Newspaper of Evening Star, November 22, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 22, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Ot Emit Dmcetptio* Executed with nentnemand dispatch on appllcatlon at the STAR OFFICE, At the Lowest Caah Prices Satisfaction guarantied. notl-tf LOCAL NEWS. ~ CT Though Tm? 6tjli la printed on the faateet steam press In bm south of Baltimore, Ita edition la ?o large aa to require It to he put to prese at an early hoar: Advtrtununts, therefore, ahould be aeot In before It o'clock ; otherwlae they may lay not appear until the next day. A Ooob Bcsisbss Opikiko ?The remarkable demand for the work of carta that has lately arisen Is thla elty has resulted In doubling the ratea charged previously for carting. The acarclty of carta has alao produced much of the delay and Increased cost of getting cosl snd wood in Washington upon railroad. Thoss baring the rooney at command could not Invest It more profltably just now than In the business of carting. Five nundred more public carls might esally find su Sclent employment here for a year hence, at high ratea. Ob at hi or SoLorBBs.?The following soldiers died yesterday _ ^ , 1 a. monau, company v/, ninw?.dlana volunteers, at the Eruptive Fever Hospital. John Ron. a blacksmith in the Quartermaster's Department, at the Eruptive Fever Hospital. Pnvste Seth Worth, of comptny J, Harris' Cavalry and mualclsn Geo. Riding, of the wst rcglm-nt, died to-day (Nov H) of Typhoid Fever nt Columbian College Hospital. Fcbbbal ob an Ofticie.?The funeral of Lieut Col Gerber, who died of the injuries inflicted upon him by the bands of a band of rowdies a few nights since, took place from near the corner of 4)^ street and Pennsylvania avenue yesterday afternoon His remains were followed by tne Camei on Rifles, with a full band of music, earthing with reversed arms, and by a great snany officers of other regiments, mounted and In carriages. Cx.vtbal Gttabd Hocsk Casis?Before Justice Walter ?Harrison Denby, colored, drunk; fined 9100 Geo Chadsey, drunk; fined S2 94 Wm. Thomas, colored, larceny; retained for a hearing. M Sewn, fl<htl..g; fined ?1 94 W.H Wlllard, Vghttng; dismissed T C. Buchanan, drunk and disorderly; fined t3 94 James McGraw, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Wm. Goodyer, drunk; fined fl 58. Alonzo G W. Bruce, drank; fined S2 000. Geo. Kelsey, drunk; turned over to the military. Chrs. Park, drunk; turned over to the military. Edward Davy, drunk; dismissed. Salmon Joseph, drunk and disorderly; fined <5 00 H. Lues, drunk and disorderly; fined S'J 94. Henrietta Banks, drunk and out after hours; work-house 30 days. Arthur Mullen, attempt at houae-br?aklng; work-house 9u days. Of the prisoners, five were brought in by the second ward patrolman; three by the third ward; seven by the fourth ward; and one by the nevtifth ward patrolmen. The number of lodgers is steadily increasing; last night ten were accommodated. Aanvsn?George Henderson, who was arrest* *4 in Baltimore on suspicion of being connected with the killing of Lieut. Col. von Urrber, wm brought to thin city last night and delivered Into the custody of the Provost Guard, and confled in the 13th street prison. He will no doubt be turned over to the civil authorities. Lost Child Rbstobbd?John Francis Vesny, * child of aiz years, wa? taken to the Central Oaurd-bouse la*t night bv a citizen. The paTents were soon famd by the patrolmen, and the child restored to them. Ail lost children should be taken to the station houses, ttat the patrolmen might be notified. It would save a great deal of trouble and anxiety. Pakid* ?On yesterday the Washington Light Guard, one of tbe uniformed volunteer corps at. Uched to tbe District militia, commanded by Capt. Marks, appeared upon tbe avenue, accompanied by a fine brass band and martial music. They attracted much attention as they marched through the principal streets of the city. The company was organized In the sixth ward. pwllt Committed ?Last night the three colored men, Hall, Stsw and Woodley, who were arrested for the robbery of Perry & Bro's Store, and committed to jail for a further bearing, were brought oat for examlnatisn before Jastice d jwq. Tbe evidence ftally justified the suspicion, an 4 they were committed for trial at the Criminal Coort. CoeitTSKVBiT Bank Notbs.? Never before were so many counterfeits afloat In this city as at present. Dally multitudes of them are presented at tbe bank counters of Washington by their customers, on whom tbey have been Imposed by harpers. Look out! look oat! Cibcuit coffzt. ?The eonrt met yesterday morning but adjourned over until Monday In coaseqaence of tbe death of the mother of one of the J* rets. Sitrin* or tie U 8. Distbict Covbt ?The United States District court will meet In this city oa Monday next. Cadtbbkbt Hall, with lta well known fhvorltes, successfully progresses amid the post of imuiemen i institutions t.ere, determined to be ootdone by none in the way of attraction*. Look cut for something rich to-night. Thb 8bnsation excited by the opening of King's National Circus, so fer from snbsldirg, seems on the Increase, and almost everybody Is rushing to witness the feats of the dashing equestrienne, Ella Zoyara Dont delay a visit to thla unrivalled troupe. Remember the matinee tomorrow afternoon. Obd FBLLowa Hall.?To-night the courteoua treasurer of the Campbella, Mr O. 1. Church, takea his benefit, and will doubtlest have a bumper Among the good things of the performance will be the burlesque opera of '* Oh Hush," and also the gentleman who brings the most ladles will be tie fortunate recipient of a beautiful watch. Bkbxann, the great magician, Is about to conelude hia engagement in tbla city, and those who bays foiled to *ee him will doubtless avail themselves of these Isst opportunities. To-night tbe diplomatic corps will, It is understood, be largely represented at tbe tbester. Yesterday morning tbe magician, accompanied by Mr. Russell, tbe London Txnui correspondent, snd other distinguished parties, visited the Center market for the purpoee of a little amusement In Hermann'a own way In a short time be bsd the market in a hub-bub of wonderment, as he went about from stand to stand eliminating coin from fruit and eggs, making dead rabbits iump, and wringing ute necks of chickena, only > make them whole again Great la Hermann ! bxb advbbtisbms5t of bouae, with four rooms, In Washington or Georgetown, wanted in another column. Attention la called to the reward offered elsewhere for tbe recovery of a horse Attention Is called to tbe notice elsewhere of a gold watch loet, between the Smithsonian and tbe corner of Tenth aad E streeta. W UTiHcaaT, 434 Pa. av., la furnishiag likenesses of prominent men, Including Gens. Scott, McClelland, (from recent sitting.) Butler, Bsnks, Fremont, Anderson, Wool and otbera. Every description of likenesses, from miniature to lifesue. see his card photographs for sending in lectori oo Jl-eolm* india kubbbb ulanzbts. y*w U mar Tiwu to Jtmy. MM Robber B.anketa, 7 feet loaf, 4 feet Wide, at ikiikMi, footlcac, 3 fMt wide, at 1 ftr kStbir Ulukttiud Poaoko oombined, for JUTS*. Ru66m WmrtA?Mj4, sos Pi.itnii, bttvMi Ha aad 10th at a. no It? CoThe eaddea ohaagee of oai ollmale w* aoaroee of Pulmonary, Ji'vtutt*. *o<i i/KiMw. Kif?ri9DO? nanaf proved that ample roaiedlea often aot afaeaily tu oortainly when tak-a m the early ataiM or the dietaaa.rooonroo aho.i.u \t once be tod to ** B'oymrt 'freaaiiaf TVeeAar. or Loaenceo, lot tho Co d, Con?h, or lrntabos of tho Tnroat bo eror eo alijht, aa by tltfa aroeantioaaBOreeorioaeaitaoknay boeffectua j warded oC Pi^/u SNewiaodSeuye will und tkra tfwml for oloariac aad etroajthoaia* tho to to' Bee adrorti ewiit del-ly Norioa.?Bewaro of ooaotorfoita aad anerinei?l d eater a oadjarortof to dtepooo of ihelr own otter artioioo on the re? elation attained by wU*Wt Extract Bmckm, a foeitire aad e*eoiie remedy for dJooaaoo of tho Bladder, Kidney a. Gra ot, D'opey, Ao , Ao., Ao. Aek for Relittbold a. Taieaoothor. See adTortiooawat us aaothor ool aaa. ee M g O L D I K R y PAY. TBB ADAMS EXPRBBM COMPANY will forward eoklor'a roaairaaeee to Uelr faailfoe, at au piaoo on the liaee of tAoir Kxpreoe, at a oharfe oftwonty ire eenta lor aay earn aot exooodiai iftr do!.are;aad a proportionate additional oharc? to piaooe rtaehed by ooaaectiac Btpraaeaa The a?iy, whether 9?U er TVaeai > aecw, a boa la m oaolooed ia aa envelope and eeoarely pealed .and kav? the fall *ddroee I taola<uar tow a, Po?t ORoe aad State; aad ia eitiee, tho atreot aad aaaber, of the pereoa to wfco* to be root, aad the aaaoaal 0J&?0*- ,or M" To fooilitate >rjapt daliwy, tho oharfo for ro Bittaaoe COMPANY. Waaaiaeroa. Not- 11.1*41. a? IVKM if ]\Jfc.W pLOAMB AND NEW SB AW 14 i pbrry a broth kb, >?M f?.a*^?Bd?U rtvaot, MAHKIKD On the l?h ef Nor?mh?r, bj 'he Krr 8tmo?l D. fineke', JOSIAH K. BAILEY of Baltimore, to i LAVltflA 8. HURDLE, of this oity. (Balto. Son and Phils. Ledger pleese oopy ] ' la thia city, on the ll?t instant. by th? Rw Mr. FiaokeL JOHN MMES, of Baltimore, to Mim MARSBLES 6. JOHNSON, of St. Mtry'i oounAMUSEMENTS. GO BEE TBE OPERA OF OH, HUSH! TO NIGHT. GEO. F. CHURCH'S BENEFIT! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! 1t_ f \DD FELLOWS' HALL! \J mTHNra, ABOTK D ST. IMMENSE SUCCESS _ of the OONCERTO^U^EtTO^ONCERTS! CAMPBKL^ WIN*TRKJ.K. *0 PRESENTS GIVEN AWAY! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY N 'GHT ! Chant* of Programme Nightly ! Look oat for HE CANT-DIOEs?T A-TATER ! WEDNESDAY EVENING, Nor. J|th.1?l, BENEFIT OFCHARLES DUPONT! Wednesday Evening,Nor. 28th, New Attraetiona, Door? open ?t 7; oommenoing at o'olook. Admission 28 oente. no 18-M pANTERBURY HALL, (Wa.hir.toh A7, RSXlLY Rooms,) Louisiana arenas, nrar oorrer of Sixth its., is the rear of th? Nation*! and Brom'i Hotels. ? OPEN ETER Y NIGHT. E*ti*i Chan?* of Pao?aAicxs! ^ THE GREAT WRAY To-night at the Canterbary, in his (eat* of Pytttiditilttion?in his Comio Songs?in his Or tat Banjo Solo. With the First Talent in Araarioa, FRANK RROWER! ? FRANK BROWKR ! The ohief impersonator of the Happy Darkey for the past fifteen years The oncinator of the style of delineation known as the Philadelphia Nigger. Who has not seen nim Who does not remember him in oanneotion with the Sehle Lights. Jem Sanf)rd. Eph Horn. Luke West, and others?his own name stnndinc firtt in popular estimation? To see Frank Brower, fs to see the aotual natural eooer.trioitiea < f the Nig., and not to hear stale criticism and oonnadrurni of the v4?(? man blacked. To-night DAMON AND JPYTHIA8' HE WOULD UK A BKiGNOLI! HMRMAN! FRA^K BROWER at the Canterbury. DICK BARKER (Funny Diek>at the Canterbury. HARRY FOX at the Canterbury. WILLIAM HARRISON.whomake?asong about you a^d sings it to your race, at the Canterbury. Misa Julia Hudson. t*>e beautiful Songstrots; M'Ue Frank la Folle, Mi?? Emma Mi<es, Misses Willis, Vernon, P& k^r, Clifton,and numerous others, at tne Canterbury. Aimii?ion-Parquet,? centa: Parterre 15 oent*. Doors open at?; oummenos at7)4 o'clock, nl8 tf QREAT BILL TO-NIGHT ODD FELLOWS' WALL I OEO. F. CHURCH'S BENEFIT' It y yy A8HINGT O N THEATER. TH'** iFrdayT"F.VENING, THIS (Friday) EVfcNlNG, LA^T HIOHT PUT ONE' LAST NIOMT BUT ONE! THE GREAT ?KKST1D>6ITA1'EUH? HERRMANN. The manager respeofal y oal's the attention of the public to th appeiranoe in Washington of MONSIEUR HERRMANN, who is universally e*ognized as the greatest living PRESTIDfGITATKUR. and whose performances at the prinoipal opera house* in Eu-ope have been muounced the most wonderful in their pecul-ar line. The performances of HERRMANN are entirely original and novel, the distinguishing feature being the ENTIRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, All the effect#heme solely producer by EXTRAORDINARY MANUAL SKILL. The programme wil! ?on>prne TWELVE PIECES, fN tWO PARTS. inoludi"< the oelebrated DOURLH VUK. By Mr. HERRMANN and his brother ALEX ANDER. During the intervals of Herr^e^n'* Programme, A GRAND CONCERT BY TBI FULL ORCHESTRA. Private boxes Sin; o'c^enter ohairs $'.90; dr??s oirole.fl; parterre 91; parquet 6ft cents. nov2i A FINE GOLD LEVER WAT'/H to begiven to the gentle nan bringing the laige?t number of ltdirs to Church's Benefit, at ODD FEl?LOWS' HALL TO-NIGHT. lt_ RATIONAL CIRCUS! Tom Klnr _ I &?<; c-ii?u?fmKbiniri?M' SmSS of the 8rccxs?rvL Siason. First Appeiranoe of the Great ELLA Z O V A R A , TOM KING, And all the Stars. Ladiee and ffcmily PJf^ej^iU^lease Dot forget the On MONDAY, WKDSSSDAY # SATURDAY. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Real ELLA ZOYARA. who created suoh a furore in the United States aiter her debut at Niblo's Gardens, is engaged but fur a limited number of nights. Parties, therefore, had better secure place* in ad vanoe. nov 18 pENSION OFFICE, Jem 6th, 1061. TO ALL WHOMTFMAY CONCERN. App'.ioation having been made under tee act of X3d June, I860, for the reissue of the Land Warranu described herein, which are alleged to have been lost or destrored, notice is hereby given, that at the date following the description of each war rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, wili be issued, if no valid objection shall then appear No 41 9?, for ISO acres, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1856. in the name of Jamee Pray, and granted on the 21st day of Maroh, 18C1 ?No-.ember 2a, laei. No. K *?, for 160 aore>, issned under the aot of Maroh 1856, in the name of wil'ism M , Julias C. a., and John D. 8., minor ohi.dren of Irwin Bagget, deceased, and gr.ited on the Mth day of May, 1866.?November23, 861. No 44,818. tor 8u acres, issued under the aot of Ma^ch,18(6, in the name of Getty, widow of Thomas Elwood.aad g. anted the 19th day of January, 1887.?November 25,1861 No. 75 3*? t or 160 acres, issued under the aot of Maroh, 1856, in the came of Alexander Moi ullough, aud granted on the 8th day of January, 1868.?November 23.1881. No. 8,068, for 100 aoree, issued under the act of Maroh, 18U, in the name of Alexander MoQuain, and granted on the 12th day of Ootober, 1866.?November 30 1861. No. 9,768. for 130 aores. isiu*l under tae aot of March. 1856, in the name ol Darnel West, and Kkntea on the 14th day of July, 1856.?December 7, L No. CT.9A. for 100 aoree, issued under the aot of Mureh. 18^6, in the name of Hannah, widow of Jamee w ilson, and granted on the Xsth day of February. 1857 ? Deoember 30,1881. no. hjdv, lor r#> torgi, i>ts?a unaer uic sot or M*ron. 1856. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Mallot, and grafted on the 1Mb day of April, 1866 ? Decern bar J MS61. No. 3jna. for 16? aoree. issued undsr the not of Mwoh, 1856, in tbe name of Samuel R. Jaokway and granted on the let day of Augu?t. 1865. No. 3 104, for 160 aores, isaued undo' the aot of. Maroh, 1856. in the name of William H Tarracoe, and granted on tne 13tb day of July, 1856.-Deoem ber 21, 1M1. No 14346, for 80 aires, iaaued under the aot of September- '850, in Ae name of l?evi Tread well, ar3 granted Sep ember 39th, 1861. No 31,003, for 40 aoree. laaued under the eame aot, la the name of Abel Platta, and granted November *8th. 1851? December 38.1061. No 73 3M (or 160 aoree, iaeued under the aot of Maroh. 185>, in the name of Thomaa Johnson, and granted on tne #th day of September, '867.?January 4,1883. no. 43,216, for 80 aoree. issued under the aot of Maroh, 1866, m the name of Folly, widow of John Camp, and granted on the 3Sd day of September, 1A5S.?January 4,1883. No. 33.428, tor 1?> aoree. issued under the aot of Maroh. 1856, in the name of William Soott, and waa granted on the lat day of May, 1856.?January 11, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e It-law Commiaaioner. HIS IS TO 61 VE NOTICE. That the ubeoriber bath obtained from the Orphan'e Coart of Washington County, in the Dietriot of Colunb a,letteraof anminiatrauos on the peraonal estate oi Martha (alias Pauet) Hutohina, late of Washington courty, deceased. Alt persons having olatme against the said deoeasea are hereby warned to exhibit the eame, with the vouohers thereof, to the subaoribtr, on or before the eeoond day of November next; they mar otherwise by law be exoladed from ail beneft of the said estate. Oiven under my hand this second day of November, 138?. CEO. WTHARkMfiSS, no4-law3w* Administratrix. HIS 18 TO OIVK. NOTICE. That the subseriber hath obtained from the Orphan's goartof Washington Coanty, in the Dtstriot of olambia, letters tesrasaeutarr on the personal eetate cf Ann Nash, late of Washington ooanty, deoeaeeu AH pereoae having elaims against the eaid deoeased are hereby warned to exhibit the aa*a. with the voaehere thereof, to the sut??criber, on or balore the foertaeath day of November aaxt; they m; othennw by lav be exoladed from ? ii <.? _? BiMStnr. 59 59 North Bide, H?n"g oompitt^d hi* ?rr?ngem?nU. it bow ra*dy to att??4, im more viroruutlr uiaa over, to HOU8K, 81 ON ud ORNAMENTAL PAINTING, IbbII of iU wioua Drancbe* Having aaoarrd ! th? MrTtoM ol a oorja Of exoallant workman, 1 am irtftrtd to do flHi im Banaora It U* boot itjn ; tad oi tk? amt r?*oub ? tnai. ; aoHola [Rayah.] I CW>A"! CLOAKS? 0L0A":! I Wo bar* jaat raootrod from Philadelphia a boM> Ufa I aaaortraentof the rorrl toat rtjlaa WPNTKR I BLACK CLOTH CLOA1C9. to vbieh * Invite no I Ml Opyoaita Caaiar Market. IiQgT AJTD FOUND. TWO COWS ESTRAY?Poind trespass in* on my premises, near the Anacoitia^gtait Brirge?one dark red, the otner red end white; both horned. The owners willfck please oome forward, prove properly, pay oharjea. ard take them away. no >1 St- JOHN DOUG LA3. QC REWARD?Lost, on the l?th instant a Vheavy, open-worked pair of cold EYEGLASSES. marked with initios "H. B (iaaaea err Mcoave. supposed to hhvs been loat ?t the Gwyn aale. Apply at *4T I atreet, corner of 18th. no2Mw OOA REWARD?Strayed or atolen from the &\J place where he waatied, In pa ^ avenue, above 21at atreet, aboat IPX p. m., on Slat instant,a HORpE with saa - JBHI die ard ana file bit. marked U. S on left CrjJV fore ahoulder; bay with hind fe?t white. The above reward will be paid and no queationa naked bv retnrninir him to oamp of iichtoompany M ad artillery. Capitol Hill. ?Q REWARD?Strayed away frr-m mypremtaee, on Sunday laat, a larae Roan r\ HORSE, with white Nee, and a glaaa eye.jJl^ The above reward will be paid for hia re-*"^^^turnto JOHN NOLAN, B street nortn, between 81 and 4th eaat. If ?in REWARD.?Strayed or atolen on Wed1U nesday evening, a out 6 o'oloQk, In front of Samuel Baoon A Co'a, A BtrliSR MaRE, with white oovered wagon. The^^-*-*reward will be paid if the above are brought to SAMUEL BACON A CO., oorner 7th and Pa. ave. no 32 at* | OST?From Sixth and Loniaiana avenue to -J rwnriu bu wji, up ruurnt iu u, qovq \j io [*ew Jersey a*enue, a Blue Moroooo Pooket-oaee of Snreioal Instruments A liberal reward will he aid for the return of the aame to Dr. A. J. BORLAND, oorner Massachusetts avenue and Siith st. . no 21->t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S FARM, imated near the second toll gate on the Seventh street road, tome time during the month of Ootober last, a small mottled COW. The owner oan have her by proving property, and paying charges. no *l-3t? WW, M. MORRISON. lVTOTICK ?There oame upon tne premises of the undersigned, as an estray, on Tueedajr C\ . night, the 19th instant, a sorrel MARE, T-TPk about the age of 10 years, with a white star^-2-* in her forehead and a verv bad sore on her right shoulder. The owner can have the same by proving P'op?r?T saying oharges and the cost of this advertisement ISAAC P. CHILDS, south N st, no 21 3t* Between IX and South Capitol sts. f OST?La?t night, on the 6 o'clock train beI tween Washington and Baltimore, a sma'l W ALLET, containing several notes drawn in my f*vor, *30 city of Washington scrip, a draft on Boston for fan, also business cards or J. Libber A Son, iry own cards with my name on them, and several other sapors of no va'ue to any one but the owner The finder will r>e liberally rewarded by returning the same to JOS. LIUBEY. Georretown no 21 3.* BOOKS! BOOKS!! BOOKS!!! OHEATBOOKS-NEW BOOKS! Books of every variety, either foreign or domestic. Parties desiring Bo^ks of any description would oonsult their -nterest bv sending their name and address, post paid. All Book", Sporting and Fanor Artio'es yon may see advertised will he furnished to order. Promptness and Dispatch ia our motto. r Also,a large lot of supe'b PICTURES o? BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, Depioting eoenes of a life- ike nature,just received fmm Psrls. Now is the time to get aomthing rich and rare. Don't miss the chAnoe. Vend 55 o-nt?, in cash <>r stamps, to Wit EVRRETT. in3D St* 40 Ann street. New York. BROKE LOOSE OR STOLEN?A large iron grey HORSE. V\ hands. 3 white feet. r\ wart on off bind quarter, long mire, show- TLA ing marks of harness ; bad a new s'ylish saddle on at the tin.* ~? leaving, from Wood, Gibson A Co. Any one finding the above horse, and that will bring him to the 6th Oavairv Camp, eaet of Capitol, will be suitably rewactiea. With him there 'wan a small olestauf Colt. 2 "white hind feet, tail out off square at the baok, with a mi itary saddle a"d stylish bridle. Bring him. if found, also to 6th Cavalry Camp. no go 1 w LOST? By a lady on the '8th instant, between the Smithsonian Institution and the oorner of Tenth and E ?t .. a srraU go'd WATCH, with silk guard and gold buoki? attached It is particularly va'ued as the gift of a deceased relative. The finder will b* lil-erally rewarded by leaving it with Mrs. HaNDY, corner of Tenth and E sts.. or a this office. no 18 St* Ran away from the subscriber, near Bladens?u g, BOY ANTHONY, vs oommonly oailed Toner, he is 5 feet 5inches m high, very black, short hair. ;rum o<>unte- Tfi nance when spck*>n *o. with a small near Jfc over one ofhis eyes. Went away with fciack^L iaok?t(United States button* on it), casket sants, yellow gauntlet gloves. 1 will give fiioo to anyone that wilt bring him home to me. nov 18 2w? FIKlDER MA6RUPER. ~fo& sale and rent. FOR 8ALKBOX-BOX-BOX! A large suppiy of beautiful MUX, of 35 years' xrowth. Apply opposite Wiila'd's p'ace, onoe owned by Vivan, Kalorama Heights. no22-2t* DOOMS FOR RENT It IN WASHINGTON BUILDING? No. 9. on tbe third flior, Nos. 14 and 15, on the fourth floor. Nob 20, 21 and 22, on the fifth floor. Inquire of JOHN H SEMMES A CO., corner Louisiana av. and 9th St., opposite west end Onter Market. ( Kepu*>. A Chron ) no a 6t.if FOR RENT-A pretty FURNISHED COT TAGF, with gas and water, with or without Iioard, in the most pleasant part of Georgetown, D. C. Omnibuses from the Capitol gate pass by every five minutes with'n eighty yards of the oottase. K eferenoes exchanged. Address *'A B," Georgetown. D. P., Post Otfloe. no 23A50* TO LKT?A Furnished FAR LOR and CHAMBER on the first floor, acd Chambers on the second App y on D street, between 2d and Sd sts.. No- 452. no 10 eo3t* ROOMS OR HOU*E FOR RENT-Furnished Rooms for rent, in a quiet, pleasant neighborho >d, and with ever* convenience, suitable for either a party of gentlemen, or singly. On proper reoommen<iation?, the whole house wi 1 be rented? N j 444 Twelfth st., between G and H, at wh oh lU^UI'O. nUVlflBTJlFOR RENT.?The third, fourth, and part of the aeoond-atory, of the four atory BRICK BUILDING, fronting on the west aide oi7th at., reeond house south of D street, and one square nor.h of Pennaylvania avenue. Five roomi on the third and fourth atoriea, and four on the aeoond: door between each on the same floor. Enquire of O. BRADLEY, at Patriotio Bank,oorner7th and D. no 14eo3t*^ FOR RENT-The PREMISES on the oorner of Utfl and C latolr oooupied by R. W. Bates A. Co., wood and ooal rlealera. For terms, <ko . apply to WILLIAM H, PHILIP, No. 40 l a. avenue. noll-eotf A FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM FOR RENT, oorner of H and i?th streets, 4la. no 18 eo2t* HORSES, HORSES, HORSES, of every deaoription. for eale ooaatantly. Louiai- gy anaavenae, between 9th and loth atreets, near the Market. no 8 2aw2w* FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN -K Sorreli MARE, four/ears old, aound a d kind. Alao, an open Conoord Kuggy, with two aeat* and Harness, ?'l in gcod order. Mar* weigha about 1.000 Iba. The above eatabliahment will be sold for one hundred and eichty five >ollara,and no less Inquire at the India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. avenue- no 31 -St FOR RENT?A amall HOUSE (auitab'e for buaineaa) containing 4 rooms and oel ar, situated in a buainera locaity. Apply at 491 Ninth at .between D and E noil lw* FOR RENT?A large and deairable RESIDENCE on Third at., Georgetown D C., lately ooojpied by Gov. Thomas Stabling attached, ?o. JOHN T. BANG8, BO?St Agent l^OR RENT-Tbe PRESBYTERIAN PARr SON AGE. on Weat. between Congrea* and High atreeta, Georgetown, D. C. Apply to BENJ. DARBY, Treaaurer. no 21 3t WOOD LAND FOR S*LE ?The underaigned la authorised by the h'eira of the late John C. Prather to aell at puDlio aale a traot of Land, containing 11 acres, lying on the dividing line between Prinoe George'a and Montgomery oountiea, and adjoining the landa ot George B. Soagga, Mra. Mariow, Abtalom Bell, and Thomaa Bell. The land axmnda with fine umber and oord wood of different Kind*. I tie tana ia arnmt tnree

mil** from Beltavill*. and about (he same diatanoe to a awitoh near Iiaao Scragga*. and two mile* to the Turnpike road, and half a mile to a pablio roaa to Waahington. Publio roadi from the land to the Railroad and Turnpike Hal* to take plaoe at Beltarill*. Prinoe George's oounty, on THURSDAY, the J8th November, 1861, at 10 o'elook. The term* of aal* are : On*-third of the pnrohue money to be paid on the day of *ale ; the batanee in two e^nal ina'almenta of on* and two ?eara, with bonda bear in* int*rejt from the day of aale, to b* approved by the UDderaian*d. WILLIAM MoKNEW. HT Mr. Gaorg* B. Soagga will ahow the land wh*n oall*d on. nov 16 lw* I7URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT-The r Hoaa* No 349 Nineteenth at.,near i. Apply on the premise*, or to JOHN G.CLARKE, Tell*r, ofto* of Rigga k. Co. nov 18 1 w* FOR RRNT.-A thr** atorr BRICK HOUSE, oontaming twenty rooma, aitua'sd on th* oorn*r ofUthaiMG atr**ta, laland Apply to Wm R. f01*y A Broth*r, S6,<;*titral Store*, or THOR. W. RILEY. Ril*y'? Wharf. 11th at. no 1? lw |?ARM FOR SALE, or Kxohang* for Citr r Property, aituated in Bommsrvuf'oounty N. J*raey, ooctaiaing *2 acres in a higb state or ooltivation, good dw*liing hoaa*, witn all n*o***ary oat baildiaxa, good watar power, in* orohard, and we. -feiioed, 2* mil** from C*ntral Railroad, (6 daily train*,) S mile* from Plainfieid, and 20 mile* zrs'tiriSft. J&fii'ttirssisrar-Se po*ile 1 ntel igenoer ORo*. oc ? lm* / w WANTS. T TO ALL UNEMPLOYED MEN ABOUT WASHINGTON J WANTED-K>> aotive. aob?r MEN, to ill oat a new Regiment Juat forming, t > whom will he given th?> highest rates of infant'v pav. Terra cfenliatment, three years. CnirfortBule quarters, w?rm o'oth-Bf. good fv>od and ooc?i g utenaila larmshed on the day each recait la aworn in. < The preeent intention ia f> hav? thu Reciment occupy hnU daring the ooming winter, instead of tenta, which will add. no doubt, greatly to toe health and oomfort of the men. T? aoldiera of the old Regu'ar Reglmenta (of g'Od reputation) whoae term of aervica will expire eoon, tnia Regiment offera peouliar irduoemen'a < for enlisting in. as from their knowledge of drill an<l diaoiptine they will fit onoe be commended to i the Colonel for promotion as non-oommiaaioned offioer*. In fact, promotion to the rank ofcoMMiabioxid omcili ia open to all, who m*t prove theme elves worthy, b? oontinued goad oonduo' and atriot attention to duty, of the honor of wearicg 8roclpbi straps. For further in ormationapply to Capt. GEORGE GIBSON, 11th Reg't U. 8 Infantry, at the Grand Army Clothing Depot, ia Corooran'a Temple of Art, opaoaite we war Department; Capt. LATIMER, llth Infantry, corner r{ t<Hh at and Pann. avenue; or Caat. PECK, llth Infantry, at Major Beckwi.h'a Offioe, corner 18th and tt ate. npg-lw WANTED-By a reapeotable young woiran. a *v SITUATION a? ohambermaid, and to do plain sewing. Apply in the Alley on L at., betweea 6th and 7th. 1?_ " YYfANTED-A SITUATION in a amall private " lamily, to cook, waeh acd iron, by a reapeotable young woman. The beat of referenoea given. Apply at the Maryland Houae, 6eargetown, D C. no 22 It* WANTED?A rea pec table U OMAN, who caa oorae well recommended, to do the w&ahing, ironinr, and plain oooking of a amall family. Apply at No. 403 New York avenue, between llth and 14th ate. It* Wf ANTED?A reapeotable, atrong GIRL, to " vraah and iron, and make heraelf generallv useful on! who nppreoiatea theoomforta of a good home and steady employment, can call at 347 Pa. a*e.. weat, betwoon 12th and 13th. Good wagea given. no a 2t* WANTED TO RENT?A amall FLJRNISHKD HOUSK, in good o ean order, and in a good looa'ity: rent modetote. Addreas, immediately, wi'n full PMtioulara, J. B. C., Bo* iiSS Citr Poet offie". no 2* 2t WANTED?A. small d'medium si?e<i DWEL*? LlNS.notfar from the Smithsonian ? permanent tenant. Word left with H. MORSE, corner Pa a*, and 10th at., (boot and shoe store.' wi 1 be promptly attended to- no22 3t* WANTED? A HOUSE, well fu'nished, oenw trally looated. for a familv of four adulta, with a carriare-house and stable for two hor?es. at a rent not to exceed 9125 per month. The-eb'iig no children, th* house and furniture will be use<i with care. Address "D. C. W.," at this offioe. no 22-2t* IVANTED-A furnished dwellKg HOUSE v v conveniently situated, west of 12ih at. and north of Pa avenue. For further particular* apply pera^nal'y at No 360 F ?t.north, between 10 a m. and 2 p. m., daily. no 2S-3t* WANTED?An American MAN, or colored, who understands driving and the attention of horses. Must o?me with the best city refer enoea. Apply Kalorama Heights, p.aoe onoe owned by Vivan. no 22 2t* HOUSE WANTED, suitable for an express wagon. Apply to JOHN B. PUDNEY.* # D street. lt? WANTFTV-A good COi'K. WASHER and IRONER, for a ?mail fam'ly, who can com* well recommended Also, a email tilRL as nurse. Applr immediately by addressing J L L, through the oi'.y P"*t tiffin, vVashington, D. C. noUeoSt* WANTED-A good FARM H AN D, oompetert to mana:e norses: must be a sober man. Apply to Bt'SEY &. BARNARD, Georgetown. no 81-St SITUATION WANTED, by a resectable woman, as firrt-olase o )0k. pastry. A a. Brst of references. Apply at the ?tar Pflioe no2i-3t* WANTED 1MMF.DIATELY?A furnished or unlurnished HOUSE, capable ot accommodating a familv of irur or six adults. L"oation co tiguous to Pennsylvania avenue and the principal notels preferred- Pajment made monthly, in adv&nc*. if desired- Addreas "House," offio? of this paper no 31 3t* WANTEP?By agentieman ofquietand retired habits. BO ART) in a private family (Catfea* lid) either in Washicctoa or Georgetown R4P ences exchanged Address, with fn'.l parficuIAra, "R. P 'I'.," Star Offioe. nni 2f VORTHkKN BOARD WJMTEH-l man of quiet and order!* habit*, whose eve- I ningt will be apent at atudy in bis own room, desites Board, with Furnished Room, with iom? Northern iamily?from New England or New York preferred No fami.y having mora than two or ihr*e boarder* need app'y. L-oatior. mu.t b? ea?t oi Seventh at, and no-thof Pa. avenue. Addreta oity Post Office, Box 373. no 2t-2t* SITUATION WANTED, bi a food Cloak and k5 Mauti la maker. F ^rd with her 'nip oyer preferred. Direct Miaa l R12N3EIN, 6? Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore. Md no a>-3t? WANTED?To hire a neatly furnished two or three story HOI SE between Capitol Hill and the Treasury Buildings, not north of H atreet. AddreaaJ A. BR' WN, Pott Offioe. no 20 5t A COOK WANTED, at the o?rner of E and Fifteenth sta. Referenoea required. no 3ft-3t? A FEW GOOD HANDS FOR DRE3SMAKins wanted at A. HUBNER'S Dreaamakiog Estat?liehment, No. 606 11th atreet, between Pa. avenue and E at. N. B. Only good handa need ap?lv. no 30 3t* WANTED?A MAN who underataada the bell hanging and lookamith buaineaa thoroughly, No. 60 Louiaianaav. no 30 3f JOHN J. PEABODY. WANTED?A good BARBER ; must apeak Engliah, and wall recommended. Inquire at Mr ALLIOT'S. 812 Pa. avenue. no 20-3t* YV ANTED? Information of John McArdle, who u left hia home about a week ago. he ia 11 yeara old, and had on when be left, graviacket and panta, and aoldier oap An information concerning hia whereabouts will be thankfully reoeived by hia father. JOHN McARDLE, on Jaokaon at-eet. between G and H no 20 St* WANTED?A oolored BOY. or Man, to ahnck oyaters.iand aa?i*t generally in a Restaurant. Apply at the Facie Restaurant. Pa ave., between 17th and 18th atreet, F.rat Ward. no 80 3t* WANTED?Every peraon to know that I am in the market, ready to pay caah for all artiolea in the houaefurniahnig Una. Thoae leaving the city, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUCHLY, Seventh at.,between Gana H sts., (fast side,; ueaier in new inu oeoona-naau furniture, no 16 i nnn empty pilot bread boxes J ,UUU WANTED, at the National Soap and Candle Works,ooruer Green street and the Canal, Geori?t<i?n, P. C. C. B. JEWELL, no 14-2w Proprietor. A GOOD WATCHMAKER, having been in the business for six ye?rs, wishes to set a SITUATION. Apply at M. WILLI AN 8, 33% Pa avenne. no 5 WANTED- TAILORS, JAILORS-60 Tailors oompetent to work on military foods. Apply G. KOLP, at Wall. Stephens A Co/s. se 25 TO 8HTLER8.?An energetic merohant, with suffioient capital, desires to pnrohase the stock and business of a Regimental Sutler. Address "Business." at the offioe of this paper, oo 31-lm WANTED-?We are now buying SECONDHAN DFURNITURE, STOVES and BED DING, for whioh we are paying the highest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their ad vantage to give us a nail. BONTZ St GRIFFITH. Je 13-tf No. 369 7th St.. betw. 1 and K sts. CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, 8TEPHKN8 & CO.'S. 3'i3 Pa avenue. se U \1/ANTED IMMED1ATEDY?A person who v* thoroughly understands making mattresses oan secure permanent employment by applying to C. A. WOOD CO., 810 r' street, between 14'h and 15th sts. nov IS lw* PASSENGER TRAINS TO AND FROM BALTIMORE. WINTER SCHEDULE. On fend after Monday, November MlWL Pas"tenger Trtuna between WASHINGTON and BALT1MOKE will ran aa follow*: TRAINS MOYING NORTH. Morning Exireu lwvt Washington 6.10 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 7M a. k.; Philsdelphia 1U0 p. ; New York t p. Harrisbnrg l.lf r. u. Morning Aooommo<lation leave Washington 7.40 a.m. Arrive at Baltimore MO a. k. No oonneo-om at Baltimore. _ New York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. m.; arrive at Baltimore 1140 p. m.; Ahlladelphia M7 p. m.; New York 10 p. . Afternoon Accommodation?leave Washington S.06 p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 4 H p. k.; Harris tnirg MO a. m-i Philadelphia; p. m. Evening Express? leave Washington t p. m. Arrive at Baltimore MS p. My Philadelphia 10JB Leave New York at 7 a. ?*.; Puifedf phia 11j0 a. m.; Baltimore IMP. m. Arrive ?rw aahingtoc MO ''Leave New York at Hr. Mn Philadelphia 10 jo p. M.i Baltimore 4J0 a. m. Arrive at Waiunston I * Leave New York at l1 P. Philadelphia SJ0 a. m ; Baltimore 7M a. m. Arrive at Washington ?a.k. _ _ ... Aooommodation Trains leave Baltimore at I a. m., and ? p. m . for Washington, arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m> Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7.40 a. m. and 3.14 p. k., and Baltimore at701 a. m and M0 p. m , make direct oonneetions for Annapolis at the J unotion. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash lDf?u^tgwTiral,n'?*ea^ving^'Washington at 6.1* a. mm u a. m-. and * p. m.. and Baltimore at 4j0 ar.d ws&r\8?tf}?Jixrh' War Aaaaeagsra mast take the AutmwudmHm jVii'm ff%i* Traina will leave Washington and Baltimore rromptly ufcn cmrdtiwu. _ _ J. T. ENGLAND, _ 77 G. P. <3 ?Ltf ElluiNt ?%Mhing?ton. HO ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS j IKRIYAL OF THE ITEAIER ASIA. : LATER FROM EUROPE. SPEECH OF LORD PALMERSTO* OM AMERICAN AFFAIRS. ? 1 Niw Yoke , Not. SI ?The steamer Asia, from ) Liverpool on the 9th Instant, arrived here thla evening. At the Lord Mayor's bir.qoet, the American Mlnla'er, Mr. Adams, toasted Lord Palmemton, who, In his speech, said; "We witneaawith affliction the lamentable differences among our American coualna. But It is not for us to paas judgment on the question In dispute " He ex- 1 pressed a "hope of the speedv restoration of bar- | moo? and peace," and regarding a supply of cotton said, "the difficulty was only temporary?in various quarters of the globe they were sure to find an ample supply, which will render us no 1 more dependenta " , At s meeting 01 me snarenoiaer* 01 iut unmer Great Eastern resolutions were adopted to ralae ?25,000 to equip the veasel for sea, and abe < la expected to laave Liverpool again In February The British men-of-war Conjuror and Sanaperlel would embark marines tbe day the Aala sailed, and forthwith depart for Mexico. The London Time* thinks that tbe operations of the expedition will be very easy, bat that difficulties may arise from the different political sympathies of tbe powers. It is reported that the American steamer James Adger, now at Southampton. goes to the Mediterranean ro look after privateers A strike among the cotton spinners at Preston was Imminent, owing to tbe threatened redaction of their wages The Bourse closed firm. I It is reported that Garibaldi announced to tbe Central Italian committee, through Gen. San, hla ( firm intention not to provoke any movement in favor of Rome or Venice, but tnat he wished 1 Italian amusements and popular sympathy for the nuifitation of Italy encouraged to the utmost. , It Is rumored that preparations are In progress at Genoa for a revolutionary expedition, embracing Montenesro and all the slave populations of Turkey, also Hungary and Galacla. COMMERCIAL I!ITSLLIeK5CI. , Liverpool, Nov. 9 ?Cotton closed firmer, but prlcaa unchanged. Breadstuff's closed steady, with small sales Provisions closed dull. Consols closed at 93,S &93 \. The San Jacinto at Newport. Boston, Nov. 21 ?The United States steamer San Jacinto, with Messrs Mason snd Slidell on board, is at Newport, R I., where sh? has put in on account of breexy weather and a heavy croas sea. "^7 [THE WAR IN MISSOURI. Price Reported t? be Again Advancing. JxrriKSO.v Cut. Nov 20 ?Reliable Information reached here to-day that our cavalry, under Major Hough, bad overtaken and captured the rebels who selced our supply train, near Warrensbufg, on Mondsy. About 190 prisoners were overtaken and recovered Kansas Citt, Nov 8u?Capt, Burchard. with twenty-four of J'nnlson's brigade, attacked Cap- , tain Hays, with 150 rebels, at the latter's place of residence, to-day, and succeeded in driving them away, burning Hays' house, and the house of a mar. named Gregg Both Hays and Gregg are captains in the rebrl army. Captain Burchard and Lieut Boatwick were slightly wounded, arid their two horses were killed. Tbe rebels had five men killed and eight wounded J iff er'OS Citt, Nov 20 ?Mr. Gravelly, a member of tbe State Convention, arrived here last night from Springfield, which place be left on Friday last. He says a body of 3,000 of Price's cavalry have made their appearance at Sarcoxie, and that foraging parties follow up the * ?!? ? ?? ?aas?4 r?rr a*mu rvlnn/1 no tka lia^A Ui wui iw * ? >'5 wwji ^muu^iiug ?uc Union citizens He pawed a train of emigrant wagons a mile long, containing union refugees, and another train of five wagons arrived here today. An Order from Halleck?Price Reported as Preparing to Advance on Springfietd. St. Loris, Nov. 31 ?Gen. Halleck bu Issued orders setting forth tbat important Information respecting the numbers and condition of our forces being conveyed to the enemy by fugitive alaves, no such persons shall hereafter be permitted to enter the lines of any camp nor of e&y forces on the march. The latest account from Price place him in Barry county, making preparations to advance to Springfield. Still Farther from Price's Rebel Army. Roll*., Nov. Nov. 21?Advices from the southwest are to the effect that Gen. Price has abandoned Casaville, and Is moving towards his old ca?np at N eosha Gen. Harris, with 4,000 troops, was on the Kansas line, directly west of Carthage, Intending to enter the state and ravage the southern counties of Missouri. Gen. Lade was in the SECOND EDITION. THREE O'CLOTE P. HI FROM FORTRESS MONROE. The.Old Point boat ha? arrived, but br'.ng* no letter. It U reported that tba fli| of true* uor rom Norfolk with aewral women and childr? So news from tbe expedition OUR MILITARY BUDGET 5IAVT YARD. IB TBI POTOMAC CLOSID * The steamer Wyaadank, which, as we bn*e heretofore stated, took on board (below tbe bat terlea,) three tons of ammunition and tbe fanr heavy guns and other armament of the ior'ooc' wmco oaa mtd a ism an ura, ran tbe blockedlut night, reaching Indian Head about noonrise She waa not fired nt from tbe CQuMfralc batteries, aa a thick Indian summer baae covercd the Virginia ahorc, or aa tbe pilot of the W y?n dank graphically cbserred. "Secesb bad an.uke in hla eye." The Wyaadank reached tbe ysrd this morning. The crew of tbe iceboat came up on the atepping atones yesterday. The steamer E B. Ball, wklch took on bosrd it the yard a few daya since a large quantity of powder, loaded shells, and otbor ordnance store*, for s "not to be told" destination, also ran tbr blockade last night, and panned below tbe batu ries safely. The Wyandhnk mot her nearly through Two achoonora with wood cams up by the batteries night before last. Tbe re be la are apparently placing a new ba< tery on "Peasant Nose." which ie far sbove tb others, on Mr. Ottorbock'a land Tbe contrabands brought op on tbe stepping atones are still at tbe yard, "as happy aa dam* at high water " There was a very creditable battalion drill of officer* and seamen at tbe yard tbis morning, un der direction of drill maater McCarthron. Tbeywere furnished with blank cartridges for tbe drat time thia morning, and fired by companv very well. One or two volleys by battalion were alao well expended after they got lnthewzy of it. THE NAVAL OIW1XCI BCBBAC Lieut Henry A Wise is tbe sctlng chief of the Naval Ordnance bureau in tbe absence of Capt Harwood, who la off on a tour of inspection. In the course of which be will doubtless lnap-ct tne ordnance in all tbe United States navy yard* Thia la tbe first lnatance on record in which a Lieutenant baa been charged with the chieftain abip of a naval bureau. He deserves the hone r. for he Is one of the first ofllcers of tbe servtce. A LSI aa TIR ABB1VKS. Last evening a deserter from the rebel army op poslte to us came into one of tbe Union camps oa tbe other side of the river. H? reports that tL? y bad a sufficiency of both meat and bread, but are luffering much for tbe want of proper clothing aboes, Alao tbst the news of the cspture and occupation of Port Royal had created intenae rxcitomedt among the Georgia aud North and South Carolina troops especially, most of whom vehemently expressed a desire to return home forthwith The rebel General In command ?.** . v , refuted to listen to any proposition,on tbe ground that be wu dally expecting a general attack from the Union army He adda that a plan of making a dash on our outposta, In force, daring the review of tbe day before yeaterday waa understood to have been determined on, and that it we* abandoned when tbe enormouaextent of toe force reviewed, with every preparation for repelling any aucb experiment waa ascertained. Tbr ene my, according to tbia deserter (who is a Virginian) appears to be aa well posted with regard to tbe plana of tbe review as our own public were, ere it came off HOT SO. We notice that some of tbe northern papers are speaking of General Metga as IX be la to be tranr, ferred from the Quartermaafer*a Department to some other aphere of duties, and even hia aucceaaor has been, In more than one inatance, recommended We have merely to say that nobody here knows of any su^h alleged charge On the contrary, his services sre deemed too important to the Government at this juncture, to warrant any auch speculation* as those to which we have alluded. MtOMOTSS. We are gratified to learn that to-day Col. Philip St George Cooke. U. 8. A., recently made a brtc . adler general of volunteers, waa promoted to b? a brigadier general in tbe regular ssrvlce. He richly deserves his promotion, aa he Is prove*bislly one of the best oScers in the army of tfce United States ~ bxioaois etN'L srmiKE, c. s. a. It seems to be understood that this distinguish veteran, is about to be placed by Major Genl Mc'Clellan, in command of an important dlvtslon of the army of the Potomac. APPOINTED. The following militarv snnointm?nia ? made to-day, vis: Rob't Smytbe of Iowa to be an additional pa , mas rer (of volunteers.) Frederick C. O^den of New York, to be a 24 Lieutenant of 1st regiment of U. 8 cavalry Cupt. John M 8chofleld, 1st artllery C. 8 A , to be a Brigadier-General of volunteers. Major Thomas J. McKean of Iowa, (now an additional pay master) to bea of volunteers LA TB LOCAL NEWS. Polici R KTiTKiis ?tbe patrolmen of the 4th ward reported twenty-nine arrests yesterday, of which near two-thirds were persons subject to the military authorities and turned over to the provost guard. They also delivered to the pre voet guard a government horse, with saddle aud bridle, found at large In the streets James Magraw was drunk in the ?treeta, and wa? fined 81 56 by Justice Walter Robert Mace, for fight lug, was lined 81 M Jerry Connor, J< hn Murcb. OUver Delphis, Nick Connor, Michael M urkleho five boys?the eldest ten years and the youngest eight?were arrested for pilfering coal They were reprimanded, frightened some, and di? missed. One of the parties tamed over to th* military, was charged with passing himself upon another as a policeman, and trying to raise a dol lar from his accuser by arresting him and pro poelng to let him off for that amonnt of money Tas Mciin or Lr. Col. Gmu.-Tbli morning the Provost Marshall sent George Ben derson to Justice Down to be disposed or as tbe law directa^ lie turns oat to be a young nan named Ward, better known as "Sonny Ward ' and Is the same person who an Officer king teie grapled the officers at Baltimore " te arrest, after the arrest of Strang and Powers Offi< King went to Baltimore for the prisoner thl* morning, bat be bad been sent to Washington Justice Donn committed him to Jail In two oaesi. one, the charge of killing Lt. Col. Von Gerber, the other, tbelarceny of a pistol from Alex Giles Fibb ?Early last night the steam saw mill on the south side ol the canal, formerly Page's, now owned by Hatch 4 Co , took Are from the furnace Tbe alarm waa given and In a few mlnates tbe ire was extinguUiiM: by tbe use of the hoee belonging to tbe Persevorenos Fire Com puny. The Damage was lnso?Uaranle Ca*D or ?Mr. MeKeaney tenders his 'hunts to the Fire Comsuny.tha frovoet #enrd. .Mt tight in one of me dsimomo In Fexull s Row. GoorgotownThov. 2* " edo cation al. w "HlN#Ku^SWA'iWroWN a Boanwne a?? Dat 8c?ool, r-Jsssmmmr Mtt Cor. noutk stee Pu av.andteh at. ten U* mii roudlamina nine vicinity, and It was thought possible an engagement would take place between them. The rebel Legislature at Neoaha have elected Gen. Ralnea as Senator to the reoel Congress ? Probably Gen. Parsons would be selected as the other Senator. Arrival *f the Steaaer Baltic aid Ganbaat Carlew from Part Kojal?Alt Qaiet at Hilton Head. Niw Yoaa, No*. 21.?The steamer Baltic (which waa prematurely announced Tueaday) arrived thia afternoon from Hilton Head, Port Koyal, towing the gunboat Curlew, which returna for repairs. Nothing new had transpired at Hilton Head aince the sailing of the Atlantic. The landing of stores and munitions of war was still actively progressing. Purser Allen brought S19.000 in Treasury notes, which be la to forward to the friends of the Fourth New Hampshire Regiment. Amongat the passengers by the Baltic la James Darragh, a member of the Ninth South Carolina Regiment, who waa found at Fort Beauregard, and who haa taken the oath of ailegience. He intends going to farming in the north. He baa been five months In the rebel service, and complains bitterly of tbe treatment and food which the aoldiera of Jeff. Davis receive. The Baltic saw an English frigate entering Port Royal as she left. Ruining the Blockade. N*w Yoee, IVot. 20 ?The bark Theresa, arrived here, reports speaking, on the ltth instant, the achooner Wlnthrop, from Wilmington, N.C., for Naaaau, having run the blockade, with another schooner, four days previously. On the 17th, la latitude 38 and longitude 71, the Theresa fell in with tbe brig Judge Whitman, from Boston, for Fortresa Monroe, with granite, in a ainking condition. Capt.'Bray and ihe crew were taken off and brought to thia port. New York Markets. Niw Yobk Maekst, Not 21?Cotton la firmer; aalea of 3,000 bale* at 24^ cents. Flour is depressed; sales of 22.000 bbls at a decline of 5 eta. State 5 45a&5 50; Ohio 5 55aS5 85; Southern 5 75a S6 25. Wheat ia depressed; sales of 335,000 bushels at a decline of la2 centa; Chicago Spring 1 22a#l 25; Milwaukee Club 1 34aSl 28; Western white 1 37a81 50. Corn?aale> of 146,000 bushels at previous prices. Lard generally closed buoyant at 8 i^aO^ centa. Whiskey closed ateady at QOV rents Sucrar closed auiet. Coflee closed firm Spirit* Turpentine closed firm at 1 45* 81 47X. Rosin closed buoyant; sales of 3,000 bbls at 5 i5a?5 37*. Freights are Arm. Arrival of Prisoner* from Santa Roaa. Boston, Nov. 21.?Twenty-Ave rebel prisoners, captured at Santa Rosa, in tbe attack made on Wilaon'a Zouaves, have arrived at Fort Warren. BOARDING. A MEMBER OF CONGRESS wiehea to secure M oomi and Board lor himself and fbmily? five persona in all. Prefers a house with few or no other boarders, above Uth street, near the Arenas. AdJreas"L.. C. L. ." at this ofloe. nog lw BOARD?Two or three smile gentlemen may obtain Board in a private lairuy by applum at No 311 7th street, near oorner of L. no g tl' BOARD.?Two singlegentlemen or memberspen be aooomroodated, (or a gentleman and bis wife.ljn a private family, with the oomiorte of a hoae. Conveyanoe business hours tree of oharge. Board upon moderate terms. The distanoe is hair a nu.e. faomg the Presidents House. Apply Ealorama Heights, opposite Willard's yiaoe. w*-Mw Run away from thb owner, lt?icg at No. f 31 Elsrenth street, oa the 9> of ootober laet,a email PfEGRO BOY, about IS years oid; a light o, baa oa the right arm ab?ve the elbow aad on the aide a eoar, tbe tff ota of a burn; i salt Mack?MK* eyee; flat noae; large m^uth withvge white taeih A liberal reward wi 1 be paid to aay one wn returns him to the owner. Bib nav-eisjim Bsrne. H? is lett^hacdMl no? ?* COMMOffWBALTH^fFRX IMSVRANdM CO, _ o? tmi Stats o? Pbumtlvajiia.. OGoe No. 346 Peun.avevae.lrst floor of tbe Waehington building. Ail ineuraaeo attended to with ptomptnees, at tbe usual eity pnoee. JOH V RIGBL.ES, Ag'* _ ao^-ar SAM'L S. MOON. See*7. i Hr.ftw5sss^~Jw