Newspaper of Evening Star, November 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 30, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR.| [rmti Moor. * R ural New Yorker ] BE THE IOITH WIND TO ME ! HMItt JBW!"8? Tbe soft South Wind Is stealing O'er mountain and o'er lea, The reaper beila are pealing Oat on tbe calm blue ?ea; A ad beet* of realooa worshipers Bow tbe bared brow and knee; All love tbe South Wind's klas "Be tk* Souik Wind to me Tbe titri, long and sweeping, Float up the asure field, The iweet spring flowers. In keeping. Their fragrant perfnmes yield. Each with a kindly, loving grace, ?enda out its incense free, Holding the rest in warm embrace. ''?>? ti? Soui , Fioiee* to m?.V" Li'h memory now ts letiusug With hopes ard scenes of old, And like life's jewel* glcaimu ' Are those bright d^ams f gold But Time is onward fleeting? Let tho?e pas* dre*minga be? Lei "Hope"' and ''Love" be wtdd?d Bt tk* Fond Hop to me ' New Castle, Lawrence Co , Penn., INil _ m i al'ARTERMA. TKH GENERAL 8 OF FI ^K. Waskinstox, November 13.1P61. Proposals are invited for t>uiiding two tala-ona on Jadio-arv i^oare. Washington, th? otn*r apon the farm known as the estate of Win. J. Btone. on Fonrteanth street and Bsundar; atreet, D'atrict o( Colombia. Pioposala should stato the time within whioh the batMiaga will be oompieted and rt-sdy for uae, and the <>j?t, including all n-sterials and work, and ehonld be aooompamed by tbe usual *uarantee that the bidder wul execute th - oontraot if aws'ded to him I?~ 1 -? .1 ? ' . ..r- w>n inu^uuu ?i liin umor 01 me <4uar General, oa the i'tn November instant, at boob They should b* seved, and plain y endorsed "Proposal for Hospital*." and addressed to th*Quartsrm?*ter General of the United S a'es Plane Btid speciacatior.s caa be teen at the office of the Quartet master Genera*. M C. MEIGS, ao 14 Quartermaster Gfnerat. NOTICE TO SOLDIERS. HE A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY will male remittances for soidiere to the.r families, at ylaoea reached b? their Express, at ac:-.arg? of & oec's for any sum not BXoee'Jins lif y dollars. Tm mosey, whether cold or Treasury notes sbonld be enoloeed an envelope, and securely sealed, with th? full aidress ( noiudint town, bos; ofioo and State.) of the person to -jthorn tc be sent, and the amount leei'ely marked thereon. To insure prompt delivery, ths ?6 oonta charge should he prepaid. When facilities tor envelopm* and sealing the money in separate parcels are cot at hand in oamps, the several sums to be remitted, that iraj be ooi'.eotcfl by CiiP.p.ain-'of Kesimeut! or o!!i?r Straons TOfeateeriBR to do tHis service for the sol ers-te-uiri to ?their par. wi'i l>e rein bu.i al any vf the prjnc.pal office* of ?ha Company. The?^ earns.aocompaniod with the fall address, as above ret a irod, of tte pe'socs for wuom in tended, will r>e remitted to the respective consignees. at any place in toe loya. rjiat^s, at -he same rate of oharn". th:reby saving to the aendor t'.e tronbieof putting in s-parate packages. Suitable blanks for the above purpose have been prepared, acri will be furnished, with explanations, at any ot the office* of the Company. ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Washington. Oo'. 1961. oo 9M m I J* JOH PRINTING. iVKRY Description or JOB PRINTING required b? any body?citizens, civil functionaries, arm* and navy officers, sutlers, Ac.?executed at the STAR OFFICE, in satisfactory styie, at low rates for Cash. 1.0 4-tf gi SUTLERS WANTED. VlREAT A 1?VANTAGES to be found by SuiUra.uuf<4ol>..>. D I a. __ _ ? vi u wu cuun,ki NEW YORK WH OLESALE BKA.NCH Si H Ol'SK, 348 Pennsylvania aveuue, <o?err l| Jaiiticy's Shoe S*>re.) " w^te We manufacture onr own Goods, and sell at H*u York jm vet *, thereby saving freight. Ha vinj constantly on hand a Targe Stook. we can aapply at a moni?i.t'i notice, any <iuantit? de?ir>Ml. A large a?*ort meat of 3 sole High-out Shoea, and Long-leg Boots. Sutlers liberally dealt with. A call from all dealers sohoited. bo 7 1m* WHITE HOUSE A UNCKLES. TTO OFFICERS. HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wajron on the Prussia principle, arranged for sleep-spy tn* or to act as an Amhu.anoe in ease of weknees or wounds. with ample roam Jitoree and provisions; light, water-proof, and pereetly new. having been just ^uilt to order by one of the first makers in New York, is offered for sale ?t cost price. EAlso, a handsome, strong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either for saddle or harness. Both may be seen on appnoation to JAMES OWN, at Mr. Irviae s Stables, Corcoran's le, behind the Cham House, between 1 and H ?r?to- "< a>' CHOUGHS, COLDS. HOARSENESS, Ao. / TYLER'S COMPOUND SYKUP OF OVM ARABIC. Thia p.eaaant and popular Cough R*medy haa bstQ ao long known and extensively used that most persons have tooome familiar with it* extraordinary eftcaoy. It oaa be haa at all the pnno.pal irng atoree, at 25 aud 90 oenta a bottle. aaMjajtsoto^ U FRENCH A RICHSTKIN flAVE Just received a fresh supply of Note PaMr, Colored Borders, ruied and plain, with Envelopes to match, Klax Paper of al! kinds, with and without Mottoes; ?rve<opes to match. Pu ies and Pocket Books ol every description. A arte assortment of Stationer;. New York Ptm r?^ o - - ? iwi,, ! poo UUIil ^ gTEJN M I '1T? r?nn. %n*nn* WA" r &* ? one of the beet eetabiiahnienta, u4 t ar&nt*c with a complete set of tool* for repairtt e?ery deeoription of ins Watehea, and attention fire to the iam?, by Xpt -oi l competent workman .and a. wort rua'an tec A-ao.eytry deeonp ion of atandard SILVER vwl RE. e.ainacd ornamental. manufactured under ht? M supervision. which hit customers wiii 6lj m sopwior in fuaUly and fiiuafi to northern ware i lo.^y deaiera ic g#"?r*i and represented u then manufacture. H.O.HOOD, W t P?. VMr Ml WALL. STEPHEN* A CO., . 3J-J Avilllli MILITARY <ND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY MADE CLOTHIERS, IND EXTENSIVE DEALERS IN GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, e6-if t Intel. A Keppb.i ORANGE COUNTY CONDENSED MILK.? It ia highly recoiumer<fe J hy Physicians, Ship Masters ai*d itavolei?. Insure* a sweet, pure artiole for any length of time Never beoomea cheesy, and guarantied <o keep is any climate. irr For aaie at faotoiy prices. KING A BURCHELL, o? g Corner lftth ?t snil Vermont ae. ?pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE, The Beat in the World. J>| Only RtlutiU sisd Harmltu Hair Dy* Known. nM by all DrBK(iat*i Ba irito.i's Patent KWtisine Store, c p. Patent Oftce.eor. F A 7th, a* 6lBM't tlair Store, Mi Pena'a avenue. where Ltdin can have It applied, if deaired. Faetorj-*l BaoiaritlltM as Broadway) N. Y. NlOfH PAPKR A*pBNVKL,OPES.-Twen. aty'.ee of Note end Letter Paper, With Enw <+** (o iMllt tmvi of Waahington in the form of a Rom, and n Book form, aJ?o, separate Ail the Dailv and Weekly Paper oonvtautly on aaml. H?ra.i, r .mee, an'J Tribune receive! *?sry Scat at 6 o'clock. Paper* from all parte of the ?on n try. Beadre'a Dime Novel* and Son* Book*. A freeh aepply of Books for dimmer, *A^geaaeortmen tof Javemlep? Marne R?:d'i I Booka, Roilo Boott, Abbott'* Hiatoriea. Ac. A dieooant of 10 to 50 per oenUonai bound bock* FRENCH A RjCHSTEIN, National Boofcatnr*. 9T* Pa. ay. I TI&gyA01^ iSSPsrVSZmV. i avenae and Eiev&aui atreet, baa twaKlM areacy improved ream&tlv and now effer?JAflU |W?r UnmiailU tor the pti uiiage of eitiseoi at atraagerataaa Hi 9&m pubiie houae in the 36Jue hum oeiox ieea c an thoae of an y other b*M oe Peea. averse, ard hie aooommodetioaa far |*rw?f< <? traaoient board era anaaoepUonep.e. The bar and reaCMfMt arrantamenta of the Barapaaa Hotel have already beeome very pop* Sr. being ail that can be deairwl by the moat (a* meteaa The proprietor pledgee anrem'.ttad atten pnaad cont.cti?c uj?era* axpeoiltaraato giveaat1397 ^ w ? ?iI W fl^P HnUM % Mil. n# 4 tt - ' ' ? I T>l ANUS, PIANOS, PLANUS-?New Pianoe 1 . 1&7 TKAVKUN9 TRUNKS. SAffiS.S'tTOSl WWyESU mia mtr. eom?nma* boat Sole LeatfcerBHA i Ladiaa* Ln?** and Packing TranSa, Va noo*. Carpet Bag'. 4c? whioh we are now eeling at vert low prieafc W1LX. STKPBKNS AGOaa 14 "" n??? * i QRP?AN9' COURT, Novkmbi* 19. 1M1. J><?crt? tf (MmMa, IfaMwMa CnMf, TV- i i W th? pereoami ?taken? aaidlaoiaaerf, of thea??eU < ta he"d. eo Car a* the aaato hare been ool looted aid ? teraad iat) meaey; w&en ana where all the o/ed t vzrtxLzzix&jt, ifofweatf.) #TO tMr oletkna Prope l? vouched, or < they my utherwtae by law be ezo aded from ail , feeoodt ? ?)4 deoe< pad"e aetata, provided a oopy or t tut >irti#r be pabU-fced o?ee a w*ek for three STJb'Amfi'iSKUIU "" , : I; ? - - - PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. GQNORRH(El CURED PERMANENTLY And no internal medi'tien naed?no interference with Lusiaei* bo ratn?no dietint medicines? :x1oi!?m. and will not atain. 6LEPT AND STRICTURES Bauished nnlrtf this treatment. LA DIE* With WHITE* Ma death to Yonthard Bsantyce>td be troabtod no longer. SYPHILLIS . In a I it* forma, whelke- rccent or of !or.? atandirit, cured, and evert veatice of disease removed fr?m the ay stem. Our ohSrgea shall be the moat reaaorahle and aatiafaetory to ail part ea. Conau tauona free at all time*. Medicmea pnt up with full directions for use. and sold to autlera, travel era, Ao., at low ratea. Med oine furnished which is a certain preventive to any and all Venerial Diaearea. Don't be afraid of high prices. Come and aee us. No :h?rto [ot mv^etirationa. M. LA BONTA, Pr&ct tioner. nrothos W&ahincten Bui'din^s. oorn?r Pa. *v?. &ad 7;h afreet, Washington D. C., R <xm No. no 18-3m SEALED PKOPOSALS UNTIL THE 30th instant. are invited for furniahing the U. 3. Subsistence lK>p&rtnient with Flour. About 12 0?0 ba<reU will bo require! of a hieh giad*? f extra Fl? nr. to t?e de!i?ertd in Waahin< ton at the rai road depot, or at war?houees in Washington "or tieorgttown. aometime between h 3 let Ixhjaud the 20th Det ember, 1861. Each barrel f the Flour to be ii.epeotea juat belore it la received. I he Honr be equa in quality to 'he brand k"owo *a Lyon's Union Hou' The barrel* will be rtqumd t j be head-lined _ Bids to be direc ed to Major A. BECKWITH, C. 9., U- 8. A., endarced "Propoeala." no 21 I^O FAMILIES AND SUTLERS.,^. The uud TsuneJ in)("!n< the oitisena of Wa?hiDi)on auu ini iraiisient public in fit me* nave o ?u?t*ut!y on h*nd a !arge a?sort*T<ert of OYSTkRSof the very best quality; aUo keeps a large quantity r>f Chjioe fielded Orrter?. Onr sea !ded Orsterircan't be be?t, done upin first o'&sa e yle. trive ns a call. We feel iimfied tbat you will ea'l again. 8 W. DAVIS t CO. oumer of i2th ai.d E streets. uov27 inr Medicine for the Army. FRYE'fl VEGETABLE PAIN CURER. EVERY FAMILY, JUT WELL AS EVERY SOLDIER. SHOULD AL WM Y5 HAVE A BOTTLE ON HASD. This preparation ia an Infallible External or Internal Ktnnedy for Kkeumatiom, NeuraUia, Kurna, Sores. Strains, Kiirworins, Canker, Pa.liters', Dy*entery, Liver Complaint, PiitR. Dycpecsia, Chilblains, Kidney Complaint*, 1 eeiha i,?, Heartaches, C'Ids, Cougha, bruises, Fever ai.d acho, Cholera. Ao The PAIN CURKK is entirely vegetable in its composition, ai.d may be used at al! times with peritct rafety. Fu>l directions accompany eaca bottle, Manufactured by JOSEPH S. FRYE. _ Salim.Mam. For ?ale by al' prin ip&l Druggists no4-lm* aygvca TOPHAM'S CTWVyg PREMIUM T R U H K QASU MANUFACTORY, 4s?? ssvanyk st6k^t; A ashijiotok, D. C. Silyer Meiial warded by Maryland InstiUto e Faitimore, November 7,1 !*0. Also, Medal by MetropoiitanMechanioa'InstiUte, Waehingiun, D. C., 1357. I arc constantly making, and alwaye have en Kan*, of the best material, every description #r Fina Sole Leather, Iron Frame. Ladier' Drees, Wood Box, and Packing Trnnka, Ft.! in er, Car pet, aid Canvas Traveling Bags, School SatofieTa, Ae., t I f M. P..... Mecsbera of Congress and travelers will pleua jxan.'ne my stock before purohaair.g elsewhere Trnak* thatare trade in other cities. Superior Leather and Dims Trunks made to ardor. Tranka covered ar.d repaired at snort notice. Gooas delive-ed froe of charge to auylpart of the ait* " *orgctown. and Alexandria. JAMES S.TOFBAM. UN BOATS Oua'i^-nui itf (tmurtiV i OJifi. I Wmtkington City, July 18,1861. t Plans awn Sp-c;?ic*t:on? for hails of Sun tor the Western rivers are on exhibition at *::i ujfice, and at offices of Quartermasters at P^risHc-?. Cincinnati, ?t. Louis and Alton. Soai& to be de'; verert at Cairo, Bids should be sent to Quartermaster General of the United States Army, at Washington, by 1st August. at noon. M. C. MEIGS, h f?rig. Gen"! an'i Qiiartenrairter Gen'l. T* CARRIAGES. HE Snb*oriber having made additions to lua factory, irjkkiny it now one of the iarg^8t/^jjj|BL?3 in the District, where hia faci.itioaVcaCjWt?^ for manuiaotarinx CAKKIAGbB snJJgSrTB LIGHT WAGONS of all kinds cannot be but passed, and from n:s lone experience in the business, he hopes to give general satisfaction. All kinds of Carriages and Ligut Wagora kept on hand. AH REPAIRS n**t y done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second hand Carriages taken in exchange for new ones. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d It tf corner of Fourteenth and F sis. Army gloves: ARMY GLOVES!! At the Glove Deoot of f. b hasting's a co, 3'i3 D st., facing Pa av., Army and navy cloths, cassimers, and Beaver Cl iths, at reduced prions. Truck Kiannels, Blanket*, and Gauntlets, for Arm; inen. One p. loe only, marked in plain figures. PER RY A BRO., Fenn. avenue and 9th street, n? 25-St "Perry Building." 1* CAKES-CAKES! O S L'T LERS AND TR A DERS.?Ginger Bread packed in barrels or boxes wit* care and dispatch by J. FIRTH, the only regular Cake Katcrm the bakerv line. Cash_mu*t aooompany iii uraeri. Ji?SKrH FIKTH, No. 135 Aroh (tract, uo 14-?w Philadelphia. Pn. LEA k. PERH1!(?< CELEBRATED Worcestershire Sauce. 1'renounced by D EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Ft of a Letter from a to he the I I MUttal GmtUmmm -ONLY GOOD a* M"fr&" ABtJk To Hit Brother SAUCE." Wgdl ?t Worcester. And applicable to .. fell S&V pir. vi h v rim that their Saute bVl*' il'lft*'1" i? highiy esteemed ... BIDV? 'SpzZ-z?' in India, and is, in VARIETY .:v.-Xcrw my opinion, the most "npa atih e. as well aa (IP OIHH mn?t ur DlBM. that is made." The above SAUCE is not only the best and moat rorvhf a condiment known, bat the most Economical, as a lew drop* m So*p, Gravy, or with Fitk. hot and cold Joitut, BuJ Sunk, tiame, it , impart an exquisite seat, which tmmtntipltd Sauce manufacturers have in vain endeavored to tnuoti. On the Breakfa>t, Lunrkeon. Dinner, or Survtr Table, a cruet containing " LEA ft PERR1NS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" is indispensable. To appreciate the txctlltnt fualitut of this dtlictMi preparation it is onir neoeasary to purchase a am>11 bott 0 of the (mvim, of a respectable groMrur<iuer,u inmj Hotel and hettaurant proprietors ae'dum plaoe the Pure Sauoe before their gueata. bat aubatitutea genuine BottU filled with a tpurtous mixture. For aale by Urooera aod Fruitarera everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union Square and 14tk Street, New York, Sole Wholesale Agents for the United States, A Stock always in store ? Alao orders received for direot shipments from England. irr Beware of Counterfeiti and Imitations. -T71 ?ep*-ly.eo DR.GODFREY"* ANTIDOTE WILL CURE teUNORKHlEt in six dayr. change of diet re^uirM It ia a a Ed(-^H^ lish speoifioaf sixty-five jea-eatan< milBML and will not harm the moat delioata oon-^^ET^ itimuoD It oortai ao m?ar<a'ii, Prioe I. Sold by 8. O. UTMAM, 310 Cheenut street, Philadelphia, and in Wa?hiugton by 8. C. p?iH0, ooraer nth street and Pa a?e. no 16 eoly DK DUPONT'8 HI GAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following unsolicited enoouu VJ uois: } "I oaasot ftommsnd <hem too highly." Wr3 "They are the beet hamate Pilis titant." "I have used them with aomplata saoeeaa." " We ald aot be without them upon any oonsider Itl'.C." "Tkay operate speedi I y and elf actively." Prioe fi fast by mail 8olu bt 8 C. UPH\M, 310 Chfseut streaL Philadelphia, and in W'aihng ton by 8. G. FORD, oorner Uth street *nd Pa. iveaaa. no?-aoly U.A8 Reraeved^hfa ofcoe tofro! 3?7 Naw York l venue, between leth aod Uth sta.. where he e*n be )?naalted as usual. Oftoe boara-4to9, I to I. 7 ^ * no If 3we?>* Uuir,?? I amj g Btrutt. Meet iseomroocanous for travelers aud boarders. IV- i.ard.r and Bar aiwars supplied with the ?h. i -ai Viands and l,i*u"ra. HO ll-lnto* JOHN HAV/Ii'l..>fm?m''nf Jr CA?TF.R A ' O. id st.. !*ti ?fi XViskingtitn. i V* ocrs DtALBB* am Ci mmi*?i<>> iVitacH *; r*. iU?ionandiseaad rrtKllWf fWlvwl on o-.un?u. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS \1ASSEY. COLLINS & CO.'S 1H PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have just reoeivtxl a sorplj of the above Aie. which we reoon.mend to be of a very superior ?nalitr. Persona wishing to purohaea. by making immediate application, can b? furnished. ARN* fc SHINN. no 7 Georgetown J MKT REOEI VKlt10 hhds. pnras Porto Rico Sl'GAMF im bh!,. i?;d Rve WH1BKV, *r. bbis. fifc:R RING and ALEWIVE8. to bb'.s. Cms and R^fint-I ?*U6AKS, in bag* Fm %nd JavaCt FFI'K, to hhdH. (low-prioed) M O LASSES. Fornaieby JOHN J. BOQHK. '<" wM GAS FITTING, Ac! ' Awm T. DOVE S CO. R.F. Nf w prepared to execute any erders wlU Wotcb ihe? r.ia* be favored mtbe PLU!?Bl.\6, 8A9 OR STEAM F1IT1NI UUSINES3. rrr Store >>n ith street, a few dcor# north of Pa irenne. where rc&v bsfanjd a complete assortment f CHAiv i>F.Llf-R> anc ether 9Ah. SFEAM aa* W KTl rt PI X TUtU S ierti 1 SNYDER, s ti.lMEEh AND HAS F1TIBR, Mas rem jved to th?? corner of Twelfth an 1 F ats. He is piepare I to introduce Water and Gaa upon th*> most faTurabie termo, and gntrarties entire satisfactionliehau on hand a iot of COOKIN8 acdothei STOVES, which he will sell !?u than ooat, as h? W'slies to get rid of them- do ? ! W ? AS FIXTURES. E Hava ir. atoie, aui are da: y receiving, ffiS FIXTURES of ez;t:reit N*w Pattern" and Designs and Finish, superior m s^ie to anything heretofore eflei d in tins ma: net. Vve invite citixona general Ur tc sali and examine our stock ot (Jai and Water Fix ire*, leeling eoniident tnat we have the beat eeieo'ed stock in W"*mnxton. All Worir irs the above line ir'r??loJ tc ?wi oats bo promptly attended to. MYEB8 A MceHAN. j*Ar t if 376 1> street ? ifFICE oy INSPEOTOR ANi) ??ALfil V? OF AS METERS. Wullilfion. .'?ij HUTICK IS HBKBBY GirkK, Tnat, ??re? ably to the provision* ?"! the ordinance of t*.e Uor pc ration a?pro*e<i M?? 13, ltf", the underycnod l* new prepared, "whec^ver recbired in wr.nnr. and on prr payment of the '?> of fifty cent*, to inapoct. tjaciine. tsst, prove, aii>: ascertain the accuracy of registration of any c&a materia use in this city." Erery aietar, if found incorrect, will be condemned ATd another, a?iie<2 ana marked at true, will ba etini'i piaos. If proved to L>e aoonraie in its nuaauieiiient of ja?, it will t>ese*ea aocodiEt'.y, are again put ir position for ase. <Xo? No. Hu SeTenth street,(near Odd Fa! ?s Hal.) Ojeu from 8 a. m., to i p. eg. CHARLES w. CUNNINGHAM. ]7 It tf lcspeotor and Sealer of 8ta Matari. DENTISTRY. (VI TEETH. 1*1 LOOMiS, M. !>., the inter.tor and patentee Ofth* MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at-fW/C* tends personally at hia office .n ttua city mmSsu Many persons oar. wear ihoae teeth who^*' " mi.ot wear others, and no person can wnar othen who cannot wear th*ae. Persons oallinc at my oAoeoan he accommodated with any style and price of Teeth th?y may desire, but to those who aro partion'ar and wiah the purest oieanest, strongest, and most perfect denture that art oan aroduae, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Rooms in this city?No. 33? Pa.avenne. betwees ti and loth sta. Alao. 90T Arch street, 1'hi adei ?1ia. oc ? tf Out* Coni*. reM, Honriomtti, 1*~ AMtn%m. My iVniuiiim or Self Avvn&Lf)X *?' ' cf Ik* Tkrt*U, KtlUxttli NjHlBm rS Hackint Couik is Cm<?siyItlTil UH.ItJl lion. ISrcntAilis, Jltuwio, yuUiyafM t Cmtmtrk, Cltar and t\*t O^ErW rtr$n*tk to ikt *oic< of POLIO SPEAKERS \rt m a ir 8INfiRBJi. Few are aware of tne importance of checking a Coach or "Common Cold'' in its first stage; that which In the bejimm would yield to a miln remedy, if neglected, sounattaokaihe Lungs. "Bro^m't Bronchial 7Voc^?.?," oontaiRHij demulcent ingredi nts, allay Pulmonary and Bronohial Irritation. "That trouble tn my Throat, (for bROWN S which the "Trotkts" area specific) haTice made me often a mero whiaTROCHES perer.* N. P. W1I.LI9. brown's " recommend their aae to Pvilia Sfniaas." TROCHES REV. E. H. CHAPIN, "GreataerTioeinsutHlning Hoaksi BROWN'S *U?." REV. DANIEL WISE. YROCHKrt "Almost instMt reliof in the distressiijg labor of breathing pe-cuiiat HRfinN'R to A'THMA." tmuwno REV. A. C. ESGLESTON. TROCHES "Contain no Opium or anything iitfarioaa." DR. A. A HAVES, brown'S Cktmitl, fiction, " A aimpie and pleaeaiit eombina troches ti*o for Cowans, &c." DR. A. F. BUELOW. B*OWN e Bottm. wanrh'.'h " seneke'al in b*ok?*!tis." UB. J. I". W. LANE, hi owns Bvtttm " i have prorod ta?? xaeiient fe TROCHES Witeer:? Cev?K." REV. ?. W. WARREN, BROWM 8 But? " Benefiolal when eorapelled u TROCREC ?peak, suffering from Colb." xmnvwm* REV. 0. J. P. ANDERSON, 3ROWF F St. Ltmii. 9ROCHES " E???rtW4i 'a re?oyinr Hoarse nessamflrrltataonofVhe Throat, m f)R')W N S soiomon with Srutiii and Sin* WB(~k"iikv Prat M. STAC If JOHNSON, uprtwi'i) Teaeher of Maaio, Southern BROWNS Female Colleta. TROCHES " real benefit when taken before and after preaohiai, ai they prevent BROWN'S Hoaraenrsa. from their past edeot, 1 thiak they will be of remanent adTROCHES vantage to me, PKV.T ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athens Collece.Tena MOCHF.B * 1-1* at I. FRANKLIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS, 844 Penn'aav.,moitli side,) bet. 12th and 13th ata SPKCTACLES. pr<?vid?d with genuine Hock Crya'il or Perisoopio Lenaes. mounted in gold, liver or at?el. and suited with utmoat care for very age and ejeaighk TiRSl tl ? J V -jgg [| CLASS MILITARY Fl EL D-d LASSES. Microscopes, Companstia, and Mathematical In atruments, at the lowest Kaatern prices. oo 39-tr PH1LADKLPHIA PROVISION STORK, 119 Pennstlvanu Avknue, Bettoetn 19?A and Jurfc st? The undersigned, havin* located himself as ab ive, takes this method of itformiac the oitnaus of the Firat Ward that he haa ope .-^d a firat-oiasa Provision Store, conducted similar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famous Here oan be iuun'4 at ail tunes a large and fresh ?pplT of POUl.TKY, GAME. vKEF. MUT ro.x.Ac. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in season. Particular attent'on is ealled to hu stock and prtoes of BUTTER, CilEESE. Ao. pniladelphia Print Butter 26 cents Goshen and Western Reserve 16 and 20 cents Being determined to give the strictest attention to the wants of hisoustomers, auj to keep every rirtiole in his line of the best ?ua'il', and sell at the owest market prioes, he hopes to merit a share of * public patronage. Families will b? waited upon dailv for orders, if required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. ^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONE T K K T H. Without Metal Plate oe Clasps. DR. 8. B SMiESMOND. 910 Broad ft, ,Vn? Yorb?'idO Pennsylvania Av mm, b*tw*n iitk and 15tk tti , Waihtntton, Calls the Attention of the pubiio to the tallowing ?dnnto(M of hi* improved system : 1. The Teeth of his manufacture wilMflHBV never oorode nor ohange ooior by aoids, b-ing three fourths lighter than any other. 2. No teeth or r>ots need bo extracted, as the artificial ones oan be inserted over them. S- The rooU will be made i&rfTensive, an never

o ache. 4. N" temporary teeth are needed, as permanent ones nan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of (he face, whioh under the old system Is frequently disfigured. fi This work has been lully tested over five years l>y many of the fiist oheraista and physicians of this oountrv. Dr. S. baa also invented a white ondestructive metal filling, with whioh the most senmtive teeth oan b? felled without pain, and oan hmld up a tar teot, sound tooth on any aide roots, whioh will last 111r''Unb lifetime. The beet of references riven?to Dr V. Mott; Dr. Kremu*, Profrssor of Chemistry, N. Hon. ilge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousanda of others Call and examine for yourself. no I 8m QUNBOATS roa the WESTERN R1VER3. Qvaetbemastee Swnu'i Orrics, I Wfuiimfim, Jttnt 17,1861.1 PaorosALs are iavitad for oou*tructiu|'6aamay be examined at tM(tamermaster's OftoiW Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, and at this oflkoe. Plans submitted by bidders Vill be taken into ? wlwatioa. M C. M Eifit*. ie 11 Quarter master General jJnifd State A RMY MEN NEEDING DRV GOODS FOR X\. "the fo ks at homt." are offered the oall of our vast stook at low pricea, marked in plain firares. All piroe!g careWly packed for exprees or other eonv*'*iie% free of oharge ? PERRY" A BRO., ?f?H 1, f "They go right to the SpoU" !N?r*NT RELIEF STOP \OUR OOV9B PI R1FY YOCR BREATH ??TRBNQTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS, ABB GOOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, ttOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTITES. GENTLEMEN CARRV SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DEL16HTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. They relieve a Couch instantly. r&er clear the Throat. Titer five atrenftti and Maine to the Tcioe. They impart a delicious aroma to the breath. That ?.re d?li*htfnl tn th? t*?t? They are m&d<? of simple herba and oannot harm any one. I advue every one who has a' Congh or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any difRoalty of the Throat, to get a paokage of my Throat Confec tions. They will relieve yon instantly, and you will agree with me that "they go rirht to the spot.' You will find them very useful and pleasant while traveling or attending pubho meetings, for stilling your Cough or allaying your thirst. If yon try one package I am rafe in saying that yon will ever af terwards consider them indispensible. Yon will find them at the Druggists and Dealers in Medi 01 lies. PRICE TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature ia on each package. A11 others are lounterfeit. A Package will be sent by mail, prepaid, on re eiptof Thirty Cents. Addresr, HENKY C. SPALDING, No.4* CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. HervousHeadach? ACURfc C Headache. It the ?w ( Ikes* Pills tk? poriedie at teaks NrTHti rr Sitk Hfd?k* may be prsrsntH; and 1 taken at the commencement et an attaek imneakte relief from p?ie and sickness wRl be obtained. f r,?T seldom tell is removing tke >??? *? to irbiok females am se ssbjeet. They Mt gently apes tkabiwoia^- removing ?? Nrsuii. For Lttrmry Mm, Delieste Females, awl all persons of lutmtmrv kakUt, they are valuable as a Lezatm'improving the ?ppsmi?, giving Ism and vi<?r to the digestive organs, and re et>rlag the natural elasticity at* strength e tke whole system. The CEPHALIC PILLS i-re ti?e r**ult of loni liveetigatinn *nd oarefslly oondaoted experiments, tuving been in use manr years, during which time tley have preveuted and relietod a vast amount of ^in and suffering rom Headaohe, whetiser onglrating in the*?ree?< system or from a deranged ate of the stowuuk. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaition, tnd may be taken at ail times with perfect safety rithout making any change of diet, mmd tk$ mbsmi of m? dii*?r*fbU tails tmdiri it mii is sAKMsiJisr Um to tkiUUm. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The genuine have five signatures of Henry C. Braiding on eaoh Boa. Sold by Druggists and all oUer Dealers In Medial nes. A Bex will be sent by mail prepaid reoaipt tke PRICE. ?? CENTS. All orders the*!d be addressed to HENRY C. SPALD1N9, 4S Ciui Stbbit. Niw Yoxx. Pt$m tkt Xuumintr, Norfolk. fa, Cephalio Pilla aooompliah the object for vktok ihey were made, vis: Cara of headache In ail lie forma. Fttm tkt Rammmtr. Nffttk, They have been teatad In mere than a tkeaaana imn, with entire anooeaa. Am 144 Dtmtrmt. St. fJltmd, Mm*. If ton are, or have been troubled w ith the bead ache, eend for a box, (Oepha.ic Pitla ao that yea mar have them in caae of anjattack. IV?m tkt fTtsttrn R. R, y*stttt, Ckitrngt, TU, We heartily endoree Mr. Spaidmi. aa4 kta *?Trailed Cephalic Pilla. Frtm tkt Sontktm Ptuk Fmdtr, Ntw Orlttmt. L*. Try them ! von that are afflicted, and'wa are nre that your teetimonv oan be added t* the air *47 Dumeroua list that haa received benelta that ? other medioine oan prodnoe. FY?m tkt tfumi, Jawapiri, 1mm. Mr. p?aldinjf won id not oonneat kta iaae v'U an article he aid not know to poeseaa real arlt. From tkt Aditrtittr. Frettidmt, R. 1. The Cephalic Piliaare said to be a rewarkakly effective i emedy for the hnadaahe, and eneeftka very beat for that rery freaient -a'.nt vkiak baa ever been dlaroTered. #V?a tkt St. Limit Dtmttfi. The immenee demand for tka artula (Oapkalla Pilla) la rapidly increaainf. /V#m tkt Kmmmwkm TmlUv Bt*r, XanawU, ra. We are aare that per both far lac with tka kea4aahe, vho try them, will a tick to tkoa. JV?n tkt Ad?rtittr, Frttidmtt, R. I. Tka teatimorv in tkatr favar u atreng, frea tka oat reaaectahM Ami til Dmil* Ntms, Iftwport, JU J, Cephalio I'll!* are taking the place of all kiada. From tkt Commercial BnlUtin, Boston, M*t? Said to be very efloaeioua for the headache. From Ik* Commtrciml, CktcmmmH, Ohio. Sufferinc humanity can now be relieved. IE7* A single bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will aave ten timea iu ooat ann tally. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S P~REPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SAVE THE PIECES: ECONOMY' DISPATCH ET"A firm a in TihiSavks Niin."-ni Ae accidents will hftppen, eves in well regolateo (amuiee, it la very desirable to have eome oneap and;oonvanient way for repairing Farniture, Toy* Crockery, Ao. \ SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE meete all an oh emergenciee, and do boaaehoy oa afford to be without it. It te alwaye ready, and to the sticking point M USEFUL IN EVEEY HOUSE." N. B.-A Break aooorapaniea each Bottle. Pne oeuta. Address HKNEY a 8PALD1N?, No. 48 Cedar atreet. New York CAUTION. Ae certain anpnooipled persona are attemeUni to eona to exiauae before parohfceing. and aee tha th* fc i name. ^T'' PALDiNfS PEEP AS ED BLWfc, JOl wiaanatb a II Mil TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. ^OKTBEKN CENKAL RAILWAY. T hi Short til. Quttkttt and B*ft Routt from Baltimore to the WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWE8T. 1HHHI99| WINTER SCHEDULE Chanoi or Time. On %Ld after 81'NDA Y, t?th November, Pa*seater Trains will arrive and depart Iron Calrert station aa follows : Tmaijis NORTH LBAVS Mail at 8 20 a. m. Buffalo Express 8 p. m. Parkton Aoocmmodation 4 p. m. Pittsburg and Hamsburg Express 8 30 p m _ . T*aihs Socth Aimivi Parkton Aooommodation at 8 a m Buffalo Express 8 ? a. m. Pittsburg and Harnsbnrg Exprera ? a, m. Mail 6 30 p. m. The 6 ?. m train from Washington connects with the 8 20 a. m. tain from Baltimore forth* W'st *i.d fo* Buffalo, Elmira Rochester, Dunkirk, Canadaigua and Niagara Falls, and for New York city. The 21 a. m. train from Washington connects with the 3 f m train fr? m Baltimore to West, North i dN orthweat and t Imira and Buffalo and Roohester. The 5 p. m. train from Waahirgton connects with the 6 Si p. in. tiain fiom Bvitiinore for Pitts urg Harris! urg ai d the W?t and is a direct oonseetionio Lrbv on, t a>t'?n Alientown and N ew York via Cehtral Railroad of New Jersey. Try this roo^e for New Yoik f] /?Thu nnlf train lAa?rin? u*u; ? -? ? ? * j . ...... .wTmp uaiMiutreua ranaiy n.the 2 p. m. train, for HaTiabnrK, 1'ittat or*. Chic.go and the West. l h* only train arriving in Baltimore oil Pnnday ieth?an?. m. train. JA8.CCI.AKKK. _noi?ljr B?periptendenl and from wjxtek sthbEvle. On and after Monday, November II, 1861. Taa tenter Train* N*tw??<?n WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run ae follow*: trains muting north. Morntaf Express leave Washington 6.10a. m. Arrive at Baltimore TM a. sr.; Philadelpnia tSJO p.m ; New York 6 r. Harriibnr* l.ll P. M. Mcrranx Aocoromodation intb Washington 7.40 a h. Arrive at Baltimore 8J0 a. M. No oonaeotions at Baltimore. New York Tiain?leave Washington at 11 a. m.; arrive at Baltimore 18.40 p. x.; Ahiiadelphis f Zi p. m.; New York 10 p. m. Afternoon Aoooiumodation?leave Washington J. 16 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore ?Hml; Harnstmrg ).*i a. < ; Philadelphia 10.(w p. m. Evening Expros*?leave Washington p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 6.42 p. Philadelphia 10JJ r. h ; New York 4 a. m.; Ii*.rrnbnrgl a. H. tr.lins mo tlisq so dth. Leave New York at T a. PhiWelptxia 11 JO a. ? : Ua.tin.cre I ft p, ?. Ainvs a?W aihing v u r'*?ve Nrw York at 6j\ Philadelphia loin p. K.; Baltimore 4 20 a. m. Arrive at ^ ashing ton 6 1 Leave New York at P p. Philadelphia 1JP 4. m ; Baltimore Tit a. M. Arrive at Washitgton 9 20 a. M. Aeoonimodaticn Trains leave Baltimore at t .ivi TrMuiufvon. arrive mere at II a. m. an<l 7 p. m. Passenger Truce leaving Waaiiniton at 7.40 a. x. and 3.(4 p. m.. and Baltimore at TJU a. x and 3.60 p. m , mtko direct connections for Annapolis at the Junction. Trains lrave Annapolis for Baltimore and Waah incton at a. m. and 3 40 p. m Passenger Train* leaving v\ aahington at 6.10 a. m., U a. and 5 p. x.. and Baltimore at IS and 1JS1 a. M., and 3 V* p. x . will ft or only at Annmpoh* Junction and Wa>ktngton (K*lay) Junction War Aa?s?ngers must take the Accommodation 7Vim?< only Trains will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly ttprn card time. W. P. SMITH. Master of Tranaportation, Bait. J. T. KNGLAND, Agent,Csmden Station. Baltimore. O. F. Oil.BERT. Agent at Washington, no*) STEAM WEEKLY BKTWEEN NEW YOKE AND LIVERPOOL, lauding and embarking pataecgera at Queenetown, Ireland. The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamsma (Company intend dispatching their ffill powered CWde-built iron Steamahipa aa followa: GLASGOW Satnrdav, August 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, M 10th. KANGAROO, " " ISth. And every Saturdar, at noon, froan Pier44, North river. a at a? or PA?SAei. Pirat Cabin ? Do. to London- so LH). to Paris ? .. tt Do. to HambDH *5 t*teerme #an Do. to London - - - - _ 34 Do. to "a'ia s* Do. to H umburr 36 1'aesengera forwarded to Havre. Bremen, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Ac , at reduced through tares. Persons wishing to bring oat their friends oan buy tickets at low rates hor further information apply at the Captains Office. JOHN A. DAL* , Agent, 14 Broadway. N. V., Or to <i. A. HERRING, Auama Expreaa Baltimore I NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. ctrnBiiur.nur..Til,3 UCUCE,} CaLVBRT StaTIOH, Batimore. Mat 18,1861. \ Ou and after Sunday. Mar 19th, 1861, Train* on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar rive and depart as follows, until further notice. TRAIN5 NORTH. fAIL at 8 IS A. M. X PR ESS at 9jo P. M. ARRISBUR6 ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 8.15 A. M. train oonheots at Relay Home with trains on the Western Maryland Railroad; at Hanover J unotion with Hanoveraud Gettsbarg Railroads; at York with York and Wrifhtsviile Railroad; at Harrisburg with Pennsylvania Rail road for all parts ofthe West, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to >?w York dtrul; at Northum berland with L. and B. Railroad for Kingston and all parts of Wyooming Valley And at feunDury with the Philadelphia and Erie Raiiroad for all parts Northern Pennsylvania and New York. The8.y*P. M train makes all the above eonneetious except Hanover Railroad, Wrighteville Railroad and the Lebannon Vanev Railroad. Ti e 8 P. M train makes oonnectiona with Penas*:vania Railroad for all parts of the West, and direot connects for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 610 P M.; Exprers at A. M.; Harrisbur< Aooommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and information inquire at the. Ticket Ofioe, Calvert Station, Baltimore. J. C. CLARK, Suet. > PHILADELPHIA, WILIS jSBgfc MING TON AND BALTIMORE RAILROAD. SPRING AND SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and alter TUESDAY May 14tn, Passenger Trains lor Philadelphia will leave President street Depot dailyjexoept Sundays)as follows, vis: Kxpress Train at ft 15 A. M-. Way Mail Traioat ft^5 A. M.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'clock. On SUNDAYS at 4 45 P. M. only. All trains oonneot inth N?w York trains exoept446 P. M. train on Satir. days. A Freight Train with paseenger oar attached leaves at 5 P. M , stopping at all Stations between Baltimore and Havre' de-Grao*. Passengers for Delaware ard the Eastern Shore of .Maryland will find the must expeditious route by way of W'lmington. 117" A11 Colored Persons mast five bond before entering the oars. WM CRAWFORD, Agent. ^^^N?W YORKrAN^ERIE RA1LPassenger Trains i nave via Pavonia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chamber* Street. New follows. Tit: 7.00 a. m , EX PRESS, for Dunkirk, and Buffalo, and principal intermediate Stations. 8.?ia. m, MAIL,for Dunkirx. and intermediate Stations?This Train remains over night at Elmira, and prooeeda the next morninc. 9.oCa m.. MILK dail<- fiir ntM^iu ? 1 mw.on" m*ACCOMMODATION, daily. for Port Jami,u4 piico-.p*. Sus.oni 4 00 e. m., WAY, for Midd.etown, New burgh, and intermediate Stationa, (.00 p. m.. NI6HT EXPRESS, daily. for Dunkirk, Buffalo, Canandaicu&.a;.d prinoipal Stationa The Tram of Saturday stop* at all Mail Train Stationa, and runs onij to fcinura. 6 00 p. m.. ACCOMMODATION Jbr Horneavilla, and principal Buttons. CH AS. Ml NOT, 6en'l Sup't. nathaniel MARSH. Reoetvt. YOHK. HARLEM AND I ALBANY RAILROAD LEAVlfMG NEW YoRfTpOR Commencmi Monday, May JTth, 1861. For Abany?11:00 a. m. faat express train from SMth street.^ p. m. atopping M Whit* la and atationa north to Dover plain*?from Nth street station. (Thia train will ran to Millertoa evert Saturday evening,) For Croton Falle?fella. m. etopping at all atationa north ofKordkajn from JBth street atation. For Whit* Piaina?tJO, 4:10 aad BcOO ?. m. atop ping at all atationa from Vth atreet atation. ForWhite Piaine-fclfi p. m. atopping at all eta none from white etreet atation. For Wtiliama Bridge?11:15 a. m. and fc90 p. m. atopping at all autiooa from XTth atreet atatioa. Returning will leave? Albany?fctt) a. m. net exprese train. Dover Plain*- 5:30 a- m. (This train leave* Mu lerton every Monday morning at*a. m.) Croton Fall*?4 a. m. Whit* Plains?& I*, a m. 4:1? * TflO p. m. William* Bndae-*:3n,?rfw?. m.fc H? p m. Sunday train* will leave 4th Avenu* oorner SSd trert, for Central Park, Yorkvilie, Harlem aad High Bridg* *v*ry feir nairotea. froaa ?*? a. m. to 7:06p.m. JOHN BURCHILl, Aest Sup't. mmtwxmm, And WEhr.Tniaa leave; From Chamber* et N.YT7From JXh afreet tH^vv Troy and Albany (with lMSp. m , <Sundaya in sleeping oar) 10.14 p. m clnded.) Pougnke^pet* train S, a 6,tta. m.. and 1,4* p. PeetakX uvu,?.<?p m 4?p m 8inr"i?ig train-P <oa m 9? a. m.. and 4* aad anl 4.? ihitJ# p. ra p. m. x. ?? ?tmmmmmm ^ND e * fci itIAM, na Owdn u4 AabOT, (C- ai>c A. M4 Jwr Ct<r.(N. J. A oconsotfiboo.) 41 A. M.. via Cancer an4 Jera?y Oity i*o c MUM A. M.. Tia Eencoctoi and Jmi < tT, (WirtriiE*pr?ee 1 At Wi P. Mm ?? Caotdet awl Aa, ( At whuh , rift Cwdu and Amber, (C and A. Exaiees.) _ ^ ^ . At ?M P M., via lenaioctoB and Jersey Citj, (Ereainj hxyreea. "* *"" At* P. M., TitCuxlMi ud Jfr??T rtty. Even n Mail.) At 11M P. M., m Caxcdeo and Jeraey CitT,<Sont*. arnMail.) At? P. M , via Caroder aad A? boy, < Acocnmoua Uoo, freuht and puwufcr, Firtt Ciaae Tic-lei Ma* Train rcnadai'y. ?t>ellH r. M. Mai!, Saturday* excryted For BelTidere. Ka?ton, Lambert* ti>. F'em.ri ton. Ac., at7.V? A.M.;and 4* P- Mh brn In ftaitos. for Water 6tr< trotdebora, Beranton.W . kea barre.Mortroee, Great Bena, Aa., at 7.10 A. Mfrom Kei>?in(toa. via Deivu*, Laokavani.a a&d Wmitb Railroad. For Mtoeh Chunk, Allrotovn and Bethlehem jBt i.I* A.M. and ?H P. M.. from Kenaincton depot the7.1* A. M. line ocnnecta with the train learlnc Kaatcn at l?f. M. For Mount Holly at and t A M. and I and 4* For Freehold at A. M and t P. M. For Bristol, Trentox.Ae.. at 7.10 A. W..4H an4 WP M from Kenaicrton, and IK P. Mfrom Walnat etieet wharf. For Palmyra Rirertoo, Delaoeo, Beverly. Barinatoo. FlorerDCoOt Borden to vc. Ac , at ltti. I. 1,4* and 4 P. M. gteaxntr Trenton for Borden tow a. and interne liate placet. at tM P. M. from Walnat street For New York and War Llaea. leavinx Staiuton DmL take the oar* on Finh itmt, e \v al iut, half aa hour before depajture The are ran into the depot. and on arrival of train ran 1 from thedewt. Fifty pounda of baccate only allowed to each paMenfr. Faaaeacers are prohibited from Uk ,i ? SLSrar WW* asr? Stfc ^sn^tter15 one hnn<lr*1 dci iart w* H KATZMKK, A?ent. QHKtSvM TBAJ, "?l1> I f'H S5ff hZlLt'o^fp 'mmd NRWYVUK daily. Sunday excepted, m loltow. . From < h amber* atreet From aiit st. .tatioc. t. Jr? m rAt 7 251 m '12 6nr ' H" 11.36 " 6 28 a rr SJ? p m S 56 r m Montreal and Buffalo Train with aieep>n( oara, 9/6 a m 1 ? Connecting at Albany with th? Na* Ywk P? tral Railroad for Soheneotady. Rochester Vti^ lo^Vfu.iH?ffk^Ui?n* Pn *n<1 Watero Hunaip, Syraonae, Niarar* Pal.a Snapenaicn Bridge, Auburn. 6^,Ca>a?UuKV * Trausa in connection ,eave Bm o and Su???rft aion vi& Lake Shore, Buffalo ant? i ake H nrnn\S Great Weat.rn Raiiroad" for H amfifo n" Tor"Jt? Detroit, Chicago, Toledo. Mil vaukie, Fon Ita , a<ll*0'l; Frame Da Chten, ba ma. Dunleitii, Dubuque, Peoria, Rook ialaod, Muacatine, Iowa city. Uurinrton. Uuidot. 8ariu*fc? d Alton, St. Loaia.CairoTTarre haute, li /anapo la! Lonianlle, Cincinnati. 1 at ton, Colunbua. Ofere? wSaC* r?lDt" Northwaa* aid iooU _ NORTHERN ROUTE. Conneotine with Traica at Troy, with Tro? A 8SSM* R^.SK!^nftSar?iaS; Point, Plattabnrgh, Ojden?buigh, Montreal, Ac., , li-T Freight Arrangement* by thia route aj aboTajWithoutchange of Cara, from the OepoU ij (ham her a and L&ul atraeta.are atill tummiS favorable aa made by other Railroad ConiBar.*. Tjiefaoil'tiaa of tiua treat New Vork Routed tU ? confidence of me.-chanu an (hippera for promptneae and diapatoh . nnufi wim rrnoaing and Sleep rg Car* run m oounection on Un New York Ceninl told. For particular* m to local traina and freight ir rangeniect*. inquire at the depot, b* Warrec *t. A. F. SMITH. Superintendent. ^1NDIV1DUAL_KNTE*F*ISK SfSBSm EASTERN AXl) WESTERN SHORE STEAMERS. "KENT," J. H. Rirwan ' 7/0NR?K,*'Cept. W. Norntn, Will ran their route* m follow*, l?rii| Light treet, Ua tiniore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'clock A. M: KENT?For Cambridge. Denton and LaLditft on Choatank river, every W V and SATURDAY, retaining every Theradar and Monday. For Annapolia and Weet River,every Tl'ES DAY and FRIDAY and retaraing mtc dart. PIONEER?For St. Michael'san4 Eaaton. via Mile'a River, every WEDNESDAY, and return the wne day. For Annapolis, Weet River, Cambridge, Oxford and Eaaton Point, every THURSDAY, returning by same route on Friday. For AcnaaolU. Weet River, St. Michael'* arc Ea<ton, via Mile'a River Ferry, every SATUR DAY, retaraing every Monday by aame route Fare to Cambridge, Denton, Oxford and Fastoo Point Pi ? Fare to St Michael's and M ilea' Rivera round trip, #1,) _ 1? Fare to W eet River, (round trie, #1L- 1 #f> Fare to Annaaoli* ( round trip 75 oefcto) .... 71 MEALS EXTRA. try Freight maat be prepaid. Wharf and Oftde, LIGHT ST., foot of Camdes Baltimore C. E. CANNON. r NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. I HE Poataaatar #fu?ra. havit.g ordered U? pail aervioe oetween Waahicgion, _Jl ? k Baltimore, and Old Point iFpitrM?^4ik? aonroe) to be reeamed, on and aftei^^^^^^^OBday, the 90th inatant, the Bay Line of *t?am*re will leave Baltimore EVERY DAY (exoept San day) from their wharf, foot of Laion Dock, at 4)4 o'olook p. m., or immediately after the arrival 0) me Washington Train, whioh leavea Washington at 2)4 o'Okoce p. m. m ia-tf M. N. FALLS. Pree't U. 8. GOVERNMENT LINE ?-ft TO FORT MONROE AND OLD POINT COMPORT. Leave* the lower end of LNlON DOCK. Baltimore, weet aide, DAILY, (Sundara included,) at 4Xo'olook f. M. taking paaaeuger* and feigbt. a:.4 oonnecting with the Rai.road line*, to and froa Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, New York, Bo* ton, York, Harriaburg, Pittabarg, Pa , and tba Weet, 1 named ale * after the arrival of the Expreat Traiafrom New York and Philadelphia. The following la the Scheda.e: From New York to Fort Moaroeaad back, fU From Phiiadeiph'a and hack. From Baltimore and back? IETPROCURE YOU* TICKETS.O la New the New Jeraey Railroad Ofltc* feat of Courtlend street. In PhiiKielpiua, at the Company's offioe, N. ? . earner of 8ixth and Cheetnut atreeta. or at Iks Depot. Broad and Prime streets. la Baltimore, on b?ard tbe Steamer a. foot of Uaion Dock. Hl'6H O'CONNER. Pa*seiner Agent. x*"^fui boston via new port and fall river. By the a?ie ,oiu and ajperier Iwwa?Saftei? WKtf streciU and speed, bat particularly adapted to us naniatiOL of Lous Is.and Sobnd,running in oosnection witn theFWl River and Old Colony Railroad, distance of miles only to Boston Leave Pier No. t North River sear the Battery. TbeStearoe* KM PIKE ^TATb.Capt Braytot. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Pndays, at 4 o'oloek sron. Taeedays, Tharsdara, and Satnrdaya, at? o'eloek P. M.. toaahiac at Newport each way. Theee Steamers are Attrc with ormmnd ion state rooms, and every cRta* emeat for the eeuintr and oossfort at passengers, who are afforded H this route a aighte' rest oe board, and on arrive* at Fa.. River proceed perSteamboat Traia.reee*tag Boston ear.y the following morniaf: er way remain on board anti. startini or the Aooomniodetion at I A. M.. by Which they may reach Bostot about MR A. ML A baggage master la attached to seek steamer, who reoeivee and tickets the baggage. and aoooa- 1 pames the sams to its deettaaUoa. A steamer raae la oonneotion with this Line between Fall River and Provideaoe daily, exoept Freikht to Boston u forwarded throach with . fraatdxpatohby an ExpreaaTraia, whieVeevse . Fall River ever? morning, Sundays \ o'clock for Boatoa ana New Bedford, arrivist i" uwuuuui M IDOI1 HAM For fmght or oa board or HIk* | ofto* 01 Fmt No.I North Eitm For ?t?t* roo?? I and bortha on bo*rd. or ifdeairac t< ?*?' I thorn mad vino*, to WM BORDEN. Act I 1? and 71 Woat atroot. N Y i TON?Inland Routo?The itiort*?t and n?oat? 11 Willlama, ta ?or.ij?ciic>a v? tk? mon niton and P'OTidpno^And B'W^nniniHrcTtdMM* Rai.roo?*' le*Tin? wihr Vork dMr, MaAtri axoeatod- frc"} Pi or No U North R ?r, alio c tek P. M-W feroton MIJ ?"oloe* f. Ml, or oa tM arriijl of boMailTrain which toavaa Bo?ton at&?? * Tka PLYMOUTH lOCLfroB New \ ortMouday, Wod**ada|, and Frtdaf. Fro? Sr? u>&?Ta*odat. Tharaoar ,a?d Satnrdar. . . THOOMlfONW^ia.frMN'w }ortTun?<iaj.Tkar?aaj. aixl fiatu -aj. Fro? Growa MoraiSTttjrtjTaiSSSf*l&tL pJ anjwi Oat ^raliir it, remain on board tbo | we Train, oaaeeliM at rtvridoaoo with ih* '* A J*. Traie ^nf Poatoa ' . F*ro irota ?*nmdoaoo to Nowjort, Kilt? A baiiw* martor aoomnpaaioa tb? (4toa?? Train naafc war , i . For PaMac*. Bortha, Stat* *.?o?n* ?* ? *. a?.'j <?iTToar? tho or at f** J Ofio* Piar U North Vim, w at ts* 'f ' * m*t,cau 4

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