Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1861 Page 1
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r I THE EVENING STAR THE WEEKLY 8Til zmm:: fCi\^w\w^ GUw W. D. WALLAOH. If II 1^ II I |1 || S8 I /| I ZZ2Z=ZZiZZZ. Papers served la packages by carrier* at 94 J JA , 1 . A ly . Fl^e cop?? ? ** yenr, of J7 eeoti per month. To mall rcbocrlben V ^ Tea ooptea. t ? t*e prtoe U ?3 30 a year, * *4v??<?, S3 for aU / f 1/ T T *e& ty-t*e copl M to umtha; 91 for three month*; and (or Imb than * It tararlably contains the" WaaL'ajtoa New* three months at the rate of IS centa a week. 8la- that baa made Tkt Dmilf ??* ??* Stmr clreaUta fie coplea, onb cbhtj In wrappers, two cnra. ^ ? - - - so geaeraUy thronehoat eoutoy. Iiy advatttsimints should he aent to the u7-bln*vr copies (la wrapper*) caa h- pr* """ "2_ V?6. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . SATURDAY. NOVEMBER 30, 1861. N". 2.739. "*""" AN INTERESTING BUDGET OF SOUTHER* NEWS. ? 4'THL ATTITUDE" OF THE NEGRCES OF SOUTH CAROLINA. THE DESCENT OP THE YANKEES UPON THE SOUTH CAROLINA COAST. DESTROYING THE COTTON. 8AVANNAH "STRONGLY FORTIFIED" Oft A NfcW PLAN THE NEW PLAN DOES'NT WORK. SEVERE UPON SPECULATORS. GRUMBLING ABOUT THEIR MAIL SER< VICE. From late southern papers that have reached thia oitj we make up the following interesting budget of aoathern news: THE hkoroks "ArrRISHT*D" SOT "IKBCBORDIKAT1." The Colombia, 8. C. papers publish the following official letter from General Drayton to the Governor: Camp Lei. Hardkrvillv, ) 18th November, 1881. J To hia Excellency Governor F. W. Pickens, Colombia. S. C.: Sir: At the request of your Excellenjy, Bade to me yesterday at these headquarters, I have the honor of presenting my views of the present attitude and behavior of the negroes in this portion of the State intrusted to my immediate command. So far from there being any insurrectionary feeling among them, I oan assure your Excellency that I hare neither seen nor heard of any act of pillaging, incendiarism or Tiolence in any directionIt is true, that the negroes of a few plantations have shown a spirit of insubordination, by refusing to move higher up the country, when ordered to do so by their owners, but this dieobedieoce should be assigned rather to a feeling of dismay and utter helplesaness at being left alone and unprotected oy the precipitate abandonment by their masters of their plantations, than from any organized plan of resistance to the authority they had been accustomed to obey. But I now feel much satisfaction in stating, for the information of your excellency, that th? negroes are fast recovering frOm their fright, and coming forth frc*i their hiding places, and quietly and submissively resuming their'agricultural labors, without the guidance, or presence, in many instances, of either master or overseer. fnconclusion, I would respecfully advise, that all planters and overseers, who are not mustered into service, and are owners or agents of property upon the main land, should, without delav. return to their several nei?h borhooda, and thus by their presence prevent a recurrence of that excitement aaong their people which hu been due in a great measure to their absence. With much respect, jour ob't servant, Thomas F Drayton-, Brigadier General Commanding, 3d Military District Department, 8. C. TUB YA.VXBK1 OH THB SOITH CAROLINA COAST" The Savannah Republican of the tlst says : The distance of Hilton Head from the main land, and the haiardous nature of all navigation in the neighborhood, renders it difficult for our forces to approach near enough to form any very definite idea of their number or movements. It is understeod, however, on pretty reliable authority, that the enemy has abandoned Beaufort and Port Koyal island, on which it is situated, and are now confined to Hilton Head, Pinkney Island, immediately west, and separated from the former by Skull creek and the point known as Bay Point, on Jenkin's Island, across the sound and opposite Fort Walker on Hilton Head. It is said they are throwing up extensive and formidable works on Hilton Head, thus giving evidence of an intention to make a permanent lodgment on the island. Skull creek is now completely under their oontrol, and the works at Braddock's Point, on the south end of the island, command the entrance to Daufuski sound. It is said that a party of two Federals venfnrnH an thu m*in m ~ when, being discovered by oar men, one of them ?u captured; the other got to his boat in time and made good his escape. The prisoner states that the fleet landed about 12,000 of the 20,00 with whom they set sail He oohid give no acconntof the remaining 7,000. The Savannah News publishes the following : On Wednesday last Mr. John Chaplin took with him seven negroes and went in two boats to the plantation of his aunt, Mrs. Dunn, on Daufaski Island, for the purpose of bringing way such property as could be transported. On Wednesday night he, with the negroes, occupied Mrs. Dunn's dwelling, intending te leave in the morning when the tide favored. About two o'eloek yesterday morning the door of the house was broken down by a party of ten Lineolnites, who oaptured Mr. Chaplin and Ave of the negroes, and conveyed them from the island in a boat. Two of the nesroe* escaped?one, who was in the cellar of the house, fled to the woods; another, who was sleeping in one of the ohambers, jumped from the seoond story window, and running to a point on the island, where he obtained a boat, oame to the eity vesterday morning. Before leaving the island he saw the Yankees leave in their boat, with Mr. Chaplin and fee Are negroes on board. * TBI COTTOH CftOP A*D THE NSW DETE5CE8 Or B4VAXSAB. A letter in the Richmond Examiner [torn Charleston, dated Nov. 21st, says:? The amount of ootton abandoned on th* plantation! ?u very considerable It ia not MIJ to estimate the quantity with certainty, bat ia generally laid to b? about fifteen hundred balea. Many of the planter*, before quitting, eet fire to their cropa and each other oombustible property on tneir premie** aa could not be removed. It ia certainly to be regretted that, in the oonfuaion that prevailed, thii very proper at en waa not more generally taken. Bat the Brat surprise at the iovaaion haa now died away, and I think the Northern Government may reckon, without fear of mistake, that it haa obtained the very laat bag of eotton, and aleo the laat contraband, that it ean ever hop* to aeise by pouncing upon th* ootst of South Carolina. Concealed arrangementa between the planters and the military authorities have wiaely b*en mad* by which no plantation will in futur* b* abandoned until the crop is utterly ooniumed, the gin houae and other building* deatroyed, the live atock driven off. and the handa removed to the interior In the moet exposed looalitiaa, that ia, the ialaada adjacent to Port Royal, on which the enemy may at anv moment make hie appearano*, the work of doetntotion ia already mmmeaood. For tk* past few days gang* of negrooa from th* *oaoo*V ud*n with auch effeota aa they eaa carry, *aa followed by droves of mule* and horses, btru b**a paaaing through thia city on their way V_ the back eoantry. Night bofore laeTthe wbj# atmosphere ia the city, and foe mile* around, ^withstanding the bright moonlight, waa ha? ^ Many oould not neooant foi'the KtMotenon. It waa the ofeet oi th* *bo'*?*'Conflagration oi eotton bow going on at ?dUU>?D^ ot^tmr ia|KB<if Lntorvening between Por*-oyal si>d Charles ton. W koenn next to land, nnd it to nneiens to the fact that M ?2* ed by ell save tie avenging of the partisan rifl'**? P Wc sacrifice which be* boon m?de by our pi u #u tfce p+fr "li*1 w# frop* of the put season have far exceeded the best eTer before known. In my last letter I alluded to the strength of the defences of Charleston. Savannah also has been strongly fortified on a plan for which the conformation ef its harbor affords peculiar facilities, and I understand that Gen Lee says that that oity is now in a condition to make a Erotracted and successful defence. Gen. Lee as gone to Brunswick, Ga. dow!* cpo!? thb sptcclators. The Norfolk Day Bool of Not. 20th, has this wrathful artiole in reference to the "speculators," upon whom the Day Book seems disposed to father all the sufferings of the South : The only Remedy.?Enough has been siid about extortioners and speculators in the necessaries of life. Something must be done. Mob law has been threatened?but let no man seek the responsibility of inaugurating the reign of lawlessness. There is one remedy, and it is near at hand. The Government proposes a draft of the unenlisted population to recruit the ranks of the Army. Many recruits are needed, but it is well known that such useful persons as mechanics in government employment, merchants transacting legitimate business, farmers, railroad hands, Ac., cannot altogether be spared even for the ranks of an army of defence. But there is no use for extortioners, speculators, and such oattle. Let recruiting sergeanta in every town and county of the southern oonfederacv be direct**! bj law, to impress for service daring the war, without the privilege of famishing & substi* tate, any and every man who has speculated, is speculating, or is interested in speculating on the wants of the government, the soldiers or the community, whether the extortioner be under or over 45 years of age It is no excuse for a man who is crippling the government, punishing the army, and grinding the face of the poor, that he is old enough to know better. Let the press of Virginia second us in our demand upon congress, which is now in session, for the immediate passage of such a law. Let its feature* be stringent and comprehensive, so that not a man of them shall escape. Laws fettering trade are of deubtful policy. They distress the honest and dishonest alike. Bat there is no honesty in the sordid landshark who fattens on the distress of his own people NEWS FROM THE SOUTH FROM CONFEDERATE SOURCES THE BATTLE AT PENSACOLA-FORT PICKENS NOT BREACHED. "TYBEE ISLAND IN POSSESSION OF THE FEDERALS/* A copy of the Norfolk Hay Book of the 23d Inst., baa reached thla city from which we take tht following: ibb fkobkaij* bbpobt bq. 0!f tybk^island Savannah, Nov 25 ?News received here this morning say the federal shipa approached Tybee laland yesterday and fired aevera 1 shells. There were no confederate troopa there but a few picketa, who returned to Fort Pulaakr Gen. Lawton has gone down to the fort. It la supposed the enemy will attempt a lodgment to blockade more effectually. It hai since been reported that the federals have occupied the Uland vftom pb5sacola.. The following is a copy of t>a official dispatch dated O'Bannonsville, near Pensacola, I o'clock, Monday '25th. The enemy seem* to be satisfied, as he doea not re-open the fire. They have fired into our hospital; but my aick had all been removed. Many hot shot, and innumerable shell were thrown into the Navy-Yard, with comparatively little damage. (Signed) Braxton Bkags. An offlc'al dispatch of Sunday night says, both Federal ships retired crippled This was all the damage done the enemy. Our wounded are only slightly hurt and are doing well. ths fight at pbnsacola. A despatch received at the War Department, dated at PenMcola, at 1 o'clock, p m , Sunday, says, that "It Is reported that the enemy did not renew their attack to-day Both their ahipa withdrew in a crippled condition. All the dam _fs. ? vui wuibi uoa unn repnireu uur wounded were but slightly hurt, and are doing well Oar men are In the highest splrtta? Richmond Enquirer Ecropeam Mis-or-Wii is Port.?A fleet of foreign men-of-war are In this harbor at present, and addltlona to their number are made almost every day Tbe newest comer la the Brttl'b gunboat Nimble, Commander D'Arcy, mountings gun* and a crew 63 men. The Nimble arrived tbl? forenoon, Ave daya from Halifax, Another gun-boat, the Rtnalde, arrived yesterday.?N. Y. Express UPHAM'S HAIR DYE '-TO COLOR BLACK OR BROW A!.'?Only 39 oents a box. Three boxM for one dollar. Gray, red or flaxen hair can be ohaoged la a few seconds to a j"t blaok or brown, by asms Upham's Lisuid Hair Dye, the best and cheapest in the world, producing, the moment it is applied, a rtoh natural appearanoe. Each Box of UPHAM'S HAIR DVE is warranted to oqMain aa muoh kair dye as others sell for mu dollar! Sold by B C. U PH AM, 310 C<h*snut atreet, fhladelphia, and S. CALVERT FORD, corner lltb street and Ha. ave. aep ?-eoly CQ M. T PARKER. 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Volunteers.. 3 4th do do 1 4th do do 3 12th do do...(e) 1 5th do do 4 4th Michigan Vol 2 7th do do 5 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 8 th do do 1 5th do do.... 1 JHh do do 2 6th do do.... 6 llth do do 2 7th do do.... 2 12th do do 1 ExcelsiorBrigade.... 5 26th do do 1 27th do do 1 Total 127 (a) Two officers. (6) Oneofflcer. (e) Oneofflcer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, corner Bridge and Washington streets, (teorgetoicn, Not 22. 14th New YorkVol.... 3 2d VermontVolunteers 2 17th do do 17 3d do do.... 4 18th do do 15th do do....13 19th do do...... 4 lit Michigan Vol 1 22d do do 4 2d do do 12 24th do do 1 3d do do 2 26th do do 1 4th do do 2 27th do do 1 2d Wisconsin do 1 33d do do. ,i... 1 6th do do...... 1 36th do do...4ii 1 lit Minnesota do 1 43d do do 7 let California do 5 45th do do 1 lit Excelsior Brigade. 5 50th do do 3 2d do do,... 1 79th do do 2 3d do do.... 11 4th Pcnn. Volunteers . 1 lit Maryland Vol 1 6th do do 2 2d Penn. Cavalry .... 2 7th do do 1 3d do do 1 8th do do 1 Oneida CountyCavalry 1 11th do do...... 1 lit Penn. Artillery.... 1 12th do do 2 5th U S Artillery.... 1 23d do do 1 5th Rhode Island Art. 1 26th do do...... 1 !st New Jersey do. 1 27th do do 2 lit New York Artillery 4 3oth do do...... 1 2d do do.... 3 45th do do 414th do do.... 1 46th do do 2 lit Indiana Rifle* 1 2d Maine Volunteers. 1 Mott's Battery 1 7th do do 1 De Kalb Rrgtment... 1 2d NewUanipshifeVol 2 Engineer Corp* 1 3d do do ... 2 4th Rhode Island Vol. 2 Total 1?7 i4? Hospital at Columbian Colltgi, Washington, Nov. 22. 2d Maine Volunteers.. 4 6th New Jersey Vol... 2 5th do do 1 7th do do.... 1 7th do do...... 1 1st Penn. Artillery.... 2 nth do dc,.ii.. I Harlan's Pertn Cavalry \ 11th do do 2 Chroman's Rifles 2d Vermont Volunteers 2 1st Penn Volunteers.. 1 3d do do.... Ii3d do do ii 5th do do. ...10 4th do do 2 Kth MassachusettsVol 5 8th do do 3 I 14th do do. 1 10th do do 1 l?th do do. 1 12th do do 1 | l?t Long laland Vol .. 1 13th do do...... 1 Harris' Cavalry 2 23d do do 2 IstNewYork Cavalry. 1 t7th do do...... *> 22d do Vol...,. 1 31st d? do 3 25th do do 2 v>d do do 1 35th do do 1 s*ttirtre*? Rifl s 1 3?ith do do L] 1st Michigan Cavalry. 5 37th do do 7 lit do Vol 2 51th do do 4 2d do do 1 79th do do...... 1 3d do do 10 Anderson Zouaves.... 2 4th do do 2 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3 9th do 8 2d do do.... 2<!*tockton'sMich Vol.. 2 De Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 2 5th Wisconsin Vol... 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 ?th do do.... 3 1st U.S. Chasseurs.... 1 7th do do.... 3 BcrdaTr Sharpshooters2 1st Minnesota Vol 1, Oneida N V Cavalry. I 10th Indiana Vol 2 McClellan's Dragoons 1 8th Illinois Cavalry... 1 1st New Jersey Cavalry 4 1st California Vol 1 2d do Vol.... 1 1st i). C. Volunteers.. 3 3d do do.... 1 5th do do.... 1 Total 153 (a) One officer. At General Hospital, (Circle,) Washington, Nov. 22. Officers 2|6th U.S. Infantry.... 2 Hospital Steward l|22d New York Vol... 2 Engineer 1 24th do do 2 4th U . S. Cavalry SMlth do do I 5th do do 3|2d Penn. Cav. Vol... 1 6th do do <!j52d Penn. Volunteer*. 1 1st do Artillery .... 2jlth N. Hampshire Vol 1 2d do do 211st D C. Volunteers.. 1 3d do do 2 1st Michigan Vol 2 4th do do I 7th Maine Volunteers. 1 5th do do 3 11th do do 1 2d U. S Infantry 3 ? 3d do do 3 Total 47 10th do do 1 At Fifth District School Homne Hospital, Branch of General Hospital on E street, Nov fi. 3d Michigan Vol 1 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do 1 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 50th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 2d U . S. Cavalry 1 23d do do.. 1 1st Kentucky Cavalry. 1 12th do do.. 1 4th Penn'a do 1 29th NeW York Vol.i. 1 Oh?o Cavalry (unat).. 1 10th Massachusetts Vsl 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 Total ..14 Sick remaining in the Hospital for Eruptive . Diseases, at Kalorama, Nov 22. OJ IT a Ui?i? * " * ou l o iiuauuf i mo rennsyivama vol. 3 4th do Cavalry 1 15th do do.. 5 5th do do 1 54th PennsyivaniaVol. 1 6th do do....... a Slat do do.. 1 2d Maine Volunteera.. 2 tat do Artillery 1 7th do do 7 Harlan's Cavalry 6 2d Vermont do 1 (Stockton's do 1 litN.Y. Artillery.... 5 lit Michigan Cavalry. 6 44th New York Vol... 4 3d do Vol 1 3d Excelaior Brigade. 1 7th Wiaconaln Vol.... 8 Harrla Light Cavalry. 8 10th Indiana Vol 4 2d Berdan'a Sharpa'rs 1 lat do Cavalry.. 1 lit Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 6th do do.. 1 ? 96 th do do(a)2 Total 70 (a) Two officers. At St. Elizabeth Hospital, Eattem Branch, November 22. 1st Excelaior Brigade. 4 8th New York Vol... 4 2d do do 2 29th do do.... 1 4th do do 9 5th Vermont do....10 Mth NY. Volunteera. 1 Cameron Rifles 3 8th Penn. do SiBrickel's Art. Batt&l. 3 53d do do 241 ? 35th do do l| Total 64 At Indiana Hospital (Patent Office), Washington, D. C.t Nov 19th Indiana Volun...54|Berdan's Sharpahoot's 3 16th do do.... 5 Teamster 1 3d do Cavalry.. 5 ? 21 st New York Voiun 1 Total 71 36th Penn. Volunteera 2 At General Hospital, Alexandria, Nov 22 1 lat New York Cavalry 11 lat Rhode Island Art.. 1 tainnuw York Vol... 2 2d Michigan Vol 14 l#th do d#....88 3d Michigan Vol 4 17th do do.... 8 5th do do.... 5 16th do do.... 3 3d Maine Volunteer*. 7 85th do do.... 7 4th do do 5 80th do do.... 5 5th do do...... 8 87th do do....10 lit New Jersey Vol... 1 31at do do.... ? 5th do . do.... 1 38d do do....18 lat N. Jersey Cavalry. 1 37th do do.... 1 Cameron Rifle*. 8 36th do do.... 5 8d Fire Zouavea 1 40th do do.... 7 8d Vermont Volunteers 1 7#th do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 1st Massachusetts Art. 8 Harlan Cavalry 7 11th Penn. Cavalry...14 Teamster 1 38d 1'eun. Volunteers. 14 Civilian 1 01st do do ..?? 8 !*<h do do 4 Total 189 Wth do do ? I FT* Washington papers pleas* copy and sead bills to the War Department. nov 87?Jt I NEW CLOAKJU?T RECEIVED. Large stock of all Kinds ol Shawls, PrasOVlks, rerj oheap, Silk Robes. clot in* oat at a fraat bargain, All kinds of Ureas Goods, very oh?a?. WM R KII.EY a BRO., No. 36 C?utra' Stores, tfetvet n 7th aad 8th sts., > roIHw Qrwtti Cnte AUrktt, BDR JOHNSTON, UTIMIIKK LOCK H <l A f I T A L i H?i i*? ?uii (Vim, Sp*?df mmd mij Efff'ual HtmtHf m I A* World, FOR ALL Plt'KASKH OF IMPRUPhMCE. tfr JT1 FALSE DELICACY PHETENT. AKFLY IMMEDIATELY. A COKE WARRANTED. OK NO CHAKVM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. W?*tMti?r ? Ba:k, Str't-ar**, At(cuoc* of th* Bid end Bladder ...,*e>aai**J i>teenarjre, Ixpxitct, G*n er*I Debility, N*i.?one,i??e, dyepopey, U?ki, Cenfnaio: f Idete, Lew Spr.-j. ? pita;**. of th? H*?rt, Timidttr, Trtrobliaf*, Dur reee of 8'f.ii or OtddiLeee. Oieaaaa of the Bead, Threat, Nue* or Skin, Afecuone of the Laura, fliotu tea of Bowele?ihaaa Tarrtbla Diaorder* ariaiflf from BoltWn Habit* of Yoath?ihaaa Oraadfa, uid Deamictiae Pracuca* whi?.l. render Marrraf* ucpoaaibl*. aa* daairey boti Body and Mind. TO UNO MEN Eapeei^lly wba ha?* btcooa th* Ticum* af Boliury Vlea, lhat draadfal and d**traeu** habit arbich auoaally eweepe la an aiiumely fra?a thoaaanda of Yoaz g Meuof tha naoet aiaked talent* and brilliant intalUct, who might other wtae be?e entrant*d W*l*?n( Senate* with tba thaodara of alagaaoca or wak?d to acatacy tha living iyre, aij Mil with fall cooldanca. MARRIAGE. Miimio PBBSO!*!, or Yoang Men caclamplatlof Marriage, being aware of phyetcal weakneee, organia Ability, dal irnutitt, Be., op*edit* carad. Na whoplae** Mmoaif andar tba eara af Dr. J. may r*lig1aaaly eonfld* id hta h:r.or aa a gantlaman and Mnldtatly rely apon bia aktll aa a phyetcian. OFFICE No 7 SOUTH FREDERICE ST. laft baud aid* jfo'ng from Baltimor* itraat, a faw daort from tba cornar. Fail not to cbeerve name and nambar. Leila re meat b* paid and contain a atarap. i>v JOHNSTON, Member of tha Royal Uci.efe of Sargeone, London, grade ata frcra on* of tba moat aminant Colltgee in tha United Btataa, and th* greater part of whoa* lifa ha* b**n epeot in th* boapttal* of LooSon, Pari*, Philadelphia and *l**wb*r*, baa erected tenia of the moat aeiontehing ear** that w*r* *?tr known; many trooMad with rw(iiir in tb* head and **r* when a*l**p; great neraooeneet, cunf alarmed at *add*n *oandi, baehfaltieea with fraqaent blaabiug, aittndad *ora*tin>?* with derangement a( mind, war* cored Mcmediately. TARE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taanf Men ana nthera who ha?a in]ar*d themeelTaa by a *art?in praetiea indclgad in wh*n alone?a habit frequently learned from *ri| eoi:.paniooe, at at echool, th* electa of which ar* nightly f*It eaen whin aateep, and if not carid. r*nd?r* tnttrafl irepoaaiM*, acd deatroye both mind ana bodv, ahoald app>y lrri*diat*IT. Tkaae ara *om* of th* *a(J and tnclanehrHy ?facta prcdacad by early habita of yontb. ?i? t Wtabnaa* of th* Back and Limt?. f>attia in tha fltad. Diri.uaaa of BirHt. Loaa of Maa'B?ar Pcw?r. Palpitation of in* He?rt, Djip?p?j, ."tiitoti irritability, Derangement of th? Digtetj*t Khlcuogi, General Debility, Symptom* of Cooenmptton, Ac. MimiLLT.?Tbe fearful Micu on the mind ar* much la he dreaded?Loee of Memory, Coofueioa of Idtaa, of Ofima, K?il f" ore bod m fa, A?eraion of ?>-* ?, traa:, Let it Tiu.Mity, ate., art a#")a el a? ?,i, produced. Nbktoi'I DSSILITT.?'TbetModt ean new )udge wbet i* the caoaa of tbetr declining health, looms their rigor, beeomLnf viak, pale, itervcue uid intcuUi*, l??tB| a aiDfliu apt earance about the eyee, cougb or eymptofi-e af cenrampIBM* DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whan the miegaided and imprudent *otary of plaaaara in da be baa imbibed tba aaada of thie painful diaaaaa, it too often happtni tbaX an ill-timed aanaa of eharae or draad of diacavary datart blaa Iran, app!ymf to thoaa who, from education and reapectsbihty, cail alcr.e fcrfriend bir Re falla into tba handi of ignorant and deeigiing pretender*, who, incapable af carinr, fitch hia pecuniary aCbatanci, Mao him trtSiag Booth after moaitfc, or aa ior.g ? t?a am?i!IK rat can ba obtuneJ, aud in deeptir .ear* h, with mined health (a ewrb ever oie gulling dianp^.iMment, or by tba Baa of that deadly poieon ?Mariury?h?*;eu the coi atitouonal aymptoma of tbia terrible ditaaaa, each aa AffVctioneof tha Hae.r , Tr.roa-, Road, kin, Ac., prorraaauif witb frightful rat idity, till daatb paua period to an f't-4fai euCarir j* by eacdmg himt o vfcat modiaaarereii ceaniry fran wbea* beam* no traraler ratarua DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTKNCY y thia rraat and important ramady waakcati of Ma arena ara epeeduy cared and fall tiger teetered Tkeaaau<2? wf tha earn nerteae and dekil-tatod, vke kad loot all fcopa, kava kaan tmicediataly relieved. All iinpadiuents to M&'?, Pbyaiaal ar Mental*. koa* af Precr*ati*e Power, Har'aaa Irntakilitr. Trembling ai.d Wetkneae ar Ei^ewettoc of tha Boat fearnl ktad apt tally car ad. ENDORSEMENT Of THE PRESS. Til Mart TlociiROl eirid at tfcil laoutwtion wiiku tha last eereatetn rtara, and tha nomereaa important Aargiaal aparauoua performed k? Dr. Jaimotan. wimoaaed ky lea repertere af tba papereana many athor oaraona, noticaa of which kava appeared again and again before tha paklic, k?eldea kia etaudlug aa a gentleman af character ana reeronol klllty. la a *uRai*at guintu** to the sRicted mar lf-ly NOTICE. ?? ADAMS' Th.ia Company offers to the pahlio" I nequalied AdTeantsfcee'' for the Safe and Quick Dispatch of Heftvy Krsitht* Package*, ValuaVlea, Money, Jfcc to., to all part* of tM united State*. Kxpreikea to ?nd I'nm the North ac>: Weat rleM/tiV am and airirett. Waahiagton twice daily. All Expreaacs are lfl charge of ar^mawcorf and rihahl' Messengers. Aii i'aokages for The goMierg oftrnea at Mon? half"' our oaual rates. All Goods for the so-called "Confederate States- r and all Artiale* * Contr?h&nd of War" will b? RBFtreKT). Our Expresses leave New York at I,?. and P. M.^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. ?nd kJS* Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8Jft A. M. &n.l a? flnUlli|?>o?r and Ra?blt'Bfcn.* DUCK WHEAT FLO UK, CEEO BV(&WEEA'* FLOUR. ? amftmw W*u*w?M rjjgwc. ?o?B. uih ynoM. with Fre?k ButUr in o? twri ">?( , %n t roll, lniM, ?onftrr. Etc*. &ri*tt I fail. it r. . !arriTiuc in ?*miqeiod at ??< r, ra.ano 9 A. M. Expresses leave Haiti more at 4.2>' A. M. and S P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 6?! P. Mi Expresses for all Dointa North and ^est leave VVaaaineton at 7.9n A. M. and 231 P. M. d&ilv. Special Contracts for large quantities of Freight can be made on application to this ?tfioe. All Goods called for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. W. PARSONS. Sup't Adams' Express Coaipany. Wasni rig to:, August a. 1861. an 2X-ti YWOUD AND COAL. OU Will snrelj get your money't worth by sailing at tb? PIONEER MILLS, toutkwttt ter mtr ?/ pipft Co*t*i, ibCO. PA8K. Ajent.) They ?ei. ffhoaper aiid five better measure than any others in the oity-^ct, *?'.it. and delivered free of oharge. If yon doc td elieve , i ve the Pioneer Mills a tna., ao? be aAafied. l-lVJ IIOOTS AND BlfUES TO S?1T *** D TIMES. , Wear* new rr.xovfantonug all kiude of BOv1** *Jrt SHOES, and og.?U'jIit reaving stppiy of e*Merc made vorx of ver*4e-3^B|t oration, made expreMly to order, aoavi!!rVj mm ?VIM w ?1 ww iliwinwim ?SM fceretcf^re charged is uua eity for maok inform ^Peraona in want ot Boots and Shoes of easier c ei eity made work, will always fcnd a rood uiortDW U storeand at tt? loweat prices. viva ma a oaii. RIFF1N * BIO., ?? * ? (1* P?rrt?l??ni? KM!*. RMV SUPPLIES. JUSTMUCKITBDtfOoUi SAUSAGE MEAT, MO cam FRESH TOMATOES, 4*jcans FRESH VEAL, MO cans B K EF ,o la *?o44, 340 cans ROAST BEEF, MOoans FRESH MUTTON. MOoans BEEFand bRAVY, MOoans SOUP and BOL'ILLI, moasM FRENCH DESS1CATED VEtE TABLES For sale at Now York Factory priooe. K1N6 A B I H C H ELL, se t Corner I and Fifteenth trooio. History of 8?uLted Netherianda. y Joha I Lothrop Motley ; 3 role.; free b? mail, Si. The Rim of the Datoh Rep ublie. a History, by John Lothrop Motltf; I von xioth; froo by mail, Silas Marner, tbo Wearer of Raroiol, by the author of "Adam BM? , oJoth 74oonU; ptpor ID nteo Lin and Career of Major Andre, by Wintrop Barceant; tU?. After loeberfs wita a Painter, a Summer Voyaae to Labrador and Newfo and land; by Rot Loaia l. Nob e: #1.60. The Manufacture of Photoconio or Hydro-Carbon Oila. by Thomas Antiaell, M. D., fl.M. Any of tho abore free by mail. FRENCH A RICHSTE1N, ap tt 8T* Ponna. arenao. WBOYB' CLOTHING. E Hare reootvod within the last day or two a larie assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH IN6, embracing all atylea of low-pnood, media?, and Ino (f&UtiM, which wo are aollinc a t ?ery Tow pneoe for oaah. WALL. HTKPHKNR * HELM BOLD'S GENUINE l'REPARATl^. ? H1QHLY CONCEHTHATKD" Compound Fluid Extraot Buchu* A r.Jim. nmd 8f4t*JU Ktm?df For Dwwn of U ULAUDfcK . KIDNEY*. OR AVEL. and DROPI SICAL *?W ELL1NG8 ' Ttiti iur?MUt kv? o(pi|Mtj(<if a: d ?aoitea the iuouuti tuto heattar actu s. hy w>iofc the w*t?it oa ciicnon dfiowtiona, aud al cantTvaAL mtuniMi arc red?d. as well m rain aj?b infuhmatioh, aad m rood f?r MEN, WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELM BOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU For WMknttM* Anaia? Iron Exoe??aa. Habita of DiMfpaticB, Early Indiscretion or A*>ut. Ait end'4 with lt< i-oUowtmg Symftfcmt: lndispoaition to Exertioa. Lo? of Powor, l.ogi of Memory, Dittcuity of Rreathta*, Wwk Nerve*. Trembiinc, Horror of Disease. Wakefalaeee, Bimness of Vision, Paia in the Back, niverral Laaeitude of the Moacnlar 8v?tom, Hot Hand*. Flash in* of tke Body. Dryneaa of the 8kin, Ernptiona on the Faoe, pallid t ofntisabk a. Theee sympUma. it a owed to go on, which Una medicine invariably removal, aoon follows IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITB. In mm of which tin Patient may Ecrptrt Who can aay that they are not fra^aantiy followed by thoee "DiaartrL Diaaaaaa." inauirrt anu consumption.*' Man; are ??? ! of the wqm of their suffering, but sowb will conpkss. the records or the insane asylums And the Mtlmntkoln Dtmtka by bka r amtli witt**'? to the tkt1 op tbi ambtm THE Requires the aid of medioine to strengthen aad Idvigorate the System whioh HhLM BOLD't? EXTRACT BUCHU imvmrimilf 4m$ a t?.~ will cosvijk'l tml host sebtt1cal. FEMALES-FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD OR YOUN0, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR contemplating Marriage. In Man y Affect ions Peculiar I* Ftmmitt the Extraot Buohu it unbailed by any other rem t>dy, a* in Chlorosis or Retention, Irninamy, Painfuiness. or SuppreAsioa ot Cusiomarr EvaeuitiuLi. Ulcerated or Schirrons ttate of the Ute rue. Leooorrh?a or Whites, Sterility.and lor alt oompiaints wcident to the sex. whether arising from Indisoretiou, Habits of Dissipatioa, or in the DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE! SIB ST Mr TO* i ABOVB NO FAMILY 6H0ULB BB WITHOUT IT. JTaie ae mort Bthant, Alfrtwy, er Unpuammi Median* fvr L'nr*a.'a*i *nd ItaafirMi It IMSHI. HELMbOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU crass kk< RET DISEASES la all their St??es; At little ExpenseLittle or no charge in Diet; No inoonvenienoe. And M nxTOfuii. It causes a fre*u?at desire and gives atre^gtS l~ Lrinate, thereby Removing obeuuetions. Preventing and Curing Strictures of thel'r* -a. n?y m ic'i Twmn?itvji. so fre*uest in the olaea of (Iiimim, i^?d exp* ,iai ??i i'oii<*<> ?.?, Dtsimstii, and teem out Muter. THuMiKM rrOK THOCURM WHO HATE EEEX THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, vi'I who have pai- heavy to be on red to a slort time, have lonr.d thr j were deoei ved, and that the 4-P0iiOR" bu, by the me of"w/W u*irimiemtt" bo-jn dried up in the system, to break oat la aa aggravated form, and FEUHAFS AFTER MAJIHJAVM. Uae HKl.M HOLD'S* EXTRACT BVCUV all adeot.on# and diseases of ue I HILARY UHOA5I, whether exitUnc in MALE OR FE91ALE, from whatever came onginatin* and no matter o| HOW LOSti STANDING. Diimun of theee Organs require the aid of a l)inmc. liELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHV 19 T^E GREAT DIURETIC, and it is oertain to have the oeaired effeot la DiMMJi/r wtia if u rttemmemdtd. BTIBBHCB OF TBI B01T RBSrOHtlBLB ABS BBLIABLB CBABACTZR wil!!aooo?pan) the medicines. ?? CERTIFICATES OF CL'REf*. From 8 to ?> years' maadlBC, WlUl IM&UIM tDOWD (O SCIENCE AND FAME. "physicians" please "notice" wa uti "no imw" or "uwwiMn.' HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU i? oompoMd of Baahn, Cn bet* ami Jiaipar Bottim. aoieotod with groat oar* by a ooigywui Amwt prepared in vacu . BY H. T. HELNBOLD, Praotioal and Analytical Cboouat. and Sol* Nu taeturer of HZLMBOLD'B OKZnJDfS PREPARATION 8 affidavit. Personally appeared oefor* bm. an AMtcrnu of th? 01 ty of Philadelphia, H. T. Hiuoold, who belt* daly worn, 4otik oay. kU preparation* ?i tain no narootio, no meroary.or otfcer inianoaa d,u,.. ?ELM?OM>. N5^auS.b-nb- SCVVTbS *'?? p!AMwui, Nlntt at., aoo?"? JLaee,Phi la. physicians in attendance from 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. Price 91 par WtUt, wrixhr 91. Delivered to My rlrlroaa, Mtiraiy paofcod from ob? iunoa. Addraaa often for ;t fnm&Loi la " -* H. T. HKLMBOLD, Omm, Depot, 104 SoftU TnU at., Wo* Owft, Pkala. HWill OF COUNTttFUTB ajfd u/rrMJfrcirLMD dealers u u limit JHMAS, << U U ? ? ImfrmmU Am* W+sk BoM by B. I. Waits. x. D. Btuu*. j out Won. a C. flu B. B. tanrmu, B. C. Mini. Kivwsll * Uium. 4. ft. Haioi ft?11Aftoc l 0?o r | ft"Wt AJfD ALL NMUm MTtAYWHMMM. ? ' * > Att 10* ULMBOLD 6 ^ TA0 so ooum. and avoid ivrowrioif mad mxronwna ff| ljp|? i) % fltf CNMMWMkni. ' - i 8? m l ?H?* ?' * M

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