Newspaper of Evening Star, November 29, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 29, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVF.\?\<; STAR. [For the >?tar ) MIDNIGHT MUSINGS (B*?p*etfulhff Insctib'H to lk? "ftwrim Gwud* ") ?T SARAH 1. C. HCHITTLKSET. The midnight winds, with a mournful wall, Aff SBbhtng along in the iwon of the night; The stars look down through * sombre veil. On tbe slumbrous earth, with a solemn light. The fevered heart of the world Is dead, 'Till the s:'.ve trimp of the morn shall sound; Dwp silence?baik' t s th? loaely tread Ufa '-Cameron Guard" in his weary round. 1 herd frcm my coxy coach, and part The curtains away from,the window all*, And look thro' thegtoom, with a saddened heart, As be wends alcng in the wintry chill. A flush of ste^l, in a feeble ray, Strikes rp, with a transient, trembling light; 1 catch ?he hum of a plaintive lay, J us? rippling the surface of solemn night. 1 kww be dreams, by tbe pensive air, Of far off friends and a ' sweet, sweet home"Of a quiet hearth?and his heart is there, As be walks through the midnight chill and gloom I said, t*rcha"c? he never will, more. There under the dear old ro"f tree stand , His manly form may be nan tied o'er Wltb spring-time buds, in my own southward! And the sable of sirrow mar hang on the walls Of the home of his childhood's beauty and bloonr; And breaking heart* mourn in its desolate halls, For the loved one laid In a south land tomb ! Ob! suffering south! dear land of my hlrtb. The haart blood of patriots crimson thy fam?! If angels can grieve for the errors of earth, v ci uif >iu auu my shame1 God grant that the traitors who bind theeincbain* Of sordid ambition and tyranny now, Boob, K^n iray be swept from thy sorrowing plai os. And the st?rs and stripes float o'er thy disenthralled brow! All hail to the flajj of the brave and the free ! The (tar spangled bannr r forever ! Shall arch traitors tear it from Liberty's tree, Aad trample it? Never', no xkvir 1 ! Strong hands hold tbe standard, and hearta true "and brave Guard Its honor, undiunted, through danger and glo:?m, And the sV.r-s,wangled banner forever will wave Oer the I ilon uubroktn. aud treachery's torn I' Al,UA!?ruiA, V* PACKAGES UNCALLED FOR AT THE orrics or thi ADAMS' EXPRESS COHPAXY. \V a*Ht*r,TO*, NOV I4-. . The following packages remain on hand at thi* oAce this day Owners applying for any of them will please say they are advtrV.sed A Aiken, Lieut E P, I pel; Ackerman, C, I do; Arnoui, J 6. 1 do; Adorns, C H, 1 do; Adama, F G. 1 do; Atwood, G W. 1 do; Ad%ms, Mrs E H, 1 do; Am<y, L R, 1 bale; Adains, Chnrif-s 1 do; Anderson, J D, 1 pktt, Andrews. Lt E H, 1 do; Averill. Col W W. 1 pel; Ahem, TbomisM, 1 do; Aarherton, H, 1 bo*; Atkinson. Miss M. 1 do, Adams, Richard, 1 do. Armstrong. Geo, i do; Appel, C, I do; Adams, Col JW,1 do; Asch, R, 1 do; Anderson. Gen R, 1 do, Amos, Jos F, 1 do * _ J " " Auurcwi, n r. i oox; B Barton, Tbos **, 1 pel; Bass, 8 F, 1 do; Barker, N, 1 do; Beal A. Covlv. 1 kltt, Ballet, L* ?> W, 1 do; B?rry, MraAB. 1 guitar; Bray, AM, 1 do Co F Becker, fiS.l package; 3a reg't; Byrnes, Jos, 1 do; Bleek A Shunk, 1 do; Biird, Mrs Capt, 1 do; Ball'DtlD', W A, 1 do; B'adner, J H, 1 do; Brocks H.I do: B luer, Si#j-jr, 1 do; Brtce, J J, I do U 8 N; B a-kburn. MA.8 map*; Bird. J 8 Miss, 1 do; Bkerfoq. tfhss, ) pkg; Bl^nt. Mr, 1 do; Brannon, Tbos, 1 do. flack, fl.l do; Boyd. Cept A. 1 box and erg, Dr A, I do; tin bo* attached; aU, O, I do, Co H Sd Brodle, W M D. 1 pkg; rrgl; Bel lew A Co, I do; Batrd, Capt C C, I do; Bailey, PR,1 bsncli; Blddle. John. 1 do; Bfrne, John C, 1 box; Borg, A, I do, N York B"xt'.n, Aug,28cott LG; Z uaves; Bl?rd, P C, I pel;, Capt J, 1 do; B-ll, Mr* M, carpet bag; Bliss, Limit, 1 do; Barn's. TP, 1 do; Bealtv, Geo, 1 do; Biker. Col, 2 boxes; Buxton. Capt J P, I do, Betts A Co, 3 keg*; Eiseislr.; Brigade; Bortol, H, 1 box; Brsdl-y, C W, I do; Bsecta. J F, 1 box Camp Broaghtoo. T F. 1 do; Duncan; Buck DD, 1 box; Blerd, W tf, 1 do, 4fe N Brabia, Moses, I do; Y Vol; Bouvler, J B, 1 do; Barrows, W E. 10.Mass; Bean. flenry. 1 do; Barn, 8 T, Sutler, Bolter A Wilson, I do; Brian,C H, 1 bbl; Bebb. M 8, 1 do: Bwalk, C, 1 box, Branderberg, F W, 1 do; Bicker, J F, 1 do; BovUn, Peter. 1 do; B T, 1 do; Barker. Ma) O W . 1 do; Bltsa. Capt J H, 1 do 3d Brown, W R A Co, 1 do; Excelsior; Bellew A Co, I do; Be t?, A H, 1 do; Baxton. F8, 1 do; Bailey, J T, 1 do; Bach. J C. I do; Bit!low, L, 1 bbl, 3th Bordieu, Mr 1 do; Vt rea't; Becker, J 8. 1 do; Becker, C F: Bunnel, J H 1 do; Butt*. C 8, 1 box; Bartiett, Wm. 1 do: Bell. Lt Col, 1 do 4 NH Butterfi' .d. Maj. 1 do; BMsoln A Whiting,2 do; Baoxe, D?H,i do; Bradenberg, T W, ldo; Brenstsndt. E. 1 do; Bltsa. C?st?t J B Burnes, (Jeo. 1 do; Excelsior; Biker, W, 1 do; Bement, II S, 1 do, Suth Banks, J R <k Co, 1 do; N Y reg't; Benedict, LtCol L, 1 do; Brown, Alra M, 1 trunk C Campbell. Jarob, 1 pel; Collende, W. 1 do; Curtis, ur J, 1 do; Crlbb, W, i do; Cone, DD,f do; Chase. Col W B, 1 do; Cook, LD.l do; Chandler, J W, 1 do; Conway, M F, 1 do; Crotut, J, 1 do; Cannell, E, 1 do; Clarke, Capt WT, 1 do; Clarke. N d, 1 do; Cooper, H F. 1 do; Corey, 9 A. ido; Chappel. J F, ldo; Coraoo, R K, 1 do; Com. of Pifeoti, 1 do; Cheealey, W B, 1 do; Cbaae, Lieut M M, 1 do; Callen. Serg't HH, 1 do; Courtney, Wm, 1 kltt; Carroll, H?n W T. 1 do; Clarke, Wm, 1 do; Clarke. R H, 1 do; t^onell. M,1 cheat; Cox, 8 S, I do; CloUer, M, 1 box, 5th N Coon, M?jor John, 1 do; Y reg't; Coyle, VVltila-n, 1 do; Cowden, Col R, 1 do. Is! CaUa^han. W J, 1 do; Ma); Cbeney A, 1 do; Casey. Capt. 1 do; Clarke, Dr H G, 1 do; California Reg't, 4 do; Cotla, Jaa D, 1 do, Carter, Col Scott, 1 do, NY reg't; 2d Indiana Vol; CbeleJS, C W, 1 p box, Collier, B, 1 do, 23d Vt 29*h do; Rfg'i; Crldge, Alfred, 1 pkg; Coleman 4 Crowaley, 1 Cruxan, \V in C, I p box; bale; Coventry, 8't W B, 1 do; Chaae, C, 1 box; Carter R, 1 pku; t udworth, Rev W, 1 do; Campbell. Col D, 1 do; Chaplain. 1st Reg't Mass Cull um, G W, 1 do; Vol, 1 do; Carpenter. J W.ldo; Com Officer, Co F, 5th * Callaghan J, 1 pkn; Cavalry, 1 do; Com of Patent*. 1 map, Carutb, Lt F, 4 boxes Collins, R B, 1 MK 1st Maas, Com of Patents, 2 do, Chadwlck, J C, 1 do, Cose. D D, 1 do; 10:h do; Coatella, K, 1 do; Cushing. S T,1; Comm. 1 do; CAE. Sergt Col Baxters Camp, VV E, 1 do, FireZouav?*?. 1 trunk; Cook, Alex, ldo, Clarke, u M, 1 trunk, Caatwell, James 1 do; 3tth Reg't D Dean, John, 1 parcel; Dereoage, C M, 1 box; Dlx, Miior, ldo; Dougherty, J P. I do, Douglas, Capt H, 1 do, Davis. B, 1 do; 0th Infantry. Dewey, B, 1 do; Dswi"*. Capt, 1 do, Unosy, R 8. 1 dor Salem Z; Ibfts, J, I do, Dsrr1d|e, W D. 1 do; Datach, C, 1 do, Dayton. James L, 1 do; Dove. W , 1 do; Darling^ A. ldo, During, J 8,1 bbl. Dtvis, M?J Ueary, 1 do; Dewey, H M.5 boxes, Doyle, 6 H, 1 do; DonQald*on,W, 1 basket,, DoAo, Jotm tt, I do; Dusenburry, E, 1 bbl; Dexter. CapS A V, 1 do; Dlckaea, H, 3 pkgs att, Deity, Henry, Ida; Duddlngton. C, 1 pel; Douglas, M ia B, 1 do; Daaaelly, Dr E, 1 box; Dow.iofl, M VW, I do, Docker, Mrs E, 1 do; Ud K-g't; Doyls. Capt, 1 do, 3d Ex; Diskette, Bon A, 1 do; Dsrae, Mtss H P 1 do, td Be Beeate, Mr, 1 do; N H reg't; ukd^n,' LtC^f J B.ldo; Dorwln, W^l tk, 9fth R. e Eafbert, Ckae P, t pel; Eepy, Col W, l do; Earleadsen, H A, ldo; Kramer, Wm I do, Ell wood, C, 1 do. Rum, Mrs J D. 1 do; Ely, W, 1 do: Elliott, Maj A V, safe; Eldf)d*e;T E.tdo EWer. Martin, 1 do*; Elchoia* E. 1 do, Coi Bills, A D, 1 pel: Bo Mens' Rcy't; Erwlo, Lt, \ trsak, exe; EmMuaq,i H, 1 bo*i Eaeaxola, ldo. F Fiskr, N p, i pel; Fltapetrlek t Finnel, 3 Prlte, Tboe, I d<r, frames att; V mm- aey. M I da.Vtft Fnwlev, James 1 trunk; Far toll, Jobu, 1 dov , Frenek, E, 1 boa; Frlttorlcy.Capt J J, 1 do, France* 8, 1 do; 7ib Kw'i; Frtube-i, H C.ldo; Ptoka, f, I do, N * V; PJ!ekl?r/l pkf Fremont, Mr* J 0,1 do; Fuller. Won M, 1 pc., Fsreger, Antou, 1 do, Harrta L CaU Pox. A0,1 do; Follett, Capt, 45 boxes; Pease, P B, 1 d?; ForreeT, Tl. 1 keg; Plaeegae. Hagb, I da, Pltopetrtek-ft Trumbell, JO(h N Y V; t bo*<w. Parrrll, C H. 1 dr, Franx*, |. l bbl; Fleet.-a. C 1 do; Foster, N J, i"box. 12t* Pwi OH lH', JM'R MaaRezt: FloydG P, 1 do: F-rjla, U M. l trunk; FcJUty Carle. 1 but; Fnitv, SW.l<Ui 1" ! Fend, C, I d"i . Fleming, O Q,l traC i hurt WaJ.ltwi; Qruwam, W U, I pel; fm*, J ft, I do? ?aoM,)uM,lS^ (Hlyln, J, 1 do; (Anther, OP,t do; Gardner, 8,1 do; 1 I iithens. E, 1 do; Griffith, R H Jr, 1 do; j German W. 1 do; Gibbon*, Jas. 1 do; Gleaaon, E P, 1 do; Graham, Brig Gen. 1 do; j Gardner, 9, I do; Gleason. B. P, 8 do; . ] Glynn, Martin. 1 do; Gilbert, B A 1 do; 1 Gask n* DA,( do; GloVer, T, 1 bbl; Frar.e', Clement I do; Griswold. James, 1 tnb, , j Giilman. E,ldo; 20th N Y reg'tj j O'.ending Mary M, I do; Garratt, W. 1 bbl, sutler Graham. C B. 1 do; 5th Pa. Reserve; I Grammer, GS.l do; Gregg, Lieut G C, 1 box, I Uatzman, H 1 do; Anderson 8 8; I | (Sautter, G, 1 box; Gantt, T T, 1 do; I Gove, J A, 1 pkg; Graham, J, H, 2 do; I (Sraw, H, I do; Gudman, H, 1 do; ! Given, Rev R, I do; Glover. A 8, 1 do, 12th Gregory, 9 C, 1 do; Mass Reg't: I Greensberger, 1 do; Granberrv, GL,1 do; j Gilbert, DL, 1 box; Gardner Dr \\ A, 1 trk; | Green, VV O 1 do; Groover, L, 1 box; Guttman, D, 1 do; Gisaeoheimer, 1 do. I H Harris, Dr James 1 pel; Hogarty, Wm 1 do; Harris, M B 1 pel; Huutlngton, W 9 1 do; Hopkins, 9urg 9 1 pel; Herman, J B 1 do; Hell, Henry 1 pel; Hawkins, A C 1 do; Hcgh^s, Pat 1 pel, Col Holly, I) C 1 do; \ oung's regiment; Hoidan, F A 1 do; Haye*, H K 1 pel; Hoxter, David 1 do; H> roian A Lahtn, 1 pel; llolt, W A.1 do; Hurtate, Joseph 1 pel; Henderson, J M 1 trunk; Hamilton, Alt** 1 pel, In Hattenbeek, Captain N 1 dependent G; do, 4th Conn; Houghton. F M 1 pel; Hovey, Lt C H 1 do, Hodges, H \V 1 pel, 17th 13th Mass; Mas* rejgt; Hitzheln, 8 1 pkg; H\le, J w 1 pel; Herton, Lt L 6 1 box; Hiacall. Capt H A 1 pel; Hanseom,8 P 1 do; Hutton. Miss E 1 pel; HollenbackABoutal, 1 p; Hlnon A Teel, t pel; Herbert. J A 1 pel; Harma, J C 1 pel; Hospital. 1 bale; Huboard. C P 1 pel; Harlan, Jas H 1 box; Ha^en, B F 1 p?f, 32d Hayward, G D 1 do; regt N Y vol; HUks, A G 1 do; H?rb, Jarob 1 pel; Hlnman, R H 1 do; Hill, W C 1 pel; Howard, Dwlght 1 do; Hannah, Robert 1 pel; Harwig, Henry 1 pkg; H nehman, Lt H8 1 pel; Hill, L A 1 box; nioaa, judu a i pet; Jieweii, w W 1 do; Holme*, Thomas 1 pel; Hurlenger. J >1 1 do; Hiwtborn, J I pel; Hwwocd, A A 1 do; Hithavray. D C 1 pel, Hurriaon, Lt P H 1 ao; -th Mai'; Haywood, G VV ldo; Hiuser, \V 1 pel; Haupt, P 1 do; H immentftn, Maj 1 |>cl; Harris, Mrs 1 pkg; Hlckox. B 1 pel; Hays. W M 1 bo*; H'tsber;:, Capt, 1 pkg, Hartnul, Joba 1 do; nth N Y; Hatch, W B 1 do; Hawley,JP lpc!,i!dc*v; Harner, C W 1 bed; Heintzein an, Gea I pel; H ill. D A 1 kilt; Hinnian. John 1 box; Harrison, Lt P 3 pkg att; Harper, Mrs Sarah 1 box; Hart, M G 1 bdl; Hopkins, J H 1 basket; IfJ] 5 bundles; Hill, I.t A Crosby Ibex, Hunt, Wm H A Co 1 bdl; Hugh--*, K t pkg; Ilallahan, John 1 pkg, H nwley, VV N 1 pkg; 45'h Pa reg; H*ckett, R t b ?*; Hiilheru, John 1 box, Hilton, Jam?* 1 box ex; lihh N V reg; Hamrrond, C W 1 do, Hutrhengrow, J 1 do; llth.M tsa; Hush, A K 2bdls; H 'lu-wiy, or Jas Mc-H'-wett. DrC N 1 box, Vey. lao, lrd MVol; 50th N Y regt; ' Hoffaiin, Pi dc; H id, B VV ldo, 1st Mass. Harris' L C; I I lines. Col C H, 1 pel, Ind cav'y 1st regt, 1 box; Irwin, .Mrs, I do; Ingrabam, E D, 1 do 7th ls>lebart. John. 1 C bag; Maine; Isiueks, T E. I do; Ingalls, H, 1 do; Irwin, Or C K, 1 box; Jutt, John J, 1 pc!; Johnson, VV H, 1 do, 1st Jov. Lieut VV !*, 1 do, N J regt ; \iin Allen'sravalry; Johnson, Capt C, do; Johnson, J. 1 dt>; Jackson, Geo, 1 do; Johnston, R, 1 do; Jones. I. 1 pkg; Johns, H \Y , I do; Jor.trs, W H, 4 bdls; Jones, C M ?, 1 do; Jackson, Col \V A. 1 bbl; Jon"*, J J, 1 do; Jonea, R P, 1 chest; Jord n. VV H, ldo, 1st Jordan,A WACo,6do att; Lt C re^t : Jar. stein, Lieut U B, ldo Jarob3, A B, I do. 5t'i 55th N Y regt; Pa regt ; Jacob*, CE, 1 trunk 45th Johnson, LtC R, 1 box; Pa regt. K K-llry, Lime. 1 pel; Kin^stnan, GW, 1 pkg; Kar?t?r. Martin 1 iln h'nn? I ?'-i n ? i , - >%?uv? IJ- vvi rfli, l WJlj 29 b N Y regt; Knott, Mrs A M, 1 do; Kellev, M, 2 do; K.suswasky. DrH, 1 bdl; Keea rn an, W rn, 1 do; Harney, Brig Oen. 1 pkg; Kennedy, Hon A, 1 do; Krause, John, 1 p bo*; kuneiuund, I?. 1 do; Kellroy, John, 1 box; Kirbjr, C j pt, I do; Kilmuray, Patrick 1 do; ' Kline, Bei.j. 1 do; Kirk T, 1 do; Kittle, Car t E C, 1 do King, W B, 4 boxer, camp SLal??; Kline, Aug, 1 box; Hnoutea, Fr?*d'k, 1 do; Kroeger, 1 kep: Knap, Geo W, 1 do; Kusaick, Mra B, 1 box; 1 King. Major H L. 1 do; Keoo A Leon t ball, 1 bag; 1 Kalpt-.l. Peter, 1 bdl; Kirk. Capt VVA, 1 pkg; 1 Kirsner. C W. 1 bile; KlngA Sanderson, 1 bo*; ^ Kennardy *L,? balea; Knot, A K, 1 do; 1 Knlly, D J. 1 bdl; Karnaner, C W, 1 trunk. 1 Kable, E, 1 bale; 1 L t Ludwlg, R, 1 pel: learning, W, ldo; L mbert Geo, 1 do; Lafl'rty, W m, 1 bale; 1 l arge, John, 1 dr>; Laughlln, E. 1 bale4b*; ' Lealtn, Maj J H, 1 do; Lord. Col LNB. 1 pkg;| 1 L^iy. J:io. 1 do; Landu, Col F VV, 1 do; i Latrldjjc, Join, 1 do: Learning. T, 1 do; Lotridir, S CAOo,l do; Low, J W, 1 do; 1 Lee. T F, 1 do; Laioa, J N, 1 box; 1 Levy, W VV, \ do; Leapaon, DS, 1 do: 1 L^geane, Col, 1 do; Loomia, M D W,2bxa; ' I.a.'ut-J. Maj C F, 1 do; Learer, P A, I bucket; ' L lrihardt, O F, 1 do; Larned. Capt, i box; ' l.evlck, Capt J B, ldo; Lebrand, L, 1 do; Lesson, L eJt W, 1 do; Lorion, M H, 1 do; Lewis, J C A J, 1 do; Linnet, H H.l do; Lambert, Lt Cbas. 1 do; Lebanno, G, 1 do; Ludwlg, R 4 A, 1 do; L>tella, John, 1 pel; Llnrfe, Tbt-a, 1 do; Laine, W T, 1 do; Lawyer. J A, 1 do; ^Lipp, T, 1 trunk. .Markland. A H 1 parcel; McGulre, J C,1 box; McK?*nn, A. 1 parcel; My^ri B J, 1 balef Miller, J L 1 farcel; Morgan. R, 1 bale; M'-Harg, Capt J, 1 pel; Moore, C, 1 box: Marr, Tho* B, 1 parce ; McLaughlin, 1 box; Mathew. R P, 1 parcel; Mills, C D, 1 box; Marah, E A, 1 parcel; Meifinger, E, 1 b?a; VI alone, Jan. 1 parcel; McCollough, 1 box; Merchant. Lt, 1 parcel; Mclitire. James, 1 box; Mclntire, 1 parcel: McLaughlin, J, 1 bdl; McClouid. 1 parcel; Myer, A J.I box; Meebau, Thomas, 1 pel; Menzel, E A, 1 keg; Martley, VV H, I parcel; Mantroy, 1 half bbl; Moses, Capt J, 1 parcel; Mecban B. 1 pkg;' MrClintoek. Jas, I pel; Murphy, Thomas 1 box, Milllgan, 8 G. I parcel; N Y Vol; Meara, Lt Col F, 1 pel; Morsell, C, 1 box; Moore, VV H, 1 parcel; Malkmua, J<>hn, 1 box, Morrill, J 1 parcel; 2?lh N. Y ; Melf .rd. D !*, 1 parcel; Mo >re. James F, 1 box, Moonev- M F, I parcel; 4'h Pa Cavalry; Mangan, D, 1 parcel; Mci'andlev, Dr. J G, 2 Mebl, M, 1 parcel; boxes, 52d Pa. Reg.; Marquardt, F, 1 parcel; Master son, Alfred, 1 pel, Unwell, Capt T, 1 do; Relator,TVV, ldo 57 NY; Royenburg, M, 1 do; RuMell.Lt G8, ldo5 NJ; Reed, Hon T M. t do; Rider, HF.l parcel; Rozell, H H, 1 do; *,J W.lboi; Randolph, J, 1 do; Rod gen, GF.l do; Redman, John, 1 do; Reeeer, CH, lkg, 23NY; Robbtna, D, 1 do; Randall,GH, 1 box,5 Ct; Relley. John 1 do; Ranaon, Capt JN, 1 txk. Ray, Alex, 1 do; Smith, F? 1 parcel; Spear, J W, 1 do; Smith, \V M, 1 do; Stone, Dr L H, 1 do; Stelnle, N, 1 do; Smith, G W, 1 do; Shield, G, 1 do, 2d N J; Swift, John, 1 do; Smith, Harvey, 1 do; Sanders E, 1 do; Smith, T J, 1 do, Mc- Smart, A, 1 do; Cl^iana Dra; Samstag. S, 1 do; Scott, Walter, ldo; Stevens, R C, 1 bundle; Shaffer, G. 1 do; Stewart, R J, I box; Stant, Albert, 1 do, J G; Scott. A J, 1 violin case; Smith, William, i do; Sheppard, T, 1 box; Smith, N B, 1 do; Spear, P B, 1 do; Southallr Tyler, 1 do; Smith, W G, 1 do; Sh^well, W 8, 1 do; Sitx, John, 1 do; Smith, Sam'l C, 1 do; Somner, 1 do; Scharty. Henry, 1 do, IstSwayze, John E. 1 do; PaRiile Reg't; Soutnerland, G J, 1 keg; Shrlgly, C, 1 do; ScottJt Van horn, 10 camp Shirley, E, 1 do; stools; Stevenson, J, 1 do, '2d Sanders, Capt J, 1 box: Va Reg't; Slocum,C, 1 do, 4tb N Y; Sterns, Lt Charlea, 1 do; Shunk, Lt P J, 1 do; Smith, S B, 1 do; Seamen, AJ, I do, NYV; Sherger, W, 1 do; Sterdevant, G W, 1 do; Strain, J H 1 do; Sncart, J T, 1 do, Gen'l Smith, Phillip, 1 do; Saudis' Brig'e; Sterne, J P, ldo; Stewart, SB, ldo, 1st Shorghany, M. 1 do; DC Vol's; Sands, L'.eu't L. 1 d">; Sliders, VV, 1 do, Camp Smith, Lieu't J B, 1 do; Balmer; Slocum, Br G'l H,1 do; Santry, F, I parcel; Smith, Miss A, 1 do; Steel, G, 1 box; Smith, J nines N, 1 do, Sherman, S.V1, 1 bundle; 5th Mass; S, A C, 1 barrel; Smith, Wm M, 7 do; Smith, Dr D, 1 box, ISth Seymour, J W, 1 do, Mass; Sherman's Battery; S, B S, 1 do; Shub, KB, ldo; Sharo, VV H, 1 do. NJR; Strathaw, J W, 1 do, Steablin, 3 kegs & 1 bbl; 36th N Y; Slawson, J M, 1 box; Shunk, W F, 1 i'lg; Skidman, R. 1 do; Strong, Martin V B. 1 Stone, Rev B W, 1 do; parcel, Andrews S8; Scott, J, 1 do; Sherry, J, 1 do, 8th NJ; Sickels, Gen'l, 1 do, 5th Still, J VV, l do; Excelsior; Stevens, L S, 1 bundle; Sample, John VV, 1 do. Sanders, G, 1 box; Shoomaker,J B, 1 trunk; Stauley, G VV, 1 bundle;Snow, George C, ldo; Sheppard, G W, 1 box; Stewart. JB, ldo. neamen, y n . i ao; jiniin. J 11, i vause; Strcuser D, 1 do; Shelids, P, 1 trunk. Suell, A J, 1 d>j T Thomas. Brig Gen'l T,Thompson, Adj'tG W, 1 lparcel; box; Tattersell, Jamtt, 1 dojTerwllleneer, Geo, 1 do; Tillman, John, 1 do; Thorp, Marry, 1 do; Thompson.T, 1 do; Thompson, Lieu't, 1 do; Thurston. Dr, 1 do; Thompson, Jas. E, 1 do; Tucker, J H, 1 do; Tatham, O B, do; Thornberg, At Co, 1 do;Tombleson, N, 1 do, Traver, Jos, 1 do, 30th Camp Halan; !N V; Totten, Gen'l, 1 do; Thompson, W 8, 1 do; I'ajlor, Serg't, 1 parcel; Thompson, Col A, 1 do;Tice, G L, 1 box; Talbott, R M, 1 do; Taylor, N, 1 do, 1st Man; Titcomb, James, t do; Todd, Capt J Scott, 1 do, Tottevln, John, 1 do; 10th Mass; Theacker, T C, .1 do; Talte, Ofo H, 1 valise; Truck, M C, 1 do; Trouta, Margaret, 1 tr'k; Tooly, D J, 1 do U IJlick, W, 1 box. Vegler, Fred'k, 1 parcel,Vonlintona?, Mr, 1 do; Camp Hberman; Vauvalkensberg, ft Co, Vanllnoerg. I do: 1 do; Vanhern, VV ft J, 1 do;Vanvlpet, Gen'l, 1 bale; Vanseifort, M, 1 box; Vannrrnnn, MIbh Annie, Vananden, A, 1 do; 1 trunk. >V Wilson, Capt T M, I pl;\Vall A Bernard, 1 do; Welley, John. 1 do; VVeakes, Dr A, 1 do; Weatheral, Maj 8, 1 do;Winfleld, D, 1 do; Woodcock. W. 1 do; Willing, J( ,'l do; Wilinoth, L. 2 do; Wilson. M, 1 keg; Williams. W H, 1 do,Waif. T, I bdl, feth N Y; Wright, John, 1 box, 22 Whitney. Lieut J 1 do; N Y Reg; Weil. K. 1 do; Weiner, M. 1 do, 18 N Ward, Lt.E A, 1 do; Y Reg; Werner, N, 1 do; White, E H 1 do, I D Wlrlll, Geo, 1 do; C Vol; Wooley, J D, 1 do; White. John. C. Corr?o Ward. F B. 1 do; ral, 1 pel, 4th R I;' War Department,* 1 do; Wardwell, E, 1 do, 1st Woolenberg, 1 do; Mass; Wade, P 9,1 do; D, W, 1 c bag; Wilcox, MM, ldo Willhalm,J, 1 bo*; Whitman, W C, 1 do; Whipple, A W, 1 do; Welden A Campbell,lpg Williams James M, ldo; Wilkinson, D ft 1 box; Wilcox J 8, 1 bbi; Weiser, F, 1 do; M W A Co, 1 box; Wilson, E T Mrs, 1 do; Welber, Dr, 1 bbl; Wilson, 8, 1 do; Wyman, H H, 1 boi; Winder*, C, 1 do; lMb^Maas; Webber, C. lbdl; WooUworth, W W,1 do; Windoli, H. 1 box; 2d Wis; Wilson, J B, 1 bdl; W elld Capt E A, 1'do; Warden, Penty, 1 pkg; 1st Mass; Weatberall. Major, ldo; Watson, Major A P, 1 Wheeler, B O, 1 do; do; 8th Mich; Walker, Maj A, 1 basket; Woodburry, J A, 1 do; W?bb, J O, 1 pkg; Wild. Capt E A, il do; D. W, 1 box; 1st Mac; Wvman, Mrs Capt, ldo;\\ llUie, J R, 1 trunk; Wlllld, O W, 1 do; Walker, Major A, S do; Watson, Lieut F, 1 do; Waahburn, Alfred, 1 do; West, Capt W P, 1 do; White, John 8,1 chest. Ward, T, Voung, C 8, 1 box; Yonker, B L, 1 trunk. Z Zlmmer, E, 1 parcel Ar-Zehner, Lt R, 1 do; 23d llngton H N J Regt; no 19 ecit Zendle, Geo, 1 box. GEORGETOWN ADVEET'MT^ MA88KV. COLLIN8 A CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRADOHT 4LB. We have just received a supply of the above Ale, wtucU we reoommend to be of a very superior quality. Persons wishinc to ptirohase. by making immediate application, cau be furnished. AH.M 1 C SMINN, no 7 Georgetown. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhda. erirne Porto (lioo SUGARS 140 bb!a. Oid Rye WHISKY, tiubbls. HERRING and ALE WIVES. V bbla. Crushed and Refinod SUGARS. 10 t>aga Rio and Java COKI'EE, 10 hhda.flow pnoed) iMULAS^ES. Far aalobT JOHN J- BUfil'V. ??ll EDUCATIONAL. WASHINGTON AVDGEORGETOWN FEMALE SEMINARY. A Boarding and Oat r-CHooL, No. 422 J" it . tttxoen 6fk and 7<4 in., Washington ; M />e. 151 Weft rt , Qtormtoten. The duties of thia Inatitution were reaumed in September. riroalara may ue obtained at theboo^ stores, or by addreaaini; the Principalae 28 eoti M. J. HARROVER. "gasTfitting, ?kcT Awm t. dove * oo. RE Now prepared to exeoute any er4rrs with Waiou they mu be favored in the PLUMBING, CAS OR STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. fCT* Store on tth atreet, a few doora north of Pa. arenae, where mar be found a oomjtlete assortment ef CHANDELIERS and otter V AS, STEAM and WATKK VUTUHkT laW-lv 1 SNYDER. tLUMBER AND HAS FITTER. baa removed to the oorner of Twelfth and F ate. Seia p-oparM to introduoe Water and Gaa upon moat favorable terma, and guarantiee enure satisfaction. He baa on hand a lot of COOKING and o?he? STOVES, whioh he will aell leaathas eoat.aa ha wialiee to get rid of them. bo IT WG AS FIXTURES. E Have in atore, ana are d?i.y reoei vmg, 9AS rilTORKSof entirelyNew Patterns and Desicca and Finish, anterior in at?le to m.n?thin? ffei <d in thia market. We invite oitigena general a U> Mil and examine oar atook ol 6aa and W&tei rut iree, oontident thfct we have the beat leafxl atook m Waahington. 11 Work in the above Tine intraated to *ar Mr* wi'l be promptly attended to, MVEK8 A MeVHAN. Jttrj-tf ara Datr?1 (JIFICB 8?AIt?B irOTIQK IS ?b>F *o the fo?iaioua rf the ordinance of tie Cor poratlon a?proved Ma* It, U6l\ the underused ia aow pra^ared/'whenercr refkired in writing, and on pre- parroent of the fee of luty oenta, to tnapect, axaioiue. imh, prove, and aaeertain tao aoonraoj of registration or any caa metflr tn nae in thu city Every meter, if it itud incor root, will be condemned and another, sealed and n?ar*ed aa trne, vriii be aet in i*s pfao?. If pro-red to be aocaraCe in tta irsaamienx*nt will beaoaleo aoco-aingiy, ana arain jit in position lor aae. Oftce No. *10 Seventh street, <n?*r Odd Fei "'^ii?K'S0w,VNV<Y4WtM. jj U tf Inayootor and Sealer of #aa Meter*. DKNTI8THY. ft jmk. LOCKWOOD ingto' Builainc, oorner or Seventh at aadMSi Pa avenua. Chloroform given, if dealrwl.^"''" All kinda of Treth for aale. no ft-8awlm* Man/ pereona oaa wear theoe teett wht>^^"" Mwnot wear other a, and no poraea oan wear other* Isilijllpps krt wlj arc/duae, the MUNKBAL PLATEwill be more rally warranted. ^STRasc'BS'AWassrijgr Sv'11,',' '>, NervousHeadachfc Headache. By tks km of Ucm Pill* Ike periodic tttwks e If it* ni m Sitk Ktm/*tk* msy be prevented; as* 1 taken at the commencement of an attack Imnt late relief from yam and sickness will be obtained. They eeldoin fail in removing the Hm**? am* H*+i**k* to aiuoh females aro so nbjeet. They aet gently area the bevels,?rawing 0mtMMMt. For Littrmry Mm, Btmdmtt, Deli sate Females, and all persons of todmfry htUitt, they are Triable as a Umihs .ImproTlnt ths snpsiU?, glTtri ism and tin' to the digestive organs, aud re storing the natural elaatioity ax.4 s-rengtn e th? whole system. The CEPHALIC FILLS lite the renit of long investigation *nd oareftlly oondueted experiments, having been in use many years, daring whioh time they have prevented and relieved a vast amount of pain and suffering rom Headache, whether originating in the ?sr?ew? system or from a derated state of the MMwi. They are entirely vegetable in their composition and may be taken at ail times with perfeot safely without making any ohange of diet, mmd tk* sfr*?mco of a?y teste rmdtrt it s?? is dmimisttr ikom to ekUdrom. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C Spalding on each Box. Sold by Druggists and all ether Dealers la Medi sines. A Bex will be sent by mail prepaid en reeeipt the PRICE. Sf CENTS, All orders should be addreeeed to HENRY C. SPALDINS. 48 Cmax Stxiut. Nxw Yoxk. Jttm lis ItMws, Norfolk, Fa. Cephalic Pills aooomphsh Uio objeot for wfcisl they were made, vta: Cure of heaaaohe In all its forma.

from Us Bmmmimir, Norfolk, Fa. They have been tested la mere than a liiua<. eases, with entire suooess. fttm Ik* Dimttrmt, St. Cltmd, Mimm. If yon are, or have been troubled w ith the head *ohe. send for a box, ( Fills so that yet may have them Id oaae of axCattaok. Am lie Wut$m R. IL (tavern, OUeeit, ill, We beariaiy endorse Mr. Spalding, aid his ax nrailed Cephalio Fills. Wram tk* S?tkmrn Pmtk Fmdtr, Ntw Orifmi, As. Try them ! toi that are afflicted, and'we are tin (hat your testimony oan be e^led te the alreciy numerous list that has reoeived benefta tut a? other mediome oan prodeoe. Prmm tk* Jswsyirt, i?wa Mr. Bpaldinr would not oonneet tie aaxte with an article he did not know to po?ess real n?Tlt .frees tk* Ad?rtisir, Fmiimtt, t. J. The Ceehaito Pills are said to be* remar*afc:j effective 1 em edy for the hei-daehe, and etee f'.h* very best for that very frequent eemplaint wh.cb has erer been discovered. free* tk* Bt. Limit Dtm?rM. The Immense demand for the artiele (Oepkalte Pule) is rapidly inoreaaing. free* tk* Kmtumk* fmUmi Stmr, Amamwkm, Fa. We are sure that persons sUiriu with Die tea* aehe, who try tbem, will stiek te the*. frees Us Admtrtum, Frtttiimii, JL i. The teetimorr in their fever is trexg, trea tk* o?t respeotable quarters. AMI UI Daily Nwi, ffwyw >, X. /. Ooyhalio 1111a an taking the plaoe of all kiada. from 1*4 Ommmmttal BulUtim, Bottom, Mm Said to bo ??rj o&oao'ona for Uo headacbe. Prom tkt CommoriuU, Cmevmati, Ohio. Suffering hamanitv o&n now bo rollerod. CT A Bingie bottle of Spalding's Prepared Give will aaro ton times its ooot annually. SPALDING'8 PREPARED OLUB! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUB ! SAVE THE PIECES! ECONOMY! DISPATCH ET" A Stitch in Tim Save* N: h k. " -Tf} A* aooidenta will happen, eroa in well rocalatoo families, it is rvry desirable to bare some oheap and^oonremont way for repairing Farm tore, Toys C rookery, Ao. SPALDING'S PREPARED OLUB moots all saok emergsnoiss, and no hoasshoM oa aabrd to bo without tt. It u alwaya rsady. and to the stioking point M USEFUL IN EVERY HOUSE." ENB7 C. SPAL01N8, Mo. iS Q4ar stroot, Now Yort CAUTION. i "They fo r Is lit to th? Spot." INSTANT RELIEF STOP t OOR 0OV9H PURIFY TOUR BftBATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ai GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, GOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERSt GOOD FOR CONSUMPTIVES. 9ENTI.EMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LAD1KS ARE DELI6HTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. Thflf roll * v* ^ !? * ? ! ? miOTUUJi They dear the Throat. They give strength and relume to the voioe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. They are delightful to the taste. They are made of simple her be and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who haa a* Cough or a Husky Voioe, or a Bad Breath,or any difficulty of the Throat, to get a package of my Throat Confeo tions. They will relieve yon instantly, and yon will agree with me that "they go rirbt to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending pnblio meetings, for stilling your Congh or allaying your thirst. If yon try one package I am safe in saying that you will ever af terwards oonsider them mdispensibla. Yon will find them at the Druggists and Dealers ia Medicines PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My sicnature is on each package. All others are counterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re ceiptof Thirty Cents. Address, HENRY C SPALDING, No. 49 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. .uc ??uii?rii, I p?rcei; J Vol.; Martin, T H, 1 parcel; Mullet, Won 1 pd, Camp McCune, Jas, i parcel; Cbadvell; McCormlck, M?j,l pel; May, G, 1 pel; Mundee, C, 1 parcel; Mellon. D, 1 c. bag; Mlratou. Maj DC, 1 pel; McTibben, L P,lc bag; M-rcbaut, Henrv, 1 pel; Murphy, Capt O, 2 bis; M Uugbl n. J F, 1 pel; Masury, L. 1 box: M .son. Lt J' hn, 1 p i, M , C. P ACo 5 boxes, McLean. J W, 1 parcel; McGee, C L Co S bbls; M-*xi H;hl, F., I parcel Martin,J W,1 bx,7thMs.; Mnof, Daniel, 1 pare I; Montgomery, J, 2 bxsj Monica, B, 1 pel, *J6th Morrel, J H, 1 box: N. Y Reg ; Motflt. Lt. T W, 1 bbl; Mayor, D (?. 1 parcel; McK<ilgbt,Col AA, 1 bx; Magtnnia, W H, 1 pel; Mudge, Capt GR, 1 box; Marshall^ P?ee, 1 pel; Morns, R H, 1 box; McConnell, Gen 1 box; Mnrauete, J, 1 box; Mal'oney, D. 1 box; [MA C]; Morris, K H, 1 box; Mtiller,C, 1 trunk; M cbeli, A, 1 bal; Mullen, J B, 1 trunk; McDowell, M M, 1 box; McDounougb.ilR, 1 trk; ^unrell, CPACo, 1 box; Murpby J, 1 trunk; Miller, B L 8, 4 bales, McClellen. LtAVl, 1 trk; Miller, J L, 6 boxes; Marcy, Col R B, 1 pel. N Newell, Capt J, 1 pel; Nunns, J H, 1 bundle; Narun. Mrs 8, 1 do; Nlcbols. Dr C II, 1 box; Neally. F, 1 do; Nor'is,Capt O K, 1 do; Newtou, J C. 1 do; Nellson. John, 1 trunk. O O'Brlue, 1 parcel; Oliver, W C, 1 do; O'Conuer, Dennis, 1 do; Oswald. Capt W L, I do, Ostermin, F, 1 box; 34'hN Y Ileg't; O'Conner, Dennis, I do; Ordner,W, lval,Mihdo. Paul, D H, 1 parcel; Patterson, P, 1 do; Pearsali, Tbos C^l do; Prince, J, 1 do; i u i>t i uu, l orier, owl do; Phillip*. Col WH, 1 do; Putney, H O, I do; Paine, Lt\V C, 1 do; Prlsbam, 8, I do; Pokormy, C. 1 do, Pratt, 1 do; Patiner, U? G'l JM,ldo; Parker, F, I do; Powell, P, 1 do: Ptthens, E. 1 package; Pbenix, D C, 1 do; Puweraon, M, 1 box, 30th Porter, Lt Col J J, 1 do; Pa Reg't; Paine, W H, 1 box; Price, Jacob, 1 parcel, Poland, Joseph, 1 pkge; Sth cavalry; Pollock. N, 1 do; PamhaU, R R, 1 do, lat Packard, T M, 1 do; L lory; Piter, W, 1 do; Pratt, H, 6 matte: Palmer, CapiN VV, I Lx; Pratt, Capt C R M, 1 box, Petltt, Geo, 6 boxes; 13th Maaa; Piatt, R. 9 do; Prince, W 8. 1 do; Prlaee, W 8,1 do; Poet, Rev Geo E. 1 do, Pott?r, J F. 1 do: lAth N Y Rog't; Pnn. J, 1 bund.? : Pllaon,Capt, 1 trunk; PoUetnr. M, 1 do; Pollard, Mr* M, 1 do. ParroU, M, l box; Q Quartermaster Gecsral, Uulnt, C P, I box; 1 parcel; Quean, John, 1 bate. R Refers, P A. I parcel, Rawlins, LP, 1 do; 56th N Roper, A J, 1 trunk: , R i?t>. C, 1 box; Reynolds, Adg't J E, 1 I Roberts, L'eut W D, 1 p box; parcel, Omp Palm-r;, Rupell, HD, 1 bundle; \ R bb John, 1 parcel, Ray, D W, I bux; R *4, B VV, 1 d?i Rupp, John, 1 do; i *e? Mdo; Russell. Mia, 1 do; I Ro r- ' J, ) do; R,J W, ldo; < R - in . Tfcam I do; R k. 8, I do; I R?y<t 1 ? , Mijw, I do; Rowl, P. 1 do; KwdV E >?sa, 1 do; Rogrra. Mrs John, 1 do; < Rawly, J, ldo, Rbeardsoa, W P, 1 do; , TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. f^ORTHERN CENRAL RAILWAY. TK* Skirt til. Quick* it mmd E*rt Rimu/rim BmiHWEST, NORTH"a&D*NORTHWE8T. finmiil WINTER SCNEDULE Ceaxgi or Tims. On and after SUNDAY.Mtk November, Pa??Bfor Trains will arrive and depart from Calvert Station as follows : Ta&ms North Lbavk Mail at a 90 a. m. Buffalo Express > p. in. Parkton A oorm motion 4 p. m. Pittsbarg and Fa-ri?burg Express I 9P p. tr. Tkaiss South Asmivm Park ton Aoooinmodauon at a. m Pu9?'o Kxpress 8 2t> a. m. Pitistiurf and Harrisbarg Exprera 2 p. m. Mail % 30 p. in. The 6 *. m train from Washington connects with the 8 SO a m. train from Baltimore far the West ard for Buffalo, Klraita. Roohe?ter, Dunkirk, Ca:.adaigna and Niagara Falls, and for New York oity. The 21 a. m. train from Washington oooneots with thr 3 p m train from Baltimore to West. North a- d N orihweet and Elmira and Bnffalo ana Rochester. The 5 p. in. train from Washington eoncects with tueR3>p m. t ain from Baltimore for Puts'org, Harrisl urg acd the West and is a direct oooeectio.; i o" Leb\ron. Fa?ton Allen town and New York via Cehtrai Railr ad of New Jersey. Try this ron^e for New Yoik ft /-The only train leaving Baltimsreon Sunday 2 p. rr. train, for Ha-risburg, 1 itururg, Cbio^go and the West. 'I h" only train arriving in Baltimore on Panday in >11 o ? a- III. llWII. A* V UtARKE, DU Jb ly Saperintendeftf>Ae?*ENeER TRAINS TO AND FROM L 3ALT MORE. WINTER SCHEDULE. 6 p e c i On and after Monday, November II, 1 Ml, Pas xjnifr Tr?,ini between WASHINGTON and BAoIIMORE will ran u follow*: TRAINS MOTIN& NORTH. Morr'ng Express leave Washington 6.10 a. k. Arrive at Baltimore 7.U a. m.; Philadelphia 11Jo p. M ; New York r. M.; Ilarrisbarc 1.1* p. x. Murring Accommodation leave Washington 7.40 a v. Arnvrat Baltimore9JU a. X. No oouneotiocs M Ma'tmiore. New York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 m.; arrive at Baltimore 1J.40 p. u.i Ahiiadelphia S 27 p. M.: New Vork 10 p. m. Afternoon Aaoommodation?leave Washington 2.15 p.m. Ar'lvaat BK!timore4Mp.M.; Harrisuarg > Philadelphia 10.00 p. m. Everun Express?lea* e Washington ft p. . Amve at Halnmoe fi.4? p Philadelphia I04B *. M.; New ^ ork 4 a. llv-riebBrsl a. m. THJINS M0T1NO SOUTH. Leave New York U 7 a. PMiade.phia 11J0 A. m ' aitimores sc r. re. ArnvearwaihingtonMO *' *'*v* N?w York at ?,p. it.; Philadelphia 10.50 p. M ; Bsltciore i^o a. m. Vruve at Washington 4 Lea " New Y k at I' P m.; Philadelphia JJP *. m ; itaitimore'/Jte a.m. Arrive at Washington 120 A, m. Aocoirmodatioc Tnuca leave Baltimore at M., at d ? p. M . for Washing ton, arrive there at II A. m. ar l 7 p, m. Pascei cat Train* leaving Washington at 7.40 a x. end i f p. am Baltimore At 7A a. m and U<> p. m , make d:rect connections for Annapolis at the Junction. Train? leave Aunaeolis for Baltimore and Wash ington at a. m acd 2 <? p. m Paa?ti.rer Trains leaving v> aahmgton at 6.10 a. m., 11am a <i 5 p. m., and Ba timore at *.20 and 7.3 a. M. ar.<i 3 VI p. m . will siop only at Annapolu junction and Warhiniton (Relay) Junction War Aata-ngera muat take the Accommodation Trains on y Trait a will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upcn card time. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation, Bait. J. T. ENGLAND, Agent, Omdan Station. Baltimore. _ 6. V- 11. <EH 1', Agent at Washington, no20 T -|ti> STEAM WEEKLY BETWEEN NKW YORK AND LIVERPOOL, *" rrr* I.audin* and embark in* passengers at /? ? 1'he Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Pt*>ani?hip Company intend dispatohioc their full powered Cl*d"-bttiit iron Steamship* aa follows: GLASGOW .Saturday, Aujuat Sd. CITY <*F BALTIMORE, " " loth. KANGAROO. M " Utt. And every Saturday, at noon, from Pier 44, North river. 1ati1 or passa.-k. First Cabin #75 Do. to London #0 i)o. to Pans M Do. to Hamtmn ? M Hteera.te._- ?... #sn Do. to London ?_ 34 Mf>. to *'aris .. at to Humbor* U Paaaencers forwarded to Havre. Bremen. >ottenl&m, Ai.twerp, Ao , at redaoed throach tare*. Hereon* wuhiag to brine out their friends oan bey tickets at low rates. For further information apply at the Captains Olfioe. JOHN 6. DaL' , Agent, 14 Broadway, N. Y., Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adams Express Baltimore _ NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. SUPERINTENDENT^ OFFICE,I Caxvkrt Station, Batimore. May II, IK1. { Oc and after Sunday. May 19th, 1861. Trains on the NOR1 HERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rite ana depart sa follows, until further notioe. TKAlNS.yOHTH. MAIL at 8 1* A. M, JiXPRpSS *t?.? P.M. nAKKlSHlHtt ACCOMMODATION at I P. ML. The 8.15 A. M. train connects at Relay Hobm with trains on the Western Maryland R vi.road; at Hanover J u notion with Hanover and ?e'Ubur| Railroad*, at York with York aud Wnghtaviile Railroad; at Harrisburg with Pennsylvania Railroad fur a!! parts of the west. witb Le ban non Valley Kail mad lo Nttf York dirtct; at North tun berland with L and B. Railroad for Klnrstonaad all parte of Wyooming Va. ley,And at if anbury with the Philadelphia ana Erie Railroad lor alfparta Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The 3.3" P. M train makes a! ! the above oonneetions except Hanover Raiircad, Wrightsville Railroad and the Lebannon Valley Railroad. The 8 P. M train makes connections with Pennst vaua Ra^road for al1 parts of tha W?t,and direct oonneota for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 8 in p M.; Kxprers at 7.4* A. M.; Ramaburg Accommodation at La P. M. For Ttokets and information injure at the Tioket Office, Calvert station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. 8up?t? PHILADELPHIA, WILMSSBRG MING TO N AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD. SPRiNO AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. eu and alter TUESDAY May lttn, Paeeeager Trains lor Phnade phia will leave President street DopotdaiW (except 8undays)as follows, vis: I -xpress Train at 6 16 A. M.. Way Mail Train at S.45 A.M.; Evening Mail at 4 46 o'olock. On SUNDAYS at 4 46 P. M^ only. All trains oonneot with N?w York trains except 4.45 P. M. train on Satar. date. A Freight Train with passenger oar attached loaves at 5 P. M , stoppnv at all Stations between Ba Umorear.d H%vre d?-Grao*. Passengers for Delaware and the Eastern Shore *>f Maryland will find the most expeditions route by way of W'lmington. JH7" All Colored Persons must give bond befora entering the oars. AVM CRAWFORD. Agent. ^ * w YORK AND ERIE RAILROAD. S*? * Passenger Trains leave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dook, from foot of Chambers street, New York, as follows, via; 7.00 a. m , EX I'RESS, for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal intermediate Stations. s.una. m .MAIL, for Duukirs. and intermediate Stations?Thi? Train remains over night at Elmira, and ^rocee-js the aext morning ?.- ? ? in. in i LiA uaiij, xor uuiTiue, and inter mediate Stations. 11.Wa. m , ACCOMMODATION, daily,for Port Jervis, and ptlnoipal Stations. 4 00 p. m., WAV, for Midd.etown, Newbargh, *S?00?^r"f<pn?HTtKXPRE88, daily, for Dontirk, Buffalo, Canandaigoa.and prinoipal Stations, 'be Train of Saturday stop* at all Mail Train Station*, and runs only to Elmira. 6 on p. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jor Hornesville, and principal Stations. CH AS. M1NOT,Gen'l Sup't _NATHANIEL MAR8H. Reoeiver. YORK. HARLEM AND BD ALBANY RAILROAD. LEAVING NEW ^FofK FOR *^anto Miusxxi*'Commencing Monday, May 17th, latl. ^For^Abany?llsOO a m. fast express train from Po?Do ver Plalna??o p. m, stopping at White Plains ani stations north to Dover plains?frost Alb street station. (This train will ran to Millertoa every Saturday "'por^roton Falls?*l?a. m. stopping at all stations north of Fordaarn from Mi street station. For V* hite rlains?fcSO, 4:10 and fcoo s. m. stopping at a>i stations from Stn street station. For White Piaius?&i? p. m. stopping at all stations from W hite street station. l or Williams Bridge?7.SP, U:i? a. a. aad MO p, a. stopping at ail stations from tTth strset staUon, Returning will leave? Aihar.y?WX) a. m. fast express train. Dover Piains-MD a. m. (This tram i??vss Mu lerton every Monday morning at $ a. m.) Croton Fa: ??5 s. in. White Plains?<? 10,7s00 a. m. 4:10 k. 740 p at. Wiiliam* Bridge--**!, W? a. m. & hOO p. m. Sunder trainswill fsave 4th Area as oorner tld street, tor Cestral Park, YorkviUs, Harlem aa<l afe"1- yjtfe'Bgfeiaijrjs'^ HUDSON R1YERK ABROAD-* FlpnKsrwith TRAINS NORTH And WESf, Trains leave: From Chambers at. N.Y. Proasth street. Express. 7 ard 11 a. m., 7,26,11 JS a. m., aad Ml and MO and f p. m. . Ml p.m. Tray *nd Albaar twith, 1 Ssndsys In leasing oar) 10,15 p. oluded.) PougRkMpaw train 6, a MS a. m.,aatf 1*** P^lis'iH^Ss.iJBt m 116 p ai. ???????? mmm *** MHstkr * A^A M ui Am hey. (G Mi A. Ai A C?a4M u? Jereey Cl r. N. J At ?iT^??i3a Candee aa4 Jereey Orty .Mori ^'W-' ela IeMt?*??B and Jen* City, Al 1?*P? M- r?cam<loc u4 iJU*M At Muu At lW.. rim Camdee iU Am hoy. (C u4 A. via lmintto> ic4 Jereey City, Kifr**.Mi Jereey City, (Seoond C.aea Ticket.) It* P. M.. niCMdn and Jrnj City.: Lremiat At llVP. M.f na Camden and Jereey City.'South Ati Pjji., ?ia C?ib<Uc ud Aahcy, (Aooonnnoda lion, freight andnmai?r, > iret CUm T.okeLj Second CUm Ticket The P M Mail Train r?u duly. YhellK P. M. Mail, Ratardayy excepted. Per Bdndere, Km ton, Lambertniie, Plerarf* tea. ie? at 7.10 A. M., writ* P- M.. from Ae* tor Water ?M.*t*?ed?bart.8oraBtom,'Wi;kee barre.Mortroee, Greet Bene, Ac., at 7.1. a. M . from le*f .r.rton, rie Delaware, Laolawanne at Wnet^m Riliroad. For Meaoh Chant, Allentown ad ?.w a. M. end ft* P. M- fi<m len?in?ton depot, a. M. ii-eeotneoU with Ue tram i?nt| "?o?Sl^ufH?!lyIt udlA. M. udl udM P.M. For Freehold MIA. M end t P M. For Brietol.Trfeto-r.4ie. et 7jc A. M-.M and at P. M from S?L?iBfV n, and MP.Nfrea Weinnt street wharf. For Palmyra Rlrertoc, I>* <vtao, Beverly. jH t Oct ton. Fl rremeoo, Bordentowx, Ao., at UK, 1, KKaedtP M. T^nton for Bordectovr.,and interne liete y.aoce, at M P. M. from Wa'aet rt-oet wharf. irT For New York ao<l Way Licee. leaving Kenaln^ton J'epot, take the ear* on *r>ove WU mt, half an hour bef>re deM-t?re The aara ran ini j the depot. and on arrival of train ran from thtdt^t Fifty pounda of baggage only allowed to'act paaeenger Paaeergera r? prohibited from takiti anything ait baggage b?t their ?*ru r apparel! VII bag*age ov??r fifty pounda to be paid for extra, fho oompany limit their reeponaifciMty f<*r baciage to one ^ol a.r per pound.and will not be liable Tor any amount b^ycud cne hundred do lara, except by apooiai contract. WM. H.6ATZMKB. Agent. -^^^^_,GREAT CENTBAI. SOITF. F?>R thi: west.*** hvdson t it UraHi* HAlLhOAU and A JIT YOhM CB.\THAL hAJLHOAp fr xpreea Trait a |e?v? New York o'ty depota vf Hudaon River Railroad daily. Sunday a excepted, e toiiowa: Prem Chambers atreet Firm Slat at. (tatton. At 7.00 am At 7 86 em 1I0D" 5 00 p IB 11.26 " 6 .25 pm S J1 p m S S6 p m Montrtal and Buffalo Train with sleeping Sira, 9.'6 P m 1 46 p m onr.tcung at Albany with the New York Cea trai Railroad for Sobenectady .Jjtoobeater.Uuoa Batavia. Rojne,and stations on Rome ai<d watertown Railr a*. Buffalo. Srraouse, Niaga'a Fa! a, Suspension Bridge. Auburn. Geneva .< ai ardaigua Traina in oonnection leave Buffalo and Suspen *ion via Lake Shore, Buffalo an?' i eke Baron and Great Weelem Railroad, for HaniiKoa. Toronto, Detroit, Chicago. Toledo. Mil*aukie. Pun Da Lie, La Croaee, Madtaoc- Prairie Da Ciiiet, Oa *-ua, Dunleith, Dubu<ue, Peoria, Rook island. Meaca6ne, Iowa City. Burlington, (jumcv, Sprinafieid, Alton, St. Ix>aia, Cairo, Terre baute. Ir.d.anap' is, Louisville. Cincinnati. J avton, Colen.hua, Cleveland. aft al' poinU H eet, Northwest and fcouthWmL NORTHERN ROUTE. ..Connecting with Traira at Trof, with Troy A Boeton and Rene. Jt Saratoga Foada for Saratoga. Whitehall, Rutland, Barlincton, s*t. Albana, Rou?e Point, Plattaburgh, Ogdenatmigh, Montreal, Ae., Ao_ JIT1 Freight Arrangements by tbts route aa above, without ohange of Care, from the Depot* in Chambers and Canal atreeta. are at all timea ae favorable aa made by other Railroad Compan?a The facilities of thia great New York Ro?te, 'o the Weet ?oramend rt to the oonidenoe of aierokants an ahippera lor promptness and dispatch Paeeenger traina, with hiaokmg and Sleepirs Cara run is oonnection oa the New York Central Road. r or particulars ae to local traina and freight arrangement*, inquire at the degot,_6S Warren at. a. r. DillTB. Mferirtendeut. Jj^^LNPlVlDUAL^NTERPRiaE fififciJ EASTERN AMD WFSTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "EENT," Cart. J. H. E'nru. "FIONKERCart. W. Nonui, Will run their route* as follows, leavi. Light treet, Be. timore, foot of Camdea. el 7 o'elock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge, Dentou ud Ulc ir' on Cho?tank river, every WEDNESDAY mi SATURDAY, returning every Thursday And For X'ananolia and West River, every TUESDAY ai.'i FRIDAY and returning sa ire day a. PIONEER?PorSt. Michael's an-i Eastot.via Mile's River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the same day. For Annapolis, West River. Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday For Annapolis. West River, St. Michael's an<3 Ea?ton, via Mlie's Riy Perrv, every SATUR DA Y, returr rg every Monday by same route. Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fasten PolflL...? r-#l? Fare to M Michael's and Miles' R.ver ground tn?iBl,) 1? Fare to Wwrt River, (round tri?, 91) 1? Fare to Annafo i* (round tri? 75 oefit?)___ 71 " MEALS EITRA. II r Freight must be prepaid. Wharf and OBoe, LIGHT ST., foot of Camden Baltimore C. R. CANNON. 1> NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. HE Poetmaaler Genera. having ordered tas itail eervioe >>etweeL W aahington, __ JP? ^ Baltimore, and Old Point (For^rNi^4>^? Sonroe) to be resumed, ec and after^^^^^^^" onoay, the 90th lnstant-in* Bay Liae of steamers ?ill leave Baltimore EVERY DAY (exoeptSuB ty) from their vharfTfoot of Union Dook, at ?k o'olook p. m..or immediately after the arrival of the Washington Train, which leaves WaeAiagtoo at SH o'clock f. m. m >-tf M. N. FALLS. Pr*?t U. 8. GOVERNMENT LINE ?ld Lmtm the lowar nod of UNION DOCK, Baltimore, WMt side, DAILY, (Bandars inoiodNUat *H o'olook f. M. totiii UMiatera and feigbt. ai.d oonc^ with tiia> Railroad lines. to and from VVaahiog'oc. D. C.. Philadelphia. New York, Boston, York, Harrisoart, Pittsbarg. Pa, atd the West, immediately aftar the arrival of the Exprsas Train from New York uo Philadelphia. The followi&ic is the 8oh?du.a: From New York to Port Monroe aad back. tn Prom Pltilutl?h'aicd tmek lie From Baltimore and back?? |i HyPEOCUEB YOU* TICKETS-/*?! In New the New Jersey Railroad OSes foot of C< u -tland street. In Phi.pmti. at the Company's ofloe, N. W, corner of Sixth and Chestnnt streets, or at tha Depot, Broad and Prime streets. In Baltimore, on board the Steamers. foot ( Union Dock. HU6B O'CONNFR, Paeeenier Agent. jp^^FOR BOSWN VIA NEWPORT AND FALL RIVER. ? By the afield id and sspenor strength and sp?fc*i, bat parti cu.arly adapted U> tie navigation of Lcci Ulacu Son ad, rnnwng in ooanaotion with the Fail Eirer and Old Colony Railroad. distanoe of nrtlto only to Boeton Lea** Pier No. I Wortti Rirar near the Battery. The Steamer KM P1K-E STATE. Capt. B ray toe, Mondays, Wsanascajs.and Fridays, at 4 o'clock wfasftHMMSK Sfi. Bran,.. Tieedays, ThB.-edirs, and Saturdays, at 4 o'olook P. It., toaoning at Newport sank way. These MSeeiLls are Atted with oommodioaa state roomv and srery arrangement for the sseanty and oomfort at paniagsrt, who are afloraed by tarn roat*a eights' rest on board, and oa arrival atrall Elver prooeed >er Steam t?oat Train.reaching Boston airly the following morning : or may remain on board ctu. ?tartng or the Aooommooae?n ail A. M., by w%ieh thay nay reaak Boston about t.4i A. M. A baggage master is attached to eaoh steamer, who reoeires and tiokete the bag cage, and aoeoatpemes the same to its act-i nation. A steamer ran* in eonneeboa with this Line be twaaa Pall El*er and Providence daily, except Freight to Boston is forwarded throneb with rraat dispatch by an Kxpraas Traia, which i eaves Fa.i Eirer every aorniLg, Sundays eioepted, at 7H o'clock for Boston and New Beciord.arriviat at its destination at aJwint ham For freirht or fwwi, j on board. or at tte oflce on Pi? No, 5 Nort!-. Hirer For etate roome and on l-o?rt or ir dwitrdfl to ewe re them la advinoe, to WM BORDttN.Af't X>aad 71 W?I ettoet. N. Y. gtamw TO It?Inland Route?The alcrteet and moit ill ^ Svrfk'cin'i: Williauia, In connection with the c*toLirjU>a aad r roTideno*,aud Boetoaaad Prorideooe laiinada, ieariDc New York daiiy, ftandare exeeeted, ftoin P;?r No 1* North River, at?o>o>ok P. M..aad vrotoa afjMQ o'oloe* P. M., or oalae arrival ?I Monday, Wedaeedar, and Frwmy. Froaa Browfesis rm.,<*Tneeday. Tharfday. aad Baturdar. rtom Qretoa ?Monday, Wedaealay(aad Friday. t rea?mai i tnm ttrotaa iiMiii iar rn read to P-onleaee. aad Barton, (a the Eiyr*ee felai' Tau, NM;t.i4 aa*4 >laoe it advaaoe yl thoae by oiher route#, aaa ih aaieleajbe tor aM tia earty Morniri Luiea oonecttni North aad Kaet F?aeBgerK tnat y refer it, iwwain ft N>a'd the dei^idlaaflea*otoui ib the 7 U i >. Tr^Ln.^opneoUy aX Bxmulcr.r with iae I to SSar *,u WBtwaSr

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