Newspaper of Evening Star, November 23, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 23, 1861 Page 4
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THE RVEMNK STAR. F a hot water CrRE ro* crt rLOWE*l. When tbey have faded, either bj being worn a whole evening in one's drew, or a* a bouquet, by cutting half an inch frojn the end ?' of the stem in the morning, and putting the w freshly trimmed ends in?tautljr into quite boilirj; water, the petals tnny be seen to A smooth out and to resume their beauty, often A in a few miirntw. Colored flowers revive the * best, white fl-.wers turn yellow. Tbe thickest jj textured flowers amend perhaps the most, A though a*afe*s revive wonderfully.?"In \ Door pi ft Ni.s.' A A l Hit W PI.AST i ASK. * \ l?<ty ot our acquaintance has. in her par- a lor, a pl?in gl<u-^ case, opening with a hinged A lid, somewhat like a milliner's show case The bottom of thi* ha? a sink pan abou* ? three inches deep, and in this receptacle grow * and flourish feme, mouses, wild vines, aad ber- [ rie?. with all the freedom and abundance of their native woods The expense of such a { caee is f <>rn five to seven dollars, and any j carpet.ttr can tuake U.?Ejr. I _ I DENTISTRY. j 1\1 TEETH, l"l . I IH. a/., iue i.. vector ar.d pateute? 1 ofu.. MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tenda personally at b;s o{Rr? .n th:a citj.jjJBS* Ma a 7 person* w^r 'h^e teeth wao^*ITr~ Mi^o' v?f ouoii, mJ lit; person caa wear othervr,? caa?w>t wea~ tfrete ' iiijt si r.ij office can be accomm<>aate< With Mi stj'.e a price of Taeth tn?y may deeire but tottw? Who are particu'ar aad wish the p nr?*t e?*oe*f, trou;e*:, a^d uiott perfeot deutaro tba art o*o fodaje, the MINERAL i'LA'i'E will i? acr*fa?j wnrranted. liTups ui tan ?itu, wr ? % w WOTI ftad 10tb iu. Also. *07 Arch street, Phi ftde, fh!*. oo lt-tf GAS FITTING, 4c. "a 7 wm ?. DOVE *"CO. New yrafu^ w -isuw say a;4ars wlb *h?. rc,%v f??o V fn f>i? FLU-MBlNtf. ?A3 ?.'S S*TKAM FITFIN# iiCciiSKtl}. 11/" Sw>i? oil >ta street, % f^w doors north -~-f P? reave. wnere ma; be foacfl a oomnreta ftssortmea f CHA.N !?h-ii.KS ft- : flikffr WAS, !? FHAM at? WATKfl PtXTlTH .:?< iif h ISNYDKr, tLVMBSK AyD VAS FITTER. Has remaned i-? tit" corner of TweiAd and F at? Beit jr?r?.red to 11 trodcee Water and Gu uao. the moi: lft?o??t>i? terms, ?nd guaranties eutr tttamioi. Uehw n. Eftnd ft !?t of COOKING and othe 8TO\wnicc h<* win ?ei! ier.atn&a oosi, a? hf w?tt*s t',? cc* 'id >?T tf>er-_ Iio 17 S XS F 1 X I U R H 6 . K rt??? in store. &nd aredai y reoeirir.i, 9A; FJXTOKESvfwtirei* New Patterns and u**igo? and F:ii*h, rt,9?c?or tn syie to arything hereu>&;< ilei u in l;. * ir.ft'ftet. \Ya invitecit'.iena seuera] ? tr w : a: . oxan:.:^ our stock of t*a? and Wate Fa ?.-??, w. xir onn&den: t:?at we i.ftre the I n' eieotc iu?c( ta Vvui-mztun. All Work in the \bore una miraated to *nr Oft/* Will be >roraev> an.n,deti to. MYEKB A MeS HAN. jtt'jjf -in D atreet. OlFlCE or lNSPKITOK and BEALE1 Of ?AB MEJTERS. \V LtMUMIOn, JftiT II. 1IM. ITOTIC/: IS HEREBY VI7KS, T at, wrea atiy to the prormong of the ordtr.anos of fhe Cojortti-st ??f-orc>c Mar 11. !ra>, tjio uu?e;? jaed ii new fr'M's.i,"'*1.'r.erer reftured in wr::M:t. fttu on p e- ?A?r>'Vlol ti:e fee of fifty to inspect Xfti. : ?, teat, ?rcre. ird %eoertain tne acv^'ftoy o iei ?t-ftUva of ftc ila.-ie: ut use la ih;a oily.' irarr aieter.lffoecl la.-orrsot,willbeooruiemt-d and ft :oiher, aes. aad oa.-ked ft? true, wi;: br # ?o?. If urcred to be ic iti ireftasivsibi.t <>?' its, it wui be^eftlea ftOCo*aiQcW *rr sf?;3 ir yof.tioa for tie. O* r N . . JIG Seventh street, ftear Odd Fa: . w? v??u Irora <s ft. ir., vo i a. m. W. CUNNINGHAM. tr la tf Iu??ovor ftn; Soft er of f?ft? Met^tft. Hdr. a. h. lke AH Removed h & f-ffic to No. 367 New VorV avenus. lo h nth ???.. where ho can be co-u.teu its usu'l. Office Hours?7 to <?, I to S 7 to 9 no 12 2w*o? B. ? ? "ARMY WEIGHT." LtACHKU ?L't unbleacheo Cotton Flannels, of aroj w-ufor !n q jaiity. Medium, fin* and au rrfcae V.'hite Flince *t fh^k^r Fiaanels, efcakor !aanei?. a 1 grades an<i wid'hs With a.! oth- r kinds of Dry uooda for tho general * ftr il ?p?c;a; wants ol lami iaa On* pti e only, marked in alair Srcres fiiKRV * UKUTHLR, no 19 at Pa. < vr-ue and Vntn ?t. thompson's medicines, 1 UFK PHI-SERVER AND CORDIAL, For sa e, who.eiaieand retai , by S. 0 FOkD. Dtcggiat, rol-lw Corner F.'erenth *t nnd Pa avrnue. COMFORT. COMFORTS, COMFORTSTbe <tubaorib*r? uave in st re 2.<?v Single and Don!>> Bed Comfjrt', at low fiiu'es. b?? l? lw JaS. C. McGU.'RE A CO A AT TENTION. SUTLERS! rmy Bi.OVK?: ARMY GLOVFS!! ARMY GLOV hS'"?Just opened and for sa e, all vane ties >>i E i:k?a:nand Sneepskit Gloves a.d Gaunt leu, by F. B. HASTINGS A CO., no 1?-tf "*93 st Phi^arinonio Bu;!dinc. T* CAKES-CAKES! OS UT I. E K S AND i KaDERS.?Ginger Bread packed in harre's or boxes with care and aispatcu J J FIRTH, tae on.y regular Cake Baker in the bakery line. Cash miti accompany a., orders. JOdEPrt FiRTH, No. 13d \r?h street, tio 14 tw Pf nadelpaia. Pa. J ON IONS?ONION!*?ONIONS. UsT Reo?ive?1 on oowigninent Minohea prime Oiuona. For sale low. KING \ BLRCHELL, mt fUirner F.fheer th and I st?. j TOP HAMS pip H F K E M 1 V M TRUNK ?T*5 MANUFACTORY, A*9 Wwvvnn St2xbt, WA^niNeT?n, D. C. At ar?r MaH. V?w MurvltnH Inaiihsta a Baltimore, November 7,1810. A.m, Meda. bj MeirofOlitaBMeo&auici'lEatitit*, W aahiafton, D. C.? 1857, 1 am ccc?r*it!r mak:n*, and always nave en ku4, o| rhe tx-*t material, every deecrifttoa W rise 3o o Lee.her, lros srwr.?. LAdi-n' Preea, W 'ted tJo*. ?n<l Vaokinr Frank*, Pel.iner, Carpet.aa4 Ca-:vta Traveim* Baca, Softool ::atcfie.a, *en At Lrw Prim. Meniere of Oon?re*a aad fayelrni will ft*as? XA.IB ae luf nio k before purohaaiiig eitewherf Trniute U.*'.?:? uwule .c outer cit>?*. ? ' .per. or Leather a-il Droea frauka made hi ereer. Tmtk? *v*'?d asl reaiureit ?! ahort notice. 8co-:a *ieii re.-ed free of to any*p*rt of tt.r 0:t? * " s?eiowa, ?ud Ale*?r,<jr.&. JAMESKTOfHAM. 1CA?a NOTICE. N C?? sc?uery.? of onr having to ht oath foT eve-* urtic -? i ijocs ~^o ?;iroi;<iae are fr-reec to reuuco "or t>i:su.o?? to Cviii exclusively, for the preneat. '-V<- b*.ve in tlore a very !ar<? a^aorVnent of H r A' > V MADK CuOTIiTNO f?r men an., hoy..* whir* -i he.-liij' v, a mnoh lower rat* than d* :s 7. * '. ALL, ST? PHLNS A CO.. o.ij 14. ar^. ie, i.wtwtr?? ?ih ana lotn it o * -intin * W?#-)h 1"? W<?HSTTD uoodsT ^XTfc\f*IVh ^.fcitminiofLvii's'uri'l Chil dreit'e H-? <1*. Coat* t'ioafca, f*'<*ev#a, H >eie>), *?? v * ?. Ac. ft 0. Also. % 'arte n.voir*!- i. 'V.iittod fcinhroirierfHi Slippera, i?-mf Stai?e.A .v . <? ?o.d c-.oap aoc at one price ai No 30 .v%rdti t^ace. no U-$W SCHLARH A CO. PIANOS*, PIANOS. PIANOS.?New P-sno1 :ec? .veu every week. Come aod look at Uie maortm?i>rat W.6. M fcTZKRU IfS Mana Dejot OOM??? l'% *v %cii k'??<inh ?t. mC CMiittS' HA IH STORfc, I No. U4 J Pa.av.. p*t. 1?th a*r> ISth ***. BRAIDS.CURLS,WIGS 9alf wigs. KR1ZKTTK*, Ao. A fail etoci w*t? r^iw.or made to order at u?e ahortev Hair Work reMi^aU or zcbauce^. N. H ?iaAuiee' Ha.r X>?e4 tc tae meat natura anaer ma t? Iw W ^ i'RAvKLlNO TRUNK*. ?? K fMTer Xm M tke '.arcaet aaaortaient a TRAVKwlNtf TRUNKS to be found mam Ui* etff. oviD?rwu.? beat Bole LaatberHlM l^diae7 J)te?* a*I Faoiuuc Truuia, lie**, Carpet B*ce, *o., vol oh we are now ee liai M *?! low pnoaa, tVALlfc BTSPMENB 4 CO? M't ?*?n H" FH.fc.NCtt * R?0H?PKIN A VR J net reooire4 a/-< ?(: of Note Pa per, Ceiored Bonier*. ruM and plain, with En teiopee to nMt?h Aiao, f lax Paper or ail kiadi wltltM* wttooat Mittoea; Hereto pea to matoh. ruM*e Mitd Poot?* l-U-trk* of every deeonptioc AVi'?u?rta?!it of StaUoneri. ^ New York Papera reoaueu dat?y; Patera froti wi'NCB 4 KUH8TKIN. TT* I P?nn aa*ftt> 1 L\rf one of the !*at ett&Mubmaata. anU fit taten with aoonj?:$te erl of toyi* ?r repair- fe m* e#t>-y deeertpfiou of fli.o Watone*, aod (aruooi/kf axte .Hon a'.ve to U?* aa'&e,r>y *mKm fee>. A>**ry desorif mt 51 Mantis. J gj L V El Wi IE. ?j aa>leiua?M, DaluiijMtaridarde atrwa .'"pet%is.on, wluoh tuy auafcxnera wiii to inpe- 'T la taality an4 &ai4u to northera war I by l :<ver* .u j j-era* aa4 iitp;3**ate4 a? t;.ei wi maii : fccttre. H. II. FOOD, 0 N. BOATS QMrleruMutar (Mm. I (Ala. Jw-? U. 1*1. < P;.?.*s *11. Htaciriottioii* Twr Uui* oj ?ui B?*u luc V "aetert uver? <> <>u oxiilbmou a Hi* uA.-~ e??a at ? W Vt**<teraiastera a t?. Lu'fi ;ukMAcan. Sfc l.o?<e a>.J Aln?ir. b ?'?V> Ud?<ilrN?ia'i!UA' tt?)t h, aa. : t.'iiftikiiiMM <*ww?fa'oftn? UiMW-i s a?? Ar. < m V Ac &.t*efea? br tat Attuil. at Xu. >u. _ Jtf. C. ftifc-lob. jj 1?. taaui ami W aartar ma*er t*en'i. >ACKAGE9 WNCALLKD FOR AT THE II ovrtc* or tiik H ADAMS' EXTRESS CO Ml'AX Y. H ^V*?HI2inTO?l, Nov IS, 1?**1. H The following package* r?roaln on hand at this fi e this day Owners applying f<?r any of them F ill pieaae say they are advertised. I A t iken, Lieut F. P, I pel; Ackcrnjan, O, 1 dr>, rnoux, J 0,1 do; Adams, C H. 1 do; dam*. FO, I do; Atwood, G W. I d?; dam*. Mrs EH. 1 do; Amvy, LR.I bale; dam*, Charlea. i do; Anderson, J I), 1 pkg; ndrews, Lt K H, I do; Averill, Col W W, 1 pel; . ,hern, Thomas M, I do; Asc'nerton. H, 1 bo*; .tkinson, Mlsa M, 1 do; Adams, Rirbsrd, 1 tie; irmstrong. G<?o, I do; Appel. C. I do; , idams, Col J W, 1 do; Asch, K. 1 do; indersoD. Gen R. I do; Amos, Jos F, 1 do. Lndrews, H P. 1 box; B tnrton, ThnsS, 1 pel; Bass, S F. 1 do; larker, N, 1 do; Real A Covlv. 1 kitt; fcillet. Lt G \V, 1 do; LS^rrv, Mrs Ail. I guitar; Jr*v, AM, 1 do Co F Becker, G J*. 1 package; 3d reg't; Byrnts, Jos, 1 do; ilack A Shunk. I do; H?1rd. Mrs Capt, 1 do; -lallentine, \V A, I do; Bradner, J H, 1 do; Brooks. H. 1 do; R?li>er, M?j'?r. 1 do; Wrlce. J J, I do l: S N, Blackburn. MA,S> map*; fllrd, J S Mi-s I do; Rickertou, Chas. I pka, filont. Mr. do; Rrannoa, Tbos. I do, [Jlack, H, 1 do; Boyd, C-?pt A, I b'>x and f*?-rg, Dr A, 1 do. tin box :t!tachtd; Bull, G, 1 do, Co H iid Hrrdle, \V M 1). 1 pkg; reit't, IlillfW A Co, I do. FWrd, Capt E C, 1 do; Bailey, PR, I bench; lidd!?\ John, 1 do; Bvrne, John C. I brx; Borg, A, 1 do, N York B ">xtin. Aug.2Pcott LG; Zouaves; Blerd, P C, 1 pel; Berford, Capt J. 1 do; Bell, Mr- SI, carpet bag; Bliss, Lieut, 1 do; Borneo, T P, t do; Beattv, Geo, 1 do; Biker. C"l, 2 boxes; Buxton, Capt J P. 1 do. Metts A Co. 2 kegs; Excelsior Brigade; IWtol, 11 I box; Bradley. C IV, 1 do; H?ech, J F, 1 box.Comp Hroughton, T F.I do; Duncan; Buck. Rev D D, 1 box; Bi?-rd. W H, 1 do, Is N Brabin, Moses, 1 do; Y Vol; I'ouvier. J B. I do; Barrows. \V E. 10Mass; Bean, Henry. I do; Barn, S T. fuller; Bolter A Wilson, I do; Brian.C II. 1 bbl; Bebb, M 8, 1 do; Bwalk, C, 1 box; Branueroerg. t w, i ao; m-ser, J r, i ao; Boy'.an, Peter, 1 do; B T, 1 do; Barker, Maj G W, 1 do; Bliss. Copt J H, 1 do 3d Brown,W K A Co, 1 do; Ktcelaior; Bellew A- Co, ldo; Bets, A H, 1 do; Mexton, FS, I do; Dilley. J T, 1 do; Bach. JC, 1 d<?; Bilow, L, 1 bbl, 5th Bordieu, Mr, 1 do; Vt rea't; Becker, J S. 1 do; Berker, C F; Btinnel, J H, 1 do; Butt*. C !*, 1 box; B^rtlett, Wm, 1 do; Brll, Lt Col. 1 do 4 NH Butterfleld. Maj, 1 do; B'isSln A Wh'ttn?,'J do; Bocze, D K H, I do; Bradenbtjrjf, T XV, 1 cl<?; Brensteadt, K, 1 do; Bl'ss, C*pt J H, 1 do 31 Burnes, Geo, 1 do; llxceislor; Bik?*r, W, 1 do; Bement, H S, 1 do, 50th Banks, J R A Co, I do; N Y re-i't; Benedict, LtCol L, 1 do; Brown, Mrs M, 1 trunk r Campbell, Jacob. 1 pel; CoUcnd*, \V, 1 do; Curtis. Dr J. 1 do; Cribb, W, 1 do; Cone, D D, i do; Chase, Col VV B, 1 do; Cook, L D. 1 do; Chandler, J \V, i do; Conwav, M F, 1 do: Crotut, J, 1 do; Cannell. E, 1 do; Clarke, Capt wT, 1 do; Clarke, N B, 1 do; Cooper, H F, I do; Corey, 8 A, ldo; Chappeil, J F, I do; Corson, R R, 1 do; Coin of Patents, 1 do; Cheesley, W R, l do; Chase. Lieut M M. 1 do; Callen, !?erg't HH, 1 do; Courtnev. Wm. 1 kitt; Carroll, Hon W T, 1 do; Clarke, Wm, 1 do; Clarke, R H, 1 do; Connell, M,1 cht-at; Cox, S S?, t do; Clotter, M, 1 box, 5th N Coon, Major John, 1 do; V reg't; Covle, William, 1 do; Cowden, Col R, I do, 1st Callayhan, W J, 1 do; Msss; Cheney A, 1 do; Casey, Capt. 1 do; Clarke, Dr H G, 1 do; Caiirorn:a Rr-g't. i do; Cotie, Jas D, 1 do, 'J2d Carta-, Col Scott, 1 do, N 2d Indiana Vol; < k a-* \(r 1 n r> r; i> t J? tr* V/ ?? , ? U IA?A,, i>. 1 uu, sou ? % 29 th do; Rfft' ; CrM^e, Alfred, 1 pkg; Coleman k Crowaley, 1 Crunn, WmC, I pbox; bale; Coventry, S'tWB, 1 do; Chase,C, 1 box; < arter R. 1 pkg; C'udworib, Rc? W. I do; Campbell. ColD, 1 do; CLapia'.n, 1st Keg t Alar* Cnlltim, G W, 1 do; Vol, I do; Carpenter, J W.ldo; Coin Officer, Co F, 5th Caliaghan J, 1 pks?; Cavalry, 1 do; Com of Patent*, I map; Carufh, Lt F, 1 boxes, Collins. R B, 1 box: 1st Man; Com of Patents, 2 do; Cbadwlrk, J C, 1 do, Cone, D D, 1 do; 19lb do; Costella, E, 1 do; Coshin^. S T.t; Cobim, 1 do; C A E. >*ergt Col Baxters Camp, VV E, 1 do; Fire Zouaves. 1 tmtikj Cook, Alex, 1 do; Clarke. L M, 1 truiik, Cantwell, James, 1 do; 31th ttesi't. D Dean. John, I parcel; Dereoage,C M, 1 box; Dix, Major, 1 do: Dougherty, J P, 1 do; Douglas. Capt H, 1 do, Davta, B. 1 do; 9th Infantry; Dewey, H, 1 do; Deverow. Capt, I do, Denney, R S, 1 do; Silern Z; Davis, J, 1 do; Darrldjfe, VV D. 1 do; Dutach, C, 1 do; Diyton, James L, 1 do; Dove, VV. I do; Darling, A, 1 do; During, J 8, I bbl; Davis, Maj Henry, 1 do; Dewev, H M, 5 box***; Doyle, G H, 1 do; D"nnaidson,\V, 1 basket, D Jobn 1 do; D'iseriburrv, E, 1 bbl; Dexter, Capt, A F, 1 do; Dickson, il, 2 pkgs att; Deity, Henry, 1 do; Duddlngton. C, 1 Del;, Misaf, 1 do; Don-teliv, Or E, 1 box; Dowiing, M W, 1 do, Decker, Mrs E. 1 do; 32d R<*g't; Doyle, C lpt, 1 do, 3d Ex; Dickens, Hon A, I do; Dune, Miss H P 1 do,2d De Beame, Mr, 1 do; N H reg't; Datley H, 1 pky; D C L, 1 do; Dandccn, Ltbol J B,Ido; Do:win, W, I'Jih R. E Engbert, Cbas P, 1 pc!; F.spv, Col W, 1 do; Fariendsen, E A, 1 do; Emiuer, Wm 1 do; hilwood, C, 1 do; Evan3, Mrs J D. I do; Elv, W, 1 do: Elliott. ALij A V, safe; Eidrldge, T E. 2 do Etter. Martin, 1 box; Elchorn, E, 1 do, Col Ellis, A D, 1 pc!; Bohlena' Reg't; Erwtn, Lt, 1 trnnk, exc; Eastman, J H, 1 box; Emenroln, 1 do. Fiike. NP.l Del; Fitipstrlck A Fannel, 2 Fritz, Tho?. 1 do; frames att; Fimmeraey, M 1 do,VtR Fowiev. James 1 trunk; Farrell, John, 1 do; Frei?ch, E, 1 bni; Fritterley.Capt J J, 1 do, France, !*, 1 do, 7th Reg't; Frisoe?, R C, I do; Flohn, J, 1 do, N V V; Flickiey, I pkg j-?,; Fremont, Mrs J C. I do; Fuller, \Vm M, l pel Fereger. Anton, 1 do; Harm I. Cal; Fox. A H. 1 do; Foliett, Capt, 13 boxes; Fouke, F B, 1 dc?; Forrest, T L, 1 keg; Finnegan. Hugh, 1 do, FtUpatrick i Trumbell :k>th N V V; 3 boxes; Farrell, C H, 1 do; Franze. 1>, I bl<!; Fleckless, G 1 do; Foster. N J, 1 box 1'Jtl Foss, G H. 1 do, 5 Me R M-.w R-g't; FloydG F, 1 do; Ferris, H .M. 1 trunk; Footer, Carle. 1 box, Fuller, G W, l do, Fend, C, 1 do; I lemming, O G, 1 val. F oat ex Wm J, 1 box; li Gr'.swold. W H,1 pel; Green, J S, I do; Gannou, James, 1 do; alvin, J, 1 do, Gentber, C F, 1 do; Gardner, S, 1 do, Githens, E, 1 do, Griffith, R H jr, 1 do; German W. 1 do; Gibbons, Jos 1 do; Gleusoa, E, 1*, I do; Graham, Brie.Gen. 1 do Uardu^r, S, 1 do; Glea?on. F., P, 'i do; Giynn. Martin, I do, Gilbert, 8 A 1 do; Gaskm* i> A, 1 do; Glover, T, 1 bbl; Frauet, Clement I do; Griwotd. Jamet, 1 tut , Giilirmi. E, 1 do; *?tlj N V r^['t; Glending MaryM. 1 do, Girraf, VV, 1 bi>l, sutie f Grabam, C B, 1 do, ?th Pa Rtwrve; Grimmer, M 8, I do, Gregg, Lieut GC, 1 b<>i Gatzmin, HS, I do; Anderson 6 ?; Gautier, G, 1 bos; Gantt, T T, 1 do; \ Gove, J A, 1 Graham, J, ii 1! do; Graw, H, 1 do; Gudinan, H,ldo; Given. Re* R, 1 do; Glover, A 8, 1 do, 121 Gregory, 8 C, 1 do, Muss Reg't; Greensberger, 1 do; Granberrv- G L, 1 do; t Gilbert, D L, 1 box; Gardntr l)r v\ A. 1 trkj I Green, W C, I do; Groover, L, I box; i Guttman, D, 1 do; Giasenheimtr, 1 do. Harris. Dr James 1 ppl; Hogarty, Wm 1 dc; . Huns. M B 1 pel; Huntington, W 8 I do; Hopkins, burg 8 1 pel; Heiman, J B 1 do; Hell, Henry 1 pel; Hawkins, A C 1 do; | Hughes, Pat 1 pel, Col Holly, D C I do; | Young's regiment; Holdaa, F A 1 do; . Hayes, H El pel; Hoxier. David 1 do; Herman A Labm, 1 pel; Holt, W A 1 do; HurUte, Jooepb 1 pel: Henderson. J\ll trunl Hamilton, Alex 1 pel, InHattenbeck, Captain N dependent G; do, 4th Gonn; - Houghton, F M 1 prl; Hovev, Lt C H 1 di Hodges, H W 1 prl, 17th l)U Maa*; >t Mum regt; Hitzbeln, S 1 pkp; Rale, J W i pel; Herlon, Lt L (i 1 box; u Haaeall, Capt H A I pel; Hanacoin,S P 1 do; ? Hutton, Mlaa t 1 pel, ilallt-nborkAtHoubil, 1 i ttlnton A Te?l, 1 pel; Herbert. J A 1 pel; Harms, J C 1 pel; Hospital 1 bal?-; . Hubbard, C P 1 Bel; Harlan, Jaa 11 1 box; I Hagen, B F I pel, 3ttd Hayward. G I) 1 do; ragt N V vol; H'.rks, A <i 1 do; Herb, Jacob 1 pel; tilnmau.K II 1 d<>; t Hill, W C Vpel; Howard, Dwlgbt l do; I Hannah. Robert I pel; Harwli/. 1 pk*;. I, Ll HS Ipcl; 11111, L A 1 boi; I Hand*, John S 1 pel; Hewed, \V \V l do; ? Holmes, Thomas 1 pel: Hurlenger. J M I do; ? Hawthorn, Jane* l pel; Harwood, A A 1 do; * Hathaway. D C I pel, Harrison, Lt P H 1 do; i sth Sfaas; Haywood, O W 1 do; Houoer, VV t pel; Haupt, P I do; - Haamertteio, Maj Ipcl; Harris, Mrs I pkg; Htckox. B 1 pel; Hays, W M I box; Heitberv, Capt, 1 pkg, Hartnul. John ) do; &ik N1#! ^ Hatch, W H l do, . Havrl?y,JP Ipcl, 3d cs*; IJ artier, C \V 1 bod; * Heijisclfttos, <i*u L |*?; Hall, l> A 1 km; I Jnlin 1 bos; Harrison I t P J pkg at Ift'pr Mp> "Uraii l U-x, Hart. M r, i ?a?; h h6ii * i fin ' Hilt, A I w i.\ h *?jn \ i d Htt^l. i.'E I pkg; H-iliii~u, J.,*u l I Hawli-y, W.Ni pftip Wlfc Plfi-g; r [ackett, R I boi; Hlllberg. Jotam I box, T lilton, James 1 box ex; 19U? N Y reg; Tl lamir.ond, C W I do, Hotchengrow, J I do; T< 11th Mm; Hush, A K 2 bdl?; Tl lathaway, or Jas Mc- Uewett, 'Dr C N 1 box, Ti Vey, lao, IndMVol; 50th N Y regt; [offman, PI do; Hand, BW ldo, lit Man. Tl larrla' L C; T! nnea, Col C H, 1 pel; Ind cav'y 1st regt, 1 box; T rwln, Mn, 1 do; Ingrahnm. 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I do; Kraune, John, I pbox; ^ Knnt-mund, H, 1 do; K*l?rov, John, 1 box; J Kirby, C-pt, ldo; Kilmuray, Patrick I do; } Kline, Ben}, 1 do; Kirk T. I do; ^ Kittle, Capt EC, I do King, W B, 4 bnxet; ^ camp Shales; Kline, Ang, 1 box; ^ Kncwfea, Fr*d'k, 1 do; Kroeger, 1 keg; Knap, Geo W, 1 do; Kuralck, Mra B, 1 box; ^ King, Mnjor II L, 1 do; Keon & Leontball, 1 bag; ^ Kalperl, Peter, 1 bdl; Kirk, Capt \VA, 1 pkg; ^ Kirsner. C W. 1 btle; KlugJt Sanderson, 1 box; 1 K.-ai.ardy "L., 2 bales; Knot, A K. ldo; Kelly, 1) J, l bdl; Ktrnsner, C W, 1 trunk 1 tiaoie, b, i Dale; Ludwig, R, 1 pel; Learning, W, I do; , Lambert Geo, I do; La flirty, Wm, I bale; Large, John, 1 do; Laughlln, E. 1 baltAbx; Lealiu, Maj J H, 1 do; Lord, Col LNB. 1 pk?,| Leary. J no, 1 do; Landu, Col F VV, 1 do; Latrldge, John, 1 do; learning, T, 1 do; Lotridu**) y CACo,l do; Low, J IV. 1 do; I<ee, T F, i do; Lalne, J N, 1 box; Levy, \V VV. 1 do; Leapson, DS, 1 do; L?-geane, Col, 1 do; Loomla, M D VV, 2 bxs; Lamed, Msj C F, 1 do; Learer, P A, 1 bucket; L lnhardt, O F, 1 do; Lamed. Capt, 1 box; Levlck, Capt J B, 1 do; Lebrand. L, 1 do; I.esson, L'eutW, ldo; Lorton, M H, 1 do; Lewi?, J C A J, 1 do; Lionel, H H, 1 do; Lambert, Lt Cha?, 1 do; Lebanno, G, 1 do; Ludwig, K A A. 1 do; Ljtella. John, 1 pel; Llnde, Th:>?, I do; Lalne, W T, I do; Lawyer, J A, 1 do; ^Lipp, T, 1 trunk Markland. A H 1 parrel; McGulre, J C, 1 box; McK>nn, A, 1 pirce!; My^rs B J, 1 bal<?; Miller, J L. 1 parcel: Morgan, R. 1 bale; M Harg, Cart J, 1 pel; Mrore, C, l box; Marr, Tho* B. 1 parce!; McLaughlin, 1 box; Matbew. ft F, 1 parcel; Mills. C D, 1 box; Marsh, E A, 1 parcel; Me'itnger, E, 1 box; Malone, Jis. 1 parcel; McCollough, 1 box; Merchant. Lt, 1 parcel; Mclntire. Ja.nes, 1 boi; Mclnttre, 1 parcel; McLaughlin, J, I fcdl; McClould. 1 parrel; Myer, A J.I box; Meehau, Tfiomsi, 1 pel; Menzel, K A, 1 keg; Martley, W H, I parcel; Mantroy, I hulf bbl; Mo*''*, Capt J. 1 parcel; Mechan B. I pk?; McClintock, Jas, 1 pel; Murphy, Thomas 1 box, Milllgan, 9 G, 1 parcel; NY Vol; Mears, Lt Col F, J pel; Mors ell, C, I box; Moore, \V H, 1 parcel; Malkmus, John, 1 l>ox, Morrill, J S, 1 parcel; 2btti N Y; Melford, DS. 1 parcel; Moore. Jane* F, 1 box, Mooney. M F, 1 parcel; 4'.h Pa Cavalry; Manean, D, 1 parcel; McCandtea, Dr JO, 2 Mehl, M, 1 parcel; boxes, iid Pa. Reg.; Mf.rquardt, F, 1 parcel; Master*on, Alfred, 1 pel, McMullen, 1 parcel; N J Vol.) Martin, T 11, 1 parcel; Muller, Woo 1 pel, Camp MoCune, Ja*. 1 parcel; Chad veil; McCormlck, Maj, 1 pel; May, G, 1 pel; Mur.dee, C, 1 parcel; Mellon. D, 1 e. bag; Miratou, Maj DC, 1 pel; McTibben, I. P. 1 c bag; Merchant, Henrv, 1 pel; Murphy, Opt O, 4 bx*: McLaughlin, J F, 1 pel; Muuty, L, I bo?!j Mason, Lt John, 1 p;l; M , C. P &Co 5 boxe*, McLean, J %V, 1 parcel; McGee, C L Co 5 bbls; Mazzorbl, K, 1 parcel; Martin,J \V,l bx,7thM*.; Moore,Daniel, 1 parcel; Montgomery, J, 2 bxs; Munsen, B, 1 pel, 2fith Morrel, J H. 1 box; N. Y Keg ; Molllt, Lt. T W, 1 bbl; Mayor, D ti. I parcel; McKnight,Col AA. 1 bx; Maginni*, W H, 1 pel; Mudge, Capt 6R. 1 box, Mar*hal!APsge, 1 pel; Morn*, R H. 1 box; McConoell, Gen. 1 box; Morauete, J, 1 box; Malloney, D, 1 box; [M A. CJ; Morris, R H, 1 box; Muller,C, 1 trunk; Michell, A, 1 bal; Mullen, J B, 1 trunk; McDowell, M M, 1 l>ox; McDonnough.HR, 1 trk; Munsell. CPACo, 1 box; Murphy J, 1 trunk; Miller, B L SS, 4 bale*; McClellen, LtRM, I trk; Miller, J L, 6 boxes; Marcy, Col R B, 1 pel. N Newell, Capt J, 1 pel; Nunns, J H, 1 bundle; Nartan, Mr* S, 1 do; Nichols, Dr C 11, 1 box; Neally, F, 1 do; Norri*,Capt G K, 1 do; Newton, J C. 1 do; Nellson. John, 1 trunk O O'Brine, 1 parcel; Oliver, W C, 1 do; O'Conner, Den a l*. 1 do; Oswald. Capt \VL, I do, 0*t?rnian, F, 1 box; 34'h N Y Reg't; O'Conner, Dennli, I do; Ordner,W, lval,55thdo. P Paul, D H. 1 parcel; Patterson, P, 1 do; Pearaill, Tho* C 1 do; Prince, J, 1 do; Parsons, L B, 1 do; Porter, G W 1 do; Phillips, Col \VH, ldo; Putney, H O, 1 do; Paine, Lt\V C, 1 do; Prlsbam, 8, 1 do; roKormy, u, i ao: rrau, i ao; Paiuier, Rg Ci'l JM,ldo; Parker, F. 1 do; Powell, F, 1 do; Plthen*, E. 1 package; Phenix, D C, 1 do; Powcrwn, M, 1 box, 30th Porter, Lt Col J J, 1 do; Pa Re^'t; Paine, VV H, 1 box; Price, Jacob, 1 parcel, Poland, Joseph, 1 pkge; 5th cavalry; Pollock, N, 1 do; Par*hall, R R, 1 do, 1st Packard, T M, 1 do; L Infy; Pifer, W, 1 do; Pratt. S, H matts: Palmer, CaptN W, I bx; Fratt, Capt C R Al, 1 box, Petitt, Geo, 6 boxes; 13th Man; Piatt, R, 2 do; . Prince, \V 8, 1 do; Prince, W S, I do; Post, Rev Geo K, 1 do, PotUr, J F. 1 do; 15th N Y K?g:t; Pease, J, I bundle; Pilson.Capt, 1 trunk: Polletzer. M. 1 do; Pollard, Mrs M, 1 do. l'lirrott. M, I box; <1 , Quartermtster Ueueral Quint, C P, 1 box; i parcel; ^Queun, John, 1 bale. Rogers, P A. 1 parcel, Rawlins, I. F, 1 do; 5<>lh N Reg't; Roper, A J, 1 trunk; Robb, C, I box; Reynold*, Adg't J E, 1 Robertt, Lieut \V D, 1 p box: i parcel, Camp Palmer^ Rupell. M D, 1 bundle; Roob John, 1 parcel; Ray, I) \V, 1 box; Reed, 13 W, I do; Rupp, John, 1 do; Reigal. F, 1 do; Russell, Mrs, 1 do; Foyers, Capt J, 1 do; R, J \V, 1 do; Rawlins, Thoiuas, 1 do; R 4, S, 1 do; Keynolds, Major, 1 do; Reed, P, 1 do; Reed, Enaan, 1 do; Rogers, Mrs John, 1 do; Riwly, J, 1 do: Rheardson, W P, 1 do; Russell, Capt T, 1 do; Relator,T\V, ldo 57 NY, Rovenburg, M, 1 do; Russell.Lt OS, ldo5 NJj Reed, Hon T M, 1 do; Rider, H F, 1 parcel; i; Rozcll, U H, 1 do; R.J W, 1 box; Randolph, J, ldo: Rodgers, (j F, 1 do; R-rtmati, John, 1 do; Reeser, CH, 1kg, 'J3NY, Rob iins. D, 1 do; Randall, GH, 1 box, 5 Cti ?, Kelley, John 1 do; Ransou, Capt JN, 1 trk. Ray, Alex, 1 do; >r S Smith, F, 1 parcel; aJpear, J W, 1 do; umt?h W M 1 Arx- Utnnu hr f 11 I U dull IU) ? ? i?i) * ?V| U, I 1*V", Meinle, N, 1 do; Smith, G VV, i do; Hbleld, G, 1 do, 'id N J; Swift, John, 1 do; Smith, Harvey, 1 do; Sanders E, 1 do; Smith, T J, 1 do, Mc- Smart, A, 1 do; h Clellana Lira; Snmstag, S, 1 do; Scott, Walter, 1 do; Stevens, R C, 1 bundle; Shatter. G. I do; Stewart, R J, 1 box; St&iit, Albert, 1 do, J-G; Scott. A J, I violin ca?e Smith, William, I do; Sheppard. T, 1 box; Smith, N B, 1 do; Spear, P B, 1 do; Southall, Tyler, I do; Smith, W G, l do; Shewell, W 8, 1 do; Sltx, John, 1 do; Sml'h, Sam'l O, 1 do; Sornner, 1 do; Scharty. Henry, 1 do, LstSwayze, John E, 1 do; Pa Rifle Kejj't; Southeri&nd, G J, 1 keg Shrlgly, C, 1 ao; Scott& Vanhorn, locami Shirley, E, 1 do; stools; St?*ven?on. J, 1 do, 'id Sanders, Capt J, l box; Va Reg't: Slocum,C, I do, 4th N Y t; Sterns, Lt Cbarles, t do; Shunk, Lt F J, 1 do; 1 Smith, S B, 1 do; Seamen, AJ, 1 do, N YV

Sherger, W, 1 do; Sterdevant, G VV, 1 do; a, Strain, J H. I do; Smart. J T, I do, Gen' Smith, Phillip, 1 do; Sandis' Brig'e; Sterne, J P, 1 do; Stewart, SB, 1 do, li Shorghany, M. 1 do; DC Vol's; Sand*. I.leu't L. 1 do; Seidera, W, 1 do, Cam p; c>mUti, 1.I?ii1 J B, 1 do; Balmer; Sloeum, Br G'l H,1 do; Saatry, F. 1 parcel, Smith. Miss A. I do; Steel, G, 1 box; Smith, J hum N, 1 do, Sherman, BM, 1 bundle Stb Mass; S, A C, I barrel; Smith, Win M. 7 do; Smith, Ur I), I box, IHt Seymour, J W, 1 do, Mass; Sherman's Battery; S, B S, 1 do; Shub, R B, 1 do; Sharo, W H, 1 do. NJH Stnthaw, J W, 1 do, Steahlln, 3 ken A 1 bbl 34th N Y; Slawaon, J M, 1 box; Shank, \V F, 1 log: Skldman, R, 1 do; Strong, Martin VB. 1 Stone. Kev.B W, 1 do; parcel, Andrews SS: Scott, J, 1 do; Sherry, J, 1 do, bib NJ; Blckels, Gen'l, 1 do. 5t Still, J W, 1 do; Excelsior; Stevena, LB, 1 bundle; Sample, John W, 1 do, Sanders, 0.1 box; Shoo maker, J B, 1 troni Stanley, G w, 1 bundle;Soow, George C, l do; Sheppard, G W, 1 box; Stewart, J B, 1 do. Heamen, 8 H, 1 do; Smith, J H, 1 valise; tttrouser U. 1 do, Sballda, P, 1 trunk it; Bnell, A J, 1 do; T Thomas. Brig GenM T,Tbompson, AdJtG W, '>? t parcel: box; rf. Tatterseli, Jamea, 1 do,Terwtlleng?, Geo, 1 dc Tlllkaau, John, 1 do; Tborp, Harry, I do; t i? bompoon.T, 1 do; ThooipMn, Lteu't, 1 do; _ burston. Dr. 1 do; Thompson, Jas. E, 1 do; acker, J H, 1 do. Tatbaa, C B,do; tiornberjr, & Co, 1 do.Tombleaon. N, 1 do, L raver, Jot, 1 do, 30th Camp Halan; j. NY; Totten, Gen'l, 1 do; y bompaon, W 9, 1 do; Taylor, Serg't, 1 p*rwl; a hompson, Col A, 1 do;Tice, O L", 1 bo*: albott, R M, 1 do; Taylor, N, 1 do, lit Maa; itcomb, James, 1 dc, Todd. Capt J S*cott, 1 do, " ostevin, John, 1 do; 19th Mass; beacker, T C, .1 do; Taite, Geo 11,1 *allae; ruok, M C, 1 do; Trouta, Margaret, 1 tr'k; fa Tooly, D J, 1 do H V 8 lick, W, 1 box. ? v a egler, Frcd'k, I parcel, Vonlintonag, Mr, 1 do; ? Camp Sherman; Vanvalkensberg, &. Co, [ anllnberg. 1 do: 1 do; L anbern, VV & j, 1 do; Vanvleet. Gen'l, 1 bale; 1 anseifort, M, 1 box; Vannernan, Mlas A nuie, ^ ananden, A, 1 do; 1 trunk. W 1, Wilson. Capt T M, 1 pi; Wall 4 Bernard, 1 do; * t'eiley, John, I do; Weakeo, Dr A. 1 dof Veatheral, Mai 8, I do;Winfield, D, 1 do; Voodcock. \% , 1 do; Willing, J C,*l do; V ilmoth, L. 2 do; Wilson. >1. 1 keg, c Vllllami \V W I <lr> IV.lf T I l??ll V Hth N Y; ' Wrlghl,' John, 1 box, 22 Vhltney. Lieut J I do; N Y Reg; # Veil, t-, I do; Weiner, M. 1 do, lb N J Vara, LttE A, 1 do; Y Reg; Veruer, N, 1 do; White, F, II 1 do, 1 D I VU1U, Geo, 1 do, C Vol; , Vooley, J D, I do; White, John. C, CorpoYard. F B, 1 do; rai. 1 pel. 4th R 1; < rVar Department,* 1 do; Wardwell, E, 1 do, 1st 1 Voolenberg, 1 do; Mass; Vade, P S.l do; D, W, 1 c b"?g; iVllcox, MM, 1 do ; AN illhalm, J, 1 box; iVhttmin, W C, 1 do; Whipple, A W, 1 do; .Ve'den A Campbell,IpgWilllams Jamei M, ldo; Vllkinson, D R 1 box; Wilcox J 1 bbl; A'elser, F, t do; M W Sc Co, 1 box; * tVllaon, E T Mri, 1 do; Welber, L>r, 1 bbl; Wllsm, 8,1 do; Wvman, H H, I box; Winders, C, t dp; loth,M".ss; Webber, C, lbdl; Wo ">L? worth, W W,1 do; Windolf, H. 1 box; 2d W 1?; i Wilson, J B, 1 bdl; Wrlld Capt K A, 1 ?do; Warden, Penty, 1 pkg; 1st Mats; W eat he rail. Major, ldo;Wat?nn, Major A P, I Wheeler, B G, 1 do; do; 8th Mich; Walker, Maj A, 1 basket; Woodburry, J A, 1 do; Webb, J G, 1 pkg; Wild, Capt E A, ,1 do; t>. W, 1 box; lit Mats Wyman. Mrs Capt, ldo;W lltsle, J R, 1 trunk; Willis, G W, 1 do; Walker, Major A, 2 <io; Watsou,Lieut F. 1 do; Washburn, Alfred, 1 do; We-t, Capt Wr P, 1 do; White, John S, 1 chest. Ward, T, Y Young, CS, 1 box; Yonker, B L, I trunk. Zlmmer, K, 1 parcel Ar-Z?hner, Lt H, 1 do; vUd lington H N J Re-jt; nn 19 ecti'. Xendle, Geo, 1 box. TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NfcW YORK ANDLIVKRPOOU Landing and embarking passengers at Queenstown, Ireland. The Liverpool. New York ar.d Philadelphia Steamshio Company intend dispatchint their full powered C'yd^-buiit iron Steamships as follows: SLASGOW Saturdar, Augart 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " " l?th. KANGAROO. " " 13th. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier44, North river. KATK* O* PAF?AGK. First Cabin. ?.?75 Do. to London.-* ?? Do. to Pw.ri? . , , , K-5 Do. to Ham burs 86 Steerac?_? ..... jJSn Do. to London , - - 34 Do. to "'a'le 31 Do. to Ilumbnrr 35 Passengers forwarded to Havre, Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp, fro , at reduced throush /area. Fer?on? wishing to bring oat their friends oan buy ticket* at low rates. f or further information apply at the Captain* Office. JOHN g. DaL*. Agent, 1A Broadway. N. V.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore; CENTKAI/RA/LWAY. SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE,I Calvkht ?T*Tiorr, Batimnre. May 18,1861. \ Oa and after Sunday, Mar 19th, 1?C1, Trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and dapart ra follow?, until farther notion. TRAIXS NOXTH. MAIL at r IS A. M. EXPRESS P. M. HARRIyBL KG ACCOMMODATION at 8 P. M. The 3.15 A. M. tram oonneots at Relay House with trains oa ti e Western Maryland Rai.road; at Hanover Junction with Ha lover ?i'd Ge'trbnrg Ra.lroads; at York with York and Wrights vide Railroad, at Harr share *ith P?ncsylvaijia Railjoad for ail ps.rts of the \Ve?t, aiso with Lebannon Vaiiey Railroad to Piins York ihrut; at Northumberland with L. and B. Kai.road for Kingston and all parts of Wyoomiug Va.iej.arid at *unbury with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad ior ail parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.S> P. M train makes all the above oonneotiocs except Hanover Railroad, Wrightsviile Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad 'f!ie 8 P. M train mtices eonneotions with Penn sylvama Ranroad for all pr. rta of the West, and direct oonnects for New York. .. , TRAIXS AKHlVJt. Mai! at ??10 P M.; Expre; s at 7 ? A. M , Harruburi: Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tioketa and information inquire at the Ticket Office, Calvert Station, Ba.timore. J. C. CLARK, Sop't. The Camden and Am boy and PhHadel -hia and Trenton Railroad Companies' Lir e from i'JllLAOEl-PHI A TO NEW YORK AN I WAV PLACES, from WALNUT STREET WHARF AND KENSINGTON DEPOX, wii! iea> e as loi on: At 1 A. M , Tia Camden and Ansboy . (G. and A. Acoominolation.1 AHA. M, Ti? Camden and Je:?t>y Cii r, (N. J, ooeogunwi umo 6.t 3 A M., via Camden tad Jtrwy City (Morni it Mail.) _ , _ ^ It 11H A. M , via lMi>ib?ton au<J Jar* 17 City. (VS ?i tern Kxpreaa.) It UJi I'. M? !? Camden and Amt>oy,< ? ooramodation.) Its 1> M., via Camden and Amber. (C. and A. KXBI6M.) kt ?.h P M.. via Kensington and JerreyCity, (Bveoim Kxpr??s.l 4t 4H P. via fcennniton act Jersey City, (Seoond Caas Ticket.) 4t 6 P. M., via Camden and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) at iim r. M., *iaCan.der and ,'ersey City.(Southern Mail.) At ft P. M., via Camden and Amboy,(Aoooiiimi>datnn, freight and pa'.at r.jtT, First Cjms TiCiCt.l Saooud C vb Ticket, I'M I P. M Ma.l Train run* daily. TbcllJ* P. M. Mail, Saturday ? excopted For Belvidere. Kaatoc, Lambeitvrlle, Flemington, Ac., at 7.10 A. M.; and 4H P. M.. from Kenainrton. For Water Gap, Stroud?burg,Sorauton,WtlkeaSarre, Montrose, Great Bono, Ac., &t".l"A. M., from Kensington. via Delaware, Lackawanna ai>d Weataa Railroad. For Mauch Chunk, Allentnwn and 7. 10 A. M. and ft* P. M.. from Kenaington depot lite 7.K* A. M. li e connects with the train leaving Easton at 5 Si P. M. F?r Mount Holly at ardl A. M, audi and 4H P.M. For Freehold at A. M. arid J P M. For Bi latol, Trecios, Ao., at 7.10 A. M..4X and ? Mj P. M from KM)?ington, and t>4 P. M fron 1 Walnut stieot wharf. For Paimvra Rirerton, italanoo, Beveny. BurUnitton, Fi^renneoo, Bonieztown, Ac., at!2Jf,l I. 43i and ft 1* M. Steamer Trenton for Bordentowti.&nd intermediate plaoea, at SH P. M. from walnut stre? wharf. IC7" For New York and Way Line*, leavini Kenaington Depot, take the oars on Filth atreet above Wal nt, half an hour before departure. Th< oara run int:> the depot, and on arrival of train ru from the i!e;>ot. Kifty pou nd a of baggage only allowed toe^el passenger Passengers are prohibited from takmi any thine an bat race but their wearing apparel : All baccate over fifty pounda to be paid to extra. The oompauy limit their reaponaiaility fo Ificcace to one rtol ar per pound, and will not b uar'o for any amoci-t bejona one hundred dollari except hy special contract. WM. H.GATZMER, Agent. mmbNEW YOKK, harlem an! ; sn albanV railroad. p LEAVING NEW YORK FOi xLBAN8YsS^k mamSS1hCommencing Monday, Mar 27th, 1861. ' For Ahar.y-llrOu a. m. rut exprees train froi Mth atreat. ; For Dovct Plaina?4*?> p. in. atoppmg at Whit Pi?iUJ5 and atationa north to Dover plaina?froi 1 WthatrMt station. (Thia train will ran to Miliarias every Satunla areruna.) KorCroton Faile-a.ll %. m. et?>pping at all ata tiona north of Fordham from W?h etreet atation. P For VN hue Piaiaa?fcan, 4:lo and 5:00 p. m. atop pine at all atatjonafrom Kth atreot station. For Whit* Flaina??.*'5 p. m. etoppmg at all ata uofia from W hite atraet atation. For Wilhama Bridge- 7.3-', 11:15 a. m. ami 8^0 y > at. slapping at ali atatiotia iron 27th street atatioi Returning will leave? " Albany?Mm a. n. fait expree* traia. I)o\er Piaitie?a m. (Tina tram leavea Mil lerton every Monday morning at 6 a. ui.) i. Croton Fa!;??6 a, tn. ,! Whit# Plaina?fclii, TrWi a. in. 4:50 k. TM\ p. m. > Williaina Bridge?than, 9^01. m. fc b?i p. m. fuiula? traina will leave 4th Avenne. ournar a traft, for Central Park, Yorkville, Hariem aa< Hifh Bridge every 1-w minutes .from 9*A a. m. t 7.?? p m. JOHN PVftCmLL. Asrt gnpt. ; [? And WE?r, laav?i B>m Chambers at. N.Y. Fromsnh street, press, i and I) a. ?*., 1&. II,? a. m? and SJ udljtuJfip.m. 6,2* p. . t'rur ai.d Albany (With ia.4fre.ih. rgandaya li ' oarM*.15 p. m oiiideJ ) F??ghka*pa*e v/a?n?f,a 6,26 a. to.,and l,tt?. t ui, l p III 1 Paaackiii iraia.a^Gp m 4? p m. Sing Kiu| traui,?.?> a ui . 0,3S a. m., Hid 4i6 a<i * RAILHOAU mmd NEW TORE ESTRAL RAILROAD- VW* Trajwfttv* *v York 01 ty depots of Hidm Ri*?r Kaa.roftd uly. tJnndaya exoapted, ea loljewa. romChamber aibML From Slat it atatioa. \ T.oo a m At 7 ? ft m H n> " too p m 11.34 " 6.29 p m 5.30 p m ? _ . W?m loutrtft!* and IfatAlo Train^, with aieepmt oars, jJ/6 v m 1 <4 P ) Connecting ftt Albany with ti.e New York Caa *1 Railroad for Schanectady.Rocheater, LUoa atavia. Komr.&cd *tfttinn? on Rome and Mi Met>td Rftiirrftd. HutfWo Syracuse. Nt**ft-ft Fftl'ft, aepenainn Bridge. Aftbarn. Geneva.Caiiandftigua. Traina m connection leare Bndalo and Suappn ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo and i ake Huron and .eat \Vextern Railroad. for Hamittoa. Toronto, totroit. Chicago, Toledo. Milwaukie, Fon Da Lao, a Crrtrse, Mftdiaon. Prftirie 0n Chien, Ga ena, Nnleith, Dubuque, Peoria, R '>ck laland, Muacane.Iowa Cit*. Burlington, quinoT. Sprintield, ilton, St. Looia,tJairo,Te,-re Haute. Indianapolis, .ouiaville, Cincinnati. i>a?ton, Coiumbaa, Olere ind. and all point* \V eat. Northved and Voatk NORTHERN ROl'TE. Connectiur I ran a at i rt>?, with Troy k loaton find Rena ft S*r?tora Fonda for Saratoga. Vhitelm'!. Rutland, Bur ington, >t. A.t?ra. Rohm 'omt, Fiatutmrgh, (Jgdenabugh, Montreal, An., :o tLr Freight Arrangementa by thia route a? ,bove, without change of Care, from the llepota u hanbera and canal atreeta- ftre at ail tineea aa avoraMe aa ni&de tv otht?r Railroad Contpar<i*a ['he iacil'tiea of thia great New York K^otf. ?o tlk iVeat eonunend it to the cocfSdetcr of merchanta in ah-ppera for promptnea* ar<( diapatch Faesenrer irama, with Smoking \ad Sleepn i wf r-jL in connection on the New York Central load. rut partioularaaa to looa! traina and freight ar ana-menta. at th?de?ot. Warren at. A. F. SMITH, Snporiut?ni1rnt K-ITW VHP IT ? % n t- H 1 K B A 11. ROAD Passenrer Ttuaa leave via Pavo n:& Kerry and iiUiin fock, from foul of Cham' rr? itrett. New follows, fix : 7?t a. in , EX I'RKSS.for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal ii.terme-!?'- Stations. 8 0?a. ni .MAIL,for Dunkirk, and intermediate Stations?This Train rr inai:.? over night at E.mira. knd proceeds the next morning 9/*) a m.. MILK daii., for OtuviU?, and inter mediate Stations. 11.00 a. in . ACCOMMODATION, daily, for Port Jervis, and principal Stations 4 00 p. m., WAv, fur Middletown, Ntwbnrth, and int3rmediate Stations. 5.00 p. m.. MtiHT EXPRESS, daily* for Don kirk, Buflklo. Canandaigua,and principal Stations Ti.e Tram of Saturday stops at all Mail Trail Stations, and runs onlj to fcimira. C C? ACCOMMODATION,for Hornesviue and principal Stations. CH A S. MI NOT, 6en'l Sup'L NATHAN IFL MARSH. Reo?iver. ? r--??? PHILADELPHIA, WlLr |? MINOTON AND BALu 'HKLSr timore railroad. SPRtyrt AyD SUMMER ARhAXUEMt N7 On aad after TUESDAY May 14U. Paesenge Trains lor Phnade pMa will leave President stree. D?pot dailrjesoept Sundays>as follows, vi?: l.xprees ?r*in at6 15 A. M Way Mail Traina* 8.45 A. M,: Evening Mail at 4 45 o'clock. On SUN BAYS at 4'5 P. M. only. All trams oonnect witi New York trains exoept 4 45 P. M. train on Satar days. A Freight Train with passenger car attachar leaves at 5 P. M , stepping at al! Stations betweer j Baltimore and H*vre de-Grac*. Paseengers for Delaware ad the Eastern >hor? ->f Maryland will find the most expeditions route by war of Wilmington. |?7" All Colored Persons must give bond before entering the cars. KM CRAWFORD,A?MiL ~~ -rr-~ ^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE EASrERVLA*b WKSTKRW SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT" Capt. J H. K rwau " t JONEER,'' Capt. W. Norncan, Will run their routes as follows, leavi c Ltght street, Baltimore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olock A. KENT?For Cambridge, Denton and Landing* on Cboptank river, every WEU.VfiSDAY and SATURDAY, returning every Thursday and Monday. For Annapolis and West RiTer,every TUES DAY' and FRIDAY' and reformat sa re days. HONKER?Forgt Michael's an-1 Easton,n? Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY', acd returr the same day. _ ? , For Annapolio, West River, Cambridge, Oxford and Easton Point, every THURSDAY , returning by same route on Friday fcor Annapolis .West River, St. Michael's and Ka.tor, via .Mile'a River Ferry, every 9ATUR DAY', returning evcy Monday hy same rout?. F?i8 to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fastot Point. ? ? #1 SO Fare to St. Miohae!** and Mi'M' River/round trie, ft,) . lflft Fare to West River, (round tri*, ?>>? 1 ?t? Faro to AunapoUs < round trip7Soeftts) ... 7i MEALS EXTRA. IH^Freiirht must be prepaid. Wharf and Ofltoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden Baltimore. C K. CANNON. I NOTICE TO TKAVKLfaRa. 1 HE Poatmaste/ fre^rai aavi&g ordered tii nai eervio^ between Washington, _ Ba tiuiore, and O'd Point ( Fcrtreet Monroe) to be re*ai..ed, on acrt Monday, t^e 2uiU instant. ti,? Bav Line of st^amen will lea'-e Rvtiinore EVERY' DAY' (except Son day) from tlieir wnarf, foot of Union 1>< c*. at ?>? o'clock p. m., or iMmediately after the arrival oI tin Washington Train, which ie&ves WasUiagtoi : at i?? o'clock p. iu. I ir. y?- tf M. N FALLH. t'res't jr"s?u. U 8. GOVERNMENT LINK Cf-^Wi^TO FORT MOXROE AND OIL I *? iiirTkis POIXT COMFORT. I Leaves the lower end of UNION DOCK. Baltij more, west bide, OAILY", (Sundays included,)at |<>i o ob ck f- M. taWius passenrers and feignt. anr* conneotinc with tl*e Railroad lines, to and froar Washington, O. C., Philada phia. New York, Bos ! ton, York* HarrisDurg, Pittsburg, Pa. and th? j West, immediately aPer the arrival of the Exj re?f 1 Train from New York and Philadelphia. The following is the Sokedu.e: ' From New York to Fort Monroe and bacfc.. .?1< j From Phi'adclph a and '>ack ?lo j From Baltimore and back...?._ $6. PROCURE YOUR TICKET9-/~TI | In New York, at the New Jersey Railroad 0?c? font of Court,and street. In Phi aie'phia. at the Company's office, N. W I oorn?r of Sixth and Chestnut streets, or at tf.< Depot, Broad and Prime streets. I lu Baltimore, on b^ard the Steamers, foot oi ! UfaWb Dook. HLtiii O'CONNKR. Passenger Agent. BOSTON VIA NKWP0R1 AND pall river. KitfaK^fce Hy the epiendid and aupenci SUaxne-s METROPOLIS, EMPIRE STATE A \ H'fATK, and 8TATK OF MAINE. ofgrea ' gtteugth acl *?rod. but particularly adapted tothi navigation of Lo^i it an.1 Sound, running in oon i neettoc -with t!K? nw River and Oid Colony Rail road, diftaroe of W miles only to Boston. L<?aT? Pier No. Nortii Hiver near th? Battery ! TheSieawer EMi'lKE STATE,Capt. B'aytou Mondays, We?inesd???, ai.d Fridays, at 4 o'otoel . P. M? touohing a* Newe?rt saoh way. TiieStes.frMETRO POL IB, Capt. Brown. 01 Tseadaya, Thursdays, and Saturday, ?t i o*olocl . P. VI., tonoliLnr at Newport ?ach way. liieee Staanara are -fttted with commodiov . ttats roon.a, and every dTOkngement for the aeturi tt aud ooififorl of ?a?aeiit?fB. who are atfbrded b' ' tine route a nigkta' rest on board, and on arms ai Fall River proceed per Steamboat Train.reack ! mg Boaton oarly the following morning: or ma remain on board at til starting or the Aoeommoda i . tionat h a. M., by winch they may reaoh Bosto [ tbont 8,45 A.M. A L>aggaie ma-.ter is attached to e*nh steame i who recei ves and lioketn the baggage. and acoon 1 varies the same to its destination. ! i A steamer runs in oornaotion with this Line b? twe?n Fall River and Providence daily, exee| i StBK&ys. Freight to Boston is forwarded through wit ' grant dispatch by an Express Train, whicn ieav? i Ff?ii Kivei eve?t morning, Sundays excepted,i l j la o'clock f'ir Boston ana New iieaford, arnvit j at its destination at abont 11 A M ! For freight or pa?sago, apply on board, or at th , oftioeon Pier No.8 North Rl'ver Forslateroon and berth* apply on hoard, or if d??ire4 to seem thai* in advance, to W M BORDEN, Ax't I 10and 71 West street, N. T. 1 \ - THE REGULAR MAIL LIN C^SiWjfrVlA flROTON. 8TON1N6TO ? . ^^^^ "and PROVIDENCE, FOR BOj 1 I TON?inland Route?Tup shorteat and mostd i i t?.n Williams, in connection with the Btoninfton ai r PrOTidenoe,and Beatonand Provitlenoo Railroad u ! leavinr New York daxiy, Sundays exoeated, fro ! Pier No 18 North River, at t oVcx-k p. M . at * | Groton at 8JO o'cloo* P. M., or on tna arrival i "(STB " I Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. From 6? > ton?Tueedat. Thiireday,aiid Saturday. The OOMMONWEAI TH, from Now York I Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday. From 6rote ?Monday, Weuut ?Jay, and Friday. PaaaengeTa tram Groton proceed tor railroad l P-cviaanoo and Boston, m tho Expiree Hi n Traia, reaching aa.d p.ace in advance of those 1 other rotten, and hi ample time for all uto oar 0 Morning Lines ootiocumjr North and Kaat. Pa n aencer* that prefer ft, remain on board tj ateaaaor, enjoy a uifhU'reat undisuirt^d. breal y feat if deairod, and leave Groton ;n the 7.15 A. J Tra.n. Oorheotinc at Providoaoe with the 1 AJI1. Train for Boston. Fare front providence to Newport, F ifty oeni A t*ica?? master aeoontpames the steamer a Ror Pas sate, Bertha, State Rooms, or Freici aaely on board the steamer, or at the Freig ?. Offlor, Pier u North River, or at the Obce >. the Company, No, 115 WOat afoet, corner ofOoi land street. Now York, Feb. a. iflfti, ' J7?; MILITARY BOOKSr RKNOM k RICHST1KN hava just reoeivec targe and complete assortment of Military Boo o? aU kiads, which they offer from ten to fl 1 bolow tho regular retaj. arioee,-1 il o jdinf: l .? * T?r," i"*"" "d ** ; ? Hardee's Tactici.'ohaap editioi .12 ' '? ?*Gn " stboi ^ i t'lWvlWlM.ewl Vedata ?*. ?s?t> daaeriptu They go rlfbt ! lk? ?pot." IMT&ltl KSUKF STOP ?OQR OOI?| PURIFY YOU* BRKATB 9TRKN0THBN TOOK VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, Ul GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR FUBLIC SFEAEERM, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CO/rSUMFTITRS. ?KNTLEMKN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS LADIKS ARE DELICBTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS CHILDREN CRT FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CON FICTION 8 . ' _____ : rktT raliara a Coach laatant'y. They olaar the Throat Thoy gi*a strength and vol a ma to the rotaa. Taay impart a (UImiom aroma to Ua tonU. Thar aradalight/Wi to the taata. Toay are mad* of aimpU barba aa4 i?m) bars aay ona. 1 adna* rrery ona who baa a* Coaf h or a Haaky Voioa.or a Bad Breath, or aay difioalty of the Throat, to got a package of my Threat Confaationa. Thay vili rehava you inataatiy, and yoa rill agree with ma that "the* go rirbt to tha apol' \7*m will fiaH tKam vara anA alMtftat?klli traveling or fctlsnd 1B? piUh rMtmt, for stilling roir Co?(k or tlltTini ymr tkiraL If yo* try on* saokage I in i? saying that fc* will ever ef terwards oonsider them indispensable Yoe trill ind them at the DraggisU ud Dealer* la Modi oineaPRICE TWENTV FIVE CENTS. Mr signature it on each package. Ail others are ooanterfeit. A Paokage will be eent by mail, prepaid, on ^ ?ift of Thirty Cents. Add row, HENRY C IPALOMO, No. 43 CEDAR STREET, NEW TORK. /j CURE CURE^O. NervousHeadache , Headache. Br Uimet Uese Pilla the psned e ttt*ek< e fir?m er Suk tfeeaechs may fee prevented; aad I Ultra at the commenoeme^t e! ae ttUefc imaeliate relief from yaui and sicfcLssi w? be eMaited. They seldom flail in rnwrui um Nimm aad HtrnAtk* to whiefc females ariMti . r?i They tat gent.y apen the beweie,?r erjeviag MtFor Lii*rmry Mm, St*d*ct: Mint! Fnuiit, ltd all renoBi of ttdmimm kmiiu, U * ? are valuable as L*Mfm lmprovinr Ue iwami, giving imm and ei??f to Ue dlgesbre ergu#, and re storing the uatara *iaeuoit/ acd awtagtt the rfcole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS i re tki reea't of long nveaUgat.oc *nd earefaliy eondvoted experiments. saving Seen ta nae many yaanr, daring whieh time ihey tiave prevented aad relieved 4 vast aatoanl of pais aad suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the nsroetts system or from a deranged MU nf thj> IIIIM.I t They ire aetirelT Yoreaable us their ooafoctboc, and nay betaken at all titnae wrtli yvrfeet aafei? > nihoii maAinf u; chasce of diet, Mi tiu mb<M(i of mm* dumgritmbh Hull tmUmt M mt ? ifawiHif lAaa* lo cawdr??, BEWARE OP COUNTERFEITS ! . The fraaine Loto fire aifnata:ee of Bean C. tfpaldlng on eaoh Box. Bold by Driiiuti aad all ?U<r Daalera la Mail alaaa. A Bax will bo Mat by mall prepaid reaetple PRICE, Sft CENTS. All ardara ahoald be addraeead ta HENRY C. 8PALD1IIS. 48 Cmi Bnin. Ntv Yaax. jkm a, ffrr'tlh Wm Caphalie Pills aeeoateliefc the o Wool for vklaJi i&ey voro made, nai Car* of headaebe la ailI la forma />at U* laawwir, Jftr/ttk, Pa. They ten bean teeted ta Mora thaa a llwl < tt? vitJi entire aaoceaa. Fnm ?*a Baaim ai. K. dead. Wat. Jyoa are, or bare boon troubled w ith the bead a. aend for a buz. (Oepkaae Pi l la ,) eoUat yea cay n?*e tbom in aaao of aiCattaok. fVeaa I4a Wttum R. R. tfaadia, Oaeare, IU. I Wo heartily an4orae Mr. ttyaldlac. aad kla u > -taalked Coffaalia Pilia. Wia Ua gta?*?ia PaU Aafo, Jfev Orieaaa, la. r Try Uieta : yoa are afllietol. acd*ve are rara kl ihat your toininioLr oan be f^ded la the already lanarona Uat that hae roooivod beaeata thai ae y jther medicine oac prodaoe. t JYea Ui 9aaatta, Jlaaaaaai I. iaaaa. Mr. Saaldinc arould not ae&aoat b'.a uia wtth [< u> article he did sot know to ynaaiaa real aorll IV?a lie Adv? mar. Pi aeldamt R. I. M The Coa balte Pule are aaMIe baa rewarfrahlf 'ffectiT* i emedy for tba beadaebe, and eaeeftfca h aery beat 'or that vary freaaant MaiiMil which >f UI erer been dlacoTMrw. ? mm Us St. LtmU Dmtmmt. S r3?i?tft1SKi? " " mm ikt iwb rait* sw, IMWU, r?. - JK arts terawrsiBP * ? N ' JVmn Ik UNrriNr, Mm, JL i. * Th* twtmorr in their f?T?r m atrm<iUt 1 aod rwpect&bie <urt?ft f] Itaa U? DmUt Jtan, Jfwn i. JL /. id O^ftalM l'lOftr* tatte* th? ?1am> oT?U kiaia, ? ?? "j !*< ? Ui r?wii>'ri?i ItoiUtw, Bottom. Mmit ;,{ Hud to b? very tf?ioou Tor U* fewdaefc*. - t&4 rommarrtAi, Cmemmti, Ok?. , Stiffen nx hmmanit* oic cow b? raiMTod. >o U| 1 CT A ?Bf le botti# ?f j rpwuiug nruiirvu muc - vtf!?Ttt8B baMitio(Mluiu:i|. ? spalding's'prepared glue' " spalding's prepared glue ' si spaldings prepared glue i It. ?AVfc TftK PIkCM' Pi moo WHY! \ y. DJ8FATCM BT'A Htttch in TtHiBArsa = kkot tSi^rJS , t vem?Dt W*J for refktiriac rnattnr*.T*f? B SPALDING'S PREPARED GLIJE I - Wf**VL w it Very aou**.N. B.-A f nfiTftn'"r ~i > r "? ? S tFtta. A<UtrMf KNftV C. tftliDWf! 2"< * cactiw V , ' .?< ? xxr

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