Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1861 Page 1
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THE evening 8tar THE WEEKLY STAR sss&SE? 0-j-vvv ^z.-zzzarz^ziz: v- S " <v V \ # jhw * ^ x^^?~zi: 5b?&^r?r? ^ v jssswfflsrs1 . feree Bontha at tbe rate of IS oenti t wook. 8l?- .. . - il ?? ?"? ttrvugboat tfc? cow try gl? eoplaa, on csiff; la wrapper*, two com j C7*8io*?? eop?? (la wrappm) eaa to f*ovol. xviii. washington. d. c.. monday. november 25. 1861. n?. 2.785 J of the p*p<r. PrioelTHREK CENTS ot appear until the next day. ^^ mm^ *^ mand inconsequence of hia hdvlng recited, In hi* ?clal report of tbe battle of Manaaaaa a plan be bad drawn np for tbe relief of Maryland and the occupation of Washington city, which waa reJected by tbe Praaldent before the battle. I have no meani of knowing whether or not our Chief Magistrate waa seriously displeased at tbla Intro daction Into the report of matters not properly belonging thereto, bnt I do know that the gallant little hero?the b$au labrtvr tt btau suldat, Beauregard, baa no Idea of realgning; at least I have this upon good authority, and that he remarked to a gentleman who mentioned the subject to him t Ceotervllle, that he bad entered the Confederate service for tbe war, and expected to remain In It till the f nal consummation of our independence naieea removed by the hand of death. " Gen. Robert E Lee reached Richmond on Friday last, from Greenbrlsr river, much broken down by hi* arduous labors In command of ths forcea In the north-west, and baa beent ransferred to tbe command of the land operations In the defence of tbe South Carolina coaat. He left for Port Royal tbla morning. 44 Our election passed off to-day in perfect order. There waa a full vote, considering the ab eace of 3,000 Richmond voters in the army, for President and Vlce-Prealdent. The contest for Congreaa la the Richmond district was between tour competitor*, and resulted, beyond a doubt, (though aa I write we have few returna from abroad,) la tbe choice of ex-Preaident John Tyler "It la stated that the valued cargo of the steamer Bermuda, whlcb paaaed some time ago into Savannah, waa all paid for in England before she left. The money waa remitted from tbe South in June last. "Arrangements are being made to collect tbe war tax, for wbich purpose capable collectora feave been, and are now being appointed. "Three men, friendly to the cause of Abraham Lincoln, therefore enemies of the South, ware broufPt to Richmond from Loudon county, Vt., an the6th,aa prisoners lit Tia raox cm. beau a so an d. Tbe telegraph, a few daya ago, briefly referred to tbe following letter from Gen. Beauregard: CtntrtvilU. wi IA in Hearing of the > Emmy's Gum, November 3. > To Editor* Richmond Whig:?Gentlemen? My attention ban Just been called to an unfortunate controversy now going on relative to the publication of a synopsis of my report of the batlio n# U nnaaaat Mnna i??n r?<rrat mnr? than I Am this, from m knowledge that, by authority, the President is the aole jadgeofwben and what part of the commanding officer's report shall b? made public 1, Individually, do not object to delaying lta publication as long as the War Department thinks proper and neceaatry for the suecaas of our cause Meanwhile I Intreat my friends mat to trouble themselves about refuttng the alan dars and calumnies aimed against me, Alcibladsa. on a certain occasion, resorted to an extraordinary method to occupy the minds of his traducers?let, then, that synopsis anawer the aam? purpose for me, in thia instance If certain mlndi cannot understand the difference between patriotism, the highest civic virtue, and office-seekers the lowest civic occupation, I pity tbem from tb< bottom of my heart. Suffice It to say, that I prefer the respect and esteem of my countrymen tc the admiration and envy of the world. 1 hope, for the aake of our cause and country, to be abl< with the aaaiataoce of kind Providence to anawei toy calumniators with new victories over our na tlooal ecemies, but 1 have nothing to aak of th< country, government or any friends, except to af ford me all the at i they can in the great struggU we are now engaged upon I am not either a can dldate, nor do I desire to be a candidate for an] civil office In the gift of the people or Executive The aim of my ambition, after having cast m; mite in the defense of our sacred cause, and as slated to the best of my ability in securing oui rights and independence as a nation, la to retir to private life. My means then permitting, neve gala to leave my home, unleaa to light anew th battles of mjr country. Respectfully, your obe dlsat servant, tf. T. Biaueioakd th* ml do i icu1m in tbxnksske [Prom the Knoxvllle Register, Nov. 12^ TM Mep lam acnnne 10 aesiroy lae rsnroaa la Eut Teanessee, on Friday night last, by ai erganlxatlon of Lincoln traitors, extending iron Bristol to the Georgia line, resulted In the burn 1 ng of the following bridges: The bridge over the Hiwaasee river at Charle* tea, oa the east Tennessee and Georgia railroad The bridge over Llch Creek, on the East Ten nessee and Virginia railroad The bridge over the Holston river at Union, o: the East Tennessee snd Virginia railroad Two small bridges on Cblcksmauga Creek, o the Western and Atlentic railroad The telegraph wires were cnt at various place between KnoxvlUc and Chattanooga, and Knox Ilia and Bristol No attempt seems to have been made upon tb bridge at Loodoun, that being well guarded by cavalry company This diabolical plot does not aeem to have bee participated la by the great body of the eaat Ten ernes oaioa men, bat seems to have been con aed to a number of desperate and reckless trai ten. who eonfldently believed that before the could ha brought to Juatlce, the Liacola forc< freea Keatacky weald have forced their wa through the mountains to their reecae. The have again experienced how little deprndenoe I to ho pieced upon the boasts and promisee < M araard tad J ohaeon It la rumored that large numbers of Union me ate iniUfud mustering la Bloaat aad Sevts cessation tor the purpeae of protectlag the locei dlarlee Who attempted to Are the Strswberr Plains bridge, all at whom, numberlag eon sixteen, ware troa Sevier county. OA MAO a TO TBS aatLBOABO. The damage to the railroads la Eaat Tesaemt by the laceadlartsm of last week la estimated i The bridging burnt on the W enter nan AOaatls read was hotwaea ?ve buadred sad ai h aad red Net; what Its eettmated eoet wae w have aot learaed. The lam oa all the road however, from the deetraction of property, trlftlag, compared with that reaultlng from tt laterru^tloa of transportationXnsxvi'is Rtgi EOld taiegraphers aaaert that the aew 111 Praacleco will answer very wall la tt eammer aad tell aeaaaa, hot, whoa the btg aaoe t storma that occur about Salt Lake and Is O'hi aoetloaa through which the runs commence, will ha lmpomlble to hoep the line la workln order. BTTha ^?a.? m ?argaf lastly orgaali lxlag their local active and atdaatary mllltli eommlamloalng saw oflcera aad farming nr aomaaaleat alee nemmlmlaalag I aet rue ton la tk art ef muaketry, kc. LATEST HEWS F&OM THE SOUVH. Aaether Letter fraaa Rlchmomd? Exciting at Richatid-Gtaertl Walkir'i RMl|Mtt*i-0?Mral Btaarenri tadMr, Dtfii We find Id the Memphla Appeal tbe following letter of a Richmond correspondent, under date of the tth loat. It refer* to manv thlnga of which the telegraph haa already made brief mention, bat explalaa more clearly the aituation of aflMr* la that city at the time: ''Returning to tbe Confederate capital two daya ago from his wlslt to tbe army of the Potomac, your correepemdept found affair* eo confused and perplexed that be could get at no clear underataadlng of'the altaatlon,' and thought it beat to allow h: maelf fall torty-^lrbt boura for an Intelligent aurvey of tbe paat week before reanming hi* letter*. The realanatiou of Gen. Walker had err gre&tly excited tbe public mind within tboee eight daya; the grand ^ aakee armada had aetout upon lta voyage of pillage and destruction; Gen. Lee had returned to Richmond; rumora of tbe wildest aort were living about, auch aa that Beauregard bad resigned, and Johnaon wu about to lailtate hla example ft wae dlflcult to eatlmate the affrct upon popular sentiment of actual occurreaeea or to know wbat confidence to place in the new and atartllng report* "Tbe correapondence between Gen. Walker and the acting Secretary of War gave riae to a verv animated ntwiDiMr controversy, conducted mostly In the column* of the Whig, and with bo little ability on both aides a writer who signed hi mat If 'Brutua' attacked the adminiatratloo with much spirit, and was answered by a ftleed of Mr Benjamin under the Initial aignatureof'J.' Brutus,so far aa I am Informed, remains unknown to the public, but 'J.' Is said to be i. B. Jones, En , passport clerk in the War Department, late editor of the Southern Monitor, f Phlladelphta, and many years ago proprietor of the Madlaoolan, of Washington city, the tffieial organ of President Tyler. The sensation created by this Imbroglio has now subsided. Leaving upon the majority, I think, the lmpres Ion that Gen Walker's letter of resignation was la wretched taste, bat that he bad been badly treated by the Confederate government, and that It were a thousand pities to lose the services of o brave and akllful an officer. "The rumored resignation of Beauregard was accepted as a fact throughout the city, and U * on dit ran so far as to say that it waa the wish of the President he should withdraw from his com UeaabMtti| the Okl*. Steamboating along the Ohio river nowadays. if a risky business. Pilots and Captains do not get paid for the danger which they encounter In paaaing along by the " pizen " sections of country in the neighborhood of the Big Sandy, for instance, a pilot feels not unlike a "solitary horseman*' on a Western Virginia mud road. Steamboatmen are not only in fear of the secesh, but they are also annoyed by Union men at different points. On the last trip up of the Ben Franklin, a couple of shota were fired across her brow from roint Harper, at the mouth of the Muskingum. The boat rounded to. and was searched for contraband goods. The officers finding nothing but pig iron, allowed the steamer to pass The reason assigned for the establishment of this blockade was, that a steamer had landed some contraband articles on the Virginia side for the use of the rebels in Western Virginia. The Sallie List was also halted at the above point and searohed. One day last week, as the steamer Hose* McClellau was pasaing Ceredo, she heard a command to halt from the eloquent mouth of a six pounder, but not undemanding what it meant, she refused to land.'but instead, steered for the Ohio shore. Directly a ball went orashing through her wheel-house She finally gut out ui rouge, ever) uuuj uu uuaru uciu^ awfully scared. The shots were from Colonel Zeigler's battery. We are told that there are many points along the Ohio, particularly in the venomous sections alluded to, where twenty-five rebels ceuld.come down any night, and oapture and rob a passing steamer.?Whitling Intel I igen ctr. Rebel Arms. [From the Wheeling Intelligencer, 15th.] About three hundred of the guns captured from Floyd, of the Carnifax ferry affair, arrived in the city yesterday, aud were taken to the Government store house. There were also a number of home-manufactured knives, of a rude but savage looking make The guns are principally the Richmond flint-lock rifles, and have upon them the names of the counties to which they were forwarded to supply the malitia. ' Some of them are still good, and will be altered to make them still better. Among the lot are a number of shot guns, common rifle*, and all sorts of fowling pieces, showing that some of the sesesh at Carnifax were very irregularly armed. Triumphal Entry of the Federal Troops into Beauport! Address op Welcome bt a Prominent Citizrn!! On board steamer Wabash, off Hi/ton Head, tiov. 9, 1861.?In their headlong flight, the southern gentlemen appeared to forget their boasted courtesy.? They left but one of their number behind them uj welcome u? w ido cuj. [ t iDuj r air nere gives a portrait of the distinguished son of the chivalry, particularly happy, supported by a Palmetto ] The gentleman upon whose shoulders this duty had fallen, however, went through with it in a very creditable manner, and everything passed off pleasantly. On our arrival at the outskirts of Beaufort, the orator of the day advanced towards us, hat in hand. Being entirely alone, two members of the 7th Connecticut regiment were deputed to support him, as a matter of etiquette. His speech did credit to his head as well as to bis heart. I append a verbatim report:? " 'Ow'r you, boys? Fine wer'rer!?Glar t' see you. Welkel t'Beaufor'!?Gel. Drayton gone! Would 1' it ay. Pine Wer'rer!?Wh? ooo?p!?Leah take drink ! {Great applause.) You Norerners perry good fellas; all o' us perry good fellas. (Cheers.)?Gel. Drayton woudl' sthay bet 1, to him, sez I, 'Gel. Drayton you musht (Ate) sthay, abaholutely necessary.' Set (hie) he to me, sez he to m-ee-e,?sez he to m-e-e-e, sez he to me, 'John, can't do it ole fella. Musht (hie) go. Got business (Air) engashement.' Gel. Drayton's friend o' (hie) mine. Know Gel. (hie) Drayton ? Gel. Drayton's good (hie) fella. All geod fellas. Beaufort's (hie) all right7?Beaufort's is all right!?Fine wer'rer' Wh?o?o? ?o." [Here, overcome with emotion, the speaker i sat down amidst loud and prolonged applause.\? Vanity Fair. A Detective Amii( the K. G. C'?. 1 A grave practical joke wai perpetrated a nigh' or two alnce on a rustic individual who, unaei the laipreaaion that be poaa<fa>?d remarkable keen neaa, entered Into tb? detective buaineaa on hii own hook. Having beard about town and reac in.thi papers, about tbe K.G C'a?the Knighta * the Golden Circle,?been-elved the Idea tnat In was born to lead a cruasde a^alna: that damning ( Iniquity. He communcated the fact to one blgl ' In authority, and added that he wa? on the tracl ?almost ready to reveal. He waa told to g< > ahead, for, although no aer.alble peraon entertainer ' th? Idea thtt aacb an a eolation existed in Chica go. there waa a prosptct of fan ahead. * Unluckily for hla scheme. It chanced that Li i had fallen among mrrrllcM act of wags, wh ' had played upon hla credulity auttlclently to lea< him on, and he waa now ready for the sacrifice Having received the aanctlon of authority, he de termlned to go through with the initiation. Witl thla end in view, he waa conveyed mysterloual' ' to a private room on Randolph street, where b - waa put through the preliminary ceremoniea H i awore by all the aalnta to aupport the Souther Confederacy, to act aa a apy on the North, to com f munlcate at all poaalble opportunities with Jefl - Davis, and In all thlnga to conform to the aecei r alon creed in letter and deed. He waa then atrip e ped naked, and, while the room waa envelope ' in darkneaa, anointed with a aacred oil com c posed of equal parta of molaaae*, coal tar, an< pounded glasa, which waa poured over hla bead and aulfered to trickle down in fragrant rivulet to hia feet. He calmly bore hia fate, and aaked what cam next. Thegaa waa turned on, and he found bitr * aelf via-a-vla with a female figure which looke .n mnoK liWa li/o W-olf Ihil ho f.irr, a Mr Q somrrset from fright, and set up a series of yell * which threatened to bring in the police. Tb company scattered in a sudden panic, and tuir '* bled down the back stairs aa well as they'coult ' from laughter. The proprietor of the premise '* kicked out the devotee to profane mysterlei threw hia clothes after him, and turned off tta n gaa. The police found him on the stairs ?? di kabillt and inarched him off to the lock-up H n managed to discern the point pf the joke tb ( next morning ?Chicago Timis. Rommky.?The Remney (Western Virglnli correspondent of the wheeling lntelligenci * writes November 15tn : * There are some guerillas around here. On tb 13th Inst a part of tie General's body guard of cai ? airy were out scoutlag. They were tired on froi '* ambush and two of them killed. The same ev< r nlng Co. A, 1st Vs. Regiment, one company < * cavalry, and a battery or light artillery were sei ' to acout. They were unable to find anything < * the enemy, but brought In the bodiea of the po< y fellows tnat were killed. Romney la the county seat of Uampahlrecouni * twenty-six ml lea from New Creek, twentv-fl' >r from Cumberland, Md , and forty-three froi Winchester. It la a very pretty place and a nl< B location, but the devastating baud of war 1 " everywhere visible. Nearly all the inhabltan k* have left and their bouses are occupied by 01 r soldiers The stores are all closed There a * many fine residences which are occupied as hoi Kltals, 4c. It la th? same way In the conntr ^ [early every house la vacant. 4 Shot lis Own Son.?The Wheeling Intel! * fencer learns by a letter from 8t. Marys, Vs., < * the Ohio river, that on Saturday last M , Isaac Blgga and aon left home for the purpoee kuuting deer. When about twenty-flve mil " from home, and whilst paaslng through a thickt ? the father about ffteen feet behind the aon, tl hammer of the latter'a gun caught upon a vln eanalng the of the weapon The ba pawed through the back part of the youngi ta Bigg's head, Billing him instantly f. ??????? st Blci Pills ?An army eorreapondent gives tl It following account of the naadlclne given the vc g unteers: t-Oar doctors give as the same medicine for i oomplalats Headache, blue pill; bellyache, bl ?- pill; rheumatism, bluo pill; ysllaw Janndic i, blue ptll: cold, bine pill; diarrheas, blue pill, ai m eooa W? are, decidedly, the blue pill regimei tk are at the op:a!ea It don't take much to make doctor." SEOEOETOWN ADVEBT'MTS MASSKY. COLLINS * CO.?8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just received a supply of the above Ala, which we 'eoommena to be ofavery superior quality. Person* wishing to purohaM. Dy making immediate applieation, can be furnished. ARNY St SHINN, no 7 Georgetown. JW8T RECEIVED? 10 hhas. p-ime Popx> Rioo SUGARS 1? tSia. did fcye W HISKY, < 0 bbts. HERRING and ALF WIVES, 0 bble. Crushed and Refined SUGARS. ? bass Rio and Java COFFEE, 10 hh9s.(low-pnoed) MOLASSES. Ptf ltl?l>T JOHN J ROB"^ .? '? PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORK, 119 Fknmstlvania Avknvb, Bttwren 19(4 and 20th fts The undersigned, havinc located himself as above, takes this meth'td of informing th? oitizens of the First Ward that he has opened a first olass Provision Store, conducted similar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famous * Here oan be toun" ait a>l times a largs and fr??h supply of POUi TRY, GAME, '.KEF. MUT rO.M.Jta. FRUITS and VKGEtABLEi in season. Particular attent<on is called to his stock and noes of BUTTER, CHEESE, ho. Philadelphia Print Mutter 25 cents Goshen and Western Reserve 16 and *o ceuts Being determined to give the strictest attention to the wants of his customers, and to keep every artiole in bis line of the best qua itT, and sell at the lowest market prices, he hopes to merit a share of public patrouag*. F?mii es will be waited upon daily for orders, if required. at- ltt THOMAS R WILSON. J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL C HBO P LAST I BOISE TEETH, Without Plats ok Clasps. DR. 9. B SIGESMOND, 910 B'oadway, Sue York?'}60 Pennsylvania Ae tnuc, betuten ISti and IS<A II# , Wa.iKmtton, Ca'.la the attention of the public to the lollowing idvtUitAgeg of hia improved system : ^ juk*. 1. The Te?th of bis manulacture wili**eC never oorode nor change oolor St acy^"-"3-' toids, being three fouitha lighter than any other. J. No teeth or roots need N> extracted, as the trtifioial onea can be inserted over them. 3 The roota will be mado inoffensive, an neveT o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent onea oan he made immediately, thereby preserving ho natural expression of the faoe. whioh under the old st stem Is frequently diafifnred. 6. This work haa been folly tested over five yeara by mac* of the first olieinista and phyaiciana of thia oountrr. Dr. S. haa also invented a white unriestruotive metal filling, with whioh the moat aeoaitive teeth aan be filled without pain, and oan bniid up a per feot. aound tooth on any aide roots, which will last through lifetime. The beat of referencea riven?to Dr V. Mott: Dr. Doremus, Profeasor or Chemistry, N. Y.;ilon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Wa^pigton, and thouaar.da of others Call and examine for youftelf. no 8 6m CARTER MASTER GENERAL'S 7)K H FICJB. Washinston, November 13.1B61. Proposal? are invited for building two Hospitals?one on Judiciarv Square. Washington, the r>t:i?r upon the farm known as the estate of Wm. J. Stone, on Fourteenth street and Boundary street. District of Colombia. Proposals should state the time within which the buildings will be oompleted and ready for use, and the oost, including all materials and woik, and should be acoompanied by the usual guarantee that the bidder will exeoute tns contraot if awarded to him. Proposal* will be opened at the office of the Quartermaster General, on the 20th November instant, at noon They should be sealed, and plainly endorsed "Proposals for Hospitals." and addressed to the Qua-term^-ster General of the United S'a'es. Plan* and specifications can be seen at the office of the Quartermaster Gonerai. M C. MEIGS, ; no 14 Quartermaster General. NOT TO BE BKAT. VMO See the largest assortment of Woolen and Worsted Good?,c mprising Hoods.Sontags,Coats. Cloaks, Sleeves, Hosiery, * o., &c. Also, received a lot of cheap Cotton Hosiery and Worsted Embroidered ^tippers. Lamp Stands, Ao. Our motto is but one ana the lowest prioe. No. 414 7th st.. between G and H. no 12-3w* F. MUHLINGHAUS. PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER! loo kegs Prime Goshen Cutter just received and for sale by WALL k. BARNARD, i Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, no5__ Cor, south side Pa. av and 9th st. m vntifi- tn atti iii l'uw 1 HE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY wi.l make remittances for soidier* to their families. at places reached by their Express, at aoharge of 2i cents for any sun. not exoeeding firr dollars. The money, whether cold or Treasury note*, i oaid he enclosed in an envelope, and seourely sealed, with the full addrestt < neludircg town, pott office and State.) of the person to whom to be sent, and the amount legibly marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, the 86 centa oharge should be prepaid. ' When faoillties lor enveloping and seeing the r money in separate parcels are not at hand in oaropn, the several sums to be remitted, that may , be oolteoted by Chapiaius of Regiments, or other > persons volunteering to do this service for the sol ' 5iers desiring to send home their par, will be re> ceived in bulk at any of the principal offices of the s Company. I These suma.aooompameJ with the full address, ! as above required, of the persons for whom mt tended, will be remitted to the respective consignees. at any plaoein tne loyal States, at the same ? rate of oharge, thereby saving to the sender the 1 trouble of putting in separate packages. Suitable blanks for the above purpose have been prepared, and will be furnished, with explanations, ? at any of the offices of the Company. I AIUU4 KXPRifsa rnMfANY. J Washington. Oc. a>. 1861. oo 3J-Ha Ejob printing. very Description of JOB printing re& quired by any body?oitiieus, civil functionaries army anu navy omoers, sutlers, 4o.?executed a) V the star OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at low e rates for Cash. * no 4-tf ! SUTLERS AND OTHERS IN WANT OF Suspenders, White Cotton Gloves, Buokskir '* Gloves and Gauntlets. Woolen Hose, Shirts am Drawers, heavy White and Grey Blankets of a! i- kinds ; heavy Cioths and Cassim?rs; heavy WhiU >- and Grey Flannels, will find a great stock at d WA1. R. R LEY * BRO.'S, No 36 Cen ral Stores, j n* 15 lOt oppo C?nter Market. I, / T SUTLERS WANTED. * VIREAT ADVANTAGES to be found by Sufc le s. and dealer* in Bootsand Shoes,at the^A? , NEW YORK WHOLESALE BRANCHKB] HOUSE, 34S Pennsylvaniaavenue,(o\erf Hi '* Janney's Shoe Store.) * Mfc d We manufacture our own Goods, ar.d sell a k iV?w York jKtce.?, thereby saving freight, is Having constantly on hand a Targe Stock, we cat e supply at a moment's notioe, any uautitv desired. A large assortment of 3 sole Ilign-out shoes, an< . Long-leg Boots, '8 A oali from all clealera solicited. ?, noT-lm* WHITEHOUSE A UNCKLES. ie nn TO OFFICERS. ?- 1 HE CAMPAIGN?A Campaigning Wagon 01 le the Prussian pnnoiple. arranged for sleep- Cv ie ingortoact u an Anit a.anoe in oaM of siokness or voundi. with ample room for^^" stores and provisions; light, water-proof, and per , feotly new, haviuf been Just built to order by on ?) of the first makers in New York, ia offered for sal r a: cost prioe. Also, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-browi ie HORSE, either for saddle or harneas. Both may be seen on application to JAME! - BROWN, at Mr. Irvine's Stables, Corcoran' !>ane, behind the Chain ilouse, between 1 and i

?tr<x?u ? an a, '| HERE 18 SOMETHING YOU WANT ,f 1 at (he ; SOLDIERS' SUPPLY 8TORE, " 43 Louisiana Avenue, bet.6.h and 7th its. Best Goods, ky Lowest Pnoes, re Sutlers Supplied, m no6-lm Call and See. I Medicine for tbe Army. S mYU's re VEGETABLE - PAIN CUREft. y EVERY FAMILY, IT WELL AS EVER SOLDIER, SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE 11- A EOTTLE ON HAND. >n r. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Ir ?f ternal Remedy for Rkeamatism, Neuralcii Burns, Sores, Sprains. Rio* worms, Canke ? HainUrs', Dyaoatary, .jLiver Complain Piles. Drspepaia. Chilblains, Kidney Complaint be Teeiha-he, Headaohea, Colds, Coughs, Bruise e, Feyer and a rue. Cholera, Ao. II The PAIN CURER ia entirely vegetable la il composition, and may be a sad at all times wl( car?~ JOBKPH 8- FRYE. he Mass. ?1. For sal* by all prin -ipal Druggists no*-Ii* ill (J?U?H8? COLDfl^HO^RSEN ESS, A a. ae COMPO UND EYtbbf O J O UM ARABIC. This slessant and so polar Cough Rsmady hi tea* so lone known and extensively a sad that am .. paisons have MoomsfamKiar with its extraorJ i ^,25srJW5iSis!.S.afc,to?n~''' I ool4-d3m A eotm* % # THE DOLLAR STAR! ^ INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Moat Reliable fiewa from tbe Seat of OoT<-raiaent! Reading Matter for the. Ftrttitle Circle! The present year la undoubtedly the most eventful In the political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Federal Metropolis Is naturally ot striking and remarkable Interest The public desire to receive prompt, fu'l and reliable account* of all that passes here Is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and improvements In the weekly issue of the Washington Star to meet this want most satisfactorily. In complti?m with the wish of the public the pater has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheet of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the came of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It is our determination to make the Wkkklt Srak not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper In the Lulled States, but that It shall absolutely be The Best Family Wiiiiy Nkwupatkb in the woild!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government editorials^n all the impor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; interesting corresDondenoe from all parts of the world; capital stories; humoroua and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star haa as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and Hie U. S Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture alio receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipe* for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions issued from the Patent Otkce each week. In short, it Is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Niwk akd Gossip our sptcialtty, in accordance with the views set forth above. Believing it to be better to seil many papers at a low pric? than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Single Subscribers #1.00 per year. To Clubs of Five M5 cents. To Clubs of Ten.... 90cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 cents. To Clubs of Twenty-live 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. /*gy SOMETHING NEW ! /?\ WV^ff^GSKATSKT DISCOVERY OF f mji tBSW At 381 C street, opposits N&Hr ? U? Tkta tr. ~ OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far inferior to a roaet) in two tA? farttsi tim* on rteord. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs hn friends in the District, and visitors totheoity.tbat he has refitted his old and will-wows kstabltmimbnt in a most thorough manner, and has made compete arranfements to furnish OYSTER 3 in an; sty e and in any quantity. 400 to Sou ga ionsshuokftd per day. 2 000 to 3.00U cans of Spico.1 and Freeh put up daily?cans hermetioally sraleti. Furnished in the shell by the bushe or bar-el. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at once Freight, time, and money 1 saved by purchasing of me. as I furnish an article eaual to the celebrated Baltimore establishments, i at prices just aa low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' F?et, Tripe, Ac. ' Ao-.Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peaches, Ao, Also, Game and Fresh Fish, Tur' ties, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, Ao. > In fact, every thing for sale in the Northern markets always on har.J, at reasonable prices. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, de. Uverod without onarge ts any part of tne Distriot, in season, il trie uion?y ia Mat with the order. My establishment is o?en from 5 a. in. to 12 at night, every aay, ezoept Sunday, when 1 close at [ 10 o'clock a. m. seSfT T. M. HARVEY. T CARRIAGES. HE Subscriber having made additiana to hla , factory, making it now one of the largest aMB&JP i in the Distriot, where hia facilities I for manufacturing CARRIAGES and w ~ Hi } LIGHT' WAGONS of all kinds canr.jt be sur paepnd, and from his long experienoe is the business, he hopes to give general aatihfacnon. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagons kepi on hatd. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all ordan promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exchange foi new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 18 tf oomer of Fourteenth and K sts. ? Th.,.?.,,.LL,AED8! ! 1 ^ of the GAME OF BILLIARDS * will find in EMRICH'S FINE HALL, Corner o Pennaylvania ave-ue and llth street, (SOUth BldS,) two of the most admirable a TABLES in the United Statue, with every oorofort and I oonvenienoe k an ?-tf lor the playera. b ?OMkTMNG TiEW-SUPERIOK HULLE1 e n CORN.?The anbscriber, having got the agenoj to ajpply Waahiogton atul Georgetown with thu j delicate preparation of Corn, would reapeotfull: aak of hie fnenda. and the pubi c at large, to gtvi g ita trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and augared. a WM. BRADLY .Agent, Pa. a venae, between 18th ana 19th ate. n. B ?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea, Mono - menta. Table Topa, Ao. A large aaaortrnent a waj on hand. oc 19 3m WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. * V 3'i'A P?5*SYLVA.H1A AVINVB, military and naval merchant tailors, and keady-made clothiers, . and extensive dealer8 in gentle men's furnishing good8, ae6-if (Intel. A Repnb.) New cloaks just received. Large atook of all kinaa oi Shawla, Dreaa Silke, very oheap, Silk Robe*, eloaing oat at a great bargain, V All kinde of Dreaa Gooda, very ehtap. 1 WM R. RILEY A BRO., ^ No. S6 Central Stores, Between 7th and 8th ata., no IS 8w Oppoiite Center Market. S 150,000 ^XYo^CiNDLB8 " t, Also, wanted?600,000 lha. Army Greaae an i, Rough Tallow, for whieh the high eat prioe will b i, paid, at the National Soap and Candle works, ooi Green at. and Canal, Geor?etown, I). C. ta no7 1m d. B. JEWELL. Proprietor. Ik \\JE WOULD RESPECTFULLY INPORI '? onr former patrona. and eiUsena generallj that we have aow ie e ved our lull anppy of PAL] ana WINTER GOODS, and are prepared to fur aiah them at an early notice and in th? beet an ~ moat approved etylee. HINTON * TEEL, oo Tatlora. No. 4Q? Pa av. BKD BLANKETS AND COMFORTS, wit Sheetings, and all other kiaaa of houiekeepen it Dry Gooda, at oar prrerbiatlr moderate prioea. 1- One prise only, marked in plain ftcuree, no 1>4: Pa. avenue aad Ninth at BA>K jou.iston, ALT1MURK LOCK HOSPITAL, fid (UKNiritf tkt ?MII (VMM, Srttdt mmd Kgtimal Riwudf u? (?> World, POE ALL PISEABK9 OF 1MPEUDKNCK. LET JTO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. 4 Cr/UT ITjIEE^VTEi). OE *0 CMAROt, Iff FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Waaknaaa of ? Back, Smc.arat, AfaeuoDaof lb a Bida tv a cad BUddar JCWMan i>iKMt[<i, IcpoiatKT, 6or r?l Debility, NiI'wiiih, Lumi, Cwfmw f ldaaa, U>w Sfir.j, of tha Timidity, Trarobltrifa, Dimotaa of Sif it or tfiddteoaa, ]>niua oI tha ad, TTiro*!, Noaa or Bkm, AOacuooa of tha Lanrt, Btoanach or Bowali?thaaa Tambla Oiaordara artaiaffrom Solitary Habita of Y oath?thaaa Draadfal and Daatraeuaa Piteueae which raudar Marriaf imp iibl>, tad daauoy both lad * tad Miod. TO UNO MEN Eapacitlly who havt bacoioa ^mcumif Solitary Tiea, that draadfal and doatractiao habit which auoaally awaapa la ao antimaly fra*a tboaaanda of Yow( M?u e( (III aooat a la I lad talanta and brilliant intaliact, who aught otharviaa fe??a acitraricad luUan| Intui with tba thandara ( qaauca ar wakad Is acatacy tha living Irra, u; Mil with fail cooldauca. MARRIAGE. MaSRIBD PlKIOiVt, or Teuiy Man cocUnptaUuf Kurafi, bawf awari of phyaical waakuaaa, orftcl* dabllilj, it rormiuaa, Ac., apatdil* carod. H a vbo pUcaa himtt If ol dtr lha ear* of Or. J. Bay foiif oaaly eoufida in hia honor aa a f a.-.tlaioao tad aot.ldaut y raly apoai bia akill aa a phyaician. > OFFICE No 7 SOUTH' FRF. DERICE ST. NOTICE. "ADAMS* Thia Company offer* to the publio M Unequalled Advantages" for the Safe ancf Quick iMapatch of Heavy K reights Paokaaea, Valsabiea. Money, Ao. Ac., to ail parts of the united States. Expresses to and from the North and Weat depart from and arrive in Washington twice daily. All Exprenaea are in charge of txptriituid mud rthabU Messengers. All Packagea for The Soldiers earned at monb half" our usual rata*. Ali Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all Articles " Contraband of War7* will be RxrrssD. Our Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and P. M.^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and fcSO Expresses leave Philadelphia*: 8J0 A. M. and 11 P. M? arriving in Washington at i ? P. M. and 6 A* M. Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arriving in Waahingtoa at 6 A.M. and 6 90 Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at 7.30 a. M. and 2J0 P. M. daily. Special Contracts for ^arge quantities of Freight can be made oc application to this < igioe. All Goods sailed for and delivered ftt* of Extra chargos. E. W, PARSONS, Sup't Adams' Express Company.' Washington, August 28.186'. au 2?-tf YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely tet your money's worth fct calling at the PIONEER MILLS, tcttrhvut eer ?m? of Stvintk Uriel and CmW, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) They sell cheaper and give better c.eaaare than tnj others in the city?cut, eplit, and delivered free of charge. If yo? doc 11 ?a ?re ?ive the Pioneer Mills atria., and be satisfied. Tlr.r |?OOTB A NO TO S?iV 111 We are bow xaanataotarin; all kind* of BOOTS ax<. SHOES, ooiitaci'f receiving a^a ftppl; ol eastern nuu.e work of everyde-EBl ecn* fioa, made expressly to order, and will FUD tx? sold at a mao* lower irioe than has been" heretofore cliargfcd in uua eity for mtob ir.'*r.s7 artieLee, Persons in want cl tf cc-U asd Shoes of eastern er tty made won, will aiwayafinira rood aaxortmea t la store and at the lowest pneos. flive as a uaU? RlFftN A urTTT I ae?-? *n M.rrt. *?n? avers*. , A RM V SUPPLIES. A just REcnnriD480 cats SAUSAGE MEAT. 240 cans FRESH TOMATOES. 41* >cans FRESH YEAu, 25 S"! ?iv o* ur. cir . Kuo&ns FRESH MUTTON. Sloans BEEKaud GRAVY, Mooans SOUP and BOUJLL1, lu^jM FRENCH DESS1CATED VE?E Far sale at New YcrkFactory prices. K!NU A BIROHKLL, se < Corner 1 sad I iftacnth i.treets. Hf NEW BOOKS. LlSTORY of the United Netherlands, by Johl Lothroj Metier , 2 vols.; fre? b? mail, f 4. The Rise of the Dutch Reyurue, a I.atory, bj John Lothrof Motley; S vo.s ototh; free by mail, ] Silas Marner, the Wearer >f Ravelol, by tb? f author of "Adam Bade oloth ??toeau ; fapor * "(Si and Career of Major Acdra, by Wintroi ' Bar jaant; flJO. After Ioebergs with a Painter, a Simmer Voyac < to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev Lonis L Nob o; ?1 JO. The Manufaatars of Photocanio or Hydro-Car 1 bon Ous, by Thomas Antisell, M. D.; tl.W. Any of the above free by mail. . FRENCH A R1CH8TEIN, a>tt Penan. avenue. W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have reeeived within the .ast day or two larie assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH _ INB.embraoing all styles of low-pnoad. madias and fine qualities, which we are selling a t verj low prices for oash. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., SS9 Pa. av.. between ?tt and loth sta. n?g (Intalluenoor and Repsbhoaa.) sppMpa whioh wa invite all oash pnmhisers to ????'before making their selections. WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 3S9 Pa. av? between 9(a and lata sta. r mC (latelmepcer snd Re?nb loaa.) . tlVCKWHEAT FLGUR. d t> BUCKWHEAT FLOUR. d am H Ctnmr Vonnorit ?v ?pd \HM ^ WALLOWER'S PRODUCE STORE. - Vf 4f9 Kxtkt ttTMt. , h Hotels, Board inc Ho uses. R estanrants, SaUsr a ? a^pri-^tTWiaia. wju> yappiiei aTlo^s and roiir^jtyies, foaltrv, E???. left baud aide jroinf froaa Bal'imora e'reet, a few daare from the corner. Fail not to obeeree nui >bd n amber. keaer* lit be pud and contain a etaror. DR JOHNSTON, Member af lb* Royal Cottage of Surfeone, Ij*<der, fr? dealt froru or/of the Rioet eminent Collegee ta the Ctii.ed tatet, end tot rieater par. of wh *et lift hat I un epent is the boepitaie of London, Pane. Philadelphia tnd eteewbere, baa effected una of tbe anoet tomebtng aaret that were tat known; many traablad with nnfiaf in tba baad and aara when aaltep; frtat narauiaantat, beiaf alarmad at eadden aoonda, baahfuintta with frcqueat Ma? u(, attended aoioatimaa with derangement at mind, wara cured ire mediately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Yeaag Mao and otbara who ht?a lojarad tbemeelTee by a terrain practice indulged in when atone?a battt frequently laaraad from evil corapbniona, ->r at ichool, tba effect* af which ara nightly ftlt e?en whan aaletp, and if not curad, raodara marriage lmpoeaible, and daetroye both mind tad body, eboald apply immediately. Thtae ara aoma of tha aad and melancholy tfftctt crodactd by earl? habita of yooth.mi Weakneea of tba Back and Lira be, Paint in tha Head, Dimneee of Sight, Loaa of Fowar. Palpitation of lue Haart, Dyepepey, Nereoat irritability, Derangement of tha DigeetiTe Fanctiooe, Uanarai Debility, Symptome of Ccoeampuua, te MBHTALLT.?Tha fearful ?4ecu or. the tn.od are mach ta ba dreaded?Loaa of Meanory, Coafcaion of Idaaa, Depreaaaan af Bparita, Erit Fore bod in ge, A ?era ion of Society, Belf-Dietraat, Loee of Solitad*, Timidity, a *1 a t aeme of tha arila pvadacad. NlRTO'e DIBILITT?Thoaeande can new lad re what it the casta of thtir dtcliniof htalth, lottn* vbeir ngci, be cominf week, pelt, atraont and inu:mio, haainf a tinfalar ip[ eira..ce a boat the eyee, coof b or eymptotne of CMiufU#?'# DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan the merui ltd and unpradtnt votery of pltttart tcdf ha h^a iiobibtd tht aaada of thit paiafal ditoaaa, it tM oftao heppeue that au ill-tirced aanaa of ahaiua or draad of diecoTtry dttere hun from apply uif to thoaa who, from tduuMa and rotptctability, e*n aloua befrieod hits. Ha falla^pa tha hande of lfnoreo; and dtetfmnf pretendere, who, incapable af ctru f, filch hie ptcnuiary eabatanta, keep turn tril.r.f month after month, or aa loaf aa tea emallttt fee eao ba obtained, aud id daapair leeat Dim with rainad health to eifh ever me fallicf dieappoi.'.troeut; or by the Bee cf that deadly poteoi ? Mercery?hieton tha couatitouooal eymptotse of thie lernble dieeaee.'eath aa Aft'tiont of tbt Htart, Throat. Itad, k.n, Ac , profrttainf WlUb fnf hlfal rapidity, tilldeath pate a period to hie draadfal ufiriup by eendmf hiaet o that aaducoTared coantr? fraro wboae baaroe no traveler tetania. D&. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY. By thie (feat and important remedy weakneeeof the erf ana are epoeduy tared ar d fail rift reetored. Tfceaeaode of tht att norroae and dtbiliuttd, wba had loot all bope,ta'e btta immediately relieved. All uuptdimtnte to Marr.tfe, Ftaytiaal at Mtaul Diacaaliiaauaca, Laaa af Piocraauat rower, Htrvoat Irritability, Trenehcr and Weakntea or Euaaauoo of Jit o?eot ftarfal kiad tpttdily cared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. Taa Mart Thousand! cared at tbia inttitauaa wlthla tie laat eoaaetton Tttre, and tha nameroae important Sarrital aparauaoe ptrformtd by Dr. Johnetoo, wiweeaed by the reportert of the paptrt and mai.y othor rereene, naticet af wbieh bare appeared afain and afaio before the pabUc, beeldee bie etaodiof aa a f eotlemnn ?f character and reapooatMltty, It a eafltieat faaramee u t*-e aHicted. mar lt-ly HELM BOUTS GENUINE PREPARATION. ?? ?' HIOHLY COffCEHTKATKD? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Pom>94 ??d 8p*tiJU KtmsSf For Dimmm of W U LADDER, KIDN CVS, GRAVEL, and DROP tMCAL SWELLINGS Thta Medicine Inoreaao* the tower of pi?MticBf ard exeitea the A??oair*Tt fulo I ea'.tly aotioa. by which the watskt oa ciirnort 4?fo?i iobi, and al csmat ra ai. kxl<aoaM ?ki are rMuoa, a? well as ram add mri a* mat 10*, and ia good (0f MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BVCUV For V. fakocafM Kr (ire irom Kiotifi, Habita of Diaalpaboa. Parly l'diMr*ti<m or A^im. Attndtd vnk tkr Failttttng Symptoms t iTXtippon'tion to I ;t; uq, Lom of Povar, M'mor*, Dtftcuity of Rreethinf, \\ ?ak Nfrw, TrMbiiH. Hcrrwr uf \VU?'u n*w, Ditnr,??? of VtMtTOi, Pam in ?be Ba?k, U tavern' Lassitude of the Mar rlar *?.te?n. Hot (la da, Ht m of the Drynets of the Sk'n. Frrpt,one on the Pm, FAiLIS rOVNTP>?>CB. These aymvt< ma. ii h owed t> o on, which tiua in\ wiahiy remorn. a?<>a f<> owe IMPOTENCY,FATL'ITY- FP!:,.FPTIC FIT?, In one / %ekirk tkt P*tir>r -?*j Eaytri Who oati ray t??a* t V?y are feanenty followed by liiOM ''l>lBSVCL DllUut," **INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are aware oft*-* Kiaao'i1 *ir aafferiajt BCT NORB WILL CONPi -8. THE RECOKDSor THE 1NHAN S A9YLIM8 And the Al^ufWr D**ik? t? ( *immpttm. Bin amrli w tsm to thi ti era or rn uutnoa THE CON?T!TI'?ION ONCK AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WE.' K \E(tt>. Requires the a:d oI medicine to at - (then aad If Tifc><a:a the t*yatea) whioh HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BL'CMi; trnvmnablf 4m* a THAI WILLCOSTIKCB TBI HOaT SlIPTlCaL. I FEMALES-FEMALES-FEMALES, I fU.n OR VOUNO. 9INBLK- MtUHI. il f?? CONTKMPLATINO MARKIAOK In Many Aftctiont Peculiar to FrmiSit the Extract Bacnu i? uuciat ! 4 by any other remedy, aa is Chloroeia or Ket*Ltioa, Irr go ini;, Painfulnee*, or Suppress.on o Caetomari Lruuationa. U.OTr?t?*a or 9ehirroaa atate of the Uu rut, Leaoorrhea or Whitee, Sterility, ud for all compiaiuu incident to the sex. whether ariatag from Indieoretion, Habit* of Diuipati<?n, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE* 8KB CTHPTOH8 AWVI. NO FAMILY SHOULB BE WITHOUT IT TnJu no mart Balsam, Xercurf, or r?pJi?M?l Mtdttin* for Unpleasant and Dang trout * th sen ten HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCUV c van SECRET UIIEAIEI la all their Stage*; At little Kxpeaae; Lattie or no change in Diet; No inoonveuenoe, And no kxpoimrt. Itoauaea a fre^u ni deaire and girea etrength to Urinate, thereby Removing t > bet. uctioca, Preventing and Cuuug Smetaree of the Urethra, Allaying, rain atd Inflammation, ao freqnent in the elaee of diaea?ee. iwoi pxpejiag mi Pmomvi, lHteatod, and w?m ml Matter. morusDs vron THov?Afir>? WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACES, and who have pail *?aryju> to be cored in a ahort time, hare foand th*y were deeeired. and that the poteoH" haa, by the use of "pmmtrfml attrtngmtt" been dried up in the a jatem, to breat oat in an aggravated form, and P E&HAFS A FT Eh MARRIAGE. Uae HtLMBOLD'9 EXTRACT BLCfit all atfeotione and diaeaaee of the URINARY OROi!M, whether exiatinc in MALE OR FEMALE. from whatever oaaae originating and do matter of HOW LONG ftTANDING Diaeaaee of theae Org ana require the aid of a Oi nme. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCUV 19 THE GREAT Dll RETIC, and it u certain to have the oesired effect m w4u* Q is rtcmmnuUd. bttbbbcb or tbi host bbbpoisiblb ajtd mm liablb cbab1ctbb wiil'aooompany the medi ciate. CERTIFICATED OF CURKB. From I to ? jear*' standing, w.lti Name* knows to BC1ENCE AN 1> FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WB KAKI ''BO BBCBB*" 0? "tBBBBBIBBTB " HELMBOLD'B EXTRACT BLCHU iinoniroNd of Buchu,Cn'-ebe and J sniper B?rriee, ee.eoted with great ca. bj a oompeteut U: at gist. PREPARED IN YACCO, BY H. T. HELM BOLD, PraoUoal ana A^alyue* Chemist, aud Bole Mas alacturer oi HELMBOLD'B QE29ULNK PREPARATIONS AFF1DA TIT. Personal r arpeareu oefore rj. an Alderman of the city or Piu.adefphie, H. f. ilmiou, wuo beiog duly sw .n, dotn say. his |. ^aratiotis oou l tain no car00ti0?B0 meroqry.o mei injurious drugs, but aae purely vegel ble. _ _ r r li. T. M .LMBOLD. i Bworc and subeenbed 1*1 jre n hie tiu aaj ol November, UM VS M. P. ;. JJ8KK1), Aider man, Ninth et^aecv* iCaoe, Phi la. PHYSICIANS IN ATTL \ oANCE \ FROM b A. M. TO 6 P. M. Price SI per kettle, er sU ter 91, Delivered to any addreee, eecare j raehed froth obeervanon. Addreee letters for information Is eoaAdeoee H. T. HKLMBOLJ), Ck* ,.t*, L Depot, MM Sovtk TmU> ?t., belotr ChMtrat, Pkil*. BE WAR K OF COUNTMFBITB AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS who mdaavor to dia??M "of lk?ir ow" u<t "otiSr* MtioiM on i*? rojuUUion tttataad tn \ ffiMix Prtptmnmu, m " Extract Back* J u a m 8m??frilU, - ? " Imfr?U R*M W*4k foM by B. B. Waits, Z. D. tuuji, Joan - Wil*t, 8. C. Fokfti B. B. kiTVinu, B. O. IUw*, Kibwku. * Unnct, J. K. Mum Wii li i nftnn m4 ftMriNoTit and all druggists everywhere ASK TOR HELMBOLD fl. ' p liDROOIIII. CM otuit mtiuttamni mimmUma. , AND AVOID IMFOW rtON Mi tlPMVXI !| Z>xwiB 8)iw^i?i atf Ci?minii