Newspaper of Evening Star, November 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 27, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING I Oi Evbbt DucmiFTioa Executed w ith neatm as and dispatch on eppUcstton at the f { STAI OPFIC*. ? At tb- Lowest Cash Prloefi. * - Satlsfaction guaraniisd. 'Si-Xt LOCAL NEWS. E7* Though Thi Stu |? printed on the fhstest tram pre* In use south of Baltimore, Ita edition I" *? l?fre m to require It to be put to press at an early hoar: Arfewtwenwwtj, therefore, should be sent In be|ore H o'clock *4. otherwise they toay mav not anoeer nntl\ the ne*t daf. A Bboad Platvobm ?It la reported that the chaplains of the Pennsylvania reserve corpa? who represent different denominations of christians?have had a meeting, and organized, and adopted the following aa a religious platform, broed enough for members of all the reglmeuts to stand on : Crted??i believe in God thePatber Almighty, maker of heaven aad earth; and in Jesus Christ Hit only Son our Lord; who w? conceived t>y the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary, suffered under Pontius Pilate, waa crucified, dead and bnrled; He descended Into bell: the third day He rose from the dead; He aacended Into heaven, and sitteth on the right hand of God the Pather A'migbty: Prom thence He shall come to judge the quick and the deed 1 believe In the Holy Ghost; the Holy Catholic church; the communion of Saint*; the Forgiveness of aina; the Resurrection of the bod?: and the Life everlasting " I believe that there is but -'one only, the living and true God;"'that "there are three persona in tbe Godhead?the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost: These three are one God, the same in substance, equal in power and glory;" that the wrord of God which ia contained in the Old and New Testaments, is the only rule of faith and practice; that there is a Heaven or atate of eternal blessedness for those who die at peace with God, and a Hell or state of eternal suffering for those who die in their sins; that all men are sinners and need a Saviour, and that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour. 1 humbly acknowledge my own ainfulnesa and lost condition; that I have ainned against God and am not worthy to be called His son I repent of all my sins?confess them to God and renounce them for ever. I trust in Jesus Christ aa my only Saviour, and the Holy Ghost as my only sanctifier. 1 am determined, by the grace of God, to live a holy life and aet a godly ex imple to the world; to seek for the good of the souls of my comrades, striving to bring them to Christ; and to endeavor In all things to honor my Master, tne Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I renounce the devil and all his works, the vain pomp and glory of thia world, with all the covetous desires of the same, so that I will not follow or be led by them. 1 will obediently keep God'a holy will and commandment* all the days of mv life, God being my helper. 1 will have a care for the good name of each of my christian companions; will assist and encourage ray chaplain in erery good work by my efforts and prayers 1 will kindly receive admonition and reproof (when kindly given) for any errors I may hire committed I will attend upon all thi means of grace that are consistent with my station. Many of the chaplains have es'abiiahed church I organizations, substantially on the same basis ance one of considerable import ** Ho*?* STBALino-r*? Carn'ren R,Jte,*n4 Officersjn tk* Kt?? Again ?Mona&v Mr John H.Sweeney, of Anandale V* being in the city, nw one of a pair horses which were stolen from him live weeks ago, In a wason driven by Charles Macklin g Officer Reese was immediately engaged by Sween-y ai,d be arrested the driver and secured the horse The driver proved that he was the employee of Mr C A Menseil, who is connected with the Cameron Rifles Mr Menseil being brought up prod uced a receipt from Lieutenant L Ascher, of the same corps, for 9100 paid for the bo'se Lieut. Ascher was next arrested, and th? case was laid before Jusrlce Donn for a hearing of the evidence. From ths evidence it appeared that both the horses were stolen within Ave weeks, and that the other horse was returned by the ?fleers of the Cameron Rifles who with the Colo lei, Betzer, appeared to be anxious to And this horse also. Jt also arp-ared from the evidence ihit tbe horse was sola oy Lieut Ascher, for and on account of the Colonel, who received the benefit of the sale. The Lieutenant was left In the custody of the provost marshal of the regiment to which he belongs the others were dismissed Thsre are other cases of a simliar character, which were referred to In th? cour*e of thia investigation The evidence will be transmitted to Geueral Porter as soon as made up by the examining magistrate. Robbbbt?The slaughter-house of Mr W Linkins, corner of 19th and Q streets west has been entered and robbed twice this week of articles of value to him. These robberies were perpetrated by persons around tbe teamsters quarters near there, as they left articles which were used by tbe teamsters Yesterday morning while bis wagon was on the way to the market. some of the thieves on the road stole a whole sheep from hia wagon. r A Healthier Look.?We con tine t^notice indications of reviving confidence In the value of real-estate In the vicinity of the seat of government, as indicated In late sales of this class of property. Lands in thi* vicinity are undoubtedly selling at an advance of an hundred per cent upon what they would have brought half a year ago We hear that Mr Edward Semmes has sold his farm and woodland (#13 acres) in Prince Ge*rKe's county, 6* miles from the city, for over *17,000, to northern parties Valuable as this property Is for Its timber, soil, and good water it would not have sold six months ago for ten thousand dollars Messrs Wall A Barnard, auctioneers, have this week sold the following real estaXe In this city at the prices named. ' A three story brick store and dwelling on the east side of 7th street, near the corner of I street for S5 625, J H. Yeatman, purchaser. ' A brick dwelling and store, corner 19th and L streets west, for *3,000 A Swartze purchaser Lot 17, In square 117, on M street, between l?th aad iOlh streets, for 9 cts. per ft. Jas. Green pur Nab bow Escape.?Yesterday afternoon a pair of fine horsea, attached to a heavy wagon, started from the vicinity of C enter market apace, and passed up Loalslana avenue at a pace that caused a general stampede of pedestrians In tbe way At Sixth street they took the south pavement and kept upon It until they were brought up by a shade tree at the corner of Four-and-a-half street Strangely fortunate, that ef the small children playing on the pavement, aa well aa older per sons attending to business, no one was hurt The damage done was moatly to the harneas and wagon, and the tree box A merchant, taking in baskets and boxes of wines, had them piled on both sides of the psvement, and the horaea, with their wagon, passed directly through, uot a bottle being broken. Deaths of Soldiibs ?Tbe following soldiers have died since our last report: Adsm Leslie, company B, 7th Pennsylvania reglment, at Seminary Hospital Solomon Fusaega, company O, 5th Vermont regiment Fred Rofi, 5th cavalry, company, G, at Circle Hospital John Hays, company H, 63d Pennsylvania, Porter's Division, at camp. Peter WhlUee, 3d Pennsylvania Reserve, at camp Sergeant John Edwards, company I, 1st New Jersey cavalry, at camp Frank Hayward,5th New Hampafalre regiment, it camp. Harrison H Edwards, company K,Sth Wisconsln, at Arlington Heights. Etbbbal VieiLAKcn u tub Piles or Lmbh tt ?A valuable cow waa ahot by a sentinel at one of the camps near Kalorama a night or two since She belonged to a dairyman In that vicinity. W hether she suffered the death penalty for foraging within our llnea, or waa accidentally ahot or punished because she did not give the countersign when challenged, haa net transpired, as the guard la "mum" on the aubject. Tib Nsw Bums ?Workmen have already commenced preparing the timber for the construction of the proposed new bridge acrom the Potomac on the piers of the Alexandria aqueduct, above Georgetown. Hasps on Yob a Pockbt-boois ?There Is undoubtedly aa unusoaliy large number of pickpockets and confidence men la town, mostly from northern cltlee, and It behoovaa our citizens to be on their guard against both claases of experts. By the announcement elsewhere it will be seen that the fhvorlte Good Will Club to la the field again, and will give one at their enjoyable balls tonight Accibbkt.?Just previous to tbe grand review yesterday W on Cunningham, of company K, fid artillery, fell fr? the umber cheat, and a wheel of the gua carriage pissid over his breast, Inflicting severe injuries. Mas Libcol.i ?Mis. Linooln, accompanied by Caps. Daalgrea aad Mr Hay, the Presidest*s private secretary, on Saturday, made aa excursion, on board the steamer Mount Washingten, down the Potomac ae far as Stump Neck. See elsewhere the notice ef 8c he field's livery ' (tables, Nos. fiSS and Wo E street Iima Kuans* 6o?aa. For nay and every artier> paoetaetured 0/lad in Ra-'ber, on 1 at the India RabUsr Warehoeae m mis oicj, vkioa is .oented SMPsaasylvtajn B'snae. betvesaHhnod Wksin. aoSMf Tha?ik?o'Wesley c\aftl.? Religionsser- I vice wilt be held in this church to-mormw, (Thanksgiving Gay,J at !1 o'rloek A M Rev. . James M McCarter, Colonel .of 33 i regiTvent Pennsylvania volunteer*, will preach The public are Invited to attend. PactlAtm* ?T WROLEtALB?Tkt UneU Ban** Mtmef Owl.?Monday evening J?oul? 81A9iid?, lcte ~uafterm?et%r of Mb* Qairtron Rifles. vii arretted \>y Lieut Leuoe.che:, With a paarq of that corps, and charged with being concefnrd In the aale of four hundred palra of government i tboes to Emlle Dupre Subsequently Adolph ' Aacher, Simoad's clerk, was arrested by officer King upon the same charge. Aacber made, voluntarily. a statement In which be did not deny the selling, already proved. He Mid the quartermaster asked him If be could not make tome money, and told him to take four kundfed palra of the shoes and tell them for seventy-five cents per^jalr, ?nd divide the amount with him. He !ool- the shoes aim ncceefled- lu telling them at $i 40 per pair. He divided ?3?0 with the Quartermaster, the amount bad the price obtained been seventy-five ctnts, but pocketed the entire surplus Fimonds stated that Col. Betzer knew all about the selling of the shoes Justice Donn held both Slmcnds-and bit clerk to ball for trial at the criminal court. The amount of bail required for each was five hundred dollara. I I I I CbsSitor* of Pairo k Nourse ?A meeting of the credltort of P?iro fr Nourae was held yesterday afternoon at Richards' School hpuse, pnrtuant to adjournment two weeka since. Dome twenty or thirty persons were preaent, representing a nenvy proportion of the claims Tne committee of three appointed at the last meeting submitted a report, embodying a statement from the assignee, from which It appears that out of the #195,000 of indebtedness in September, lb57, ?116,U00 has been extinguished, leaving an existing Indebtedness of nearly ?90.000, independently of luterett. To meet thli are tome 30,000 acres of agricultural lands in Indiana, Iowa, Wltconsin, A ~ , and other assets The report was accepted, the committee thanked for their services, and their numb?r"belng Increased to five, thns embracing some of the largest creditors, was requested to consult further with th? assignee touching the adjustment of the trust and disposition citbe assets, and feport, from time to time, to meetings of the creditors, to be called by the committee, through the Star, as they might aeem expedient. A No i* from Mm. Franelin?Editor Star:? Your erroneous statement concerning my establishment In Richmond, published in your yesterday's issue, I have to correct by the fact, that I did establish a branch of my business two years ago in the present capital of tbe rebel government; bu? having satisfied myself, during my last visit in January, that every southern enterprise is look ed upon with hidden hostility, I sold out my Interest to another party, giving up all connection therewith. The new proprietor, either for the I reason to take every possible advantage of the reputation of my long standing, or afraid of creating suspicion bv any change in the firm, did use farther still, after my withdrawal, and does use now, as I see, my name, without my permission or even knowledge, blowing mightily up his almost exhausted stock, being cut up from every fresh supply. "Franklin, the puffy optician," who "not long since has done busiuess here," has nothing at all to do with the undersigned, who is pursuing bit legitimate business not more than a square from your office. M.j Franklin,optician. Washington, Nov 27, 1NH The Swobt> Presentation to Col. D I'tassy.?Editor S'ar.?Th? worthy Colonel 1) L'tassv, upon hit birthday, which occurri d a short time since, received from the officers of hit regiment, a beautiful sword A few days after I taw an article in one of the New York papert in which he it tpoken of as a tyrant and as having ordered thte sword two months ago. and then when hit birthday arrived, forcing hit officers to pay for it. To his friends and those of hit regiment, it it useless to contradict It, for they knew how utterly devoid of truth it ik But to others, as far at lies in my power, I would like to remove the bad imprettion they may have involuntarily received by reading tLat article written, without doubt, by a quondom officer of the tame regiment whose resignation was received with pleasure byall of the officers 1 will state what I know to be true. The tword was voluntarily pretented by the f ifteen as a token of their respect, love and esteem, and purchased by three of them Col. D Utansy's regiment is one that universally attracts admiration and as a natu/al const quence he it envied and Is not without enemies. Yours, truly, F. de la M. Assault and Battk&y with Intent to Kill. ?Yetterday evening Patrolman Bell, of the third ward police, arrested a negro named Hanson Hawkins, for assault and battery with intent to kill a colored woman named Ann Peters The sfiatr came off in Goat alley, a wtll known locality of the Noithern Liberties They bad a quarrel about money, which resulted in Hawkins taking a knife and stabbing the woman twice, inflicting two severe wounds in the arm and face. Hawkins was sent to jail for trial at court. Police.?The tergeaut of the 3d ward reported two cases of arrests made yesterday, beoide those of the guardhouse Stephen Ostetidorf, who was drunk and disorderly; and Henson Hawkins, assault and battery with Intent to kill, committed to jail, for court, by Justice Baruaclo. The sergeant of the 4th ward repo.ted Alex Noland, drunk and disorderly; Jess?- Loter, milking cows that didn't belong to him; B.J. Fran k I in. disorderly; Jno Mitchell and Geo. Blanchard, do.; all of whom were turned over to the military. Patrick Scanlon, charge of stealing chickens for hearing; John Yocum, M Vocum, and M. Dresber. little boys, charged with petty larceny, were locked up a few hours and dismissed by Justice Donn; Meyer Bender, obstructing the side walks, dismissed by Justice Walter; Cbas Guts, carrying concealed weapons, tine 9J0 58; Goat, for making threats alto held to security for peace by Justice Waiter; S. Odenwald, assault and battery, do. Sbcond Waro Police Rbpobt ?The sergeant of the 2d ward police reported this morning, besides the guard house cases, Wm. Materson. Patrick O'Neal, James Scbrator, M ard, W. T Warth, and S. M. *~lsrk were turned over to the military. Robert Tait, drunk and disorderly, work house 90 days; C H. Beubrke, selling 11q'ior on Sundays, fined S25. Patrick Lynch, a kinall boy, carrying a pistol, was dismissed. Rcnawat.?A government team dashed up the avenue this morning at a terrible rate of speed from the direction of Center market, and turning the corner of Eleventh st. rather sharply, snapped off the lamp post at that corner and shivered the large new lamp put there by Mr. Blaud, proprietor of the Theater. Sklrving's hardware on the corner was also considerably scattered. The leaders became detached after striking the lamp post, and the wheel horses with tbe wagon turned the corner of C and Eleventh streets, and brought up on a pile of bricks opposite Harvey's The horses and wagon sustained but little damage. Tix Bresnaran, who is charged with killing a man at a dance in tbe 1st ward, a few days since, has been seen In Balt'more, and is believed to be lurking in that city now. He has lost tbe two smaller lingers of bis left hand, apparently by a gun that wound, which has contracted the muscles of the hana. Deserter ?Thomas Johnson, a sailor, was arrested by tbe police of the 8th ward, yesterday, as a deserter, and was sent to the navy-yard. The Canal ?Quite a large number of boats continue to arrive in Georgetown from points within 00 or 80 miles of the District, with grain and other farm produce. Coal boats through from Cumberland are expected in a few days Selling Liquor on Sunday?George Hurrell was arrested in the first Ward by officer Garrett, yesterday, charged with aelling liquor on Sunday . He wss tried before Justice Drury and made to disburse <25 58 line and costs. Stealing a Bowie Knits ?Officers Downing and Kelly yesterday arrested Arthur Whitlow, who was charged by Capt. Francis Keyser with stealing a bowle knife. He was committed to jail by Justice Clark for a further examination. Lovbes or Fin* Otstbbs would do well to drop In at tbe Simpson House, Tenth s'reet and Pennsylvania avenue, and try tbe Morris River Coves just received from Philadelphia. We undentand Mr Simpson has made arrangements to receive other celebrated bivalves regularly. Theater ?Tbe house was jammed last night upon the second appearance or Mr. John Owens, snd very heartily aid he keep bis admirers amused In bis triplicate of characters, "Sampson Low,,' "Toodles" and "Solon Shingle." Miss Denln was excellent as "Marian" la "Tbe Windmill," and won hearts ss usual all the way through until?well?until the donned-tbe nightcap In tbe tupper scene We dare say (though we do not feel qualified to speak authoritatively) that very few women look well In night caps, and Miss Denla Is certainly not of the number To-night Mr Owens appears In his unapproachable character of "Billy Lackaday," la "Sweethearts and Wives," and Miss Denin has a favorite part la the same piece. The unparalleled success of the Campbells at Odd Fellows Hall can only be accounted for by thoee who witness tbe performances of this brilliant troupe To-night, the of the season, with an original bill ef conAHuties and a new collect!oe of gifts, promisee to take the palm from all preceding entertainments. Look Mt for the graad fhney ball at Franklin Hall to-marrow night Volunteers Attention. For the derangements of theaystam. noideata: to the shante of diet, wounds, eraptions end e*. otares, whisk every volunteer is liable to There wsr oa-l* I PoLIC* at til Cikm ?lu Donaldson wll arretted this morning by the Metropolitan police in the county, with the provost guard, foreelliag liquor to aoldlera and having In hia possession the clothing of soldiera He waa taken before i Justice Doflr. who tent him to lall In default of i security ^ Wm McCbeaney who \e*6 d^fetfed for assaulting and threatening an officer of the gi.ai3, **an held to ball, and not committed to Jail, aa waa erroneously reported. ? t, " C*NT*alGc.?*5ho$s*?Before Jnstiee Clark*. Alex. R'ley, drunk and dlabr^rrty; dismissed Alex Noble, do ; turned over to tne Jas Remmty. do ; fine *3 19 Marv Ru?aeli, non-resident col . aent to workbouae 60 davs, fir not complying with the laws Arthur Whitlow, larceny; security for a hearing. Henry Noacker, Bleeping In the market; dismissed Tboa L Jonei. Indecent exposure; line ?5 W. Joe Swain col , drunk, and oat after hours; workhouse 6<) days. i. B Gill and Abel Cox, fighting ffned 1 Meach. fra-rtd Welch,drunk and disorderly; dismissed. John SWlfty John Druuk, and drunken Soldiers were turned Svtf to the military. Babel Seymour, and after boars; fine *t!?. Ida Cole, drunk and disorderly; do 81 ?4. Wm. Connelly, do.; dlsmlsr d J. B Scott, do., turned over to the military. The arreata made I by patrolmen of the Second Ward were two; of the Third Ward two', the Fourth Ward six; of the Seventh Ward one. Three lodgers were accommodated r ? . - ? C*ntkrsi;*y Hall.?We have spoken of the . great succtss of this establishment a fact dufc tc I the enterprise of the managers In ptovidlnfi ? i rapid variety of entertainments, yrith capital I performers In all' departmenta. Two Cr these I performers sresufflcient attraction, in themselves, for any single place of amusement. Miss Julia Hudson wbooesuperb figure, beautiful face, and I fine voice, win every eye and ear; and Miss Em- J ma Miles, the sweet, piquant and graceful yonng I danseuse, who gives promise of taking the flrat | rank in her profession at no distant day. The I greatest enthusiasm Is created nightly bv their I performances, and with such attractive features I amongst others, it Is little wouder that the Can- I terbury is in the full tide of aucceaa. King's unequalled equestrian and acrobatic I corps continue in the full tide of their merited I sufecess, an IfreSlstlble attraction to the Washing- r ton public. Ella Zoyara, King, Kennedy and all 1 the other stara appear both d ly and nlghl Don't I forget the afternoon entertainment for ladlea and I little folka. Attention ia called to the advertisement else- I where of the useful "Army and Water Buckets" I of James S. Trpham. Attention is called to the notice elsewhere of j stores for rent and building lots to lease near the i Depot. Whitehursz, 4IH Pa. av.,ls furnishing like- I nesses of prominent men, including Gene. ScoM. I McClelland. (fromTecent sitting,) Butler, Banks, Fremont, Anderson, Wool and others Every I description of likenesses, from miniature to life- I si re See his card photographs for sendine in letters. _ oc31-eolm# I Winter Fashions ?Le Bon Ton, for Decern- i ber, containing valuable patterns and fashion- i plates ShlHlngton has also received Leslie's i Magazine, God^y's Ladv s Fook, Harper's and] al'the other magailnes for December Sutlers,! p*ddlf>rs and newsdealers supplied with Station- i erp, Blank Books, Newspape rs and cheap publl- i cations, at the very lowest prices. Shilllngton, j Odeon Building, corner 4# street and Pennsyl- i vania avenue, has a large assortment of diaries i and almanacs for 18h2. r27-eo3t Notic*.?Beware of counterfeits an<1 unprinci- i pled doa ers endeavoring to dispose of ihfirnwn i ar.d other artio'es on the reputation attained by HfimboUTs Extract Buchu, a positive and spec'fic i remedy for disease* of the b.adder. Kidneys, Gra- i vol. d~opsy, Ac., Ac., Ac. Ask for Helirbold's. i Take no other. See advertisement in another col i sinn. se 30 i WANT& ~ wanted 1mm edi at ely?a grv d b'ead i ' ' uakkit. App.f at t'.e ooiner of lltii and e i streets. It* anted?information of Patrick Har- i ? ? rinston, a??d in years. who left hia horn* about i a week ago; i ad on when he left a brown Ja'ket, i black an < white pants, and brown cap with <uspe i on it. s 5 reward wjil be paid for information con oeruing his whereabouts, or for his return to j n'?. i hark i no ton. on Po omac st, near the Market i Heme, Georgetown. no^7-3t* Wanted?a suit of two or more rooms, ] within two rqnares of the Navy Department. i Gent eman and wi'e only. To include Board i quire at StarjOflioe^ no 27 1? m i WANTED TO hirr-A oolored BOY. 12 or i 14 years of to drivj a hora.i an<! carriage i and attend about the ho i?p Kecommer>('a*ioit? i required. Inquire at No. 434 lith a:, between g i and h. no 27 it* u/antkd-ljfl laborers and 3 fore- i ?? m fn, to work on Government Fort fixations i above Chain Bridge. Pay if laborers, 9o cents a i dat, (in hours) and board. Pay of foremen, $'l per i day.and hi ard Apply to a. g- child's, at e. i m. Lmthirum a Co.. Hardware s ore. oorner of i Bridge a^d High atreet, Georgetown, until 9a, m. i dai'v. :io27 1 w i anted?a young GIRLiOolored or wtnte) i to do the hourework of two in family: no i washing ; can go home tt 5 o'clock every aLer- i noon. Inquire at 550 h street, between 5th ai d i 6th. no 26 3 * i \\r antkd?a good cook who thoroughly un- i m derstsnds her business can hear of a sitna- 1 tion l>? app'yirg to 4 23 Kenn. avenue n-> 26 31* a furnished hoi'sk wanted, in the vie nity of 'he Capito*. Small hou?e preferred. i Kent mint be moderate, as good oar? will b? taken i of thefnrni ure. Address '-w. h. m.," box 249 i p.o. no 26 St* i wanted?a situation as oierk In a ha i yy ware or honsefurnishing ?to'e. Has '2 years' I experience. Addross"w.j. k.," Star Office. n 2fi 3t* I Board wanted?a g5ntl?mpn desires tab e 1 Loard for h'mself snd e'e k. (or the wintor. j Location mnst be oonvenient to 7th street and the i Bvfrus address Mr. thompson, s?0 pa av. no 27 11* i wanted?For the Virgima Home g'tard. 20 i Vl iuf?re k ecruits to fill a oon pany of cav- i a'ry. n w leing raia'd he'e, to Ve attached to the i "Eastern Virginia Brigade." a a the government i will not author-z^ the ra sins of any more cava'ry, i this is the la"t ohano* to join a oompsny of this! k nd. Pay f u per month. Rations, olothing. Ac. 1 same as the rflgu'ar army. Also, good medioal at- i tecdanoe. Ail fquipmenta furnished SlMbourtyl pai-i on disoharge. Call soon at ?33 7'n street, be- i twenn K and L. near Northern Liberties M*rk*t. I Washington. d. c.. Nov. 26. 1361. n25 3t* Wantfd?a furni^hfd house, in oentral looation. Gord rent paid and ^"st of i refereno?s given. Address box 33?, Post Oflioe. no 25 3t* j V*/anted?Immediately at No. c24 f street,! between 14th and i5?h street,a women to | <-'o the g?nera! honaework of a small family Re I oommendation required. German or ool"red rre- i far red. no 25-3t* j Wanted?10,0"0 wh:?ky and brandy bot- i tles. Cash sn d?'irerv. i f. b. hasting' a co.. 323 l? street, no25 tf Philharmonic Building. wanted?Three t'n and sheet iron h workers. Apply at 243 Pa. avenue. Tno 55 3t* TO ALL UNKMPliUVR" MEN ABOUT washington wanted-so> aotive, aob?r men, to fill out a I new Regiment just forming, to who n wiU be given the highest rates of infantry pay. Term cf en'ist- i ment. three yars. Comfortable quarters, w?rm i c oth:rg, good faod and oooai g utensila turnishsd i on the day each recuit is sworn in. The present, intention ia t" hav> this Regimertl oo^upy huts during the ooming wintrr. instead of! tents, wbioh will add. no doubt, greatly to tne I health and oomfort of the men. I To soldlera of th#? old Regu ar Regiments (ofl good resuUtion) whose term of aervice will expire "oon, this Regiment offers peculiar ir-ducerneu's foi enlisting in.aa from their knowledge of drill | and diaoitline they will at once be commended to I th? Colonel for promotion aa non commissioned 1 offioers. In fact, promotion to the rank ofcoxxia- I sionxd officers Is open to ALL. who ma* prove i themselves worthy, by continued goodoondno and I striot attention to duty, of the honor of wearing I should** st*af8. , a . ? nrnnnr For further ln'ormationapply to Cart. GEORGE I GIBSON, llth Reg't U. S InlWntry at the G/and Army Clothing I>i?ot, in c -rcoran'a Temple of A rt. opposite the War Department; Capt. LA TI- I MER.IUh Infantry, corner'f mh at and Penn. avenue ; or Caat. PECK 11th Infantrv. at Major Beck wi h'a Offioe, oorner 18th and G sta. no 22-lw I W ANTED?Every person to know tl^at I am in | th* market, ready to pay oash for all articles In the h usefurnishing line, Those leaving the city, or having a snrplua, will do wall to ca!: R BUCH LY, 42^ Seventh ?t ,betweeu G an^ H st*? I (eaat aide,) Dealer in New and Second-ha d Fur- |

aiture, "Q16 1 AAA EMPTY PILOT BREAD BOXES J.UUU WANTED, at the National Soap and Tandle Works.oorner Srean street and the Canal, Georgetown,D. C. C. B. JEWELL, no l?-tw Proprietor. GOOD WATCHMAKER, having been in the bnalcesa for aiz ye*rs, wishe? to eet a SITU- I ATlOMT Apply at M. WILLIAN'S, 336 Pa avenue. ?? 8 I WANTED? TAILORS. TAILORS ?60 Tailora oompeUut to wort on military gooda. A pply G. KOLPVat Wall. Stepbena A Co/a. ae25 '?>6 SUTLERS-An energetic merohant, with I satf.oient oapital. deairea to parobaae theatock and baaiceea of a R-gimental Sailer. Addreaa 'B??tnesa?" at tha mm of thia paper, oc 81-lm I DING, for wh.oh wa ara ?ajin? the highaat 3mota?a to give aaJt GRIFFITH, JelS-ti No. I6#tth sc. bet w. I ana K sta. c4?sfem?it.xsJKitLl"ST?K-1 ***???? I i t I a FOB SALE AWf REST. FOR SALE?(And a bargain wf]l begivea>-a doah'e seated trokawa* CAR RI ARK. ?nreBom&endation 01 this a-t cle the sabeonber would '* 'ODLinf near isa-^o's th? b^atin thecounrrj. the material being aeleoted befA-e it waa pat t ''etner. For fnrtner partiou'ara ape.'/ s th* S'ar Off"*. no?? tf FO* RKNT?An arfurnished three atory b*ick HOiJSi,, ??o *0*. a->?j a furnished Parlor ?"d srvaral Chamber*, 3f?8 fVlaware averse north, near the Copitol 2T-eoJt* [ FOR 8a LE-A ren?H HOR"E? d a good pring ^AGON. Inqeire at LOR EY's Ho.el.o-rp#r S-venth and f sts lt? rpi'RNISHED ROOM* F"R RENT-Twn nsndn melj furti?'sHe<t Rooms (firs' aod **cncd fliiorai in the house former!* ocdqeied i>y ex Gov reward. No. 959 F st. between TSth ar.d 1*th st?. Location be?t in ' he eity 10 27 4t* 4 FOR RKNT?a farrished PARLOR and CHA MBER on the first fl^or, and Chamber* on the second. Apply oa D street north, trtween 24 ard 3d streets west, Mo. 45*2, near the Capitol. no gr-iw* ,?,ALE? A very handsome e?ylish HORSE, Saddle aed Bridle. A!co, Buggy and t\ Harress The laKor new and complete,TL.2P having been used about twfl we-ki. Apply^=CT3l to 1 he undersigned,at the offioe of t.he Aiierican Te!er>ai?h Company, 4*9 Pa. avenue, n? ?Jt R. C. FOX. FOR RENT?Two PARLORS, or parlor and chamber, furnished, atd p ea?int'y lo-atea near Smithsonian Institute. Apply at this < ffioe. no 27 5i* TEN OR TWPLVE UNFURNISHED rooms to let, -noludug parlor, dining room, and Kitchen, on Pennsylvania avenue, on reason able terms; the rert can be paid m beard, if iegireg Entmre at this office. no 2? 31* WOODLAND FOR SALR.-The subejriber wili eel; at private sale Jno aores of i.and in Prfroe decree's oonnty, Wi'hfn 2MI miles m the Railroad, with a good road leading to DeltsviH* and fovg*' Station. The land is covered with wojd. Address A- B. Berry, Bladensburg, prince George's county, Md. no 21-rpit* A. B. BF.RRY. FOR RKNT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing 10'ooms. peasant y looated.with g&e throughout 40i Twelfth st, bMw^ou I and K. no 25-eo3t* Horses, hokses, horses, of ?v.rr de- 1 eoription. for sale constantly. Louisa tv ana avocun, between 9Ui and lPth streets. Irm I near the Market no9 2aw2w* /Vt\ | R'O* RK^T-A prst y FURNISHED COT- I I TAGF. with gas and water, with or withrut I Hoard, in the moat pleasant rart of Georgetown. I D. C. from trie Capitol gate pass by I every five mnutes within eighty yards of the cot I taee. Rtferenoes eirharged. Address '-A B," I Georcetown, t>. C. , Ppst OWc^, noS2ft?6* f r|HMST~A.F2n,l?i?pd fA.RI.OR and CHAMA BfcR on the first floor, a* d Chambers on the I SMind App y cn D street, between 2J and 3d ?ta., I No. <3*. no SO e<>3t* I ROOMS . R HOU>E F..R RENT-Fnnmhed Rooms for rent, in a quiet, pleasant neighbor- I now. and with every oonvenien'-e, suitabl" for I either a rarty of gentlemen, or einglv. Oa proper I recommendation-, the whole house wi 1 be rented? I No. 441 TwOf.h St., between G and H, at wh eh I mqui e. pov jg ^ I Ij'OR RENT.?The third, fourth, and part of the I BiniB??SfeBt?nr,.-of th?u ,our story BRICK bUILDINii, Jrontingon the w.'st side of7 h st I ?econd house Boutn of D street, and oncssuarel nor h of Pennsylvania avetue. Five rooms on tlia I third anl fourth siories, and four oa th? s^ond* I ?.00L^riT?r?.A?ch ??Lthe. *am?> floor- Enquire J I C. BKADLb\, at Catnotio Bank,oorner7th ?nd I *' no 14 eoSt* POR RENT-The PREMISE** on the corner of 14ta ana O streets, lately ooonpiet by R. W. I Bates ft Co , wood andooAl .'ealers For terms, I Ac .apply to WILLIAM H. THILIP, No. 40 I a. av?nue. noll-eotf CH)K RENT-\ Brick HOUSE, on P herwee.. a 4fh and 5th streets, oon ammg f"ur rooirs, I kitchen, an 1 a Ar*e sraole. Inquire of THOMAS HOLIJ DGfc, corner5ta and P streets, noith. no 2F st* L'<)K RENT?A convenient two-story anrt attic 1 Frame I)W KI,i ING. in good orJ^r, oon'ain I iBg niQ? good rooms, situated near th^ Georgetown I College, late y oceupird by .Mre. Ann M?r.foa| ?unc ua! tenar.t the t?rm? mtde a*?>: possession I kT.?. 'miretiateiy. lrqjire of J ONE'* MK-I B KGAN. G?org"t,iwn. 1> <\ no 25 gj I 4 BULL FOR SALE.?'The anbeeriber has for I taie a fj-e young Bull, winch can b I S.-. U by applying at tavern, 7.h st'eei road, nea 21 Toi. Gate. ,!? 2* W M MOR-rtlaTTx TvVO FUHV|"HED RO??Ms FOR RhNT. I M on first floor, at 406 D srreet, between 0th and I no as f I RARE CHANCE?FOR SALE?The rood will, I fixtures, and lease ol an established Restaur- I aot, doing a good business, in th? very heart of tl n I cttj and within a f-?w doors of Pennsylvania ?v. I The stand not surpassed for anr business, and f r I a >ntlor Store nneqnaiied. A smail expense would I render the nppe- part of the a pleasant I privve regn;e: ce. which a'ono would pav the rsnf I ofthewhole. K<*nt. low A<'de?"'J. F T "Star I g' BARTH, liquor Merchant, above I J?"tel ;?.rH..*RTri * K.>MfcAD9.No. i>i South Ca.vert et, I'fWtimore. Md o 25 3t* I L^OR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUHK, con,a'?Vnl8 APP J it 173 1 Btr.-et, he- I twern iWth anil 21st ?t?. no 25 3t* NOr?CE.-A STORE ?>n Pennsylvania avenue I for rent Inquire at No. 367 Penn av I south Mde. oorner of Suth s? no 25 4t? I ALARGfc: FRONT ROOM TO LKT, Tur I nished or unfuriiisl",<l w:?h or without Board. I in a p'lvate family at. 467 E street, between 3d I and 4th. a few gentlemen aocoirmoda'e i with i Table Board. no 25 3t* ^ rOK E K OOMS FOR REN r, on Seventh st , between D street and l omsiara avenue?the I three uDper rooms of the new four story Store <>-. I Seveuth St., east si ie. No. 633 The first sto'y is I eccii i-il as an exten^vo grocery. Apply to GfcO. I LOUR Y. no 25- t? I ARARE CHANCE?For sale Confectionery! and Bakery, Store Fixture*, Stock goo 1 wm| I ?,? ' .now doitg ono of the nest businesses in I Washington. ?or particulars address 'Confeo tioner," Star Offioe. li0 25 at* I TWO LARGE AND WELL FURNISHED I A K'.Kn,?I.:i' - ,th "r <?'> Board, may be h-.d at 19b1 stre?t. ostween it th and 2tat sts. To I members of to jgiess or Ufhoera drank, it is a I very desirable locality. nf> 25 st* I l/Olt R KNT?Two su.U of ha d?om? FUR- I I MSHED ROOMS at No. 493 11th at. w st. near Pa avemie. liO 23 3t* I Rooms for rent in Washington buildingNo. 9 on the third fl'vor, Noa. 14 and 15, oit the fourth floor. Noa. VO, 21 and 2U, on the fifth floor. Inqu r? of JOHN H SfcM V'ES ft; CO. corner I I op 1 si an a av. and 9.h st.. opposite west end Cen- I ter Market. (RepuN. ft Cbron ) I o 2a 6t.if I HANiiSOMLLV FLHNISHEU ROOMS- I Four handsomely fc'urmahed Rooms, supplied I with ?aa and water, and conven;?nt to the Patert I Departmenta, for rent. Apply at 490* Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between 4th and Sth sts n?* 25 I HORSEj buggy and harne-s for SALE. Appiy to WALL ft UAtt-gy I naKD, Anetion and Commission Mer- I ot ante, oor. Ninth at. and south aide Pa oc^ t>QQ JOHNSON ft NAGLEi Oofk ? Oir No. 2^9 FmtNsyLVAttiA Avasr*, Between Ninth and Tenth sta . aoutn aide, OFFKR FOR SAXK: p'P?r Heidsick, Moet ft Lhandon, Bulhnger ft Co., Cartier ft v/O.f CO4 CLaHE 19?pt- Julien, St. Eatephe, Cantenao, fto , by the cask or dogen. ' I HOCK WlNES-Deideeaeimer, Johanneaberaer, ? Liebfrauenmi'.oh. Radesheimer, Ac. * *| BRANDY. Whiaky,Gin, Port, Sherry, Mideira, I in wood or glass. * I LONDON PORTER, Brown Ftont, Edinburgh I and Yorkshire Alee, of the beat brands, in bot- I ties or atone juga. I CIGARS?Havana and Domeatic, of the chuioeat I bran a a. We oall the rpecia' attention ofSutlera.RestanranU I and i-smilics to our large and well-selected I STOCK OF ,FINE GROCERIES, Freatf Meat. Poultry, fc uh, Soaps, Vegetabiea and Fruits in I hermetically a< a ed oana. I PREFER VES, Jelliea, fto , Almonda, Nuta, Rai- I aina a? d K igs. I CH EESE, (Eaatarn and Weatem CutUng); Ham. wnBrpS!rt Rau7Srttb?i>rftCbiml,a*ce Older. I WORCESTbRSHIRE and Oyater Sauce. PickUa I t4^Thf,.K?pU?n' PopJH>r dauoe "d Tomato Catsup, br the gal on or dcaen. I . 7blch we off" thej lowest possible I pnoea and on reaaonable terma. I "?2 JOHNSON A NAGLE. DRY GOODS! WHITELKY, STONE k CO., No. aSl Baltimohk Stkkbt, year Sharp, Ealttmmt, Offer for aale a deairable atook of GOODS AT LOW PRICES, POR CASH! And invite the attention of dealera to the tame. no 23-2 w tr. a itt , C4KES-CAKES! lOSUTLEKS AND 1 K .* DER P.?Ginger I l.rrnd packed_ in barrels or boxes with ear* and I I -H' tn* ?nlT r?*ulw Cake Baker in the bakery liqp, (. ash must aooompany J all oidera. % JOaEPH FIRTH, ! .. . No. ISA Areh street. I no 14-?w _ Philadelphia, pa. ^ ^^i^METALLHO I Cleamlaf. Palltkiog, and Pre venting IImat. I Thia la aufrior to all other oila ia the world for I the a'-ove purposes, as well aa for maoainery aad I ubricating aaea it ia equaUy app lcabte to gun- I ip?kf aid sewinr machines. It ia in high favor at I the Government Navy Yards for ordnanoe and I imoiiiaery. I /v,t ir?L z?ar^rH AL^r^ Penaa. avenue, near Eleventh tt uttta I ARMY GLOVES! I GL?V"5 ! rb,avs'.t?-vf??.;, | TELEGRAPHIC NEWS THE WAR I* MISSOURI. Sedalta. Wo., Not 25 ?It U reported that Price is still advancing. and tbn tbe Federal pickets were driven Jn thia evening A namber of reb Is were arrested last night, white en their way to j->in Price's army The arrea*lr>M?ts raiding In th s town are quite certain that the Union Forres are to be driv en from this section of Missouri Thev are very quiet In regard to the movements of Pr'ca ? vVttboot doubt, h" .* advancing towardaS* d ilia The tfr*!*f?ry authorities are very atrlcl la en forctn? tbe feg3?%tk>ns, and no rne can pass the lines without a pate signed by tbe ccmmaadln^ officer of the pout. All the business portions of War?tw were destroyed in the late fire. No clue has aa vet been obtained to the Incendiary. CoLrjc*iA. Not 25.?Tbe Statesman published here has information from Neosho that the romp legislature of this sia**, after obtaining a quorum by tbe appointment of proxies, elected John B Clark, formerly member of Congnm from Howard county, and R L Y Peyton, of CM county, aenatora to the rebel Congress. The legUlatnre also appointed members to tue rebel house of representatives from the different corn;rpwional districts of tbe state. Among them are Emanael Mncdonnel, of St. Lou'a. of habeas corpus notoriety; L. M. Mcllery, of Adrian county. and James 8 Kales, of Jasper county, all of whom are In the army of Gen. Price St. Louis, Not. 25 ?The work on the mortar fleet at this place Is progressing rapidly. The boats are ex per tpd to be finished thia week Tbe mortars are being already cast, and waiting shipment at Pi ttsbu rg, Pa. ~ LATEST FROM Ml?SOCBI?BBBKL MOVBMBXTS ? Rolla, Mo , Nov. ?8 ?A reconnoitcring party under Oapt Rosa, from Gen Asooth's division' proceeded a few miles west of Gasconade and re ,u ?* > ?* ??ht J'hey body of troops and eighty Texan Rangers at Lebannon, destro^ tng property generally, and robbing emigrant On coming hhberthev took several of Col Hovd s p ekets prisoners .McCu lough's army was expected In Lebannon on Sunday |ust Tbe rebels say be wlll be prepared to give us battle Another pari,- ]cft camp last ni^ht golug iu tbe direction of Lebannon. This place was erowde<i with emigrants, who wtre arriving daily in la>?e bodies, some with wagons and a greaf ??'?mber Ob foot. Souie are entirely destitute, and are famished with rations from the commisssry stores her*, Which are u^y increasing. ' Naw Yoaa, Nov 26 ?A letter from Key West I states that the prlvatear Beauregard m&de no rs- I ?1 stance. J*he was commanded by Capt Gliber' I Hay She was captured on the 12?h instant, one I hundred miles from AlacO. She threw overboard I most of her ammunition, etc She bid met nc I vessel, and had not even fired agun rince leavln* 1 Charleston. e I The steamer Connecticut, which had arrived I at Key West from New York, hid captured s I prlie, the schooner Adelaide, of Nassiu, biuoa ( to Savannah. She has several cases of sword. I aboard Her purser wa? Lieut. Hardee, of the I rebel army. The steamer Isabel Is r-presented as beinc I nearly ready to receive her armament at Charles 'on. She would be commanded by Cai>talc I Rollins. I The Prlvatter Samtrr. New York, Nov 26 ?The bark Henry Trow I bridge, from Biroadoes on the 5tu Inst , report* I that tbe British war s'eamers Birracenta and I Cadmus wer- there, and tbe com nauder cl I tbe former reported that ou tbe 27th of October I three degrees south of Berm :da, be boarded tbe I privateer Suu.ter, a:d that the commander In- I formed tbe British otfl er who weat aboard 'ha' I he had sent on a challenge to tbe gunboat Cruls-r I to come out and fight him, but the latter de I cllned Arrival ol Cotton tram Porte Cabelle New Yote, Nov 26 ?Tbe ha-k Themis Dal- I lett, from Porto C tbello, with "00 bales of cotton I arrived here to day Later from Santa Ft. Kansas City, Nov 25?Tn-Santa Fe express! has arriv< d, with d lies to tbe I6tn At a meeting of the merchants of San'a Fe on I the 7th Inst., it was resolved that they would eii I dorse for the governm-r.t to any amount that ma\ I be advanced to tbe tenitory TbU action was I taken in consequencc of tbe scarcity of tte coii I which has heretofore made up the circulating I medium in the transaction of business, and has I from some cause, elmott entirely disappeared I causing an anusual stringency lu the uiua/y mar I ket. The call of the government of New Mexico I for 1.2C'i militia to .jrr.son the difi-re t forts in I the territory nas been promptly r esponded to. I The whole number w^il in a short time be repor:-1 ed for duty. A light artillery ba.tery, commanded by Lieut I Anderson, of the United Siatrs army, left Smti I Fe on the 9tb for the south. An important move- I ment in that dlrectton is anticipated. Buiiiiug si is I harch. Philadelphia, Nov S6 ?St. Paul's Roman I Catholic cburcb, corner of Tenth and Christian I streets, was destroyed by fire tbls afternoon The entire inner portion of the edifice war I burned, and only the bare walls are left sta id- I ing The loss ;s estimated at *20 Ooo. exclusiv. I of the cost of the new organ, which is OOi I more. The disaster falls heavily on tbe Roman I Catholic community In tbe southern section ol I the city. The amount of insurance is not ascer I tallied. Murder if an Overland .Ylaii Ageat St Josufhs, Mo . Nov 2d ? Wm Smith, as I slstant on the rosd tf tbr overland mall company I was murdered and robbed of Lis mules and cioih- I ing by the Snake Indians. FireatAtao, lliinsis. Altoji, 111 , Nov 25.?The engine bouse of tbe I St. Louis and Chicago railroad was destroyed b> I fire yesterday. Three euglnes are in ruins Loss I t^O.OOO; partly Insured. Electlsn at Harfsrd, Ct. Hartford, Ct., Nov 25 ?The municipal elec- I tlon to-d iy resul ^d In the success tf tbe People's I Unlan ticket by from 800 to 400 majority. Tbe fiera of Lexingisn Toledo, Ohio, Nov 25?Col Mulligsn, who I arrived in this city this evening, bad a large and I enthusiastic reception from the city authorities I and citizens generally. The Markets. New Yobe Market, Nov. 2fl ?Cotton closed I buoyant; sales of 4 000 b?l<*s at 25s25 M cents I Flour is heavy; sales of 26 OOObbls j Soutuern un I chanced n^ent l? firm; .alt8 of 224 lOu bu?hets I Milwaukee Club 99ca#l 29; red Western SI 33," 1.38; white Corn is firm; salts . 169 000 bushels, m x< d 63^i-6i^ cents; white 72 cents; yellow 65 cents Whiskey is dull at 20 cents Sugar Is firm at 7#*8% cents Coff-e |a quiet Spirits Turpentine closed firinat *1 37ka I SI 30. Rosin is dull at 95 50 Freights Tre lower. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. QONOKRh(EA CURED P6KMJ.XEXT1 Y . . ? In Tubs BATS : And no internal ineoioi.i?-s ua><l?no interference with business?do jmuq?ao tfietinc rnedioiues? id or .Ms, and will not stain. GLEET AN9 STRICTURES Banished ndir nil treatment. With WHITES?tkllMtti to Youth and Bsaatr? netd be tioaMeu no longer. SVPB1LLIS In all its forms, whether recent or of :on* standing cured, and every vestige of disease removed nwm the system. Our oharges shall be the most reasonable and satisfactory to all Consn t?tions tree at all times. Meoioines put up wi;h full directions for use, an J so d U) supers, travelers, *.<>., at lo? rates. Mrni oine fumi Lea whiah is a oertain sm ventive to an? and all Venenal Du* Bor. t be afraid ol Lich prices. Come anu see as. No ohirge for investigations. M. LA BONTA, IC^Offi^a Washington Bsi din*sr,a^t,J1i^r<>Pa ave.. aad 7th street, Washington D. C., Ro m k? " no l?-am SEALED PROPOSALS UNTIL THE 30th ir.stant. are invited f ir fjriisinig the U ? Sub sisteaoe .Department with Flour. About.12 mo barrels wil. repaired ofahicb mad- f extra Pur, to oedeii?er>d in Wasning 'Sl r?^d or warehoasas in Waalan(toa*or tseorcttown- aomeume betwaai helat iHHjemlw and the KM l)e? ember, ia6l. fcaofc I'lrr'-l f tbt Fjuor to be itspectea jast beiore it u r6MlV6u. The Hoar mast be e^ua' in ?aaUty to the brand krown as Lyon's Union Hoa>u,'1? will o? rtqo;r d tj be head-lined Hids tobedi-ec ed to M^or A. BtCKWlTH, t . S., L-8. A., endorsed " rropossUs." noSi WORSTED GOODS. EXTENSIVE Asso tment ol L*.a?s'and Chil No ^OMarkMSpaee. SCRLA1CH 4 CO. fltfM ATTENTION. BUTLERS I ntt. i"Ms,roT- ftl J*"* &$VSL3$SLm< We levitt all lutivt arc oitijani to nil tad n SECOND EDITION. TIl&EE O'CLOCK. P. M LATEST BT TELEGRAPH FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Nethli g Farther frem BalyiMobc. Not *7 ? The Old Point boat has arrived, bat hrleg* do newsletter Rrporta My s fUg of tract went up to Norfolk , but returned wlih Both log whatever relative to | -II lira la tbe neighborhood of Prnsacols Tbe Constitution, with Geo Buyer's troop'. | came Into Hampton Roads vesterdsy. OUR MILITARY BUDGET mm. ?eceah here and tn Baltimore la ebockUeg i over a silly- story of en alleged defeat of Oea Sherman upon J?e mala land. n?ar Beaufort ' Tbe government it sstisflod the? there la mo trutb Whatever In It. llllfllN. Laat nlgbt tbe floe band of tbe Indiana Mb regiment serensde.1 Secretary frmlth and Com-nlasiouer of Patents, (loUowsy, #t their r?4| deuce; dlacouralng eloquent muslr for ^^ra. cartraa or cos fetesates at dbaibsvil!,! We are relish^ Informed tbat Colonel Bayard, with ?f vea hundred mea of the 1st cavalry <d Pennsyivanio reeerve*. started last eight at aiee o'clock from Camp Plerpont, order* to pre. :eed to Dratnesvllle and captare a party of tbe rebel pickets, wbo were underatood to be there n force To-day, at noon, be returned with i eleven prlaonera, havl jg killed two and wounded i third of the enemy Two of tbe prisoner* are cavalry, with their horses, arm* and equipment*. The others ere infantry. Colonel Bayard had his horee killed, end la 'lightly wound-d. as are aleo Burgeon Aieiaadw md one of our soldiers. The prisoner* ere to be sent to Washington iinvii or spbaxbb e*ow. lion G A. Grow, Speaker of tbe House of Representative*, arrived la tbe city, with his fimlly, last evening carrrBB or mi bcatateabo?ybb orrietat. accocht. ? Acting volunteer Lieutenant W. C Rogers, ef the bark W. G Aode-soa. report* to tbe navy tepartment tbnt en tbe 12>h Inst, in lat W 40, on. 75 4*2, be cip?nred tbe rebel privateer aoboon r Beauregard, 101 tons, manned by a captain, two lieutenant*, parser, and twenty-three sue nen, and carrying a rifled pivot ?un. throwing a 24 pound projectile. She was Ur?t seen about daylight, running befo-e the wind towerds tbe W. O. Anderson. Lieutenant R. aava: On approaching within four mllea, he suddenly tauted by tbe wind, and as we aoticed many nen on bis decks, immediately made sell, in chase, and in two hours broogbt ber to jeder oat *. ?nd ordered tbe Captain on b^ard wi.h bis paper*. uc wrought a letter of masque frooo Jeff-rsoa Davis which be surrendered with h s vassal We put a prise master and crew on boar<t and transferred tbe prisoners to our ship, placlog them in double Irons Ott boarding ber the crew were found in a drunken a'ate, committing all th* destruction they cou d, throwing overboard tbe arms and iiuibUQilion, spiking tbe gua, and cutting the alls and ringing to pieces Sue was otherwise in bad order, and poorly found, and having but a short supply or water, of which wt have none to <p*re, waa in no condition to tend to Boston Having 2? prisoners, and no room for them on toard tbe ' W G Anderson," 1 decided as we were within tbreedays sail of Key West to take ,nem and tbe vessel lo-o that port and dellvw hem to the proper authorities " 4 AS ACT'.O* AT tJAI.NSV.llb ?bleve!* (bcbssiokISTS CAPTCBBD, TWO XU.i.S?, OS A WutKJID, Ac The following di-patch from General MeCaU reach-d headquarter* be e thl* forenoon : Larolbt, Ncv 87,1681 Col G. D. Bayard, with seven hundred mea ef First Cavsliy, (Pennsylvauls Reserve.) marched laat night at? o'clock, with order* to prooeed to Dralnsville and capture a party of tbe enemy's pickets understood to be there. He has Just returned with 11 prisoners; having killed two and wounded one of tbe enemy. Two of tb* prisoner* are cavalry, with their borses, arms and equipments The rest are toot<i en. Col Bavard bad his horse killed snd Is (lightly wound d, and I am sorry to report Surgeon Alexander and one of our met wouoded Geo. A McCall. Brig Gen. Not* ?Col. Biyard (Capt. [/. 8 A.) is tbe same cffl:er wbo received such a severe arrow wound lo tbe face a little over a year ago, f om which be has not yet recovered, one of hia cheeks being now twice the site of tbe other He Is considered In tbe old army as one of the brsveet sud best soldiers In It. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Remakbably Fink o*tr ?vVe bave reoe*>Qy bed orcaalon to remark the quality of tbe beef ??14 by Mr M. Jimri H?xel, the well known butcher His several stal a in the Wrshtngton Market we doubt whether Brmer meats were ever eihiblted ia any msrkeU of America Cibcbit CorBT ?Th<s c Jurt is stlil engaged la tbe consideration of the case of Jones tj D raoott Mr. John C darkness la being re-exam'ned to-day, and It is onders'o >d tbat tbe eel. d?nce will be considered clo*ed when his exam, 'nation is concluded, which will probably be tils afternoon. oraviieba* Fikbcompahy the PraBklln, 1 d good service on Monday ai d Monday night, dolu* duty cher fully ail through tbe day and il^bt at tbe lire at Pettibone's and on Capitol Hill. r Rbtibbd ?M?J>r Henry B J add. Major Llewellyn Jones, aiiO Major Chrlstcpb*r e Lovell have been retired by toe Army board, owing to physical disability Tbe Piesident has approved tbe action of tbe Board 117*At Wheeling, Va., last Saturday, there was a slight snow storm?sjRclent to whiten the roofs of houses. 0ANTe**U11 V H ALL, < Fo;m?r!y the Wa?bicgtjn A?s*mb'r Rooms.) Loiusiaca aven?o, u ar oo ner of 6 n street, la th* rear wl tb* Nat o->%l end Hrvwo's Hotels. OP*-N EVERV NIGHT! With ihs fi ?t ?*i-?nt ta Amcrioe. First a.ys> aireief, _ 818" L<?tl*A P ?YNR, t?8 LOC 8A fA'rKl?, am i&jSS pivSS; Ml&S hOUliA PA INK. Dick PA*x**(fsnny DiekL. AttkeCftrvnwmT. HABBT Fox ettheCA*r?B?e.T. v. B. H*rsi*oh ? .attbsCA>r h it. M'liBHtiJB L.a PcLLX at the O.BTaBBCIY. xiss Jclia bcnscB.Ue beesdial onrstresr at the CAHrBBsrBT Missbs i mm a Mtt.>s Wuxis. Vaxx e, Paxxbs CLirtoe ana ? ho.t of the CaJOTUVBY. Ever* Bight ?kis weet, MR vv 1 Jul i M WteT. * TO* Ms* wk* ess rfe And entire enetigs < ! eou*s *e . * AtMtssto?-Pe<eeet.sSeete; rertecre tSeels. Doors opea a. Y; eoausrse* atYM u eloek. THURSDAY (TITIR# DAT! fl A T (15 K I I For Fanai iea edles snd Cktldrea. Toors open et t o'e o.x. asousaive, ehlMreajt oaata '? s^.isrfisrr-* >?i.stUs earner oril;i had H sbs?u, Wn inaioa. if AOC REWARD?Jayeoeed to kase beee leet ^SJ asor toe corner ?. l H e?.d Ui u? nth ta sleek a btaek ?a1ch>L eosti aiag eboetft Is la Tiee e<y eotae ftsd eboet !*?* ia ,uid ia e baoksktn perse The ebeve ro?e>d v.. * read to the ieder m reUreing Ue smbs ro t!>is ofocs. mart* "FytORNH R1YKR cover" ' 1 - . > * , i ' * Wt |5 i) \>* *> *

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