Newspaper of Evening Star, November 21, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 21, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVEM!N<; STAR. Af'irnn Tb? past few years have been prolific in the rr-'ii't* of African travel Th* eye* ef tho world have Ion* hoen directed towards new fioiis for emigration, and new ports for eomm> rcial intr i course. England baa spent a grent deal rf money in ticking markets for the overflowing products of her industry, bj Well as l?uJj where cotton can be cultivated ti -ipply her mills. The vast unexplored regi a? of Africa seemed to offer rarre inducements to the traveler who lookod for some thing new. than any oiher portion ot the w? r! I's surface. Ameiica was c.ready poa < - -d by ?ther nations, and ita capabilities w re in full process cf development. But m cry child had been Rccnstomed to see tne inferior cf Africa marked on his map n? unexp!< red. and there was a general notion that ? hiopie was but a sandy Jeaert. I'r. B-?rth made a journey of remarkable interet from Tunis southward,'crossing what w .? formerly thought to be the great desert of Sahara, and visiting large cities in the heart of the country. Dr Livingstone, moving ncrt hward from the Cape, and then crossing t the e^st and west shore, established a sort of bsse line for investigations in Suuth Africa, p jrton penetrated from the eastern eoa*t to tb* sh'.re of the great lake, undergoing almost ir credible labor, sickness, pain and exposure, ui-'n ?reat results in point of information, but c "ro uting little or nothing to the designs of tat L"glish mer:h -nts ?nd ministry, who wish c l tnerce or cotton. Du Ch.illu entered from the west, ci. 1 bis jjiven (o ihe reading world ?ii ital book, tw the scientific wr.Tld some new monkeys, but to Kng*and, ro prospect of iin p: *ir g her aalts of good* o. .iiininUhirg their c -'?f manufacture when the great staple is tcarce. 1 : ) p-?<* oi exploration leavo great tracts t>> be investigated A tderson, of Like Ngami i ime, has completed a jo?rn?y in one of the c- roers. that lying in iho south western part of the peninsula, and discovering a great river, known to the native? as the Okavangu. hus given its name to hi? book of travel?. This siresin. which he describes as very large and navigable fcr vessels of some size. is henccf >rth tM cf the puzzles of Africa, whose rivers, like the Nile end the Niger, hare ocoupicd tbe attention of travelers for so long a period. All that is known of it is described ty Anderson, and he offers no iaformation as to whence ii rises or whither it flows. But the result of his journey is no more favorable to the prospect cf peopling Africa . i*h white emigrants than anything we have beforo known. On the contrary, it is manifest tfcnt no portion of the country which he has visited in this trip is habitable by the Caucasian rice. Crossing vast tracts, where for dnys his oxen aud himself were nearly perishirg for want of water, he finally reached the ri> er bank only to yield to the terrible African fever which hangs over the surface. It is rather amusing to hoar him recommend tbe river to the attention of the world as worthy of exploration, and as he believes "comparatively ?.*!e" to visit in only two mouths of the year. July and August. It may be regarded as settled that Africa offers no fie! la for emigration. Australia ahd America alone open their hospitable lands and eiiteriiig climates to the laborers of the world K very traveler in /.frica has but added to the accumulating evidence that the inaj >r portion of it must be inhabited, if at all, by tho race who h?;ve. up to this time, possessed it.?JV. 1'. Juwuttl Commerce. GKOR'^TC/WN ADVKLU MTfc M\S3KV. COLL'NS* ft CO.'S phu.auelphia dhavght ilk. . hi just r?c<MVfM a ?npp;y n| theat>ove A e, ? we reoorniiier.! to be of a very superior < ! r wntuc; to purchase, by making iiuMd MaaypliMtion,oaa b-s furnished. AKNY * <H!NN. no 7 iiacrftota. ; JU. T KKCEIVEl>!' I ds. prime P 'rto Rioo SUGARS* 1 ' t ? O d Kt? WH19XY, t> 1 -t. HVBfitNG uj ALE Wl Vf 8. * ?. <\u*..e t&ad Rehaed SUGARS, >: ^jsiiut id Js.rr COFFEK. V. . i. is.t'.r.w ?nced.'M'>LAS*rS. Tar *- ?> l.y JOHN J. EOfiCK wit DP.. OODFKEY'S A NTIDOT.. u>-u ior me -I rail century in the Hosp<taa of 1. >n1 n ?i d ans lor ths cure ?.f L tt.\j now he hal at f PIIA.M'S,Fp3a^ ! j -10 Chesr.ut strr#t, so'e aaent lo; th? tiiited Slates It ooiitains no mercury or other minerals, and will not hvrm the mo;:? d?hcite constitution A sp'edy curt guare !?(?-! and no > of diet required. is i^e SI fc- : by express s*c!d in \Va?hin*tnu by S. CALVLKT FOKi>, oornar 11th street acd 1'cr.nejlva pia a.enue ae? > eol? rHiLADKI.PHlA PROVISION STORE, 119 Pt.Nji4yi.VAM* ArRxr*, b*tio?-n !3lA andl^th fit The u'der?i<c<Mj, havins tooated himself as aV'?e. takrs i...s method of ir forming thecitigsns ?f tu? F.rst Wara mat he nai open"d a 6'?t o ase |*M>iuon Store, coiiin.tsd einu?ar to those for irhtoh Philadelphia is famous , Here can c? faun at a.1 tim?? a larts and frwh V6!v ato. FRL'I rl and^EQkltAllLE^ in seaKD. . . . Partteuia* attent on is nailed to his stosk and noes of BUTTER, CHEE3E. *3. Pnila e pnla Print itntter S5 cents Goshen ^rd Western Reeervs 18 audiOoer.ts B'trg determined to five th* strictest attention to th* wants of hi* oistome*. an1 to keep ewerj Sr?to? i - l.r.e of the beet <ua it , aad sell at t!ie lot-rar t. nriet prices, hsliop?* tc merit a share ol pnlnio pa-roaat?. Fsm: ts wiU bo wa.Ud ape a da.It lor urders, if Mo F> " THOM AS R. WILSON. NU'.V AND IMPROVED INVENTION o? ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 ROUE TEETH, Wiib'jct Mstal Plats o* Clasps. DR. S. B 8IGF8MOND. 910 Pr, .V?t# York?'.ifiU Ptnmy'.rr.nii Av (iv, bsi x?un 12;A and 13tk tts , WasinHtten, P* - ion of the public to the foilvwiag a>* "%;9i of his improved sjstem: t. i 10 IW.h of his manur.v?tnre wiuwlfe*. c r ,ic nor change e-v<?r ojr mci^r t.cir-*? fourti.a ujbier i .an any other V. i > ieeto orr "j'i xirv". b*> extracted, ta the Hti6'!&; osNCVi b? inserted oTor *uira. 3 The root" will Lj mad? \a< &- usivo, an nerer : wka 4 . > temporary t~atb ce?doJ, as permanent c-ee <Ab rna<lo inunod>atf>;y. tneror>y preserving tKo i '.ura c .?r*?aton of the lace, which under t s Ir auentl* disfigured I : *-? r|r t,%g heen fully to '?d over fire y-^ars tr? ma ' 'A tU? amt ehenuats aud ?hysioiaca of thia c Li.. - lias aiao invented a white undestruotiv? r * !i i-1 wu'i vhioh the niuat s>n?ttive teetn in L. . ! without and can build up a per le * Jr:d tooth oa &uy e;de route, whioii will last ti r >s|b mi* time. r - tea: of f*'ercno*e Ti?en?to Or V. Mott; Dr. V . l'(or?nor of Chutriatry, N. v.; Ron. J ;Jee V. nue. of :Lv Supreme Court oi Wisiniigt? n, atMJ ta<iv?' da of litnera C?. i. J ftTine for yonrr*lf. c 8 6m MP CAKES-CAKES! I Oil TLEaiS AMD J K ADERH.-Minger bieR.. jack'.u iu t arrala or boxea wit>< care and ? J FIRTil, tne only regular Cska Bak rii tne bakery line. Cash inti*t acoompan? LwiJera JibKPH FIRI'H, No. 133 Areh street, _no 14^w Philadelphia. Pa. RKO, WHITE. AJMD BLUE, and tfreT Mixed Fi ANNE Lis. twiiied and plain, for "Army Wear."* Army ar.d Navv Blue Clothe and Caaanneree at cur w acd uniform price*. PERRY k BRO-, Pa. avenue acd Ninth et, en 11 St "Perry Building" BUT rv R UOLSE, lid *TABLISHED for the sale ?f New York, l'?na-j!va a and Weatarn BUTTER. We are EOW ip r#? ?i '?t (?f ?rim? IWipiam A 2 , which %r? o<f>r-d at whofeaa!? *a low aa can btfu c t^-d in other cities. No 4SO Eighth at., sear fa avsnne. ii * i** D. E. PUT ROW. 150,000 f" A!??>. wanted?6J?/mo Ibf Army 6rea?e and Koujn r%.. ?. for whioh tha Ivitnwt prioe will be Mil at ta-> National boap aod uaadle Works, oor. Gtmr n. au?l Cauai, Georgetown, L?. C. no7 )m . JEN* EI.X,, Hroerietor. Vl/K W??Ut.D RE*PBO'tf FULLY INFORM 11 our loriner pairoaa, and eiUaeoa ?enara.iy, that w* have lo? le e vrd ourfu . supp j of FALL aid WIM'tK GoOD^.aaJ at* prepared to furnish t em at an early coOoi and id th* b??t and m<.si sppr 'V?d st>la*. H'N I'ON A TEF.L, nc .* ' irn MT^hsnt Tai ors. No. Fa av. J I onions-onion^-onionb. lT?T Kec.Mved oo oooeigLraeot ijuo *>nno?M prirce For tale low. KI-?(? * BURCHBLL. * ~ l\m?r CiAwalk ?mI T m? ~ worsted goods. X PKN9IVK aMortment of Ladir 'and Chil a rati H^da. Son*aga C^ata, ?loa*a; Sleevea, Hoa#'j,U!o?M, Ao. Ao. Aiao. a larva Itroiw of' aauit:at Wovaud Ku.i<rmdere4 fM'ppera, Leas* Stan is . wtt be ao d o-.eap and at ooa cnoe at No JO Marty spaoe. .WTW* ; , no 12-3W ^ SCHLA1CH A CO. J|OMKMADK UUOT8 ANi> hHOKB, A t V. BO*.I*VTF M 'B, No. Id *a-*?< -rare, ?, . ?. . - hat ??. ,-,.1 ft , ? P^Of, CIA.>Ua, flA?(08,-Nnr Fiaaoe fc.?Aa) wur; eeak. <H?iaerdtook ? tkeae- I or ^atai Wfc. f Z1VRU T i"*b Maaio Depot, oonarr Pa. a* and Kievectij ft pel , | -J EDUCATIONAL. I FASHIONABLE. DANCING ACADBMY, at ^tott'i h all. Conur of Pt. ar ond m% 2"iAProfessor BAHNK?,of N?w York, ?R wiil couimenoe a Dancing School on Wed JfJM i.edv afternoon \r. J , November 3O.U0H Hoar ? 3<.\i;r>ok for misses and masters: and 7 c'clook for gentlemen. Terma, $10 per 4Barter of 34 lesson*. Wr B wiil give a free ex' ibition of his style of daiioirg by hi* prenoat o ui, at the above named hail, on .VlOtiuar ever in*, Nov. 18th, at 7)f o'e'.oek. Pert mof respectability cnly who desire to attend ran procure tioiets ai.d programme! at the ha 1 011 Saturday at.d Monday previous to the exhibition. Pr f Barnes* ?xhiDition at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy S ar \ will be repeated, by request. on Thuredavev ug.Nov. Uth. a.11 are invited to attend. co 11 8i* ___ WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN FKMALK SEMINARY, A Boartmug and Oat School, No. 422 Fst .Ultctsn 6tk and 7tk its., Washington ; end Ao. <51 W'*t n , Oeorretoten. The duties of this Institution were resumed in September, fironlarg mar oe obtained at tt.ed>ook stor s, or by addressing the Prmoipal. seffl ejtf M. J. HaRROVER. Ah M Y SL PP LIES-" ~~ PORTA B' E FORGES, TRAY or CANAL BARROWS, W ii F ELBA K ROWS, TRUCK3, noav* and ight. HOR* . r B\1 L BUCKETS, M KASl'R KS ?jH> >!f I ui* r.S. complete, GRIN DSTONES and FIXTURES. A X K*. PICKS. BATCH GTS, SAWS, AX HANDLEf, PICK HANDi.ES. w ?TT*N or STABLE BROOMS, FORKS, SHOVELS, r r . lie,?, LOG CHAINS, FIFTH CHAINS, HALTER CHAINS, TRACK CHAIN'S, SWINGLE TREES, H ? V l'?, r CORDS, ul nu i COMBS, I-'airH* k"? '"u.orm and Counter and Mar SCALES. BUT., n iv i SCALES, BUTCH h RS' KNIVI-Ss BASKETS. Ao.t Ao, Ac. For a\le at wholesale p-ioes hy J. P. HA ? THOLOW. . Agricultural Warehouse, 55S Seventh at., oo 25? I m-" > hntwpfn Pa av and Canal. O UARTERMASTER GENERAL'S OF W, FI *E. W A?HtNSTONi November 13,1861. Propobals a-e invited for building two Hospitals?onft on Judio.arr Square. Washington, the ?ta"r upon the fa-m known an the tatate of \Vm. J. Stone, on Fourteenth atreet and Boundary atreet, District of Columbia. Proposala nhoald state the time within which the buildinga will be completed and ready for u??. and the o<>*t, including all rostenala and work, and should be aooompanied by the usual guarantoe that the bidder wi.l execute th oontraot if awarded to him. Proposal* will be opened attheoflloeoftheQuarterma;t?r General, nu the 30th November instant, at noon They should be sealed, and plainly endor-e'l "Prop-. a lor Hospitals." and addressed to t'eQan ,term*ster General of the United S a'es. Plan* and specificat'.ona can be seen at the offioe of the QuartsiBn^atrr General. ^ M C. MEIGS, no M Qnartermaater General. M. T. PARKER, CQ ' Louniana av . bet 6'A ana 7tA stt , ?}%J N r?rth Huift (favi"g completed his arrangements, is now read; to attend, even more vigorously than ever, to HOl'SK, SHiN aid ornamkntal PAINTI Ii, in all of its various Branches Harm? peoured tisflservices ot a oorps of excellent workmen. 1 am p-^pa-ed to do Flags and Banners it the best style and on the most reasonab'e terms. no9 eoltn [Kepab.l /J NOT TO BE BEAT. vio Se? the largest assortment of Woolen and \V*orsted (iooj?,o- mpnsing Hoods,Sontags,Coats. C!?atis, Sleeves, H"Siery.*o.,&o. Also, received a iyCof cheap CottoL Hosiery and Worsted Em!>WidereU r-Iirpors, Lamp >taada,Jto. Our motto is but one and die lowest price. No. 414 7th St., between G and H. nol2-3w* F. MUHLINGHAUS. PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER! IPO kezs Prime Goahen Butter juat received and for aale by WALL k. BARNARD, ' Auctioneers and Commisaion Merohanta, no 6 Cor, south aide Pa. av and 9th at. T NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY Will make remmanoea for aoidiem to their families, at places reached by their Express, ataoharg* of St cents for any sum not exoeedle* fify do Kara. Tne mon*y, whether gold or Treaaury notea, ahould b- cnclos *1 in an envelope, and seoorely served, with the fuH address ( noluding town, poat office and State.) of the peraon to whom to be sect, and the amount legibly marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the 36 oenta charge ahoald be prepaid. When facilities lor enveloping and sealing the money in separate p&roels are not at hand in, tne several sums t" bo remitted, that may be ooheote-! by Chap ain- of Regiments, or other volunteering to do this servioe for the aol diers de?irinr to send home their pay, will be received in bulk at any of tee principal olAoes of the Company. These sa' aooompanied with th^Tail address, as above re^uire^. of the persona for whom intended, wi.i be maitted to the respective consigners. at any pla^o in tne ojal States, at the same rate oi change, th-reby waving to the sender the trouble <>r putting in separate paokagea. Suitable b.anga for the a love purpose have been prepared, r.r.d will befurr.isbed, with explanation*, at as; of the offioes oi the Coinpany. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington, Oa .?). 1861. oo?-lm JU&T ARRIVED, di eot from an Eastern Auo u j.ioa Ho js^fiOJjSjiea cheap CARPET. A.?o, 300 wui/i. ? unvpi wuiuu Wfrv UUU|ltl IOW iur Min and will be (Oid at a mail advanoe. Together with a large a?*ortment of Honseies^lng A^Uc^ ?? Furniture Dealer. 499 Seventh it. 00 28-lm* between G and H ?ta EJOB PRINTING. VERY Description of JOB PRINTING required by any b ?djr?oitiaons, oivll functionaries, arrar and n-u-v "ifccers, sutlers, Ao.?eieonted a' tluSTAR Of KICK, id satisfactory style,at low rarrs for Cash. lo 4-if 8~ UTLER8 AND OTHERS IN WANT OF Suspenders, White Cotton Gloves, Buckskin Gl . e-> ai.d Gaun'lets. Woolen Hose, Shirts and Drawers, heaw White and Grey Blanket* of ail sinds; heavy Cloths and Catsimers; h*avy White and Giey Flannel*.will fnd a great stock at WM. R. R LEY A BRO.'B, No 3? Cen ral Storrs, nM5 tot oppo Center Market. f MITLKK8 WANTED. " "*REAT ADVANTAGES to be found by SutH-s. and dealer* n Boots and Shoes, at the? NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCHBBI HOUSE, 34? Pennsylvamaavenue, (oterw ] Jamey'n Shoe Store.) * VQfc We u>\iinfacture our own Goods, and sell at iV'i* Yo'k wrieu, thereby saving freight. Having constantly on hand a Targe ^took. we oan supply at a moment's notice, an? quantity desired. A large a*- ortment of 3 sole HigVout Shoes, and Long-leg Boots. Satlors liberally dealt with. A cal' from al dealers solicited, no 7 1m' WHITE HOUSEA UNCKLES. TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Prussian principle, arranged for sleep- c\ iag or t<> act as anAmhu>ance in oase of*L^TA siokneu or wounds, with ample room for stores ai.d provisions; tig lit, water-proof, and perfectly new. havi'ig been just i>uilt to order by one of tne first makers in New York, ia offered for sale at cost price. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables. Corooran's Lane, behind the Chain House, t>etween 1 and B Stre?t? 70 1 HERE IS SOMETHING YOU WANT 1 at the SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORE, 89 Louisiana Avenue, bet.6th and 7th ata. Best Goods, Lowest Prices, Sntiera Supplied, no 9-lm C- a.nA Medicine for the Army. FRTB'0 V EGETA B LE PAIN CURER. EVERT FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD AL WAYS HAVE A EOTTLE ON HAND. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Internal Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralsia, Burns, Soies, Sprains, Ringworms, Canker, Painters', Dy?entery. Liver Complaint, Piles. Dyspepsia, Chilblains, Kid tier Complaints, Teeihaobe, Headaches, Colds, Coughs, Bruises, Fever and Ague, Cholera, &o. Th? PAIN CURER is entirely vegetable In its composition. ar.d may be used at all tunes with perfect safety. Full direotiens accompany eaon bottle. Manufactured by JOSEPH 8. FRYE. Sum. Mass. For sale by all prin-tpal Dmgcists no 4 1m* t HUBS' HAIR t?TORJ?, 3s tivau on handj or mad* to order at the shortest ODtioe. Hair Work repaired or exchanged. N, B.?Lac lee' Hair Died in the most Datura ?*''? ?IS S?e W TRAVELING TRUNKS. E Offer for sale the largeet assortment TRAVELING TRUNKS to be found res. Carpet Bags, &.o., whloh we are now wlUag IJfn orw ?no^ALX< rrK^H^NS k CO^ o FRFJiCB/t R1CH8TKIN ?iu> and wittTatMottoee; Ensewpee to match. Pe-Me Poofcet Boote of every deoeriptiea. * Jar*???seuTtioset of Stationert. New York Papers received dany, Pap ere from tJWWW ? M They %o rlf ht to tho Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP \ OUR COUGH PURIFY YOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, Ami OOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, OOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, OOOD FOR SINGERS, OOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELI6HTHD WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR 8PALDING'8 THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Conch instantly. They clear the Throat They five atrength and volume to the voice. They impart a delioions aroma to the breath. They are delightful to tiie t&ate. They are made of aimple herba and oannot harm any one. I advise every one who haa a* Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Hreath.or any difficulty of the Throat, to iet a package of my Threat Confeotiona. They will relieve you instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go risht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending public meetings, for stilling yonr Cough or allaying yoir thirst. II yon try one package I am safe in saying that you will ever af terwarda oonaider them indispensible. You will fed them at the Drnggiata and Dealera in Medicines PRICE TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. My aignature ia on eaoh package. All othera are counterfeit. A Package will be aent by mail, prepaid, on re ceipt of Thirty Centa. Addreaa, HENRY C SPALDING, No.4S CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. , NervousHeadache A CURE Jt Jrinfc* Headache. By the MM of these Pills the porlodis ittMki Yntmi or Sitk may b? prevented; an* I taken at the commencement at an attaak Immetlate relief from paired liokneca wlH be obtained. Thoy eeldom fail in removing tke JVmim and Homdmoko to whiek females are so i?bjest. They aet gentlj upon tke bowolar-roatvlag *' Ntwtn. For Litormry Mm, Stmdmtt, Deueate Females, and all persons of itdmtmry ttHii, they are valtable as a Lmn+trr* improving the rrvUti, giving (mm and ?! ' te Ue digestive organa, and re i to ring the natural elasticity and strength the whole eyatem. The CEPHALIC PILLS are tke rwalt of long investigation ?nd oarefally oondaoted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and sufferiHg rom Headache, whether originating in the nonomt ajatem er from a deranged tate of the itommck. Ih*r are entire It vegetable in thetr eompoaltion, and may be taken at all timee with perfect safety srithout making any change of diet, mmd tk* ml mu of se? dtimtrtt+blt i?ji? rmUmt it Hit le UwMtilrr tturn to tkildrm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. & pal ding on eaoh Box. Soid by Druggists and all ether Dealers in Nodi IBM. Be* will be sent by mall prepaid as reselpt PRICE, M CENTS. All eiders should be addrsssod to HENRY 0. BPALDIN9, 4t CiMi SmiTi N?w You. I Mrtm Iks Bmmmimm, Nor/oik, Fa. i Cephalic Pills aooomaUah the ohject for which I ikn vara niua. mat n?? m <?-11 i? 'oniis." Pftm tkt Mammtmir, If*r/?lk, Tm, Vbrrj hare been tested la mere tkM a tlMuaal <UM| with entire aaooeee. J??n tkt Dtmtrtu, St. Oltmd, Mtea. If yon are, or have been troubled w ith tke keadvohr. Mnd r>r a bozt(l> Pills,) so that yei nay u*ve them in oase of anUttaok. IVnn tkt Wttttm A. K. asstis, CUsase. 1U, We bearMly endorse Mr. Spalding, aad kla U1 railed Cephallo Puis. Pram tkt Ssaiksra Pmtk Fimdtr, Iftm OriMM, la Try them ! 70a that are afflieted, and'we are sirs bat yonr unumonj oan be added te tke already "nmeroDi list that has received beneita tkat ae >ther medioine oan produoe. Frtm tkt ffuim, DmttnfrL, JtHL, Mr. Bealdinc would not eonneet kla MUM Willi ui artiole he did not knew to poseeea raaTaerlt. Fttm tkt AdmmtUm, friiMam, ML 1. The Cee hallo Pills are said ta baa remarkably iffeotive iemedy for the headache, and eneefths rery beat for that very fVe*sent eeaplalnt which laa ever been dlaoovered. Frtm tkt 8t. Limit Jiai>?l. Tke immenae demand far tke article (Cephalic f ills) la rapidly Increasing Frtm Iks JTawswka Til* Stmt, Kammmkm, Fa. We are aare that persona ssferias wltk the keadaehe, who try themVwill rt'ok te Sea. JVsm ik* A4**rtittr, Prssidwss. ML J, Ths testimorr in their fever 1a etreac, trea tks aost respeotabfe s sartors. Fr em Iks Dmib fftmt, Jfswpsrl, ML 1, Oephalio 1'illa are taking the plaee of all kinds. IVesi Iks C?mm*rtiml BulUtim, Bttlmt, Mass Said to be very efloaoious for the headaehe. Pre*1 tks Cmsisrnsi, Oiscisssrt, Okie. Buffering humanity oan now be relieved. E7* A sin*is bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will HTI ton timeeUe oo?t tnnuUly. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY1 DISPATCH JET"* a Stitcii iii Tm? Bitu Nm?."-/*n A* aooxlraU will fcaffon-rreo In well recutita) ftmiJiM, it ? T?ry deeimbleto hare mm che*? and^ooBvenient w?y for r?HUrt*f Fa rait?re, Tor* Oroekery, *? SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meets ?J1 moh emergenoiM. *nd no hoiaohold on Ufnnd to bo without it. It M tlvifi re&dy, lad to tho stiokinf point M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." N. B.?A Brotk aooomytaiM Moh Bottle. Pne H MDto. A MENEY O. SPALDING, Mo. 480o4*r etreet. New York. > CAUTION. rALDU?r? ruruuun^i iattsr*?^ "TVBW 1 | DENTISTRY. M TEETH. . LOOM 19, M. D.. the mventoi and pkUstM of th? MINERAL PLATE TEETH, tend a personally at his office .n this oit;MW Man/ pereena nan vmt theee teeth who^?1',SJ eannot wear other*, and ao person can wear otbora who cannot wear theae. Persona calling at mj oflioe oan be accommodated

with any atyleand priee of Teeth thej may desire; bat to those who are particular and wiah the pareat, eleaneat, atrongest, and moat perfect dentore that art can prod use, the MINERAL PLATE will be | more folly warranted. Roomi in thia city?No. S35Pa.avenae,betweea [ tth and 10th ata, Aieo, 907 Aroh atreet, Phi ad el | phia. oo U-ti GAS~PITTING, &c. A . WM T. DOVE * CO. MlRE Now prepared to exeonte any erdera with wtuo^i they may be fiavore-i in the PLVMIilNO, ?AS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. CT Store on tth atreet, a few doora north of Pa, a venae, where may be fomnd a eomalete aaaortv.e&l ef CHANDELIERS anu ether SAB, STEAM aid WATER FIXTURES. ta?-W 1 SNYDER, a PL VMBBR AND ?AS FITTBH. Has removed to the oorner of Twelfth ana F eta. 5a la prepared to introdaoe Water and &aa upon e moat favorable terma, and guarantiee entire aatlafaotion. Hehaa on hand a lot of QOOKINO and other OIUI uq, WU1UII DO Will BOll IMUU Nil, as M wiahee to get rid of them. no 17 i WGA8 FIXTURES. E H \t? in store, aa<i are dai.y reoeiTint, ViS FUTURES o{enUT*\j New Patterns and Desitna ana Finiah, superior in srrie to anything heretofore ffbi *1 in this market. We invite oltizens reneraJ It to tall and examine our stook of Gas ana Water Fix' tree, feeling oontident that we have the best elected stock in Washington. All Work in the above Tine intrxated to ear eare Will be promptly attended to. MYEks * McGHAN. jgarjktf ST8 D street. OFFICE OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER LI OF ?A9 METERS. Wasbitwtow. Jily It, 1W. NOTICE IS HEREBY UIYEN, That, agreeably to the provisions of the ordinance of the Corporation approved May IS. lfifi), the undersigned is now prepared,"whenever reecirert in writing, and en pre-payment of the fee of fifty cents, to inspeot. examine, teet, prove, and aeocrtain the aocuraey of registration or inv gas meter in use in this oify." Every meter, if found incorreot, will be condemned and another, sealed and marked as true, will be eetinit* place. If proved to be aoearaCe in its measiiement of jm, ltwul beeealea acco-amgly, and again pat in position for use. Oflos No, flO Seventh street, (near Odd Fel.ews' Hal!.) Open frorr I a. m., to (p. m. CHARGES W. CUNNINGHAM. jy l?-tf Inspector and Sealer of Gas Meters. #Cvt? Cm(4, Cold, Homrtnutt, / >????, any Irritmtion er Sort nm* nf tkt Tkroai, R?li49* tkt Hat hint Coutk m Co*r*m?titm, Brcmrkitit, Aikm?, t Cmtmrrk, Cltmr mud im ttrtnttk to tht voict 9/ PUBLIC SPEAKERS and SINGERS. Few are aware of the importance of cheoking a Cough or "Common Cold''in its first stage; that vhion in the hegining would yield to a mild remedy, if neglected, soon attacks the Lunss. "J?row*'i Bronck\*l Tro<k$s" containing demuloentingredi nla, allay Pelmonary and Uronohial Irritation. _ "That trouble in my Throat, (for BROWN'S which the "7>oei?*" are a specific) having made me often a mere whiaVROCHE8 perer.A N. P. WILLIS. RKOWN'S " I recommend their aae to PviLie SriAins." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAP1N. "Great servioeinsubduing UoaxsiBR'tWN'S sass." REV. DANIEL WISE. TROCHES Almost lnstact relief in the distressing labor of breathing peculiar BROWN'S t? A?th?A." K " t* REV A c EGGLE8TON. TROCHES " Contaii^no Opium or &srtliisi BROWN'S '????" .? ?R kLSr^ TBUCBLS BBOWN B D* 4' * BUBLSW. TROCHES " Bumwitu." DR. J. V. W. LANE, BIOWN8 Btim ' I have proved tkem excellent for TROCHES Wjeerma Com*," REV. H. W. WARREN. BROWN 8 Bttim, YROCBKP (SK*"" " VROCBE? " KrrwTTU 'n reporxng HoarsefcDd lrrimtlon pftjj, ^hroal, ^ BROWN'S ocl ou bruins and SmaTROCHES M,8?AC Ve^^rV^s. "???* T"aKffi"sii?;. TR0CHE8 " Rreat benefit whan taken before and after preaching, as they sreront BROWN'S Hoareeness. From their pastoffeot, 1 think thOT will be of permanent adTROCHE8 vantage toine. iREV/E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S Preaidont w Ataona College, Tena. "m"" W"cu,t%W&l6mi>:VEK WA" I have one of the beet establishments, and furlishod with a complete set 01 tools for repair- JK. mg every description of fine Watohes, and ^ 8 particular attention five to the sams, by a^K the* -uihoompetent workman .and a. work nine fiS" "T deeorip ion of standard SILVER W1 RE. plain and ornamental, mannikotaredander my own supervision, which my onstomers will find fkr superior in euaiity and finish to northern ware old by dealers in general and represented as ttiatr wn mannfkotnre. H. O. HOOD. ? S Pi. auntie. neerttfc ^UN BOATS Qumrttrmastir Qm*r*Vt OJU*, I W*fMnfton City. JwiyTs, 1?1.| Plai?s and SrzcinctTions for hnl)s of Ron Soats for the Western rivers are on exhibition at is offioe, and at offices of Quartermasters at Pittsburg. Cincinnati, St. Lotus and Alton. Boats to be delivered at Cairo. Bids should be sent to Quartermaster Genera! of the United Statas Army, at Washinfton, by 1st Aurust, at noon. M\ C. MEIGS, jy It Brie. Gen'l and Quartermaster Gen'1. rpO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S WENUIXB HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, TK? Only Reliable and HarmUu Hair Dy* Kno*en. Bold by all Druggists; also, at Bxiirton'i Patent Medicine Store, cp. Patent Offioe, oor. F A 7th, ^ and at Glass's Hair Store, 944 Penn'a avenue, where nm.n Iiatb it abbIimI. ifduiriuf Factor/?81 Barclay at.(iale 233 Broadway) N. Y. o? 3-lv I TNION PAPER AND EN VELOPE8,?TwenU tydifferent atylea or Note and Letter Paper, with Envelopes to match. Viewaof Waahinfton in the form of a Rose, and in Book form; alao, separate All the Dailir aitd Weekly Papera constantly on hand. Herald, Timee, and Tribune received every night at 6 o'olook. Papera from all parta of the country. Beadle'a Dime Novels and Bone Booka. A freah aupply of Books for summer readin?, oheap A larce assortment of Juvemlee? Mayne Reid'a Booka, Rollo Books, Abbott'a Histories, ko. A diaoountof in to so per cent, on all bound booka FRENCH A RICHSTEIN, i ma98 National Hooks tore. dT* Pa. av. ^jUNBOAi-a toi THE WESTERN RIVERS. QuABTBRMASTYa 6hiial'b Of?ici, i W**kingtont Jvn* 17,1861. t PioroaALs are invited for oonatraetinc 6an- { boata upon the Weetern rivera Specifications will be immediately prepared and may be examined at the Quartermaster's O&ce at Cincinnati. Pitiaburgh, and at thia ofioe. Proposals from boat builr era and sn*ine-builderr alone will be considered. Plana submitted by bidders will be taken into eonaideration. M. C. ME1S3, ie 18 Quartermaster general United 8tate W NOTICE. E Beg leave to call the attention of O floors of the Army to our very extenaive assort ment of alio lasses of EQUIPMENTS, and^M especially to an artiole of Mihtarv Rin? la Cloth and Doeskin Cassimere, which we Wtf warrant will retain ita eolor. Oil' assort-" mentof Swords, Hashes, Belt*. Gauntlets. Army Capa(indigo die), snpeiJor Flannel Shirts. LegSigs, Sword Knot*, CAld and l eather Bnglea, oalder Straps, and devioes of a'l deeoriptiocs, is now oomslete, and we are ^11 satisfied that an inspection will prove saU?faotor^in yeprpartiov.**00 ?-lm Merchant Tailors. No.*06 Ps.^sV. METALLIC 101 * Cleaning. relishing, a ad Pr*rutla| Rut. This is superior to all other oils in the world for Se above purposes, aa w*ll as for maohinery and bneating uses. It is e?uaiiy applicable to gancks and sewing machines. It is in high favor at the Government Navy Yards for ordnance and machinery. Prnuif+l p*?ot amd Gtntral A/isty, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penua. avenue, near Eleventh at. ag* t avenae and Eleventh street, has baenVMBW greatly improved reoently and now offntiHU greater lndaaaments for u* patronage or atamans and strangers than any otivsr public ho see In the oitr. his prioee being less tnan Utose of any other jmt^^^eL^.^av^ine^d^^s^ s^co m^odati ? ns TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. Lasding *t.d embarking passengers M Quesnstown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New York Md Philadelphia JHoanjchie Comracy 1 crt^nd dispatching tieir rail powers Clv4e-built iron Steamships M follows: GLASGOW .....Saturday, August ad. CITY OF BALTIMORE, ** M 10U. KANGAROO. M " 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. urn or rtiuct. Firet Cabin #75 Do. to Lor.don _ 80 Do. to Pane tf Do. to Hamburg >6 Steerage ? , i... _ - ^3P Do. to London M Do. to ''I'n a Do. to H umbsrs, .. at Passengers forwarded to Tlavre. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ao , at redaoed through tares. Persons within* to bring oat their meoda ou boy tickets at low ratas. For farther information apely at the Csstains Office. JOHN ,?/daL ^ V/ect, Hroadwav V v Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Exerm Baltimore. r J^^INDIVIDUA^ ENTERPRISE eastern and western shore steamers. "kent," Cast. J. H. Kirwan. pioneerr Capt. W. Norman, Will ran their roatee as follows, leaving Ligat street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'eTock A. KENT?For Cambridge, Denton egd Landings on ChODtank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, retaining every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West River, every TUESDAY aod FRIDAY and returning sa t e days. PIONEER?For St. Michaol'e an<l F.s.?t. D, via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, aiid return the same day. For Annapolis, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Aona^o!iSjWeet River, St. Miehael'sand ni'o. rni(, mrj OfllWft DA V, returning every Monday by same route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Kaetoa Point?. ? f 1 60 Fare to St. ATfohaei's and Milea' Kiver^ round tnp.fl,) ... 1 no Far?to West River, (round trie, 01)?1 SO Fare to Annapoli*(round trie74or>iSU)__ 71 . MEALS EXTRA. (T7Freifht must be prepaid. Wh&rf and Ofioe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden. Baltimore. C. K. CANNON. _ NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,! Calvmt Station, Batimore. Mar 18, >?6l. < Ob and after Sunday. Mar 19th, 1861, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY arrive and depart ae follows. until farther notioe. TRAINS NORTH. MAIL at?H A. M. ? H ARRI^ofee30ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 8.15 A. M. train oonneota at Relay Hoaee with train* on the Weetern Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junction with Hanover and fiettsbarg Railroads; at York with "\ork and Wriglftsvitle Railroad; at Harnsburg with Pennsylvacia Railroad for all parte of the Weet, aleo with Lebannon Valley Railroad to JVm York dtrtct, at North am berland with L and B. Hailroad for Kingston and all parta of Wyooming Valley,.and atSanbary with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad for all parta Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.30 P. M train makes all the above connections except Hanover Railroad, Wrightaville Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. The 8 P. M train makes connections with Pennsylvania Railroad for all parts of the West, and direct connects for New York. TRAINS ARRITM. Mail at 6 in p. MExpress at A. M.; Harrieburg Accommodation at P. M. For Tickets and information inquire at the Ticket OAoe, Calvert Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK.Supt. LEAVE PHILADt LPHLA FOR nkw v?B*The Camden and Am boy and Philadelphia and Trenton Railroad Companies' Line Irom 'HILADELPHlA TO NEWYORKANI WAY PLACES, from WALNUT STREET VHAHF AND KENSINGTON DEPOT, will leai e as lol lows: At? A. M , via Camden and Am boy. (C. and A. Aeoomrao-latico.) At ( A. M., via Camden and Jersey City,(It. J. A 3ooir.moC?,t!on.) At t A, M.. via. P.RmHftn Jii Hi*w - M? ? "iqcTurD At nH A. M., via Kensington and Jsrsry City, (WW tern Express ) At 1SK P. M., via Camden and Amboy,( AceommoAttV.'ti., via Camden and Am boy, (C- aad A. Exit ess.) At *& f. M., ria Kensington aad Jersey City, (Eveaing Express.) At 4X P. M., Yla Kensington and Jersey City, (Second Cnass Ticket.) At! P. M., TiaCamden and Jereey City, (Evening Mail.) At llig P. M.i via Camden and Jersey City,(8outhi ern Mail.) Att P. M., na Camden and Amtxsy, (Aooommodation, freight and passenger, First Class Ticket.) Second Class Ticket. The (P.M. Mail Train rans daily. The lUf P. M. Mail, Saturday* excepted For Belvidere, Kaaton, Lambertvtlle, Flenungtoc, Ac., at A. M.;anaiX P M* from KesI r^V^ater Oat, *trond?borc,P?ran?on,WllkS8 barre, Montroee, (treat Bend, Ao? at 7.10 A.M., I from Reaaington, via Delaware, Laokawanna and vV'eaWn Railroad. For M*Q?h Chunk, Ai;?ntowr. and Bethlehem,at 7.10 A.M. end ftX P. M.. froin Ksnaington depot; the7.10 A. M. ii*e ootceots with the train leaving Eaatoa at 19t P. M. For Mount Hoiij at and A- M. and I and 4H I For Freehold at I A. M and t P. M. For Bristol, Trentox. Ac., at 7.10 A. M., and *X P. M. from KenaiLgton, and IX P. M from . Walnut atreet wharE For Palmyra Riverton, Dslanoo, Beverly. Bar*<5< and 5 p^y0*00' Borasntown, Ao., at OJK, 1, wharf. ID* For New York and Way Linse, iearing | Kensington Depot, take the oars on Fifth street, above, half an honr before departure. The oara run inti the depot, and on arrival oftrain ran fruia the de^ot. Hfty pounda of baggage only allowed to each passenger. Passengers are prohibited from caking . anything as baggage bst their wearmg apper*; All bagcage over fifty pounds to be said for ! extra. The oompany limit their reaponirfility for baggage to one ?ol ar per pocud, and will not be I I table Tor any amount beyond ons hundred dollars, exoept by apecial ooe tract. WM. H. 8ATZMKR, Agsst. t^^?NEW YOhK, HARLEM AND IBHBK ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAViNS new foK^ FOK nuwnti r i a i%v> i iivii An any ttloIi I 8GMMER ARRANGEMENT Commencing Monday, May **tn, 1^61. For At-any?11:00 a. m. nit ei^rtu train from ' tKh street. For Dover Plain#?4:00 p. m. stopping at White 1 Plains and stations north to Dover plain*?from Mth street station. j (This train will ran to Millerton every Saturday 1 For^roton Falls?1:11 a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordham from 9B?h street atation. For W hite P Am*?240, 4:10 and fcOn p. m. atop ! pint at all atationa from 26th street atation. ; For White Plains?6:A p. m. stopping at all stations from White street station. For Williams Bridge?TAn, 11:15 a. m. and 140 p. m- stopping at all stations from nth street station. Returning will leave? I Albany?a. m. fast express train. I Dover Plains-5-30 a. m. (Thi* train leaves Mil lerton every Monday morning at 5 a. m.) Croton Falls?6 a. m. White Plains?& 10,7:00 a. m. 4:10 k, 7:00 p.m. Williams Bridge >40,9.-00 a. m. A fcoo p. m. Sunday trains will leave 4th Avenue oorner 22d street, for Central Park, Yorkville, Harlem aad High Bridge every few minutes, from 9.-00 a. m. to 7:00p m. JOHN BURCHlLL, Asst. gep't t^^nNEW YORK AND ERIK RAIL Passenger Trains leave via PavoI nia Ferry and l?ng Look, from foot of Chambers street. New York.ea follows, via: 7.00 a. m , EXPRESS.for founkirk,aad Buffalo, and principal intermediate Stations. 8.On a. m .MAIL, for Dnnkiri, and intermediate Btatione?Tats Train remains over night at Elmira, and erooeeds the next morning. 8.00a m.. MILK daily, for Otosville, aad later11.00 a. 'accomn IODATION, daily, for Fart the Train of Saturday stop, at all MailTrain 6 00 p. m.. A.CCOM M*OD ATltfti Jar Horneevills, and priaoipai Stations CHA9 MINOT, Veal Sept. NATHANIEL MARSH. Reoelvr. QftQ ~ 19HNSON * NA6LE, "OUQ [ No. 9S? Pan hstlvahia a v sire a, ?o?7 Between Ninth and Tenth sta.. south side, CHAM PAG NES^eTH^fiumnT, Piper Heidsiek, Moet A Chandon. Baliinger A Co., Carber A n i-i? -A - ?Ck <?unt| Dh MwpDti VAW#MO| t fcl tb? ouk or doien. . . HOCK W1NE8?D?idMb?raMr, Jo^MBMbarsar, BR AN DY^Whjbky', &in. rort, Hherry, Mtdvirt, ci<]t&VHSiXi* Dot?tic, of UM ObolOMt I brmon. W mil th? >?eot&i Attention of B?tUr*,EMtMmata brrmatioai.T MM. PRESERVES, JftUiw. to .Almowls, NuU, ttiCHK BSE ft LuiiUrnW{H>nC?ttln); 111, wo^cg?T1ivsa%,k^f?h^?>:c',"i 0l?v?7 dMOTlotion, PopMr MHIHTaHR br tb* g* on or doan. f il o* vuw wo omm at tfe* lovoat pooublo t HABL* an .yj?y.N'pg.?ycogp.ttA_wp ** ? D-PMMto' M *:**rrt ors i ^ aakiaftoa ?Mt M. N FALLS. Prw'X SSJ?$S$fL lAMrKJSASMI is i??S3a Dfot aaaiimm ?a*dag)M foi-m-Tw; BAYS?t?4A P. (Coaly. All trataa mmI via v York train* ezoept ?4I P. M trui oi Batvr. tor*. A Froiibt Train witk >M?iMir oar amahad !mtni(i p. M . a topping at all Suationa bttVM Bfctimoraacd H%?re d?-6r*o*. Pm?at*n for Detawnra ard tb* Ewtn Pbora ?rf Ma? and will fad tbamoat ro*U by w?yof wileuegtomfry All Colored PmoDi maat fi?? bond bafora ente.-iLi theotra. WM. CIAWFOID, Ami kk railroad ?u a*it ronk *5; lenssT- vssra .,. .?*.. At 7.M am At 7 as a a 1100- 6.M f m 11JS ' U*9m tJ? f m IMfM Montreal and BaffaJo Train with al?ea:ng ?art. 9.'5 ? m 1 46 p Connect:re at Albany with tba New York C?a trai Railroad for Schaat^tady.jLoebwtor.yMoa Baiavia, Rome, and ?iationi on Roma and w a tartown Railr' ari. Raffalo. Bymouaa. Nia*a?a Falta, 8u?pen?i"u Bridge. Aabnrr.. Q?>m.CaMB4?na Tmina ia ooanaction leave Bi;!*aJo aao Pa?p*n aion via Laka Hhora. Buffalo ai>c i aka Uaroa and gat Western Railroad. for Hamilton. Toronto, rpit, Chicago, Toledo.Mitwaukie, Fon Da Lac, tJroaae, Madiaon. Prairie Da Cnien, Gama, lieith, Dnbuqee, Peoria. Book lelaod, Meeeabne, Iowa City, BarWaaton, Qaicor, Sprint fceid, Alton, St. Louie, Cairo,Terre Haute. lrxf aineo la. Loaiarille, CiDOicnati. 1 at ton, Colnaibaa, Cleveland, and al! pointa W eat, Northwest and SouthW*"L NORTHERN ROUTE. Connecting with Trama at 1 ro?, with Troy ft Boeton and Rena k. Saratoga V oada for Saratoga, Whitehall, Rntlaud, Burlington, ft. Aihaaa. Roeee Point, Platt*bargh, Ogdenabargh, Montreal, he., Ae ITT Freight Arrangement* by thi* rente ae above. without ohange of Care, from the l?epot* la Chamber* and canal atreeta. are at all ttaee aa favorable aa made by other Railroad Compare* The facilities ofthia great New York K -ote, *e th? Weet commend it to the oor of meiohant* an 1 ahippere 'or promptneea and diapatch Paeeenger traina. with aad 8ie#pir? Carajan in oonnection on the New York Central For parti oulara a* to looal train* aad freight ar racgemenu, inquire at the deaoL 66 Warraa *t. A. F. SMITH, Bapennt?dent. U. 8 GOVERNMENT LINE FORT MONROE AND OLD Leave* the lower 'dO^L Bait* more, weal aide. DAILY, (Snndava itc uded.tat Oi o'clock P. M tak;i.? paeeeucer* aad feight.aM oonneoting with the Railroad and from Wa*hmg?on. D. C., Philadelphia, New York, Boa ton, York, Ham?i nrg, Pitteborc, Pa . aad the West, immediately after the arrive of the Savon* Train from New Yoik aud Phi aoe.Mi.a The following i* the Schedn.e: From New York to Fort Monroe aad back.. (14 From Phi.adelph'aand hack. ii* From Baltinioreand back _ .... )i ICTPROCURK YOUR TICRETS^fl In New the New Jereey Railroad Oftoe foot of Conrtlai d etreet. In Phi adelfhia. at the Company'* oftee, N. W. aomer of Sixth and Chestnut street*. or at the Depot. Broad and Prime atreeta. In Baltimore, ob board the Steamers. foot of Union Dock. HUGH QCONNER, . Paeeenger Ageat. FOR BOSTON VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. BAY STATE, and STAT^OF MAINE, ofgreai strength and aaeod, bat particularly adapted to the navigation of Loci Ia.anc Son od, running in eonDec Hon with the Fall River and Old Colony RailroA/1, fliRtRBAA nf M noilM A?l? ippMS p A-fcaSVi TRTrV,Caafc. BroWB. ? Taesdaya. Thursdays, aod Saturdays, at 4 o'afoak P.M.. toaomn* aft Nrwfort eacf. way. These Hteauoere are Atiec with oommodloas tats rooms, and every antaren.ect for usssoarT tr and oomfort ot passengers. who are afforded lj iba roatea mi LtiTreet on board, and on arrival at Fall Elver jrooocc per Steamboat Train.reaohun Ho?torj early the follow li morning : or may remain on board an til starting of ths AsoommoaatioB at A. M., by vfciah thsy may rsaoh Boston aboat 8.44 A.M. A baime master is attached to eaob ateamer, who receivee and tmkets tkr haggags. aad aooomparnes the aame to lta destination. A ateamer run a in oonneetion with thta Line be tweec Fall River and Providence daily, exoett Freight to Bostoa la forwasded through with great dup&toh by ao Express Train, whioh leaves Fall Kiver every morning, Sundays 714 o'olook for Bofton and New Bedford, amvia* at ita OMiinaUun at aboat 11 A M For freight or ya*"ac?t asyly on board, or at tha ofioe on Pier No. S North Rivor. For a tats rooms aad berth* apply on board, or u desired to seoara them madvanoe, to WM. BORDEN, Ag't 70 and 71 W est street, N. Y. jr?k THE Rtbl LAR MAIL LINK eRoft?N, 8TONlSbJON ^ ^and PROVIDENCE, FUR BOS TON?Inland Rout^-Tbe ?tortest and most m rsot?Carry the Eaatert Maul. Beer? a^c'o&Vo*'^ ^ALT^di^l. \S" Williams, In oocnection Witt the Stor.itgtot a&d Providenoe.aDd Bos'onaad Prcr.cercf Ka. roact, earing New York daily, 8utdeT? excepted, from par wo It Nortt R iver, at t o'clock P.M., aod 6roton at 8jo o'oloes f. M.. or oa the arnmU of Monday, Wednesday, aad Friday. From roton?Ta*eda*. Thursday, aad Batardar. The COMMONWEALTH, from _Nsw York** 4mm Passengsra from^Groton proceed |ar railroad t^ Viviiuouur WH uwvuui m mw Mfm Hill run, reaching Mid p:soa in advaaoe of those by other roate?. ud 1 c mm > 1 h? tor t.! Ike early Momiti L;coi ckchculi North and KmL fusencers that prefer it, remain on board the tenner, enjoy a r. jnu'reet ccd itsrbed. breakfast if desired, and leave Wrutot la the 114 aTm. Trsip, oonneoUnc at Provideaoe with the 1 ?D ^wel!rwhi?i4M* to Newport, Fifty eeate. ban axe master aooompaniee the Stealer end Tram each way. For Paaeace, Berths, State Room, or Frelcht, M?ly on board th* steamer, or at the FreiiM Offloe, Pier U North River, or at the Oftoe of the i>Tr,j?cj,No. 114 W eat et'eet.oomer of Cortland atreel. New Yerk, PXKm HUDSON RIVER RAILROAD? For ALBANY AND TROY.COKNECT1NG with TRAINS NORTH And WEST, Train* esve: From Chan:tiers at. N.Y. From rth street. Express, 7 sr.a 11 a. m, 7.26,11.25 a. m., and IM and IJX and 5 p. m. 546 y m. Ttoy and Albany (With 10.46 p.m., (Baadays iasleeping oar) 10,15 p. m eladed.) roucEkeeesis tram 6, a ? ? s. m.. and 1 ,?C y. as. m , l.M p. m Keekskill train,4J?p m 4.2S y m. inc Siiif train,?.<*> a m . 9Jt a. m., and 4JI and and ? sflacd 8.uo s. m. tJ6 p. m. am n i. v&ANuan, OFTICIAM TO^HKJh^S[VglfT AND MIL 44 P?ea*aav.,taoith aide,) bet. 12th and 14th sta. SPECTACLES, yro^ded with foaaiae Roek ii* ?SW SM ' PIE8T KmhImJUBQ CLAM MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, HloroMoyM, cctmiiiii, u4 Mitk??nwl la itmneato, Utki lovost KXiri fTMM. ?M FKBNCH gor^ooat mot um r?fbIbt ritiiT pnoaB.?la ? 1 M* adiboa of Hard**'* lifcitry u< Rift* 'To Allan' Comaeooiua of flBraaa'a Timm, IN MaSta" /rauTwtiVd ti ouai Oatpoat, aaah ? ista?l*Book^or Mm U.S. SoMifr.aaiat .1 trat boj* of matraoUoo to tt? U. ft. In&afrj to*cL^ajar-" - * Kac?, BM|W ?* o4ITWT ilMrtyW" ter^4?^7u'j^VbisaflBS: wjtawutt^ <0 Bm ti Bay ataoata. ?r "*'* %t ^ KlMnA*BPlPP?|lJ oe a Coraar I Bill ? and V*nr.of >? R^fcaiyfcw^T BO M 41