Newspaper of Evening Star, November 25, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 25, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Of Eviit Dmchmioii EneuM with mrtamu^ dispatch mi applkatton it the STAR OFFICE, At the Loweet Cub Frlees Satisfaction guarantied. no Mtf LOCAL WEWS. ^ Though T*b St ax la printed on the fastest steam prees la m sowth of Baltimore, tta edition la eo large aa to requlra It to be pat to preea at an early boar: Advtrtitnunts, therefore, aboald be est la before It o'clock v.; otherwise they may may not appear antll tbe next day. BCBBTBAL GBABD |HoCSB CASBS? Brfort Juttic* Clark ?Saturday, Michael Coze, Joba Holobaa, Tboa Urleo, Wm Sbebsn and David Rcess were taraed over to the military Edward Rsxon, drank?dismissed; Ann Smith, drunk sad disorderly?workboose 30 days each; F R. Betneyer. do ?fine 83 91; Mary Roger*, do ?floe I1M; Wm Armstrong, colored, do ?workboaae 90 day*; iaa. Moaby, do?workhouse 30 dav*; Jaa. Garner, drunk?fine SI 94; Wm Radclifl'e, do.?dismissed; Dennis Donovan,do ?fiae82.94; Joe B Holby, do?fine SI 94; Cbaa Ragan, do?wnrbhnuae 30 day*; Jaa. McGovern, do.? workboaae 3j day*; Samuel L. Willi*, do ?dismlaaed; Levi Pnmpbrey, do?flne S3 94; John O'Connel, disorderly?flne 9? 94; Roger Kennedy, profanity?flne SI 94; R. Warren, For thrashing a fellow for Insulting a female la tbe market? dismissed. Jobn Sullivan, indecent expoaare? workhouse 30 day*; John Connor, profanity?fine S3 94; Darlna Gladman, disorderly and profane? fine 84 06; Robert Tate and J. G. Otter, do ?flne SI.94 eech; Jamee Malone, disorderly?flneSl 94; Jamea Brown, profanity?workboaae 30 daya; James Riley, disorderly?workboaae 30 daya; John Salllvmn and Michael Kelly, fighting?dismissed Monday?Thra. Hill, drunk, dismissed; Hannah Rallahsn, do , workhouse 30 daya; B. H. .fined *1.94; Theodore Kelner, do , workboaae 60 daya; Honors Mortarty, do., work hooae 30 daya; John Cook (colored,) carrying a concealed weapon, and for diaorderly conduct, waa fined 831.44; Anthony Mawn, ateallng, jail; Jamea Doraett, drank, for further hearing; James Smith, drunk, fined S3 87; Joseph Smith, appearing disguised aa a f?male. fined &*2 <M; Win Bradl?y, drunk and diaorderly, fined SI 94; Jaa. McGovern, a fugitive from the workhouse, sent down to aervehia term oat; David Flake, drunk, tarn?d over to tbe military; Jobn P. Hepburn (colored.) oat after hours, dismissed; Cbarlea Smith, drunk and disorderly, work hoa*? 60 daya; laaac Contee, atealing and gambling, held for a further bearing Of tbe arreata eleven were by the 2d ward patrolmen; seventeen by the 31 ward; seventeen by the 4th ward, and alx by tbe patrolmen of the ?th ward. Fora Moil ?Yesterday-four persons were brought to toe city and depoaitf d in tfce central guard houae, under the care of the Provoat Marebal Guard of cavalry It la aald they are Secesh spec!mena taken in Maryland, and lodged in tbe ^uard houae until other dlapoaltion la made of Tbibvbs About ?Within an hour and a balf, from alx to balf paat seven o'clock, on Priday algbt, seven distinct complaints were made to ident detective officers of robberiea, which had bat recently occurred. One waa the robbery of horse eqalpmenta from army officers. another tbe stealing of aaotler'a horse and wagon within five minutes from tbe time the owner left It. Another was the picking of a gentleman'a pocket at the cltv poat office window, by. which be Is minus a fine gold watch. Several other caaea. which will be reported aa a on aa tbe enda of juatlce will permit, were llkewlae given to the detectivea. The city la very greatly oppressed by the preaence of theaharpa and thieves from all sections of tbe country, and It Is evident that they Intend to quarter In thla city during the winter. Hotel and boarding house proprietors will de well to keep an eye on atrange guests, and not be deceived by appearances. How It Was Dokb ?A few eveninga since a venerable clergyman from Pennayivania, enwrglng from the crowd pouring oat of tbe railroad depot when about to atep into a hotel omnibua, with lta conductor absent from hia customary poet, lta door, be was seized by the ahoulderaand nip* by two flaahlly dreaaed young men, who demanding at the aame time how he dared enter that vehicle without leave. Being an athletic, though an old, man, he threw them eff him, when thev took to their heela and he entered the coach to find In a few minutea that bis pockets were minua 860 in gold, that had been lying ljoee la them. Stabvatior of a Sbckssioxist's Cat ?It will no doabt be recollected by our readers that some two or three montha alnce we recorded the flight from Georgetown of an Epiaeopal minister, s noted secession sympathizer, who refused to obey the circular letter of the Biahnp of Maryland, enjoining the clergy in hia diocese not to omit from the aervlce the uaual prayer for the President ofcthe United States Well, tbe reverend gentleman, It appears, previous to hia hsgira shot his favorite cat ap la tbe cellar of hia houae, and with what he, no doubt, supposed to be a sufficiency of provisloos to laat hia pet until her maater should return to bis bonae and hia cat with the victorious army of JeefVrson D. Ministers are sometimes as abort sighted aa other folks. Waahlngton (and ita suburb*, including Georgetown) Is yet untakea, except by army contractors, small politiclaoa and other gentry of that atamp, and tbe miniater'a cat suffered terribly from tbe aame deficiency which, no doabt, eemewhat embarrassed the operations of the miniater'a political friends and their army, which waa to rescue Washington from tbe Vankeea and deliver Maryland; we mean a deficiency In the commissary department. The miniater'a cellar waa opened a abort time alnce and tbe poor cat waa found la a pitiable condition, having devoured everything edible In her place of confine meat, and then gnawed and eaten her own aldea almost to the very entrails. If tbe pioua paator baa not already been haunted by the perturbed , spirit of bis feline pet, we think he will have aome twlngea of conaclence If this paragraph aboald meet hia eye. Rbsidbrcx of Mis. Docolas ?The family of the late Senator D. tiglaa have removed to the former residence of .the distinguished senator, a neat wbite cottage, on tbe bill-side, a abort diatance from Minnesota Row Tbia house, it will be remembered, waa presented by Mr Douglas, shortly after hia marriage, to hia father-in-law, J. Madtaoa Cutta, Esq Watbb '?The neighborhood of D, between 13th and 14th streets, and the adjacent aquaies, have been complaining for two weeks paai of tbe apparent lack of energy of tboee who are designated to keep tbe pumps In repair. There Is plenty of water In the wells, but it is of no use to the citlxena who are unable to get it. Paooccs M abut of Wasbikotob ?Reported for tbe Star by Messrs Clark A Bloc her. wholesale Produce Commission Merchants, No. 427 .Seventh street, between G and H Apples, green, by the barrel SI 00 a 84 50 dried, lb 6jf a ^7 Beans, white, per bushel 2 00 a " mixed, ? 1 50 a I 75 Batter, choice New York State.. 20 a 22 " Glades 15 a 17 " prime Western ?.. 15 a 18 " ?? Roll 16 a 18 " " Table.gat retail... 25 ? 28 Beets, per bdsbel 50 a 6o Chestnuts, per bushel 3 75 a 4 0u Cranberries, per barrel 8 00 a 9 00 Chlekens, live, per dozen. 2 75 a 3 50 Cora, per bushel 75 a 8o Corn meal, per bushel 85 a 90 Cheese, strictly prime, per lb.... 8 a 9 ? prime 8 a 9 " Western..., 6 a 8 Dacks, per pair 62 a 75 Eggs, country.... 25 s 26 " Westers, selected 22 a 25 " at the mark 20 a 23 Flour, choice brand 8 00 a * 50 ? Western... 6 00 a 7 50 " Back wheat 2 50 a 2 75 Geese, Western, dressed 50 a 75 " Baltimore, " T5 a 1 Ou Hay 25 a 30 Hams, sogsr-carod 10# a 12 * pUB.... 8 a 10 Hickory sal*, per bushel 1 25 s 1 50 Leaeas, oar has 8 00 a 9 00 Oste, per busheL 55 a 60 Oaleas, " 90 a 1 00 ? whits .. 1 00 a I 10 Pheasaata 39 Potatoes, fttak eye. 86 a 90 " white Mercers. 90 a 1 00 " common red SO a 75 " poach blows 86 Sweet, per barrel <99 a 4 00 U sails, per dosea S 09 a IN Jaahbtts, each 15 a 96 Toe keys, dreaasd, dot lb 14 a 16 Tamlps, per barrel..... 100 a 160 Waiaata, per baa he! SJ a 70 PeatCB?Js/srs" Jrnmitt Dmm.?M rs Connor, who koota boose 1a Murphy's row, 0th, betwssc F and B streets was tax en into custody Saturday for aolilog liquor to soldiers, aad was sent to JaoM* Dtshaaaa was arrested yesterday by the troops la eaaap, aesr Soldier's Hose. His stock V iqeers woe eeetoised la two bottles, which were frequently emp'led, aad ae often replen' is bed He was oomastOed to Jail. Jss Wslsk was arrested by Patrolman TbSaipsoa for sssealtlag him with a bowie-knife aa Sat arday. He was seat ta jail. F J O'Doe aet, arrested yesterday Car larceay, commuted to>11 lor a heaiiaa. J Rsloraa, Jr , arrested for sslilag liquor ta wdisiB, gave sscuilty far a farther beorlag. Til Washihoto* Hotiii ?Th? Kirwood ko-se nu been entirely refitted from top to *>ottnn, and newly painUd throughout. It therefore wrort an air aa n?at and comifor'sble aa that of I UT other hotel 1? the union. We subjoin lUbill of fare for yesterdsy that the district public may understand how folka f*re 'n Washington botrls, merely addlrg that t*e Klrkwoo* baa been Justly I famous for yesrs for the sdmirablle preparation of the food aet before ?ta guests Somv?oa'ck tnrtle; Fxsk ?fresh cod boiled, eg* I sauce; Both*?''arkeys with oyaters, chickens I with pork, white sane*, ham with cabbage, smoked beef tongue, corned beef with turnips, thla m'ddllng bacon with spinach, le* of matton I with caper sauce; Cold dtsk*s?rorbtd beef, roast beef, hafas. mntton, veal, amoked Href tongue: Entrees ? canvass-back doekawltb telly, pork and bcana baked, camp etyle, rabbtta broiled, bitter I aance, chickens frlcasee a la Relne, arp'e frlttera, country style, kidney a aaute, madeira aauce, maccaronl a la ltallen"e, plg'a feet fried in batter, mutton chop? breaded and broiled, plg'a heed potted with fine herba; Roast?turkey stuffed, beef, veal, mutton, lamb, pig, apple aauce, chlekeoa sfuflVd, tnrkeya. gooae; Ytgetablts?boiled potatoes, maahed potatoes, roaat potatoes, salsify, beets, onions, rice, egg plant, cabbage, splnacb; Rsliskts?lettnoe, cold alaw, old cheese, olives, pickles, jelly, frenc.h mustard: Pastry and Dessett?charlotte ruaaa, pound cake, apple plea, cusI tard plea, peach pun*; Fruit?oranges, applea, I nuta, popcorn; French C off to. A Fikk Fioht ?Saturday that notorious locality, Fighting Alley, was about aa lively aa It well could be. A large number of soldiers congregated in the alley, and during the early part of the day they enjoyed a 'big drunk and wound I up the proceedings of the day with a free fight. A section of cavalry of ths Provost's Guard made I a descent upon the alley and captured a large number of them, who were marched off to the I guard*bouM, where they will remain until taken I to their regimental quarters. I Gioioitow!! ass mi Mitbofolitan RailI road We are authorized to state that tbe corporation of Georgetown baa not tranaferred ita stock in the Metropolitan Railroad Company to I any one whatever. A CARD. Washington, D. C., Nov. 25,1861. W D Wallatk, Esq : Sia: As my name appeared in tbe Star and o'tber Waahington papers, recently, in a connec1 tlon not very creditaDle to me, 1 feel It to be a I duty I owe, not only to myaelf and family, but to inv frlenda and acquaintances, residing here and elsewhere, to state a few facta, and make a I few comments in reference to the proceedinga I bad in my caae in the Board of Aldermen, Oct. 21st, 28th, and Nov 4th and 11th At the meeting of the Board of Aldermen, Oct. I *21 at, F. D. Stuart was nominated bv the mayor I aa one of the Board of School Trustee*. Aa la I customary, the nomination, with others, was reI ferred to the proper committee, and laid over for I a week October 23th, among other business, I tbe Board of Aldermen acted upon tbe noro naI tions for school trustees, which had been reported I on by the proper committee, aud F D Stuart I was unanimoualy rejected?eleven (111 vot?s be I lag cast, and not one word having been uttered I aa to the cause of rejection. November 4th, Mr. I Sargent, one of the aldermen from the 5th ward. moved a reconsideration of the vote by which I F. D Stuart had been rejected, which motion I was unanimously adopted, and-tbe nomination I waa referred back to the committee On the llib I November, the proper committee, represented by I Mr Magruder, reported back Mr Stuart's nomlI nation aa acbool trustee, and said "thi committee I find bis character ao good that they recommend I bis confirmation " After coneiderable discussion, Mr Stuart waa I confirmed, twelve (12> voting in favor, and one |(1) against, Mr Fuher be'ng the absent memI ber With these facts stated, the enquiry mav I well be made what g?ve rlae to th* difficulty? I And why the rejection, reconsideration, and couI flrmatlon ? I To many of Mr S'uart's friends there was nc I mystery in the proceedings of the Board of A'derI men?no enigma to be solved Between the I Aldermen from the Fourth (4tb) Ward,Mr Moore, I and Mr. Stu-irt, tbere existed, and bad existed | for some t!m?, a bitter hostility not of a political I or rellg'oua nature. It w?s sufficient, however, I to Induce Mr. Moore to use every m?ana in bis I power to have Mr Stuart rejected, and. if poaaiI ble, to blast bis character In tbe communltv. I Perhaps the ofi'ence Mr. Stuart b-.d given Mr. Moore, warranted theundertaklng, but the m^nns I employed wer* cowardly and ungentl?manly. I Mr Moore's acts may admit of some justification j asan"oldcltlz>nof tbe Fourth (4th) Ward"called J on him, (Mr. Moore) before the nominations for I school trustees had been made, and gave blm j(\lr. Mo?'re) two name* which he, (the citizen) | said would probably te sent in. and told him I (Mr Moore) "to look to them " I And Mr. Moore did look to them lu his own I peculiar way He took the trouble to call on Mr. I Magruder, chairman of the Committee on Public Schools, and, among other accusations, asserted that Mr. Stuart "was all the time In Kloman's This may haye been all that was said to the alderman from tbe first (1st) ward, but other members of the board were also enlightened as to Mr Stuart's character. Mr. Sargent wax told that Mr Stuart was ,ltoo often at Kloman's;" that "he was guilty of tippling." Mr Semmes was Informed that Mr. Stuart made "Kloman's his headquarters " And thus the poison wan disseminated. To the unbiassed ana lntelligenl mind it must be evident that the source of tbe information upon which tbe Board acted on tbe 28th October, can easily be traced to the man who was charged "to look to them," whatever has been said by Mr. Moore to the contrary notwithstanding VV im such a report, from suck a reliable individual?on* xeho kad nev*r betn known to utter an untrutk, or disstmbl* for a momtnt, durtng a long, virtuous and vtr y useful lift,? It Is no wonder that the gentlemen composing th? Board of Aldermen should have so summarily disposed of Mr Stuart. But the action of the Board, on the 28th October should not be called "a snap judgment"?it was a righteous decision. Mr. Moore's object had been accomplished He had partaken of tbe spicy dish of revenge, and, for % whole week, naa rolled the sweet morsel under his tongue. Little did he dream of a re-consideration, nor did he think that tbe name of tbe Individual whom he believed bad b?en consigned to reproach, and morally killed, would, like Banquo's ghost, appear In that sacred council cham ber, with the finger of scorn pointing out tbe midnight assassin. Mr. Moore "knew be would get tbe credit of It" (Mr. Stuart's rejection) but be did not know that Mr. Magruder would expose bis pusillanimity. He "did not expect that to come from the gentleman from the first (1st) ward " He had forgotten that " the best laid schemes o'mice at' men gang aft a.gley " Mr Moore "did not tiesir* to do Mr Stuart any karm " Oh, no ! In speaking to Mr Ma| grader, and other members of the Board, about I Mr Stuart, he only said that "h- had seen Mr. I 8 enter Kloman's frequently," qualifying the reI mark, sub* quently, by admitting ttat he "someI times saw blm th?re"?he h*d s?*en "him g? Into J K'omans." Mr, Moore did not give a? a reason 1 that "btcause a gentleman goes to Kloman's for I ale and oysters, he is unfit to be a school trustee," I (except In thiscase,) though, as be (Mr. Moore.) I said, "tome Iun?hed there; others loafed tber? " I H?"drew tbe distinction." Mr. Moore "had I reasons, bethought good," for objecting to Mr. I Stuart He "bad a personal difference with I blin " Fortunately tbe members of the Board of AlderI men, having perfectly understood what Mr. I Moore had said about Mr. Stuart, did uot regard I his (Mr Moore's) personal objections to him (Mr. I Stuart) as vslld reasons for bis rejection Ncr I were tbey willing to permit Mr.Stuart to rest un? I der tbe imputation so insidiously made by tbe I senior Alderman from the fourth (Ith)ward After Investigation, Mr. Bohrer was satisfied that "InI justice nad been done Mr Stuart." Mr. Sargent I said, "the Board had beeu deceived;" he "was I satisfied great injustice had been done that genI tleuian"? (Mr Stuart,) he "believed the charge I against blm was untrue " Mr. Magruder had I voted to reject Mr. Stuart, "on Information he I supposed to be reliable." "That Information came from the senior AlderI man from the Fourth (4tb) Ward, (Mr. Moore) I and It had been controverted " Mr. t^emmes had I been told "that he, Mr. 3iuart, made Klonun's I bis headquarters He was now satisfied that hr I was misinformed." Mr Brodbead had been I called on by men of the highest standing in relation to tbe .matter, and "was now satitfltd the | Board had done wrong " Mr. Richards made I similar statements and took the same view. Mr Fisher, who was sbsent wh n tbe final vote I waa taken, "oelleved blm <Mr. Stuart) to be very I falthfnl, sad that be would make a good Trus< I tee " Mr. Lloyd denounced the course pursued by I Mr. Moore,and ably defended Mr Stuart agalnsl I ths foal aspersions made by the pseudo modern I censor. And finally, Mr Moore has himself made 1 a confession wbich. in view of all circumstance* 1 of tbe ease should, In tbe opinion of many admlrI ers of truth, be made known to the public Th? I follawlag correspondence will explain Itself. Washington, D C.Nov 15,1801 Wm W. Mouit, Esq ?Sir:?During a discus I si on la tbe Bosrd of A*derman, in which 1 wai I interested, on last Monday evening, according tc I tbe "Siar" of Tuesday, you made us-, of the fol I lowing lsaguage: ''Some lunched tbere (refer I ring to Kloman's), others laafed there." "H< I (you) drew tbe distinction " I desire to be InI formed whether you intended to convey tbe ldei I to tbe Board of Alderman, that I loafed at KloI man's or elsewhere. ! Respecfully, 4tc., Fas? D Stca*t. Washington, Not. 19, 1861. I P*IB D StfAM: I Str: Is reply to your note of yesterday- re I est red to-day, 1 stole that tbe words, "som< I lane bed there, others loafsd tbsre," which yus I cite from a report represent! ag In part whst oc 1 curred la tke Board of Alderman on Monda] I wsre aet designed to Individuality either I you or tbe boase to wbieb you refer. * Iy *?5ectfally, 4o , Wm. W Moohh vSigned; PEED W STUART. j Shocld Be Jim To ?It la quite time that attention was given by the proper authorities to the condition of First street eaat, between C and D streets north, where the gutter and aide-walk on the east aide of the street have been undermined and washed away, leaving a huge galley In their place. This mlachief has arisen from tbe neglect to place a gutter upom the weat atde of tbe street to divide tbe drainage, and tbe late heavy rains have thrown tbelr floods upon tbe single gutter, with the eflW-t above noted The sooner tbli thing Is remedied tbe better for the corporation whlcb, of coarse, will have to foot the bill. Dratb bt **c??ocatioh.?a white man. whose name we have not been able to ascertain, was found deed on Dowllng's lime-kilns, in Georgetown, yesterday (Sunday) morning. He probably laid down there for tbe warmth from one of the kilns, whlcb was bQrnlne. and was suffocated by tbe gaases from it. His body was b*dly burned, but It probably occasioned nlm no suffering, as be was doubtless insensible before the lire took effect on him. Di?d.? Since our la?t report the following deatba of soldiers have occurred : Michael Daley, company E, 3d excelsior brigade, at Union hospital, Georgetown. J Pelch, company D. 5th Vermont volunteers. Columbia college hospital J. Barr, company H 34 Pennsylvanis, do 8. Black, company H. Harris cavalry, do. B Todd, company 1, 1st regiment District ol Columbia volunteers, do. An Excrllrnt Arraxorvrnt?The Board of Commissioners of the Metropolitan polichave obtained permits'on to use Are in tbe rooms of the east wing of the City Hall, for use a station of the fourth ward police. The work of arranging and fitting up the rooms has been commenced by Mr Wm. Douglass, carpenter, and F. Peyater, painter. . ' ?To-night our cozy theater re-opens, under Mr Bland's excellent management, with the celebrated comedian, John K Owens, as the bright particular star. Miss Susan Denin will also appear. Owens will appear to-nigbt In two favorite characters, as "Dr. Ollapod'' and "Solon Shingle.*! Tr-nigbt tbe celebrated operatic songstress, Mis* Loulaa Payne, make* her first appearance at Canterbury Hall, a place noted for .the richness and variety of its entertainment*. A rare bill this evening. Look out for the grand y^mbly of the Good Will Club, at Franklin Hill, next Wednesday night. Thanksgiving eve. Richard nu Third, at Odd Fellows Hall to-night, with the debut of the great violinist, J. Rltter, and the ballad singer, William Batchelor. King'* National Circus enters upon its fourth week with tbe re-engagement of Ella Zoynra, the first appearance of the v/ell kn?wn comic singer, Wm. Kennedy, and all the stars of h.4s famous troupe. VCLCNTEKRS ATTRITION. For the derangements of thesvi-tem. incidental to tn? change nf diet, wounds, er up'inm and exposure*, which every volunteer i* liabl * to rI here are no letretji's so safe. convenient aud relialle Holli'wa* s Pills and Ointment, ?5 oeutj per box. nc 25-lw Whitrhurst. 4W Pa. av . Is furnishing likenesses of prominent men, including Gens Scott, McClelland, (from recent sitting,) Butler, Banks, Fremont, Anderson, Wool and others Every description of likenesses, /rom miniature to lifeslie See his card photographs for sending in letters. oc 31-folm# India Rubbkr Go>ds r or any and every artici* manufactured of Ino'ia Rubber, oal at the o*/y Irdi? RnbV Warehouse in this city, whioh is located 30S Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th sts. no 23-tf Notic*.?Beware of counterfeit* and unprinpip.ed dea'era endeavoring *o dispose of iheirVrn and other artio'es on the reputation attained^* Htlmbold s ErtrarttBuchu, a positive and specific remedy for diseases of the B acder. Kidneys, firavel, Dropsy, Ac., to., fto. Ask for Hel."bo!d's I aka no other. See advertisement ic another coi roo- ae an Cosohs.?The sadden changes of enr climate are souroes of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Aslkmatir Ajftritons. Experience having proved that simple remedies often aot speedily and certainly whec taken in the early stares if the disease, recourse should at once be had to Brown'* Bronchial Troches," or Lozenges, lei. the Cold, Couch, or Irritation of the Throat be ever so slight, as by this precaution a more serious attack m? be effect nail i warded wff. Public Sptnkirs and Sxng'.rs will finfl them effectual for oloarint and strengthening the ?oie* See advertiaement. del-it I I LOST AND FOUND! (STRAYED OR STOLEN?A hiack HORSE p and Wagon, from before MoKelden'scv tikery, on 7th street, between 6 ar.d 7 "L-2P* o clock on Siturdav night The hors? back, with one hind foot white, and one hoo split. The wagon has a black cover, a ltt'le torn With the word' Confecriocer" on both *iden anf hid five shins of beef in it I will give .?10 rewart for the return of the torse and wegon; or. if stolen 9S0 for the return of them and tbe oonvioHon oi the tnief, JOHN HOOVER, i _ ^ Center Maiket, , no 25 3t* Or oorner Eighth and u *ta. tjJTOLKN?On Saturdar, the 23d instant, from 0 near the corner of Sixth an 'C s's , at rx about 8 yip m., a large brown black Ho sa. TirW 1 he horse l; st'ongly built, ha? a ahort^*3^ mane thiok foretops. long tail, left hind foot white Has two saddle marks cn !?ft side a white spolfcir 1 r.ghtside Had on a new set of U. 8 horse auisment*. Was branded "li S" It is thai he was taken to one of the camps near the city Any information concerning his whereahonti will be reoeived at this oilise. no 2S-2t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S FARM situated n-ar the second toll gate on the Seventh street road some tima <ju ini the month of Oo ober last, a large mottled COW. The ownei oan have her by proving property, and payiiif charges. no W NT. M. MORRISON. Q1A REWA K D.?Strafe 1 away on Friday, Ui" November 2!d, from 1st street, he ja tween K and L, hve C<?W"; one loanWtiJ/* with or ? ken horns, and fcur red. two -f f ^ them with with face*. TKe aho?e rewa'd will he paid for their return to MICHAEL KENNEDY, i,n 1st street, between K ani L no 25 3t* C|OH R EWARD.-LOST?On t ie nig't ofthe 19th instant, a small G 'd WATCH, fv N(,..?5es. with heavy rold o^ain attached. ffVtS Thf? finder will receive the above reward hy*i?E leaving it his office no 2V3 ~ ^5 7 R.ArV *p OK STOLE N-F om in ' f'Ont of C. Mry'.e's tavern near flip Depot, on Wednesday evening list, a black HOK>K. with white ?pot n his for^hend. three or four scarg on right hip. and ma-ked |?.g C. on le't hip. Had on eavalrv raddle and brid e A ?uitahl*? reward will be paid for his return to JOHN O'MEAR A'S Variett Store Pa av?nue, near the Capito'. or O. B?Y' F.'S Tavjrn,jipar the Depot noS3M* (VJOTlCE ?Left at the Government ?tab'es. on ' v G street, between 17th aid i8th sts , rn c\ Friday nitht last, th ee HOKSES, oftheTirTI deeoriptioni /iz \ One sorrel Horse, a^-out 1o jears old and 14 h?nds high, left hin^ loot white One da'k bay Mare, about 6 years old, and 16 han't' high. Ore dark b\y Horse, about 9 years old, 16 hands hich, and front feet white The owners of raid horses a-e hereb* notified to oom? forward, prowe property, pay oharges, and take th<m away, or they will !> ? doa't with aooordmi to law. inquire of the Susanntendent. no 23 3t HA N AW h Y? On the 16th instant, from Georgetown hridge. a bar HORSE, wi<h white /> feet, marked "C U S ," on i is left shonV der. The owner will ray a liberal reward ^23. L,ruhl"Jrt'urn t0 JOHN MoGARVEY'S, cornet ^7 h ar.d K stsJ jn 23 3t* f OST?Afcoat a week ago, near Port Runyon. a Li leather POCKF.T HOOK, oontaining a note for one hundred and fifty do'Jar'.parabe in monthly mstalirenta effifty dollars each, dravn by f,ewis Coxe, M. V., burgeon, in favor of Rev O. R, Darrow ; has two payments endorsed on the b?ot and the ia?t pannent is now due. As the said noU in of ro value to a^v cn? but the owner, the finder i will oonf?r a favor by leaving it at mis offioe. 23-3t* CH RLWARD?Strayed awar from th< I snt scrib?r. on the 5th of No rfnit vember. a light ?ed buffiio r??W wnh?tir four white feet, and a star in her forehead, and a orop and a slit in har ear; bel on when l?fl h> me. I w ill give the al>ove reward for her retnrr ' to ma. CHKSTERFIEI.D MARSHAL. no 23 8t? On Fifth st., Capitol Hill. Two co ws estr ay? Found trespassing or my premises, near the Anacostia^H* Bri-'ge?one dark red, the other red *nd Kje ' white; both horned The owners will&Jta ' oom* forward, prove property,pay oharges, and take them away. r dokl 3t* john douglas. I tt.i: REWARD-Lost, on the Pth inatai.t t i heavy, open-worked pair cf gold h YEi Gi^ASSES, marked with imtia's "H. B ," glassei , very oonoave. srpposad to have been lost st tht Gwyn sale. Appiy at i 4T I street, corner of 18th no 22-lw ?1a reward ?Strayed or stolen or Wed ^3 11/ nesday evening, a out 6 *'olook. in Bacon jt Co's, a b\y*utw MaKK, with white oovered ?agon. the ' R?*MrpWii"kA#.^ lX tA?,4bo,r- ?r# fought tc

> SAMUEL bAtON A CO.,oorner Tth ana Pa av* no 22 St* BROKE LOOSE OR STOLKN-a large iroi grey HORSE. U* hands, 3 white feet.Vv . wart on off hind ? uar tor. long mane, gho w- Irn , mg mirks of harness ; had a new s ;luh^cz\ , saddle oa at the time of leaving, from Wood, Gibson k Co. Any one finding the *t>ove horse anr that will bring him to the 6th Cavairy Came. ? of Capitol will bt suitably rewad?ez wiflj there was a small ohestaui Colt. 3 white hind feet tail out off square at the baok, with a miitarv saddin a d stylish bridle. Bring him. If found, also t< 6th Carslry Camp. no ? lw . oommonly oatiea Toney. He is 6 feet 5 inches mr . high, very Uiok, short hair, grunt oounte- v nanoe when spoken o, with a small scar jk ? 'one of his eyes. w nt away with tlact^l jacket!United States buttons oq it), casinet paLie reilow gauntlet gToves. i will give f too to anyone hat w-r. briag him home to tae" ^ ' novl?*w* rlklder ma6ruder, f / i: WA.VTS. WANTED.-B? a reepeo'ahle m<d<tle aged wo*" man,* SITUATION as ehatrbei maid, or to MrM aa invalid or ba^v. No objection to go in theooantry. Address box 4 Star oftoe for 4 day*. It. WANTE^^ ?*> ored BOY,?o run eranJ? Af 1 ?? *ly at No. 333 11th street, between B and v. no a it* WANTED?* FURNISHED HOUSE, in central l< oation. 6o? d ten* Mid and *?et of refereno-egiven. Addteaa box 33*, Poet Offioe. no 53 3t? - \V'ANTED-?mm-dtately at No. 984 f ?tr?et, bet wen 14 th and 15th atreet. a WOMEN to 0 the genera' honxwrk of a small family Re ootumendation required. German orool-red ere' fe red. no 25-3t* HORSE WANTED, agitable f?r an express ?agon. Apply to JOHN B. PUDNEY. sft* P street It* Wa n rF.r> ?a comfortable two-story brick DWELLING HOUSE- Rent not to exceed $20<t per annum. Addreaa immediately, stating terms and lo? a ity, "Troy," at this office. It* ARFSPECTnTBLK GIRL WANTS A SITUATION. She ii agfxd cook, washer and ironer. Rotd reference* can b* given if required. AdJress M , star Offioe. It will be prompt t att?rded to. It* WA" TF1P-Bt two respeotab'e young girla. SI TUATIONS?ore a* oook. wa h?r and ' iron?r; th** othT as o^ambermaid an! help wash .ind iron or plain s?winr. Apply 308 Third street, between G and H ata., where they can be seen, no 26 St* WANTED?A SITUATION, by an experienced I " bookkeeper, with some sutler orother tradesman, to keep acouuts and make himself generally useful. Good references given. Address "R. N. S.." Star Office. no ?5 21* WANTF-D?'O.n^O whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Cash sn de'i' eT. F. It. HASTING* A CO.. .323 l? ?tr?e*, no25 tf Phi'Iiarmonio Building. | WANTF.H?A SCRUB GIRL. Apply at the Ebbett Houte._ _ _ It* A COOK WANTED. A st'edy middle aged woman that understands Ijer business < a i ap ply immediately at 371 Pa. averue opposite the National Hotel. H* WANTEH-Th'es T'N and SHEET IRON WORKERS. A pp!y at 243 Pa. avenua. i T no 25 3t* WANTKD-Rt a respectab'e voung girl, a ?? SITUATION s8 chambermaid or nurse. Can oome wpII reccmmen-'nfl Address "Pa'h^rine." Gro-getr.wn I'oat OBic. no 2, 2t* WA a>TF.D?Three DRFSSM AKE"S st No 359 Is? h street, between H and I sts. Work the year round and heard None but tood han^s need aptly. Also, two young ladies to learn ?he business/ no 2V3t* TO ALL unkmp'.ovrr. MEN ABOUT WASHINGTON WANTFD-S01 active. sob*r MEN. tof II r ut a rev Reeiment | formine, t > whom will be given i the highest rates of infant-v rav. Term cf enlistment, thre?? y ars. Con futable quarters, w?rm c'othmg. ?ood f od and oooci g utensils lurnished O" 'he dav fi h recruit is sworn in. The prese'iUiitPntion is t hav^ this Regiment ocoupr huts during the cornice winter, instead of > tents, which will add. n<> doubt, greatly to tne health and comfort of the men. T<? so dtera of the old Rrgu'ar Regiment* (of good refutation) whia' Win of servioe will expire *oor,tnts Regime!' (fen peculiar i"duce>nen'x for enlisting in as fr-m their kro^edge i f' till and dtscie'ine they will *t ono* be co?rmend?>d to 'h? Cilcel for prom^n n as r.on commis?ioned offioers. I" fact, promotion t<? the rank of commissioned npptcKR* i? open to all who mi* prove themselves worthy, h? continued somI oonduc' and strict at?nti>n to duty, of the honor of wearing shocldb* straps. , . _ For further in ornation arpl* to Capt. G F,PR GE GIBSON, 11th Reg'tU. S Infsn'ry at the G a tl Army Clothing I)*pot, in C< rcoran'a Temple of i Art. opp osite th* War D-partmcnt; Capt. LAT< MER, flth Infantry, onrner f l<?rh st and Penn. avenue ; or r%t>t. PECK. 11th I^fautrr. at .Major Beckwi h's Office, corner 18th ana G its. BQlg-lW 11/ a> tkd? A smal'o medium siz? i DWEI i ?' LING, not far from the Snrthtonian Icstitnfe. by a permanent tf-nant. Word lelt with H. MORSE, corner Pa av and lPili et., (boot an ? sho? store,' wt 1 tie prompt y a't^^ to no22 3t* WANTED-A furnished dwelling HOUSE. I " conveniently situated, west of 12:h st. and north of Pa avenu*. For further radicular* apply i pers-'nal y at Vo JI60 F st. north, between in a m. i and 2 p. in., daily no 2*-3t* WANTED-A sood CO? K. WASHER and IRONER. for a '! fa n ly, whonan come weil recommend-'d Also. a tinali ?ilR L as nu'n". ; Applr iirraedn'a,y by sddresting J L L, through I the et y P"*t Cffijo, Washington, D. C. no Id eo3t* WAN TED? Every person to know t'at I am in the mark't, ready to pay cash for all articles in the h uaefurcishmg lin". Those living tne oi'y. or having a surp'us, will do well to ca'i. R. BUCH LV, 4US Seventh ?t ,between Garni H ste., (east side,) Dealer in New and Second-ha- d Fur' niture. no 16 i nnn f*?ptv pilot bread boxes I ,UU" WANTED, at the National Soap and f P.&ndle Worke,corner Ureen street and the canal, . Georgetown, D. C. C. B. JEWELL, I po M-2?- Proprietor. A' GOOD WATChM AKK.H. having been in the business for six yosrs. wishes to aet a SI TU ' ATION. Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 33? Pa avenue. no & W"~ANTED? TAILORS, TA tLOKS ?X Tailora competent to work on military gooda. Apply ' G. Wall. Stephens A''o *s. se25 TO SUTLERS.?An energetic merchant, with sufficient oapitai. desires to purchase thaatock and baaicesa of a Rfginrental 8utler. Addreaa 1 "Hn'-mese." at the offioe of this paper, oc 31-lm WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES aud BED [ DING, for which we are paying the highest caah prices. Families declining housekeeping, or tiaving a o jrplus of furniture, will find it to their > advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je l$-tf No. 360 *rh st.. hetw. I ami K sta. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE^ PHfc-NS A CO.'S. 3Hi Pa avenue. se 18 WANTED IMMEDIATEDY-A person Who thoroughly understand* making mattiersea oan secure pe. manent employment oy applyine to C A WOOD A CO., sllO r-street, bet-reen 14 h and 15th sta. i.ov 18 1 w* ???^- a? BOARDING. HO A RD-Two or threesingle gent'emen may obtain Board in a private (ami y by applviug at r?o 311 7th:str- et. near corner < t L. n ' 25 1'* A MEMBER OF CONGRESS wuh-e 10 ae<\. cure l(oom* and Board lor himaeli and tamily? five persona in all Prrfera a h<>uae with few or no other boardera, above 13th atre?t. near the Avenue. AdJroaa "L.. C. Lt ," at ttlia office. nn 22 lw Army gloves; ARMY GLOVES!! At the Glove Depot of F. B HASTING'- A CO , 3tf3 D at. ficirg Pa ay., P n I V A T E. 3? II I V A T E. PRIVATE. GONORRHOEA CURED PBRMAKENTLY In Th&ek Days! And no internal uieaioinea us?d?no interference with bu iinea??no pam?no dieting medicines? rdorleaa, and will not stain. GLEET AND STRICTURES Banished under thi? treatment. LADIES With WHITE??that death to Yonth and Bsautyne.-d be t oubleUAo longer. SV PHILLIS i In all its forma, whether recent or of'ong atanding, oured, and every vestige of disease removed fro.n the system. Our charges shall be the most reasonable and 1 aatisfaotory to al! partes. Consu ta'ions free at all times. Medicines put up with fulldireotiona for uae, and so>d to sutl ers, trave' ers, An., at low ' rates. Med oine furnished which la a certain pre ventive to an> end all Venerial Dia-asea. Don't > be afraid of (ugh prices. Come and see us. No charge for investigations M. LA BONTA, Pi act tioner. , f[^Offije Washington Bni dinga, corner Pa. ave.. aad7th atreet, W ashington D. C., Ro m No. S. no 18-3iii JUST RECEIVED? 200 Bbla. Ex ra Family Flour, loo Bbla. sioper Flour, anoSacks New Buokwheat, 10 Bbla h oil Butter. For aale low by J. P. CARTER A CO.. no 18-eo8w* 2d street. Pa ave. C2ERMAN PIVISION, ATTENTION! ' HEADQUAHTERS For Sending Money to Germany and all part of the Country, 19 Mabkst Spaci, Sun of Ik* Gt'mam Fiat. co22 lm WHEELER A WILSON'S SEWING MACHINES! The Prettiest Preaent in the World FOR A LADY. A new lot juat received by P. J. STEF.R, Agent, no 21-St.* No. 346 Penn. avenue. i SOLDI* R*, SUTLERS, AND OTHERS T<| CAMP STOVES! CAMP STOVES We are now making daiiy 40 to 100 abeet Iron Stovee, from 92 to It cacti. Send^rouMr d^ers to Stove aad Tin Ware Hoaee. no 23 3t* No. 90 Gay atreet ^altioiore Md. SEALED PROPOSALS UN ML THE 30th o ltatant, are invited forforniahing the U.S. Sab aiater.oe Department with Flour About ll.oro barrela will De required of a high grade tf extra Fi-^ar, to M4?li>er,d la Waahina ton at the rai road depot, or at warehouaee la Washington "or Geptgrtown flbmetime between halat U/oember ar.d theSfith Det ember, Ufi. Each barrel f the Flour to t* I us pec tea just More it is reoeived. 1 he Fioar muat be equa1 in qaality to tha brand known aa Lyoira Union flour The barrels will tie reqnir<d to be head-lined. Bida to be dlree ed to Major A. BbCKWITH, 0- S.,U.S. A.,eadoraad"Proposal*" aotl TELEGRAPHIC IStf-WS I... ^ MORE REGULAR TROOP*"" The Fourth Infant-y and PiTidMi'i CtT> airy Arrive fr?m California. N?w Yo?i Cut, Nb?. ?, Wl. T? Gem. 8. Thomas, Adjt & *., fe. Col. Buchanan, with all ( ) companies of the 4th infantry, U. 8. A., and the 9th (Davidson's) squadron oft-. 9 dragoon*, arrived here this moralug from California, on the North Star LAT1R FROM EUROPE ' tbi iruci or xdustbb adam* at the lobd MiTOB'l BAKyCET WELL B(Clival) Niw Yobe. Nov 84 ?The steamer Etna. from Liverpool on the 13th inst , has arrived h"re The U. S ?tcamer Jamea Adger leftSocthamp ton on the 13th lnat , deatlnation unknown. Three British men of war were re> dv to aall for Mexico, but had been detained during the tormy weather. The French ?hipa comprising the expedition have )>een ordered to aall lmmedl ately. It la reported that It was at tt? Instigation of England that America la to be in vital to join the expedition against Mexico. The Spanish journal* talk of the probability of a Spanish protectorate a* the result of the expedition. Th" king of Portugal dl?d of tvnb us fever on the 13 in*t?nt and the duke of Operto has sue ce-ded to th? thr-ne. The snee'h of Mr Adamt. tN> American minister, at the lord m?yor>s banque\ has attracted cons'dersofo a'tent;"n He was silent a* to the war, but?ery raciflctowards England. The Daily New* *ays it was frank, maniv, sensible and reasonable, and m ist be cordla ly welcomed by Engls-id at l*rge, especially as a ?ra?ll bu' active faction 1* doing its utmcst to misrepresent A^eMcn diplom*cyand create ill-feeling The Miming Pest says the speech irw marked by the moat friendly s'atem-ncs res^ectl^p the gno"* feelln?s rf the American ^ov* rnment and people towards E-?glan?<, and horn that no occurrence will happen t" belle th*?e s'al-menti Tbe Times 1* characteristically sarcastic, but at the same time complimentary to Mr Adam*. Dudley Mann and Nr. Yancey were, as before stated, gueats at the grand banquet of tie Fishmongers' Companv at London Tbe latter respond' d to a toa*t f >r tbe restoration of p?ace In America. He spoke atronglv in fivor of the Conf-derate cause He eulogized England for the recognition of belligerent rights, and sad th* Confederates d!d not d'-siie Intervention, being able to maintain their independence, but they did desire reco 'nition by tbe powers of Europe He averted that there could be no basis for negotiation so long a* the Confederate* are treated as rebels When thev are treated a* a belligerent pewer the ir.oriii ig of peace will dawn The Confederate# will b?- inflexible ouly in the points of independence and honor Tbe Times seeks to calm the dismay at tbe short upplles of cotton, and says there is no ground for national alarm The final obsequies of McManns took place at Dublin on tbe lOih Instant, with imposing demonstrations. It is almost certain that M. Fould has accepted tbe French Ministry of Finance, and his propraam ? being eutrenebnient in every branch, Europe will be assured of tho pacific Intentions of France. COVMESClAt^tNTLLLIGESCE Liverpool, Nov. 14 ?Cotton cloaed firm, with an upward teudancy?sales of four davs 57,WO bales, including 30.000 bales to speculators and exporters have advanced If . Breadstuff* cksed quie; and steady. Cora has declined. Provisions are dull. London, Thursday?Consols closed at 03?a94 for money. American securities weie quiet Ths Latest, (via Qaeenstown ) ? London, Ncv. 14.?The British thips of war Donegal, Conqueror and Sarisparell left yesterday with the expeditionary bat:aiionsof marines for Mexico. The Paris Constitutional arginstbat Aibtflcan ingratitude enables France to witness tbe disruption of the I nion with the utmost indifference Latest News from Een'acky. Locisvill*, Nov. 33 ?The sovereignty convention, which intended to take the government out of the hands of the people of Kentucky, was b*id in RuMelvHle, lu this stateon the li?th inst. Fifty-one counties were represented Henry C. Burnett, well known in vonr city as a representative in Congress fro n Kentucky, was choaen president, and a provisional state government was formed. Georse W. Johnson, of Scott county, will be appointed g >vernor ?n place of Mago'fln, who is violently denounced because he would not follow Breckinridge The small pox, typbo'd fever and bl*ck noe'sle* are sa'd t" be committing frightful ravages in tien. Buckner's army on Muldraughs' Hill. Large numi>er8 d'e every day. The Nashville (Tenn ) Unl?n s'ates that The Federal troop?, 4 000 strong, have advanced on Bacon Creek, in tbe neighborhood of tbe Bowling Green rebel camps. The Latest from Mi*soari?>The Rebels Again Advancing. Rolla, November23 ?Ben. McCullocb, with a large rebel force, is now encamped between Springfield and Lebanon His plckeU extended last night <*er a space of fifteen mile* this side of Lebanon. This is considered reliable. It is also romored, b'it not credited, that the advance of the rebels, 800 strong, is at Gasconade, thirteen miles west of here. Arrival of Prizes. New Yobe, Nov. 24 ?Tbe prize bark Providence has arrived frrm off Charleston. Alto, prize brig Delta, of Liverpool, formerly William M. Rice, of Boston, ha* arrived from Charleston bar, captured by the Santee off Matamora*. She has aboard the crew of the Annie Taylor, taken off Galveston by the steamer South ? arollna. and now acting as a tender to the Vandalia. Heavy Fall ef Snow. Albany, N.Y., Nov. 23.? Snow has fallen heavily here all day. TN. Hirinox, . ,2!?0 i' KaBL STRSKT, NBW YOBE, MaLuiaoturer of BKASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS tor the Uuit.d Sta.tej Army. REGULATION KAGLES, BUGLES. CRO?S Ca NNO.xS, SABR KS, *0 . oon-tiiuly on I and, and shipped t_ a..j part of tbe oouuiry at ahort to Uce. Aleo? BRAirS FEATHER HOLDERS, no22 lw For Offiosrs' Hats. ifii ATTENTION, SUTLERS! jKr? I iyholhsal* UJ ? 11 BOOT AND SH'tK DEPOT, fll * K So 309 E STBBBr. ' K (South side,) l e, en is h and lSh' sta.. Near kt Willard Hotel. We invite all sutins & U ciiu u* to call and exaniinoour 'took be or - purcha-inc e re?h?re. ro2l 8W bCHAFEK A FOR'TER BR '8 ORANGE COUNTV CONDENSED MILK.? It is highly reoommendeJ br Physioians, Snip Masters and traveler*, insure* a twee', pure artiole for au? lengili of time Never bfoouus oheesy, and Kuaianned o keep in an; ciimate. fT?" For a&le at facto r prioes. K1NXJ A BU"CHELL, oo 22 Corner IWh ?t and Vermont a<r. yO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS BATCHBLOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. The Beet in the World, The Only Rtliabl* and Harmless Hair Dy? Knotm. Sol J l>y ali Druggisu; also, at Bbbbkton's Patent Meuioine Store, t p. tMat Offioe. oor. F A Tth, and at Gibbs's Hair Store, 1149 Peno'a avenue; where Ladies oan uave it aapaed, if desired. Factory?SI Baroia? at. (late iX 0roadway) N. Y. 00 3-Iv UNION PAPER AND KN VELOPES.?Twenty different styleo of Note and Letter Papar, with Envelopes to match. Vtews of Waahinrtoa in the form of a Rose, and in Uook form, also, separate All the Daily and Weekly Papers constant.y on hand. Herald. Times, and Tribune reoeivad every night at 6 o'cioc*. Papers from ail parte of the country. Be&dle's Dime Novels and Song Books. A fresh supply of Books for summer, eheap A large assortment of Juveniles? Mayne Retd'a Books, Rollo Books, Abbott's Histories. Ao. A disoount ol 10 to Bo per oent. on all bound bocks FRENCH A R1CHSTE1N, ma ? National Hooks toro. 2T* Pa. av. ^JUNBOATS FOB T8B WESTERN R1VER3. QCABTBEMASTER GBKBBAX'S OniCB, I Washington, Jim* 17,1961. { Pboposals are invited for oonstrnotiag 6an boats upon the Western rivers 8>eo locations will be immediately prepared and may be exaa^ r ed at tbe Quartermaster's ofhoe at Cincinnati, rit'aburgh, and at this oftce. Proposals irom boat-builr art and angiiie-balld er* alone will be considered. P ans submitted by bidders will be taken into consideration. M O. MEIGS, jel? Quartermaster General United State r|1HE EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY f, 1 EM RICH, at the oomer of Penn. A . . A avenue and Eleventh street, has bMnfeflMl greatly iaiarovad reoantlr aad mow ofler* greater tnccceniects for the patroaace ol oiuaeas and strangers than any other eublio house is th* oity, hie prices being leu than thaae a/ any olhar oote'i or Pe\n. avenue, ant^^uyw-n.modaboLi stLx Jroao*. !>" ?! ? ?? I ?* ?.H pElME OOtBBN BUTTER -?S the r most dairiee, just received and for sale by WAU* haknaku, ^ Commie*ton MerehaVa. o 1# Cor. eoath side Pa. av. and 9Ut at. SECOND EDITfOV. THR1F O'CLOCK, P. *. Zirrsr sr telkohph. ykf Ilr?a?> NwktilU. c .? Vol i Not 25 ?Tbe'. p N aahvlQs was at Bermuda, sad was to sill fer England oa ^Tbe Br*t1?h gunboat Nimble bf arrUed here Iliairt U (?> W Ilkfi. Bo?tc*. No* iS ?The reception a# Cif^ Wilkes will take place this sfternoon it FMMtfi raall The a?cer* of the Ban Jaaelato will be received mi ?be I .on* Whatf at ? o'clock ?f ? body of cltltena, with music. who will escort th ?m to the hall wtm there will b? congratuls tlov* and handshaking by the public 'generally From Fortress Mnr?f. Bbltimobb Not 5(6?The Old Polst steamer baa arrived She bring* no letters for tbe preaa, and consequently we are without any now* Flews from Richmsad BaITIMOBB. No* 5tSth ?The Richmond Kmquirr, save, the Kebel Coagress boa pawa a bill for the- removal of the capital from Richmoad to Nashville. and that ih? Coafedemte Congreea will aooa assemble there. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. XBWS FBOM TBI OTBBB ttbt. Wo are aatlsded, from reliable Information that there are about 60 o 0 troops of tb? enemy at and Immediately around .Manaaaaa junction Their advanced pickets are, during the day. stationed at Falrfii Courthouse, and withdrawn from that point nightly to tbf Immediate vicinity of Centrevllle, where very few troops are now stationed Prince Polianlc ta now a member rf Beauregard's staff Generals Early and Eweti are posted north of Fairfax Courtbous-. The force at N?nrssas la well provided with tenta, but not with clothing, though they are getting new supplies of It. THE SAVAL BDXAXCX BCIIAC. I.t Henry A Wlee as the ?ctlng ev'ef of the naval ordnance bureau, In the absence of Captala Hi r wood. wbo is iff on a tour of loapectlon, In the course of which be will doubtless inspect tko ordnance in all the I' B. navv yards Ttis Is the first Instance on rec ord In which a lieutenaur has been charged with tbeehl ftanafalp of a naval bureau He deserve* the booor, for bo U one of the first oftcm of the service. Capt John G. Park, Topographical Englneera. U S A , baa been appointed 1 Brigadier General of Volunteers AS ESCAPED SOLDI BB . On last n'ght a youth of eighteen, Wn. West, a sot. cf Wm. We*t of the Treasury Department In tMeclty, who being at Wlncheater was aome months since pressed into the rebel service, made hla escape from the enemy's camp opposite our llrt-s, meeting onr first pirketast Annsdsle,whose protection be clainifd and received. He was formally conducted to Geu Blenker's camp, and by lhat cfllctr he was sent to headquarters here this forenoon. He is a you'b of decided intelligence snd energy. and dcubllem possesses valuable information. just tt this time. His position was that of Gent Elgey'* crderly. LATE LOCAL NEWS. ' Fibb To-Day.?Fire broke out la the laree brick building two or tjree dtors w??t of tbe Central Guard House, a 11 tMe before 10 o'clock to-day. 1 be building belongs to Mr. Charles Lvona of tbia city, and the lower floor was occopied *s a Sutler's store, and the second Br d third atories as a Mr Pettibone To* paper sbavinga were thrown from the bln^vy through a trap to the lower floor In the re?r of the st">re ^moke was first discovered pouriog through this tnp Into the binderv above, by some of the t>a~ds of the establishment, and was fo liid to proceed from the paper sbavinga which were on fire. do rapid was the pr-'gress made by the flames that some of the glrla eroplo.ed In the bindery were one moment looking out of tbe windows into the street tcMee wuere the fire was, and tba next minute their escape by the stair* waa eat off. Some were taken out of the second story window in f-ont. and many of tbeni got oat by wav of a abed In the re?r The firemen did as well as they could with the means at their command, but the building la a perfect wreck A great quantity of groceries was saved f om the sutler's stores, but Mr Pettlbone's loss Is very heavy, it is stated that there was nearly S100 WW worth of valuable books In the building mostly belonging to the Cover., ment Circuit Court ?This court is In session today and still has the case of Jones against Dermctt under consideration. Severs^ witnesses were examined to-day Thbbats ?Emanuel Besel waa arrested on the charge of threatening violence to his wife, from whom he had separated a short tlm* sgo He wm held to security for peace by Jnst!ce Donn. |?7? Whl'e "DlMy Wl'son's men'* were en enmped at Sbiten Island we one day visited tbo camp, a- d beard the frllcwlng narra ed by aa cflii er: "1 raw a Mlnwtrv the otherdavto reak g'tard. The sentinel on dutv remonstrated wlta him but finding that the Intruder was obsttn*te aad persisted in b-eakln? through, be carefully 1;,Id downh'sgun*' "What! was be afraid?" -'Not a bit of it He went to work with his fists sad nclished off th* fellow In grand style He ba4 not got used, he said, to military ' weepies.'" WANTED?For the Virginia Horns Gsft'd. W more ? ECKl'i I S to ill a oon pauy vf cavn rj a w leinc >a<s d l e e, to i e atu.o . d to taa * Lastern Viricini* H .(%<!?.' Aa the ?ov*innt*at will not autho s *h3 r? sm| of an; more cavalry, *hi? is the la?< onsno- U> j >in a oomp-ny ot this kmd. Pay per mon'h. Katiuu. ?.lo.aicf. Ao same as >he reict, ar *rmj. Al?o, g^od meJical at totaance. Ail ^u puients famiaaed fi Sbouptj ?<u i on d.sctiarfc*. ?. all soon at ^3S 7'a st'ee', betwe< n a ana L. ns\r NoitLem Liberties Msrk't. Washioctou, D. C., >ov. & >161. i ?S 3i" A8TRAV?Ore brown BORSK. ahont hands h ?h t.;ree white faet b srai h|p^ in eff side y?, a'HJUt 10 yew? ?'? A so on bay Mare, abos hands hi(h A? auitauie r?va*4 vi I be p?io ot. d^ ivery at say ?ta ble, nort: ea t corner 18th sua G ate., iu ihe Alley j or i^a ioiii H?.il. . _ no25-St* J B. OLCOTr. nIKTR'CT CF COLUMRlA. CoruTT o# \\ a?hisotos Te-iei? .*-I h^.eby o rtr.r that Bat jaro.n ?. Kmsey t-ruuekt be:o ?? ea?au a*trav one oa* HOK F.. with a stanch s foreh** ; bis k mate aid t?tl. two hind f<?et <mi ?. between la and s hands hiKh; sged ? yasrs last *pri?c Wr>. a ia>enai> ?>e had oa nuu as dalo ana bridle, oas ' \\Ttute- m hatid and saa! this S th day of No vcm e , 18 THOMAS C. IH'MV, J p. for Wathir gtoa oosaty, D. C. The own*r < f the above cere ibed horse, saddle and Lridls will pira'e at?- lo? waru, prove proper" ? ' "Ji'iJ-kVn-Jk v.? no B 3t* Lear Mary and av. ana. THE PROPER KINDS OFCIOTHM FOR Soldier C oaks. rtas<aee, Jackets, aad Dresses, at the proper priass. New lots opened to day. New Cloaks, Shawls, *Oae pnoe oc.y, marked is p ain tiaras. ssr-'Cur<*"Pa. aveane aiic N: r th m . no SS ?d "l*?rT? B tldf t." FOR CITIZENS' WE\K-Morstbauaeras?aJ full stock ot cloths, Caas meres, aad Vesnaaa. many of them for hne business aa ta AlsoClotka and Caaaimerts of finer tralo* Uan aauaUy had in this amrket. . . . One pnoe only, marked in plain agarm. An inspection of stock ibeurs ao obiigattea m ?"Kt;-V?25('4'U,. aogft-wd ' Peerr " proverbia'ly low pneee tfchVt&MLJi correapoudsnts seat VuTnn^i'""'1^ so.ioited ; tt iMrs ?a rV ^ BROTHEa. reaa. are., aad ten 'treat, aon-U -Perry ^hUdtH." Eff AND STYLISH HOQi*SRIRTS,afUa beat ahasm and i<jaUliae, With ?i kinds of Dry Ocols lor the Itmsl want- of ram lies. ae prise only. Marked la plaia figures. C *M- uX1!ik-A"VBlKACHE'D"?1 11ly'y.rutil' sJE. an. ' WSf t fartt. icd ipioiil vioti of funi iti .

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