Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. C7"Though Th? Sta* la printed on the fastest tram press In dm south of Baltimore, Its edition I* ?o large as to require It to be pot to press at an early hoar: Advertutmentt, therefore, ahould be sent In before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Not* rao* MB. Nott ?Mr. Wmllack?Sir: The Star'a report In yesterday's issue, of the proceedings of the man meeting of prlntera on Saturday last, la the main, la pretty correct; but as much of the recent action of the Colombia Typo, graphical Society waa baaed upon the report of a committee of which 1 wan chairman, and aa a conflict of statements has arisen between the com mltteeand employera, it is very Important that what I really stated to the meeting on Saturday ahould given aa nearly as possible In the precise language 1 uaed. I therefore aak, as a nrter of the sheerest justice, for the publication of the following In the Star: # In correction of a portion of the remarks of Mr. Mile*, the gentleman who flrst addressed the meeting, I said, "There la a singular misunderstandins of the report of the committee of conaultatlon with employers. That c mmhteedld not report that a single employer was In ftvor of the measure-notone. It distinctly stated that a number of employers objected to it. giving briefly the argument* ?pon which they baaed their objections but that all, with the exception of Mr Wallacb' had agreed to acquiesce if adopted by the Society " Subsequently, when Mr Sesaford inquired if Mr. Gideon had not stated to the committee that he wou'd have to clore hit oflice if the measure passed," I repll?d, "1 will not sav positively that Mr. Gideon did not say so. He might indeed, in an incidental way, have aaid tha't the pr'ce* of this Society might be carried so nigh aa to compel him to slosebis office But if be aald that be would have to close his office in connection with the passags of the eight hour law I have no recollection of it. Mr. Gideon stated to tbtf committee that he would acquiesce in the measure if adopted. He had always compiled w-th the rule* of the Society, and would continue to do so He knew that he would be compelled to comply," &c. I gave thia aa a simple statet ment of fact. ';But 1 did not aay that Mr. Rlvea would cheerfully had off in sustaining It. only that It might be thought that he started it ? 1 said nothing dirtTM7 or '^directly, about Mr. Rlvea "leading off, '-but stated that be made no objection to the measure. He cheerfully promised an arquiessence in ita adoption; he aald it would sflect him smewhatin his press-room, put he would do less press-work He would take less speeches, 4c.'" "Indeed, what teeu.ed to the committee most to operate on his mind waa the fear that h? might be suspected of having advised the measure." ( have aubmltted the above to many who were present at the meeting on Saturday, and heard distinctly the remarks 1 made, and ail agree that the language I uaed was aa I now atate It. ... w, .. Wm. E.Noit. Washington, Not. 19th, 1B61. jV*? ? While Mr. Nott, In hla report from memory of hla own remarka, will be recognized by those who were present at the meeting on Saturday night as toning down?pointing up and amplifying, with a pretty free hand, what he really did sav, we very cheerfully give place to his communication, at considerable aaciflce of valuable apace in order that be may set himself right in his own way. In our report we aimed , &!veaa j and truth'uI exposition of the doings of the iSaturday night meeting, and that we sueceeded in ao doing we have the voluntary testimony of participants in those proceedings The Barxey Cask bkfokk thi Orihan'* Court, Jcdge Ptecell ?Mr Blount commenced his argument for the petitioner in this case yesterday, and contended that the decree of the J as per county court of the state of Iowa was final and conclusive under the constitution and laws, and was strictly in accordance with them. That state had the power to grant divorces, and the legislature Is fully competent to prescribe the manner of notifying contestants The lasper county court having compiled with the forms of notice prescribed by tbe laws of the state, and Is. sued lu decree, this court cannot go behind It Gentleman must not ask this court to set aside thejurisdictton ofthe court of Iowa. They must go to the state of Iowa to eel aside the decree and either file a bill of review In the court which gave the decree, or institute proceedings In an appellate court there. Thers would be no end of litigation If decrees of one court could be questioned in another This court had a different jurisdiction from the Iowa court, and would his Honor think of setting aside a decree of tbe circuit court of this district. They (Mr. Barney'o c<mnsel,) themselves, think the promt course is to go to Iowa, or else why did they file their notice there of appeal, and serve a notice on these little children within the last week r ten days. Mr. Winder said the record of proceedings for an appeal had been on file in thia courtthree weeks. This statement was denied bytthe counsel for the petitioner. Mr. Blount, continuing, said the other side knew that no review of the action of the Iowa court could be held in this court in a collateral manner. * He then read and reviewed the divorce cases cited by the other side, tertatim, contending that not one of them was analogous to this. In this case the law of Iowa prescribed the modes of giving notice?it had been complied with?and the Iowa court had full jurisdiction of the parties It waa said that Mr Barney knew nothing of the suit for divorce He knew perfectly well that the French courts gave Mrs. Barney six months to coromecce a sult fsr divorce In this coun try Continuing this branch of tbe sublet, he aid Mr. Winder bad served a notice upon Mr De Krafft in relation to the matter Mr. Winder emphatically denied that such was the case, and said he would explain. He carried a note from Mr. Barney to Mr. De Krafft as to where Mrs Carney was. and he (Mr De Krafft,) then stated moet emphatically, "you never shall know until she has got the divorce." Mr. Blount said that they bad tried to siare this woman off Mr Winder said they had not attempted to care her off. If It was meant for him it was not true. Mr Blount said be meant the expression for Mr. Barney. He had the note and would read It. Mr. Winder said he desired to explain. The note to Mr. De Kraff was written at his (Mr. Winder's) suggestion to save scandal, and avoid having the domestic relations of Mr and Mrs Barney brought before the public. Mr De Krafft when be read IWused the expression quoted above in a very emphatic manner. Mr. Blount continuing, said, Mr. Barney had notice by tbe action cf tbe French courts. He left this country and went to Paris to get out of the way. and tbe notice followed him, and be never denied that he had got it Wr. Winder said he denied it for Mr. Barney most distinctly now. Every effort was made to discover where Mrs. Barney was { New York detectives were engaged in toe search, postmasters through the country were telegraphed to, and postmasters' lists examined, and nothing was discovered until they received an snswer from tbe postmaster in Jasper county after Mrs. Barney had obtained the decree of divorce Mr Blount then proceeded to argne the right of this court to appoint guardians or to displace natural *uarrilaus for cause He read a case tried before Judge Kreta of tbe Circuit Court in Baltimore city, and reported in the Baltimore Sun to show that In the State of Maryland such power was acknowledged to be in the Orphans' Court, the said Criminal Court having acquiesced in tbe action of the Orphans' Court of Frederick county. He contended: bat on Mrs Barney's death Mr Barney's right to tbe children did not revive Another reason why Mr Barney should not be appointed guardian is that by tbe will of Cd. DeK'afft. (Mrs. Barney's father,) Mr. Barney cannot have the property. Mr. Winder said he (Mr Barney) was not asking for the property?only for the children. Mr Blount thought that if he had to take tbe ehtldren without the property he wouldn't hsve them " Mr. Blount then read the will of Ed. De Krafft, bequeathing his property to certain trustees for the use and behoof of his wife, and on her death o? marriage, tbe ine&m? to go to his daughter. There is a proviso that his daughter's husband shall hsve no control of the property. Mr Blount continaing. said that the testator seemed to anticipate what did come to pass. We know from the testimony that Mr. Barney Is an uafit man to have the children or property. Tbe records of this Court and tbe Circuit Court show that by some means he got hold of eighteen or twenty thousand dollars of tbe property and squandered It to tbe four winds of heaven, aftnough the income only was bequeathed to Mrs. B. The children derived ao benefit from It, and according to the wlU be (B.) was not entitled to a dollar of It Mr Winder said that was not in evidence Mr. Blount said the records of this court?guardians accounts?showed it. Besides from tbe evidence here. Mr. Barney's Indecent, obecene and vulgar practices with his own children, entirely unfit him to be their guardian. Tbe testimony of Allxandrene Parfalnt stands ancontradicted Her testimony Is unlmpeach^d aad unlmpeachsbls. There was aa attempt 'o' show she made different statements; but who were the witnesses* Mr. Barney's own mother and sister who have aa Interest in sustslalng his character, and aiding him to get the property, so as to give him an Inoome Why did they not get dialntereated persons to hold this conversation with Alexandrine to contradict her. One of these witnesses swears thatsbe (Alexandrine) speaks English remarkably well when it is known here that she Is hardly Intelligible. W by did they not lntroduoe Eddy, the one with whom it is said Mr. Barney bad been guilty of the-e indecent practices Mr. Winder?Why didn't you call him? Mr Blount wss willing tocsli blm now Mr. Winder was willing to have him called, ud If be can prove the Indecent practices, he j wa? astounded thcother tide did not pat him on the stand before The Court said if It was the desire of counsel on both sides, Eddy might be examined to-morrow (to-day). Mr Blount desired to have him sworn at once, and not hare him tampered with first It having been finally agreed that Eddy should bo examined on Wednesday, the court adjourned Thx Homicide of Liiotxsawt Colonel Vow Grrbrr ? Phlimisait Examination ?On Monday afternoon Justice Down examined the witnesses in the case of James Powers, Michael Yonng and Peter Strang, who was arrested by officer King and charged with the assuit and battery upon Lieut. Col. Gustav Von Gerber of the Csmeron Rifles on Thursday night. J. F. King, testified that on the night the Lieut. Col. was struck, witness was engaged at the 4 Concert Hall," Coo cube's building; about !J o'clock the Hall was closed; witness saw Powers and S raig at the ball with two others who are not arrested; saw those men go to the women's department where they drtss; they were told that they must leave; one who is not arrested said be hid an engagement; Powers said "by O?d I am going home with them," and also that he lost his coat; witness came down to the dOor; the Lieut Col. was with Louisa; witness went out and walked down the street; it was raining; witness spoke to Louisa and told ber she could take hi* umbrella; the colonel said they were going to take a hack; Powers and two others were then standing ouiside the concert door; they were going towards the market-house; know nothing more until next morning; witness arrested Strang, and told htm of the warrant; Strang, said be went home by himself before the concert closed; but witness had afterwards seen htm on the steps; arrested Powers thii morning; Powers hid and was trying to secret himself; witness told Powers not to be alarmed, and he replied that he knew all about it; and who struck the man, as he was not m?re than fifteen yards off at the time; that the colonel was struck with a slungshot; and two of the party bad slung-shots; the cOlonel find one of the ladies wf re alone. Robtrt Harrison was at the Hall with King; saw some parties there "cutting up;" witness kept his eye on them; heard Emma (Maler,) say that she bad been insulted, and that she had a party there and would have the man licked, or have killed; witness saw her talking with Powers and Strang and others; saw them go up stairs; witness ordered them down; one of the two not arretted said be had an engagement with a lady; when the women came down the men all came down, snd followed tnem; they all went off together, and witness left; witness has seen ail the parties before; Emma repeated the words about whipping r.-r kill ag twice. Loutta Puhl?sworn?Was present at the concert, and on he. way to fcer c^me with Lieut. Col. Gerber; thev wanted a carnage, when several men came up and attempted to take the carriage from item; witness and deceased went awav also, and then the Colonel took 'he carriage and witntssgot In, expectirg him to follow; she looked around and saw him lying on the ground, he having been struck; witness don't know by whom, as she wa* in the carriage? there were a number of men. Powers and Strang amou^ them; Young was there, but cannot say he wa? near the carriage; witness did not sec any one hit the Colone'.; Emma was not In the carriage, but near ; Emma had some disturbance with another < Ulcer, not the Colonei; the officer along with them was the one who Insulted her; they were on the left side, the same side the Colonel was struck; heard no disturbance at the carriage; immediately after the striking there was no person left except Mr. Rosenbush, the Colonel, a . Captain and Emma. Emma Mater, sworn.?On Thursday night she started out of the saloon with Louisa, she asked witness to go and take supper with the Captain and Lieut. Colonel; Jit rained and we wanted a carriage; some men followed and said rve had the carriage they were about to take; we went back, and the driver called us again to take the carriage; Louisa got in the carriage, witness was about to get in, Mr. Rosenbush took me by tbe arm and said tbe men wanted to go; tbe Lieut. Colonel wanted to go In, and when he pit his foot on the carriage he was struck, and fell; Mr Rosenbush called watch' witness saw Powers s.nd Strang near the carriage, facing towards the carriage; witness did not see who struck the bit w; we went and got in tbe carriage, and got a Doctor; witness did not know these men, (the prisoners) witness had a disturbance with a Capt Boden early in the evening; never had a difficulty with the Lieut Colonel or the Captain with him; net knowing thsm; witness never said to any person | but Mr. Samson that sha would hava Captain Boden whipped 8 Rtstniusk, sworn ?Saw Strang and Powers I at the concert room; they followed us to the hack; I wanted to hurry Emma Maler home; she said she j was going to a supper with Louisa (Kuhl); they ] were going down to the hack. (Tha female witnesses, whose testimony is glv I en above, are employed as waters at "Concert I Hall."J Simon Rosikbcsh?sworn ? Saw Strang and I Power at the Concert room the night of the as- I sault; saw them follow the women and officers to I the hack; witness wanted to take Emma Maler 1 home, but she said she was going to supper with I Louisa; they were then going to tha haca; witness I saw some men following after them; Strang took I hold of the handle of the carriage-door and said I they (Strang's companions) wanted it; the officers I said let's go and get another hack; soon after the I driver of the hack followed them and they again | engaged htm; Louisa Knhl had got In the hack; I Emma was standing on the pavement between tbe two officers?the Lt. Colonel and blscompan- I ion; the men who followed them came up, and I one of them called the officers "sons of b hs," I at which moment tbe Colonel was struck by one I of the party, who, witness don't know; witness I called lor the watch and a<st?ted the women into I the carriage with the wounded officer, who was I taken to a doctor, and from thence to his lodg- I logs. After bearing the evidence, Justice Donn dls-1 missed Michael Young, and committed Strong I and Power to await the result of the wound ? I Death having ensued, they were fully committed | for murder The two female witnesses were required t? give J bail in one hundred dollars each to appear at the I Criminal caurt The coroner's inqutst yesterduy returned the following verdict: "That the said Gustav Von Gerber, ([lieutenant j colonel of tbe Cameron Rifles. New York volun- I te'-rs,)on tbe night of Thursday, November 14, I 1861, between the hours of eleven and twelve I o'clock, after leaving 'Coombs's Hall,' Penusyl- I vania avenue, and when between Seventh and j Eight streets, on the said avenue, was struck by I a slung shot on tbe left side of the head, about | three Inches above and behind tbe ear, by one I James Powers or Peter Strang, In conjunction I with other unknown to the jury, frcm which I wound the said Gastav Von Gerber died on the I morning of November 19, lbdl, at seven o'cl'^k." I Officer King, upon the adjournment of tbe j'Ty, I started for Philadelphia to bring back the .om- I panions of Strang and Powers, who are said to be I arrested there. Farm hands?Roundman Reed and patrolman I Walker arrested Jno Vincen, Benj.tmin Ballon,! Jesse Lewis and Ellen Soren, for disorderly con- ] duct In the, Second Ward on Monday. They I were sent down to tbe workhouse for sixty days I each, by Justice Cferk. HerrmannVVe have witnessed the perfor- I mance of Mr. Herrmann, and are constrained to [ place him without the slightest qualification at I the head of all who have heretofore amused and | astonished the public by means of Teat of, so call- I ed, magic and slight-of-hand. One of the strik- I lng peculiarities jf this performer is the case a:id I certanty with which he does all be attempts, I and the almost entire absence of the numerous J and intricate accessories with which some of his I predecessors have littered the stage Among tbe I crowded audience there was none, old or young, [ | but were forced into expressions of astonishment I at the marvelous feat and manipulations of this I extraordinary man. Herman has already fully I proved that he richly deserves all the econlumus I which have been larlshed upon him by the Eu- I ropean and New Vork press, as well as his title I to this magnificent gift which crowned heads, I princes and servant t have liberally bestowed. I You must see Herrmann. Kino's National Circus continues to add to I its multifarious attractions, crowding the pavll- I Ion nightly with lovers of tbe marvelous. A j matinee this afternoon affords an opportunity to I the little folks to attend this famous place of I smousement that will doubtless be improved I by all. j Elsrwhirx will be seen the notice of Frye's I vegetable paln-curer, a valuable medicine that I should be procured by every family and soldier. A host of attraction at Odd Fellows' Hall to- I night; a benefit for Mr. Chsrles Dupont; tbe first I appearance of the celebrated magician, He-cant- I digest-a-tater, with an original programme; and I a splendid collection of gifts for distribution. I An entertainment net to be beaten, so don't fall I to be on band. Cantrrbvxt Hall progresses with usususl I success, tha entertainments drawing crowds of I visitors, whose sppreclatlon of genuine fun is 1 marked by their nightly attendance. To-night another rich blU. j Best Phila?rlfh:a Print Bcttbr, J6 oents I Bsst Iforosine^r*C^foVl^pnUfer jalion. J baa advirtishmrxt of house, with tear rooms, I }D Washington or Georgetown, wanted la aa- I other column j W HiTiHcasT, 434 Pa. i* , la ftirnishlag like- I nesses of prominent men, including Geos. Scott, I McClsllMd. (from r?cent sitting,) BaUer, Banks, I Fremont, Anderson, Wool and others E*ery I description of liken, sses, from miniature to life- I siy PSee his card photograph, for j N Circtmt Cor?T ?The cue of Jones ti. Dermott was In progress yeeterday, and a large number of wltnesaea were examined. A Pleasant Partt ?Laat evening Col. JnO. W Forney gave a brilliant social entertainment to fifty or sixty gentlemen invited to meet that dtatln'guiahed Journalist and patriot, Geo. D. Prentice, Esq ., of the Louisville Journal; amorg those present were the Secretary of War, Adjutant Genl. Thomas, the Hon. R J Walker, the Secretary of the Interior, Senators McDougal, Grimes, Wilkinson and others of the body. Genl Andrew Porter, Col. Key, Col. J no. Cochrane, Messrs Nicolay and Hay, Col. Davis and a boat of other well known ana distinguished military men and civilians. After partaking of an elegant and beautiful supper, gotten up in Wormley's best style, the Secretary of War, Mr Prentice, ex-Secretary Walker. Senator McDougal, the Secretary ot the Interior, Mayor Wallach and others were drawn out in neat and eloquent remarks, all of which elicited unrestrained applause. Tke party was decidedly one of the pleasantest that has occurred lu the federal Metropolis for year* past. A Novil Cask.?Last night Dr. T. F. Engelbright appeared before Justice Donn to answer to a charge of removing goods belonging to Andrew Anderson with a felonious Intent It appeared that a partnership existed between the plaintiff and defendant, and a store was established near the camps north of the city. A lot of goods not In the Inventory of the partnership lransactlon,/but consigned to Andrew Anderson, was at the store. The business not proving as profitable as it was expected, the goods, by dlrtction of Dr. E., were removed to a store In the city, and with them the articles consigned to Mr. Anderson. This was during an absence of Mr. A from the city, which continued several weeks Upon bis return he discovered that the goods had been removed, and inquired of Dr. E where they were Though the place of deposit was not concealed, Mr Anderson could not see the articles, the ttoremaster not knowing him. The goods were obtained by detective officer Allen by legal ftrocess, and remain in bis possession. The JusIce decided that there was no evidence whatever of a felonious Intent upon the part of Dr. Engelbrigbt, and that the goods not of the partnership should be given to the owners, and the partnership goods returned to the firm. Thk Shixiss Lights ?A day or two since we noticed an application of Mrs. Virginia Ellis to Justice MrKenna for warrants ftr tue arrestcf Henry M. Ligiit, Eliza C. Light, Matilda Light, Christian Branson Light, Sophia Kresch, Anna C Light, a: d Elizabeth McMam,*, charging them With k^plng a disorderlv house. The parties, it will be remembered, were released on rail to eppear at a ft'ture day before Justice Kuhl, woo, who on Saturday morning, disposed of tlie Illuminations ss follows: Henry W. Ltgut was sent to the workhouse for ninety days, Ann O. f lght, F.llza C. Light and Matilda Light were held to bail for six months, Mr. ..laryinan becom'ng their security: Christiau E Light was fined SI 94, which was superceded by Mr. ilarymaa; Elizabeth McManus and Sophia Kresch were discLargtd. Central Guard IIorsR Casks?Before Jus. lice Walter.?James Lahty, drunk; fined SI 14 George Bell, drunk and disorderly; do. SI 94. John Hudson, drunk and carrying a concealed weapon: do. 981)94. Daniel Jones, drunk and disorderly; do. S2 94 Henry Klrkpatrlck. do ; turned over to the military, Robert Tate, col., disorderly; dismissed. George Mullen, do.; lined St Louis Atz, turned over to the military. Jos. Rielly, disorderly conduct; fined SI.94. Patrick "Hagan,do., do.; S3 94 Jas. Foley, drunk and disorderly; do So 94. Andrew Boggs, drunk; dismissed. Jos. Clark, turned over to the military. Six lodgers were accommodated. De?pfr?.tk Assault ?Vesterday afternoon a Soldier named Thoa O'Bryon assaulted two other soldiers at the corner of G street and New Jersey avenue, knocking both of them down before they could offer resistance, and beating them with stones. One was taken to the hospital in an apparently dying condition. The other was not so dangerously hurt, but was badiy cut about the Lead O'Bryon was arrested by citizens, and turned over to patrolman Pendle of the 4th ward police, who took him before Justice Donn. He was sent to jail for court on a charge of assault and battery with intent to kill. PaoXAHlTT.?Yesterday, Roundsman Cronin noticed a man named John Jacobs going around with what he supposed to be a package of goods forpoddiing purposes, and asked him if he had the proper lloense. The man turned upon him and replied in language not very decent, when ho was taken before Justice Thompson, who ordered him to pay a fine of $3 94. Run Over ? Last Saturday Mr. Hoag, formerly a resident of Fairfax county, Virginia, was severely injured while standing in front of the Franklin House, corner of 8th and D streets, by being knocked down and run over by a horse attached to an ambulance, which had become friafctened by a limb falling from a tree under which the horse was standing, some distance up D street. The Injured man was removed to the residence of his brother-in-law, on the Island. Wholksalr Larceny of Coal.?Yesterday complaint was made to Roundsman Cronin of the larceny of coal at the depot, belonging to the Smithsonian Institution. The officer arrested James Fitzgerald and John O'Bryon, and took them before Justice Donn, who held them to security for their good behavior. Patrolman Leach arrested Danl O'Neale on the same charge, who was made to pay 58 cents costs by Juatlce Walter. 11 is believed from the manner in which th? men, women, and children operate on the coal bunks at the depot, that the owners will be deprived of a ton at each visit of the crowd. In order to break up the gang, Roundsman Cronin has obtained warrants tor eleven othera who were Been taking the coal. Sklliso Liquor is Camp.? Yesterday, four women, named Malt, McCarthy, McCarty and Crahen, were arrested at Camp Cochrane for Belling liquor to soldiers belonging to Col. Cochrane s U. S Chasaeurs They were brought into town and taken before Justice Donn, who held them to bail for appearance at Court. Dsath.?Last evening John Beecher, of company G, 24th N. Y regiment, who was stabbed and otherwise injured while looking on at a melee in Marble Alley la>t wrek, died at the fifth district school-bouse hospital from his injuries His remains are to be sent to his family in New York to-day. Firr?Last night about ten o'clock a fire broke out in a stable, the property of a widow lady named Clark, in the rear of Massachusetts avenue, between 12th and 13thstreets, consuming the building in a few moments The fire Is supposed to be the result of accident. Doh't forget that Wednesday, the20th Instant, iSjDr Schenck'a dav to be in this city He will be found at his agent's S B. Waite's Drug Store, corner of Seventh street and La. avenue. 2t Attention la called to the reward offered elsewhere for the recovery of a horse. India Rubbkr Blanket?. \oto is yovr Tim* to Buy. 5,000 Rubber Blankets, 7 feet Ions, 4 feet vide, at Itffsuhi S,00t> Rubber Blankets, 6 foot long, 3 feat wide, at S> caon, 1,000 Rubber Blankets and Poncho oombined, for 34 each. At the Indta Rubber Wartko*S4, 308 Pa avenue, botween 3ta and loth sts^ no 1-tf Corohi?.?1The sudden ohang ee of our olimate aovTona c'i Pu. i ionary. Bronchial and Asthmatic AjttctioHs. E-kporienoe huvine proved that simple remedies often tot speedily and rtainly yrhen t^ken in the early states or the, reoourse should at once be had to Brewit's L-en dial 7\oeh*s," or Loxengee. lei tho Cold, Cou%n, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so Blunt, as by this preoantion a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Sp*ak*rs and Stngtrt will ?na them effectual for ol-**ring and strengthening tho vaioe See advertisement. de 1-ly Noticr.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of iheir own and other articles on the reputation attained by HelmboUTs Extract Buchu, a positive and speoifio remedy for diseases of the Bladder, Kidneys, Gravel. Dropsy, &o., Ac., Ac. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other. See advertisement tc another ool nmn. se 30 MARRIED

At the Astor House in the oity of New York on Thursday Nov. 7th. by Rev. Dr Hntton, Colonel WIM IBM H. CHRISTIAN, of the 98th regiment N. V S. V., of the army ofthn Potomac, to Miss MARY H.. daughter of D. Timennan, Erq., of Utioa, F. Y , On Wednesday morrinct November 30th, by the Rev. Mr. Rvon, Mr. G1LBER T W. PaRDY to Mrs. MARY b6wiE, all ofthia oity. ? THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. That the subscriber hath obtained from the Orphan's Court of Washington County, in the Dlstriot of Colun b a, letters of administration on the personal estateoi Martha (alias Patae?) Hutohins, late of Washington coanty, deceased. All persons having olaims against the said deoeasea are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subsoribir, on or before the second day ol November next; they mar otherwise by law beezoinded from ail benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand thia s?cond day of November. 188i. GEO. W. HARK NESS. no*-law3W Administratrix. D RUSSIAN PURS. ? _ EPOT for aenuine,Aatrachan Pur Cloaks, Collars, and Gloves, for Officer*? Washington Bui.dicg,(4 h story,) Koom No. 16, northeast oor a?r of Seventh st and Pa. avenue. no '9 st* NEW CLOAKS AND NEW SHAWLS opened to oay. PERRY h BROTHER, no 19 fttd Fa av . and Oth a>r?u>r. 500 dozbnarmy socks, Choap for Cash, at *iS9 Pennsylvania av., | no 14-94* OppoalU WUiard?\ ??s*mm? GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS, f A RxaoLtrrtoa relating to Aqueduct gtiwt. J Resolved by the Board of AUUrnun and Board of I Common Council of tkt Corporation of Otorgitow*, I That the Surveyor of the town be, and be 1* here- I by requested to aicertaln and report to thll Cor- I , poratlon the probable coat of toe grading and I paring necessary to make the approach to Aqae- I duet Bridge No. A eaav; and alao what It will coat I to drain Montgomery atreet where It la croewd by I Aqueduct atreat. I Approved Nov. #, lMl. _ j A Risolation providing for the payment of re- I palra of Pump Water Expenaes. and repalra I of Paper Mill Bridge, Ac. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of I Common Council of the Corporation of Georgetoim. I | That the Clerk pay to the order of the persona I hereinafter named?to Wm Whelan twenty dol- I lara and 94 centa for bla bllis, repair* of two Iron I pumps on High street, to Aug. 10, 1861; to Johc I : O. Wella ality-two dollars and 25 centa for re- I paira of p<impe to Sept ad, 1861; to W. U. Shir- I ley. to be cnarged to the Water Fund, aeventy- I five dollars for bla services In distributing water I through the town: to U. B Walker aevn dollars I and 75 centa for repairs of Papee Mill Bridge, I one-half to be charged to City Court; to Galea A I Seaton four dollars and 90 cents for their bill of I May 8, 1861; and to U. Keaver thlrtv-two dollars I and 19 centa for his bills to Oct 25.1961 Approved Nov. 9, 1861. A Resolution in favor of Wm. Whelan. j Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of I Common Council oj the Corporation of Georgttoien. I That the Clerk pay to the order of W Whelan I one hundred ana eighth-nine dollars and 73 cents I for his bills for keeping In repairs the bydrant I and water mains for the months of July, August I and September, and charge the aame to tbe Water 1 Fund. Approved Nov. 9, 1861. A Risolutiox in relation to the Collection of I _ , . Flnea. Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board oj I Comwro Council of the Corporationof <ieorgetoum, I That the committee on Police be, and they are I hereby instructed to haVe enforced all f nea that I are now due or may hereafter become due this I Corporation, as in their judgment the interests of I this Corporation require. ? Approved Nov. 9,1861. A Resolution authorizing the Meyer to transfer I the stock of this Corporation in the Metropoiltan Rail Road Company. hesolved by the h^ard of Aldermen o*d Beard of I i u1 ^"nc 11 ?/ Corporation of Georgetown, I l ha .he Mayor be, and he 'a hereby an'norized I and requested to sign the paper fcr the relinquish- I ?m ?e scares of this Corporation in the stock I of fhe Metropolitan Rail Road Company, upon I l^,COn? Uo" thfreln for,h-that >E My, pro- I 'Jf.1"'' e ?aid road shall be commenced within sixty days, and the work rapidly proseeu- I ted to completion; and that there- suall be no fur- I ther claim upon the said Corporation for any in- I .Orient due, or to become due on the shares and subacrintion. I K-Rf"?ivrlfurLtlier- That the paper authorized to I be signed by the Mayor is signed by Ambrose M I i nompsou, and a ropy thereof attached hereto I Approved Nov. 9, 1861. __ WANTS. | S'I',^Til."N.tWA5TK.D'b' a Cloak ??d I Mat tula maker. K'?ard with her ^mpioyer pre- I te ^~tM'"-lRKNaEIN.cS jBt! Vernon rift e, Baltimore. Md. no ao-st* I W ^>TEIJ-To.lJlr! ? R??"lr furnished two or I story HOUSE between Papitol Hill I and tho Treasury Buildings, not north of H street, I Address J A. BRi>\V ftl, ppgt Office. no 20-5t I A. f''st tf,e or>rn?r of E and j no20-31* ? Refrf0i0es required. I a rt?pectabid woman, a SITU I m??/i y?a cook. Can oome well recom- I mendei. Address ' A Star Offioe. it A FEW GOOD HANDS FOR DRESSM4I _ N. B. Only good hands need apglr. no 30 St* j WMAN who understands the bell I at No ?o*Loa*aiaaa?avml^ bu,lne" ">oro.fhly, "?20 3t* JOHN J. PEABODV. j W Aa a '"Potable woman, a SITU- I r - AT I ON to eooir. vugfi and Iron in a D r i vate I fTo%- i^at No 76 G n?*t th? Brinoh! WA ^M BARBER : must apeak Mr Ail lo-f's dQT5' U.?001" rT,end?d 'ni'"re at I *"I ALLIUt ?? 31*2 Pa. avonue. no 20-3t* I I}1?* f8ntlem?n or membera o?n I ne aooommodftted, (or a gentleman and his I rs?'pnvat? family. With tha oom?orts of a I home. Conveyance basiness hours free of oharre I Board upon moderate term-. The distance i. hilf I ft mile, facine the Presideni's House abdIt ki< I rama^eijhu, opponte Wiilatd's piaoe. n I Ay ANTED?>?an Franeisoo 10 per oent. Bonds I . ?L',?tCrawfordsvilleand Wabash Rai - I road Bondc (California SUtfe and Ciua nSon, c-idnei and oollected. Jl D. BARROW, l no 90 *? 4Tj? Swenth street, ?? 20 3t oppo. General Post Office. \VAurT^D~i[nforn,\tIon John MoArdle, who I V ,fl hie home about a week a?o. he i? 11 I ?'d?,an<J ,h*d on when be left, ttrariacket and I fi? K, an An imlormation concern- I 'n*. h>? whereabouts will be tiiankfnllr received I t-Mt "J,OHN MoARDLE, on Jaokaon I at eet, between G and H no 20 St* I \yANTED-A WOMAM to oook, wteh. and f.Jii lroJP;?n(1 do the general hotisework of a I nwo uhLnHV?0^ App'y north east oorner oi 4th and M sts. Referenoe required. ?it* I WANTED-A,0O'0r"d ROY. or Man, to shack I A BBl. Zt Miut/pnerally in a Restaurant. I Apply at tho Faele Restaurant* Pa avp .atvoan I 17th and 18th street, F'r?t^Ward. n'o^n 3i* I WAlRo5pRAr?1T1 C9''K. WASHER and wait ??J. J j * family, who can com" I well reeomrnenofd Also, atmali MIRLasnarse I A ppl? nt.mediaM.y by addressing J L L., through I no'i./eoSt* "? D- CA HEALTHY AND RESPECTABLE WOnian wants a SITUATION as wet nurse ; her J jo!d?i ,D1rn'r?at the same place for I fw^n l^h i?,^er^orkaveDue'No- 4??. be I tween 14th and 15th it#. qq i9-2t* \lfANTEIV-An active colored rov. 18 or 1* I JWaofage. Aaaly to THO HAV&NNFR, I 347 C st., between 4H and6>h. no 19 3t* I WAHNnrim^ T?. RKNT-A DWELLING?_ ? BOUSE, containing f om 5 to in ro<?m-. b?- I 1-oon 9th and 15tn s: reels, Pa. avenue and irf st, I either furnished or unfurnished. If the advertiser I finds a house to suit, would t**e it lor % term of I yfars. Address, stating location, terms. Ao Tenant," Star Offire. for one week no 19 St* " I R,iAK?.^A^U-A5 cffioer of,h? connected with ths par department^ desires a| nrst class Room and Board for the winter, in a I family of high rospeonbilit* Satisfactory ref r- I eaoes given and require^ The primary object of I 1 1B.k? /'ft eo.n.orts and r?finenidnts of I a nome ,without the usual annoyanoea of a board- I h"n?e Location Preferred between Pa avenoe a?? Addreaa "'Major," I Star Omoe. no l^-st* VV A.NT?D?SutJfr" !l?!,, others to know they ean I " find Stoi-sge Room by calling at Sixth I st., sodtii of Pa avenue. no 19 st* I OOARD WANTED FOR THE WINTER a young man 'vrife,and his with ono Fur-, f,ref#rrad? Location east of I er ih st ^ndrorthoi renn. avenje Ad- I dross "T. W. C.," City Po.t Offioe? noVig 3t? W ANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in I . th* >narkft, ready to pay oaah for al! articles I in the houseturnishing Una. Th^ao leaving tne I biTPH'I vv,iS??ll?plu^ vllLd.owell> cal- R/ . 7 j ? A? 18evo5,th *t., betweon Gana H ats., I (east side,) Dealer in New and Second-'.and Fur- I EL'H?* no 16 : 1 000 W"X pilot bread boxes 'Mr Vx, WANTED, at the National Soap and I Candle Works,corner Green atreet and the Canal. I Georgetown, D. C. C. B. JEWEf.L. no '*-gw Proprietor. V\ ANTED.?a MAN.of good appearance and I b"b?v,|s::kri,t<! j: no 14 1 w r8,P?otable GIRL, oolored or I vt white, to do general houaework in a email I family. Apply at this office. no 11 A GOOD WATChMAKER, hftving been in the I ,?u?moss for ?x years, wiahes to get a SITU- I " ON. Apply at M. iviLLI^N'B, S36 Pa avenue. ^ no# W^^ORS, TAILORS ?60 Tailors I^O SStlTLERS.?An energetio merchant, with I m sufficient capital, deairea to purchase the stock I *"h"a"?4*" LU-cf KJOARD WANTED.?a gentleman and lady I wj"W like to prooure a furnished Room and I Board with aome private family. Would prefer I Uie rcom to be aup^lied witk gas. Are and water. I SReferenoea given if re^uireiT Pleas# address Box I o. 1 Star offioe, statiug terms ana particulars in I iL ao n-ai* I cs-v^ st WJKSSJ-aSSfflKSA.'SB! JSS %ad lath ata. gov jg jw* I DR. A. H. LEE AAA8 Removed h.a offioe to No. 3?T New York I avenuo. t?et #een lo.h and Uth tU . where he ean be I coraoitej as a??al. offioe bomrs-Tto^?^l^to7 | ?????. Telegraphic news [From the Agents at the AanrltM Prees ] THE LATEST FROM PORT ROYAL. BOTAL?LATBB ftON TBI FL1IT? BBAfFOBT HOT TIT OCCCPtBB BT TBI FBDBBaL TBOOFS Nbw You, Not. 19?The itnmn Atlantic ba* just arrived from Port Royal, 8. C , which plsce ib? left on the 18th, (Saturday last ) Benfort bad not yet been occupied by the Federal troop* fsBCOSD DtSFsTCH J ? NbW Yobb, Nov 19 ?The Atlantic brought a number of invalids from the army and navy, with six prisoners. Everything was quiet. The troope bad been ill stationed at various points, and several visits have been made to Beaufort by one of the reglments. but they retired, leaving the place entirely deserted. There has been no Intelligence frcm the opposite aide of the island to conflrm the rumor tnat the Union pickets bad been attacked. The dispatchf published In the southern papers relative to the fleet being seen off Feniandina, bound south, is undoubtedly an error The Federal fleet remained at Port Royal on the 10th. The Atlantic brings a number of secession trophies, including a bait of cation. Farther frsm Pert Reyal?Arrival ef the Steamer Atlantic?I he Federal Troops Erecting Defensive Works?The Preclsmatien ( General Sherman sent te the Rebela by a Flag ef Trace. Nbw Yobi, Nov. 19??The steamer Atlantic brings some further intelllgencefrom Port Royal. The position of our troops there was considered quite safe. Extensive de'ei.rlve works were rapidly progressing, and g na were being mounted The entrenchments extend to Skville, about five miles from the fort on Hilton Head. Tney were constructed under the superintendence of Capt Gilmors. A letter dated Port Royal, Nov 16, says that General Sherman, on the 11th, sent his .ild, Lieut. Wagner, under a flag of truce to carry bla proclamation to the people of South Car^ lna. lie proceeded within two miles of Gardner'a Corner, a p!ace opposite Port Roval ferry, which is said to be occupied by rebel troops. He there had an interview with the rebel officers under the fleg of truce. These officers admitted that the depredations at Beau.'ort were the work of the Macks, st.d entirely ex"ulpated our forces from any ci ;nplica' cn with them On their return thrv me* a squad of rebel cavalry, wno gave ttitm fodder for their hofsefl. Arrival of the Steamer Rhode Island fi om Tort Piclcehs and the Various BlorVades The Affair at Santa Kosa Confirmed. Nkw Yobb, Nov. 19 ?The steamer Rhode Is.and has arrived from Ship Isle. -1, on the 5?h Inst , Fort 1'icBens, tue 7ih, Key West, the 10th. nnd and Port R^yal the IHtu. She psssed on the 9th, off Hole in the Wall, schooncr H W Johnson, in searcn of a reported private*!. The Rhode (aland left at Ship island the frigate Potomac, ateamera Cuvler, Mississippi, Massachusetts storwhips Kuhnand Parripero; at Fort Pickens the frigate Caledona, at ? West Pass the Preble; off 8t. Marks, the 10th Instant, steamer Mouawk; off Charleston steamer Susquehanna; off Savannah the frigate Savannah, and off Wilmington the Jamestown. The Rhode Island brings a mail from the various squadrons; als" a large number of invalids and discharged seamen. Also Lieut. Frebiger, of the Savannah; Lieut. Russell, of the Colorado; Lieut. Sender, of the same vessel; Lieut. Arnold, of the Mohawk; Lieut. Young, of th Savannah; Lieut. Col. Creighton, of Wilson's Zouaves, and Lieuts. Everett, Haggerty and Cox, of the ssme regiment. The Rhode Island ateo brings Gen. French from Fort Taylor: Lieuts. Pope and Lee, of the RichD.ond; LleUt. Parker, of Fort Taylor: Lieut Reese. U.S A; Lieut. Hartfleid, of the steamer Mississippi, and acting Master Clifford, of the same vessel No new prlxen have been taken recently The attempted attack on Wilson's Zouaves is confirmed. The rebels were fbelled by the Colorado, and retr> ated to Pensacoli. The health of Wilson's Zouaves was excellent. A man named Wa'aon, tiken from on board the achoouer San Btrnard while running the blockade of Mobile with a cargo of naval stores, under British colors, is a prisoner on board the Rhode Island. He claims the protection of the British Consul. The War la Missouri. BBCAPTCBB OF OO VBB5M INT FROFBBTT FBOX TBB BtBSLS. Kansas Citt, No*. 18.?Col. Dennison's men left here on Saturday for Pleasant Hill, and succeeded in capturing twenty-two wagons and two hundred oxen, belonging to the government train which was reported to have been burnt by the rebela of that place. A rebel force of 1,800 men was met three miles from Pleasant City on the 18tb. The steamer^unshlne arrived yesterday from St. Louis repoM that a lot of commissary stores and government wagoaa, destined for Fort Leavenworth, were taken from her at Waverly by a gang of rebels under command ef Joe Shelby. St. Louis, November 18 ?GeneralsHalleck and Hamilton arrived here this morning. Generals Sturgls and Wym&n arrived here last night. The divisions of Generals Hunter, Srurgis and Pope have reached different points on thePacific railroad, where they will await orders from Gen. Halleck. General Wvman's brigade reached Rolls on Saturday, ana the divisions of Generals Slgel and Asbboth will arrive here to-day or to-morrow. General Wyman brought a number of rebel prisoners, among them Col. Price and several other cSlcers. Interesting frsm the Ssath?The Federal Forces at Pert Reyal Extendirg their Lines?Alarm at Memphis St. Louis, Nov. 18 ?The Memphis (Tenn.) Argus, of the 16th, has s dispatch dated Charleston, the 14th, which says: " The Federal forces have possession of Plncknev Island, and have seized all the able bodied men on the plantations and taken them aboard the fleet They prevent the others from fleeing by use of force. They have made no attempt yet to a lodgment on the main land. The Memphis papers express great alarm at our preparations for an expedition down the Mississippi, and demand that the entire reserve force of the country shall be brought to bear against it. The Argus says Gen. Price has done much for Missouri, but far more for Memphis. State ef Affairs at I harlestea Nbw Yofx. Nov. 19.?A letter from Charleston, dsi'jd October 3d, se^t via Havana to a gentleman in England and thence sent here, was received yesterday. It gives a ploomy picture of the true state of aftairs there. 'I ne wr'ter represented the condition of affairs :u most deplorable. Business was entirely prostrate. Provisions were at starvation prices, and with no prospect of a change for the better. The Expedition Against Mexico. St. Johns, Nov. 19?The steamer United Kingdom, from Glasgow on the f>th, husarrlvtd off Cat* Race. Her news is unimportant. The steamer Bremen had arrived out. The ccnvention regarding the Mexican expedition does not fix th3 number of ships or troops to be used, nor stipulate for a march to Mexico. Markets. Nkw Vobk, Nov. 19?Cotton closed firmsales of 1,200 bales. Flour Is heavy?sales ol 19,000 hbls. at a decline of 5 cts ; state 85 50?6 56, Ohio 85.9Ca6, southern at #5 S<>a6 30. Wheat has declined la? c'? : sales of 230,000 bushels; Chicago spring at 46a 1 27; Miiwauxee 81 -5a 130; red 81 30-1 41; white 81 43al 50 Cornmarket depressed; sales of 114.000 bushels, at a decline of 1 ct ?mixed IteW cts. Oats fi-'ner ? s jIss at 40a5O cts. Lard is heavy at SKafcfc cts. Whiskey is dull?snieB at 90a2l cts. Sugar is quiet at7\a8j{ cts. Coffee hss advanced ?s]{ ct.?sales oi 5,000bags at private terms. Molassei is steady. Spirits Turpentine closed firm al 8ll5al 30. Rosin is Arm. Freights are firm. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. GONORRHOEA CURED PERMANENTLY In Thbbb Dats! And no interna, medioines used?no mterferenos with business?no pain?no dietinj modiolus*?odor ess, and will not stain. GLKET AND STRICTURES banished ander this treatment. LADIES With WHITES?that death to Youth and Beautyneed be troubled no longer. SYPRILLIS In all its forms, whsther reoeat or of long standing, cured, and even vestige of diseaes removed from the system. Oar oharges shall ba the most reasonable aad ?%tufaotoi7 to all parties. Consu 'ations free al all times. Meuiciues put up with fu.: aireeuoai for aae.and sold to salt era, travel ers, Ao., at low rates. Medioine furnished is a eertaia ?rsventive to any ana all Venenal Diseases. Don't be afraid of nigh prises. Corns and see us. No ohvgs for investigations. M. LA BONTA, (iyOffioe Washington BuildU?sJ*oorn??r*Pa. ave.. aad 7th street, Washington D. C., Room No. 8. no ia-am 486 PIcFuRK FRAMES. 486 A variety of patterns aad sines of Oval Pietare R mis, A a. fine woid. Imitation 6 old Baad. Buff. Orssnaad Blue HOlLAND ?H A Dh.S, all suss, mad* to sc. i.-ggj, SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOCK P. M, OtTK til LIT ART BUDGET. run a a sat tiTiiw. Everybody la Waahlngton west ow to-day ? e? the greet review at Baileys' Croaa Roods. but owing to tbe length of the roots preerribfd (Via BalLa' Croaa Read*) and tbe cost!vrn?ss of narrow pessage war* < the Long Bridge draw* and th? Blockade. It waa half a days' work to get to lb? point of review Many wbo went wore stning for hours in their vehicles at tbc bridge waiting for tbe alow enrrent to move on. Gen. McClellsn.wtth a brilliant staff and cacor ted by eeveral regiments of cavalry with a full cavalry band, proceeding by tb? same rente, (Uong Bridge, Ball's x Roada and Munaon's Hill,) did not reach tbe ground until quarter part 151, M. On hia arrival be received a aalute and salvos by battery: and aa be rode along tbe line In review. tbe roara of cheers that were aent op from tbe aeventy-flve thouaand throat* of hia amy were early aa deafening aa the thunder* of the artillery. The acene at thia tHne waa impost ng in the extreme.?a acene to be remembered for a lifetime, aa General McClellan with hia full ataff and accompanied by Prealdent Lincoln and Secretaries Cameron and Seward, on borne back. dMlied rapidly along pnat tbe lmmenee bodies of Infant ry, cavalry, and artillery, extending for milea In the open fields between Munson's Hill and Bal ley'a X Roada. Following upon thia review, the marching review of the troopa won id take place, not ptob* My to bt finiahed until nightfall, auch were tbelr numbers Tbe dlv'alona of Generals McDowell, McCall, Helntxleman, Franklir. Blenker, Smith and Fltx John Porter were on the grvnd, including eltrbty regiment* cI infantry, aeven of cavalry aM twenty ba1?rlee of artillery, altogether In the neighborhood of aeventy-flve thouaand men How mmy spectators were present, cannot he estimated now, out they msy be rtckor.ed bv scores of thouaanda. vhrt mrnjcaTiiw -?o* aivuntu fSpec'al correapondence of The Star j O.i Ship-boabd ih Pont Rotal (S C ) Habbor, Nov. 16, IWl.?Ed tier #/ Tn* Star Ar *he Atlantic aa'la in a few hours for New York, 1 wrae you our latest newa from Savannah, taking it for granted 'hat other correapondenta here will keep th< S'te's read en posted with reference to matters and things at this particular point. A very intelligent ne^ro reached Fort Walker from Savannau on last Thuraday night, claiming General Sherman'* protection. He represents that when he left there (since tb? landing of our troopa on Hilton Head) the consternation of the whole population waa appalling, and that a call bad been made for every ablebodied man in Georgia to spring to arm* Tbey believed that the city would at onoe be attacked by Gen'l Sherman, and were evidently making preparations to evacuate it, under the idea that they could not get reinforcements soon enough to hold It. v He aald further that it had been decided by thr military authoriiiea at Savannah that Fort Pulaski was not defe?Ceable and must be given |up on the approach of the tx pec tod Union fleet and army. It had been threatened byftbe rebels to burn Savannah if forced to leave it, but the contraband did not think they would do so. There were lirge numbers of well known Union men in Savannah, who, however, were not allowed to express their sentiments. It waa aald that if forced to abandon tbe city, they (tbe Union men) would be driven off Into the back country ahead, at the bayonet's point. The cannonading of our fleet with tbe Port Royal forta was distinctly heard at Savannah Tbe people there bad so groat confidence that Fort Walker waa Impregnable, a* that they did not, for hour* after the news come, believe that tbe attack bad succeeded. Gen Drayton had orders not to evacuate or aurrender the forta while he had a man left alive The Col. Lee figuring in the Confederate army there la not Robert E. Lee, of Virginia, but another engineer wbo was engaged In fortifying Charleston and the 8 C. coast. Appointed.?Thomas Fltnma has been appointed U. S. Consul to Gaspe Island, Lower Canada. LATEST NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Fobtkxs* Monaox, Nov. 19 ?a flag of trace from Norfolk brought down Lieut Worden, wbo was taken as bearer of dispatches to Fort Pickens and Imprisoned some time at Montgomery, at the breaking out or the rebellion; he haa been exchanged for Lieut Sharp, of tbe Confederates, who was taken at Hatter as Inlet, and has recently been confined on tbe frigate Congresa at New Port News The Spauldlng and revenue cutter Corwln have arrived from Hatteras Inlet, but bring no news of importance No troops cams up on the Spaulding. A rebel steamer made h. reconnolaanre of the Inlet the day before ih* Spaulding returned A contraband from Roan* oke Island has reported that tbe Confederate* had destroyed their fort and were about to withdraw to the main land. Mardera In Massachusetts. Boston, November 19.?In Holllston, Massachusetts, yesterday morning, sn elderly woman and her daughter nyned Reeves were murdered by AlVn French, mtoo beat their brains out wltn a flat iron, and then burned the bouse down ? French had boarded with the deceased, and is thought to have had delirxum trttntnt. He was arrested. The Gnnboat Penobscot. Belfast, Me., November 19.?The gunbost Penobscot, built here by Messrs. C. P. Carter A Co., was launched to-day. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Thi Col* Gano ? Roundsman Reed this morning arrested Jno. Logan and Anthonv Thomas,colored, charged with being concerned * in trading with the man Cole, in wnos* bouse he goods stolen from Perry A Bro . and a very large quantity of ott^r goods supposed to '? stolen govds were found. Logan wts aent to Jail, and Thomas held to bail for a hearing by Justice Donn. TbbFbaxeli* Fibs Compart received a splendid four wheeled bose carriage from the ntfl* known manufacturers, Rodgers A Son. of Baltimore, yesterday. It is mainly constructed of polished iron, but yet so light that it can be *%ken, with all the hose it can carry,, from one extreme 1 of the city to the other, by a very small force of men. Tbe apparatus is creditable to tbe establishment of the well known builders, and l&ihe 1 hands of the Franklin It will be of great service to the Washington fire department 1 Death ?Last evening John Beecber of company G, 94th N Y, regiment who was stabbed and ! otherwise injured while looking on at a melee in Marble Alley last week, died at tbe Fifth dlatrict school house hospital from his injuries HU remains are to be aent to hia family in New York to-day. Foc*tb W aJLD Police R st van.-The Sergeant 4th Ward, reported near fifty air sets by tbe ' Metropolitan Police la kls precinct, for Meaday and Tneadaf. The important cases have beea noticed in the Star . The others were for Corporation offences, and were included In the police reports of thoee days [[TTW business oa tbe Western railroad* greatly exceeds the sarly expectation* at the sea , son. The earnings of tbs Michigan Ossitral for the first week InNov ember were SM.9U* 19, aa increase of 9*044 81 on the corresponding wssk la 1800 Tbe Ch:r*go aad Rock Island for tbe suae period gained ^397, aad the Galena aad Chlca| ge gained 9,783 oa last year. ICTGov Pickens, of Booth Carolina, has to! sued a meaeags to the Legislators of that Slate ; which hs adalta that Booth Carolina la dlsoestea ed with the Southern Goverameat, alludes to tae intense suffering at tbs rebel troops, aad confesses that all which Sooth Caroll aa has been able to do ' la sustaining ths rebellion, which abe was chiefly Instrumental la fomenting, to to furaish the mlserahls quota of nineteen thousand man ' BLBAeadjS" aaaa* 7^. ivsyMwas-j jtb-Js. tsraad spsoial wants at faaal.iee. r 17-"'

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