Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: non)AT, NOVEMBER M. 1M1. Ova r*i**Dn at tbe variot? mllltarveimpi aid positions will corvfer a fcvor by keeping as poeUd u to Riovfnfnti and ihlri In tfcrtr vicinities. |py To oar Baltimore reader* we would sav that the f rat and second edition of the Si?r can bo had In Baltimore of E. F. H&xeiton, agent, .No 74 West Baltimore street, near Gay?the lit * edition at balf pact four and the aecond at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the tralna from Washington, giving all the lateat newa from the aeat of wmr np to the time of going to press Spirit of tkt Moraiag Preaa. The Intelligencer farther discusses the Mason and 81 Id el arreat. Tha Ripubltcmn reviews the message of Jeff. Da Via. f The Star. We tnd It neceaaaiy to procure a four-cylinder preaa. that will enable ua to print eight or ten thouaaod Star* per hour, ao rapidly la lta regular issue lncress'ng just now. lta lncreaae during the week ending on Saturday last waa 1.760 copies The preaa on which It la printed, though the fastest ln.the country south of Baltimore, prins but from 4 OU) to 5 Iam per hour, and la entirely too alow for our purpoaea. We beg subscribers to bear wltb ua until the propoecd change can be made, which will enable ua to serve all in doe season?ere sun down, we trust Apropos. Our amiable and unsophistlcsttd neighbor, the Republican proposes to translate our late protest against the rulnoua Increasing and en,harassing length of the weekly letter list aa an evidence of the Star's dread of the relative extent of lta circulation ' If the Rtpublica* bad any regular circulation whatever to apeak of?say half, or evenathlrd, of 'he Star?there might possibly be some excuse for its effort to deceive the public In that connection The people of the District, however, are weJ aware that where one copy of the Republican Is seen among them, one surely sees four copies cf the Star, and especially "within the uaual delivery" of the Washington city Poat ctllce. It ia true, that being a morning paper, the Republican haa considerable occaalonal and irregular circulation In camps out of Waabington, which may be thousand* lesa to-morrow, If the day be rainy than to-day, circulation | that can last no longer than the day after to-morrow, If General McClellan should order the forward movement to be made on that day. The Republican can doubtless afford to publish the letter list. The Star being, as everybody knowa, the advertialng newspxper of the District, doea not so lack general business advertising patronage, aa t?at It can give up three and a ball of 1U columua. at any time, fur the insertion of the letter list at one-third it* usual advertiaing rate#. It will afford as great pleasure to make the tUjublican a present of the "dead horse," under the burden of which the Star baa staggered cj late, at the end of the term for which we have contracted to carry it, now near at hand College Burnt. A letter received in tbiaclty fiom Chicago says : The Methodist Conference Female College a Jacksonville, Illinois, waa burnt on Saturday, the UHh Inst The east wing of the building waa saved with but little damsge. The young ladles all escaped wltb their effects, and "nobody hurt." The above lnatitution was perhaps the finest of theAtad ia the United States IlJ~ The Wheeling Intelligencer makes the important statement that the troop* of General Reynolds' command are being divisloned for acm tive servloe in other quarters of the country. The advice* from Cheat Mountain are that several of U*e Ohia regiments are ordered, and are now on tUeir way to Kentucky. Others, it !? reported, will take up the line of march In a few days for General Kelley's headquarters at Romney.and, in >:<>nnectlon with the force already there, comUMnce a forward movement, In concert with an axpected movement of the grand army of the Potomac ftBiiniD.?Major Thomas S. English and Captain Abraham N Brevoort, of the Marine Corps, have been retired by their own request ran Ssow pi tum Sbasoii.?There waa quite a heavy flurry of snow at Bail's x Roads on Saturday morning, giving decidedly a wlnterlsh ap peajance to the iandsc?p? for a short time. BaLTIxobb and Ohio Kailboad ?The Wheeling Intelligencer of Thursdsy saya: Trains on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad now run to Green Sp-'.ngs, thirteen mile* east cf Cumberland The pas?enger tralna only go to Cumberland, but all freight destined forRomney goe* to Green Springs. OFR 911UTART BCDGET. NAVYTAB?. The Pcsey caoie up from the flotilla yesterday afternoon and went down again this morning. Phe reports the situation unchanged down the river. The steamer K B. Hale, which ran the blockade a few nights since with smmunitlon and ordnance stores, aa stated In the Star, encountered the Page opposite the mouth of Quantlco Creek The Page was evidently in search of the Wyandank, which she was too late for as that steamer had passed a short time before. Flndin? that she bad caught a Tartar, In encountering an armed vessel Instesd of an unarmed one, the Page rapidly made for her place of re fuge In Quantico. The Hale had orders not to flre, ss have all our vessels which run the blockade, or she would have given the Psge a taste of her quality. The tug Leslie is now on the wsys at the yard, and the Yankee, King Philip, Wyandotte and Anaeoetla are there, being repaired. The Yankee will probably be ready to join the flotilla In a day or two. Tha steamer* Mount Washington and Step, ping Stone* are also at the yard. arroiNTSD. Mr. Clement D West haa been appointed aaalstaat quartermaster, and ordered to report to Gen. Rosencrans at the head quarters In Western VJigiai*. a r:cin ?cll or moskt. Peyewler Pstterson is on his wsy to pay the Sroope In Western Virginia, hearing with him Us snag sum of f 450,0(0. riACriSISS IS BICHM03D. Dr. Orlando Fairfax, who left his immense Breodc* In Alexandria, on its occupation by the t nlon forces, is now practising his prsfesalon In Rtsbaond, Vs. tbb csirosM or oca ami . Hi understand that large contracts are about to bs made for clothing for our army. As the pr toast supply is exhausted, a good opportunity Is buW offered to rid the army of the unbecoming Floyd hat" an expenalve and ugly article. Why not have aboard of officers from each corps of the army recommend a uniform for their respective arms of the service. Our uniform should bo tasty and becoming, as wall aa useful; now ts xhe time to do it, so that tbs new supply may be made la such a manner that a aoldier will be prosd to keep himself in s neat and tidy way. It Is assises to deny that s regard for appearaooes has important and powerful effect upoa **be great mass of our aoldlers Let tasts bs combined with economy, and s spirit of military (rld? will spring up which cannot Call to hava a ) eflelal effect MOSS AIDS-DB-CAMP Charles Frederick Havslock, lata of the British * brother of the late Gen Havslock of isdls faOk*, has been appointed aa aid to Major General **** ?* rank of ooioaet, a ad assigned to "? Inspector general of eaval/y, his late position ,at Coaus do VlUareeaa, an expo.*.'*11*?1 J"** ofletr, has also been appointed aa aid w ?*n*r*1 MeCleilan, with the rank of captala B EMOTED The headquarters of tbe Provost Marshal, Gen. Andrew Porter, have been removed from 305 I street Corcoran's block to the late residence ot Senator Owln on the same street, at the corner rj 19th street. COKMO0OBE OOLDSBOBOteH. This distinguished oiler reached this city this forenoon, direct from Hampton Roads He reports all well at ar.d around Fortress Monroe, and that sesech has already been fairly squelched ont upon the Eistern Shore of Virginia. MilVLILD SECESSIONIST* ABB R3 TED We bear that yesterday four more Maryland secessionists, recently arrested in St Mary's county. Md . reached Washington under a cavalry guard yesterday. Their names are E H. Joae, Wm H Abel, E. W. Slssell and B. L Hayden. They are charged with being splf, for the rebels on the other side of the Potomac ? They were taken to Fort McHenry on being brought here. ALEXA*DBIA, NOT. 95. 1801. Editor Star:?The following persons have been arrested tn the neighborhood of Accotlnck recently and sent to Richmond, some of the most quiet and peaceable cittiens of the county of Fairfax: Exra Troth, ar.d his son W lliiam, both of Ac cotlnck; Samuel Dainty, taken for selling his oats to the government; Samuel Troth, near O/*coquan; Hugh Hammlil. Henry Smoot and two ladles, one of which 1* John Underwood's mother, for waving her handkerchief to the Union troops that came down opposite Occcquan creek, merely returning a salute that was oflered, as she would have done to any troops who were polite enough to salute tbe ladles. Fbom Fobtbbss Monboe ?The steamer Adelaide. Captain Edgar, arrived yeaterday morning at Baltimore, from O'd Point There was no flay of truce from N orfolk on Saturd iy, and no arrivals from sea Everything was quiet at Fortress Monroe and Newport News. [Correspondence of tbe Associated Press, j Fobtbkss Mo*boe. Nov 22 ?Several regiments have arrived from Baltimore and Annnpo- I Is during the last twenty-four hours, and Oid I Point hasasaur:i?l an unusually bustling appear- I ance. Formidable preparations are being made I for active operations, the theatre of which has not been disclosed. The ferry boaUln the Roads are being heavily armed. I Gen Butler came on from Waahhigton this morning, and he spent the day at Old Point, on the Rip Raps, and at N'ew{>ort News. He Willi proceed to Baltimore to-uight. IMiOIXINT BETWEEN THE GPMBOAT CAMBRIDGE I AND A BfcBEL BATTERY. Fortress Monroe, Nov 21 ?About midnight I lest night the gunboat Cambridge proceeded up I tbe James river opposite Warwick and engaged I a rebel battery. No particulars have transpired I further than tknttbe rei el t,?tt-ry replied with I spirit, but was Anally sil?nced. The Cambridge is said to have received oae shot, but which did I no particular dimage. , I TBO* THE SOrTH SIDE OT THE POTtMAC. j On Friday a portion of the New Jersey brl- I trad-, under General Franklin, went to Spring-I Meld station, and one regiment from Grfieral I Heintzelmau's command, p*ocecded to burke'i I station, on the Orange and Alexandria railroad I the latter fourteen miles from Alexandria No evidence of tbe enemy was observed nea- I either p'ace The 3d iVw Jersey regiment re-I malntd at Sprlngtleld during th* nljht, and re- I turned to their quarters yesterday morning The pick- U from General Heliitzeltiiin s divl- I ,ion #?? vi,,t creek, about l?t miles I belovFAiextndrla. i WABM CLOT HlltO VOR THE V. S. PRI?05KRS ' A few w?eks ago the secretary of war author- I lied Gen. Wool to ascertain whether clothing I and other articles necessary to the comfort o? I United States citizens now held as prisoners of I war could be sent to tbem The following letter I shows that consent for that j-nrro>e has been I given : I HEAlX^rABTBBS DEPARTMENT OF NORFOLK, > j Novem^r 9, le-61. J I Sia : I consider myself fully authorized to reply I at once to the inquiry ri.ade In your letter of the I 6th Inst My government will allow blankets I and articles of clothing ne-essnry for the comfort I of prisoners of war to be sent to them. Any such I articles you may send me will be promptly for- I warded by the Southern Express Compauy, and I money may be sent to pay the freUht here, or It I may be paid on delivery. ' Very respectfully your obedient servant, j BBNJ Htoeb, Major General Commanding. Major General Jonn E. Wool, commanding De- I partment of Virginia The quartermaster general of the United States I will provide blankets and clothing for the pris- I nets of war, and forward tb?n through Neutral I Wool in accordance with the terms of the letter I from General Huger. j It is further ascertained that tLis arrangement I has been acrompllshed without eomproinlsu." I the government la any respect whatev*r JtEWS from THE SOUTH A dispstch from Mana-sss, In relation to the I skirmish near Fall's CLor^h within V e past week I acknowledges two killed and three wound, d ? I Tfcev claim to have taken ten prisoners ar.d liUed I five Federals. | Tbe Richmond Whig announces the death t-f J John A H"gbes, a delegate to ?he state convex- j tlon from Rard'jlph county who was kllicd In I the battle of Rich Mountain I The Richmond Ex-miner conflrTs the report j that the rebel, Col. Cro^bsn. was killed in the re- | cent engagement between Generals Hovd and I Roaecra?s. A rflsptach from CharlesV>n, dated Nov 17, In I the Richmond rapers, says The unexrecbd failure r.f our shore batteries at I Bay Polnt and Hilt r.'s Head, todtmolish at least I o^eofthe attacH"g vfsse's, has sadlyah-kn the I popular cocfldenco in the tificucy of our guns I aga-nst the monster frigates and Iron-clad gun- I boats wh'ch th y may have again to encounter, | and now so a'armed rre many "f tbe sordid sruls I that infest all tbe southern cities, that the effect I may already be seen in the lergtb*-nlrg of the I freight trains which lca*e almost hourly for the I Interior. In Savannah tbe panic is even mere I general and decld'd?whole neighborhoods hav- I lng be-n suddenly left deserted by the exodus of I tb* wives and children of tbosr who are In arm* | at Fort Pulaski and tbe batteries cn the Savannah I river. Gone toQcarters ?The2d regiment of New ^ ork cavalry, Colonel A J. Morrissn,command- j jtig, marched, to-day, from the Sjfdier's Rest to I ta-ir quarters near tbe Park, attracting much at- I tentlon as they passed through Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh s'reet. The regiment Is shout 900 strong, equipped according to regulj- I Hon They will receive their horses here, and be ready for service immediately. LITEST FROH FORI HESS flOSROE. More Troop* Couilng-The North Carolina IBI* C.uv-bU.b a bona fide one-Foi>- ! ular Distress in Norfolk ? Increase oi Unionism there.j [Special Correspondence of the Star. J Fobtkeos Mosbob, Nov .24, 1961. Editor of the Star:? i Everything In and Immediately around this post Is Just now remarkably quiet, though alrnont I hourly we are having arrivals of transports laden with stores, munitions and troops, understood to be designed for Majrr-General Butler's great expedition, evidently soon to start from this grand depot. The recent Nrrth Carolina anion convention J (ef which you have doubtless ere this heard,) was a bona Ji lt ene, though some of the papers, I perceive, profess to doubt the fact Forty-flve countlea were really reprinted They will surely send the members to the U.S. congress, to assen.ble In December. We hear heart-rending accounts of the distress I of the people In Norfolk. A1 business there, except In Immediate connection with the war has gone the way ef all flesh long since. Salt is veryscarce there at ?I0 per sack, and coffee, (poor,) Is scarce, at 40 cents per lb Intense distress ex- j ists among the mass-i of the people, many of whom are now subs'sting almcst entirely on fish without even corn bread besides. W e bear of cases of females whose families were less than a year In comfortable and genteel circumstances. now pass dally from house W> house begging for food The Union sentlmeut la, of coarse, Increasing rap'diy there; as it is human nature cannot complacently bear such r#-' salts of secession In so short time. The rebel leaders and managers there are now nightly lD dread cf a popalar outbreak In favof of the Union oauM. * Theodore Tllton. of the New York Inds pendent, has raised enough cot-en In his back* v1 rd at Brooklyn, this yea to make him a shirt He planted tbe seeds In a hot-bed removing the gla?s as the shoots broke around The bolls ripened and are of good qoauty lat1st from the south. We make up the following nummary of southern new* from Richmond papers of the 19th Instant : miMOYAL Of TH* COKVEDKKATK CAPITOL to RASHFILLI. The Congress of the Confederate states has pissed an act to remove the capital from Richmond to Nashville. Tenn. f?ls0mt*g of vil to bk sext south. The Enquirer learns that Gen. W'Vntter contemplates sending a large number of the prisoners of war, at preaentjn Richmond, to North Carolina and Plorida, and that hereafter Richmond will be regarded merely as a receiving depot for such prisoners as be taken, the Intention being to send them farther south as soon as their numbers become burdensome. obstruction of havioatio*. ^The Enquirer, speaking of river batteries, ?he introduction of steam enables vessels to rw?s a bat'ery with much le?s risk than formerly. ThHr ra?!d motion both disturbs the aim end lessen* the time of Bring. It wou'd seem especially important, where batteries alone are to be -eHed upon to forbid the passage of an enemy, hat the cb?nnel should \>e Interrupted by obs'ructions of some sort Tie attempt to remove thes? would holdthe vessel under fire sufficiently tong to effect her destruction But In the ordinary way, and eapeciallv at lone distances, a fant steamer mav run the gauntl t of a battery with much less risk than is usually supposed. EXCHANGE OF PRISONERS. The Enquirer objecU to exchanging prisoners captured on the field of battle for the five resigned United States riaval officers arrested in Boston at the moment of resigning. PROVISIONAL 00S8RFSS. The Enquirer contains the first day's proceedings of this body, which met in Richmond on the ISth. Hon Howell Cobb took the chair. Rev Mr Fiynn, of Georgia, chaplain of Col. Cobb's regiment, opened the session with prayer. The recretary called the roll.when It was found there was a quorum present, six states being represented Present?Messrs. Barrv, of Ml*s.; Venable, N. C.; Hons-. Tern ; Jones, Tenn ; Atkns, Tenn., DeWitt. Tenn , Curry. Ala ; Chilto.i, AU ; Cobb, Ga ; IVm Ballard Preston, V a.; Tyler, Va t Macfarland, Va ; Rives, Va. The chair announced in the presence of a quorum of the House. Mr. Venable, member from North Carolina moved that a committee be appointed to wait upon the President and Inform him th?re was a quorum of the House present and Congress was ready to receive any communication from him. The chair appointed the following members Messrs Venable, of N. C , Scott, ofVa.aud Barry, of Miss. BRITISH FRIdATR LOOKING AFTFR ENGLISH IN TRRRSTS. Aucr?TA. Nov. IS ?The Charleston Mecury of this morning says that an English screw frf?ate, the "Imortalitle," has arrived ofl' lhat port, looking after Brittlsh interests The British steam sloop "Racer" is expected in a few days. [Correspondent- of the Associated Press J f rom the t'pper Potomac. Darnkstown, Nov 21.?Thanksgiving was observed yesterday by the Massachusetts regiments In the usual way. Divine services Were held, and other observances regarded. A grand ball was given by those in the vicinity of Poole*, ville last night, which wa? *t'ended by many of the officers of the 2d and ?"?b. A Ian e number of .New England ladies v tn pr -sent. Many of the regiments i.r? sparing for winter by erecting log huts. The 29'h New York regiment Lave made themselves quite comfortable lu this respect Others are elevating their tent* on a structure < f logs and mud, about four feet high, wlrh an excavation of two feet Tnese are generally furnished with rude but useful tirepl> >s, which can be used for cooking as well as heating. I he 15th Massachusetts regiment has moved about one mile from Its former location near I o')l?svi!le, and erected log huts with straw tbt'cii for their winter quarters. One <>f the ba terles of Gen Stone's division has gone Into winter quarters near the same place. Heavy firing has been beard all day in the direction of Levvinsvllle or beyond, in Virginia, out no intelligence has been received of any action It may tare been iieretofoje published that Hon John C Underwood, of 'Jl irke county, Va , fi? i j Auditor ?f the Treasury, has been authorized to for in and bring Into service a origade of \ irginia reiigees, of whom at least ttX) to 700 are now believed to be in Maryland Mr. Sain'lp1C Means, one of their number from Waterford, Va , a man of Influence and atanding, recently tendered to the government a company of liA) of L.s fiieuds who Lad enlisted under him to take service In our army. The ExpeJitiou to the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The latent accounts from this expedition report that the New Vork Kirch Zouave*, the twentyflr*t Indiana, and part of Nimm's Light Artillery moy.-d on towards Ea.tvlile, the county seat of N .rthampton. on the 20th The fourth Wisconsin and seventeenth Massachusetts wero at Drummondstown. Two secession officers had been arrested, and two Iron cannon had been taken. Captdln Richards' cavalry had been dispatched to take dossess Ion of six-brass cannon known to be near the town of Only, on Onanook Inlet, Gov Wise's old residence. Ool Smith, commander of tlie secession forces, and some of his officers, were trying to escape from the lower extremity of Northampton, but Hag-offir er Goldsborough has, at Gen Dix's reput the whole shore u- der surveillance, and it Is V'ieved they will all be captured if they do not surrender. ' lii^audition to the force assigned to the serviec by CommodoreGoldsborougb, the revenue steamer Hercules, Lieut Collin, has been placed under Gen Dix's orders by the Treasury Department, and Capt Le Gowan. with tte Reliance and the Tiger, are also watching portions of the coast on the bay side. HIRiNG, I'tVERY^SALE^ND EXCHANGE No*, iaiand 290 E and Uth streets, south cf _ , . VViilard'a Hotel. <jent^m?n withme to hue a neat and stilish turnout can be supp ted with a team of an? inscription, in a st^ of ra*?* F.Xclil.LE'NCE. The hoet .are bestnwed on Livery hors?s Saddle l orses. suitable iorarnr.y cfficers,'alw*?s cn Uad. n25 lmWH<)''AN FA1TIj CALL AT H AR V EA,J v,],ere OS WTKRS of .he UstlgKN finality ?an b? had in any <u?nt'ty.^Sk fmJ shucked Ires* from ;ne shelf, free^?kUr ilinn He reoeivesfrejh suppliesdailr. rn ha? now lyug at me wharf six ve seuoont inu.f Irom throe to seven hundred hushtls each, of the fa iest ?( *ater Outers , JT 1 ?teau??" Iar?e quantities are now on tiieir ,. P' r J:0ntl&0 ?" Feoiela cl.a tered br hiin i ,*? establishuiisn, ard the pul.hcoan <ely npon a oomiiual supply durinc th? sea?or> th?a| nfHhR? ?v10n8tan ^ ,nPP|lf?l With Oysteri by the hnshel, nahon, or in can-, oi ad sizas. at T. M. HAHVKV* _no^2T iw Oyiter Dep..t, C st AW rnjN NEEDJNO DRVGOfJDSFOR , ,ltl" & . homa," are ottered the call of fiUurr'^ 8 ok & prices, marked in plain A? pVCei' 5arofurllyv. P&cke?l express or other oor.VcyaLoe. free of charge. PERRV & BRO.. ,.... * avenue and Ninth st., _bo !lf?rrT Buildinc." Hiv.JniAVfcNG-KR'S NOTICE. vv. I !NO Bee,n,aFP' ed Soaveurer of the Sixth a i rfu'lJ inform ?he oiUzens that orders anV l^treeta couth. MaRR,so^'8. corner 11th _ii! WILLIAM PM1TH. A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF RAVEN aDd Steiuway t Q"i' r ~ . ' unrivalled PIANO FOR I KS have justCSsSRS m'JVZJl'u th.?...Mn"10 tto*? of vv. g nTfr enth st i?oornero( Pa. avenue and Elevfal&V.'lilw'""''-1""' "-'"Q. JV E W PAP ER HANGING, W I N DO W SHADE ANi> UPHOt ^TEJILNG V ESTA LI> HM EN 1, 460 Ninth Strict. , The undernsned. formerly of the firm of Frank* R' *h ook. has opened a New fi^ore it 4fc0 Ninth stre?t. one door south of E street on tl.? " ' W .. where he has a small ohoioe Vt^k and would be happy to receive the orders of the friends ant customers f the old firm. tuaa i'&rtioiil&r a'tentii n win be paid to PaDerh?n? m Mvork in alMu f" 3I?,,T L. J. ROTHROCK. NEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVEL8.-Th? hilstf or tke House of C is en * t mm .l. French ot honore de Ba!^ ^^^1^1 siias Maruor, the Weaver of Raveloe^hi' Elliott, the autitor of'Adam Bede?' ^r?e tfy mT' noants. FRENCH * KICHSTeK ' NW WT'hm sfMiRIaAfSii^D J^ixtu b and Bail o?the Stewart Hi liand A ssmtm: ctt-rf.'8w"'* 52 a OLIGHTLY DAMAGED 1? HARDWARE. pa rs Riding Spurs, 400 pairs best Chain Traces, V'ba. Loeor (ix Chai?s, Mo dossn Box roifae Mil.*, (ftuMrjor) ?oak. pbocte. A, . _ NOTICE. Persons are hereby notified not to trust mi wne, Debora Ann Plttard, oa my aooonnt as I wi^ P*y do r|ebu ooutraoted by her. 1 11 J/-.BEZ PITTAR|>. ' PROCLAMAfflOM. _ , . Maroa'a Or?icE, I * tpu November S3, 1001. { hi lit the present year witaeaaea a pbaae of our national affairs atartling to the world, aud a crltia In our country aa deplorable m it la unparalleled, J which has already paralyzed one section aad proa- h tratedt stater cities, the clUx-ns ?f Washington U ihould especially be not untnind'fhl of the failure f of these causes to produce like effects in the me- 1 tropolis of the Union, or from whence this dis pensation aprang, and, in humble acknowledgment, render thanka that, aa thla aame rear approaches tta close, our city is peculiarly blsaed in abundant employment for all its labor, unusual 1 mercantile prosperity, and all that ordinarily rendera a community contented and happy. 1 For theae reasons, and in compliance wfth the following concurrent resolution of the City Councils, I request my fellow clt'iens to abataln frdft aecular employment, and, aaaembling In their re- } specrlve places of worship on Thursday, the 28th c instant, to unite in grateful expressions to Almighty God. RICHARD WAI.LACH. Mayor. a Concurrent Resolution setting apart a Day for Public Thanksgiving and Prayer. * Resolved by the Board of Aldermen and Btard z City of Washington, 1 hat th- Mayor be requeated to laaue bas procla- . rnation recommending the people of thla cltv to < aetapart and ?b*erve Thuradsv. the 28th Inatant, ] f, a daV ,of Public Tfcankagiving and Prayer by the usual religious ceremonies in their various churches and places of worship. ,V~Tha. members of the n b^r.? ' who have etrcll?d in x. I th? ootnpan* of th? undersigned, and those who Jt 1 ??' merriberrh.pfi c pli.?nL. Me-ical House, (cppositeVl s ratent Otnce. corner of Ninth and Kit mu t on TUESDAY KVEN1N6, the 26th install A.a tl oompany will be mustered into the service, for the or Columbia.and .ntit ed to any *n/ero*y fa bountyalkJT?^hT-^^ch?; d ,u* !? ?. ' JAMBa K. STEUART. * " * ** CasUjr, H (X c IT"!LVe^EKL MAP n"T CHI KCH, Be- \ una bTwJI if 'ff1 wssi.? Services T??- v u ? n ' P 'n. I'reachiDjr by h the Pastor. Rwv. J . N. Kixiard. Strangers ar? o'-lwk a 'rnT1V attend. Satioath school at fS ti

BISHOP SIMPSON wi't preach in We* ej 1: ' V,Khape,0,'rn",r,< Sthard F sts., on SUN J DA^ i to morrow) at 11 o'olock a. m. It* J,,aT D WAGONS-WAGONi f I ST RMotived a lot of very strong bu>4t new b Wagon*, for tale cheap at ROB'T H. ORAHAM'S *' IT-J.U- ? : r < i. Coich ^fcop, Eighth st. F ly" Repairing of a.l kinds piomptfy attended 10. p no 23 3t* li E CRKAM AAlT"wATKiH ICE sTTTf k3, the best quality, at 37* p?-r quart. Bote., and boarding houses furnished at low ra?e?. A a-ge a*s<wm?rii ?>f fine Cake* kept on hand at the Philadelphia Confectionery, oorner Twelfth anw F Hts- no 7 Im* YTf*T M^ !Jnion prayer meeting w, i. i"* J EVERY DAY thi- week in th? English Lutheras Churoh, corner of H and 11th tta.. oommenoiiig at haf-past4 o'olook p. m . to be continued ope ho"r oniy. 0c 7 Sm ry com pa n v ;a," u. s. enginkers.L?? Fifty intelligent and able bodied men will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum fixea by law?!50 men. Inquire at No. i4i 6 street Pay from ?13 to $34 per month, besides food and clothing. an 17 tf Tfw^MAYOR'S OFFICF, K Gsorgkto'VN, D. C , Nov S3,1861. s' Bt direction of the Corpor te Councils of this ol town. 1 hereby reg?<?otf''l > request it? citisens to U ariitam from their usual vocations < n '1 HURHilAX. ?he a8th instant, and ?o engage ia such reh ki *io?ffexerou-s a? may be con-lucted by the pastors <~f our ohurohes. aa off rings of grati nda to w Almigh'} God f >r tt o?e susp'ies of earthly t lr?s dl ings ??hioh have be? n : obountiful.y bestowed upon us during the p-ese it year, Mid especially for those ai teaoinngs anu prom ses which give assurance of a better Jifsta come. L And, in view of the causeless and deplorable re- H bSilion which is now racing in a reckless a J mis- ts gmded portion of our confederacy, let u? implore our Merciful Father thar it may be early termi- 2S nated by a voluntary and penitent return of the disaffected to tueir allegiai cu and good oit z in o' sh,p, or, e se, h? kuoh sw ft and signal dealn g of ? h?a.-enly retribu?i <n as wiU be anat?id r.e warning f to traitors, and as w I purify publio and V e*t?bnsh cur governmbutou a bases eo wise and L etible as ?ill secure to cur peop e UiHn, peaoe f.eetiom and pro?p?rity, and all t unes e e* that snail redound to their glerj and w#li being for an liidefinue futurity. no23,25 27 HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. T FOB SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-A FURNISHED house, con- T taming 1" jooars. App'y at 173 1 street.he- A tween yth and 21st ?ts. no 25 St* o tj^OR RENT-A ROOM and CELLAR ^nlVh J' ?t. Inquire at Henders n A Ct andlee's Cigar S Store. 15th street, oppoeits Treasury. no 2V2i? Nf?TICE.?A STORE on Pen??ylvjBia avenue for rent Inquire at No. 3S7 Penu avenne, n south tide, corner of Sixth at. noii4t* ci A LARGE FRONT llOOM ^T(iTLKT, fur bi nished or unfnri ished. wi'h or without Board, in a private family, at 4?>7 E street, between Sd ui* ? A.'*w gentlemen aocoa-modate.t witn 1 aiili* Board. no25 3i* D Furnished rooms for rent-fobt ? handsonriAly furnished Rooms?Parlor and Medroorn on hist fl >or, or two Par ors, and large m Front Rf-om and Bedroom on ??cond floor, (com,.I"<inire*t'No-354 F " < between 9th an? 10th s'a. no ?5 eo3t* RARK CHANCK -FOR SALE?The rood will, ? fixtures, a"d lease ot an established Restaur- T ant, doing a good hnainps*, in th? very heart of the oity and within a faw doors of PernaTlvania s.v. The stand not surpassed for any bnsinesa. and f it a Sutler Store unequalled A sT-ai expense would ~ render the uppoi part of ths bu;ld ng & pleasant v private residei ce. which alone would pay tho rent of the whole. Rent low Address J.F T.." Star Office; J. M. BAKTH, liquor Merchant, above Wi.lards* Hot'l; or BaRTH A EuMtAD< No. n 21 South St.. Baltimore. Md. no 2f> 3t* ^ roRK ROOMS FOR RENT, on Seventh st, 0 J between D street and Louisiana avenue?(he three upper rooms of the new four story Store n i Seventh at, east side. No. 533. The first story is * cccn-M-d aa an exteuuve grocery. Apply to GEO. I' LOL R^ . no 25-61* pOR RENT?A FURNISHED HOUSE con- ? tMnn g 10rooms, pleasant y icoate^J, wifh gas E throughout 401 Twelfth st. oatween I and K? no 2.^-*o8>* P A RARE CHANCE?For rale. Confectionery and Bikery, Stcre Fixture*.Stock goo i will, ftp , now doicg one of the best busmesres in R W ashinttou. ?- or particulars addresa "Corfectirner," Staj- Office. ro25 8t* FOR RES' i'-iW thoutboarufthreeiargsFUR- ^ NISHED ROOMS, fas. in a ?ery quiet aid ple??art location, anj within fivo minit'a ?< wa k of th? city PostOffioe. Rant moderate. For pa ticu ars inquire at Nu. 417 9th street, between ba'd H at a lt? _ HORSES, HORSES. BOWSES, of every de- ( 6ortption. for sale ooaaUDtly, Louiai ana aver,ue, between 9th and 10th itrw>?. *1^1% near the Market no8 2a?2w* For r ent-a ?rst y FUrnTshed cottage, with gas and water, with or withrut Board, in the most pleasant part of Georgetown, D. C. Omnibuses from the Capitol gate pasa by evsry five mnutei within eighty *ar?ii of the cot tase. References e*charged. Addresa "A B" Georgetown. 1). tf , Post Offic*. no 22irf* rj^o LRT?A Fnrniahed PARI OR and CHAM1 BER on the first floor, a-d Chambers on the see or. d. App.y on D street, between 2d and 3d sts.. 7 No-<'?2- no SO eo3t? { ROOMS i.R H0U*E F..R RENT-FnrnUhed Rooms for rent, in a qutet, pleasant neighborhood. and with every convenience, st'itable for T either a rarty of gentlemen, or ainglv. Oa proper reoommeivjations, the whole houae wi 1 be rented- fi> No. 414 Twelfth st.. between G and H, at wh oh tl inqui e. nov 18 eoSt* FOR RENT.?The third, fourth, and part of the aeoond-atory, of the lour atory BRICK llulLDJNt*, ironting on the west sicie of7 h at., ifoond house aiutn of D street,?r.d onosquare nor h of P^nneylvania avenue. Five rooms on the T third and fourth stories, and four on the aecond; C door between taoh on the samn floor. Enauireot C. BRADLEY, at Patriotio Bank,oorner7th ?nd D* no 14 e?3t* FOR RENT?The PREMISE^ on the oorner ^ ( f 14ta and C streets, lately oooupied by R. \V. Batf a A Co , wood and ooa! dealers. For terms Ao .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 I al avenue. noll-eotf l TWO LARGE AND WELL FURNISHED /n with P*fHa! or fuM Board, n ay be 0 h?d at 19ft I ?tre?t. between Jdtfi and 21st ?t*. To members of Congress orCffioers cf rank, it ia a very desirable looality. BO ^ gt* POR RENT-Two auiU of haidsome FUR- ? T M?HED ROOMS, at No. 493 Uih at. w st, *< near Pa. avenue. no 23 3t* f? Rooms for-rent in Washington building- ~ No. 9. on the third fltor. i B?a. 1* &nd 15. on the fcurth floor. * oa.SO.a1 and aa. on the fifth floor. lnqu re of JOH N H SEMME8 A CO. oorner A l.onisiana av. and 9th at., opposite weat erd Center Market. (Repuh. A Chron ) ro 22 St.if FOR RENT?A a mall HOUfE (auitabe forbusineas) containing 4 rooms and oal a-, aitn- 7 ated in a buain?;a loonitr Apply at 491 Ninth Iat. between D and E. no 21 1 w? * PARM FOR SALE, or Exchange for City fo a Property, aitnated in SommarvilKortunty N. Jertey, conUining Qaorea in a high state or oal- _ tivation. good dwelling-houae, with all naoeaaary r out bnildinga, good water power, fit? orohard, and I we!i-fenoed,2>a milea from Central Railroad, (6 daily trains,) 3 miles from Plainfield, and 80 miles 9 }{; For farther partitaiars inquire of 6? V ;BRAV, Jeweler, 016 Seventh at , o?poait* Intel igeuo^r OiBaP. oe M lwi^ UAND80MKLY, FURNISHED ROOMS- r baodaomdy Faruiahed Rooma, aoppned t wfes?""''* Mrtt a - OFFICIAL. LUiHiM LlSOOU. PrMldCBt of tk? I aited State* I of America: I T* All Wk*m it Map fW*. Satiafaotory evidence having been exhibited to 1 lethatOscan Maxxbom dm beee appoint** Vioe I loin! of Swadea a:.d Norway, at Chisago. 1 do I eraby reoognixs him u aMk,ud deolare him fraa I 1 ? oaniM aad enjoy each funeQcna, power*, aad 1 rinlege* aa are allowed to the Vioe Consnla of I he aaoat favored tatioaa in the United State*. In testimony whereof, I have caused these letter* I te be made potent. and the eeal of the United I State* to be hereunto affixed Given under n? hand, at the oity of Wash- I ington, the 22d day of November, A D. 1MI, I i l.b.J and ofthe ladependeooe of the United Slatee I i of America the e<ghty-aixth. |i ABRAHAM LINCOLN, ly t*?* President: I < William H. !>iwhd, Secretary of State. j MAHRIKD! : I! On Mondav.Nov. Dr. Hill. Mr. WIL-I \ JAM CLENDENNAN to Mia* A LICK GRAY I : AMPHEl-L, eMeet daughter of R. G.Caapbe 1,1 f Washington. D.C. I ! Dlkll, I On the 2lth inatant, Mr*. REBECCA DAVIS. I i Aer a lingering l ine**, the' a tie bore with ohn*. I j tan for'ituds. Her age wm 68 year*. The funeral will take place from No. 86) C at* I 1 13 p. m. on Monday. 25th in*t. * I AMUSEMENTS FOR FAMILIES, LADIES AND CHILDREN. { The Condnotor of CANTERBURY HALT, baa I he ple<*nre to announce to the public of Washing- I an that he will tire hi* S?EC??N D Day Entertain- I lentfor Families, L'diea and Chi.oren oa MOM- I >AY AFTERNOON, N v. *3th, at X o clock I t "he admii'ion for'he oc^a* on will be 2toenta;| J hildren |o oents. The Entertainment will taelade I everal of the fineat efforts of all the member j of i ' e itnmenee oompany. the largest, and embracing I , he fineat artieta in Anur oa I , Dunns a eeri d of eight months, the Family Af- I 9'c on Entertainmen's, given by tne oon- I ni'or of this e?taolisnmeiit at the Ba timareMn- I eum were attended by more tea-. K ono ladie*, ?x I , luaive ot the very atteudanoe of chit I ren. Unon many oc aaion* more than ladie* I > rer* aeat d and standing in the anditorinm and I ? eftihui"* <{ tie Museum, forming a galaxy of I \ eauty teldom exoe led. To tho*e who remember the Afternoon Enter- I j unment* r.iv <n by the oonductor In thi* city upon I everai ooc^rion* latt winter, it is hardly neoesss- I r r to *a? that the p ifo<manee will be condacted I rit h a strict regsru to the propnrtiea cf tasudiou* I n ociety The taiooLS attached ?o the e*tab lehment I 1 nil remain cloaed, atd the e ega-ioe for which hi* I ( 'amily Entertainment* beoame faa.oca ren.ain in- I v tot I The conductor takes epecial pleasure in intro- I uoing t? the patrun* f theve ente>taiemente. hi* I ? resent talented eimparyof Aitieta.the finest he I a* ever h*en able to oomhine. Especially will the I , idie* a: d children welcome tne fairy lavoritee I Littlebceix P*?Kna, I Little Ella, I t Little Kitty BKRTaaNP. I V L ttle M>vJ..;k Virxo*. I Aleo, t>>e est? v li*h-d favorites, I ? Miss FRANK LA FOI.LE, .uisaJLLla bUDrO*. Is Mia* KM Ma MILES. I r Mi*s HELEN VERNON. The Entertat"m*?" wi'l (* ? in?l?rle feats of PRES TIDIG1TA TlOy, \ WRAY'.TUE GREAT. The celebrated * thiopian Impersonators, FRANK BROWKK, DICK PA HKKR, ' I HARRY F|iX. MASTER EMMERSON. And the amusing, pleasing, atd woi.derfut ex- I . irnporanrous V oalism of Mr. * 1LLIAM K\R- I I IsON.who will make up a song while oa the I ' age about the little misses, matters, ladies, and I A thers who constitute the audienoe and sing it to I L iem. , I p During the intervale in the entsrtainraent, baa- I r S'*0fCANDlES AND CONFECTIONS I ? ill be distributed gratuitously to the entire an- I " ecce. I s A very superior Orchestra and Cornet Band as I ? th? entertainm?",t JI7"Canterbury Hall is the Assembly Rooms, I ouisiana avenue, ntar 6fi street and the City I II, in the rear of the National and Brown's Ho- I Third Grand Metinee, THURSDAY', November] ~ th. at 2 o'c ock. I The Afternoon Entertainments oommcnee at a I B 'clrck. no n 2t* I ^ CANTERBURY HALL, <Wabiinotoh As-1 it J skmblt Rooms,) I * onisiana avenue, n> a- corner of Sixth st*., in the I rear of th? Nation*! and "rown's Hotels. OPEN EVKRY MOHT. I Entibc Cham? or I'aoeRAYKx! I ^ THE GREAT WKaY I g 0 night at the Canterbury, in his feats of JVfjrt- I J5, dirnotton?in hie Comic J*onge?in his Urtat Bmmj? Solo. I 1 Last Night but Two of | ' IRANK BROWEK! FKANK BROWER! 'he chief imporrorator of the Happy Darkey for I le past fifteen years The originator of the style I f dt. ireation known as the Philadelphia Nigger. I t'ho has not ssen him .' Who doe* not remember I iui in onnection witn the Satis Lights. Jem San-1 B 1 d. Eph Horn. Luke West, and others?his own I ame standing fir?t in popular estimation.' To see Franlc Brower, is to see the actual natn I il eoceutricities < f the Nig., and not to hear stale I I it'cism and oonundrum* of the tekit? man I J aekfil. I r> Last Night of I H DRAMATIC HEAVIES! H HE WOULD BE A BKIGNOL1! I JV FRANK BROW ER ai the Canterbury. I ft ICK PARK ER (Funny Diek) at the Canterbary. I c HARRY FOX at the Canterbary, I fi 7ILL1AM HAR HISON.wtio makes a song aboat I P ?on a- a sing* it to your face, a? the Canterbury. I C liss JtTLia Hisbon. the beautifdl Songitrera; I K M'lle Frank l a Folle, Mi** Emma Mi es, I G Misses Willla, Veinoj, Paiker, Ciifton.aod I numerous others, at tne Canterbury. I fu MISS LOL ISA PAY NE, I a he celebrated Operatic Songstress, makes her I aeseara oen xtweek. Ai %ci**!0N ?Parquet,oents: Parterre 15 oent". I ^ Dooi 8 open at 7; oummrnee at7fr o'clook. n23 tf | M THEATRE* I IR. JOHN E. OWENS Foa6 .Nights Owlt ! I v? WON DAY. November 25, I of Will be performed Ooieniin'* Comedy of the I ?9 POOR GENTi.EMAN. I C llapcd Mr. J. E. Owens I N To oonolud' with the I it YANKfcfc TEAMS' ER. I m >lon Shingle Mr. J. E. Owena | la lt^ I ai RING'S NATiONAL CIRCUSf A TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS I U Can be rncotded for the combined 1 w QUEsI RIAN AND ACROBATIC TROUPES u ERFOR M ANTES EVK? Y4a?*t 2O'CLOCK, u ur rhe txpresa oocvenience< f tqo e wiio oannot I atterd the evei.iGi exhibition*. E ENGAGEMENT OF THE PEERLESS n PERI OF THE ARENA, ELLA ZOYARA. I V I u ?rstaoD'aiafoaof the CLOWN AND COMIC I tl SiNGER, WILLIAM RENNEDY. w OM KING. 1 tl And a 1 the company, will appear I tl rovC5 BoTti DaY AND NIGHT, j ri \DD FELLOWS' HALL: ? ' S?V?)ITH, ABOVI DST. In IMMETT8E 8UlX?SS ei of the I f G'FT???FT?GIFT IV CONCERTS?CONCEK.TS?CONCERTS ! I by the I ? CAMPBELL MIN?TRKI.S. j SO PRESEHTS OIVEW AWAY! EVERY NIGHT! EVERYN GHT! I H Ckcnte cf Programmt Nightly ' I J Look out for I 4 HE CANT-DIGEST A TATER ! i ' Doo<-a ?pen at 7 ; commencing at 8 o'olook. ; . Admitsion 25 oents. no 25 I ^ "J R A N D ASSEMBLY U I OT THI I O GOOD WILL, CLUB. Ill At Frankli? Hal', rorner 9tk and D ifi , | BANK!*GIVinG K V K. ( W ednesday NjT. 27.) I fi The w?ll known reputation of thia olub la a auf- I L s.ent guarantee to our numeroua frienda oa I r lat thi* wtil be th* asaembly of the aeaaon. IS I n Ticketa54 oenu. admitting a gentleman ad ladie*. (di I 2' By order of the Committee. no 23 2t* I o RATIONAL CIRCUS! Ion King... ? Leasee aad Manager I r . ?cott.? Associate Manager I . THIRD WEEK | I of the 1 o Succuerrt. Ssason. | J irat Appearanoe of the Great la ELLA ZOYARA, * TOM KING, t And all the Stars. adiea and fkmily partiej wi^lease not forget tha I n MONDAY, WEDNESDAY t SATURDAY. ? SPECIAL NOTICE. ti The Real ' ELLA ZOYARA, ho created auoh a furore in the United Statea I r ter her debnt at Nible'a Gardens, la engaged bat I a ir a limited number of nighta. Paruee, therefore, I id better secure placea in advanea. now la I t RMY AND NAVY CLOTHS.CASS1MERS, r a. and Beav?r Clotha, at radioed prioea. | Thick t lannela, UiatkeU, and Gaantleta. for I f nny men. I 1 One piio? only, marked in plain figures. ! L PERRY c BRO? I Pann. avenae aal 9th etrecg, I I no88-st "Parry aUtoa* I ? JDTTK*, | 100 ka?a choice Go*hea Butter, jaat reoeived aad I ? r aaie cheap by i } . F. B. BASTINGS A CO.. ! ' nots tf in D t.. faoiag Pa. avaaaa. 1 | CHEESE! CHEESE!.' || y , CHEESE Ul II All oa tanu an j for tale onaap by I b Hastings a co , *93 D *t.| faoing Pa. awraua, ? S-tf Ppilhanaonia BaUoiag. I ranae, oaS I AUCTION SAL ft! Bj j.c.moqure 4 m ' i IIMIit hobi of im HotMki Id Furniture e-.d i wsnirssix.-*?'?? ??f?, &u, tr-arrSii-Cto"* Walnet |oit? aad tou> a-tet* t|>im loux< l (Chairs, p?t Cushions, VNaatit me-t4a top Bereeasaaa wbhai&ut. Wa'natapd Mahogau* Ward ?1** aad ? * ? < Bureaus and Washstaids. Toi ' fane ?nokm,>r?< raoestios gaile ^ Do Rccliiri.CtUtfti/iiL ' Hair KMWM, PMth#r Bad*. Peather mitari ard Pillows. <khk ?.?. ? pottage B*l?<'ala.Mt?!? post Beds'* Mahogany Sdehoad and Extension Table. Ubina. Giaaa aad Crookary, On tier v. 4a White Granite diiw^l Plated I-e Pi'oher. Caster, Cb tog D shea Bohaaataa Giaaa P.acer Bowls, Decanters' WmeGlaaaee. Jal!y Gum., ^c?^?n'*^a. ?a. Braaaala, lagrain and Yeaitiae Carpets, Blaakets. Comfort*. Coaataipanes, Qailta. i Rorotncg tifioe Chair. roy-r^r ?,tb a oomp ata aaaortiaaa; of Kitehen Ra^miaitaa Will bi Addxbbay carriage Horaa, l<aath?r Top Baggy and Haraess, K Bumper of Parlor,Chamber and Cook lag Stoves. Braaaaa.TWaa-*ly and frgrais Caraata, Ae 4a. Tama caeh. no*-d (rap.) j. c. mrgl'lEE 4 co.. Auata . wii l ai^o b* sold? m doxea Brandy and WJuahy, 9v*? Doaaaetic Segars b?a ? J. c. meuuire 4 com Aaota. ctthe above sale i? postponed 2,!i*i29ai ?(ihl.aia, antii tuesday morn "'?i November xttt. ?a>? e boar and alaoa noti It j. c mcglmrk a . uVAaata. By green 4 williams. Aaotioaeersu superior piano forte. hol>eho' d ^ ?*n ritcbkr Ftimrrii at Accrioa ? On friday, the i9ih instant, wa aba!i sail at tka emdsmoe of Laka Laa, e??., No. 44*. north aid* >f h, between sth and 7th *tr*e*s, at 19 o'alock a a., an exee lerj assortment of Parritara, v:g : *ine Rosewood Piano Forte. 7*% oeta?e*, mad a by Haioee Bfothers, of New York, a aaaanar ins tra meat, tlao, ? <k>1 Cover and Meeie stand. ina el jah-covered Parior Set, oooalating of? rwo fine French Sofaf, i*r?a Caator and twelve ParJor Chaira, a alnut Whatnot and Etegere ar.d Chmeee Taa poye. "ancy Gothic and Reception c aire and Otto lii&rs, ,rimeoiv Damatk, ard vv'titt Window Curtains and fiz'ar.-a, " rwo handsome Gothic (lit frame Mirrors, and tfraotata. >ll Paintings, Engraviuga, and Mactel Orna? Hi i D t Sy 'ine^Velvet Parlor, Stair, atd other Carpeta, aad >1*cmtlai>;'e*' glm#' ,ud crockery Ware and ll^rntms.*,' ch*?rvadd bookara, *lfnt Side! card, Extenaion Dioinc and ctbar Tablea, * raaa Dicinx and other Cbaira, asd Roakara. ?abo(tany Biarble-up l>reaairg aad otber ha reaaa, Jahofanygarble tna Waah c oaeta. aad Tablaa. ia<iogany Frenoh atid otuer tiedateada Bad? i q( 9 cottage and Chamber Set, )air and tber Mattresse*. 'me Ga? c. andeliera a d Burners. l large aaaortment of Kitehen Reaaiaitaa. Vith many other artic.ea whwh vedeem unnaoea aary to enumerate. Terms oaah. co?d green 4 williams. a acta. By wall 4 barnard. Aaetloaaara. Corner Pa attntu and 9tk strut. umne cutlery and Pl.atki) ware at Atctioh?4 ?n tuesday m< ?RNl.\itt >th inatant, at loo'clock. we wil' aell at theaaotioa onas. a larye and w r i aeleetad a took kll Table ntlerr and Plated Ware, oonautiac ofme Carrara, Plated Table, Daaaart aad Taa Forka, la ed ruchsra, Caatera. Gob'e'a, SalU ' intter. Cake. Rah and Fruit kn vea, ' . fir e aaaortment Pocket CnUery, valtera aod varioaa articka in the honaekaeBinr Una. to which we invite t?e attention of hotel keepera, boardinc hoaaea, and the trade (aaarTerma cash. no a-d wall 4 barnard. Anota. By THOMAS DOWLING. Aoctionea*. FURNITURE AND HOSa HOLD EFFECT? L, ** Arcriot-Oa WEDNESDAY MukNNG, November J7th, at 10 oVook, I will aell at it Anotioa Htore, No 17 ? Bridge a?reat, a a^od saortment of Farnitare and Houaekeapin* *aquiaitea. auch aa? kaaaiagand p>ain Bureaus, Wa?h*tanca loubleand Single Bedstead a. aad Mattreaaaa ana aod Wood Seat. haira and Rookars? ' pfc. Loangy, Carpets aod Matting. ideboards. Refngera-ors. Water Coo'ar. ook, Parlor, and Dinicg Room Stovaa 'aoles. Hat Rack, Cat>e. aod Crad ea, ogether with a general assortment of Kitehen Jtetaisitea.all of wbiab will be aold without reserve. 1 Terma oaah. Will be added to theatMve ?^a lotofg'r^aj^ia aaak aa? ^oon rice, Green and Ground Coffee. Soap 4e p?a-3t thos uowi lNG. ?aet By green 4 williams, Auctioneer* extensive sai e of ^hl.n^glasa. ^ caoctrbt aud platfd wm, ynvactlt aw. bilkiid 1i? tbi Noith to Fra*.* a lOTtLIS w a*h!? 8tor, it a gx!flLVMajf who *ap*cliaid tht opskatiox ?ud tt esla y iormwg, the 26ra i?stant, we sha<l aar. la opt of oar atora No. i'2b se^th street, at 10 dock, a large aaaortmeat of the above mentioned <x)os. Tlx? iated Castors, Spaons and Forks. bina Cape. Saucers. Piates and Dishes, "it6" of b^taaaHtr. Waitera. Traya. oblats, Turn' [era. Salt Seta and Winaa. We deem it unneoeaaary to enumerate an* irther Su?oe it u- say there isao raale?e assort tent of ail articles requisite for auoh purposes Terms eaah. no?x-d green 4 williams. aa-ta. prustee's sat e ofa very valua i bl1 Ihpxovxd Basixxss Pkopbbtt on Sav "? bt.-On monday aktarno^n. smoer the 86th. at t oc ook, by virtue of adi>m rtraat. reaordad in Liber j. a 8.. No. lit. foltoa v* u'ljii t00'.'i'f0{ w ashington ooaqtv. d. ., 1 will sail, in Iront of the premises, part of Lota 0. 5 and 6 in sana a No. froptim 85 fe^t ? lobea on 7*h at. weet, between i aod Mass avanaa orth, and runninx back m feats ine'hea to an aly. and improved by a good three -story bnek atora nd dwelling. Terma made known on the day of the aale. Deed of eouveyanoe to be made at the expense ot lepurohaaer. Iftne teiws of the vaia are n^t oompliad with ithi" oaa weak thereafter, th*n the Propartv wifl > reaold at the parohaser's expense, by Ibe Traa? giving three daye' notice by one publication la te Evening Star " d m. lawrence. Traatee noa u wall 4 barna^DTAaete. if arshal's sale?In virtae of a writ of *t fieri facias i>sned from the clerk's Office ot le Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for le countj of Waahington and to me directed i 'ill expose to aablic aala. for oaah. in front of the oart House door of eaid ooun'y on friday ?e 6th day of December next. lkl at 1*o'clock m.! le following property, to wit: All dafcr.aani'a ight, title, claim and interest in and to Lot No. 1. in Square No ? l. in the cty of v* aahingtoa ?. c.. together with a i and atngu'ar the imsrova^ lenta thereoa, *aixed and levied upon as the aro?rtv of Jamae g Coomba. and will be aoid to aa iar Judieials No. a to January term. IMo, in favor obn e. Kendall. w selden. bu 14-ta l,iUe u s. |) f?, r By wall 4 barnard Auctioneers. wtee story brick house. corner 19th asd l STaxrrs. aiuoimiiw Fxakx, aire BtrtLDisa Lot os m stxext. at Acctioh.?On uesuay afternoon. ?th instant, ^4 'dock we will eell, in frcnt of tbe pranisee He nearly new and substantia ly built three story Iriok Dwelling and Store, the former ooataicing good rooms,aod ia tiaadaom?ly fimebad throaxkut. Also an adjoining Frame Dwelling, ooataiaII 4 rooms. And imediatet aftar aala of the above also, m ront of tbe prenneaa.?a will *ell the Bniidiog <ot. Lot 17. seoare iii, me' ug 33 teat on m.and tuning baok 97 feet, ba>? aau i?u and 90th street, ear oorner of sath dma Terms : One-thud id, balance la *, 1j, li, and i months, bearing luiaiaai, seca'ed by daad traat n prrmiaes. no 19 wall 4 barnard. Aaota. p^u?tf.ivs sal*h'<)* cla^vfc'and'vall cabl* Lot oh Capitol Hill.?On Tt'es>ay arteknuon. Deoember 4o'aiock. n the premises, bv virtue of a deed a( tract from usuce a. Roila, aad dated Fabraary lath, loh. dd daly raoorded in libwl. a. s-tno* 16s. fo ioa cs, ot aa*., and of the land raoo>da lor Vv askingon oonnty, d c-, 1 sba laall Lot numbered fiab j), in m aara aamber ed ai* i, u nd red aad aithUtwo w). fronting 190 feet on Delaware aveftaa, 1? t * inches on north e street, aad ls feet 9 Taohea l pi rat street aaat. Terma i One-third ink, the rwvataiw a aim aad ralja monSba, with lateraat, aeturea by dasa ? nut on the premieee. r ^ l s t k wu, i a o? noxth k stun, utviu f otuiifl be prsyu. bp virtae of a^ieed of traat talk* te Hjoneofthelaiii: reoordk tor w aahiagtoa eoaafvp. y- 1 ahaii sell aajt of Lot LumOared ore, i.) ia Sauare cambered five hand red aad fiftaaa. eg;lining Tor um earns at tha aoathwaat comer o f aid Lot nu l. aai raaalng theaoe eam aixteea et, theaoe north seven tj-one feet el eve a laehea, J^r^e6??r??ausa Uiw CLOAKS AND NEW bBAWUI 1 opaaad to day. _ pfcrrt 4 brother, aol9 ?td Pa. av ,and Hh atraak, -

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