Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. rrr,Tbo?*b Tn* *T*a la printed on th? fastest itrtn wh in an snath of Baltimore, Its edition 1? or, Urge a* ?o reqnlre It to be pat to preee at an early boar: Adven^tmenit, therefore, should be eent In before It o'clock * ; otherwise thay may may not appear until the next day. Tbs Cas* BiToti TS* 0*FH*!?S' Count, Jsdoi Pciir*LL ? Eddy'* faatnmsrtoa Objected to?Scene So 1?Eddy rayi kt It b+d*f treated by kw Srent So 1? Mr Banuy m'I nl Dow*?TK* Cano-kottowud Ck*ir?Mr Jfnm'f it Committed fbr Contempt?Col Blount Resnmet?Alexandrine Again?Tk* Lor* Letter from Mr ITtiksr, te ? At the opening of Coart yesterday morning Mr. Winder wu not prtemt and Mr Davldge (who wu not ineoart the day before) came In and objected to re?openlne4tba testimony by examining Kddy; not, he said, with a view to keep out or the ca?e what Eddy might testify, but because the other aide had abundance of time to examine him before, and because there must be an end to the case sometime. He (Mr D)had other matters to attend to. and counsel could not spend their lives In this court room Mr Davldge now left the room, and Mr Ingle rose to speak, when Mr Barney approaching the Jr.dce, commenced addressing him in sn excited manner, the only words which reached the ear of our reporter being "my child." Some excitement ensued, and Mr. DeKrafft made s remark In a low voice, looking towards Mr Barney, about not wanting to cheat the hangman. The court ordered Mr Barney la a peremptory manner to alt down, repeating the order, and saying it could not allow him to come In day after day acting like s m?dfran. Quiet was then restored. Mr. Ingle said If he had known that his Honor had formed the Impression that be consented to have Eddy examined, he would have done awav nltl. il U. JU .J - ' ?. .. ?" mwm u nec?mrT to notice the matter then. If he had been appealed to be would not have conaented Throwing out of view tha rulea which govern auch caaea generally, thla caae demands to be cloned, and If the testimony waa re-opened without the conaent ofcounarl for the reapondent and agalnat their protest, tfcev would otTer rebutting evidence if the caaeahould last till doomsday. He declared moat emphatically that neitbe' nor hta colleague had conaented to have Eddy db mined Mr. Fendall asked if L#rneant Mr. Winder. Mr. Ingle. No, Mr. Davidge, but I did not understand Mr Winder to conaent. The Court. I myaelf plainly beard Mr Winder cneent, and the gentleman (Mr. Ingle) aald nothMr. Ingle again urged hi* objection. Mr. Blount aald that In the courae of the caae Mr Davidge In hla argument aaked why Eddy waa iH?t rrodured, and aald he Intended to put him on the atand. The Court then adjourned after fixing a day for them to bring blm here, and on tb? day fixed, they came into Court and aaid he (Eddy) waa ale*. Mr. Blount then atated what took place the day before (belne aubetantially what wm reported In yesterday's Star, and aald Mr Winder conaented and Mr. Ingle did not object. The Court aald It knew the statement Jurt made by counsel (Mr. B ) to be correct. The evidence having been eloaed, the witneaa could only be examined by conaent of counsel, and one sid? objected The Court however had aright tzoJJieU to call and examine any witneaa and would exercia^^fcat right at its own discretion The JudjetWeeedlng, aald be at laaat had no aecreta to keep in thia caae, and wished to state in open Court that the little boy Eddy came to his (the Jud^e'a) residence and stated that hla (Eddy's) father had treated him very badly daring the aicht. Eddy, (the youngeat boy,) who, it will be remembered, t.aa heretofore sid-d with his fatner, had just come into court with hlsJ?rotber,Cbaaey. tfce eldeat child, who, our readera will recollect, testified for the petitioner. When Eddy beard the Judgre'a etatement, be commenced crying, and looked frightened The Judge aaid to him, ?' You needn't be afratd; I will protect you " His honor resumed, and bad apoken only a moment, when Eddy ieft his place at the east tide of tbe court room, and crossed over to the west aide, where Mr De Krafft waa seated writing. unaaey naa aireaay taken a seat near Mr. De Kraffi. and u tddy wai about going in between bis brother and Mr Oe Krafft, that gentleman looked op from bla writing and took Eddybytbe arm or band, as if to shake bands or speak to him Just then Mr. Barney, who waa near the fireplace, about ten or twelve feet from the group, rapidly advanced towards them, seeming to be much eirtted, and seized Eddy by the shoulder. Mr De KraBt rose quickly, and a seaffl- ensued, daring which Mr Barney exclaimed, "It 1a my child. He shall nottak?? it " The affair lasted on y a moment, when Mra. Barney, the bailiff of the court, and others got between the parties Eddy was frightened and tearful, but Chaaey took tne matter auite coolly and as a matter of course. H is grandmother, turning to him, asked aharply, "Where did you get himV? (meaning Eddy) "I gotTjlm from the Judge's," said he. Hla Honor repeatedly called to the parties to take their seats Mr. De Krafftat once did so, but Mr Barney, after repeated commands, was still standing, when the Judge said to the bailiff, "Make that man" (pointing to Mr Barney) "sit down " Mr. Barney waa finally seated [When Mr. Barney was ordered to alt down, be waa atandlng In front of a dilapidated cane-bottomed chair with arms, but wltn no "bottom" to peak of, though it once boasted a aeat of the moat capacious dimensions. The fket is, that with the weight of years or some more tangible Wright repeatedly applied, the ' cancs'* hare been pressed downwsrd until more than half of them are numbered with the lost thlnga which it la said are treasured In the moon Thla hares a urge opening in the most necessary member of the chair, and makes It an uncomfortable abiding place, as oar reporter baa discovered by attempts to alt on it, or rather in It or through it. We mention the fact, aa it may account fur Mr 'Barney's reluctance to alt down, aa be waa observed to look at tbe chair doubtfully every time the eomrtand, '-altdown," was repeated. He Anally yieided to circumstances.] Tbe Judge said be intended to punish tbe guilty parties for contempt. He only saw Mr. Barney approaching Mr De Krafft. If tbe latter gentleman was also In fault, he wished to hear the evidence rf those who saw the whole transaction so tbst he might deal exact Justice He was determined to protect tbe dignity of tbe court. It was no place for an affray, and tbe conduct of parties in this case, in court, had been commented on all over the country. Mri Bam*jr desired to be heard. She was sworn and stated what she saw of the affair, and wns proceeding to make a statement of Kddy's affection towards his father, when the court interposed sad checked her. Mr Ingle, standing very near to the judge, said in a low tone that at the proper time those matters would be shown; and as something was said here yesterday about tampering with the witnesaes, It would also be shown who had been tampering with him Mr. Fendall hoped the gentleman would state 11 be had to say about tampering with witnesses In s tone loud enough for everybody to bear. Tbe court now summoned several of the spectators in tbe court room, much against their wishes In the matter, to testify in th? case of contempt. Those sworn were Mr. Joseph H Bradley, jr , Mr Jones, bailiff of the court. Colonel Irwin, Mr. William H i.o^ry, Mr M L Brosius, of the Land ofliee, Mr. Scott and Captain James Maguire. Their testimony sgrees In the main with the above statement of facts Judge Pureed now beckoned Mr Barney ind Mr. De Krafft to spproach, and addresaing Mr Barney, told him his high temper bad more than onc* made him guilty of contempt of court. M' Barney commenced rapidly making a statement to tbe effect that be went over to set bis eh!Id not thinking of Mr. DeKraffl. Hit acts, If properly represented, would not be reprehensible He apologlxed The Court?I hare beard you. sir, now bear me. Some few weeks sloe* you bad a pistol la Court and refused to deliver It up when ordered to do so bf tbe cwurt The court intended to punish yon and Mr. Uintoa on that occasion for ooatompt of court. He has passed away, and tbe court overlooked your offence Your high temper has again got yon Into dffflculty. The court ordered you tolake your seat and yon refused to do It. The witnesses testify that you approached Mr De Krafft la s threatening manner. If yen had anything to complain of In Mr. De SraffVa conduct (the witnesses say he only shook hands with yoor son) yon should bare called on me 1 shall commit you to tbe custody of tbe M arshall for six hours for contempt The Court then cautioned Mr De Kraffl to call en the Court heareafter, Instesd of attempting to take the matter la bis own hands. Tbe Bailiff conducted Mr Barney to the Marshal. and that officer placed him In the county jail, for tbe allotted term of six boars. Mr. Blouat resumed his argument by mylng that ih* testimony of thoee who never saw anything bat his (Mr. B's) klndnees and affection to his cbiidrea, does net do away with the evidence of particular acta In Parts, of cruel, ungentlemanl?. and outrageous conduct to his wife aud eblldraa. He agaia reviewed tbe attempt to discredit Alexaadrlae Parian, and asked, ought It sot to be expected that they would attempt trrset aside the evidence of tbe diabolical acta of tbe contestant, which tynmoed him, not only as a fkther, but as a man Alexandrine's testimony was substantiated by tbe toetlmoay of C to see Speaking of what the Counsel said of her ramalaltt la the heueeaftar Mr Barney's attempts to take improper liberties with her. Mr. Blount said tbe evidence showed that ahe immediately communlc tied all tue facia to Mr Barney's wife, and that lady kaowlng her to be a good nurse, took her at oaee under ber own protection, aad put a b?d la ber (M'e Barney's) owa room for her. They ask why she remained there durine Mrs Barney's visit to the United States The evtdeaao shows she ww only there a week or two. Md thea her owa mother wae with her ? Bestdea Br. Barney waa thea ea his good bebanoor?aoaklaf rmtoraUoa to t%e aaval aervtoe. 1 H* Mid Mr. Barney'* conduct to hit wife and I children would diagrsce any one. Mr Barney did not aeem to remember tnat "the man who laya hla hand opon a woman efccept In klndnesa, la a brnte whom 'tmete fiattery to call coward M , What then tan belaid of a man who klcka the ' wife of hi* besom from the fourth atory of hla honae to the basement? la he sot worse than a brute? Notaatlffled with.the cruelty and Indignity heaped Upon her daring her life, they come before this court and attempt, by imuendo. to deIttoy her character What object had they In i making the proffer of evidence already ruled oat, knowing It would be rejected* Only to apread It on the record. Mr. Blount rend the offer made,*and aald It admitted Mr. Barney'a acta of desperation In Farla, and tried to excuse them by domestic Infelicity. He regretted the ruling of the Court, aa the ad mlaslon of such evidence would have afforded an opportuulty to ahow how Mrs Barney had been Injured and alandered by this worse than brute. It would have been ahown that Mr. Wllber waa Introduced td Mra Barney by Mr. Barney himself, that while Mr. Wllbor waa on a drunken frolic with Barney hlmaelf he aat down and wrote to Mrs. Barney a letter expressive of of great admiration foVher person and mind; that Wiibor wrote it while he waa drunk, that Mra. Barney had the letter banded to her In presence of two ladies, that she was at first Indignant, but then ahowed it to the two Indies ana laughed over it, thatahe ahowed It to her husband, and that Mr. Wllbor afterwards apologized. It wonld have been ahown that Mr Barney afterward* borrowed money from Wllbof, which he called on Mra. Barney to pay. It would have been prored by a gentleman of high reapectablllty now in the court room, that Barney admitted to him while Mr* B. waa prosecuting for a divorce; that there was not the least foundation for the renntla I... U. If. < QlMlntt hail now In his possession sworn statements of Judge Mason, Mr. Calhoun, of Mr.Wllbor himself, and of Col. Irwin, all of which completely ahelter the fair run* and fame of this alandered lady Mr. Barney never even sua pec le<l her except when he waadrunk. Mr. Barney waa a lieutenant in the navy in receipt of 91.200 a year. Didn't they admit that he baa never contributed on* cent to the support of hla children. He left them in Parla without projection aud without support The man who can charge hla wife with Infidelity la not a fit guardian for hla children, for what ia to hinder blm In a drunken frolic from saying such children are not bis own. Mr. Davidge admitted Mr. Barney had b^en dissipated, but said he had now reformed. Reformed for what* We muat judge the future by the paat. By that rule what waa to be expected? Mr. Blount again reviewed some of the lawpoints in the case before closing, and the case was then submitted to the court which holds it under advlaement. Youno Men's Christian Associations.?The regular monthly meeting of this Association was held on Monday evening at the joorrs. The report of the President, In addition to tbe regular o erationa far the past month, noticed the fact that the room kindly granted to tbe Assoclatlon by the Post Office Department as a depository and place of distribution has been occupied and the stock removed from the former depository at Mr. Ballantyne's store, No 496 Seventh street. The room, No & west wing, adjoining those accupied by the City Poat Office. Is moat conveniently located for the purpose desired. During the last month 1,551 copies of the sacred scriptures, as furnished by the American and Washington City Bibie Societies, have been dlstribu'ed to 47 regiments and to 5 general hospitals, and during tbe same time 70 regiments have been supplied with packages of little books, tracts, and papers and five general hospitals with libraries, mainly furnished by the American Tract Society, Bos'on, and tbe Massachuketta Sabbatb Society Large numbera of packagea from friends at home, specially llrec'ed to reglments, companies, chaplains, and other Individ uais, have also beeu forwarded to their proper destinations. The superintendents of divisions had given due attention to the Important subj-rct committed to their care at the last meeting, of engaging a local missionary; and are now in correspondence with a gentleman deemed specially qualified and fitted for the work The general Convention anticipated at '.he time of the last meeting had been held in New York daring the past week, consisting of delegates from a larce number of associations from both the east and the west, and in which this association was represented by Mr. Wm. Ballantyne and R T Morsell Mr. Morsell, being present, on invitation, gave an Interest1 ng account of the meetings which he characterized as harmouious and impressive. A series of resolutions were adopted unanimously, which he read, with explanatory remarks, and a plan adopted for extending In every way the channel of communication between (J 8 soldiers, sailors and tbeir friends at home, as well as to those every where he wonld do them good During the evening the following resolution was unaulmousiy adopted : Httolved, That onr thanks are due, and hereby tendered, to the Post Office Department, particularly to the Postmaster General, the Third Astistant and the 9uperintendant, for the facilities accorded to us in a convenient room, warmed, lighted, and in part furnished, for a depository and place of distribution of small books, tracts, papers and parcels, for the spiritual and temporal welfare of tne army. Dzaths or 9oldi?s ?The following soldiers have died since our laat report: D. C. Merrill, company H, 1st Michigan volunteers, at the Circle. William Etsel, company C, *2d Pennsylvania cavalry, at the seminary. Sylvanus Taylor, company C 36th New York volunteers, at Columbian CollegeGeorge William*, company A, 5th New Jeriey volunteer*, tn camp at Meridian Hill. Isaac Foster, company B, 28th New York volunteers, at Columbian College John R. Nohl, company K, 29:h New York volunteers, at the seminary. A Carer, company K, Stockton's Michigan regiment, at Columbian College. William Haney, company K,53d Pennsylvania volunteer*, at St. Elizabeth Hospital. John Bercher, company G, 24th New York volunteers. In camp. George Rahler, company F, 35th Pennsylvania volunteers, in camp Christian Dalheilmer, company 1, 35th Pennsylvania volunteers, in camp. James H. Wilder, company F, 45th Pennsylvania volunteers, at tb? Union Hotel. Daniel Sannor. company H, 36th New York volunteers, at Columbia College. . Thomas Cropsey, teamster, at the Eruptive Hospital. Private Manzer, company M, 4th Pennsylvania cavulry, at the headquarters on the Seventn street road. C. W. Russell, company H,5id Pennsylvania volunteers, in camp, on Kalorama Hill. W. H. Stonier, company B. 12th Pennsylvania reserves. In camp. GeoreSchumer, company A.DeKalb regiment, at Union Hotel. George Bowers, Company K, 23d Pennsylvania volunteers, at Columbus College Hospital. Jacob Penstu, Company I, 1st Michigan Cavalry, Col* umbia College Hospital. Passi*? a Cocsrasrir Note ?Last night patrolman Hannan, of the 4th Ward, arrested Jaines Wilson upon a charge of passing a counter flt five dollar note upon Mr. Rollins. The case Is a novel one. The defendant denies any knowledge of the note, said to be the note passed. He admitted thxt about a week ago. while playlng a game of ."poker" he borrowea a note from * person and laid it upon the table. He lost, and Mr. Rollins took out of it the amount, and gave nim his change in "chips," Ivorv pieces, answering to a eerta! a amount each Mr Rollins testified that the note was passed in "a business transaction," and that he gave good money, ?'a two dollar note, and small change, chips or whatever It was " The accused was sent to Jail for farther hearing by J ustlce Donn. (' NTKA.L G AC*D Hoc?i Ca*k% ? Btfore Justice Walter ?Chas Kagan, drunk and disorderly; fined #2 58 Owen McDermott, charged with stealing a pair of boots; dismissed. David Trail, drunk; fined SI SO Michael Jobnaon, drank and dllorderly; fined S3 94. Wm |White, drunk and disorderly; fined 92 58. Alfred Lewis, colored, out arter hours; fined SI.M. Nancy McCoy, combining with a eoldior to obstruct Goat alley; ia conjunction of Venus and Mars) fined Sl.M ? ?eter Campbell, turned over to the Military. John Corcoran, carrying a concealed weapon and firlng?tbe same in the street, fined S'25.94 Jas. Kelly, turned over to the Military. James Conroy, drunk and disorderly; fined S3 94. Thomas Coaway, turned over. O. W. Ross, drank; costs 83 cents. Angus H Sas, assault and battery; held for farther hearing. Virginia Martin, disorderly conduct; fined U 94. Jane Maioney, disorderly; finod S3 94. James Murthafand Michael McHugb, fighting; fined 95 94 each. ?lgbt lodgers were accommodated. Police ?The Sergeant of the 4'h Ward Police reported the following arrests be*lde those in the Guardhouse reports, P O'Donnel, drunk; turned over to the Military M. Griffln, selling liquor to soldiers; dismissed by Justice Bsniaclo A. Jackson, threats of violence, and disorderly; Ined SS 94 by the ssme Juntlce. Jas Sewell, drunk snd disorderly; turned ?ver to the Military. Jas. Wilson, pissing a counterfeit note: seat to Jail for a hearing by Jurtloe Donn. J G Gent, violation of the license law; Ined S20 38 by Justice Walter. HsmnMAW*.?This wonderful prsctlser of the art of dttMirie, who has created such a sensation by his performances at the theatre, will give his lsst performance bat one on to-night, and will Introduce some special feat urea of wonderment. Fob eiavtnn ivvot, aad original features of all sorts, Odd Fellows' Hall seems to be still In advance In the way of amusements, as denoted by oar lsashter-l'wlng public, who, with dne appreciation of grod things block lis doers. Doat fail to enjov the new burleaqne for to-nlgbt, ascompoitled as it U by a spteadld fid. | ^ \ Runaway ? Vntffdiy afternoon u two ladles were pawing throu h the Northern Liberties In a back, the bone* ran away, dashing tbe carriage against one of tbe government wagons, npsettlng the former snd throwing tbe driver with considerable violence to tbe gtound, bnt without cansaany fterlous injury. The ladles, meanwhile, ng their dagger, had escaped from the carriage in time to avoid the collision. aifttstbb.?Last night officer J. F. King, who has been employed In srresting the parties , cbsrged with the boaairlde of Lt. Col. Von Oerber. returned from Philadelphia, bringing with him a yonng man named Richard Eziey, who was arrested In Philadelphia upon a despatch sent to th? detective police there. He was taken before Justice Donn and folly committed far trial at court. Coax Pil9k*iks ?Yesterdsy afternoon patrolmen Pendle and Leach succeeded In arreatlng four more of the partlea charged with pilfering coal from tbe government cars at the railroad depot. Thev were too young to be sent to jail, and Justice Walter, after having them locked up in tne guard-bouse for a short time, dismissed them Tbe necessity for a bouse of refuge for juvenile offenders is more apparent than ever. Circuit Covrt ?The case of Jones e?. Dermott which seem* to rival Jarndyce and Jarndyce la still in progress before this Court, and the examination of witnesses, is being continued. Gavk Bail.?T. James, who was committed to Jail on a charge of robbing a boatman named Hunt, has been releaaed sn ball for hll appearance for trial. In Justice to these young gentlemen, whose names^are respectively John James, we would add *hat tbe arreatlng officer, not being certain of the cbristaln name of the purty arrested, gave hi* name as John, which was wrong ? Neither of the yonng men of this nnme are likely to be charged with such an offence. ma uAKTuaun ?nir. ?? ray, a proaigv 01 versatility, made hit flret appearance at the ante rbury last night. He claims to be par trrtllenet tbe first American magician of the day, his fea *, like those of his great prototype, requiring no apparatus. Th? public must judge of his comparative excellence. He sings comic songs, entertains the audience with a brief exlbltlon of the comic phrases of Pristidlgltatlon, and be plays a solo upon the banjo. All the other favorite performers continue at the Canterbury, and tbe price remains the same. King's National Ci*cps.?Ella Zoyars, the sensation equestrienne Isstilldrawlng multitudes of people to King's circus. As a rider she Is graceful, modest, and at the same time fearless. We have never before witnessed a female who could give evidence of great physical power and still maintain the dignity of ber sex as Zoyara does. We recommend her to the public's consideration. Edito*. of th* Star?I see in yesterday's edition that John James *as arrested for robbing a boatman. >t is not John A. Jam*s, formerly of Prinoa George's county, Md , now a resident of Washington. Respectfully, It* John A. J auks. Attention Is called to the notice elsewhere of a gold watch lost, between tbs Smithsonian and the corner of Tenth and E streets. B*st Philadelphia Peint Ectter, 25 cents per lb. 6osh?n and G:&de Mutter. 2^ o?n'e per lb. Best K?rosine or Poal Oil. ft5 cents bt rallon. At 'tiwaii'i Grocery and Mvfc?t Store. no 19 St* C'-rner of Twelfth and H sts. feee advertisement of bouse, With four rOOtT.s, In Washington or Georgetown, wanted In another column. Attkhtioh Is called to the reward offered elsewhere for the recovery of a horse. India Rubber Blanhts. Note is your Tim? to Buy. 5,oro Blankets, 7 feMsiong, 4 feet wide, at S2.50 oaoh, 3,00? Rubber Blankets, 6 foet long, 3 feet wide, at 1 each, 1,000 Rubber Blenketi and Ponoho oombined, for $4 each At the India Rubber Warehouse, 309 Pa avenue, between 9tn and 10th sts. no 1-tf Cow#hs,?The sudden changes of our o'ir mc are sources of Pulmoniry, Bronchial and 4<t\matic Afections. Experience having proved tu&t simple remedies often act speedily and certainly when taken in the early stares or the disease, recourse should at onoe be had to " Brown'? Bronchial Trocheor Losengee, let the Cold, Cough, or irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakert and Singers will find them effectual for oleariug and strengthening the voic See advertisement. da 1-1 j Notic*.?Beware of oounterreits and unprincipled dealers endsavmng to dispose of heir own and oth?r artio'es on the reputation attained by HelmbohTs Extract Buchu, a positive and specifio remedy for diseases of the B.adder. Kidneys, Gravel. D-opsy, *o., Ac., to. Ask for Heli'bold's. Take no other. Bee advertisement ic another ool amn. sejn MARRIED. On Thursday morning, November 2ist. at at. AIotsius Churoh. by Rev Father Maguire, Mr. OEOHUE W. HARVEY, to Misa 8. KATE DUFFY, both olthis oitr. * U1CU, On Thursday morning, November 21st, 1861, Mrs. SOPHIA M. CLEMENTS, in the63d year of ner ace. Her friends are respeot'ully invited to attend her funeral from her residence, on M street, between 18th and 19th streets, on Saturday, S31 instant, at 11 o'o ock a. m. 2t* On Thursday, November Slst, Mrs. LOUISA CI' tne 831 year of lier ace. The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral en Fridav morning, at 10 o'oloek. from th? residenoe of her son, Frederick Cudlipp, No 4 f7 Pen a. avenue FOii SALE AND RENT. FOR 8ALE at a bargain?a Sorrell MARE, four rear* old. sound a d kind. Also, an open Conoord Huggy, with two teat* and Harress,?'l in good order. Mars weigha about 1,ipOO lbs. The above establishment will be ?old for one hnndred and eighty five dollar*,and no U*? inquire at the India Rubber Warehouse, 309 Pa. avenue. no itl-St WOOD LAND FOR SA'.E ?The aubaari bar will sell at private sale 2no acr*s of l>and i n Prinoe tieorge's county, within 2H miles ot the Railroad, with a good road leading to Beltsville and boacfa' Station. T o land is covered with wood. A<?dre*e A B. Berry, Bladenaburg,Prince G?ori*'i county. Ma. no21-fo1t* A. B. BERRY. FOR RENT?A email HOU>?E (auitab'e for basin as*) containing 4 rooms and eel a', situated in a business looa ity Apply at 491 Ninth at, between D and E- no 21 lw* ' FOR RENT?A large and desirable RESIDENCE on Third at., Georgetown D C., lately occupied by Got. Thoma* Stabling attached, io. JOHN T. BANGS, no ?18t Agent. fOR RENT-The PRESBYTERIAN PAR" SON AGE. on Weat. between Congress and High atreets, Georgetown,*D. C. Apply to BENJ. DARBY, Treasurer. no 21 St FOR RENT?A neatly furmahed PARLOR and BEDROOM, communicating, with gas, in a gen'eel private family Apply at No. 3 ?S Twenty-first at., near Pa. avanne. no 19 St* i^URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.?For F rent, in a moat eligib!e looalit?. within a sqcare of the Avenue, a well furmahed House, containing 12 ronma. Rent #125 per month. Address "Z Y X," Star Office. no '9 at* FOR RENT-PARLOR and CHAMBER on the first floor, newly furmahed, at No. 403 Sixteenth at , north o! Lafayette Square. no 19 3t* WOOD LAND FOR 8ALB?The undersigned la authorised br the heira of the late John C. Prather to aell at public sale a traotof Land, oonUinnf ll.tnrM lvinr nn thu Hi virhnr ltr* hAtw**n I Pnnoe 6eo'ge's and Montgomery oonntiea, and adjoining the landa ot George B. Poacga, Mrs. Marlow, Abralom Bell, and Thomaa Bell The i%nd a*>oand? with fine umber and oord wood of different kinda. The land ia about three mllea from Beltavil'e. and about the aatne diatanoe to a awitoh near Iaaao Horagge'. and two mUoa to the Tsrcpike road, and half a mile to a pobiio roao to Waahmgton. Public roada from the land to the Railroad a5d Turnpike Sale to takeplaoe at BelUviHa, Prinoe Georre'a oouaty, on THUH8DAT. the 28th November, 1861, at 10 o'olook. The term* of aale are r #ne-third of the pnrohaae money to be paid on the day of ?al? ; the balance in two e*ual inaalmenta of one and two vrara, with bonda bearing intereitfrom the dajr of aale,

to be approved by the underaigned. WILLIAM MoKNEW. rrr Mr. George B. Scagga will allow the land when oalled on. nov ^8 lw* Furnished house for rknt?The Houae No 340 Nineteenth at., near i. AdpIt on the premiaee, or to JOHN G. CLARKE, Teller, oflce of Ruga A Co. novlBlw* |?OR RENT.?A three atory BRICK HOUSE, r containing twenty rooma, aitua'ed on the corner of 11th awl 6 atreeta, laland Apply to Wm R. ?>ley % B'other, 16, r?ntr?i Storee, or THOS. r. RILEY, Ruey'a wharf, 11th at. no IS lw C*ARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for Citv r Property, attaated in Sommervill- oonnty N. Jereey, containing Qaorea in a higr atate or cultivation, goo.! dwelling-honee, with all neo^aaary oat bfitdiaia, good water power, fine oroharrf.aod well-fenoed, 1* mi'ea from Central Railroad, (f daily tramO S mllee from Plainteld, and SO milei from Jera?y C'lr For farther parti on lara inquire of G. W. BrtAY, Jeweler, file Seventh at , oppoaite InteTigeaeer Oiw. oo >6 1m* U ANDSOMELY FURNISHED KOOMi*.K1 Ton r hac d ao malyF andahedJR ooma^ and*foiloJp^D*??rti^fc?%r rent. Appeal 4 90* Jf?? iiaeatii a venae, north aide, between pus / 4 WANTS, i | WANTETV-a good FARM HAND,00mpatent t V to iMctit Irnriei: mai* b? a sobar oiul Apsly tn BustY ft BARNARD, Georgetown. Bor-St WAN ED?B* a resp-ctable yonng wouim i Situation as chambermaid, and to do plain ?ewing Addre?s bo* 3 . Star Oflee. H* WANTF.n,-By a respectable woman, a MTtJATION aa c?ok, washer, and ironer.ina private fim'lv. Good reference can be given. Ap p!y at No. 59 l?d sireet, between F and 6. It* SITUATION WANTED, by a respectable won man, as fir<t-elass o>ok, pa*try. k0 Brat of refe encea. Apply at the Star Office no?i 3t* WANTKD? By a respectable voacg wom*n, a SITU \TION *a o-ok. washer and ircner in a private family Good r?farence can be given. Apply at Mra. MoLaughlie'a, on K street, near the C.roie. . H* WANTED AT OYSTER BAY. ?" At 13 h at., one door above Pa. avenue. 1# EXPERT OYST'R OPENERS. Who can m ni?er ate with d xterity. OYSTERSSTEaMED,RAW,OR ROASTED. And thia aatisiv the demanda of o?r thousands of onatomera. Apply to WALTER MITCHEl.L, at above mentioned loaatioa immediately, no 21 WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A fnrmahed or " unfurnished HOUSE, capable of aoooomodating a fam'lv oritur or aix adulta. Location oontiguous to Pennsylvania avenue and the principal notel* preferred. Payment made monthly, in aaVanoe, if deal red. Address "Houae," oBo? of thia pap?- no it St* WANTED?By a gentleman ofqmet and retired vv hafcits, BOARD in a privat* family (Catfcol,o) either in Waahincton or Georgetown Refe-enoes ezohaiged. Address, with fall particulars, "R. P. T.." Star Offioe. no V at* WANXED-A CHAMBERMAID. Apply at v V the Ebbitt H ouse ft* TVTORTHERN BOARD WANTED.?A yonng 1* man of ^niet and orderly habita, whoae eveninga will be spent at study in hit own room, desi tea Board, with Furnished Room, with ?om? Northern lan i,y?from New England or New York preferred. No fami.y having mors than two or three board?rs nee 1 app'y. Location must b? ea<t of Seventh at. and north of Pa. avenue. Addreaa city poet Office, box 37*4. no 21-at* CJITUATtON WANTED, by a good Cloak and lO Mar.ti'la maker. B ard wi?h her employer preferred. Direot Miaa *1 REN3EIN, 6S Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore, Md. no 3D-3t* WANTED?To hire a neatly fnrniahed iwo or three" atory HOUSE between Capitol Hill and the Treasuy buildings. not north of H street. Address J A. BR? ?W V, Post Office. no 20 5t A COOK WANTKD, at the oorner of E and Fsf eenth sts. References resmred. DQ20-3t* A FEW GOOD HANDS FOR DRESSMAKing want-d at A. HI'HNKR'j Dressmiking Ksta li*liment. No. 406 11th street, between Pa. avenue and E st N. K. Only good hands need ?Pi?ly. n->? St* U'ANTEO?A M AN who understands the beli ? hanging and locksmith business thoroughly, rvn aa i nnia<a>.? *? JOHN J PR A BODY. WANTED-* good BARBER; most nroak English, and wall recommended. Inquire at Mr AL.lJPT'g' '212 Pa avenue. no 2Q 3t* WANTED?Information of John MoArdle,who left hi" home abont a week ago he is 11 y?ars old, and bai on when he 'eft, crai iaoket an" pants, and oilier cap An irnlo m\tion concerning hi* whereahoi.ta will In- treiikfuil? receive.) fcy hit fa'her. JOHN M^ARDLb, on J*cka'>r t e-t. between Q end H no an at* WANTED?A co ored boy. or Man.toahuak j ojatera. and aa if t g- n-r?i'y >n % Reatnurant. 1 Arp > a* the Ka*le Pe?tau<-?nt. Fa ave.. 1-etween lTt" and it'h atreeN F ft Ward- nog) 3t* YVANTEl?-An active col >red 'OV, 's or t? ?* jeara of ege. A eoiv t<. THO HAVEN < K.R.I 34 T 0 at . t etwren 4K and 6th. no 19 3" WANTED TO RENT-A DWELLING?" HOUSK, containing f om 5 to 1" room*, botween 9'h aid 15th a' reeja. Pa. avenue and M it, either furnished or unfurnished. If the ad ve. tieer finda a houae i? auit. wouM t?ke it for a term of venra. Aoiireaa. atati g location, ter">B #c , ( Tenant," "tar Offioe. for or e wek no ?9 3t* BOARD WANTED.?An rffiier of h* army, oonnected with tha p*v d*pa tment. deairea a fir<t claa* Roo^and Board fjr the winter, in a family of high respectabilit* Pati?factory r^f rearea g yen and reqniret. The p*imnr? object of the party ia to find the m?rfort and r ft lementa > f a hom^ ,without 'h? uaual annoyanoa ut a boa dinc house Location preferred tMtween Pa avenue and K otreet and 11th and 16th. flttdreaa 'M jo Star Oftoe. co l9-3t? Wr ANTED?^ntlera and othet?to know they can find Storage Hour by calling at SO* Sixth at . aojth of Pa avenue. n > 19 3t* WANTED?Every peraon to know t? at I am in the mar|r?t, ready to pay o%ah for all ar'ie'ea I in the h uaefurniahing lin?. Thoae leaving the oi'y. or having a orplua, will do well to oa1'. R. ! BUCH LY, 4'iS Seventh ?t .between ft ano H at?? (taat aide,) Dealer m New and Seoond-haid Fnrniture. no 16 1 nnn fimptv pilot bread boxes I ,UUU WANTED, at the National Soap and Candle Worka.oorner tireen atreetand the canal, Georgetown. D. C. C. B. JEWEI.L, no l?-8w * Proprietor. WANTED.?A MAN,of good appearanoe and addreaa, wiahea emplTyment in any reapeotaI ble buaineaa, aa clerk or otnerwiae. Salary moderate. Refere^oea unexceptionable. CHARLES I nw a. a iw .j,.< ><k ... DO 14 Tw? *** ' * A GOOD WATCHMAKER. having bMD in th? business for six y *1 re, wis he* to set a SI TUATION. Apply at M. WILLIAM'S, 336 Pa avenue. no & ra/ANTED-TAILORS, TAILORS ?90 Tailors 'v onmpetent to work on military gooda. Apply G. Wall. Stephens A Be 26 TO SUTLERS.?An energetio merohant, with sufficient capital, desires to purchase the stock and business of a Regimental Sailer. Address "Bminaii." at the ojfioe of this paper. oo 31-lm WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVEfaud BED DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prioes. Families deolimng housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, I* 13-tf No. 3ftW Tth st.. hetw. I an<i K sts. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STEPHENS A CO.'S. 339 Pa avenue. se 18 \17ANTED IMMED1ATEDY-A person who " thoroughly understand* making mattreses can secure permanent employment by applyinc to C. A. WOOD A CO., a 10 r" street, between 14 h and 15th sts. nov 1R 1 w* BOARDING. BOA RD?Two or three uncle gent'emen may obtain Board in a private fami y by applvinc at No 311 7th street, near oom*r of L. no 21 gt* BOARD.?Two single gentlemen or members <?n be aooommodated. (or a gentleman and his wife,) in a private family, with the eomforts of a home. Conveyance business boars free of charge. B oard upon mooerate term*. The distance is half a mile, facing the President's House. Apply Kalorama Heights, opposite Willard's piaoe. n* 2Q-3f P^EN.ERbTR?N8 TO AND FKOM WINTER SCHEDULE. On and after Monday, November It, 1M1, PuTOnier Trajne between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will ran ae followe: TRAINS MOTTN0 NORTH. Morning E|xpreea leave Waehincton 6.10 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 1M a. m.; Philadelphia 11.40 p. New York p. h.; Harrutmrg 1.14 p. m. Morning Accommodation leave Waehington 7.40 a.m. Arrive at Baltimore 9J0 a. n. No oonneo? one at Baltimore. New York Mail Train? leave WaehngtoE at 11 a. m.; arrive at Baltimore 1J.40 p. m.; Ahiladelphia M7P. Mn New v ork 10 p. if. Aitmoon Aooornraodaticra?leave WMhmrton 3.16 p.m. Arrive at Ba'timore4 m p. m.; Hamamirg 3jn a. m.; Philadelphia io.ou p. m. Evening Kxpreu?leave W aah in ton 6 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 6.43 p. K.; Philadelphia 10JB ' ? ' - Leave New York at 7 a. Philadelphia 11 JO a. Baltimore I fc> p. x. Arrive afwajungtoi *.40 r'heave New York atfcp. Philadelphia 10jo p. Baltimore 4J6 a. h. Arrive at Washington * Leave New York at 1* p. v.; Philadelphia I JO a. M ; Baltimore 7 Ji a. k. Arrive at Waanington ?? a. m. Accommodation Train* leave Baltimore at a. m and i p. m . for WaehingUm, arrive there at 11 A. k. and IT. m. Paeaenger Train* leaving Waehi'MTton at 7.40 a. m. and V* P. m., and Baltimore"r?i a. m u<1 sjo r> B 1 iiH?a IUKWI VUUJIWHVlia lUf OlUWfUUI HUW Junotion. Train* leave Acnapo'.ta for Baltimore aod Wuh incton at 6J0 a. m. and it 40 r. m Passenger Train* leering waehington at ?.10 a. k., 11 a a"0 6 r. m.. and Ba'timore at 4.80 and 7 J A. M.. acd 3 50 r. will stop 0?{f at Anm^rolu jwho* and Washington (Relay) Junction War Aasa*nger* mutt take tke Accommodation Traint only Tram* will leave Waakington and Baltimore W. F. SMITH. J. T. ENGB*U Agent. Canden 8'ation. Ba timor# Q. F. blLHER f, Agent at Wa?hington. aotP DUN AWAY FROM THtt 0?VMCR. |JVIXInc at No. 8*1 Kleeeatk street, on tke Si or Ootober last, a small Nt-GnO BOY, ^M aboa'tt yearaold; a light mulatto; kaa on a* ngkt arm ahve th- *lb >w an < on tke le a *o*r, tke t ff eta of a b?rw aiaaT bUek n or**; flat com; large m ah vilklarce vkteteHJi A liberal rewaid ?t 1 i?e aid 10 aif one wbo rta 0KNCY COMMONWEALTH FIRE INSURANCE CO. re? *oV of ik. Waahington butldiaa. JU i?*??a?oo attended to TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Freaa N?w Nrxlet u4 ItMU-tlOOl Militia Called lor in New Mnlr*. Kansas City, Not 18 ?Th? S*n's Fe and Carson City mall irrlrfd ysterdar, bringing Santa Fe dates to November 3d Tbe Nevajee Indiana bare been committing serious depredations in different parts of tbe Territory, within tbe paat few day* Capt Hatch baa been appointed Brigadier General In tbe volunteer service, and will be ordered to the states toon to take in Oen. McClellan's srmy. Ool. Canby having m*.de a requisition upon the Governor of New Mexico for twelve thousand militiamen for the United States army service, the latter Issued an order to the Major Generala of dlvialona in which he designates the proportion of men each la to furniah. The forcea thus ralaed will be stationed at tbe different pokta In tbe territory to garrison tbem whilst the regulars and volunteers are In tbe service In the Seld. Four hundred men will be stationed at Fort Union, four hundred at Albuqarqae, four hundred at Santa Fe, and two hundred at Fort Craig Oae Day Later (rsa Earspe. St J oh**, N. F, Nov. 19?The steamahlp United Kingdom, from Glasgow on tbe 9th Instant, for New York, paaaed Cape Race thia afternoon. The steamship Bremen, from New York, arrived at Southampton at noon on tbe^th Instant There is no news of Interest. A storm haa occurred In the Black Sea, causing much loss of life and shipping. The news from Syria to the effect tiiat Dauod Paaha has become tbe tool of the French oaused great excitement and discontent Letters received from Ragusa deny the rnmors that tbe Turklah army had been defeated by the Insurirenta The chief of the inanroenta hu n?t the prices of 10,000 sequana on the bead of Omar ml Tbe health of the Prince of Holland la very precarious. Consols closed at 02^, ex dividend. The Parla Bourse was firm Reconnoitering Expedition on the Tennessee River?Rebel Batteries Shellrd. Padccah, Not 20 ?The gnnbaat Conestoga, on a reconnoitering expedition up tbe Tennessee river yesterday, discovered a rebel battery near the Tennessee line, and threw three shell, routing tbe enemy from their guns Still further up apother battery was discovered, and'an engagement followed, In which the rebels were driven off, and a!number killed. The Conestoga was but slightly damaged. Explosion at Dspont's Gunpowder Mills. WiLJtiKGTow, Del., Nov 20?An expos1 on took place this morning st Dupont's Gunpowder works. destrovlBg three mills snd killing three men, Charles Muhlrein, John Vlxer and Samuel Rusasll Another Acceasion to the Navy. Bostoh, Nov. 40 ?The new sbip-of-war Hons*tonic was successfully launched this afternoon at the navy yard. From Missouri. St. Louts, Nov. 19? G'ne'M Hunby has rel'nqnWhed tbe command snd Gen FWUeck lits as*timed the cotnm-ni i f ?h|? department amusismtism /^ANTfcRBUKV HAI.L, iWisaiMToN AsV >F!MBI.Y Roost*,I Lonltiana avenue, n> a oor- ?r ul Six'h et?.. In the rear or th~ Na'ion-1 and m>o ??' iiuteis. , OPBIf FVntiY NiHHT " Entir* rb\50* or I Roeitxni! THK GKKAT WKA V To-ni?ht at t'e Cant?rMiff. In ins leat? of Pruttdigttatun? r. hi" ''omio lu las Cr*at B\*j Sole With the Firet h 1 rt America. FRANK HKUW KK! FH A^K BR??WKR ! The ohlef Imporeo ator of ta-Happy Pa'key for the past fif'eeu years The orir - ua'or of the sty e of do J* eation known aa the Phi.Adelahi* Ni?r?r Who lias not s >en htm Wh^ <*o?? not r^mtialxr him in o 'Lueotion with the f%H) Lichts J*ro Sacfjrd. fcp*? Horn. Lute West. and "ttiern?hii own DMe standinc hr t in popular ?a imatior? fo tee Fans is to aee the actual ca'uiW*"centrioit>ea ? f the Ni*., and not in ne\r at?Te cntioiana sad conundrum* of the ttkitt wuin blacked. To-mght DAMON AND PYTHIAS' HE WOl L'i Ut * HKibnOLI! HMRMA* ! FRA^'K BRUVWK r? the Canterbury. DICK PARKER (Fonny Dick) at the Cauterbury. HAKRY FOX at the anterbury. WILLIAM HAR RI?0>.wnomak*saennKabout /oa ard amga it to your faoe, at the Canterbnry. Miaa Julia Hcdsoh. the beautiful Pocgstre ; W'lle Frank i.s Folte, .Mi*? Emma Mi e?, Miaaea Willia, Verno., Pa<kv, Ciifton.and numerous others, at tne Canterbury. On Wednesday, November 3"th, first appearance of Admission?Parquet,99cents: Parterre 15oent*. Doors open at 7; c>mm?nc? at 7K o'clock. nil ?f A 8 H ?N G T O N T H E A T E K. THIS fThur?daj"? EVENING, THIS (Thursday) EVENING. LA^T WIGHT PUT TWO' LAST NIGHT BUT TWO! THE GREAT RK?T1D'GITATEUR, HERKMANN. The wanager reapeo lal y call" the attention of the publio to ?h- appearanoe to Washington of MONSIEUR HKKRMANN. who ts universally .eoognized as the greatest living PRESTIDIOITATEUR, and whose performances at the prinoipal opera house* in Europe have been pronounoed the most wonderful in their pecul-ar line. The performances of HERRMANN are entirely original and novel, the distinguishing feature being the EN I IRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, All the effeots being solely produoeu by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. The programme wi!! compriae TWELVE PIECES, fN TWO PARTS, inolndinc the oelebrated DOUBLE VU^ By Mr. HERRMANN and hia' brotbsr ALEXANDER. During the interval* ol Herrmann's Programme, A GRAND CONCERT ST THK FULL ORCHESTRA. Private boxea fl(v, ore heater obaira f> JH+, dreea oirole 91; parterre 91; parquet V o?nt*. nor si Tenth street-baptist church, akfuiem E aud F atreeta, witUin on* aqnare of Pann. >?tDM MISS CARLOTTA PATTI. Tbt Public tra rctpeetfnlly informed that fcllSS carlotta patti, th* aalebrated Cantatrict, ?hoat jrr??t ancetaa la t)ia AeadtBiiaa of Slnaie la ni? York, Philadelphia and Baatuo. baa placed bar ia th a front rank af linaf Couaart hu(tri, will f i*e her S ECO S D AND POSITIVELY LAST Grand Operatic Concert On THURSDAY EVENING, No*, list, at lb a building formerly known aa THE TENTH STREET BAPTIST CHURCH, Stiwem ? and F tit., tcitki* ?u j?war? Pmmtctvtnut Tha fallawing celebrated artiat will apptar : Mia. patti, m'roa stra&osch, Si*. scola, 81* ceht1mer1, HEME? ANDERSON. T. SCHREaNER PftoeaAMMB? Part L L DaeUa Beliaaira?8ig. Scala * Big Cantimaii. l Ann aala. Propbat?m'aaa Strakaaeb. >. Kacuala Traviau, Verdi?b? h Seaderaoai. 4. Bolero. Sicilian Veepare, Vardi?Miaa c Patti. e Duauo Harma?Miaa Patti and h'ma StraknacA. a Sala ft ana, Bailo in Maacbara?h. Sandaraoa. t. Carauaa?Bcxbar ai sa villa?Sif. CaataraerV 8. Within a mils of JM^?oro? M'me Strakoah. 9. Soldier'a Farewe.i?Si?. Cantinwri. 10. Rondo.. Soanainbi la Bellini?Mi?a C. Patti. 1L Fantaeia on An erioan Lirea, performed on the Organ by Theodore Schreicer. 12. Quartette from Martha, Flotow? Miaa Patti. M'me Ptrakoaoh Sic. Soota. and C?atemeri. IS. Fantasia Za? pa-H. Sanderaon. 14 STAR SPANGLED BANNER?car the satire oompany. Admiaaion $ 1 ..- ..... Gallery so oents. Keeerved state iity eenta extra. Seata may Se ?eoarasIM uoketa obtained at the Muaio htore_of Mr. ft**?) t oommenoing, thia onuni.Mi a m.. willu??twi( ituwaoor. Doori om at ? o'aioaS. Coaoart to oowmenoe at 8. oofr-St ODD FELLOW9' HALL: SivawTH. Aaovi D St. IMMENSE SUCCMSS ofthe O'FT? (FT?8IFT CONCERTS?CONCK*T8?CONCERTS! bt the CAMPBELL MIN??T*H.?. *0 PRESENTS OUEH AWAY? EVERY NIGHT! EVERY p.GHT! Ckamtt of^ragrmmmt Nightly f HE CANT-DiOE^T A TATER ! WED*ES?>AY EVEN I NO. No* iSthJUl, BENEFIT OF CHARLES pUFON+! Wednesday Evenmc,Not. 25fh, New Attraction*. Diio'i r>^en at 7; oommenoinf at o'aioofc. Admi'tionMoepU. no U-at RATIONAL C I R C U 8! Pom Kin*? Lew aad Maaaf ar o. SvccsasrvL 8?*w?r. And all Ue Star*. ImOlm and ferny Fjptf^ wiU ?I?m? aot forrat Ui Om MONDAY, WEDNESDAY # SATURDAY. _ _ , SPECIAL NOTICE. V*L LA ZOTARA. ?ko created ?uoh a furor* la, th* United State* after bar det.ut at NibB't ?ardaa*. ia aB|ir?Tk?t for a limited n amber ? mikti PartieeTue' Tore had bettar aeoar? ?laaaa in advaaee. aar M pR!M? toUttHBN BU ITER.? ken. of -ja 5; r">" w;1"^ irg'iySi;" aott for. a??att^ aVaaay"an^ya it. 1\TEW CLOAkB AND NSW IMLAWLS r?TML?WSk SECOND EDITION. THREE U'CIAK E T M . Of Ikopobtainib to t?b ? Just tofore going to pre* with to-4ay'a rwrf etsi om of the Smt we boar that the War Drpartaaeat tea decided to eooetract abridge for military porpoaaa icrosi the Potomac npoo the pl?ra of the Atriandrta Canal Aqfdoct, at Georgetown. We traat It may embrace faciMtlrs for general and railroad travel also OUR MILITARY BUDGET latk obxbbal obbkbs Htodqumrttrf, Army of tkt Potom+t. > IfaikiH'**, Aereaifr?r II, 1961 ( General Orders, No 45. I. No chance will be made la the armament oatabllabed by the Chief Engineer and Chief of Artlllerv for the field works occupied bvth.s Army; or any diversion permitted from the original location of the implemeala, <qa1pmenta. oe ammunition pertaining to the gone of the field works, without the eipreaa aaoctlou of the Commending General. II. The fort on Upton's hill will hereafter be koown aa Fort Ramsey, and that heretofore called Fort Ramsay aa Fort Com. By command of Maj. Gen. McClellan: 8. Williams, adjutant oimtsi . Official : Ricbabd B Ibwin, Aid dt-Cmmp. Major General Butler learea Washing ton tomorrow for Portreas Monroe By the time of hia arrival there be will probably find aome portion of fata command In the new expedition?the land portion of which be Is to head?already there Fortreas Monroe la doubt leaa to be Its rendezvous and atartlng point. MOBB BODIS8 FOCSD Yesterday, in scouring the woods where the surprise and aktrmtah between twenty?not forty, as alleged?of the Brooklyn 14:h and a body of some three hundred Seceah Cavalry occar-ed few days since, on Dunn's farm in Fairfax coo nty, Va , two more dead bodies of Brooklyn bovs were discovered There are still thirteen rr.tsain g?three got back a'ive. one a rer?!r wou-ded (and probably dead by th!* time) f jur killed and 13 fallen Into the bands of Secesb. Gov Plerpont. of Virginia, accompanied by hi* sul'e, reached this city thla morning R principal bne'neaa bere Is understood (o be to roofer with tne Government relative to *p?ed!ly open<njr and p'operlv protecting the Ba more and Ohio Railroad through from Harper s Ferry to Wheellug Success attend b!seB\?rt? A IRHAK?Bt.B FACT. 80 well arranged waa the movement* of ih* Mr^e bod] - of ttoops reviewed yesterd v. that at dusk Gen McDowell received advVes ml of the seven dlvslons preset hid retartied to tbe'r-fpctt ve posts, a notie?able fact, cots d *rl tie wide distances traversed IS TOWS. Gov. Pierpout.of Va.,l? in ^_?Vt;gtonlo diy. We learn that Secretary Chase Las. a.ace the negotletlon of tfce loan on Fr .dav, placed to the credit of disbursing cfll-ers In Bos'f.n, New York and Philadelphia, the aum of *5,604,674 30, to be paid to contractors and other Govern meet creditors. LATEST NEWS BY TELEOHAPH. FRO*! THE EISrkRH SllORL [Associated Press Dispatch.] Baltixobb, Nov 21.?Tb* gratifying Intel'], genre baa been received from the Eastern 6 ore of Virginia, that the sece*s!oilsts there, t> tbs n jmberof W, have la d down tbelr arms and federal troops bave now full possession, Including tie county of Aecmac Th? Old Point boat brings no news The fl <g of truce brought no papers, or any Intelligence whatever. LATE LOCAL WEWS. Thb Victims .?A comiMtiv 01 the Utb (Brooklyn Zouave) regiment marched throngb the c ty this afternoon, escorting to the cars toe remain* of two of tbelr comrades, killed on picket duty In tbe skirmish tbe other night. Policb?Before Justice Clark?After a very severe attack of alckneaa, Justice Clark baa re turned bisr fflcial duties, and from tbe I9:h Intl. till to-day tbe following cases were disposed of: Geo. Herman and Or. Hayden, eambliog, fined 60 e*cb, and to pay costs Mattbew Little, pro. faulty, line S3 10 Benjamin Holton, Jesse Lewis, Capt Weiaer, and a drunken colored woman, name unknown, for profanity, were fined each S4 19, and In dt fault of payment were comm'tted to the Workbouae for sixty days each. Cornelius Peck, for leaving a dead animal on th* street fined $7 19. Theodore McKeen, do., S0 19. Mckdu in tbi First Wasd ? An Irishman named Jobn S^hooley was murdered last niffbt at a houae on E street, between 19th and 20th streets, in tbe first ward. Tbe houae Is occupitd by a Mrs. Joyce, and it appears tbat there was a dance there laat night. At aboot 11 o'clock deceaaed waa approached by one of tbe m n present, (supposed to be Tim Brosnahun) wbo, without warning, stabbed blm in the Mt t>r?*et, tbe knife going direct to hia h?art, and raus'n? h a death almost instantaneously, Sergeant Hurry an?l his patrolmen were quickly In pursuit <f the party, and have succeed*d in arresting three of those present, but Bocsnaban haa so far eluded pursuit The police of Georgetown and the Flret ward are on hia track, however, and it la hoped he will be arrested FiKine Uro* Stbakeks at Capb Gibabdbav. Tbe steamer G. W. Graham on her laat trip from Cairo to thia port, met with an unpleasant incident It seems that tbe steamer Fred Loreni, bound from this port for Ohio river, failed to s'op at Cape Girardeau, having no business to do at tbat place There was a denae fog on tbe river at tbat time, and after ahe had paaaed and gotten Into a foe oank, a shot wss fired astern of the boat, which was making good time down tbe river At thia juncture, tbe G W. Graham, bound from Cairo for this port, came up, and was comlnsf into Cape Girardeau in the fog. amidst tbe fi'S of two batteries, blazing away In a furloua manner. Yen or fifteen ahoU were fired in all. and tie hot fell all around the Graham, one of them pa??iag lenvthwlae of tbe boat, between the cblmneyaana directly over tbe pilot bouae Fortunately, tbe boat was not bit, and no one waa hurt, but all were conatderablv aeared. A large number of sold I era wore put aboard the Graham at Cape Girardeau, and abe starred in ptrauit of tbe fu?ltlve boat Tbe Urtui ?M overtaken at Commerce, and a price Tew having been put aboard of her, abe was brought back to the cape.?Mu?ouri KtpubUtam, 16(4. Arraina m WsaTaan Viaeiau.?From the W beellng intelligencer of the 19th : Capt H oil later, of tbe 2d Virginia regiment, arrived last evenlug from Camp Elk water The Captain Say a the roads are "powerful," and he doea notseobow the army oaa be laager anppiied Tbe ?d Virginia have yet received ao o d>rsto build winter qoartere. yettbeanow la fonod upon their tenta. 1 be health of tbe regiment, taking everything into eonalderation, la good. It was underatood at Camp El a water that the aeceah had abandoned tbe Greenbrier camp. Tbe Major Bell, of tbe Mib Ohio, who, one day last week, beiagoutea a scenting expedition with two or three hundred mea, made a charge npoa the accession camp, was under arrest It appmn that the M?Jor vu tight. H? got i bagler up fcr. hind him oq his borw, and charged upon Ui? eeCMta. He loot two or nrae hlllrd and too wounded. The balarre of the mm roturaod mmimlf to oamp, aad the eowmaoder of the expedition ?m deprived of hto liberty There are 4.U00 bm at Elkwator and 8,000 at Cheat Mountain dummlt. Arriiit i* Kuttvcet.?The LoalarlUe Jeurnal of the lfith aajra: The advaaoe of t'alM troops aader Brig. Seaml Nelooa ooootau of the M, Slot and ttl Ohio Rectaeata, ondrr Cola ht m Norton aad aili. om sU-fua Ohio battery, aad fear r*gtaa+QU at -JKeatuekj volunteers, under CoionaU Mantwll, Apperson, Ofigshy, aad Mstcaifs T? tUot . to heoddod the troopa under Col. Lnban Moore. SU8"LY """/V.DWXM M?-r Bull* r* fiLs ^BUt?5ynt

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