Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1861 Page 1
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r ? 0 P&t V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C. SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 23. 1861. N?. 2.734. TUfc EVENING STAR ib PUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, 9*nur 0/ I?%t* mm mmd EU?utA si. WT w. D. WALLAOH. Papers servfd In packages by carrier* itt4t year, or V eeoli per moath. To mall subscribers lb- price 1? 83 50 a yew, in mdvmmc*; ?S for all Months; SI for three month*; tad for lea Ou three months it the rate of IS eents a week. 81agle copies, onb cbst; la wrappeie, two cants. 1CT Advbbt:sb*b??t8 should be seat to the eAce before li o'clock sa.; otherwise they may aot sppear until the next day. LATEST FROM THE 60TITH. JiEWS FROM CONFEDERATE SOURCES fleeting sf the Confederate Cosgresi, ?-? RUNNiyG THE BLOCKADE. THE INVASION OP SOUTH CAROLINA DISPOSITION fi CONFEDERATE FORCES IN THE WEST. CONFEDERATE ACCOUNTS OF THE PIKESVILLE BATTLE. Some kind friend on board the U S. steamer Philadelphia, Fortress Monroe, sends us a copy of the Norfolk Day Book of the 19th inst.,from whioh we take the following:? webtino or tbb confederate congress. Richmond, Not. 18.?Congress met to-day. There was barely a qoorum present. Nothing was done, and they adjourned- President DaTis' Message will be handed in to-morrow. There is nothing new otherwise. THB BLOCKADE RUN OFF WILMINGTON, If. C. Wilmington. N. C.,Nov. 15 ?A schooner arriTed here this morning from a foreign island with forty-fire hundred bushels of salt and seventy-one barrels of sugar. She reports that there are no blockading vessels off the western bar this morning, but that there is one vessel off New Inlet. { THE INVASION OF THB STATE. Bluffton. Not 14 ?The enemy are now in possession of Pinkcey Island, which is the island upon Broad river next to Hilton Head, and separate from it by Scull Creek. They hare seised all the able bodied negro men on the plantations, and have parried them aboard the fleet. This has created quite a pinis among the other slaves, who are now exceedingly anxious to get away from Pinkney Island, but are prevented by torce. The enemy have, as yet. made no attempt to land upon the mainland. Yesterday our pickets posted at Buckinham were fired upon by a party of Yankees, who were on a reoonnoitering expedition in a skin's launch. The firing was at long taw, and witnout effect. We have not yet been able to ascertain the strength of the enemy's force which was disembarked, but it is represented by negroes to be quite large. Do the Yankees mean to send the Pincknej Island negroes to Cuba as " Apprentices ? " looking after family EFFECTS. One of Gen. Drayton's negroes, from Hiltor Head, reports that the commander, Drayton, f the fleet, who is a brother to the General visited the plantation of the latter some dayi ago and took a complete inventory of the ne froes, crops, Ao., now on the plaoe. Possi ly he considers it his share of the spoils oj the expedition, and had a desire to know how much he was worth.?Char. Mercury. DISPOSITION OF OCR FOBCBS IT THB WB9T. We learn that the following disposition ha; been made of our forces in Western Virginia Gen. Jackson's command will go into winte quarters at Monterey. General Loring's command will be divide* ?a portion will winter at Greenbrier Bridg* and another portion will be mored to Win Chester. Straaburg and the vicinity. Gen. Floyd is still on the Kanawha;his line extending from Cotten Hill to Montgomer; Ferry. The 3d Virginia regiment, Col. Stark, o the Wise Brigade, has been ordered to joii General Floyd's command.?Richmoid Ex aminer. the wreck of the transport union. Our forces, or a portion of them, at and i the vicinity of Fort Macon have been activel engaged since the storm, overhauling th wreck of the Lincoln transport Union, whic went to pieces near that place, with, we ar happy to say, very satisfactory results. W understand they will succeed in saving, whol and complete, besides the engine that pre pelled the ahip, tw? other engine*, one fc converting salt water into fresh, the other fa some useful purpose, we have forgotten whatmay be for converting fresh water into sail if so it will prove immensely valuable. A any rate the three engines are said to be < the very beat quality, and cannot be wort less than some hundred or hundred and twei ty-ive thousand dollars. The blockadershave been trying to shell ot men away from the fat Federal carcass, bi then it is no go. When they open on then they just drop behind the sand banks an wait until the storm of shot and shell hi ceased, and then go back to their work wil as little inoonvenience as if they had take shelter for a moment in a farm house out of shower of rain. They made a tremendoi onslaught the other day, whioh resulted in tl killing of a duck aad breaking of a platenothing more. The Y'ankees are coward dogs anyhow.?NioSern progress. A PRIZE. 9 The schr. Carrie Sandfard, Capt ??, a rived here yesterday from Nassau, N. P., wi a cargo of 4 500 bushels salt, 71 bbls. sugar, quantity of arrow root, Ac., Ao Very accep able article* just at this time?no doubt a ve; large profit will be realised therefrom.?Wi mingtou, I6(A. THB FIEBSVILLB BATTLB. Dispatches were received at the War D partment from General Marshall, giving a thenlic and particular aoeounts of the affs referred to above.and representing the achief meat of a brilliant Tictory by our arms. The enemy had fallen into an ambusea prepared by us on the road leading from Pik ton. Their force was about fifteen bundr strong, while eurs in ambush numbered thr hundred pieked rifleman. The enemy's lc is reported to hare been frightful?two ha dred and seven killed (counted) and about hundred and forty wounded. Our lose is r ported as follows :?One killed, four wound) and seven missing. The particulars of the fight, as ascertain by as, are very interesting It oeourred Friday, the 8th inst., a little above Piketc on the Louisa river. The ambush party ? under the eommand of Captain May, oonsisti of three hundred sharpshooters, and wi posted upon the precipitous wooded side of t mountain, overhanging the road iust beyo the bridge, crossing the river at the jaacri of Ivy creek. The precaution had been tak to set the bridge on fire, and succeeded ads rably in its design of dsssiriag the enei with the idea that oar forces had retreat* The bridge was burning as the enemy i proaehed. When they had effected a oromt and were ooafidently advancing, oar riflem suddenly poured into them a deadly to11< Several rounds were fired into their pan stricken raaks before they eould recover fr the alarm- It had been arranged that < men in ambush, after execating their wc upon the enemy, should disperse at a preo< certed signal, a temporary crossing hdvi been provided overJoy creek. B narrow I very deep stream. The sligtl' loss sustaii by as occurred ia the dispersion of our men The falling baek of Coionel VilliamB' ?o mand is readily explained. Hi- force if oi 1.400 Strang, while thu total force of the ai my is states at e>.X?o, aad from their advai on this position, being usable te defend b< roads, It to presumed that he has retired] to enre the important passage at Poad Gap. In the meantime on the Tasewell road 1? ing into Buchanan ooanty, the enemy are lil ly to be intercepted by tteaaral Marsha command it Mid to oonsist of one regime fully armed and a battery of artillery, besides 1.600 militia from Tazewell, 900 of whom are reported to be well armed. Either passage into Virginia, by Pond Gap or the Tazewell road, ia aaid to be defended by ouch advantages of nature, that tbe enemy may well be held in check by a force vastly inferior in numbers. Tha Day Book has glowing accounts of a bogus victory at Springfield, Mo., over the federal forces, which it parades with display headicgs: "Thrice Glorious News"?"Battle Near Springfield, Mo."?"Federals Defeated" ?"Heavy Federal Loss of Killed and bounded !?!" Ac., Ac. SConRING THB STATU FOR ARMS. Executive Department of Va. ) Richmond, November, 1861. J To Col. Dimtnick, Chief of Ordnance of Va. Coloxil.?You will instruct the agent about visiting the different ports of this state, for tbe purpose of collecting arms, that he is to *ek out all disbanded corps, and take from them al\ *rms and accoutrements of every kind belonging to the state, and gather up all such arms, Ac., where they may be found, whether in the hands of individuals or in de- I pots, and this will be your authority. I am very respectfully, Your obedient servant, John L*tCHER. Armory, Richmond, Va , ) _ November, 1861. ( George E Taylor. Esq., has been appointed by Gov Letcher, an agent to gather up state arms, to be sent to Richmond, to be repaired and put into the hands of troops taking the field. Persons having any suoh arms, are respectfully requested to deliver them to Mr. Taylor. C. Dihmack, Col. Ordnance Dept. Va. All individuals having arms belonging to the , State of Virginia, will give them up to Mr. Ueo. E. Taylor, to be altered to percussion. Bknj. Hpoep, Major-Uenerai. A British Aint Opinio*.?The British Army and Navy Gazette, in commenting upon the struggle In this country, says : "A" .fv,th! ultln'a,e issue of the struggle, it is mpoMible to predict anything with certainty, i The a 'cceas of the south 1* however, possible 1 ? T y a coincidence of favorable circumstance., Mich as we cannot at present conceive of Badly i and feeble a* the regular army la, the ro \ rflil Jtt\wh,l,t ,be navy, a more I' *?clent instrument, is also in the'r i^lfh :Nun,Ve"' ener*?v> Intelligence and r ^alth, are also on their side. Temporary "tl. Jrea may occur, but we adhere to the opfnion tbe rfh^llirt^t. i '*-tbat lhe l,PPr?'?lon of the rtb.llion ia only a queatlor. of time, and that 1 t?hf 7 th* nrrt:j mu8t be triumphant. I f cident '?'erW Can ^ br the re,ult of ac* ? s Lojsa MAY IT Wave?The Statei and stripe* ' fK?An u at ,ue #p"edtd * > w:t^? ,n North Carolina, over Fort HaMeras. in *outh f lt .B'*4,ufor?j la Plor da, at Kev \Ve*t and hurt Pickens; in Mississippi at Hblp Island In eastern Tennessee, and in the northwn and western sections of Virginia. 8 1 ???A, Co?d, h ami t?, /u/AliifAV *??*? .e*y Irritation ? Sortr ItsUA **/* l 'H. i*1' ??'* ? .?? nVWHnnl r<mf* ** CcmiMmrft* Bronckuu, Aum*. 1 wyflflny * Catmrrk, Citir and rtv# to lis owl 0/ PUBLIC SPEAKER* Ai?r SINGERS. ?n*f??ff" importance of oheckms a wViStiJ^P^lmoa coldrin it? first stac" that f < if. bj?' nicg would Tie'ri to a mufi reins I l'V,catiaaksthe Lungs. Brow* ? ? snuT *nli ' c'jnt?u,w'2 dcmi.,contiug.e4i,f snta, allay Pa.mor.ary ao:d Lfoiichi*: Irritation. ffROCRKSi JjaviEjr made ms often a mere wbi* fROCHtj perer." N. P. WILLIS. BROWN'S "1 foceroinend thsir a so to PciLit SriAiias." n TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN. I uowm "K"'L' 8-YsV." h TROCHES instant rslief.n the di? tre8*ing .abor of breathing pecu'i*' e BROWN'S to Asthma. f e KKV. A. C. EGGLESTON. e TROCHES " Contain no Opiorn or mvthlrr " dROWNV "y,ri?U" M.A.A HAV ,1 ,r ?KUWN S Ok*mut, Boston r TROCHES niA"oosVHB.lIcT*nl ~ BROWNS VK 6. P. BISBLOW^ i nw3U " ^ BROWN S Bottom ..nnac. " 1 haVS yrOVOd US* lluit fo i- TROCHES WiHrijt Cave a." hbown H ?LV' " W< BARREN, BROWNS JSotton it fionfs Beneficial when oom#elisd li it IIObtlSB raHr.snftrlna from ColbT" BROWNS REV. H. J. f .ANDF^RSON, IS TROCHES " EmetfU 'n rewovinr Poarse * aeaa and Irritation of the Threat, s< BROWN'S witb and Sine a TROCHES Prat M. STACV JOHNSON. .. _ Lm Hrmn?4. fai " ??ow?'6 ,""f^!K85ii5J?. ? TROCHES " Vrsat benefit when taken beur ly and after preaching, as ther ?reve!i J BROWN'S lloareeness. Fronr. their past effsc 1 think they will be ot permanent ad TROCHE8 vacUkfo wov. K?V. E. ROWLEV, A. M. r BROWN'S Preaicenter Athece Colete.Tenj th TROCHES rnrscibyaiDmriistsatT'WKh . TY FIVli CENTS A BOX.??]| * <s 1-1 y rj 1*1 I. FRA^ILLIN, u- OPTICIAM TO THK PRESIDFNT AND Mil AT ITARY STAFFS. e. 844 Penn'aav., north side,) bet. mh and ISth st SPECTACLES, provided with cenaine Km da Crystal or Perisonpio Lenses, moanted in gol - silver or ateel, and sailed with utmost eare f \ every ate and ejecisht. : MILITARY FIELD-GLASSSS. a Mtorosoopea, Compasses, and Mathematical I e- i struments. at the lowest Eastern pnoes. d 00 ^ d 28! Between Ninth and Tenth ?U . south side. on orrn rom saxi: in, CHAMPAONESpi. H. Mumia, Piper Heidsic ,M Moe^k^Chaadon, Bulliuxer A Co , Cartier ng CLAR'l^rs-St. Julian, SU EsUpha, Can tens H HOcff |flNElrtaide0^iner. Johannesber?? ? Ltebfraaenniileh.Radesheiinar, Slo. nd BRANDY. Whisky.Oin. POri, Sliarr^, Madeii on ^ m wood or claea. : en LONDON PORTER, Brown Stoat, Edinburi and Yorkshire A lea, of the beat brands, in be i- ties or stona ju(s. y CIGARS?Havana and Domestic, of the ohoio< (<f . brands. _ _ lP* Waaall thasfMlAl attention of Sutlers,Restanrai ng 'and P??uliea tc our tane aad well -selected STlJClC OP PINE GROCEHIES, Freeh Mei Poultry, Fiah, Soaas, Vegetables aad Fruits i: om sins a?4 Kijf*. ,nr CHKKSK,(Easternaad Weetom OntUng); Ha t. best Goshen Uatta#,thel?eetCb*mpaeee f:id >rk WORCKSTKHSH |R E and Oyster Sswm. Pick! > - Sf ^aeoription, Pepver Sauoe and Toms in* .^aUap,t?? the (at on or doaen. >DS All of which we off** at the] lowest poeail Hit prise* aad an reasonable terras. led ?>M JOHNSON A NAG LB (U ? NEW MiLLiNKRV. s ? ?? HI TOP1NSON A MtlNRif-BTFarrey JJfere. jJ tee 11 1 Psna. a?snae. between 9th aad 10th stree <? H- > 14 (K tA rW2L5^FRX NICP SECOND-HAND P1AX< ?" Vrferiift. Also, alarre ?tnck r>t Raven Ira- Baj->a sU'i ami Stemway A Son** t?av?|E9P a i wsEsg GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS \f assey. collins * co.'s _ PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just received & supply of the above Ale, which we reoommetid to be of a very superior^ uality. Persons wishing to pure.haae. br making immediate application, can be furnished. ARNY A SHINN, bo 1 Georgetown. J VST RECEIVED? * hhd?. prime Porto Rico sugars i wo bbls. Oid Rye whisky, If) bble. HERRING and ALEWIVES, fO bbls. Crushed and Refined SUGARS, *> bags Rio and Java coffee. 10 hhd?.<low-priced) molasses. For tale hv JOHN J. ROwmr M ? PHILAdFLPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 Pbnnsylvania AvBifra, Bttrcen Wtk find Wik sis The undersigned, barm* located himself as above, takes this methjd of informing r'i? oitx >ns of the First Ward that he hai> opened a first o ass Provision Store conducted similar to those Tor rhioh Philadelphia is famous Here oaa be loun ' at a>l times a larre and fre?h aiipplj of POULTRY, GAME. VEEP, MUTrOiX, to. thl ITS and VEoE TABLE^ in season. Particular attention is oalled to hiaato^k and prices of MUTTER, CHEESE, 4c, Pruladelpbia Print iluttcr 25 cents Goshen and Western Reserve 16 and *0 cents Hem* determined to give the strictest attention to the wants of .lis customer, ami to keep every article in his line of the best qualftV, and sell at the lowest market prices, he hopes to merit a share of public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders, if required* uo 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. |\ew and improved invention l * or ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONE t e e t h, Without Mrtal Plati or Clasps, , DR. s. bslg esmond, 910 Broadm?, Neie York?260 Pennsylvania Av mm, bitwten 12tk and 1S?* tts , Washxntton, Calls th* attention of the public to the lollowinr advantages of, his improved system : mm ?. 1. The Teeth of his manufacture wiD&fSSS aever oorode nor change color by aay^"'"" Kids, being three fourths lighter than any other. 3. No teeth or roots need bo extracted, as the iTtinoia; ones can be inserted oyer them. J. The roots will be made inoffensive, an never 0 ache. 4. No temporary teath are needed, as permanent 3nes can be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the faco. whioh under the old e?stem is frequently disfigured 5. This Work has been fully teeted over five years ry manj of the first chemists and phjaieiana of this aountry. Dr. S. has also invented a white undestruotive metal fi'ling. with which the moat sensitive teeth ^an be filled without pain, and can build up a per feat, sound tooth on any side roots, which williast through lifetime. The beat of references given?to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Dor emus. Professor ot Chemistry, N. V.; Hon. Judge \\ ayae.oftheH.ipreine Court of Washington, and thoubatUa of others J'aM and examine for yourself. no 8 6m aUARTERMASTF.M GENE RAI/S OF FI OK. Washington, November 13, lo6l. Propobals are invito for building two Hospitals?on" on Judioiarv Square. Washington, the ' ti?r upon the farm known as ?ho rstate of Wm. J. Stone, on Fourteenth street and Boundary street, District of Columbia ' ! Propoaa'a should state the time within which the bandings will be completed ar.d r. adyfor use, and tne oo?t, inolUding all w.ateriala and work, and should bs accompanied by the usual guarantee that tii? bidder will exeonte th-> eontraot if awarded to him. Proposal will beopennd at theoffioe of the Quirtermaiter General, on the 2?th November instant, at noon They should be healed, an<l plainly endorsed Propuea a for Hospitals." and addressed to thet{iia*iterm ster Genera! of the United S a'es. Plana and specifications can be seen at the office of the Quartermaster Geaerai. _ ^ M C. MKIGS, f-0 '* Q uartermaster General. l not to be vJO See the largest assortment of Woolen an' Worsted Goods, comprising Hoods,Sontaga.Ccata, Cioaka, Sleeves, Hosiery, -Vc., ac. Also, received a lot of cheap Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Emp?>idered Slippers, Lamp Mands. A o. Our motto is out one ana the lowest price. No. 414 7th st.. between G and H. lo 12-tw* F. M U H LI NG H A I'S. Prime goshen ? BUTTER! iOO kegs Prime Goshen Butter just received and for sale by WALL A BARNARD, Auctioneera anu Commission Merchants, 5 Cor, south side Pa. av. and 9th at. nP?? NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. 1 HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will make remittances for soidiers to their families, at P aces reached oy their Express, at a charge of 2f cents for any sum not exceeding fifty dollars. The money, whether gold or Treasury cotes, stould be enclosed in an envelope, and securely sealed, with the full address (including town, post office and State.) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount lecibly marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the 25 oenta charge , ahould be prepaid. When facilities lor enveloping and sealing the money in aeparate parcels are not at hand in camps, the several aums to be remitted, that may beooiiected by Chapiain* of Regiments, or other pontons volunteering to do this service for the sol uiera desiruie to send home their pay, will bo received in bulk at any of the prinoipa: offices of the 1 Company. i These sums, acoompanied with the full address, as a ?ove required, of the persona for whom intended, will be remitted to the respective oonsigneea. at any place in tti? loyal States, at the same , rate of ohargo, thereby saving to the sender tue trouble of putting in separate packages. Suitable blanks for the above purpose have been i prepared, and will be furnished, with explanations, at any of the offices of the Company, i t ADAMS I-XPRESS COMPANY. 1 Washington, Oo'. 80.1861. oosvim k' JOB PRINTING. AjVERY Description of JOB PRINTING re?. quired by any body?citizens, civil functionaries, B arinv and navv oflioers, sutlers, Ao.?executed al theSTAR UPF1CE, in satisfactory atyle, at low ? ratea for Caah. LO 4-tf SUTLERS AND OTHERS IN WANT 77p r k!5 Suspenders, Whitw Cotton Gloves, Buokskir Gloves and Gauntlets. Wools' Hose, Siurte and Drawera, heavr Whit? aad Grey Blanket* of at . kitda; heavy Clotha acl Casaiinera; h'avy Whit* and Grey Flannels, will find a great stock at i. wm. r. r Ley a bro.'s, ? No 36 Cen ral Stores, p?1s lot oppo Cfn'er Market. SUTLERS WANTED. " ^REAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sutlers, and dealers In Boots and .ifi. NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCHBbI HOUSF, #4S Pennaylvaaiaavenue. toier^Wl Janoey'a Shoe Store.) * We manufacture our own Goods, and sell a JVsts York prices, thereby saving freight. Having conatantlv on hand a iarge Stook. we cai > aupply at a moment'a notice, any quantity desired. a large assortment of 3 eole High-cut Shoes, an< Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. >k a oali from all dealers solicited. d, noT-lm* WHITEHOUSF. A UNCKLEB. ?r ? . TO OFFICERS. 1. he campaign.?a Campaigning Wagon oi the Prussian prinoiple, arranged for aleep- srv i Ingortoact as anAmbaianoe in oaae of?lx5l sickneas or wounds, with ample room for^^2^ stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and per q feotly new, having been just built to order by on of the first maker a in New York, ia offered for sal at coat prioe. - atrong, aound, dark-browi Q HORSE, either for a addle or harneea. t7 Both may be seen on aitplioation to jame! brown, at Mr. IrvineV Stablea, Cor5?ran' Lane, behind the Cham Houae, between 1 and i k, atreetSL m go I1 HERE 19 SOMETHING YOU WANT ^3, A at the M SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORE, ?r, Louisiana Avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sta. Beat Gooda, a, Loweat Pnoea, Satlert Supplied, lh Call a^d See. Medicine for tbe Army. at JPX*. ita vegetable u PAIN CURER. ln MVEHY FAMILY, AS~ WELL AS EVER u_ SOLDIER. SHO ULD AL WA YS HA VE A BOTTLE Oy HAND. ?-?? er. Tina preparation,is an Infallible External or li lee ternaJ Remedy for Rheumatism, Neuralgii ito Hurna, Soree, Sprains, R in* worms, Canke i o.V rl. Vviiis, Dysentery, "Liver Complain ? Fejetr and Ague. Cholera, Ao. *he pain curbk ia entirety vegetable in i a ^ Bali* . Mabs. ij: For sale by al? Pfgr tt> b0 4 1m?

ROUGHS, OOLDSyHOARSENBSS, Ao. [o ^ bean so long known and extensively need that uh> H persona have beoome familiar with, iU extra vd tha pnho .p THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS' NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fall eat and Mest Reliable .Vwi (ram the Seat of Government! Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle'. The present year it undoubtedly the mint eventful 'n the political history of thii country, and the record of occurrence# transpiring at the Federal Metropolis is naturrlly ol striking and remarkable interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable at counts of all that passes here is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements in the weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily In compliance with the wish of the public the paoer has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio ehape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, tilled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the " Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upori which it is printed. It is our determination tc make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper in tb* United States, but that it shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in thi World !!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and mosl important details of all that transpires at th< Seat of Government; editorials on all the lmpor tant topics of the times; the news of the week interesting correspondence from all parts of thi world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellanj of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent featufi a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL department, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farm ers in the transactions of the Interior Department the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agri cultural Society. Gardening and Horticultun also receive due attention in this departmen of the paper, and we a!?> ?nve each week i choice budget of Household Recipes tilt cur lad readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, togethe with an ollicial list of all the new invention issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our reader a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of tb reading that at once instructs and enterta m but aiming to make Washington Nbw* ar Gosoip our speciality, In accordance with th vl?w* set forth above. Believing it to b* better to sell many papers i a low price than a few at a high price, hav determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To S?ingle Subscribers f 1.00 per yeai To Clubs of Five........ 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten..... UOcentt. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. To Clubs c1 Twenty-iive 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. WallacH, Publisher of th Star, Washington, D. C., with subscrlptio uoncy enclosed, or for epeclmeu copies, wbic will be forwarded gratis. SOMETHING NEW! 6reat**t Discovert i m. At 2*1 r st"",' opposite the Theater. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far superu to a roaet) in two minutes, the fastest time on rtcord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friend in the District, and visitors to the city, that he h! refitted his old and wbll-inown kstabltshmbln a most thorough manner, and ha* made oou p ete arrangements to furnish OYSTER? io at style and in any quantity. 4f?to 500 ga lonsshuok< per day. 2 000 to 3,0?> cans ot Spiced a^.d Frei put up daily?oans hermetically sealed Furnisht m the shell by the buohe or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regi lariy through the winter, at Baltimore price without iear of failure, should oail and snake a rang<~ments at or.oe Freight, time, and mom saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an artic equal to the celebrated Baltimore establishment at prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clara Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, &0.,&o. Also, Pickles, Catsup, 8ajoes. Bran' Peaches, Ao, Also, Game and Fresh Fish. Tu ties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, & In fact, every thing for sale in the North? rn ma kets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, d< livered without oharge tu any part of the Distric in season, if the mouey is sent with the order. Mr establishment is open from 5 a. in. to 12 - ?.!*? i/SX".* <>a*' ?xoePt Sunday, when 1 close id ociook a. m. T. M. HARVEY T_^ CARRIAGES. HE Subflflriber h%vin? made ftddiliODt to 1 , factory, making it now one ol the larg?si>/aSBd in the District, where his faoilitiesURSB I for manufacturing CARRIAGES ?JCS J LIGHT WAGONS cf all kinds cannot be si paes3d, and from his long expe-;snee in the bu cess, he hopes to give genera. satisfaction, o AhandE Cfcrri???s and Light VVarons ki All REPAIRS neatly done, and all ord< promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken in exchange E"7 ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d IS tf corner ot frourteecth and E su 1 x*. ,LLIARD 8! a ' ^ ^ of Uie GAME OF BILLIARDS * will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11th stre< (south side,) two of the most admirable n TABLES in the United States, with every comfort ant 1 _ convergence " * tf lor the players. S?rVi??H,?G W-S UPERIOH HULL e *7 CO.KJV?The subscriber, having got the agei to supply Washington and Georgetown with t i delicate preparation of Corn, would respeotfi ask of his friends, and thepublo at largo, tog g it a trial. Also, Popped Com. plain and sue are* r ? WW BRADLY.Agsut, i ? n __Pa, avenue, between 18^h and 19th st _N?B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Mo - merits, Table Tops, &o. A large assortment a w on hand. oc 19 a WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. ?v 38a PmiMTLVANLA . vrnw1, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, - AND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTI MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, ?-tf (Intel, tt Repub.) NEW CLOAKS t , JUST RECEIVED, barge stook of ali kinds ol Shawls. &,it,D*'^k*' *,*? oheap, Si'k Robes, dosing out at a great bargain, y Ail kinds of Dress Goods, very oh&ap. WM R. RILEY A BRO., No 36 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8tn sts., no 15 ?w Opposite Center Mark< 5: 150,000 ii?.so^,Yor^.CiNUL" t, Also, wanted?500,000 lbs. Army 6rea?e s, Hough Tallow, for whioh the highest prioe will s, Mid. at the National S<>ap and Candle Works, Green st. and Canal, Georgetown, D. C. "o? 1m C. B JEW ELL. Proeritt >h \UE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INFO * our former patrons, and citisens generi that we nave now re^e.ved our fall supply of Fa and WINTER GOODS, and are prepared to ttish then at an early nociee and in the beet - most approved styles. HIN ION A TKEL oe 86 lm Merchant Tai ors. No. ?o?Pa s * Vrt Goods, at pa/ f nrerbiailr moderate prices ae l?-*t Pv avaaas andNiatii LP OR JOHNSTON, "iLTinuRK LOCK HOSPITAL, Hit ditto** rid Ul Mil Csrfeia, Sfttdf ?U onif EJ?nt*Ai Htwstif in ikt World, FOR ALL DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREJENT. APPiA IMMEDIATELY. A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WiUium ef :Se Back, iinftni, Afeetiona ef the Rtdaeye end Bladder ??M?aur? a>iec?aigImpo-encr 8n ral DetHiity, N? 'oueneaa, i">?ar-epe?, turn, Confaaiae e' Ideal, Low Sr;rj, ??ipita;j?u of the Hon, Timidity, Trembling*, Dimnt** o' Bigot of Giddiii**i, Dfaeaee of the Mtud, Vi raai, Km ur 8ki,<, AStctione of theLsge. ''onech tr fonli?Ikm TirnMi Diw>: j*r< *neiop IV. Solitary Hsbiteof Yon:h?than Preadfal and Deetrnctiee Praeticea which render Maxnaga ..upoeeilie, and deetrvy t*--i Body and Mind. YOUNG MEN Kepecially who bt?a btcoua the nctirae ef Solitary Tie*, that dre.-.dfol and deeiractiee wnich a naaliy eweepe to an untimely gra?e itiuu*?ade of Yoarf Men of tl a moat aaalted taleme and brilliant intellect, who irtght otl.erwat ha?e entranced iaateumg Stcette with tha thunder* of eioaaence or wakad to eceuacy tha li'trig 'ere, hi Mil with fall canldtrce. MARRIAGE. MalRlID PMIOIII, or Yoanf Man cntiiifUttii| Mar fl if a, bainf awin af pliyeical weakneee, argams debility, I defrrmiwee, 4c., epaedil* cured. Ha who Diacaa hi mat if audar tha c-re af Dr. J. aij religi aaly cocsde in Ma honor at a gentleman acl caetdeauy nlj apon hit ekill aa a phyateiao. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. Itft hand aide going from Baltimore etreet, a few doora frets tha corner. Fail not to cbeeree nana and aamber. ktutte aaet ba paid and contain a eta rap. DR. JOHNSTON, Member ef tha Royal Callara of cfnrgiooe, London, gradeata from on a of tha moat eminent Coltepee in the United tetee, and the g teater part of whoee life has been epent u> I the boepitale of London, Parie, Philadelphia and eleewhere, baa effected come of the moat aetoniehiog earee that were ' aver knrwn; many troubled with ringing in the head and j eart when aeleepi great nervoneneet, rrrng alarmed at endden aoandl, baabfalneee with freqntot Waehiug, attendad I eomeUmee with derangement of mind, were cared Matdiatelj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE I Yeang Men and othere who hare injured tftemeeleee by a aertaan practice ii.datged lu when alone?a habit freqaently learned from ??il Coiopunione, or at ecitool, the eBecie af ' whicn are nightly felt e?en whea aeletp, and if not cored. , randere marriage impoeetola, and dtatroya both mind ana bode, thould apply immediately. Three are aome of the ea<l md melanchoiy eflecte predaced by early habile of Tooth, ?ii: Weakueae of tha Btck and ' Lirobe, Paine in the Head, Dimueee of Sight,l<oee of * Power. Palpitation of toe Heart, Dyepepey, Nrreoae irrita, bility, Parangtment of the Digeatite Parcuooa, General Debi.ity, Symptome of Coneompti in, 4c J Mt.fTaLLV.?The fearfal tfftcu on tha mind are mach te ke dreailed?Loee of Memory, Co'.foeion of Idaae, Derrree.on af Spiriie, lt?il Forebo^tnre, Arereion of Society, 8t If-Die. truet, Lo?e of Sol.'tede, Timidity, etc., are tome of tha e*ile peiriuced. NirtoI'* OliiLlTT?Thoceavde can new jadfe what ie the cauae r> their declining health, lne:',g their *i(or, becooiInf weak, palt, nir?ooe and em iciatea, ha?ing a einpaiai arpearance about the e/e?, coagh or eymptoma of c*GtampUan. j DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When ">i T7,tago-.l?d and improdtnt^o'jiryofple'eare Inde he hae imt.?/e.; "? eetJe of thie fuinfol diaeaet, it to* cfteu f tiappena th?ian ill-:;n.f* ta'te rfehame or dread of d'eccery ( detere him from applying to '.b?? who, from edacauon and reeptcubility, cau alone befruml S'n- He !alla inta the 3 handa of igncrnut and deaigning pretendf re. who, iacapible .. of caring, filch hie pecuniar* tabetaitue, keep ti? trilti.g * rsenth afttr month, or ae lor.g ae t,ie amallee' fee can le ob r tamed, and in deep .ir *a?e huo with rmne-i health to OTer me gnli?g diecppo.xtmant; or by the aae of that dea^y paieon?Mercuij- w*tre:i tbe crmatifBtioenJ eymptome ef thie ernble dieeiee, each ? A ?>'.! ? .? of the Heal *. . hroat. Head, tkm, It, progreeai t with U -r?"uity. defh |,?te a period u> hie orerufai eaftr: ga brCnjing hitnt ih?t ?ne -aieeeeered caputr? from wteee >aa: ,e u* tri'el.r rettr. e L- DR JOHNSOS'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC I WFAZNESSAND IMPOTENCY By thie great and impariaat re-aad> w?akr eat af Jie aeraoe C ere epeedDy c?-ed and fall ti^ot lae^red. Tkeaeaadt af the ?aet natroae aud deaiitteiad, wka Had Int all bape, ha*e keen immediately reiiered it All impeaitra; :i ra Mirnige, PI rel??! u Mact?l Hie -aal lleatiane, beae of I'ro?reatlTe reaer, derre.e I'HV htlite, r>e^->iu>g atid Weikce., at jk.*.aaiuan ef tae uoct Uarfa! klad e*e?diiy cared. ENDORSEMENT OF THE PHESS. TBB Mist TKOtlA<ef>? cared at lb'- n.ej-?!.on * ti;n the l?tt eerenteea yetrt, end .he <?< er ai imperuit lii|i?al tjeerauoi,> by Or., witiietied h (he reparian ef U>e p-pera and many etter pereoea, noucee af waica have appeared agaic uid agaiu be.ere Uia cahlic, bia.da; kie atandmg aa a geutleman of character and .a .oneibility, ie a eagaien faaramee to tha -.B ctad. mat ii-ljr e NOTICE II aOAMiP EXPRESS t?>lPA?IY.?? Tbia Uohimdj to the pnbiie" Luo^u&ilAd ~ Advantages'' for the %rA Qoick !>iapatoh o1 v Heavy Kreighta. Pat kngea, Money, Aa J Ac., Ui all parts ol th* United S!at?a. w ''xpresaea to and from the ^Jorth and Wwtdefrom and arrive m Washington twice daily, All Expreaae* are in charge of txrorimeod and rtUal.t Meaeungera. )r All PArnageg for Tiie Boidiera earned at "o?i half" our usual rate*. All Go<>dc for the s'i-raPed "CocfeJe'ate State*" , and all Articles " Oontrat?ai.d of War" will Ke i" KFTTSKIJ. _ Ou' Expresses leave New York at I. f, and S P, M.^arriving in Waahington at 6 A. M. acd 6 31 'T. Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M? arriving in Washington &t 6 ?n P M. and .J 6 A. M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P a. M.^a/riving in Washington at 6 A. M. and 5 31 *' Expresses for all points North and West Ieav? , Wasiaugtoa at 73? A. M and 2.30 P. M. dail*. "ii Special Contracta for large quantities of Freighl cai. be made od application to this < 'ftce. * Ah Gotxls walleu for and delivared Jrtt of Extn ohargea. E. W. PARSONS, Sup't Adams'Express Company. Wastiington. August +3.1861. an2B-tf ly V WOOD AND COAL. r- a Oil Will eure;y get yot>r money's worth b] o. caJiinc at tue 1'iONEEK MILLS, trmiksurt c?< j-- %*r of ttrtu and Canni, (6EO. PAGE Agent.) They ?e!; cheaper and give better meamn >- than any other* in the oity?out, split, and deiiv >t, ?red lree of oharge. If yo? don t F eiieve . . ti the Pioneer Mill* a tna , ac4 be aauaft -u. at ^-lv.i at I^OUTS AMD tO 091* YAJ ? We are now jianafactoni!* ail kinde of BOOT! ae? ttHOES, and eor>tar.t>V receiving a^nte ua sapply of eastern raai'e *orx of ?-*ry rie-S? |?^ aor^f tioti. tuAOe oifttnnlj to orUcr, ana wi.iW (S no no d at a inaoj . wer ? r;oe than Las been* VBf k?r,?*OiOre charged :n thia aity for maoh iofe..? jr art. a si- Persons In wact of ftr.cts and r'aoes of eastern ? ity liiade wcrk. w> i s-gyaaarU a gL>od aasortmsi spt la store ati>? at tae i.vest pri(>et. Siveasaoait, AIFF1N A URO., JTS aa a ' 311 i'enntrlaai ,a arai>a?. for A RMV SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? , 4W?oana SAUSAGE MEAT, ? 240 oans FRKSH TOMATOES. 48uoana 1 RKSH VEAL. *50 oans BEEF.a in medt, 2?o cans ROAST BEEF, 60 cans FRESH MUTTON. 240 oans BKEFaud GRAVY, 40 oans SOUP and BOUILLI, DESSICATED VE?I 1AHLE9. >e Fer sale at New York Factory prices. ? KING A BURCHELL, ** * Corner I and Fifteenth streets. Hnew books. ISTORY of the United Netherlands, by Jol ? Eothrcp Motley; 2 vote.; free by mail, (4. The Rise of the Uutoh Repabtie. a history, I John Lothrop Mot ey, a voa .oioth; free by mai ^ ,8.1s. Marner, th# Weaver o< Kaveloi, by tl ?f Adam Bade oloth 74|cenu , paper .])_ 09DU. Vve Life arid Career of Major Andre, by Wintn JYO Sargeant; ?l.Ki. After loebergs with a Painter, a Summer Voya s. lAbraflor and Newlonndland; b? Rev Louis n_ Nob e ; 91A0. ays The Manufaotsra of Photoreaio or Hydro Cs T bon Oils, by Thomas Antiseir, M. D-, fl.Tfc. ? Any of the above free by ma.ii M FRENCH A R1CHSTK1N, MM Penna. aveens W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reoeivai wiuiiu the last day or two large a-sortm^nt uf BO\ > SPRING CLOTI jE- INb, ombracinf all styles of low-prioetf. media and fine qualities, wnich we are selling a t ve low pnoes for oasb. ? _QOWALL. STEPHENS A CO., 398 Pa. av.. betwm ?h aad loth sis ra C i Iatalligeooor a?d Re?ubl>*^i > Wf TO MILITARY MEN a lar TJ OkHYand BLUE PLANN1 OVER-SfilKTS. WHIi'K S?H1RTS. DRAV KRS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE. A vhiah we invite all cash purchasers to axaau before making their selections. >t. _00 WALL. 8TEPHEN8 A CO., ? Pa- av., oetweM ?th and loth su for mti <lEte ige iq?b-and Kepabiioaa.) and MUCK WHEAT FLttUR. ~ b? CERO FLOUR ??r- CR AN HERRI ES. >r ? ^ KING A BURCHELL* ? ?* n Corner Versaoatav. aad mh 1 RM U AM BURG CHELSK ! 4JV u ^ Hamburg cheesb.' ,L,L SU) l bs. Hamburg Choose, two years old, aad n "L ~U#r- ? KING A BURCHELL. asd **0 W Caraer Vermont av. ai3 lpya j| Iv. ^yALLOWER'S PRODUCE STORK. prieos. with Fresh Batter In one aoaad aril THE WEEKLY STAR. nil nstUfKl Family ui Nawa J*vauaaBtalalAg a greater tuImt r* U? Ttw?nf read than cu be fotuid la ?? -la pabUabad or Friday aaor nf. TUKI-OUA, uMrui.y. KNM. Single cpy per uana on riv* oop'id XfB ooplcv.? * 9 90 1 wraty lT* coplea > (A it la variably contains tite"WaablBjcVa N*wi* tbet baa msdc Tk* ftmil* ?h?ih Sm dreolate o generally throughout the country L^Slngle copies (1b wrap^are) cu be procured at the counter. Immediately after the laeue of the paper. Price?THREE CENTS. HSLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. 44 HIOHLY CONCENTRATED? Compound Fluid Xxtrac^Bnohu, A PofUtrt and SptctfU Rtwudf For Dimim of tt* BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Tfctc Medicine the power of Digaauoa. and excite* U?~ iionetxT* id to healthy actios, by wbioh tba witut ok caltbbot s depoeiiioos, and at r>'5*Tvral iKLtieiiuTi Bra redaeed. a? -call u mix a?d ikvlahkatioh, and la gcofl MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weakaesses Arising from Hiewi, Habit* of Disaipatn a. Early l>diac-?t??n or A*uee. At tend t d w ilk tk* Following Symptom*: Indisposition to Exertion, Loss cf Power, I oss of Memory. Pifficu ty of Rreathmg, Weak Nerves, Tremblinc, Horror of Disease. Wakefulness, Dimness of Vision. Paia in the Back, I'm versa1 Lassitude of the Muscular Pykiem, Hot Hands, Flashing of the H<yly, Urynets of the Skin. Eraptinna on the Faoe, PALLID rorSTKNAKt K. These cymrt ins. if a ow<d to go on, whiob this medicine invariably lemoves. soon fo lows IMPOI'ENCY,FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS. / on* of wkick tk* Patient may Ervir*. Who can *ay that they are not frequently followed by thos? "DiBxrrL diskams." INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware of the nacre of their euflenng. BCT lil!ll WILT COM k??. THE RECOKDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tk' Aftlw^oly Deatkt by Consumption. pk a a ample witwbm to tri xirra or thb assbbtio*. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Requires f' . aid of medicine to strengthen and Invigorate the System which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tnrariably dots A Tllil. WII.L 'XtSVIftCB THE MOST UtEPTlCAi. FEMA LES- FEMA L E8- FEMA LBS, OLD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Ma ay Affection* Peculiar to Frmalet the Extract Buchn is uneeualUd by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention, lrr? gu.aniy, Painfuiiiesi, or Suppression of Customarv Evac untior.s. Uloorataa or Jjclurrous state of the Ute. u?. Leacorrhea or White#. Sterility, and for all complains incident to the sex. whether arising from Indiscretion, Habits of Dissipation, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE I SXX SYMPTOMS ABOVB. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITflOUT IT. Take no note Baham, Mtreurf, or Unpleasaml MUictne for Unyleasant and Dangeroni lHtoutet. UELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU cvaaa SECRET DISEASES In all their Stages; At little Expenae. Litile or no cnange in Diet; No moonvanietioe. And no r.xpontrt. It can sen a freao nt dws're gives strength to Urinate, thereay Rem vmg obstructions. Preventing and Cunut ?".icuirea of the U rethm. Allaying f->i: and inflammation, eo frequent :n the class ol diseases, au- expelling ail Pouonout, Lhs*a*ed, and worn out Maxtor. ^ THOtlSAKM CPOH TBOCaA*"* WHO HAVE BEEN THC TjrTIMS OF QUACK*, and who have pa.u keavgjte* to be cured in a snort i unie, have found tbry were deoeived. and that the poison" has, by the use oi"pcw*r/vl as.riKt*n:t I been uried up *n t > eyatem, to break out m an egI j ravated form, ana II PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?e HELMBOLD*? EXTRACT BUCHU I B-i affxtionn and diseases of the ;l IHINAHY ORGANS, I whether exiaUng in MILE OR FEMALE, ' I from whatever oause otiginating and no matter of k I HOW LONG STANDING. I Diseases ol tfcoee Organs require the aid of a DiI VBKTIC. -I HELMBOLD & EXlRACT BUCHU , I IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, I and it la certain to have the desired effeot in , I Diseases/or ?e?'ea ii *? recommended. 1 I BVIDXWCB or TBI MOST l'.E8P0*?IBL* AID Bt I LIABLE CHABACTEB I wililaooompany the mediomea. i ceswio^op^bms^ ? 1 ___ I I t I I I "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." | WB HXBB "?0 BBCBBT ' 07 IHfeRED! EBT8 ' ? | HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU I 1a oompoaed of Bachn, CaN?ba and J anipor Bernes. I aeieoiod with gieat care by a oompeteni d'nrgiat PREPARED IN TACOO. by H. T. HELM BOLD, I Practical and Analytical Chemist, and Sole Mai t uiacturer of I HKLMBOLD SGKKl'INE PREPARATION3. 5 I AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeareu oefore ?. an Aiderman of ? I the oity of Pnnadeiphia, H. T. Hblmbold, who I bei-g duly swo.n.doth say. his preparations oon iB I tain no mercury, or otne. injurious d,w. b.. ? ,.-.1, v...ub^ ?ELMB ? ' WTrr^ftlMJ * I Aider mar, Ninth at., b'jw Rao*. Plula. U I ar I PHYSICIANS IN dlTE^rDdJVC* I FROM ? A. M. TO 8 F. M. Price 01 par betUa, ar six tar O*. *' I Delivered to a. ; addreea, securely paaked from I obeervat-ion. I Addreas lattais for information IB oonftdenoe ? H. T. HELMBOLD. Cktmxst. i a I Depot, 104 Sonth Teath eC. below Cheatnat. Phi la. A in, J II I BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS AND VNFEIMCIFLXD DEALERS k I who endeavor to diepoee "of Adr m" Md I "otnar" artloiea oa the reputation attained Dy V> Htlmkold t Oiawsi Propmrttms, ^ I t< < Extract But km, a.. I ****** Mm sapai ills, I u m jwtf i mf Rot* Wa*k I Sold by 8. B. Waits. L. D. Oil*ab, Job* ? 1 Won. S. a Fobs. 8. B. Ebtwutlb, B C. I Majob, Kidwbll A Lavbbmcb. 4. R. Major Waabutftoa and Georgetown. and all druggists everywhere. ? I ASK FOE KXLMBOLD 6 ^ Tin HO OTHML rAMD AVOID IMPOSITION aad EXPO??WRE L I bHv ^ I ' I

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