Newspaper of Evening Star, November 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 26, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: TIESD.IV, M, 1H1. ' ob. Pui'i* a* Ice various military cam pa and positions will confer a favor by keeping as posted U to mov merits and sffblrs In their viclnitte#. |?7~ To our Baltimore readers we would say thai fbe first and second edition of tbe Star can br b*d In Baltimore of E. P. Hazel ton, agent. No ?t West Baltimore street, near Gay?the first edition at balf past four and the second at eight o'clock, on the arrival of the tralnafroro Washington, giving all the latest news from the seat of war up to tbe time of going to press. Sptfit Of the Maraiag Press. Tbe tmi'lhgene'T continues to treat upon the Mason tHidell afibir. The Ripnblnan notlcea the de*poti?ra rf the % South, with regard to tbe circulation rf newsP?F*r? # Affairs la Dixie. ,, V ?,v a as py.m wiuu UI i^upica Ul vur cvicoinona Difpntch, Enquirer and Faraminer, of the 20th lust , from cloae examination of which we l?arn many fact* of Interest concerning tbe stale cf affair* In Dixie. Thus, we learn tbtt John Jairney. of I.oodou, has resigned I be presidency of that shameless revolutionary body, the Virginia constitutional conventloa, which la ag.Mn In session; having as aerted tbe right to perpetuate 1U own existence He atates no reason for hla restgnation other than that he was tired of the (unenviable) office. On motion of James Barbour, of Culpeper. (whose unexpected apostacy last spring gave the aoceDdancy to the revolutionary element la tbe 1>>dyand thus precip.tated the state Into secession) Hubert L Montague, of Middlesex county, aecssh, LieuUmtant Gjvernor of the state, wa< elected president of tbe convention (on the 19th inot .) in Janne>'? s'end; beating Cox, of Cheste'fleld, by a vote of 55 to iS, with one vote f*.r Wm. I.. G>oggia The cons>rv*tWe* (such as they are) voWd for Cox Handy Stout, of Augusta, (whilom United Mates Secretary of tbe Interior,) ax chairman of tbe convention's committee on constitutional reforms. has mad- a mnj^rlty report, strongly urf. Ing sweeping eh nan In the principles of ihe sates institutions?ab l<ab!ng popular suffrage and tbe p.pular e eciton of moat of the public functionaries, high ann low Tbe committee, through him. urge that p pnlar government, as practiced la the United States, baa proved a lame itabic failure; and while contending that It (a but the duty of all able-bodied men to perfo:m military rervice In behalf of the Confederate states, urge thit it is only tbe legitimate light of thj property-holder and tax-payer, to vote. By way of reconciling the people to the pro. cuiaiiK, me committee urge the adoption of an amendment to the atatea conatitution by which ouly those who have paid the preceding year a taxes siitv days before the election, shall hereaf er be allowed to vote. The tarribly demoralized condition of our north (!), the alleged rapid tendency of affairs there to agrarianlsm (! ) and the fact that best men are not always elected by the people (' ! ') of the I'nited States to office, are the principal pleas on which Sandy urges bis proposed reactory '-reform" In this connection The report recommends that hereafter only members of the legislature shall be elected by the restricted popular voters; and that all other officers, county aa well as state, shall either be chosen by the legislature or appointed by new appointlag powers. Ua the whole, thia singularly rich report bears out to the letter our position taken at the commencement cf the embrogllo, that secession was but a cloak for the purpose of stealing from the white masses of the south their distinctive American liberties. A quartermaster advert'ses for three hundred able-bodied negro slaves t> labor on military roads la the army of the Potomac, offering 920 per month and one ration. Henry W. Thomas and Wm L. Edwards (of Fairfax Court Houae) advertise that they will proaecute claims agalaat the atate and confederate governments for indemnity for negroes es eap+d to the union army or who have otherwise run away through the facilities of the war, and for all other damages aav seceah may have sua talned by the war, Ar. Thomas and Edward* have evidently gone to seed?the former at Richmond, and the latter at the Court House A dealer in Richmond advertise* pianos for ale, addlcg the hint, that purchasers had better be In a nurry, as such tilings are not to be hereafter obtainable in rteco?sia. Ws should have stated above, that one of the reasons why Andy Stuart urges bis proposed restriction of suff rage Is because it is not Improbable that Virginia will soon be comparatively without negro labor, (a significant admission of an Inevitable result of secession. as we loug since demonntrated In the *'Star,*') and northern labor may be ?-xp?icU*d to flock to supply ita place. He holds that it la necessary to guard In advance agnluat sjch changes In Virginia prestiges *nd vested 'ights, as be believes tne northerners miy seek to tffect at tne ballot boxes unless tbey are disfranchised now, while sectsh influence^ mav be able to do tnat thing. The hospitals in Richmond are shockingly managed, If that city'a papers may be believed A soldier recently discharged from a Culpepper Court House hospital, pra ses their comparative better n anngement, whicb be attributes as much to the care of the ladies, who do the nursing there, and provide tbe sick and wounded with II conceivable little comforts and luxuries out of tbeir own private means, ss to the constant supervision of the surgeon-general at that point, Dr. Green, late of the U. 8. Navy, who, by the by, was proverbially one of the best medical officers In cur service. United S ate# Senator Waitman T . Wllley has been expelled from bis seat in tbe Virginia convention by a unanimous vote, bis name having been called diiiy until the 19:b inst In place of tbe unionists lately In the convention who have "vamosed tbe ranch," they have Improvised the following constituent-!? ? new nembeis, vis: Joseph H. I'endleton, for Ohio county; Ji'ph D- Pickett, for Brooke county; Jeffe son T Martin, for Marshall county, Stephen A Morgan, for Marlon, Jonathan H Heck, for Monongalia; Robt. K Cowan and C. J Prlndall JEsop. for Preston; John A Robinson, for Taylor; Wtt P Cooper, for Hsrrtsor , Edward D McGulre, for Wood, and Jacob Marshall, for Ran dolpb and Tucker counties. Albert G. Jenkins, needed ai-aiber of the U. 9. CongreM) has be<-u elected to the secesb Congressfroin the litb (K mawha >di?trictof Virginia. Commander Kdw&rd B. Boutweil, U. 8. N.? wbo baa for tome time been In jail In Richmond, und> r ausptaion of being inimical to secesh, baa boon unconditionally discharged by Jeff. Davit's order Preference is given on all tbo Virginia railroad* to military and other government freight. The demand for paper of every description is lmmenae In Richmond, there being none to speak of on hand, and hardly any prospects of getting af. Ink (printing) la quite aa scarce. The amad pox la making terrible work with the rebel troops on Muldraugh'a Hill, Ky. Largo numbers are dying dally of It, saya a dispatch In the Richmond Emquirtr On the 1Mb Inst , C Parramore waa appointed receiver (under their sequestration act) for the * count! t? of Accomse and 4Nortbampton. In view of the fact that secesb now slugs wonderfu IT small la those counties, If Mr. Parramore wishes to preserve a whole skin bo will hardly venture t? accept that honor. * Sampson Jones agent" urges the farmers of Virginia to make butter for the south, now that ?fco northern supply Is cut off. The Richmond Christian Advocate has suspended from lanhlllty to procure printing paper Mende A Brother, apothecaries, (Richmond,) advertise that inability to procure supplies of tedlciae compel lb em todecllae most of their firmer business Franhlln, tbe j>uf y optician, wbo net long since did buslaes* here, seems to be the only one 14 his Ujtr doing bueia^s now ta Richmond Amor.g the abominations cited by Sandy Stuart la his report, commented upon above, la the Yankee acbool system that ' compels the rtcb to educate tbe children of the poor " He denounces It as not only sn outrage, but a proof of tbe rapid tendency of things In the United States to agrarian ism !!! South American monkeys (porous water coolers) are advertised as substitutes for Ice, now nat obtainable In the r*bel capital Clarkson ft Co adv rtlse"2S dogwood stumps" ?apologle* fbr wooden leg*?an article In demand there juat now, evidently. Tbe Richmond Examiner denounce* the payment of interest due on Virginia state and other bond* purchased by southerners of parties In the north since the opening of the war. as paying a premium for speculation and collusion with the northern enemy. The sime paper prays for the reign of an English, French or Russian prince over the south before a restoration of tbe union. This Is simply In accordance with all t&erest of the real Fecesh pess. The state (Va ) convention have taken the liberty of electing Alexander R. Botelerto the Confederate Congress, to represent the Winchester distric' In place of James M. Mason, (now peeping through bara In Fort Warren ) The general conference cf the Methodist Episcopal church south, for eastern Virginia, convened at Norfolk on the 20th Inst. Several hundred passports were granted in Richmond to attend it So, no msn may travel now anywhere In Virginia without a pas-port T ine times there alnt thf>? Flour went np ?*ne dollar per barrel In Richmond In the course of last week. An undertaker offers to furnish a genteel hearse and "flxins," with which to bury the soldier* dying in the hospitals of Richmond, for the prices the government allow for the usual furniture wigon and negro driver. Exchange on New York in Richmond was selling at 6a6# percent premium; sliver at 15, and gold at vO per cent ; Confederate states bonds (115,000 000 !?<ue) 99n98){ par, being confederate money. No sale for O.angeand Al?xar? dria Riilrosd 6 and 9 per cent, bonds. The rates for Virginia railroad stocks and bonds that find any sale whatever, range from 40 (for Va Cen'ral) to57, (for I'^terrhurg and Richmond) and 77, (for Richmond and Fredericksburg ) The following are the current prices of merchandise at wholesale, (the Kj-aminer remarking that for small qantlths higher prices arecharged.) Vi. Bacon, Hog round 23.26 cts Butter 45a60 cts ?very scarce. Corn meal 5*0*95 eta Candies, UlW.w, 20 cts ; adamantine, 45a49 cts Coffee? none in the market!!!) Hay?timothyor clover, ?1 25 #er hundred. Hultfax herrings, ?bj$IO. but ni?ne to be had. Pig Iron, ?40^S15?stock small. Nails, 7n6)<. Refintd English iron, 9115 af 120. Leather, f>Oa65 cts , demand immense? lock very light; (very likely ) Lead, 7}$a9\ N. O. molasses, 52*65 cts Pepper, 70a75 cts; very scarce. Salt, fine Liverpool, ?9.50a?l0 ? Wool, washed Virginia, (common) 50i60, line Merino do , 55a60 Jerry Morton, of Orarge, has resigned his seat in the Virginia Convention. The Lynchburg speculators have put salt up to 120 per sack ! ! Alfred M. Barbour has resigned his seat (from Jefferson county) in the Virginia Convention aiiu su ciius me cnapier or our gleanings from tbe Richmond paper* of the W.h. Northern Pennsylvania Railroai<?Elsewhere see new advertisement of th s road It is without doubt one of the very best managed roads In the country, having excellent officers and employee*, and the traveler by It Muds his comfort and convenience studiously cared for throughout Its length Also, It may be mentioned tbat the road traverses a beautiful and highly Interesting tract of country, through which one never wearies of traveling. 1?7" An attentive examination should be given by the public to the lis' of articles remaining uncalled for at the Adams Etprtss Office, published elsewhere; as the sale of these articles soon to take place may result In serious Inconvenience to those neglectful if thla important matter. U7"To-nlght, Hon. Henry Winter Davis of Maryland, addreses the Brooklyn (N. Y ) Mercantile Library Aaaoclation, upon "the Southern Insurrection and the Constitutional power* of tbe Republic for Its suppression " [T7" Yesterday. tbe anniversary of iheevacia tlon of Mew York by the British, w.-.s celebrated with enthusiasm by tbe citizens of that city. The procession, led by Gen. Sand ford and stall, was composed of the S?venty-flrst regiment, tba First Dragoous, Third Hu*sars, Fourth Artillery, Fifth German rifles, followed by Gen. Hall and staff. leading the Seventh, Thirty-seventh, Eighth, Flfty-fli'cb, Eleventh and Twenty-second reglntents A portion of tbe Continental Guard paraded In tbe lower pirt of the city, and the veterana of '76 fired a salute from the Battery }?7"The United States?t-am transports Boston, Deleware, and Cosmopolitan left New York yesterday lor portresa Monroe, where they are to receive troops for Fort Royal. These steamers beside carrying about 3 tux) men will take full cargoes of provls'oiis and ammunition. The Milwaukee Sentinel of the 11th, saya: " The shipments of wheat from thin port, for the 21 hours ending 6 p. M , yesterday, reached the enormous aggregate of txro hundred and fifty iMousand bu h'ls This is the largtst atnounl We have ever ship|*d in one day." C^Spurgein 1> callid the Barnum of the Gospel by the London fpectat jr. OCR NILITAHV BIDGET. A BATTLE AT PENSACOLA. The Inltrd States Frigates Niagara and Colorado Engage the Forts. THE FIRE BRISKLY RETURNED. ? ? FOR T P1CKKN8 SHELLS THE NAYY YARD 1I1E BATTLE YET GOING ON. The navy department has received the following despatch: Baltimore, Nov. 26, 1881?9 A. M. O. V Foz, E-q , Astiit. Secretary of Navy: Tie Old Point boat has arrived here. Passengers say that the Norfolk Day Book publishes despatches from Richmond to the effect that an engagement wan going on at Pensacola. Parties who read the paper say that it states that the United Statia steam frigates Niagara and Colorado engaged Fort McRea, and that ti>e fort briskly returned their tire; and further, that the thku being damaged, were compelled to haul off The paper, they say, alto state * lh*t Fort Pick* en* ?ia firing on the Pent ,col* navy yard. [Special despatch to 'be Star.] Fobtksss Monbpb, Nov 25?6% p. m. Watkingion Star: Paanengera from Norfolk to-day report that there la great commotion there over a despatch In the Norfolk Day Book, alleging that on Saturday laat oar fleet In Penaacola b iy and Fort Pickens made a combined attack on tbe (aeteah) fort McRae and tbe Penaacola (Warrington) n*vv yard. Tber allege that tbe deapatcb claim* that our veaarla tbe ste&mshlpa Colorado and Niagara were repmlaed by tbe fort with ao great damage to them aa to compel them to haul off But that Fort PUkena bad aticeeeded in burning the village of Warrington, and alao the navy yard, Here It la jndged from the tenor of tb*d*<patch that gpr (Vnlon) vle'.oiy haa been a triumphant MM. . H .r* 4 Sfrond Special Dliyitck ?? the Star. ADDITIONAL PARTICULARS The Fight Commence 01 Saturday and Is continued on Sunday! THE NAVY YARD FIRED BY HOT SHOT FROM PICKENS! ! Warrington Utterly Destroyed !!! A GREAT tNION VICTORY M! Fokt***? Mostiri, Nov 25, ? P. M. J list as the steamer is aboat to atirt, (for Baltimore,) I learn additional f articular* of the great battle nt Pensaoola It commenced on Saturday, and wm continuing on Sunday last, up to which day the Norfolk Day 6o*k's despatch had news from It. . According to that despatch, Fort Tickens, by firing hot ahot, had set the Pensacola Navy \ ard on fire three times, but the Confederate had managed up to that time to extinguish the flames In It. They had not been able, however, to extinguish those of the burning town of Warrington, which the hot ?hot of Pickens had utterly destroyed ? Few here place confidence in the dtspa'ch, wherein It claims that our two ahlps of war were seriously damaged. We all b?lieve that It will turn out to be as brilliant a victory as tbat at Port Royal. WHAT A CCHRKXCY ! A friend just arrived from Dixie has exhibited to us a apeclmen cf the confederate money in the shape of a S5 note, it is cheaply lithographed upon atone and printed upon miserable paper by Hoyer A Ludwi^, of Richmond, Va , and bears upon Its face the following inscriptions : ' Received in payment of all dues except export due* " "Fundable in confederate notes, stock bearing eight per cent interest " 'Two years after d ite'the confederate states of AnvMcn wlll^>ay to b-arer ?.? Richmond, July 25, lc6l ' H. H 'ioodloe far Treasurer. ' T. Elletfor Register." The vignet'e is the familiar figure (borrowed apparently from some eld plate) of a sailor leaning upon a capstan. Probably this particular sailor is one of the confederate persuasion waiting in this expectant attitude for the European powers to break the blockade. THE KX r ED! T ION TO THE EASTEBN F MORE or VI*GINIA. Dispatches to ben Dlx from Eastern Virginia announce the cap'ure of three rebel officers, a captain and two lieutenants. Seven cannon were also captured Tbey are all new and In good order All traces of disloyalty teem to have dts appeared In An oniac and Northampton coun?!?? County meetings are lo be held to renew allegiance to the Federal government. The people w 11 lirat adopt the State g< v rmneut f?r W estern Virginia as a temporary measure, and then look to legislation by that State and Maryland for annexation to the latter The Secretary of the Treasury has ordered tbe restoration of the Ukjht on Cape Charles, and the Postmaster General will send a special agent to renew the postal aonmiuniritlons with both counties Another account states that there bad been nine smooth bore iron cannon captured, all elegantly mounted, but no amnriunitlon, with tbe exception of seine bags of slugs, evidently cut from rod Iron, aboul an Inch and a half long. No powder had been discovered, and if they had anv it ha* beeiLconcealed. Tke only musk?ts thus far secured were about one hundred eld tllnt-locks. Rubid's Pennsylvania Cavalry, the Fifteenth New York, and tbe Indiana Regiment had arrived at E*stvlll??, the county seat Northampton, and found all the secessionists bad disbanded, Capt Smith wbo commonded the secessionists, had mad?* his escape, and evorythlng remained quiet Gen. Lockwood's headquarters are at Drummontown, and bis forces have full and p< arable control of both Northampton and Accomac counties ?Bait. Sun Military Movkmkktk ?' Mnce the last notice of mil.tary movements which bave. taken place In this city are tbe following: Tbe eighty-fifth Infantry of Pennsylvania military, numberirg 848 men, and commanded b> Col Howell, parsed through on their way to Washington, In a special tram of cars Y<-wtrrday, there reached here two large detachments of Infantry of the first anl fifth Michigan regiments, which will be forwarded to the c.ainps near Warh'ngton, for the purpore of placing th'S" commands on tbe volunteer war foot'ng. Yesterday nff-rnoon, about twooVlock, arrived the ?"Cord New York cavalry regiment, numbering about 740 officer* ard men. They caine by the Philadelphia, Wilmington and Baltimore rillroa^. and ma^ed along Exeter, lialtlmore, Hanovr and Carrden rtreets, t^ the Camden ralluravatatlnn In N.w ' ??? l ' ... ." v.?, .?v- ! uclter known as the black borae regiment, and la rampowd of able-bodied men, all Well equipped, and Instructed In cft-alry discipline The men c'fried their swords with them, and It was wortby of remark, about a doten on the right of the platoons turned weapons resembling the ?'Jobn Urown pikesBaltimore Amtritan. Atrocious Murder ix Lewis Cousty?Thr Funds Still at Large ?A letter waa received yesterday from Weaton, Lewis county, giving the particulara of two of the moat atrocious mur d"ra on record. On tbe night of the ?0'.h of October a secession desperado, named Win G. Pierson, in company with Eiioch Cunningham and Cbrlatlan Simons, w>nt to tbe b?u?c of a Union man named VV m Brake, and, after telling him, told htm they had been aent by Gen. Rosecrani to arrest bim. took bim about a mile from bis house and shot him down, after which they rifled bia pocket* of $-2UU, and left hi* body lying in the woods. Tbe fiends then went up the river four miles further and called out Geo. Blair, an old man 72 year* of age, and shot him alto. The murderers are still at large, prowling about tbe neighborhood, the dread and terror of th?? whole community.? Wheelmg Inttlligencr, 18 tk. v fO* Mr Spu'Keon Is coming out In a new line, and devoting his Tabernacle to aomewhat novel uses A few weeks ago he gave a facetious lecture ? n tbe Gorilla In this building which waa only recently opened aa the House of God. On tbe table of which tbe Rev Gentleman preaches, (for he baa no pulpit) was exhibited a monster stuffed specimen of the Gorilla, brought over by du Challlu. Amid peals of laughter Mr Spur geon described tht habits, 4c., of of this forbidding animal, occasionally spicing his remarks with passages of Scripturefor example, linking steadily at the dead specimen, he sa d: Betwixt me and you there is a great gulf fixed ? and so on Tbe lecture was so decided a success that Mr. Spurgeon determined to try again, and so announced to lecture on "Shrews,?and how t to tame them " Several illustrations of Shrews ! were given from Xantlppe to Mrs Weslev Copious extracts were read from Shakspeare's well know.i pl*y, and tbe audience was tickled by anecdotes gathered by the reverend lecturer In kla immphuth f*ifu th* wkau wu highly amusing. and the Tabernacle rang with af plause ? London LetUr, A Tough One ?A correspondent of one of our eotemporari?a, writing from Webster, Western Virginia, tells the following rather tough yarn: ? 'While out scouting," he says, "a captain and sixty-four men were aurrounded by three thousand secessionists, ?o he stretched hla men out tn a long line and as noon as they fired they would jump behind a tree; at the same time the captain wan bellowing out at the top of his voice for Col so and so to bring up that battalion, tell Capt. so and ho to bring those cannon hece, and kept halloing at such a fierce rate that the secessionists got frightened, and a general stampede took place In their flight they threw away blankets, knapsacks, revolvers and swords. The captain hadn't a man hurt, but killed seventy of th>-m, fouid over one thousand blankets, about two hundred and fifty knapsacks, swords and revolvers." ' A Co!tvi?:iST Position."?There was one "nubby" little paragraph In the early dispatches conctruing Ca( tain Wilkes's exploit which has escaped attention, but is very significant. It was stated that when the oommander of the English steamer showed light and defied the power of the frigate,Capt. Wilkes Immediately' placed the San Ja- ln'o in a convenient position " This was a mild way of putting it, but Inasmuch as the "convenient position" probably brought the frigate's broadside Into view, the Lngliah skipper hsd no longer any choice Oar navy generally is getting Into convenient positions, and with equally excellent resells ? N Y P?*t 117" The railroad that is to connect Halifax with Quebec is neurly half finished. Canada has bulit one t.n idred and fourteen miles, beginning at the Queoec terminus; New Brunswick one hundred and ten miles, from Shedlac to St. Johns; and Noya Scotia sixty miles, from Halifax to Trurt^?making In ail two hundred and eighty two rot lee of the entire route Bat three hundred and fifty miles remain to be bulit, the ooet of which la estimated at fifteen millions of dollars. ' U^Gen. Flovd, !a hl*i*cent retreat from tbe vicinity of Gauley, dea*??yed everything portable In his neighborhood He burned rver three baad-ed tenta, end picks, apadea and axeaby the hundred weip found charred and deatroyed At another phce ten wagon loads Were raptured, and along Ihe road for many ml'ea blanket*, broken down wagons. teata, and other article* of ramp equipage, Including arms, were .fouud caat aalde bv the rebeli In their burnr to get oat of the way of Brnbam's men The victory waa complete, and although Floyd waa not bagged, be waa driven inglorlooaly from weaWn Virginia. Floyd a force rooalsted of six Virginia regiments, two Mlaalaaippl regiments and one Georgia regiment. In all about five thouaand five hundred men General Benham bad th? Tenth, Twelfth, Thirteenth, and five hundred men from each of the tblrty-ae Venth and forty-fourth Ohio regtraenta, In all three thouaand tifro hundred men Mnms Naval Expiditiok* ?We understand that CaDtaan D D Porter la at the preaent time pngn^pd in inapecting a number of government vesae'a, it la suppoeed for the purpoae of fitting out another naval expedition to operate on the ooutheru coast He haa not confined hlmaelf to New York alone, but haa gone eaat also, where there are a number of veaaelspreparing. It la aald that the new expedition wilfequal in aire and strength the great naval expedition of Port Royal?iV. Y. Herald. (XT* In St Louis on Saturday laa?, while a number of grave dlggera were engaged in removing th* remains of a number of long deceased persons in St Mark's Cemetery, five bodies were found to be In a atate of auch perfect preservation, after a burial of between 14 and 15 years, that the relatavea of the dead on being Informed of the fact, were able on vUltlng the apot to recognize tbe long unaeen face* The name of one of tbe dead thus recognized was a Mr Rab, a German citizen, I who died 14 years ago. Yy" A CAB D.?At a quarterly meeting of the L? ft. Andrew's Society, held in tjep!e**>l>er last, it wu resolved thot on theaoomnt of the at?te of the coun'ry, the urual publto oMebration of the ^oo'tisli National Festival of 8t Andrew's Cay ba dispensed with t'is season. This intimation ia given tl at the frien ia a- d patrons < f the I HnA ~ 41 . -V. ,,ia- r ii' i w lie rN<?in Ol t ll 6 O (til S I 03 . By o. der of th.< President: JOHN RRER'E, no St Corresponding Secretary.

?<"5p?OKDER No. '.?The mem'ien of the L3 ' Hon e Guard," who have enrolled id ii th oompan* of th* un'ersnned, and those who Ji d?-ign making application for memberfh'p.M will meet at the Me leal Hmie, (opposite \|| Pat'nt Office. O'rner of Ninth and Fit ceta.)"* on TUESDAY KVENING.theiS'.h lcatint Thia oompany wil be mueten d in'o the aervioe,/or the IhstrKt of Columbia.and ^ntit.ed to aty and eve ? cratiiitv or bounty alovfHi, by I'omreii, which la ?na a ti-d J aME? E. PTEUAFT. no ?5 2t* Captan. H G. YV?I?^ CREAM AND WATER ICES. of X? the heat quality, at S7H Pr r quart. Horein ana boarding honsea furnished at low ra?ea. A large a?airtm nt <>f fine <?akea kept on hand at the I'ktiaiUlfkia Confectionery. oorner Twelfih an?- F a la. no 7 im* V??THB UNION PRAYER MEETING L9 will be holden EVER Y DAY thi? week 1" the English Lutheran Churoh, oorner of H and 11th ata., oommencing at half-past 4 o'oiock p. m . to be pop tin u>*l owe hour only. oo 7 3m l^f-COMPANY '"A," U. 8. ENGINEERS.? Fifty intelligent and able bodied men will be enliatnd to fill thia Company to the max lmum fixea by law?ISO men. inquire at No. 34:* ? street Pay from 913 to 934 per month, beaidea food and clothing. au 17 tf \tlSS BROOK"! E^G' IHH ADD FRENCH ill BOARDiyu AND DAY CHOOL, *SVKN HciLDisea. iVo 1 30 tmns iratia avenue. Circulars to he obtained at the Boogatore* and of the Prinoipal. no 86-lm* THE FIRM OF MOLLERU8 ft WEIGEL has been rissoived, b? mutual oonmtt, and I wi'l be conducted from and auer thia cate under the name of Wei gel ft Co. G WEIGEL, H. M. MOLLERU8. Washing ton. No vemb?r25 186'.. no DR. DUPONT'8 flTGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS /0ft Read the following unsolicited enoomi jk> U I oannot oommend 'hem too highly." #-* "They are the beat i-etiale Pilia extant." '*1 have u?ed them with oomplete tuo?e*a." w< uld not be without them upon any oonaideritioE." "'1 hey operate apeedtly and tff <ctiT?hr." Ktio" 9'o sent by ma'l Solu b? 8. C. UPHAM, .310 Chinut street. Ph '.adelpbta, and in Wa*hin?t n by 8. C. FORD, oorner Uth street and Pa. avenue. no 36- eol? " DH.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE W II.L CURD UoNORH<E V in aix da jr. No chaige of diet required It ia an Knrji?h specific of aixtr-five yea * atam ins|^^5t^, a-.'l will not harm the mist delioate oonrutution ltooutai * no mine a Pncs V- tMdbyS.O. UPHAM.310 Chaanut atreet, Philadelphia, ara in YYa?hingtou bv S. C. "'mD, oomer llth atreet and Pa. 'e*a bo ?.*> eoly LEA k PERKINk1 I CELEBRATED Worcester* hire Sauce. Pronounced by C EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ij of a letter from a ?o be th? II Mutual OentUman "ONLY GOOD *LM^rM MtBt jk To Hi* SrotJur SAUCE." at Woroeater. and applicable to ? fell L.aV"irEYERY cjfgSi. zsszi-x?- in India, and ia, in vakie.iv my opinion, th? moat atibie, aa well aa OP DISH Bu^flthe moat whoieaome Uf UISM. Sauce that ia made." The above SAUCE ia not only the sxaTand moat PorCLAK CONDIMENT known, but the moat Economical, aa a lew dropa in Soup, Gravy, or with Fitk. hot and oold Joints, B*ef Stiak, dam*, tc , impart an exquiaite sett, whioh unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have in vain endeavored to imitate On the Breakfast, LmuKeon, Dinner, or Supp*? Tabic, a oruet containing " LEA A PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indi.penaab!e. To appreoiate the excellent qualities of thia delicious preparation it ia only neoeaaary to purohaae a ain?il bott e of the genuine, of a re? pec table gro oer or ^ea er. a? many Hotel and Restaurant pro prletora aeidom p.aoe the Pure Fauoe before their guest*. but eut?atitutea genuine Bottle filled with a spurious mixture. Rnr ul* h* Rrnfliri aid PrniUr.r? mart?li>n ' JOHN DUNCAN A 80NSJ7~" Unicm Square and Mr* strut, Ntto York, Sole Wholesale Agenta Tor the United S'atM. A Stock always in atore ? Aiso order* received for direot ehipmenta from Engl* d. |CT Bew^rt qf Counter/tilt and lmitations.-f~Tl eepS-lj.eo Alargk assortment of raven. Bacon A Co. and Steiuwav A unrivalled PIANO FURFM have* arrived at the Mumo Pto*e of W. G ' ? " " M K'l ZKR j'f T, ooruer o! Pa. avenue and Eleventh at. Al o, a rood aeoond-band upright Piano,7 oc??ve, for raie for #>00 po 25 J wagons-wagons. UST Received a lo: if very strung built new Wagon*, for tale oh<ap at ROB'T H. GRAHAM'S fowti Shop, Eighth ?t. ICT Repairing of all kind* ptomptij attended to. no 23 3t* WEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NO VELS.?The Alohetnist, or the Hoin of Claee; irom the Frenoh of Uon?re de Batsao. Free by mail, #1. 3i!a* Marner, the Weaver of Raveloe; by Geo. " k^knth ' oectft. h KKHlUn ? KlUllSriSilNf % 'N??na t?MM ^LIGHTLY DAMAGED . ? ? HARDWARE. 1.000 pa'ra Biding Spurt. A00 D&ira beat Chain Traaea. ,0 r. i r>?. Log or i?* rhains, luoduasn box ?-off?e Mil a. (Superior). PROCTER 4 BROTHER, no 23 3t* Baltimore. TN. Hii KOOX, 980 Psaju. StmiT, Niw Yokk. Mamfaotnrer of _ BRASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS For the United States Army. REGULATION EAGLES. BUGLES, CROSS CaNNO.mS. sABRfcS, 4o , oon?tanUT on band, and snipped to any part of the oounuy at short no Uoe. Al"?~~BRAB8 FEATHER HOLDERS, noC lw For Offloers' Hats yfi ftl rll BOOT ARD SHOE DKfOT. f|1 * Mb No 30* E riTKBir, * ML (South side,) heiw>-en 13th aud ID* sts.. Near I As Will or d Hot*l. We invite all sutlers and oiUsoas to oall and examine oar took be'or ?urcha?inc e ?e where. ro 22 2w* fCHAFEK A FOR*TER BR"SCORDIAL, For eala, wholesale and retail, by ?. C FORD, Drncjist, no 1-1 m Corner K'eventh st und Ps a^-naa. JONIONS-ONIONS-ONIONS. U8T Reoalred on eooaicnmeut IJOO *nebM prime Omona. For sale low. PRIME OOiiHEN BUTTER -25 ten, of the R most ahoiae dairies, just reoetvtd and tor sale by WaLL R BARNa.Ri?, Commission Merohants. no 18 Cor, eoath sioe Pa a*, and 9th C ANK VERY NICK SECOND HAND PIANO VJ for tan. Also, a karce - took of Rare&_^|^ Hac? Go's aad Stemway A t'ou'a h&vt |MBBp| vm*I<nF | HT'PllMlfKWti Ml AMU8EMENT8. GRAND FANCY BALL ? To ? ttslfl at faartum Ball, corner of jit D and 0th streets, od Thursday night. No* 2Sth. 1801. Tickets SS,admitting a gentle-UA man and ladle*. noT36-gt pANTLRBURN HALL, < WasSiiwtoh Aav/ fkmilt Rooms.) Louisiana avenae, near eor^or of SixU st?.. it the rear of th? Nation*] and "roen'i Hotels. OPSiV STSH Y NIGHT. EHT1*s CH43tO? o# pkocafmmt! TBKGREAT W?aT , To night at the Canterbury, in his (eats of PrttHdit'.tation?\ix his Comio Songe?la his Great Bamj* Solo Last >ight but Two of SUSpi The ohief impersonator of the Happy Darkey for the east fifteen years The ogginator of tha sty e of delineation known as the Philadelphia Nigger. Who has Dot ae*c him ' Who doos not remember him id or>&neotion with the sUtle Lights, Jem Sanfsrd. Eph Horn. Ltike West, and others?his own name standing first in popular ea'imation To see Frank 8rower, is to see the aotaal natural eoceiitno.tiee < f the Nig., aad not to hear stale enticism and oonundrnma of the wkit* mmn blackod. Last N i(ht of DRAMATu: HEAVIES! HE WOULD BE A RKIONOLI! FRANK B ROWER ai the Caaterbnry. DICK I'ARK EK (Fenny Disk) at the Canter her*. HARRY FOX at thef^nterbary. WILLIAM HAS RlSON.wbn makes aeons about too a'd sings it to yoar faoe, at the Canterbary. Miss JiTLia Hudson. tbe beanlfel Bongstreee: B'ile Krack La Folle, Mi?a Emma Mi es, isses Willis, Verno 1, Pa?k*, Clifton, aad Bumerona othera. at the nanterherv. MISS LOUISA >AY ?~K," Th? oeiebrated Operatic ?on(iu?u, ukN har aaaeara oe a* xt *Nt Amifaioji?P*r?oet,a5oente: Partarre 15 sent* f>o?'? oren a> 7 : O"trnn?no? ntT*< o'el^fc. n*3 *f RAND ASSEMBLY or the GOOD WILL. CLUB, At Frtnilin Hal', romtr ?/ 9tk and D Us , THANKS* 1 VINO EVK.<Wedoaeday Not. tt.\ The w-11 known reputation of thia off b ? a auf fioient guiranta* to oar Daaieroae frienda ?\ that this will be the aaaeinMy of the aeaaoo. Jra Tioketa50 oen a, admitting a gentleman JIB and ladiea. B| By ord?r ot the ommitt?. do 86 ?t* THEATFK! MR. JOHN E. OWENS' ?ECONI> NIGHT' TUfcSDAY. November 36 Will be per ormfd ?h? l-aroe of the WINDMILL. Jam peon L<W? ? Mr. J.E. Owena THE TOODLES. Timotny Too:?I ?a Mr. J. B. Oweca To oonoiod? with to* YANKEE TEAMS! ER. Solon Shingle Mr. J. E. Owen* It* J^iCS NATIONAL CIRCUS! A TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS Can be rnooided for the oombined EQUESTRIAN AND ACROBATIC TROUPES PERFORMANCES EVEBY-U?at2O'CLOCK, For rhe txpreaa oonvenienoe < f ii|o?e who cannot attend the eT*i>i?c exhibition*. RE ENGAGEMENT OF THE PEERLESS PERI OF THE ARENA,ELLA ZOYARA. Firataavarancfl of the CLOWN AND rOMlC SiNKER, WILLIAM RENNEDY. TOM KING. And ail the coirp>ny.wi'l ap??*r noT? BOTH DAY AND NIGHT. ODD FELLOWS' HALL: Savm. Above DSt. IMMBN8K 8UCCMSS of the G FT?? I FT?GIFT CONCERTs-CONCKKTS-CONCLRTS: by the CAMpBEI.i. %UN*TRKI.S. *0 PRESENTS GTEV AWAY' EVER V MGHT ! EVERYNGHT! Change cj Programme Nightly 1-ook out for HE CANT-DlGEST A TATER ! Door* <<pen *t 7 ; oommenoing atSo'oloot. Admission 25 oente. no 26 RATIONAL CJ^R CUB! Tom King Leesee ud Manager C. Soott __Aseooiate Mm|W THIRD IfSEK of the 8ccc*??fcl Sumh. Firnt Appearance of the Great KkLAZOYARA, TOM KING, And all the Star*. Ladle* and family parties will please not forget the MATINEE On MONDAY, WEDNKSDAY t SATURDAY. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Real KLLA ZOYARA. who c-f^ted suoh a furore in the United State* alter her debut at Niblj's Garden*. < encaged bat for a limited number of nights. Parties, therefore, had better secure piaoes in advance. no* It QOVERNMKNT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINE PROM NEW YORK TO WASHINGTON ria HARRIS BURGH. A Spociai Mestencer wil1 be sent through with eaoh Train, in order to secu e safety and dispateh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Not. 18th, this Company wilt receive and transport Munitions of War, G9vernmeDt St>r*e, Sutlers' Suepiiea for the Army and all Misoellanecus Freight, at Low Rate'. WITHOUT BSKAK OP BULK. Sue>al Contracts fcr Gotds. in Large OuantUxtt, at ti uiwd Hat it. C7" Freight reoeived only at th* Depot of the C-i tral Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No >, North River. For further informat on, or special oontracte, enquire at the OJice of ik? C'mpjwy, 4# BroadwN- Y, Or SIS PcHHtylrantu act., Washington Cirp. fry Mirlr Goods, "Gov rm>ent Dispatch "-TH Freight received from 8 a. m to 3 p. m. A. > HOPE, of the Hope Ezprees Co.. no 86 lm Superintendent. j^ohthern cenral railway. 7 he Shorle'l Quickest and Best Rcmtt from more 10 ike WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. ISbhibbhb CHHB WINTER SCHEDULE Chanoi or 11mit. Ob ard after SUNDAY. 2?th NoTrnbtr, rer Train* will arrive and depart Irom Calvert station as folows : Tr*ins North Lbavb Mai' at 8 70a. m. BuffVo Ex;re*s i p. m. Parkton Aooom notation 4 p. m. Pittsburg and h ? tiibnri t xp'*ss8Sn p. m TKMXi South Arrive Pa'kton Aooommodatioii at 8 a. in Puialo fcxpreu 8 it a. m Pitsl-urg and Harrisburg Exprera i p. m. Mail 6 30 p. m The 6 a. m train from Washington oonneots with the 8X0 a m. tiaio from Baltimore for tt<e W?it and for Buffalo, Elmua Rooh^ter, Dunkirk. Ca adaigaa and Niagara Falls, and for New York oity. The 21 a. m. train from Washington oonnecta vith the SB- m train fr< m B'ltimoie to Weat, North a d N orthweat and Eimira and Buffalo and R'oheater. The 5 p. m. train from Waahingtoa oonoeota with theSSi p m. t'ain from Baltimore for PiitB' arg harrisburg and the WnI an+is a direct oonaeotio | or Lebanon. Eatton A lientown and New iork via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try ie roCewr New York " n~7"The only (rain lea vine Baltimare on Panday lBjthsi p. bb. train, for Harrfsbar^Pittsbarg, Ckio*go and the Weat. Th? only train arriving in Baltimore on Sunday lath ?>a- m. train. JAS.C CLARKE, no *6 ly Superintended MAIL 8TEAMVR RFINDEER, ?very oth?r da? to and from * 0BN. SICKLES DIVISION DIRECT. THROUGH IN POUR HOURS. The ateamer leasee Jonee Wharf, foot of lj h street.on MONDAY. WEDNE*i>*Yaid P*IDA Y,ai 9 o'olock, a. m.,(r -turning from the lAvtPassengers and lUkt f- reight taken, (F.xoept aloohoho liquors.) Para to or from the Camp - - . - - |t Pare for roano trie (retaraiaa next day,) - a rataengera are aot r?paired by tbe Govwrameat to have paeaea. . , No iriiMlt furni>r.6d. WILLIAM R.KIEHL. pov?-lw Capain. HIRING, f.lVER AND EXCHANGE Noa.?) and 2ft ^ amU^k afraata. soath of Gentleaw wiebia* to hire a neat aad Btyliak tainoat oaa bo sapp ied wiih a team of any oosonpUon. taast?l^of ra?e_ EXCELLENCE. The beat oare beatnwed oa Liv?ry horeee. on hand* ***" tor offcoera^alwajs s?& ^xs&js. Mtsrafi klima He reo m vea frssil BMpMiaa dall >, am has now ly Bg at the wbaif six ve - ? eeta oont'ipiiig from throe to serea hundred t aabcls each, of the fiaeat aa>t water Oy iters off?rer for aala thi. teajoa. i-arve %aautitlaa are now on their way ap the Potomao To vaeasls chartered by kisi expreetly for hlaesiabuehmwi.aod the pabiieaaa rely ?poe a aoatlraal supply during th* aeaaoa. Dealers aal others raa be sapphed with Oy stare by AUCTION SALfP. B? I. a MoGUlftE 4 OO. Ai??i^n ~~ rXTENIIfJ BALE OP SO* ?HM |u ?f6yji^oDss^cfl'(ss^, r,'l No. <67H1?Ui ?tr*K b*tw**o PouMyl. an?a? w"'^'Hot* * Z* 300.000 IllPOlT^p^AND DOXD*TlC Of ehoiM bmrfl, all Of WfcK>h k*T0 hm Mir ox vl bj Mr A. Bcfim, of Ika ?Ni*? ft r n a n an ol th? "P*"*??* '? th? cigar hmmmim. Ti.B. Br.dt'ri who are not aatitiM with thair KJSi***"** tIBW d*"WT c*"? *><?< rwwiw ac?*o4da J-C. MoGlltK A CO , Aaeu By THO#. DOWLING. AiauocMf' TBl'STKK'lJ haU? OK PROPKtTY IN Giokitowk.- Bt virtue of a <J?xd of trait executed bT John O'Donoot ha* and M oay of Mu. IIH. aad ntorii(4 ic L<b*r J > No W rftk* flat racordg of Wuhincu.c cunt*. Dietriat of < o wb a, mod at the r+ewm. of the partiM aeoared tt>eret.*, t will o8Vr at hour of U o'olook, the foi lowinc piooe of aroMrtr eituated tu CwhHotii : T?>e Brat boiac a art* <w lotNo Maud 70. ta Baa'ty 4 Haukina' ? di tot, situated at the I oMhweet oorner of Fradonot _i.ii . Map ? jwv, iin'r? ?r |?N. 'B Weriok. and C3 feat, o a or leer, oa Firatetraet. lot will be Md tf? two parte. each fronting Si H feet, re or* or leee.on Firat etraet. and ranoH-t back to the depth or ti* lot AUo. part of Lot numlxrtd O. la i?m? additioa. fronting Sn f**? rr the errat aide o Frederick etreet and racnicg tack 1*0 feet de?p, witr. the frame bou.e t??-?n, acw oocapied b* Mra. MoCatr Aleo, part of eame Lot. (h>atii|*fNtnivMt aide of iaa? iimt, aau run oing baok 130 feet deep, with tk? frame hoa*? thereon. Term* : One ka>l of the pa rohaee moaey ?aaaeh. the re> lie* ia It eat ha froa ?ar of ea)?, with i?larett. All ootvey angina at the _ooet o| pa-obaeer. R P J ACRjjSjN . Traetee. wwti THQy,. D'tWi iSe. Aaot ? By 6KEKN * WILLIAM*. Auctioneer* SUPERIOR PIANO FORTE, HOUfcEHO' 1) #sd Kitcbbr FriMiru at Avcrioa.-Oa FRIDAY, the k9:h laatant, we aba! eall at the reeidefoe of Lake L?a, E?* , No. 44(4. north eide of B, between 6th and 7th atree*a, at It 9'elnek a in , an xoe ler t aeeortinent ?f Parritare, r.i Fine Rowvod Piaoo Foite. ooU?et, Bade try Haioee B'otoerr, of New York, aape',<>r inatramect, Aleo, p ool Corer and Maato fftand, Fine plcah-oovered Partor Set, oonantiag o!? fwo fine French Sofaa, wo large Caator and twelre Parlor fhairt. WeInnt Whatnot and Etegere ai.d Chmeee Teayoyii F?lo, *>?thio and Recaption C a-re and Otto m&BCf Crimaon Darraak, ai.d Write Window Carlaiaa and Fisar-a. Two handeome Gothic gilt fiame Mirrora, aid Btotala. Oil Paifitinga, Engranaga, and Mattel Orna MHa. Fine Velvet Parlor, gtair, aLd other Carpet*, and Oieoth, Plated China, Olaaa, and Crockery Ware aid Cotlary, Hair cloth Hole lx>ange. Chaira, and Rookara, Wa cnt J?ide'card, Extentioa Dicing a?<d other Tablea, Cane Dining and other Chalre. aad Roekera, Mahogany Marine Oreeelng and other 6 a rraua, Mahogany Marble top Wiib C oaete. aari Tahtea. Ma.ogany Frenoh and otner Bedateada aad Bed din*. Cottage and Chamber Set, Hair and tner Mattreeeea. Fine Gaa Ci anae lere a d Baraera. A large lueortmsBt of Kitchen Reqaia t?a. With many other aitioiee which we deem aaneoe* aary to enumerate. Term* oaah. po as d 6REEN A W1LUAM8. lacta. o i nu.Ti.ia u*J TT bniry, aoononwr. Furniture and ho** hoi d kffects at Acctioh.?On WEDNESDAY M"hN 1NG, November S7th, tt 10 oVook, I will Mil, at m* Anotioa No 17? Bridge ? reel, a * ? <! aaaortmeat of Furnitnre and Houaeke<?piL* Re qaiaiUa. aaoh as? Dressing and P ain Bnreans. Waah'taoaa. Double and Single Bed#t^ads. and Mattreatea. Cane and Wood Seat < hair* and Hooker*. Sofa, Loong-, Ca-pets aad Matting. Sideboards, Refrigera?ora, Water Coo'er, Cook, Parlor, ana Dinicg Room Stovea, Taolea, Hat Rack. Caba. and Crad ea. Together with a general aaaortmant ?f Ki?*hea N equiaites, ail of whioh will be cold witbut reserve Term* oaah, THOS. DO WLING. A act. Will be added to Ueaoove aaie a kn ofGrooene*. aucji a?? Baoon. Rice, Green and Ground Coffee, Suae, Ae. n* 23-31 THOS. POWl ING. A net \f ARSHAI.TS SALE.?In virtee of a writ of ivl fieri taciaa i>aaed from the clerk's Offoe ot the Circuit Court of the Diitrioi of Colambia for the ooastT 0( Washington ar.o to me direoted. I viil expose to public it t for oaah, in front oi ths fiourt Houae door of aaid ooanty on FKIDAl, the 8th da? of Deomrber next. 1H1 at Uo'alook m., the following property, to wit: All defendac-'* right, title, claim ana intere?t in and to Lot No. 98, in Square No ?>1. in the oity of Wiahingtoa. D. C.. together with ail and ?i eg alar the mpreve menta thereon, faiged and leviM upon *a the prop ertv of James G. Coomba. and will be void to aa laZJudioials No. 58 tj Jaaiary term. 188?, in favvr >hn E. Kendall. W BELDbN, FOB SALE AMD RENT. FOR RENT?A Brick 4th and 5th treat*, oon'aming four roomi, kitchen, and a large (table, Inquire of T HUM AS HOLLl DG t, oorner 5th and P atreeta. no 26 at* FOR RfcNT-Two PARI ORS.or parlor and chamber, farniabed, acd pleaaartlj located near Smithsonion Institute. App.y at this oftoe. no? li* FOR RENT-A convenient two-a to ry and alt Frame DWEL ING. in good order, containing nin* good rootna. situated near the Georgetown College,lately ooeupud by Mra. Ann Msy.t^a suno aal tenant the t*rm? modern'*; p .asrs*?on give immediately. Irqmre of JONES MEHEGAN, Georgetown, D O. no 25 6t A BULL for SALE.?The subscriber haa (or sale a fii.e yoarg Bull, whioh oan be^^M* mm by applying at Ms tavern, 7?h atreet SUr road, nea 2d Toil Gate. no 96 st* W. M MORRISON. TWO FURNISHED ROOM* FOR RKNT. on firat floor, at 404 D atreet, between 6th and 7tb. no 3H if DA.RE CHANCE-FOR SALE-Tbecood will. iV nxtarea, d leaae of an e?tabhabad Roittr ant, aoinc * good baaineaa, in th? very heart nf ua eit? and within a few door a of Pannaylvama m. Theatand not aarpaaaed for any bovneea. and f r Satlar Store anequalled A ama'l axpanae would render the upper part of the hai'dm a aleaaant anvate reaidei.o*. wti io h alone von id pay the rut of the whole. Rentlow Add'aaa"J.F TT/'Ptar Offioe; J. H. BARTH, Lienor Merchant abort Wiilarrf.' Hotel ; orH^RTH k. K nMhA P4*. 99 Booth Calvrt at, Baltimore. Md lo S6 3t*_ For rent-a furnished houpe.^cob ta'nmc )? -ooire Apply at 111 1 a'r?et. t?etwa?n aw** >i?t r? iKigat' ti>OR RENT?A ROOM and CELLAR on IVh at loqaira at Heodera n k C< andW'? Store. lUh atreet. oppoeite T'eaanrv. ao tr NOTICE.?A 8TOIR OB Pnnylvuia avacae for rant Inquire at No. 3?T Peon avn?a. aoath aid* corner o> Six'h a* ?" t* 4t* A LARGE FRONT RDO* To LM, tor aiahed or nfurniab?d wi'b or withoat Board, in a p'lvate family at??T E atreat, between 3d ivcd 4th. a raw (Mtleir^u aoooTmuJa'ai witb Table Board. no ti Sf j^PORh. ROOMS FOR RENT,on Seventh ?? . T5 between D atraat and l.oiuotai.a avenue- , e tnree upper room* of the new foar-etory Store <>? Sevecth at. east atda. No. A3S Tbe firat atory la poonainl aa an extanaive frooary. Apply to OKO. LOl'RV. DO ARaRK chance ?For aaia CcnlaoQonerr and Bakery, Store Fixtara*. Stoot goo > will. Ao , now doiac one of the baat buaineeeae ia Waehin.ton. or particular* addreaa '^Confertioner," Star Offoe. do g St' TWO LARGE AND WELL FURNISHED ROOMS, with partial orw Baard, aatbt ktd at 1 etret. betweaa Wtfc tad flat aU. Ta para of Co.<craea or Oftaera cf raak. it la very daairabla locality. ao? X* C>OR RkNT-Two uiU of kandaoM* FUEr M?HED ROOMS, at No. 4?3 llth *. w ?U pit PB. fcrgpu*. mliy' R??MS ' N^/^HTNBTON BUILDINGSo.? . on U? third fl?or, o?. 14 tad if. n Ut fourth floor. >?ofJ OHM R 11>2 8 ior nm LovibIbbb ? . aad Mb ?t.. capo?iu vttt m4 t>? tor MarhBl. (Rf K. It cVroB ) * io8 ?'f _ FOR RENT-A ubbII HOWS Ui?it?be f?r banMfiioooUUBiBC 4 raooi ud Mod in baUBOta ?ooo lty Applr ?t 491 >in'? Bt, btirwtpMU K n ?"? '? RJANDHOMKLY FUKNiSULi) n Four tiBMBOBiolj FsrmihN I?o*i.n?u'< oith rM BoTVatar.Bod oobv^bMIo U? WlWfc ?t~~ French gsssSSKSsss ?'AdMw Mitiou of tUrdM'i 1bRMTU< S1** "** * :.: JftjSra^kt r^||Ujt?ry^UH.IM# of U? ** < Wei' rftwn'NrrtF *?

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