V ??????? KDUCATIONAL. I^AttHION ABIE DANCING ACADEMY. AT r t?TOTT'? Hall. Ctrmm ?f Pa. ? and g\ V)tk h? Prof???i>r BAKNKH.of N?? York, JM will oomir raooa D%noin* School on wed JIM nemUf *ft*rooon and evsnmi, Nortmbtr Honn?3 ao/i . Ml 7 o'clock for gentlemen! Terms, $10 per qBarter of s? .' poni. Mr B wl'l give a ft? exhibition of his a trie of aa.-iolac by his ? e??nt o u?, at the above named Monday oveny?, Nov. into, at 7X o'olook. Psrst nsoi res?eoiabiftty only who desire to attend can procure Motets and programmes a. the ha'! on Saturday and Monday previous to the exhibition Prof Barn**' *hioition at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yar.<, w li be repeated, by request, on Tnursday evecng, Nov. 14th, All are invited to attend, no 11-81* WASHINGTON AN P 6EOROETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, A PoiADiSS ?SD P*.T SCHOOL, No. iM F <t, betwttn fit* and 71 k tts., Washington ; and >o. 151 !T?st ft , Geortttoien. The daties of this Institution were retained in September. Cirociars mar oe obtained at the bookstores, or by addressing the Principal. _se* eotf M. J. HARROVER. A D tfV U I 1 U li I 04j Au.u ourruic.itportab' k forges, TRAY or C %NAL BARROWS, WHtKI>aAK?OW8, TRUCK!*, h**vT and 'ijiht. fii^Sfi3FL ULNDgTON ES, complete. 6RtND8TONEijand FIXTURES, A \ r*?% h,t;s,ktb. ax handles, P1?;K HANDLES, FORKS N or?*ABLB BROOMS, bhove'ls, logdc'hains. FIFTH CHAINS. n \LTER CHAINS, TRACE CHAINS, WSt" TBEfe9cords. cukkv combs, Fair bilk's Vlatform and Counter and Har ,, L EO| Bl'TOHKHS' SCALES, hutchkrs' knivkb, BASKETS. 4o., to , Ao. ! or iaie at vholMalo p'io?a by Afrmalhml ?r-Avf oo 2?Timet> between Fa &v~ and V'anal. QUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OF FICE. , Washington. November 13,1861. Proposals are invite t fur t>uilding two Hospitals?on? on* Square. Washington, the ? ti?r upon the faTii known as the estate of Wm. J. i^ on Fourteenth street ami Boundary street, f Diatriotof Columbia. I'r >posa'g should state the time within whiohthe 9 buildings will be oompieted and r*adjr for use, and the oo't, including all ?n*t*riala and work, and h(inl:i h t ma i K* . r ?? . ? ? u j ?ur udu )> p> uai amcu uiai ' t .? bidder wiil execute tin? ountracit if awi'ded to 1 bun ?'ropo?a!? will beopar.e J at the office of the Quarter ma t ?r General, on the 8H1' November in.tant. atcoan They H touUl be ees!ed, ana plainly on' io- e1 "Pr?>po?a tor Hospital* " and a<1dr??sed to tl,e Quart?rin ei?r General of th* (Jolted !* ?* "? l'lan - aii<2 specifcoatt -n? o\n be ?cen at the oifioe of iae Quart.rrajeLr General. ? M C. MEIGS, i n?> '< Quartermaster General. r MT m t PARKER, , CQ m./ Lmusiina ** , bet amllth sts., *JiJ , North Side, Having completed hie arranKam?nts. is now ready to a t-nd, ?-ven more vigorously than ever, to HOUSE, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL fAINTj I ^G, In all r fits various D'anches Having secured the services ot a oorps of excellent workmen, I am , p.'fpa'-ed to do Kl*g? aud Burner* ic the beet style , anu on toe moat rea?onab e terms. j no9-eolm [ftepuh.] (Z NOT TO BE BEAT. 'f *.*0 ?e? the largest assortment of Woolen and 1 Wceted Good?,c mpristng Hoods,soatags,Coats, f Cloaks. Sleeves, Hosierv, *o., Ao. Also, reoeive<f 1 a lot of enea? Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered Clippers, Lamp stands Ac. Our irotto is but one and < he I owest p-ina. No. 414 ?ih tt., between G and H. no 12-^w* F. M I'TLINGH A t'S. PRIME bOSHKN bl'tter! 1(0 kf?r? Prim? Sosh-n Bntte' just received and for sale by WALl. * BARNARD, Auctioneers ana Commission Merchant*, no f> Cor, south aide Pa. ?v and <?th at. notice to soldier*. f I hr adams kxpretw company wim make remittances for ao.dier* to their famine*, at I p>oe? rt-aaned by their Expreaa, a* aoharg" of 25 o<*n:a for any aura not exceeding hf y doilara. The money, whether gold or Treaaury notes. i aronld b* enoloaed in an envelope, and s?ourely aeaied, with the fall address ( noludic* town, post r oflioe ai d state.) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount lecibl? marked thereon, t To inaure delivery, the 36 oents oharge ; should be pr paid. r When facilities for enveloping anJ sealing the money in separate parcels are cot at hand in i ca iip?, ttie several aunt* to We remiuei. that may i tm coiieoted by Ch?? am* of R>giment*. or other pe*aor* voluntemii.g to do this aervioe for theaol > dier# .i-'.irnie to ;iomo thr-ir pay. will t>? r^i ce?. ?t iu bulk at anv o< t no prinoipal othoea of the Cemuy. t Tiitw ?uirs,eee>n.p*ruKl with the full addre?s, \s above r.%uirr-d, of tne pe-soi.s for whom m. trtnCed, ill r>? renut'eu to the respective oonFif.e ?. ?ny p'-v^e in tr.<? luyii at the name ,-a ? _ ! u>.%r? . tn r<t?y rav;n? to the tondar t.'ie tri>f I >i p,u:il'U urt'.c iACkMK. auitAM<? t lank* for th? above purpose Lava l>e?n pret%. e-),a u will be turrisheJ, with oxplauatioua, | at any of ilia otfic s of the Company. ' ADA MK X PK ESS COM PAN V. Wtnhlf rto*;. Oo?. SO. lar>1. iw? <si-l m , JUST ARRIVED, di ectfr.iman Eastern Auo l J t'.on ilo-js". 50 ct C VhPK T. Ai?o,3?' BKUM Ka DtS which wore h-m^Lt lov for oa?H , ar.<i will l*> -sold it a i rn& 1 a>!' Together with a large a*aortinec:. ol H- i'?o*?epinr ArtiOiAa K. BICHLY, Furniture Dealer. 4it** Seventh at., , ooZMm* t.fti vacfi ?i >iiti H *?t?. pkintin?. 1 lliVKRY Deeo ipUor. m'JoB 1'RlNTINti re*uir*a by any body?citiisna, civil functionaries, t aria* and na.> niCo^ra, authr*, Jfco.?exeouted at th? STAR Ol FiUE, in sausfaotory low rate a fir Osh. tio 4-tf ? Sutlers and others in want dp ?7 Surpeud-'rB, White Cot'ou Giovflg, Buckakin Uloves itud UndcMt-ta. Woohi Hoao, Shirt* ai d 1 Drsww*, h*av? White atd tir^y U:s.nkeU of ail *ma ; neavy ciutus and <jafcatm*rs; h*avy White and G rey F! v p*N, will Scd a ^reat atock at VV.M. R H LEV * BKO.'S. No 3? Cen rat Stores, n > 15 10c oppo C"peer Market. i /i f?UTI EttS WANTKD. llRKAT ADVANTAGES to ba foucU by 9utB le-a. aLd (I9?lers in Bofgainl Shoer, atths? NEW YORK WH"LE8ALK BKANOHm] HOUSE, 34 ?\erf Bl Jaciey'a Shoe store.) * " We m/mmaature our own Good*, am! neii at ' >e i or* ptue<. thereby saving freight. constantly on hand a Targe Stock, we can suppiy at a moment's notice, any quantity desired. A large assortment of 3 sole High-cut shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers Ub-?ral!j dealt with. A call from al <1t?alers solicited. nol-lrn^ JA'HITEHOL'SE A JJNCKLE8. m TO OFFICE K8. 1 HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon oa 9 the Prussian prinoipls, arranged for sleep- cv > lug ortoact u au Amlm asoe in ""? _l .ft ' sickness or wound*, with ample room [o r ^ Jtor-s ?nd provisions; licht, water-proof. and perectly ;.ew, haviug be*nfust built to order by one of tne first makers in New York, ia offered for aale at coat prise. ' Alao, a hftnd-ome, strong, sound, dark-brown > HOR^E, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on appuoation to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corooran'j Lane, behind the Chain Houae, between 1 and H atr**?t? ??an ' 1 HERE 18 SOMETHING YOU WANT 1 at the SOLMKRS' SUPPLY STORE, 55 l,cui?iaaa Avenue, bet. 6.h and 7th its. Beat Goods. I .nwflit Pnn?i ? a tiers bupp'ied, no6-lm Call and See. Medicine Tor the Army. FRYE'S V EGETA B LE PAIN CURER. r EVERY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVERY t SOLDIER. SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE A BOTTLE ON HAND. This preparation ie an Infallible External or Internal H?ynedj for Kheamatiain, Nenraltla, H-ni*ea, Korea, bpraina, Rinzworini. Canknr. fainter*' Coiie, l)y-M.terT, Liver Coaielaint, Pile*. DrapeMia. Chilblaina, Kidney Complaint*, Twiha-M, Headache*, Cold*. Congha, Hruicee, > Fever ud Ague, Choiera,&o. Tha FAIN CL'RKK 1* entirely vese'able In ita eampoaition, ?t.<1 mar be *a?U at all timee with Krfcot iftfety. Kill cireotiena aooumpanr *aoh ttie. Manufactured f-r JOSKFH S. FRYK, Salim. Milt. For >%!? *1' pr<n-iy%l I>rm?'*U no aim' HAltt STOKE, ~ i No. 94 4 I' kit. 12th and 13th by?, PEfirUUKHY. tc BRAIIM.CLRL8 Wlttti. BAlrWIti!1, FRlZbTTbS, 4o. A fult atoci tinya cn h?nd, or made to order at Ue shortest ootioe. Hair Work retired or asohaaged. [>. MINT mir IMM IB IB* aWBlBBtam' Wll?r -?*?? W TRAVELING lilUMti K Otfor for t*!e iBriflBt w?ortmonl o TKAVEMNG TRONh.8 to, M foncd iinw tnit cilr. ooinprinur 6e?t 6o.<? L*Ui^rgjlf? LtSiff' J>re*? ?nd PM>Scim Tink?. Vb *?** iiSM. CBr>?t which ?8 Brt? u.>w M.Uni tf?rr !? fixjM. _ WALL. teTKPaKN* * CO? U1| *?i? P?rr f ?? ? H FIBNcJt R1CHBTE1N AVE Jk*t r?obit?a b IrMti ?o?wy of Nota Pb>er, Colored flor4*r?, ru:*d Bad plBiiu With ?b j,sru%t.F;.'Kvr"T" w """ M>cb M'SSRSHu. f ? " The j fo right to tbe Spot." INSTANT RELIEF 8TOI* WVR 00V9H PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ill GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOB LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. SKNTT-EMF.N CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. i CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Coujh instantly. They clear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delicious aroma to tbe breath. They are delightful to the taste. 9 They are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a' Congh or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Threat Confeotions. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and plea*ant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If yon try one paosage i am *are in saying that you will ever af tervarria consider them indiapenaible. You will find them at the Drug gilts and Dealers ia Medicine*. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. Mr signature ia on eaoh paokage. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re oeipt of Thirty Cents. Address, HENRY C SPALDING, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK._ (T* K W9- CURE%? M AMI tA I I #? 1.1 ~ iiervuu$ne<iu*iCNC ^ & * Headache. By Uie aee #f Um Pills the penadio attacka o .Tntmu m Stth H4*d*tk* may be f reventad; and i air at tie oommenoemeat ot a a attach i'nme:iaie relief from p&in andaiukcea* will beobtained. They aeldom fall id remuTinc the Nmu?*a and Htmdmth* to whioh ftnalea are ao nbjaot. The; aot gently ajon tbe bowela,?removing 0*? rfmiii. For, Lit*ttry Mm, Studmtt, Deheate Femalea, and all jeraonn of t*.ir*fty *a4ti?, they are valuable u a Lmx*tt??, improving tbe a>w?il?, giving i?t( and ?t(*f to Ue digestive organs, and ra tvoncf lie natcral tlutioil; and ?cr*U(tii of the whoia T?t?rr.. The CEPHALIC PILLS ara the reoll of Ion* mveatifatior and carefully ooudnctad espwtnisnU, ?a?iri? been in ?t?a iu?.ny Tears, durmj whioh tirof she? Ii*?e prevented a^: relievod a vaet amount of >aio Mid uaeditf rum Hecdaohe, wbotuer orutiatim in tiie?i<rec?> tftieut or from a derailed itate of the stov.-ick. The* are entirely TecetaWe in the-r oom?C6:lion and rear be taken at ai! timo- witl sePHot tnfet* without m&kiDt anr change of diet, h-' ski | t%ti of (Vttli t A#h 1m *m if < "?* - w * wm jpv rBWlMTl ? Jf ?<*ini:iir t*?m lo child'tn. blaWAHK OF COUNTERf KITS ' The (bsuino h*Te S tc eiuuuurea G? Hcurt C ipt- UlDi 0D MO): Box. tooid !'T iT?ffUta ALl kJi ftt'a?r D**:*ia u> IMcdl A uo? will L*> ifccl t-r njkil ?rep*id i?u r???'n ? '.an I'KICK, *? owm, ah ara?.-t afcut d be acdresaM to BKNRY 0. ?PALD1N?, tS Stdiat, NkW Vwll. tr*m i4a E**mmtr, Norfolk. V*. Cepl tiiO Pills aooonipluh the object for whish they w9ts made, tis: Cere of headaoi;* it ail its forme. fVm ui Kim?%?#r, Ym. TMy Mye been tested In mars tnan a IU)ns< ?m, vitfc entire (booojj. frMi Ikt iUmtrct. St. Cltud, Mi**. If yoa are, or hare been troubled w ltfc the U?ad none. tsnU for a bos, ( Pills ,> so that yos :uay have taein in oase ot aiCattaok. tram 1 k* Wutim A. R. 0*M*iU, Ck**?t?, 111, We *eartily endorse Mr. Spalding.a?4 his *? nraiitiu veyamo f 1:1*. 9r?m tki Snttktr* Pmtk Pindir, Ifnt OrUaau. Lm. Try them ! yon that are afflicted, lit ?art tnat your testimony can be added tt the alreaa? imn.ftroaa list that hae reoeired bouelia tilt n< other medioine oan prodaoe. Prtm tk* ttrnxuu, hat. Mr. Sealdtac would not ooAHMt ale sane YllM an artiole he did not to pot?a real ait A. rrm mm ?mwnmt| i IHMHII, K. i. The Cephalic PUlaare e*i l to be a raauiably effootire iemedy for the headaohe, tu-i ecctiilu err best for that rery fret tent eeajpiaini whieh has ever been dlaoovered. Fr?n tks SU Lewis The Immense demand for tte fcrt'.ale Pule) le rapidly inoreasitic. Fftm lie KmuwJU VmUtv Star, AmmmmlM, f*. We are tare that pereon* eaJeriac with tm itii aohe, who try them, trill etiek to tksa. Am tk* Adwrtittr, Fwrid****, M. /, The tesbmorr in their fa*er n otrens, fre* Uu oct reapeotable quarters. Frtm tit D+ily Ami, A'mytri, rt. i. Oe?halia l'ill? an taking the ylftee of all tizA*. Prom tk? OmmmmnUl BulUtin, Baton, Mmti Said to b? very efioaoiona for the haadaoh*. Prom tk* Commtrtial, Cincinnati, Ohio, Buffering humanity o&n now be relieved. CT A ungio bottia of Spalding's Prepared Glue will ?t?ton timMitaooatannually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~REPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH B7"A Btitcii in Tim Sivu Wiwm."-/*T1 . At aocidonta will happen, even in well recalatea families, it la very desirable to hare tome oheas jidlooBvoment way Iur repairing Furniture, Toys I Crockery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE moots all suoh emerg enoiee, and BO household oa afford to bo withoatlt. ituilnn --* to the ttlokinc point. M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Bruh aooompaniM Moh Bottle. Pn? II o*ata. Addreu HENRY O. SPALDING, Ho. 48 CtUr atrMt, Nrw York. CAUTION. A? oeruin inprinoipled mtsodj attag?tiac U PALBINCS PREPARED SblE^ll aasfifi'""" " ttm evTiii-1 f $ DKNTISTBY? 51; kissm^SSwmrisgs tepds pefaouA.lf at hi! o?oe .n tiuj citjMB Minj periona iwnwMUthwe V^h who**11 oasnot we*r others, and no peraon oan otheri who ouiioi ??r these. l'er?on? oaiiicc ft my oftw o*c be aooonuuoa?lev vith any atyle arm price >>f Teeth they tray deeire but to tit o* e wuo are particular and wiah the pur eat o;6&'ie?t, atroi'.gest, and mort perfect deuture thai ?ri u&.' fr'i'jQte, ui? UinttKAb fliAlb VUi iX more ranr warranted. Rooms is this cut?No. 339 P?. irwai,betww ttn tod 1Mb su. Also, 907 Arch itroet, Fhi.adi*; phi*. oo l? tf GAS FITTING, &c. a WM ?. DOVE * CO. M.RE Now prepared to exeoste edt rdera will wtiofc the* il%j be fsiTcra.; in ifc? FLUMBIN8, ?A8 OR STEAM FITTIN# BUSINESS. fHT Store on fUi street, a few dooie north of P? enne, where rr\j be found ft comKjete aeaortmeni f CHANDELlt.ka fctd ?t>ier ?AS. STKAM ?n? watt:r fixturkh i?rr i. 18NYDBJU t Vlumber axdj&as fitter, om torn ,'t^u to jue ooruer oi rirsuia and K sts Se is prepared to introduce Water and ftas u?o: a most f&Torstle wrr.u, and fr.aratiics en tin aatlafaotion. He baa on hand a lot of COOKING andothei 8TOVKP, ^rhtoh be will ae-1 ie** u .\e coat, as fc< wishes to tet rid of t/ien., t.o P WG A 8 FIXTURES. E Ha?* in ?u>re, aad Ara Uai. j reoomng, &AI fllTOPiES of entiroly New Patterns and Desirw asa Fiaian. superior in strie to anything her-tofon offei <1 ia this Market. W e lnr^tecitizens eenerai It to tail acd examine onr stock of Gas tnd Watei Ft*' jrea, fealici oonl>dnr,t thstve hare the bM aeiece ' etook in W&siunr ton. All Work in the above !ice intrmatod to onr can will be promptly attendH to. MYKRB A MoGHAN. JBrJMf ST6 D ttrect. OF INSPECTOR AND SEA LSI U fiST Bl? WIT'BVOU ? w* VAV iuuiunot W-.8 31**70W. it\j II, ilM, NOTICE JS flBRKHr OlVbS, That.acr** ably to the provision* of the ordinance i f ta* Corporation a?pro?ftti May U. 1%*', the l u^riirnni :i now fre**rcd,"vkOE?i"'r reimred 'n Trritinx. ai>:

on jre-yaTineui of?ae of fcftr 0'.>at*, to ti*pect xamice, test, f rove, t.nd afccertvu the icsnncro' Efiatration o;fenr ( ? ir.oter in ?*? in 1?:b cut.' very meter, if lotted lcaorreot, vii! be condeo::**? and another, ?e*ir-l ar*l carir-u *? H et in its flace, If yrc*eu to tcc? -%.e in iti meunenitttof i?*. 11 will le tea.e* Aeoa'tiicg'./ and ataiu j?ut iu position for tee. CMice No. *1C Seventh ftreet, (ne?r Odd t ?l . W?' H?H.) OJ9r" ?,OTT18 * *n*? to ? nu CHARLE3 W, CUNMNtiBAM, IT ll-tf Inainotcr ari dealer c? vis Meter*; #V*n t Cold, j& /?i*t n c*y !~rit*ijnn nt Sort#?.? of tii* Tft"><u, Rtlttut >?? Harkxnt Ctrnti t? firoHekilis, itkmr, t Catarrh, t\*or art l gin ttrmfl.% to tkt V01C4 if PUBLIC 8 I* K A K E R ) SINGKKt*. Few *re ?ware of th*- importance ?f clieoicini i Coarh or "Ccnjixios Col1!" i*i it? first state: *.&% which in the b:^ ir.:i.* would yield t<< *milu tenia if neglected, eoon ftttaoltslho Lunja. "Crws' B'cmckial*," contain* ric ?;on>uTnent!njrt>di tits. f.::?y t'B.'mofirr '.r.d Bionotu*; Irritation. "Tea; trcvt'ie in tzy ihroat, 'fa BROWN'S whi-.h ti/e " JVrsA?.?" are n ?f.'c f.o uu-de me tit*, tr.ierewiiia TROCHES ?erer. N. f. WILMS. HROWN'4* ' I racoT.iic?c?i ese to P??L!i TROCfiE? REV. E. H. CHAi'lN> "0r?at Mrvieeinsur*!nint Hr?i?i BROWN'6 REV. J?AMEL WjbE. fuoi'HVk "Almost instant rc iet'in th? U:t trasains iacor of bre&imnc yeoalifc rrowVN luAITHYA." HKUWii s ttEV A c E66LESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or %njt*ini jajarioum." DR. A. A HAV K3, IIROWN'S CAtmm, r.ific* a " A iirule and p fs&art comlura TROCHE* tion for CoreHs, he." \ 1>R. <* y. BIGELOW, Ftrtr* IROCHKH ** BtMSsit! Ill iJ*0!ICW7TH." ,K DR. J. F. W. LANF, BROWN'S Btutm ** 1 hare th*m exoeiiM?t fo TROCHES WCotsu." REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN'S JBostrM "Beneficial *rheo compelled t< TROCHES iofferlnf from Cold." REV. S. J.P.ANDERSON, BROWN'S St. 1.9% u vrochpo " EytxcttaL lc reraonnr lloars* nets anil Irritation of the Throat, c< BROWN'S100111!13011 Wiln Sf*AS*.? and Stn? TROCHES M.BTACYWHNt^ BROWN'S Taaeli?r o^Mu?0| Soatheri TROCHES ber.ff.t when taken bef->n and titer ptearfcine, is tlie? ?rc?t;!> UROWN'b Ho?.rs?cciE. Frjin their fMlf-tj'Kjt I tl .uk they wi:I be vi r'rrci&a?iii *<* ffiucasa swjyre to roe. rkv. k. ko*.vl::v, A. m. BROWN'S P-eeiieul ol Atii?n* Colicje, Tsui 7EGCRL3 i~r"8oii? by*'l Pru?is!e?t TW V.N ? I HVil CFN'fS A ?OX.,at W ATCH REPAIR INb ANDSILVKR W KM MANUFACTORY. J hnra one 01 the best est&hiighn.eiits, aid fur niahed with R complete set of tools for repair- Jkj let every desonpuoa of &ce Watchoa, and 43 particular Mlor.uoc K>ve to thi? same, by tno. -:ic h oomp&tent wurkmwi.f ml n, work r.'iCJii tied A!bo, <svii>rj deecnp louof standard SlLvI.j Wi RE. i- airiMid oruaiuentai, u?a:.uflctured undo my uwc sup?rvi?:oa, w'lioh my customers wili fioi farjiuperic i iA 411&.; to aortrern wc,t> *Oid by deliers iu fo:.c;*j and repres?at?x! &o Uiel wa Kiar.nfactpre. II. O. H?K)1>, ? ? ^ " ''t. ti^Kr >)|J] V N U O A T U Uuatitrr.:a:nr Otnttarj 6Jtes, I WtxsKitifton (/Mr, Ju'.n u, I<>jM I'Lah# and Srro:ricj.noKs for hulls .if ft u Boats tor the \V?*tern rivers are c n exhibition i. thi? office, and at of yu.irterm&itera a. Pittahure. fUnflinnAti, St. !,oui8 r.r.<! Aiton. Boats to l a doli vert : I at Bids whouid to aectto Oaaitcri;.*Ht?'r Uoi,#ri ofthe l.L'tcd I'tato, Arm?, at WiaUineton, by lat Aucust, at noon. M. C. MKIU8. it 11 Itn* fiiin'l f?rrl 11 *i * rt*rr?.? <>a? Oft.-.*! I f ^ t ??? M ?..? ... ...i.n- wi ' ?- " l rjpo MILITARY OKl'ICHHH A Ni 1) OTUERS? BATCHBLOIVS (Jtfjvcr/.VK HAIH DYB. The llffct in the W.->r;<l, Thi Only [itlin.tlt ami Harmless Hatr Dye Known Sold tjr ail Druggists; also, at Hkhbeton's Pater: Mac'i^ine btoro, cp. Patent Oifiofe.oor. F Jt 7th, and at OiuBs's flair Storo, U4 2 i'euu'a averuo. when LS'liea <>?n h'.vH it appheu, if desired. Ffcotor*?SI Barclay it. (lata SSo 13 road wan N. Y oo a-iT UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPKS.-T>en ty ililferent stylos of Note ana Letter l*&p?>r, with Envelopes to matefe. Views of \Vft.ehmcU/B in the form of a lioae.aiu in Book lonu; also, .epa;^.u All the Usilj ard V.\>o)r;y Papers constantly 01 hand. Herald, Times, and Tribute received ever] cieht at 6 o'clock. Papsrs from all p&rta of the country. Beadle's Dime Novels and Sous Books. A trash supply of Books for summer re&dinf. ohoap A larje assortment of Juveniles?Mayce Reid'i Books, Rollo HookB.Abbott's Histori?s, ke, A disooantol 10 to S? p'r o*nt. on all bound booki FRENCH fc RIOHSTK1N, rria 9B National tnrA. UT* K?. *?. ^JUNBOAl'SJ fob thi WEriTEHN RIVERS QtJARTBUMAiTKK HKJJKRAL's OfFlCI, / Vfaskington, June 17,1861. \ Proposals aro invited for oonstructinc Gunboats upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Uuar'ermaater's Oftce al Cincinnati, Pit'sburgh. and at this office. Proposals from boat bu:lr era and ensine-build er? alouo will be considered. Plant eabmitted by bidders w;ii be taken oonaideration. M. C. MK1QS, la 18 Quartermaster general United Ptate W NOTICE. E Be* leave to oa>l the attention of OIBoeri of the Army to our verv exte> aive assort mm ment of all olaaaea or EQUIPMENTS, and^pl especially to an artiole of Military Blue Cloth and Doeskin Case i me re, whioh we Iff warrant will retain ita color. Oik assortment of Sworda, Saahea, Beits, Gauntlet*. Army Cape (lodigo dye), superior Flannel Shirta. Leg K* iga. Sword Knota, Gold and l eather Buglea, oolder Htrapa, and devioea of a>l de?ari|>tioi a, ii now ooinolete. and we are well ratiafied that an inapootion will prove aatioflictorT in everypartio?.lar. HINTON A f^EL, oc 26-1m Merchant Ta.lorp No. 406 Pa. av. METALLIC FOB * Cleaning. Pallahing, and Prmatiai Rut. This ia anperior to all othor oila in the world for Ke above purpoaea, aa well aa for machinery and bricating uaes. It i? e?ualiy applicable to gunlooka and aewmg maoninea. It ia in high favor at the Government Navy Yardafor ordnaaoe aud machinery. Principal Depot and Otneral A/cury, PHILHAKMONH". BALL. Penna. avenue, near Eleventh at ae?4 2m '|>Bfc EUROPEAN BOTEL, KKPV BV f, 1 EMRlOfl. at the corner of F?nu.|/?A avenne and Eleventh street, has ImiIkbI greatlv improved recently and now often; JUhBU greater indaocmenta for the patronage cl citisena ami atrangere than any other anblio hoaaclu the titv, hia prioca being ieaa tran u.o? of any other hotel < 11 i'?rn. arcnur<. aud his a^comnodationa for perinanent or transient bo&rde.a ucexceptiontble. Ite bar and reataurant arrangements of the European Bot?i have a.raady become very popsi*r. being aii that oac he desired t-? tse most fas adioua. The proprietor pledges ai.ecimtUd attecinn An?hw?iail ? J:*- - -?* WHXUUOU OJk/TM.'i |IfOI4( fkct'oa toaJLjicd tJius refp'srs hit i&vititioa '* It to ei*? thu KorftlMn h *. A*.!', %jKW YOI,UMK BALZAC'S NOVELS.?I he Aiotiouii.t, or tkf Uou?* of Cla??; iromths r ranch or Ht>n<-r? d?- Haiitc. t'roe br m*ii, SI.!* WrtAv-rof Hnvoloe ,1| CM. S^T* "Htttftl rkiSmit"1if II HI ?*un*' mhii \ TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. , 4*m. LMdinc aad embarkiiit >M??Pt?ri M * QuMOitATi, Ireland. Tb* L??rwrpoo!. New > ?rk ?nd Phi!%delph<? i SH^uiship Comrtcr intend di*p?tgblr.( their fa., powered C'Td?-buiit iron &toaw?hip? ** fo()o?i r I GLASGOW bmcrxar, Au(D?l 3d : CITY OF BALTIMORE, inth. KANGAROO " " Uth. A 9 A A >r?r> Catiir^hf _ * AAAn f*nm Ditto li V???W ,tku f ibi j ?wu? li ' *? l?l **( MWI vu ! IITST. &ATB8 or PISSAS1. i First Cabin #*> Do. to London BP Do. to Paris ? ?6 > Do. to Ham burr ? StMrue IS" !><>. to London. ? ? 3* l>o. to S* Do. to Humbsrc. ....... 36 Passrncere for war lid to nirrt. Bremen. Kottoraani, Antwerp, An , at reduced throush tares. Person* wtshtng to brin* oct their friend* oar: buy ticket* at low rats*. Kor further information Msly at the Csptafos ; Office. JOHN ?. DfiL , Agett, 16 Broadway. Pf. V., Or toQ. A. HERRING. Ararat Express Baitimors. I ^S.ND1V11>UAL ENTERpRI^ . ..TTiSa easTER* AND WRSTgRy SHORE STEAMERS. ' '"KENT," Capt. J H. K :*?. -PIONEEK:'C*vt. W. Nortnac. Will ran their routes w foIit>v?, leavl t Lignt tract, Ua-t.more, foot ol Camden. at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Denton L&ndinga i on Choptank river. *>very WEDNESDAY and i HATI'KDAYt returning every Thursday and i Monday. For AnrayMis and Weet Kiver, every TCE8 r D\V aud FRIDAY and rsttirmug ?a<t>a days. 5 PlONEKR?ror St MiohaePa an-1 Eaaton, via Miia'? River, avary WEDNESDAY, and return I the same day. For AnnapolU, West River. Cambndge, Oxford and Ea*ton Point, every THURSDAY. returning by eame route on Friday For Anaapolu. Wert River, St Miohaci'aand I Ea.ton, via Mile'* River Ferry, every SATURDAY, ramming every Monday by aan?e routeI Fare to Cambridge. Denton. Oxford *nJ I- *Kinn Point-.. - -????? $1 ? to t?t. Miohifc"b*nd River^roua.l } trie *1,) ? ion ! Fare In \W?t R ivw, I roui.d trie, $1) I uo | , P?ro to Aiujapo'i' (>i>'>nu tiis75 cefitt7# ! MkALS KIT*.A. ' IIT* Freight must be ?rerasd, Wl.arf end OOoe, LIBHT 81'., foot of Camden. 5 Baltmo . C. K. CANNON. ' i i, i NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERlNTKNDF.NTt* OFFICE,! Calv*e.7 5*tatio?i, Batiwora. fciay 18,1861. \ > Or> and &fter Senda?, May ll'th, 13?!, rrams on - I the NORYHKRN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar ! rive and ce?art ?* follows, until further nottoe. , * ' TRAINS NORTH. i MAIL atS IS A. M. 4 t? V Ull L'.S .* e a.-, n ? l! A11 Fu ii 1?LR <i * A C CO M MU DAT 10 N at t P. M The JU5 A.M. train ononeota at Relay Ho?m 1 with tramt on the Western .Maryland Railroad; ' at Hanover Junction with Hanover and t^eitsbarg I Railroad*; &t York with York and Wriglitsviile ? | Railroad, at Harr shpre ?nh Pennsylvania Rail- I t | road for a:! part* of the West. a. so with Lebacnon - | Valley Kailroac to A'(M York ixrtrt; a' Northum ? j her land with L md H. WsiUoaJ for Kinestnn and ?.! parts of Wyooimni; Valley,and at Vanbury with < ' the Philadelpm* asJ Kris Railroad lor an parts i I No'-'hern P^ni'sylvartia and New York. )i The 3 ?' 1'. M train makes a i theahova oooneotior.s except ll?nover Raiir'atl, V/rifhuviUe i Hailroa-j an 1 the Le!?aarorj VaVW Railroad. Ti e? P. M train ma?on connections witii Penn' : Br'vaQia Railroad for ai! parts of the Watt, an?l direct oouDeots for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. ! Mail nt S 1? P Exp* vs at 7 44 A. M.: Harrta ' Dure A<?<H>!Tjn:o<:*tjGi! at 2.<s P. M. For Ticket# and imorr &iioii inquire at the , ; Tiokot Office, Calyert Station, J. C. ULAR K. Snp't. , ? LKAVF. PHILADELPHIA ! hOR NEW YORK. ? The Camden end Ar.boj and Philadelphia aad Tren'nv. Railroad Corannat' L:ne from PHILADELPHIA TO NEW YO?K AND WAY PLACKS*, frorrs WALNUT STREET WHARF i, AND KENSINGTON DEPOT,will leare aa fol 'OWE: Ate A. M , ti& Cardan ard Ambof, (C. tod A. . Aoooir.'i oration.) At S A. M-, vie. Ce'aden and Jersey City. (N.J. r ; AoooKiujwlsaion.) . _ . At 2 A. M., ?.* Can: Jen and Jersey City, iMornl ins Mai'..) ? ' At tlx A. M . via TSensicyton and Jersey City, ? I (WMU.m Li?r??.) . At i2X P. M., via Camden aihi AmOoy.i Aooon rroi datipn.) i. At 2 P M.i via Can-den and Arnboy, (C. and A. . | Exare*s.) 9 At <* P M., rta Kensington and Jersey City, I -- i7i r wi , aer-Binivja ana ~ erwfj Ulty, I (Second Cia*? Tioket.) * , i, ; At 6 P. M., viaCtmden ?ud Jerney City, (Evening Mail.) ! At Ilk P. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(tk>uth. I ?m MM!.) , At S P. M., via Camden and Am boy, (Aoeo:nniodfr' tioa. fi< ifht and ^azeei-ier, Kir't C .mi Ticket.) Second Cift-3 I toket. TI:?S iV ">I M .u Tram r je? Jally. The 1IX P. M, Mul, Saturdijs rxcoptad. For DelviJeie, Ka-?U>n, LaraJ>ertviIie, Pleuucf* ; ton, .Vo., s.'7.J'i A. M.;ud4X 1'. M.,trom KeR?!r.*?on. Fcr Wt'.cz flap, ftroudsbur?,H.>r*ntfn,Wiike?Montroaf, .to.. at 7.10 A.M.. lruui Kenmnjion, via Deiawaro, Laoirawa&na *nd t \ Kait road. For .Mtach CtLiak, A! let to Wi *^d Bethlehem At 1 1.1 A M Mr,A IU u VI t #. .1 * J wiamfn*. mm? muiu ankma{,iUD a?(Oi; tu??.!') A. M. a-8 e>ni.oot? mth the train leaving J k.r?aton at 3 j'S h. M. For SI >unt Holiy J-t S MKt 3 A- M. an>l I aoi Oi i*. M. t For Fre?iioI:l at t A. M. and 3 P. M. > i For Brigtoi, Trentoi, fco.. at 7.10 A. W..4X and & IK P. M from KPDEicsiOB, and 2K P. M from . Wainut srrMt wl.arf. For Palmyra Riverton, Dfclanco, Bsverly. Burlington, K. rernftoo. l$or<tei.u?iru, &o.. at 1?3?, 1. S, & at'l s P M Steairivr Vivi: n for Bordentoirn, and intermediate places, t.: ?K P. M. fcoai Wal&kt arrest ; wt-ftrt ICT" For N?w York and War Line*. !e*.viiif Kensir jtuc Depot, t*ke tho oara on FiAh arreet, 1 * 1 " * 1 - 1 * buviv it >i iui, ua:; n;i guor ungre CtMMirl Ttl( t car* rue i:.t > U.j Uep<.i, ?sd Cu a. rival of train rca t from t!<ede h>?. t-ntj poundi" of l>&x?3?0 only allowed toe^ot b pasa?Leor i'Maonso-g are prohibited from taking * Bcytiiiu* ?? baggage bat thou wearing ayyar*;. Alt over fifiy pounds lo be pv.d *or. utr*.. Tr e company limit th<nr reRponaiSiiity f?r |.?ir^ t?? oca oo! ar p*'' roBPiliUKl will not l>? any amount tcjoao ono hundred do! Lara, ' eiccpt by co: trv.U W M. H. WATZIIKK. Agoat._ CST- FOR TI1K cJ** &&&?< wKPT A N D SOUTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO I KAlLKOAD. On and after May ICtu, latt, the traina will ma ka lollows, via;-Leave Caawien Station, Ba:tie noro,?Mai, ?e*crpt Sunday.) at 6. so A. M.; Extreaa dariy at 3.46 I*. M. Botn Tratna go directly . through H)R A 1.1. FAKTS OF THE WEST, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. I FOR WAY i'ASSFNGERS. flfti VAAn an^ K .aWm-...* ? aU? a ** WWW wv?4 1?UM ivuur'itk iakO IUO A? lUt Timi,; li?twe.?n Piedmont and Wheeling take Aaj c.)mia< lation Tia:n, ia&?ins Piedmont at5.40 A. M ;ilu ! el w. Grafton and FarseraLnrf, lake , t:o5S.'A M TrMaltL.ui Baltimore. T&e I'll EDE KICK 'l'K A IN IcavM Baltimore it 4 30 P. M and f>tvie*'ck at 6.3f> A. M. Th* KLLICOTT'W MILLS 1 H AIN )<* * Baltimore at t> >i ai.u 0.15 A.M. *<.>d 1 46 and 6.40 P. M. aud Kihoort's Mills at 7.40 and 11.du A. M.,an?l i.43 ' &u?l tjsa p.m. , For further iufnrrnaticn, TiokeU of my kind, to., apply to J. T. ENGLAN D Ac out, at Camden , btation, or at Ui<? Ticket oifiee. 1 W. P. SMITH. Master of Tr*n*porticn. M. CO I.E. Gen'l T?oket A tent. ' M;V? VOKK, HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW \ORK FOE ALBANY. TROY, NORTH AND. WEST. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT I Commenoms Monday, May 37th, lsil. I For Abany?Ua*) a- m. tut expreaa train from ttth etrset. For Dover PI \ r p. m. stnppinj at Whit* Plains and stations north to Dover plain*?from , i Sith street station (This train will ran to Millerton every Saturday . veiling,) For Crotoo Falis-J:lJ a. m. U>**inf at all stations north of Pordfcaiu from asth street station, i For White Plains?2:30, 4.10 and 5.-00 p. m. stoppini at all stations from atith street station. For White Plains?6: 6 p. m. stoppini at all stations from W hite *treet elation. For Williams Hridje? 11:15 a. m. and :?* p. m. stopping at all stations from 27th street station. Returning will leave? Albany?0*"O a. m. last express train. > i Dover P.ains-5:3n a. m. (This train leaves Mil J > lerton every Monday niorninj at 6 a. m.) i Croton Fa!;??5 ?. jo. White Plains?8:id. 1:00 a. m S:ln * ? m William# Bridge? 9*Q ?. m. A fcOO p. m. Sunday traiua will leave 4th Avenue oornsrfid j > ?tr?t*t, for Central Park, Yorkville,- Utrim and . 11 if h Bride* every f?w minute*. from #? a. m. to . 7.o'p pi. JOHN BlRCHlLL, AatLEup't. J cm?NEW YORK AND ERIE R?lL- . ROAD. Puunier Train* leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long l>ock, from foot of Chambers tre?t, Now York, a* fol!ow?, ti! : , ? 7.00 a. m . KXf Rfe&S.for Dunkirk,and Buifclo, , and principal intermediate Stations. 80i>a. in . MAIL,for Duukirc. and intermediate Station*?Thi* Train remain* ovw night at Eliaira, | and prooeed* the next morning. 9.IJU a m . MILK dailj, for Otitville, and inter- , I mediate Station*. . .. ^ ?. ' 11 00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION.dallr, for Port ' i Jervu, and p-.Jaoipal Station* w 9. m, WAV, lor Middletowa, NMrbargk, 1 Stations, and rnr? onh to Elinira. I 6wp. n... ACCOMMODATION .for Horeorrille, and principa: Statio&a , i CHAS.MINOT,?aa'lSu?'t. 1 ; NATHANIEL MAH8H. Keo*lvr. , I ONIONS?ONIONB?ONIONS. ; J UST ReoeiraU on ooaaignmoat 1,500 M?km < I prime Onions. For sal* low. * JUNG A BURCHELl,. M> ( fVyn-r am) 1 ?t?. I ONE VERY NICE SECOND HAND PfANO for #80. Alao. a l&rr? *toek of R& Baoon S Co 'a nu.l 8t?inwaj A Soo'a lnv'|||M juat bean reuotved at tha M usic Store of niafl I W. G. VBTZ t R OITi IO" fiAsoa for rest. Ml I' NOT1CK TO TRAVKi.KftSi hi; I'oounocter fiocfral boric* orlrr+c (m M irMllOW II?Urt. OO aitl a?)fr?jn? tboir wharf, mot ?>( Vvvrm f>-*k, at o'e ock f. r.H?ir:tno<t?au:? aft?r Um of th? W Mhinztoa Tra:o. t-u?cL m?H W|itiut"t it 2k o'oloei f. r?. fa-tf M > ?At.??. t'rogt PHfI/* f-KI PH?A, WIL JHIfilPVKu S'1N?T??.N AM) bA |. TIJIOIlfc RAll.Mi'AU. SPRING AND SUMMfK AHHANtiSMkNT. Ol and alter TUKM?A\ May UU. mt?k|*r Traut i lor Pintado lin* will ?*ro Praoiaoot >tr>M D??ot Joily (e*ce?t ^uui'ajia* iollo?t.rta: xprofci i rata at 8 'S A. M W ii Mafl Tr*acai IM A.M.; KTonini .Vail at 4 ?6 o'oioofc. oo *LrNOA YPot 4 *5 f. M. onl?. All tr%in? oonroot viti N**Ycrl train* nceytt tt P. M . train on bat*r. dora. A F'oifbt Troin with p*??*ufr oar attno'otf lea von at 5 P. M ,ot>>r?ia* btatioua btivtm i . * - * D?iwmori?MQ ntrrf QM>r*o*. PftMMcara for De aware a>d t*e butem fkora of V ?'? !?r<s will find the most exp*dU:o?ii roate t>1 ir&yofW 'lmirituc. ID" All Colored Persona ranet i.rt hood bafora entwine the cara. WM.CRAWFORD.AMt KAT CENTRAI KOI TKIOI SHSRCTHK WKPT.tM H CD* OX ' ?f. >,71 hAILt.oAU ** XEW YOhi CS * Tt.AL K-AlLkOAD. h xtr*ut T?atrelw?? New York oitj depot* of Hadaon Rtvei Rai r<>a?i daily. Bandar* excepted..-e *: From t hamhen atreet Krr>ir 3' ?t at ttation. At 7 Of am At 7 S6 a in H 09 500 p m lis " ISnpm 3 46 p m Montr al and Buffalo Tram with ?;? ? r.r oars, 9.5? ) I 1 Connecting at Albany alth the New York Cea tral Railroad for Sate?lady. K<ci>??t?rJLtioa Batavia. Rone, aod lUtu ni on Rome at* Watertown Rai)r<a*. Hu8i!o.ifr?uM, Nikia-a Fa t. S*u?p?r?i' n Bridge, Anbur-,. Genrv*.Cai arda<gua Traira in ooncection Ie*v? Buffalo and Sa?p*r> aion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i ake Hnroo ao4 Great Railroad, fo- Hamilton. Torrtito, Detroit.Chicago, Toledo.Miiwankie. Foil Ito Lac. La croaee, Mad't t Prairie U? Crier, Ga ma. Dutleitb. Dubuque, Peoria, R.-ea Ulard, Motra Or.e, Ir.wi*. Oity, BnrSingtos, Quire*. SBrmaieid, AIM, St Louit, Cairo,Terre toaute, lna anaaolia, Loanville. Cincinnati, I avtce, Co!?rbu?, i'l?v# land, and ai: pon.ta W eat. Northwest and tfouthWmU NORTHERN ROl'TK. Conneotinc wuh T1111.1 at ? n?? ??k *r?? * Bo?to>i i^nd Rena. A &ar*.f>(* Vctdi for Saimtofa, Whitehall. Rutland, Riirlinftin, ?t Alhana, Ioin Point, Platutaireh,, Montreal, Ao., Ao. [ZT~ Freight Arrangements by this roata as ?f>ove, wiUioit charge of ('%' a, from the Ix pots in Chambera and I'&i.&i Hreeta. *ra at ail tun*a *a ?avorab;e na mad* hy u?h. r Railroad Companies The acil'ti^a of tin a ?,reat New Vork Kf^te, ?? the Weat oommenc it to the cor fcdenc* of tnarahanta an ah ppsra lor f-otr.ptr.eao *jid di*pa'oh Pmmenger traire. with ^raokinc and HUaptrg Car* raa m ocnnaouon on the New Yock Central Road. For particr. ara aa to looal trsir.a and freight ar rangemeats, inquire at th-* der."t, 6* \\ arre'i ?t. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. ~JP?w r.J? GOVKRNMRNT LINK poiK^os^oj'Z ?LO tuv tv w c cm* ?#i 1/ L*U< H. VLti more, Wt-at aide. ' AILY, <J*ar.<ia?? d eluded,) at Of o'oi? uk P II. tak m* p**?ei*er? a>,<1 feijhl uJ oonnfotinc villi tii?? Railroad and from Waihirgton. I).C., Ptulade phia. New York, Bos ion, York, H&rr:abur|t, PiUabarc. Pa . &ud tit* Weit, immediate!* after t^.e arrival v( the Eipreae Train from Ni?r York and Philadelphia. The flowing i* the Sciiedu.e : Prom New York U> Fort Monroe and b*?k.. ?14 Prom Pbil*aelph a ar?d hack lie Prom Baltimoreand b&ck.- 96. ID" PROCURE YOLK TICKET>.0 In New York. at the New J eraey Railroad UAsi foot of Court ;and atre*l In Phiiade' the Ooirpaay'a oftoe, N. W. oorner of Sixth and Cheatnut etraeu, or at lb* Depot, Broad and Prime atreeu. In Bs'timore. on board the Steamera, foot of Union Dook. HUGH O'CONNKR. Paaeecrer Agent. mpmm FOR BOSTON VIA NEW Poltt AND FALL RtVt*. Br the eplecJid and aupanor Staamera METROPOL*, EMPIRE STATE. BAY STATE, a .1 STATE OfMAINE, <f gieat ircuf m sua Bfeou, ;ui purlieu i*':? r^!apl?d U> U>? navigation of Lone island Soan-i. running il oonsection vriU; the ran River &->d Old Colony Raii road, distance of M n.i'.es omy to Boston. Lwt( Pier No.? North River near the Battery. The Steimer EMPIRESTATE.Cajt- Bray ton. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 4 o'clock P. M., toaohiacat Newport each way. The Steamer AlETROPOMt,Ca^t. Brown. on Tueedaye, Thursdays. and Saturdays, at 4 o'o?oci P. M.. tonciunx at Newport each way. These Steamers a>e titled with ommodioaa tate rooms, and every arrancement for the eaeantr and oomfortot pass?n:ers. who are aCoruM by tola route a nights' reel oc board, aid on arm a. at Fall River proceed per Steamboat Train.reacb ins Boston early tie following morning : or May rwjif. od board until starting of the Aoooamodationat# A. M., by waich they may reach Boston about 3.46 A. M. A baggage matter is attached to each steamer, who receives and tickets the baggage, and aocon, pamea trie same to its destination. A rure ic oouuwetion with thie Line be two^n Fail Hirer ami Frovideuee dally, except Buniara. Freight to Boetor ' ? forwarded throuih with If**' ai-patoh by an r-i?r?? Tram, wbkch o?tm Fall Rirer ever* cicrus.*, Sunday* exoeptad,a< 1% o'olock tot Boston ar.d New Bedford, arriving at ita definition at about 11 A M For (reicht or pa?r&ge. app y on board, or at o.e olftoe on Pier No. S North ft ;w For ctat? rtoni and berths apply on loard, or lfdeairea to aware them in advanoe, to WM BORDtN,A(t 70 and * 1 vs est ?tre?t, N V. TilK it KU LAK nfA.lL LINK v IA J?R yi i'Nj. SI ONi>?7uN ?EC fHDVlUt.'Mt'K, FOK BOB TON?Inland Rente?The ihortM aud tnoet di reot?Carry the liaeiern Mrul. The .trainer PLYMOUTH *QCK. Ca*. J. C. Seer. udCOMMONWEALTB, OiftJ. W. wil.iarna, in connection with the ?U>u:nfU>B uui provider ce,and Boa'ocand Providenoe Railroad*, leavmr New York dailv, ?uadayt excepted, froni Pier wo la North River, at 6 o'oiock P. M., and Groton at 8JU o'clock Y. M., or on the arrival of he Mui ?ra.n which ieavea Boston at 6S' P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK, from New York Monday, Wednecda*. and Friday From ttro toe?Tn? B;ia?, TLnrsday , a-sd Saturday ThicOMMONWKA' TH, from New YorkTueeday, 'J'hureday. ?td Sftturday. From ttrotoa ?Mon lay, Wednesday, and Friday. Paenenrers from Groton prt-oaau ?er railroad to Providecoe aud Boston, id the Fxprras Mai! Train, rpachic; ?ad plr.oe in aovanoe ofrhoee by other roste-, and in uneietirne !or a ! the early Morning Lines oonectmg North and Ka*t. Pat Humeri ti'M SlBfor It. rmnft n n? lw-?../< ik? w w ? ?i - - - ? ww ?a* earner, enjoy a. mjUis* rut endieturbed break fast if desired, and e&ve Groton in the 7 14 A. M. Tr*in, oonn*cting at Providence With the I ?u A M. Train for Boston. F?r?' froai rrovtderoe to Newport, Fifty oents A ba?safe matter aeoonipauicw the SMearoer aul Train aacn way. For Passage, Bertha, State Rooms, or Fratf ht, uppiy on board the reamer, or at tbe Freight Offloe, Pier 13 North River, or at tue Othoe oi the Company, No. 114 We*t st'eet.eornar of Cortland street. New York, Feb. SB. IMi. UUDSwN K'VFR RAILROAIF?For ALBANY aM> TROY,CON NF.CllNU with TRA1N9 NORTH And WES ''? Trains !?ave: FromChambe sst. N.V. From 3 th street. Fx pr eat, 7 and 11 a. m , 7.5(6, !i.2S a. ui., and SJA and sjo and 4 p. m. 5,2? p m. Troy and Albany (with 10.44 p.m., (bandars in s.eepiuj oar) 10,15 p. in eluded.) ?ou(hle?pci? uaicb, a 6 24 a. m.,and 1.4? p. u.. m , 1.14 p. in. Pi^kekiU train, ?.oop m 4.25 p m. Sing S:ti( traiE^.Oi) a m.. a ,24 a m , and 4.49 and and 4 3u and p. m 8^S p. ia. Flafckill tiain, tj?' s. ro. S.S6?> m. A. r* ftMITH. >o?er!Bl*f><lar.t. M. I. FRANKLIN, OPTICUS TOTHE PRESIDENT AXD MILITARY STAFF*. 144 I'enii'eev., no th ?.Cc,J bet. 12th tad VhCfc ata. SPECTACLES, provided with ceanlne Koek Cm??H or Periaortic, mounted >b gold, ulver or ateel, auU suited with utmoet otr? for very en? n?d eyeaighu FIRST ul TP _ \jjfe|j CLAIM* MILITARY FIELD-OL ASSES, Dfloroaooeee, Compeaeee, and Matbeu?*t;o*l la atMimmta, at the low eat I- eatera pnoea. oo 8^-tr rr* MILITARY BOOKS. T RENCH 4. RICHST1EN heve i <?!? Arte and ?ompleto aesortmont of Military ^**94 >f all kind*. vrhieta they offer from tea to iftj per cent, below the ragalar retail priOM,?miladtnc: Anew edition of Hard**'* Infantry and Sit* Taotioa, complete, S t -25 For*>??' Volunteers' Manna!. 1 vols, ft Alies'i f< inpeodium of Hardee's Taouoa, M 6ruaa'? Miliary Surrery. TSo Makan'iField PonifToatioc and Oatpoet, each 1* Hardae*a Tact.ot *d,tion.?ie Tm Hoidior'a *J ci<2>* % ooinpiete manual and Ariil book for the nee ol Ue Volmnteer MiliU* and Ike Home 6uard. 36c The Hand Bookfor the U.8. Roldier, <wiac Srat book of inatraebon to thai.1.8. Infantry tae r m.llUM MM MM*!* Of *T9rt 4MVt?tJOn. mm Si tT?>w?iiin?i> a<w?aa. Fine hhakkr and othk* wmitk FLaNNKL*. vithill otter kindaof Woo * for autumn md WiuUr mm. Ob* pnot oiili, m ltd in plain ftfuraa . kaeoa, tt> ureli&wr U doo?j?od All bBf idc and aelmi boinc tot rotoeod to th? tuk ai&oda'd. oar whoio ici.* of pnoaa ta otfcW ynlorm th?rftu. Aa XAUHbotioa of stoek impIim M oMiftiKM k)?V(MM. PKRR Y * BH??? P* ovrcae Uil Niutlt at._ (Mi< 'p?f? ft?n>)U? * diano*, PI an Oft. PIANOS.-N#* P*?oa I roootvwd ?v?; i ?*?k ('<'-uc ?i4 lo?* attfc* ? kirtnwulM mk t7kkot r* mean; lw?rt, W?K p? %? tint fc.avauu at aa . '

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