Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. ; WASHINGTON CITY: ! MEWraDAY. *OVE*lBE* 2T. 1?*1. r M> /iirlou; n.llltarvctmra ard 1 p*ltl?r.a will ro-ifer ? favr hy k< epw!g it poatfj to BOTfDfiiti nn<l al^rt In tfcelr v1e^*j!tln. ILT To our B*!t?niore r*-ed?-ra we won 14 ny | tbtt 'he Unit ai,rt ajoood edition of tfce Star can ' be bad In BalUtitore of &. K Hmiton, aqent, No. 34 Wcat BjIUtoo? atrret, r?j?r Gay?the f rn?. idltlca it lt?if pau fotir iri! the second ft tlcbt ?-V!ork,oa the arrival rf the tf??*?i? from VVaaball tt ? Llitl nrtf3 frv.-m the teat i-I war up to tht time of gollU! to pre*?. Spirit of the Morning Frtu> The In:eUtgt*'tT trestaupon British aenOtnenV The Krp*hh<9n advocate* to1*1b? moiity for the proaecutlon of the war by taxation, rather Uioi by li?n< Tb 'Kk%4*?in; Duy. To-mnrrow teung the day set apart r.a a day of yi.bl1r tfailo* :vln? and prayer, no paper will br )a??ed fet-iu this rltt e. The Gkve&vmx>t Loav ? Lew la Jobnaor, K-q . ct the well krown fitm ?f J,t?r!a Jrhraea A. Co, Las received from the tkcrettry of the Trta?r:ry t ? appointment ofag?nt for- ty f r tte pcvernN.ebt loan. Thia will ?<e re?.dliyr co^ate'd by tte public here asanex t'.Untdt:;^tiaUoa. RsiicMAircx ? Henry Grlce, ir.grshal for Utab t>a<i resigned <! tfce crcnrd tbat the h'jr'.iitaa of tberffle*!* r>?n con;p? nsst'vp Vrr* the creat'on of tbe terrU*r!al governmt nt i f Nevida. TP"Hon. JJ. J. Walker, is out lu a letter In fiver < f Conprvts Iodbh dluteiy makicg an aj c ropeiitlon for the relief cf Ireleud, In view cI tbe hupecdiu^ famine. From Hudson T<?>ior.:?4 Pennsylvania vena-, we hive the l.dlab-argh Review for October. It contains, jmai>g its eleven ar'iclrs, ar ei.Wrafe ot<e upna '-The D!suuion of America," In which Uip writer btzirda the opinion thutwtj "'are Matting for territorial dominion ,y' aiid ttat th? '?ae will be thst, "tbe two parties exhaust's!, but c t reconciled, will at last sullenly submit to a necessary separation." Ol ft ?TIMT4RI lUiMilT. A SKIRMISH TlT"TtSD4T. Ytste div O-neral Jchn Htz l'orter seat out a madron of v.->ldiitecr cavalry, tccutlnjr, at j point to the rl^Lt at d in tie v!c nity cf Vienna This party wa* j mbuscrded fcy tne cnemv 'a caveiry In considerably l*r?rrr force. At toe flr?t Art ff>m rarb'nus. pistols, &c .) ^oir.e of our men v ?rr dMf" tnted. and is many of tbe rebels were either killed o: wounded?atnonj th?m an cfiicer "-t febrrs^- '?1 h'wottber bor--s of reb- : pr.vat-s were ciptvired by Gur men. The enemy 15ot rel:?b; the re- -i t on taey met, however, ret'.r d w'lbc ut venlur.i g a ev~ond bre. whAc tL? mio"* *qu<-d on in turn retired lu tbe dirrctiou c. their c;inp*. Up f? *;:n down sever-1 of car dis. mounted h-?d fa.ied tj make tUeir a ppearance, and it was judged tbat tbey bid fallen either killed or wounded, into tbe enemy's bands. This * affitr is beine stranseiy ma-ilfl-d at,?* dis'orUd on Pennsylvania avenue to-day APfoI^TED. Gov Ladislans ^f Texas, bas b?en appointed raited ?UtcS consul ot Ai.coua, Italy.? Hews tae **xi>d sov-rror e.'Cdncin, Hungary, It w:li be r?Bi?mb?red We may not ii!sppropr:Hte:y add that Gov U. Is a second time an exiie (') Now, frxn T. xis ouuiwj . wuim? ?u.? c uurry ne set.led dawn la western Texas, wat.e Lis bi?rh personal character, great learning, and utility to tb^te arouad btixi, won mid* b!m one i f >uv first men in tbe state He established a large nursery of Hungarian grap-s, ai.d bed succeeded in introducing wines of the 11 neat quality and fl ivor. when tbe current trouble? compelled bio* to abar d^n Lit property to st?e Li* life. Iu losing hini Texas h~s lost tbe fr.nrd <t?on tr.r a snrre^fnl tint would havebventf lninieBse pecuniary valus t?* bet p^oj le THE PUMCOS llltul. After the revUw yesterday Gen. MeClellan and bit stuff ottt-'era proceeded to th" place on tbe ?vter?i branch, a short distance above tbe Snvy Yard wuere tte pontco.i bridesare now being constructed under tbe supervision cf Lieut Col. Alex ir?1er, cf t'j - engineer corps. 1 bree hundred feet of tii% bridge w re thrown out In tbs cours*. of fweuty ir.riu'ts. when its qualities were l-*U d by the paa-agtjr.f heavy wagons, and subsequently by a bod. w? infantry nt doublt q>?!ck time, 'f L? result wr* -etlsfsctory iJOT:!SS KSToF VU SiCfc-^OSiST*. We learn from Alexandria tbat Judge Freese, of the Provcst court, ytsterday made th? following order, ia, o; en court, and di recti d tne clerk of the court to enter It upon tbe records ; No person shall be permitted tj practice t i tl.-'S co irta" an af.crney or counselor at-law ui.tii he sba.ll have first taken tbe fchowing onth: '-1 do sonnnly swtar tbat 1 wnl sapport, protect and def li t tbe constitution an t .government of tbe t* iibd Sia'es aguinstull enemies, waetb' r d ?.?-?? i<- tr forelgu; and that I will be*r true faith, allegiance -ud lovalty to tt?? satne. auv ordinance, r?*?olrtton or law cf any state convention or ieg's^atu e to tbe contrary notwithsandIng; and i do this with a full d?termin .rinn pledge and pnrpo** without any mental tiwrnlion or twl' n wtoUm. 'And I do further swear that, as an attorney or couneei!or-*t-taw. 1 will, tn all c:a-a, prove laitbful tow client, and implicitly respect and obey the ofden of tin* court." Our informant layalkat the newccuntv (union) cour'-, wn*u organised, will doubt.<ta u<ake a lik * o dsr, ?o tnat the seeewlou lawyers of Alexandria, will either have to take the <>ath of allegiance ta toe government, or like Othello, ''their oocnpatron will kje gone " navy tard There tav- betn n-j -rrivala Irotu below since tbcae already uektioned, and no ae?n f um the flotlila or bit?. ?? . 'Ibe Wyaudank is taking on sU r?s for *.b - flotilla, and the Mount Waabir gtoa la expected to go down to da) . Ke;>als are progressing \ i>ou thj Yankea. K n ? Philip, Jacob Ueli, Aaacoa'wa, bopping atones aud Lealio, the latter being on the wava The steam tug Powell also lies at the wharf. SKMSBAL BLkJIKEB. The New York Tribune** Washington corre pondent Is entirely to error In attributing the recent pirpoac of General Bleaker to rea:gn his position ta toe army (which has not been carried eat, by the bv) to difficulty between General McCle.lan acd himself relative to Lis alleged act of taxing the different sutler* of hi* division VlOurachfor hs own benefit. No aach thing ha* ever beea t.ieged against him, we know well. We were scarcely less in error In remarking yoateiday that the trouble grew ont of pecula* -10B* of some of hi* quartermaster* We now tod that but a air gle quartermaster of hi* dlvl. < alon?a regimental one?rests under under ?>>> charges We h?vesitisfled curself, from unofficial wurcn however, that the difficulty arose i from a very difenot affair. 1 li ??eaia tbai Oeoermi B rested under the !m- 1 presalon that It had been agreed to place mil the | German regln enti that might Jcln the army of i the Pot mu ! hie division, rather than that be 1 should bave a division?twelve regiments?composed of such trot pe Oa the arrival here of more than twelve each 1 eglments, tb* overplus were ordered to join < other divisions, which Induced him to write a levticf toatf Ulnt or ;r. t s: to the commnediag " J,a-a: supvrlr.dueed a reply from the chief t * * '0 pointing out u ,th dor emphaala the % U - -;i -u-| ro^ rleilrs of his communication t. .. -v itu ,'t: of ibis reply, ac'lng under ths k .mj ?*. iLk imjeiuos'tv of his nature, it Is " welt mown ttia Gen fcicohtr penned a retirestioa. * ux-tie- *>-rmt.-m ittaer.c- of a c lew ht'?r* r-he^uoo fcc w.w traaamlt to the n Wvoftos ic J] On the wLole, he dHUulty, ia bot a trivia! one t, tvMcntiy bcvlagtM wboliy In a m.sua- ? lera'andir.g, and and we peranaded. will neither rnd In General P'a r?t'r?irei?t from the army or in hit eatrargement of Major General McClellan'a . :onfid?nce and regard for ttim a area carton. TAitois Erenrng Star ?.Would it not be right <nd proper that the oath of alleyiince to the I'nlted State* govfrnrornt ahould be ndm'nliter-(1 tr> every pvaon who Is accepted a contractor to furntab the government with work or stippliea of nny kind. They become at mich the recipienta f aid from tfce Unite-* F'i'.ea government aa the cl^rki who are employed by the general government and wb" are required to take the oath of fcltesianre. Th. re are very many peraona within the District cf Colamb'a hostile *e the union; *vho ar* MD't? lar -j amonn'a of prr-fit daily hv fur;;!*hlr>ii dIUVreni kiada of article* te thcUntted S*'a?ea ?overnrrw?tit, which ot?f?%t n<H to be xuffered. Good and true n^'onttifn alone ought to be the ftirniab^rarjf all work ard all aupplie* for t^e nae ef Hmb gec^rrl government, oth* rwiae it ia giving aid and comfo.-t to the en*my A Subscriber. vrcm thr tfper potoxac. A l?tter from Ddmeatotrn aays there are no flx>^ bodies of rebt1; pickets' aialirus from Cppoaite the irifuth of MadtSy ran tip *o haft & mile ?ou'h of Goose creek Above the creek oa the aidiing tli'-y hav?* dag riB* pita, and keep up a retr?U" ?yatem of pickt'a of considerable strength They art 11 occupy' the fort !n view of Edward'a t-Vrrv, and on Sunday displayed a full regiment on parade, just below the fort. G-?? G W Smith, ct New York antecedents, ia now rrinT.andh g at Leesburg and over the surronndiitg country. IJCSPKCTMS rp THI QrABTKHMAMEa'-i i'XFABTMKST-COaMlTSICAtlO* WITH IBS fOWita T-noxkC. Capt. Bimchard . of lfc<? feasistant quartermaster's iUparttmfct. uU tw-en detached from that post f.>r t .f-i-'-'.y rf inspecting the quarte.'ma.sWr's ftropottv of fIk* army of the Poforuac. f'aleb ?i Wright. of I'hii id? iphls. will op*ni n-w n?r,i of commun'cat'on oov-n ice Potomac by placing a line of steamer* betwetu Washington ar.d bnid's Ferry, the heaJ^uatter's oi' Gen I HwWi division. The tirgt s'f.ncr bollldthither is the Reindeer. Capt K'ebl. Tiii* V:r?sel rati the blockade last n'^ht wfthout obstruction f om the rebel b :tter>e?. V>ri ;; _ four contraband*, Who wrre placed J rtii board tfc-i flotilla, and turned over to Captain Dablaren, tu: ccmuiander of the Waching ton | nivy-yard BEAlREfeARD IX HOT WATER. fu late southern pi,x:rs we find the following itr-ms, throwing rome ight upon the difficult) between Beauregard and Jetf. Davit:? [From the Richmond corre*pnndcuce of the Columbia South Caolir.ian J I bavo seen an article in the Mercury, of the ^th tf 5?ef-?etnb'-r. he ded, "J \ atic^ to our Genera!* on tie Potomac." li'n-ral Beauregard 1 cnU-d try attention to it. ant auihrrit-d mi to d-ny vn-quirotMly the ustrlion that he nk l applied tu PfeSi l-nt Duvtf for leave to advance on tktm-my.i'dtiiatii haJ be-tn refuted1 have ibe me.'iiB < J kDCWii ai d have g? < d r?non to beil?ve, ttat Generals Jobns>n, Rfauretjard and fuuith are in full accord with the President (who is nt.w h? r?) hs to the policy of the twisting operations ot 'he army. [From the Atlanta Intelligencer 1 Svnr?!\* th#? lf? ?t Pi 4- j?_ poii'lcn w^s manlf-sted by w ie men of the p>v?s i\) rwt r the sc.u'h t t eniure Gener.l li'iimgard for h n | th ' ent-my ca to V\ a?hI 11 p on " W> tbf i. and ba^e er-r since. used I nir pen in h'ml*feline Now that ttie < tll?la! report i -.debytbat jjHa.-.t r of that treat b!e'" fore "be pub'lc. V. e ?ee an important re tson adduc?d , < tbcr tLan we supposed d;d ex- I | i?t. for not pursuing th* enemy fmtLer tain vat ordered i' appear* now 'h it t-e forr** of Kenu1 rey ird amount, d to but SS WO in-n, 7 000 un'.y or wboin bad l*fn en^sgidi!: <h- tUbt With b:? va?t disparity of fcr?.??, would it have been "Aris* or jiood ^enfriltliip t-> hi*e pursued tbe enemy ou to WvhtnjtoD." tbfe rV*?ant<i Confederacy, 9 b J Hi-a Beauregard It a genn'nc patriot. How different frou? thw* wbo rec-. n because everything rioen not please them. His heart Is at big as hN country s wan't, ?nd *e nouly looks ?:> meeting the den.arsis of patriotism, "and not ?r> bli own jfloty or pref-ttr.ent AM honor forever to b i ii-im', S:?d to ; r>v mail po^es-Bf-d of such a noble ai d o-sfllS?b nature. What next will tbe two or three j nirnais do that have been trying to i/et up a diS-rente between him and President DavK and to force bun to resign? \v under If they will fe"i Enoou'aj; d 7 [From tUe Iv.quirer, Oct. 3! ] Some day* fci?ee a cctr:n")rlc;itioii eppear< d iu on?* of rur coterr:p??ra".i? s:id Kivlni; what purported to U- a synops'i cf General Beaiirttuid's i rft':ial rep* rt of the b-iitie < f the 2lst oI July ? The vriter Mote* that be bus been permitted by hit cdicer to rwid 'bis rer^r?, and, as we m*y Infer fr< ni IW- fac? of 'it? publication, without any r*?irlc>K r> Ii? to Kerrey The wliUie tMlt;.' looks Vifv much like an atUiupt to occupy the public mind In advance of the regular publication of the document, and ii bnrdlv consistent with the understood rule* of military >tiqu?t(?. We rear*1 to observe #?eA an nn'&'intst 'o.? to his rtpu' i.'!?* fl; ?s tviHCed fry (x'til Bcaurtgard In tb.s t,uflou*> of appearing before tLe public. Aftcf Strang-ly d'din nf; for tkft mfinik! to muk-. a rtporl oj tkts battU, In vmra c ci 'i my w Ml til?piV lOWttffM, and fV.f'K rlrlay'ih' promotion of many mmtoriotM 'A*h > c- u il oibei<*i?e Lave been appointed for conduct In Is hard t? understand v.-by 'bis general could not hive witiud. **. It- Jt for a brief period, before rushing tut > prlht. We r :i readWv Iniag'nr lbat the very worst rrr.~quenora will ensue if thla caaa to to form a y.r -edciit tor cth? r commander* lti t-elr with til's department Lveiy sound rule i.f public policy require* that this cor res* po id?. re should be coi.a J -ntlal. axd published only when tte departnieutshall deem it prudent to do JIO affair* in wester* vi.toim*?skirmish m ir?n Cctmiy ?From tLe Wheeling Inrelllgenrer of the V5'h: M?j"r Trini'ile, of ibe 11th Virtliln Raiment, arrived iu tL!s city on P><turdav froni Wirt county court bona"* H?-report* (hat on the iy*h a number r.f Cjpt H'li's cav..lry had !t *i!ra.lsh with ? <janv; of rebe'n railing tbe Mocas'n Ranjrrra 1'appears tbut tbere waa & corn-hn-kli'^ ut the h?>:i?e of a sTessiot:!*', n't.out n mile fr??m U lrt mint house. and n e ? f Cap'. Hili'a mm oh? >intu leave < f a' s-nce and attended the afful', without .-rum. After the men had started, the balance of the company were advised that their companions were to be attacked and raptured at tbe nusslujf. bv the Mocraalu Ranker* A'-r.o dln^ty the company arin-id themseives, and proceeded a* quledyas pissibledown totfce birfcki?_? I h-y t:id scarcely rencbed tbe bouse a..d f' filled then?i>elv?-s In p sit'un when the MocC 't ? Kangera iu*d? a charge upon the bo us** Cspt. Mill's torn tlied np'-r the Moccasins lief re. t'.e lut'et wr-e a'.vare of their pre* nee In f rce, killing a IKuterru.t;;i.d wouutlcd Ave or six o b'-rs. Tbe R JOjfers r<-treated. R \ILUO AO CoMMZNIC-vlIOS Bstwkkn baLTIMoat and wtshikcio.i ?Government will re< uni.r.end to C r?m to lend itscr-d;tfor a short lime to U:<r obstruction of a new railroad between Haltiuicrr and VVatoington. upon the conditio t ?i-? t it sr-y pa- vnae'* <*nd fr^gh* at otlpuU'e.i lute* ur-atly below tuos* charged by the D .'.imore . <i Ob!o road, and will a'so ask for nit a is to accomplish the project*, fully determined on. of new siding* and more double trcck from Washington to A' napoils, and of a railroad from tbe navy vatd to Georgetown, though Pennsylvania avenue and acr-. s^ th* Potcartc up?n the aqueduct bridge??Y. Y. Tribun*. As Expedition from Padccar ?A n exredltion left Paducah on the night of the 16th lost , in t'a<: direction of Columbus *it was composed of the 40 b and 41st Illinois regiments. a section of Bueit'a artillery?three guns, and two companies of caealrv, u idr-r command of General P tine.? Information Lad been received that fifteen or eighteen hundred secesh, under the notorious H Clav King, wera et Loveitsville. sixteen miles distant on tbe rrad to Columbus There Is a large flour!nn mill there, where it :s said there- ( bels wer? receiving 4 e!d and comfort," and it , was tbe design of Paine to rout the rebels snd take possesion of tbe mill A messenger returned turn tbe expedition on U.e l?'b. who states thit no enrniy was found, and thit General ( Patne confiscated tb liour and took some of tbe machinery of 'be n.ili to prevent its being of any further use to tbe rebels, ad returned to Padu^ab. | Beneral Paiue would have burned the mill h*d aot an undoubted loyal U?-ntu< kian been a large , swner In It, who says the rebels press- d his mill, ] ind would not pay blm aaythtn for tbe flour , tnd wheat they took.? LouxtvxUt JcrurWkt. ?U , 1 Col. Bvcbanaji.?The X Y. Tribune innotlcng the arrival of tbo North Star with troops from J California, says: i Col- Buchanan. though known to b~ a s- ces. 1 uouitt, wss freely termltied to Lai with bis < ady, and to fallow his owns course The com- * uand was lefi lu charge of Capt. WsLand, for 1 vh?t reason w? cannot surmise Pat*euges relate mat Col Buchanan made ilmaeif very obnoxious on tbe voysge, and was ace induced to make discretion the better part f valor, by retreating to his suto-room. in order o avy'.a the atUck of several excited traveling < ompaulooa Tbe exact qaos'ton which induced t itsundervandlng is kept sreret, but it was coo- < ?*cted wttn tbe great question of the war, and i m CO:onel seerd to be oa tfi? wrcrg for t is fUa tbe uaval authorities ai* cognisant of , I rbatefer tmtn exist* la Utm rumor. | i iV# J i A v. '.i. THE BATTLE AT PENSACOLA. I Further particulars. A CONFEDERATE ACCOUNT ATTEMPT *>K THfe ENEMY TO SINK THE NIAUARA BR AUG "TAKES IT COOLLY!" rtngarola and Its Surrounding* THE FORTS ON BOTH SIDE*. The Richmond D!?p?'? h of Saturday ha? a telegraphic dispatch from Charleston, dated on the ? I?t, stating that on the i&t'j inat. Fort Pi'kens, together with the Federal slrtimmen-of-war Niaxara and Colorado, opened 9 ? upon th? confederate batteries, Forta McRae attd Barr*nc?*, *nS the navy yard at.Pensacflla, All at Sue aame time, and thatfcfte'r?oi?e Lours' borrbirdaient the vetsell wer? Compelled to haul i ff. not being able to get nearetio'gb to the navy yard to do m!a;hlef, without too great a risk to tr emse'.ve* The Niagara and Colorado were badly damaged?the N'agara particularly, a* the batteries appeared to pay especial attention to her. Fo.*t Ptckens was also considerably battered, and showed marks of Injury in le*?-ral places The damage to the navy yard and confederate batteries was slight, 61 the Vf?aejl c6uld not get near enough to hurt tbe yard or in*rh to any extent. NiW Yon*, fiov 28?The Tribune has re Aoit-.^ rAft.^o \v?n.,... i _? 4 ? y,,ru. VI urn in uui-T, 1 llipur tail V nrWA irOHl Fori Pickens, said to have reached Norfolk, and thence brought down by one of the passengers who came by a flag of true. Fort Pickens opened flre on Bragg's rebel batteries on Saturday. The ptrtlcula's are meagre and entirely through rebel sooted. bragg is sbld to havetelegf^pheA lisulhe was taking the bO!??bard??ent ^Oiiliy. Tht rebels claimed to have hrearhed the wall of Fort Pickens. They admit that the mvy yard was on Are tbrpe times, but had b?en put out,and that the village ot Warrington was buined by the fire from Fort Pickens on the first day AN ATTACK Tit REA TE f ET> The latest lntellSyerc* by sea from Fort Pickens was brought to New York on Monday night bv the steamer George Ptabody, which left Fort Pickers on tbenioming of the 18th arid K?y West on the following Wednesday She reports that the rebels h d landed between three and four thousand troops on Deer Point, which k six miles from Port Pickens, and one and a half riles from Sauta Rcsi !?land A deserter report; 4 that they intended to make an attack on the fort In a week or ten days Colonel Brown, It Is added, was prepared to give them ?i warm recept'on. The Uniu-d Stales frigate Niagirn and tne new gun* boit ilatters were at Fort Pickens PKSSACOLA AND ITS SVnEOCNbUOS. In view of the aforegoing reports the following in relation to Pensacola ind its surroundings will bear repetition: Th?? town of Pensacola (about 7 allien from Fort P'ckens) Is the i ort of entry and county site of Escambia county, in Florida. It .s situated on th" W?1 shoteof Penlacola bay, about 10 miles from tht Guif of Mexico, 61 milts eist of Mobile, .iid ISO miles in a dir"Ct lias from Tallahassee.? The harbor ha* 21 fet-t of water on the b^r, and l? res/arded as one of the snfrst In the pUlf The shore, which Is low and sandy, ilies neatly to the height of ?b<>ut '20 feet. The population of PenSicola is a^out i 900, the siree s are wide and regular, and it is re^srded as a beslthy locality. The bay is twe:itr-?evert :Ut!eiilong; lta greatest width twelve tr.l'es; and it'-ifi'irds an excellent harbor, being completely sa?.:tered by Santa Rosa island, which extends fourteen leagues nearly esst tnd west along the front of the bay. Fort P;ckens Is located on the western eStfemlty of Sinia Rosi island: and Sfpoiite, on a point commuuieatinp with itic mainland, is Fort M?Rac. The Kavy yard, marine h spit?l, Ac , are on the north of iVns?>-ola b?v Pensacola ligbtbou*; l? situated on land about J f.irty f?et high, at the east end of the entrance to P?<'la harbor, and about two milts north of Fort McRae. The light is eighty fett above the level of the sea, and revolves once In seventy wonds Fart Pitketu ?The principal means of delense to the mouth of Pensacola bay and the naVal station Is Fori Pickens This fort Is a first-cias* ba*tioned fort, built of New York granite and situ- j a ted on !ow ground on tie east point of Santa { Rosa l*iaud its walls are forty Ave feet In height, by twelve ' feet in toickn' 8*; it isembra*urtd for two tiers cf guns, which are placed under the bomb proof casemates, besides having one tier of guns <n barbette. The ^uns from this work radia'e to every point of the horizon, with tlmk and enfilading tire at every an^l*- of approach. The work was commenced In 1W8, and finished in 1653. It cost the United States government nearly one mllllou When oil a war footing iti garrison consists of one thousand two hundred and sixty so dier# Its armament only a portion of which Is Within its walls, consists of 5il? g"n?. The tiro (ium uns /on completely covers the navy-yard. Fort Me Ha*?l'hls fortification Is situated on Foster's liand, and guards the west side of the rnouth of Pensacola bay. It Is a baatlnned fort, built of brick masonry, with walls twelve feet In thickness It U embrasured for two tiers of guns, under bomb-proof casemates, and has one tier tn barbette Its armament consists of one hundred and fifty guns, and In time of war requires a garrison of six hundred ai d fifty men. The work coat the United States government about four hungered thousand dollars. It* guns radiate at every point of the horizon It 1s a very < fleet!ve work. The full armament of the fort is not complete, but a suthclent number ?.f guus are In battery to make It a verv formidable rival of Port Pickens Betowth's fort is a water battery, which mounts some eight or 'en guns. The Interior of FortMcKaeis provlct-d with the necessary shot furnaces, oScers' and soldiers' quarters, magazines, Fcrt Birmnrai Uon the north of Pen*acola bay nru1 direc'ly fronting the entrance to It* mouth ? The work i? erected on the site of an old Spanish f >rt. The fort 1* a bastioned work, built of heavy maaonrv, and mounts forty-nine fcUns, and in time ef war require* a ^arrisoti of two handred and fifty men. The armament of the work U fully mounted, and It* aiajhziu^s are In good order In tne rear of (he fort Is a redoubt, which i? auxiliary to Fort Barrancas Fort Pic kens ! held by the United State* force?. Aii the other forts are In the possession of the confedfrate slate* force*, under Brigadier-General Urtgg THE EASTERN YIIIGISIA EXPEDITION LOYALTY OF THE PEOPLE. The schooner John Cooper, Cant. Kelso, arrived here ym'erday morning from Pongot?a?ue, Acco.<.a< county, Va., with a ca-go of wh?at, corn, oit*. potato** and pea*. Thi* ls the first arrival from that lection since the embargo ha* been removed. We had a conversation, say* the Patriot, with Captain Kclto, and be furnished u* with some lntert'stlusj information In relation to the condition of i A'dlr* in that section of Virginia. Hi* ve-*el ba* been lylnir at Pongoteague *lnce May lut, ai'd he wa* unable to leave until the pre*ent time. He t?*y* the rrbe!* at one time threatened t.i sink hi* ves*-l in oider to block up the channel, but they were induced to forego tbelr Intention; and he wa* ^lad wh-.n the opportunity presented itself that he wm enabled to recume hi* trip* to thl* port, to which he has been for *ome time a regular trader. Captilu K?-1*t state* that since the arrival of General Lock wood and the Federal troop* the d s ersion and tbe disorganization of the rebel fou:ea In ihe neighborhood h is been complete.? TJio people are also happy and contented nnder the new order of thing* so different from what they had been compelled to submit for pome time past I'bey bad been led to believe by the secessionists tbat the " Yankres," a* they were derisiveiycalled, were coming for the purpose of committing the grtaktt outrage* upon person* and prope-ty, and fre^-lag all the n^groe*; but a* soon a* Gen Dlx'* proclamation was circulated and read, and tbe conduct of the troop* bad come to be understood, ttey w^re satisfied that they had been derelvel, and there was a great change in the sentiment* of even many who had heretofore sympathized witb Jjectsaia. do ({rrai, i;.u?*ea, was tnia ctantfe, tbat Capt K. lay a tte people would, a> aeon ai tne opportunity ottered, go aimoat uaanimouaiy for the union Many uecoeeaarlaa of life have been exorbitantly blgh lu Accomac aud Northampton countu*, but ow that communication haa been, bopea were entertained that the people would be better aupplted. Grain of all kind* was fo iunately very l?w, ao ttut there waa no actual suffering among thf people Up to the period of General Lockwood'aarrival constant communication bad betn kept up with Richmond, and tLe man wbo had reg lariy car rled the mail to ttiat place had made a large mount of money; but the aource of revenue baa Boca completely cut off, and bla game la now "blocked." Captain Kelao baa been vlaited by leveral prominent union men alnce hit arrival, tnd haa been welcomed by them Id the war meat i.anner. He la a good union rnaa, and haa alivaya been ao from the beginning, and ta, of course, grratly rejoiced th<it he haa been restored jo that union which he ao dearly prize* ? Baltic nort Jourica* Avraiaa m Albxandxia? The Alexandria 'Local Newa" cf Monday, aaya There waa qnlte a buay time at the Mayor's >fllce thla morning. Arrangemeita for bonding he t fllct la elected on Wedneadaj last; aome affllavlu were made anndry)lnqalrlea aa to Ueenaee ind civil proceedlnga for reut, Ac , occupied the ime much bevood the period during which the kiaya < court hM bean accustomed to alt. No ittlou, however, wia taken in any of the caaaa. t |re?THANK9GlVING DAY.-Th? ChircH of 1 ?7 TH ANKSGIv NS P^\ NoTemb?r*-th, *r}i" rn *"c rdln? to the pr< camat:on i no2T 1 tV?r' Usll-^on MomIt, Novemb?r 25th TT" Li ^_p. F.?The imidHti of Eaatern Lode* I r?.M n^v r?tifi??l to nt-nd At their i fSll54,2?? Tjlis (Wedn as dayt RVbNINO a! I*~ir yke arjanc*m?aU f? attend tW fnner*l t,f oirdeceu-d B other, Gi?? <**?*??*.>?. nein- mo#r of Raatepi l.?vl*iir- aia-j notified vc.dA'Jb*(r > 3?er.l^m THURSDAY AfJy fc" N'? JN. November 1R at I o'o ocfc, to attend in proo^aaioti the faoeral of oar deeea*ed Brotter. M?moeraof a.a'er Lodge* ate fraternally invite J tolitend. Br order: i It* P. M. PEARSON, Reo ?ec. r5?MAYOR'i OFFICK. ? 8*o*??toW!i, D. C t Not- St, 1*81. Ry diroatioti of the Co por t? Councils of this town. 1 hereby r&s? atftl ? request tt? otttfpn* to Abstain <rom their nsual vucatioha r n THURSDAY, the 88th instant. and 'c etfage In tueh re!i gioua exeroH't a* rn*y be *o:i lusted by the paston wretia'chfa. as off rinta of gratuarie lo Almightv 3od f?r I: o?e ausp'ies of earth y bl?u Inje wbioh have been ?o bouutifnlly bestowed upon ua daring the pre?e r year, sn<l especially for thoae teaoliiugi and prom ass wh.oli give assurance of & better Jif-s t > oom ?. And,in?iewol the ca?ee]oa3 end deplorah'e re beliion which ia now raging in a re^fclesa a-J tn.sguid?1 port on of our oonf-deracy. let ti? implore our Merciful Father that it mr?v be early termina'ed by a voluntary and penitent return of the disaffected to f eir allegiiy icn and g?*>d cit ! >n J sh<p, Or, e se, >>y auoh aw fl and tigna) drahrg of h aveniy retribu'i n as wi'I be an abiding warning o trvw-ra. and a? wi'I parity pnblic sentim *nt and e?t<blia)i cur government ou a ba??s so wise and etible as w ill si-cure to cur peot'e n irn. peaoe tre-vom and prosprrity, and al! things e'a? that

* hail redound to their glory and w<*li being for an indefinite futun.j. no 23.25 27 HENRY ADDISON, Mayor. 'YTjr^A CARD.?At a quarterly ine?ti-g of the I x St. Andrew's Society, held in Sep e^ber las', it was resolved thot on th*account of the ate.te of the coun> ry. the utua' puohc celebration of tl.e Scoitiali \atn cal Featival of St. Andre?'a Day b*dup?r.8ed with t' ia aeaa n. Ihu ittimatiou ia given that the fiienia and patrons, cf tho Soo ?ty ms> kno^ the reason of tho oniii'ioa. By u der of the President: JOHN REEKIE. no 9t Cor:eapon>Img Secretary. CREAM AM) WATER ICKS, of thf^-ost a?ia.fityvat St>< ^er 4B*rt- Ho?ela fuv?'wui uuurri mrr>isnoa ar iow tares. A a?r>rtniMit of fine Cakes kept on hand at the Philadelphia Confectioner?. ootLer Twelfth anil P sU. no 7-im'* Vif"THK UNION PRAYER MEETING LLJjf will be halden EVER Y DAY this week in the Engiuh Lutheran Church, oorner ol H and 11th sts.. at ha'f-past * o'clock p. m . to be ooiitinue<l -'Be ho'*r only.- oo 7 3m COiM PAN V -A," U. 8. ENGINEER3.kj* FtftT niteii;?ent and ai-le bodied men will be enlisted to fill this Company to the max imum fixeu by law?ISO men. Inquire at No. 24 -2 8 street Pay from $23 to 934 per month, beeidee rood and clothing* &u 17 tf MAHKiEDj^ . Married in AVasbiii;'o:i b^l^^^Rey. Fa'her Brfie, Mr WILUaM E H ^ T. of Marjlao*. to Mm VICT ORlNt E SUA Ft ft.of the former p.ace. It* 1)1 km. On the ?5th in?t*nt M\RY LOUISA, aired four mon'lis a< d ten daya.joungcst omid of Joseph aud Dei t: a ^chwa'tz i Baltimore Sun cop? | On the 28 li instant, after a p*i> fui illness. Mr*. DEI IA YOUNGER, the wife o! Edward C. Younger. Her funeral wi'l take f>'A?e from her late residence, jxo 4 03 Eleventh *t'eet on Thursday afternoon November 28?h. at 2 o'el'"5lt. 'Ihefrisrds of the family 8re invited to atte'd. * In this city, an Tbn 'i;. the i6:h*nt, aft<*r a p ot ?cte<i Hint's* ->f -everai ?eek?. Mrs AMN RhBK' CA JO'iN^ON, wif of A hart A. John " >n and el e?t daust ter of Richard a :U Harriet Br -cks, a^ed 29 t< ar? 9 and 24 ?ays Her re-t.air* will be taken frn^r J?or parents' residence No 239 ?outh K ?t , at 2'i'o p in., to W-siey Chn-cn, bland. Thurenay, 25th instant; ai d theno to its last rssuiw piaci. * On Tu?'t'a'.'.he28th, at i2>6 p. m.. Mrs. ANGEL \ R. KiNG Her f> t<*r*l miU 'eare the res'rfence of her family, Nfw .1 r*ivey ave.-ue. on Thursday inorcint, ?it 3>6 ??'clook and pr oted to r t P-ter's utiuroh, where a requiem mais will be i;fT?r?<l up at 10 o'clock The friend* and acquaintance* of the famili are invited to attend, without further not?.?. * MtSMMSDMaHSMMMSMSMi TfiR AKMY FEED and WATER BUCKET. T i>irt cu ?rly usi'ul to cavalry and Art I'ery, un'iko the co i.rn .n n se ba<. it allows th? dus to eacipa win e the horse !?!>? a f.ea cir Cu ation of air, and when folded ib the inoat corapaoi ind p"tnble bnrket u> own. t or aale by the agJLt 4'ji> 7 h it. bttween i) and E. JAS. S Mil'il ? M. Manufacturer of Military i?a<ld!es ard hquipmenta, a" 27 lw* Officer*^ Belts Havaraaoka AO. XX-*MITIi\? AL.E-XX F E Su'jiori'j^r b'R8 to inlofm i?i?oid ouitomers that he ii*a iuidt> afrinfeui^n'a to r'0*iva SMITH'S XX ALB by railroa<1. and will now a'way a have m hand an abundant supply. Ali ords-a prompt y ait?iiU??' to. no27 St* W.V1. S. SIMPSON, Agent. PERSONS IN WANTOK OVAL FRAMES lor 1'hotoirapl of nil fix a. Gilt or Rorewood, oan be supped t y JOHN V/AtiNtR, next doer to laid old B-tar) iamneut. 29G Pa. avenne. 74. ft. Looking glats plite^ inaexte-1 in oMlraraer. no 87-lm yy A T C H E S ! m w. gai.tTa prothf.r Call attention t* their unusua ly ftr?e at^o tment of very rupeior Ladiea' ao.l u?n'l?men'* gi?ld watches. Also, rel.ab e Timekeepers, in ailver o~ses. very chea-v ID" Watches. Chronometers, Jewelry, 4.C., eareiully repaired. M. W. OAT.T & BRO., Jewellers, 334 Pa. avenue, no 27 8t Fonr tioora we?t ot Brown'a Hotel. I^ICH MILITARY GOODS. Two-Row Shoulder Etrapp, For f-tafT and Lins Officers, Swords. Sa'ires, Se*hes, fcpaul<?nu, G?.ld Sword Kn< t?. Belts. G*na lets, Field &'d S*y Glanea 9tc. Also, richly einboased sworcs and Sabres lor presentation. A tare# Hae<irtment of the above Jnstreo9iVcdai.d will be optned on MonJa*, 26th mat. M. vv. GALT A BRO., Jewfl'era 354 Pa avei ue, *ir? ? ?? 17,,-. A . .1- .. - PIANOS! PIANOS'! PIANU8!!! A number of daw F Got. PlANOS?sMf3 rece'ved jpstnrday from the ovlebratad "I * * * ! laotory of Wm KnabeJc Co.. ainnnc them a very handsome oaived P:aao, whinti obtained the highest p emium f-orn ti.e late Maitimi'o Exhibition, And wi ich I off r for ea'e (us a fine New Year'* prese t)on accommodating to ms, and at prioea to cutt the tim?r? fO RE >T?I will have rev. ra' Pisno? always on hind, though 1 *as unable la-t week to serve M'ine of my customer*. Ar.iateurb ar* invittd to exur.ine. F. C. KMCI1KNUACH, ! a .v27 tin, 498 11th street. ri'O FAMILIE* AND SUTLKHS. 1 The und rsigneJ ieip ctlul y in- -jg-vft tmA forms the oi'ilejs of Weah'ngtou and th* trarsif-nt public that they VScst have constantly on hvid a a'te assortT'ef t cf OYSTERS of the very l est qua'ity: a!#o keeps a lan?<* qu->imt? of Chains tickled Oisfr*. Oar sr a Idea Oy&u-rs can't I * be't, "oi,e up in firstoast, n >lr, b ve us a oall. \\> f-el s-tiffie.l yon will ca'l again. S W.DAVIS A CO.. oorner of 12th and E streets. nov?7 Im* NOTICF.?'I burrday next. 2?th in?t., being appointed by our oo po ateau horitiesa* Ti anksgivtog Day. ur tfia* will the i be o osed, end i er sons having cotes falling due tuat Cay wiil p ease att- rH t > litem provious.y. novat-it KIPGS & CO. \itss IIROCK' M E^GMSH a?id FRENCH 1?1 boarding and day cmool, ^KVK.N Builoixos. No 130 P(nsi>it'i>.ii(i acske. Circu ars to be obtained at the Buoastorea and of tne Hrino pal. no 2S-lm* The firm of mollbki 8 a weiuel has been dissolved. b? mutual oonseiit, and ?i.I be conducted from and alter this ?.ate under the name of Weigel Jo Co. G WEIGEL. H. *?. Mill i Pur# WXthlorton. Notfmb'f 25 1881. no 26 A LARGE ASSORTMENT OF RAVEN, Bacon A Co. ard St*luwar & Son'i^-iunrivalled PIANO PORl'Ks have jnttfypPW ar iv'rt at the Muaic sto-e of W.G'* " M k'I ZLKv IT, oorntr o. Pa. avenue and Elev- i enth si. Alto, a eo<>d peoond-hand upright Piano,7octave, i for gale lor <.00 do 25 i MEW VotUMh BALZAC'S NOVELS.-Tlie \ Aiohen.iat, or the Houss ofClaea;from the ; French ol' Hi/nuns d<* ba'xac. Free by mul, #1. Sua* Marnsr, tue Weaver of Kaveioe; by 6eo. Elliott, the author of "Adam Bode." Free or mail. HoecU. FRENCH * RICHSTEIN, ?i W *? ?? i>?m itw?< N. HICKOOX, \ * ?po Peaat SniKT, Niw Yokk. Ma-ufaotur?r of ' BRASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS t or tiie Usitrd Statea Army. J R KG L'LATION EAGLES. BUGLES, CROSS ! Ca.NNO.iS, bABRES, Ac.. oon?tantly on band, ( and ahipped tu any part of the oouu ry at ahort no , tice. j A!,0~BRAS?S PEATHFR HOLDERS, 1 no M lw For Offloera' Hata. PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER?36 *eaa, of the moat cnoios dairies, jutt teceived and for aale ] by W\LL 4c BAKNAKI). Commiifion Merchsn'a. no 19 for. ??urii *ie Pa a* and ttli at. '?HERE IS SOMETHING VOU WANT , SOLDIERS' SUPPLY STORK. . " 1 Off Louisiana Avenue, bet 6ik and YtS ate Beat Guodf, Loweat Prieea, Sutlera Supplied, no 6-lm catl and Baa. ' VEW AND STYLISH HOOP afclRTS,oftaa L\te':'ivx?ir&"ue^. tk. vant of lam Ilea. one price only, marked In plain figures. I; I % AMUSEMENTS. ODD FELLOWS' HALL: _ 8xr?NTB. Aion D8t. IMMENSEBUCCM88 * G'FT-P'FT?GIFT CONCERTS?CONC ^.TS?CONCERTS' CAfcfPBKI ?. M|N*TRKT F. SO PRESENTS QITEK AWAY' EVER V NIGHT ! KVfcRY N'GHTi Ckcntt cf frotrmmme Sirktly ! Look oat for JOHNNY BOYD Tki Gnat C< nudian m?4 i igktmnt /?'? Doner. Fir?t app aranoe on Thur??iay Evening, Not. 9tt. OoO'idub it 7: oommeeoinc atlo'alook. Admi??lon 38 ao 29 THEATRE! THIRDi\?6H 1 OF MR. JOHN E.0WEN2, WEDNESDAY. NnrembWtr. VV il< he p^rf irci^d the oomedy of S W E KT H B A H T4 AND WIVES. Bill* La?ksda? I*lr. J E. Ovni To o"nc ud? vith the faro? cf FORTY WINKS Horatio Fprag|iaa.?.Mr. J. F. 0*?ni It* . j ^RLINGTON CLUB. M The mtmHera of the Arlington Club begjM^ l?ave to annnonce to th?ir friend* and thalfPQ ptt'-Iio r*nerA'iy that the? intend living th?ir Eirhth Grand Cotillion riarty, at the tranklta Ha/. D ?trwt, near 12 h etreet, on MONDAY, Deo. 211.1K1. Ticket* SO oenu. aiiaitiinc a gentleman ana Ladif. noTi7 It* GRAND FANCY BALI. To * u v.LP at Fka5elt3 Hall, comer of u auu vbo iirrrTg, on I BlirtO&V DTgQT, N0T-/1S !?<tb, 1HJ1. Tlcketi ?V, admitting a eentle-GSk man and lndlea. nov?0?2t RAND AMRMBLV OP THE GOOD WILL CI.I'II. At franklin Hal', of 9tk and D its , THANKSGIVING E VK. ( Vl edr esday Ncv.tJ.) The w?ll known reputation of ih'a o'yb it a auffioient guarante* to our numerona frienda % th\t thi< will he the ataembly of the eeaeon. JH Ticket* so oen-a, admitting a gentleman/lB and larfisa. Oy order of the romnuttee. no S< >t*~ ICING'S NATIONAL CIRCUS! A TRIUMPHANT SUCCESS* Can be reoortied for the oontbined EQUESTRIAN AND ACROBATIC TROUPES PERFOR MANCE9 EVER Y lar at 2 O'CLOCK, For rhe cxpreaa eonver.ienoe < f tqore who oannct attend the everice exhibition'. RE ENGAGEMENT OF THE HEFRLE9S PERI OF THE ARENA, ELLA ZOYAR A. F.rit apr>ra*ar:o" of the CLOWN AND COMIC 81NGER, WILLIAM KENNEDY. TOM KING, And atl the oompany. wii appear n?vS5 UUTH bAY AND NIGHT. Grand afternoon performance: OS THURSDAY AFTKRNOOS At 8* o'clock. ro 27 St RATIONAL CIRC U 8 I Join King _ Le?eee aad Manager . tk^itt Aaaooiate Manager ThlRD WEEK of the Skcc**SPffL SlASOIt. First Appearance of th?Great ELLA ZOYARA. TOM KING, And all the Stare. Ladies And family partita wiil aleaae not forget tha On MONDAY, WE PSKS DAY t SATURDAY. SPECIAL NOTICE. The Real KLLA ZOYAR A. who oroated auoh a furore in the Unitpd State* alter he' debut at Nibl.?'a Garden*, ia engaged bat for a limite i number of nights. Parties, therefore, had b tter aecure place* in advance. nor 18 i?08T AND FOUND. rO^T?At 'he dfp-?t on Saturday afternoon. J about 4 o'o oclr, during the hu ry of m-'Tina Cil Howe i'i regiment t<> Bladenaburg the '"AMP CHEST, o* niatciiig ail the book a and papere ol th* regiment. TI.e cheat * ? marked "Andiew Mwvt, 86'.h leciment P. V." Any lrforriiatioa about f aid chest will be li! e-Mly rewarded r.y applying to tii* eub crlber at 4#<? E street, near tne tiennral Pc?t offiee, or at the Patent Office, or to Mr J i>>KPH HAMLIN, at the { ldiera' Retreat, ut?*r the d^pot. It* D S STEWART. STOLEN.?An officer crossing the I ong Bridge, on th* 25th mat., had hia bu<gy broken by coming in coiftar.t with a Goaernmsnt wagon. The Buggy ta* g>ven ia charge of a colored man. who ft to deliver it on 'hec ?-ner ofC an>l l<nh streets. >>'thirg ha* yt t been heard of man or buggy A Uberal reward will bj given f.?r the arre?t of the thief, or the recovery of the property. Apply corner C and lotr atrecu. It* C< 111 REWARD ? Strayel or ato en. on the 4th <0 IU lQgtan-, a *p >tted turar y white Durh m COW. ab<) it9 yeara o d, v.rr fat, with eh< r: hornr, turieJ fa *<i largeAaJkw l a: with ahort h n't teata. 1 he ab~?a reward will K? mifor h?r return tn inA nr fnr mlarmtfinn nf her'wiiPre&bouU. DAVID ROACH, no rr-3t' I fct. north. t>et. l?t and 2d ? ?. weit. STKAN KD OK t*TOl EN-On the erenm? of th 2S1 instan*, from b?rore the Union Ho?p"al, Georr'town. i? O.. & biaok Aw UORSK, branded U. ?.?' and "G." 1!W3> (d notii g onn.pany) on left ahonld-r ; alj'?, ui: neck two very nnali ?pota.?* =? When t*k(>n had on curb bridle and -etulation e.-dcl.*. The fim'or of said home will bo hacdroirelv wwsrdrd by Li "lit. H C. WEIR, to'. 6. W. Ba?ariT? Cavalry Reg t. Gen. McCall'a Division. p . 86 3f ? .> RF.WAPD ? I o?t, on Thursday aat. a ij & BLANK BO?'K. marked"Ja-nee Skidmore, Morthern ana f>i tra' Market*" The above reward wil! be paid to it* return to thu o?ce, or to toy *tanil in trie Fuh Market. u86 St* J_\M E3 SKIDMOWE. T^KK.N Ul' AMTKAY, onth anhtof the?th 1 in?t. a red COW atd CALK?Ihurgc a W vhitele*? white mark in fort h ad, an<il^Mk'? white m\ric ? n tlioaider and hipc; b*?Ht^T h< rn?. ,The owner la requested to ooiie forward, prove property, pay c >?r?, and take her away. GEORGE tf. LiAHCO.MR, Metropolitan Pol toe, no 26 3t* Dqirharton >t., rf town. ASTR VY?One brown HORSE, aSoot 1SH hinds tilth, tnr?e white feet b emiihrv in oil kideoye, aV'Dt 10 year* old. Aiao. on- ba* Mare, abont UH hand* high A ??* luitibie ro*ard wi l be pud on delivery at my ?t?ble, u<>rthea-t corner 12th and G its., m the Alley ; or r aiim\l Ho'fl. nogVJf J. B. Ol.COTT. STRAYED OR STOLEN?A biaok HORSE and Wagon, from before MoKfldeu'i cv bakery, ou 7th street, between 6 and ?12R II olni'lr -*n Qilnwr* * ni*K? f?'k.* W?? b ark, with one hind foot white, and one hoof pf lit.. 1 be wa?on haa a black cover, a little torn, witti the worn ' Confectioner' on both aide*, and n&d hve ahina of beef id it I will five ?10 reward for !ne return ol Ue . orae and wegon; or. if atolen. 5 f.?r tho return of them and ti.e ooaviction of thetuitf. JOHN HOOVER, Center Market, no 25 St* Or corner Eighth and 1> itt. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER'S FARM, aiiuitcd n*ar the ae-nud toll gate on the Seventh street road, aoma time tiu in* the month of Oc oijer laa\ a large mottled COW. The owner o*n n*ve her by proving property, and payicg ohargee. no 5-3t* WH. M. MORRISON. C- in REVVAS 1). -Straye.l awe* on Friday, O-I" * ovon&fier 2 vi, fr< m let atfc<-t, be tween K and L, hvo Co\Vr; one loufur with or < keo four red, two ofABiaa tiiem with with faoe*. Tf.e above reward will be paid for their return to MICHAEL KENNEDY, on l at atreet, between K and L. no K at* don REWAR D.? L08T?On the night of the 19th instant, a ama.ll G -Id WA'lt'H, jv | i? 563. with heavy gold chain attaoHed. r\) The Coder will receive the above reward leavmg it thia office. n" tfr-Si REWARD?Loat. on the loth inatant a heavy, open-worked pair of gold EYEGLASSES. marked with initial a "II. B glaaaea very oonoave. aoppoaed to nave been loat at the Gwyn aale. Apply at *47 I atreet, corner ofltth. no 3i-lw RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, near Ftladene^u g, BOY ANTHONY, ^ oommonly called Toier. Ue ia 5 feet Sinehea mm high, verv blsek. abort heir, gram eoonte- ^ nauce when apoken 'o, wi*h a amsll aoar Jk over one ofhia eyea. W nt away with t ackJ^L iacket(United Statea battona on it), oas et pauia, rellow aaantiet glovea. 1 will give #108 to anyone that wil bring him home to me. nov M 2w? FlKlDER MA6RUDER. WHO CAN FAIL TC CALL AT HARVEA'S, where OtbThRS of ihe be?t^^ /?\ ifuc?iiij ih u? nao m MT fDIQlllf ihuoked fr?sh from he shell. Ire# klim? He reoeivee freth an.plieadaily, M1 ku now lr a( at HMvkuf lix ? eta ooDf ining 'torn three to seven hundred < mah?U**ch,of the & teetka.t ?ater Oytiera of re" for lal* 'hi-*e**JB. i.*r(e t ua-jtitieaare nowmtkm ray up the Potomao lareeeele on. tered or Ju* sxpreatlj lor hia eaiabiiahm*i, ard the put Im ou ?Jy I'^on oontuoal air ply donnj th? eeacor. Dealer* an J other* cu be .applied wuh OyUet. by Lke buahei, galion. or i* o?n? of a<l ai???- M T. M. MaRVfcY*S no 28 11 w Orator Depot, C at. HCHOFIBLDf HIR?NG, LIVBRY^LEAND EXCRANOR N ?.?. Hd ??' ^ -U of Gent'f mi?n wi?h>a? to hi'e a neat tod .tyUah turnout ceo be aupp'ied viih a team of U! c?* aoripUoc, la a t?le of ra*a EXUKLjBNCK. The boat car* beetnvedV Ltvory boreee. b?ca^e buraea, aaitablo lor amy otteere^ahrya WHOMPBON'ft MBOIOJNBR. K~ J&U&X&V0 ?*,DU1r?o 1-1 m Corner H'o^Ui at 'iStfmsL. OMONS-ONIOm-OniONS. UBT Reoetvea oa eooetgawol lr*? - "SS5S3&. I . AGCTJUN hAU-V. By WALL k BARNARD, A ftdur P?. tff. am4 5?t? ?r?? ? I AROfc AND PERFMPTORV - a i k (r |j lLMt5T AmOITNOT PF UtlH iLfyiK i Ftu, t-uiif-R <>&*? A' tr Actio*.? On TL KSuAY M^R'mN... Deo* hi bar, at lAa'cl'ck. ve wi ; ael! by oata ogee, at on' Aaetioa R?-< m*. * ,%i. and ??>? > Mwrtmnt cf ad lea' and ?erf'erper Far and f*eith Robea, Ao.. Ac . jaat reo? ived .1,reot from one of the larte?t irap>rtera a>d mm ufaetareaon Broadway. New York. Ail nm e a* rirrMi'f for the praeent ?^?nn an4 ?f the a teat ?tjlc?, and will La war a^ttu free Iroin m?U c< ? Lar?e Miak. Iidna Bay. aixJ other Sa>?le?. C? dmala. Capea,Bud ft*te, , ?tone Marter. Mick Fit 1>, and Er ire, R tah Set*. aarf-Siara Fi?^e? btoea Mu-n, Wate- >Vnk.M<>nr.uwr> Marten.SiU-t 14 SaBirral. Gerrraa Fire* Silvar *1vten, and Roja Fer.rre! Pur.Nal, Beaver, and other Gloe^a, Otter Caps Beaver, and other Maff re. Alio, every variety of Ladi? and ?. hiWren'a Fan, Fa?cy CriNMeand S.etah RoMi, Ltaed aad Lie lined Bnfalo R?bea,Fur ?' ??*. Ae.. ?e. Aa the tae will '? witLont iaa?r ?, it offer* a fine oaportnmtr for lAdtee a dO?)t.frr?r to ?ep p y themralvea with fcr?t-c'a?? For?,a.d we invite 1 the !a4iee and the pah la cenera ly to the tale. Teraia ouh. no .7 WALL A BARNARD, A cot _ By THOS. DOWLING, Aaoti??eer TRUSTEE'S PALE OF PROPKRTY IN OioI0>towk.? By virtue of a deed of t; I executed bv John 0'Donr.oi?ae and w:(e on the 331 cay of May. IK**, and recorded in I.'her J. A. &., No vt th? land re?. da of W aahicctnn 0 antv, Diatriot of Co mbA. and at the repeat of the partiea aeeured Were**, I will ulcr at pvKio FRI r>AV, the ?th da* of Deo m er. at the hoar of II o'oiook, the f>> owitc pieoa of property . aituated in Georgetown : T- e firat beinc parta <1 1 < a No 68 and T> in BeaMy A Hati n' a'd too. aituated at the i orthwrat corner or Frederick at d Firat ate, Jrotting 90 feet, more r ,erm. on Frederiok. a~d 6) feet, n c eor!ea*,?n Firatetreet. Thia lot wil be e?id i? two psrtf. h froLtin? SIS fee:, more or leee. on Firat atreet and ranair c hack to the d?pthofth* lot Alao, p*rt of Lot rum bared ?S. In aame addition, frontinc f feet n the wcat aide o Frederick etreet and rui nr g life k lM>feefde*p, with ahe fr*me h. a e the-e^t. cow oooupied b? Mra Met a: r. Al?n, part of Kernel of frontier ST' feet on weat aide of ram* atreet, aad running back ISO feet deep, with the fiame honae thereon. Terina : One hal of ihe p?rck.??e money in eaeti: the re line in 12 n.oatha front "ay or aale. with iotereit. All aosveyan-inc at the_ooet ot pn'chaver. I r r JAca*t?r?, Truat^e. no 26 ta THOS. D"WI INB, A act By GHEE* * WILLIAMS. Aactioneer*. Cgl'PKR IOK PIANO FORTE. nOL ?KHO' D d t sid Kitchen FriMttu at *cc;.oi?.-Oa FRIDAY, the is:h mataut, we anal soil at 'Ho restder.oeof Lake L?a, E?a , No. 44 ?. north * ds of B, between 8th an<3 7th - tr'??s, at to o'0><Tk a. ia., an riM lti t a*aortinetl of Kurntare, v:? Fid* Rosewood Piano Fort* <?ct\?e?, mad* by H&ine* B'otbcrf, of New York, a aaper.or laatraant, Alao, P ool Cover anH Mnra fHaid, fine pluah-ooverMl Parior Sat, oossieting of? wo fine French Sola*. Two large Ca*u>rarxj twe>e Parior Chair*. Walnut Whataot and he* ere a. d Chine** T a Fan^y'^othio and Recaption C air* and Otto macs, Crimaon. Dama*k,acd Wbit* Window Curtains and Fix'ur.a. Two haadsome Gothic gilt fiame Mirro-i, aad Brack eta. Oil Paintings, Engraving*. and Mantel Ornaments. Fine Velvet Parlor, Stair. ai.d other Carpets, and Oieoth. Plate.I china, G m?. and Crockery Ware and Cat! try, Hair cioth Sofa. Loange, Chair*. aad Rocker*, Wa i nt Side! ?Bsd, Extension Dining and other Tables, Cane Dining and other Chair*, and Rocker*, Mihogany Marble t p Dressing and other Ba reaos, . Mahogany Mar be top Wa?h C o*et*.ar.i Ta!> e*. Ma ogany Frrooti aud ou*r Bedttead* and Bedding, , _ Cottage and Chamber Sat, Hair and ?*er Mattrea?ea. Fine Gaa C andeliera a d Burner*. A large aeeortment ot Kitchen Kcquia t*a. With ir.a^y other article* which we deem nnneoea ?rj to enumerate. Term* oaah. I no25 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aaeta. B? J .C. McGUIRE, 4 0O., Aaotlon?er^ THL'BTEE'B BALE OF LARGE AND V ALcablx Lot on Catitol Hili.?On TULBDAY Ai TERNuON. Dec?mbe< 4.>'eiookf on the prenuae*, by vtrae of a deei oj truat Dora Justice A. Koila, and dated February 16th, W. and dnly recorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. M. 'n'i< * 449, et seq., aad of the land reoo'ds for og tonooui.ty, D C , I *a rail I^'t inn .t*we?l 'iwo (8). in square num'.,e-ed six hatred aad em i-two (882). fronting 136 feet on Delaware arenas, IK feet 6 inche* on north E street, and 139 foot 9 lat hea on Fir*t st'eet east i Term*: One third oaah. the ret Binder in ni fcil twei^e month*, with interdat, aacmred by dees of traat on the premise*. If the terra* of tale are sot complied with withia fire daya the e^ner.the tiaatoe reeerve* ti e light tc rea*li at the risk aad expoaae of defaulting pair e iaaer. Alt oonveyanc** at the ooat of paj-chaaer. W. 8 HOLLIDAV. Trustee. nofr-eoAda J. C. McGL'lKE A CO . Aaota. \f ARSHAI.'S SALE ? In virtue of a writ of 1"1 fieri taeia* i*aued from the Clerk'a Oftae of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia ft r wis oonniy 01 fTHOitflOB IM to me OirMtM. I wi.l ex?<>*< tu public n ?. for oMt, m front of the Court House door ul Mid oouuty on FKIDA V, the 6th da? of Deoember next, 1861 at tfo'oiook m., the fo lowing property, to wit: Ai! ueier,Jan's right, title, cl'-m arwf interest in aud to Lot Nr. 38, id Square No ? 1 in the oity of Washington, 1). C? together vith a and ruiu ar the improvement* ttiereon. Mixed and levied upon *? the property oi James G. Cooinba. ana will t>e soid to M i?f? Judioials No. n U January term. I860, id <avoi John E Kendall. 'A StLDb N, n> 14-ts Late LT K Mar?a D C. QOVERNMKNT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINE **o* _ NEW YORK TO WASHINGTON rim UARR1SB UhOH. A Speoial Meetenger will be eent throngh vith M3h Train, in order to eecn e safet; and cispatch. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT*CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MONDAY. Nov. UU, this Com| paay will reoeive and transport Monitions of War. GovernineLt Starea, Sutl?re* Sappues for the Ann? and all Mieoallaneone Freight, at Low Rate*. WITBOVT BREAK OF BVLX. Special Contract f fcr (roods, m Large OhmIWim. ai Rtdmrod Rait*. C7*Freight reoeived only at the D'pot ofthe C"r:irai Ratlro?d of New Jersey, hie: No J, North River. For further informal on. or speoi&l eontraota. enquire at the 0Ju? of tkt C'mpmy. 49 Bromdwf, ft. Y , Or 54$ I'tnni*tra*t* ??*., RoxAm^Im (Hi*. fT^1 Mart Good*. "Gov rnmeut Pi>Mteh.M-/"Tl Freight received from I a. m to S? in. A. I?. HOPK, of the Hope Express Co nuaim JPWMgWgMfc Imail bteanvk rmndkeh, every th?r da* to ai>4 from 6fc>. bi:KLt'a DIVISION DIRECT THROUGH IN FOUR HOURS. Tlie et?a:ner l??fcvee Jouei Wharf, fc>ot ofllih treet, on MONDAY, WtDNESi^Ytrd F*I DAY,at9o'ok>ck.a.a?.,(r tarring from the inriSion.) 1 arm* MhUwwdm f^Mlc at ?%" h?BT, on fcK^DAY, i Hl Kf*L>AY and SATURDAY. Paeaangere and tight t-r?ignt lafcea, (Except aJooholM lienor a.) Fare to or from the Camp - - - |! f are for roaad trip (ratarainc text day,) - S Paieergert are sot repaired by the Govaramaat "lliYSISmM. WILLIAM I.KIEHL, nov*6-lw Capaic. rhlSTRlOT OF COLUMBIA. Carary or aJ WaraiMSToa To-*eii 1 he.eby e- rUly that mane aad tail, two ?lad feet white; Mt*'C i? aad 16 haade hixh; aged 4 years iaat epnng Whea taten ap he had oa him a a dulo aad bridle, om mr band &ad aaal Uua isth day af No, 1U1. THOMAS C. DOMN, J P. for Washington ooaity, D. C. * The owr of the above date ifcad horae, eaddla and bridle will pleaae oon* iorwart, prove property, pay ohargae aad take ihem away. t'tiNJ. KlN>i-Y.4X e\, no tS St* near WaryTaod arraoe. THE PROPER KINDS OP CLOTUS FOR _A Boidier Cloaki. heaaaae. JkImi. ad TBTfcSKRH* Oq? mm onlj. Marked in ? tin l|tm LM?K CiTlZENfe' WF,4K-Hor?UMO'.i uul r fall Bto?k of Clotka;Oi???*#r??, tod Vwt'nca, Met of tkoafor JIM MitineM?a:U. AImCIou* kbd CMnaaritufi* |t?m tk" kai SP:f^w3s:' pa.iww mm rnriiku, " ? M?ri ~*Ptt H?ill ?>" P^8?^ 9JNOUX .JWiC ss pro* cm* Ay low prio+M 1k> t*k?vla, u!ov??, ko. uwS'Tt'ill*Mtort ?inMyoi4? mb< o&cabo* to ^ 4 BBpTBEE, ATkSk >luMk ttluk^ ?2 $?uirt?. <or 3S 7Z* **

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