Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1861 Page 2
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I THE Fv EMN<i STAR. I W ASH! NCV* >N CITY: | TnntlAY, NOVEMBER 30. 1*61 ??va Pmirsr? at the various campe tart posticus win renter a ffcvor v,y keeping us posted U to mwBtw't end aJ^.irn tn tbefr vicinities. JT-?- To evr J?"ultiirorr readers we would sav that the ir?t sad <coatl edition of the Slitnn t-e ?-?d tti Baltimore of E. F. Haaeitnn, ages*, 74 Weal Baltimore street, rear Gay?the first ?-o't'rvn at half past four and the second at eight sTelock, on the arrival of the trains from Washington, giving all the latest nsws from the srat of war up to the tiro* of going to nress. Spirit ef the M?rali| Press. The JnuUigmttt again devotes 1t* attention In a lentby article to the questions Involved In It.* -r: at of Mason and Slidell. The A?pi?b;irait notices the change of political sentiment in Maryland and the District of Colombia. Book Noticee. Frem Messrs PhllpA Solomon, 333 Pennsyl ynnla avenue, we have Th? Life and Writings of General Nathaniel Lyon;" New York, Itudd A Carleton The volume Comprises an appreclitlve biography of General Lyon, and & series of article* codtrVcuted by him daring the summer and fall of 1M0 to a western journal. Ftom the enterprising publishing bouse of T. T> Peterson A Bros., Philadelphia, we have the following through J. BhUiington, Odeon Buildlag: "The Lamplighter's Story;" by Charles Dickens This volume contains not only the tale menf'oned In the title, but also the Net York Ledg'r contributions of Dkken's, entitled '-HnuH Dcwn," ar>4 numerous other nouvellettes by the same author. ' Ladv Maad; the Wonder of Klngwood Ct5?e;" a brilliant story by Pierce Eg*n. "Grfrst Expectations," by Charlea Dickens? the tWenty-flve cent edition of the Petersons. "The Horrors of Psrls," by Alexander Dnmas? a rfcte of excitement to suit the most exacting lcv*r of the thrilling. " Ellsworth's Zouave Drill" and the "Light Infantry Drill," both useful and apropos publicsUons. From M E. Wilson. #5 Pennsylvania avenue, the wholesale agent for the publications, wr fcav< Patten's Infantry TWtics and Bayonet Exer rise," (both in Gerjaan and English,) and also 'Patten a Canary Drill and Sabre Exercise,' snnd&rd wo'.ks. THE LOANT" Amjzg the subscriptions to the sew United Etates loan in this city, we notice the name o! firigadier-General Pbill;p fcl. "George Cooke wuo is on the list for $2,000. The Concert of Last Night. There wa? a good attendance uf the muslca public ia*t nlghtat the Tenth street Baptist churct to hear the gifted eamatrite, Miss Ca/iotta Pattl ller voice Is a pure soprano, of great power er.c swtetnesa, aud its thorough cultivation was evi. dent, particularly In her execution of the EcLt eong, which was warmly teceived by the crltlea audience prtsent. Mr. Henry Samlersffn per L.rtnud In brilliant style, Indeed. H11 exec at i or of the Sec end March from the Prophet was thrll< Hug. Wins gtrakosca and S!g. Ceotlmer acqu'tted themselves admirably throngh^'jt By the advertisement it will Lessen that anothei concert will be given on to-morrow iveniug, bj which time we hope a.nnge'cents will be rt<adi fcr thoroughly warming the building, as w< have no doubt a large crowd will attend. ' Not Yit R?ai>t.?Tne steam ferry betweci Georgetown and Arlington will notbeablftt commence operations before the first of Decern her, it the slips have yet to be couatructed rujiouj ea.jjots. Thomas Booze A Bro., ship builders at Cantai have received a htavytcor?tract frfcm the Govern meat to construct Pontoon Bridges lor the purpt* ofcrtss'.ng the Potomac River at different points These bridges are constructed of sections si mils in shape to a scow. WLta not used as bridge." they bit placed on four whteU, and from plac- t pi-ace are u?-d es bsggnje wago.??, Ac. Th abcVfcflrin have already"{laced at work a larg force of workman, und viil finish the bridges a spetd.iy as j oeSiblc ? Bait, dipper. ix W estKRi ViaeiatA.?The Wheel ing Intelligencer of Mcndtysaya: The Victor, Capt. John McLure, ai rived lost night. She left Gauley on Saturda morning. Capt. McLnre reports that two b^I^des we; in pursuit of i loyd, and Lad followed him st<ru eighteen mihJ. ' Plat: s Zcrifivf were In rtirsult of Jer k ns, b> nothing had been heard asato th> !r success. Mxttito Armi Siroxx m Ltsw.?The exprrl meiit of making army ahces In Lynn does n< eem to have succeeds very wdl. The large? establishment. ?.-in?icvin' ahont rne htli.dre tends, has nurst ftp, and tnewcrKoen ore mian thftr pay to a large amount. Othef* who urrtci took tne business, we understand, htfve given : Up. 1 he sh ^es wrre only bottomed in this ^It] (he sto k and uppers coming from other place) . prepared for the last.?Lynn Bay Stat*. Cxasco RainroacKD.?U'e Ian that the4L Ohio regiment left Cincinnati for Ceredo, I Wayne conn'v, oa Friday last, and is now i that point. There are now about two thonsan . , men at Cercdo. /%* About thirteen secession prisoners were arresi 3 i' sd in Gnayandotte, some of whom art charge ' with fl-lng upon Union meu out pf thesr bonsei cn the night of the attack by Jenkins. Tc?i pv'^orera were taken to Columbus, via Ironto and Portsmouth, at both of which places tt Ci'-.ttts made hwsiile demonstrations, and It w. wiih the greatest difficulty that tney (th? prlsoi enl were protected They are now in Colun bus ?Witilfg Inttlligtnetr 117* Fresh from the pr?<ss of the pab'Isher Tic hi. or and PMelds, we have ths "Atlantli Monthly,** for December, containing ita avsraj budget > t good things and announcing fe&tu i of editorial attraction tor the coming year. Hj~From J 3ti!Ulngton, Odeon Building,an from the publishers. 473 Broadway, New Vorl we hive "Madame Demorest's Mirror of Fasl lor.a tor ih; winter of 1861-3," having im >i other features of iatrrest ttiree full-sited pattern |J70i Monday, Edward C. Cottrell was a rested In Baltimore upon a charge of treaso and aent to Fort McHenry. C^A Masonic friend rejoless that the reb envoy, James M. Mason, ia no longer a /r? Mason. dT"Th? Wheeling Imulltgenetr learns from private letter, that Gen Kelly's command is to at oace strengthened by the 3d Virginia regime: C7" 1,000 have been appropriated by tbeN.' Ualon Defense Committee for the relief of loy Iforth Carolinians. 1X7*The New York S'.xty-nlnth (Irish) Bent, which served In the three months' servlr passed through Baltimore last earning, with i cruited ranks, for the aeat of war*, An enthuali * flc display was made by many of the *itis?fce the regiment passed through the city. rrr It is reported that the recast Union vieU rles are giving an Impetoa to the subeerlptioi for tbe national loan On Wednesday after tt ' pnb'tcatloa of the fall accounts from Port Roy the sales over the counter of the sub treasury New York were tSlO.OOO, and large amouo taken at the various city agencies. CTThe Uoaolula Commercial Advertise states that experiments st rice raising In the I lands have proved highly satisfactory, and th 4 arrangements have been made for going into tl business extensively. CT'The Louisville Democrat says that Ke t tackv has now !tf UGO men la the Federal army, irr Black snakes are very abundant In tl Fedi-tal army tn VVcetera Virginia Theeoldle .' , and amusement in catching and klillugthere tiles XHTThe eitlseaa of Baltimore hare thue f ** taken 81,000,UA) United SUtee loan C7" Baroa Eioaaoli states that ttDTtiarional fli of Italy flui s over 900,000 tons of shippla, manned byiuu,000 sailors CT^The Am- rican Huptiat, an abol't on paps has General Frenon? to: p etideut r hestsu j y<t 11 cotob Is; f-f i ,? rty 8.! <0 cOb pi^estra>; to tLt-.v.c..i*. | 'td 3.iAM),ouu for lun ?4U par^e*. ore M1!ITAI?V feoGET. g ? tr 'l?T*LLI?*SC* TBO* lU'L SHEB* AS'S *3 ABMYBy a pa*sen<rer In the Atlantic, that left Port T Royal on Saturday evening last, and reached N"W York ve?*eiday morning at 10# a. m , we ^ have late and Interesting information from Gen'l fc Sherman'* army in North Carolina. E Beaufort ia entirely in our possession, though J we bare no troop* stationed there, our gun-boats t bein^ crmp? tent todriv* any force oat ofthe place the rebel* might venture to bring there Gen 1 ^ Sherman and Commodore Dapont, accompanied 1 by a eonVderable number of officers and others ( went up f >r the flrst time to the town on the day 1 after the battle, and as has been previously I s'ated. found but two wLites there There were abundant sign* that the enemy had had guns in position there, though they ha*l carried moat of them off in their flight. When our informant left, It was believed that there was no enemy within twenty miles of Gen'1 Sherman's position at Fort Walker. Indeed wa* understood that every white family in th?t distance had left their home*. The negroee were coming In to our troop* at 'he rate of about a hundred per diem Thry unite in stating that about half of the blacks of the region tad been carried or driven off Into the back coun try by the whites, the rest remained only by taking to "the bush." Those that have come lu were all provided for and aet to work in building the six hundred footdocl already under construction at fort Walter, and other labor to the end of seeming our position there. Tbey labor cheerfully and to great advantage for ua. Thousands more will douotlsss com* ia ar? the close of the month. * It is believed there that otir position at Foit .Walk-r (or Hilton's Head) Is already lmpregna ble; and that It can be successfully held, with the assistance of a few war ships, against the whole South. The Baltic was to have followed the Atlantic on Sundav night, and the Vanderbllt immediately her. There being sufficient supplies there f>r some time to corns, It was thougt at Fort Walker th^t they would return In a fortnight with troops, to tart from thence not long hence on a similar expedition elsewhere. General Wright's brigade snd the Rhode Island Fourth (attached to no t brigade) hold Fort Walker. The brigade of General Steven's, with the rtc?p!ion of the New York TD'b, commanded by , Colonel Noble, of Minnesota, are camped l.eur ! Fort Walker. TL- New York 70;h hold Beau regard, on Bay Polut That fortification is yet , uufinlsbtd. General Vieilc's hrlgada and Colonel Berell'* battalion of eaglaeers w-re still at Hilton Head, ready, It wes supposed, to form part of the next expedition, which it was rumored would go to ' Feruaudiua, Fla , or Brunswick, Ga. Half of the Connecticut 6th were stationed on , an island about 12 miles from Hilton Head, above Beaufort, in the direction of Charleston ? They hold the ferry by which the rebels must approach if venturing in force to attempt an attack The troops were all remarkably healthy, the 1 weather having been charming ever s;nce their entrance Port Royal harbor. The horse* Lad 1 recovered fram their sea voyage, and were in fine ' condl loa, forage being abundant. The horses ' were ail landed by being thrown overboard. Not 1 mure than fifteen or twenty (out of a thousand) ' were lost in swiming them ashore. 1 The discipline enforced by General Sherman Is exceedingly tflil t, no soldier being aiio.ved to 1 take the smallest thing without paying Its value for it. r \\ hen our troops e*id officers ente-ed Beaufort > t'uey found everything leit as if the pa;.lc ha<J > been too pint 'o pyiratt the inhabitants cmrry i off iwythieg, whatrw. Amon^ Che interesting things l?ft, was South Carolina's original ordlj nahce of sec-ssioa, accompanied b/ photographs , efea-h m-inuercf tfcscorver.P.on. Thesfsho 'M be at cnce placed in the rogues gallery Lditob Stab.) A Urge number of title deeds to real ? taw were found thero, together with grid, silver, rich furniture, plate, 4:. Lar<*e quantities of t sea island cotton, pick?d and ginned, and un? ginu'-d, were found on ell the plantations visits! so far by our troops, and much unpicked in the r | fields. Some little had been burned by the fly. !> I ing punters. Nothing wa.1 known as to Gen. j| I Sherman's intentions with reference to the cotton P I that could b? easily carried to Fort Walker and ? I shipped north to be baled or gfeord there. | Two-thirds of the army there had been paid ofl I (at Fort Walker and on shipboard,) to the 1st of ' I November; and two-thir&i of the whole amount I had been sent home by the nen to their fsmliies. y I The employes of the quailer-masters' departI ment theie bad also been up to the same e 1 date. e The very l^st feeling exists between the army I I and navy there. The former gave the latter a4 | due credit for their gallant achievement. I The new* of the seiiure <H Maaou and Slidtll jj I retched Foit Walker just before the Atlantic rf I sciled, and created a furo.e of delight on shipd I board and on shore. '* I The rebel surgeons after the battle ran away lt J fi?u the field, leaving many of their wounded, r, I some of whom hnd died since the engagement. ?? I L'p to the sailing of the Allaatlc, none of our I wonnded there hod died. it I General Sherman had not broken up the rail n I read communication between Charleston and d I 8av,nnah? ?P to ,be "'ling of the Atlantic. . TBI REBEL DISSbKSIOMS. ld I Later aewspspers received from Secessla, render , I it certain th-.t the leaders of the rebellion are beie I glnnieg to quarr. 1 among themselves at a great ? rate Tbeir late S cretary of War, Walker, of ? I Alabama, not only throws up that commission, i- I but *' Brigadier Generalship in the " confed? I erale " army. He has th own up the latter on the I ground of favoritism in promotions exercised to g I his detriment; and in so doing he zasalls PresiBi I dent Davis unmercifully. ,e I The U>iecf the publications of Beauregard, relw I atlve to the question of making or not making an j advance into .Maryland, is scarcely l?ss Invidious id J Jeff. Davis, ttfoa whom be essays to k I throw odl jii for what he plainly Intimates to be b'I the practical etllre failure of the campaign ol > ' I the'r hUif'a,,^-ya, Manages. He complains bit I terly that Davis' hold back policy has orougbl J virtual defeat on their army In preventing whal r" j he intimstes would htve been their certain suen? I cess, Lad his own policy of crossing the upp*i j Potomac, arid attacking Washington In the rear, el I been adopted. A more discontented eommandei /- I than he evidently is, was never the head I of a great army. a I NAVT TABS, be | KanniHjf the Blockadt it. I The Cocr de Lion ha* been duwn to the flotilla v j and returned, snd reports that last night tt? Bl I Government sfc amers Wyaadauk and sTepplnjj I Stones leeded with stores and bound down t< I the lower flotllls, ran the blockade safely. Som? t1* I three or four shots were flred at each vessel, bu *> I neither of them was struck. * I The Hale Is taking In stores at the yard, an<! I will prebably go down the river to day M I The Yankee was got off the bar without sus j tilning any considerable damage > I M. LAZZLIO DHAir. IS I known as the gallant Governor of Comori jJJ I daring the Hnngarian struggle, has arrived Ii la I Washington ?a rents from Texas to Italy, when >u I he Is to meet Kossuth. >r I col. missis, K I of the New York Thirtieth, has been plaeed li at I eommand of Gen. Keyes' brigade. l" I arroisTBB a I John R. Myrlck has been appointed 3d lieuten I ast la the 3d regiment U. 8 Artillery. lie I BO MOBS OAVALBT. B The War Department has, we learn, decline*! r' j accepting additional cavalry regiments, there be ^ I is* a saffieleney of that bran eh of the mllltarj I service. Ig I BBLBASBB. g. I We learn that the Rev Mr. Leech, whom thi | telegraph f oin Dsmstowa atates, was arresttd *? j las- veefc ' d sent U Fort MeHei* y. was releasee j ??a 'h- d- f. i>?7, :f?^t rjtfm beiir; ** ! f?ao t tut d?ienU -:i I k it 1 . - , ?tat ih ue j ? ' n.s ur/n?r, wa> a. let . r t*. hi. brj her ii I VUkj.aia tome weeks ago, whica ItU into thi Drernment hand*, and wii supposed to convey ea?onable sentiments; bat which, when fully t plained, wan regarded at a barmleaa affair. ^ Ce'are lnfo-med he la a loyal union man. ?? HE SICOUD *:OHT AT URIi BO*A?FCiTHKl N P AKTiC CLASS I It was mentioned yesterday tbat the Meanier Joamnpolitan, at New Vork from Havana, *' >rr light a report that 1,500 Confederates had T?! nadcanotber eiterrpt to surprise Billy Wilson'I L' eglment on Santa Rosa Island The following ddltional particulars are famished by an cftcer a if the steamer: The patro', on gOlftg tneir rounds, discovered I what seemed to the^n rebel unlfornrN In the chap- ' pnral, some distance cfl They waited and 1 watc bed for so met! me. when It became apparent ~ :bat there was a large force c f Confederates secreted | lnthebu?bes This was at a long distance from !. Port Pickens, but convenient to the water, the re- ? bels having evidently been using the darkness y r>f night to transport their troopa to tha*vous. 1'iformatlon was dispatched to Fort Sickens <! without delay, and several vteriell were ordered totjii etly proceed to the designated place, and, " after getting in fange. open lire The order was executed with complete succcm. 'The ship* at i nltht anchortd off the island, and within easy t shooting distance of the rebel camp, waiting until i morning before Opening the entertainment At ? the firstfepprooch of morning the various batter)1 Opened a sodden and murderous lire, striking, It , seemed, the very h^art of the rebel camp, and J scattering confusion and death among its occu- | pants. A pr^clpltats rush was made by the sur- I prised troops for tbelr boats. They were soon I crowdrd, and several capsized, all the while shot and shell being poured among them, inflicting, it is bellleved, terrible lors The fierce fire from our Hi et continued for quite a length of tittle. It is thought that there were sotne fifteen hundred In the encampment, which was so favorably located hat it was almost a trap for our patrol fore? to drop into. Tae merest accident discovered the secret, and many believe tbat Its discovery saved Ool Wilson's camp from an intended surprise, although the Zouaves arc kept on the alert. THE GBA1D BKVIEW. t>P to noon to day the crowd passing the Long Bridge to attend the review was immense. Perhaps 20.000 citizens and others went over from Washington. No business to speak of was transacted in either Executive Drpirtment this forenoon, nearly all being away at tLe review, except clerks, win could not leave their desks. We expect our report of the affair in time for todays Stroud edition of the Star. LAI ER fRUM El ROPE Th? Norwegian nt Portland By tbe steami r, at Portland, wt have L'VfrpoM dates to the 6th Inst The Engi h government has ordered large shipments of ball cartridges to Canada, but the shipment of Aimstrong kuus has been countermanded. the expedition to mexico. The Paris papers give the particulars of the convention a^retd upon by France, England and 3j.ain relative to the Mexican expedition. J !.e 1'atrie says the three powers are to have the right to the same nav tl strength, while tb? stealth of the forces to be ltnded Is ti be npportioned according to the number of sutj vis each power has In Mexico?Spain, thereiore, will claim the precedence. Ti e c:.bin?-t at Washington will be invited to join In the expedition, and Itwlll be left optional with thena to send such number of ships and troops as they may deem advisable. Tbe De'oets savs:?"The Powers are, at the commencement, to endeavor to impose a suspension of arms between the belligerent parties In Mexico. They undertake not to occupy p^rman-ntly any part of the territory, and to obtain no exclusive ad v intage over Mexico. They engage to leave Mexico entirely free to choose Its own form of government. England gave up the conditions which she wished to have inserted in the treaty, namely, that tbe three powers should pledge th*mstivt* not to accept the throne of Mexico for any princfs of their reigning families. If a monarchIal form of government prevail*; the three powrrs plrag } themselves not to use their Intervention to t^e profit of any prlncc !n particular." The Patrle says the contingent fcrco of Frtnce will numlxrr 8,000. MEAT BRITAIH. The frigate Warrior has arrived at Qur?nstown after a sea trial trip, In which nhe reai!<?l I tfc: tf3h<at expectations It Is reported tLjit her f'-cd r?3ch*d seventeen knots per boar, under st* '.m and aanvas tiJn? J*?.* #. ** if*1*' ln an tutorial, en tha Ill-feeling fir tae North towards EnglinJ, Dd its grajaii^sness. it snya: "Ws shall, r?Terthe.<J?, eo;;tinue to express cjr convlotlon ?!HC?^0a d?foy?l the F jdjral Union, and that to whichever side victory Inclines, its ?n basis Is impossible " lta ccnrlr'^n? on siadry _, L _ MIT1IA. The Emperor of Austria hu eddnvsed an aatoffraph letter to the Chancellor of Hn?ary, deelarFaa tbatthe disloyalty of the R^^tar'princU pal.ties menaces police order In aor^a danrereas manner that the pnblic duty requlrtf tS^ng of strong barriers ax^lnetsirck exeswr : that tl of lle HunS"Ian Diet, in a co" stifntlcnal manner, appears ta ba lmpr.-fcPcable until ctuer la re-e*ab[lshed, all of fhr.?i,una "thorltla in the DUtrict. and Ccm:n7ris ai5 abolished, and the tfW.cellor Is ordared to elect persons to replace then, and to tak t cars Qu.t lac idm.niskatlon of public affairs aufler no Interruptlon All nersonscharged with crime, against the public an^ty aball be tried by Uie military tilbun&is. In conclusion, the Empercr oxprrtwi an earucst wish Tor the rc-eatibllshmcnt of1 public ?jSra|Ary 1116 C011ceMion, he hM a?n??d I t is stated ffcat nlnefy-two rcartello towers are crectca^around Vltnna at a coit of ;?{?00,000 lv I l.Ilg . Affairs Ib Alexandria. _... , . ? ALBXAXDaiA, Nov. 20. Editor of the Star: Some complaints Is made at the removal of tbe corriontlon officers and members of the citv counHUt Alexandria bv tbe recent order of Oen rhtae gentlemen ought to recollect iutL?rel7TT.el.ected r L'n:on m'n> but tbe state of Virginia Is in rebellion egalnst the government, and some, If not mnny, of the officers are doing all they can to destroy the Union It could not be expected, theref re, that this government would permit this Mat*; of things to c*iit The only wonder to many i?, that It was suffered to exist so long. People must be one thing or the other, tbev cannot stand ln an unequivocal position right under the flag. U.NrERA' OPTHK LATE Laeu^. r9?l- ? GviBKEt CEm^rOD K will Ats p T<uMOKK^W,31?t Novenib:r,'fr<>in 413 Pf '^srlvania av , at 2 o'aloek. It* [TT?-JtJUBNEYMKN STONE-CUTTERS~ A meeiinz of il>e A'soo at>on will be he'd ^ EvfcNtN? NovTmber ??h, at 7H o oiooK, in Temperance Hall. -11 KDWAwij IMKRUF,. President. VM,L.,MN/} ASSOCIATION..? r- eleotioa <or ofli ers wi'l be -eld^,onTHURSDAY NEXT 218 6 o'oloox t>. m, , ? he polis will close at i o'clock. av which time . be^presenT." ^ ^ Memb#r> ?re I - no 19 3t* THOH. JFAVELL. See. ' TT",ik:Ac.rfa%LaVw WAWR ICt-S. * Per Hotels and b -aiding bouses furni?he?l at loor rat?<. A riiUadtlpkui CoH/ecttoneru, oorner Taeii'ih and F 1 ... i.o 7-lni' _ the English Lutheran Chnroh. oorner or H and llth ; sts.. oommer.3.r? at half paet 4 o'olook p. m . to o?iptn;iifd nne ho'ir oniv. oo 7 3?i 1 (TVC??/!PA*l* ,:'A\ B 8- KNOlN?- KK9^ vA?nteili)tent and aMe bodied men enlisted to t.hi? Company to the max Slu. ? V*1 .by law?IN) men. Inquire at No ^Pia3jJro,n " to P*r month, I f<Xkl &od olothinc. 17 tf i T 5~* F K^TI VA L, -'1"},^ Ladi?s Mite ttoci^ty o/ , k'. Rylanl Chapel, wil oontinu-s their Fegtii v?i during toe present woek, at Potomao Hall , o< rn?r of Marrla-.d av -nue and llth street, Is a< d' i til '???? will be aerved up ea^h evr'niiiKt ?or 37 C6r?ti, ro 18 3t 1 SCHOOL -The Trustees < f r rst J ? bcho 1 District 'givo notice that a .Nic I ''??l1 ? opened in tbe ^01 t o! House corne ol (j and Fourteenth sta., pa 1 oesuay evening November lath, and continue dur.n? the wi.'tm . months, f nkeu of admission will V iarnishe<l free of tkargt upoa applioatioa to either cf th? u*tee* ?J I)istriot. nov 18 St 1 C! LIOHTLTY"DAMAGED ~ " 1 ? ,? ? - hardware. > 1A0 pa rs Ridmg Spu e, fcw p?i rs beat Cham Trao? a, JAwibs. Log or I'x c*hai> a, l'J0dox-n Box Coffee Miha. iSnperior*. P?OCBKR * B.r-r,yV Suof? .otob*T 'Vi** nr,a11 i??HO && 12 yeara old; a light irulatto; baa oil thMight arm a ) ve th-< clbi>w an- on th-? JP alio a '"r. the i ff ot* of a barn: imli Uv kSm/L* no*; .aT m "'h with large white to th A ibeial r. *%'<! ?' <* P^td ro ary one w o r* i H'": , COMKOllWXAI.I'fPrnix IHSVRiNCM CO 0?e?e|JnT"ASTAT' "* P*IHISTLVA?IA W? N? *4". r-eun. aTevna. ttrat floor of thi Washington bailding. A l icau aLoo attended u with promptiie*a. at me u us! otty pnoea. HN RIG9t.Etf, Ag nt t ' P^,l) J ? VNE. Xl. D. Prea'r. , I ? JOHN M. WH.TALl.. Vioa Pres't M noy> 8t* ?*.h m' s MOMN* t.o'f " * ' A . rf a t a. - 1%. I A ROE Quantity of RaT^ (baled) r.f ana 2LR j to: dry gooda doalo/s. cn ham andfvir sa e at Factory. Georgetown. D ' no f FOB SALE AND KENT. P?n!?ii^rH.PSrBi,j?wl FAkUOR.ndCltAM. ] LJJ^R on the firat floor, ard Ohamb^ra On the ' ? Lli Xpp 7 cn U ,,re?t> Wtween Id and 3d ?ta., HO ?W eoSt* r'l?A *ALK at A BARGAIN-A Sorrell MARE. fonr v?>araoId. aound a-d kind. Also, aop?n Concord ?uary, with two seaman* Hdr* in Jc*d Ma*? Wfi*h? hhont l.ooq L?^I^?-K^Vf.sUil!,hmVr't Wl11 > *"'d f?r ono n?dr?*Jlahd ?uht| five ollars.ard n? lot. In- t Sire at the India Rubber Warehouse, 303 Fa. v*1Uf'- no ?0 St i IT0* famished PARl.OR i 1/ and BhllRdOM, co-nmunioaiag, with ras, > ? a Jer'60' Private family Apply at No 3VJ i first ?t, E>y Fa. av noe. no 19 si* UMRNISHFD HOIIHF FOR RF.NT.?For J 'rent, in a most ''gib e 1 ca'it'. withla a agt-are % f the Avenue, a wr! lurni&htd Hoit^e. oonta < I g ? rP2I!I" ??*nt *"* month. Addreti '? Y J " Star office. no at* EU?R RENT-PARLOR and CHAMBER on I ?ho nrrt floor. newTy famished, at No. 4C8 ixteenthi efcj north o! Lafhye:te Square. u<? 19 3t^ IVOOD LAND FOR SALE ?The underaign'd J ' authorised by tlie heir* of the late John O. Prather io aell at pnb'ic sale a tiaotof Land, oor.|*ir ing 11 acres, lying on the dividing lire between Prince 6eo-ge'? end Montgotn&ft oountiea. and uljoinmg th? lands m Gooria B. hoagga, Mra. < Wariow, Abialom Beil, aid Thomas Bell 'he land a >eurda with fine umber and cord i ? different kinda. The land la about three (Tii'ea from Brltavil'e ar,d about the tame diat&noe [1* a awitch nf ar Laao ^cragga'. and two mi'ea to the Tu'np>ke read, and half a mile to a public ioaa to Washington. Publio roads from ths land to the Kailroad and Turn;ike Sale to taji-plase at Beltsvil'e, Prince Geone'a flonity. on THURSDAY, the 88th November, 1861, at 10 o'clock. The term* of aale are: One-third of the purohaae money to b? paid on ,><e day of?al>; the balance ln ,nB ftiinenta of one and two v?ara, with bonda b*aiing inieret from the day of aale, to be appioved by the ur-dersirned. WILLIAM MoKNEW. Jl r' Mr. George B. Scagga will ah?w the land when oalled on. nov in 1 w* RtJOMS ?;R HOL'vE FoR RENT?Furnished Rooma for rent, in a quiet, pleatant neighbnrho-d. and with e?ery convenience. suitable for either a party of gentlemen, or aingly. On proper recommendations, the whole houae wi 1 be rented? No 44 1 Twelfth at, between G and H, at wh ch icquie. cov 18 eo3t* Fj*URV!SHED HOUSE FOR RENT?The Houne N'o 349 Nineteenth at., near Applv on th- premise, or to JOHN G. CLARKE, T*ller,

office of Riggs A Co. nov 18 lw? J^OR FENi'.-A three atory B?ICK HOUSE, l confining fwen'y room#. situaed on the corn r ?.fllth and G 8t'Heta, Island Apply to VVm K. R.ley A B othr-r, "*6. ( er.t a! Storea, or THOS. NV. RILEY. Kiley'a Wharf, ilth at. no 15 lw FOR SALE, or Exchange for City * Property. B'.'uVed m Sommervjll-oouctr N. Jer?py, ot.r.taiiiir,g r2 aores in a higi'a'ate ofou!tiv!?tioii, goo<J dwei ing houas, with all neoeaaary out bni'dinga, eood water power, fine oroha'd, and weU-feroeJ, from Central Railroad, (6 daily tra?n .) i ni.iea from Plainfi?-;d, aid ao miles friin Jer?H\- c ty Kor further particulars lnauire of G \V. BRAY. Jew?!er,516 Seventh st , opposite Intel igeno<?r <>(H:e. oc25 lm* HA.> DSOMELY FURNISH KD Four handsoinsly Farnished Rooms, tupaiied with gis and w i?er, a: J coaver-icnt to the Pii'ert J f'o#t Offico Papartn-ente,for rent. Acp yal t lO>t "..nn.'.ihuadtu avenue north t r' -.-cet .v? ?tr muca S^OR R ENT.?The third, fourth, and partoftlie aeoond-atory. of the l^U' story BKICK BUILUIN'i. irontinson the w t ide of7'ii at., rfojed Ii<-ub3 8'>utii of D stre^, and one square no/- h of P'nn?>lvania avecu*'. Five rooms oc ?ho third an t f >ur?h s'o. te? ar.d four on the a "oond: dour b'twe u 'ash on tPe sam - floor. Enqivreof t\ BKaDLKY, at I'atiiotio Ba^ik,corner7th end D. no 14 cost* PM?R RENT?The PREMISE"* on the corner of 14ta and C street", Utely ocjup ert by R. \V. B\tt s k '*o , wood a ad oo* ?l??aierB For torrae, Ac ,apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 ? a. avenue. noll-eotf A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM FOR RENT, corner ol H an?l 3th at'oatg. 415 no 13 eo2t* HOR8BS, IIORSEtS, HOHSES, oT every description, fur a^i >e uoastantiv, I^oulai anaavo^oo, batweeu 9th and lfnh ?t'eet?.ai3R ?-ar the Marker no ft 2aw2w* 1SC2X Horse, hucov anii harne-s foH i ALE. Af?1t to WALL tt BAR flv_ NA!ID, Auot.'.a and Commiaaion c' ant-, cir. Ninth at. and aouth aide Fa afCU !0. oo SB r EatV?,'Jl AND F*"* WINTER SCHEDULE. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. 0? tad after Monday, November 18. IMI.Pma?nzer Trajna !:*ween WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run aafollows: TRAINS LIOVIXU NORTHMorning Expraaa leave WarLington 6.10 a. jt. ArRv? at Baltimoro 7 56 a. M.; PhiiadelDhia 12 60 r. M ; ew York 8 ?. m.; Harriaourg 1.16 j. m. Morning Aoenrnicodation leavo waahingtnn 7.40 a.m. Arrive a: Baltimore 9.30 a. M. No eonneo -Oils at Baitin.ore. New York Mail Train?leave Waahinrton at ll a. m.; arrive at f*t4!ti:nore 12 40 r. it.; AJuijidelphia S.f7 r. m.; Naw v ot? lo p. j|. Afternoon Aooommodetion?leave Washington 3.? p.m. ArriytM Fa timore4 66 p. Harrtaburg 8.K) a. x-i Philadelphia p. *. Kvasin; EiT>re?a-!eave W aa icitor 5 r. *. Arrive at Balumori* ?.4i p. Pb-sinphia 10.53 *. K.; Na*Vork 4 a. k.: H trriaburci a, jg. JW\/AT? MOV/NO SOUTH. Loave Wew York r.t 7 a. M.; PHmVphja 11 #> a m , Ealtimcra 9 60 p. w. Arrive aFyraatdnaton (i.40 p< 1 eave New York at 6.p, it.; PLilade:?hia lojo p. k ; Baitic?3r?4J9 a. m. A*<ive at WuBJucgton 6 a. u, Leav^ New York at 1' p. K.; Phi'.adelph'.a 3J0 a. m ; Bfclttir.oraJ a.m. Arrlvsat Waahicgton d'.Vx.n. Ac?oir.mod?tlon Trams loavr Baltimore at 9 a. h., and 5 p. m . for Washington, arrive thero at u t. nr. and ? p. m. Fas'-^r.^rr Tr.vna leaving Washington at7 40 a. m ac.d s,!6 p. m., *nd .Maltimore Bi.ljto a. m and 3^0 p m . mske direct csnnestiona for An^apolia at the J u uot i?m. k'. a.n'! Icav^ Anrapolia for Bali imore and Wa?h ipet .n at 6^0 a. m. and 3 4o p. m Pa?3a: Tram* leaving w as'ilngton at 6.10 a. m., II a m a' o5 p. m., and Ba'timore at 4.20 aid 7.1 A. M , and .1 c0 p m . w.ll rtrj> only it Annapolis J tin'11 on a*-, M ulunttnn I Relay) J unction Wat Aeea.-ngera mu?t take the Accommodation Train* on y Trait's w 11 leave Washington and Baltimoro promptly up; n card time. ? . , W. P. SMITH, }. T. ENOI.A Yl!*,?fTr"Sp0r:,,"'a'E,,tAcfnt, Oamden S'ation. Baltimore G. P. ? IU ? g<?nt at Waahintton. no 20 BOOKS! BOOKS!! BOOKS!" GREATBOOKS-NKW BOOKS' ' Hooka .-r ?vorr variety, either foreign or domeaursine* Bo ka of &ny dceorip?ioQ won d o, nsult their nt rfftb* socd r.g their i,aine a?d adJreas. pout psid. All Books, l-?ort;ng and Fanoy Artic ea yon may aee a-tv.*rti-e<l wiil fe furnutied to order. Froitirtnees and Dispatch la our invito Also,a large lot of aup^ b PICTURES op BEAUTIFUL WOMFN, saenoB of a hie- ike r.atore.ju't rec-iv?d fr. m Paria. Now is the time to get somtb r.g non and rare, Don t miss tho char>ne. 9end i5 o nu m .-a 'i nr ria.nca, to WM EV RETT. R >30 S** 40 Am arreet. New York PR iM W i.OSst-.EM lilTI TFR.?25 k??a. of the inoat cui.ioj aa.ii"K, juat rece ved and lor sale fy W/tLL A BAHNAKU. ? Com?*iou Meroh^n's. 18 ror south m e Pa av and 9:h at. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Ct pluil. 9400,000. Of-u tsrwar C it rut c%d Lemxnm?a ??., Mr Buml ?f Welkin turn. INSURE HOUSES AND~OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRK. ? . Dixbctois. Geo. Shoemaker, Samje Red fern, Hi?1u,oI/irople,r' William Wilson, Riohard Jones, John D. Barolayi Jaoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, ' h "m'S' k* Ruhart Barry, B. B. Frsnoh, Dr. L. W. Davis. No oLargo for Policies. . - n._. JAMW ADAMS, Preaidenl Abk, G. Davis, Secretary. 9-er4m i? i (r.ovn Roaches^ B?T^agi ^ jt tfttifflint ng poi$0p SCHWERIN'S PILLS are sure death to Rat and Mioe. M- Sohwerin has reoeived oertifioate froni tho Preaident of Girard College, Directors c Housei of Refuge, Pannsylviuiia Hospital, aa - otnor Prominent Institttions of Philadelphia ; I o. Jail, W asiurgtoo, D. C.;?nd Charity Horpita New Orleans, La ..The original certificates c>n he seen at th Rf?a" D^01 J>?4 North Seoon Jreet, jPhiladrjlpIua, ar.d for safe in thia oity by I B. OLARK, corner Fa. avenue and 434 ats., and b " l.1t8 *n<) Grocsra. * ?RK VF SPURIOUS IMITATIONS. tC Romenibor to ask for Sohwenn's Annihf latu i Powdsr. mi IMm" ,enill6e Bnle#" Soswma ? I P. CARTER A ro. ) Mm., p?. mrt. Woshinrtam. P a?p r?h!J D. cvn^isaiou Mines * nti Excel si or hotel, Nn 35S Ssvbkth si . ?? Bitu>ten I and K str*nt. i L aoooni,n<>1 at'ona lor travelers ar.d boardrr 1 Jh 'i-V Sf >upphed with tk i, ohoicesc Viands and Liiuars. no 14-lmco* JOHN HAYZEL, Proprietor. AMUSEMENTS. jyAsHiNOTON THEATER. TtII? (Wed-etdly> EVENING. 1 THIS (Wcdneeday) RVitNING, i LA>T NIGHT BVT THR*B i IjST monr BVT THHKE' THE GREAT ?RE*TIptGITATEUR, I HERRMANN. ' Tha rranif?r respeo'fsl y oall? the attention of , he 'n th uMtniN |i Washington of ; MONSI 'VR HERRMANN, rho is universal I* ecogniie<1 u the grea'ee; living PRESTI0IOITATEUR, v-d whose performances at the principal eper* nuee* in Europe have been re no a toed the moat ronderful in their pecolar line. ' The performances of HERRMANN are entirely trlcinal and novel, the distinguishing featare lelng the # EN IRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, 1 th# effects bemi solely produce.! by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. ! The programme will oompriee TWELVE PIECES. IN TWO PARTS. inoludinc the oelebrated _ DOUBLE VUE. By Mr. HERRMANN and his brother ALEXA NDER. During thej^c^r^i^ nf H^rr^ ^^'^PrOKrwaine, Bt TBI FULL ORCHESTRA. .Pirate boxes oroheiter obaire Jfl; drees oirole >1; parterre #1; parquet in oenta. nov? ODD FELLOWS' HALL, _ SKTKHTH Stmit. RICHARD III TO NIGHTIt C. DUFOXrs BENEFIT' ODD FELLOWS' BALL, v Skvihth St., Aaon D. v Go see the SONS OF MAt.TA TO-NIGHT! C. DUPOyrS BV>EF1T' It Odd FELLOWS' HALL, " _ Sxvxbth St., Aaori D Go see MON3 HMRM^N TOsNf^RT! C. DVPONTS BENEFIT! It PANTERBURY HALL, (Wasbimstoh As>y , sxmblt Rooms,) Louisiana avenue, nra- corner of Sixth sts., In the rear of th? Nation*I and Kioto's Hotels. or EH EVER Y SIGHT. E.mtik" f'Huxm o? Pxoea&xitx! THE GREAT WRAY To-nif ht at the Canterbury, in his teats of Pruttdit%taticH?<n his Comic fongs?in his Gnat B*?ji Solo With the F<r?t TM*ct in Amerioa. FRANK RROWRR! FRANK BROWER ! The chief imperso ator of th? Happy Darkey for the past fiftee<i years The orisinator of the strie of deaneetion known as th? Pl.iladeiehi* Nigger. Who has nor seen him i Wh? doe* not r*iuem(?er him in connection with t ie rtat le Luhts Jem ?anf<?rd. Eph Hern. Luke West, and other*?his own w?m* st&nd'ng fir<t in popular estimation ? To see Frank Brower, is to seethe actual natural eccentrioit'es f tt.e Nig., and uot to hear stale criticism and oonundrumi of the testis man blacked To-night D*MON AND P t THIAS' HE WOlLl* Hr, * BhidNOLI! H * IK MAN ! FRANK BROWKRa' the Canterbury. DICK PARKER (Fi'^ny Uiek)at the Canterbury. HARRY FOX at the Canterbury. WII.l .1 a VI H A R R ISO \ .who Irakis a sonr about von a*d sin*? itto yogr faoe, at the Cant< rbury. Miss Jttlia Hvraoit. the tesutifjl ^oigstrecs; ." "Ma rank ^a Folle, Mire Emu a Mies, Misses Writs, Verno >, P?*k-?r, C.ifloa, and nun erous others, at the Canterbury. On WedLesoar, Novcmtar 2nth. first appearance of Ad M!fmon- Pftrqa't.25 cents: Parterre 15 oerf. Peora opefi %' 7 ; o no'MTH n'cl^ek. n!8 tf rT^ENTH 8TREET BAPTIST CHURCH. E ETWEES ; X E and F atreeta, withit or>e aaoare of Pens ivcdqi MISS CAKLOTTA PATTI. Th* Public are reapeeifullr mfnrniad th?t ?i!88 CARLOTTA PATTI, th* eelebnted Cantatriee, who? jreat succeaa in the AeadMte* of Mn*tc in New Ynrk, Philadelphia and Boaton. n?i placfd tar in the front rank of tiring Coossrt Singers, wilt fir* her SECOND ASD POSITIVELY LAST Grand Operatic Concert On THURSDAY EVENING, Nov. 21*. at ths bAilflirg formerly known > THE TENTH 8TREET BAPTIST CHCRCn, Betvfrn E nnd Fili?vi<4is csi tquirt of fuss 1 elnutThs fslIdWtn* selehrated artiat will appear : Mlaa PATTI, M1?. 8TRAKOBCH, Sir. BCOLA, Sir. CIirriMERl, nEJIRT ANDER80N, T. SCHREaNER Proosammi?Pan L t Dnttt* Btliaairo?Sif Scots A S'T- CsdcIbsii. 2. As.oa p?N, Prophet?M m* Htrasossh. I. fautaala Trariau, V*rdi?h? H. Sssdsrson. 4 Ihltfr, rtstliso ?*p*n, T*rdi? Mis* O. Paul. A Or.etM Nsrsia?Misa Patti asd M'as Straknack. ( tlil# ftiss, Balls 10 Maacheri?H. >aader?oa T. t?a?au?a?Barbsr of a??illa?Sir. CssMasn. Part II. 8. Within a rai'e of J-^iinbor.-*?M'me Strakoah. 9. Soldier's Farewell?Sir. Centimeri. 10. Kondo.. Sonnarnr.rla Bellini?Miss C. Patti. II. Fanta*iacn An erioan Lives, performed on the Organ bry Theodore Sohreiner. 12 Quartette from Martha. Flotow? Miss Patti. M'me S'rakosoh Sic Hoot*, and Oentemerl. 13. Fantasia Za pa? H- Sanderson 14- STAR SfANGLED BANNER??r the entire company Admission 01 - .Gallery 50 oents. Reeerved seats fifty oenta extra. Seats may he *ecured and lokets obtained at the Muslo ftore of Mr. Mft?srrit, oommenoing, thi? morninK. at 9 A M and In theeTenli g atthedoor. Doors open at 1 o'clock Conoert to oorrpnenoe *t 8. potl-? RATIONAL OIRCU8! Tom Kinf Leasee asd Manager C.MM fffina-wiiKKM' of the . SuccitssrcL Sbason. Firat Appearance of the Great T.V.SU"1"1' And all the Start. Ladies and fltmily parhe^wiil^!eaee not forretthe On MOHDAY, WEDXF.SUAY t SATURDAY. ? . SPECIAL NOTICE. The Real u E L LA Z O Y A R A, who created suoh a furore in the United States after her debut at Nibl'j's fivden*. is enraged but for a limited number of meht*. Parties, therefore, had bitter seour> places in advanoe. nov 18 UP H A M'H HAIR DYE '.?TO COLOR BLACE OR BIIOWm l?niy 38 cents a box. Three boxei for one doliar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can be ouanRed in a few seoonds to a j t black or brown, by nsu,g I''s Liquid Hair D;e, the best and chesprst in the world, produoint, the mon.eni it is spplxtd. a rich natural appearai.c*. Each Box of L'PHAM'S HAlR DVE >s warranted to oontain as mtich hair dvt as others tell for cnt dollar'. Hold by 8 C. UPHA.M, 310 ('/flesnut street, h la delphia. ard S. CALVERT FORD, oorner Uth street and I'a. ave. sep A-eoly ^OLDIERS' PAY. THE ADAMS EXPRKSH COMPANY will firward so'rier's romifanoes to their familiee, at any elaoe on ths lines of Uieir Express, at aoharcs of twecty five cents <or any sum not exoeediug fifty dollars;asd a proportionate additional chars* to p'aces riaohed by oonnectinic Expresses. 1 he money, whoth?r Gold or Treasury note*, should be enclosed in an envelope and seourely sealed, and have the fall >ddress < molu^inr town, Po?t Office and State; and in citie*. tue street and number, of the person to whoui to be *ent. and th? amouul ieiciblt marked there n. Knvelopes lor this pu>p e may bs had at our offioe*. To fa il ta'.e prompt d^ wery, the charte for re utirtauoo snou'u be prepaid. At)AMS EXPRESS COMPANY. WASHiUQTOt Nov 12,18?1. no la-lQtjf BFD BLANKETS AND COMFORTS, witl Slue tings, and all other kinds of housekeepers Drr Good*, at our prverbia ! moderate prioes. One price oniy, mirked in plain ficurea. Curtains, Carpets, Ac.. u???r flairs. PERRY * BRO., no 19 5! Pa. a> o:,ue and Ninth St. ^gg INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. PAPERH ANfJTNGS all Grades and Prioes k Gilt Band, Buff. Gre?n,and Blue Holland Wis dow Shades, all sis*s. m vie to order. A beautiful variety of Oval Phtare Frames ' from the beet manufactory in the oountry. Passe Partouta, Pioture Cord and Taaeela, dii fnent sixes and oolors, Ptoture Rings, Nai.s, Ac Cheap for cash. Orders for Paperhangincs or Window Shade punctually eiecuted, and bo misrepresentatio ms^ie to effect sales. A oall ao.ioited. __ JNO. MARKRITER, No. 486 Seventh street, sdoors above no J-neotf* Odd Fellow*' Hall. L r |1HE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to infortn thei .1 patrons and the pubno generally of be " ?k r ^The7 alM r????otful y invite attention of W|f their Army and Nayy oustomers, and those" " requiring outfits in that line, te their aapenor eaa> I lUee of Swords, Epasieu. Shoulder Straps Belt Chapeaus. Hsu, Caps. Sashes, and Gofd Laeei constantly on hud, whioh are warranted as reert I, sen tea, W hiist tendering thanks for the liberal patronaa ; cwz'ft&^ALhirA fcio,, 169 Pennsylvania Avenue. oe 16 enfim DB?iDLra?'SiJffiU,eWKJi . sep t eoly ; pKneii t; Ute ? f Ana NasA, late of WaetungtM^Ml dieweed. All persons havlBx elaim* ag\inst tl - "Aid deoeased are hereby warned to exhibit ti voB;h*ra thereof, to the tsbsei b*r, eu or before the fo rteeath dav of Novemb .. *"*IC""d"? U'jon "jiT TUT haad ibicfourtMeU dM of N TStetiSir MlcaiKL "Si*,, AUCTION BALL'S. By J.C. McGl'IRF. A CO., Atet onwrr. RXC^*dFNT H"t H 1 P_iT -OnSATl RO?\ SM. eommeocinc at o'cioclt. v? rh? front ofthe Abo*job Room*, a *r?eo* 1 ?eibnof fine Hoosehr Id Furniture ?-.rf I ff* ts of a tentlaman 4*e iubc h ?*kMp r e?.l? aj.tgA a nut Hur cloth ?ot*?. fW? do Rwrttioi |rd ArmChiin Karble ??p Center and S;d < ra . * * tValmt Rente and l>re a-'?:e l a l-oun?:n* Chairr, Font Cushions, lYa nnt Marble top Bar*eu-sr. '%frti,'r <u A a.not and MaboyarT \\? .1 >,?,?.* , Painted Birtaui and Washstam's. I, ' ?ane-aeat Chamber and Rer?p: uC :.u. ' ' Do Rookera. Cottar- >?! , Hair Mat'ressea, Feather t'etf/. Feather BoJrters at d Hi iloa s. > hn n Ma'tre&se* Parage Bed?t-a 1b. M*p!e po<t (;<?* n . ' Mal cgacy ?id?r<>e<i er,<i I-x i ?r; Uhma, G as* and Croo?er?, Cut 01 y. A . Whit?Granite Pinnor Set, Plated lee Pi'oher,Caeter,Ch'fitK D shr*s. Bohemian Glass F r. ter Bnwi', Oeca i. Win* Gia?aes, Jell* G a*ee?. etr. Rni*ee!s. Ingram and Veaitiar. Carp'ts, Blanket;. Ccmf ?rts. Poante pane-, <J ji ?.. I Revolving offoe Cha r, Toother with a ocii.p ete assorts,.f Ke^uiitn Will bs Admd1 bar Ca-riair* Horse, l ea her Top Bur gv ard Harney*. A tumi e- o/ ai.d Co-kin* Ftoves. Bnrase a. Three-ply and Irgrain Carprts, Ac Ao Trrn? oa?h. noT-i (Rep.* J C. McGL'IRF, A CO.. A not*. MARSHAL'S SALE ?In nrtae of a ?rlt of fieri lamas i*aned from the t Ink's Office of the Circn-t Court of the District of Columbia for the coaoty of Washington and to me d rectal. I ' wiilexpoee to pnblio a*Je. forca*h. in f o?t f t the Ponrt House door ?>f said oooa'y on FRIDAY, the ?th day of December next, 1361 at lZo'clock m., th* fo.lowinr p'opertr, to wit: Ail ceeidac'e righ?, tula, claim and latere-1 in aorf to \*>t No. Jt, la tn?r? No *1 in the cty of ** a*h cfm, D C., t??<ether irith a i a'-<i lint i'it lb' rr>?rovomenta thcreoa. ?ei?ed aid lerifd Kpo2 ?s ".e r'oeertr of Jamee G. Coomba. aid w.n Le rol.i to aa ia'y Jufliaials No. * tj Janaary urn. 12 >. ? avor /ehn t Kendall. W SLI Ti- N, h i 14-ta Le.te V. *'nr?'D O. By WALL A BARNARD Aoct neare Ortur Pa ?r?M?( and 9tk Peremptory sale v t iqi: r?? a0.. *T Acctiok.?Oa THL"R*DAY MOR\"|\G, Nov. 21. eoaiinenoinf a* 10 o'olrrk, we e-ili ?e| .at oar Auetion Room*, a Urge atock of ' iquora. Ao . itbenga part cf the stock f o-eof t e arroat vh' legale lianor eeUbli hmects in B\ Minore. and wi'l be an Id without re'erwe. e?>ir?r,? m? xou bin, Old Kye. Monocgaiit aW.Miy, Otard and Corraa B an^iea, .n w ??d rr ' a a*a. Barrel* Biaokberry, Aapl < and ?- rger B >vnd*. IPO caaee Sctteidam B ackl?^rr.? G:n*er ?..j t. ir \Vhi?kv and Cuanao BrtaJr. F1... %r .1 n . Jamaio* Rut" Sherry and .M?d? r* ? ? ? h"ir.p*f"?. H^'ttmifa y -Ve eu er, La-ge rVxk ol Henrj Cay an-i G rnr.nn J'erart, Hi o ?-?aa. :*oo'cl? Herri r.*-B?c? ion.d< Together with a large M.*k ul . f other ro>-d* rot here nientt ?ced. iff ra rare ,i d jo-ruecta to o?lera re?taurar*? and grooera io c> bar. mlb t*a> ooaitire. Termioach. n<? 19-d WAi.l. A BAKVAFD. At:eta. By J. C MoGI'IRK A f^O,, Anctl 'r.e*-? OI.D FAMILY PLATE FOR S\i K AT AUCTION,?On TUESDAY, the i."0th < f \,i?ren>b*r. inatan-, the following va u&b e ?..?< Fun! y Fiata will be cfler'd lor ?*? it wib .c *iv! at the A act on Koowaof M^vera. J. C MuGnire A Co, at half put 4 o'olook.p ru., to j?a t irteatth* Baiik oithe Metropo i?, for wfcic< the -arne ?aa peoifically pledged by Cbariea Lej Jr^er, E?q., r" O n? Cake Ba* k?t. Tea Kf'tle ana Stand ai d Lan.p. La-ge Coff*e Po*. l.arr* CoBee Pot, ChaaeJ, I ea Pot, Cut ra, Two r-Buee Boat*, Cream Ewer, TwoSncar Inahea, Four u*!t Cell*ra, Pair 8 1 ser Wal J-ra, Slop B wl, W ith other Biraller a?-t?e>a Term* of sale I t n&ah on d liTerr. no 19 e iAJii J. C McGt-IKK it CO.. Accta. B* J.C. McGUIRE, A CO.. ^ik'tnn'er', TRUSTEE'S SALE OF |^?*GL. AMiVALCaBLyi I.ot on t'apiror Hilu?Or. ILlSDAY At rEKNoON, l?r vm1 - i t, k, on the preiriiiee, by virtue o: a^->- - : iru?t -,>m Juance A. Rolla. anri dated fVtui t !'?r, J?, and duly recorded in Lit>er J. A. B , No. ltt. 'o :o? 44t, et ae*? and of the !|nd r^o<? cs '< >* Wa'l raton county. D C., I ana ae I,ot ? fd j m (5), in Maare nurrbered ?i* hrr- dred -H nFt-H-o (088), frcrtiBg ISO feet on l> ive. ^c?r. :05 fret s inebea on north E t reet,?in j i.S .'i.e:5 n .: ?e on Firat atreet eaet Terma: One-third c%aH, t?>a rer? aindr-in fix a j twe ve nontha, with interest, ascuied Ij dpgu of tmat on the premiaea. If the termi of tale are cot oomr ici with wj^jin Ire day tba-eafter the tr??tee raa-rv*? tta . lg, * to resell at the risk and exp?ca? ot rvrchaaer. Aii ooaveja ici at */> cc.-t of T"*" riser. W 8. UOLL1DAY. fui'M. ao 9 eoA><? J. C. Mr'iL'tKE A . /tao % J C. MoGUIRE A CCV. A .cUer-^ra. rpRUSTEE-s sale of iioLs:: and i.nt X or Noiti K itxzet. utw*ri Fovnn ayj) Fi?th iTRtirp wx?T ?On TV fc SUA Y /.)- * J.RNoON, NovemU>r 3Rth, at La t pat' 4 n'j'r k, on the premiaea. by virtue of a de-?d ?f krn t "c tha eubecriber, dated ftecsmbr let. 1W, r <1 Only recorded in Liber J A. S., No. f. io* fU, at aef , one of ths land reoords for Wa; :'<t county, it. C-. I shall cell aart of Lot r~"r.bcred ore, (1.) in Sanare nninhered five hanfrad and f f en. beginning for the same at ti e e^nthxeat otrfie i f s-id Lot No l.acd running tr nea r it tufen feet, thenoe north teventt-one f ,c* 'a . ^n ir, hot, tfcenoe weat sixteen feet, tliecca c juUi t^renty-ouo feat eleven inches t-> the plau^ of bSiigjzicf; <oSitrar with the irnpr >vements, cc?t;.tin* of a ree-aterv brick dw-lling-hoaae. Terms: #.viOeaah;the remainder in six B"' tvrelve month*, with interaa*. sec trad by adea. ol trust on the premiaea. All oonveyanooa at the oost of the p^rebyeer. THO. J PISBER. in.ritN oc a-lawAds J. C. MoGUIRL A O ../.aota. By WALLA BARNAKO AueUooeera. Three story brick uocse. cornkr t9rH a if d 1 STXFara. ?djoi.i!io Kxam-' awd a Br:Lri!?o Lot o?t M r?rinr.*i Ac ;i < - ? n TUESDAY AFTERNOON. ? ii insta t. at 4 o'clock, wa will sell, ia front or ?t ? pren.aea, the n**r!y new and snbttsntla !y I u 1* Uir tory Briok Dwelling and More, the for<- r r?etr.!at g 9 good rooms.ana ia hacds^m <y lit *:! c*fcont Alio an adjoining Frams, con etains 4 rooms. And immediately after sale of tie aK"ve a'eo, in front o) the yr*mise?. we will ell th- Buildirc Lot, Lot 17, *aea*e UT. fronting 01 fret on M . and rLnniag back 91 feet, Itetween lath Bnd 90 h street, near oorner of ?*'h street. Tsins : One-third cash, balance I P I*. 18. - t ii months, bearing intereot. ?ecurrd bj d^e<; l. tst on pr. mises. ao 19 WALL * BARNARD,/cct'._ L08T AND FOUN D. DROKE LOOSE or Sl OLEV-^ ge iron I) grej FORSE1 11 hand*. 3 white r-y, wart on < ff hind quarter. 1 n< uisne, af ov- J?TI ing marks ?f harness ; Lad a new ? j i?n^^*saddle on at the tt>ne o! leaving, from W? < d, U bs on A Co. Anyone hcinr tii? a re hr->e, asd l that will brine him to the 6th >"n ?iryCar.,p, t 1 of Capitol, will b- uita dy reward d. v* m there was a email ct.estwu'C'lt, 2 Wjite 1 diet, > tail out off r^uare at the t*ck. a i, i .r*^.^> die a d stylish bridle. Bring h.m if . a > ;o I 6th Cavalry Camp. | DROl'GHT TO THE >TA- ;.i i i F "HE i O ub-cribere, a aoro! H'^R^K .' r~\ t 1SS hand# high, wbieh tie "Wi r< 1- j ? by provin< property, pat it c ar. ?i Aj. *- kno 19-i WO't'T > ' . CAME TO MY FAKM. G ?i-or.,'.o:t ->r abcut " ' heV'tlp instant, a l?;ht MARK,c\. her right ear cropped. Bppare*>t!v o'd. At the same ume, a bl<>ud Lay Ht)RSE. w ' ? . small star in his fireheai. bc'-mT u. ma ? ana in very bad ooudition The ; tw ><r own-ra are re^ueated to ooine lo. warO, pay clia ge*, and take them away. no 19 3T G. W. YOi NG. Taken tp astrav-on sou ;*?. mh mat, a cfc'Btn t aorrel MARE ab^jt IS , ban is hiich, with bridie sn>: c.<u e i owner is requested U> oai ?t tha Ra:iroa Wacon Park, prove property, pay cha gee, aad take her away. " no 19 ?t? CHAS. T. l?f'R<FTT. . f OST? By a lady on t*e itth irt*?an*. tetwrrn Li the Smithsonian Icstitation *-nd or raer of t- Tenth and E ?t-., a sn:al go d WaTt. a Ukauk 1 gnard and gold buakle afaohed It iv tar .i?-aiartp va ued as the gilt of a deo^a e<I >c!atire . T s a finder will be tiler ally rewarded by ieavtn< it wita n Mra. HaNDY, oorner of Tenth aid E sts > \ this off oe. no ? 5 * QIC REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, en Sunday vld eveninc, the 17th inatant. a lart-\ c\ trimmed built bay HQRM:, 16 Itavt i uL; i-.T> f ia branded * U. S" on left si oulder ; scratch** on his left hind let Ur was ea'dled w th abraaa-boBtdoaviklry saddle, and trimmed with 1 other cavalry aooout'cnMnts. Any utoit^aaon leading to tha reoovery of tba aK?ve p op. rty > ,,1 1 ' wfc'ded, by ca^,;,ik at ! ou e No. I- * J Ninth at, oorner of L 1 o l<?-?."_ S| GTOLEN HORSE AND cl GfiY.-Takeafroaa 1 O the atreet in front of the 1 rea>u r 1 e i\ partment. oa Saturaar evaMBg. atab u t^JR ;e oolook.adark aorrel :obta.;! Hn?, ? a. Box Baggy with a chaise top, nee-1' .rw. The horae ia a sood traveller, a iarce oesk. a^oet '.A hands high, and atteeea lit.iesp<utg Tie IfI, ness ia pretty weil wore, had a p at a ivj aacuie, aad new hand-pieoea to the rein?. Whoever will return aaid kor<s and bn?gy to ~ Miller'a stab.ta, oorn?r Si*ihat<d t. st- ^tf, \\ as. ! ington oity, ahall be aaitahly rtwarfed ? nov 18 3t ?m M.'KSTQV 1 dCA REWARD-?Lost, oa Satar. ay last, a f vvu large Hiaok Newf >n,u.inj L?' ? -j?, _> , aosvara to the name ot '"Mtjor " T* J .jJ 1 above reward wi'; ha paid lor h ? t?'n ? J! to room No 11, Waaaiagkon Cui - ^-,P? -va , " near Biown a Hotel. g" ae lg W J. BLA f UR PAMKTO THE SUBSCRIBER - o I ABLE. _ V/ on Saturday nigi.t, a b?. AI * .'<; . wita saddle and bridle. Ths on. * tave hm ky proving ptopert* a-,o p^ |f 0Barges b b *1 \S ?geat ^ nov II >* 4>< Btrss , .wat M iryt*ad -v.-^ y, DAN AWAY PRuM IsiK S '^CHIRER, lie It near Hladaa.' u g. A>'1 O.W, Afl he oomm^nlv e%:lM To; e?. ntli it* t ^.ut Lea S t- high, eerp ?laek. short . r> a eo nteer aanoe when cpokea o w. I >t- Jl is over one ^fais eye*. W n aw y 1 . i uijj. 'Jaek:tt<*"t ed bfcite< tu.i o .t a 1 et pa a, o- yell?" <a3ntet (I ivoi. Iv?"fg.. . ? " to a j<?!* that vil bring Alia laotaa u> ia?. WTU9V* FTLuDtR MA6RUD&*.

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