Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1861 Page 3
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Ml I JOB PRINTING 0? Er*BT D*sc*trrio? i'xecrrted with nntoeaud dltpatek ott application at the , !*TAR OFFICE. At the lowest Cash Price*. Satisfaction guarantied. no 23-tf Local news." crThough Thi Stl?. la printed on the fastest steam press In ass south of Baltimore, lta edition |? so large as to require It to be pat to press at an early boar: iirrtmnusii, therefore, should be sent In before 14 o'clock m.; otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. Tbs Case or thi Camiko* R islss ?Thedisclosure of matters Implicating certain offlcera connected with tbla regiment has called for a more thorough Investigation than baa yet been msde. Preparatory to This Lieutenants Augmt Volkbausen and L. Aacber, of the Cameron Rifles, made affidavits last Wednesday evening relative to these affairs. Lieut. Volkhauaen's testimony wss very fully given, and was corroborated by that of Lieut. Aacher. The affldav t of the first named officer states that on the 15th c>f October part of company F of the Cameron Rifles was at Mr. Cocke's farm, Rose Hill, Va. Two of them came back to the camp at Hunter's chapel, bringing two horses. October 17th the regiment advanced to Anandale, and company F was picketed at the house of a Mr. Sweeney. Mr 8 told the witresa, Lieut Volkbausen, that the Saturday nlgbt previous bis stable was broken opsn and his two horses stolen. Witness spoke to his captain, R Koentg, about It. Upon the request or entreaty of the witnesa, captain Koenlg s*nt to the ?*amp to have them brought back, out they were stepped at headquarters. Rose Hill, and Col Betzer kept them in bis possession until the witness tcld Captain Koenlg that if steps were not taken to return th^ animals to their owner he would report the case to the General of the division. I'pun this one of the horses was returned by Lieut Koenig, brother of the captain, whosMd the other horae had ran away. Having reaaon to believe the atatement'in'-orrect, wit^est went with a letter from captain Koenig, asking the return of the other horae to Mr. Sweeney. Witness testified that Col. Betzer assured him on hla "word of honor" that the other horae bad run away. Witness Inquired of the men at headquarters If they knew of a horae running away, and they answered in the negative Upon returning to camp witness heard, he thinks from Adjutant Woellmer, that the colonel had sold bate horses to one Mensell. Coram'.tsary Louts Ascher has since told witness that Sergt Graff brought two horses to this city, and the colonel ordered him to sell the same, which he did. The afternoon of the ISth October witness accompanled the colonel to Anandale to reconnoiter. Three men went to Mr Cocke'a farm and seized upon a dun horse. The colonel rode up to the farm and. at the entreaty of Mrs. Cocke and Capt. Cocke, ordered the men to let the horse go, and promised to protect Ue farmers from the depredations of bis men. As soon as they left, the colonel called the witness b-tek, and ordered him to stay with three men at the border of the wood till he (t*>e colonel) got out of sight, and then seize the dun colt and two others with it. This order the witness did not execute; but that same night he saw the horses pass by tbe form wh*re he was on guard, and tbey were taken to tbe colonel's hrsdquarters. Witness has since heard that the dun colt was tiken, bat does not know It. Auoui urc li'U wi ?un iuvihu wurn iue pay"* master, Major Marston waa paving off the companies, witness was ordered by Lieut Col yon Gerber, since deceased, to arrest Quarter master Simon on the charge of steeling 400 pairs of shoes, and selling them to Mr Dupre, of Washington, D. C Mr Dupre b?ing present at the time of the ord>*r gave the history of the sale. Dup'e offered four hundred pair of shoes to Gen. Meigs for government to purchase and the General consenting to buy tint number of shoes from him, Dupre bought them of Quartermaster Simon. Lieut. Col Gerber told the witness to give Simon notice that if he would return the money to Dupre be would release him; but at tbesame time told witness to pefer charges against Simon. Last Saturday night, November 23d, witness told Colonel Betx>'r, In the Adjutant's tent, in camp, (the Adjutant being present,) that It was bis duty, and was long before, to recover the shoes for the regiment, the men being almost birefooted. He answered that he didn't think be was responsible for the doings of the quartermaster?the Adjutant and others were present. On the 17tb, witness went on foot from headquarters, at Rose Hill, to Anandale, and met at Uie church some men of the regiment who came riding on a pair of beautiful donkeys They were brought to Headquarters, and witness afu-rward heard, from Lieut L. Ascber , that the Colonel Lad taken possession of them, and presented th?m to a party in this city, the Colonel bavi-ig stared in a letter that he bought them. The testimony of Lieut. Asber was also taken, and corroborates the evidence of Lieut Volkhau> sen in many particulars The evidence is for transmission to the proper military authorities, who have the case under consideration. Dbaths or Soldiiks.?Since our last report the following deaths of soldiers have occurred: James Franklin, company G, 15th Pennsylvania regiment, at Seminary Hospital F N. Smith, company C, 11th Pennsylvania regiment. J S. Turner, company D, 3d Michigan regiment. at Columbian College. S F. Davis, company K, 7th Maine regiment, at Columbian CollegeJohn Wise, company A, 11th Pennsylvania regiment, at Columbian College. George W. Krlner, company E, Kane rifle regiment, at camp John A. Johnson, company A, l?th Indiana regiment, at Patent Oflce. Corporal F. M Gllman, company I, 7th Maine regiment, at Kalorama. Jacob Houseman, company B, 5th United States cavalry, at Kalorama. Jeremiah Abbott, company L, 1st Michigan cavalry William lmmell, company K, 8'h regiment Pennsylvania volunteers, at St. Elitabeth Hosnital f Kdward Collin*, company B, 9th Maaaacbuaetta reglmeat, at Soldier's Home Hospital. Capitol Hill. ' Cistial GritbRocu Caiss?Btfort Juttict Clark ?Mrs. Fitzgerald, disorderly conduct, dsmt?sed, John McGovern, Saml Forrester. John Cole, J W. Ferreli, Lawrence Ryan and Elisha Bell, were brought la br the police and turned over to the military; G. E Chancey, Barney Feeney and G W Yaung. wrre all charged with being drunk, and were dismissed this morning ? One arrest was made by the 3d ward patrol; 7 by the 3d, and 3 by the 4'h ward patrols. Eight lodgers were accommodated. Fiat ? About half-peat twelve o'clock yester day Are waa discovered burning under the floor of the residence of Mr A. 0. Thours, comer of 14th and D atreeta. It waa soon extinguished by the prompt use of the hose of the Fra .klin Are company. It waa caused by the Improperly placing of a stovepipe bole too near the floor. Safely Horam.?Detective officer A. R. Allen has returned to this elty from New York, whither he went to deliver the prisoners Jones, Abel, Cecil and Hayden to the officers at Fort Lafayette Detective Allen bad tbe pleasure of seeing some of his old acquaintances, among them ex-senator G win, who appears to be In very good keeping. _ Badly Beatij?Last night tbe 3d ward patrolmen picked up a man named Elisha BelL lying in tbe street near the northern market. He is a soldier; acd from the fact that he waa dreadfully beaten sad cut about tbe bead and face, and bia pockets turned inside out, It was surmised that he was robbed. He la attached to the D. C regiment, and is now st the central station to be seat to the camp or tbe hospital. Thk CuaixtL Curat meets la this city on monaay nexi ia? a octet at tne coming aession will b? unususlly Isrge, ss there are eleven prisoners ia the county j?ll charged with murder, in addition to the great number committed and at large ou ball, to be tried for other oftencea The Dbad Letm Office ?There were received at the dead letter office laet week four thousand and twelve letters. Of thee*, ninetyaeven bad been misdirected; two hundred and eighteen had been uooaiied for; one hundred and lr<y-niae were unintelligible; aid Iftv-tbrse eootalned money amounting, in the aggregate, to |2M 50 Portr-three had draft* and checks to the amount of S12.853. Killed ?On Wednesday, Cornelia* Aries, the driver of a wood cart, la the employ of Mr. A Woodward, Capitol hill, was thrown from his oert while passing through the Seventh wa d, receiving such severe injuries that he died in a few hours. The deceased was a German, aged about 46 years The police of the Seventh ward and Mr. Woodward did all In their power to relieve the auffsrtsgs of the poor maa. An ikmsnsi bill at Canterbury Hall this evening, embracing, besides the "Octoroon" and the beautiful ballet "La Bayadere," a long programme, en tire .y original. This place of am usemeat has acquit sd an established reputation for its enterprise la the nightly presenutloa of new feature* and its delightful matinees. ALS an C man ?Messrs Arnjr k Shinn are ceWing daily large auantltlss of Msssey. Collins It Co. s celebrated Philadelphia ale; also, pure elder from the New Jersev presses. Their bottling eeubliahment (the largest -outh of Baltimore) Is located on the corner of Green and Olive streets,Georgetown, and customers will find them prompt and accommodating * a comfltcatbb StiaLis* Ca*? -Two United State* toldlfrf last night entered the house of Pat f alii van, near tee coraet of C and lit *treeU, wblch vicinity abounds In "rtnche*," ftnd one of them, Simon Franiey, m'wed all hi* money while h? wu there, amounting to about twentythree vt twenty-lour dollars lie accused the inmate* of the boose of having robbed him. and ; Mra Sullivan took aome money from her pocket I ?treaaury notei?to show abe waa not the thief, ' when Franley'e comrade, John Canley, snatched her monev from her hand, Conaiderable distur- ' bance ensued, and tbe metropolitan police were ! promptly on tbe apot. Fran lev charged Mra. Snilivan with stealing, and ahe charged Canley With the same ofleuce. She said abe loat ?25? two 110 treasury notea and one S3 All those tn the house at the time were taken before Justice Ferguson, and, as C?nl*y alleged be bad no mone v, and a S6 treasury note waa afterwards found on bis person when he waa searched, which note be said he picked up on tbe floor, but Mra. Sullivan swore waa on* of the identical notes ahe lost, Canley wai committed to Jail, and tbe others were dlsmicsed. Motist Ricotkkkd?Yesterday afternoon a gentleman, who haa been stopping at one of the principal hotela, dlrcovered that hia money, amounting to about ?2,POO, had been stolen from bis room; how, or by whom, he could not tell-? He sent for detective officer A. R Allen, and stated bis loss and described the money. The detective made Inquiry sf him relative to his associate* since his arrival In Waahington. and ascertained that he had m?t with several friends with whom he waa formerly acquainted. The detective told him that some of his supposed friends bad taken bis money. The difficulty of proving tbe theft induced the officer to attempt another plan to recover the funds He managed to excite the fears of tbe (uspected pers on that be was discovered, and the result was that, af er a brief absence from his ro-m, tbe gentleman returned, and found bia money in it* proper place. Polick ?This morning the sergeant of the fourth ward police reported the following cases in addition to the guardhouse report: William Stevens, a soldier, was arrested by patrolman Crown, on a charge of stealing a gold watch and chain, ap-Mr of boots and cap. He was committed to Jail fi>r court by Justice Johnson. J. Berlin, fighting, was dismissed bv the same Magistrate. James Williams, desorderly and profane; was held to security for p?ace by Justice Walter. George Hoburt, for profanity, was fined 81 M by Justice Walter. John Wilson, Junes Waters, C H Gletches and Jerry Wilson were turned over to the provoat marshal. H C. Cooper, whipping his wif*-; dismissed. J. Massolette, trespass, dismissed by Justice Walter. Assault .--Dennis Cady waa arrested In Georgetown yesterday, by officer Sebastian, for an assault on Philip Harman. He was taken before Justice Reaner, and had to give ball for his appearance at court. Selling Liquor on Sunday?Wm. Kills, of Georgetown, wss arretted tbls week by officer Lipscomb, charged with selling liquor to soldiers. Justice Reaver fined him S2U and costs. The Georgetown Corporation ?The regular winter meetings of the Georgetown city council commence on Monday evening next, to be held subsequently on Friday evening of each week. Lectures ?L?st evening an organization was formed by gentlemen in the ci*y, for the purpose of sustaining a series of lectures to be given during the winter, by Henry Ward Beechcr, Wen d^ll Ph!lllp?, Horace Greeley, Eme'ion, Chapin, Bayard Taylor, and others. W. W bcrdktt*,at No 351 7thstreet.between I and K, baa determined not only to coatl iue business, but also 10 Increase It very lar^H v. Yesterdiy and to-dav he ha* received more thau 100 pieces ct beautiful dress goods, such aa delaines. worsted goods, s Iks, Sec . ranging In price from 25cts. to 81 25 Also a large asaortment of new style cloaks, canton flinnela, &c.,&c. Ik Addition to their brilliant troupe the CampVila have engaged the great com* dlan, ventriloquist, banj >ist snd magician, Wray, who*e performances created such a furrr in Washington upon a previous occasion Johnny Bovd, the celebrated jig d<ncer, has also just made his de. but A new bill to-night with another rich assortment of gifts. Assisted ?Yesterday E. Reynolds was arretted by the provost guard for selling liquor to soldiers and held for appearance at court. To-Night is the last of King's National Circus here, an opportunity of witnessing the daring feits of the Equestrienne, Ella Zoyara.and King's acrobatic corps Monday evening King opens in j Georgetown, for a few ulghts only, after which he leaves the District for a season. Thkatbs ?Owens had a big benefit last night, despite the rain, and great was he as ''Paternoster.""Jack Humphries." and "Solon Soingle." To-night Is positively his last one here and must bemide much of by the admirers of this excellent I comedian. Attbmtiox is called to the advertisement elsewhere of fine gold and silver watcbe* and military goods at Hood's, 338 Pennsylvania avenue Attention is called to the advertisement elsewhere of tbe_useful "Army and Water Bucketa" oi jamea 3. icpnam. Attkktion la called to the notice elaewhere of atorea for rent and building lota to leaae Bear the Depot. CoaeHs.?The andden oliangee of oar olimate are sooroe* of Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asthmatic Aftuiont. Experience having proved that aimple remediea often aot speedily and oertainly when takon in the early stac?a of the diaeaae, reoourae ahould at onoe be had to '* Brown's Bronchial Troches," or lozenge*. lei the Cold, Cough, or Irritation of the Throat be evor eo alight, aa by thia precaution a more aeriona attack may be effectually warded off. Public Speakers and Stngers will find them effectual for clearing and strengthening the voioe See advertiaement. del-iy VOLCKTtna Attkntioii. For the derangement* of theay?tem, incidental to the change ?f diet, wonnds, eruptions and expo* area, whioh every volunteer i? liable to. 1 here are no ieiredi?a eo aafe, oonv?ni?nt and reliable aa Hollnway'a Pilla and Ointment, 25 oenta per box. no 25-lw Whitihuxst, 434 Pa. av , la furnishing likenesses of prominent men, Including (iena Scott, McClelland, (from recent pitting,) Butler, Banka, Fremont, Anderaon, Wool and othera. Ever* description of llkeneaaee, from miniature to llfeaixe. See hla card pbotofrapha for aendlng in letter*. oc 31-eolm* Notic*.?Beware of ooanterreita and anprinoipied dea'era endeavoring to dtepoee of iheir own and other artiolea on the repaiation arfcined by HelmboWs Extract, a positive and apeoifio remedy for diaeeaea of the B.adder, Kidneys, Gravel. Dropay, fto, &o., Ac. Ask for Helrrbold's. Take no other. See advertiaement in another ool umn se 30 MARRIED In tbit citr.on ?undar,77th Ootober by the Rev. Father Boyle, Mr JOH v RB1L.LY, of West Phiadeplua. to Mui MARY MUKTHY, of Washington, D. C. * DRY GOODS! WHITELEY, ST 0 PIE * CO., No. SSI Baltimorb Stiut, t Star Sharp, Baltimore, Offer for sale a desirable stook of GOODS at low pricks, for CASH! And ic?ite the attention of dealers to the same. no sa-?w PERSONS iN BLACK ara offered our usual fine stook of all the fabrios in tnat line, at oar proverbially low prioee Also, Phawla, liioaks, Ao. Oar Northern and Eastern correspondents send as new sapplies daily. An mspeotioa of stoek sohoited; it inours no obligation to purohMe. fKRRY A BROTHER, Pena. ave., and 9th street, no2S-8t "Ferry BuiSdidf." THOMPSON'S MEDICINES, LIFE FRESKkVKR AND CORDIAL, For sale, wholesale and retai., by S. O FuRD, Druggist, i>o 1-1 in Corner Eleventh st an<1 Pa avrnue. JONIONS?ONIONS?ONIONS. UST Reoetved on oonaignmeat 1JOO ->unchee prime Onions, For sale lov. KING A BURCHELL, ? S Corner Fiffctonlh and T aU. MEW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVELS.?The I Alotiemist, or the House of Claee; from the Freccn of flonore deBaiaao. Kr-e t>y mail, ?1. dilM Maraer. the Weaver of Raveloe; by Gee. su!s&u.?ui^;^g| utt ""wbs i*m?t N. HIOKCOX, ~ 380 Pull 9(11111 Niw You. Mamlaoturer of ?Ka!"S MILITARY ORNAMENTS 1-or the Uaited States Army. REGULATION EAGLES, BUGLES,CROSS CANNOMS. SABRES, A a , oon?t%mlr on hand, and thipped to any part of the oouauy at short ao boa. BRASS FEATHER HOLDERS, wait For ORoere'Hats RICH MILITARY GOODS. G a an lets. Field ted Spy Glasses Ae. Also, richly embossed swords and Sabres lor irotontntian A largo assortment of the above juet reoei ved aad will be op?ned on Monday, 3Mh inst. M- v- WALT A BRO., Jewehers, 3*4 Pa. aveaae, so 31-11 Fov doors west of Brown's Hotel. i - i-1 i ii iimnFOB SALE AND RENT. I^OR P BVT?Two lar*e front ROOMS for rent ar 4 S9 E strest, be .waen 3d and 4th st >. bo^V... . SADDLE HORSfc?fOR SALE.-A lot of very fcne Kentucky Hories for *a1e> at th c?. Kentucky -ale ttable, in the rear of C ky'i Hotel, near Pt niuy vatia avenue atd 3-1 cv-f-l ttreo*. no 30 2w* H DAIRY FOR PALE, AVING Eight excellent iriioh oows. fix ores, and a good rui of customer*. Irqi ire at the carriage shop rear first t -.1 gate, 7t>. street nad. to ? eo3t* FrRN|?HKD HOUSE FOR RENT.? The handtoms an<l commodious ?wo;tory and attic brick dwelling HOUSE, s>*?bwest corner of B street aoith and 9th street, is for rent It is wHI furnished and contains large par!or. dining rcom, library, sevn cnambers. bath rorm Ao.. with water ard i%s. For fiirthe* partion'ars inqniro ,n ttie premises, or at Room 92 Wizdei's Building, Fouith Anditor's Cffoe. no 3i-eo8t* 2nhn TOROS OF <*INE VVOO ><?t?nding) jvFUU for sale, seven milas from Georgetown. J). C.. on t>?? Ct>esapeak? and Ohio Canal. App v Lt G. WHITE; or PETER VON ESS fcV, 6e 'rgetown, D. C. no 30-ec6t FOR RENT?A handsome!* Furnished PAR L?R and CHAMBER. Apply at No. 3$4 C str'et, between 4K and 6th streets. no 30 3t? Furnished hoit?e to LHT-^sa?nvnte re*idance No. 403 13th street, between G and H. TeriiiF f5> per month in advance. Permanent tenant preferred. Refsretci required. Apply on th* premises. no an St* ' FOR RENT?Five large ROOMS in a good location, convenient to the Capitol suitable for erh*r a party of gentlemen or singly. Th" rooms will befu n-shed or not as may be desired Irqnire at corner Maiyland avenue and 11th street Island, mo aat. roan 31* ROOM* TO LET?Parlor and Chamber on the first floor, at No. 40 J 16th street, north of F afayette Squar?. no 3u-3t* R'OMSFOR RENT-PARLOR and CHAM BER, furnished or unfurnished lu a qu et and pleatant neighborhood. inquire at Coal Yard, oorner 14th and C streets. no 29-St* FOR KENT-Threeor four FURNISHED ROOMS, at 341 9th street, above H. no 29 St* FOR b KNT?Handsomely furnished suits of ROOMS, supplied wi?h gas and wat*r. Arpiy at No 800 Eleventn street, Detween Fa. avenue and E at. no 29-?o3t FOR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, containing 10 rooms, pleasant y located, with gas throughout 401 Twelfth st., between I and K. no 25-eo3t* |7<or rent-A pret'y furnished cotr tage, with gas and water, with or withcut Hoard, m themr>B' pleasant part of Georgetown. d. c. Omnibuses from the Cfapitol gate pass bj every five minutes within eighty yards of tne cot ta*e. M eferences exchanged. Address "A B," Georgetown. D. O , Post Offlo*. no* FOR RENT-The PREMISES on the oorner of 14ta and C street#, lately occupied by R. W. B\tes A Co., wood and coal dealers. For terms, &o .apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, No. 40 I a, avenue. noll-eotf FOt RENT?An unfurnished three story bnck HOi>i*E, No 30S. ana a furnished Parlor a?d everai Chambers, 306 Delaware avecue north, near the Capitol no 27-e o3t* L^OR RENT?A Furnished P*RI.OR Tnd 1. ohamber, in the first floor, No. 104 4)j street, belowJUartlan-1 avenue. no 29 3>* FOR R ENT?House No. 361 I street, between 13rh and 14 h streets oppon'e Fratklin Square. Posi e*?<oi riven in a ve-;V or ten da> a f*oni dat" Goo * c rpets and s*o7es fitted to the H >u*e,w <ioh m*T t e purchashed at nr"t?ra e prio s. Apiyon, the premises, or at HUTCHINSON 4 MONRO'S Fancy fctore, %o. 310 Pa ave no 29-tf FOR S ALE?(And a bargain ?ill be given >?i doub'e seated rrokswM CARRIAGE. in re commendation of thin at t-cle the nhfonb^r w< u'J say 'he running gear is amo g th? best in thecourtiy, the material being selected before it was pit t - other. For fuither parUoulars apply a th* S'lr Office. no 27 tl Furmshed room-* for rent-t*> handsomely furtnahed Rooms (first and seoorJ floors;in the house formerly occupied >,y Go\ ^ward, No. 339 P at. betwoec 13th acd Wth trt Location bestin he city co Jl 4t* nnu ULMT A r n A n I , , ti rv/n ? .1 *?n i iri ii"!ni r a n ii <) r> At; OHAMIiLR f>D thttfifsKl^or, and Chamben on th* recond. App'yo. D'treet north, t rtw< a 21 aodS-l 'treets vest, No. 4.V2, near the Capita. no 27-1 w* IfoR PALE?A v?tj handsome sfyliah HORSL " Saddle a"d B. die. Aiso. Hugey and Harross Tho ii*ti??r new and complete, "L^>T having been used a'out two weeks. Atply'^*' to the u^dersigne- . at the offioe of the America* Telegraph Coir.panr, 4 *2 Fa. avenue. no 27 St _ _ R. P. FOX. L'OR RhNT?Two PARLORS or parlor ari * chamber, furnished, and p'eaetntly lor Met near Smithsonian institute. AppiT at this tffice. no 27 5j* ri^EN OR TNVFLVE UNFURNISHED 1 rooms to let, ncludirg parlor, dining room, and Kitchen, on Pennsylvania av?nue. oa rea'OL able terms; the rert can be paid inboard, if<le simd Enquire at this no 27 3' * F^OR RENT?A oonvenient two-story and atic Frame DWKLi ING.ingood order, con'aiii?g nin? good rooms, situated n^ar the Georgetown College, lately occupied by Mrs. Ann May, toa uuo ual tenant the term* moderate: pnssessun giv?n immediately. Irquire of JONE* M *HEGAN, Georgetown, D O. no 25 6t TWO FURMISHED ROOMS FOR RKNT. on first floor, at 406 D street, between 8>h ard 7tn. no 26 tf LjrOKK ROOMS FOR RENT, on Sevenths, O between D street and Louisiana avenue?Ike three upper rooms of the new four-story Store ? Seventh St., east side. No. 333. The first story is oocuei?d as an extensive grocery. Apply to GEO. l.uURV. no 2&-6t* Handsomely furnished roomsFour handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied I with gas and water, and oonvenient to the Patent ' and Poat Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 490)4 Maasaohmetta avenue, north aide, between 4th and *th sts. , ma S3 OFFICIAL. Tati>n? n?o. 1 November si), 1861.^ Notice tt Kertby niven of the readmeaa vf this Drpa-tment to rt deem the Treasury notes author ned by the act of Congress approved 17th Deoen ber, 1860 The interest on uo't Treasury notes will cea*s on the first day of February next, by the terms </ the above act f*. P. CHASE, Secretary of the Treasury. poS0 3aw3w [Ictol.] pKNSION OFFICE, Jtrira 6th, 18?1. TO ALL WHOM If MAY CONCERN. Application having been made under tee aot af 33d June. 1800, for the reiasue of the Lau<! Warrants deaoribed herein, which are alleged to na?e been loat or destroyed, notice ia hereby given.thit at the date following the description ofeaoh Warant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be uaued, if no valid objection ahall thea appear No 41 999, lor 16'J aorea. issued under the act of Maroh. 1856, in the name of James Pray, and granted on the 21st day of Maroh, 1861 ?November 23, 1861. No 25 330, for 160 acre*, issued under the act of Maroh 1856, in the name of William M . Julius C. a., and John D. 8., minor ohi'dren of Irwin Bagget, deceased, and gr *nted on the 34th day of May. 1856?November 23, 861. No 44.818. lor 80 acres, issued antler the act of Maroh, 1866, iu the name of Getty, widow of Thomaa Klwood.and granted the 19th day of January, 1897.?November 23,1861 WNo.75 3W.for 160 aores. issued under the act of arch. 1856, m t*>e name of Alexander Moi allough, and granted on the 8th day of January, 1866.?November 23.186t. No. 8,061, for 160 aores, issued under the aot of Maroh, 1866, in the name of Alexander McQuain, and granted on the 12th day of Oatober, 18&5.?November 30 1861. No. 9,769, for 120 aores, issued under the aot of Maroh. 1866, in the name of Danirl West, and granted on the 14th day of July, 1856.?Deoeiuber 7, lOfil No. for 160 aores, istrned under the aotcf Maroh, 856, in the name of Hannah, widow of James wuaon, and granted on the 20th day of February,

1887 ?December 30,1861 No.64,350, for 130 acres, i?au*d under the aotof M*reh. 1856. in the name of Martha, widow of Andrew MaIIoe. and granted oa the 15th day of April, 1896 ?December 2', M61. No. 3,30*. for 160 aores, iaaned nnder the aotof March, 1856, in the name of Samuel R. lack way and granted on the let day of Augu?t. 1855. No. 3 1H, for 160 aoree, iaaned nnde- the aot of. Maroh, 1856, in the name of William H Tarranoe, and granted on tne 13th day of July, 1856,-Deoein ber 21,1861. No- 14.9^5, for 80 aaree, iaaned under the aot of September 850. in tiie name of Levi Tread well, and granted Sep amber 29th, 1851. No 31 USB, fo 40 aorea. ibued under the same aot, in the riMuo of Abel Platta, and granted November dth. ISM ? December 28 1861. No 72 534 for 160 aorea, leaned under tk* act of Maroh. i85>, m the name of Thomaa Jobneon and granted on the 9th day of September, '857.?January 4, UKfi. o. 42.216, for 30 aorea. iaaned under the aet of Maroh, 1855, in the name of Polly, widow of John Cams, ai d granted on the 23d day of September, 1856 ?January 4,1862. No. 23 426, for 16' aores. is*u*d nnder the aot of March. 1855. in the name or William Soott, and waa jMinted on the lat day of May, 13S6.?January 11, JOSEPH H. BARRETT, e 13-law Commiaaioner. BURNSIUE'S URE OLD MONONBAHELA RYE VV H 1 8 K Y. Hotels. Dealers and ^amiliM supplied by the Sole Ag*a&- STOCK DALK A CO., oo SS-Sid.fftw* SSI Walnut st., Phiialelphia. f^UPONTTS SUN POWDER, u itiiKtrMo, Sei? Attmet fm tk* Dutnti tf Us w? fV>??wwTwiMIMtei. D. C. fa 8-lawlv INHERE IB BOMBT1INO YOU WANT SOLDI KR8' SUPPLY STORE, if > ontsiana Avenue, bet. 6U> and 7th sta. Best Gi*jd8. L""" P?Sir. MM. I bo* in owl m4 B**, / WANTS. SITUATION WANTED?Br a maa OOQK, O who ta? Jn-t arrived from Nsw > ork. Uwif* I g'atd* hi; business ihorcug !;It. and ?%n live the br?* references. Apply Rt No. 2*3 Pa ave., > rtwten l<th and 18 h ro 29 it* WANTED-Two t<x4 Q*r,n*n KAKMPR8 '? irante<r Inquire %* Mr. HKNRY Krfl.LKR, BIao* smith. North Cipitoi atrt?t, near b< B "i%ry of the cry. nog 3.* W> ANTED?Any pvion wishiot to aeHorft on *? Penn?y!vama avcnio. <>r one block from it. at \ 'wonah e price, can do ?o by adilr*??m| im m?1 a'elv, ' Co umbia " Evening Star offiee. B" ? it* Wr ANTED-Two .ene**etio MEN to act m agerta. for the sal* of an article wHioh aella readily. To ?nch, good tert?? acd perir&neat em plovment wII he riven For farther ptrtieffara onqnire at 4fi4 9 h otrcet, A. SINGER. It* WANTKIJ?A first rat? ARTIST, whnu well acquainted with the taking of photograph, smbrotyp* and melainotyje Branches ana wFo underaianda hia business. Address "A. B.," Mar Off oe. no 30 3t* viTANTED? B? a jonftr man of a^ber. steady, v? a"d mdnftriona habits, a SITUATION in some rsspeo'able business, U' deratsnda grocery, provision and liquor buairess well. Ia a food bar keep?r, and not a<raid to work. Can produce g 61 recommendations. Address Box 2, star Ofioe. It* EMBROIDFRY.-Wanted.M HANDS to Work upon *mbroidery. Inquire at the t-ancy and ? mbroidery Store No. 453 Sixth street, b?tw?en D *nd E. no? St* A B??Y 16 YEAR* OF AGK 19 DESIROUS rV of obtaining a Mtnation in some store or offioe: is a good seho'ar; can be found by addressing'M. H. H ?39 Pa' avnue. or inquiring at the Nat oiai Hotel. Best references given. no 3" ft* WANTED?2ft HANDS wanted on coats, pants and vests Aptly at !*. WOLFHEIMfcR'S, No.607 Garrison street, Navv V a d_. It* A PRIVATE FAMILY, desirous of having mnsioal mat notion on the piano for the r lit tie daurhter, wou'd giv> as a compensation partial Boa d. with or withou' a Room, to a competent male t-.a -her. Address "Home," Star Office. Relerances exohanged. no 30 '.t* WANTED?Two or three good CaKE AND " FIE BAKERS. Best wages given. J. H SIMPSON, No. 9 South Fairfax street. no 30 3t Alexandria. Va. WANTED-A HO"SE, 'furnished,) 0 to 8 r^oT-s, north ' f P* avenue, a.-.d east of 13'h st. Ad iress Box 151. Willards' Ho el. do 31' WANTED.?A NURSE for a chi'd between one and two years o'd at 4 31 8th street. Eng'ish or A merican prrferred. None need app ly unless wtll recommei dt?d. no30 St* WANTED 'MMEDIATRL\-A good WOMAN to do hois* work in general. None b't a go^H o"e reed apoly. Apply at the parscsgc No 450 9th st, between D and E sts It* WANTED?By a resse-tahle yonng woman a SI t U A CI ON a* ohamt>ermaid or nu rse. A o ply at No. 431 6?h street. hetwfen F and G. ! * WANTED?A oompetent plain COOK, white or colored. Good wa?es and a good home will be given to one willing to work steadily, who oar> come we 1 recommended. Apply immediatr.l? at 450 Twelfth atreet, fast side, between G and H st*. ro ?9->t WANTED?A good COOK, (colored woman', at No. 27 Biagden's Row, Indiana avmue. Good i ecnmmenda'ion* required. no ?9-3t INFORMATION WANTED, of Ann Cusaok, ths wife of J hn Ci?s?k They came to Mm tr al. Canada, ion r and a ha f years ar<>, and w?r-? ther"'a e p Ju'y 'ast An? < n? srnHi. g inf irmationofhert 'h^irsister Marv Drew, oare of tha >*tar Office, Washington city, will confer a g'?at favor. no 8^-3t WANTED?IN FOR MA1 ION of Patrick Harrington, aged 10 veara. who lef;. hia home abont a week aeo; had on when he left a brown ja'ket. black anl whit* pants, and brown oap with crape on it. #5 reward srill b- paid for informvion oou HARltlNGTON. on Po'omac at., near the Market Him*, Georgetown. no <7-3t* WANTED?A ts>t of two or more ROOM?, within two *qua-ea of the Navy Department. GantVman and wife only. To include Board I&quireat Star Office^ no 27tw II' ANTRD-ISO LABORERS an.l 3 FOR E " Mh'N, to work on Gcv#? lment Forfi fixation* above Chain Bridge. Pay ?i laborer*, 9 " certa a day,?10 hour*) ai d board. Pa* of foremen, 92 per dar.andbtard Apply to A. G. CH'LU S. at E. M. Linthirum * ro.. Hardware 9 ore. comer of Bridge atil High atreet, Georgetown, uiit.; 9 a, ra. ?v t ___ ro n lw WANTED?10,iKi? whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Cash an delivery. F. B. HASTING* 4 CO.. 323 i Ptrcet, r.o 2S tf Philharmonic Bu1!Jirig WANTED?Every ner*on to know ti at I am in th? ma kit, readj to pay caah for all article' in the h ujefurLiehmg line. Thuae leaving ttie ci'y, or having a fiirplus, will do well to calf. R. BUCHLY, 4^* Seventh >t.,between Ganu H at?., (ea^t aide,) Dealer m New and Second-hand Fornitnre. no lb \\ ANTED?TA/LOKS, TAILORS -50 Ta.lora "" competent to work on military gooda. Apply G. KOLP. at Wall. Stephena A Co 'a. aei5 'THJ SUTLERS.?An energetio merohant, with ( aufiicient oapita . deairea to pnrchaae theetock and buaiteaa of a Regiirental Sutltr. Addreaa "Busineaa." at the otfica of thia paper, oc ai-lm WANTED.?We are now baying SECOND HAND FURNITURE,STOVESaLd BED DING, lor wnioh we are pay in* the higheat caab prices. Famiiiea declining taouaekeeping, or naving a aurplua of furniture, will find it to tneir advantage to give ua a nail. BONT7. k. GRIFFITH. je is-tf No. 3*>9 ^th ?t.. betw. I ana K ata. CLUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, STE/ PHENS A UO.'S. 3'2'i Pa avenue. ae 18 BOARDING. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE CAN FIND pleaiant acoooimo.a ion acd HOaRD in a private lamiiy by addressing"Wesbinglon' at this office. no 30 it npWO OR THREK SINGLE GKNTLEMEN can be aocoa modatod with FURNISHED RO MS ai d Breaki?*t iu a private family by oaniuk at norihevkt cu.ner 13th and N ita , 31 d or e*?t. north tide. no 30 4t BOARD-Two Gt-NTLEMKN, members of Cougrecs or olerks.nv. be aoo'iamodaud with u>oms ai-d board. No 428 N street between 13th ai d i?th. in a privet* fain Iy. It* BOARD.?Respectable parties may find good Boaid &rd well ftiinitthed Roomi, by day. week, or month, in houses No. 475 and 47T 13'h street, three dojra fiom fa. avenue and midway between Wiltarda' and Kirk woods' Hotels. no *6 1m* A MEMBER OF CONGRESS wish's to seoure Hoomi and Board lorhimseliaud familyfive porsons in all Prefers a house with few or no other boarders, aboTe 13th alreet. near the Avenue. AdJreea "L.. C. L at this oflloe no 22 lw "educational. WASHINGTON AN O R EOKGKTOWN FEMALE SEMINARY, A Bo? and Oat school. No. 422 > .it, bet wen S'k and Itk us., Washington ; and Ao. 151 West ?? , Georgetown. The dntiea of thia Institution were resumed in September. Ciroulars may (>e obtained at the book stores, or by addressing the Pnnoisal. se 28 eotf m. j. HaRROVER. sii f 1 BOOT AND SHOE DEPOT, fWj * Ha No 309 E Strbkt, * vfcfe (South side,) between 13th anu 133% sts., Near ike Wxllard Hotel. We invite all sutlers and oitisena to eall and examine our -took he'orn aurchaung e ae where. ro22 2w* t?CHAFKK A FOR^TER BR"S BUTTER! BUTTER!! BUTTER!!! 100 keg* ohoroe Goahen t utter, juat received and for aale oheap by F. B. HASTINGS * CO., no 25 tf 32* D >t.. facing P*. avenne. FOR CITIZENS' W EAR?More than or uaual fall stook of cloths, Cassimeres, and Vestings, many of them for tine business suits. Also Cloths and Cassimerrs of finer grades than usually had in this market One prioe only, marked in plain figures. An mspeotion of stook laours no obligation to puiohase. PKRIO t BudTHtK, Pa. avenge and ninth st, no 2&-Mrl ''Perrv Building " Om> GLADKS BUTTER. KEGS Cnoi-.e Glades Butter, just received direot from Somerset o uuty. pa Fo sale k>w by _ JOHN H SEMM .8 & CO , cur. vin ?i ?ou rv av., opp" wesi etid co29 eot>i (Rep.) Center Market. '|">HE PROPKK HINDS OF CLOTHS FUR 1 S"?uier Cioiki, naaquea, Jacketa, and Dreaeea, at the proper prieaa. New lou opined to day, New Cloak a, Stiawla, 4.0 One p?oe only, marked in p ain figaree Carpeta, Cnrtaina, Oiioiotha. Knga, Jto., upper floora. PERRY * BRO.. Pa. arwu? and Niuth at, no8&6<d "perry Bnildut." Government Loan Agency, Off.c 3 or LEWIS JOHNSON h CO., BAHKKRS. Comn or Pi Av*>ob a?d Tbrtb !*t. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having hsen appointed a Mi^aoriptwn A??at tor the Natioaal Loan authorised hi the aot of Congreea ut ;7th Jaly. IWI, we are prepared 'o farniah, to partioa deairca* of ihakiog investment, any amoeut of 7 9 10 Trtaeary N.tat, of oonvenieat aiaee. ooAlt LEWIS JOHNSON A OO. ingto Huildiac, corner of Seventh at ai''M| ?# Pa avenue. Chiorofoim given, if deeired.**" All kinrfa of Treih (or eafc. not-iawlM* A NOTICE. I.L Peraona are hereby notified aot to truet mj wife, Debora Ann Pittard, on my aoooant, aa 1 wifl pay nu o?We ooatraoUd by hw. bo a-ft* JAJ9EZ PITTA*#, TELEGRAPHIC" NEWS THE WAR IK MIMOrRI xcvxmbsts or bks m'ccllocch Rolia, Not. 58 ? Scouts arrived y*-slerd?v, bringing drftrlto reports of the increments of tbe enemy lu tbe south-westorn portion of tbe state. Tbe* were In camp of the rebel* at Sarcoxle, on on Thursday last Gen McCuIlongh understands ttas re*rcjfrade mo?ertrent of oar army to be an attempt to get In tali rear, bit sroots himr reported to him thai onr whole force was crowing Wblf?? river Mr- j Cullough then marched to Spring flefd, where be is now encamped with a force of four thousand men. Gen Rains. who had command of Psrcoxi<, w th 7,000 men, left tbat place on Frfday it*t, and Is is joined McCullougta b? this time Gen Price Waaat Painvllle, McDonald county, with the balance of the rebel arm*. He also took up h's march on Friday, and Is advancing northward to join McCalloagh and Ratns Price, on his march, desolated (be country and destroyed everything, in oider to prevent oar troops from getting Tn bis rear. There ere ae large Oodles of rebe:a between this point and Springleld. There are over 1.000 refugee families now here, many of tbem being in a destitute condition, with a pitiful prospect for the winter, and more re AAnatanfln ? ( ael n/i The meui?a are raging In the different camps here to a great extent St. Joseph, Mo , Nov W ?A band of r?bels, under the notorloua S T. Gordon, captured three U S officers. Capt Robb, Captain White and Lleat. Moonlight, from a railroad train at Weston to-day. Soathera !S'ewi Tin Louisville. St Luna. Nor 29 ?The Bowling Green Courier of the S'st Instant, says that the rebel Brigadier General G?or2e B Crittenden, brother of Thomas T Crittenden, the Feder 1 General, has been promoted to a Major Generalship, and assigned to the Department of Cumberlsnd G <p David L. Patterson, son-in-law of Andrew Johnson, of Tennessee, was arrested on the 10th ult , and sent to R^ox'tlle for trial. The rebel convention at Rusaellvllle, Ky , has made a declaration of Independence, passed an ordinance of secession, snd adopted the tawa and constitution of Kentucky, which are not inconsistent with the acts of the rebel government. It Is reported that the rebel privates Sumter baa been captured on the coast of Texas by the U.S. frigate Niagara. Thanksgiving la Virginia. Whkblirg, Va , Nov 2tf?For the first time In the Llstorv of this commonwealth, vesterdsy was observed as thanksgiving, Governor Plerpont being the first governor who ever proclaimed one Businesa in thia city was entirely suspended and thv churches well attended The Weitera Virgtaia isiTsaUsa Whjnli.ns. Nov 29 ?Thefull organixatlon of the western Virginia convention was perfected yesterday. The work of forming a state const!tntlon has been assigned to nine committees. There is no divlslou of sentimant on the new st??e question Toe business will b- dispatched u fa?t u possible. and an application made to Congress early In the aexslon for admittance into the union. Theuenenl nuta1d? op'nion Is ttia> a gradual emancipation clause will be adopt'd in tue constitution M. ?> ' A Skirmish at Harper's Ferry Sa*dt Hook. Nov s9 ? Somewhat of an excitement was rcriisto td htre this afternoon by 'b-.'ebels throwing about thirty sheila at the quarters of some companies of the tfgtb Pennsylvania regiment, under command of Major Hector Tynda'e, at Harper's Ferry The M jir tried the long ranee Enfield* at them, but the distance (beini: two tho -sard yard") was too great Although some of the tiring frcm the rebels was fair, i?obody w*i hurt, the tuen being well deploy -U and re*Jy for a clever rang<-. which the rebels would not give. Released Pri -ooers ? Seat^nce oT C rlmlnals Boston, Xu? 29 ?The eleven of Kentuckians released i'rorn Fort Warren, being destitute, were sent home ?y the city of B. stou. L. 8. Heunlr?a, the convicUrd mail robber, ujs been sentenrtd to live years' imprisonroeut at Dedbam jail. / 8 P Mmner was to-day teut^nced to five years' imprisonment and to pay a fine of S4,(X>", for fitting out a slaver. Mare Political Friaaaers Hticittd?Letter iro,n t?l. Lee. Boston, Nov 2a ?R A Carter, of Baltimore, was released from Fort Warren yesterday The following political prisoners from Kentucky were also released: J W. Roberts, Joseph T. McFeat, W. E. tirubba, Stephen Wooldridge, J W Gnflttn. Louis Holsciaw, Frank Craw, H inuroer. j. back and A McDowell The atoreabip Release ia reported at Holmes' Hole, with Mx prisoners aboard, destined for Fort VVatren. Col. Lee, of tbe Massachusetts twentieth regiment, writes from Ktcboiond, In a letter dated tbe ?8tb Instant, tbat, aa oue of tbe cffl jeia drawn by lot to offset tbe course of our government towa di tbe Confederate privateera, be la tbe Inmate of a cell in tbe jail rt Richmond, aa alao are otber cfbera. hia health la good; and be gives tbe sj-i e account of Major Reverea and Caplalna Bowman and Hock wood, wbo are confined witb bim. Col. Lee adda that be la permitted to say, on good rebel authority, that tbe confederatea are not only willing, but anxious to effect aa exchange of prisonera. Gen Ltie ia Boson Boston, Nov 28 ?Gen lamea H Lane and a portion of his statt' arrived in tola city tbla evening, and took quartera at the Revere House The Frigate Saa J aetata Boston, Nov >27?Tbe San Jacinto has been moored alongside tbe dry dock for overhauling. Sbe la reported In a perfectly aound condition. Her erew will be paid on Saturday. One hundred of them marched from the navy yard to Faneuil Hall this afternoon, where they were addreaaed by Mayor Wightman and Rev. Phineaa Stone. The Called States FartificaUaaa aa Skip la ai4 New York, Nov. 86?The schooner J. N Gennia, wbicb arrived at thla part to-daf from Sblp Island, near New (Meana, reporta that the fortifications there have been flniabed, tbe guna mounted, and one hundred and fifty men detailed from the blockading fleet to work them. Steamboat Disaster. Albahy, N -v. 29 ?The ateamer Francla Skiddy collided witb a schooner last night, damaging tbe boiler. The escaping steam severely acalded nine pasaengera, three of whom died. (' a vie ted af Maaalaaghter. Halifax, Nov. td ?Captain Lane and Burdell have been convicted of manalaughter In the raae of killing a police officer on the ahip Shooting Star. QOVERNMENT DISPATCH. FAST FREIGHT LINE NEW YORK TO*%T ASHINCTON via HAMtlBBUKOH. A Spwval Mrsreotff wil' be sent throof h vl'h each Train, id order %o mm safety and dispaich, ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CARS. on and after MOMDAY. Nnr. Itlk, this Company w ill receive ua mat port Munitions of War, #oTernmect Stores, Sutlers' bueeiie* for the A rmy and aU Mi*oe<i*neoas Freight, at Low Kate*. WITHOUT SIKAft 07 BCH. Spttial Otmtrmets for Oexit, in Largt Qmmntititt, at htdmrM kmtu, HT" Freight rea-'ved on'y at the D*pot of the S.^trel Raiiroad of rt?* jersey, tier No t, North iver. For furt'er info-mat on, or speoial contrasts, enquire at the CljU* af 'As CVmrmy, 40 If. T, Or 648 PtAHttlvanht avt., Wmki.igt*m OU| DTMart Goods, "?or rnneat Disss tah"-/"Tl Freight reoeired from I a. rl to t . m. of the Hops ?x?ress?o.. no? lm B??ennUr,<i??'-t MAIL STEAMER REINDEER, evsry oth?r da? to scj frees ?RA^SICKLfB DIVISION THROIGH IN FOUR HOIR8. The steamer J ?uee wnuttf, foot of 1Mb street.on MONDAY, A fcDN Es^M Y and F*|DA V,at o'cic .k, a. m.,( returning from the tnw rrf(,a&vfrga^vva SATURDAY: Paeeengers and ight trei?kt taken, (Exiept aiooholio U?aors.) Fare to or fr^m toe Camp - ... ft Fare for round trie (returminf nsat day,) - I ra?eeor*rs are not nqaired by the Goveraaeat pov?-iw. g?COND EDITION THREE LATEST MY TEL*0*AfH TIB BIIB1BIIUT IT COJ?rEDMUT? ACCOCWT* OT THE ATTABL ><* PARTICULAR DAMAGE POIVE OH EITHER SIDE FORT PICKElfS MOT BREACHED THE JfJAOAKA HOT IV THE W19MT The Refcel ll*ui?r "TJ?r?" la Um Mm THE ENEMY NOT EXACTLY YJCTDUOPB. THKT 1DMIT THEY WILL, HOWMTgR, "RESIST" TO THE LAST EXTMMMITY. Baltimokb, Not 30 -Tbc Amtntmm has mcelred the following: The Richmond DtsfUk of the Mk, gives tki snneied particular* of tbe ftgkt at Pinimla : From tk? Peaaacola Obttrverot the M and 04 of November, we extract the following relative U> the engagement it that place, which com menced on Friday. The Ob$trv*r of the ttd tkne announces the beginning of the fight:? At In mlnutea paat ten thta morning, a heavy and a? tlnnout Are commenced at the ferti below, what It la, or on which aide It commenced, we are pal unable to aay. Up to thla writing, one o'clock, the fire still contlnnea, and we can only guess and hope that the bombardment baa opened la good earnest. We ahall glee the news aa fastae we get It Latib?We learn from a person just from the yard that the Are waa opened br Fort Pickeae upon the Confederate steamer "Times," aad wee returned br our batteries and forts The United States stesmer Niagara Is trying to cross tbs bar, for the purpoee ef entering the harbor Tbeexcttr, mentln town Is Immense The busiaea booses are cloet d and the house tops core red with the excited populace. The Obsttvrr of the 23d has the following: "The firing, as wo stated yesterday, began from Fort Pickena The whole of their fire daring the morning waa directed at the steamer Times, bat with eery little cffect. The Timet came up lsst nlgh> -nd with .beexceDtlon o( two or three l!tt> holes nud* wUji ri. fl" ahot. the l? unhurt. This *bovr? that their gun* ore of ?ery inferior quality , or that Brown and hit yankees are all drank?very probably the latter. The steamer Helma via *Uo a the c? gagement with the ateamer Times. At the beginc'ng of the flro only one s'-.ot struck her, and that diu not do much lamage. The Heiuu went over to the main land and found the Florida regiment all right, in pptalrg Billy Wllsoa's batte iea she ^ave then; a couple of ahota, which were returned. The frigate Niagara tried hard to come in, but (he reception ? a* t? - warm and she uad to back out. The only loss of life we can hear of wu a private of the Louisiana regulars killed, and the w1fa of a sergeant of the Marine corps. Both wi-e killed by a *h?ll failing in tneyard. A great manv ahot and sbtil fed into the yard, but did very little damage to the buildinga. Oar guns wo ken all day, and must have told with terrible effect upon the other aid*. We think the greatest damage done waa to one of the ships which ventured too near to tar batteries. The editor proceeds with a tirade of abuse against the Yankees in general, and Gen Brows in particular, speaking of the latter as foliows:? ' But the meanest and most contemptible act was the execution of the threat made some time ago by that prince of hardened acoundreis, Harvey Brown, that he would not respect hospitals ? One shot was so well aimed at the building that it went throu^^t, but did bo damage Tbe baseness of this act places this blackguard below the lowest cut-throat and vagabond of Maw York." The aocount continues: At thirteen minutes to II this monlng the fire re-opened and still conttuut s at a very brisk rate. The people are not so much excited as they ware yesterday, and we can see every appesranoe of m ? - SA ? tWa \mm4 avtMmlll 4# POTMHUUU ?W W IUC ! >! need b?, but every one aeetns to place unlimited confidence In our success We bope now tbat it will continue till nettled. ' Hurrah for tbeaoutbern confederacy, and hurrah for ' little more grape.' '* OUR MILITARY BUDGET. anamYesterday tbe Wlard g um, pure baaed by tb? government fjr tbe Sickles' brigade light artillery battery, we e duly te??ed at tbe Waahlngtoa nraenat, when one of ttx-m bant, wltbtbe oidtnay aervlce teat charge. That occurrence of oourae ended tbe te?t MtLiraaT ArpoiRTMiaTa. Tbe following military appointments were made to-day. Geo. McGowan to be a 8d Lieut of tbe 7tb iaT fantry, U. si. A. J as R Kelly to be a td Lieut of 3d artillery, U 8 A. Geo Tbore to be an Gen. Halleek, with t*e rank of eolonel of volunteers. Henry Barton Beecber to be a ftd LI eat of i'k artillery, U S A. a coaaaertoa. Tbe gentleman made an aid to Oeaeral Hallack yesterday waa Captala Joba floakla, lata aa aid a to General Fremont; not Joba HaaklB, at mlaprlnted by oa. TBS raorosT iuuiu Provost Marshal Brigadier Oaa'l Andrew Porter being absent for a brief period oa leave, tbm duties of bia position are being diacbarged by bla vriu.d la rommn:.d . 0?n'l Avkas ucomiw Wt are glad to Imtb that Ibt pUut imm, Bryaa B Barton, who ?m aeeerely wig a dad la three pleera when on a rwouMiuc* to PU?? Hill by Major Palmar, Topographical Ei^ran. on the fOtb of laat Btalh, H ntmrti| from tfcoa* weaada. mn m> The Herbert arrived at the yard thla ?Mita( and Immediately returned down the river. Ma bring* no m?i of Importance TbaMoaatWoab lngton and Aeaeeatla alee left to-day. The Slag Philip Us bee* healed ep ea the win AM rr> pair*. Yesterday the eeheeeer Delaware, leeded with weed, from Britain's hey, anltod at tho yard, harleg peaaed the rebel betoerieaThamday night, wiiheat moiratatioc Shortly after pea* leg the haaat of the rebel tteeaaer Page, thateea acl aide her appearance In the Potomac, hot wlthoe* evlaoleg eay dtepooMtea to capftere <he Yeeierday, at aoea Admiral ?e, ef tha Preee'h aavy aad eeaHaaader Of the Preach *ee< a pea av oeaot, figged the yard, aad wee aeeei* cd with l>? aeaal heaera dae hto raafe LATE LOCAL NSW*. w Co?ar -A gree* deal eg the b.aalaeaa eg thia cearl baa been ?H| neal ef to4#y Several wllla were admitted te preheto IsSsaSSSSrS^ ~ Zap** mr |-* ^ i -W4?

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