Newspaper of Evening Star, November 20, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 20, 1861 Page 4
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THE F,VF.MN<; STAR. r ?"5**Whalirg in Francisco harbor has become one of the amusements of the Californian? The M*Yror gives an interesting aecoar.t of thraa of those profitable fish having come inside the Heads one day early in October, and played around for some hours, after which two of them went out to sea. The third, female, remained long enough to excite at once the cupidity and love of adventure of the boatmen ahoct the docks, who procured a -whale boat and apparatus from the whale schooner Olivia, then lying in port, and a full blown chase then took place in the harbor.? After an hour of harpooning and the use of a team tug. the whale was taken, towed ashore at Tieknor's Dry Dock, exhibited until $1,500 , had been made out of it, and nearly the whole town driven away by the stench, after which it tried out seventy-livo barrels of oil. It is now evident, from this operation, that Uncle Sam has a whaling-ground iDeluded within his domains, and that he need ask no favors, on that score, either of the Britiah or the Russians X tyAn alarming increase of insanity in England is noted in the paper*. The country of Surrey has at present one large lunatio asylum at Tooting, in which there are now nearly one thousand inmates; and although the establishment is very much crowded, it is still found quite inadequate to receive the requisite number of patients, a great many of wnom cro in private asylums snd other places. tfr'AmoRg the letters captured at Beaufort was one frem Langdon Chevea to Colonel Lee, asking for a commission in his regiment for Oscar Lieber, now a private in llampton's Legion. Lieber is a son of the distinguished Professor in Columbia College, one of tne most loyal men In New York, and no friend of alavery. The steamer Pembroke, which left Boston on Monday for China, sailed under what is called a ''sealed letter," which auL a. 1 ? ? *- 1 luviiif ucr tu criiHQi squ ciipiuro sny vcs* sel which may interfere with the steamer on her regular triiw; she is not, however, authorised to crniae for tho purposo. of capturing privateers. She carries two fi-pound cannon and aa efficient crew. GEORGETOWN AJWERl^MTS M ASSKY. COLUNf* * CO.'S mi LA HE LP HI A DRAUGHT 4LS. We hav.- just received i ?r pply ol theabove Aie, wines we tec immenrt W< t>* 01 a Tery anperior quality. Per<ons wishing ?o purchase, by making immediate arp.icaUOD, czva bj furnished. ARNYASHINN, no 7 Georgetown. JIUST "LECEIVED1" fracts. prima Porto Ri-so sJUSAlia ir I.!. .. o ? i t \% IllSiV, t*? Obis. IIEKRING anl A1.KW1VFB, Crashed anu rv-vi sUGARSi % t>ag^ Rio aad Ja\a COFFEE, o h". :s.i low a* ed> >UM. A4-*'? 8. Fj- M"fJOHN J. HQ6< ?I? PUILADFI, -HIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PkNvsTLVANH \vgsri, Rttvn 131* nu t sts Tr* u der-isued, ocatfHl himself as ?l. *e.-,v? - ?ii,j ai-th il of ii forniiie ti e o t.* mi , of :i? h rst WaritVVh? nas opened a fi-et o a?? pr. -i^trd to ttiose for srhieh Philadelphia is famous 1! reow bet o' at a ; tun a a !a'c* an<1 fr??h appiy of rot T K V, G\MK. KKl, Ml'Tro.t. at:. FKlllSaud VtbETABLESiu sea aon. P^rti u *- att^nfon cVied t? his stook and ?no*s of BU 1' TE&, CHEESE, is. Pn. a ie P' ia f iir.? - nt'er 25 cents Go? i t a :d We?t9rn R-??em? !6 and .0 cents B ir g Ii>t.?rmin.>d to civj ths strictest attent on to th? wsnrs < f his cistomcra, and t> keep every art.oie in his line of th? beat *aa it*, and sell at the lowest irarket prioea, he hoprs to merit a share of pob!ie ratror.a*??. \ .nui wiu be waited apon da ly for orders, if requi^-d. no 16 THOMAS R WILSON. J\EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION A" o? ARTIFIVIAL CHSOPLASTIC BONK T K K T H, WrTHfjp- Mktal Platz ok Clasps. DR. ?*. B SiGFPMOND. 910 Brtxiitcay, iV? York?'260 Pennrylvnni* Ar bttu r'n I2:h and 13th ?;j , V> i.'./iinfton, Ca s the a.t-n'nn of th9 pi.biio to Use lollowin* advantages of hi? ir, d'i.tM system : 1 1 ho TftiL of bfs rranufasicre willfty^aS never oorofl? nor change oo or by any^*-6^-*? acid*. b?'C? tr-ree fburtna lighter than anv o.her. 2. No teet.> ?rr ?ti rsc) ho extracted, as the rtifi-iisl > t" o&n ix? inserted over them. 3 The rods *iu be made inoffensive, and never to achj. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones nan be mn'.e immediately, thereby preserving the natural extraction of the f&od. wluoh aader the oil system is frequently disfigured 5 11 is wo'it his beeu fully te?t*ti over five years by many of tho first ohsmista and physicians of this oountrj. Dr. ! . has a'so inverted a wh.te undesfructive metai fi'ms. with waii". the raoet s*i?itive testh can oe 5 ,rj witho it pain, tad caa bu Id up a per lect. sou : < tooth oo auy t;de roots, whioh willlast through lifetime. The nea:. of references given?to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Doretna*, Professor ofChenutry, >. V., H?a. JadgaW** of the ?usr?m? Coart cl Washingtor., ar.d thousands of ethers Cvi ar (1 esa:ni. a for yourself. no 8 6m QUO JOHNSON A N\GLU, QuQ uJ PKIN'Uvan;* AVESCJ, ?CJ?7 Betaecn Ninth at. i'jath sts . south :ide, FuK. ?AL?: CHAMPAGNE*?H M-m.m, Piper He. Uiok, Meet ft Cha: don. Uulliugar & Co , Caruer A Co, 4 c, CLARETS?*t. JuUen, *?t. Estcphe, Canto nao, A o . the ea^K or d? aen HOOK WIN E??On ie-ie.mer, Johanaesberger, Liebf-aaenmruh,, io. BRANDY. VVi.isky,Gin, Port, Sherry. Madeira, in wo j<( o. gUs?. LO.NiX'N l'?>RTER, Brufii Stout, Edinburgh arJ Yorkshire Alee, of the beat branda, in bottle* or atone jaga. CIGARS? ti*,T.ui and Domeatie, of the ohoioeat brum. We ov; t^apec a' ".rtention of Sr.'i^ra.Rettatirarta an^l Familiea t?, our l%ic<* ak1 well-*el?ct?d BTOCKOi- ' INK GROCERIES, Frean Meat. PoaW?, F;Va, Soipa. Vegetaldea and Frnit? in henneti ally a a'edoara. PRE>bH VE.-?, Jalliea, &o , A mouda. Note, Raiaina vd cija. CHfciK^K.i Kaat*n>*ad WeaternCuUing); Ham. beat fior.>n Bntter.the :.citrbt:i(i(ii* <:der. WORCKSTKk:?;! IRfc a< ) Oje'or Sauo*. Picfci a ol ?er? lerp.jption, i'^ppo. Sauoeand Tomato f'atrup, hp the gal on or d<xen. All < f * i?ii tre rU'T at th-1 lowest poaaible prices and un rraaonable tarrna no? JOHNSON ft NAGLE. ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED Mll.K.Itia highly rec-inmerded by Physicians, S<np M**:eraac<l riave'a.-a. Inatira a iwwr, pure article fo' any 1 ? n t.h of time Never bsoomea cheeay, an 1 anarantiad u keep in any o unite. ITT For eale at factor* pricea. king ft. b! rchell. r" g Corner l.Stn ??t >n<1 Vermont af. E WORSTED GOODS. XTEN8IVE a ssortmoot of Ladiea'and Chilorro ? Ho da Snn'aga Coa'a, cioaka, S:eevt?a, Homery, ?ic-v48. ftc. fte. Alao, a large invoice < f. ?*w::'ui VVoratad Kiubroidered Slippers. L- mp **tand? .to , wi' 1 b?ao:d o-.eap and at one price at No so Manet Sfac<-. no lv-3*' ECHLAICH ft CO. ^ JOHN W.CLARKE, Surgical, and mechanical dkntist, n?4 StrtMk *t., httwtem I and K experience, moderate charges, aod prompt at ten'.an recommend hliu to those requiring hia services no 11-lw* UCOI RH-COL'GH-COUGH! BE MOORED .SQUILL DROPS, They will enr*C< agha, lironchitia, Croup, fto. Children ery after th~in a?d eat them aa they do candy. Only try Ucm, ard ?o? will be convinced of th?*ir efficacy p i j? 25 a<.d c?nt? per box. At MOORE'S Weit f id Great Medicine Depot, 113 Fa.av. cn ,S 9\ir T CAKES-CAKES' 1 OSUTLEH8 AND i RADKRS.?Ginger Bread packed in barrela or boxes with care atd diapaioa hi J FIRTH, the only regnlar Cake B&kor in tto bakery line. Caeh mn?t accompany aii order*. J08RPH FIRTH, No. 135 Areh street, _noU 2w Philadelphia. Pa. RED, WHITE. AND BLl'K, and Grey Mixed Pi ANNEL8. twilled and p ain, for "Army Wear." Amy a-d Narr Bin* Cloth* and Casatmeree at oar iov uA am/ora pr.o??, ?~ PKRRY A BRO., Pa. avenue and N inta ?t., no 14 St "Perry B sliding.** E BUTTER HOL'8L. STABLISkfcD tor Um> eale -J New York, pena*ylTa?ia and Weatern BU TTER. We are sow in receipt o* crime Dainaa Goi .en. Gadea, fce . wnioh are offer-d at wholesale na low U oan be pa e'aeed in other oi&ee. No 450 Eighth at., near Pa nvtaaa. D. E. DUTROW. I in (inn LH* soap and candles for IDU,UUU aale cheap for oaah. Ainu, wanted?**),'n? lbc- Araay Gteaea and Rough r*uo?.;ot whieh theti.ghettprioewiii be paid at th. Nation* Swap and Candle Works, cor. Green ?t. and Cacal, Georgetown, p. C, no 7 )m ff. H /BV?BT.)i,'rro?rl?tor. WE WOULD REt-PfcCTKUfcLY INFORM oar former patruna. a~4 cuuens grnerfeiy* l that we hare row *e e T*d oiu fu.l aap?'j Of f AL.L and WINTER 6?OD3.and are prepared to ftiraiah them at an early LOtioe aa4 is the heat and mo?( approved atfl?a. 11 IN iOoi Jk Stik.L, nn A Im Me-ehant Tarom. Nn. 4 nm i?a w. NNEW MILLINERY. OW Ofioia: a ch ic? %* ? r n-? t f Fallal Wlater B?'Wf.TH,o-m^riaia, the acWjet^^V an' n >?t da-(ia*)I? ?t?I ? of a.<a*o-<, rlL* Bl"T ?*|N?O.N A .*4' NR- Fancy if tore. 31* Pro . a' it> t.?tween 9th amli'iii ?tn.e? wl r*? tu wiilfcnd Mi?a i Uiias>?on prepared |?#xjjutepromptly ail ord*ra taWaeted to he.. bo.*61 ' ? 1 EDUCATIONAL. (FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY, AT r fTOTT't HaLL, Comer of Pa. mr and 2Qtk ft ?Professor BAKN KH. of New York,!#? will ooh mence n Dancing School on Wad JH ue-tlay alt*rnoon and evening. November sn.UMfc Ho.irs? 3 o'clock for ladies, misses and masters; and 7 o'clock for gentlemen. Terma, 910 per quarter of 24 lessons. Mr B will give a free exhibition of hia atvle of danoing bv his p-eont o ass? at the above named hal', on Monday evening, Nov. 18th, at7H o'olook. Pers? ns of rts^ectabnity only who desire to attend can procure ticiets ai.d programmer at the hall on Saturday and Monday previous to the exhibition. Prof Barnes' exhibition at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy \ ar t, w II be repeated, by request, on Thursday evening, Nov. 14th. All are invited to attend. no 11 8t* WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, A Boakdiss and D*t School, No. 422 F ft , b'twtn 6tk and Ttk lit., Wafkiwtton ; enA Ao. 151 Wi.u ft., Georgetown. The duties of this Institution were re?Hmed in Septe(fat">r. Circulars may i>e obtained at the bookstores, or by addressing the Prinoipal. e28 ejtf M. J. HARROVF.R. j A KMY SUPPLIESA Yortab" e forges, TRAY or C\NAL BARROWS, WHEELBARROWS. TRUCKS, hwivv and light, HOR?k or BAIL BUCKETS, MEASURES, OINuM oft i',S. complete, GRINDSToNE8and FIXTURES. AXES. PICKS. HATCHETS, SAWS, AX HANDLES, Pi? K HANDLES. R?.TT*N or STABLE BROOMS, FORKS. SHOYEL8, M-ADbCf, LOG CHAINS, FIFTH CHAINS, s. HALTER CHAINS, TRACE CHAINS^ SWINGLE TREES. HAMKH. CORDS, CLKK\ COMBS, Fairbjik's Platform and Counter and Hay SCALES, BUT?:?Eiis' SCALES, BUTCHERS' KNIVES, BASKETS. Ac.. Ao , Ac. For sale at wholssale prioes by J. P. BARTHOLOW, Agnonltnral Warehouse, 55S Seventh St.. oc *5 lme.? between Pa av. and t'anal. fQUARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OF v*, KICK. Washisgton, November 13.1"61. Proposals a'e invited for building two Hospitals?on? on Jndiciarv Square. Washington. the r,t ><*r upon the fa-m known as the estate of Wm. J. Stone. on Fourfcenth street and Boundary street, Districtol Columbia. Pr po.sals should state the time within which the buildings will be oomploted and ready for use, and the cost, including all materials and work, and shoi-l-J b* accotnpiaied by the usual guarantee that t;ie bidder will execute th? contract if awarded to him Propota'* will beopened at theoffioe of the Quarterns ter General, on the 2?th November instant, at noon They should be sealed, and plainly enJorfe^ "Prop >sa e tor Hospi'als." and addressed to t^eQua-ferin'Ster General of the U?Jert S a'es Plan^ aud specifications oan be seen si the office of the Quartet mast.r General. M C. MKIGS, no 14 Quartermaster General. M. T. PARKER. KQ *J%.' Lcur.uina as . b*t. t'k andltk its , North Side, Havi^t completed his arrangements, is now ready to a:t -nd, even more vigorously than ever, to HOI SK, SIGN and ORNAMENTAL. PAINTING, in all of its various oranohe* Having secured tiie services ol a corps of exo^llent u orkmen, 1 am prepared to do Hags and Banners it the best style and on the most reasonab'e terms. no 9 eolm [Kcpub.] (1 NOT TO BE BEAT. VIO Se? the largest assortment of Woolen and Worsted Good",o- mprismg Hoo Js.^ontags,Coats, C'oaks r?;eevp*,HusierT. * o., Ao Also, received a i??t of oheao Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered clippers. Lamp stands. Ac. Our motto is bnt one ana he lowest p-ioe. No. 414 7th st., between G and H. i no 12-3w* F. MUHL1NGHAUS. | pklMK GOSHEN a. BUTTER! loo kezs Prtme Goaheo Better Just received and furaalebv WALL A. BARNARD, Auctioneers and Commission Merohan's, no fi Cor, oath aide Pa. ay. and 9th at. T NOTICE TO 90I.U1KRS.~~ I HF ADAM? EXPRESS COMPANY" will make remittance# for soidiere to their families, at p.^ e? i eaohed by their Kxpreaa, at acnarge of 25 crnta for any sum not exceeding hf'j <*ollara. Tho rr>oney, whether (Did or Treasury note*, alonld b* *n>; osed in an envelope, and securely sec. eJ. with the full address ( noluding town, post c.Si a..d rftate of t!e pern >n to whom to be sent, a-.-d the amount legibl? marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the 26 centa oharge should be prepaid. When facilities for enveloping and sealing the money in separate parcels are not at hand in, the several sums to be remitted. that may bo oohected by Chap.ain* of Regiments, or other persons volunteering to do this service tor the sol v-rs dauring to send home their pay, will be rer?i ved in bulk at any of the principal qfoes of the Company. flisw sums. tooon^MiMi viU the fall addreee, as above required, of the peraona for whom intended, will be remitted to the reapeotive oonsi gnees. at any plaoe in tt>? loyal States, at the aame rate of ohargo, thereby saving to the sender the tronhte of petting in separate paokacea. Suitable blanks f?r th* above purpose have been prepared, acd will be furnshed, with explanations, at any of the offices of the Company. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Oct. an. !:^l po 3tv-lm JU?T ARRIVED, di eot from an Eastern Auo tios itous-, 50 bales oheap CAKPET. Also,300 UEu^TEaMS, whieh were bought low for oaah and will be sold at a siuai. advance. Together with a large assortment of Housekeeping Articles. K. BUCHL11 Furniture Dealer. 42* Seventh st., or 82-1 in * between & and H sts. Ejob printing! VERY Description of JOB PRINTING rered b? any body?citi sens, civil functionaries, armr and uavy ofliscrs. sutlars, Ac.?exeouted at th^STAR OFFICE, in satisfaatorj stylo, at low rates for Cash. to ?-tf SUTLERS AND OTHERS IN WANT OF Suepe.-.Jxra, \\ hite Cotton G oves, Buckskin Gloves and Gauntlets. Woolen Hose, Shirts and Drawee, heav-r White and Gr. y Blankets of all luua , ut>? v j dUU W flilO and Grey Flinnels.will find a great stock at WM. R. R LEV A BRO.'S, No 3fi C^n ral Stores, n-< 'ot oppo C?n?er Market. /i SUTLERS WANTED. \IREAT ADVANTAGES to b? found by Sut1 s. and (lever* <c. Uooitasd S.'me*, at thn^jto* NEW YOKK WH LErfALE BRANCH*?! HOUSE, 34 S F?nnif Waaiaavenue, Janiey's Shoe :-tore.j " We rj?nufacture onr own Goods, and sell at New York prices, thereby saving freight. Havii-t :onsiantljr on hand a targe Stook, we oan supp.y at a moment's notice, anv quantity deaired. A iar<? a* ortment of 9 sole High-cat Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A o*l< from al dealers solioitM. nojMoT WHITE HOUSE A UNCKLES. Tto officers. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on tke Prussian prmoipl?, arranged for sleep- jbv Ingortoact as an Am>u anoe in case ofjL?iv sickness <>r wounds, with ample room stores and provisions; light, ?ater-proof, and perfectly new, having been ju<>t 1 uilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, ia offered for sale a< coat p-ice. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSfc, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corooran's Lai e, behind the Chain House, between 1 and H ?tn??u ? an | HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORE, S3 Louisiana Avenue, beL6:h and 7th at*. Best Goods, Lowest Pnoes, Sutlers Supplied, no6-lm Call itcd Bee. )Icdlcluc l'or the Army. fhyb's VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY. IT WELL A8 EVERY SOL DIER. SHO ULD AL WA YS HA TE A BOTTLE ON HAND. This preparation is an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Hnrna. Maim. BimJiii. c? Painters' Co 10, Dysentery, Liver iomclvnt. Dyapepsia, Chilblains, Kidney Comp.ainta, featha?tie, Heaoachea, Colda, Coofha, oruiaea, ver and Af oe, Cholera, <Sco. The PAIN CUREK la entirely vegetable (n ita composition, and mar be *?ed at all times with perff-ot safety. Fail aireotiena aooompaay eaoh boitle. Manufacture by JOSEPH 8. FR YE, Saxxm, MAS*. For sale by all principal Dru<giata. no 1-1 m* BIBBS' HAIR STORE. F EH mK*/VcVbjIajW cMuSfWS^. H ALF W10H. FRIZETT FS, to. A foil atooi always on hand, or made to order at the shortest Hair Wort repaired or exchanged. N. B ? Ladlaa* Hair Dyed la the moat natnra nit v In ? _ TRAVELING TRUNKS. K Offer for Mia the largest assortment TRAVELING TRUNKS to T>e found in t'Aa citf. comprising b?st Sole LmthirMM La-'iee' Dresa axid Packing Trunka, .!?<*, Carpet Rata, Jfco., whleh we are now m'.Iibi i; very lowpr>CA*t L? . I) FRENCH * R1CHB7E1N ERA V fi Juit received a fresh aupply<of Note Pap?r, Coioreo Herd era, ruled and plain, with Envelopes to match Also. Hag paper of all kinda, with %n<i witnoet Motuxa; Fr>v# ? ?e? to matoh I'q-wt and podit Books ? ! every description A iir*e^t?o twe t of v"r*(ioti<?r*. jr nt p*?ers rewi'vro ?.*i,y; Fap? rs fr?m J- * kichbtb.N, aat < < <T9 Perm,aeaaff liTiir " They % right to th? Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COVGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, All GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, # GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT C0NFECTI0N8. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Cough instantly. They clear the Throat. They give strength and volume to the voioe. They impart a delioioua aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taate. They are made of simple herb* and oannot harm any one. I advise every one vho haa a" Congh or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath, or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Thmat Confeotiona. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go right to the-spot.' You will find them very useful and pleaeant while traveling or attending pnhlie ireetinga, for stilling yonr Couifh or allaying your thirst. W yon try one package I am safe in saying that yon will ever af terwards oonsider them indispensible. You will had them at the Druggists and Dealers is Medioiaea PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on r6 oeipt of Thirty Centa. Address, HENKV C. 8PALDHO, No. 4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. NervousHeadacht CURE & Headache. fly the in ! these Pills the terisdie attaeki e Yirem tr Sick may be pnv?Bt?d; end i takes it the e .mmeneemont o! an attack 1-ane Hate relief from and rlokceae will be obt*.:nad. They eeidoin fail in removing *h? HtmdmeJU to whisk fbma'-Js are ?o aabjeet. They aot gently b pd tne bowels,?rejiovirg C?? 4NMH. For Litormrt Mtn, Stximtt, Dchaate Feiralea bed til pereona oi t$S*nt*ry habit], they ?re valuable M a Lez?i???, improving the mpjHfi't, gi*ir r iMu and mitt to the digestive organ*, and re etoring the natural c'artioity and at. oa~th of the ahole ?yitem. The CEPHALIC FILLS are the rer."!l rf !om investigation aud carefully oenduotod eip* in:ante having been in nee many years, during viuea time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of tain and entering rora Head.* :he, whether origl:iating in thenervcwi lyiteu or ffom a derangeo etate of the ttomtk. They e^re entirely vegetable in their nompositlon and iray be taken at all time* with perfeot aaXetj without making any ohange of diet, m4 tkt ?vumcs qf xty ditwsahU tistt rtmdtrt it ?s?y U dmimiittr tlum to ekiUrom, BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS J The gennine hare five tigsataree of Henry C Spalding on each Box. Sold by Uruggieta and all other Dealers in Medi lines. A Box will be sent by mail prepaid on reeeipte the PRICE, 9? CENT3. Ail ardara sfcoaid be addressed to HENRY C. SPALDINC, 48 Cua SraaxT, Nxw Yoax. >rew* tkt Assmfoer, Norfolk, Tm. Cepbaiio Pilia aooorapliah the ohject far whisk they were made, via: Care of heaiaohe in all ita vklusi Prim tkt f?!< ?, Jfer/att, 7m. They hire bHn tested in mere Una a Uiuui itMr, with entire snooess. Am <i< DmntMi fit. Qnut, Mimm. Xyon are, or have been troabied w ith the bead n. eend for a box,(C? Pills ,) so tkat jaa nay hare them in oase of aiCatuok. JFV*?t lis Wtsttm It. R. Ommtttt, IVtiw, III, We heartily endorse Mr. Syaidlnc, and kin an .-trailed Cephalio Pills. Fr*m tit Somtktm Pmtk Pimd+r, Htm Or.'tawi, Lm Try th?m ! von that are aTJetad, ai-4'we art itrt '.hat y on r testimony can be added te the already nnmeroPi 1;at that has received beuo&U Uat ae other medicine can prodaoe, Pttm tit ffutfii, jwwwr*, /mm, Mr. Spaldini wonld not eecneet kU wet wttk in artiole he did not Imam to poaaeas real Merit Prom tkt A4mmtUm, Frtvidrntt, P., I. The Cevhalie Pilla are raid to he a rsaaarkab'.y flteotire lemedy for the hsadaohr, ana en?tftk? rery be*t for that very fret sent eeuplatnt whiib iai ever been discovered. hmlii Si. Lmtii Dtmair't The immenae demand far tke arils le (04?kaiJ? Puia) u rapidly inereaemr. Prtm tkt Kanaka YtUi* Star, tammmkB, re. We are s?re that persona snfferirt with the head aehe, who try them, will stiok to Mem. Pttm tkt Admtrtitw, TrmtUmm, M. 1, ru veeiimory in tneir lfcyar u atroai.trem U* aoat reapeotable ?aartera. Fftm lit Dmily An*f. R, /, Cophalio i'llla are taking tho piaee of all kiatfa. Prom lk* CamwureUl Bullitin, Boston, Mmji Said to b? Tory eflkoaoicna for the headache. From tkt Commercial, Cmcmmii, 04m. Sufferinc humanity oan now be relieved. CT" A nagle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will MTIton tlm? if oo?t annaally. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ITT-A Stitch iji Tiki Sana Nnra."_/"TI Aa aooidepta will happen, even la well renlateo families, It ia Tory deeirableto have some oheaa indtooii veil ent way lor repairing Furniture, Toya Crockery, to. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meeta all aaoh einergeneiee, and no boueehold oa afford to be vithoatlt. It ia aiwaya ready, and to the atlokin* point M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Break aooompaniee aaoh Bottle, Frie M Mnti. Addreoi HENRY 0. SFALDINS, No. 48 Cedar etreet, New York. CAUTION. thf "fo" nam?."1* b*^"r* MwS^^M.aad aee tha" PALBINO'S PREPARED ???-IT saauer"wnmm m now / DENTISTRY. | LOOM IS, M."^,^^*uT?ntor and patentee ofths MINERAL PLATE TEETH, te&<is personally at hi* office .n this oity.Mn# Man* persons oan wear these teeth who^*''' v an net wear others, ud no person can wear others who cannot wear theae. Persona cailint at my ofteeoan be aooommooated with any style aui pnco of Teeth they iu?y desire; bat to those who are particular and wish the pares t, cleanest, atroujest, and most perfoot denture that art can produee, the MINERAL PLATE will I* more fully warranted. Rooms in this city-No. 33S Pa. avenue, betweei Mh and 10th sts. Also, V07 Arch street, Phi ad el phta. oeU-tf GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM ?. DOVE * CO. RE Now prepared to execute any arlara with Whic^i they raay be favored in the PLHMB1N6, ?AS OR 8TEAM FIT*IN? ? BUSINESS. il f- store oti no nrmi,a tev doora north of Pa. avenue, where m*rb? found a complete avortcml f CH ANDELIKHS and otter SAS. ST F.AM tr< WATER FIXTURKH iaIT-i? 1 SNYDER. . PLOMBER AND &AS FITTER, H aa removed to the corner of Twelfth and F at*. He ia prepared to introdnoe Water acd Gae upon the moat favorable terma, and guarantiee entire aatlafaotion. Hehaa on hand a lot of COOKING and other STOVES, which he will eell leaa than eoat, aa he wiahea to get rid of them. no 17 WGA8 FIXTVRES.

E Have in atore, and are dai.y receiving, ViS PI1TURES of entirely New Patternaaad Oeeigna and Finiah, aupcnor iu atyie to anything heretofore etfei d in thia market. We invite citizens general it to tail and examine our atook o 1 6as and Water Fix' irea, feeling oonhdent that we have the beat looted atock in Waamngton. All Work in the at>ove ane istraated to *ar oar* will be promptly attended to, MYEks * MoCHAN. aarl tf 376 D atreel. OfFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER U OF ?AS METERS. WjkBHIHeTOHj Jlly IB, 1MB, NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That.ajreaably to the provia'.cca of the ordinance of the Corporation approval May 13,13?o, the anderaigned if now prepared, "whenever relhired in writing, and on prepayment of the fee of fifty oerte, to inapest. examine, teas, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of regiatration of any eas m?ter in uae in thia oity." Every meter, i/foond icoorreot, will be condemned and another, aealed and marked aa true. wili ba aetimM piaos. If proved to be accaraie in its meaaviement of gaa, it will be eealaa aoco-amgiy, and aiain aat io poattion (or nu. O?oo No. *10 Seventh atreet,!near Od* fal. ws' Hall;) 0?e=' 'rom 8 a. m., to I p. m. CHARL.ES W. CUNNINGHAM. It H-tf inapector and Sealer of 8aa Meters. tCVr? Couth, ColS, Hnm.r**%4th 1*k e?v Irritation or Sort **.*.< of tkt Tkrctu, K*lu*t <*? W Hmtlnnt Couth w 1? turn. Bronchitis, Athmm, t Catturh, Char e.n i tint T strtnHk to Ik* ?oic< of f PUBLIC SPEAK E K a and SINGERS. Few are a rare of the importance of oheokttii a Oon?h or "Common Cold'' in lta firrt stage; tliat which in the bejin'ni would yield to a mild ren.elv, if neglected, aoonattacka the Lucca. "i>VwVi ! Broncktml Trcchts," containing demn'centingredi- I nta. allay PBlmocary and B.onchial Irritation. "That trouble in my Thro*?. (for UROWN'S which the "1\of.htr" area spejifco) ! having made me often a m?re vfi'afROCHES perer* N. P. WILLIS. iiRiiwiv") "I recommend their use to P?m.i? URUWIXv 3r|iln|., TROCHES REV. E. II. CHAPIN. "Great service in aubduing Hoah?x I BROWN'S Si??." REV. DANIEL WISE, i anrni.-? " Almost instant relief in the du inutntc treeing iabor oi breathing pecuiiai j nun nrwtu tO ASTKMA. ' BRAWNS REV. A. C. E6GLESTON. I ?ROCHES "Contain to Opium or anything mjarious." DR. A. A H A v KS, ( BROWN 8 Churn: t, Boston, < Bupq.-u "Arnnp.'eand ? e**ant corai.ita fHUOnhH tion for Co*?ns, 4c." BROWN'S F' Bl6KLg,Sm, ' f ROCHES "IIW*a#l5Rlf3,Fl!\^TLkNF BROWN'S ,.t .... ' I have pro-red them eacellent for 1 TROCHES W*?o?i!t? Co*?H.T' ?.EV. a. W. WARREN, s BROWN'S Bciix%, ttOOBEf Co7^!!" ": BROWN* 4EV- 8' ' P' ?Nl5KH8^., | R/inaca " EFFKCT** 1- lr . -3. | new and irritx.ton <>t uie fnroat, j BROWN'S fe??*J?ssa sa<l Sine- j TROCHES Prof. M, S/AOY^OHNSON^ j BROWN'S Twchwof Magio.gontV.CT? JFHrsiS uo!le|?. TROCHES " Creat beneSt visa taken before ar.d after prea^h'nj, a3 Uie? prevent . BROWN'S Bcareeneas. Frcm tneir pa*l efloct, j 1 think tboy will t<* of pe?ai*nect vi?| TROCHES fulue to me. ^ REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President w Att?us Coileje, Tent. "?,0"B9 ^vTc'i^i'SStfSr- j WATCH "GUMi&Sfi.'fc WAIU; 1 have one of the beat estiihiishmenU, and fnrAiahed with a complete set of tools for repair- JPx inc every description of fine Watches^ and i parti cm l&r attention give to the earns, by *4aH i tho- vph oosnpetenl workman.nnd a. workK^au-aa bed Also, every deaorip ion of standard SILVER WI RE. plain ar.d ornamental, mAnufaotured under Bit uwti supervision. whioh my customers will find far anporior in qnalit* and finish to northern ware old by dealera in taner&i and reprev^utsd as their wn manufacture, H. O. HOOD, * ( IS* P?,lTnrn?. BM'Wk U N BOATS Quarttrmeuttr QtntraTt Qfkt, I Watktntlo* CStv. July 18, 1861. { Plans *wd Specification* for iiulla of 9 an I nuttio itir ia? ? caujru nvera aro on exuioiuon ai this office, ftcil at offioe* of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. CinciuMkti, St. Louis aud Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bids should be sent to Quartermaster General ofthe Uuited States Army, at Washington, by 1st Au gust, at nooa. Aft* C. ftALIGS, jy 1> Brie. Gen'I and Quartermaster tiec'l. rpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S OKNUISE HAIR DYE. The Beet in the World, The Only Reliable and Harmlest Hair Dye Known. Sold by all Druggists; alao, at Bkskxton's Patent Madioine Store,?. p. Patent Office, oor. F k. 7th, I aud at Gibbs's Hair Store, U4J Penn'a avenue, where Ladies can have it applied,if desired. . Factor*?61 Barclay sLwate iSi Broadway) N. Y. or 9-It UNION PAPER AND ENVELOPES.?Twau- ! t? different styles of Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to raatoh. Views of Washington in the form of a Rose, and in Book form; also, separate All the ilailv aad Weeklr Papers oonntantly on hand. Herald, Times, and rnbuue reoeived every nig tit at 6 o'oiock. Papers from ail parts of the oountry. Beadle's l)im? Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer retding, oheap A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Reid's Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories, to. A disoountol 10 to g> per ccct. on ail bound books FRENCH A R1CHSTEIN, ma2n National Honkstftre. 'JT* Pa. av. ^JUMiUAla fcoa Ti?s WEM'LilN kiVLivS, QUA&tbxmaftbb GXNXBAL's OWICB, / i fFa?fcmrto?, Jum 17,1861.1 Pbopojalb are invited for constructing Gcnboau upon the Western rivers Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's Office at Cincinnati, Pit sburgh, and at this office. Proposals from boat t>uil ers and engme-bnlld er? alone will be considered. Pans submitted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M C. MEIGS, ie 18 Quartermaster G^nerai United State W NOTICE. E Beg leave to oail the attention of Officers of the Army to our verv extensive assort sa meat of all classes of EQUIPMENTS, and^BA especially to an artioie of Military Blue Cloth and Doeskin Cassimere, whioh we \tm warrant wi.l retain its oolor. Ou' assortment of Swords. Sashes, Belts, Gauntlets. Army Caps (indigo d*e>, superior Flannel Shirts. Legsings, Sword Knots, Gold and l eather Bugles, I Shoulder Straps, and devioee of a'l dencristior s. is row ooraelet#, and we are well eatisfied' that an inspection will prove aatiafentory in every particular H1NTON * TEEL, 00 26-1m Merchant Tailora, No- 406 Pa. av. METALLIC ARMOR OIL, 101 Cleaning. Peliahing, and Preventing Rail. I This it superior to all other oils in the world for : the abova purpoaet, as well aa for maohiuery and 1 lubricating uses. It ia equally applicable to ganlocks ard tewing machines. It ia in high favor at Uie Government Navy Yardafor ordnance and maohinery. Principal Dtrotand Utnera! Armey, PH1LHAKMONIC HALL. Peuna. avenue, bear Eleventh at. ae 14 2m THK EUROPEAN HOTEL, KEPT MY P, 1 EMRICd. at the corner of Tenn,|/ti avenue and Elw.ih etreet, has baanVn|f| greatly ircyroved recently and now offereAJHMJL greater ini^oernents for the patronage of citiiens aim stracgera than any other pnhllo house in the wt?,hui yncea being leaa than these of any other hotal on Pasn. avenue. and hit aocoiamcdatiota for permanent or transient boardera unexoeptionthle. The bar and restaurant arr&ngemuta o 1 ua tionand oonuaaui uherai expenditures to givsiatiwsotion to all, and thus renews hit Invitation '* tjl m> rive the Fnrneoan Ro??l * roll NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.-Tk* A'Chercsst, or tke House of Ciaea; from the French or Honors at Balsae. Free by m*il. SI. Marncr, the Weaver of Rave^e; by 6*!. ! ?TS PShna. arenas. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. Ifji fTKAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NEW YORK ANDLIVERPOOL, l.asding and embarking paaaongers at Queenstown, Ireaad. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamshis Company intend dupatohini their fall powered C!yd?-built iron ^toamnhipe aa follow*: 6LASGOW.........Saturday, August ad. CITY OF BALTIMORE, - " l<*h. KANGAROO. h " 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. Kates or rastaoB. First Cabin #15 Do. to London 8ft Do. to far is aft Do. to Hamburg, K Steerage #?> Do. to i-ondun M Do. to Pa-is S3 Do. to Humburr ? 36 Passengers forwarded to Ha?re. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at reduoed through lares. Persons wishing to bring out their moods can buy tickets at low rates. For further information apply at the Captains Oftoe. JOHN 0. DA L' .Agent, 13 Broadway, N. Y., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Aaams Express Baltimore. ^ir^i^lNDlVlDUA^^NTERPRlSE shkc eastern and western shore steamers. "kent," Capt. J. H. Kirwat. "pioneer," Capt. W. Norman, Will run their routes as foliows, leaving Light street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M KENT? For Caml,ridge, Denton and Landings on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. EV.? U'?. D a vi auuvrvuti auu ?? a I%ITDI? CfCIT i U?*0* WAV and FRIDAY and returning sa re dais. PIONEER?For St. Michael's an-i Easton, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDA V, and return the came day. For Annapolis, Weet River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday. For Arnapolis. West River, St. Michael's end Ea*ton, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, roturniag every Monday Dy name route. Fare to CambriCge, Denton, Oxford and Faston Point ai 50 Fare to St. Michael's and Mile*' Rivera round ? trie, #1,) 1 no Fare to Weet River, (round trie, 91 ?- 1? Fare to Annapoli>(round trip75oeflte)_^_ 74 MEALS EXTRA. irr Freight must be prepaid. wharf and Ofice, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. R. CANNON. . ? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENTS OFFICE,* Calvist Station, Hatimore. May 18, 1661. \ On and after Sunday, May 19th. 1861, Trains on tae NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart ? follow*, cutil further notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at 8 IS A. M. EXPRESS at P. M. liAKKiiihUKb ACCOMMODATION at P. M The 8.15 A. M. train oonneots at Relay House with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover J unotion with fianoverand b'ttsburg Railroad*; at York with ^ ork and Wrigh'tsville Railroad; at Harrshurg with Pennsylvania Railroad for ail parts of the West, also with Lebannon Val'ey Kailroad to A'?ie Yorkdirut; at Northum berland with L and fi. winroad for Ringstonand ali part* of WyoominK Vaiiey,and at Sunlnry with the Phiiad^'phia and Erie Railroad lor all part* Northern P?tinsr!vama and New York. The 3-3" P. M train makes all the above oonneot>on? "xoept Hanover Railroad, Wrightsvilie Raiiroai and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. Ti e 8 P. M train rnates oonneotions with Peno sylvan;* Hail read for al1 part* of the West, and diaect connect* for New York. TH 4 ThTK A U U ivr Mail at6 10 P M.; Eipre?* at 7 tf A. M.; Btmibnre Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tioketc and information ;u?uire at the Ticket Office, Ca.vert Station. Bait.more. J. C. CLARK. Bnp't. -i | LEAVE PHILADELPHIA FOR NLW YOKE. The Camden and Amboy and Philadelphia and Trcri'op Rtilroad Companies' Lice Irons l'HILADH'.PHIA TO NEW YOHK AJNP WAY PLAChB.from WALNUT STREET WHARF ANLf KENSINGTON DEPOT, wiUTeaTe as fol low* : At 6 A M , Tia Camden and Amboy, (C- and A. Accommodation.! . . _ At# A. M., via Camden and Jersey City. (N.J. A ooom m vdati oa.) At q Caxnden and Jersey Crty.iMornAt \\*a: M . via Ke^afnjtoD and Jersey City, (IVectnrp At P. M., via Camdenand Amboy,( AeconimoAt 2 P M.. rla Ctmden and Amboy, (C. and A. At P. M., via Kensington and Jersey City, (Evening Express.) At <: P. >1 , ria Kensington and Jersey City, (Seoond C aji Ticket.) At6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Even:ng Mail.) At UK P. M.. via Camden and Jersey City, (Soothem Mail* At* P. M., via Cainden and Amboy,(Aooomniodation, freight and passenger, Firet Class Ticket.) 8?coci Class Ticket. The 6 P. M. Mail Train rnns daily. The UK P. M. Mai!, Saturdays excepted. For Deividere, Kaston. Lambeitnlla, Flemington. Au., at 7.10 A. M.. and 4tt P- M., from Keating tan. For Water Sap, Strondsbar?,8cranton,WUkeebarre, Montrose, Groat Deal. Ac., at 7.10 A.M.. front Kessington, via Delaware, L\okawanna and Western H ailroad. For Alauch Chunk, Allentown and Bethiehem,at 7.10 A. M. aud frK P. M.. from Kensington depot; t! e 7.10 A. M. ii'<e oonneote with the train leaving Eaeteu at S S? P. XL. r ui u'iuui uulj ? muu m A. n> Ana S DM W For Freehold at I A. M. ?ni * P M. For iiristol, Trentos, As.. at 7.10 A.M..4X and Vfi P. M. from Kensington, and MP. M from Walnut street* harf. For Palmyra Rlverton, De'anoo, Beverly. Bnrllnstcn, FI wenneoo, Dordentown, fco., at Ulf, I, t, 4,4 ana 0 1*. M. BU?nn?r Trenton for Bordentown. aad intermedial places, at 3fc P. M. from Walnut street wharf. ID- For New York and Way Lines, leaving Keiieincton Depot. take the cart on Fifth street, above Wa' mt, half an hour before departure The Sirs run int j the depot, and on arrival oftrain ran om thede >ot. Fifty pounds of baggage only allowed to each panecger- Passcugers are prohibited from taking anythiug an bags&ge but their wearing apparel. Ail bsgitga over fifty pounds to be paid for extra. The company limit their responsibility for baggage to one ?fol ar per pound, and wiU not be iiableTor any amount beyond one hundred dollars, except by special contract. WM. H. SAT7MER, Agent FOR THE WEST AND SOUTH BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after May 16tn, 1861, the trains will nin as follovs, vis:?Leave Camuen Station. Baltimore.?Mail, (?xo<?pt Sunday.) at ft. 30 A.M.; Express daHy at S. 4* P. M. Both Trains so direotly throurb KUR ALL PARTS OF THE WE8T, SOUTHWEST AND NORTHWEST. FOR WAY PAS8EN6ER8. Between Baftimoie and Piedmont take the A. M. Tram; between Piedmont and W:^mj take Ao oommodation Train, '.eating Piedmont at A 40 A. M.;aid between Grafton and Parkersburg, take the S 30 A M Train trom Baltimore. Tne FREDERICK TKAIN leaves Baltimore at 4 30 P. M. ani Frederick ai 6.3^ A. M. Thf ELLICOTT'S MILLS TRAIN leave Baltimore at 6 and 9.15 A. M. and 1 45 and 6.40 P. M., and Elitcoit's Mills at 7.40 and 11.60 A. M.,acd3^i and 7.oo P.M. For further information, TiekeS of every kind, axr. 1 T 1.WCI 1 Vn ? - rt ' ti&uoc, or ?t tii6 Ticiet office. W. P. SMITH. . Muter of Transition. L. M. CQl.E, Gen'l Tioket Agent. rwKrNEW YOKK, HARLEM AND E0?K^>i alkanV railroad IJH? LEA VINO NEW YORK FOR ALDAN V, TROY, NORTH AND WtBT, SUMMER ARRANGEMENT Conimenoing Monday, May 77th, 1861. _For Abaay?11 rOO a. m. rtat expreaa train from M&it street. For Dover Plalne?p. m atopping at White Plain* and etabona north to Dover plains?froa* 96th atreet atation. (Thia train will run to MiUerton avarr Batnrday evening.) . For Croton Falle?6:16 a. m. stopping at all atatiom north of Kordkaro from 96th atreet atation. For W hit? Plain*? *30, 4:10 and MO a. m. atopping at ail atatjona from 96th atreet atation. For White Plaine-6:!6 p. m. atoppiag at all station* from W hite street elation. For Wlliiam* Bridge?rJh, 11:15 a. m. and 640 p. m. a top ping at all atatior,* from 97th atreet atation. Returning will leave? Albany?WW a. m. taat exprea* train. Dover Piaina-wo a m. (Tki* tram leavea Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. m.) Croton Falie-4p. m. White Plains?6: 111,7:00 a. m. 4:10 A 7:00 p. m. William* Bridge?&an, 9:00*. m.A M0 f. m. Sunday traina will laave 4th Avenae. oorner 9M treeufor Central Park. Yorkville. Harlem aad Hyb-hr.d" "jSfcfofilfggfifClg rwM^NEW YORK AND ERIE RAIL Paaaenger Traina/faave via Pavoma Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chambera atreet. New York, aa follows, yi* : 7.00 a. m , EX MR E0^, for Dunkirk, and Baffklo, and pnnoipal intermediate Station*. Sofia m, MAIL, for Dunkirx. and intermediate station*?Thia Train remain* over night at Eimira. aurt proceed* the next morning. 64o a m.. MILK dau7< for Otoavilie, and intermediate Stations. ,11.00 a. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jemi, and piinolaal Rations. "" ru" ?? f: ?/waV, for Middletown, Newbergh. and intermediate Stations. *0? ! m.p?IGHT EXPRESS, daily, for DuStation*, and rnna onli to Elinira. ^'.Uo!^C?S?JSODAT1<? "* Honmrui., NATHANIEL ^ J,,? ONIONS-ONIONS?ONIONS. '^oiirx^rK0-- - ?? <?^?.,ai?.0.arV'9. OaSZf JuS'Pff 8ECOJt> **NDHAHO. ???: tc? 'tis,*? J net Lean received at the Mesic Su of niin 2>? j2WU2t]E?&-? ftfljwmM kttvttB Waahiaxtp*. ^ Baltimore, and Old point7portraaa.^fl^^^ Monroe) to be rwMd, on ud o'clock p. m., or lmmediatei? after the trrlr* of ? *rEiB>%h,#k mb-tf M. N FALLS. Pr?*1 mmmm spitisn axd svhn*i]?ahhv*?jr*rjrr ?nai>d UM TL KM)AY May lata, Pumm (or Phtiade phia will leave PrwdWl atreat Depot dailyjexoept Sundayslaa follow*, vim. Kxpreaa Train at 615 A.M.. Way Mai, Trust! IXS A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'clock. On Sl'NRAYSat 4 45 P. M. only. All train oonM?t*it| *w York tnuna exempt 445 P. M. train on Satar dara. A Freight Train with paeeenrer ear attached leareeatl P. M . atopping at ail Station* bttvtai Baltimore and Havre de-Grao?. Paaeergera for Delaware ard the Kaateni Chora of Maryland will find the moat expedition* roate by w&jof W' Imington. % itTAII Colored Peraona muet give bond before entering the oar a. WM. CRAWFORD. AftaL _^^^_,GHEAT CENTRAL ROl'TE FOR ^ BTHE WEST, m hudson *1trailhoau mm4 ftjw yo/tm ckmtkal ha1lroad F xpreea frame ?e?e aew York oity depota of Hadaon River Railroad jly. Sunday* excepted, aa fol.t w*. Prom t-'ham bora atraet From Slat at etation. At 7 00a m At ? 35 a in 1100" 500 pm |1J? * 5J5 p m 3 p aa . l ?pn Montnal and Buffalo Train with aleepmg Sra, 9.'5 p m 1 45 p m nneoting at Albany vith the New \ ork Cm tral Railroad for Scheneotady. Roohecter-L'tioa Batavi*. Rome, and etatioae on Rome and Water town Railroad. Huffa o. Srraoaee. Niagara Pal'a, Baapenai' n Bridge, Auburn. Geneva.Car.andaigaa. Trair.a in connection leave BaffaJoand Baepeaaion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i ake Baron aad gat Weatern Railroad, for Hamilton, Toronto, rpit. Chicago, Toledo. Milwaukie. Fon Da Lac.. Oro*ee, Madiaon. Prairie Da Cblen, Ga ena. ileith. Dubuque, Peoria, Rock laland, MueoaUne, lova < it?. Uurkniton, Uumev. ^princfietd. Alton. St. Louia.Cairo,Terra Haute, lndiaoapolia, Louisville, Cir.oii.n&Ti l aiton, Co umlia, Cleyeland, and all point* Weat, Northweat and BouthNORTHERN ROUTE. Conneotinc with Tram* at Troy, with Troy ft Boeton and Kent. A Saratoga f oada for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rutland, Uuriiugton, M. Albana.Roaee Point, Piatt'burgh, Ogdenalxiigk, Montreal, *?., Ac fET Freight Arrancerrenta by thi? route aa above, without ohanae of Care, from the Ifepota la Chamber* and ? anal street*, are at all timee aa favorable aa made by o?h?r Railroad Compaeiee The iacil'tiee of thia great New Vork Rc?t?, *o thb Weet commend it to the confidence ?.f ir.arahm.Bta iMTini ion amur, rnnaays umnm, iron Pier No IS North R.rer, at 6 o'olook P. M., and Groton U 8JO o'cioct P. M,or on the Arrive, of be Mail Train which tear** Boston ?t Ur P. M. The PLYMOUTH ROCK.from New YorkMonday, Wedreeaay, and Friday. From 8reton?Tu^eda*, rhareday.aad Saturday. The COMMONWEAI.TH, from New YortTnesday. Tiiureday, and Saturday. From Gruton ?Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Paeaengera from Groton prooeed Mr rai.road to Proridenoe and Boaton, in the Eipreea Mail Train, reaching aaid piaoe in advanoe of those by other rontea, and in amale time lor all the aar:y Morning Linea ooneoting North and Kaai. pee aengera that prefer it, remain on board the a teenier, enjoy a mgbta^ reet nndietarbed breakfeat if deai red, and leave Groton in the 7.16 A. M. Train, connecting at Providenoe with the 1 < A M. Train for Boaton. F\re from ^roridetoe to Newport, Fifty oeaU, A baggage maater aoowmpaniee the Steamer and Train each way. For Pecaege, Bertha, State Rooma, or Freight, apply on board the ateamsr, or at the Freigat Offloe, Pier 18 North Hirer, or at the Offloe ol the Company, No. 11A Weet sfeet, corner of Cortland atreet. New York, Feb. V. 1KI. HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD? SHQflk For ALBANY AND TROY,CON MJCT1NG with TRAINS NORTB And WliSt', Trains leave: From Chambera at. N.Y. F ron * th atreet. Express. 7 and 11 a. m., 7,25. 11,86 a. m., and S M and 3.S0 and 6 p. m. 5,25 p.m. Troy and Albany twith 10,45 p.m. < Sunday a maleeping car) 10,15 p. m eladed.) Poughkeepate trains, a 6.28 a. m.,and 1,40 p. m. m , 1.15 p. m Peekakill train,4.?0p m 4Kp. n. eung Si uk train.00 a m . Sjt a. m , and AM aad Md 4 so and a.?op. m. i.16 p. a. Fisnkili train, 5> m. V F SMITH. Esserurteedset. n. I. FRAftkJLIFI, OFTICIAt* TOjTHK^PRKSIDBNT AND MJL 44 Penn'a av.,' no. th aide,) bet. l&th and ISth it* SPECTACLES. provided with |MiiM Rook Cr?e?al or Perieeopie Ud?m. muM is fold, liver or ateel, and am led with utmost ?ar? for vary age and r jeanht. FIRST CLAM MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mleroeoopea, Conraoea, and Mathematical la r-omeoU, at the lowest EtaUrn pnoee. oo?-tr IT MLlITARY BOORS. I* RENCH k. RICHsTlEN harajual nuwild a large and oomplet* aseortnHmt ofMiTtiarT Bock I of all kiedi, whioh they offer l-on ten to ftfo per cent, below the rogalar retail prieee??lac.ndin: A new edition of Hardee's lafeatryaad Rlfte Taot ca. oomplete, 91.26 Forces'Voisnteera'Manual,I vole, #1 Aiien'a Compendia* of Hardee'e Taettee, Me Gra??'i M 1.1 tar; Sura err,7Sc Mahan'a Field Fortif cation and Oatpoet, each W H ardee'a Tart o?, cheap eu. not, ate Tto Soldier's Sa <ie, a* maxi-a aoc dn. book for the Die of the VolanteerTliliua and The Haud-BaakSor the U.S. Soldier, mtat hrat nook of matmetioa te the U.S. laiaalrp teaoSate:isr-'u' PRKNOH I ?ICa?TBIM, 'JT* Poaim >mii? ?T>Ma for Aitapa and Winter aee. iiVw n i mix** '* ***** 'r>m *mm0' "\ySytagaadeehiPt t? r.? now i edeeed to the oa*a aiaooard, oar whole eoele t?f prieee le maaa te A Aa examination ofatook .mcjie* no obiigaftea I topareaaea. 1'KRRY * BR??^ DIANOS, PIANOS. PIANOS.?New Ptaaee _J an - ah ppera for prompt new ar.d diapatoh PMfPciPr 'raina. with Smoking and Sleeping Can ran in connection on the New York Central Road. For particular* aa to looai train* and freight ar ran*omenta, inquire at the depot, ft* W arrea at. A. F. SMITH, Superintendent. WT""* lJ 9 GOVERNMENT LINK FORT MONROE AND OLD POINT COMPORT. Leave* the lower end of L NIoN DOCK.Ba.ti m<>re, weat aide, '?A1LV, (Sundays mc'.tdad,) at Oio'oKok f M.takinc pa?ae:. (era and feigbt. and oonneot'inc with the R a: I road lines, to ax d from Waaim tr'on, l>. C.,Fhi ade phia, New York, Boston, York, Harrtsourg, Fittabnrc, Fa, and the Weat, immediate j afver the a-nra! of the Express Train from New Yoik ar.d J'h; adeiphia. The following is the Scheda.e : From New York to tort Monroe and back., f 14 Rom Philadelph a and hack ftl* cm Baltimore and back...? #6. ICTPROOURK YOUR TICKETS In New York, at the New Jersey Railroad Otto* fo>?t of Court a> d street. In Fhi.adelphia, at the Company's otto*. N. W. oorner of Sixth and Chestnut streets, or at tke Depot, Broad and Prime streets, i r .J iCZ a...? ' ? -? AH W-IW.HVI V, VH W?IU ?iT rW7?IUOI , I Wl OI Union Dock. HIGH O'CONNER. Pa??SnCCr AfBt. JP*?kFOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. By the ajsiendid and eupenor Steamera METROPOl/5, EMPIRE state. BAY state, and stati? OF MAINE. ofgratM strength and sjeed, but particularly adapted to the nan cation of Long Island Sound, niBniiif la oonneotion with the Y Ail River And Old Colony Railroad, diataioe of 68 twies only to i>o?toB. Leave Pier No. 8 North River t?r the Battary, ThegtAAmer EMPIRE BTATE.CApt. Breyton. MotdiT*. Wedneedaya, And Fridays, At 4 o'oloel P. M., tonohinx at Netrrort each way. The StoAraer METROPOLIS, C?rt Brown. ob Toes day a, Thuisdsys, And SAtBrdAye, At ? o'olook P.M., tosohinc At Newport eAofa WAy. Theee Stealers Are fitted with ormmnd.ota state rooms, And every arrantement for the eeearitT And comfort ot paasTcore, who are afforded by trie roate a tuchu' rest on board, And on arrival At Faii River prooead p*r Steamboat Train.reachmc Boston early the following morning: or may remain on board until starting of the Aoaommoa* tioc it 8 A. M., by which :?ey may reach Boato* about 8.46 A. M. A baccate master ia Attached to each ateamar, who reo<<irf a and tioketa the baggage. and aoM? panics the aame to its deatination. A ateamsr rjra in oonneotion with thia Line between Fall Hirer and Providenoe daily, exoept Simdaya. Freight to Boston ia forwarded through with great diapatch by an Expreea Train, whlon leaves Fall River evert rooming, Snndaye excepted, at TM o'clock for Boston and New Bedford, arriving at its destination At about 11 A M For freight or pa*sac*, apply on board, or at the offio<> on Pier No. 3 N orth K i ver. For state rooms and bertha apply on board, or if desirec to eeoara Uiem in advanoe, to WM BORDKN. Ai't *) and 71 VI eet street. N. Y. VIA1 ? ROTON* STOM^BTofi PROVIDENCE, FoR BOft TON?Inland Route?The shortest And most di rect?Carry the EAStern Mail. The steamer PLYMOUTH ROCK. CapLj.C. Beer, And OOMMON WEALTH, Capt J. W. Williams, In connection with the Stonington aad Prondenpe.acJ Boston and Providenoe Railroads,

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