Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Of Etiit Doscmirrioa Executed wltb neatness ud dispatch on applies tlon it the STAR OFFICE. At Um Lowe* Cub Prices. fiatl tftcttaa guaran tied. no M-tf LOCAL NEWS. Though Thx Stu u printed on the fastest strain press In nse south of Bait}mors, Its edition Is so large as to require It to be pat to press at an early boar: Advirtittwuntt, therefore, should be sent In before IS o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the nest day. SimiAi Furvu ov m Banner Casx.? This case which Is now awaiting the decision of Judge Purcell of the Orpbane'Coort, seems to have been attended bv extraordinary fatality Since toe casewaa commenced a little more than a year ago, pre* ponements were rendered necoaary "bv the deaths successively of the father of Mr. Davldge, c?u?w?el for respondent; of Capt Young a relative of Mr. Fendall, counsel for petitioner; of lbs clerk of the Coart, Mr. Roach; of one of tbe connect, Mr Llaton; and at the Malar mem* ber of the bar, Gen Walter J ooea. Another slngulsr tblog,about the eaae lathe un'mual number of withdrawals of counsel and consequent cbangea In tbe management of tbe case. For the petitioner (Mr DeKmRt) there first appeared Mr. FeodaiL. Jr.. and Mr. Jos H. Badley, jr , afterwards Mr Linton took the plsce of Mr B-idler; then Col. M. Thomson was In the case a short time, and sometime after Llnton'a death Col. Blount was engaged. Mr. Fendall, it will be aesa, was In the case from tbe beglnlng. For the conteetant (Mr Barney) there flret appeared Mr. C H. Winder,andafterwarda Meaera. Chilton acd Mag ruder were associated with him. Theee last named gentlemen at a critical period of our national affairs left here, and It has been stated are flourishing somewhere In Dixie. Mr. Davldge wes then engaged, and some time after that Mr. Wtnder was arrested bv the Government and sent to Fort Laftyette. He waaaubse qunttj rtlnwd on parole, and In the last f-w week* Lieut Barney hat been represented by Messrs. C Winder and Walter Davldge and Christopher Isg's. Di atms or SoLsixaa ?The following soldier* died yesterday: James Da ?i aeon, company!, Harris' Light cavalry, at (it Kllzabeth hospital. John Skillman, company G, 1st New Jersey cavalry, at Kalorama. Patrick McGue, company F, Mth Nsw York volunteers, at the regimental hospital, on Kaleram* Hill Charles Forbes, company M, Harris Light cavalry, at St. Elizabeth hospital. John Sargent, company D, 19th Indiana volunteers. at the Patent office hospital Larkio Earl, company 1, 5th Vermont regiment, at the Union hotel. Henry Flnckle, company G. 4th Pennsylvania cavalry, at Colombia College Hospital. Peter A. Flety, company A, 8th Michigan, at Columbia College Hospital. Thi Paorossp Naw Briook across the Potomac.?The stone piers of the Alexandria acqufduct, on which it is the Government to place the new bridge across the Potomac, were built some twen'y years ago or more, under direction of Cspt.Turnbull, of the U. S Engineer Corps. They are of the most massive ana substantlsl character, and it required seven or eight years to build them There were coff-r dams around the site of each pier; the mud was carefully removed from in*ide the dams, and the masonry of each of the piers commenced on the solid rock in the bed of the river. A b'ldge built on these piers would be high above all casualties from freshet*. Polic* Riroaw.?The sergeant of the second ward reported the following cases besides the guardhouse returns: Peter Bromler, mal'.clons mischief; sent to j ill for court M Hackett and John Smith do ; dismissed. Stephen Jones, disorderly in the street; fined 92 94. Toe soldiers were taken up and turned over to the military. The sergeant of the third ward reported Henry Koch, peddling without a license; fined S5 ? Ernest Lofffier, giving liquor to soldiers, dlsm saed Nathan Gotthelf. creatine a ininsM ffneSiW " Police Bx?obe Justice Walter ?Yesterday, Sharp'ey. charged with gambling, wan a-reated by the Metropolitan police and fined S50 and roata, und?>r the corporation law. Thla morning, Wm Young, f>r selling wines by sample wsa fined 350 and copta; alao, for fraud in the aale of the wines, was committed to jail for further hearing A number of littie fellows were taken up for playing handey la the atreeta, thereby endangering the ahlna ef other people than themselves; they were lectured and dtamlaaed with the assurance of very aevere punishment If caught again. ?George ftf. Wiley, a aoldier of the 6th U 9. regiment, waa arrested for atealing a roat from W?laenfieid k Co., by patrolman Leach He confessed the taking of the coat an<l waa aent to Jail by Juatice Donn. Chasaptaas ahi> Ohio Canal?The damage to th? Chesapeake and Ohio canal by flood two ortlfrrewetks ago ia likely to be repaired by the middle of next week, and the canal thua Tendered navigable again beyond Harper's Ferry Tbtre la no coal now arriving from Cumberland, all that bad reached points this side of the break having come forward. With the reopening of the canal next week, Cumberland icoal may be expected to reach here again In considerable qutniltlea. Pabadb.?Yesterday afternoon a brigade, consisting of the 99tb New York regiment, which diatlnguiahed itself for good conduct at the disastrous aff<ilr at Bull's Run,and ianowre-organlted for service during the war. the 64th New York, 11th Maine, and 59d and 104th Pennsylvania i regiments, marched through the aventM, making a very creditable display. The FcssiTrasoF the Late Senator Docslas.?The amount realised from the aale of the furnltnre belonging to the late Senator Douglas, was about three tEouaand dollars Ex-Senator / G win's household effects brought about $8,000. Tie New Barnes Across Rocx Cbeeb.?The last stone has been lsid on the abutments of the new (scquednct) bridge across Rock Creek. HKKKXA.15-?TO-Blgbt this gl*St prsStidlgltateur. whose niuveloui feats In tbe ?rt of diablerit have astounded the Washington public. closes bli entertainments at tbe theater. Daring bis abort tarry here tbe theater baa been crowded beyond comfort by our aaoat distinguished citizens and visitors, all of whom expreaa tbe profoundest astonishment at bla apparently miraculous powers. Tbla. tbe last opportunity of witnessing tkt wlzird of tbe age, will of courae be 1 m proved Focmd Diowxio ?Yesterday morning infor matlon was brought to some or oor citizens that a women was lying drowned on the shore of Huntington Creek,just above tbe bridge On going to the place, ahe was found drawn up out of the water. Her bonnet and shawl had been previously found a little way from tbe Creek, also her hoopa There were no marks of violence upon her person, and there waa everv Indication that she had committed suicide There being no authorities under whom aformal lnqueat could be held, tbe gentlemen wbo went to the spot, after getting aS tbe Information that waa possible, concluded that nothing could be done but to have her decently buried, and directions ware given accordingly Tbe neighbors and all wbo saw her, were of | opinion that ahe waa sot a resident of the neighbor bood, but waa probsbiv a follower of eoe of I tbe cam pa. Her features Indicated that ahe waa a German. An empty bottle, marked "laodaaam," waa foubd either on her per sou or near by her. She waa quite deoeatty and comfortly clad ?her bonnet and shawl will be brought to ffce Mayor's , office, where tbey may furnish tbe means of identifying her. There waa no mark on her clothing as was far as it was examined ? AUxmrndrf Local Sews. Wostmt or Plain.?Tbe bottled ale for i family or c?mp u?*-, manufactured by tbe Brothers Coltneiu, at the Washington brewery, is unsurpassed by any ale sold in the United mates, wbriber imported or not. At tbe prices they charge for It tbey shtmld And sale for enormous IqUAUUUCS US T? Tmb Ciirmu at Odd Fellow*' Hall, apparently Ineaoaoetlble In the way of Irresistible originalities, continue to be overrun by rliltors. Go up to night and get uplmd-i gift ArTBMTioR la called to tho notice alaawhere at tree for rent and building lota to leaao near the Djpot. A Si ob 8r lit tibo program me at Canterbury Hall thia evening, exceedingly attract)re for Its aoreltle* and geuoine humor Doa't fhll to be oo hand. Ella Zotaba, the uoequalled equeatrleaa*, having beoa eagaged at Klag'a National Clrcui for odTt a limited number of b gbto, mo opportunty at wltaeming her (or hie; dash lag horseman*ip should bo neglected Tbaattracuoaa of tha '-lrcua otherwlaa are alao multlfhrloua Oof*a%-Jko aad4*a tuauiM s( oar ?UaaM an ivA *?jroea e? FsMieoary. anJ Ankmam iftc(vmm. 8iHTl?a?i>?Tm hotk that ample ^mediae often aol i^muj tad oorteialy vhoa I ^M?tUnaainaH(ou?ttMtaafb?ir? I nm Bftmkwt mm Smtmrt wlilial CImti&l Gcaip Horsi Casis? Btfort Jut' I (teg Walt$r.?Jno. O'Brien,druak and disorderly, { fined Sis Henry Dorse v, do , do. Si 68; Stephen Jones, for life keeping, discharged: Thos [)' Riley, drank and disorderly, fine S3 M; Isaac D. Carson, drank, lectured and diamlssed; Jobn Curtain, do., tine SI; Peter McCue, do., coats 58 cents; Robt Jones, disorderly, two cases, lined S13; James Keller, disorderly, handed ow to the military; Israel Pierce, out after hours, diso^jased; Peter Mullen, sleeping in the street, line SI W; Wm E Drsyson, carrying concealed weapona , and disorderly, line *25 94; Thos. Thuston, drunk, do S2 58; Cbas Payne and Henry Dumont, ' colored. out after hours, lined esch Si 58; Win. Hill, colored, disorderly, do S6 M; Patrick MeCauley, Oaneil Buckley, Thos. Collins, John Shay, Jno. McCauley, disorderly and suspicious behaviour, Work-house 90 days each; J ohn Dacy. assault and battery with a billy upon a man, Jail for court; (the last alx are of one gang, their iges ranging from twelve to sixteen years; the one sent to jail: for aasanlt and battery la fourteen;) Win. Bursa, vagrant, Work-house 90 dsys; J. B Geoffrey, turned over to the military; Jno. W. Webster, profsnity, fined SI; R Porter, for falling to remove hla wagon at the order of the patrolman In the Center Market, paid 98 centa costs. Of the oases three were returned by the second ward, eight by the thtrd ward, eleven by the fourth ward, and four by the seventh ward patrolmen RtHifiit* tb? Blockade?The acbooner Salisbury, from the Eastern Shore, loaded with lumber, aucceded 1b running tbe blockade, and arrived here In aafety thla morning. Theateb.?On Monday night Mr. Bland who eatera ao aucceaafaliy for the amuaement of oar community will present the fevorlte John Owen* Everybody will go to aee John Owena. A matinee la given at the Canterbury for families. ladleaand children thla afternoon, and again on Monday. The aaloon are closed on theae occa tions. The attraction oflered la very great. See advertlament. IifDia Rxtbbkb Goons. For anv and every article manufactured of India Rubber, oa 1 at the only India Rnb^e* Warehonae in thia oity, whiob ia located 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th ate. no 33-lf Notice.?Beware of oounterrsita and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dlapoae of iheir own and other artio'ea on the reputation attained by HelmboUTs Extract)Burk?, a positive and apeoifio remedy for diseases of the Dialder, Kidneys, 6ravel, D-opsy, 4o,, Ac., Ao. Aak for Helmtold's. Take no other. See advertisement tc another col imn. aeao AMUSEMENTS. For families, LADIES AND children. The Cenduotor of CANTERBURY HAL?, has the ple?aure to announee to the publio of Washington that he will give hiasRC<?ND Day Entertainment for Families, L*diea and Children on MONDAY AFTERNOON, N v. *3th. at S o dock Theadmiauon for the cccaa'on will be 2>oenta; ahildren 1? oenta. The Entertainment will inolude several of the finest efforts of all the member j of the immense ooinpany, the largest, and embracing th" finest artists in Am?r oa During a peri d of eight montha, the Family Aftam on Entertainments, given by the conductor of tbia establishment at the Baltimare MiMum were attended br more tnan 8fi 000 ladie*. ew elusive ot the very rumerous attetdanoe of chu Urea. Uoon many oo asions more than S O ladies wereaeat'd And standing in the auditoiium and vestibules of tt e Mu?eum, forming a galaxy of M^ty seldom excelled. To those who remember the Afternoon Entertainments rivn by the conductor in this city cpon several ocoeaion* lait winter, it la hardly necessary to say ttiatthe p*iformanoe will be conducted with a strict regard to the proprieties cf lastidious sooi?tr The sa.oona attached 'o the e?tab lahu.ent wil' remain olosed, and the e egance for which his Family Entertainments became famous ren.a'.n intact The conductor takes special pleaturo in mtroi'u:ing to the patrons ( f th?ae entertainments his presen' talented ocmpar.y of Artists, the finest ho has everb i-r aole to oomhine. Eseecia'ly will the ladies a7 d children welooma the fairy lavontes Little fcusix Pabkbr, Little Eli a, Li t;e Kitty L ttle M'osta Ver*on, Also, t>e ea f li<>h d lavoriUs, Miss FRANK LA FOLLE, Miss JULIA HUJrO?, Miss KM Ma MILKS. Miss HELEN VERNON. The Ent?rtat"m?'nt wt'l *1* > include feats of PR ES TIDIGIT A TION, WRAY. THK BRKAT. Tne celebrated Kthiopian Impersonators, FRANK BROWEK, DICK PAHKKR, HARRV FuX. MA^ER EMMERSON. And the amusing, pleasing, ard wonderful exten por-n'ons V-oalism of Mr. WILLIAM HARRISON, who will mane up a song while on the 'age about Hie little misses, masters, ladies, and others who constitute the audicnoe aud sing it to them. Luring the mterva'sin the entertainment, bask*'*?fCANDIE8 AND CONFECTIONS will be distributed gratuitously to the entire audience. A very superior Orohestra and Cornet Band as sistthe entertainment. ll^Caaterbury llall is the Assembly Rooms, Louisiana avenue, near 6th street and the Cit/ Hali, in the rear of the Nauonal??nd Brown's Ho^^fh rd Grand Matinee, THURSDAY, November J5th, at i o'o ock. The Afternoon Entertainments oommenoe at I o'o:ock. no W >t* pANTERBURY HALL, <Washington Aa *> bkmblt rooms,> Louisiana arena*, n? a- oorrer of Sixth sts., in the rear of th* Nation*! an<l Kro~rn'? Hotel*. OPEy EVER Y NIGHT. E*tib.? Chaso? or I'kogrammk! THE GREAT WRA Y To night at the Canterbury, in hi* feats of Prtstu ditnation?m hi* Comic !*oug??in his Great Batijt Sofo Last Night but Two of I- RANK BROWEK! FRANK BROWKR ! The chief imperoocator of the Happy Darkey for th* Mat fifteen years The ontjnator of the stye of doiineation known aa the Philadelphia Nipger. Who haa not seen him I Who does not remember him in connection with the Sable Lights Jem Stanford. Eph Horn. Lake West, and others?hit ovn name standing &r?t in popular estimation? To see Frank Brower, >a to aee the aotnal natural eooentrioiues <"f the Nig., and not to hear stale eriticism and oonandrnms of the wAits mnn bliciid. Last Night of DRAMATIC HEAVIES' HE WOULD BE A BRiGNOLI! FRA^K BROWER ai the Canterbury. DICK PARKER (Fanny Disk) at the Canterbury. HARRY FOX at the Canterbury. WILLIAM HARRlSON.wno make* a song about you and aings it to your faoe, at the Canterbury. Miaa Julia Hcneow, the beautiful Hongstre*s; M'lle Frank Folle, Mi?? Emma Mies, Misses Willis, Veinon, Pa'kw, Clifton,and numerous others, at tne Canterbury. MISS LOUISA HAYMK, The oelebrated Operatio Songstress, makes her a??eara oe n-xt week. Amission? p\r^uet,ss cents: Parterre u oent?. Doors open at 7; oommenoe at7H o'olook. n?3 tf yy A ? H I N G T O N THEATER. THIS EVENIYG. (Saturday) Positive* the l ast Night of HERRMANN In this City. The iranager respeo'ially calls the attention of the pnblie fo th- appearance iu Washington of MONSIEUR HERRMANN, ssr.rri.'feem.riWKW, and whoee performances at the principal opera hoase* in Eirope hare been ^ronounoed the most wonderful in their peon liar line. Tbeperformanoesof HERRMANN are entirely original and novel, the distinguishing feature feWflRE ABSENCE OF ANY APPARATUS, Allthe effects being solely srodooea by K A 1 RAUKUI.iAK Y MANUAL BKILiL. Tbe programme will ooinpria* TWELVE PIECES, IN TWO PARTS, inoluding the celebrated DOUTILH VUE. Br Mr. HERRMANN and hi a brother ALEXANDER Daring the interval! of Herrmann'a Programme, A GRAND CONCERT FULL O&CHESTRA. Pnvate bojtee RIO; ore heater ohaira $\J6\ dreea oirele #1; parterre ?1; parquet Sn oenta. nov a G1AND assembly or THl good will club. At Franklin Hal', corner o/ 9tk and D its , THANR8G1VIN0 E ve. < Wedneedav Nov. *7.) Tbe w*U known reputation of thie ofyb la a aufficient | u van tee to oar nameroea frienda #4 that thi* will be tk* aaaembly of the aeaaon. J9 Tic^eta SO oeata, admitting a gentleman JUk Br order of the Committee. no RATIONAL C I R CUB! Tom Kmc Leeaee aad Manager -mKfTptr-* SvccsaarvL Saaeon, And all the Start. Ladiee aad fhmilr partiee will pleaee not forget the On MOW DAY, WEDXSSuAY # SATURDAY. SPECIAL NOTICE. ^ f_Z ?,Y> I1 A . Artist SSmB for a limited Member of^fhte- ParUeeTUer. fore, had better eeenre plaoee la advaaoe, aov U 59 *^ta m 59 North Side, Hanrg oompleted k>a arraagea*nU. ia bow read* . jmswp V?naiS?Rt fSM INO, laaU of ite ?ano? eanohee Having aeoared IiOST AND FOUND. ST ft A Y E D OR STOLE N-From in frort of C. Koyle'a tavern, near ?h? l><?pot. on Wedneeday evening laat. a b;ack HORrE. wltt white ?pot n hie forehead, three or four acara on right h>?. ana nr k*d U. 8 C. on le?t hip. Had on cavalry aaddte and brid e. A ?uitah!? reward will b? paid for hja return to JOHN O'MKARA'i Vanetv Store Pa av?noe. rear the Capitol, or U. BOYI-B'8 Tavarn, n*ar the Depot no 3t* |\]OTlCF..? Left at the Governmert FUb'ea. on 1" G itreet, between and lSth eta , on cv . Friday nieht lMt, th ee HORSES, of th? description: , Otoe aorrel Horae,about 10 year# old, and 14 htnda high, left hint foot white One ?ia'k bay Mare, about 6 years old, and 16 handahigh. One dark bay Horae. about 9 yeara old, 16 handa high, and front feet white. The ownera of eaid horaea are h*rebr notified to oome forward, prove property, pay chargea, and take thtm away, or they will bo dea't with according to law. Inquire of the Superintendent. no 23 3t RAN AWAY-Oa the 16th inatant, from Georgetown bridge, a bar HORSE, with white <-v feet, marked *"C. U 8 /"on i i? left ah?tll-?Li3\ der. The owner Wili cay a liberal reward for hit return to JOHN MoBARVEY'S, corner 27th and K ata. n1 ?3 3t* STRAYED FROM HIS BOARDING-HOUSE, thla morning before daylight, a man hai in* from Pennsylvania, atripeed of eoat and hat; waa taken *o the Polioe Station. K at; being quite to k*r ?u i*nl nnt aOer rtuv'irht : aon'd not trlt where he boarded. If broujnt or alrooted to 905 vNt 33d at. 2 doors from H at. ha will get his clothes and money he give in oharce. Name not known. It* LOST?On the evei^ng of the SO'h instant, a gold LOCKET and CH MN. A liberal reward will be ?aid for its re'nrn to this office 1'* f OST?About a wee* ajto.near Fort Runyon, a Li leather POCKET BOOK, containing a note for one hundred and fifty dollar*,pataMe i" monthly instalments of fifty dollars eaou drawn by Lewis Coze, M. 1)., Surgeon, in favor of Rev. G. R. Darrow ; has two payments endorsed on the b*ok, and the iast payment is now dne. As the said note is of no value to anv one but the owner, the finder will oonf*r a favor by leaving it at thla offiae. no 23-3t* CA RE WARD?Strayed away from the ?ut Berber, on the 5th of No ember, a light red buffa'o CuW with fun*white feet, and a star in her forehead nr.d a crop and a slit in her ear; bell on when left h'Mne. I will give the above reward for her return tome. CHESTERFIELD MARSHAL, no 23 3t* On Fifth st., Capitol Hill. TWO COW? ESTRAY-Found trespassing on my premises, rear the Anaoo!tiaggC?riM B'fc!ge?one dark red, the other red *nd Vuf* white; both horned The owners iTiIIXb^i please oome forward, prove property, pay oharges, a- (1 take them away. no21 St' JOHN DOUGLAS. ffij C REWARD ?Lost, on the loth instant a UP'J heavy, open-worked pair of gold EYEGLASSES. marked with in'tia's "H. B ," glasses very oonoave. supposed to have been lost st the Gwyn sale. Apply at -4T I street, oorner of 18th. no 22-lw ?Ifk REWARD?Strayed or stolen on Wed1U nesday evening, a out 6 o'clock, in C\ front of Samuel Baoon & Co's, a Bar H?TT\ M ARE, with white oovered wagon. Tha '-1reward will be paid if the above are brought to SAMUEL BACON tc. CO., corner 7th and Fa. ave. co 22 st* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S FARM, situated near the second toll eate on the Seventh street road, sonn time du'in* the month of Oo ober last, a small mottled COW. The owner cnu iiivo net uj proving properly, sua payirg charges. no *l-3t* VVM. M. MORRISON. NOTICE ?There came apon t. e premises of the undersigned, a* an estrar, on Tuerday cv night,'he 19th instant. a sorrel MAR e, about the age of 10 years, wiih a white itsr^^^1 in her forehead and a ver* had sore on her r'ght ehoulder. The owner can have the same bv proving prop?rty. paying oharges and the cost of this advertisement. ISAAC P. CHILDS, south N st. no2T3t? Be'weenlH and Houth Capitol sts. LOST?La^t night, on the 5 o'clock train between Washington and Ba'imore. a sma 1 W \L.LET, containing several notes drawn in my fnvor, city of Washington scrio, a draft on Boston for ifS", also business cards of J. Libber !*nn, iry ?* u cards with my name on t'iem. and ffv?ra! nth r ?%p -ts of no vvn? to any one the oW'i r The fin-'er will i liberally reward-d by returning the same to JOS. LIbBEY. ??orratown no 21 3i* BROKE LOOSE or STOLEN-a large iron grey HORSE. 1?J|{ Hands, 3 white feet, gy wart on off hind quarter, long mane, show- T ing marks of harness ; had a new a'ylish^^"saddienn at the time of lea*in<, from Wood, Gibson 4 Co. Any one fin^inr the above horse, and teat will brine him to the 6th ^ava'ry Camp, ea.?t of Capitol, will be suitaMy rewarded. With him there w?s a small ohes'nut Co|t, 2 whi.e hind f >e?, tail out off square -1 the hack, with a military biidle a-d stylish bridle. Bring him. if found aiso to 6th Cavalry Camp. eo 21! Iw Ran away from the s'7hsco ib^IT. neir BiaUm: u g, BOY ANTHONY, v? commonly cvied Touer. He is5 feet 5inches 0ff high, very I lack, short hair, grum cnuntenance when spoken 'o. with a small sea- J) over one of his eyes. Went away with Maolt^L jaoket (United States buttons on it), casinet pa'its, yellow gauntlet gloves. 1 will give 3100 to acyone that wil bring him home to me. nov 18 2w* FIKlPKR MAGRUDER. FUK SAL& AND KENT. FOR RENT?Two suits of handsome FURM?HKD ROOMS, at No. 493 11th st. w at, near Pa avenue. no 23 3t* O. D LAND FOR 8AI-R ?The subiirifcer wih sell at pmate sale 2<*> acres of Land in Priroe beorge'a oounty, within 2S miles oi the Railroad, witn a good road leading to Beltsvil'e and fcoagg*' Station. The land la oovered with wood. Acdress A B. Berry, Bladensburg, Priuce (jeorge's oounty, Aid. noSl-foTt' A. B. BERRY. 17 OR SALE? r BOX?BOX?BOX A large anppiy offce&utifut BOX, of ?5 years' growth. Apply oppoaite lila'd's pace, once | owned by Vivan, Kalorama Heighta. no22 2t* Rooms for rent IN WASHINGTON BUILDING? No. 9 on the third fl wr. Nog, 14 and 15, on the fourth floor. Not WO, 21 and 22, on the fifth floor. Inquir* of JOHN H SbMVlES ft CO. oorner Louisiana av. and 9th at., opposite west erd <>nter Market. ( Repn*?. ft Cnron ) t o 22 6t.if I^OR BALE AT A BARGAIN-A Worrell a MARE, fonryeara old. sound a-<1 kind. Also, an open Conoord "ucgy, with two aeati and Harteaa, *'1 in good order. Mar* weighs about l,?on Iba. The above eatabliahment will be sold for one hundred and eighty five ol'ars.and no Us* Inquire at the India Robber Warehouse, 308 Pa. swell*. no ati at FOR RENT?A amall HOUSE (auitabe for business) containing 4 rooma and eel ar, situated in a business looa ity Apply at 491 Ninth at, between D and E. no 81 lw* FOR RENT?A large and desirable RESIDENCE on Third at.. Georgetown D C? lately oootpied by Gov. Thomas Stabling attached, fto. JOHN T. BANG8, no 21 3t Agent. l^OR RENT?T/ie PRKSBYTERIAN PARr sONAGE.on West, between Congress and High streets, Georgetown, D. C. Apply to HEN J. DARBY, Treasurer. no 21 St WOOD LAND FOR SALE ?The underai*n*d la authorized by the heira of the late John C. Prather to sell at publio sale a tract of Land, containing II acrea, lying on the dividing line between Prince Seoige'a and Montgomery counties, and adjoining the lands ot George B. Scagga, Mrs. Mano w, Abtalom Bell, and 'I ho in as Bell The land awunda with fine umber and oord wood of different kinds. The land ia about three milea farm Beltaville. and about th? same diatanoe to a awitoh near Isaac Scruggs'. and two miles to the Turnpike road, and half a mile to a pnbiio ro&a to Washington. Publio roads from the land to the Railroad and Turnpike Sale to take plaoe at BeltaviHe, Prince Georre'a oounty, onTHUASDAY, the 28th November, 1861, at 10 o'olock. The terms of aale are : One-third of the puroh&ae money to be paid on the day of ?al* ; the balance in two equal ina almenta of one and two veara, with bonda bearing interest from the day of aale, to be approved by flie unsigned W lLLlAlu iuOnis Ij W i ITT Mr. George B. Soagga will ahow the land when oalled on. nov 18 lw* UNSHED HOUSE Ftrtt RENT-The Houae No 349 Nineteenth at., near I. Apply on the premise*, br to. JOHN G.CLARKE, Teller, ottoe of Riggs ft <Ro. nov 18 lw* FOR RENT^-A three atorx BRICK HOUSE, oontatning twenty rooma, aitua'ed on the corner of Ulh and G atreeta, I aland Apply to Wm R. R'lej ft B'other, 3#,_ Central Storea, or I HOS. vv K1L.E. * , wney w nan.iitn ?t. no ta iw LfAKM FUR SALK, or Exohanje for City r Property. situated in Sommervill oounty N. Jersey, oontaining ?2 acres in a hicii state of cultivation, foofl dwelling house, Tiln all neoeeaary oat buildinie, good water power, fine,oroltard,and well-fenoeo, 2H milea from Central Railroad, (6 daily trams,) 8 aulas from Plainfield, and an miles from Jersey City. For farther partioular* inquire of G.?W. BRAY, Jeweler, 816 Seventh at., opposite Inteliigenoer Office. oe 85 lm* UANDSOMKLY FURNISHED ROCMS.?1 roar hsmaeomeiy Furuished Rooms, supplied w in caa and water,and couvol: *ct to the Patent and Poat Oftoe Departments, lor rent. Apply al 4 9 OH Maesaoli netta avenue, north etue, between 4th and tth sts. maii Horse, buggy and harness fur SALi?. Apply to WALL & BAR cv NARD, AaoUon and Comic ;ssi>>n Merohanta,oor.Ninth at. and south aide Pa ? % venae. oe? (ready improved recently and now offerslUHJI greater induoeomenta for the patronage of oiusetu ' s? ?isi jotel on Peon. arenue, and hta ooomm<jd*tioni

or permanent or transient boarders unexceptioai ibie. The bar and reetaarant arrangements of thi - Rarppsan Hotel have already beoome vary pops I Jar.being aii thatoanbe doeired by the meet ft* i Odious. Tke?rofne4or ?. eft ee air emitted att-n i uonanJ octiipued liberal axpenditoreato glveaatStt&ftsijxeffs&i "" new / ni i i I WANT8* AS^BER, STEADY YOUNG MAN WukN & J*i'ttation in soms rerp?rtab!e business I'o der#fand-? crocerr. (rgvisien and liquor bu?ir.e*s well, ar,d ii not afraid to work. Address Boi 3, Star Office. It* W'NTKr-an rood HOD CAJMIERS. to ** whioh the highest will o* *aid. Arp.y on Monday moroinc at the co-ner of Ninth s.reet and Pa. aretue, t> JAMES W. fPAULDINO, Br'Qlnsyr It* WANTKn?\ GIRf? for kousework. st the couth-west e >rner of Fourteenth and D BJ. !?_ w ANTED-A lood COOK. *t Mrs. Gittmc's, * " oe?osite Mayor's Office, Georietown W hite gtrl preferred. U* WAITED?Three DRFSSMAKER9 at No 359 l?h street, between H an* I sts. Work the year roucd and board Nf.'n? jood hanjs need aptly. Alio, two young laaiea io lra^n tub busir.eaa. no2?-3t* * T*0 ALL UNFWPW^n MKN ABOUT I WASHINGTON WANTED-?>aotive.aobT MF.N.tnftll cut a new Regiment fiatforming, to whom will be given th? highest rate* of infant'y par. Term rf enlistment, threo y<-ara. Comfortable quarter*, w?rm o^othicc. good f >od and oooxi g utensils mrsiahed op fhe day each recuit ts iwo'D in. The present intention ia t ' hav? this Regiment oooupt huts during the coining winter, maUad of tents, wbioh will add. no doubt, greatly to tna health and oomfort of the men ? To soldiers of the old Rrgu'ar Regiments (of good reputation) whose term of aervioe will expire eoop. tni< Regiment offers peculiar i^duoemen'a for enlrSTing in. as fr^m their knowledge of drill and disoipliue they will at once be ooinmendod to th? Colonel for promotion as non commissioned offioer*. I n faot, promotion to the rank of commissioned officer* i? open to all- who mav prove themae!v*s worthy, bt coniinued god oonduc and strict a'tsntion to duty, of the honor of wearing SHOULDER STRAPS. For further in ormation applv to Capt. GE"ROE GIBSON, 11th Reg'tU. * Infantry at the G and Army Clothing D'pot, ia C rcoran'a Temple of a't, opposite Mia War Dpartment; <~apt. LATIMER, Ilth Infantry, co'ner? f I'Wh st and Penn. avenue 5 or Capt. FECK. 11th Icfantrv, at Major Becltwi h's Otfice, oorner 18th and t? sts. no ?i lw WANTED?A respeo'able, strong GIRL, to vub a- d iron, and make herseif generals useful on? who appreciates the comforts of a rood home and steady employment, oan call at 447 Fa a<re.. west, between 12th and IStb. Good wages given no 22 2t* WANTED TO RENT-A small FURNISHKD HO' 'S*K, in good clean order, and i" a good looai'y; rent modetote. Address, immediately, wi'r. futl partioulars, J. B. C-, Box Citv F^st Oflic. no 22 2t* WANTED?A small o-medmm sue-i DWEI ?? LING, not far from the Smithsonian Institute, by a permanent tenant. Word left with H. MORsE, corner Pa av and loth st., (boot anJ sho* store,' wi 1 be promptly a<tende^ to no23 3t* %ll/" ANTED? A HOUSE, well fuTished. cen trally ] oated. for a fanrlv of four adults, with a oarriare-houae and stable for two hor?es. at a rent not to exceed $125 per iron'h. The-e b?ing no children, th house aud furniture will be uaed with care Addroaa'D C. W.," at this offioe. no 22-21* Uf AN TED? A furnished dwelli"g HOUSE conveniently situated, weit of 12 h st. and north of Pa avenu?. For further partioular* apjW personally at ^o 260 F at. north, between in a m. and 3 p. m., daily no 2S-3t? WANTED?An American MAN, or crlared, who und >rstands driving and the auction of horses Vast, come with the b?at city refer ertcf s Apply Kalorama Heights, p aca on-e o?ned bv V. van. no 22 2t* WA NTED-A good FARM HAN D, competent to ina::a.e horses: mus' be a sober man. Ap^'t to BUSfa/ Sc BARNARD, Georgetown. _noil-St _ __ _ SITUATION WAMTK1), hy? respectable woman, as fir-t-eiaas o >ok. pa?try. Ao Brat ol rere-en"eg. Applr at the ftar Office co2'3t* WANT - D IMMRDIATF.LY-A furri.hed or " nn/urm?h<"d HOUSE, capvble o' ^ccoruir.odaticg a famil* of i<>ur or s'X a>.ulta. Location co u. us to Pennsylvania avenue and the pric cipal ho'ei* p'eferred Payment made monthly, in a<u&T.e*. if desired. Address ' House," offic-* of this paper co 2* 3t* WANTED?To hir? areat'y furnished two or hree stor* H<?' " F lie'-voen Cyito! Hill a 1 I tt q Tream-T lui'dinge rtor'h of ti *' et. .MJnxJ A BR Wx," no SO-V YfL AN TFD?Every person to know that [ am in " the rr.a-kft, ready to pay cash for a'i article in the h u?'furnishing lin T^ose leaving the city, or having a snrp,us, wn. Jo well to caT. R. BLCH LY, 42* Seventh ?t., between Oanu H st?., (<*ast side,) Dealer in New ami Seooiid-haud Furniture. no 16 1 ftHft KMPTV PILOT RRF'.D bOXES I jWUU WANTED, at the National Snap and Candle Woris.oorner t?reec (street and the Canal, Georget wu, D. C.. C. B. JEWELL, no H-2w Proprietor. AtiUOD WATCBMAKER. having been ir> the busu.e*H for six ye>%rs. wishes to get a SI f'U ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 33b Pa. avenue. no 5 W ANTED-T4/LOKS, TAILORS-Hi la lore " competent to work on military goods. Apply Q. KOLP, at Wail. Stephens X *:o a. Be 26 rI^O StTTLERS.? An energetio merchant, with I sufficient erpita, desires to purchase thostock and busice<ka of a Regirrertai Sutler. Address "BuEineaa." at the office of this paper, oo 31-1 m WANTED.?We are cow luring SECOND HAND FURNITURE, 8T0VE? aiid BhlJ DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prioee. Families declining housekeeping, or having a ?urpius of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give u? a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 309 rth St.. b?tw.) ann K ut*. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE/ PHKNS A CO.'S- 32* Pa avenua. se 18 VV ANTEU 1 MMKDIATKDY-A parton who *? thorough!' understand < making mattiersen can secure pe. inanent employment oy applyine to C. A WOOD tc, CO., 210 e street, between 14 h and 15th ats. Eov 18 lw* OA80ENGER TRAINS TO AND FROM PT BALT MORE. WINTER SCHEDULE. aMHMHHB SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERSOn and after Monday, November 18, 1881, Fas aenger Trains between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run as follows: TRAINS MOJIXG NORTH. Morning Expreee leave W ashing ton 6.10 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 7.u a. m.; Philadelpnia 12 ?0 f. u ; New York * r. k.; Harriaimrg 1.H r. x. Morning Aooornmod&tion leave Waahington 7.40 a. M. Arrive at Baltimore 9.90 a. M. No oonneoHons at Baltimore. New York M&il Train?leave Washington at 11 a- m.; arrive at Baltimore 1S.40 p. m.; Ahiladelphia 6 87 p. New York 10 p. m. Afternoon Accommodation?leave Waahington 3.* p.m. Arrive at Baltimore iiir.m.; Harnsburg 9.10 a. m.; Philadelphia lu.0.1 p. m. Evening Expreaa?leave WaaMnrton 5 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 6^2 p. m.; Philadelphia 10,S3 r. tt.; New York 4 a. M.: HirriBbun; 1 a. u. TRAINS MOTING SQUTH. L**re New York at 7 a. ??.; Philadelphia 11.80 a. MBaltimore I *f? p. m. Arrive at W a.iiungton Lib T, K. Leave New York at l?p. ic.; Philadelphia 10JO p, m.; Baltimore4^0 a. m. Arrive at Waahington 6 ^ Loave New York at 1' p. Philadelphia JJO a. m ; Baltimore7ji a.m. Arrive at Waahington 920 a.m. Accommodation Traina leave Baltimore at 9 a. m., and i p. m , for Waahington, arrive there at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 40 a. x. and 3^i-r. m., and Baltimore at 7.U a. m ami 3 AO p. m , make direct connections for Annapolis at the Junotion. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash icrton at 6a0 a. m. and 3 40 p. mPaasenger Trains leaving Washington at 6.10 a. m., 11 a. m-. am? 5 p. m.. and .Ba'ti more at 4.20 and 73' a. m , and S SO p. m.. will ttov only at Annapolis Junction and Washington (Relay) Junction War Aa?s?ngers must take the Accommodation Trains only Trails wilt leave Washington and Baltimore promptly uptn card time. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Crnnden Station. Baltimore. 6. F. GILBERT, Agent at Waahington. no 3V W? , NOTICE. E Beg leave to call the attention of Ofloera of the Arm? to onr verr extorsive assort * meutof all classes of EQUIPMENTS. and'^M espaoially to an article ?.f Military Blue !1A Cloth and Doeskin Cassimere, which we \f# warrant will retain its oolov. Ou as?ort mailt of S words, hashes, Belts, Gauntlets, Army Caps (indigo dye), superior Flannel Shirts. Leggings, Sword Knots, Gold and i eather Bngles, Shoulder Straps, aito devices of a 1 descriptio s, is ?ow oonielcte.and we are well satisfied trat an inspection will prove satislaotory in every partis'. lar. HlNTON A 1EEL, oc 26-lm Merchant Tailors. No. 4 06 Ha. av. METALLIC ARMOR OIZj, ioi l'ittalar> Psltakiai, mm4 Preventing Rait. This is saperior tu all other ons in the world for the above purposes, as well aa for machinery and lut>r:oating uses, it is e^aalif apptioabie to gunlooks &u?i ?ewing machines, it is in high favor at tL? Government Navy Yards for ordnanoe and machinery. Frtneimai Dtpot and Vmtral Agtmey, PHILHARMONIC ii ALL, Ponna. avfairue, near Eleventh at. so 24 2m g O L D 1 E R 8' FAY. ! THE ADAMS BXPRK8S COMPANY will forward soki-r's remit*anoes to their families, al Sr plaoe.on the lines of their Express, at aoharg? twenty-five cents tor any sum not excsedmi y dollars;and a proportionate additionalsekarfi i to plaope r<aohed baoonne-ting Expresses. I fi< i money.-wheiher or Trtasum notui should b? r enclose e ve.ope-and s^caraly seated, anc i hav* the LiU 'ddrea* (moim iar town, Po?t Office ' aou State;and in cities, the street and number, i of the person to whom to b? -ant, and the arnoun legibij marked therein. Envelopes for this ps/ *? may b?.^adat o?r oAoes. Te fiacilitatMruapt delivery, the ehargs for re . .?.? EW COMPANY. , WasHimTon, Nov. IS, lwi. no lVlwtif TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Ibifaeit af Arai (ram England U tlr I Hud Stale* Prohibited. N sw Yoti. November ?d ?The Peat *ava that English letter* received bere state that tbe British government refit* s to frant rle?'?n^r? frotn En^l'ib port* to vessels bav'ng aboard arms for tbe United States, and that sblnpers will trreaper be compelled to send in vessels from contlne< U1 ports And e\v Jahnian In Keitickj. f.nmaviLLt. Nov 21 ?Hon Andrew Jobnann arrived here tbia evening, deatlned for Eaatern K^ntuckv, and Gen Sherman bat left for St. Lonla Arriv. 1 of th* $a? Jirin't at Newport? Tw?rtj-five Santa Keaa Pritonri* Seat to Fort Warreu. Boston, Nov 21 ?Tb? Sin Jacinto la at Newport, R I . wbere ahe put In on account of breesjr weather and a heavy crow tea Twenty-live rebela, captured on Santa Ro?a Island, in tbe attack on Col Wm W1 laon'a Zouave*, arrived here tbia morning bv the Fall River route, and were aentto Fort Warren. Bobto5. Nov 23 ?The San Jacinto left Newport at 12 o'clock last nigbt, and*will arrive at Fort >V arren to-nigbt. Niw Sidfoid. Nov. 22 ?The San Jacinto waa at Holmea' Hole at 10 o'clock, tbia morning She arrived about 7 A. M. No communication with the ebore waa allowed. Tbe weather la foggy. Portland, Nov 22?The ateamabfp United Kingdom, from Glasgow for New York, arrived here tbia morning . Phil*dklthia, Nov 22 ?Peteraon'a Detector rautlona the public againat counterfeit tena on tbe Waterburv Bank of Connecticut ]t ta the beat and moat dangerous counterfeit that haa been out for veara BOARDING.' AMKMBKR OF CONGRESS wish's to se cure norma and Board tor himaelt and familyfive persons in all Pr< f-rs a house ?ith few or no other boardera, above 13th street. near tbe Avenue, Ad lreaa "L,. C. L at taia office no 22 1 w AUCTION 8ALES. Br WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers C mrr Pa avtnut and 9tk str<$t. l^INE CUTLERY AND MINTED WARE F at Acctiojc ? ?>n TUESDAY M<?RNINt? 6th inatant, atlOo'clock, we will ae'l at theauction r .otna a lar.-e and w 1 elected stock full Table Cutler? and Plated tVare, oonaUting of Fine Carvert, plated Table, Deaaert and Tea Forka, PK eU fiiohar*, Casters. Goble'a, Salta, Hotter, Cake, Fish and Fruit Kn.vss, A fiiie assortment Pocket cuti> rj. Waiters and various articles in the bous*keepinc line, to which weimit* t e atentionof hotel k< epeis, boarding bouaea, a,id the trade geuera'lv. Terms cash. goSN WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. B? THOMAS DOWLINH. Auctioneer. Furniture and hos? hold effects at Arctios.?On WED^ESD^Y MufcN1NG. November S7th. at 10 o'o'ook, 1 will a?ll. at m- Auction Store, No 17* Bridce ??reet. a good assortment of Furniture and Housekeeping Re quiaites. tu.ti as? Dressing and P.ata Bureau*, Wa?h~tanas. !t?uble sail S nrle B? d-t?%d*. &.id Matt-esses, Care and W'ood Somt haira and Kockerr, Ma, Loacg .Oa'pe'a an<l Ma "tine, fide board*. Refrigera'ora. Water < ooer, Cook Parlor, and Dmirg Room ftora, Ta <tes, Hat Ra k. Cabs and Cr*d ea, Tflgethsr with a general aaaortm'nt of Kitchen n eqnisitej. ail of winch will be sold without reserve Terms cash. THOtJ. DOW LING. A?i>V Wi'i be added to tiieat>.nega>e a lot of Groceries, su~h &? IiMuii, Rice, Green and Ground Coffee, Soap, to. r,o23at I HIM il'iWl ING Auot Bj 'iRKKN A. \ViLLIAMS. Ai::'ioneer' EXT^N'MVE SA'E OF '"HINA, GLASS. ok'fx ry a* d plat*d ware. . ekfvctly niw. r*vlicrt?i> in th* North to v trs jr . Hnrr. ts*, by a Genet who ha? Declined ih? Op\rattox -ur Tl. fclsr-A V MORM"*G, the 26^ i> srant, we sna>l eel, in fr >nt of our store N 5'2t> Sei-? .th street, at !n o'clock, & largo asso.taieut of the above mentioned Good*. vie ? Plited Ca*tor?, Spoon* ard Fork*. China Cup>. Saucers. Putesand Dishes, Ktiv*>* of bept q iai'ty- Wsite.s. Tr*^s. Gohlet?, Turn lers. Salt *-'ets and Win?s. We do m it unn o^sary ?o enutf.era?e any fu ther *-uffi e it to sa* th*te is ao rap;?*e arsjitBieut .iia.i aiticiea requisite for euoh purposed. Terms oa*h. noa-i GRKEN ? >V!Ll I* MS. A n t?. TRl'STFE'S 8A' E OF A VF.RY VALUAble Improved Ecsinkss Property ou >kve*th ST.-Ou .VlONLlAY AFThRNO",\, noverr. >er the 2i?h. nt 4 o'clock by virtue of ad^i of trust, rfco dod in Liber J. A No. 112, fv!i'>i 438 to 5? .in ?he records of Waotiington count*, D. C? I will pell, in Irint of the premises, part of L'U No.5&i.J6 in Square No. 4-52, fr btinr 25 feet 7 inches on 7th st wost, between I and Mass nveane nortn.and running back 171 f>et6 n.ohas to an alley. and irnprovtU l>y a g< od three-story brick store ard dwelling Terms m?3e kr.own on the day of the sal?. U-ni 01 convayanoe to i>e maao at tne expense of the pure as??r. If meters of the tale ar* n^t c m plied wuh withi" ?>ue week thereafter, tn nthe property will be resol ; &f the purchaser's eipsnac, ov the Trutt?e giving t^rec dsy?' notice by ou? publ.citiou in the " Evening Star " D M LA WRENCH. Tro->*. no 21 tj W A LL A Ii AH.NaRD Auts. ]\T ARSIIAJ'S SAI E ? In virtue of a writ of 1*1. fieri taaias fsued from the t Jerk's Oflioe of the Circu t Court of tne District of Colombia for the county of Washington arid to me direcrei. I will expose to pubiio site, for cash, in front o* the t'ourt Hons* door of said oo.inty on FRIDAY, the 6th day of December next, 186! at 12 o'clock m., the. fo.lowing p'operiy, to wit: All defendant's righ', title, cImui and interest in at.i to Lot No. i?8, in r'quare No ?1 in iho city of Washington. D. C.. together with a d siugu'ar the improve oients thereon. ?e a?d and levied upon the prop, erty of James G. Coomba. ana will be sold to s& isfj Judioials No. 58 tj January term. 1860, in lavor John E. Kendall. W ShLDKN. no 14-ts Late IT. b. Marshal D C. By J. C McGUlRK A CO., AnctiooMra. Ol.D FAMILY PLATE FOR PALE AT AUCTION.?On TUt^ DAY, the 36th of November, instan', the following valuable tJia Family Fl*t? will becflerrd lor ?# at public *uetior, at the Auot on hoomi of Messrs. J C MoGuire A Co., at half past 4 o'clock, p m, to pay a note at the Bank of the Metropolis, for whiou the tame was specifically pledged by Charles Lee Jones, Esq., viz? _ One Cake Basket, Tea Kettle ana Stand aid Lamp, La ge Coff Pot, Larg? Coffee Pot, Chased, j ea Pot, Ca-.t rs, Two Sauce Boat*, ? Cream Ewer, Two Sugar D??ha?, Four "& t Cellars, Pair S'lrer Wa!-*rs. Slop B wl. With other emal'er armies Terms of sale a e oash on deliver/. no 19 fluAds J. C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Anots. By WALL A BARNARD Aoetioneers. TBREE STORY BRICK MOUSE CORNER 19th and L Stkxkts. a woining Frami a.M a Building Lot on M stemt. at Auction?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, 2B.h instant, at < o'clock we will sell, in front of the premises the n ar!y new and substantial? built th.-ae storj Briak Dwelling ana More, the forrarr eontaii.iii 9 good room*,and is handsomely finished through out. Alio an adjoining Frame Dwelling, contain ins 4 rooms. And immediately after sale of the above also, in front of the premises, w* will (*11 the Building Lot, Lot )7, square lit, treating 25 fret on M, anc running back 97 feet, Mvwi i?tn and 30th street near oorner of3?h i Bill Terms: One-thir4balanoe In 6,13,18,an< 24 months, bearing interact, secured by dead true' on premises. no 19 wall t. Barnard, Auots. Tn. hicecox, . a?0 Fkasl Stkxkt, N?w York. Manufacturer of JJKASS MILITAEY ORNAMENTS tor the Uaitrd States Army. REGULATION KAGLES, BUOLK3, CRO?l Ca.NN'O.iS, ftAJJKtS, Ao , oon?t?ntlT on baud and sli pped to any part of the oouniry at short no Uce. A"'0?BRASS FEATHFR HOLDERS, no22 1* For Offioere' Hate. /GERMAN I IVISJON.A^TKNTION! IJ HEADQUARTERS For Sendinf Money to t?erm%ay and all part of th Country, 10 M &UIT Sfici, of tkt Ui'MM Flat. no *2 In ATTENTION, SUTLERS! gA. BH1 wholehalk *h J fWl BOOT AXD SjH'/E DEPOT. fWI * Wmi So 309 E Striii, W (South tidej teiwren lS'h and 1&? itt., IS tar Kt Willard Hoitl. We inv'te all *utl*ra ?-d oiMs^aa to eali and ex amine oar -ictk ? e ore ?arcua*ing severe. ro 21 2W frCilArKR A FuR*TEE BP OS. 1 WHEELtR * 3HMa?,'8 8EWIN0 MA The PrattMst Piearnt ;n the World FOR A LAITY. [ A new lot jaat received uy : I M NOTICE , ALL Persons are hereby notified not te treat m ) wife, IMbora Aur PitWd, on asy aoaoant. mm 1 vl t pay no oebta oootraotec by her ' JABEZ PITTARD. NEW CLOMIH AND NEW SHAWL) opeaed to day. PERRY * BROTHER. no 19 Atd Pa. a*? and 9th atraaC SECOND EDITION; THBEK O'CLOCK r SI. LATEST UK** BY TKLEORAPH FROM FORTRESS MONROE. ACTIVF PR LP A RATIONS FOR ANOTHER GRKAT NWAL LXPfcDITION. Ofa. Dulfr >1 Ftrlrti* Mmtm. ? ?. BilTiioii, Not S3 ? Tbt Old P*lat boat brink'* the following: Foitiim Monaoi. Nov 39 ?Several r*ft mrnu have arrived frcm Baltimore and Ac a* pel la daring the iaa* twenty-four Lour*, aid Old Folat baa aaaumed an univera&ily buatliog appearaaca Formidable preparation* are being made for Motive operatlena, the theater of which baa not bit* HllrlTK? f*rrv l.nitann th? rrtmAm ar? heavily armed General Butler came on from Washington this morning, and hu spent the day at Old Potato Rip Raps and Newport Newt. H* wilt prxo< to Baltimore to-night OUR Ml UTAH Y B UDQB T HaVT YA*? The Coenr de Leon, Capt Hamilton, oaai up from Indian Head lait night, bringing M pMMager Paymaster Cameron, (aoo of the Secretary of War,) who had been down to pay off the suldtors In Gen Hooker's brigade Major Cameron brought op a loaded shell whlcfe wai picked np on the Maryland nbore, and 1s supposed to be one of those flrndat the H ytaiaak a few nights since. It is an el pound prq)eettle, evidently tired frotp a rifled gun. Firing from tLe Confederate batteries nommenced about 4 o'clock yesterday afternooa, aad continued about three quarter* of hoar, bat It to not known what occasioned It. The rebel steamer Page made her ?rpeeragee at the mouth of Quantico creek yesterday while the troops were beldg paid off. but on the appeal I auce of preparations to receive ber la a becoming manner she went back to be hiding place. WHAT ?ICBSH SATS. t'eceeh here is Ju?t now moaning over a report that It has got by the und-rgroutd railroad that ruDs over the river, that the Union force* hava taken Pensacola. The Government had reooleed no such information up to tbe hour at which oar second edition itoes to press to-dav. A kSADIRO COMMCNITT. Th* ' Blenvill-," that sailed from New York to Port Royal on the day btfore yesterday, carried 17.00U letter* to tur army and navy there bbevetted. Col Henry Van Reniellear, (J. 8 A., now u Inspector Gcr.'l, haw been made a B'rvet BrigadU ' General, of the regular service, by President Llacclu. trroiMiD John Glovr wa? yes'erday appointed by tbi President, a C<?1 of Missouri (volenteer) cavalry. A COSSCL AI*P0.5TKX> Tbe Hon E D Culver. of New York, has be?o appointed ss consul at Para, Brazil THE BEVIEW OB TBB B SGTLABS It has beeu decided that tbis renew is to lake place on Monday next, on the appointed leld, adj lining eas'. Capitol street OBMBPAL &ICM ARDSOR. Brigadier tJener-l Wm A R chardson,?.' II!!aois, reached here this forenoon Tbe state of bis health, which has been far from well for mouths past, has o far prevented him from taking the ii id, Wiilcb he designs doln;{ as Boon as he recovers LATH LOCAL NEWTS. ? Police?B'for* JuU.'-e Dor*.?Last night, Cyrus 1) Ki'b n?".wi? arrested bv ilk or Kim ball, at Canterbury Hail, for draw ng a bowlo knife and b<having in a very disorderly manner I: tarns out bv bis own statement, ttost he had b*n in tb? custadv of *br Provost Marshall three montba as a spy that b- is f*om Louisiana, and had a brother killed at Hull Run. He was quite lontl in his cursing of L'rflon men, although, at first be prof-*sed to belong to tbe a my; bis sub stqueot statement was dermed ^ufil ient cause for tbe Justice to rei>ort him to Gen'l 3yk?*s. 1b whose custody be claimed to he. and until tLat report sLall foe made, the prisoner was committed to Jail. Alexander Dugan was err*strd yesterday for sn bmiui: and bittery on bis brother, and in default of security for pear*, he was sent to jsll for court Bequest to Columbia* College ?Tbe will <f. the l'<te John Wither*, btuker, of this city, wa? admitted to probate in tbe Orphans' court this morning. He brqni^tbrt one fifth of bis cstste, after paying his deb<s, to Columbian cillegs, the remainder is divided among his relatives 12 Q, u IIK^U l.i. * ?J ? ?i-nur c;xr?u3 uj i iiiuv i? iu tuwn, auu Will probably officiate at Wesley cbapel to-morrow morning. Thanksgiviso Dat ?We learn, aa we go to per*?, 'h it Mayor Wallacb basiatued a proclamation for tt.e rbatrvancf here of Thursday next aa a day of Thanksgiving a nd prayer. (P*TbeM'rrlo??c k CorporaVvon, at Lowe about rtHuming operations, which will form employ merit to about 17U0 lee aod bet wee 700 and BjO m-les C7~The fundi raised by tte wor v?rd Portsmouth (Mew Hamptblre) Navy 0? in part beeu Invested In tbe pareh*** _ , yards of flann?l Oa Wednesday ew., * _ i tbe tailors of Portsmouth h d ru?* * 1 gratuitously rut tbe whole quantity Into. "* ' ' and draweia for aoldlera Tueae garaients ar % | tilted and put up In bundles ready for being made up, and a general Invitation baa been extended to tbe ladies of Portsmouth and the neighboring towns, wbo are dral-ous to proelde tor the comfort of thoae who hive gone abr oad defend their country, to send tbe work. p* Brew riots are expected in Auguata, Oa., from the >x < perated and s ff-nng people there. Breadstuff ?p cuUllons have excited them. 1X7" Mrs. ind Ml?? James?daughter In law and daugb'er tf tUe noted British novelist, O P. R. Jamex, recently deceased?are about to open a female scbcoi in Detroit. fp"lt !s aid tbatfour thousandaevenhundred and tbirty-flve applicants for admiaalon to the New York State Inebriate Asylum are oa tie. ' coming from all the State* of tbe Union, from all 1 classes of men, and aome of them from foreign countries. [ \rf Friday night tbe city councils of New York, rr.tde an additional appropriation of ?400,000 for tbe support of families of volunteers I tlJUtATiUNAL. ; wA8Hi^NLrisPis.<ivj/Towfi '? t A BoiKDIM >M D?T fCHOOL, No. 423 > *t. Utwum fei* s*4 71* ?t?.. IftitwfW / ?n? 1*0. 151 Hta! ?l , &ierr?iMm. The dutief of thu in?tilotion were niiMd La ' September Cirou.ara may oe obUuned at the book torea, or by addreaauif tbe PriuimI. ? a eoti M. J. HAEUgVKE. r"??K STREET BAPTIST CHl'RCH,> >5 (im??6u andlth iu. ?N?(.-MrTMM Ti>StJKkuW ?tll ?.ui and7 p m. P mouii by S tke ra?tor. Rev. J. 8. Kmiiu. bt re mere are ojittel j lavited to atteu4. Bn>u?> aoawol at ?S ; o'clock a m. it* rTf?BISHOP SiMPSuN will preaek ta We. ay JJ okapei. oornwPof ftta ud f au., on SUNJJA / (to mwofmlloomitfc It* - UuRSK WANTED, uittbl* far aa rxpre*a 11 *a?ua. Apply u> JOHN tf. PUVNBk . it Ureet- tt* I WAOONS-^VAeo.NS? U8T Eeot iv?u a lot tif rery ?uo&f-ballt MV Wtjuu, lor eale ekcae at BOB'T H. GRAB AMI coaok Slop, Ei?ui ft U7"Jlepai i: r,| of all kiau pi oapuy aua?we. WANXED-By a reap?otab:e yoaac girl, ft it SITUATION ae afcaauenaatk or carve. Caa eoae well reot?a?en ej AMreea "C>tWtS?' Otorfelowa reeOtx. Wlli* ; reaaaaaBMaf* ao 1> Cor. eeaS^SaPa? WEW VOUOttK VAOACS MUVKU.-TK Aiohfil, or Ue noaae of Claee, irM lb* Pimk of kaoon ?te ..>nae. (tee H mu. II. JtiamarMr.tteWaTMet Raretoe; Or le?. srsr-,uA~A8s ?3SMI.C~ - aula Uxaou Bail ofrtke iovan mUmm* * Otao will laae plaoe at Meu'a Bail. TUBSi>AYTT' M?iib.r **- fiA i lekeu ?l, rtaWiM a geouewaeaeP > <?'. by ortar of imCmuMm. "?

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